voxadamI see it mentioned that Upstart is going to support timed and scheduled jobs replacing cron but I don't see any Blueprints/specs for it in Launchpad, on the wiki or in the bugtracker, and the last mention of it on uostart-devel was two years ago. Has this functionality been abandon?02:24
ionThere have been more pressing things to do.02:38
voxadamI can appreciate that. Are timed and scheduled events still planned?03:13
ionYes. Probably not yet for the next major release (0.10), though.03:22
ionUnless Keybuk has other ideas03:22
Keybukion: main piece of work there is the parser09:48
Keybukhey, how goes it?11:44
keesjI am doing alright. Thanks for looking at the ini.conf patch11:50
Keybukkeesj: that's ok, sorry I didn't recognise your e-mail address11:50
Keybukit came through to me as the commit message with your bzr address11:51
* Keybuk has just about finally unburied himself from Launchpad e-mail11:51
Keybuktwo years worth of bugs, commits, merge requests, build logs, etc.11:51
Keybuktip: if you ever become a manager, don't try and hang on to development ;-)11:52
keesjlast time I started put time in upstart I hit the dbus version problem and I didn't want to upgrade the system yet11:52
Keybukkeesj: the 1.2.15 dep?11:52
Keybuk1.2.16 is out now, which fixes a whole bunch of bugs11:52
keesjthe bug you found in dbus and sent a patch to them11:52
keesjyes, but there other components using dbus so I can' easly do it11:56
Keybukoh right, it should be entirely backwards compatible with other things in 1.2.x though11:57
Keybukyou could always build 1.2.16 statically (but not install)11:58
Keybukthen point upstart's build at it, so it'll statically link to it11:58
KeybukI think it's something like12:00
Keybukdbus$ ./configure --disable-shared12:00
Keybukupstart$ ./configure DBUS_CFLAGS="-I../dbus" DBUS_LIBS="../dbus/libdbus.a -lpthread -lrt"12:01
sadmacKeybuk: all the testcases in upstart list the .o files of the code they're testing as libraries and link statically, rather than just listing the .c files as additional sources. What does that accomplish?14:24
Keybuksadmac: doesn't make any difference to the output?14:24
Keybukit does mean you're testing the built .o files, of course14:25
Keybukthough in practice, they'd get re-used anyway14:25
sadmacKeybuk: I'd have to look at the output to make sure. In theory it should be functionally identical14:26
sadmacI don't see what /interesting/ differences you'd get out of that, if any.14:26
Keybukjust style mostly14:26
Keybuk_SOURCES for a test are the test14:26
Keybukunder nih it links the library14:27
sadmacKeybuk: might be nice to have libnih provide some M4 macros around that. Its a bit confusing at times.14:29
KeybukUrban Dictionary14:42
sadmacoh yes14:43
sadmacI have a notoriously monotone friend, and we sometimes have him read UD definitions to us for amusement14:44
mbieblKeybuk: would you mind moving dist_man_MANS = man/nih-dbus-tool.1 inside the if INSTALL_HI endif?17:00
Keybukit's probably a bug that it isn't ;)17:00
Keybukpatch me!17:00
mbiebllp oder directly via email?17:02
* sadmac fixes a small leak in Keybuk17:02
Keybukmbiebl: your preference17:03
KeybukLP means I'm less likely to forget about it17:03
mbieblok then17:03
Keybukshould I vanish before you send it17:03
Keybukmbiebl: how's getting Upstart 0.6 into Debian going?17:09
* Keybuk noticed sid was still on 0.417:09
Keybukerr 0.317:09
mbieblupload today or tomorrow17:10
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Keybukmbiebl: I don't think the extra bit of your patch is necessary17:40
Keybukautomake is smart enough to see dist_* inside an if17:40
Keybukso patch2 will dtrt anyway17:40
mbieblKeybuk: sure?17:42
KeybukI rely on that elsewhere17:42
Keybukm4/Makefile.am for example17:42
mbiebltried it, and it wasn't included17:42
mbiebloh, m4 files have a special meaning17:42
mbieblyou don't need to add them to dist files at all17:43
mbieblthey will end up in the dist tarball in any case17:43
mbieblthe man page won't17:43
Keybukthat seems like a bug17:44
Keybukdist shouldn't change depending on configure options17:44
mbieblwell, that's how it is unfortunately17:44
KeybukDIST_COMMON = $(dist_man_MANS) $(srcdir)/Makefile.am \17:45
Keybuk        $(srcdir)/Makefile.in17:45
Keybukit's included in DIST here17:45
Keybukoh, hah17:46
Keybukbut dist_man_MANS never gets defined17:46
Keybuksilly Automake17:46
Keybukis definitely automake bug ;)17:46
Keybukit's trying to do the right thing, but failing17:46
mbieblthat's why you need the workaround with the variable defined outside of the NIH_INSTALL scope17:47
mbieblKeybuk: dist_man_MANS = $(manpages) and EXTRA_DIST = $(manpages) is doubled19:06
mbiebljust a minor nit though19:06
mbieblKeybuk: still around?21:13

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