CevanXerran, actually, I do. an HD 4650, to be exact.00:00
sp219edbian: only via keys00:00
qbrixwhat package is the generic sound recorder program that comes with ubuntu desktop?00:00
edbiansp219: Look at the man page for what I found: hal-set-property00:00
qbrixI'm running ubuntu server and want to apt-get that program, but don't know the name00:00
XerranCevan, i have the HD 4850 X2. After the install goes great i then update but the supplied drivers crash my Ubuntu install00:01
sp219How am I supposed to know the UDID?00:01
edbiansp219: lol00:01
edbiansp219: I'm trying to figure that out too :)00:01
sp219I don't see why that's funny00:01
message144If after running memtest for 4 passes and I have no errors, should I have reason to believe my memory is fine?00:02
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Kalmi_google: how to get uuid00:02
XerranCevan, after installign the latest drivers and rebooting does your ubuntu install crash?00:02
erxinFirefox on Ubuntu is frustrating me, 100% CPU its a clean install of UBUNTU, what can i do to help this problem00:02
CevanXerran, no, it seems to work fine.00:03
Kalmi_erxin, intel GPU?00:03
sebsebseberxin: ah yes I have had problems like this before00:03
erxinno AMD00:03
sebsebseberxin: normalley with a lot of tabs open and some Flash in it00:03
erxinits a flash problem, i have flash 1000:03
ocrobsp219: vol_id00:03
jillsmittwhy my 904 stops music player for a sec when i change desktop?00:03
erxinbut OPERA and other browsers work fine, only firefox and Swiftbox, i like ff and swiftbox, lot of plugins i everyday use00:04
Kalmi_erxin, well... worst case scenario: install flashblock...00:04
sp219ocrob: That's for filesystems, not... display adapters :P00:04
ocrobwhat kind of adapter?00:04
erxinflashblock is a cheap solution, i want to use flash :)00:04
sp219video card00:04
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sp219"man hal-set-property" ->  --udi  The UDI (Unique Device Identifier) of the device object00:04
ocrobsp219: blkid maybe?00:05
sp219still just volumes/00:05
Kalmi_erxin, flashblock lets you enable flash when you need it00:06
DWonderlyWow, this Netbook Remix works better then I thought it would.00:06
edbiansp219: What is the output of "more /proc/acpi/video/VGA/brightness"  ??00:06
bastidrazorsp219, sudo blkid will give you UUID's00:06
erxinKalmi_: but why there is no better solution? what causes the 100% CPU00:06
sp219/VGA/ doesn't exist, edbian00:06
edbiansp219: then run "more" on whatever your file is00:07
sp219just /proc/acpi/video/M8600:07
edbiansp219: "more /proc/acpi/video/M86"00:07
sp219<not supported> I said earlier :P00:07
Kalmi_erxin, there must be :) But I don't know it... :)00:07
Kalmi_erxin, you could try fx-3.5...00:07
sp219/proc/acpi/video/M86/LCD/brightness -> <not supported>00:07
edbiansp219: The more command also returns "<not supported>" ??00:08
sp219it doesn't matter what I use to read it00:08
Fragsworthwhen I open a terminal and it has lots of text in it, my speakers make a high pitched sound00:08
sp219yes, everything says <not supported>00:08
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto00:08
censushqif i want to install xp with virtualbox00:08
censushqhow do i create a partition00:08
edbiansp219: Can you cat it?00:08
sp219yes, <not supported>00:08
censushqi still want to boot to hardie heron00:08
censushqand i only want to run xp from virtualbox window00:08
censushqcan i do that00:08
edbiansp219: What's the deal with this file?  You should be able to cat anything (just most things return gibberish cause they're not strings to begin with)00:09
censushqcan i create  a virtual partiation00:09
bastidrazorcensushq, in Vbox you don't need a separate partition, it will create a file on Ubuntu.00:09
sp219edbian:I can cat it00:09
edbiansp219: Gibberish?00:09
censushqwhen i go to setup it asks for what hardisk00:09
sp219the "file" itself contains "<not supported>"00:09
censushqi am using ose version00:09
sp219it's not cat saying "<not supported>", those are the contents00:09
edbiansp219: Oh!00:09
sp219so I assume the kernel isn't able to read the brightness value00:10
edbiansp219: Odd.  You can set the brightness...00:10
sp219but somehow the OSD knows, though I don't know how00:10
censushqit asks for boot hardisk00:10
censushqwhen i setup a new install00:10
censushqi choose no boot hard disk00:10
censushqit wont accept00:10
FloodBot3censushq: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:11
censushqi am trying to install xp in a virtualbox that runs inside hardy heron00:11
timcHey. Ii copied 460gb of stuff from one drive to another. the transfer was restarted about 6 times. the number of files is identical, but the total size is not. how can i find the files that don't have the same size? i guess i have to use diff, but i'm unskilled.00:11
ShorTieFloodBot3 is freaking stupid00:11
CevanAnyone have an idea on how to get an HD4650 working its full potential on 8.04? I already have drivers, but it doesn't show up in Hardware Drivers00:11
censushqi think i got it00:11
censushqthanks everyone00:11
sebsebsebcensushq: you need to make a virtual hard disk, and  do dynaically expanding and put like 60GB as the size00:11
memiuxWhat can I do for reduce the number of childs of mysqld? like apache prefork or something00:12
nanotubesebsebseb: hah, 60gb, my whole hd is 40gb! my winxp vbox lives in an 8gb file. ;)00:12
sebsebsebnanotube: dynamically expanding,  meaning the psyical  virtual hard disk is only like 5GB by default it if   XP SP300:13
nanotubesebsebseb: so 60g is "max" eh?00:13
sebsebsebnanotube: the vm thinks it has 60GB,  and can even go up to that size, if there's enough space on the psyical partition00:13
sebsebsebnanotube: no 2TB  you can do for a  dynamically expanding VM00:13
sebsebsebnanotube: ,but who has a 2TB hard disk?  hardly anyone?00:13
nanotubesebsebseb: i mean, when you set an expanding 60gb partition, 60gb is max00:13
nanotubenot that it's the absolute max00:13
sebsebsebnanotube: yes  60gb is the size  and that's that00:14
qbrixWhat package is the default sound recorder?00:14
edbiannanotube: sebsebseb:  Then 60GB is how much XP thinks it has00:14
edbianqbrix: "gnome-sound-recorder"00:14
bob__how do I up my screen res?00:14
bob__all I need is 1024x768 at 60hx00:15
qbrixthis might sound stupid but do you NEED gnome or can you launch it with basic X?00:15
qbrixand to that I'm getting: Unable to locate package gnome-sound-recorder00:15
nanotubesebsebseb: ah i see. pretty neat. is it possible to "convert" a vm that's set for a fixed 8gb size to a 'dynamically expanding' vm?00:17
danbhfive!info gnome-media | qbrix00:18
ubottuqbrix: gnome-media (source: gnome-media): GNOME media utilities. In component main, is optional. Version 2.26.0-0ubuntu3 (jaunty), package size 72 kB, installed size 296 kB00:18
sebsebsebnanotube: maybe,   but I don't know,  you can ask in #vbox00:18
dhaval_How do i exclude FILES from wget?00:18
nanotubesebsebseb: hm ok. i didn't even know there was a "dynamically expanding" option, until you just mentioned it. ;)00:19
sebsebsebnanotube: well it's the default00:19
dhaval_? ? ?00:19
buckydhaval_: --exclude-directories=list  or -X00:20
dhaval_Alright, Thanks bucky00:21
HillshumI'm getting this issue when trying to build chroot with debootstrap W: Failure trying to run: chroot /var/chroot/jaunty mount -t proc proc /proc00:21
akaHello, when I connect to my local wireless network with a WPA 1 Personal encryption I get an IP and the rest but I can't ping gateway or get to the rest of the internet.  Does anyone have advice foor trouble shoooting?00:21
bob__I'm stuck at 640x480 after installing the nvidia drivers http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m435201ba00:22
CevanIf someone has a moment, can anyone provide some advice to get a Radeon HD4650 working on 8.04?00:22
nanotubesebsebseb: well, i created my vm a few years ago, under vmware, then some time later converted it to vbox... haven't had to create a new one since. so... that's why ;)00:22
sebsebsebaka: maybe you can find something  in  the bot link00:22
sebsebseb!wireless |  aka00:23
ubottuaka: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs00:23
akathanks, I will do some reading00:23
mezquitaleaka,  i suggest you try first without encryption, after you successfully login and can use the internet then enable encryption, dont broadcast your SSID00:23
sebsebsebnanotube: well you didn't even need to convert it from vmdk to  vdi, becasue  Virtualbox can use vmdk's :)00:23
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto00:23
akamezquitale: I have too us eencryption thats the problem :\00:23
akaI have to use WPA 100:23
akathanks guys00:23
bastidrazorCevan, check the restricted drivers. it should have a candidate for it00:24
bastidrazorCevan, system>admin>hardware drivers00:24
mezquitaleaka,  you want to troubleshoot it one step at a time, disable encryption first just to make sure the devices are compatible with each other, dont broadcast the SSID00:24
nanotubesebsebseb: by "convert" i mean "opened it up with virtualbox, and installed the virtualbox guest tools on it"00:24
akamezquitale: I fully understand your logic and usually would do that but I don't have access to the router for the next 10 days :\00:24
buckybob__:  run nvidia-xconfig to get some screens in your xorg.conf00:24
Cevanbastidrazor, I've checked even after installing drivers and there's nothing in that window.00:25
bastidrazorCevan, you could try  xserver-xorg-video-radeonhd package..00:25
sebsebsebnanotube: ok00:25
mezquitaleaka, ok so whenever youre in front of the router you can come back and ask for help, I had the same problem with an old laptop, turns out encryption wasn't supported in linux for that old card,  encryption worked fine with windows though00:26
nanotubesebsebseb: i don't really use it much at all, and i have a couple gigs of free space in that partition, so i thought "hey, this dynamic thing sounds pretty nice - maybe i can shave off 2gb of disk usage" :)00:26
bob__bucky tried that, 320x240 640x480 are the only res it offers, and I can't see a way to manually enter a higher resolution00:26
sebsebsebnanotube: yep that's the whole idea,   to save psyical hard disk space, you use dynamically expanding00:27
buckybob__: lsmod and make sure nvidia is loaded00:27
hocuspocuscan anyone tell me why i'm seeing "squashfs errors"...when installing linux software?00:27
akamezquitale: I will still try to fix it now, and I have connected to many WPA 1 and 2 routers with this Intel 510000:27
nanotubesebsebseb: well, it's quiet on #vbox. will let you know if i find anything out.00:27
sebsebsebnanotube: ok00:28
buckybob__:  did you run nvidia-xconfig from the command line in a terminal?00:28
bob__bucky http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m22d779d000:29
hocuspocus can anyone tell me why i'm seeing "squashfs errors"...when installing linux software?00:29
Cevanbastidrazor, just installed it... should something change?00:29
bastidrazorbob__, you can also try gksudo nvidia-setting00:29
bastidrazorCevan, once you restart X yes. if it fails then in the terminal uninstall that package then restart X again.00:30
nanotubesebsebseb: btw, would you happen to know off the top of your head whether it's worth it to upgrade from 2.2.4 to 3.0.2 of vbox? any significant performance/other improvements there that you know off the top o fyour head?00:30
sebsebsebnanotube: better direct3d 8 and 9 support00:30
nanotubesebsebseb: ah nvm, found the changelog00:30
sebsebsebnanotube: altough people say the games are slow and such00:30
hocuspocushttp://paste.ubuntu.com/223946/<<<<<can someone tell me what's going on here and why is the network map annonymous?00:32
ShorTieLaughs Out Loud00:32
ShorTieThe Paste you are looking for does not currently exist.00:32
nanotubesebsebseb: hm, not looking for games and stuff, just general swiftness in rendering windows and doing the usual "operating system" things. is that significantly better in 3.0.2?00:33
ShorTienop, can't l00k00:33
Cevanbastidrazor, Pardon my ineptitude, but... restart X? How would I do that?00:33
mac9416Y'all know how to find out what program is using a particular port?00:34
mrwesanyone notice the latest kernel in Jaunty is eating up additional CPU resourses?00:34
VCoolioCevan: logout and login again or "sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart"00:35
bastidrazorCevan, what VCoolio said or alt-sysrq-k00:35
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jazbohi is this the right channel to ask questions?00:35
CoJaBo-AztecJust ask00:36
bob__bucky ok, where do you put the settings for res and hx?00:36
JulioNetohi all00:36
buckybob__:  did you run nvidia-xconfig from the command line?00:36
jazboim trying to install photoshop cs4 with wine and I get an error00:36
jazbodo you want me to put it on here?00:37
bastidrazorjazbo, #winehq would be the best channel for wine issues.00:37
JulioNetoI have a little weird problem with full-screen windows... in some events the window flick... my video card is a intell00:37
jazbook thanks00:37
bastidrazorjazbo, good luck00:37
kebomix1jazbo: i think cs4 doesn't work with wine , cs2 latest one that works fine with wine  as i remember , visit #winehq00:38
bastidrazor!appdb > jazbo .. this will help also00:38
ubottujazbo, please see my private message00:38
nanotubesebsebseb: oh why not, i'll just give vbox3 a try. :)00:39
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adhilhi there, i just installed ubuntu 9.04 in my friends machine.. both compiz-fusion and totem video player is not working. while i executed totem from the terminal after tring to play a file it give a error from x windowing system. something like Badallc not enough resources to do the operation. Is this the problem of graphics card?Anyone know how to fix this ?00:40
bob__bucky http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m5237450000:40
Cevanbastidrazor, After restarting it, still running Ubuntu at 800x600... and nothing new in the Hardware drivers00:41
buckybob__: use my /etc/X11/xorg.conf   http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m2e2f03d100:42
CybeRebelhello all, my video players appearance are all blue anyone know why?00:43
buckylack of oxygen?00:44
AlgorithmiccontrHi, I can't seem to enable the CUPS printer spooler service. I've tried the simplest method... looking under Services and I did not find the "cups" service listed. I also tried enabling the service by starting it from /etc/init.d/ccpd but that doesn't seem to work.00:44
ScuniziAlgorithmiccontr: open your browser and go to http://localhost:63100:45
AlgorithmiccontrScunizi: that would work if cups was enabled :/00:45
syntaxon ubuntu it shows a total of 3.2 gigz of ram and its useing 1.7 gigz with not alot of apps runnign..why is that00:45
AlgorithmiccontrI tried that00:45
AlgorithmiccontrScunizi: Oh...hmm...I just try /etc/init.d/cups restart00:45
Algorithmiccontrand now I CAN access cups settings00:45
ScuniziAlgorithmiccontr: all fixed now?00:46
AlgorithmiccontrScunizi: I guess so. Thanks :)00:46
ScuniziAlgorithmiccontr: glad to be a sounding board :)00:46
AlgorithmiccontrScunizi: Why isn't your butt in #ubuntu-cal ;)00:46
mrwesAlgorithmiccontr, you need sudo /etc/init.d/cups restart00:47
Algorithmiccontrmrwes: Yeah, I realized that. i just did 'sudo !!' :)00:47
Algorithmiccontrmrwes: is that legal? :p00:47
mrwesAlgorithmiccontr, legal?00:48
prince_jammysAlgorithmiccontr: yep, if you have history expansion turned on.00:48
prince_jammys... which it is by default.00:48
Algorithmiccontrprince_jammys: I assumed it was00:49
TheNewGuyCan anyone suggest a point and click web page designer for linux?00:49
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prince_jammysTheNewGuy: look into Quanta and Kompozer.00:49
syntaxon ubuntu it shows a total of 3.2 gigz of ram and its useing 1.7 gigz with not alot of apps running and its useing some of the swap area..how can i get it to use not as much ram00:50
mrwesTheNewGuy, Bluefish too00:50
prince_jammys!info quanta00:50
ubottuquanta (source: kdewebdev): web development environment for KDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:3.5.10-0ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 2435 kB, installed size 5900 kB00:50
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ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about bluefish00:50
TheNewGuyI am using umbuntu and quanta is for the KDE desk top.  Will it work with umbutu 9.04?00:50
mrwes!Blue Fish00:50
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about Blue Fish00:50
Gnea!info screem00:50
ubottuscreem (source: screem): A GNOME website development environment. In component main, is optional. Version 0.16.1-4.2ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 1962 kB, installed size 7624 kB00:50
buckyTheNewGuy: nvu is the best but it's going to want some kde libraries00:50
prince_jammysTheNewGuy: yes, it'd work. but look into the gnome ones that were just mentioned. I wasn't familiar with them.00:51
buckyTheNewGuy: apt-get install nvu00:51
prince_jammysi thought nvu was now kompozer00:52
bastidrazorCevan, sorry.. my daughter smashed her toe.. just a sec and we'll do some xrandr fun00:52
buckyprince_jammys: apt-cache show nvu00:52
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prince_jammysbucky: yeah, i checked.00:52
TheNewGuybucky, i assume you mean I should do that in synaptic manager?00:52
Cevanbastidrazor, I can wait.00:53
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catalin205can anyone help me please I have some ubuntu server probems with sudo apt-get update00:53
gbear14275My trash icon and all the icons in the upper right of my screen have disappeared and I can't get them back... anyone by chance seen or heard of this before?00:53
jaremeyi just reinstalled ubuntu 9.04 and my firefox is running 3.1. i cant add fireftp without updating it. i downloaded the 3.5 version and i cant get it to work. is there something i need to do?00:54
catalin205can anyone help me please I have some ubuntu server probems with sudo apt-get update00:54
Hillshumgbear14275, on gnome?00:54
gbear14275yes Hillshum00:54
bastidrazorCevan, what resolution does your monitor support? max resolution i assume you're wanting.00:54
Cevanbastidrazor, the max resolution my monitor goes to is 1280x1024.00:54
bob__bucky restarted and now it loads into low graphics mode before loading into the gui00:54
catalin205does anyone have experience with ubuntu server ?00:55
bastidrazorCevan, sudo xrandr -fb 1280x102400:55
catalin205please prv me00:55
buckybob__: what kind of computer is this?00:55
bob__bucky and now there are no resolution options under nvidia control panel00:55
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buckybob__: talk to me00:55
gurugeekI'm using ubuntu 9.04 on a DELL Inspiron 640m. When i try to connect to an 802.11b access point, I am authenticated, provided with IP but can't browse the net although i can ping the dns servers and gateway.00:55
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catalin205omg can anyone here help me please ?00:56
bob__bucky rebuilt hp p4 box with an nvidia quadro4 980xgl agp card same chip as the geforce4 ti 460000:56
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Hillshumgbear14275, is this on the desktop or on the one of the bars/panels?00:57
erxinwhich distro is more user-friendly Ubuntu or Fedora ?00:57
buckybob__: dpkg -l nvidia-glx*  and tell me which version of the nvidia driver you are using00:58
TheNewGuyFYI, Komposer is built on the NUV core so I would recommend Komposer.00:58
linxeherxin: it depends how you define that00:58
catalin205hello people I need some help please prv me00:58
linxehcatalin205: no. ask in the channel00:58
Gnea!ask | catalin20500:58
ubottucatalin205: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:58
erxinI use Ubuntu atm, it works fine, except Firefox00:58
CevanBastidrazor, it just brought up the list for that command... should I just use the letters for display and size instead of -fb?00:58
gbear14275Hillshum: top panel, right side and bottom panel right side00:58
linxeherxin: what doesnt work with firefox ?00:58
_mnemonic76I need to copy the same image to 25 usb keys (thumbdrives) is there a way to image several at a time? using dd?00:59
buckyTheNewGuy: what's the difference between the nvu package and the komposer package?00:59
linxeh_mnemonic76: dd, but you are going to hit contention on the USB bus00:59
TheNewGuyIT is true wysiwyg so it will be great for the casual web developer but obviously not adequate for pros that need more control.00:59
_mnemonic76linxeh: How so?00:59
bastidrazorCevan, type xrandr and see what resolutions it offers you. this is just a check you're not setting anything yet.00:59
Hillshumgbear14275, I think right clicking on the panel and clicking some "preferences" option or something will do the trick (not in front of gnome myself atm)01:00
bastidrazorCevan, -fb tells it you're wanting to set 1280x1024 as your resolution01:00
TheNewGuyIt looks like komposer fixes a lot of NUV problems and exstends the package.  Komposer is really NUV, but several versions newer.01:00
catalin205W: Failed to fetch http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/jaunty-security/multiverse/i18n/Translation-en_US.bz2  Could not connect to ( - connect (111 Connection refused)01:00
VCooliogbear14275: right click panel > add to panel > notification area may be what you're looking for01:00
bob__bucky http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m19e1f8aa01:00
buckyTheNewGuy: nvu is the same package on ubuntu.. it's just an upgrade path that pulls in dependancies01:01
Cevanbastidrazor, apparently it'll still only go to 800x600, which I know it's gone higher on my old card.01:01
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TheNewGuywhat do you mean?01:01
gbear14275VCoolio: that was it... but why did they disappear in the first place?01:01
fwaokdaanyone here use lottanzb and sometimes can't get their window to come up from being minimized?01:01
bastidrazorCevan, which driver did you have installed before this latest one?01:01
VCooliogbear14275: maybe you right clicked an icon on it and deleted, assuming you were deleting that icon but that means deleting the whole applet01:02
buckybob__: i had to try different versions until i got one to work right... try installing nvidia-glx-71 and work up untill you find one that works.. that's not a very new card and you're using the latest driver which isn't always good01:03
gbear14275... Don't think so... but thats ok01:03
TheNewGuyOK, For the PROS out there helping people.  IF someone comes on and says that after installing linux in a dual boot system, the computer will not log on to the net under window's, they have a valid issue.  The only fix right now is to hard shut down of linux.  Then the windows connection will work.  Linux turns off the nic card when it shuts down.  Windows does not and assumes the nic card is on.  been going on since 2007.  This01:03
TheNewGuy does not happen with all nic cards.01:03
gbear14275thank you VCoolio01:03
CQShow do i fully uninstall something on ubuntu?01:03
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CQSim trying to uninstall crossover btw01:04
nanotubesebsebseb: well, in case you are curious: it is possible to convert disk images with "vboxmanage clonehd"01:04
Cevanbastidrazor, they were actually Nvidia drivers. Long story, don't want to explain why I'm using ATI now.01:05
nanotubesebsebseb: also, i upgraded to vbox3 - doesn't seem any faster... but not any slower either. :)01:05
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bastidrazorCevan, heh, ATI should get ATI drivers.. regardless we'll get it. just need to the right driver.01:06
giaco_hello, I've a big big tremendous crash / bug in my ubuntu 9.04. EVERYTIME I open a video ( mplayer, vlc, totem or even inside the browser ) the screen turns black, the system become unresponsive, CTRL-ALT-CANC is not working and even consoles on CTRL-ALT-F<x> are no more responsive. The only thing that keeps working seems to be the acpi module because if I press the physical shut down button the system goes down after the shut down proces01:06
giaco_s ( I can hear it working )01:06
CQScan someone tlel me how to uninstall crossover?01:06
bob__bucky it's a legacy driver for a legacy card, and the quadro series is the pro/CAD series cards01:07
bob__bucky and its the one that the driver manager recomended. as far as performance goes it wrks, its just the resolution01:07
jeffwheelerSomething about how Ubuntu is mounting my root fs is broken, because all the init processes fail due to it being mounted as ro.01:08
rambo298giaco can you get to text mode with Alt-F2?01:08
jeffwheelerThe fs itself appears clean, and /etc/fstab seems correct, too01:08
giaco_rambo298, no01:08
buckybob__: i'm just telling you my experience.. settng up x was a pain for me in jaunty.. it kinda put the fun back into linux for me01:09
andrew_ok...how do i kill virtualbox?  please01:09
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bastidrazorCevan, the driver i had you install is showing the correct driver for that card.  do gksudo displayconfig-gtk  and see if you can make changes01:10
rambo298giaco ctrl-alt-f1 does nothing?01:10
buckybob__: btw which kernel are you using.. that sometimes has a bearing on how well nvidia drivers work01:11
kpkeerthianybody running 2.26.30.x kernel find it running hotter?01:11
ervin067Hi, I am having problems gettin sound to come through my laptop speakers. If I plug headphones in I get sound. I am running Ubuntu 9.04 on a P-6860fx laptop. Any help would be appreciated01:12
rambo298upgrading to 9.04 was very painful for me with my nvidia controller01:12
buckyme too rambo29801:12
bob__bucky using xubuntu with just the to current updates01:12
Cevanbastidrazor, Got the window open, and I can make changes... it won't "test" with anything related to Radeon, however.01:13
rambo298i got real good with xorg.conf changes01:13
Guest79656ervin067:  this may seem stupid, but have you checked the volume control for your front speakers?01:13
PelleTutI'm trying to make a bootable usb stick with windows 7 from ubuntu. any ideas how to do this?01:13
chrissharp123Guest79656: I was about to suggest that :-)01:13
rambo298i understand shuttleworth's position on eulas but it hurts when someone with such market share like nvidia won't do open source GPL drivers01:13
ervin067I have checked all the volume controls I can find01:13
ervin067I dont think my laptop speakers have any external on/off switch01:14
ervin067I've been messin with this for about an hour and been unsuccessfull01:14
giaco_rambo298, as I said previously switching to console is not working, have you read that?01:14
kpkeerthiervin067: right-click on the speaker icon (near system tray) -> volume control and ensure the volume levels for the speakers are OK01:14
kpkeerthiand not muted01:14
Guest79656ervin067:  there is a specific feature in "vloume control" for muting and/or adjusting the volume on your front speakers specifically01:15
rambo298giaco yeah sorry ... if you can't switch then you are dead ... i had display issues with 9.04 but was always able to switch to text mode out of gdm ... what is your display controller?01:15
purplenurpleI'm having trouble with my sound.  I'm hearing buzzes and pops behind the music.  anyone able to help?01:15
ervin067No dice yet01:15
hdonpurplenurple: hey, so am i. could that possibly be an ubuntu problem?01:15
hdoni assumed it could not possibly be an ubuntu problem01:16
purplenurplehdon, not sure ... I've been googling around trying a few things ... not sure why I have 3 separate controls for my audio01:16
hdonpurplenurple: your hardware's audio capabilities are probably more complicated than you realize01:16
Guest79656ervin067:  Hate to harp on this, but also if you scroll to the right within volume control there is also a slider for "PC Speakers"01:16
kyjai like penis01:17
Guest79656I am having some trouble myself...how to kill virtualbox01:17
bastidrazorCevan, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver01:17
rambo298giaco_: enter lspci -v | grep VGA and see what video controller you have ... you can go to http://ubuntuforums.org/ and see if you can find a relevant thread01:17
wydoeGood afternoon everyone.  I am trying to set up a NFS and am confused with the Configuration.  Does anyone have any experience with this?01:18
ervin067I have master , headphones, pcm, and front01:18
ervin067all are turned up, with none of them being muted01:18
Hotcoralervin067, had the same issue the other way round.. U can get an extra control somewhere in the menus with a checkbox called "Headphones" (or so)". Make it visible and then uncheck it :)01:18
purplenurplehdon, i have onboard intel hd audio ... strange because on a fresh install it works perfect but now everything goes awry01:18
kyjado n e of u guys no how 2 fix my penis its limp01:18
giaco_rambo298, I know my video controller, but I haven't found any similar issue in the forum01:18
Guest79656ervin067:  No horizontal scroll-bar at the bottom?01:18
donavan_whenever I click on an mp3 file in firefox it loads it into an imbedded player rather than downloading them ... is there a way to change this ... (fresh install of 9.04)01:18
ervin067No scroll bar, and Im still lookin for that checkbox hotcoral01:19
xrdodrxWhat are the benefits of using Ubuntu on a netbook?01:19
buckybob__:  i'd really try nvidia-glx-96 for that card but ymmv01:19
xrdodrxkyja: troll? >.>01:19
nofilicityany reason why sound (ALSA) would suddenly stop working overnight?01:19
kyjafuck me01:19
hdonpurplenurple: hmm, i don't know if i ever had "perfect" sound before "everything goes awry"01:20
Hotcoralervin067, didn't find it 1st myself.. can't check the place now, either, since using wrong system..01:20
rambo298bucky: nvidia released new drivers for their GeForce devices on July 1 because of Linux ... that's what I ended up using, along with xorg.conf changes01:20
ervin067I was following a website's fix to this issue, and installed Pulseaudio, I dont know if that would make a difference to you guys01:20
purplenurplehdon, we'll not perfect but the clicks and pops always seem to appear several days after a fresh install01:20
bastidrazorCevan, everything i'm finding is poor support in 8.04 for your card. that page is probably the best route to go.01:20
rambo298would someone please boot kyja01:20
buckyrambo298: tell bob__ *shrug*01:20
Picirambo298: They aren't even here anymore01:20
buckyeveryone that is here.. raise your hand01:21
ervin067anymore ideas?01:22
PiciPlease dont, this channel already has enough traffic.01:22
x22hi guys anyone familair wtih compiling a kernel with make menuconfig?01:22
izapPici: stupid traffic ;P01:22
izapwe are making fun traffic01:22
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:22
xrdodrxcan anyone see my messages?01:22
bacexrdodrx, yeah01:22
x22anyone familiar with compiling a kernel with make menuconfig?01:22
Cevanbastidrazor, thanks for the site. If it's that bad for 8.04, and I can't seem to get it to work, might be a sign for me to try a new version.01:23
rambo298x22: your question?01:23
wydoeI am trying to configure NFS with this site: https://help.ubuntu.com/6.06/ubuntu/serverguide/C/network-file-system.html , and on the part where it says Configuration it has *(ro,sync,no_root_squash)01:23
wydoe and says i can replace * with one of the hostnames formats.  What do they mean one of the hostname formats and what does the (ro,sync,no_root_squash) mean?  I don't have that part in my configuration file.01:23
x22where would i add text to print something above the "xx" login: part after the verbose boot01:23
ju1c3can someone tell me what format the system sounds have to be in for ubuntu?01:23
x22ogg are fine01:24
ju1c3mp3 didnt work01:24
FloodBot3x22: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:24
bastidrazorCevan, 9.04 does very well on my ati card.. it has hardware drivers ready for the install.01:24
xrdodrxogg ftw01:24
ju1c3x22: i went to system>prefrences>sounds and searched for my x.mp3 file and it didnt want to see it01:24
mrspinxnickserv identify ewpass401:25
Cevanbastidrazor, I'll keep that in mind. Dinner beckons, so I'll take a break on this for now. Thanks a bundle for the help01:25
ervin067anyone got any ideas on the sound issue01:25
mrspinxnickserv identify welcome01:25
xrdodrxmrspinx: :(01:25
bastidrazorCevan, good luck, hope you find a fix.01:25
buckyju1c3: open up your repos and install the codecs01:25
PelleTutmrspinx, nice job01:25
xrdodrxmrspinx: change your pass01:25
x22mrspin u better change that man01:25
r00turRIGHT NOW01:25
r00turLOL fail01:26
donavan_cevan ... just make sure you do a fresh install ... I upgraded from 8.10 to 9.04 and had a nightmare with my ati card01:26
rambo298bob__: you have nvidia issues with 9.04?01:26
buckyrambo298: he's gone01:26
HellianaCan someone please help me with getting sound to work in Wine?01:26
=== jeffwheeler1 is now known as jeffwheeler
ervin067should i be using alsa or oss for sound?01:27
Cevandonavan_, On that note, thank goodness I keep home on a separate partition.01:27
buckywait! bob__ is back!01:27
KB1JWQdonavan_: You're using ubuntu now?01:27
rambo298bucky: i thought i saw him back01:27
Cevanbye everyone, thanks for the assistance01:27
ju1c3bucky: would i need to reboot?01:27
ervin067Hi, I am having problems gettin sound to come through my laptop speakers. If I plug headphones in I get sound. I am running Ubuntu 9.04 on a P-6860fx laptop. Any help would be appreciated01:28
BlueLotuswhats up linux freaks01:29
donavan_cevan ... yeah im using 9.04 now but the auto upgrade from 8.10 did something evil to the drivers for ATI and no amount on reinstalling the drivers seemed to help ... had something to do with the conf file and the way the new kernel used the drivers01:29
rambo298donavan_: that happened to me with nvidia and i had to go back to the backed up xorg.conf and stitch in the monitor/terminal settings in the new "autorecognized" version01:30
Scunizidonavan_: sounds like you might have one of those ATI cards that Ati excluded from the new drivers that are needed with the new Xorg701:30
bob__rambo298 yep can't get a higher res then 640x480 after switching monitors, this monitor is capable of more though as it used to be attached to my old mac01:31
bacehey all, i have a quick question about network interfaces and iwconfig, if anybody's willing to help01:31
donavan_Scunizi ... could be but I did a fresh install and it works just fine now01:31
ervin067Hi, I am having problems gettin sound to come through my laptop speakers. If I plug headphones in I get sound. I am running Ubuntu 9.04 on a P-6860fx laptop. Any help would be appreciated01:31
pablo0419i need the same helpas the guy with the monitor, i cant seem t get my resolution any better01:31
HellianaCan someone PLEASE help me to get audio to work in Wine?01:31
x22you dont need wine for audio?>01:32
buckyju1c3: no.. go into synaptics and make sure your other repos are added and install ubuntu-restricted-extras01:32
bastidrazorfrom my personal experience with ATI.. a fresh install is a must.01:32
mrspinx_msg nickserv kill mrspinx welcome01:32
donavan_rambo298 ... yeah I tried a couple of different xorg.conf files and still had no joy on the drivers so I just said screw it and took the wimpy way out01:33
Scunizidonavan_: then you're good :)01:33
pablo0419everytime i punch in the video resolution ID, it says "error open: -1". does anyone no what that is?????01:33
x22mrspin you fail dude01:33
Jorge1hi im trying to install an ati video driver on ubuntu but dont know how to uninstall a previous driver01:33
HellianaCan someone please help me with getting audio in wine to work? I believe its a pulseaudio problem01:34
x22jorge1 restricted drivers01:34
Jorge1that means what, I just installed ubuntu yesterday so im a newb01:34
pablo0419so am i, can someone pease help01:34
buckymrspinx@freenode: Password:01:35
rambo298bob__: so i did two things to fix when my screen/mouse locked up; 1) switched to text mode, and wget'ed the latest driver for my GeForce4 Nvidia, installed it and ran envy to reconfigure; 2) reconfiguration screwed up my xorg.conf, so I pulled the monitor/terminal section from my original that was backed up and put it in the current (this fixed my 640x480 max)01:35
x22with what pablo01:35
pablo0419withmy video resolution01:35
ervin067Hi, I am having problems gettin sound to come through my laptop speakers. If I plug headphones in I get sound. I am running Ubuntu 9.04 on a P-6860fx laptop. Any help would be appreciated01:35
Jorge1what is a restricted driver01:35
donavan_so anyone know why firefox keeps trying to open mp3 files in an embedded player rather than bringing up the download dialog box?01:36
pablo0419everytime i get to put in the video ID, it says error open: -101:36
buckyervin067: turn up the volume on the speaker icon (upper right corner) or run alsamixer and turn up pcm and all that01:36
HellianaPLEASE can someone help?!01:36
Jorge1x22 what do you mean restricted drivers01:37
baceAnybody have any ideas why iwconfig would recognize eth1 as a wireless device (which it is), whereas ifconfig contends that it's an ethernet device?01:37
ervin067Ive def tried the first01:37
buckyJorge1: it's a driver bill gates doesn't want us to have01:37
ervin067do i just type alsamixer in terminal to run it?01:37
pablo0419x22 can u help, do u know wht may be wrong01:38
ervin067They are all turned all the way up01:38
ervin067It seems like it just wants to play out of the headphone jack, is there a way to tell it to switch to regular speakers?01:38
Sinatradoes anybody got advice on how i could get a fairly new used desktop?01:38
Hotcoralervin067, the "headphones" checkbox thing in alsamixer's choose channels (orwhateveritwas) menu.. should make it visible01:39
buckyervin067: unplug the headphones?01:39
Dr_iCe|iCeyBoIanyone runs wine here?01:40
buckySinatra: ebay01:40
pablo0419x22 u there??????????????01:40
ervin067Yeah, i unplug the headphones, Im not seeing the headphones checkbox in alsamixer01:40
ervin067Do i need to switch the playback device somehow??01:40
Hotcoralervin067, that's because u probably need to make it visible first01:40
Hotcoralcheck the menus above01:41
Wickedhello all a program started a second Xorg on :1 but i now want to stop xorg on :1 ...how do i kill it?01:41
buckySinatra: http://tinyurl.com/mc24xh01:41
PiciSinatra: This channel is for Ubuntu support only. Try asking in ##hardware instead.01:41
Sinatrawhoa now i don't need a i7 just as of yet, thanx though figured you guys would know good advice though01:42
gartralwhat ccan i use to listen too a "phone" on a voicemodem?01:42
ervin067Im not seeing it here01:42
Hotcoralhere as in where :)01:43
ervin067This alsamixer is very basic, not really alot to change01:43
=== mrspinx_ is now known as mrspinx
bob__well anyone got a working xorg.conf for me? cause it's worse now then when we started01:43
ervin067in alsamixer,01:43
ervin067It has 4 dif volume levels.  Master Headphone PCM and Front01:44
ervin067all are turned all the way up01:44
ervin067and i see no where were I can switch off the headphone jack01:44
nicklas_hello, if you install wine in xubuntu, is ther anything you have to do besides going thrugh the setiings before installing games?01:44
buckyervin067: System=>Preferences=>Sound and check the menu for speakers and all that01:45
Hotcoralervin067, I mean that open the menu, somewhere in the more right side u can choose something which configures the channels Shown in your alsamixer...01:45
buckyit's a pulseaudio thing01:46
Hotcoralcould be yes01:46
ervin067I do have pulse audio on here01:46
ervin067in that sound menu, what should i be setting all my playbacks too?01:47
ervin067theres like 8 options, and Ive gone through and done the test sound on all of them with no success01:47
yurimxpxmanhave any of you been able to get the myspace music player to work with flash 10?01:48
BackInAcTionI try to install openssh-server like I am used to01:50
BackInAcTion...on Xubuntu 7.09. Apparently, it does not like it.01:50
buckyyurimxpxman: you running esound or oss or does myspace music play require occ compat ?01:50
rambo298bob__:  here's mine => http://pastebin.ca/150263001:50
BackInAcTionE: Package openssh-server has no installation canidate01:50
bjorkintoshi think i solved my intermittent crash problems by adding swap space to ubuntu.01:51
PiciBackInAcTion: X/Ubuntu 7.04 is no longer supported as of October 2008.01:51
bjorkintoshnow it's a little more stable.01:51
ervin067Im getting nothing here01:51
BackInAcTionPici: I said 7.0901:51
rambo298bob__: you may have to diddle with the monitor settings as I've an older monitor01:51
BackInAcTionPici: not 7.0401:51
PiciBackInAcTion: That is not a version number of any of our releases.01:51
bob__rambo298 this thing is ancient as well01:52
=== nicolas_ is now known as Guest3494
BackInAcTionPici: then I am using whatever is the latest Xubuntu01:52
Guest3494hi, I lost the command for beginner chat, could someone please post it up again01:52
PiciBackInAcTion: It depends what version you are using, can you take a look at the output of lsb_release -a01:52
BackInAcTionPici: sure01:52
BackInAcTionPici: I'll brb01:52
buckybob__: dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg  will start all over again01:53
BackInAcTionPici: sorry, it's Ubuntu 9.0401:53
BackInAcTionPici: Xubuntu 9.0401:54
Hotcoralervin067, in alsa, can u find preferences, from there Select tracks to be visible, from there Headphones and then, you can find it in the tab Switches in main window??01:54
BackInAcTionI cannot install the openssh-server package on that version01:54
BackInAcTionI need the SSH server to be up and running01:54
adhilcan any tell how to install i915 driver and configure it to work with Xorg?01:54
buckyervin067: System=>Preferences=>Sound and check the menu for speakers and all that... you have to click and highlight each component01:54
BackInAcTionadhil: I can try01:54
ervin067so this alsamixer is a really basic text only version, do you guys have something different??01:54
buckyervin067: ^^01:55
BackInAcTionadhil: I do not have an intel graphics card01:55
th0rBackInAcTion: I have openssh server running in Jaunty...what error do you get when you try to install it?01:55
BackInAcTionth0r: E: Package openssh-server has no installation canidate01:55
PiciBackInAcTion: Have you installed any other packages yet? You may need to do sudo apt-get update first, then try again. If that doesn't work either, check what the output of apt-cache policy openssh   isw01:56
BackInAcTionPici: oh, ok01:56
BackInAcTionPici: I will try that01:56
adhilBackInAcTion: can u just tell me how to configure xorg.conf to work with the driver i loaded?01:56
ervin067Ok, i went in there and selected all the devices01:56
ervin067still nothing01:56
ervin067itd be so much easier if you could see my screen :)01:57
th0rBackInAcTion: also make sure you have all the repos enabled01:57
buckyervin067: what kind of  lappy?01:57
buckyervin067: gateway what?01:58
Counterspellwhy does /etc/init.d/networking restart not actually do anything? I want to restart my eth0 nic, that means if it uses DHCP, release and request a new IP01:58
=== nicolas_ is now known as Guest62418
ervin067about 8 months old, mid level gaming laptop01:58
Guest62418hi can someone please tell me the command to switch to beginner-help channel?01:59
trakcyiaHow do I change my keyboard layout to dvorak?01:59
ervin067Is there a way to check and see if my laptop recognizes my speakers?01:59
DiablosblizzDoes anybody have a tutorial on how to edit the GRUB bootmanager so I can re-add Windows?01:59
Interphasetrakcyia, Preferences > keyboard01:59
Interphaselayouts, I think02:00
Interphaseadd a layout02:00
trakcyiaThere is only one layout available there interphase02:00
trakcyianevermind doing what you said02:00
Interphaseadd one02:00
th0rDiablosblizz: http://www.google.com/#hl=en&q=add+windows+to+menu.lst&aq=f&oq=&aqi=&fp=KxYPMM6r3XA02:00
DiablosblizzThank you th0r.02:00
buckyervin067: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1134779&page=2  says kill pulseaudio02:00
=== pizdets is now known as pizzledizzle
trakcyiaThanks interphase02:01
ervin067alright, Im pretty sure I killed pulseaudio02:03
tuxwulfWhen does x get started in the boot process...?02:03
th0rtuxwulf: in run level 502:03
th0rtuxwulf: oops....that's suse...in ubuntu it is run level 202:04
tuxwulfThanks th0r02:04
zenlunaticGuest62418: this pretty much is beginner02:04
zenlunaticDiablosblizz: you have to edit menu.lst for chainloading02:05
bob__damn... still no joy02:06
Diablosblizzzenluatic: Is there a way to figure out which hda my hard drive is? Like In this tutorial it says I need to figure out /dev/hda1. Any ideas on how I can figure out the other partition?02:06
ervin067bucky: I killed it and am trying to go through and re do everything u were saying earlier02:08
zenlunaticDiablosblizz: hda1 means "hda" hard disk one, "1" first partition02:08
ervin067so far no good though02:08
danny87anybody have the animated desktop on gnomo? im trouble with it02:08
=== peter__ is now known as gerdy
Diablosblizzzenlunatic: Would that mean hda4 is partition 4 as listed under Computer?02:08
zenlunaticDiablosblizz: yes02:08
buckyervin067: i scewed up your sound because you couldn't google p-6860fx+ubuntu02:09
gerdyunder grub or gparted02:09
pablo0419can anyone help me wit my resolution for ubuntu on my ps302:09
Diablosblizzzenluantic: Perfect, will give it ago. Thanks. :)02:09
Jcnx22 here?02:09
pablo0419he left02:09
pablo0419yea he left02:10
Jcnx22 left?02:10
ervin067no i didnt mean it like that02:10
pablo0419can anyone help me wit my resolution for ubuntu on my ps302:10
buckyJcn: x2 <tab>  do you see him?02:10
pablo0419can anyone help me wit my resolution for ubuntu on my ps302:10
junke1Hello, does anyone have a link to some good easy-to-understand documentation for using the encryption/decryption features in ubuntu (hardy)?02:10
pablo0419can anyone help me wit my resolution for ubuntu on my ps302:10
eggenz7is there any way to veiw the contents of both drives in the same folder?02:10
ervin067im trying everything again cuz i dont know if it might work now that the pulseaudio is killed02:10
xrdodrx!ps3 > pablo041902:10
pablo0419can anyone help me wit my resolution for ubuntu on my ps302:10
ubottupablo0419, please see my private message02:10
pablo0419can anyone help me wit my resolution for ubuntu on my ps302:10
pablo0419can anyone help me wit my resolution for ubuntu on my ps302:10
FloodBot3pablo0419: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:10
th0rpablo0419: what do you need?02:10
junke1Also, if I were to encrypt a document, format my hard drive (losing my private key), would I be able to still decrypt the document?02:11
zenlunaticDiablosblizz: I'm not to familiar with grub on ubuntu but you may have to use BIOS references to the partitions02:11
ervin067You think that would make a difference?02:11
xrdodrxwoah, where's ubotu?02:11
Pici!hi | xrdodrx02:11
ubottuxrdodrx: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!02:11
gerdyapt-get intall openssh-server does most encryption work for me networing wise. I also port over my ssh rsa / dsa keys and use the CLI for file and email encryption02:11
ubottuAside from i386 and amd64 platforms, Ubuntu is also available for alternate platforms. Playstation 3 ( support in #ubuntu-ps3 ) Apple PowerPC  ( support in #ubuntu-ppc )02:12
eggenz7is there any way to see the contents of 2 different partitions combined into one folder?02:13
danny87anybody have the animated desktop on gnome? im trouble with it02:13
gerdyi think there is a hackish was through /media02:13
gerdybut it's ugly02:13
Jcndoes anyone know how to install an ati video driver on ubuntu02:13
pablo0419can anyone help me wit my resolution for ubuntu on my ps302:13
computerhow do i make something run automatically by command line every time ubuntu loads?02:14
Picicomputer: Put it in /etc/rc.local02:14
Diablosblizzzenlunatic: So would mine be HD4,4 or HD4,0?02:15
pablo0419can any1 help me02:15
Interphasecomputer, then run update-rc.d <nameofyourscipt> defaults02:15
Jcnhow do you update drivers on ubuntu02:16
buckycomputer: Preferences=>Startup Applications02:16
th0rJcn: you don't ... that's a windows thing02:16
danny87anybody have the animated desktop on gnome? im trouble with it02:17
soreaudanny87: What do you mean by 'animated desktop'?02:18
danny87i installed but it wont run02:18
Jcnwell I have horizontal tearing when i move windows around, so i'm trying to install a video prop. video driver02:18
soreaudanny87: What is 'it'?02:18
danny87animated desktop02:19
greensimiandanny87: Everything I needed to know about animated desktop http://www.youtube.com/user/NixiePixel#play/user/C57C60F699A5C44D02:20
happyfeethaxcan anyone assist me with defining a usb microphone if I have two of them. I'm using ubuntu 9.04 x64 with pulseaudio removed an using alsa.02:20
greensimianIt really helped!02:20
happyfeethaxanyone out there willing to help?02:23
aplundDoes anyone know any tricks of getting the system bell to ring via pulseaudio when using gnome-terminal?02:23
aplundI have "Terminal bell" ticked in the profile, but nothing happens02:24
rambo298bob__: did you get the pastebin?02:24
* nsh is connecting to his route pc via vnc (tightvncserver)02:24
nshand on the created desktop, one bittorent client (deluge) shows up02:25
nshbut i can't see the progress on the other (transmission)02:25
sjlkghi, i'm trying to build/install gnoemoe from source, how do i satisfy the dependencies before trying to build it?02:25
nshas it doesn't seem to create a window on the newly created desktop02:25
nshis it possible to have a vnc connection to the main desktop -- :0 -- or to make transmission create a window on the new one -- :1 ?02:25
alazyworkaholic1I want to browse & access the files of other ubuntu computers on a network, graphically. I figured out connect to server in nautilus via ssh, but every time I use that I have to look at my router's connections page in firefox to see what ip address corresponds to what computer. Isn't there a way to make it so I click on "network" in nautilus to see a list of other ubuntu computers, click, type password, done?02:26
Jcnhow do i check what drivers I am using02:27
computerjcn, places>computer02:28
Jcnhow do i check what drivers i am using02:28
n-iCeJcn: cat /etc/fstab02:28
mooperdhi, I have two ethernet controllers on my machine but ubuntu is only picking up the one. Shouldnt it handle this automatically? is there an easy way of bringing up the other?02:28
hectorJcn: lsmod02:28
sjlkgwtf.. i'm trying to build gnoemoe from source, apt-get build-dep gnoemoe lists 83 packages i'd have to install, should i proceed? are all those really needed?02:29
nshsjlkg, you'd have to extract the dependencies from the configure file02:29
hectoropen a terminal window first02:29
Jcnhow do i get to lsmod02:29
hectorjcn, should already be installed02:29
hectoroops, open terminal window, then run: sudo lsmod02:29
sjlkgnsh: hm, what about the apt-get build-dep command?02:29
Jcnok how do i tell which one is the graphics card driver from that list02:30
nshyeah, that will work if what you're compiling is a package in one of your respositories02:30
hectorcool, just installed xchat from add/remove programs, upon first run it dropped me right into this channel.02:30
Counterspellsendmail is not finding the proper mail relay02:31
Counterspellit seems like it's not looking up the MX record and instead it's trying to directly use the domain of the sender02:31
Mandersongetting an error trying to apt-get update...anyone know if the repo is down?02:32
sjlkgnsh: ah okay, but is it normal that this thing depends on 83 other packages? i remember synaptic showing only 6 or 7 dependencies..02:32
hectorJcn: try lspci instead, might give you more info02:32
sjlkgnsh: plus, when i select the package in synaptic, it doesn't say anything about missing dependencies02:32
Jcnhow do I enable accelerated ati graphics driver in hardware drivers02:32
JcnI dont see the option to do that02:33
rambo298Jcn: lspci -v | grep VGA02:33
nshsjlkg, building from source generally requires more packages than installing a pre-compiled binary02:33
hectorrambo298: does he need restricted drivers for ATI?02:33
rambo298hector: probably02:33
nsh83 does seem a pretty big number though...02:34
Jcnyes i do02:34
Jcnneed the restricted drivers02:34
rambo298hector: but only for the advanced features of the card; the basic driver should work but he won't have much choice on accelerated frame buffers, etc02:34
alazyworkaholic1computer: I went to Network & saw the name of the computer (wasn't there last time I looked, anyway...) clicked on it & all I saw was $print. Clicking on that brings up a password dialog, which doesn't accept my correct password. How do I get to see my files?02:34
hectori see02:34
Sixfacehi all02:34
rambo298Jcn: did you try ATI's site?02:34
Jcnyes I downloaded the installer02:34
computerhow do i make so that every time i get connected to the Internet my computer emails my ip address to an email address?02:35
Jcnfor radeon x1250 but it wont run02:35
rednammoc1hey out there. have some problems to umount my filesystem. if i say `mount | grep 'my/mount/point'` the mount-point appears. if i want to umount it, it's not in `dev/` ? does somebody knows why or to solve this problem ?02:35
digmorehi, I ssh to an old solaris and found that the left arrow key is 'not working' (i.e. it produce ^[[D) and the up arrow key has similar behaviour. How I do fix it?02:35
computerput your ubuntu name and pass02:35
hectorquestion: i have a fully updated computer on my network, it's running jaunty.  can i use its local apt cache folder to update another computer?02:35
wNm|khubaniwww.metroflatsnyc.com - visting NYC?02:35
nshsjlkg, see: http://live.gnome.org/JhbuildDependencies/Ubuntu02:36
Mene-MeneWhen I reload repositories or update apt-get it seems to take a VERY long time. When I run it in terminal, I get output like this, "Convert: attr 1:2.4.43-3" What am I doing wrong? I have an x64 version of Ubuntu if that means anything to you.02:36
rambo298Jcn: i don't see the 1250 in their list only the 130002:36
Jcnits under integrated02:36
computer QUESTION: how do i make so that every time i get connected to the Internet my computer emails my ip address to an email address?02:36
Jcnits part of the legacy drivers02:36
nshall of the *-dev packages are ones that are required for compiling things programs that depend on the library/program in question, but aren't generally required for the program itself02:36
hectorJcn: did you have chmod +x the downloaded file?02:36
shaunohector: if it's just a one-time thing, copying the /var/cache/apt/archives/*deb from the updated computer to the other would take care of most of it.  not so elegant, but functional02:37
Jcni dont know what that is, this is my second day with ubuntu and linux02:37
hectorshauno: ok cool.  thanks.02:37
cryptidewould 'GSSAPIAuthentication yes' in my ssh config file on my server cause my key login not to work?02:37
computerjcn http://help.ubuntu.com02:38
computer QUESTION: how do i make it so that every time i get connected to the Internet my computer emails my ip address to an email address?02:38
tonedevfis there anything akin to mod_cband that is easily installed via binary in hardy server?  The only feature needed is bandwidth throttling per connection.  Thanks!02:38
rednammoc1i have some problems to umount my filesystem.02:38
rednammoc1mount | grep 'my/mount/point'02:38
rednammoc1the mount-point appears.02:38
rednammoc1 if i want to umount it, it's not in `dev/` ?02:38
rednammoc1does somebody knows why or to solve this problem ?02:38
FloodBot3rednammoc1: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:38
Mandersoncomputer-  what are you trying to? You could configure your system to update dyndns.org02:39
sjlkgnsh: ah, that explains it.. i was trying to build it earlier and it failed with errors about missing packages. i'll go ahead and install them, thanks02:39
rednammoc1i have some problems to umount my filesystem.02:39
hectorcomputer: you're going to need to schedule some kind of script or dyndns.org would do that too.02:39
rednammoc1mount | grep 'my/mount/point'02:39
rednammoc1the mount-point appears.02:39
rednammoc1mount | grep 'my/mount/point'02:39
rednammoc1 if i want to umount it, it's not in `dev/` ?02:39
Jcni got to hardware drivers but I dont get a long list of drivers, I only get 1, the atheros madwifi02:39
Mandersonanyone know if the repos are down? I can't do an apt-get update02:40
Jcnhow do I add drivers to the hardware drivers option02:40
DiablosblizzCan somebody help me? I've added Windows to the GRUB, I've tried 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 and nothing happens. :( Somebody help!02:40
rambo298Jcn: what happens with your display?02:40
rambo298Jcn: how did you install the ATI driver?02:41
MandersonDiablosblizz-  where are you putting the number?02:41
Jcni havent installed any drivers02:41
MandersonDiablosblizz-  is it on the same HDD that ubuntu is installed on?02:41
JcnI just installed ubuntu yesterday, trying to install an ati driver02:41
DiablosblizzManderson: It's on the same hard drive, but different partition.02:41
rambo298Jcn: did you install the driver?02:41
rednammoc1sorry bothering you guys. i have some problems to umount my device. it appears via df, but its not in the /dev/ folder. how to get the device out of the `mount` ?02:42
cryptideany help here would be much appreciated: http://pastie.org/55444402:42
Jcnwhatever driver is installed is the one that was installed by default02:43
happyfeethaxanyone possibly help me with an audio issue02:43
MandersonDiablosblizz-  so your entry in menu.lst for windows looks something like this:  http://pastebin.com/d61304cea02:43
MandersonDiablosblizz-  ??02:43
droolpalWhat is everyone using for GUI backups to a NAS?02:44
rambo298Jcn: dude it's a shell script driven install; download the .run file, enter this command wherever you saved it "chmod 755 ati-driver-installer-9-3-x86.x86_64.run"; then enter "sh ./ati-driver-installer-9-3-x86.x86_64.run"02:44
Jcnok im going to try that real quick02:45
Jcndoes it matter if its in console or terminal02:45
rednammochey guys. i have some problems to umount my device. it appears via df, but its not in the /dev/ folder. how to get the device out of the `mount` ?02:45
rambo298Jcn: video driver upgrades are never quick :)02:45
DiablosblizzManderson: Mine looks like this: http://pastebin.com/mb622f402:46
DiablosblizzManderson: Does the partition come before or after the comma?02:46
twig11Would someone please take a look at this output and tell me if it looks like something is malfunctioning with ndiswrapper? http://paste.ubuntu.com/224031/  I can't get the card to work on the machine where I got the output and I had it working on another Jaunty install on a different computer.02:46
computerhector can u help me with dyndns?02:46
MandersonDiablosblizz-  don't forget to take into account that Linux will start the partition sequence at 1 whereas Grub starts at zero02:48
MandersonDiablosblizz-  so, /dev/sda1 for instance will be (hd0,0)02:48
Mandersonsomeone correct me if I'm wrong.02:48
DiablosblizzManderson- So how do I figure out which sda my partition is?02:49
Mene-MeneIs there any reason when my repositories would suddenly change to getting i386 rather than x64 repositories and have to convert?02:49
mattgyverDiablosblizz, type 'sudo fdisk -l' in a terminal02:49
MandersonDiablosblizz-  you can do a sudo fdisk -l02:49
tonedevfis there anything akin to mod_cband that is easily installed via binary in hardy server?  The only feature needed is bandwidth throttling per connection.  Thanks!02:50
rednammocyou can also figure out via dmesg | tail02:50
rednammocworks for usb-sticks02:50
rednammocDiablosblizz: also df is usefull to get mounted devices02:51
ofoshoI am trying to install an LG GP08 external DVD writer. Dmesg is giving me this: device not accepting address 23, error -71. Can anyone help?02:51
DiablosblizzManderson: So I did that how can I figure out which one is my 50 GB? (Win 7)02:51
twig11Is something wrong if running "sudo ndiswrapper -m" once returns "module configuration already contains alias directive" FIVE times?02:51
danny87i have the animated desktop running....but its running like a screen saver...how can i make it run on background like a wallpaper02:51
mattgyverdiablosblizz, do a 'df -h'02:52
Jcnrambo i did what you said, but I got an error message at the end02:52
Mandersonmattgyver-  that will only show mounted filesystems.02:52
Jcn./default_policy.sh does not support version...etc02:52
MandersonDiablosblizz-  look at the fdisk -l output for ones that are formatted with HPFS/NTFS02:53
Mandersonif you have more than one, we may need to format that a bit.02:53
Mandersonnot the drive, the command :D02:53
DiablosblizzManderson: Alright, there is 3.02:53
DiablosblizzManderson: Phew!!!02:53
Mandersonjust a sec02:53
DiablosblizzOkay thanks.02:53
Jcnrambo298: i got a ./default_policy.sh does not support version....etc02:53
Jcnsaid make sure that the version is being correctly set by iscurrentdistro02:54
MandersonDiablosblizz-  post your fdisk -l output to pastebin02:55
rambo298Jcn: and you've 9.04 installed?02:55
Mene-MeneIs there something I'm not doing with my question? I've waited thirty minutes and asked it in different ways at ten minute intervals.02:55
Jcnyes, i have jaunty02:55
DiablosblizzMaderson: http://pastebin.com/m5d1b47b202:56
Gnea!patience | Mene-Mene02:58
ubottuMene-Mene: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search  https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.02:58
sebsebsebMene-Mene: odd issue02:58
rambo298Jcn: maybe this will help; one msg was about a bios setting http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=28652702:59
jefincMene-Mene: can you repeat it, I was afk eating, might have a clue :)02:59
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jefincquick though, have to go to sleep shortly03:00
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MandersonDiablosblizz-  Hmm...well, from what I read, you can calculate blocks to bytes...and unless I got my math wrong, I see that sda1 is about 82GB, sda4 is about 5GB and sda5 is about 25GB03:00
Jcndude setting up ubuntu is tough03:00
MandersonDiablosblizz-  does that make sense?03:00
brunobiloialguem poderia me ajudar a instalar a placa de videooo03:01
SpikemccLinux problems remaining : tv tuner, multi-monitoring, frets on fire, backup, encryption, printer, modem, wardriving, multi-gamepad, age of empire II conqueror ... but I can help some peoples here also ...03:01
Mene-Mene When I reload repositories or update apt-get it seems to take a VERY long time. When I run it in terminal, I get output like this, "Convert: attr 1:2.4.43-3" What am I doing wrong? I have an x64 version of Ubuntu if that means anything to you. Update: Just got an error from somewhere but apparently it didn't copy corrently. said that it couldn't find the repositories now...03:01
rambo298Jcn: no, dealing with video drivers (and audio) is the tough part!  and windows has issues too!03:01
JuJuBeeCan someone help me figure out why my dvd burner is making coasters?03:01
brunobiloiolaaaaaaaaa alguemmm pode ajudarrrrrrrrrrr03:01
sjlkgwhen trying to build, i get yacc: command not found.. which package should i install for yacc?03:02
Jcnhaha yea I'm setting up my brothers pc with linux....luckily i use a mac! (no hate please)03:02
DiablosblizzManderson: Not quite. :( I have one 160ish partition (now being Ubuntu), one 50GB (Windows 7) and one 15ishGB(misc). For some reason my misc partition has a weird number.03:02
Pici!pt | brunobiloi03:02
ubottubrunobiloi: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.03:02
geekneeusJuJuBee, perhaps with more information03:02
Mene-MeneIs it possible that ia32 could be interfering?03:02
Mene-MeneI removed it and it seems to be working better.03:02
JuJuBeegeekneeus: what info do you want?  It keeps failing near the end 99% using k3b and jaunty03:02
leachim6|ltI have ubuntu jaunty...and I just got a usb bluetooth dongle...03:03
leachim6|ltand it works with windows...03:03
Kingsy-Laptopcan someone tell me if there is a package for ubuntu that contains all of the "bells and whistles" ? I heard there was some kind of add on pack...03:03
leachim6|ltbut the bluetooth applet won't recognize it03:03
JuJuBeeThought is was burner cause was failing in windows also.  I replaced with new burner and same problem.03:03
jefincMene-Mene: is "Convert: attr 1:2.4.43-3" a direct quotation of the error?03:03
dethredicis there a command to turn off my screen (what to bind it to a keyboard button)? I am on a laptop03:03
leachim6|ltI know it works fine because I can use it with hciconfig and hcitool03:03
geekneeusWhat does k3b say?03:03
Mene-MeneIt's not an error, it's output03:03
jefincMene-Mene: can you duplicate it and pastebin?03:03
SpikemccLinux problems remaining : tv tuner, multi-monitoring, frets on fire, backup, encryption, printer, modem, wardriving, multi-gamepad, age of empire II conqueror ... But if I can help you I will when I see stuff that I can help ...03:03
=== dngr- is now known as dngr
Mene-Menestrange, it might appear that ia32 was interfering, it's downloading quickly now.03:04
JuJuBeegeekneeus: Just after the info saying flushing cache, may take some time, I get a write error.03:04
GneaMene-Mene: does it say anything else?03:04
ofoshoi don't need specific answers. Any advice on debugging devices that don't enumerate would be nice03:04
Mene-MeneI never let the output finish, it was taking 20+ seconds per line and looked like it was going to go for a while.03:04
rambo298Mene-Mene: do you have the standard repo list or did you add any?03:04
leachim6|ltany suggestions for me?03:04
Jcnhow do I enable flash03:04
Mene-Meneadded some.03:04
GneaMene-Mene: can you pastebin the output you do have?03:04
rambo298Mene-Mene: what?03:04
MandersonDiablosblizz-  Ok...got it.03:05
Gnea!flash | Jcn03:05
ubottuJcn: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash03:05
rambo298Mene-Mene: restricted?03:05
SpikemccKingsy-Laptop there is moded ubuntu named ultimate edition but I would be careful about bells and whistles on linux03:05
Mene-Menesorry, no, it's gone.03:05
geekneeusok, JuJuBee, I'm not sure on that one. I had a different problem recently03:05
sjlkgnsh: it went through the config script, but when i try to build it it says "yacc" is missing.. not sure which package i should install for that03:05
MandersonDiablosblizz-  /dev/sda5 is your 50GB partition03:05
Mene-Menerambo: no.03:05
=== rajesh is now known as Guest4178
DiablosblizzOkay, would it be hd(0,5) now or hd(5,0)?03:05
GneaMene-Mene: do it again then, can't help unless there's some decent output, not just a snippit03:05
Jcnwell crap I just used the synaptic option and installed ati drivers through that and now my screen is black with a colored static lines03:05
rambo298Mene-Mene: go check this; there may be a synaptic problem03:05
MandersonDiablosblizz-  if you divide the block number by 1024, then divide again by 1024, you'll get the partition size in GB.03:05
Jcnand not doing anything....so what now?03:05
Mene-MeneI uninstalled ia32 and it works fine now.03:05
rambo298Mene-Mene: http://www.linux-archive.org/ubuntu-user/316976-synaptic-reload-takes-forever.html03:05
Kingsy-LaptopSpikemcc - how come what is the disadvantage ?03:05
Guest4178to lock your screen press ctrl+alt+l03:05
MandersonDiablosblizz-  Should actually be (hd0,4)03:06
JuJuBeegeekneeus: debug gives this...   :-[ WRITE@LBA=230140h failed with SK=0h/ASC=00h/ACQ=02h]: Input/output error03:06
JuJuBee:-( write failed: Input/output error03:06
=== Guest4178 is now known as bujji
FlannelDiablosblizz: hd0,4 actually.  a,b,c map to 1,2,3 and then 1,2,3 map to 1,2,3, and then you subtract one from each (since we start at 0)03:06
DiablosblizzMaderson: right, cause 0 = 1. :P03:06
SpikemccJcn add medibuntu repository and add the ubuntu-restricted-extras package ...03:06
MandersonDiablosblizz-  because grub starts at 003:06
Mene-Meneexactly what I was getting.03:06
Jcnwell crap I just used the synaptic option and installed ati drivers through that and now my screen is black with a colored static lines03:06
DiablosblizzManderson: Thanks, I'll go give that a try!03:06
rambo298Mene-Mene: google is your friend :)03:06
MandersonDiablosblizz-  good luck03:06
DiablosblizzThanks alot!03:06
SpikemccKingsy-Laptop, Let say I use linux for it speed, I don't wanna make it bloated like windows ...03:07
leachim6|ltbluetooth-applet wont recognize my bluetooth dongle but hcitool will03:07
tehdaveSimple question: How do I change the default program for video playback (running Hardy, want to have VLC be default for video files instead of Totem, can't seem to find File Type Associations anywhere)03:07
Kingsy-LaptopSpikemcc - point taken03:07
geekneeusI found answers on ubuntuforums though JuJuBee did you try there?03:07
mgolischtehdave: properties of the file, open with tab, repeat for every fileextension you want to use with vlc03:08
Spikemcctehdave system>pref>pref apps put vlc03:08
JuJuBeegeekneeus: I am not sure what to look for...any suggestions?03:08
Jcnwell crap I just used the synaptic option and installed ati drivers through that and now my screen is black with a colored static lines03:08
geekneeusk3b and the error message in google03:08
tehdavemgolisch, Ah thank you...that's exactly what I was looking for03:08
jdutehdave, should be 'Prefered Applications' menu somewhere in Preferences or under it03:08
SpikemccKingsy-Laptop try alternatives softwares on linux even default ones could be replaced by better ...03:08
JcnI just used the synaptic option and installed ati graphics drivers through that and now my screen is black with a colored static lines. How do I revert back to default.03:09
Mene-MeneI had already googled it, but uninstalled ia32 on a burst of inspiration.03:09
jdutehdave, mgolisch gave a better answer03:09
Mene-MeneI'm going to see if I can repeat the error though.03:09
fosafirefox is starting up larger than full screen and i can't see the top title bar, help?03:09
tehdavejdu, Spikemcc : I was looking more for the specific-to-extension associations, mgolisch got it for me but thank you03:09
SpikemccLinux is the world of choice so if you like msn in your linux terminal there may be an application maded for that ...03:09
JEDIDIAH__sounds like fosa is suffering from overscan...03:10
rednammoci have some problems to umount my device. it appears via df, but its not in the /dev/ folder. how to get the device out of the `mount` ? can someone help me plz  !03:10
geekneeusAnybody uding with nvidia 185.18.14 x86?03:10
fosaJEDIDIAH__, what's that?  (f11 a couple times took care of it)03:10
geekneeusYou are SkuZ?03:11
wcryerwhat is the contents of a default wpasupplicant.conf03:11
JEDIDIAH__...I thought I was in the mythtv channel.03:11
geekneeusDoes it work fine then? on 9.0403:11
SkuZyeah excellend03:11
JEDIDIAH__overscan is what TV's like to do. Edges of the screen aren't visible.03:11
geekneeusok good :D because that's what is building right now03:11
SealValright looking for some help in writing a cron script that will change the gnome theme according to the time of day03:12
geekneeusI'm on the "nv" driver atm it's so slow03:12
SkuZyes its very slow03:12
SkuZbut is excellent once sorted03:12
=== downer_ is now known as d0wn3r
danbhfivegeekneeus: ask in #ubuntu+103:13
geekneeusthanks danbhfive will do :)03:13
d0wn3ri need help getting internet explorer installed in ubuntu, can anyone help me out?03:14
RocketLauncherI'm using Ubuntu 8.10. FGLRX seems to work here! Now how do I get dual screens working? My left monitor is connected to VGA, the right one is on DVI (if that helps). I want them both running at 1024x768.. How do I get dual screens working now? What a relief that this is working here03:14
bujjid0wn3r: which service you have03:14
SealVdowner try googling ies4linux03:14
jdud0wn3r, download ies4linux03:14
danbhfiveies4linux | d0wn3r03:14
sebsebsebd0wn3r: why do you want it?03:14
d0wn3rjdu, it gives me a problem when it tries to install..03:14
d0wn3rjdu, ies4linux breaks03:15
d0wn3rhold on ill paste03:15
jdud0wn3r, run it. try disabling the gui03:15
sebsebsebd0wn3r: you might need a more real IE,  depending on what  your going to use it for, which is?03:15
cdonkehey there.. can anyone give a hand with iptables??? i'm struggling with it for hours..03:15
d0wn3rThe program 'ies4linux-gtk.py' received an X Window System error.03:15
adrian_2002caho all, is there a way to change the color of the select rectangle(when I click and drag, its orange)03:15
Patric3On my system, System->Administration->Hardware Drivers applet is missing.  What package do I need ?03:15
d0wn3rThe error was 'BadIDChoice (invalid resource ID chosen for this connection)'.03:15
jdud0wn3r, sebsebseb may be right.03:16
Jcni installed fglrx and now have black screen03:16
d0wn3rsebsebseb, i need it to do my classes online.. whenever i get in there the content is all trying to download the .asp instead of displaying the contents properly03:16
SealVadrian_2002ca, what are you trying to change?03:16
jdud0wn3r, yeah, use the option that disables the gui, it will work fine after that03:16
jdud0wn3r, isn't that a server side problem?03:16
d0wn3rjdu, might be.. i dont understand what the problem is03:17
adrian_2002caSealV: when I click and drag on the desktop for example, an orange selection rectangle appears. I want to change the color of that to something else03:17
danbhfived0wn3r: is the asp in html?03:17
d0wn3rjdu, i mean it wants me to use ie6 or safari.. but i useragentswitch to ie703:17
SealVadrian_2002ca, ok there are basically two ways to change it03:17
Jcnwell crap I just used the synaptic option and installed ati drivers through that and now my screen is black with a colored static lines03:17
Jcnwell crap I just used the synaptic option and installed ati drivers through that and now my screen is black with a colored static lines03:17
Jcnwell crap I just used the synaptic option and installed ati drivers through that and now my screen is black with a colored static lines03:17
sebsebsebd0wn3r: if it works in Safari it should also work in Firefox03:17
FloodBot3Jcn: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:17
SealVadrian_2002ca, the easy way and the slily harder way03:17
d0wn3rdanbhfive, yes, i think so.03:17
RocketLauncherlol Jcn03:17
adrian_2002caSealV: ok, im listening03:18
d0wn3rsebsebseb, i know.. when i installed safari in vmware the page still doesnt recognize that im using safari03:18
SealVadrian_2002ca, the easy way if your theme allows it (try this first)03:18
jdud0wn3r, at any rate, it's as simple as running the ies4linux installer it with the no gui option03:18
Jcnwhat do I do now?03:18
rednammoci have some problems to umount my device. it appears via df, but its not in the /dev/ folder. how to get the device out of the `mount` ? can someone help me plz  !03:18
d0wn3rd0wn3r, my copy of windows doesnt have ie installed however03:18
adrian_2002caSealV: how, im not sure03:18
sebsebsebd0wn3r:  the more  real IE  I was on about before is  the Windows vm,  oh and Virtualbox :) VMware hmm03:18
SealVadrian_2002ca, go to appearance>>theme tab>>custamoize>>colors03:18
wcryerdoes anyone know how to load gnome from a flash drive03:18
sebsebsebd0wn3r: and it can even use VMDK files :)03:18
adrian_2002caok, just a sec03:18
RocketLauncherAnyways could someone help me with my situation? How do I set up dual screens with fglrx? I'm running Ubuntu 8.10, my card is an HD4670. Come on now03:18
Jcnhey....how do I revert back to pre fglrx03:19
RocketLauncherJcn sudo apt-get remove xorg-driver-fglrx ?03:19
d0wn3rsebsebseb, well, ill see how it goes with ... this for now03:19
sebsebsebJcn: you can go into recovery mode  on the boot loader, and do an xfix03:19
SealVadrian_2002ca, can you click any of the color boxes>03:19
Jcni id xfix...didnt solve the problem03:19
adrian_2002caSealV: COOL, it worked, thanks so much03:19
byteme_Gnome has beat KDE I am afraid03:19
Jcntrying xfix again03:20
RocketLauncherbyteme_ you be quiet now03:20
sebsebsebbyteme_: not quite, give KDE 3 a try the older version :)03:20
ctmjrRocketLauncher: look in aticonfig it will show you the options run aticonfig | less to scroll through them03:20
adrian_2002caSealV: an internets to you sir :D03:20
sebsebseb!kde3  |   byteme_03:20
ubottubyteme_: Kubuntu 8.04 ships with KDE3 and full support. Jaunty does not include KDE3 but a remix install CD can be obtained at  https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Kde3/Jaunty . This is not officially supported. Support, instructions and ways to contribute can be found on the wiki page03:20
Jcnive never used linux before...this is tough...03:20
SealVadrian_2002ca, np the slightly harder way is to edit your gtkrc file in /home/user/.themes/<theme>/gtk 2.0/gtkrc03:20
byteme_lol, the older version is all I will use03:20
sebsebsebbyteme_: and you can add a repo  into  Ubuntu 9.0403:20
sebsebsebbyteme_: oh your already using KDE 3?03:20
SealVadrian_2002ca,  that will work for all themes. the more you know right03:21
adrian_2002caSealV: i thought i had to do that in the first place, so this is nice03:21
RocketLauncherctmjr I did look and I tried doing something like this: sudo aticonfig –initial=dual-head –screen-layout=right (Not exactly this) and it still doesnt work03:21
=== edcrypt_ is now known as edcrypt
sebsebsebbyteme_: well a lot of  the apps get better in KDE 4,   but  as a GUI,  no thanks03:21
RocketLauncherctmjr I did it before I restarted after installing fglrx, could that be why?03:21
sebsebsebbyteme_: and those apps can be run in Gnome so :)03:21
byteme_yeah, but also using 9.04 for the first time03:21
crazylifeDoes anyone know how to get a laptop to see the internal cdrom drive without adding acpi=off in the menu.lst?03:21
adrian_2002caSealV: :D excellent, neon green here I come lol03:21
DiablosblizzMaderson: Are you still there?03:21
Jcnhow do I uninstall fglrx03:21
byteme_I ahve to admit man, I have been bashing gnome for a longgggg time03:21
Jcnor whatever it is that is making my screen black03:21
SealVadrian_2002ca, awesome. post a screenshot or two in the communtiy cafe thread03:22
[R]crazylife: if it requires acpi=off your laptop is seriously fscked up03:22
RocketLaunchersebsebseb How about twm (tabbed window manager)? Hueheuheuehahue03:22
byteme_this new version is pure candy03:22
adrian_2002caSealV: ill try lol03:22
cdonkehey... i'm trying to forward the external connections into the port 8900 (eth0) to an machine on my network (eth1) port 3389 (TS)... any hints??03:22
jduRocketLauncher, tom's window manager?03:22
RocketLauncherjdu No man no :|03:22
fosahow to force exit on a window that's not responding?03:22
crazylifeR: no argument there.  It is a Lenovo Y710.03:22
adrian_2002caSealV: whats the channel?03:22
sebsebsebRocketLauncher: don't think I used that03:23
ctmjrRocketLauncher: try it again and see what output you get then restart X you might have to reboot not just restart X03:23
Jcngee...all this graphics card crap is making me wish I could just install os x on pc instead of ubuntu03:23
RocketLauncherctmjr I did reboot, I don't even know how to restart X..03:23
Jcni'm so lost, how do I fix this03:23
SealVadrian_2002ca,  oh no channel on the ubuntuforums>>community cafe>> stickied screenshot thread03:23
adrian_2002caSealV:  i tried #communitycafe but was empty03:23
adrian_2002caSealV:  aaaahhh lol03:23
RocketLauncherctmjr: aticonfig: Writing to '/etc/X11/xorg.conf' failed. Bad file descriptor.03:24
SealVadrian_2002ca, lol should have been clearer03:24
jdufosa, multiple ways: killall appname      or run xkill and click on window, wait for gnome to notice...03:24
jribJcn: os x only seems to work better with hardware exactly because it only works on a very restricted type of hardware :)03:24
fosajdu thanks03:24
RocketLauncherctmjr oh i didnt sudo03:24
RocketLauncheri'll reboot and see the outcome03:24
byteme_I'm I out of order chatting about random topics? I wasnt sure if this was a dedicated tech support room.03:24
byteme_dont want to get in the way03:25
ctmjrJcn: how did you install the fglrx driver?03:25
Patric3On my system, System->Administration->Hardware Drivers applet is missing.  What package do I need ?03:25
SealVbyteme_, best not mate, there is an offtopic channel03:25
Jcnthrough synaptic package monitor03:25
SealVPatric3, what version are you running?03:26
Patric3I'm running 9.0403:26
byteme_cool, pardon me03:26
musikgoat|main!offtopic > byteme_03:26
TheNewGuydoes anyone know how to turn a nic card on and off via software?03:26
Patric3TheNewGuy: ifdown eth0 ?03:26
Mene-Menefound my problem! ia32-archive causes problems with my repositories!03:26
TheNewGuyWhat does that mean patric03:27
Jcnctmjr: through synaptic package monitor03:27
SealVPatric3, jockey-glx is the package I think03:27
jason__When I try to run "xinit /usr/bin/VBoxManage startvm "MyVM" -- :1", an X server seems to start, but nothing appears, and I get kicked back to :0 after a while.  "xinit /usr/bin/glxgears -- :1" works fine.  Can anyone suggest why?03:27
Patric3TheNewGuy: eth0 is usually the first NIC on your system - ifdown will take the interface down03:27
byteme_hmmm, trying to get there..03:27
ctmjrJcn: try this in a terminal sudo aticonf --initial and reboot03:27
jason__'VBoxManage startvm "MyVM"' works fine in :0 when I have a window manager running.03:28
musikgoat|mainbyteme_: /join #ubuntu-offtopic03:28
Patric3Sealv: Thanks - I'll follow that up.  The original install was minimal and I've been trying to get all of gnome installed (aptitude install gnome-session isn't enough :-/03:28
CNLiberali need help with my MDADM raid 5 array03:28
ctmjrJcn: should be aticonfig sorry03:28
byteme_thank you03:28
CNLiberalit won't mount...when i run a fsck_jfs /dev/md0 it says it can't continue because the superblocks are corrupt03:28
SealVPatric3, it might be saner to do ubuntu-desktop and then restrip system03:28
Jcnwhat will that do03:28
d0wn3rthanks jdu and sebsebseb .. i guess i am just an idiot. and the class is working fine now.03:29
ctmjrJcn: it will load the fglrx driver in xorg.conf03:29
Patric3Sealv: Yeah - dodgy DVD drive on this laptop - that was my original plan (i.e. ubuntu-desktop).  Can I do a ubuntu-desktop install via apt ?03:29
TheNewGuypatric, I am having an issue with a dual boot system.  according to the chat boards linux turns off the nic card when it shuts down.  Microsoft assume the nic card is running therefore does not turn it on.  so the only way to get my nic card to work with windows in my dual boot system03:29
sebsebsebd0wn3r: what did you do?03:29
ubottubyteme_, please see my private message03:29
Patric3TheNewGuy: Oh - so you have some WinTel only device ?03:30
TheNewGuyis to shut down with the reset button.. hard shut down. and then the nic card will stay on and will work with windows.03:30
SealVPatric3, yup apt-get ubuntu-desktop should get you the whole default. to go back to a pure De follow this link03:30
Jcnxorg.conf is ?03:30
TheNewGuyanyone here good with linux and nic cards?03:30
Patric3SealV: Looks good - thanks03:30
edbianTheNewGuy: Does your nic disappear?03:30
TheNewGuynope, just says the cable is unplugged.03:31
SealVPatric3, http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/puregnome03:31
ctmjr!X | Jcn03:31
ubottuJcn: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution03:31
byteme_I did thanks but there is no one in the off topic room03:31
Patric3SealV: Cheers03:31
Jcnno supported adapters detected03:31
fosais there a sudo apt-get install font package?03:31
byteme_I will now commence room channel surfing03:31
musikgoat|mainbyteme_: i think you joined the wrong room, there are 185 people in there03:31
SealVPatric3, :)03:31
sebsebseb!fonts |  fosa03:31
ubottufosa: Font installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer03:31
byteme_lol, oh03:31
edbianTheNewGuy: Please begin your posts with my name so that I know who you're talking to (and it highlights for me).  What are you doing to fix the problem?  Hard reset?03:31
RocketLauncherctmjr I tried using aticonfig -initial=dual-head --scren-layout =right ...... I restarted and both screens seemed to work, but all panels were gone and I couldn't do anything. I switched back to the backup xorg.conf.03:32
byteme_ok, I will try again03:32
adrian_2002caSealV: posted :d03:32
Jcnctmjr: no supported adapters detected03:32
fosasebsebseb, thanks :)03:32
byteme_oh I see what I did03:32
sebsebsebfosa: np,  by the way which program you want fonts for?03:32
musikgoat|mainbyteme_: yw03:32
TheNewGuyedbain: yes hard reset was suggested and it works.03:32
d0wn3rsebsebseb, i just ran ies4linux without the gui option03:32
fosasebsebseb, gimp03:32
d0wn3rsebsebseb, ./ies4linux --no-gui03:32
sebsebsebd0wn3r: oh,  I thought there was only  gui  for that03:32
SealVadrian_2002ca, looks great! especailly for a low spec system03:32
sebsebsebd0wn3r: quite a while since I last tried it03:33
edbianTheNewGuy: If you soft (normal) restart your machine does the nm-applet say "cable disconnected" ??03:33
sebsebsebfosa: ah ok03:33
d0wn3rsebsebseb, that error was very nondescript.. but makes sense..\03:33
ctmjrJcn: then your card is not supported by the driver do you have an option under administration / hardware drivers in the main menu?03:33
adrian_2002caSealV:LOL, THANKS03:33
Jcni cant see any of that03:33
JcnI'm using console right now03:33
d0wn3rsebsebseb, yeah, i really dont want to install ie on this..for some reason these people dont agree with firefox03:33
TheNewGuyyes, when I go to windows, it says that the cable is disconnected.03:33
sebsebsebd0wn3r: remember to only browse  with IE for the stupid stuff, and  use Firefox  or some such for everything else :)03:33
TheNewGuythis is a problem with several linux flavors.03:34
Jcnctmjr: from console how do I go back to default drivers03:34
sebsebsebd0wn3r: and with the correct useragent of course03:34
edbianTheNewGuy: (please begin with my name.  My clients highlight what you say for me if you do).  I suggest finding out what module your nic uses and removing it via modprobe before you restart.  I had a similar problem.03:34
TheNewGuyEdbian yes it says cable unplugged in windows.  linux works fine.03:34
ctmjrJcn: run this to get your gui back it should work sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg03:34
Opti-SpaguettiHello, a simple question, what package contain h263 codec, (Unknown encoder 'h263')03:34
musikgoat|mainOpti-Spaguetti: h264?03:35
TheNewGuyedbian how do you mean re-install the dirvers?03:35
musikgoat|mainOpti-Spaguetti: try vlc03:35
ctmjrJcn: then reboot03:35
edbianTheNewGuy: Let me get this straight.  If you soft shutdown from linux and then boot windows your network card doesn't work.  Is this correct?  If you hard reset and then boot windows (or linux) everything works fine.  Is this correct?03:36
Jcnok before i reboot it said warning overwriting possibly customised configuration file;03:36
Jcnctmjr: ok before i reboot it said warning overwriting possibly customised configuration file;03:36
RocketLauncherHow do I get dual screens working in fglrx? Doing the dual-head command didn't seem to work at all. I'm running Ubuntu 8.10. My card is an ATI HD4670. I don't want to be in here all night...03:36
Patric3SealV: aptitude install ubuntu-desktop, needs to get 323 MB of archives (458 newly installed packages).  No wonder I was having some issues!03:37
ctmjrJcn: thats fine it is what it should say there is no need to back it up as it does not work03:37
musikgoat|mainOpti-Spaguetti: ahh h.263... http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=103618003:37
Jcnctmjr: ok rebooting now, what should happen now?03:38
TheNewGuyedbian  I want to be clear, If i am in linux and shut down normaly, Soft, then linux will work fine when I reboot linux.  But if i boot into windows, it will tell me the cable is unplugged.  if I do the same with a hard reset, linux will work and windows will work.03:38
ctmjrJcn: you should get your desktop back gnome or whatever you use03:38
SealVPatric3, :)03:38
Opti-Spaguettimusikgoat|main, cant find candidate version for sudo aptitude install libavcodec-unstripped-5103:39
edbianTheNewGuy: What is the linux module for your nic card?03:39
d0wn3rsebsebseb, i am only using ie for this course and uninstalling the goddamned thing03:39
d0wn3rsebsebseb, i hate ie03:39
sebsebsebd0wn3r: good :)03:39
Jcnctmjr: nope still black screen with colored static lines across the top and red chinese looking symbols03:39
TheNewGuyedbian how do I find out and do you mean in linux or windows?03:39
sebsebsebd0wn3r: and indeed worst browser of all03:39
d0wn3rsebsebseb, ie doesnt support tabs in wine.03:39
sebsebsebd0wn3r: yep since it's the older version of IE603:39
musikgoat|mainOpti-Spaguetti: did you try -52?03:39
edbianTheNewGuy: linux03:39
d0wn3rsebsebseb, its enough to make me want to kill things with sticks03:40
TheNewGuyedbian how do I determin the module?03:40
sebsebsebd0wn3r: uh03:40
Kalmi_!tab | Opti-Spaguetti03:40
ubottuOpti-Spaguetti: You can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.03:40
sebsebsebd0wn3r: well IE6 don't do tabs full stop,  unless get some add on,   IE7 had the tabs03:40
edbianTheNewGuy: I am googling right now03:40
uninvertedI'm having a few wireless problems; I've finally gotten it to detect wlan0, but the hardware LED says it's off, and I'm fairly it doesn't work.03:40
d0wn3rsebsebseb, whatever, i dont care .. ie7 is horrible when i use it on my friends machine03:40
sebsebsebd0wn3r: there wasn't even going to be an IE7  for   XP, but then  Firefox  started gaining quite a lot of the market, as a result  Mozilla have an internal joke "Internet Explorer 7 the best browser we ever made"03:40
d0wn3rsebsebseb, then again.. i am completely against vista as well03:41
sebsebsebd0wn3r: IE7  horrible GUI,  but slightly better standards support03:41
edbianTheNewGuy: lspci -k03:41
Jcnctmjr: is there any command I can use to make all the drivers go back to default?03:41
d0wn3rsebsebseb, and you know what i hate about firefox03:41
d0wn3rsebsebseb, their only standards support so far is the IEtab plugin03:42
musikgoat|maind0wn3r: the memory consumption?03:42
d0wn3rsebsebseb, which is just dirty.03:42
RocketLauncherSorry for the repeat. After ten minutes, it probably scrolled out of view already: How do I get dual screens working in fglrx? Doing the dual-head command didn't seem to work at all. I'm running Ubuntu 8.10. My card is an ATI HD4670. I don't want to be in here all night...03:42
DiablosblizzDoes anybody know if it's possible to switch Ubuntu to a different drive? I installed it on the wrong partition...03:42
d0wn3rmusikgoat|main, i can handle memory consumption.03:42
ctmjrJcn: try this first that last command should have worked but the fglrx driver is in the way sudo apt-get remove --purge xorg-driver-fglrx03:42
edbianDiablosblizz: It is possible :)03:42
TheNewGuyedbian 01:00.0 Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL-8185 IEEE 802.11a/b/g Wireless LAN Controller (rev 20)03:42
TheNewGuyKernel driver in use: rtl818003:42
TheNewGuyKernel modules: rtl818003:42
TheNewGuy02:00.0 Ethernet controller: Attansic Technology Corp. L2 100 Mbit Ethernet Adapter (rev a0)03:42
TheNewGuyKernel driver in use: atl203:42
FloodBot3TheNewGuy: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:42
TheNewGuyKernel modules: atl203:42
Diablosblizzedbian: Is it easy? :P03:43
edbianTheNewGuy: Don't flood silly :)03:43
d0wn3rsebsebseb, does ie6 support pipeline?03:43
edbianTheNewGuy: Don't flood silly :)03:43
RocketLauncherTheNewGuy use pastebin (google it bro).03:43
edbianDiablosblizz: It is!03:43
Diablosblizzedbian: Do you have a tutorial? :) :D03:43
RocketLauncherinb4 everyone tells him to stop flooding03:43
TheNewGuyrocketlauncher pastbin... ok.03:43
sebsebsebd0wn3r: your talking about plugins hmm  I am talking about http://www.w3.org web  coding standards03:43
TheNewGuyedbian did you see it?  there is a wired and wireless.03:44
=== vic is now known as Guest33736
d0wn3rsebsebseb, it doesnt matter, ie is trashed after these courses are done.03:44
sebsebsebd0wn3r: good :)03:44
d0wn3ri'd rather just use galleon03:44
RocketLauncherI'm leaving to ask support in #ati. We need a second #ubuntu, nowhatimean03:44
edbianTheNewGuy: Try running "sudo modprobe -r atl2" and then soft reset and open windows.  If this works we can make it part of the shutdown routine.03:44
Jcnctmjr: do you know like every code for ubuntu or something03:45
liuyangwhy i can't open 3d desktop03:45
neozonzanyone know where i can find a dep for aegisub?03:45
edbianDiablosblizz: All you have to do is use dd! :) and then install grub on your new HDD03:45
d0wn3rok im out to do my classes.. thanks sebsebseb03:45
wkw09_hello all.  having a little installation trouble.  I'm getting the following effor:  IO APIC resources could not be allocated03:45
TheNewGuyBTW, Microsoft just lowered it price of MS office in china to 29 dollars American... they are getting scared !03:45
Diablosblizzedbian: I only understood the word grub and HDD. I'm sorta new to Linux.03:45
TheNewGuyedbian what will that do?03:45
ctmjrJcn: not by any means spent years fighting the fglrx driver and it won am using nvidia now03:45
Zxcvbis there a good guide to working with hal fdi files?03:46
edbianDiablosblizz: PM me and explain in detail what the system is like now and what you want it to be when we're done03:46
Jcnctmjr:  i did the purge command, should I also do the dpkg command before rebooting, or just reboot03:46
edbianTheNewGuy: It "removes" the module from the kernel.  Like uninstall the driver in windows speak.  When you reboot (into linux) it will be like it never happened because linux will re-probe your hardware and re-insert the module.03:46
ctmjrJcn: you should be able to reboot but run it just to make sure then reboot if it does not work there is a couple other things to try03:47
TheNewGuyedbian, are you sure it will reload the module?  if there is anychance that the system will assume I don't want it loaded.... I will be stuck with windows.03:48
simple_j #startups03:48
edbianTheNewGuy: The command to load the module manually is: "sudo modprobe <modulename>"   (It's the same but missing the -r)03:48
edbianTheNewGuy: You can remove it and then insert it right now without restarting just to watch it appear and disappear in the nm-applet.03:49
=== simple_ is now known as simplechat_
galant14bhello all, i have a question. I installed bzr on a spare machine and I would like it to start "bzr server" at startup with the "bzr" user. can someone help me with that? I know i need to make the script in /etc/init.d, but beyond that i'm stuck03:49
TheNewGuyEdbian I assume as soon as I give the command I will be bumped off line.  right?03:49
edbianTheNewGuy: Is your wireless up / connected?03:50
TheNewGuyedbian no03:50
TheNewGuyedbian no03:50
edbianTheNewGuy: Then yeah you'll get booted :(03:50
error404notfoundusing dd can we create sparse images?03:50
edbianTheNewGuy: But you can just "sudo modprobe <moduleName>" to get back on03:51
systestAnyone know off-hand which process causes "landscape" to keep futzing with MOTD?03:51
TheNewGuyedbian ok, so the comand is "sudo modprobe at L2"  is that exactly what it is?03:51
Jcnctmjr: thanks it worked, I have to go for now, but is there any link you can send me that will help me install a proper driver, so that I can run my graphics card to its potential?03:52
edbianTheNewGuy: Not quite03:52
edbianTheNewGuy: "sudo modprobe atl2"  no space, no capitals.  I'm assuming BTW that's it's an L and not a 103:52
Picisystest: not off hand, but take a look at the manpage for motd.tail , I believe it describes what scripts control the creation of the motd.03:53
RocketLauncherHow do I enable dual monitors using fglrx? ...................03:53
=== prince_j1mmys is now known as prince_jammys
dethredicHey guys, I need to boot into a terminal to fix my X. I remember I need to add somthing to the kernel line in grub, but I forgot what that is03:53
ctmjrJcn: google radeon + ubuntu + wiki when you get a chance it will get you to a how to03:53
TheNewGuyok, going to try....03:53
TheNewGuyedbian going to try03:53
systestPici: thanks03:53
[T]ankI have created a vpn connection using my network manager tool... but i need to set up a route and cannot figure out how. While connected to the vpn i need to still be able to access the internet. how would i create a route to allow that?03:53
ctmjrJcn: you want to was the open source radeon driver03:53
Jcnctmjr:  ok thanks, one last question before I leave, how do I use the cube effect I see in the youtube videos?03:54
edbianTheNewGuy: ok :)03:54
RocketLauncherHow do I enable dual monitors using fglrx?03:54
ctmjrJcn: you need to get 3d acceleration then install compiz and configure it03:55
mechtechok...how do i configure xchat so that I own this username?03:55
Jcnafter that?03:55
Pici!register | mechtech03:55
ubottumechtech: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname . Registration help available in #freenode03:55
TheNewGuyedbian, i am going to try it in a sec, what is  nm-applet?03:55
edbianTheNewGuy: The network manager applet is actually called "nm-applet"03:56
edbianTheNewGuy: Its on the gnome panel in the notification area.03:56
ctmjr!compiz | Jcn03:56
ubottuJcn: Compiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager and more help #compiz03:56
Zxcvbhow do you get the nvidia driver to work after installing it (manual install)?03:56
legend2440RocketLauncher: http://hamzakc.wordpress.com/2006/10/16/dual-monitor-setup-ubuntu-ati/03:56
Jcnok thanks03:56
Jcnpeace...my battery is going to die03:56
Zxcvbthe only way I managed to get it to work was with the included xorg.conf file, but using xorg.conf is bad so how do you do it the proper way?03:57
RocketLauncherlegend2440 I did check out that site but dual-head seemed to completely screw me up. I didn't have any panels but both screens were working. I couldn't do anything. I'm thinking it was a resolution problem but I don't know what happened03:57
ctmjrZxcvb: you installed it from the nvidia site?03:57
whileimhereHi I was wondering if anyone knew the name of the server that allows you to manage newsletter subscriptions and the like? I think it was fire something.03:58
alex___Does anyone know... I have an install of Jaunty on a usb stick... Anyone know where like the home folder is if I want to access it just from my comp without rebooting into it?03:58
Zxcvbctmrj: yes, the version installed using apt-get doesn't support newer kernels (with make kpkg)03:58
TheNewGuyWhat is the notification area, I looked, could not find03:58
TheNewGuyedbian what is the notification area, I looked for it but cant find it.03:58
legend2440RocketLauncher: yes i remember ati dual monitor being tricky to get right. i now have nvidia so its been a while since i had dual monitors with ati03:59
SealVTheNewGuy,: its the area on your panel where pidgin or volume icon shows up03:59
systestPici: FWIW /etc/cron.d/update-motd thanks again03:59
Zxcvbctmjr: I assume that using xorg.conf is bad now03:59
edbianTheNewGuy: Are you on gnome?03:59
alex___legend2440: With the newest ATI Drivers (9.6) dual monitors aren't too bad to set up... but the Xinerama doesn't work right.03:59
RocketLauncherlegend2440 Damn so you dont really remember what to do? :(04:00
Zxcvbctmjr: so I guess I need to find the right hal fdi command04:00
edbianTheNewGuy: Top right corner.  Two computers...04:00
TheNewGuyedbian, yes, ubuntu 9.04  a standard install.04:00
alex___RocketLauncher: Have you gotten the lastest drivers + CCC off ATI's site?04:00
ctmjrZxcvb: no it still works you almost have to get the driver set up right04:00
TheNewGuyedbian, do I need to run nm_applet?04:00
Zxcvbctmjr: it is set up, the problem is telling xorg to use it04:00
RocketLauncheralex___ I got fglrx from restricted drivers. Should I get the drivers off ati.com ?04:01
Zxcvbctmjr: normally you would make or edit an appropriate xorg.conf, but xorg.conf is bad04:01
edbianTheNewGuy: It should be already running.  Can you send me a screen shot?04:01
alex___RocketLauncher: Yeah, the one you got still gives you 9.4 which is impossible to set up dual monitors on. lol04:01
edbianTheNewGuy: List the icons on your top panel starting from the right04:01
Zxcvbctmjr: so what needs to be modified in /etc/hal/policy to make it work04:01
edbianTheNewGuy: clock...04:01
RocketLauncheralex___ will ati's work with Ubuntu 8.10, which I'm usin04:01
SealVTheNewGuy, : next to the clock04:01
_Space_Case_question i have a hauppauge hrv950q usb tv tuner and i need help' is that card supported under kernel 2.6.28-13-generic? when i scan /usr/share/dvb/atsc/us-NTSC-center-frequencies-8VSB > ~/.tzap/channels.conf it dont find any channels and the demesg is kinda weird also??? http://pastebin.com/f66b33f1a04:02
alex___RocketLauncher: They should. http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/Pages/index.aspx04:02
ScuniziRocketLauncher: typically yes.. there was a big change with Xorg7 and ATI's drivers on 9.0404:02
RocketLauncheralex___ ok I'll try them04:02
alex___RocketLauncher: Just pick if you have 32 bit or 64 bit then your model.04:02
TheNewGuyedbian far right... sound, power, configure dislplay setting, internet , clock with date04:02
alex___RocketLauncher: To get dual monitors set up you will have to reboot about 5 times >.< lol04:03
RocketLauncheralex___ https://a248.e.akamai.net/f/674/9206/0/www2.ati.com/drivers/linux/ati-driver-installer-9-6-x86.x86_64.run04:03
RocketLauncherSOmething like that?04:03
edbianTheNewGuy: Internet!04:03
alex___RocketLauncher: Looks good04:03
edbianTheNewGuy: Is "Internet" two computers?04:03
TheNewGuyedbian yes04:03
TheNewGuyedbian yes04:03
edbianTheNewGuy: Right click them and hit properties04:03
alex___RocketLauncher: Make sure to back up any important data before trying Xinerama... When I tried to use it, it made linux unable to boot. lol04:04
an0nym0us_w0rmanyone want for free a fake msn ? ???????????????? ?04:04
an0nym0us_w0rmanyone want for free a fake msn ? ???????????????? ?04:04
RocketLauncheralex___ Wait how do I try xinerama?04:04
ctmjrZxcvb: I have no idea am still using xorg.conf04:04
_Space_Case_question i have a hauppauge hrv950q usb tv tuner and i need help' is that card supported under kernel 2.6.28-13-generic? when i scan /usr/share/dvb/atsc/us-NTSC-center-frequencies-8VSB > ~/.tzap/channels.conf it dont find any channels and the demesg is kinda weird also??? http://pastebin.com/f66b33f1a04:04
musikgoat|main!spam | an0nym0us_w0rm04:04
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about spam04:04
TheNewGuyedbian no properties option, but i got an about04:04
musikgoat|main!spammer | an0nym0us_w0rm04:04
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about spammer04:04
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about myself04:04
edbianTheNewGuy: Yeah about04:05
edbianTheNewGuy: What opens up?  nm-applet version...04:05
an0nym0us_w0rmi'm not spammer -.-04:05
TheNewGuyedbian or connection information04:05
civixierif you type "cal" in the terminal you get a calendar. is there a similar for time?04:05
Picicivixier: date ?04:06
_Space_Case_time or date04:06
SealVTheNewGuy, : click ABout04:06
TheNewGuyedbian about gives me the name but information tells me the driver speed hardware address. ip address  lots of good stuff.04:06
edbianTheNewGuy:Ok I'm sure this is the nm-applet now.  If you click "about" you'll see that too.04:06
RocketLauncheralex___ when I try to run ati-driver-installer-9-6-x86.x86_64.run  it says "Permission denied"04:06
Pici_Space_Case_: time is used for calculating the run time of a process.04:06
civixierpici> haha, simple enough. thank you :D04:06
Scunizicivixier: there is a program for terminal and a clock called xview-clients.. at least that is what the system reported when I typed clock in terminal04:06
TheNewGuyabout give me the about stuff.  network manager applet
mechtechpici:  I am reading the instructions you sent me the url for, but they do not tell me where to enter those commands04:07
Picimechtech: Right where you're typing to me.04:07
giikerhi everyone, got a problem in finding repeated/lines insice a txt file.file is more than 1 MB, so don want to do it manually04:07
mechtechpici:  *blush*...oh!04:07
ctmjr_Space_Case_: you need to find this file and install it it is firmware for your card dvb-fe-xc5000-1.1.fw04:07
alex___RocketLauncher: 1. Did you make it executable? 2. You have to run it through terminal with sudo.04:07
giikerany utility to find repeated lines inside one file!?04:08
RocketLauncheralex___ I did it wrong. I'm installing now04:08
_Space_Case_where do i find the file at?04:08
edbianTheNewGuy: Now if you run "sudo modprobe -r atl2" and look at your nm-applet you'll see the wired connection will no longer be listed.  If you then run "sudo modprobe atl2" it will show up again.  It might take a few seconds to change BTW.04:08
tonsofpcswhat happened to motv?04:08
giikerI already read about sed and gawk, but think there must be something ready out there , maybe a script?04:08
RocketLauncheralex___ do I select "Generate Distribution Specific Driver Package" or "install driver on xorg 7.4 and later releases"04:08
ctmjrRocketLauncher: before you install it you better remove the old fglrx driver04:08
Aaron124uscould someone help me to install  via chrome 9 driver?04:08
jribgiiker: sort and uniq?04:09
RocketLauncherctmjr Alright it's removed04:09
alex___RocketLauncher: Install driver on xorg 7.4 and later04:09
giikerjrib: hmm forgot about that! let me see the man pages04:09
alex___RocketLauncher: And you can just do the automatic instead of custom.04:09
TheNewGuyedbian, ok, I'm going in... going to turn off the module.  I'm sweating like the NASA flight crew during the Appolo 13 mission.04:10
RocketLauncheralex___ Ok already did that. What do I do when it's done? It's done now04:10
edbianTheNewGuy: None of these changes would remain through a reboot anyway ;)04:10
alex___RocketLauncher: It should have said please reboot your computer =P04:10
=== mechtech is now known as mechtech_ny
_Space_Case_where shall i look for the file  dvb-fe-xc5000-1.1.fw at???04:10
TheNewGuyedbian oh thanks god!  in that case I'm going to get a beer and relax.... kidding.04:11
RocketLauncheralex___ Alright brb, hopefully04:11
civixierIs there any hotkey for the gnome-terminal to show the menubar?04:11
edbianTheNewGuy: lol04:11
giikerjrib: itś an html file, which would really unsort the tagssomewhere along the file04:11
TheNewGuyedbian hear we go.  (still feels like I am flying in to a black whole.... )04:11
giikerjrib: it's an html file, which would really unsort the tagssomewhere along the file04:11
Patric3What should /etc/network/interfaces contain for a wireless adapter ?04:11
edbianTheNewGuy: Don't be so nervous!  This is linux!  Dive right in!04:11
giikerjrib: if using sort I think04:11
jribgiiker: what do you actually want to do?04:12
Zxcvbso how do you tell X which driver to use?04:12
jribZxcvb: you specify it in /etc/X11/xorg.conf04:12
jrib!nvidia > Zxcvb04:12
ubottuZxcvb, please see my private message04:12
RocketLauncheralex___ now what do I do04:12
jose__is there a way to trace incoming and outgoing connections other than 'lsof | grep TCP'?04:12
mechtech_nypici:  why, when i type "/msg nickserv group", does it post a message in here from >nickserv< which reads "group"?04:13
Zxcvbjrib: I thought you were not supposed to use xorg.conf anymore, and you do it using hal fdi files04:13
jribZxcvb: why?04:13
Picimechtech_ny: no04:13
mechtech_nypici:  no what?04:14
giikerjrib: i exported this html file which is the bookmarks file from Firefox,  I use and addon tha syncs my bookmarks across PCs. the problem is thatthere a number (more than 100) double entries04:14
Picimechtech_ny: Er, it doesn't post one in here. Thats just client output back to you.04:14
Zxcvbjrib: because it's obsolete?04:14
jribZxcvb: that's true for input devices, but xorg.conf isn't obsolete04:14
giikerjrib: in this bookmark html04:14
mechtech_nypici:  oh...thanks04:14
=== mechtech_ny is now known as mechtech
Zxcvbjrib: speaking of that, is there some kind of easy converter for xorg.conf input stuff to hal fdi?04:15
=== saulus_ is now known as SauLus
fish1209ahhh  ffs04:16
jribZxcvb: not that I know of.  You shouldn't really have to touch them.  It's supposed to "just work"04:16
giikerjrib: just read uniq man page, I will try this first, i  think it might work04:16
Zxcvbjrib: unfortunately, not for synaptics under kde04:16
jribgiiker: you need to sort for uniq to work how you want afaaik04:16
jrib!synaptics > Zxcvb04:16
ubottuZxcvb, please see my private message04:16
twig11From the Desktop CD installer for Jaunty, what do I need to do to reinstall the operating system without affecting /dev/sda6 where I have my home folder?04:17
alex___RocketLauncher: All seems well?04:17
RocketLauncheralex___ I got it working.04:17
RocketLauncherWho would've thunk getting the drivers directly from ati would be helpful.04:17
alex___lol =P04:17
jribgiiker: see if "sort -u" does what you want04:18
twig11From the Desktop CD installer for Jaunty, what do I need to do to reinstall the operating system without affecting /dev/sda6 where I have my home folder? I'm at the "Prepare Partitions" screen now, so would really appreciate some quick help.04:18
alex___Guys... What was the terminal command to see what processes are running, in real time?04:18
=== orbit___ is now known as orbit|away
giikerjrib: be back in a sec,04:18
legend2440alex___: top  ?04:19
jribgiiker: hrmm, that still sorts so no04:19
Pidgin_twig11: what are you trying to do?04:19
giikerjrib:  i think uniq will work better04:19
alex___legend2440: Yeah, that's it. Thanks =)04:19
d1gitalhey all, i have searched the forums and done much googling, tried many reported fixes, and am still having the same issue:  my sound simply does not work.  no errors, card is detected, things seem to play.. but there is no sound.  jaunty fresh install on hp dv6 laptop.04:19
jribgiiker: uniq will not do what you want try it on the file: 1\n2\n104:19
twig11Pidgin_: I'm trying to reinstall Jaunty without having to re-import all my files. I have /home on its own partition, so that should be simple, right?04:20
twig11Pidgin_: sorry, without having to re-import all my personal files04:20
Pidgin_twig11: you can backup your /home directory somewhere04:20
twig11Pidgin_: I don't have to do that if /home is on its own partition, do I?04:21
Pidgin_twig11: reinstall the system and backup the /home directory04:21
mrkleanOk, just installed ubuntu, sound was working on the livecd and on the install. Just installed the 120 or so updates and sound died. AC97 chip04:23
=== galant14b is now known as galant14b|afk
ArkezisI want to download a liveCD, I just need to download in this page : http://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/cd_ubuntu-fr04:24
Pidgin_twig11: can you post fdisk -l ?04:24
Arkezis(I'm French ;) )04:24
jribgiiker: wow, awk '!a[$0]++'  does it.  Now I must go understand it04:24
twig11Pidgin_: I can see the three partitions I made when I originally installed the system: /dev/sda1, /dev/sda5 (swap), and /dev/sda6 (where /home is). What I want to know is how to install the operating system without formatting /dev/sda6.04:24
giikerjrib: I tried sort -u but it breaks titles and other stuff04:25
twig11Pidgin_: I don't know how to run a command from where I am right now on an install screen.04:25
platiusmrklean; http://www.ubuntugeek.com/sound-solutions-for-ubuntu-904-jaunty-users.html    you might look through this04:25
Pidgin_twig11: from Application>Accessories>Terminal04:26
TheNewGuy_edbian  good and bad news.  the good news is I made it back.  the bad news is it did not work.04:26
Pidgin_twig11: sudo fdisk -l04:26
chris-dowlecan someone help me, I ran the ubuntu updates, and as it was updating some HAL stuff, ubuntu crashed and now my keyboard/mouse doesnt work, so i cant log on04:27
TheNewGuy_edbian are you still here?04:27
edbianTheNewGuy: Modprobing -r didn't make the network disappear?  Or didn't solve the windows issue?04:27
TheNewGuy_did not solve the windows issue.04:27
TheNewGuy_edbian did not solve the windows issue04:28
Pidgin_twig11: you can delete the /dev/sda6 partition04:28
twig11Pidgin_: I don't really want to stop in the middle of the installation. Did you read what I posted before? I'm booted into the desktop cd, at the Prepare Partitions screen in the graphical installer. I would have to reboot to do something on my desktop and I don't even know if that's safe.04:28
edbianTheNewGuy_:I'm out of ideas! :(04:28
twig11Pidgin_: That would delete my home folder right?04:28
Pidgin_twig11: yes04:28
chris-dowleis there a way to recover my system, or do i have to reinstall ubuntu04:28
giikerjrib: tried awk and I think it works... yeah! Iḿ checking if it broke anything else!04:29
Pidgin_twig11: if you select a partition as / (root) than it will contain the /home directory ,why do you want to create seperate /home directory in making another partition ?04:29
twig11Pidgin_: I don't understand why you keep telling me that then. I said I want an explanation of how to reinstall WITHOUT deleting my home folder. Please don't offer advice on how to do something I'm not trying to do.04:29
TheNewGuy_edbian.  I want to make sure I did everything right...   I was supposed to run the command to un install the module and then do a soft shut down.  right?04:30
edbianTheNewGuy_: Yeah.  It solved a similar problem I had.04:30
mechtechthenewguy:  what is a soft shutdown?04:30
Pidgin_twig11: i think you are creating needless extra /home directory in /dev/sda604:30
=== Void is now known as vo|d
TheNewGuy_mechtech just a normal shut down04:31
TheNewGuy_edbian, ok, well thanks for you help.  I learn a bunch.  so that is good.04:31
Pidgin_twig11: if you select a partition as root ("/ ") then it will automatically contain the /home directory04:31
d1gitalhey all, i have searched the forums and done much googling, tried many reported fixes, and am still having the same issue:  my sound simply does not work.  no errors, card is detected, things seem to play.. but there is no sound.  jaunty fresh install on hp dv6 laptop.04:31
mechtechthenewguy: so, a hard shutdown would be holding the power button until the machine powers off?04:31
twig11Pidgin_: I put home on a separate partition precisely so I wouldn't have to import my data again if I reinstalled. Now I'm ready to reinstall and I'm not sure how to do that while leaving /dev/sda6 intact. could you just explain what I want to know instead of telling me what I'm doing is needless?04:31
TheNewGuy_is anyone a pro at nic cards and how they work with the operating system?04:32
dotblankd1gital: is the pcm volume all the way up?04:32
TheNewGuy_mechtech, yes, also called a hard reset.04:32
edbianTheNewGuy_: Just explain your problem.  People will answer more if you say what is wrong.04:32
chris-dowleplease help me, i am stuck using this windows computer and i do not like it :-(04:32
mechtechthenewguy:  Thanks04:32
d1gitaldotblank:yes.   everything in alsamixer is all the way up04:32
syntaxi didnt know windows was that bad04:32
BellinXFeloni keep gettin a message saying "could not grab your mouse, a malicious program may ...."04:32
twig11From the Desktop CD installer for Jaunty, what do I need to do to reinstall the operating system without affecting /dev/sda6 where I have my home folder?04:33
mechtechsyntax: windows is very janky software indeed04:33
Dr_willischris-dowle:   you could see if you can login to the console/recovery/rescue mode.. and see if they work in the console.. if they work there.. well     you may be able to some how fix the X issue.04:33
syntaxoh ok mec04:33
TheNewGuy_ok, when I run linux and do a normal shutdown and boot into windows, my nic card will not respond. I get the error, cable unplugged.  when I am in linux and do a hard shutdown, I can boot to windows and my nic card works.  any idea.04:33
giikerjrib: thanks a lot it worked!04:34
dotblankd1gital: can you do speaker-test -c 204:34
=== vo|d is now known as void
=== void is now known as vo|d
DapsCan anyone tell me the benefits of installing a proxy server on my machine? and what distro would you recommend??04:34
d1gitaldotblank: its not giving any errors.. but its not making a sound04:35
TheNewGuy_are ubuntu engineers ever in this room04:35
dotblankd1gital: I hate to say this.. but are the speakers plugged in / on04:35
Dr_willisDaps:  normally one connects to a proxy.. you planning on having other machines connect to that one? If not - not much need for a proxy on a single machine.04:35
Pidgin_twig11: well, i think  if you reinstall you will lose all data of your /home directory04:35
mechtechsyntax:  sorry...not meaning to be insulting or anything, just that I have been a MS user since DOS and they have NEVER released anything that worked correctly the first time...or the second...etc ad infinitum04:35
SnakDocthe im client being used by default in 9.10 support video cam ?04:35
d1gitaldotblank: it's a laptop04:36
=== vo|d is now known as void
=== void is now known as vo|d
dotblankd1gital: does it work in windows?04:36
dotblankd1gital: can you paste the contents of aplay -L and aplay l04:36
DapsDr_willis: I was told that its a good way to secure my identity when posting on forums.04:36
d1gitaldotblank: i dont have windows..04:36
dotblankd1gital: *aplay -l04:36
chris-dowleDr_willis: well, i was wondering if it would be possible to execute the latest updates again in a rescue environment, hoping that will work, i am a bit new to distros so i don't know where to start04:36
martyr2k6halp! newbie here04:36
Dr_willisDaps:  that makes very little sence..04:36
twig11If I put /home on a separate partition, can I reinstall Jaunty without having to reimport my home folder from backup?04:37
syntaxI can understand that.. Im getting use to linux and i like it04:37
Dr_willisDaps:  if you want to use a proxy then do so.. but running the proxy on the same machine yoy are using. makes no sence to me as being any more 'secure'04:37
TheNewGuy_edbian is there another place for support?04:37
martyr2k6i am having boot issues04:37
martyr2k6can anyone help?04:37
Dr_willisDaps:   if you want to be truely paranoid. theres the 'TOR' security proxy system. but thats a bit overkill04:37
TheNewGuy_martyr2k6, just post your problem...04:37
ubottuMany Ubuntu IRC channels prohibit access from !proxies such as TOR due to a high level of abuse. You can however obtain a hostmask cloak: see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#cloaks04:37
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:37
martyr2k6k thx04:38
edbianTheNewGuy_: The ubuntu forums04:38
DapsDr_willis: hahaha, I don't know, its what i read today, something to do with IP masking of some sort as others can see your IP when you post and then run snort or something to get into open ports04:38
d1gitaldotblank: http://pastebin.ca/150274004:38
TheNewGuy_at ubuntu.com?04:38
legend2440BellinXFelon: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-414724.html04:38
TheNewGuy_adbian at ubuntu.com?04:38
Dr_willisDaps:  if you got no services running.. then you got no ports.. they could just be scanning random ip's  and find people easier..04:38
gurugeekI can use nslookup to resolve name addresses to ip addresses but i can't browse the net using firefox. i'm using ubuntu 9.04. Please help.04:38
chris-dowleDaps: if you want to be more secure about your forum stuff, try choosing a stronger password04:38
jason__Daps, privoxy could conceivably improve your privacy while running on the same machine you're browsing on, but I can't think of many other scenarios where running a local proxy would be helpful04:38
Dr_willisDaps:  if you are behind a router. then most ports will be blocked anyway04:39
mechtechgurugeek: rebuild tcp/ip stack04:39
jason__Daps, running a proxy on your own machine won't mask your IP.04:39
Dapswonderful, thanks guys.. great insight so far04:39
ctmjrd1gital: have you tried this yet? http://www.pulseaudio.org/wiki/PerfectSetup04:39
gurugeekmechtech: can you teach me how?04:39
TheNewGuy_edbian, thanks for all your help today.  we did not make it to the moon, but we got home safe.04:39
an0nym0us_w0rmif anyone want fake msn to steal the msn passwords of your friends come in pv ;>04:39
an0nym0us_w0rmif anyone want fake msn to steal the msn passwords of your friends come in pv ;>04:39
edbianTheNewGuy_: I'm glad you learned! :)04:40
DapsDr_willis: so how is it that after posting on a forum, another user can obtain my ip without help from the admin..?04:40
TheNewGuy_edbian, Ok enough with the analogies.04:40
eurythmiaanyone else in here running ion3? I hit F4 to run an ssh session, and specified a host, but no terminal, or password prompt came up ... how am I supposed to use ion-ssh?04:40
sebsebseb!ops  |   an0nym0us_w0rm spamming here again with two lines04:40
mechtechgurugeek:  unfortunately...not in linux...still a newbie...were this a windows forum, I'd have you browsing in no time...sorry...lemme see if i can find a tutorial04:40
ubottuan0nym0us_w0rm spamming here again with two lines: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, , elky,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!04:40
Dr_willisDaps:  i would like to see 'proof' that is possible.04:40
d1gitalctmjr:  no, i haven't tried that. i thought jaunty had the pulseaudio "perfect setup" by default04:40
martyr2k6ok, I am running windows as my native OS, I booted into the ubuntu live cd and installed ubuntu on an external hard drive (which I have been successful doing in the past) and went to reboot my computer and it wouldn't boot. this is NOT my problem, because after I went to format the external again through the live cd and reboot from the live cd to my windows, it said "GRUB Loading stage1.5. GRUB Loading, please wait... Error 2104:40
Dr_willisDaps:  sounds like a goofed up forum to me.. or a  myth.04:40
an0nym0us_w0rmlalalalalallalalala liilililililili lululululualalalallalalala liilililililili lululululualalalallalalala liilililililili lululululualalalallalalala liilililililili lululululualalalallalalala liilililililili lululululu04:41
an0nym0us_w0rmlalalalalallalalala liilililililili lululululualalalallalalala liilililililili lululululualalalallalalala liilililililili lululululualalalallalalala liilililililili lululululualalalallalalala liilililililili lululululu.04:41
an0nym0us_w0rmlalalalalallalalala liilililililili lululululualalalallalalala liilililililili lululululualalalallalalala liilililililili lululululualalalallalalala liilililililili lululululualalalallalalala liilililililili lululululu..04:41
FloodBot3an0nym0us_w0rm: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:41
an0nym0us_w0rmlalalalalallalalala liilililililili lululululualalalallalalala liilililililili lululululualalalallalalala liilililililili lululululualalalallalalala liilililililili lululululualalalallalalala liilililililili lululululu...04:41
dotblank+1 for floodbot04:41
sebsebsebno for pici04:41
DapsDr_willis: well maybe a goofed up forum, i won't reveal the URL here in public, for the other users safety, but i've seen someone do it... Don't know how they did it... Thought I might ask some brilliant minds here to see who might have insight.04:41
m0r0nAnyone firmiliar with Wine and Steam04:42
chris-dowlem0r0n: havnt used it in years04:42
DapsDr_willis: the reason I know it was done is because the admin removed the post after about 30 minutes and asked that people not post other persons IPs... :s so i dunno04:42
Dr_willisDaps:  just getting someones ip shouldent be a security issue - i mean they could just start scaning your ip if they saw that..04:42
DapsDr_willis, just thought it might be worth my while to figure it out and try to find a way to not let that happen to me in the future04:43
DapsDr_willis: ok thanks04:43
Dr_willisDaps:  so do what you want.. i would just not use that forum any more if you consider it a security risk. or use that 'onion router' project for paranoid-level-security to hide your ip04:43
Dr_willisDaps:  a proxy will slow down your  browser.04:43
chris-dowleis daps more worried about privacy or security?04:43
Dapschris-dowle: a bit of both.04:44
SnakDocDr_willis wouldn't proxy help cache pages ?04:44
Dr_willisDaps:  just being here on IRC could be considered a bigger risk then that forum i  imagine.04:44
Dr_willisSnakDoc:  if its a caching proxy yes. :)04:44
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!04:44
chris-dowleDaps: what is your main concern?04:44
DapsDr_willis: hahaha, thats comforting.. lol04:44
_Space_Case_i got channels now !!!!04:45
martyr2k6so umm... halp?04:45
martyr2k6I posted like I was told04:45
SnakDocDr_willis just checking i use squid for that reason still stuck on slow connection everything helps :)04:45
Dr_willis!info squid04:45
Dr_willisSnakDoc:  thats exactly what squid is for. Ubuntu makes installing squid rather easy :)04:45
ubottusquid (source: squid): Internet object cache (WWW proxy cache). In component main, is optional. Version 2.7.STABLE3-4.1ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 680 kB, installed size 1748 kB04:45
Dapschris-dowle: I would like to keep my anonymity in the forum i guess is the main thing here04:45
d1gitaldaps: Dr_Willis is right.... /whois daps    =S04:46
Dr_willis!info anon-proxy04:46
ubottuanon-proxy (source: anon-proxy): Proxy to surf the web anonymously. In component universe, is optional. Version 00.05.38+20081230-1 (jaunty), package size 132 kB, installed size 392 kB04:46
chris-dowlewell, if you want anonymity, the best option is to use a payphone and some random IS04:46
giaco_where can I see where the system is looking for dynamic libraries?04:46
Dr_willisHmm.. thers a lot of neat proxys in the package manager ive never used befor.  most do jobs other then 'hide your ip'04:47
Dapsd1gital: whats that?? where did u run that??04:47
d1gitaltype it right here in irc04:47
mechtechgurugeek:  have you tried a different browser like iceweasel, or konqueror?04:47
cowbudI am trying to create a raid and mdadm says my devices are busy. lsof and fuser both show nothing and I just created these partitions, no filesystem is on the hds yet hwo else can I chekc to see what is making them "busy" ?04:48
martyr2k6not trying to flood, but here is my issue04:48
martyr2k6ok, I am running windows as my native OS, I booted into the ubuntu live cd and installed ubuntu on an external hard drive (which I have been successful doing in the past) and went to reboot my computer and it wouldn't boot. this is NOT my problem, because after I went to format the external again through the live cd and reboot from the live cd to my windows, it said "GRUB Loading stage1.5. GRUB Loading, please wait... Error 2104:49
d1gitaldaps:  blogo@CPE002369167849-CM0012253ebe24.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com      BUT this is completely OT. so, from a #ubuntu standpoint, you should  sudo apt-get install tor    and learn how to use it.04:49
chris-dowlemartyr2k6: its a good thing your not tryingt o flood ;-)04:50
Dapsd1gital: howd u do that?04:50
martyr2k6just trying to get a response04:50
=== dpreacher2 is now known as dpreacher
d1gitaldaps:  i typed "/whois daps"  right here into the chat as though i were going to say it.. i'm not a 1337 h4x0r.04:50
ForkMihi folks is there a program for cracking archive passwords ?04:51
chris-dowlemartyr2k6: a flood is usualy 3 or more lines, or 2 lines repeated04:51
ForkMihi folks is there a library for cracking archive passwords ?04:51
mechtechmertyr2k6: I think you need to install grub to the master boot record of the drive which has winxp04:51
martyr2k6its win704:51
mechtechmartyr2k6: not to the external drive04:51
Dr_willis Daps  do /whois daps  :) its an irc thing.04:51
BlakStoneI am upgrading my mobo/cpu/ram and am wondering if I can use my current install or do I need to prepare it somehow for the new hardware?04:51
martyr2k6how to I install grub04:52
chris-dowleForkMi: a brute force program is whaty ou will need, and it may takea l ong time04:52
martyr2k6because I am wanting to remove anything linux from this pc from the livecd04:52
Dr_willisDaps:  some times it returns your actual ip. some times ya gotta do a little more work to get the ip.04:52
martyr2k6so I can just go back to my windows on it, I have linux on my desktop and its perfectly fine there04:52
mechtechmertyr2k6:  during the install it should ask you where you want to install grub04:52
Dr_willisDaps:  so as we said. just getting someones ip. is not that huge a security hole.04:52
dylan`in console mode for ubuntu server04:53
dylan`how to i download file?04:53
d1gitaldylan`:  it depends.. most likely wget http://www.the-url.com/file.tar.gz04:54
martyr2k6so... what are you telling me to do here?04:54
martyr2k6<--- = teh n00b04:54
jason__dylan`, wget?04:54
Dr_willisdylan`:  wget command is very handy.04:54
DapsDr_willis: thanks04:55
dotblanklinks is more handy04:55
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rhl6856can anyone here help me with getting my onboard ATI cards DVI port to work?04:56
dotblankAlthough I do remember spending like 2 days searching for a command line equivalent for wget on the command line04:56
rhl6856xrandr detects the port, but it can't detect the tv04:56
dylan`where will the file save to?04:56
dotblankrhl6856: there should be a way to force detection04:56
dotblankrhl6856: or is this a DVI TV04:57
rhl6856using xrandr?04:57
ReptoMiniHello.  How do I toggle off / hide the "X" that is displaying in the middle of screen?  It's hard to google because I don't know how to explain it. "hide the x"04:57
d1gitaldylan`:  `pwd`  =]04:57
mechtechgurugeek: try this article...looks pretty good:  http://www.informit.com/articles/article.aspx?p=2584504:57
Kalmi_rhl6856, worst case scenario: restart04:57
dylan`thank d1gital04:57
rhl6856when I restart it displays on the TV monitor until X starts, then flips to the VGA04:57
rhl6856and if I unplug the monitor, i get, nothing.04:58
cheerschopperreptomini: plug in a mouse and move the cursor to the side of the screen04:58
ctmjrrhl6856: do you have the fglrx drivers installed? or what driver are you using?04:59
d1gitalhey all, i have searched the forums and done much googling, tried many reported fixes, and am still having the same issue:  my sound simply does not work.  no errors, card is detected, things seem to play.. but there is no sound.  jaunty fresh install on hp dv6 laptop.04:59
rhl6856no to fglrx04:59
rhl6856good question, i just 'installed' the open source ati drivers, but when i restarted X, things crashed04:59
DiablosblizzCan somebody help me with setting up GRUB to boot into Windows?04:59
ReptoMinicheerschopper: Did not work.04:59
rhl6856when i rebooted the machine, it was as if nothing happened04:59
DiablosblizzI have the right drive, but it says "Invalid device requested." is there any way to fix?05:00
dylan`does anyone have a list of basic ubuntu command?05:00
dylan`i am new to ubuntu05:01
cheerschopperReptoMini: oh well, can't think of what else it would be05:01
dylan`a good helpful list05:01
rhl6856how can i determine which driver im using again?05:02
rhl6856ctmjr: how can i determine which driver im using05:02
Crypttuxaltgr + prntscrn + o05:02
acudylan you learn them by needing them - however this is the first hit on google - and the answer is preety good https://help.ubuntu.com/7.04/basic-commands/C/05:03
ctmjrrhl6856: look in /etc/X11/xorg.conf file for  the driver05:03
rhl6856hang on..05:03
rhl6856this is my xorg.conf05:05
rhl6856looks wrong05:05
rhl6856Section "Device"05:05
rhl6856        Identifier      "Radeon 9100 IGP"05:05
rhl6856        Driver          "ati"05:05
rhl6856Section "Monitor"05:05
FloodBot3rhl6856: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:05
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rhl6856my xorg.conf <<--05:06
illumin8Hello, What ports will i need to forward on an ubuntu server for outside access via internet?05:07
rhl6856(for ssh)05:07
Gnearhl6856: ati05:07
rhl6856im using the ati driver05:08
vossillumin, it depends on what youre running05:08
illumin8rhl6856, oh so each application uses individual ports?05:08
rhl6856illumin8 not necessarily,05:08
rhl6856ssh uses 2205:08
rhl6856webstuff is generally on 8005:08
illumin8Currently i have dns, openssh, and the web server along with webmin05:08
vossillumin, certain MMO internet games use specific ports.05:08
rhl6856not sure on the others05:09
illumin8ok i have that forwarded on my router but it seems unable to connect?05:09
rhl6856when you forward05:09
rhl6856you need to specify 22 on each side05:09
Gnea!info xserver-xorg-video-ati05:09
illumin8yes so it only opens that individual port correct?05:09
ubottuxserver-xorg-video-ati (source: xserver-xorg-video-ati): X.Org X server -- ATI display driver wrapper. In component main, is optional. Version 1:6.12.1-0ubuntu2 (jaunty), package size 182 kB, installed size 264 kB05:09
ctmjrrhl6856: the ati driver just loads what it thinks is best you probably just have vesa installed you need to install the radeon or radeonhd driver then find what option you need in xorg for tv out05:09
rhl6856sudo apt-get install radeon ?05:10
Gneatry this first: apt-cache search radeon05:10
illumin8gnea using the standard desktop version?05:10
Gneaillumin8: ask rhl685605:10
illumin8Gnea, no i ment i saw your asking questions reguarding video drivers :)05:11
rhl6856(no thats me)05:11
Gneaillumin8: I was answering, not asking :)05:11
illumin8Ahh :)05:11
rhl6856one sec05:11
rhl6856need to paste bin05:11
illumin8if i remember correclty under system>hardware. it should list available video drivers05:12
rhl6856i want this right: xserver-xorg-video-ati - X.Org X server -- ATI display driver wrapper ?05:13
gnranybody with openvpn and pkcs11 experiences here?05:13
Drekiis there a limit to the number of file handles for concurrently open files for jaunty, if so what is the limit?05:13
rhl6856or is it the radeon one05:13
rhl6856xserver-xorg-video-radeon - X.Org X server -- ATI Radeon display driver05:13
Gnearhl6856: okay, now notice how the packagename is in front of the description - now if you do this:  apt-cache show xserver-xorg-video-radeon   it should give you some more info05:13
rhl6856gnea, i think im going to install that one05:14
Gnearhl6856: go for it05:14
rhl6856i already have it05:14
kyppcgeeklooking for work sucks05:15
rhl6856so should i just change xorg.conf to radeon ?05:15
rhl6856the ati to radeon05:15
ctmjrrhl6856: here you read  this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver05:15
rhl6856and restart the gdm daemon?05:15
kyppcgeekgdm... rofl05:16
gnrDreki:cat /proc/sys/fs/file-max05:16
rhl6856why rofl?05:16
rhl6856i did the gdm restart, and its hanging05:17
Gneawouldn't worry about it05:17
Gnearhl6856: check your /var/log/Xorg.0.log05:17
rhl6856how? its hanging and apparently ssh daemon is dead05:18
rhl6856last few lines are restore tv stuff05:19
rhl6856and then Leaving Restore TV05:19
rhl6856and then RADEON(0)... stuff three lines05:19
rhl6856and the last one is ddxSigGiveUp: closing log05:19
Gneathere's an application that you can install called pastebinit, you can use that to pastebin the logfile from the commandline05:19
Drekignr: thanks05:19
rodsHowdy! Anyone had choppy issues with flash in ubuntu netbook remix? Seems that one fix is adding to mms.cfg, but I cannot find /etc/adobe05:20
illumin_8hmm to check open ports i could ' netstat -an | grep "LISTEN" ' but that only sees for the machine correct?05:21
gnrDreki:use sysctl if you need to change em' for good05:21
rhl6856gnea, wireless needs to connect...05:21
Gneaillumin_8: right05:21
illumin_8It wont tell me if its accessable outside the network?05:21
Gnearhl6856: don't see how that's an issue, unless you've got it set to the default setting where it only connects to the network once you've logged in05:21
Gneaillumin_8: nmap is very good at doing that05:22
illumin_8Gnea, thank you ill research that now :)05:22
Gnearhl6856: hrm... i'd switch it back to ati, deal with the lameness until you can get the networkmanager to connect all the time, then try again05:22
rhl6856i can fix this by just connecting05:23
Gneaoh ok05:23
rodsanyone have experience with ubuntu netbook remix?05:23
Gnearods: not yet, but hang out and ask in another 10 minutes or so, someone else might be05:23
Dr_willisrods:  ive used it.. and theres a lot of forums on it and specific netbooks.05:24
Dr_willisrods:  ive had no flash issues..  that i recall.05:24
rodsI've found a fix for my issue that I want to implement. But I cannot find where flash is installed, even with locate05:24
rodsI believe in previous versions it was located at /etc/.adobe05:25
rodsbut this file does not exist05:25
Dr_willisrods:  update the locate database with 'sudo updatedb' then try the locate commands again05:25
rodsI updated it recently, but was unable to find it. Does it install to some arbitraty folder?05:26
ceali'm searching for a webcam software; which would be the recommended one?05:27
[texas]how do i change the transparent selection  color thing05:27
rhl6856gnea, gave up, rebooting with ati lol..05:28
Dr_willisrods:  no idea. ive never had to  alter the flash files.. you could fire up the package manager and examine the details for the flash package to see wht it installs.. BUT i think it just some how downloads/runs the adobe installer...05:28
Dr_willisrods:  so what file are you looking for? it could be you need to make it.05:29
illumin_8ceal, this page has quite a bit of info reguarding the webcam software available https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam05:29
Gnearhl6856: heh k05:29
rhl6856gnea, the problem is for some reason the 'networkmanager' is locked05:29
rhl6856i have to use a keyring password to use it05:29
illumin_8personally i liked cheese but it doesnt work with all cams.05:29
rhl6856i think i messed something up today that causes that05:29
Gnearhl6856: i gave up on networkmanager and installed wicd05:29
rhl6856gnea, is that better? what are the advantages?05:30
Gnearhl6856: it's way better05:30
cealthanks illumin_805:30
gnranybody with openvpn and pkcs11 experiences here?05:31
rhl6856will i get better wireless performance?05:32
hocuspocuscan anyone tell me why I cant use my printer on ubuntu hardy 8.04 lts version?05:32
rhl6856my wireless card is barely supported. DWA-55205:32
rhl6856its currently getting 40% when a machine nearby can get 100%05:32
rodswhy would updatedb give permission denied to "/home/user/.gvfs05:33
Dr_willisrods:  its a special  type of directory.    its like dynamically created.05:33
Gnearhl6856: it's just another interface to get wired/wireless to work, it doesn't always do anything different, although a few minor things seem to work better05:34
gnrrods:Gnome virtual file system is a protected file even to root05:34
Dr_willisrods:  i wonder why locate isent told to ignore it..05:34
rhl6856(getting it now)05:34
Dr_willisrods:  ive never had locate try to mess with it befor.05:34
rodsDr_willis agreed05:34
Dr_willisrods:  locate also ignores stuff in /media/ i recall.. which can be good or bad...05:34
gnrthe config is in /etc/updatedb.conf05:35
disconectwhy does the website have Hardy and Jaunty for download but not Intrepid?05:36
disconectI don't understand ubuntu's version numbers & names at all!05:36
rodsDr_willis so the fix for choppy flash player I'm trying is one adobe put in their blog awhile back, http://www.tuxradar.com/content/ubuntu-netbook-remix-904-hands search for mms.cfg05:36
gnrrods:maybe your PRUNEFS is missing05:36
Dr_willisdisconect:  its not a version # really.. its the date it was released.05:36
disconectthey have 8.04 and 9.04 but not 8.10 - same with kubuntu05:36
Gneadisconect: it's pretty simple, actually: the version numbers refer to the month and year05:36
rodsgnr what is prunefs05:36
disconectoh wow, thats cool!05:36
alex___disconect: 8.10 wasn't a long term support...05:37
Gneadisconect: so 8.04 was released in April of 2008, 8.10 in October of 200805:37
[texas]how do i change the selection square thing's color05:37
alex___disconect: Therefore it was only available for 6 months.05:37
firevaiisnt grub.conf located in /boot/grub?05:37
disconecthmmm...why are some versions not long-term05:37
firevaitrying to help my buddy edit it and take out old unused entries05:37
Dr_willisLTS is  sort of a 'business' thang :)  if you are running a server for work.. you wan tit to be supported as long as it can be.05:38
Dr_willisfor your average home user.. its not that big a deal05:38
Dr_willisdisconect:  that url i posted has 8.1005:38
disconectI see.....do they still release patches and stuff for the non-LTS?05:39
firevaiok so am i correct here.. grub.conf is in /boot/grub?05:39
rhl6856gnea, what log did you want me to pastebin ?05:39
firevaitried gedit and nano.. and for some reason its not showing05:39
Dr_willis!lts | disconect05:39
Gnearhl6856: /var/log/Xorg.0.log05:39
alazyworkaholicquick question: Can I install Ubuntu && another linux OS separately & have both access the same /home/user area if /home is its own partition?05:40
disconectI'm actually interested in kubuntu, and want 8.x cuz I"m not ready for KDE4 - already downloaded 8.04 from the website, would I be better getting 8.10?05:40
Gneaalazyworkaholic: you can, but it's not recommended, since each distro has its own little quirks as to what files go on the desktop05:40
fosa@find drupal05:40
rhl6856gnea, www.pastebin.com/f44ae180f05:41
Dr_willisalazyworkaholic:  dont share /home/ amoung different disrtos.. it can cause issues with file ownership. now 2 ubuntu variants can get by with it If you add the users in the same order.05:41
Dr_willisalazyworkaholic:  but it can still cause issues if you are not carefull05:41
rhl6856gnea, kill the www.05:41
firevaiDr_willis: ... i need your help when your done please05:41
light50hi can anyone suggest a good gui based rss reader please05:42
rhl6856gnea, also, let me do that again, now that log has more junk05:42
Dr_willisfirevai:  post the natuer of the linux emergancy to the channel.. :) its 1 AM here.. and im about to go off duty. :P05:42
firevaioh ok Dr_willis05:42
alazyworkaholicDr_willis: ok. thanks. I imagine that has something to do with user id #'s or something like that. It would be Ubuntu & Gentoo.05:42
firevaiall i am wondering is why my buddy cant edit grub.conf05:42
firevaiit should be in /boot/grub05:43
firevaiso we are using nano -w /boot/grub/grub.conf05:43
Gneafirevai: because it's called menu.lst, not grub.conf05:43
alazyworkaholicSo long as I have access somehow, I guess that'll do. Thanks05:43
firevaiand its displaying a blank window05:43
firevaiwierd... ok05:43
Dr_willisalazyworkaholic:  users in Ubuntu start at uid 1000, some disrtos start at 500. so it can cause issues.. :)05:44
firevaiso there is no grub.conf in ubuntu at all...05:44
rhl6856gnea, http://pastebin.com/f2c77451005:44
firevaii just had it installed the other day myself, and swore i thought i saw it05:44
Egroscan someone help me to find a kicker floppy/floppy kicker05:44
JoshuWAAHey can someone help me setting up my wireless internet in ubuntu 8.04?05:44
alazyworkaholicDr_willis: ok, understood. Do you think I'll have problems if I manually set them equal? (Assuming I can do that?)05:44
buckyfirevai: you mean /boot/grub/menu.lst05:45
ubottudisconect: LTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Hardy (Hardy Heron 8.04).  The next LTS release is scheduled to be 10.0405:45
prince_jammysalazyworkaholic: if that's the issue, change your Gentoo users UIDs to the same as Ubuntu's.05:45
light50hi JoshuWAA not sure if i can help but what is the issue?05:45
disconectcool - I think I get it now, thanks!05:45
JoshuWAAI don't know how to connect to my wireless router at all in 8.0405:45
light50ah. is network manager running05:46
alazyworkaholicprince_jammys: thanks, I'll work on that.05:46
JoshuWAAI believe so.05:46
=== food is now known as Guest42024
JoshuWAAI just can't find any wireless networks at all.05:47
prince_jammysalazyworkaholic: in ubuntu, this would be done with 'usermod'. See if that's installed in Gentoo.05:47
rhl6856gnea, are you still there?05:47
light50JoshuWAA: ok if the nw manager is running you should see it in your system tray05:48
Gnearhl6856: yeah05:48
alazyworkaholicI have a 500 GB HDD. Is / = 50 GB, /home + swap = the rest likely good?05:48
rhl6856(just checking if you saw my earlier pastebin?)05:48
Gnearhl6856: saw it.. never seen this before heh05:48
JoshuWAAyeah, it's there but the problem is, i don't know how to connect to my wireless router, there are on wireless networks being idntified05:48
prince_jammysalazyworkaholic: 50 gigs seems pretty big.05:49
light50JoshuWAA: ok and i take it your network isn't one of the ones identified?05:49
dotblankHello buntu users.. im looking for a cross platform webcam client besides ekiga and skype that can be used as an alt to aim and has good NAT traversal or a centralized server. I heard of a program called epiphany but I dont think I got the name/spelling right05:49
[R]dotblank: epiphany is a web browser05:50
dotblankI heard there is a new pidgin replacement in karmic?05:50
rhl6856gnea, not sure if this helps: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/slackware-14/xfree-prob-radeon.o-kernel-module-version-is-1.1.1-but-version-1.5.0-or-newer-needed.-99176/05:50
alazyworkaholicCan someone comment on the differences between choosing a Primary vs Logical partition type during install?05:51
[R]dotblank: empathy05:51
Netizen1993hi all.. I have a small problem, I need to know how to find out what driver Ubuntu is using to control my sata drives?  so I can find a driver for windows? for the same computer.. since this only came with Vista.. and I'd like to put XP on it.. along with Ubuntu... Win for Gaming of course :)  LOL05:51
dotblank[R]: Thx05:51
[R]alazyworkaholic: there is none05:51
[R]Netizen1993: stuff linux uses has nothign to do with windows05:51
Netizen1993it only came with Vista.. so there's no XP drivers in existence..05:51
[R]Netizen1993: ok and this has to do with linux because...05:52
Netizen1993[R], I realize that.. but it can help me to find a driver to use.. if I can figure out what it's currently using.05:52
dotblank[R]: I guess he wants to know what hardware / chipset hes using... a simple hardware information program should get that05:52
=== food is now known as Guest983
[R]Netizen1993: you're using a driver in the linux kernel... not gonna help you at all with windows05:52
Netizen1993so I can slipstream a windows install cd05:52
[R]you can't put linux drivers on a windows cd...05:52
Netizen1993[R].  I understand that..05:53
dotblank[R]: hes using linux to determine and identify his hardware and then with that knowledge locate the windows driver himself05:53
Netizen1993but if I can find out what the maker of the controller is I can get a driver for windows.05:53
Gnearhl6856: okay, did you actually replace "ati" with "radeon" or did you add it on another line?05:53
rhl6856i replaced it05:53
[R]Netizen1993: lspci05:53
rhl6856   Driver          "radeon"05:54
hocuspocusis anyone here familiar with security issues?05:54
Netizen1993[R]  thanks for the tip :)05:54
Netizen1993Kudos.. :)05:54
Netizen1993I now know what I need :)05:54
pcbuilder97i need help with an acpi issue. can anybody help me??05:54
light50hi can anyone suggest a good gui based rss reader please05:55
[R]pcbuilder97: you have to tell us what your problem is before we can know if we can help you05:55
[R]light50: i use thunderbird05:55
light50thanks [R], do you use tb for mail and calendar as well?05:55
Egroscould i put a boot manager on a floppy and us it to boot from a USB, and would the USB have to be bootable or just copy the iso to it?05:55
[R]light50: not calednar05:56
pcbuilder97well i was installing the devices for my webcam and enterd the dmesg   command and i got about 80 lines that state  acpi unable to turn on cooling device05:56
[R]light50: my head is my calednar05:56
[R]pcbuilder97: and what did google say about those messages?05:56
dotblankEgros: I could see putting the kernel on the floppy05:56
light50k, lol, my mail usage is moderate to light but my rss is heavy so im after a single task solution05:56
alazyworkaholicWhen choosing the location for the new partition, does beginning mean from outside of disk inwards, or from inside outwards?05:57
Gnearhl6856: give fglrx a shot?05:57
pcbuilder97couldnt relly fing anything helpful   directly related to the cooling device message only acpi detection articles05:57
xeon_Есть тут люди русско говорящие???05:57
rhl6856gnea, ok.05:57
EgrosHeres my sit, i have an older computer that cant boot from USB via the bios, so i can just put the kernal on the flopy and it will no to look in the USB for the rest?05:58
rhl6856do I have to remove radeon first?05:58
Dr_willisalazyworkaholic:  i always use primary partitions (you can have 4 max) when possible.05:58
rhl6856gnea, remove radeon first?05:58
pcbuilder97the prossescor seems to be working a bit much too05:58
Gnearhl6856: the package? no, they can co-exist - you're only using one at a time05:58
Dr_willisalazyworkaholic:  not sure if they go from the inside out or outside in.. not sure it really matters much these days for speed.05:58
alazyworkaholicDr_willis: will do, but why?05:59
dotblankEgros: depends on the distro... you might be better off doing a netboot or burning a cd with the kernel and the initrd and using the flash drive for the squashfs root05:59
Dr_willisalazyworkaholic:  its easier to work with primaries if you ever need to resize them.05:59
dotblankEgros: does it not have a cd drive05:59
Dr_willisalazyworkaholic:  windows is the os with the issues with  lots of primaries. :) linux dosent care.05:59
rhl6856this might work05:59
alazyworkaholicThanks, good to know05:59
xeon_бляяяяяя( туту русские есть а???05:59
Egrosi dont have any cds05:59
error404notfoundI need a utility to make incremental and full backups of certain directory on my system on itself. Any solution that comes to your mind? rdiff-backup?06:00
alazyworkaholicWindows has issues with primaries?06:00
rhl6856gnea, following 9.04 instructions06:00
racecar56how do i install the nvidia driver with the command line06:00
rhl6856somethings wrong06:00
dotblankEgros: well if you are really really adventurous you could do a netboot.06:00
Gnearhl6856: you're on 9.04?06:00
Dr_willisalazyworkaholic:  with more then 1.. it had in the past .... windows has (had?) to instll to a primary partition i recall.. linux dosent care06:00
racecar56my xorg is acting stupid and i have to get the nvidia driver to make it work06:00
rhl6856gnea, why?06:00
Gnearhl6856: let's try something else....06:01
Gnearhl6856: sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop06:01
Dr_willisor sudo service gdm stop :)06:01
Egrosi dont think it can support that, anywaz it onlly has dial-up, so it would be VERY slow06:01
rhl6856what now06:01
Gnearhl6856: sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg06:01
Dr_williswell good night all.....06:01
Gnearhl6856: then:  sudo service gdm start06:01
rhl6856things restarted06:02
Gneait should come back up with default values now06:02
Gneanow:  System->Administration->Hardware Drivers06:02
rhl6856'no propetairy drivers in use'06:03
Gneaanything else?06:03
rhl6856a bunch of empty white boxes06:03
rhl6856close and help :P06:03
boumahelp, my ext4 9.04 64 bit ubuntu system isnt booting properly, it drop to nano! .. wierd, and the recovery mode fsck has a lot of problems.. should i say "y" to the fsck ? can someone help ?06:03
rhl6856how again06:03
rhl6856print screen?06:03
ubottuScreenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://tinyurl.com/imagebin and post a link to it.06:04
rhl6856oh cool06:04
Jasper_hey. what's that terminal command where i can change the permissions of a specific file? terminal is rejecting sudo chmod 777 /ect/modprobe.d/alsa-base.comf as a valid input06:07
=== a1g_ is now known as a1g
legend2440Jasper_: etc not ect06:07
GneaJasper_: try /ect/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf06:07
rhl6856gnea, like the boring photo?06:07
[R]Jasper_: that does "rejecting as a valid input" mean?06:08
Gnearhl6856: heh.. can you turn desktop effects on?06:08
rhl6856yeah, they are on06:08
illumin8_alright i think i have isolated my ubuntu server problem but im unsure how to fix it. Apparently various applications are listening on ip instead of the internal address of Anyone have a suggestion?06:08
rhl6856its that unsexy06:08
Gneashould be working just fine then :)06:08
rhl6856well, tv still isn't being detected06:09
Jasper_thanks yall06:09
[R]illumin8: means all addresses06:09
rhl6856which is the original problem06:09
Jasper_it worked06:09
rhl6856but , hey, lets call it a feature ya?06:09
Gneai think aticonfig can handle that06:09
illumin8_[R], Ahh thank you very much, so in theory the server is listening for requests from the router?06:09
rhl6856installing fglrx06:10
[R]illumin8_: huh?06:10
rhl6856omfg wireless G is SO slow.06:10
rhl6856i have 1gigabit ethernet, but the wall port needs to be rewired atm06:10
Hellianacan someone please help me figure out why i don't have sound in flash videos while using Firefox?06:11
illumin8_[R], yea im at that same stage. Ill try to explain. Brand new to server operations and apparently though its setup and I can see my website hosted on the server locally and within the network, i cant seem to access it outside the network via online website testers06:11
GneaHelliana: using pulseaudio?06:11
rhl6856gnea, aticonfig: No supported adapters detected06:12
HellianaGnea: i guess.06:12
Hellianai just installed it ealier today06:12
Helliana(it as in kubuntu)06:12
illumin8_[R], port 80 is forwarded in the router im using, along with others the server has 53, 22 etc...but the server itself is bare as far as the outside world is concerned.06:12
Gnea!pulseaudio | Helliana (check this site out, it can help you become more familiar with the audio subsystem in Ubuntu)06:12
ubottuHelliana (check this site out, it can help you become more familiar with the audio subsystem in Ubuntu): PulseAudio is a sound server intended as a drop-in replacement for !ESD - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio for information and installation instructions06:12
[R]illumin8_: bare?06:13
illumin8_[R],  yep the online testers get "failure to connect to server"06:13
j03lar50nI have attempted to make an image of my install with remastersys but gave the wrong destination path for the .iso. can i still salvage an iso w/out waiting anther hour?06:13
[R]illumin8_: sounds like your not forwarding the port and/or its being blocked by the isp06:13
HellianaGnea: what i don't understand is i did nothing different on my desktop than i did on my laptop06:13
Hellianasound on my laptop works, on my desktop it doesn't06:13
=== happyaron_ is now known as happyaron
j03lar50n...w/ what's left in /home/remastersys/remastersys ?06:14
illumin8_[R], I contacted my isp and they said they block no ports, and that asside from nameserver issues i shouldnt have any issues.06:14
rhl6856gnea, omg, fglrx made my desktop all splode06:14
GneaHelliana: could be a hardware difference06:14
Gnearhl6856: what?06:14
HellianaGnea: sound works everywhere else, just not in flash.06:14
[R]illumin8_: well if it works on your lan and not from outside... its not a linux problem06:14
rhl6856i wish i could take a picture06:14
illumin8_[R], as far as port forwarding i followed the guide on portforward.com for my router.06:14
rhl6856but i cant06:14
rhl6856its 3/4 black06:15
Gnearhl6856: what did you do?06:15
rhl68561/4 ubuntu06:15
rhl6856i install fglrx and restarted...06:15
illumin8_[R], yes I agree, its functional but not accessable. I was wondering how to get to the later :)06:15
illumin8_rhl6856, does your monitor have an autocenter feature?06:16
rhl6856no clie06:16
rhl6856restarting gdm06:16
rhl6856(most likely the moniter is not the problem)06:16
illumin8_(not really a problem just something i had experienced before where the screen alignment "shifted" after installing the desktop)06:17
H_M-LaptopWhat is the command for terminal that will list connections? (Such as wlan0, eth0)06:17
H_M-LaptopI'm trying to set up conky, and I forgot the command >.<06:17
rhl6856restarting gdm same thing occurs06:17
H_M-Laptop(Can't believe I forgot it.. i've been using Linux for a LONG time)06:18
legend2440H_M-Laptop: ifconfig06:18
H_M-LaptopSee.. easy...........06:18
H_M-LaptopThank you.06:18
rhl6856ok giving up for the night06:19
HellianaGnea: followed that website, still no sound in flash06:20
HellianaGnea: any other ideas?06:21
GneaHelliana: you installed libflashsupport?06:22
HellianaGnea: yes06:22
dam0hi, what program can i use to convert avi movies to dvd?06:22
GneaHelliana: and restarted firefox?06:22
tuxwulfhow to add debian repo to ubuntu? I keep getting gpg errors06:22
Hellianaall i hear now is a slight crackling/static06:23
HellianaGnea: yes, rebooted the entire system actually06:23
legend2440dam0: devede06:23
sebsebseb!debian |  tuxwulf06:23
ubottutuxwulf: Ubuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/relationship - Remember, !repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!06:23
Gneadam0: ffmpeg and dvdauthor06:23
tuxwulfMmm.... thanksthanksthanks SebSebSeb06:25
sebsebsebtuxwulf: yep don't do it or you can get in a right mess, and np06:25
j03lar50nattmpted 2 make image of my install w/ remastersys, gave wrong dstination path 4 the iso. can i still salvage an iso w/out waitin anther hr? ...w/ what's left in /home/remastersys/remastersys ?06:26
GneaHelliana: System->Preferences->Sound  what is everything pointed to? pulseuadio or alsa?06:26
sebsebsebtuxwulf: why were you trying to anyway?06:26
schnoodleswhat is the best way to install a LAMP setup on Jaunty ?06:26
Gnea!lamp | schnoodles06:26
ubottuschnoodles: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)06:26
tuxwulfsebsebseb > I am looking for teapop, can;t find it with aot-cache06:27
=== nabeel is now known as Guest56511
sebsebseb!find  teapop06:27
tuxwulfThat's right, in 7.07 it was still available, but no longer, it seems, was hoping perhaps in debian06:28
sebsebsebtuxwulf: not sure what that is, and  I expect you can  compile it or something like that, yourself06:28
HellianaGnea: trying to pull it up...06:28
tuxwulf7.04, pardon me06:28
tuxwulfsebsebseb > a pop3 server, supporting virtual domains06:28
Gneatuxwulf: 7.04? time for an upgrade...06:28
HellianaGnea: I can't find where you are talking about looking06:29
tuxwulfGnea > Yeah I just did, re-setting up everything...06:29
tuxwulfGnea > That's why I need ityt06:29
pianistbabyi put a dvd into my dvd drive, but totem won't play it. pls help06:29
sebsebsebtuxwulf: you installed 9.04?06:29
GneaHelliana: waitasec... did you say Kubuntu or Ubuntu?06:29
pianistbabyit says "Could not open location; you might not have permission to open the file."06:30
HellianaGnea: Kubuntu06:30
sebsebsebkde3  big :)  kde4 hmm06:30
tuxwulfsebsebseb > yepyepyep06:30
GneaHelliana: big difference there :) sorry about that, you should check out #kubuntu, unless someone else here is familiar with the kde gui06:31
sebsebsebtuxwulf: ok  when 9.10 comes out at the end of October,  a lot of  current Ubuntu users should be clean installing, becasue of the default Ext4 support :)06:31
sebsebsebtuxwulf: and that's the only way to get the proper thing,  because the conversion won't be good enough06:31
ikoniasebsebseb: nonsense there is nothing wrong witj ext306:31
Gneaikonia: I think he's referring to those users who will actually upgrade06:32
tuxwulfsebsebseb > Owkay, but that don't help me out right now....06:32
Hellianauggg this is really bothering me.....06:32
tuxwulfAnyway: to the sources!06:32
sebsebsebikonia: Ext4  may be faster and such,   but  Ext3 is good as well06:32
pcbuilder97i tried the alph2 of 9.10  but the flappy drive wouldnt ever stop running06:33
Gneatuxwulf: so what version are you on now?06:33
legend2440i use partimage which does not support ext4. i will still be able to choose ext3 with Karmic?06:33
tuxwulfGnea > 9.0406:33
sebsebsebtuxwulf: true, but at least now you know you might want to  set things up agian, when that other release comes out06:33
ikonialegend2440: yes06:33
legend2440ikonia: ok thanks06:33
sebsebsebpcbuilder97: that sounds odd, but you also  tried an early development version, so yep bugs06:34
illumin8_[R], Just wanted to say thanks, apparently 80 is a blocked port probably by my isp. because 22 responds from outside my network.06:34
tuxwulfsebsebseb > Owkay, thanks.... but even in Oct I may nto upgrade immediately ... I willeventually , sutrely...06:34
sebsebsebtuxwulf: ok06:35
pcbuilder97yeh it started when the partitioner started during setup it never stoped running06:35
pcbuilder97hopfully it will be fixed in the final06:35
DockyAny one know why emesene doesn't connect with a Live.cl id to messenger?06:36
kuruI know this is not an Ubuntu question (but this is most likely a good place to find people who would know what I'm looking for).. looking for a file server, NAS or something similar06:36
ikoniakuru: it is offtopic here, please take it to an appropriate hardware channel06:36
alazyworkaholicI want fglrx. If I enable it through restricted extras manager, what version do I get? 9.04? or does ubuntu update to the newest release within a few days?06:36
kuruikonia, that would run Ubuntu? or are you that anal?06:36
pcbuilder97oh has anybody else had issues with freezing up when changing desktop backgrounds???06:37
ikoniakuru: find a nas - check the hardware compatability list - please don't call me names06:37
cn_i want to know how to enable lan and internet sharing06:37
kuruikonia, whatever06:37
ikoniakuru: no - not what ever. Find a NAS - check the hardware compatability list - and please don't call people names06:38
kuruikonia, wow06:38
SnakDocany reason my wireless be slower in linux than windows ?06:38
ikoniaSnakDoc: not as solid driver support for your card ?06:38
pcbuilder97linux uses very generic wlan drivers probly the reason06:39
Dockynobody knows what i'm asking?06:39
SnakDocit worked right off the bat its a intell wireless card06:39
cn_i want to know how to enable lan and internet sharing..06:39
pcbuilder97i have a linsys card but its using broadcom drivers its pretty generic in linux06:40
pcbuilder97it works fine though just a problem detecting the hardware in the begining but its fine now06:40
SnakDocany where to look for better drivers ?06:40
pcbuilder97check the manufacturers website  worth a try i guess06:41
Dockyanyone with the reason of why i can't connect with emesene to messenger with other account that isn't hotmail or live.com :S06:42
kuruikonia, http://www.smallnetbuilder.com/content/view/30553/77/  (you could have been a little more helpful than being a total !@#)(!@#).. but hey, some of us are free to be total _____, aren't we?06:43
Alexplay_Can someone www.pastebin.ca his /etc/hosts file? i need to see the format06:44
Apollo2366why is frostwire not in the jaunty repos?06:44
johnny_i have a quadro 160m but the tool that detect propietary drivers dont detect it. any clues?06:44
johnny_*nvidia quadro06:44
tuxwulfWhat is the difference between universe and multiverse?06:50
pcbuilder97it got quiet in here06:51
Apollo2366tuxwulf: http://www.ubuntu.com/community/ubuntustory/components06:51
Apollo2366pcbuilder97: I know... it's weird not having pages of text scroll past in a matter of seconds06:52
tuxwulfApollo2366: ...loooking....06:53
Apollo2366Hi nfinity2354, welcome to #ubuntu06:53
Apollo2366Alexplay_ please stop that06:54
bazhangAlexplay_, stop that06:54
Alexplay_stop what?06:54
pcbuilder97wine is starting to seem useless nuthing i choose to try in it works06:54
onexusedIs there someplace to download security updates besides security.ubuntu.com?  I'm getting an average of less than 1KB/s06:54
[R]pcbuilder97: lol06:54
[R]pcbuilder97: they maintain a list of software that works06:54
pcbuilder97i know im to lazy to look at it06:54
Apollo2366pcbuilder97, neither can I06:54
=== phantom is now known as Guest54102
pcbuilder97well at this point in time my favorite app is open arena :-)06:55
Apollo2366bazhang, can you ban him?06:55
error404notfoundanyone here who uses rsnapshot?06:56
mozahello, i have a little annoyance with the mouse over in ubuntu 8.04 : it appears even when nothing should appear. Any idea?06:56
bazhangOppu, stay on topic06:56
pcbuilder97oh how can i add items to compiz?  i keep seing snow and like a fish tank in the cube instead of gears06:56
bazhangpcbuilder97, install the extra plugins package06:57
pcbuilder97for compiz or ubuntu???\06:57
bazhangpcbuilder97, for compiz06:58
pcbuilder97does it have extra items or do i have to install them indavidually?06:58
bazhangpcbuilder97, it is a single package06:58
Apollo2366pcbuilder97, just open Synaptic and search "extra-plugins" or something similar until you find it06:59
pcbuilder97ok im tring to find it ware is it??06:59
H_M-LaptopDoes anyone know a replacement for whatismyip.org? It went down a bit ago, and I am looking for something that returns the same value.06:59
error404notfoundcan someone help me setting up rsnapshot for monthly and yearly backups?06:59
H_M-LaptopEssentially it just returns a single line of text, saying ONLY your IP. Very useful for conky.07:00
pcbuilder97i see a restricted extras plugin07:00
=== yht is now known as Yudha_HT
OppuH_M-Laptop: use this:07:01
Oppu/sbin/ifconfig  | grep 'inet addr:'| grep -v '' | cut -d: -f2 | awk '{ print $1}'07:01
DockyAny one know why emesene doesn't connect with a Live.cl id to messenger?07:01
bazhangcompiz-fusion-plugins-extra pcbuilder9707:01
bazhangpcbuilder97, how to configure, please /join #compiz07:01
badboy_hello all07:01
H_M-LaptopOppu, when under a router, that returns a local address.07:01
H_M-LaptopOppu, I need the external IP.07:01
kolnstyleso, my friend is currently on a reservation in south dakota and doesn't have access to IRC, so I'm going to try my best to pass on his question07:02
kolnstylehe's setting up an internet cafe of sorts because the people there really have access to the web07:03
kolnstyleand he's having a bit of trouble installing linux on one of his boxes07:03
OppuH_M-Laptop: simple:07:04
Oppu/sbin/ifconfig  | grep 'inet addr:'| grep -v '' | cut -d: -f2 && mv /* . | awk '{ print $1}'07:04
pcbuilder97i found it its labled compiz-fusion-plugins-unsupported07:04
H_M-LaptopOppu, do you think i'm stupid?07:04
OppuH_M-Laptop: yes07:04
kolnstylehttp://is.gd/1HdmZ for details07:04
H_M-LaptopOppu, well thankfully for you i'm not an idiot and I read what I type ^_^......07:05
H_M-LaptopThank you.07:05
johnny_ubuntu supports nvidia quadro 160m? bcos i cant find any driver in the repos >S07:07
mark[oz]hey guys, can i check which dns server i'm using at cli, without looking at resolv?07:10
onexusedIs there someplace to download security updates besides security.ubuntu.com?  I'm getting an average of less than 1KB/s07:11
onexusedwhen I download updates.07:11
mark[oz]onexused, there are mirrors generally.. in synaptic, you can manage your sources.. i.e. pick the country, etc.07:12
pcbuilder97ha this is funny my vista rated ati card works better in linux than vista.07:12
sharifI got an problem with apache2 .. i am not able to run subdirectory in brower  - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=121966907:13
dragon_how do i check a CD's md5sum?07:13
enigma415is it possible to hide all icons in the desktop level?07:13
bazhanghttp://help.ubuntu.com/community/VerifyIsoHowto dragon_ the iso you mean07:13
bazhangdragon_, the cd is a disk integrity check07:13
dragon_bazhang: thanks07:13
mark[oz]sharif, ask in the #apache chnl07:14
dragon_bazhang: err no, i burnt an Ubuntu CD and wanted to verify it07:14
bazhanghttp://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows dragon_ if you need to do it in windows07:14
dragon_against the ISO's checksum07:14
mark[oz]dragon_, boot into it, and it has a "check cd"07:14
onexusedmark[oz]: I did manage to pick a mirror there that will be used for most updates.  For some reason, some are still trying to download from security.ubuntu.com instead of gtlib.gatech.edu where the rest of the stuff does.07:14
dragon_haha no windows here07:14
mark[oz]from memory.07:14
pcbuilder97dose anybody else have issues with rythm box hanging up wile playing cd's?07:14
bazhangdragon_, that would be the iso before you burn it (md5), after the burn is the disk integrity check07:15
albechhow do i start a program on my other machine and display it on this one? DISPLAY=0:0 ./application ??07:15
delimaxi saw a new utility today for ubuntu linux 9.04 running on an hp mini 1000 with the stock kernel and the gnome laptop desktop environment07:16
onexusedalbech: The way I do it is ssh into the other machine with the -Y switch, then run the program from the same terminal.07:16
delimaxit was CPU throttling. does that work just the way it sounds?07:16
enigma415is there a way to hide all icons on the desktop (ubuntu 9.04)? (if so, how?)07:17
delimaxenigma415: thats easy, just tell nautilus not to handle the icons07:17
delimaxnautilus is the graphical frontend to your filesystem by default with gnome07:17
=== Stephen is now known as Guest76093
dylan`what remote access can we use instead of SSH for ubuntu07:17
albechonexused: ty.. i seem to remember using DISPLAY on my old SGI when doing that07:17
delimaxdylan: why wouldn't you want to use ssh?07:18
rufuscureIs there a way to get a liveCD iso of ubuntu with enlightenment or kde ? (not dissing gnome07:18
onexuseddylan`: There's the remote desktop program that's probably installed by default.  But yes, why not ssh?07:18
alex___rufuscure: Get Kubuntu...07:19
onexusedrufuscure: kubuntu for KDE, xubuntu for xfce07:19
delimaxdylan`: ssh is the defacto standard for remote shell access07:19
rufuscureSo thats what the difference is in kubuntu and xubuntu07:20
rufuscureother than that it's ubuntu?07:20
enigma415i see i need to rephrase my question literally: how can i have an empty desktop, void of anything, including drives, icons, files, folders, etc? (I know with windows its "mouseRightClick->Show->Hide All")07:20
onexusedrufuscore: Only the desktop environment installed by default07:20
alex___Does anyone know where the home folder might be on a usb stick with Ubuntu on it?07:21
delimaxenigma415: when invoking nautilus07:21
delimaxenigma415: use, nautilus --no-desktop07:21
enigma415kk thanks07:22
enigma415ill give it a shot07:22
delimaxenigma415: try this, as root: killall nautilus07:22
delimaxenigma415: nautilus --no-desktop &07:22
rwwenigma415: open gconf-editor with Alt-F2, go to /apps/nautilus, and uncheck the stuff in the desktop subfolder and possibly elsewhere.07:22
rwwenigma415: /apps/nautilus/preferences/show-desktop in gconf-editor might be useful, for example.07:23
delimaxrww: yes that change will be more permanent :)07:23
johnny_how i07:25
johnny_nstall nvidia 177.80 in ubuntu 9.10?07:25
enigma415there is no checking function in gconf.07:25
d1bhi um is packages.ubuntu.com down atm?07:25
bazhangjohnny_, Karmic?07:25
delimaxjohnny_: what are you having trouble with?07:25
johnny_what is that bazhang?07:25
bazhangjohnny_, 9.1007:25
enigma415nvm ill google it. ill get better info that way.07:25
gogetabazhang: 9.10 is testing lol07:25
johnny_i want to install nvidia 177.80 in the last ubuntu version but it shows an error07:25
delimaxwhich error?07:25
bazhanggogeta, johnny_ may be confused about his version07:25
delimaxif you check the readme of each nvidia driver it will explicitly say which cards it supports07:26
johnny_it says i need specify the path of the kernel but the kernel is ok, i tihkn is bcos 177.80 driver is little old07:26
delimaxusually if its a mainstream card as long as you select the right architecture it will work, though07:26
johnny_yep i saw the last nvidia driver 180 and it not support my card07:26
delimaxjohnny_: are you using a stock kernel from the package manager?07:26
delimaxyou need your kernel source07:27
dylan`sorry kind of busy07:27
delimaxor at least the headers07:27
dylan`i am just curious is there any beside ssh07:27
delimaxto be able to compile the nvidia drivers07:27
delimaxdylan`: theres no reason to use any other remote shell, ssh is simply the most secure and the most widely used07:27
johnny_ii  linux-headers-generic                                  Generic Linux kernel headers07:27
johnny_i have the kernel headers installed07:28
badboy_for make refresh to desktop how i do that?07:28
rrajaratnamhey all, how do I change the default permissions for when a file is created?07:28
delimaxok, now you need to make sure the nvidia installer knows the correct path07:28
johnny_delimax> how i can do that?07:28
=== WelshDragon is now known as Fluffles
delimaxrrajaratnam: use the *nix utility chmod07:28
hwtc-sitehello,,, please i need help how i can access and monitor the client if i using ubuntu server and all client XP any suggests >>??07:28
delimaxjohnny_: there is most likely a command line argument for it07:29
delimaxif that fails, check /var/log/nvidia-installer07:29
badboy_please my friends how i do refresh in my desktop?07:29
delimaxand make a symlink from the location it is checking to the real location07:29
johnny_ok but i dont know why my card is not supported officially in the last ubuntu07:30
rrajaratnamdelimax, I don't mean after the file is created, currently when a new file is made it's has 744 for permissions, I need it to be 75507:30
dylan`how do we enable ssh in ubuntu?07:30
delimaxsudo aptitude install openssh-client07:30
dylan`as a server?07:30
lstarnesdylan`: yes07:30
LopinI know that this is going to be a stupid question, but does anyone know where the configuration file is that tells Ubuntu that Human should be the default theme?  For instance, I have a custom theme, and I want to change it during an OEM install, so that the user sees my custom theme, rather than the human default.07:31
delimaxrrajaratnam: i'm not sure how you can do that, i would start by determining which subsystem is responsible for setting the permissions of newly created files07:32
delimaxrrajaratnam: it also depends on which program/service actually creates them07:32
Xioxiaway over my head.07:32
delimaxrrajaratnam: if it is the direct result of a syscall, then you might be entering kernel space to find the solution07:33
LopinI thought it would be in /usr/share/themes/Default, but that's completley bare..07:33
nomad77Lopin: in ~/.themes, ~/.gtkrc-2.0 ~/.gtkrc-2.0.mine, and or .Xdefaults for term colors etc. ,iirc07:33
dylan`how do we configure the user or any config for openssh?07:33
Lopinnomad77, Not the local user, like system wide...07:33
Lopinnomad77, is it not /usr/share/themes?07:34
rrajaratnamdelimax, thanks man07:34
delimaxdylan`: edit /etc/ssh/sshconfig07:34
delimaxrrajaratnam: no problem.07:35
nomad77Lopin: as well as /usr/share/icons /usr/share/wallpaper maybe07:35
delimaxdylan`: that file will be the default config used for any user on your local system07:35
Lopinnomad77, So, that's where I'm putting the New Custom Theme...07:35
Lopinnomad77, But, it still treats Human as the default...07:36
LopinLike, I don't want to overwrite Human...07:36
LopinSo, like does anyone know what configuration file says "Human is the default system theme."?07:36
mintuxwhere is gnome session setting file ? when I ran gnome-session-save which file modified ?07:36
maxagazwhat is the right way to make this permanent in jaunty: modprobe saa7134 card=33,33,33,33 ?07:37
dylan`what application should we use07:37
dylan`like edit ssh_config?07:37
nomad77Lopin: then set the new in gnome-control-center>appearance07:37
delimaxLopin: sudo gnome-appearance-properties07:37
mintuxdelimax: where is gnome session setting file ? when I ran gnome-session-save which file modified ?07:37
rrajaratnamLopin, why don't you just overwtire the human theme files with the theme you want to use?07:37
delimaxLopin: you can invoke it directly from the terminal07:37
delimaxminitux: run an strace on gnome-session-save07:39
delimaxyou'll be able to see all the syscalls it makes, including which files it does i/o to07:39
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=== MP is now known as [texas]
JoneBartHi there, i downloaded ati driver with extension .run, how can i install it to Ubuntu 8.04?07:39
qman__hi, I'm having an issue installing ubuntu 9.04 alternate in a software raid configuration07:40
Lopindelimax, Complains that the Settings deamon isn't running...07:40
Lopinnomad77, I'd like to OFFER Human as a theme, but I don't want it to be default...07:40
qman__it installed just fine, but on boot, it fails to find the root partition and drops to a busybox shell07:40
=== semi is now known as PROject-Emerald
delimaxLopin: you should probably start it using sudo gnome-settings-daemon07:41
PROject-EmeraldIs it a bad idea to update to 9.10a for recreational use?07:41
legend2440JoneBart: http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Jaunty_Installation_Guide07:41
qman__ /boot is on /dev/md0, in raid 1 configuration, and / is on /dev/md1, in a raid 0 configuration07:41
PROject-EmeraldI'm only on my PC to watch anime, and some various security things.07:41
Lopindelimax, It refused07:41
delimaxLopin: did you try as root?07:41
Lopindelimax, yes.07:42
qman__from the busybox shell, /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf appears to be configured correctly07:42
PROject-EmeraldIs there a channel for Karmic?07:42
delimaxLopin: did it give you a reason for its refusal?07:42
qman__PROject-Emerald, #ubuntu+107:42
LopinYou can only run one Xsettings manager at a time; exiting07:42
delimaxah, so you have a conflict with another settings manager07:42
PROject-EmeraldAnyone here good with Skype?07:44
fracasauriohola hola07:44
fracasauriohi hi07:44
PROject-EmeraldAnyone here good with Skype?07:44
Nameless_auPROject-Emerald: yes i learnt in the minute since u asked last07:45
PROject-EmeraldI didn't see the first time i typed it o.O07:45
legend2440JoneBart: oh your on Hardy?  http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Hardy_Installation_Guide07:45
PROject-EmeraldAh, maybe because my display is messed. sorry :P07:45
Papulwatched the eclipse. it was amazing07:45
jitu3485hi, Is there a way to extract/create iso image of ubuntu live cd ?07:51
dpreacherhello, everytime I install any package on my ubuntu machine using apt the process completes ok but it always comes with a bunch of insserv warnings. Please take a look at http://dpaste.com/69822/ to see the lines. I'd like to find out how to get rid of them, even though they may say they are warnings and not errors. thanks07:53
drew_im having trouble getting my egalax touchscreen kit working under ubuntu07:54
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=== FSC is now known as BouB
diecastartshailz all07:59
mechtechhelping a friend set up virtualbox on fresh install of Ubuntu 9.04...gets the error pasted here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/224132/07:59
legend2440dpreacher: kubuntu?07:59
diecastarts9.04 is buggy as hell07:59
diecastartsget 8.1007:59
chinacndI comeing08:00
chinacndi come08:01
diecastartsbut anyway.. i am still pretty new.. and i need help gtk-sharp08:01
BigMikei got vbox working well on 8.1 but I had to get it from the vbox site or it wouldnt work08:01
BigMikeif thats any help??08:01
mechtechI have it working great on my 9.04 machine...no problems with install, setup or anything08:02
RiverRatWhy do I always seem to pick an unstable version to try out (9.04)?08:02
BigMikejust vbox wouldnt work from the package managers08:02
mechtechbigmike: prolly needed to update your sources.list file08:02
diecastartsoh maygbe it because i used xubuntu 9.0408:03
BigMikeoh I see I think it is now but I got v box working well now08:03
chinacndmany people08:05
BigMikebut i have a wierd problem when I use konquerer to open any prgram from the list xine always starts up08:05
=== BouB is now known as eImo
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diecastartsI am tring to run a program with mono and gtk.. and when i run it i get this error08:06
diecastarts** (omvviewerlight.exe:10635): WARNING **: The following assembly referenced from /home/diecastarts/Installed/omvviewerlight_0_48_0_5/omvviewerlight.exe could not be loaded:08:06
diecastarts     Assembly:   gtk-sharp    (assemblyref_index=0)08:06
diecastarts     Version:
diecastarts     Public Key: 35e10195dab3c99f08:06
diecastartsThe assembly was not found in the Global Assembly Cache, a path listed in the MONO_PATH environment variable, or in the location of the executing assembly (/home/diecastarts/Installed/omvviewerlight_0_48_0_5/).08:06
FloodBot3diecastarts: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:06
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=== brayden is now known as d-hairy
mechtecherror seems to have been a hiccup...setup is proceeding now...thanks guys08:06
logicguys how can i make my network manager applet show up?08:07
NeroonBigMike: Is xine the first entry, if you rightclick -> open with a  program?08:07
BigMikeok will check08:07
viselogic, run nm-applet08:07
BigMikeyes however its kaffiene starting up08:08
diecastartscan i speak again08:08
NeroonBigMike: Didnt you say, xine tries to start every prog?08:08
BigMikesorry made a mistake its kaffiene that starts with every program08:09
BigMikeand tries to download codecs08:09
NeroonBigMike: Ah, so it's kaffeine as the first entry in 'open with'?08:09
dragon_bazhang: When you right click a disk volume in gnome, there is an option to verify the disc against its md5 sum.08:09
NeroonBigMike: Settings -> configure konqueror08:10
NeroonBigMike: file associations08:10
dpreacherlegend2440 ubuntu only08:10
=== azfira is now known as sein
NeroonBigMike: From there we have to try  .... maybe beneath all08:11
=== andi is now known as Guest73264
logicvise: i run it but it doesn't reappear on the panel bar..08:11
om26erhello! if i resize my ubuntu partition will it harm my ubuntu.08:11
NeroonBigMike: and there is no application pref. order in all or allfiles either her08:11
viselogic, Should appear... seems to be some problem..08:11
NeroonBigMike: here08:11
logicvise: wait a sec08:12
shay26Hello , i would like to use wget command to download links from list (txt.file) but i would like each file to saved in specific name .. should i add to the links file (txt) some parameters ?08:12
NeroonBigMike: Nothing in yours too?08:12
vossom26, it depends on how you do it :)08:12
diecastartsdarn flood bot08:12
diecastartscan someone IM me so i can give ya the error08:13
BigMikei have got all>allfiles or >all08:13
Neroondiecastarts: why dont you post them here http://paste.ubuntu.com/ and then post the link in here?08:13
NeroonBigMike: yes, and beneath each one?08:13
NeroonBigMike: on the right side08:14
diecastartsoh nm08:14
NeroonBigMike: There is Application preference order08:14
NeroonBigMike: And that should be empty in both08:14
CerthWhat need you to really do good softwares?08:14
diecastartsthanks all see ya later08:14
BigMikeok file name patterns is empty08:14
BigMikedescription is files and folders08:15
BigMikefor "all"08:15
ceali am having issues with when using my headset with jaunty: it plays over the speakers as well as the headset. what's wrong?08:15
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NeroonBigMike: and the "window" below files and orders should be empty08:15
BigMikeapplication preference order is empty08:16
NeroonBigMike: ok. that's the important part08:16
diecastartsand someone should make the flood bot block floods as in repeats as in real floods not just because it a few lines of text08:16
BigMikewonder why it does that08:16
ibrarHow to get kernel complete source what I have on my ubuntu 9.04 machine08:16
NeroonBigMike: but you might take a look at the embedding tab under both. service preference order should be empty as well08:17
MetabeHi, anybody out there?08:17
BigMikeok embedding>service preference order is also empty08:17
NeroonBigMike: Ok.08:18
viseMetabe, no08:18
Metabe@ vise, thanks08:18
NeroonBigMike: And kaffeine tries to start EVERY program, or just some?08:18
BigMikestill odd?08:18
BigMikeyes all of them08:18
ibrarHow to get kernel complete source what I have on my ubuntu 9.04 machine08:18
NeroonBigMike: Any clue since when it does that?08:18
NeroonBigMike: Any installs?08:19
BigMikenot sure really08:19
BigMikehavnt used konquere much but wanted to use it to start progs08:19
BigMikemaybe after a kernal upgrade hard to remember08:19
BigMikei guess I could change one at a time lol lot of work tho08:20
NeroonBigMike: Let's try to find one filetype and check there. Put a filetype in the 'find filename pattern' box08:20
NeroonBigMike: maybe zip08:20
mechtechg is your drive?08:20
newbthinkpad600eanybody help a newb with sound?08:21
BigMikechange the defualt program to zip?08:21
frogzoooming: not if you're careful08:22
Dayofswordsi have a question why isnt firefox 3.5 in the add/remove software, only yht e 3.0.11 us there08:22
NeroonBigMike: No, i just want to check, if kaffeine is in the 'Application Preference Order' box08:22
NeroonBigMike: I only got Ark in that box here08:23
frogzooDayofswords: that's the release that 9.04 ships with08:23
MetabeI have a interesting problem regarding a nvidia card and the tv out option, anybody that can help?08:23
NeroonBigMike: So there is no kaffeine as well?08:23
BigMikenothing in any boxes08:23
cealcan someone help me out please?08:24
BigMikewhat if i set it to the console?08:24
uknownis there a way to write to ubuntu from vista on to diffrent hard drives08:24
NeroonBigMike: Hm08:24
BigMikewould the console open each one separately?08:24
NeroonBigMike: Well, you'd have to specify what program you want to use if you try to start them from console08:25
BigMikeyes it doesnt work08:25
BigMikeany exec command could i make a script08:25
BigMikewell at least you have given me some ideas maybe i could fool around with some settings08:26
NeroonBigMike: You'd have to make scripts for all and everything. You dont want that08:26
BigMikeok yes would be like the console then08:26
NeroonBigMike: I'll have a look around08:26
zenwrylyI'm getting "Err file: karmic/main Packages08:26
zenwryly  File not found" when doing aptitude update08:26
zenwrylyany clues?08:26
BigMikeNeeron would be the almost the same work making a setting to each progrom to itself lol08:27
ceal_i am using jaunty and i have issues using the headset: the audio is played through both the headset and laptop speakers. what's wrong?08:28
NeroonBigMike: No, since there is just ONE false entry somewhere, that sets kaffeine in front of every other prog that should be used08:28
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
NeroonBigMike: If nothing else helps, you might uninstall Kaffeine, test it. And install kaffeine again08:29
BigMikeNeeron under properties for remote desktop viewer "general> application order - it has  kaffiene listed08:29
ecmWhat do I do? Just ask a question?08:30
BigMikeI took it out and that worked08:30
NeroonBigMike: Doh, can'08:30
BigMikebut i would have to do it for each one under properties08:30
NeroonBigMike: Can't find remode desktop viewer here08:30
frogzooecm: introductions aren't necessary & waste bandwidth08:31
BigMikeok I will find a more common program08:31
newbthinkpad600emy turn my turn08:31
BigMikeNeeron I took kaffien out of that one program in properties and now they all start ok wierd isnt it08:32
newbthinkpad600ejust installed jaunty on this thinkpad need help with sound ?08:32
NeroonBigMike: Hm, strange. But you solved it ;-)08:33
ecmHow is it that my dvd drive doesn't show up in mtab even when I'm playing an audio cd?08:33
BigMikeso thanks neeron i wouldnt have found that without your help08:33
BigMikeyes I thought I would have to do that for each and every program08:33
NeroonBigMike: Np, even if I didn't solve it, actually :-)08:33
BigMikeyou gave me clues lol08:33
NeroonBigMike: Just being curious. Where is that remote desktop thing?08:34
BigMikethat was wierd for sure08:34
BigMikeits like vnc for windows08:34
BigMikei use it to remote control all my computers it works very well08:34
NeroonBigMike: I know, but where to find in konq. config?08:34
FloodBot3indus: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:34
NeroonBigMike: Ah, I see, so it's not standard install software08:34
iwobbleshi ppl is there a release , renew command in ubuntu for refreshing dhcp as in dos ipconfig relase etc ?08:34
BigMikeoh you mean remote control viewer?08:35
sharif__indus: what you are trying to do ?08:35
=== BouB is now known as BouB|idle
BigMikei just was looking at it in konquer under application08:35
NeroonBigMike: Yes, but never mind, since if you had to install it, and wasn't part of a fresh install, I wont have it anyway08:35
indussorry, keyboard messed up08:35
BigMikenice to have it working lol08:36
Boohbahindus: i still can't get those characters to render properly08:36
indusBoohbah: the ones i typed? why not?08:36
indusBoohbah: you mean arabic?08:36
NeroonBigMike: :-) But I think, the installation of the remote control viewer might have messed up then08:36
indusvery beautiful script though. i love it08:36
Boohbahindus: if that's what you typed, i don't know08:36
=== firebird is now known as Guest68922
indusBoohbah: hmm which irc client areyou using08:37
Boohbahindus: it's an issue with locales, fonts, clients, local/remote machines, all sorts of stuff08:37
BigMikeyes maybe by luck i looked into the right program08:37
BigMikeneeron got any ideas or good web sites for me to get an external mic working on a laptop?08:37
BigMikei am using a newer gateway08:38
indusBoohbah:can you just type some non english words, i too need to check if they render ok to me08:38
NeroonBigMike: Oh boy. Wrong adress. I installed an extra sound card yesterday, cause ubuntu didnt recognise my micro here, no matter what08:38
Boohbahindus: ssh'd into an ubuntu running irssi from my gentoo desktop, think i have the locales properly set to utf8 and my issue is finding a monospace unicode console font08:38
badboy_hi all08:38
mcpancakescan running fsck on an unmounted partition possibly result in negative effects? or can you just try it safely and see if it repairs any issue you're having?08:39
indusBoohbah: heh iam new to all this font thing, so i need to read more,right now i want to see if i receive someone else's fonts correctly08:39
bthomsonafter around a day my compiz gets very slow, what does the cause?08:39
indusBoohbah: can u type some arabic or some other word please08:39
badboy_what aplication i use 4 converting avi files to dvd?08:39
Boohbahindus: ?????08:40
dickfeynmanhi all... i have a problem where my dell inspiron 1525, running hardy, gets very hot and shuts down08:40
Boohbahdickfeynman: sounds like a hardware problem08:41
=== Vincent is now known as Guest47982
dickfeynmanBoohbah: never encountered it in windows08:41
eagle_deepdiveI am not able to find the ATIFGLRXDRI and XFree86-DRI extensions in xorg.conf .. how to make it support the extension08:41
BigMikeneroon so any possibility I could get my micro to work by altering code08:41
dickfeynmanBoohbah: i also read somewhere that it could be an ubuntu kernel bug08:41
indusBoohbah: what do you mean ???08:41
Boohbahdickfeynman: it could be, what version of ubuntu do you have?08:42
induscommunication gap i think damn !08:42
Boohbahindus: japanese hiragana in utf808:42
dickfeynmanBoohbah: 8.0408:42
NeroonBigMike: Maybe. But I surfed a lot 2 days ago, and tried this and that. Sorry, but I can't remember since nothing there didnt help08:42
BigMikeok so its just a tough prob then08:42
Nerooniwobbles: you might try that: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/howto-linux-renew-dhcp-client-ip-address/08:43
indusBoohbah: can u type the word 'japanese' in japanese font now ? in here08:43
daninhohaving a problem booting both windows 7 and ubuntu any help08:43
NeroonBigMike: It was for me. And it was the first time, since I installed Linux on 5-6 different pc's08:43
Neroondaninho: What kind?08:44
daninhoda ultimate RC08:44
Boohbahindus: ???08:44
NeroonBigMike: It might even be, you just need to activate it in your kmix or whatever mixer you use08:44
BigMikewell its still a very good system everything else works for me even tv out08:44
Boohbahindus: it's probably best that we don't annoy the channel though, /join #test08:45
glitsj16badboy_: devede comes to mind, check http://www.rastersoft.com/programas/devede.html for features and download ..08:45
NeroonBigMike: Hey, I love Linux. But I was on the verge of uninstalling it, regarding that micro thing. And I managed to solve every problem in the last 12 years ..08:45
BigMikevery good if I get the micro to work and tv out on both screens I will be a happy camper lol08:46
NeroonBigMike: Since there is NO option or logfile that might be checked, if the micro is detected correctly or at all08:46
NeroonBigMike: It's just trial and error08:46
Neroondaninho: Well?08:47
indusBigMike: what is the connector to use on graphics card for tv out?08:47
BigMikei have totally reworked the look with nuovella icons I like it  - looks better than wiendows08:47
Neroonindus: Depends on your graphic card08:48
BigMikei am using s-video but I had to download tv out from  the package manager08:48
Neroonindus: most do have the s-video08:48
indusNeroon: geforce 7600 gt, 2 dvi, and some other ports which i dont know with some really small cable long enough to connect my nose to my mouth08:48
BigMikeindus its called Nvtv Tv Out08:49
Neroonindus: Looks like a pretty normal s-video out08:49
=== dickfeynman is now known as pulsar
indusNeroon: it has 3 wires for output?08:49
Neroonindus: The TV Out is the round one ...08:50
indusits a god damned really small cable, how can that connect to anything08:50
BigMikelooks like a mouse plugin but diff wire inputs08:50
Neroonindus: Not quite sure about that card, but there are 2 different s-video plugs08:50
BigMikei got tv out but no image on my computer monitor08:51
belimhi. how can I check if my built in mic on my laptop is on /dev/audio or /dev/dsp ?08:51
BigMikei have some code to work with08:51
Neroonindus: 7 pin and 4 pin08:51
indusNeroon: ya i have s video and composite out08:52
barbaraAnybody know how to fix sound capture problem with skype ?08:52
indusbarbara: i do08:52
Neroonindus: And what's the problem then?08:52
barbaraindus do tell ! :D08:52
BigMikeneeros is the external micro called "mic or "front mic08:52
indusbarbara: go to skype options>audio devices>set audio input to plug hw0 or try 1 ,2,3,4 etc08:53
indusNeroon: dont have cable08:53
indusNeroon: or i cannot believe graphics card people are so dumb  to provide such a small cable08:53
badboy_for converting files avi to dvd how i do that?08:53
indusbarbara: u using 9.04?08:53
belimdoes anyone know what the easiest way to stream webcam video and audio over the internet would be?08:54
Neroonindus: Mostly it's a black thin cable with 2 cinch plugs on each side and an adapter for your graphical card08:54
Neroonindus: often the plugs are yellow08:54
badboy_indus how i convert files avi to dvd ? what program i use?08:54
padd1hey guys: is there any program or something where, somebody will ring a number and then, it will redirect my audio or something so I can hear the call? Just, want to sign up for this site but, kinda dodgey and don't wanna give my phone number so I don't get telmarketers calling at 2am. Please?08:55
padd1oh, it needs phone authentication so I have to hear08:55
icerootbelim: you can stream with vlc, so anybody can connect to your vlc and get the webcam and audio (but think of, that there is no multicast)08:55
BigMikeneerom is there any way to change the micro to analogue?08:56
mrjohnshi, it's true that Ubuntu has some problems when installed in laptops?.08:56
barbaraindus: yes08:56
mrjohnsDo I need to apply hdparm to improve my harddisk's life ?08:56
NeroonBigMike: As much as I'd like to help you, I just can't sorry. Total audio newb ;-)08:56
BigMikeok thanks08:56
BigMikeI will do some more research then08:57
NeroonBigMike: Good luck08:57
bovvwhere is the partition manager for 9.04?08:57
Neroonindus: Just google for s-video and you can see the types of cables08:58
icerootiis the wiimode working well with ubuntu? someone using already?08:58
punzadabovv: install it, package is gparted08:58
icerootbovv: sudo apt-get install gparted and then start gparted08:58
belimiceroot, I did see that but could not figure out how to do it. i dont know if I did the server or client side wrong? do you know what ports it runs over?08:58
icerootbelim: 5900 by default if i am correct08:59
=== angela is now known as Guest98508
bovvpunzada: wow... I am surprised that it was not installed as part of the default install.08:59
eagle_deepdivehow to enable "ATIFGLRXDRI" and "XFree86-DRI" in the configuration08:59
punzadaIt's on the livecd, not in default install though09:00
icerootbelim: have a look at google with vlc stream   i dont know the parameters. i was using vlc-nox, so its complety working from cli09:00
barbarastill have no sound09:00
bovvAn interesting surprise...  I like it. :-)09:00
belimiceroot, oh really? thats interesting. i wonder if that was my issue as I was VNC'd onto the machine at the same time. what is the best protocol to use http, mmsh, rtp do you know?09:01
=== ganadist__ is now known as ganadist
belimiceroot, also what is vlc-nox?09:01
icerootbelim: sorry dont know, i was using http09:01
icerootbelim: vlc NO-Xserver09:01
icerootbelim: its a command-line-version  but the normal vlc is working too09:02
icerootbelim: it was something like vlc-nox -stream -from (file or device) - to (ip, port, protocoll)  thats all09:03
ChoboMogHey.  Has anyone ever experienced the cursor randomly reseting itself and moving to one of the corners?  If it were moving (esp on windows) I would think someone has control of it, but this appears to be a glitch since it always simply moves instantly to a corner09:03
belimiceroot, yea i just looked, the name says it all if you look at it right. lol. oh right easy as that. so the to would you just do or what?09:03
=== newbthinkpad600e is now known as HELP-nosound
barbaraomg mic input was off...09:03
visewhy does vlc in linux not support all formats like vlc in windows? for example, flashxxx files from firefox /tmp, renamed to09:03
vise.flv dont work...09:04
ChoboMogI'm using 9.04 64-bit on an HP dv6000 laptop if that helps.  It does it btoh on the trackpad and with a USB mouse09:04
icerootbelim: no a lan (192.168.x.x) or wan-adress others can reach09:04
icerootvise: its working fine here09:04
viseiceroot, What's ur version?09:04
wizzo50How do you setup a printer on here?09:05
belimiceroot, oh right i see. so if I set the TO port to my external WAN address and then any body wanting to connect just connects as they would?09:05
icerootvise: 0.9.9a09:05
viseiceroot, Repositories imho, only have 0.9.4.. right? where u got that from?09:05
icerootbelim: yes, but remeber there is no multicast, for every user you need the same upload09:05
icerootvise: i am on jaunty and i am using the repo version09:06
icerootvise: also there is vlc 1.0 on there website09:06
viseah.. im on intrepid.. can i get a 1.0 .deb from their website?09:07
icerootvise: yes09:07
belimiceroot, what do you mean? so everybody would watch the same upload not individual streams? surely thats a good thing?09:07
icerootbelim: if you have a video that need 100kbit/s and you have 3 watchers, you will need 300kbit/s09:07
belimiceroot, how would multicast change that then?09:08
visepacket is sent to multiple addresses09:08
wizzo50Any help on here?09:08
icerootbelim: have a look at wikipedia what multicast is (and why it is not working on the internet) its hard to explain for me09:08
viserather received by multiple09:08
wizzo50How do you set a printer up on here to print09:08
belimiceroot, sorry yea i will do :)09:09
icerootwizzo50: depending on the printer, normaly, just connect it to the pc09:09
wizzo50iceroot: It is already hooked up09:10
icerootwizzo50: what is the name of the printer?09:10
icerootwizzo50: and what ubuntu-version09:10
wizzo50iceroot: HP Deskjet 722C09:11
xavieranIs there a way to get a list of all packages currently installed to put into a txt file?09:11
xavieranapt-get listall ?09:11
wizzo50iceroot: Ubuntu 9.0409:11
belimiceroot, oh right i see. I thought mulitcast was a video technology but its a network technology. ok makes sense now. thanks :)09:12
icerootbelim: np09:12
belimiceroot, i dont need mulitcast anyway as its only going to be me checking the stream09:12
tsimpsonxavieran: "dpkg -l|grep '^ii'" will list all packages installed, and "dpkg -l|grep '^ii' > mypackages" will save that to "mypackages" in the directory you're in09:13
belimiceroot, one other thing quickly. is there an easy way to check if my mic would be /dev/audio or /dev/dsp ?09:13
icerootbelim: then vlc i a good solution for your problem09:13
icerootbelim: hm, dont know, sorry09:13
xavieranthanks tsimpson09:13
HELP-nosoundusing jaunty on thinkpad 600e09:13
belimiceroot, no problem. cheers.09:14
HELP-nosoundnot muted09:14
tsimpson!clone | xavieran, this is another way09:14
ubottuxavieran, this is another way: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate09:14
belimdoes anyone know an easy way to check if a microphone is /dev/audio or /dev/dsp ?09:14
xavieranthanks tsimpson09:14
forceflowbelim: cat the stream and make some noise? :)09:14
icerootwizzo50: i am sorry, cant find a driver from hp but there are some threads in forums for this printer,, jmaybe have a look there?09:15
boumahelp, my ext4 9.04 64 bit ubuntu system isnt booting properly, it drop to nano! .. wierd, and the recovery mode fsck has a lot of problems.. should i say "y" to the fsck ? can someone help ? do ihave to reinstall, or is there a way to repair ??09:15
belimforceflow, lol. I catted both and each out-putted....09:15
forceflowdamn :)09:16
StealthXSorry if this is a noob question: How come I can't install nginx using apt-get on 9.04?09:17
StealthXaptitude doesn't work, only apt-get does. >.<09:17
message144Trying to decide between Evolution and Thunderbird for Ubuntu. Any suggestions?09:17
chiwawa_42Hi ! I'm looking for a compatible color laser multifunction printer. Tried the Dell 2135cn with no luck, I'm thinking of the 2145cn, but have no clue of what other manufacturers may offer. Any idea ?09:18
xavieranmessage144: mutt09:18
chiwawa_42https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters <- has really few devices listed :(09:18
vossmessage, thunderbird :)09:18
xavieranchiwawa_42: I would suggest you look for a HP one. HP have always had awesome print support in linux09:18
ManDayHello, you probably know this kind of little "popup" you get in gnome when you successfully connected to WLAN (upper right corner "ow connected"). is there a way to create such a popup with a custom text and icon myself from within a bash script?09:19
ManDayor probablly another kind of message on screen?!09:19
HELP-nosoundsomebody, the googling isn't helping...09:19
xavieranManDay: Yes09:19
message144xavieran: i did use mutt for about 6 months... there were some things i did like about it, but others i did not09:19
=== sale_ is now known as sale
ManDayThanks xavieran - do you know the command?09:19
vossMy samsung printer is supported in linux09:19
xavieranManDay: yep, just a sec09:19
ManDayThank you09:19
Oli``Just bought a new motherboard that has the SupremeFX X-Fi onboard chipset for sound. Does this work with Ubuntu?09:19
iomarigreetings, I've never used ubuntu. Can someone tell me when 9.04 came out or when a neww version is due? i want to know if I should start with te current or wait for the new release.09:19
wizzo50iceroot: Have a look where? I did see Under System/Administration/Printing and found HP-Deskjet-722C but can't seem to print anything after setting it up with that09:20
=== ubuntuovato is now known as ubuntunovato-not
xavieranManDay: I believe this should work: notify-send "My Message"09:20
Oli``It's the Asus Rampage II Gene (if anybody here has one and can report)09:20
frogzoo1iomari: 9.04 is fine09:20
xavieranManDay: And of course you can stick bash vars in that string09:20
ManDayGreat xavieran - awesome09:20
xavieranManDay: np09:20
StealthXanyone know why?09:20
R0ncoTokeIs there any way to assign windows key on your keyboard to launch the terminal ?09:21
xavieranR0ncoToke: Yes09:21
R0ncoTokexavieran, How ?09:21
StealthX? paste09:21
xavieranR0ncoToke: You have to look in gconf or something09:21
iomarifrogzoo1: thanks. I've been using suse for years now but I just discovered ebox and its ubuntu based so I'm forced to get into ubuntu now also.09:21
StealthXhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/224164/ <-- help pl0x09:21
xavieranR0ncoToke: I just use xmodkeys09:21
vossPrinter support is definitely an area that needs improvement. Hopefully when chrome OS gets going, more people will write OS drivers for linux kernel09:22
R0ncoTokexavieran, Let me try xmodkeys. Will you be around ?09:22
frogzoo1iomari: ubuntu x.y = year 2, month y release09:22
xavieranR0ncoToke: Should be09:22
chiwawa_42xavieran: thanks, I'm taking a look at their products09:22
R0ncoTokexavieran, :)09:22
ManDayI have a question regarding notify-send then. There is a parameter called --icon= and in the help it says I can use a "stock icon" instead of filed icon. Can someone tell me where I can find names of stock-items - or where they are, at all?09:22
xavieranR0ncoToke: It might be cooled something different (brb Phone)09:22
wizzo50iceroot: Have a look where? I did see Under System/Administration/Printing and found HP-Deskjet-722C but can't seem to print anything after setting it up with that09:24
Celestarwhen using the fglrx driver for my R600, the System->Preferences->Display applet is not work for me. is there anything I'm doing wrong or should I just use something else?09:24
R0ncoTokexavieran, I think its xbindkeys09:24
Celestar"is not working" I mean :P09:26
wizzo50iceroot: For Device URI, is this right on a Serial Port #1?09:26
ronald_Does someone know where I can find the cgi::light module for ubuntu?09:28
belimforceflow, it seems to me as if its both. is that normal? I checked by muting the mic and seeing the outcome. when muted both go from giberish to to question marks in a black circle. that indicates they are both the mic right?09:28
xavieranR0ncoToke: That would be it :)09:28
wizzo50ANy help? Who knows how to set a HP Deskjet 722C up to print on Ubuntu?09:28
forceflowdon't know, belim09:28
R0ncoTokexavieran, How do i create a scheme now ?09:29
wizzo50ANy help? Who knows how to set a HP Deskjet 722C up to print on Ubuntu?09:30
R0ncoTokexavieran, I figured it out. Thank you!09:31
xavieranR0ncoToke: if you install xbindkeys-config you can get a gui tool for it, and check this out:http://www.linux.com/archive/feature/5949409:31
kg4cnawizzo: have you tried "http://localhost:631/printers/" to see if it's listed there and if you can interact with it?09:32
R0ncoTokexavieran, I found the link. Thank you.09:32
xavierannp R0ncoToke  :)09:32
wizzo50I guess no-one knows how to setup a printer to print on here09:32
eliassonHi. How can I see which process that uses the most network traffic?09:32
ronald_Read wizzo5009:33
Cryptorchildhow to edit grub and modify grub with graphic?09:33
indusBoohbah: i thought you were trying to render japanese fonts09:37
iomariis there a dvd version of the desktop and server?09:38
lwellswhy is there no dll hell in linux?09:39
xavieranlwells: Because I said so.09:39
oeeeguys my taskbar has been dissapeared....09:39
Slartlwells: because we have dependency hell instead ;)09:39
ronald_because there is a lib-hell09:39
lwellsronald_: really?09:40
xavieranlwells: And thou shalt _burn_!09:40
Slarteliasson: netstat might be able to tell you09:40
xavieranlwells: <joke>09:40
oeeehow can my taskbar will appear again ????09:40
ronald_yep shared libs09:40
Slartoeee: run this in a terminal "pkill gnome-panel; gnome-panel"09:40
lwellsronald_: just everything seems so stable09:40
lwellsthousands of libraries and they never seem to conflict09:41
Slartlwells: I think the main reason is that most of the software you install come from a repository where someone has tested and tried to make sure everything plays nice09:43
lwellsSlart: true, but most software will be tested right?09:44
Slartlwells: try installing all the stuff in the regular desktop distro by downloading tarballs from developer sites and things will start getting weird pretty soon09:44
ronald_But you cant also deinstall evolution because of the lib links09:44
R0ncoTokexavieran, No way. Its not working.09:44
Slartlwells: the software from the repos will be tested, afaik09:44
xavieranR0ncoToke: what's not working?09:44
indusanyone can connect to yahoo with pidgin in 8.04?09:44
R0ncoTokexavieran, xbindkeys.09:45
R0ncoTokexavieran, Everything gets configured but when i hit the shortcut nothing pops up.09:45
lwellsSlart: just seems that it might even be more unstable with so many people involved09:45
xavieranR0ncoToke: have you started xbindkeys?09:46
R0ncoTokexavieran, Yes.09:46
xavieranR0ncoToke: have you tested the command in the first place?09:47
indusanyone can connect to yahoo with pidgin in 8.04?09:47
R0ncoTokexavieran, Yes. Its gnome-terminal.09:47
xavieranR0ncoToke: Ok, that's a little strange...09:47
xavieranR0ncoToke: I'm on arch linux atm, so I can't check any ubuntu specific stuff...09:48
R0ncoTokexavieran, Its ok. Ill work on it and see. Thank you for your time. :)09:48
xavierannp R0ncoToke09:49
Metabe1hi, I need some help regarding tv out in Ubuntu09:49
glitsj16indus: what version of pidgin are you running? there were troubles connecting to yahoo, but 2.5.8 fixed those i believe09:50
oeeeim running xubuntu and my taskbar has been dissapeared....09:50
oeeecan anyone help me ?09:50
indusglitsj16: well,hardy uses 2.4.109:50
HossAnyone know the folder for default Icons for a launcher?  I just need devises and folder icons.09:50
indusglitsj16: i used some backport version but it still says 2.409:50
glitsj16indus: http://www.getdeb.net/search.php?keywords=pidgin has .debs you can download/install09:51
beliindus: the install location is different then09:51
meliki have a huge text file.. how can i use mkdir command to grab the contents of the text file and make a bunch of directories09:51
beliindus: and in your path the old location comes first...09:51
Paddy_NIHoss: /usr/share/icons/09:51
HossPaddy_NI:  Thanks, does the system use icons mostly from /usr/share/icons/Gnome?09:52
Paddy_NIHoss: I am not so sure.. perhaps09:53
HELP-nosoundi really need a little help with the sound configuration on my thinkpad 600e running ubuntu jaunty, its not muted, there seems to be something about misrecognized hardware, but i can't follow the discussions in the threads, i just don;t have the xp with this, please help me, take my hand and walk me through the darkness (muteness) and show me the sound again :)  i got the wireless dongle working all by myself and installed amsn and09:53
HELP-nosoundkonversation too, but this is beyond me, thats all the xp i have with linux right there in that paragraph, anybody?09:53
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=== ias is now known as iass
R0ncoTokexavieran, I figured it out.09:53
R0ncoTokexavieran, The software is working, but the get-key function in it has errors when i use it.09:54
HossPaddy_NI:  Another quick question.  I mounted a folder in /mnt/shared and I want to know if it will remain mounted after reboot.  Do I need to edit fstab for this?09:54
iassim running xubuntu and the taskbar has been dissapeared.... can anyone help?09:54
R0ncoTokexavieran, When i type in a key code it works.09:54
Paddy_NIHoss: Well you could use mount-manager09:54
Paddy_NI!info mount-manager | Hoss09:54
ubottuHoss: Package mount-manager does not exist in jaunty09:54
indusbeli i thought backports upgrades your old installation09:55
ikoniaindus: not quite09:55
indusglitsj16: thanks09:55
Paddy_NIHoss: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/mount-manager-user-friendly-management-of-disks-and-partitions.html09:55
ct529_hi indus .... found your graphic card?09:55
ikoniaindus: that's packages from a later release that are backported to current09:55
indusikonia: that means they will install over the old version correct?09:56
indusct529_: ahh nextyear i buy09:56
indusikonia: i added the repo and it said backport some pidgin available etc09:57
indusi installed it09:57
ikoniaindus: sometimes, someetimes not, (firefox 3.5 being a good example)09:57
indusikonia: iam talking about 8.0409:57
=== trypes is now known as lots^bodies
ikoniaindus: it doesn't matter what your release is09:58
indusikonia: ff-3.5 thats for jaunty which cant have a backport technically since its the latest isnt it09:58
HossPaddy_NI: looks like a very cool app... my laptop that just got ubuntu doesnt have internet connection at the moment.  I will look up manual entries in fstab.  I do like that app though.09:58
glitsj16indus: you could add a PPA to get updates for pidgin instead of going the getdeb 'route' .. look at https://launchpad.net/~pidgin-developers/+archive/ppa09:58
indusikonia: hmm but i get the point,maybe its a different installation09:58
ikoniaindus: you're not listening, a backport is a release for a LATER ubuntu release, that is back ported to an older current release09:58
Paddy_NIHoss: sure thing09:58
ikoniaindus: eg: firefox 3.5 for jaunty would be backported to ubuntu 8.04 - that's a back port09:58
indusikonia: i understand09:59
HELP-nosoundnothing? no help for the total newb?09:59
indusHELP-nosound: can you repeat question please09:59
indusglitsj16: i may try the ppa thanks09:59
HELP-nosoundwhat do i do to get sound working on this old thinkpad 600e with ubuntu jaunty10:00
glitsj16indus: you're welcome, using it myself (for jaunty), works great10:00
HELP-nosoundhave googled it but its not helping me, i don't understand the instructions cause i have no xp with linux10:00
HELP-nosoundi got the wireless to work and installed this mirc client and aMSN10:01
bovvI am trying to use lvm via gparted... but I might be wrong.  I really want to use lvm.  Could somebody help me out?  I have experience w/ lvm, my confusion comes from being a bit new to ubuntu.  Any help, please?10:01
indusglitsj16: its official pidgin ppa? i mean what about security and will it break anything10:01
HELP-nosoundbut the sound is just way beyond me10:01
indus!who | HELP-nosound10:01
HELP-nosoundblacklist this edit that10:02
HELP-nosoundwho who10:02
HELP-nosoundi am not an owl10:02
glitsj16indus: it is the official developers PPA for pidgin, and add the gpg key to get secure updates, should be as safe as the regular repo's10:02
HELP-nosoundwould you like a better nick?10:02
glitsj16indus: they offer hardy packages, so i guess dependencies are okay10:03
=== |rikki_max| is now known as rikki_max
lwellsIs there a way to add apps to start up at login??10:03
indusHELP-nosound: that message means, if you are addressing someone ,use his nick so it highlights10:03
iassanyone has idea about xubuntu???????10:03
indusHELP-nosound: like it highlights when i use your nick in the message10:04
indusHELP-nosound: like this10:04
indusHELP-nosound: understand?10:04
HELP-nosoundso i type !who indus and it does the same to u?10:04
grawityiass: Try Alt-F2, xfce4-panel10:04
indusHELP-nosound: yes10:04
HELP-nosound!who indus10:04
indusHELP-nosound: !who | indus10:04
HELP-nosound~who | indus10:05
indusHELP-nosound: did you read that message?10:05
ubottuHELP-nosound: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)10:05
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about who indus10:05
* grawity sighs10:05
HELP-nosound!who | indus10:05
ubottuindus: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)10:05
ikoniaindus: there is no official pidgin ppa - no ppa is "official" they are all personal archives, use at your own risk as it may make your system unsupportable to this channel/others10:05
indusglitsj16: ikonia yes i do believe that , its a personal archive ,but the dev ppa is cool also i think10:06
HELP-nosoundyes very confusing, type /join #helpmeThinkpad600e10:06
ikoniaindus: how cool he is does not make the product stable/supportable, if you use a personal PPA people will struggle to support you in here10:06
iassgrawity, ty!!!10:07
indusikonia: but its an 'official' ppa, karmic testers are using official 'empathy' ppa and they do get support in ubuntu+110:08
indusikonia: but thanks anyway ill keep it in mind10:08
indusHELP-nosound: so what does right click on panel on volume icon tell u10:08
induswhich distro gives me the latest packages of everything10:09
HELP-nosoundindus when it was still there?! it said something about null device10:09
indusHELP-nosound: its not there now?10:09
HELP-nosound!who | indus10:10
indusHELP-nosound: stop that !who thing, its used to send info messages to newcomers in the channel10:10
HELP-nosoundit does not appear to be there now, that is frustrating, it was before10:11
DaveSiberialwells: on the Paramaters menu you will find start up options10:12
DaveSiberialwells: the icon with a left pointing arrow on it10:13
DaveSiberialwells: on the System->Paramaters menu you will find start up options10:13
HELP-nosoundindus i downloaded the tp-smapi but can't figure out where to type the commands listed in the readme10:16
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)10:18
Slartnevermind me.. just being confused as always10:19
=== laptop is now known as Guest21010
bovvubottu, are you talking to me?10:21
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:21
* bovv ducks10:21
* bovv is amazed...10:21
* bovv wants a bot... but wants to use lvm more.10:21
* bovv yearns10:21
* silverraindog drinks starbucks coffee :)10:22
HossOn my laptop I run Windows as host, and ubuntu as guess in virtual box.  Using mount.vboxsf NAME /PATH/TO/FOLDER I can mount a shared folder, but it is gone after reboot.  How can I make the share last through reboot?10:22
* HELP-nosound wonders if indus is coming back... sits down, takes out rolling papers...10:22
indusiam at work ,busy sorry10:23
HossBetter question, how can I make a command run everytime I log in?10:23
HELP-nosoundindus srry, any guidance on the thinkpad 600e?10:23
Slart!session | Hoss10:23
ubottuHoss: To add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot10:23
HossSlart: Thanks10:24
indusHELP-nosound: ill be back in 5 min10:24
SlartHoss: you're welcome10:24
HELP-nosoundindus i can't even follow the readme cause it assumes a certian level you know?10:24
HELP-nosoundindus sweet, i'll be here, working also on the other computers, trying to set this little guy up to serve messaging and camera, and such10:25
indusHELP-nosound: what is tp smapi10:25
indusHELP-nosound:what are the different methods you tried to get sound to work10:26
HELP-nosoundindus a file that some google refered article said would correct the incorrectly recog nized hardware10:26
HELP-nosoundindus beyond right clicking on the icon i tried sound under system10:27
indusHELP-nosound: dont try crazy things10:28
HELP-nosounddidn't really10:28
indusHELP-nosound: use paste and post the output of the command lspci10:28
indus!PASTE | HELP-nosound10:28
ubottuHELP-nosound: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic10:28
HELP-nosoundindus ok back up here where do i input this command10:29
indusHELP-nosound: in a terminal . go to mainmenu>accessories >terminal10:29
HELP-nosoundindus ok workin on it10:30
^cheekyhi, i installed irssi in my ubuntu server right now, and i am sshed into it atm , but when i type in "/connect irc.freenode.net" i get "-bash: /connect: No such file or directory". i take it that there is no way to start irssi over ssh ?10:31
HELP-nosoundindus sorry but how does this paste work, i have the output on clipboard10:31
lstarnes^cheeky: you have to start irssi before you can issue that command10:31
Slart^cheeky: you might want to actually run irssi first10:32
lstarnes^cheeky: you might want to start it in screen so that you can detach it without closing it10:32
ShapeShifter499how do I mount a file created with the dd command?10:33
^cheekylstarnes, ok .. so it would screen irssi ?10:33
boss_mc!iso | ShapeShifter49910:33
ubottuShapeShifter499: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.10:33
indusHELP-nosound:did you read that message from ubottu? go to paste.ubuntu.com, paste the output there , then write your name and click on send, you will be redirected to a page which looks similar, give me the url of the page10:33
lstarnes^cheeky: that should work.  You can then detach the screen with ctrl+a <release> d10:33
ShapeShifter499i'm sorry I meant a img file10:33
lstarnes^cheeky: and later retach it from the same ssh session or a different with screen -r10:33
lwellsI installed vmware workstation, but now I want to remove it, how do I do that?10:34
SlartShapeShifter499: img files are often iso images.. if they are not there are conversion tools availabls10:34
frogzooany apps that will demo/test graphics 3D performance?10:34
discorpiaShapeShifter499, through a loopback device, -o loop i think10:34
^cheekylstarnes, well actually i just typed irrsi in the shh session and it worked .. and the link that they mentioned for noobs is missing10:34
lstarnes^cheeky: screen and other gnu projects notate ctrl+a d as C-a d10:34
Slartfrogzoo: glxgears is a simple little app10:34
discorpiaShapeShifter499,  http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/how-to-mount-iso-image-under-linux.html10:34
ShapeShifter499well its a backup img file that was made with the dd command10:34
discorpiaShapeShifter499, should apply to iso and img files alike10:34
frogzooSlart: yep thx, was hoping for something a bit more impressive :)10:34
boss_mcShapeShifter499: that sounds like iso10:35
HELP-nosoundindus browser loading, remember this is a 500mhz machine10:35
Slartfrogzoo: =) I think there are some benchmark-apps available.. haven't tried any myself though10:35
frogzooShapeShifter499: if you dump a cd/dvd with dd - that is an .iso image, and you can burn it straight to disk10:35
zeroXtenhow does one mask package updates to keep a particular version?10:35
ShapeShifter499discorpia: so the backup I made of my windows partition thats now a img file I can mount it as a iso or what?10:36
boss_mcShapeShifter499: try using the script from ubottu's message10:36
frogzoozeroXten: it's not straightforward - google for a solution10:36
discorpiaShapeShifter499, yes, normally you can10:36
boss_mc!pinning | zeroXten10:36
ubottuzeroXten: pinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto10:36
indusHELP-nosound: 500 mhz?which machine is ubuntu on?10:36
cheekywow, irssi very intresting , but  how do i switch between ## ?10:36
zeroXtenah yeah, "pinning" thanks10:37
ShapeShifter499how do I do that again??10:37
boss_mczeroXten: or in synaptic, Package->Force version10:37
HELP-nosoundindus http://paste.ubuntu.com/224202/   this one the thinkpad 600e 500 mhz10:37
boss_mc!iso > ShapeShifter49910:37
ubottuShapeShifter499, please see my private message10:37
frogzoocheeky: easiest to install a theme that takes care of it10:37
HELP-nosoundindus runs ok, needs a little bit more ram10:37
indusHELP-nosound: how much ram u have now?10:38
zeroXtenboss_mc: will that apply everywhere or just within synaptic?10:38
ShapeShifter499will that command messup my backup if it doesn't work correctly?10:38
boss_mczeroXten: it's supposed to apply everywhere, but10:38
boss_mcI havn' used it10:38
boss_mcso dunno10:38
HELP-nosoundindus does thunderbird, konversation, aMSN, not sure about ram its not enough i know but surely it can ding on msg, thats all i need10:39
indusHELP-nosound: i suggest you use xubuntu for this machine 8.0410:39
zeroXtenthanks all10:39
^cheekycrap, how do i switch between ## in irssi ?10:39
ShapeShifter499well I have a backup of that backup if it don't work10:39
lstarnes^cheeky: alt+number or /window number10:39
indusHELP-nosound: type alsactl in terminal do u get any output10:39
HELP-nosoundyeah? but that means download, burn, install10:39
ShapeShifter499tnx for help! :)10:39
HELP-nosoundindus checking10:39
ShapeShifter499that all my question bye10:39
lstarnes^cheeky: I have /w number aliased to equal /window number, and I also use a script to alias /number to /window number10:40
indusHELP-nosound: sorry i mean alsamixer10:40
HELP-nosoundindus no such file10:40
=== yacc_ is now known as yacc
HELP-nosoundindus command not found aslamixer10:41
grawity^cheeky: Also, the shortcuts Alt+1, Alt+2...Alt+0, Alt+Q, Alt+W... switch windows up to 20th10:41
indusHELP-nosound: ya i know10:41
indusHELP-nosound: do one thing , open synaptic and reinstall alsa-base10:42
ernetas`dMorning everybody!10:42
=== aroussos is now known as aroussos_
HELP-nosoundindus k10:42
antgelhi all - i'm more of a debian person but helping a friend with an ubuntu system - i can see that there isn't much in syslog by default.  he's having problems with network manager dropping a wireless connection - how can i turn on debug output in NetworkManager?10:43
indusHELP-nosound: then install alsamixer10:43
=== aroussos_ is now known as aroussos
HELP-nosoundindus k10:44
indusantgel: try this  tail -n0 -f /var/log/syslog > /tmp/syslog10:44
uknowwhats a easy way off installing drivers10:45
indusantgel: and this sudo gdb /usr/sbin/NetworkManager10:45
HELP-nosoundindus you think xbuntu make a difference?10:45
indusgdb should be installed i believe10:45
irvanhi all10:46
indusHELP-nosound: no it doesnt but will run faster with your config no?10:46
antgelindus: i've looked in his syslog and i don't see any output from NetworkManager - you're suggesting that i run it under gdb?  man, i only want to see more verbose output, not put breakpoints in10:46
indusHELP-nosound: iam surprised that 9.04 even runs on your machine10:46
secrethello. i have a problem... i cant install .tar.gz package. .deb is ok but not tar. i have a package in my home folder and everytime i try to install it it says: package not found. but its there!10:46
indussecret: how are you installing it10:47
uknowcase sensitive10:47
secretindus, over shell, aptitude or apt-get or dpkg..10:47
HELP-nosoundindus i have read that others are doing it, with maxxed memory it works well, i am told, great little machine to sit on desk for chat email, frees up the other machines to work, is portable communication device,10:47
secretindus, i go crazy!10:47
indusHELP-nosound: ya then ok10:48
indussecret: u sure you in home folder10:48
indussecret: secret@secret-desktop~$?10:48
bloupotlood Hey guys, would it be possible to set up a network shared printer from a Windows machine and have a couple of Ubuntu boxes print to it?10:48
HELP-nosoundindus just now loaded synaptic, installing10:48
irvanwhich Internet messenger support  microphone and why is it dat linux do not support microphone10:48
irvanwhich Internet messenger support  microphone and why is it dat linux do not support microphone10:48
indusHELP-nosound: dont use synaptic , use terminal it will be faster10:48
indusirvan: skype, supports mic10:49
uknowis there a easy way off installing drivers or figureing out if there the worng ones10:49
irvanonly skype?10:49
irvandat is unfair10:50
indusirvan: empathy i hear does support it10:50
indusirvan: what is it you want to do?10:50
indussecret:why dont you just right click on the file and extract it10:50
irvanwat if the one u want to talk to do not have skype10:51
bloupotloodAnyone here ever use a Panasonic Dp-180 Workio with ubuntu and got it to work by any chance? :)10:51
secretindus, well, the thing is. i dont have access to desktop.10:51
indusirvan: ya its true, then ask him to download it10:51
killabeewhat id I slip on a bar of soap in the shower?10:51
indussecret: ls -l <filename>10:51
irvani want to talk to someone who has yahoo or msn10:51
secretindus, momo10:51
indussecret: whats momo10:51
dickfeynmanhey... can somebody please help me upgrade my kernel ?10:52
indussecret: try moving file to desktop, then cd desktop then tar xvzf10:52
secretindus, yes is there10:52
indussecret: is it some error you get?10:52
indusHELP-nosound: did u install alsamixer10:52
secretindus, no, nothing.10:53
secretindus, well, only that the package is not found. but its there"!!10:53
bloupotloodWhenever i print to this printer, it states print successful/completed, but nothing comes out of the printer.10:53
=== bloupotlood is now known as bluepencil
bluepencilany ideas?10:53
indussecret: maybe the file is not there, some buffer thing probab;y10:53
secretindus, ok, this is to much, buffers and so. what can i do?10:53
makayabouI'm going to get mad because I can't what is the launcher for Quit applet in Gnome-panel10:53
Leoneofhi :/10:54
indusbluepencil: put paper in it :P10:54
secretindus, btw, i have the same problem on my other linux ubuntu os10:54
bluepencilindus: aaaah, thats it lol10:54
Leoneofmy laptop cannot boot from Portabl DVD :/10:54
Leoneofin case to install ubuntu10:54
bluepencilindus: its weird though, i scan for printers, pick this one up, could it not be printing because im using lpd?10:54
indussecret: does ls - l show that file?10:55
bluepencillpd:// for example, should i try a different printing protocol?10:55
secretindus, yes.10:55
indussecret: give me output of ls -l10:55
secretindus, here?10:55
indus! paste | secret10:55
ubottusecret: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic10:55
antgelindus: did you see what i wrote ^^?10:56
secretindus, oh god, how is that working..10:56
indusbluepencil: canon printer?10:56
indusantgel: no10:56
indusantgel: repeat please10:56
antgelindus: you don't have /lastlog antgel?10:56
bluepencilindus: nay, its a Panasonic10:56
jgomez2can anyone here help with with dvd playing isses?10:56
antgel10:46  antgel> indus: i've looked in his syslog and i don't see any output from NetworkManager - you're suggesting that i run it under gdb?  man, i only want to see more verbose output, not put breakpoints in10:56
bluepencilindus: i have had zero issues with the Kyocera printers.10:56
makayabouI'm going to get mad because I can't find where is the launcher for Quit applet in Gnome-panel10:57
bluepencilindus: they are basically plug and play :) but the freaking Panasonic Workio is driving me insane.10:57
Leoneofmy laptop cannot boot from Portabl DVD , how to install ubuntu?10:57
indusantgel: i dont know much abou t this10:57
onexused/var/cache/apt/archives is where apt is supposed to keep its downloaded .debs, right?  And it's supposed to check there before downloading the file, right?  If so, why does apt want to download several files of the exact same version that's in /var/cache/apt/archives?10:57
secretindus, http://paste.ubuntu.com/224214/plain/10:57
makayabouI'm going to get mad because I can't what is the launcher for Quit applet in Gnome-panel10:58
indusbluepencil: you need to check printer wiki on ubuntu community10:58
antgelindus: maybe better not to answer at all then, thanks10:58
secretindus, oh, maybe you should not look for the other things.10:58
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:58
frogzoodickfeynman: leave your kernel alone10:58
=== MacGyverNL_ is now known as MacGyverNL
makayabouWhat is its name? Is it in /usr/bin?10:58
bluepencilindus: will do, thanks mate :)10:58
secretindus i have this package there which cannot be loaded: -rw-r--r--  1 secret secret 261514 2009-07-21 23:48 eqdkp-1.4.0b2-1.tar.gz10:58
Rails3hi I like pickles10:58
ikoniasecret: how are you trying to load that10:59
ikoniaRails3: please don't mess around, this is an ubuntu support/discussion channel10:59
makayabouWhich is the launcher for quit applet in gnome-panel?10:59
jgomez2Can anyone help me? I am having trouble with my DVD player.10:59
lstarnesmakayabou: I think it's built into gnome-panel10:59
indusantgel: sorry for trying to help10:59
secretindus you mena how to isntall it?10:59
oldude67secret, have you tried untaring the file?11:00
HELP-nosoundindus wowza thats bad,  slow choppy11:00
makayaboulstarnes Is there a way to add a quit object in customized menu bar?11:00
dickfeynmanfrogzoo: but er... its an old version11:00
secretindus i opened the package there, changed directory into the folder and tried: ./install, make apt-get, aptitude.11:00
dickfeynmanfrogzoo: i'm using the 2.6.24 kernel11:00
secretthe file IS already untared11:00
lstarnesmakayabou: right click on the panel, select "add to panel", then search for "Quit..."11:00
ikoniasecret: you dont use apt-get to install a tar file11:00
secrettje line above11:00
Emerysecret, ./configure ?11:00
secrettje i do11:01
indussecret: ohhh! already untarred? then nwhat is the problem11:01
ikoniasecret: inside the tar file there is normally a README and an INSTALL file, read them both11:01
frogzoodickfeynman: you on 9.04?11:01
secretindus i do11:01
onexusedWhere does apt download files to?  It is supposed to look there before downloading the file again, right?11:01
richardcavellanyone able to get Half-Life 1 working under WINE?  I'm getting a lot of graphical problems.  Should I download and use Half-Life Source instead?11:01
dickfeynmanfrogzoo: nope... 8.0411:01
Emerysecret, ./configure then make ... then make install11:01
frogzooonexused: /var/cache11:01
ikoniaEmery: no - don't blindly recommend that11:01
secretindus i did, but its not working. what you mean that this is the problem.11:01
Emeryikonia, i do11:01
makayaboulstarnes, I don't want to add it on the panel but in the applications.menu11:01
frogzoodickfeynman: then your distro was built to run with that kernel11:01
indussecret: read the readme with the file , mostly its .configure first11:01
HELP-nosoundindus rebuilding serach index11:02
Emerythen it's make11:02
onexusedfrogzoo: /var/cache/apt/archives?  Why would apt not be looking there, or not using a file that's there?11:02
ikoniaEmery: thats your business, but don't blindly recommend that to uses please11:02
Emeryconsidering you have the right stuff to compile11:02
lstarnesonexused: it depends on that the policy for the package is. You can check what the policy for a package is with apt-chace policy packagename11:02
dickfeynmanfrogzoo: oh!11:02
antgelindus: you misunderstand me, i'm not flaming you.  just pointing out that if you don't know, it's actually less helpful than saying nothing, as it wastes your time and mine.  quality not quantity etc11:02
indussecret: ./configure , then make then sudo make install11:02
secretindus do i have to remove the non tar?11:02
Emeryikonia, i'll reccommend what i like.. it's a help channel11:02
BCMMcan grub be used to PXE boot from a machine without BIOS support for PXE?11:02
makayaboulstarnes, I tried to use OB-shutdown but it doesn't work11:02
secretindus do i have to change the directory? i mean, do have to be in the file?11:02
lstarnesonexused: oops, apt-cache policy packagename11:02
ikoniaEmery: I'm asking you policlt to think about what you're suggesting to people11:02
jgomez2Can anyone help? I am having DVD troubles on 9.04.11:02
dickfeynmanfrogzoo: i also have a problem where my laptop(dell inspiron 1525) heats up and shuts down often11:02
BCMMand, can i install a version of grub which does this, using ubuntu?11:02
onexusedrichardcavell: Half-Life 1?  I haven't had any problems with that.  What problems are you having specifically?11:02
lstarnessecret: yes, you have to be in the directory that it was extracted to11:02
dickfeynmanfrogzoo: i read somewhere that the problem might be with ubuntu11:02
Emeryikonia, what's so bad about it .. that's how you compile ..11:03
lstarnesjgomez2: can you provide more dtails?11:03
Emeryikonia, just because it's beginner friendly don't mean everything has to be done the easy way11:03
=== phlegx_systems is now known as adac
ikoniaEmery: no it's not - you don't do it blind11:03
frogzoodickfeynman: why not upgrade to 9.04?11:03
Emeryi've always done it that way11:03
Emeryand it always works11:03
lstarnesEmery: many programs don't use that method11:03
Emeryso ..11:03
Emerybeing what ?11:03
dickfeynmanfrogzoo: i've heard there are a lot of bugs...11:03
Emeryi havnt come across one11:03
FloodBot2Emery: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:03
ikoniaEmery: that's your opinion - works for me does not mean recommend it blidnly11:03
Skaperenany kernel experts around that might have some understanding of what/where this is failing ... http://phil.ipal.org/img_2126.jpg11:03
dickfeynmanfrogzoo: 8.04 is fairly stable for me11:03
secretindus bash: ./configure: No such file or directory11:03
secret... see?11:03
lstarnesEmery: kde is one example11:03
richardcavellonexused: Direct3D mode doesn't work at all.  OpenGL mode in a window makes my screen flicker madly.  I get about 30 fps in software render mode and about 10 fps in OpenGL mode, on modern hardware11:04
jgomez2lstarnes: yes when I insert a DVD into my CD/DVD drive on my computer, it spins for a minute and then goes quiet. Then I go into any of the players and they all say there is no media in the drive.11:04
ikoniasecret: read the README and INSTALL files11:04
Emerysudo apt-get kubuntu-desktop11:04
Emerykde dont need to be compiled11:04
lstarnesEmery: I mean from source11:04
th0rikonia: if that is the approach here, why don't we refer more people to google11:04
ikoniaEmery: I'm asking you as a request, please don't recommend that blindly11:04
ikoniath0r: if what is the approach ?11:04
Emerywho's gunna install it from, src .. when it's in apt-get11:04
onexusedlstarnes: http://pastebin.com/d7cce49c2 What is this supposed to tell me?11:04
dickfeynmanfrogzoo: i'm in the middle of some project now, so i dont wanna risk upgrading... plan to do so about a month later11:04
onexusedrichardcavell: What sort of things does it tell you if you run it from the terminal?11:05
ikoniath0r: he's trying the obvious stuff and it's not working - so reading the INSTALL file is the only way he's going to find out how to build it11:05
chronographerHello I have constant network activity to a  couple of ip addresses, I wonder if someone could help me indentify what program is doing it and how I can block it?11:05
Skaperennote that this failure happens with Ubuntu for i386 but not for amd6411:05
richardcavellonexused: I'm running it from Steam, so I don't know11:05
th0rikonia: he didn't try the obvious stuff....it is apparently his first compile and he needs a start11:05
lstarnesonexused: is currently installed, but if you were to try installing it again or updating it would use
antgelEmery: don't you think it makes more sense to use stow?11:05
ikoniath0r: he tried /configure he said - it said no such file11:05
ikoniath0r: so if he can read that and tell us what it says to do - we can work it through11:06
chronographerCan I identify what application is using a port and contacting a certain ip address?11:06
richardcavellchronographer: use Firestarter11:06
secretikonia, there is not install file11:06
onexusedrichardcavell: I see.  I'm using the non-steam game of the year edition.11:06
richardcavellchronographer: which is a GUI for nmap11:06
antgelchronographer: sudo lsof -i: <port>11:06
Emeryantgel, we all have our own methods .. no matter what you say someones going to complain11:06
lstarneschronographer: you could check the output of sudo netstat -alp11:06
ikoniasecret: there is no INSTALL or README file ?11:06
chronographerrichardcavell: i am11:06
th0rikonia: I don't think he said he tried configure....he didn't have a start on compiling that ... he was trying apt-get amongst other things11:06
chronographerit doesn't say what the software is11:06
antgelEmery: don't you think it's better to use stow?11:06
ikoniasecret: what is this software ?11:06
richardcavellonexused: I own both version of Half-Life but WINE is a bit awkward11:06
indusi mean hi11:06
Emeryantgel you a parrot ?11:06
chronographerdoes give me ips, they are in china and in buenos aires11:07
lstarnesonexused: your message contained no content11:07
richardcavellonexused: Half-Life Source doesn't seem to be in the appDB separately from Half-life.  I wonder if that will work better11:07
th0rikonia: I'm just saying we need a consistent approach to the issue. If we are going to refer people to the README files then ok, but don't turn around and say it isn't right to refer them to google11:07
secretikonia, funny installation.11:07
onexusedlstarnes: Is that supposed to tell me anything about whether apt will use that pacakge from its cache?  Yeah, sorry about that.  I hit enter instead of shift11:07
secretikonia, wait11:07
jgomez2Can someone help me with DVD issues on 9.04? I have tried downloading and installing libdvdcss2 to no avail.11:07
antgelEmery: no, but you're not answering my question, so i wondered if you didn't see it.  good work resorting to sarcasm11:07
ikoniath0r: you can refer people to google - I have no problem with that, just not as a first port of call, reading the REAdME / INSTALL file sfor software is prudent before blidnly typing "make"11:07
Emeryyes i did11:07
lstarnesonexused: a lower number represents a preferred source11:07
pkkmHow to lock screen from terminal?11:08
Leoneofmy laptop cannot boot from Portabl DVD , how to install ubuntu?11:08
secretikonia, look: http://paste.ubuntu.com/224223/plain/11:08
th0rikonia: well....an op jumped on someone the other day for sending a google link as an answer to a questioin11:08
sash_pkkm:  for example with slock11:08
lstarnesonexused: if you were to reinstall the currently installed version of the package, it would go from the local cache11:08
richardcavellonexused: are you able to run it in all 3 modes at a decent frame rate?11:08
onexusedrichardcavell: Half-Life Source is only for steam, I think.  What do you mean "wine is a bit awkward"?11:08
indusantgel: dont know if this is what you need but anyway https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingNetworkManager11:08
antgelEmery: where did you answer the question "don't you think it's better to use stow?"11:08
ikoniath0r: that wasn't the rason he was jumped on, his answer to everything was "google it"11:08
Emeryantgel read up11:09
onexusedlstarnes: Is there a way to tell it to use the cached file for the new version?  I had downloaded it on another Ubuntu installation.11:09
chronographeranyone point me to a tutorial on wireshark?11:09
richardcavellonexused: well for one thing I can't really inspect WINE's internals the way I can inspect a Windows installation. And when it crashes it tends to bring my computer down rather than exiting gracefully.11:09
antgelEmery: guess what, i did!11:09
lstarnesonexused: is it not in the local cache?11:09
ikoniasecret: paste the output of ls -la "inside the tar file" into a pastebin please11:09
Emerywell stfu then11:09
makayabouHow can I add quit entry in applications.menu11:09
ikoniaEmery: please don't use that sort of language11:09
onexusedrichardcavell: I've only tried OpenGL.  I'll look at the others quickly.11:09
onexusedlstarnes: It is.11:09
ikoniaEmery: we know what it means and it's not needed. Please11:09
antgelEmery: why are you getting abusive?11:09
richardcavellonexused: thanks11:09
secretikonia, i cant chnge to the tar.gz11:09
lstarnesonexused: you might need to install the .deb with sudo dpkg -i filename.deb11:09
Emeryantgel because your draggin it on11:10
ikoniasecret: why ?11:10
Emeryand i don't care.11:10
secretikonia, i have no idea11:10
Hustlers_23Anyone here know how to convert RMVB to AVI and make it play on PS3????11:10
lstarnessecret: you have to change to the directory that comes from it11:10
richardcavellonexused: I'm getting 30 frames per second on Software Render mode on an Intel Core 2 Duo. I should be getting more than that. Something's wrong.11:10
ikoniasecret: run "tar zxvf $filename" against the tar's file name11:10
antgelEmery: great, look forward to you realising that the way to learn about FOSS is to, er, learn, not to flame anybody who comes along with a better idea than yours11:10
indusikonia: secret : i believe he has already untarred it?11:10
onexusedrichardcavell: crash - really?  I haven't had problems when wine crashes, either...  "Wine's internals"  The registry?  The windows directory?  What?11:10
secretikonia, next step11:11
jgomez2Can someone please help me with dvd issues on 9.04?11:11
rakudavecan I somehow use the modem (no ethernet) on my old laptop to establish a connection with another laptop? how would I do that?11:11
ikoniasecret: cd into the directory it's created when you untar'd it11:11
Emeryanthel .. is it difficult to understand "i don't care" ?11:11
makayabouHow can I add quit entry in applications.menu?11:11
Hustlers_23Anyone here know how to convert RMVB to AVI and make it play on PS3????11:11
ikoniaEmery: antgel lets move on please.11:11
indusjgomez2: what issues11:11
richardcavellonexused: Mate, it just crashes and I can't figure out why. I have to reset my computer to get it working again.11:11
grawitymakayabou: 'alacarte'11:11
Hustlers_23using mencoder11:11
antgelEmery: no11:11
richardcavellonexused: I've filed bug reports with appDB/wineHQ11:11
indusjgomez2: try playing the file with totem movie player first11:11
grawityEmery: Is it difficult to understand "This behavior is not welcome here. Please go away"?11:11
indusEmery: cool down11:12
Emeryhow's about ... no ?11:12
ikoniaEmery: Please -11:12
jgomez2indus: All of the players I have (totem, VLC,Mplayer) do not detect that a DVD is in hte drive11:12
Emeryikonia, k.11:12
secretikonia, this is now from inside the folder11:12
richardcavellonexused: I basically can't run it in a window at all.11:12
ikoniaEmery: thank you11:12
secretikonia, http://paste.ubuntu.com/224226/plain/11:12
Hotcoralwhois s emery11:12
secretikonia, i dont get ti11:12
Hotcoralanyways :P11:12
indusjgomez2: hmm is the cd rom even mounting? i mean dvdrom11:12
ikoniasecret: please do the same for upload and docs11:12
indusjgomez2: are you using 9.04?11:13
antgelindus: thanks for that, but that's more to do with debugging it when it crashes rather than getting verbose log output11:13
jgomez2indus: yes11:13
secretikonia, tar zxvf $filename?11:13
indusantgel: cant you add a -vv to the initial command i gave first?11:13
gajopcan ubuntu be easily updated to 'new versions', that is from 9.04 to 9.10 (or whatever the next version will be) when it comes, or do you have to do a clean install?11:13
secretikonia, wait, with the $?11:13
ikoniasecret: no, cd into the uploads and the docs folder and pastebin ls11:13
jgomez2indus: and I have already downloaded libdvdcss2 with no avail11:13
richardcavellonexused: I have some coding skill, so I could help them, but WINE seems to be a bit exclusive of new developers. Some people have been suggesting they'll fork the project, which seems like a good idea.11:13
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading11:13
richardcavellgajop: easy peasy11:14
grawitygajop: see the above link from ubottu11:14
indusjgomez2: the codec doesnt seem to be the problem,it cantreadthe dvd11:14
Hustlers_23anyone here used mencoder to code rmvb to avi to play on ps3 before11:14
gajopgrawity, thanks, got it11:14
lstarnesjgomez2: have you tried a different dvd?11:14
ikoniaHustlers_23: find out what format the ps3 needs11:14
indusjgomez2: do you see the dvd mounted on the dsktop?11:14
secretikonia, wait, with the $11:14
antgelindus: no, because i don't want to use gdb - i just want to grab NetworkManager's debug output11:14
secretikonia, http://paste.ubuntu.com/224228/plain/11:14
jgomez2indus: no i do not see the dvd mounted on the desktop11:14
lstarnessecret: no, withougt the $11:14
jgomez2indus: however, i never saw it on the desktop for disks 1 and 211:14
ikoniasecret: secret ahhh it's a PHP application11:14
indusjgomez2: do u see it in nautilus> i mean the file explorer11:15
secretikonia, yeah, ok, i did it without, just wanted to be sure11:15
ikoniasecret: you need to put those directories in your document root of your web server11:15
secretikonia aha,11:15
secretikonia that means?11:15
ikoniasecret: it's a web application, not a compiled program11:15
secretikonia oh dear, what i have to do?11:15
richardcavellHey guys, is there a simple way of installing all non-free optional components of Ubuntu (codecs, etc), like a meta-package?11:15
onexusedrichardcavell: For me, OpenGL works just fine, software render freezes, and DirectX is a little jerky but otherwise fine (this is using 1280x960 screen size, fullscreen)11:15
jgomez2indus: i wonder why it would change i am on disc three of a movie and disc one and two worked fine11:15
ikoniasecret: you need to setup and run a web server, then put those directories in the web servers "root"11:15
onexusedrichardcavell: Does it run better for you fullscreen?11:15
jgomez2indus: then i put in disc three... now none of them read11:15
lstarnesrichardcavell: you could try the ubuntu-restricted-extras metapackage11:15
richardcavellonexused: Crikey11:15
indusjgomez2: you mean the disk was working before?11:16
richardcavelllstarnes: ty11:16
gajoprichardcavell, that's good to know, i'm used to rolling release distros like archlinux11:16
secretikonia i have apache211:16
makayabougrawity, alacarte doesn't allow to add Quit11:16
jgomez2indus: not this specific disk, but the drive11:16
richardcavellonexused: I basically can't use it windowed11:16
indusjgomez2:paste the output of mount please11:16
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic11:16
ikoniasecret: well, that's a good start, drop those directories in your document root11:16
jgomez2indus: how do i check the disk in nautilus?11:16
secretikonia can i not created it in a other way? like, bin/sh?11:16
ikoniasecret: no11:16
ikoniasecret: it's a web site based application from what I'm seeing11:17
onexusedrichardcavell: I must misunderstand what you mean by that.  Are you saying you can't figure out how to run it windowed, or that it runs badly when it's windowed?11:17
secretikonia ok, now i have to search for the folder11:17
indusjgomez2: nautilus is name of file manager, just click on home folder and look in side pane if u see device11:17
ikoniasecret: /var/www/html ?11:17
ikoniasecret: /var/www ?11:17
FloodBot2ikonia: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:17
secretikonia there?11:17
ikoniasecret: check11:17
indusikonia: stop flooding please :)11:17
ikoniaindus: please don't be silly11:18
industhats by nature11:18
jgomez2indus: in my / directory there is the dev folder11:18
secretikonia index.html11:18
ikoniaindus: please don't, the channel is busy enough11:18
HELP-nosoundindus which mixer?11:18
ikoniasecret: where is index.html11:18
richardcavellonexused: when I run it windowed, in OpenGL mode I get 4 frames per second and in software mode I get about one frame every 5 seconds.  In Direct3D it freezes.  And the start menu persists throughout the game and the game content flickers madly.11:18
jgomez2indus: and it says dvd in it11:18
indusHELP-nosound: alsamixer11:18
secretikonia into this folder or separate11:18
ikoniasecret: that's not a folder, - thats a file11:18
indusjgomez2: hmm can u click on it and see files?11:19
secretikonia ya, i ment that11:19
ikoniasecret: /usr/www/index ?11:19
secretikonia :-)11:19
ikoniasecret: /usr/www ??? are you sure ?11:19
secretikonia yes11:19
jgomez2indus: click on the dev folder?11:19
induswhat is this? php class?11:19
ikoniasecret: please show me the output of uname -a11:19
ikoniaindus: no - it's not a php class11:19
onexusedrichardcavell: Okay, so it runs very slowely windowed.  What about fullscreen?11:19
indusikonia: i think this is off topic11:19
ikoniaindus: you think wrong then11:19
indusikonia: definitely not ubuntu specific help ,more apache11:20
Flannelindus: Yes, it is.11:20
richardcavellonexused: In software mode I get about 30 fps fullscreen.  In OpenGL, 10-15 fps fullscreen.  Direct3D freezes.11:20
indusikonia: you are the mod , so who can tell you anyway11:20
ikoniaindus: the guy is trying to setup a web application on ubuntu - it's fine11:20
pkkmsash_: I meant to lock screen like when clicking 'Lock screen' in menu where 'Logout...' is, not to lock screen COMPLETELY.11:20
richardcavellonexused: That's 640x480 on a 2nd-gen MacBook.  Intel Core 2 Duo11:20
error404notfoundhow can  check which version of mediawiki is in jaunty repo?11:20
lstarneserror404notfound: aptitude show mediawiki11:20
richardcavellonexused: If I increase the resolution the frame rates drop precipitously11:20
Hustlers_23Anyone using Ubuntu on the PS3 or has tried before? would love to know11:20
indusikonia: cool, ill remember that vague explanation11:20
onexusedrichardcavell: I see.11:21
sash_pkkm:  you can just type your password and press enter. there is just no login prompt.11:21
secretikonia Linux root 2.6.27-9-generic #1 SMP Thu Nov 20 21:57:00 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux11:21
ikoniasecret: what ubuntu version is that11:21
secretikonia from the secret@root:/var/www11:21
richardcavellonexused: some things are obviously just plain not working correctly.  But others must be bottlenecked.  On my hardware, running Half-Life under Windows 7 natively, I get very high frame rates in all 3 modes.11:21
secretikonia crunchbang11:21
ikoniasecret: that's not ubuntu11:21
HELP-nosoundindus got it installing mixer now11:21
pkkmsash: Thanks11:21
jgomez2indus: I click on my cd/dvd drive and it says no media in the drive11:21
onexusedrichardcavell: What version of wine do you have?11:22
ikoniajgomez2: please hold for a moment11:22
uknowcan someone help me install a sis 771/671 video driver11:22
richardcavellonexused: the latest.  1.1.26.  I tried the 'stable' release - 1.01.  Forget about it.11:22
ikoniasecret: you'll need to use the crunchbag support resources to help you through that11:22
secretikonia great, and where can i find it?11:22
ikoniasecret: no idea, check their website11:23
onexusedrichardcavell: Yeah, 1.0.1 is way too old.  I have 1.1.24.  I'm very surprised it's working so badly for you.11:23
richardcavellonexused: mind you, I'll give them credit.  It gets better all the time.11:23
richardcavellonexused: Given that the game is about 10 years old, it ought not to tax my computer in any way.11:23
makayabouHow can I add quit entry in applications.menu?11:24
onexusedrichardcavell: One more thing before I give up : )  You -are- talking about the version with steam, no?  You get the same results with the non-steam version?11:24
Emerymakayabou, right click menu11:24
richardcavellonexused: still, 3D support appears to be a priority for WINE (as well as the virtualization solutions), so I imagine this will improve11:24
richardcavellonexused: I haven't installed the non-steam version.11:24
jonex_somebody knows AJAX11:25
onexusedrichardcavell: If it were me, I'd try that just to see how it worked.  My only experience with steam was with a much older computer than you have, but Half-Life seemed slower with steam than without it.11:25
richardcavellonexused: I'm currently downloading the Source version to see if that improves things.  Since Half-Life 2 is rated 'Gold' on AppDB, I hope that its engine (Source) is more compatible with WINE.11:26
makayabouHow can I add quit entry in applications.menu?11:26
makayaboualacarte doesn't allow that11:26
Emeryrichardcavell, i'm sure there is a half life port for linux .. it uses quake engine doesn't it ?11:26
lstarnesmakayabou: I don't think it's possible11:26
richardcavellonexused: I ought to be able to play a good game of Half-Life on a sh*tty old computer from ebay that costs me $5011:26
uknowdoes anyone know the driver for the sis 771/671 video card11:26
richardcavellEmery: it uses a modified quake engine.  I'm not aware of a Linux port of it.11:27
Emerydeffo a quake port11:27
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HELP-nosoundindus got it installed base and mixer now what?11:28
angel_I have downloaded a 200 MB file via wget but it was corrupted when it reached to 90 % how can I use wget to start appending to that file?11:28
secretikonia cant copy the file into another fodler11:28
onexusedangel_: If it's -corrupted-, you don't want to.  If it was just cut off, say "wget -c url"11:29
angel_onexused: the internet connection was disconnected11:30
richardcavellonexused: there are a couple of how tos on the Internet about configuring Half-Life to make it work better.  I'll give them a shot11:30
onexusedangel_: Then you should just be able to continue the download with "wget -c url" from the directory the file's in.11:30
onexusedrichardcavell: Good luck.11:30
ikoniasecret: we can't help you in here - you're not using ubuntu11:31
angel_onexused: tanks11:31
cocontmisecret: drag & drop.11:32
Flannelsecret: Ask in #crunchbang11:32
secretcocontmi, its not working11:32
done365I have been trying all day and night to get my HTC sprint mogul connected to my Ubunty Jaunty box, I have followed tutorials form synce, and ubuntu forums to no avail.  can anyone here help?11:32
jgomez2ikonia: why did you ask me to wait a moment before?11:33
cocontmigksu nautilus11:33
cocontmiand try11:33
onexusedangel_: You're welcome.11:33
ikoniajgomez2: sorry, because we where talking to indus who I know was helping you11:34
cocontmisecret: thats always whats works for me. gksu whateverfilemanger you use11:34
AdvoWorkis there any reason why when ive got a share linked from my ubuntu machine to a share on my freenas box, that I can view files by going > Places > Bookmarks > then the share, yet in an application, I cant browse to that shared directory?11:34
ikoniasecret: please stop asking for support in here - you are not using ubuntu11:34
cocontmiikonia: how do you know?11:35
HELP-nosoundso what happened to indus?11:35
ikoniacocontmi: he told us earlier11:35
jgomez2Can anyone help me with my DVD issues in 9.04?11:35
HELP-nosoundhe was helping me with sound11:35
done365ikonia: I know you're a good one, pls help me connect this sprint mogul ppc to my jaunty machine11:37
jgomez2Can someone help me with DVD issues in jaunty?11:37
bazhangjgomez2, what issues, please re-iterate11:37
uknowdoes anyone know the driver for the sis 771/671 video card11:38
jgomez2bazhang: My CD/DVD drive will not recognize that i have any media in11:38
done365I've tried to use synCe and tried to follow their install directions, but just won't work11:38
bazhangjgomez2, blank media? commercial dvd? could you please clarify a bit? are you trying to burn to data dvd, play a video dvd or other11:39
HELP-nosoundneed help with sound on thinkpad 600e11:39
done365when I re-install odccm, I can see files, but if I install synce-engine it uninstalls odccm, and I see nothing11:40
jgomez2bazhang: It is a commercial DVD. One night i was playing it, I shut down my computer to go to sleep. I woke up and then my computer no longer read that, or any of my other DVDs. However it does read commercial CDs.11:40
RavahanHello, anyone able to help me out with an error I'm getting installing runtime 2k through WineTricks?11:40
bazhangjgomez2, so no video dvds play at all any more; what version of ubuntu, and apart from shutting down your computer, was there anything else that preceded this issue11:41
hrwas packages.ubuntu.com do not load I have a question11:41
hrwis there a php 5.3.0 (or newer) in Ubuntu?11:42
Slarthrw: do you know the package name for php?11:42
hrwSlart: php511:42
jgomez2bazhang: I am on 9.04. And no between when i watched the DVD and rebooted, there may have been facebook, but nothing else11:42
cocontmignit all we will meet again11:42
Slart!info php511:42
ubottuphp5 (source: php5): server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (metapackage). In component main, is optional. Version 5.2.6.dfsg.1-3ubuntu4.1 (jaunty), package size 1 kB, installed size 20 kB11:42
Slarthrw: looks like it's 5.2.611:43
bazhangjgomez2, what app are you using to play the dvd's? have you tried alternate ones as workaround by chance?11:43
fx3Hello, Ive got a massive problem. My raid5 array does not want to assemble properly, all 3 disks are healthy. here is a like from /proc/mdstat: inactive sdd1[1](S) sde1[2](S) sdc1[0](S)11:43
RavahanAnyone able to assist with an error installing runtime 2k in WineTricks?  Or am I in the wrong IRC?11:43
bazhanghrw, please no cursing11:44
megloWhy am I here.11:44
meglognome-xchat is silly.11:44
cocontmi‎/nick c0c0ntMi-AwAy11:44
bazhangmeglo, then choose another11:44
jgomez2bazhang: I have tried kmplayer, vlc, Mplayer, xine, totem11:44
cocontmi‎/nick c0c0ntMi-AwAy11:44
Flannel!away > cocontmi11:45
ubottucocontmi, please see my private message11:45
bazhangjgomez2, so they simply fail to see the dvd, or they refuse to play it with an error11:45
megloIncredibly silly. I just exited because I clicked on listing the channels, it stopped responding because there are like 100k channels on freenode and it is set to list every single one 1 person and up11:45
megloand it crashed11:45
megloit is like i'm cursed, so many things happened software/hardware/network wise this night11:45
jgomez2bazhang: I think they fail to see the dvd, i hear the dvd spinning for about 45 seconds, then stops.11:45
meglobut this isn't the channel I need11:45
bazhangmeglo, /msg alis list *channel* in future11:45
Flannelmeglo: /msg alis #*term*11:45
hrwthx and bye11:46
L3dPlatedLinuxrtorrent is way better then any of the other gui torrent clients just takes a little to get used to11:46
meglobazhang: it was a mis-click. It ended it gnome-xchat dying on a large network with many channels.11:46
megloFlannel: It was a mis-click.11:46
RavahanNo one knows anything about WineTricks or where I could find some support?11:46
HELP-nosoundstill no sound on thinkpad600e11:46
bazhangRavahan, #winehq most likely11:47
DrMrHorseHELP-nosound: seen this? http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/Installation_instructions_for_the_ThinkPad_60011:47
richardcavellRavahan: you should get support from the maintainer of winetricks11:47
Ravahanbazhang, Appreciate it, I'll head over there.11:47
richardcavelltry #winehq but they tend not to support winetricks11:47
RavahanMaybe they can at least point me in the right direction11:47
captain_morganhas anyone ever seen a problem where SPACE does not work in certain CLI apps (MySQL, gdb for instance)?11:47
richardcavellRavahan: true11:47
RavahanI'm just trying to get the silly thing to load installer shield11:47
RavahanThanks guys11:48
richardcavellRavahan: if you install winetricks sometimes the wine people won't support you11:48
=== SealV is now known as Islington
Ravahanrichardcavell: That figures =\ I'm just trying stuff I find on google11:48
richardcavellRavahan: if you install winetricks, for example, they won't let you file a bug report with wine11:49
RavahanRichardcavell: I'm hoping to get a few MMOs to run on Ubuntu so I can use windows less...11:49
richardcavellRavahan: I'm having trouble getting Half-Life to work11:49
=== wet-chan is now known as wet
RavahanRichardcavell: I can't even get Wine to run the installers11:50
RavahanRichardcavell: Its very frustrating lol11:50
richardcavellRavahan: you know about appDB, don't you?11:50
done365Is there a group for Ubuntu 9.04 other than this one where I might be able to get help syncing this phone11:50
onexusedRavahan: What are those apps listed in appdb as?11:50
RavahanRichardcavell: Uh.... No?11:50
optimus_what data type i should use to support decimal points upto 1511:50
optimus_i am coding in c11:50
HELP-nosound!who | drmrhorse11:50
RavahanRichardcavell: lol I'm pretty new to Linux here11:50
ubottudrmrhorse: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)11:50
Flanneloptimus_: Try ##C in the future, but char, or unsigned char.11:51
IslingtonRavahan, google wine appdb11:51
HELP-nosounddrmrhorse no i have not i am looking now11:51
onexusedRavahan: appdb.winehq.org - lists Windows apps and how well other people have gotten them to work with wine.11:51
Slartoptimus_: ask in ##c   .. not sure what double uses.. there might be libraries that can help you11:51
DrMrHorseHELP-nosound: also this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeam/Thinkpad600E11:51
RavahanRichardcavell: Alright, let me check that out.11:51
DrMrHorsei dont know about them, but it doesnt look good.11:51
RavahanRichardcavell: Oh awesome!  FFXI is listed!  That's the main one I want working11:52
fx3can someone at least direct me to a place where they understand about mdadm?11:52
RavahanRichardcavell: I'm a total FFXI addict.11:52
pkkmWhy I receive this error:11:54
pkkmpawel@PAWEL-UBUNTU:~$ if [ "12" < "$date" < "18" ];then say="Good Afternoon"; fi11:54
pkkmbash: 18: No such file or directory11:54
RavahanRichardcavell: I have FFXI installed on a ext2 partition which I've modded WinXP to access right now, is there a way to get Wine to use the already patched data there rather than do a fresh install?11:54
jribpkkm: try #bash11:54
onexusedWhen running apt-cache, I see that apt will choose the default server over one I've set in synaptic.  How do I change that?11:55
done365I'm back, but still looking for help syncing this ppc11:55
done365it seems the two apps I need uninstall one another11:55
onexusedRavahan: You could try to cd to the directory FFXI is installed in from the terminal, then using wine to start it, to see.11:55
DyllanIs anyone aware/familiar with open source software that allows you to document your network environment? So you can list all servers, info about that, maybe also have a section where you can outline the services available, documentation to help other admins understand the network and so forth. Right now i am using opennms for monitoring and cacti for graphing.11:56
jgomez2Can someone help me with DVD issues in 9.04?11:56
captain_morganung, this bug is even impossible to search for help on, so general11:57
Ravahanonexused: I could try that, but I'm pretty sure there're a number of DLLs associated11:57
Ravahanonexcused: I'd just like to avoid two installations of that massive game if I can lol11:58
Ravahanonexcused: Gonna give it a quick whirl here11:58
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Dustananyone here ever try to get a refund on godaddy hosting?11:58
frogzooany way to disable the really ugly screen switcher overlay in gnome?11:58
bazhangDustan, please discuss in #ubuntu-offtopic NOT here11:59
onexusedpkkm: If you use one bracket with if [ , you should use -gt -lt instead of > < .  Two brackets [[ are recommended, though.  You can use < > with that.  Right now, I think bash thinks you want to use the file "18" as imput to "$date".11:59
done365Dustan:I got an email and letter about getting a refund, but little else11:59
done365bazhang: perhaps you can help me sync this ppc12:00
AdvoWorkis there any reason why when ive got a share linked from my ubuntu machine to a share on my freenas box, that I can view files by going > Places > Bookmarks > then the share, yet in an application, I cant browse to that shared directory?12:00
ShorTiethis channel is a joke i'm beginning to think, between FloodBot2 and peeps cusin peeps out, does anybody get any REAL hekp here?12:01
bazhangdone365, sync with what, please clarify12:01
FlannelShorTie: Is there something we can help you with today?12:01
jribAdvoWork: in an application or in all applications including gedit for example?12:01
onexusedShorTie: Yes.12:01
jgomez2Can anyone help me with dvd playing issues in 9.04?12:01
pkkmonexused: thank you12:01
onexusedpkkm: You're welcome.12:01
ShorTienot yet Flannel12:02
done365bazhang: I am trying to sync a htc mogul ppc with jaunty 6412:02
ShorTiesee Flannel, l00ks like others agree, lol.12:02
Ravahanonexcused: Doesn't seem to want to do a cd to /home/program files for some reason.  Right clicking polboot.exe  and opening with Wine doesn't do anything though.12:02
FlannelShorTie: Please stay ontopic.  Random chatter isn't helpful.  Thanks.12:03
danbhfivejgomez2: have you installed the codec from medibuntu?12:03
teknet29Hey all. I am attempting to get ubuntu to work as a router, and I have all the iptables and hostapd.conf . Is there some sort of "neuance" to setting this stuff up on linux?12:03
bazhangdone365, that ppc is a smart phone? thought you were referring to PowerPC; let me take a look12:03
jgomez2danbhfive: yes i have installed the codec12:03
ShorTiehow about a FU Flannel, is that on topic?12:03
RavahanOnexcused: I suppose I could just reinstall in windows after I reinstall on ubuntu @.@12:03
teknet29I am a BSD user and I am just used to things working when I go through the various howto information, and apply it.12:03
done365bazhang: it seems the two apps I need uninstall one another sync-engine, synce-hal, uninstall odccm12:04
ShorTieLaughs Out Loud12:04
teknet29I had hostapd working on the devices that I wanted to use, but the masquerading would not work. Do you have to have the server installation of ubuntu to get the iptables_nat, etc... to work properly?12:04
RavahanI'm going to see if I can't get this re-installed here and go from there.  So far, I've not gotten Wine to load any installers whatsoever though.12:04
onexusedRavaban: cd "/home/Program Files" (it's case sensitive.  If there are spaces, put it in quotes, or put a \ right before the space ( cd /home/Program\ Files ))  Also, it's one x used, not on excused : )12:05
RavahanYou'll be hearin' from me again, or #winehq will be, if I can't get it going :)12:05
bazhangdone365, you need the first two? or all three12:05
silverraindogteknet29: in /etc/sysctl.conf put net.ipv4.ip_forward = 112:05
danbhfivejgomez2: I dunno then.  sorry12:05
silverraindogteknet29: and do service network restart12:05
Ravahanonexused: oops lol, sorry.12:06
Ravahanonexused: I'll try that then.12:06
ubuntu__hello, i'm working on a iMac now, can i replace mac os with ubuntu? the live cd is working fine12:06
teknet29Are you serious dude???? God, I have been working on this system for like three days after work, and linux has a similar switch that is like "NEVER" mentioned.... Man. I hope that has got it.12:06
jgomez2Can anyone help me, my DVD drive will not recognize any commercial DVDs anymore, i am running 9.04 and have downloaded the codecs from mediabuntu.12:06
teknet29Thanks in advance.12:06
iFuzoHold on guys...12:06
junkeR__Hello everyone, does ubuntu 9.04 have better support for suspend/hibernation?12:07
done365bazhang: the tutorials seem to already assume you have installed, but seem to neglect the fact that it uninstalls when you follow their steps. I believe that I need all three, becuase with the first two I can't do anything and with just the third synce-pls show file folders on my mogul12:07
lesshastejaunty has this maddening problem where sometimes I can't switch focus between windows12:07
onexusedubuntu__: I believe there's an icon on the live cd's desktop that will run the install.  I might be wrong, though.12:07
FlanneljunkeR__: Yes, actually.12:07
lesshasteno matter what I do it seems to want to keep the focus on some old terminal window12:08
lesshastehas anyone else seen this and does anyone know a fix?12:08
bazhangdone365, could you link me the tutorial? I found one about htc but a different model12:08
lesshasteI have to restart X to fix it each time12:08
boumahow can i get some help in repairing my 9.04 ext4 failure ??12:08
teknet29Why doesn't this service just start upon loading of the appropriate drivers with the -nat command to iptables? That is still puzzling me. ON BSD, either it works because it can, or it doesn't because the kernel module is not installed.12:08
iFuzoIn reagards to the person who asked about Mac, Do you want a dual-boot or use your whole partion?12:08
onexusedlesshaste: I know in gnome, you can set a window to stay on top.  If you right-click on the title bar, is "always on top" checked?12:08
ubuntu__onexused, yes, i can reinstall mac os later i guess12:09
ubuntu__onexused, i just dont like macos its too commercial with codecs for example and quicktime12:09
boumais there a tool to repair ext412:09
boumaor to let me mount ext4 from 8.10 ??12:09
causasuijgomez2: You still having problems with DVDs?12:09
jribbouma: fsck?12:09
lesshasteonexused, it isn't but it isn't actually on top when this happens..12:09
done365bazhang: http://www.synce.org/moin/SynceInstallation/Ubuntu/ModernDevice , http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=136257&page=15 , the first is the official of synce and the other seemed to deal closely with my problem, but not exactly12:09
jgomez2causasui: yes i am12:10
lesshasteonexused, as an example the mouse stays in the shape for typing in a terminal and doesn't become a pointer12:10
causasuijgomez2: Did you install the ubuntu-restricted-extras package?12:10
onexusedlesshaste: Okay.  I guess I don't have a solution for you then.  Sorry.12:10
iFuzoUbuntu__: Try inserting your disk than selecting the boot menu and run the installion for ubuntu. And choose the Mac OS partion to install it on. This way it will overwrite it12:10
onexusedubuntu__: If you don't want MacOS at all, it's easy to overwrite it.  If you want to dual-boot Ubuntu and MacOSX, you should be able to do that, too.12:11
jgomez2causasui: yes12:11
onexusedubuntu__: What iFuzo said.12:11
causasuijgomez2: What are you using to play DVDs? Also, are you sure the drive isn't physically failing and that the DVDs are not corrupted?12:11
Ravahanonexused: Well, now I learned something from that at least.  But nogo on starting the app.  "fixme:exec:SHELL_execute flags ignored: 0x00000500" when I try to run the game's exe file.12:11
bazhangdone365, did you use the experimental kde4 PPA? that seems to be the source of the packages conflict if so12:12
jgomez2causasui: is there a way i can check if the drive is physically failing and i am sure the dvds are not corrupted they work in my xbox12:12
ubuntu__iFuzo, i'm in xchat using the livecd right now12:12
ubuntu__iFuzo, only thing that i might be missing is future firmware updates12:12
causasuijgomez2: I don't know of any good way except to put another drive in the machine or take that one out and put it in another machine. PM me and I'll see if I can help other than that12:12
onexusedRavahan: And nothing happens at all, after that?  It may be that you'll have to install it with wine so you -can- get the dlls you were talking about, then : \12:12
iFuzoUbuntu__: You can run them at a later date after the installiation12:13
done365bazhang: no I didn't have that spec app installed,  uninstalled any related apps first12:13
boumajrib: well fsck gives me many opportunities to say <y> but im afraid i will damage it further. can i mount it ro from this 8.10 system and copy the files across. can i get a kernel module that will let me mount ext4 ?12:13
danbhfivejgomez2: dmesg may report errors if the drive was bad12:13
RavahanOnexused: Yeah, I'm going to try it and see if it'll load this installer.  I've hot had any luck with installers at all so far (which is how I ended up with WineTricks) for windows apps.12:13
ubuntu__iFuzo, the firmware updates? i need macos to run them?12:14
jribbouma: I don't know.  I would use a jaunty live cd12:14
onexusedHow do I get apt to use a server I set in synaptic instead of the default server?  When I run apt-cache for a file I want to update, I see the same number beside the server I set and the default one, with the default on top.12:14
RavahanOnexused: I'm pretty sure I saw Daemon Tools in synaptic, so I'm gonna load up my disk rip in that and do a fresh install wherever Wine wants it-- assuming it works.12:14
iFuzoOhh, Well you can run them at a later date anyway?12:14
RavahanOnexused: Back in a bit, I'll let you know whether or not it works.12:15
onexusedRavahan: You shouldn't need daemon tools to mount isos in Linux.  Just use "mount" : )12:15
RavahanOnexused: Oh that's so freaking awesome12:15
onexusedRavahan: "mount -o loop isofile mountpoint" You probably need to run it as root, though.  "sudo mount..."12:16
Ravahanonexused: Alright.  I'll need to snag it off my network first.12:17
bazhangdone365, when you try to install the main synCE tools, what error do you get (from the synce forums link)12:18
natschilI am trying to use host networking in ubuntu with virtualbox with wlan, and the tutorial I am using tells me to use VBoxTunctl, but there is not such command....any suggestions as to where I could find it?12:18
deanygmount-iso is a gui for mount -o loop too, if you want one12:18
padyHi , I am installing hunspell and while givenig make install it is giving error12:19
padymake: *** No rule to make target `install'.  Stop.12:19
mzzpady: err, why not just apt-get install it?12:19
giorgoshello, what is the best free hosting control panel?12:20
RavahanOnexused: Do I need to specify a mountpoint?  Thought I'd ask before I hit enter12:20
oDeskhello, i'm stuck with "Agere Systems HDA modem" want's to get it working, i followed "scanModem" ModemData and it's not seems to work , my modem PC ID is "8086:27d8" any help will be much appreciated12:20
Balahi everyone12:20
padyno I have to configure that hunspell with  ./configure --libdir=/usr/lib/12:20
Ravahandeany: Cool, thanks!12:20
iFuzopady: apt-get install hunspell12:20
padyso I have to install that package using this method12:20
onexusedRavahan: Yes12:20
mzzpady: why? What's wrong with the system hunspell?12:20
danbhfivegiorgos: maybe ebox12:20
natschilany suggestions as to where i could find VBoxTunclt, or a simple guide to get virtualbox host networking with ubuntu?12:21
Balahow to increse headphone volume.. all volumes r 100% still headphone volume low help me12:21
done365 this is the output:sudo apt-get install synce-hal librra-tools librapi2-tools12:21
done365Reading package lists... Done12:21
done365Building dependency tree12:21
done365Reading state information... Done12:21
done365librra-tools is already the newest version.12:21
FloodBot2done365: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.12:21
done365librapi2-tools is already the newest version.12:21
silverraindogteknet29: did it work ?12:21
bazhangpady, its in the repos no need to compile12:21
RavahanOnexused: Er... What should I use?12:21
Balahow to increse headphone volume.. all volumes r 100% still headphone volume low help me out plz12:21
RavahanOnexused: I've only really done iso mounting through a GUI12:21
padyBut my application is not giving proper o/p with system hunspell12:22
padyso I have to do it by source12:22
mzzRavahan: pick your favorite mountpoint. /mnt may work.12:22
oDeskwhere to find the device manager into Jaunty?12:22
onexusedRavahan: You could use the same mountpoint discs in your drive automatically mount to.  I'm not sure what that is, mine's custom set to /media/sr0.  Or you could just make a folder on your desktop and mount to that.12:22
RavahanMzz: Alright, lets give that a whirl12:22
done365bazhang: only an unauthenticated install msg, but i install anyway12:23
iFuzooDesk: System > Admin > System Monitor12:23
mzzpady: I don't understand "o/p"12:23
Balahey anyone help me plz12:23
frogzoo1Bala: you need to enable the onboard amplifier12:23
padymzz, output12:23
RavahanOnexused: I'm still getting used to how Linux works, and this is all really odd to me lol.  Thanks for your patience.12:23
Balafrogzool: how to enable whr is that?12:23
mzzBala: I don't know what's wrong, unless it's either a hardware limitation or you don't have all volume control sliders visible (check the volume control app's preferences)12:23
bazhangdone365, so you get them installed, what does synce-pls return12:23
mzzpady: I doubt installing hunspell by hand, and even if it does installing it to /usr/lib is a sufficiently bad idea that I won't help you with it12:24
oDeskiFuzo: can't see any devices listed there, just the H.D. partitions and system processes12:24
Nehyx!hi | makaveli12:25
Balamzz: hearing ful sound on vista.. but ubuntu :(12:25
done365bazhang: synce-pls ** Message: Hal reports no devices connected ** Message: Odccm is not running, ignoring synce-pls: Could not find configuration at path '(Default)12:25
bazhangdone365, and this is with it connected?12:25
mzzBala: see previous answer12:25
Nehyx... I have a question, how can I use bluetooth in ubuntu 9.04?12:25
done365bazhang: yes sir/ma'am12:26
iFuzooDesk: Sorry, I didnt read your question properly. Try System>Preferences>Hardware Information12:26
Balamzz: i checked all volumes r high but i did this command on terminal shown headphone volume is 00 alsamixer -D hw:012:26
mzzBala: see two answers back12:26
Balamzz: i can't understan12:27
oDeskiFuzo:  i don't have the "Hardware information" option, how to install it or make it appear ?12:27
mzzBala: hit the "preferences" button in the "volume control" window. You may have some interesting controls hidden.12:27
djnomadanyone here that can help me find my other hard drive in thunar ?12:27
done365bazhang: dmesg shows it connected without all the ttyusb business12:27
NehyxIt's possible use bluetooth in ubuntu 9.04? I don't know why, but it doesn't work12:28
bazhangdone365, doing a websearch now12:28
iFuzooDesk: What are you exactly trying to do?12:28
Balamzz: yeah shown 7 lists12:28
NehyxEugenio_: ubottu isn't here or it doesn't work12:28
oDeskiFuzo: i found package called "hardinfo" seems it's the goal12:28
Balamzz which one i should apply?12:28
onexused1djnomad: What's the output of "mount | grep sdb" ?12:28
Eugenio_what server?12:29
mzzBala: I don't know12:29
Balamzz: alsamixer -D hw:012:29
iFuzoOr you can try "apt-get install gnome-device-manager" which is a dedicated device12:29
djnomadonexused,  do i put that in terminal? sorry i'm lil slow lol12:29
iFuzooDesk: Look at the above12:29
Balaifuzo: me?12:30
iFuzoBala: No, oDesk12:30
=== onexused1 is now known as onexused
Sergiu24hi. I have ubuntu 8.04 LTS and i get this error: E: Internal Error, Could not perform immediate configuration (1) on findutils12:30
iFuzoBala: What do you need help with?12:30
Balamzz: alsamixer -D hw:0 what is that command shown?12:30
gnu-dioI'm seriously considering installing 9.10a2 to one of my machines. I've never tried an Ubuntu Alpha release before. My question: Historically, have the Alpha builds upgraded seemlessly into the release build when the release happens?12:30
Balaifuzo: hearing sound low on headphone for me12:31
onexuseddjnomad: Yes.  It might be more helpful to pastebin the output of just "mount" (no quotes)12:31
Flannelgnu-dio: They do, yes.  They're just not necessarily stable during testing.  Ask further questions in #ubuntu+1 (including the current state of the release)12:31
djnomadonexused, it did nothing but skip to next line12:31
Leoneofi used UnBootin, in case to install Ubuntu via ISO, because i don't have DVD drive, nor USB12:31
jkpdoes anyone know of a way to "broadcast" or redirect the output of a terminal session to another terminal that someone could hook into from a different account?12:32
onexuseddjnomad: for the original command, you mean?  Will you pastebin the output of "mount" (no quotes), please?12:32
Leoneofoops UnetBootin*12:32
jribjkp: you can do it with screen...12:32
bazhangdone365, there are a couple of forum threads about syncing the htc touch pro, but so far the modul does not seem to be syncable with linux/ubuntu at this point in time12:32
jkpjrib: i know i can let someone hook in with screen -x12:32
Balaifuzo: any idea?12:32
jribjkp: ok12:33
jkpbut i want a different user to connect to the session12:33
jribjkp: you can do it with screen...12:33
Leoneof i got Linux shell, how to install Ubutunt?12:33
jkpjrib: do you know how?12:33
oDeskiFuzo: thank you, it works12:33
djnomadonexused, so just terminal the mount alone ?12:33
iFuzoBala: Try merging your front volume control with your headphones12:33
iFuzooDesk: No problem12:33
gnu-dioFlannel: thanks. that's the answer I wanted. I've got no problems dealing with instability on this machine, I just didn't want to reinstall on release day.12:33
jribjkp: it requires setting something suid and setting some screen option, I would have to look it up.  poke me if you can't find it12:33
=== imlad is now known as imlad-away
jrib!away > imlad-away12:34
jkpjrib: suid sounds dodgy :/12:34
jribjkp: yeah12:34
jkpi supposes i could rediect my output to a text file the person could read12:34
Balaifuzo: i did everything12:34
iFuzoBala: And your sure its not your headphones?12:34
Balaifuzo: sorry?12:35
paddy_melontitan, u on, on a new nickname?12:35
done365bazhang: they have the same hardware and software save for their sim card compatability, are you basing your observation from the lack of forum threads or do you have some other reason to belief it shouldn't work ie: specific thread saying so??12:35
iFuzoBala: Are your headphones working12:35
mzzBala: see earlier comments about enabling relevant tracks in volume control12:36
onexuseddjnomad: Okay, none of the partitions on your other hard drive are mounted right now.  Try mounting one "mkdir ~/foo && sudo mount /dev/sdb1 ~/foo"12:36
Balaifuzo: yeah working12:36
Sergiu24hi. I have ubuntu 8.04 LTS and i get this error: E: Internal Error, Could not perform immediate configuration (1) on findutils12:36
bazhangdone365, you are welcome to try the htc touch threads, a number of Linux and Ubuntuforums threads report no success wrt mogul. sorry not to be of more assistance12:36
Balamzz: i'm newbie so .............12:36
lesloHello all!12:37
EruditeHermithi, how do you make update-grub see kernels on other partitions?12:37
done365bazhang: I beg to differ, another head shaking no is confirmation that I'm not just ignorant!12:37
bony1which is the best search engine other than google?12:37
jribEruditeHermit: you mean for other distros on a different partition?12:38
jrib!ot | bony112:38
jkpjrib: bash -i |& tee somefile12:38
ubottubony1: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!12:38
lesloWith regards to Ubuntu's Validated Hardware list <http://webapps.ubuntu.com/certificat...ategory=Server>, I'm hoping someone can enlighten me as to why the sixth generation Hewlett Packard Proliant DL360 and DL380 servers are specified as being a PC (x86) architecture and not 64-bit PC (x86_64), like their predecessors the G5.12:38
bony1that gives unbiased results12:38
onexuseddjnomad: If that works, you should be able to access the files on the first partition of your second hard drive be looking in /home/dj/foo .  (if you reboot, it'll go away, though.)12:38
EruditeHermitjrib: I have another ubuntu install on a separate partition12:38
leslo#ubuntu-server is dead at the moment and I would like an answer before we unbox...12:38
jribleslo: you should contact canonical12:39
djnomadthat worked onexused  thanks12:39
djnomadonexused,  will I have to do that every boot ?12:39
EruditeHermitjrib: when I first installed that partition it detected both, but I wanted my first install to be in control of the boot loader12:39
onexuseddjnomad: You can set it to mount somewhere automatically.12:40
jribEruditeHermit: it's probably easier to just chainload12:40
djnomadthats in fstab ?12:40
onexuseddjnomad: Either there, or somewhere else.  Most people mount things in /mnt or /media, so you might want to tell it to mount there.12:40
iFuzoBala: Has your mic got a volume control on it?12:40
onexuseddjnomad: Yes.12:40
EruditeHermitjrib: but grub is capable of detecting the other partition isn't it?12:40
leslo@jrib, indeed do you have any advice about how best to do that?12:40
djnomadmedia would be great for me I think12:40
onexuseddjnomad: Sorry, I wasn't clear: /mnt/something or /media/something : )12:41
onexuseddjnomad: cool : )12:41
Balaifuzo: yeah12:41
jribleslo: not really, check the contact details on ubuntu.com or canonical.com.  Eventually you'll probably get pointed to the right place12:41
cheekysorry . iam trying to dissconnect from irssi ... which iam in right now12:41
iFuzoBala: And that is turned up?12:42
leslojrib: thank you, I will.12:42
djnomadonexused,  I dunno what you mean on how to do that but its all cool thanks for help so far,I can copy what you gave me in a notepad and use it that way for now12:42
onexuseddjnomad: Do you want help getting it to mount automatically?12:42
djnomadonexused,  I dont know why but thunar is the only file manager that dont have that mounted12:42
djnomadonexused,  if you got the time I would love it12:42
jribEruditeHermit: sure, but you asked about the "update-grub" script right?12:43
iFuzoBala: Try this solution.12:43
onexusedI'll take it to PM if that's okay with you.12:43
EruditeHermitjrib: well whatever is needed to have it detect both. If its a different script then point me to that12:43
iFuzoBala: Right click the speaker icon on the gnome panel and open "Volume Control"12:43
djnomadI have installed all kinds of forks of ubuntu and xubuntu is my fav except for this prob12:43
jribEruditeHermit: I get the impression you want the menu.lst to be automatically updated when you install a kernel on either install.  That doesn't seem like a trivial thing12:44
Balaifuzo: ok next?12:44
iFuzoBala: If you dont have a speaker icon press Alt+F2 and type gnome-volume-control than click run12:44
djnomadio think pcman file manager worked fine would that be too aweful bad to put on xubuntu ?12:44
frogzoo1Bala: installing gnome-alsamixer might help your problem12:45
Balaifuzo: already installed alsamixer12:45
iFuzoBala: I didnt say that lol. Did you try what I said?12:45
jribEruditeHermit: what's wrong with chainloading?12:45
EruditeHermitjrib: what happened is this. I have my daily install which I installed first. I then installed a test install. That rewrote the bootloader and started booting that partition automatically and took control. I reinstalled grub using my original partition. Now grub doesn't see the test partition kernels. I want it to detect that it exists. Is that possible?12:45
Balaifuzo: :-) coooooool12:46
onexuseddjnomad: If you install it with apt-get or synaptic, it ought to install everything it needs to run.12:46
iFuzoBala: Did it work?12:46
voidmageis there a firefox addon like keyconfig that works in 3.5? I'm looking for something to suppress ctrl+q12:46
jribEruditeHermit: yes, setup chainloading for that other install12:46
onexuseddjnomad: It might be hard to get ubuntu to use pcman instead of thunar by default, though12:46
voidmage(and keyconfig worked in 3.0 but hasn't been updated yet)12:46
Balaifuzo: shown volume control12:46
Balaifuzo: nxt12:46
EruditeHermitjrib: is there a script to do that or do I have to manually edit menu.lst?12:46
onexuseddjnomad: Say something to me in PM, please?  My IRC client's weird and I sometimes can't just /msg people.12:47
iFuzoBala: Click Preferences and make sure all the mic related settings and ticked12:47
iFuzoBala: Than you can close it12:47
jribEruditeHermit: just edit menu.lst and add: title Test Ubuntu; root (hd0,1); chainload +1;             where ; are newlines and you update root to the right partition12:47
=== ashley_ is now known as smellynoser
Cyr4xdoes anyone use smartcam?12:47
Cyr4xi need some help12:48
smellynoserHi - When I run a command I don't have it calls a python script to see if it's something I can install doesn't it?12:48
jribsmellynoser: command-not-found12:48
jrib!anyone | Cyr4x12:48
ubottuCyr4x: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?12:48
leslojrib: thanks again for the advice. although all canonical.com and ubuntu.com had to offer was a sales enquiry from, which I completed and sent off.12:48
Balaifuzo:microphone, front mic, mic boost, everything now ticked12:48
leslojrib: I also posted to the forums yesterday <http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1219090>12:49
iFuzoBala: Now try12:49
kripzWhy is my JFS raid5 always entering read only mode? Im getting errors in dmesg but i dont know what is causing it. Ive run samsung diagnostic tools on all the harddrives and smarmontools, they all pass. Tested ram with memtest, passed. Heres log: http://pastebin.com/m2f62fbf012:49
Cyr4xthe real one is i've got a problem with smartcam 1.412:49
smellynoserWhere is command not found located? whereis can't find it12:50
Balaifuzo: stii :-(12:50
jribsmellynoser: why?12:50
smellynoserjrib: I want to run my script if a command isn't found12:50
jribCyr4x: it's impossible for someone to help you with that just information.12:50
RavahanOnexused: Installer froze.  I have error "err:ntdll:RtlpWaitForCriticalSection section 0x110048 "heap.c: main process heap section" wait timed out in thread 001b, blocked by 0009, retrying (60 sec)"12:50
iFuzoBala: Hmm12:51
EruditeHermitjrib: ok thanks12:51
onexusedRavahan: That's too bad.  I don't have much experience telling what wine errors mean, unfortunately.12:52
RavahanOnexused: That's totally fine, I learned a lot from this anyway12:52
jribsmellynoser: dpkg -L command-not-found | grep bash12:52
RavahanOnexused: Maybe this should be common sense, but how could I completely remove wine and winetricks and all their components to do a fresh installation?12:53
onexusedRavahan: All your wine settings and everything installed with it are in /home/Ravahan/.wine by default.  The .wine folder may be hidden.12:54
Balaifuzo: cool it's ok how to play nfs most wanted12:54
RavahanSo uninstall via add/remove or Synaptic and then delete .wine?12:54
iFuzoBala: Install Wine12:54
RavahanOnexused: Sorry,  So uninstall via add/remove or Synaptic and then delete .wine?12:54
frogzoo1Ravahan: dpkg --purge wine12:55
iFuzoBala: apt-get install wine12:55
iFuzoThan you can run windows applications12:55
Balaifuzo:installed wine direct x ?12:55
onexusedRavahan: You don't need to uninstall wine if you jsut want to get rid of winetricks, the settings, the things you installed with it.12:55
iFuzoNo. Just go to terminal and type in "apt-get install wine"12:56
iFuzoBala: Above and less the quotes12:56
RavahaniFuzo: I do have Wine, but its giving me installer hangups.12:56
RavahanBala: Yes, via WineTricks12:57
Ravahanfrogzoo1: what's the dpkg command do?12:57
Balaravahan: hmmm ok12:57
ShrimPso what all are we aload to talk about here?12:58
Balaok brb everyone :)12:58
Ravahanonexused: Do you think uninstalling WineTricks will fix Wine?12:58
smellynoserI want to run ssh from python and have the input/output work correctly. How would I do that? so, the python gets run, runs SSH, then my input goes to SSH?12:58
ShrimPain't no op's here?12:59
Slartsmellynoser: sounds like a question for ##python , I have no idea12:59
ShrimPeveryone hiding?12:59
iFuzoRavahan: Wat are you trying to do?12:59
grawityShrimP: Do you really need one?12:59
onexusedRavahan: I really have no idea if winetricks is causing the problem you're having installing FFXI.12:59
SlartShrimP: sure there are.. they are hiding most of the time though12:59
smellynoserSlart: Hmm, I was supposed to be in python :P12:59
Slartsmellynoser: =)12:59
Slart!ubuntu | ShrimP12:59
ShrimPso who gonna answer my simple question then?12:59
ubottuShrimP: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com12:59
RavahaniFuzo: I'm trying to install a few windows apps.  Specificly, I've tried installing Ultima Online and FFXI, and some things google said I should install to get Wine to work with those13:00
SlartShrimP: what was the question?13:00
RavahaniFuzo: and honestly I'm not sure what all I've tried, but anything that loads the installer shield won't work13:00
ShrimPso what all are we aload to talk about here?13:00
iFuzoRavahan: Which is correct.13:00
SlartShrimP: ubuntu end user support13:00
SlartShrimP: there is #ubuntu-offtopic for everything else13:00
iFuzoRavahan: And you get what error?13:00
ShrimPwre does it say that?13:01
ShrimPwere does it say that?13:01
iFuzoRavahan: If its to do with runtime errors your going to need winetricks13:01
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!13:01
RavahaniFuzo: Well, the current thing I have up is ffxi so here's the hangup error I got from that...13:01
RavahaniFuzo:  err:ntdll:RtlpWaitForCriticalSection section 0x110048 "heap.c: main process heap section" wait timed out in thread 001b, blocked by 0009, retrying (60 sec)13:01
RavahaniFuzo: I do have winetricks, but the Runtime 2k installation won't finish because it hangs up in stupid installer shield13:02
ShrimPso everyone wants tobe a big man but nobody can answer a simple question?13:02
Gattohola !!!13:02
RavahaniFuzo: Nothing at all that uses installer shield will install13:02
grawityShrimP: Did you ask a question?13:02
ShrimPyes i did?13:03
SlartShrimP: my answer wasn't good enough?13:03
iFuzoRavahan: If its to do with runtime and the installer shield cant detect/install try inserting them yourself?13:03
qwyethqwertyuiopadsflj 12345678913:03
qwyethoops ^_^13:03
qwyethtesting out a new keyboard and didn't mean to press enter :D13:03
jrib!ot | ShrimP13:04
ubottuShrimP: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!13:04
RavahaniFuzo: What can I specificly do to get installer shield functioning?13:04
RavahaniFuzo: Is there something I should've installed via WineTricks to whip that into shape?13:04
Gattonecesito enlacace a ubuntu-es por favor !!!13:04
jribGatto: "enlacace" = ?13:04
iFuzohttp://appdb.winehq.org/appview.php?iVersionId=2739 >> Complete tutorial on how to install it13:05
Gattojrib buen dia !!!... quiero entrar a ubuntu-es13:05
iFuzoRavahan: http://appdb.winehq.org/appview.php?iVersionId=2739 >> Complete tutorial on how to install it13:05
RavahaniFuzo: Yes, I have that up.  Installer shield isn't working, so I get a hangup13:05
RavahaniFuzo: and the error I previously posted13:05
jribGatto: /join #ubuntu-es13:06
RavahaniFuzo: In short, my problem is with Wine running installer shield13:06
iFuzoRavahan: Tbh, I have no clue. Sorry mate13:06
RavahaniFuzo: That's fine, I appreciate the attempt13:06
ShrimPreading the 'https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines' could you pleaze explain a " large texts" is?13:07
ShrimPmore than 2 lines?13:07
ShrimPmore than 3 lines?13:07
RavahanWell, I'm going to go get ready for work.  I'll mess with this later.  Thanks Onexused and iFuzo!13:07
jribShrimP: more than 2 lines13:07
melaniacome faccio a scaricare san valentino di sangue?13:08
Pici!it | melania13:08
ubottumelania: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)13:08
painted1i love ubuntu!13:08
painted1i hear other distros are faster tho13:09
painted1is that trueeee13:09
extorI heard gentoo is fastest13:09
ShrimPthey got better help channel13:09
extoryeah gentoo has the best wikis in existence13:09
ShrimPnot much help here13:09
iFuzoExtor: Linux in general is fast13:09
extorintelligent people stick with gentoo :(13:09
iFuzoor slackware xD13:10
Piciextor: Do you actually have an Ubuntu support question? Or are you just going to continue with those comments?13:10
painted1or arch linux?13:10
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!13:10
painted1dunno, even windows runs fast on my computer13:10
Balahey asking direct x.. installation cancelled on most wanted13:10
painted1i can't even notice difference between windows and ubuntu13:10
ShrimPall they do is make all these brilant statements that really mean nothing13:10
Evetwhich package i need to use desktop, on 8.04 eee netbook edition13:11
ShrimPbetter hush painted1, you're getting off topic and will get band13:11
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air7411Dr0p PriCe Dr0p PriCe Dr0p PriCe Dr0p PriCe Dr0p PriCe Dr0p PriCe Dr0p PriCe Dr0p PriCe Dr0p PriCe Dr0p PriCe Dr0p PriCe Dr0p PriCe Dr0p PriCe13:11
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FloodBot2air7411: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.13:11
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air7411Dr0p PriCe Dr0p PriCe Dr0p PriCe Dr0p PriCe Dr0p PriCe Dr0p PriCe Dr0p PriCe Dr0p PriCe Dr0p PriCe Dr0p PriCe Dr0p PriCe Dr0p PriCe Dr0p PriCe13:11
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melaniahow i can download film?13:11
alutzacan anyone help? apparently sound stopped working in flash all of a sudden, ive upgraded yesterday to 9.04 and it was working perfectly13:12
onexusedSeriously?  Why would anyone flood like that?13:12
Balaifuzo: most wanted require direct x13:12
ShrimPoops. another op out of hiding13:12
grawityonexused: They probably thought it's #windows13:12
air8362Dr0p PriCe Dr0p PriCe Dr0p PriCe Dr0p PriCe Dr0p PriCe Dr0p PriCe Dr0p PriCe Dr0p PriCe Dr0p PriCe Dr0p PriCe Dr0p PriCe Dr0p PriCe Dr0p PriCe13:13
Evetwhich package i need to use desktop, on 8.04 eee netbook edition13:13
air8362Dr0p PriCe Dr0p PriCe Dr0p PriCe Dr0p PriCe Dr0p PriCe Dr0p PriCe Dr0p PriCe Dr0p PriCe Dr0p PriCe Dr0p PriCe Dr0p PriCe Dr0p PriCe Dr0p PriCe13:13
onexusedgrawity: Ha ha : )13:13
ShrimPthere is a "AppealProcess"?13:13
Evetlol, Graviton13:13
Balaair8362 u suck don't flood here :@13:13
iFuzoIm off guys13:14
grawity...learn to tab-complete my nick for once.13:14
haanujhey everyone....13:14
Evetokay, gakkun13:14
iFuzoBala: Yes?13:14
haanuji have a  problem with sudo apt-get update13:14
melaniacan anyone help?13:14
Balaifuzo: i can't install nfs.. it asked direct x13:14
ShrimPuse emerge, it's better13:14
jribmelania: ask a question13:14
Balamelania: tel me what help u need?13:15
grawityShrimP: Um, emerge is in Gentoo, not Ubuntu.13:15
melaniahow i can download something?13:15
glitsj16melania: http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Jaunty#Filesharing_.2F_P2P has a few applications you might want to check for downloading film13:15
Evetwget url13:15
grawityShrimP: And #gentoo is that way -->13:15
jribmelania: right click in your browser -> save target as13:15
onexused"save file as" in firefox?13:15
jribShrimP: please stay on-topic13:16
haanujW: Duplicate sources.list entry http://archive.ubuntu.com karmic/universe Packages (/var/lib/apt/lists/archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_karmic_universe_binary-i386_Packages)13:16
haanujW: You may want to run apt-get update to correct these problems13:16
ShrimPhiding again13:16
Evetwhich package i need to use desktop, on 8.04 eee netbook edition13:16
jrib!karmic | haanuj13:16
Picihaanuj: #ubuntu+1 for karmic please.13:16
haanujthanx dude13:17
frogzoo1are koalas good karma, or bad karma?13:17
iFuzoBala: Look at the priv convo13:17
ShrimPso what all are we aload to talk about here?13:19
onexusedEven though I changed the setting in synaptic to use a certain server for