AdamDVUbuntu one <300:01
bob6768@verterock: i can't PiING localhost, that's the problem for the autentification!00:13
verterokbob6768: oooh!00:13
verterokbob6768: why you can't ping localhost is the *big* question00:14
bob6768isn't a fault of router?00:15
AdamDVThats a pretty big issue.00:15
AdamDVlocalhost is your local computer.00:15
AdamDVIf its on, even if your network cable is unplugged, you should still be able to ping it.00:15
bob6768i'm on wireless00:15
AdamDVNetwork cable/wireless connection00:16
AdamDVWell, thats bad.00:18
verterokbob6768: what's the output of ifconfig?00:20
verterokbob6768: hm, you don't have the loopback interface00:21
verterokbob6768: check the contents of /etc/network/interfaces00:22
verterokbob6768: it should have: auto lo00:22
verterokiface lo inet loopback00:22
verterokthose two lines ^00:22
verterokbob6768: also the eth0 and wlan000:22
verterokbob6768: adding those two lines and doing: 'sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart' should do the trick00:23
bob6768auto wlan000:23
bob6768iface wlan0 inet dhcp00:23
bob6768wireless-essid DLINK_WIRELESS00:23
bob6768wireless-channel 600:23
bob6768wireless-mode managed00:23
bob6768thst's the content of interfaces00:24
verterokbob6768: add the two lines to configure the loopback interface:00:25
verterokauto lo00:25
verterokiface lo inet loopback00:25
verterokbob6768: ^00:25
bob6768100% packet loss00:30
verterokbob6768: did you restarted networking?00:31
verterokbob6768: sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart00:32
verterokbob6768: sudo ifconfig lo up00:33
bob67685 packets transmitted, 5 received, 0% packet loss, time 4004ms00:33
verterokbob6768: great!00:34
bob6768u are my hero!!!!!!00:34
bob6768can u explane me what did u tell me to do,pleese?00:36
bob6768or do u  prefere i learn googleing?00:38
verterokbob6768: we just configured the loopback interface,00:38
verterokbob6768: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loopback ;)00:38
bob6768thanks bro!00:44
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CardinalFangHrm, how does one get chan-op permissions?13:57
rmcbrideit won't let you set topic?14:14
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CardinalFangIt will. The topic-protection bit is unnecessary here.  If we had several hundred idiots in here, we would need it.14:15
rmcbrideit doesn't apply to chan-ops anyhow apparently14:15
rmcbrideI'm ashamed to say I actually had to look at my mode list doc to remember what you were trying to do14:16
rmcbrideHaven't done channel modes since I was on undernet in the quake2 channel14:17
CardinalFangThey vary by server, IIRC.14:17
CardinalFangDo not feel bad.14:17
rmcbridewell there are some like t that are RFC'd but others that are net specific14:18
CardinalFangpfibiger: I pushed my replace-paste-with-spawning branch to launchpad, if'n you want to test it.14:54
dobeyverterok: you need libjson-glib-dev and libsoup2.4-dev14:58
rodrigo_verterok: and libsoup-gnome2.4-dev15:00
dobeywtf is that?15:00
* verterok wonders why all this name mismatch :(15:01
verterokrodrigo_, dobey: ok thanks!15:01
dobeyverterok: binary package names != source project names15:01
verterokrodrigo_, dobey: would be possible to include all those deps in the developer dependencies metapackage?15:01
dobeyverterok: i don't think it makes sense15:01
rodrigo_verterok: yes, I guess so15:01
verterokdobey: why? we need those packages for do reviews15:02
vdsisn't it "me" time?15:02
rodrigo_dobey: well, people are having lots of dependency problems to test building the C stuff15:02
* verterok hugs rodrigo_ 15:02
rodrigo_verterok: :D15:02
statikapt-get build-dep is the right way to manage build deps15:03
dobeyverterok: because our dependencies metapackage crack is for the server stuff. it doesn't make sense to have dependencies installed on the server, that are for the desktop only15:03
dobeystatik: except that only works for things that have source packages in your apt sources15:03
rodrigo_statik: but does that work on a source tarball?15:03
verterokdobey: the ubunet-developer-depedendencies is for the server?15:03
statikverterok: yeah, currently15:03
verterokstatik: ok15:04
rodrigo_ah, then, verterok: unhug me then :)15:04
statikrodrigo_, no, you need a source package but i thought we had source packages for everything15:04
rodrigo_statik: well, we have for previous versions of the code15:05
dobeystatik: it doesn't help if for example the branch being reviewed introduces a new dependency15:05
dobeyand our magical deps metapackage isn't useful for distributions that aren't ubuntu15:05
statiktrue, true15:06
statikoh hey, we're late for the meeting15:06
statikif you're here for the ubuntu one dev meeting, please say me15:06
statikjblount and aquarius won't be here15:07
statiklets get started, CardinalFang15:07
CardinalFangDONE: got spawning ready to test+review.  Pushed to personal branch on lp.15:08
CardinalFangTODO: Face duty today.  Get tests+reviews of Spawning server.15:08
CardinalFangBLOCKED: None15:08
CardinalFangurbanapé, allons!15:08
urbanapeDONE: Spent more time thinking on the reuse of the details javascript module. I've identified points that can be extracted and reused for the lightbox popups.15:08
urbanapeTODO: Get it working, committed, and pushed.15:08
urbanapeBLOCK: None15:08
urbanapedobey: all you15:08
dobeyDONE: Bugged Ivanka/Ted about FUSA integration, Hannibal duties, Small fixes for desktopcouch, 0.91.0 release/packaging/karmic request15:08
dobeyTODO: Speed hacks for Karmic (#400746), #37870715:08
dobeyBLCK: None.15:09
dobeyrodrigo_: y tu15:09
rodrigo_DONE: fixed a couple issues in set-descriptions branch of evo-couchdb. Started writing a test suite for couchdb-glib so people can 'make test' when reviewing. Started adding support for per-user couchdb instance to evo-couchdb15:10
rodrigo_TODO: continue work in DONE, and debug tomboy syncing with sandy and statik15:10
rodrigo_BLOCKED: none15:10
rodrigo_vds: go15:10
vdsDONE: still fighting with ds-server weirdness, one branch approved, the other one waiting for a solution about how to link it in the sourcecode folder15:10
vdsTODO: find a solution to the above mentioned problem15:10
vdsBLOCKED: not really15:10
vdsstatik: your turn15:10
statikDONE: Away yesterday.15:10
statikTODO: publish desktop-contacts python module. Make an ubuntu package for lp:bindwood. Work with Rodrigo on Tomboy sync.15:10
statikBLCK: None.15:10
statikthats a meeting, thanks everyone!15:11
statikMEETING ENDS15:11
teknicoDONE: reviews, tried three different approaches for testing scripts15:11
teknicoTODO: more reviews, complete the third testing scripts approach15:11
teknicoBLOCKED: none15:11
tekniconext: noone15:11
statikteknico, thanks!15:11
teknicojust in time ;-)15:11
rodrigo_statik: so, whenever you're ready, can we go to #tomboy at gimpnet and try debugging with sandy?15:11
statikrodrigo_, i need 10 minutes for a call with vds then i'll be ready15:11
rodrigo_statik: ok, will ping sandy in the meantime15:11
rodrigo_statik: he seems to be out for now, so just take your time, will ping you when he's back15:13
dobeyrodrigo_: isn't he in california or utah or something? :)15:45
rodrigo_dobey: not sure where he lives, but yeah, in the US15:45
rodrigo_he told me he'll be back in 1 hour or so15:45
statikurbanape, i can't find you on the sekrit channel16:58
urbanapejust a sec16:58
urbanapelooks like something went buggy around 9;3016:58
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* CardinalFang hugs statik.18:09
statikthat was the most complicated thing i have ever done18:09
CardinalFangThat's why IRC Ops get the big bucks.18:10
* CardinalFang updates to Karmic.18:25
* rmcbride starts updating to Karmic on his main dev box18:44
CardinalFangpfibiger: Is there any trick to running Jaunty on Macbook Pro?18:46
pfibigerCardinalFang: 1) the apple extra ppa that statik knows about18:47
pfibiger2) smc fan control scripts18:47
pfibigerthose are just for making things nicer, though18:47
pfibigerin general it should run fine. depending on the age, there are different wifi drivers that are better/worse18:47
statikit will never work and it will eat your data18:52
CardinalFangWell, I'm making it into a media-center box, so that's okay.18:53
CardinalFangstatik: What's that PPA?18:57
* CardinalFang presses 'y' occasionally to get prod Karmic along. "Ahh, sysadmin day."19:01
CardinalFang(Karmic verdict:  Not too painful.  Nautilus or something wants to display my root partition as a removable/unmountable disc.)19:14
radixhi guys20:12
radixmy ubuntuone currently won't upgrade, and it's been that way for a while20:13
CardinalFangradix, Hiya.  Do you mean the package "ubuntuone"?20:13
radixsorry, "ubuntuone-client"20:14
radixin update-manager it's unchecked and I can't check it20:14
CardinalFangHrm.  That could mean there's a dependency unsatisfied.  Hmm...20:15
radixhm, lemme try an explicit apt-get20:15
radixoh yeah, it wants to do some changes when I do that20:15
radixI guess it's because it wants to remove a package that it won't allow me to upgrade: ubuntuone-storage-protocol20:15
CardinalFangRemove "ubuntuone-storage-protocol" for you, radix?20:16
dobeyinteresting that it won't just upgrade correctly via update-manager20:16
radixyeah, update-manager refuses because apparently the upgrading of this package requires removing a package (at a guess)20:16
radixthe package that it wants to remove is ubuntuone-storage-protocol20:16
CardinalFangRight.  I think in the Debian world, that is okay if it starts with "lib-".20:17
dobeybecause it renamed20:17
dobeyCardinalFang: it should be ok anyway, unless it causes other packages to break20:17
CardinalFangHmm, perhaps we have a depends/conflicts change to make.20:17
dobeynot afaik20:18
radixok, so I can just upgrade with apt, I just thought I'd let you guys know that update-manager won't upgrade it automatically20:18
CardinalFangThank you, r.20:18
* CardinalFang files a bug.20:18
dobeyCardinalFang: there's already a bug i think20:18
dobeyalthough i have no idea what we could do about it20:19
dobey"fix update-manager to not be silly" seems a bit out of scope20:19
CardinalFangIt's a packaging problem.20:19
CardinalFangdobey, I don't see the bug.20:21
dobeyif a simple "apt-get upgrade" succeeds, it's not a packaging problem20:22
dobeyit's an update-manager problem afaict20:22
CardinalFangThe following packages have been kept back:  ubuntuone-client20:23
dobeyCardinalFang: bug #39526220:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 395262 in ubuntuone-client ""ubuntuone-client" shows in the Update Manage window, but it cannot be selected" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39526220:23
radixright, I don't think "apt-get upgrade" would allow that upgrade eihter.20:23
radixso update-manager is matching "upgrade" behavior20:23
dobeybut *why*?20:23
radixprobably because someone believes that removing a package can lead to regressions in a user's environment20:24
radixat a guess20:24
CardinalFangThere's a way.  I think it's a depends&conflicts change.  I haven't been a debian developer in a long while, but I remember something to do with that.20:26
dobeywell we do the depends/conflicts correctly20:27
radixhm. now that I've upgraded, I don't see an Ubuntu One entry in my menu20:28
radixIt's supposed to be in Applications->Internet, right?20:28
CardinalFangradix, It was, yes.  Pribably is, still, supposed to.20:29
radixok, I relogged and it's still not there20:30
dobeyradix: need to install ubuntuone-client-gnome20:30
radixah, okay20:31
radixyeah, I see. since I intsalled the old version I only had ubuntuone-client, but now I see the web site links to the -gnome package.20:31
radixyay, there it is.20:32
statikhey radix how is life in the world of awesome internet engines and interactive fiction and landscaping?20:34
radixstatik: pretty good, but I need more story :)20:35
tillthisfred: in case you're interested, couchdb-qt can do updates just fine now, was quite easy to implement21:22
thisfredtill: cool!21:22
thisfredtill: handling updates by listening to _changes that is, right?21:23
tillOccasionally the connection seems to time out, but I just re-get right away, no problem.21:24
thisfredtill: I saw they've added a new long polling option between streaming and non-streaming, dunno if that's of interest to you21:24
tillI'm using streaming, atm, works fine, apart from the timeout, every few minutes.21:24
thisfredtill: as I understand it, it's supposed to do that21:24
tillI might be able to manipulate that wiht keepalive, or some such.21:24
thisfredtill: you can specify the length of the timeout as an option, if I read that correctly21:25
tillAh? That would be interesting, for my use case I would want infinity, actually.21:25
thisfredtill: I'll have a look through my mail after my upgrade to karmic finishes.21:25
tillNo rush.21:26
tillIt's working fine for me already, I'm concentrating on getting custom fields retained, atm.21:26
thisfredtill: and I'm interested to have a look at the code, and see what I can steal^H^H^H^H^Hlearn21:26
tillthisfred: let me commit then, one sec.21:27
thisfredstuart's #oscon talk was quite the hit in the twidentica-sphere, it seems :)21:27
tillAh, do you have a link to that, by any chance?21:28
thisfredto a video of his talk? not yet, I just saw a lot of buzz. I can look at the oscon page21:28
tillthisfred: svn.kde.org/home/kde/trunk/playground/pim/akonadi/desktop-couch/couchdb-qt21:31
tillthisfred: lib/couchdbqtchangenotifier.cpp is the code in question, a whopping 66 lines, including LGPL copyright header ;)21:32
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thisfredtill: awesome, thanks!21:33
tillthisfred: need to hook in parsing of hte json to remember the last seen change, and such21:33
tillthisfred: that's very easy, though21:33
tillthisfred: in fact, let me add that, sec21:33
BUGabundohey hey21:37
tillOk, done, let's see if it works.21:41
kenvandineCardinalFang, ping21:52
kenvandineCardinalFang, i almost got two boxes paired with desktopcouch... getting a traceback21:53
kenvandineCardinalFang, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/224940/21:54
CardinalFangkenvandine, Hi.22:27
CardinalFangkenvandine, The inter-couchdb authentication isn't worked out fully.  There's nothing for the pairing tool to do until it is.  You reached the last step of the pairing, but it doesn't write to anything yet.22:29
CardinalFangThe exception on end-of-communication, I do know about.  I'll fix it tomorrow, I expect.22:30

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