voltyhi, the tty console (Ctrl-F1) is not readable, vga=0x317 is ok, is it a font problem? how can I fix it ? maybe you can give me an url at docs ?00:02
Quintasanvolty: what's 0x317 resolution?00:07
skierpageI'm running Kubuntu 9.04 with some additional PPAs.  I'm installing virtualbox-3.0_3.0.2-49928_Ubuntu_jaunty_amd64.deb and it's complaining " Unable to find a precompiled module for the current kernel".00:07
skierpageMy kernel is 2.6.28-11-generic.  What's strange is that somehow I have a bunch of vbox*.ko files, but they are all in /lib/modules/2.6.28-13-server/misc/ (13, not 11).00:08
hocuspocuscan anyone tell me what does man idconfig do ?00:08
Speaker-To-Compuit would show u the manual for idconfig00:09
voltyQuintasan: booh, don't know exactly, forgot it, just works fine when booting with gentoo, going to see00:10
voltyQuintasan: vga=0x317 means 1024x768x1600:11
Quintasanvolty: and what's your desired resolution?00:11
voltyQuintasan: the same00:11
Quintasanvolty: and the font's are too big or too small?00:11
voltyQuintasan: they seem too big and too thin (so unreadable)00:12
QuintasanLooks like a common problem00:12
Quintasansame here, the only difference is in resolution - 1920x1080 here00:13
voltyQuintasan: yes, but where in ubuntu we can set the character for the console?00:15
mauriciohello noobs00:17
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skierpageI think I figured it out, virtualbox-3.0_3.0.2-49928_Ubuntu_jaunty_amd64.deb contains these pre-built .ko files for version 13 of the kernel.  VirtualBox installation seemed to succeed in building its own.00:20
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e__espanish wat??00:48
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ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.00:53
harjot!es | e__00:53
ubottue__: please see above00:53
harjotare u there00:53
harjotplease reply00:54
harjothow would i substitude00:54
harjota thing like wine for a another command00:54
BluesKajharjot, pls explain00:56
harjotok never mind00:57
harjotif i want wine to be something like crossover00:57
harjotso if i wanted the usual wine command to be redirected to crossover00:58
harjothow would i do that?00:58
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DragnslcrCould create a symlink00:59
harjotwhats that?00:59
DragnslcrMaybe a bash alias00:59
DragnslcrA symlink is essentially a named alias00:59
Dragnslcre.g. if you create a symlink from /usr/bin/wine to /usr/bin/crossover, any place you use /usr/bin/wine will have /usr/bin/crossover substituted for it01:00
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rmrfslash_\me cool01:25
* rmrfslash_ cool01:25
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G226Heya there01:28
G226I'm having an odd problem, I just installed kubuntu and I'm getting a black screen after suspending the laptop? I tried rebooting and not it's stuck at the tty1 text terminal and wont boot into ubuntu graphically?01:29
G226I tried the command "startx" and it scrolled text thn said "Fatal server error: no screens found"01:32
BluesKajG226, sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg , and make your choices, then once done type startx ..this may or may not work depending on your graphics chip01:33
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about intelxgl01:34
G226BluesKaj, Trying it now, thank you. Its a laptop with a Geforce 2 in it.01:34
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about intelglx01:34
BluesKajnvidia should not be a prob then G22601:35
G226BluesKaj, It says "/usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: xserver.org is not installed01:35
G226That's kind of odd as I've rebooted a few times now since installing and everything seemed fine :(01:36
G226"Package 'xserver.org' is not installed and no info is available01:36
BluesKajnvidia-glx-180 driver ?01:36
PiciG226: its xserver-xorg , not .01:36
G226Pici, I'm only typing what it says in the readout01:37
G226BluesKaj, I don't know what it installed by default. But on other distros this card has worked fine with the 96xx driver, I didn't get to that point of installing it yet as I was unfamiliar with ubuntu/kubuntu01:38
G226and wasn't sure if it was even needed, this just happened after closing the laptop lid and then trying to resume from sleep, but then I couldn't so I had to forcefully power it down by holding the power button01:39
BluesKajthe drivers are becoming more like kernel modules so X has very little influence and is practically uneditable01:39
G226Ah ok01:39
BluesKajG226, lspci | grep -i vga to find the graphics card name so we can figure out which driver is needed01:40
G226I'm not sure what's wrong now though? Ctrl-alt-F7 gives me a blank screen with a blinking curser, Ctrl-alt-f1 is the textual readout01:40
G226Okay doing thatn ow01:40
G226BluesKaj, "01:00.0 VGA Compatable controller: nVidia corporation NV11 (GeForce2 Go) (rev b2)"01:41
BluesKajok G226 your driver is as you mentioned , the nvidia-glx-9601:43
G226Okay BluesKaj, Thanks, I'm just not sure where to go from here though being stuck in text.01:44
BluesKajwell, you can try installing it again01:44
G226Okay, I'll do that, will you be around a little?01:44
BluesKajsudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-9601:45
G226Okay trying01:45
G226Hehe I thought you meant Reinstall Kubuntu :P01:45
BluesKajwhy use a sledgehammer when a needle and  thread will do :)01:46
* G226 laughs01:47
G226Yeh :P01:47
G226Okay It's installed BlueKaj, last line was "ldconfig deferred procesing now taking place"01:48
G226and now its back to the login :~$ waiting for input01:48
BluesKajstartx ...maybe01:50
G226BluesKaj, "Fatal server error: No screens found, xinit: no such file or directory (errno 2): unable to connect to x server, no such process: server error01:51
Guest93624hi, i installed the latest nvidia driver from nvidias website, if i install ubuntu's nvidia driver thats in the repo, will it get replaced or do i have to delete it first?01:51
BluesKajguest uninstall the proprietary driver from the website first01:53
BluesKajG226, sudo apt-get install xserver01:53
G226BluesKaj, "xserver has no installation candidate"01:54
BluesKajerr xserver-xorg sorry01:54
G226BluesKaj, "xserver-xorg already the newest version, 0 upgrades 0 newly installed 0 to revmove and 0 not upgraded01:55
G226Should I try rebooting again?01:56
BluesKajG226, I guess but I thought "startx" would work01:57
G226Yeh I tried startx BluesKaj :( I'll try rebooting01:57
BluesKajbummer :(01:57
G226I'm not sure what happened to cause this except from crashing out from suspend mode01:58
G226it was working fine for like 4 reboots01:58
G226I rebooted BluesKaj, It's just going into the tty text login now by default D:01:59
BluesKajdid it show grub01:59
G226The last line it says is "kinit: no resume image, doing normal boot . . .01:59
G226It did, and I can get to it by pressing esc BluesKaj as it briefly flashes up02:00
BluesKajsudo invoke-rc.d kdm start02:01
G226There's four choices, kernell 2.6.28-13-generic and recovery mode for that, Kernel 2.6.28-11-generic and recovery mode and memtest86+02:01
G226five in cluding memtest02:01
BluesKajG226, try this : sudo /etc/init.d/kdm restart02:03
G226BluesKaj, sudo: /etc/init.d/kdm: command not found02:06
BluesKajdid you try , sudo cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf02:07
G226Says no file or directory02:08
G226What the heck :|02:08
G226Something really bad or stupid must have happened02:08
G226Want me to just reinstall quick so it works and we can go from there, so we don't have to nitpick through all this :P02:09
G226I don't want to waste your time02:09
The-Jesushow about xorg -configure02:09
The-Jesusregenerate xorg.conf and then restart kdm02:09
G226Both of those commands gave command not found02:10
G226This is really odd02:10
BluesKajG226, not to worry this is an intriguing problem , which I'm somewhat stuck on how to solve but a reinstall of the whole OS should be unecesary at this point02:11
BluesKajThe-Jesus, perhaps you could be more specific with regenerate commands02:12
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The-Jesuswere you using envy and then performed an upgrade?02:12
BluesKajhe's stuck at the tty prompt cuz X failed02:13
G226The-Jesus, No no envy I don't think but I think maybe kde3's updater did update something before I had to force reboot/shut down after I got stuck at a black screen on resume from suspend02:13
G226I don't get why none of these commands are working though02:14
BluesKajwhich kubuntu version G226 ?02:14
G226Kubuntu 9.04 with KDE302:14
BluesKajG226, kde3 on jaunty is somewhat of an experiment , believe it or not :)02:18
jessica_How do I use a webcam in kopete?02:18
G226I believe it BluesKaj, Do you think that's why this happened?02:18
BluesKajdunno for sure02:18
G226BluesKaj, Should I reinstall Kubuntu with KDE4?02:19
G226But is there a way to disable most effects, it ran slow last time I tried it, the laptop is a PIII 1.1ghz with 256mb of ram :P02:19
Dragnslcrjessica_- I think the only Kopete plugin that supports video is Yahoo, and I'm not sure if it's broken at the moment02:19
G226KDE4 i'm afraid would eat it, unless there was a way to knock it back down to almost KDE3 levels02:19
BluesKajkde4 is quite mature now despite all hype against it , even amarok works now :)02:19
G226Oh I don't really listen to the hype or biased people, it's just im afraid of resource usage :P02:20
G226I'll try it again, but I'm going to run into the same suspend problem. After it's installed could you maybe help me with that?02:20
BluesKajG226, I'm using kde4.3 on karmic and cpu amnd memory usage is at a minimum most of the time ...this pc is a 4 yr old amd02:21
G226BluesKaj, Okay and as for the sleep problem?02:22
G226err Suspend02:22
G226It just blackscreens after opening the lid again, but the fans and HDD are going and such02:22
BluesKajG226 , yup, I'll be around for at least an hr02:22
G226Okay BluesKaj, I just burned and installing it now02:23
BluesKaji have a lappy but never use the suspend so i'm not sure ...shut it right down for a min or 2 then restart02:23
Benny_Does anyone know how to hack windows using ubuntu02:24
BluesKajwe don't hack windows here , Benny_02:25
Benny_ahhh ok02:25
* G226 hacks Benny_ with a candy cane!02:26
Benny_i need to get my file in my office i need to remote it using ubuntu02:26
G226I'd not suggest that, you'd be breaching company policy most likely :P And their security02:26
BluesKajthat's not a hack , Benny_ :)02:27
G226Unless its your own office!02:27
Benny_i forgot to save in my flash drive so i need it02:27
Benny_so what i may gonna do02:28
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about remote02:28
Benny_i know all the the security02:29
BluesKajremote desktop client02:29
Benny_is it posible or not02:29
Benny_using ubuntu can we do that02:30
BluesKajBenny_, look in the kmenu /internet/connectivity/remote desktop02:30
forceshow can I update to kde 4.3 RC3 ?02:30
BluesKajforces, https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/backports02:31
forcesthat is kde 4.3 RC202:33
forcesI want RC302:33
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BluesKajforces, read the text at the top with the message of the day etc02:34
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BluesKaj!patience | forces02:39
ubottuforces: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com  http://wiki.ubuntu.com http://www.ubuntuforums.org or http://www.kubuntuforums.net while you wait. Also see !patience02:39
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com  http://wiki.ubuntu.com http://www.ubuntuforums.org or http://www.kubuntuforums.net while you wait. Also see !patience02:39
forceswhich is the difference?02:40
BluesKajforces, join #kde02:40
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BluesKajlook , do want you help with kde ? then join #kde ..stop being so demanding...we're volunteers here02:42
G226Phew, finally booted in and at the install screen, it seems to be going incredibly slow compared to kde 3.5 D:02:42
G226but maybe its from running off the cd02:43
BluesKajyup, the live cd is bit slower02:43
G226Thanks for all your help by the way BluesKaj so far02:44
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BluesKajnp G226 ..it's nice to try to ppl who have some civility :) We get pplin here who expect instant gratification and become rude and demanding if their questions aren't answered '"tout de suite"02:46
G226No reason to act like that haha, :< I've been messing with this a week started linux a week ago02:47
Dragnslcrforces- RC3 packages will be available when they're ready. If you install RC2, you'll get RC3 as a normal update02:48
BluesKajwelcome to the wonderful world of Linux G226 :)02:48
G226But it seems each distro has it's downfalls with this old laptop, I finally gave up and came back to Ubuntu/Kubuntu from fedora trying that, fedora refused to boot / mount / auto mount and drive the cd inside of the OS no matter what02:48
G226except could do it through the term, no one could figure out out decided it was hardware incompat02:49
G226Ubuntu/Kubuntu automounts and browses fine though02:49
G226Thanks :P02:49
BluesKajok , so you are running an older laptop ...what kind of cpu speed and ram does it have ?02:50
G226It's a Dell C810 PIII 1.1ghz, 256mb ram, GeForce2 Go. It runs fine with KDE 3.5 and Ubuntu/Kubuntu, or Mepis / fedora. It's just Either on fedora the drive had mounting problems always, and on debian based distros it has suspend blackscreen problems xD so I've been bouncing back and forth but I think settling on Kubuntu now02:53
BluesKajit's a little light on the memory alright. 512 is prolly a minimum for kde4 apps02:55
G226it's only going to be used for02:55
G226Email, Web and open office writer02:56
G226I'm not really interested in fancy apps :O02:56
G226or applets/widgets etc :P02:56
G226Probably it should be okay disabling most of them, desktop effects and such right?02:56
BluesKajyeah, should be ok ..but it'll be a bit slow just the same02:57
G226Slower then kde 3 or well I guess ill see02:57
BluesKajOO is somewhat of hog02:57
BluesKaja hog02:57
G226Well, I'll find something else or use ubuntu with xfce or the like. My main concern is the black screen issue with suspend on kUbuntu/Debian based distros02:58
BluesKajxfce worked well on my old 233mhz / 256 ram 11yr old pc 5yrs back .02:59
G226But for now I'll let this finish and hopefully we can solve the blackscreen suspend issue03:00
BluesKajram maxxed out at 256 :)03:00
G226Okay BluesKaj03:02
G226it's 27% right now03:02
b14ckhey, can i use any cool desktop effects like on the gnome verision? wobbly windows, cube desktop, etc?03:08
Dragnslcrb14ck- yes, KDE4 has compositing and effects as part of kwin03:13
b14ckDragnslcr: thanks! how can i configure that? (or where do i go)?03:14
Dragnslcrb14ck- System Settings -> Desktop03:14
b14ckI can't find the menu, lol.03:15
b14ckapplications->system->(no desktop here)03:15
DragnslcrIf you have the new-style K Menu, System Settings is in the Computer tab03:18
BluesKajG226, ok back ..how's it going ?03:29
G226It's 94% BluesKaj03:32
G226veeerrry slow :P I don't know why03:32
G226KDE4 is probably taking most of the mem while the installers going at the same time03:32
BluesKajG226, yeah , writing is slow with low mem capacity, but it will finish soon I'm sure03:33
G226Yeh it will :P03:34
G226Thanks for letting me know you're back03:34
BluesKajwife was asking me about some stuff on her windows pc.... bloody vista is PITA sometimes03:35
b14ckhey--i'm unable to hear any sound from firefox, i just installed the flashplayer plugin, but hear no sound at all03:37
b14ckif i go to the system settings and test my audio device, i hear the sound just fine03:37
b14ckany suggestions?03:37
G226BluesKaj, I really like Windows 7 over vista03:37
G226Also it just finished and im restarting03:37
CrOnOsguys i had problems conecting to my wifi my network is on the list avariable but i cant conect i used the 2 options pasfrase and hex same results my key is 10 digits03:39
BluesKajb14ck,just to be sure , altho you prolly already have these installed ,  sudo apt-get install libk3b3-extracodecs libxine1-ffmpeg03:39
b14ckBluesKaj: i haven't installed those yet, but will do now.03:40
b14ckBluesKaj: hmm--still not working :(03:41
b14ckim going to reboot =p03:41
b14ckbrb (this is a fresh install)03:41
G226Okay BluesKaj, I'm logged in now using Kubuntu 9.04 + KDE403:42
BluesKajG226, you're at the desktop ?03:43
BluesKajcool :003:43
G226Now for the problem, Shutting the lid and it going to suspend then opening it is a black screen03:44
b14ckhey BluesKaj, thanks! i got it working now, had to reboot03:45
b14ckafter installing thost packages03:45
b14ckappreciate the help :)03:45
BluesKajnp, b14ck03:45
G226Blueskaj, Should I install the 96xx drivers again? Or try doing suspend once more03:46
G226Already has the recommended driver up there03:47
G226and asking me if I want to activate it03:47
BluesKajyes do so03:47
BluesKajwhy do you need to suspend , whynot just shut it down when not in use ?03:48
G226BluesKaj, It's just perplexing it works in redhat distros also, I'm going to give it to my grandma and if she closes the lid then opens it and it doesnt come back on she might get confused or something. I guess I could tell her to just shut it down before closing the lid03:50
BluesKajyes, there are probs with suspend in kubuntu . I've heard discussions in the past about it , but never reall paid attn , cuz I just shut everything down every evening , including alll the power bars on this setup03:52
G226So you have no idea where to go if installing 96xx doesn't work?03:52
BluesKajthe nvidia-glx-96 driver should work , if not then it's prolly an X issue03:54
high-rezHuh.  I think 4.3 backport only half installed.  :|03:54
BluesKajHAL/X/kernel issue actually03:54
BluesKajhigh-rez, check with #kde03:56
BluesKajthere may be more than one ppa needed03:57
G226BluesKaj, Mmhh yeh blackscreen still. Pressing space or enter, moving the mouse did nothing, pressing power button once made it shut down03:57
high-rezBluesKaj: No, I'm pretty sure I messed something up.  When I first tried the backport, it said 28 updates available.  I didn't update -03:57
high-rezThen went back in, and tried and said 16 - and some pretty important things appeared to be missing - all of which I of course ignored and said apply :)03:58
BluesKajhigh-rez, do an autoclean and try again , but make sure you have the proper ppas04:00
high-rezWhat's an auto- clean ?  I'm doing a dist-upgrade now to see if it helps (taking sstabs in the dark)04:01
BluesKajhigh-rez, I prefer to use aptitude with RCs because it brings along the dependencies better than apt ...  sudo aptitude autoclean04:03
high-rezBluesKaj: aptitude upgrade seems to be doing the trick now...04:06
BluesKajhigh-rez, use the command , sudo aptitude safe-upgrade,  after the update04:07
BluesKajwell folks ...it's sacktime here04:10
fedelGuys, I'm brazilian. I try to configure my keyboard correctly but I couldn't. I try to change the language in login, but there is no portuguese option. Should I install any package?04:16
G226Awe, Blueskaj left bah after I did all this resinstalling ;x Ah well04:21
G226Does anyone else know how to possibly fix the blackscreen suspend issue?04:21
omnipotentduoi am having a crash when i log in and kwallet starts from a plasmoid and causes plasma to crash how do i revert back to my original KDE desktop with no plasmoids04:29
b14ckanyone know how i can configure my system so that when i click on .torrent files they auto-open with ktorrent?04:33
omnipotentduoright click, open with set your default to the command04:33
omnipotentduoopen with -> set your default program here04:33
darthanubis b14ck that is self explanatory04:33
darthanubisomnipotentduo: that is only if he has a torrent saved to disk already04:34
darthanubishe is asking if he clicks a LINK to a torrent from say FF, he wants ktorrent to be autoassociated with .torrents04:35
darthanubisthat is all Firefox04:35
omnipotentduogot ya, sorry i was getting ahead of my self04:35
darthanubisThe firefox download dialog explains all that is need04:36
darthanubisbrowse for application to open this file type for the futute04:36
darthanubispll hate reading words04:36
omnipotentduodarthanubis: do you know where plasmoids are stored for start up/ what config file they are in to remove them?04:38
trevor_im on a fresh install of kubuntu, and i am using packagekit and i have 4 blocked updates04:39
quintonme too :p04:39
quintonAnyone here familiar with networking(namely, bridging)?04:39
trevor_do you know why they are blocked?04:39
quintonNo clue. =/04:39
jam_всем привет04:42
jam_hi all04:42
jam_any body?!04:43
omnipotentduonot russian04:43
jam_russian is not?! I'm from Russia)))04:43
omnipotentduoi dont speak/read russian sorry04:44
jam_fuck up)))04:44
FloodBotK1jam_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:44
trevor_ok, does anyone know how i could possibly unblock these updates04:50
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omnipotentduowhat is the error your getting?04:50
trevor_it just says 4 blocked updates in kpackagekit (which i hate btw)04:53
omnipotentduoopen konsole sudo apt-get update && upgrade04:53
k5blazer99anyone running virtualbox for their kubuntu install?04:53
omnipotentduounless you need to do a dist upgrade then its another issue04:54
Dragnslcrtrevor__- "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" will install the blocked updates04:56
keyser_sozeany suggestion on how to fix "eeepc-acpi-scripts: Depends: acpi-support-base but it is not installable" error when doing "sudo apt-get install eeepc-acpi-scripts" on a clean kubuntu jaunty install?05:02
keyser_sozenever seen this channel so quiet...05:11
trevor_i am using the hardware drivers option to try and install my ati/amd propreitary FGLRX graphics driver card and i hit activate and nothign happens05:28
darthanubisyou have to wait a few minutes05:30
darthanubisit'll happen05:30
trevor_no not like that05:34
trevor_ive done it a ton of times in gnome, this the button clicks, and nothing happens05:34
trevor_30 minutes or so05:34
LordVorpok so I think I got a european laptop ? anyway the keys are in weird places so I was gonna try UK or Germany (cuz there's a German connection here) but... where can I change that?05:57
LordVorp(after choosing a US keyboard)05:57
LordVorpI *just* installed so if I have to reinstall to change it won't hurt my feelings05:57
LordVorpam I visible?05:58
LordVorpok so I think I got a european laptop ? anyway the keys are in weird places so I was gonna try UK or Germany (cuz there's a German connection here) but... where can I change that?05:59
high-rezdamned 4.3 is just beautiful05:59
b14ckcan someone tell me how to change my default browser to firefox? right now it is konqueror06:13
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Captain_HaddockLordVorp: system settings / regional06:19
farukhow can i use my headset , my ubuntu doesn't recognize it so i couldn't use it06:48
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Guest34144hi all. is mac os x a linux os?? or am i confused?07:27
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Captain_Haddockfaruk: it's probably your soundcard that is the problem.. if you have speakers, test with them first. Make sure that the volume etc. is all the way up. Check system->multimedia as well.07:42
Captain_HaddockAlso see if jockey (K-menu -> hardware drivers) does not have any restricted drivers for your hardware.07:43
vishalhi, my touchpad is not working please see the output for xinput list at http://pastebin.com/m1a321507:48
vishalplease advice wht should i do ?07:48
OmniUnihi vishal, what kind of laptop do you have?07:48
vishalI am having a axioo ml 058 series07:48
OmniUnioh, interesting.07:49
vishalLinux vishal-laptop 2.6.28-11-generic #42-Ubuntu SMP Fri Apr 17 01:57:59 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux07:49
vishalnot so popular07:49
vishalbut a very good laptop and a very good price07:49
OmniUniexactly which kubuntu version is installed?07:49
OmniUni2.6.28.... that should be 9.04?07:49
vishali think I just downloaded it yesterday07:49
OmniUnidid the touchpad work off of the live CD?07:50
vishalit did not07:50
farukis there anybody that may help me?07:50
farukmy headset doesn't work on Ubuntu 9.0.4 environment07:50
OmniUnifaruk: perhaps, what's going on?07:50
vishalinfact I tried ubuntu, fedora, suse linux and all of them did not work with my touchpad07:50
farukbut works on xp professional07:51
OmniUnivishal: do you have a mouse you can use at the moment?07:51
vishalI am using a usb external mouse07:51
OmniUnican you please open a command line (konsole) and run "sudo apt-get install lshw-gtk"07:51
OmniUnifaruk: what kind of headset is it?07:52
faruklike mp3 player headset,07:52
OmniUnifaruk: please open konsole, and run the command "lspci" and link me to the output on http://pastebin.ca07:53
vishalI  finished to install sudo apt-get install lshw-gtk07:53
vishalnow what sud I do ?07:53
OmniUnirun the command, it should open a utility to browse your hardware07:53
vishal:) wht wud the command be lshw-gtk ?07:54
OmniUniyep :)07:54
farukOmniUni: here http://pastebin.ca/150406407:54
vishalproduct: M636/A737 platform07:54
vishalvendor: AXI0007:54
vishalversion: 1.4.08-907:54
vishalserial: 2006092707:54
vishalwidth: 32 bits07:54
FloodBotK1vishal: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:54
farukcodec output07:55
farukRealtek ALC861-VD07:55
farukLSI ID 104007:55
OmniUnifaruk: what kind of connector does it use to connect to the computer?07:56
=== phuc is now known as todescribe
OmniUnivishal: do you know off hand what brand the touchpad is?07:57
vishalyes Elantech07:57
faruka jack, like inside the mp3 player07:57
OmniUnifaruk: open kmix, click settings=>configure channels07:58
OmniUniand make sure that they are all being displayed07:58
OmniUnithen examine them to see if your headphone or auxiliary channel is muted07:58
OmniUniyou have the same sound card I do, it should work just fine07:58
vishalOmniUni - Elantech08:00
OmniUnivishal: please run the command lsmod and link me to the results08:02
vishalOmniUni http://pastebin.com/d2b4d271a08:04
OmniUnivishal: please check that xserver-xorg-input-synaptics is installed08:07
farukThere is a sound like "tık tık tık tık" now when i display and open all08:08
vishalOmniUni how do I do that ? sorry I am new08:08
=== cyb_ is now known as cyb0
farukand also headsed doesn't work again08:08
OmniUnivishal: no problem give me one moment08:08
OmniUnifaruk: can you take a screen shot of the kmix window and link me to it via, say, http://imagebin.ca/08:09
OmniUnivishal: from the konsole, please enter the command "sudo apt-get install adept"08:10
OmniUnivishal: this will install a program called adept manager which you will be able to find in your menu08:10
vishalOmniUni: ok08:10
OmniUnivishal: open this up, and click the binoculars labeled "search" type "synaptics" in the box, and you should see a little green square next to the package I mentioned earlier08:11
OmniUnifaruk: ksnapshot is a program that will let you take a screen shot08:13
farukthe picture is08:15
farukdon't worry, i know a little about linux:-D, i only have some problems with my hardware08:15
vishalOmniUni: it says touchpad: not installed configuration tool for Synaptics  touchpad driver of X server  should I install this ?08:17
OmniUnivishal: where does it say this?08:18
vishalin adpet after I did the search for Synaptics using the binocular labeled search08:18
OmniUnifaruk: how is it not working exactly? you can't hear sound out of it? what are you trying to play to test the sound?08:18
OmniUniah, can you please try from adept *manager* ? it's a slightly different program08:19
vishalI see wht wht the command line be to install that ?08:19
OmniUniit is installed, it is in your menu08:20
OmniUnivishal: type "adept" in the little top box, and you should see two entries, one for adept installer, and one for manager08:20
farukmy speakers work correctly and perfectly, but when i plug in my headset,sound doesn't go to the headset and speakers are beig mute08:20
faruki m playing an mp3 song now08:21
vishalyes it has a green box on xserver-xorg-input-synaptics08:22
OmniUnito faruk and vishal, one moment please08:22
OmniUnifaruk: apparently, you have a slightly different sound card than I do; where mine is an ATI IXP, yours is an ATI SB (intel) sound card. Check the ubuntu forum here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=616845 and see if you need specific options. i've seen this work before on very similar cards08:26
OmniUnivishal: now back to you...08:26
vishalOmniUni: yes, I have it installed08:26
vishalOmniUni: yes it has a green box on xserver-xorg-input-synaptics08:27
OmniUnivishal: in the same way, check to see if xserver-xorg-input-evdev is installed08:31
OmniUnivishal: can you link me to the output of "dmesg | grep input"?08:32
vishalOmniUni: what should I write in the search box ?08:32
vishalOmniUni: http://pastebin.com/d4d45bdb108:34
vishalOmniUni: xserver-xorg-input-evdev is not showing up in Adept08:36
vishalOmniUni: xserver-xorg-input-evdev is installed I searched for xserver-xorg-input-evdev and found it08:36
OmniUnivishal: one moment08:37
OmniUnivishal: please try running this from the command line " sudo modprobe -r psmouse;sudo modprobe psmouse proto=imps"08:38
vishalOmniUni: I did it and nothing happened I had found the same code on the ubuntu forum and it did not work for me08:39
OmniUnivishal: darn :) i'm not quite done trying yet, though!08:40
vishalheheheh good :)08:40
OmniUnivishal: i'm a bit concerned because what I'm looking for is something like "[   12.352627] input: SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad as /devices/platform/i8042/serio1/input/input8" but I don't see any input indicating your touch pad08:42
vishalyes it does not show it08:43
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vishalpls  visit http://arjan.opmeer.net/elantech/08:43
vishaldo u think this page is worth following ?08:43
=== Trouble` is now known as Trouble-
OmniUnivishal: have you tried booting off of the Ubuntu Karmic beta live CD?08:43
vishalshud I do that ?08:43
OmniUnivishal: do you see anything when you run "dmesg | grep elantech" from the command line?08:44
vishalno nothing08:45
OmniUnivishal: that patch is already in the kernel you have, so there should be no need to follow the directions08:45
vishali thought so08:45
OmniUnivishal: if you can, try downloading the Ubuntu Karmic beta live CD, and see if it recognizes the touchpad08:47
OmniUniI have to say, this is one of the more odd problems i've come across08:48
vishalok, may I have the link I can't seem to find it is it  "http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/backports/ubuntu/dists/karmic/"08:48
vishalbut how do I get an iso form the site I can't find it08:49
OmniUnivishal: not quite, rather: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-announce/2009-June/000578.html08:49
vishalI am sorry I got to go now08:51
vishalomniUni: thank you very much08:52
vishalfor your support08:52
ibrarI have download 9.04(ubuntu) kernel and compile it Using this command09:01
ibrarCONCURRENCY_LEVEL=2 AUTOBUILD=1 NOEXTRAS=1 fakeroot debian/rules binary-generic09:01
ibrarIt works fine09:01
ibrarAfter this I have do some changes in route.c and recompile it; It does not compile my route.c file09:02
ibrarAny tip?09:04
costantinoTEST QUESSEL09:09
raphinkthat test failed it seems09:12
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slow-motionhttp://img5.imagebanana.com/view/o0ihxzx/firefoxkaputt.png < how do i get rid of the f*cking backshlash that firefox makes everytime i write a search in ""?09:30
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.09:31
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ibrarI am compiling kernel with this command09:47
ibrarCONCURRENCY_LEVEL=2 AUTOBUILD=1 NOEXTRAS=1 fakeroot debian/rules binary-generic09:47
ibrarit does not compile my changes09:47
ibrarin route.c09:47
oobeibrar, where did you get our kernel source from09:48
oobeare you patching the source or modifying route.c manually?09:48
ibrarYes I am modifying it manually09:49
oobeyou will have to refer to the documentation that suggest you modify it09:50
oobesince ubuntu does not support such things09:50
ibrarI am doing it my self09:51
ibrarSo How to tell it to compile my changes09:51
oobemy next suggestion is to try getting latest stable source tree from kernel.org then building it using this method https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile#Alternate Build Method: The Old-Fashioned Debian Way09:51
oobewhat are you trying to achieve by modifying route.c09:52
eeoshas anyone tried ubuntu with buffalo terastations?09:53
ibrarActually I need ip route equalize patch which is no longer part of 2.609:53
ibrarIt was part of 2.4 kernel09:54
oobebut why09:54
oobeeeos, i havent09:54
oobehave you09:54
eeosoobe: no, but I would like to buy one and we only use (k)ubuntu .... so I was wondering whether it would be a good idea09:55
eeosoobe: compared to the other NAS they seem very fairly priced09:55
eeosoobe: do you know of any ubuntu based alternative?09:56
oobe*buntu will work on most systems09:56
oobethe thing to look out for is the mother board chipset09:57
oobefind out about a pc what mobo it uses and then what chips it uses for onboard sound lan etc.09:57
oobebut mostly even with little research you should be ok now days09:58
oobeu dont know anything about buffalo terastations are they a desktop pc09:58
oobeoh there hard drive enclosures09:59
vishalHi I able to change the display resultuion from 1280x768 to 1024x768 but when I do it kubuntu and even ubuntu creates two blocks of black boxes on the right and left side09:59
eeosoobe: no they are NAS09:59
oobeoh u already said that i missed it sorry10:00
vishalI want it to take up the whole screen and at the same time be of a resolution of 1024x768 as I am into web development and that is what resolution I need to make the sites in10:00
eeosoobe: :D10:00
vishalanyone ?10:02
eeosvishal: I do not understand10:03
oobewhat video card are you using vishal10:03
eeosvishal: it depends on your card and monitor10:03
oobei think he is saying he gets overscan when he changes his resolution10:03
oobeor somthing like that10:03
vishaloobe: I think its Mobile 945GM/GMS/GME, 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller [8086:27A6]10:04
oobeso thats onboard intel10:05
vishaloobe: when I had open suse I could you use my full monitor in 1024x but in ubuntu it creates two black boxes on left and right side if I use 102410:06
vishalif I stick with 1280 I have no problem but I can't make my sites very easily in this resolution10:06
oobehow are you changing the resolution10:06
vishalyes onboard intel10:06
eeosvishal: is it a laptop? is it a LCD? what is the native resolution?10:06
vishalusing the gui10:06
vishalyes laptop10:06
vishalnative lcd10:06
oobeuse xorg.conf instead10:06
vishalhow do I do that ?10:07
oobethat should solve ur problem10:07
oobesudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf10:07
vishaland what do I need to change in that ?10:08
oobethere should already be some lines in there that specify the resolution10:08
=== fophillipse is now known as fophillips
vishalnope there is no resolution10:09
vishaloobe: http://pastebin.com/d6423b46 you can have a look10:10
theeraHow can I used the webcam on Ubuntu 9.04 with Skype?10:10
bjarniim lost in the repository jungle10:11
bjarniis gone10:12
bjarniif it ever was there10:12
qiyanjoin #pardus10:13
vishaloobe: wht do you think I should do ?10:13
oobevishal, try this http://pastebin.com/m2eea510310:13
eeosvishal: is that all you have in your xorg.conf? there is not resolution10:13
oobeback up ur original first10:13
oobethen restart x10:13
vishaloobe: yup thats all in my file10:14
theeraCan we setup mail server on Kubuntu?10:14
theeraWHo can told me the step?10:14
oobeobviously it is different otherwise i wouldnt of posted it10:14
eeosvishal: use alt+E to restart the server ....10:14
oobeits modified to use the 102.768 res10:14
vishalI see10:14
vishalgive me a sec10:14
vishallet me try it10:15
vishali did it but I  alt+E is not restart the x server10:18
vincent_Hi. Does anyone know of a lightweight music player (only to play PLS streams)? I used to use XMMS on about 1.5 years ago but that version (which behaved correctly with multiple desktops and session management) got kicked out of the repositories...10:19
oobevishal, sudo /etc/init.d/kdm restart10:19
oobetricked him10:23
eeosoobe: I thin they have disable server restart, you have to reactivate ....10:24
oobei dont know what you mean but ctl alt backspace is disabled by default now so i told him to restart kdm10:26
vishaloobe: my x server restarted and I got the resolution 1024x but I also have these two black boxes on the righ and left making my effective screen much smaller10:27
vishaloobe: i think there is some additinal configuration which needs to be done to allow the xserver to use this space10:28
oobehmm so it still doesnt work when u change res using xorg.conf10:28
oobeyes i agree but i dont know off hand10:28
oobegood your chipset and resolution xorg10:28
vishaloobe: let me try and google  it10:29
vincent_In which package are the multimedia codecs?10:33
vincent_aptitude search w32 only shows mingw3210:35
oobeu need to enable the medibuntu repo10:35
oobedeb http://packages.medibuntu.org/ jaunty free non-free10:36
superkiwiHello. How do I install new windows decorations? The install script for the decoration is bugged, and I want to know where the window decorations are put for kwin in kubuntu.10:36
oobevincent_, echo "deb http://packages.medibuntu.org/ jaunty free non-free" | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list10:37
vincent_oobe: Thank you! Updating now...10:40
AndrewMohawkmy 8.04 recently stopped auto mounting usb drives, how would i go about debugging this? I can mount fine from console, but id still prefer it to be automounted10:47
vincent_Mmm.... MPlayer sill doesn't work, but I don't know whether it's MPlayer, the sound system or my crappy internet connection....10:47
AndrewMohawki get "this feature is only available with HAL" on the cdrom drives if that helps10:48
copproIs there a link for configuring input methods so as to get unicode key sequence input (like alt codes on windows)10:58
ibrarWhile installing my usb modem I am getting error11:28
ibrarFATAL: Module usbserial not found.11:29
=== andrew_ is now known as Guest45611
ibrarhow to resolve the issue11:30
ibrarI have 9.04 64 bit11:30
=== andrew_ is now known as Guest45611
beyondcrreal quick how do i turn off this system beep11:41
beyondcrshit is loud and people are trying to sleep11:42
beyondcrevery time i backspace to fare it beeps11:42
jadohi, sometimes i can't browse anymore even though i'm still connected; it seems that the DNS is not functionnal since i can't ping www.google.com; does someone have an idea?11:57
bazhangjado, you can use irc but not www?12:01
jadobazhang: yes that's it; all works correctly but sometimes the DNS stops and i can't browse anymore (i can't ping www.google.com but i think i can ping the ip address); however i've just rebooted my modem so now everything will work until an hour or so12:04
bazhangjado, that is odd; I have to that on occasion but every hour seems like an issue with either your settings or ISP-level12:07
jadobazhang: well it's a new 'box' so the problem seems to come from there; but it's not precisely every hour, it's just often12:08
gauravany 1 for help?12:10
bazhanggaurav, please ask a question; if someone knows they will answer12:11
gauravhow to install ubuntu pacages frm debian bootable?12:11
bazhanggaurav, you don't12:11
bazhanggaurav, what packages12:12
bazhangartur__, #ubuntu-ru for Russian12:18
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gauravthe fish, where can i get ubuntu pckg on cd?12:23
EagleScreenUbuntu DVD may contain ebought packages12:24
gauravi have debian xd12:24
gauravwill tht wrk?12:24
EagleScreenDebian has all its packages in various DVDs12:25
bazhanggaurav, your question doesn't really make sense; there are no ubuntu packages on Debian CD/DVD12:25
bazhanggaurav, so no it won't work12:25
EagleScreengaurav: do you have Ubuntu isntalled but Debian DVD?12:25
gaurav__bazhang, are u dere??12:28
bazhanggaurav yes12:30
Zorandobar dan12:40
oobewhois dobar dan12:41
Zoranbilo bi dobro kad bi me neko jos i razumeo12:42
Zorandobar dan=good day12:42
bazhangZorael, pl? ru?12:49
bazhangwhoops sorry Zorael12:49
bazhangZoran, pl?12:49
meho_rZoran, da, da, neki te razumiju ;)12:50
Zoranoo vidi ti to12:50
ubottuMozesz uzyskac pomoc w jezyku polskim na #ubuntu-pl12:50
ubottuMolimo udjite u #ubuntu-rs za pomoc u vezi sa Ubuntuom na srpskom jeziku.12:50
Zoranel i ti imas ovaj kubuntu12:50
meho_rZoran, mene pitaš?12:51
ubottuThe #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat12:51
Zoranpa jedino me ti razumes ovde12:51
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.12:51
meho_rhajd' na ubuntu-rs kanal, da ne gnjavimo ljude ovdje :)12:51
ubottuFor at få dansksproget support til Ubuntu, bedes du venligst gå til #ubuntu-dk. I denne kanal forefindes kun engelsksproget support.12:52
ubottuCanadian Ubuntu users can be found in #ubuntu-ca12:52
ubottuThe Australian Local Community Team has channels here on Freenode. They are #ubuntu-au for technical discussion, and #ubuntu-au-chat for social chatter.12:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about us12:52
oobeyea its a small country12:52
oobeirrelevent really12:52
Zoranma ovde sam prvi put12:52
Zorancek malo da se snadjem12:52
meho_rZoran, samo kucaš /join #ubuntu-rs12:53
meho_rZoran, inače, ovdje je samo za engleski :)12:53
beyondcrquick question12:54
beyondcrwould there be a problem doing sudo kate /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist12:54
EagleScreenno problem with it12:55
compilerwriterfolks I installed Jaunty via wubi on an amd64 machine.  The display was working quite nicely until I did a bunch of updates and now the best resolution I can get is 800X600  I tried getting into the display settings and that did not help.  Does someone have an idea what I need to do to fix this?12:56
beyondcrk cause some one said it would lock me out of kde12:56
beyondcrbut anyways im tired12:56
bazhangbeyondcr, kdesudo for graphical apps12:58
beyondcrcompilerwriter go to kmanager and install envy-ng make enable the prroper driver and restart .... you might want to back up your xconfig file to be safe12:58
beyondcri just want to get this annoying system beep off my system12:59
beyondcrand everything i try is not going my way12:59
compilerwriterok beyondcr will give it a shot.12:59
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about envy-ng13:01
ubottuEnvyNG is a program to install newer version of nVidia or ATi drivers, it can be found in !Universe as "envyng-gtk" (for Gtk/Gnome) or "envyng-qt" (for Qt/KDE). It is NOT a supported method to install video drivers; please only use it if standard methods fail and at your own risk - See also !BinaryDriver13:02
giacomoSalve! Scusate la domanda idiota, ma dove diavolo posso andare su Jaunty per vedere come sono le partizioni sul computer, quanto spazio c'è libero nelle unità ecc. (una volta c'era sysinfo su konqueror)13:06
giacomodevo reinstallare13:06
giacomonon so se /home è una partizione a parte e quale13:07
giacomosono le info che ci sono in... fstab? mtab? (niubbo eheh)13:08
compilerwriterbeyondcr: The video driver on that machine is not nvidia or ati as far as I can tell it is some sort of igp sv3/xxx sorry forgot what it said exactly13:08
compilerwriterbeyondcr: should I still install envy-ng?13:08
giacomoooops, thought it was an Italian channel, sorry for bothering!13:08
beyondcrcompilerwriter um  what is your system13:09
beyondcrinstall envyng see what options it gives you what ever is green and checked go for it but make sure you backup you xconfig13:12
compilerwriterIt is a box built by computer renaisance that has nothing high end on it.  Just a single core amd 64.  It just did the damndest thing.  When I chose the console login it went to a console from kdm.  Then when I mistyped the password it went back to kdm with the right screen resolution.  I typed my password and now I have a screen that looks like kdm background and a pointer with the 800X600 resolution beyondcr13:13
compilerwriterbeyondcr: now I am totally confused.13:13
compilerwriterbeyondcr:  should i try envy-ng or envy-qt?13:14
compilerwriterI will definately backup my xconfig before I do it.13:14
beyondcr1 sec let me check13:14
beyondcrmake sure you do the problem that you are having is what stoped me from using linux abunch of times before13:15
beyondcrcompilerwriter you do want the envyng-qt and it should install envy-core along with it13:16
beyondcrit will install the proper video driver for you13:16
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george__keeper of the keys are you here13:35
dododhi all13:36
dododwhy i'm feeal alone in here13:37
george__hello cruel world13:38
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ubottuEnvyNG is a program to install newer version of nVidia or ATi drivers, it can be found in !Universe as "envyng-gtk" (for Gtk/Gnome) or "envyng-qt" (for Qt/KDE). It is NOT a supported method to install video drivers; please only use it if standard methods fail and at your own risk - See also !BinaryDriver14:05
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sysieriusYO it's link XD14:42
n0n4m3no oigo los videos de youtube14:55
n0n4m3tengo kubuntu 9.0414:55
sysieriushi all14:55
tsimpson!es | n0n4m314:56
ubottun0n4m3: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.14:56
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chris__my usb 2.0 port is very slow (~3MB) and i havfe recognised that neither the ehci nor the uhci module is loaded. google tells me i should modprobe one of them. but they don't even exist in /lib/modules! why is that?15:43
shivekI've configured ddclient, but my websites ip does not updates or it updates to my local ip (192. one) so my website becomes unavailable.15:45
norendo we have any webcrawler in ubuntu/kubuntu15:46
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jonathan__join #ubuntu-de15:49
cuzntthere is no londer any "shortcut" to run a command? <alt+f2> seems to no longer work16:03
Mamarokcuznt: killall krunner and restart it in a konsole tab16:07
=== bigjools-afk is now known as bigjools
cuzntErrors were encountered while processing: /var/cache/apt/archives/kdebase-runtime_4%3a4.2.96-0ubuntu1~jaunty1~ppa1_i386.deb16:14
cuzntany idea?16:14
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BluesKajcuznt, sudo dpkg --configure -a16:22
Mamarokcuznt: did that work?16:23
Mamarokcuznt: if it didn't, you can override this with the following command: sudo dpkg --force-overwrite /var/cache/apt/archives/kdebase-runtime_4%3a4.2.96-0ubuntu1~jaunty1~ppa1_i386.deb16:24
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BimmeRanybody here that uses a Logitech G9 mouse?16:47
Rosenrotgerman support here?16:49
Rosenrotok, then ill try it in english :>16:49
Rosenrotit would be nice to oben a new tab in konqueror with a mouse wheel-klick16:50
Rosenrotany idea?16:50
tsimpsonthere is german help in #kubuntu-de16:51
Rosenrotty ;)16:51
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qiyanjoin #pardus17:05
big---benhey guys. if i want to report a bug in kubuntu 8.10 alpha2 should i do so on launchpad.net?17:05
tsimpsonbig---ben: yes17:06
big---benmore exactly: running envyng -t return with a python error message17:06
qiyanmy ubuntu so slowly17:10
Picibig---ben: 8.10 alpha 2? or 9.10?17:11
Picibig---ben: Also, if 9.10, Karmic discussion/support should be sought in #ubuntu+117:12
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ubsafderhow can i see the app started by kde at logging i want to add nm-applet there17:49
b14ckCan anyone tell me how to change the default browser to firefox?17:52
b14ckUsing konqueror is annoying =p17:52
Nightwalker-open FireFox, edit --> preferences --> advanced --> general --> "check now" button under topic System Defaults17:54
b14ckNightwalker-: that doesn't seem to work17:54
b14ckIt never detects that it isn't the system default.17:55
Nightwalker-open system settings, choose Default applications, section Web Browser17:56
navetzhow do I add www-data to my main user group?17:56
b14ckahh, that does it17:57
=== michal__ is now known as yady
MacSlowGreetings everybody!18:05
MacSlowCan someone do me a favour compile and run this http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m2dc12525 and paste me the output here? Thanks in advance!18:05
MacSlowor use this http://paste.ubuntu.com/22794818:08
anthonyhow do i install internet explorer18:10
=== anthony is now known as Guest79441
Guest79441how do i install and set up internet explorer?18:10
Guest79441how do i install internet explorer?18:11
BluesKajGuest79441, this is linux, noy MS windows , IE mihght run in wine , but I'm not sure18:12
Guest79441how do i install fire fox then?18:12
BluesKajwith your package manager18:13
=== VerliHub is now known as mushrOOm
jonah1980Can anyone please help, I have some usb problems. Conflicting IRQ addresses I think, I can't use my scanner and my printer is off and on, and my mouse also sometimes locks up... Please help, i'm running jaunty18:27
=== kb is now known as Guest39807
anoneemouseHi... I have a question about ubuntu18:29
anoneemousemaybe wrong channel18:30
BluesKaj!ask | anoneemouse18:30
ubottuanoneemouse: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)18:30
Captain_Haddockanoneemouse: there's also a #ubuntu , FYI18:31
anoneemouseyes i was getting to that... if i install ubuntu will i ever have to axe the installation for a new one18:31
anoneemousesay if a new version comes out18:31
ThomasZI see in my kde desktop some python app that checks the apt database.  Anyone know which package I can deinstall to get rid of it?18:31
anoneemousethanks Captain_Haddock18:32
Captain_Haddockanoneemouse: the next version can be install via upgrades either via the Internet or using a CD18:32
BluesKajanoneemouse, no you just keep updating & upgrading18:32
Captain_HaddockThomasZ: The system activity monitor or similar should tell you which apps are running at the moment18:33
Captain_Haddockthat will probably point you in the right direction18:33
anoneemousebetween major versions aswell? I dont want the same situation I have with windows and pcbsd18:33
Captain_Haddockanoneemouse: yes.18:34
anoneemouseits frustrating to have to download a huge ISO everytime a new major version comes18:34
anoneemousethats cool :)18:34
Captain_Haddockanoneemouse: I personally find it more convenient to download the ISO as I have more than one installation and prefer to have the latest version available for new installs and to give away to friends etc.18:35
anoneemousecan i get kubuntu on a usb drive?18:35
Captain_HaddockI use the ISO as my upgrade source (and don't have to download stuff for the upgrade)18:35
anoneemousei have rather limited bandwidth(im in south africa)18:35
Captain_Haddockanoneemouse: yes, there's a usb creator or something like that available (I haven't used it)18:35
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about usb-creator18:36
anoneemouseso i have to use it wisely... PCBSD was nice but they made major upgrades every other month18:36
Captain_Haddock!info usb-creator18:36
ubottuusb-creator (source: usb-creator): Ubuntu USB desktop image creator. In component main, is optional. Version 0.1.16 (jaunty), package size 26 kB, installed size 556 kB18:36
anoneemouseI see there is no USB installer on the kubuntu website :/18:37
Captain_Haddockanoneemouse: I believe that you just roll your own using usb-creator18:39
Captain_Haddocknot sure though18:39
anoneemousecan i install kubuntu using wubi?18:39
anoneemousemy dvd rom pooped, so im looking for a flash drive install or some otehr alternative18:39
anoneemouseone more question... where can I find out if a specific piece of hardware is supported18:42
DragnslcrI've installed Kubuntu with wubi. Should work fine18:42
anoneemouseany downside to that Dragnslcr?18:43
anoneemouseDo I need a special version of wubi, on the website it wants me to download a single exe18:44
DragnslcrI believe you need both the wubi executable and an iso disc image18:48
anoneemousedo i have to download the iso manually or does wubi do that too?18:49
anoneemouseThe wubi default installation size is 11gb18:53
anoneemouseis that good enough?18:53
NamShubgood afternoon everyone18:54
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=== Guest41771 is now known as jon__
anthonyi just downloaded a new theme for mu computer how do i install it?19:03
=== anthony is now known as Guest97906
Guest97906i just downloaded a new theme for my computer how do i install it?19:04
Guest97906how do i install the them i just downloaded?19:06
Guest97906any 1 here wanna help me??19:08
Captain_HaddockGuest97906: Installation instructions should be within19:08
Captain_HaddockPlease get a proper nick19:08
=== Guest97906 is now known as anthony
anthonyhows that19:08
Captain_Haddockyou'll need to register it or choose a unique one19:09
=== anthony is now known as Guest98960
Captain_Haddockshamwari: you're asking a question?19:10
=== Guest98960 is now known as anthony
=== anthony is now known as Guest50473
Guest50473captain haddock i read everything inside the them files there was no installation instructions19:12
shamwariCaptain_Haddock:  I made an atempt of answering one19:12
shamwariits possibale at least in ubunto to go: system-tools-apparance19:13
shamwarian thean aplaying the theam19:13
shamwarisry for the spelling.19:13
MamarokGuest50473: where did you download that theme from? If it is for KDE4, you need to do this in the system settings19:14
Captain_Haddockshamwari: roger :)19:14
Guest50473i got it from gnome look19:14
=== AlexZion_ is now known as AlexZion
NamShubis it possible to run okular inside firefox - instead of the awful adobe reader?19:31
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network). If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »19:33
MamarokNamShub: this is planned for Karmic AFAIK19:35
afeijohow can I configure my linux machines to use windows domain controler DHCP and DNS?19:40
epimethafeijo: DHCP will do that for you19:42
Guest68732ok i have a GDM file theme and i have no clue how to install it??19:43
afeijoepimeth: is that a cmd?19:43
epimethafeijo: no, if you configure your card to get its configuration from DHCP it will.  if you want to force it to reconnect you can run the command "sudo dhclient"19:45
afeijoepimeth: the machines get ip, internet works, but it cant see the other machines by name, only thru IP. I need DHCP for that right?19:45
epimethafeijo: no, DHCP puts you on the network... it gives you an ip address, subnet, gatway, dns, etc etc19:47
afeijoepimeth: so I need to configure the DNS?19:47
antman_i have a question19:47
epimethafeijo: no, you need to configure samba19:48
afeijoI use samba to share my machine files to the windows machines19:48
antman_how do i install a theme that i downloaded19:48
epimethafeijo: wait, do you meen for browsing files or for viewing web pages?19:48
antman_its a GMD file or somethin like that19:48
afeijoepimeth: both, I need that my network can resolve names so it can access machines files or web pagse19:49
cuzntOptions marked [*] produce a lot of output - pipe it through `less' or `more' !19:49
afeijoepimeth: I need that my machine get listed on a windows xp networks window19:49
afeijoand that my machine will see any other machine (linux or windows) when I do i.e. ping machinename19:50
antman_any 1 guna help me?19:50
epimethantman: you should probably ask in #ubuntu... we here at use KDM :-) but anyway... http://www.google.com/#hl=en&q=ubuntu+install+GDM+theme&aq=f&oq=&aqi=g1&fp=VEE02fthf5k19:50
epimethantman_: the world helps those who help themselves ;-)19:50
antman_haha very funny XD19:51
antman_ive been tryin for a while19:51
epimethantman_: the very first link there doesn't answer your question???19:51
antman_sorry i have bad eyesight19:51
antman_let me look for it19:51
=== derrick__ is now known as D-Master
epimethafeijo: well for browsing files you need to get to them through samba... in dolphin you type in "smb://DOMAINNAME/MACHINENAME" or just "smb:/" to browse all domains / workgroups19:52
afeijoepimeth: what would be the proper term for me to search on google for my problem? English isnt my main lang19:52
afeijoepimeth: the file sharing isnt the issue yet, if one machine cant see the other one by name (not resolving the IP) why would I need smb?19:53
epimethto ping or access web pages you need to set up the DNS server correctly....19:53
afeijowhere can I check my linux station dns configuration?19:53
epimethafeijo: in the command line, "ifconfig"19:54
epimethafeijo: its much like window's "ipconfig" only better :-)19:55
afeijoepimeth: I have eth0, lo, vmnet1 and vmnet8. no dns mentioned19:55
epimethafeijo: those are your interfaces19:55
antman__ok maybe im goin at this the wrong way19:56
antman__how do i install a new login screen?19:56
epimethafeijo: sorry... forgot that dns doesn't appear there!  your dns gets written to /etc/resolve.conf19:58
epimethjust view that file... from the command line it is "cat /etc/resolve.conf"  cat is short for "concatenate"  it outputs the contents of a file19:58
afeijoepimeth: ok, that file have 2 lines that make sense, pointing to my windows server ip and my router19:58
epimethafeijo: so your linux box is set up correctly... the problem is with your DNS box19:59
afeijoepimeth: the windows side?19:59
epimethafeijo: yup19:59
afeijoepimeth: today if I add lines to hosts file, all works but that sux lol19:59
antman__how do i install a new login screen??20:00
epimethafeijo: the reason that the other windows boxes resolve correctly is because they use WINS once they are on the domain20:00
epimethafeijo: *you* however, should be taking advantage of the "domain prefix", but you need to configure DNS to send it to you20:01
epimethantman_: I don't understand what you want to do?  do you want to theme your GDM or install a new display manager (the DM in GDM)20:02
antman__i just want a different login screen =]20:03
epimethantman_: the *background* of the login screen?  or the ENTIRE logion application?20:03
antman__the hole thing20:03
epimethantman_: actually, let me rephrase... to what do you want to change it?  can you send me a link?20:04
antman__one sec leme see if i can send it20:04
epimethantman_: so that is a GDM theme... you don't wnat to change your display manager, just give it a new theme... there is a "2.0" version of that theme, btw20:07
antman__ok but how do i install it?20:08
antman__im still a little unfamilar20:08
antman__with kubunu20:09
epimethantman_: the very first google search result I sent you explains it... in fact, the person who is asking there got his theme from exactly the same site you did... http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=8921120:09
antman__yes but i canot find admin in the system file20:10
epimethantman__: system file?20:11
epimethantman__: wait! what do you mean kubuntu?!? you are asking about a GDM theme!  GDM is the GNOME display manger.  if you are using kubuntu then you have KDM installed!20:11
epimethantman__: I think we finally found your problem :-)20:11
antman__sry lol20:11
epimethwhy are you looking for themes in gnome-look.org if you are using kde?20:12
antman__how do i get themes for kdm20:12
antman__my step dad told me to lol20:12
epimethantman__: dude... open your browser and type in "where do I find themes for kdm" into google20:13
epimethif that doesn't help I'll tell you that you can find them at www.kde-look.org20:13
epimethantman__: ^20:14
antman__lol ok20:14
NamShubMamarok: thanks (sorry for the late reply too ;))20:14
MamarokNamShub: no problem :)20:18
lauricI m noob on irc20:50
=== mrjaxon is now known as MrJaxon
lauricA boddy can help me?20:50
piotr__me to :(20:50
BluesKaj!ask | lauric20:50
ubottulauric: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)20:51
MrJaxonsecond that20:51
=== johan is now known as Guest62769
lauricor internationnal chat?20:51
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr20:51
piotr__a może by tak w innym języku?20:52
laurictank you20:52
piotr__czy ktoś jest może kto rozumie co ja tu wypisuje?20:53
laurici 'am going on chat fr^^20:53
BluesKaj!pl | piotr__20:53
ubottupiotr__: Mozesz uzyskac pomoc w jezyku polskim na #ubuntu-pl20:53
lontrahi i have a wireless broadcom device that uses wl but kubuntu doesn't recognize it. what can i do?21:04
lontraclicking activate in jockey-kde does nothing21:04
MrJaxonanyone that uses centerim as terminal based msnclient?21:09
=== usuario is now known as usuario__
chris__my plasma crashed and it did restart, but all the settings were set to default (first time). so i lost all my data (configs, notes etc.). why did it do that and is there way to retrieve the data?21:26
MrJaxonHmm, I upgraded from hardy to jaunty. After I already did that and had configged my OS I saw on the kubuntu forum that they didn't recommend that. I hope the system wont crash....21:38
alarmhello, is there any known issue with the latest firefox update on kubuntu ?21:38
alarmafter upgrading the new firefox packages , firefox became really slow, eating a lot of cpu resources21:38
MrJaxonhmm, that's really weird21:39
MrJaxonI have the latest updates and my firefox is behaving normally21:39
=== andrea is now known as Guest48661
=== Guest48661 is now known as guznev
alarmwell i noticed that straight after i installed the new packages21:41
alarmi didnt add any plugins or something21:41
alarmuse the same things months now21:41
alarmsuddenly i see usage of 30-40% always21:41
alarmflash movies play really slow21:41
=== sava is now known as tictactatic
Captain_Haddockalarm: did you restart firefox?21:42
=== andrea is now known as guznev
MrJaxondamn that sucks man, sry I can't be of any help.21:42
=== tictactatic is now known as sava
alarmCaptain_Haddock,  of course, i did restart even the computer21:42
alarmand its not that i enter any different websites21:43
MrJaxonhave you tested removing it and reinstalling?21:43
alarmsame as always, facebook , youtube21:43
alarmi also removed cookings, temporary files , etc21:43
alarmmm no thats something i did not try , let me do it21:43
Captain_Haddockalarm: if you like, try installing the firefox-3.5 package .21:43
Captain_Haddock!info firefox-3.521:43
ubottufirefox-3.5 (source: firefox-3.5): safe and easy web browser from Mozilla. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.5.1+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu0.9.04.1 (jaunty), package size 907 kB, installed size 3524 kB21:43
alarmwell is it available ? at the moment i just install things that appear on my update list21:43
Captain_Haddockit's a separate package, so you won't see an update for 3.0 at the moment... It'll become the official firefox for Karmic when it's released.21:44
=== liberfiasco is now known as libervisco
alarmso , i have to add an extra repo ?21:45
MrJaxonif you remove it then reinstall from adept you should be able to see if there's any other package to chose from. Or you could dl it directly from mozilla maybe.21:45
alarmok i will purge that one, and install the new one for firefox website21:45
Captain_Haddockalarm: probably not.. just type sudo apt-get install firefox-3.521:45
Captain_Haddockthe two versions are able to coexist.21:46
alarmCaptain_Haddock,  something is weird with firefox-3.521:47
alarmlook at this list please http://pastebin.com/m175db8b521:48
alarmwhy do all those packages need to be installed ? 150mb of libs ? dont get it21:48
alarmany ideas ?21:51
MrJaxonnot a clue, sry..21:54
alarmi dont get it why 3.5 needs all that stuff21:56
MrJaxonnope, that's just weird man..21:57
DragnslcrI've been wondering that myself21:58
alarmsomething is not ok with the dependencies for sure , this page claims something different http://packages.ubuntu.com/jaunty/firefox-3.521:59
alarmthat solves the problem alarm@rockpc:/usr/share/man$ sudo apt-get install firefox-3.5 --no-install-recommends22:01
alarm 22:01
alarmbut still :/22:01
ActionParsnipalarm: it installed fine here22:01
alarmActionParsnip,  well i am not telling any lies, i am showing you apt-get install package list showed me to install22:01
alarmit almost needs the gnome window manager to run ? somethings fishy22:01
ActionParsnipalarm: it install ubuntu-branding which depends on a tonne of gnome stuff22:03
alarmwith no-install-recommends  i get just those 3 dependencies firefox-3.5 firefox-3.5-branding xulrunner-1.9.122:03
alarmwell dont want 150 tonnes of stuff just for a browser :)22:03
alarmi'd better then just download the binary from the official website rather then installing the deb22:04
ActionParsnipalarm: ive seen a lot of kde users do that22:04
alarmcould be, but still i find it a wrong tactic :) i dont blame you. but just because i need windows calculator doesnt mean i have to install the whole MS office suite22:05
nico183I need help please22:05
alarmnico183, is your house burning ? :)22:05
nico183I have kubuntu 8.10 and the 2wire high speed box from at&t22:05
nico183I went to download some drivers to put on another computer that has kubuntu so my wirless card would work22:06
nico183after that I can not connect to the internet on my desktop nor will it find any connections22:06
nico183any ideas on how to fix?22:07
ActionParsnipnico183: is it wireless drivers?22:07
nico183yes they were driver for a wirless card I planned on attaching to my kubuntu computer in the living room so I would have internet there as well as in the bedroom22:08
ActionParsnipnico183: does: sudo iwlist scan    show APs?22:09
nico183don't had not tried that hold on22:09
nico183here is what it reads22:12
nico183lo  interface doesn't support scanning22:12
nico183eth0 interface doesn't support scanning22:12
nico183pan0 interface doesn't support scanning22:12
nico183any ideas?22:13
Rhastahow to be a channel operator?22:14
alarm_what is shiretoko (firefox ?) :o22:18
PriceyRhasta: Excuse me?22:18
nico183hello any ideas on this?22:19
nico183really need help22:19
ActionParsnipnico183: ok then the driver is bad22:21
=== sancas_ is now known as sancas
ActionParsnipnico183: tru: sudo modprobe ndiswrapper22:21
nico183so what do I do to fix problem?22:21
ActionParsnipnico183: sounds like you are using ndiswrapper22:21
nico183my hubby wants to redo whole system with kubuntu cd22:22
nico183nope like i said i only went and collected the drivers i required to install on other computer. was going to move to thumb drive to put on other computer22:22
nico183in mean time lost internet connection and now can not get it back22:23
ActionParsnipnico183: can you pastebin the output of:   sudo lshw -C network22:26
nico183*-network Disabled22:28
nico183description: Ethernet interface22:28
ActionParsnipnico183: i'd use a pastebin, saves people typinng your text away22:29
nico183I can not because this is a different computer from the one with the problem22:29
nico183this is my laptop and that is my desktop22:29
ActionParsnipthen typeit into a pastebin instead of in here22:30
=== root is now known as staff-tvp
=== root is now known as Guest80938
SammHow can I install KDE3 in a installation of Ubuntu?22:35
ActionParsnipSamm: http://apt.pearsoncomputing.net/install.html22:36
ActionParsnipSamm: only add the lines for your release22:36
SammActionParsnip: your in here too?22:36
ActionParsnipSamm: sometimes22:37
SammActionParsnip: well, I thought you told me to come here anyway? anyhow, thanks for the link.22:37
=== Dezier is now known as zierbrian
macoin top, how much memory is kontact using in the "RES" column for you folks?23:13
AlexZionhi everyone ....23:20
AlexZionsomeone can help me to setting up the audio system in mumble ?23:20
nico045need help getting my network to where is doesn't read disabled in sudo23:23
nico045please help23:24
quassel208buy Windows23:24
quassel208Think kubuntu lot many users with 9.0423:25
nico045this isn't funny. i need to access my e-mails23:25
maconico045: disabled in sudo?23:25
macoquassel208: be helpful for be quiet23:26
=== salim is now known as sarimura
maconico045: where is it saying disabled?23:26
nico045yes, when i ran sudo lshw -c network it came back saying my network was disabled. so how do i enable it?23:27
maconico045: ah lshw. are you looking for wireless or wired?23:27
quassel208I am helpfull, just check lauchpad and kde bugs, exspeccialy lauchpad doesnt fix anything, they just label every 6 month there distro stable even when its not, crashes, freezes, overloading, and thats called stable, now wonder people are afraid23:28
macoquassel208: we try to get things stable by release time. if people would rather whine than help us fix things, we can't do anything about it, now can we?23:29
nico045here is the thing. I own the 2wired modem sent by at&t to me that has the ability to be wired and a wireless for my laptop. the computer i am having problems with is wired to the modem and i am attempting to fix it by being on here via the wireless. lol23:29
quassel208Funny thing is 9.10 is evening more stable then what kubuntu calls stable23:29
macoquassel208: triage bugs, submit patches, etc. we will welcome the help.23:30
maconico045: ah ok. and this is using ethernet right? not dialup?23:30
maconico045: ok. if you run "ifconfig" does it say anything about eth0?23:31
quassel208maco, I bugged all problems, and since 8.04 I came to conclusion they dont care, they just let it be for 6 months and then mabye its fixed in next release, which makes me end up running 9.10, which is more stable in use23:31
macoquassel208: how many people are employed to work on kubuntu?23:31
macoany guesses?23:31
quassel208like I know, why not just backport if they fix it in 9.10, thats what I not got23:32
maco1 person23:32
macoeverybody else does this in their free time after work or school23:32
macoas far as i'm aware, yes, jon is the only person paid to work on kubuntu23:33
quassel208u mean 1 persons gets paid23:33
macothere are a couple people--not programmers--working on coming up with ideas for interface stuff in the design team who know about kde, but as far as developers...?23:33
maconico045: can you try "ifconfig eth0 up"?23:34
quassel208as far as I know, ubuntu doesnt do much there self, they just adopt and take all the credit23:34
macoquassel208: now, you can either continue telling those of us who do this in whatever time remains after work, school, and homework, that we are useless, or you can help us23:34
nico045permission denied23:35
maconico045: sudo ifconfig eth0 up, in that case23:35
quassel208maco sometimes when I am mood I help, but none off the bugs I bugged are getting worked on, so just let it do the people who know it so good23:36
macobugs you bugged?23:36
macobugs you reported you mean?23:36
quassel208yes I do23:36
nico045when i enter it in it just comes around to the nico line again23:36
macowe've got a ton of bug reports. how about helping fix the bugs?23:36
quassel208english is not my native laugange23:36
maconico045: ok, if you "ifconfig" after doing that, does eth0 show?23:36
quassel208maco I have a life, as boring that seems, I am not going fix, I try use kubuntu for daily use23:37
macoquassel208: guess what? i have a life too.23:38
macowe all have lives23:38
quassel208found some bugs today, but okay solved by freezing the grub package23:38
quassel208hopefully solved23:38
maconico045: ok if you run "sudo dhclient eth0" what happens? (dont paste here, paste in http://paste.ubuntu.com)23:38
nico045i am being subjected to learning this because of my spouse's disabilities and kubuntu is the most user friendly for him23:39
maconico045: im not sure why it was down to begin with, but once it's up, it should be usable23:39
quassel208or else I end up reinstalling again, did today 3 times, I just feel forced using the expermintel version, because the graphic problems are fixed in 9.1023:39
ncetervalHello, opera 10.00.4502 (qt4) is not working for me after an ugrade of Kubuntu.  Can anyone help me figure out why?  Here is an strace: http://pastebin.ca/150494823:39
macoquassel208: 9.04's intel graphics issues were problems with X, period. yes, 9.10 is beautiful for that23:40
quassel208and yes they are already fixed in 9.10, because I can feel it that its fixed23:40
savahi does anybody know why keyboard layouts are limited to 4 only?23:41
maconico045: does your wired show up in the network manager plasmoid now?23:41
savait used to be unlimited in kde 3.x23:41
quassel208normally I would have freezes or graphics effects slowing down, now not, but problem I had today was in grub, it said it didnt find floppy or what23:42
neversfeldequassel208: Seems to be a gerneral discussion, which belongs in #kubuntu-offtopic. Thank you.23:42
quassel208so that meant reinstall and lock grub from upgrading23:43
quassel208jawholl die furher23:43
maconeversfelde: that would be childishly calling us nazis23:45
nico045here is what it says23:46
nico045should i try rebooting?23:47
maconico045: shouldnt need to23:47
maconico045: ah its fine. your wired is connected now23:47
maconico045: do you see a thing in the panel that looks like a plug? if you click that, it should let you configure your network from now on23:48
nico045thank you so much for all your help23:49
nico045it is working perfectly. just one more question23:49
nico045we use to have an icon that was a green globe when connected will i get that back or will i have to guess at my connection?23:50
Okaywhen I open my trash, the empty button is white-out. Any suggestions?23:50
maconico045: are you used to knetworkmanager or the plasmoid?23:51
nico045i think it is knetworkmanager. i know we have kubuntu 8.1023:51
maconico045: ah ok. then it wouldnt be a plug. sorry im used to the 9.04 way.  check to see if knetworkmanager is running "ps -ef | grep network"23:52
cordolphin. split pane button always highlight the wrong (active) side. insane. how to fix?23:54
nico0456006 5585 0 18:54 pts/1     00:00:00 grep network23:54
nico045that is waht is says23:54
macook well just hit alt+f2 and type "knetworkmanager" then hit enter23:55
nico045nothing comes up23:56
corassuming that's still your hotkey combo for the run command23:56
nico045fo i need the quotes?23:57
macono leave off the quotes23:57
macoer yeah i did assume that23:57
macoalright open that menu withthe K on it23:57
macotype knetworkmanager in the search box23:57
nico045ok still nothing23:57
macomaybe its not installed...23:57
macosudo apt-get install knetworkmanager23:57
nico045it want to search the web for it but nothing for the system23:58
Okaywhen I open my trash, the empty button is white-out. Any suggestions?23:58
maconico045: sounds like not installed then23:58
nico045running install now23:59
nico045my hubby driving me nuts. he lost all add remove packages in adept how can i get it to search for them again?23:59

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