ubottuUbuntu bug 403248 in gnome-power-manager "DIM will dim my screen even when not idle" [Undecided,New]00:01
TwigathyIf you want to kill firefox in a new and interesting way, clicky http://home.twigathy.com/out.png (2MB, 16384x16384 PNG. DO NOT CLICK unless you have a *lot* of RAM and CPU time spare!)00:03
DanaGNot much of an image.00:07
DanaGAll I see is black.00:07
TwigathyWell, that means it hasn't loaded completely yet >_<00:07
DanaGoh, some colored bits.00:07
DanaGsierpinski triangle?00:08
TwigathyI spent today writing a fractal flame generator for...no real reason other than I wanted to know how they worked...00:08
* BUGabundo tries to open it00:08
BUGabundo... on elynks00:08
* BUGabundo hears CPU fan00:09
BUGabundoand disk00:09
BUGabundooh memory leak00:09
Twigathyah, hit swap already? That can't be good00:09
Twigathycheck top, I had firefox using 1.2G res and Xorg and ff using 100% cpu each00:09
BUGabundoDSK |         sda | busy     97% | read     181 | write    259 | avio    4 ms |00:09
BUGabundoPAG | scan   6634 | stall      0 |              | swin     125 | swout    935 |00:09
BUGabundo 2554    134     19         82K   1.7G   1.2G     0K   612K  31% firefox-3.600:10
BUGabundoMEM | tot    3.9G | free   30.3M | cache 213.1M | buff    4.3M | slab   91.1M |00:10
* DanaG sees 3864M total memory.00:11
BUGabundoeven pidgin is now freezing00:11
BUGabundodue to not be able ot write to disk00:11
Twigathyoh dear00:11
BUGabundoSWP | tot    4.7G | free    4.1G |              | vmcom   5.2G | vmlim   6.6G |00:11
BUGabundo 2554     4684K       0K            0K                       55% firefox-3.600:12
* BUGabundo wishes FF used process per tab00:12
Twigathyneeds more... minefield is it?00:12
BUGabundo 2874      0      0       1795K   2.4G   1.8G     0K     0K  47% Xorg00:13
BUGabundoxorg mem leak?00:13
BUGabundoclosed the tab00:15
DanaGsomething's screwed up.00:15
DanaGcan't exec .... anything.00:15
Twigathydon't blame you - it crashed my firefox00:15
DanaGno, I think I accidentally bind-mounted /proc on /proc00:15
DanaGand same for sys and dev.00:15
DanaGTime to REISUB.00:15
BUGabundoFair well dear bud00:17
BUGabundoremember to fsck00:17
* Twigathy likes that about nfs root. No more fscking. :)00:17
TwigathyIf I hard-reboot I just lose whatever NFS didn't flush :/00:18
BUGabundoTwigathy: hit $ sync00:20
BUGabundoohh BluesKaj is back00:22
BluesKajhey BUGabundo00:22
BluesKajspent the day beside the lake taking some sun and sauna00:24
BluesKajno interenet , even cell phone service was iffy00:25
BUGabundodid you enjoy it?00:26
BUGabundoor are you too nerd for it00:26
BluesKajwas great00:26
BluesKajme nerdy ? far from it :)00:27
BUGabundothen what are you doing here?00:28
* BUGabundo uses Twigathy image to crash a few FFs all over the µblogsfere00:31
BluesKajfamily cottage00:31
TwigathyThere goes my ADSL for the rest of the week then, BUGabundo ;)00:31
BUGabundoI can re-host it if you like00:32
BUGabundoor you can do funny stats on it00:32
Twigathywell, I could stick it on twigathy.com which has 100M up and down... c_c00:32
TwigathyIt'd make more sense00:32
BUGabundobut now I already pasted the link !00:33
BUGabundotoo late00:33
Twigathydarn :)00:33
BUGabundohits should be coming as we speak00:33
TwigathyI'll tail my logs...00:33
Twigathyoh god00:33
Twigathyoh *wow* where did you post that to? >_<00:33
BUGabundoTwigathy: *everywhere*00:35
BUGabundoI mean, really, *everywhere* where pingfm and hellotxt, and SNs can reach00:35
Twigathythere, I replaced it with a meta-refresh and redirected it to twigathy.com/triangulation.png =)00:35
Twigathyhacky but it works :)00:36
BUGabundodo you have another link?00:36
BUGabundoreposting it NOW00:36
BUGabundoTwigathy: better now ?00:38
BluesKajhere's a pic of the old beach by the "camp" as cottages are known in northern ontario http://imagebin.ca/view/6d8VjX.html00:40
TwigathyBUGabundo: lol, fun... I'm already getting hits from social networking spiders and google's bot... >_<00:40
BUGabundothat was fast00:40
Twigathythe net scares me00:40
BUGabundoit should!00:42
BUGabundoja viram?00:44
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billybigriggerwhat a lively bunch tonight :)02:02
DanaGHaving an EXTENSION override new-tab behavior is rude.02:10
DanaGIt should at least be a "default preference", not an override!02:10
DanaGyargh, trying to use schroot...02:22
DanaG(karmic32)dana@EliteBook:~$ sudo02:23
DanaGsudo: must be setuid root02:23
DanaGit IS setuid root.02:23
Gumbyanyone here experienced a broken grub after a dist-upgrade?02:23
DanaGoh, I see... it mounts nosuid.02:25
DanaGokay... how do I make it NOT use nosuid?02:28
billybigriggerdid he quit?02:50
billybigriggerchatzilla sucks02:50
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tanathmy computer won't boot now >.<04:52
tanathdoesn't recognize uuid04:52
tanathneed help04:52
DanaGhmm, does it boot with root=/dev/sda# format?04:53
DanaGI'm having the same sorts of won't-recognize-uuid issues.04:53
tanathi think so04:56
tanathi ran env from recovery prompt, and there was no value for rootdelay, which was mentioned04:57
tanathnot sure what to set that to, and i doubt it'd fix it04:57
tanathi'm on live disc now04:57
DanaGI can't even GET a recovery prompt.05:00
DanaGThat is, if I EFI boot.05:00
DanaGI'm trying to use grub-efi, and for some reason, the kernel refuses to load the initramfs.05:00
DanaGIt says "no ramdisk image found at 0"05:01
DanaGor something like that.05:01
tanathhm, not mine05:02
tanathsaid, timed out waiting for root device & couldn't find it or something05:02
tanathdrops to initramfs prompt or whatever05:03
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tanathhow do i get net connectivity in a chroot?05:45
tanathhow can i set the uuid for a partition (from in chroot)?06:25
tanath'ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid' shows sda1's uuid, but when booting off the drive it doesn't know what the uuid is06:26
tanathand so won't boot now06:26
DanaGhmm, might it  be a udev or initramfs issue?06:27
DanaGOr does the uuid it can't find... not match the UUID of the partition?06:27
tanathi got the notion it might be udev before06:27
Jeruvyyou don't as a rule, it's set for you.  you could edit your menu.lst to the appropriate bootable disk if there were changes...?06:27
tanathi dunno what happened. an update borked my system06:28
DanaGDid package configuration get interrupted?06:28
tanathdon't think so06:28
tanaththere was one or two packages that had an error, but i fixed them immediately06:29
tanathon upgrading06:29
tanathbut it was a more recent update. i could boot at first, just not to the .30+ kernels06:30
tanathcould still boot to the .28 kernels. now can't boot at all06:30
tanathwas gonna try playing in chroot, but net isn't working06:31
tanathfrom in chroot06:31
DanaGoh yeah, did you bind-mount /proc and /sys and /dev into it?06:31
tanathran sudo mount -o bind /proc /var/chroot/proc according to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicChroot06:32
tanathwell, /var/chroot is wrong path though06:32
tanathbut did that06:32
DanaGugh, blurry bubbles.06:33
DanaGoh yeah, and copy /etc/resolv.conf from the livecd.06:33
tanathi'm chrooted to my HD from live disc06:33
tanathi'm chrooted to my HD, which is already set up to work fine (if it would boot)...06:34
tanathand i've done it before, but don't recall how06:34
tanaththe existing /etc/resolv.conf may be different, but if so it prolly should be06:34
DanaGIt's automatically generated, in most cases.06:36
Sarvatttanath: sudo dumpe2fs /dev/sdawhatever06:36
tanathyeah, but i may have tweaked it at some point in the past06:36
tanathSarvatt: in or out of chroot?06:36
Sarvattdoesnt matter06:36
tanathSarvatt: woah. that gave the same uuid as 'ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid' and then after a pause started spewing tons of output06:37
tanathSarvatt: lots of stuff about free blocks & inodes06:38
tanathi cancelled it 'cause i was trying to read something06:38
tanathand couldn't see what it was doing06:38
Sarvattadd | grep UUID then06:38
tanathshould i let it run through?06:38
Sarvattits just telling you the info on the paritition06:39
tanath'ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid' shows the same uuid06:39
tanathmy fstab has the wrong uuid06:40
Sarvattdid you upgrade from ext3 to ext4 or something?06:40
DanaG"Please insert a disk that is not copy protected.06:41
DanaGSuch a disk cannot be copied without the proper plugins."06:41
DanaGUmm... so which one is it that can't be copied?06:41
tanathSarvatt: nope06:41
tanath# Entry for /dev/sda1 :06:41
tanathUUID=e93bfde6-f2bf-493f-bd21-fde894d1e83c / ext3 defaults,errors=remount-ro,data=writeback,noatime 0 006:41
tanathls ... uuid says different one06:42
tanathany reason not to edit?06:42
tanathi'd like to know how it happened06:42
tanaththere was a command i ran when booted to HD that said ambivalent result for uuid06:43
tanaththis could be why06:43
DanaGlibdvdnav: Suspected RCE Region Protection!!!06:44
* tanath sighs07:06
tanathi fixed my uuid in fstab, but it still tries to boot to the wrong one07:06
tanathwhere else might i need to fix my uuid?07:08
tanathwhy would it try to boot to a nonexistent uuid?07:13
tanatho.O 'aptitude update' gave 'E: Method http has died unexpectedly!'07:40
tanath97% [Working]FATAL -> Could not set non-blocking flag Bad file descriptor07:41
tanathnvm, fixed it07:44
tanathall the UUIDs in menu.lst were the wrong one07:49
rexes13anybody knows when alpha 3 gonna be released?08:00
ghindorexes13, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KarmicReleaseSchedule08:30
rexes13ghindo ty mate08:31
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AnAntHello, Alpha3 will be released today ?09:58
Unksiits scheduled for today10:13
AnAntok, thanks10:16
oli_Anyone know why I don't have shutdown/restart in my user menu?10:28
oli_Just log out and switch user10:28
thekornoli_, yes, I think this is by design, it moved to the "system" menu10:42
thekornat least when I last checked10:42
oli_thekorn: oh yes!10:43
oli_well that's very odd.. I can almost see the rationale but splitting the options up seems a little.. annoying10:43
oli_but fair enough10:43
oli_thanks thekorn10:43
maxbAnyone else running Eclipse (upstream) on Karmic, and finding the perspective switcher often requires you to click on it 4 times or so before it responds?10:57
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om26erwhat is the boot time of karmic11:40
ubottuBoot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto11:40
om26erany1 plz tell me what is the boot time of karmic koala11:41
drs305om26er: Mine is about 30 seconds. It's faster than previous releases but not quite what they are after (i think).11:42
om26erok thanks for the reply drs305. i am gonna test karmic11:43
drs305Maybe 20 until part of the desktop starts to appear.11:43
om26erbut the download server is very slow i am getting 30kb/s11:44
om26erdo any 1 knw if karmic mounts the internal card reader at startup11:48
jithinein kubunutu I am having an issue with nepomuk13:23
jithinewhen I login I have getting this notification nepomuk is trying to convert data into a new backen13:24
jithineafter a few seconds I get another notification that it failed13:24
jithineany kubuntu users here who can help ? please13:25
alteregoadebora ian needs a ubuntu splash image13:31
alteregoafor grub213:31
alteregoai would like to see a koala eating a eucalypt tree on the moon,13:41
bazhangalteregoa, ??13:45
gnomefreakbazhang: he must have meant to type that in #ubuntu-offtopic. didnt you alteregoa13:51
gnomefreakhint no == bad answer13:51
Moultwhen you say break your system13:52
Moultdo you muck up beyond repair the OS and software side13:53
Moultor just muck up the software and such on the system, not so badly (eg: at least bootloader still surviving)13:53
Moultor do you mean the hardware could get fried too :P13:53
gnomefreakMoult: you can break bootloader as well since it is just software13:53
eagles0513875its not really breaking hardware its moer the bootloader and software13:54
gnomefreakgrub2 transition has been ok but that does not make it safe by any menas13:54
Moultright i'm going to try put karmic on my comp since no other distro has been able to get onlne13:54
eagles0513875i have tried out grub2 package thats out and worked fine for me cept first boot took some time13:54
Moultturns out i need a >=2.6.30 kernel13:54
eagles0513875Moult: be careful karmic or last i check was on 2.6.3113:55
eagles0513875gnomefreak: any idea as to my ssh issue and why its rejecting my password13:55
iddoalpha3 comes out today? when exactly?13:55
gnomefreakbe careful with that workd "need"13:55
eagles0513875exactly gnomefreak13:55
gnomefreakiddo: when it is ready. once everything is ready it will be releasd ther eis no time table13:55
iddois it supposed to be today?13:56
gnomefreakeagles0513875: off hand no, i havent used ssh in a long time like sunce brazzy13:56
gnomefreakiddo: today in UTC yes should be but depends on what bugs they find that need to be fixed13:56
eagles0513875just too lazy to stay going up and down to work on that machine13:56
iddook cool13:57
gnomefreakiddo: normally within a day or 2 on either end of date13:57
Moultis the installation of karmic at the moment graphical or text?13:57
gnomefreakMoult: you can use either13:57
gnomefreaki have both ISOs13:57
Moulthmm i didn't find an alpha2 download but i did find alpha3, is this correct? http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/karmic/alpha-3/13:58
gnomefreakok fixed that lost alot of emails but its fixed :)13:58
gnomefreakMoult: yes or use daily images13:58
iddohmm so alpha3 is already out ?!13:59
gnomefreakiddo: if you are running it yes14:01
BluesKajiddo, supposedly sometime today14:01
iddoi dont understand14:01
eagles0513875or if ur already running karmic you probably have the updated packages for it no gnomefreak14:01
gnomefreakiddo: alphas and such do nto get a "final release" until its a final release of system14:01
iddoi want to install it from scratch14:01
eagles0513875ahhhh BluesKaj appears lol not to be confused with bluekuja lol14:01
gnomefreakthan use the iso pick one once you update to latest packages you are in alpha 314:02
eagles0513875this sounds way to tempting to reinstall14:02
DrHalan1isn't alpha 3 out yet?14:02
eagles0513875haha DrHalan1 just check the site14:03
DrHalan1what site?14:03
Moultare you all on karmic?14:03
gnomefreakok people define out yet. alphas do not get released in the way you are thinking of it14:03
iddothe link at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/karmic/alpha-3/ gonna get updated later today or tomorrow? or this is alpha3 and next update is alpha4 ?14:03
ubottuDaily builds of the CD images of the current development version of Ubuntu are available at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ and http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/14:03
eagles0513875gnomefreak: hows the installer looking on alpha 2 iso14:03
gnomefreakeagles0513875: a2 text based was ok libcrypt issue but should be fixed by now14:04
DrHalan1gnomefreak: yeah with released i meand the critical bugs been fixed14:04
gnomefreakthey are still being fixed14:04
eagles0513875might give it a go and reinstall im wondering if my openssh issue is related to upgrading from jaunty to karmic14:04
DrHalan1i cannot upgrade my laptop anymore because the package mozialla-plugin-gnash is broken and can'T be removed14:04
iddoso there gonna be new alpha3 iso later?14:05
gnomefreakas i recall firefox was a fast push to get it on the cd so the end concerning me is done that i know of14:05
alteregoaits alpha not RC14:05
gnomefreakalteregoa: this is a support channel not a offtoipic channel14:05
alteregoaok dude14:05
gnomefreakiddo: dailies are updated daily14:05
iddobut this link is daily? http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/karmic/alpha-3/14:06
eagles0513875iddo: also any packages that make it to the daily builds get pushed out as updates14:06
alteregoai got a problem with the grub2 splashscreens14:06
gnomefreakalteregoa: thats good since IIRC it doesnt support splashs yet14:06
DrHalan1how can i force remove a package (the removal script is broken)14:07
alteregoai installed the splash screens and edited a file cause the paths are wrong14:07
gnomefreakDrHalan1: you would have to look at the error read the file that has a problem wnad than try. or file a bug14:07
iddohmm i didnt even notice that this link is kubuntu14:07
alteregoai put a splash screen into my notebook bios with the same resolution on grub14:08
eagles0513875iddo: thing is there is no link on the main kubuntu page regarding alpha 3 yet14:09
iddohmm ubuntu (not kubuntu) also has only alpha3 link: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/9.10/alpha-3/14:10
iddoso think alpha3 iso is updated daily ?14:10
DrHalan1gnomefreak: it's update-alternatives or so. I dunno what to do abotu that14:10
iddoi meant so this14:10
iddoor this alpha3 iso will stay the same until alpha4 ?14:12
gnomefreakDrHalan1: im going to be in and out. if you dont know what you are doing than i suggest file a bug. if you go into that folder you should find the gnash file there and read the error and see if you can find the broken part but i dont see the full error and time is not allowing me to help too much today14:12
gnomefreakiddo: daily == updated daily14:12
drs305alteregoa: Do you have any questions about how to put the splash image into Grub2?14:13
iddoyeah i'm asking if it's daily14:13
iddognomefreak: why do u say that alpha3 is daily?14:14
DrHalan1gnomefreak: it is said to be fixed https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnash/+bug/39821314:14
ubottuUbuntu bug 398213 in gnash "package mozilla-plugin-gnash 0.8.5-0ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed pre-removal script returned error exit status 2" [Medium,In progress]14:14
DrHalan1but i cannot update the package either because then it tries to remove the old one too14:14
gnomefreakDrHalan1: remove the old gnash packages?14:19
DrHalan1because of the bug i can't14:19
gnomefreakDrHalan1: what happens when you try to upgrade? you said it removes packages (not helpful)14:21
BluesKajI'm impressed with konqueror as a browser , now that FF has become bloated and slow on linux ..it's now my default14:23
DrHalan1gnomefreak: like mentionedi n teh bug: "subprocess installed pre-removal script returned error exit status 2"14:23
gnomefreakDrHalan1: comment on the bug than.14:23
DrHalan1okay thanks gnomefreak14:25
gnomefreakDrHalan1: im not a gnash maintainer and it doesnt say its fixed it sayus its in progress14:25
gnomefreakasac opened it back up for that reason14:25
iddoso if next week i download http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/9.10/alpha-3/karmic-desktop-i386.iso will it be the same file, or is it updated daily?14:27
danbhfiveiddo: there is a daily release14:28
gnomefreakDrHalan1: give me a minute14:28
gnomefreakif its not daily it will not be updated (at least ont often)14:29
iddobut arent the daily releases here? http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/14:29
ubottuDaily builds of the CD images of the current development version of Ubuntu are available at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ and http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/14:29
gnomefreakthose are daily links14:29
iddobut im not asking about those14:29
iddoim asking about http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/9.10/alpha-3/14:29
gnomefreakiddo: they will stay the same the dailyies will be updated daily14:30
gnomefreakiddo: what is it you want to know out side of that?14:30
iddognomefreak: u r now saying that http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/9.10/alpha-3/ will stay the same?14:31
iddoearlier u said that alpha3 will be released probably later today or tomorrow?14:31
danbhfiveiddo: I thought all releases stayed the same14:31
iddoso alpha3 was already released?14:32
gnomefreakiddo: if the link is broken they images have not yet been put on server. the non daily isos will change from a3 to a4 last part of link with tell you that14:32
charlie-tcaalpha3 will not change from alpha3, but the daily releases will change every day14:32
gnomefreakiddo: there is no release of alphs14:32
iddoso how do u call it when alpha3 becomes available?14:32
gnomefreakthey are made available that is it14:32
gnomefreakiddo: that way14:33
iddoalpha3 has already been made available ?14:33
gnomefreakunless the link says daily the a3 will stay a3 a4 will stay a4 ect....14:33
gnomefreakiddo: can you download it from that link?14:33
gnomefreakif it works yes if not they are not on server yet14:33
iddoyes i can download it14:34
gnomefreakiddo: than go to it14:34
gnomefreakiddo: we wont et email untill all servers are updated14:35
gnomefreakkubuntu server is not updated as im finding out14:35
gnomefreakat least sounds like it14:35
PiciBut without the release notes/announcement you may run into issues that may or may not be known.14:35
BluesKajDrHalan1, here is some advice about broken packages : http://www.linux.com/archive/feature/4891014:36
iddobut the date of http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/9.10/alpha-3/karmic-desktop-i386.iso is 22-Jul-2009 17:49  hmmmm?14:36
gnomefreaksymantics ;) honestly a3 with or without release notes you can run into problems with installer/packages/updates ect...14:36
gnomefreakiddo: that was yesterday14:36
gnomefreakhint its still a314:36
gnomefreakinstall it from that than do your updates OR use daily image than do updates14:37
iddoso alpha3 was made available yesterday?14:37
gnomefreakiddo: i dont think you are getting this. a3 was made avilabe right after a2 was posted from a2 ->now have been updates14:38
gnomefreakthats all that is. there is no rocket science behind it14:38
iddoi'm asking whether the file http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/9.10/alpha-3/karmic-desktop-i386.iso is gonna stay the same or be updated, whats the answer to this question?14:39
gnomefreakiddo: daily iso was a3 the day after a2 was posted so it was avilable than14:39
gnomefreakiddo: i have said and will say again unless major breakage it will stay the same14:40
gnomefreakthat one question has been answered by me a few time and a few others a few time14:40
iddook but u also said that alpha3 will be made available when it's ready later today or tomorrow14:41
gnomefreakiddo: today/tomorrw is not the same for everyone14:42
gnomefreakiddo: i know they are still spinning images and the emails have nto been sent yet14:42
gnomefreaki use rxync to update my isos 2 times a week or so14:43
gnomefreakso i only have to download once14:43
charlie-tcaAlso, the topic in this channel is updated when the alpha release is changed14:43
iddoso why wasnt the topic updated?14:43
gnomefreakthat happens when we get devel list email14:43
Picibecause the release announcement hasn't been made.14:43
charlie-tcabecause alpha3 is not officially released yet14:44
iddobut the actual iso is available since yesterday ?14:44
* gnomefreak thinks if this has confused you so much that maybe installing an alpha release maybe not best thing for you14:44
gnomefreakiddo: download or dont but our answers will not change14:44
iddoi downloaded it14:45
gnomefreakiddo: good than lets drop it14:45
iddoin it there's file README.diskdefines14:45
iddoit says #define DISKNAME  Ubuntu 9.10 "Karmic Koala" - Alpha i38614:45
iddoi dont see any other info14:46
gnomefreakiddo: if you are looking for things to be wrong than i suggest you stop. either use it or dont14:46
gnomefreakiddo: the name means nothing14:46
PiciThe disk won't identify itself as Alpha 3 if thats what you're looking for.14:47
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iddook cool, im gonna try to install it now14:50
Dimitreehello :) can i ask about Vdpau in Karmic ? Will it be used ? Is it comming ? xine-vdpau ?14:52
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BluesKajDimitree, check your package manager to locate vdpau driver support by your graphics card14:59
Oli``Dimitree: it's in jaunty if you have a new enough nvidia driver14:59
Dimitreexine-vdpau is not i think ?15:00
BluesKajthe 7 series and up nvidia supports it15:00
Dimitreewhen i search for vdpau in synaptic it only shows the nvidia-vdpau dev15:00
BluesKajDimitree, mostly mplayer right now15:00
Oli``xine, maybe not but it's in mplayer15:00
DimitreeKarmic mplayer uses vdpau now ?15:01
Oli``it can, go through the settings in gmplayer15:01
Dimitreeawesome :) <---updates to karmic15:01
Oli``again, provided you have a new nvidia driver... the default nvidia driver is still quite old15:01
Oli``what, wait15:01
=== ChanServ changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Welcome to the Ubuntu Karmic Koala (9.10) discussion channel | Karmic is NOT RELEASED and may break your system | Schedule https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KarmicReleaseSchedule | Please join #ubuntu for all other support questions | Alpha 3 Released: www.ubuntu.com/testing/karmic/alpha3 | Paper Cuts Round 1: tinyurl.com/mhs2qb
Oli``you can do all that in jaunty15:01
Oli``just install the beta nvidia driver... you'd have to do that in karmic anyway15:02
Dimitreebut 180 supports vdpau ?!15:02
Dimitreewhich beta driver are you talking about Oli``  ?15:03
Oli``sorry yes, I'm talking out my hat (my media center has an ION graphics chipset that needed the latest drivers), ignore me15:03
Dimitreeanyway congrats on Alpha 3 :)15:03
yofelDimitree: use https://edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-x-swat/+archive/x-updates for a never nvidia driver in jaunty15:03
Oli``but in gmplayer's options, there should be an option for selecting vdpau as the video driver15:03
BluesKajDimitree, look in synaptic for nvidia-180-libvdpau-dev15:04
DimitreeBluesKaj, yes ihave that installed already15:04
Dimitreemy probblem is that i need xine-vdpau which will work with Kaffeine for my DVB-S2 card for Satellite HD channels15:04
Dimitreeso it's complicated :)15:04
Oli``compile it yourself?15:05
Dimitreei tryed compiling xine-vdpau from their repos but then i have two xine installations and Kaffeine get's confused which one to use15:05
Oli``remove the other =)15:05
Dimitreeso i was wondering if in Karmic xine-vdpau will work :)15:05
BluesKajDimitree, I haven't tried any HD content on my pc so I can't advise about whether it works on Karmic or not15:05
Dimitreealso xine-vdpau need the latest ffmpeg and so on :/15:05
DimitreeOli``, the last time i removed xine with synaptic it removed EVERYTHING lol :D15:06
gnomefreakxine isw optional it shouldnt remove myuch except xine libs and such15:06
DimitreeBluesKaj, so Karmic is not paying much attention to HD content yet ?15:06
Dimitreegnomefreak, well it removed everything, gnome sessions, everything ... i was litteraly watching the OS destroy itself haha15:07
Dimitreewell i hope Karmic will pay more attention to HD content, i mean HD is old news in windows and on Linux it's nto even working out of the box yet which is sad i think :)15:09
DrHalan1Dimitree: are you on 64bit?15:10
Dimitreeno but my PC is capable15:10
gnomefreakDrHalan1: you should beable to remove /var/lib/dpkg/alternatives/mozilla-plugin-gnash15:10
gnomefreakDrHalan1: that might fix it but remember to use sudo rm to do it15:10
DrHalan1its just that w64codecs is missing some features i think15:11
DrHalan1compared to w32codecs15:11
DrHalan1i have troubles with sounds and hd15:11
Dimitreeany idea if kubuntu is more HD friendly ?15:12
gnomefreaki doubt it15:14
gnomefreaki would think its more of a video/drivers than system15:15
Dimitreei was wondering which alpha 3 to test thats all :)15:17
dupondjegvfs & samba is still broken :(15:17
DrHalan1gnomefreak: thanks but didn't hlep much15:19
gnomefreakdidnt help "much"?15:20
gnomefreakit may have a different name i was taking that from another bug, today is insanly busy so far and its not 10:30am yet15:21
gnomefreakok im gone i have to backup and run rsync again15:21
ubottuUbuntu bug 393012 in gvfs "smb: Error while copying file, "Invalid argument"" [Low,Triaged]15:22
dupondjethis is LOW ?15:22
dupondjegvfs doesn't work for samba15:22
dupondjeBrasero also broken :( can't find a single dvd writer15:32
charlie-tcadupondje: bug 39790615:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 397906 in linux "blank cd-r not detected [Karmic]" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39790615:35
dupondjecharlie-tca: not only blank cd15:37
dupondjejust nothing gets detected15:37
dupondjeno drives15:37
charlie-tcawell, getting worse, then15:37
charlie-tcausb drive?15:38
ubottuUbuntu bug 397776 in brasero "Unable to find any device" [Low,Incomplete]15:38
dupondjeusb & internal15:38
DanaGHeh, what is it with newspapers making headlines unintelligible by removing too many articles?16:06
DanaG"Helping needy runs in this teen's family" -- what the heck's a "needy run"?16:06
alteregoahmm skype doesnt work, the audio output16:06
DanaGMight be worth getting a USB headset for Skype, then telling PA not to use that device at all, by setting it to "Disabled" in pavucontrol.16:07
DanaGThat'll free it up so Skype can hog it, without conflict.16:07
alteregoasomeone unify those audio crap, alsa pulse and oss, i hate that crap, one standard not hundrets16:08
DanaGDoesn't help that some software -- such as Wine -- has broken implementations of ALSA... and then refuse to accept a native-PulseAudio driver.16:09
=== DreamlessV2 is now known as Dreamless
Moherosomeone say skype...16:09
* Mohero shivers16:09
Moheroskype is a virus...16:09
alteregoayeah and you drive a proprietary car16:09
alteregoaso walk with open source shoes16:09
alteregoabecause your car has patents16:09
Moheroactuially, my car is pretty open source, I have the manuals for it, and I repair it all myself... :P16:10
Moheroi'm not against skype because it's proprietary16:10
DanaGI don't have issues with proprietary software if it works... but when it doesn't, that's what I hate.16:10
MoheroI'm against it because it was programmed to act in the same way that a botnet works16:10
alteregoawhaetver i don't care if its proprietary or not16:10
DanaGBonus points for crap software that's proprietary and damn-expensive, such as the Xilinx tools.  =þ16:11
alteregoawhatever i can afford it16:11
Andphehey guys, what is "9.10 Alpha 3 Experiment B" ?16:16
Andphefrom google search16:16
dupondjeprinting pdf seems to be broken also :(16:19
om26erplease tell me where to download alpha216:24
dupondjeGIMP doesn't shutdown cleanly :16:25
dupondjedamn :(16:25
kit_hi, i've just upgraded to 9.10 and can't find the configuration for the gdm face browser/login manager. in 9.04 there was a link in [system][preferences/administration] titles "login"-something. is there a replacement on 9.10 ?hi, i've just upgraded to 9.10 and can't find the configuration for the gdm face browser/login manager. in 9.04 there was a link in [system][preferences/administration] titles "login"-something. is there a rep16:37
kit_lacement on 9.10 ?16:37
drs305kit_: The gdm gui interface hasn't been incorporated into karmic yet.16:38
kit_ah, awesome. i was going crazy trying to find it. thanks.16:40
Picikit_: It was mentioned in the  announcement.16:41
iddohmm grub was changed.... where is menu.lst ?16:43
iddoor how to tell grub to autodetect winxp partition?16:43
om26erwhen did alpha 3 released16:43
Piciom26er: today16:43
dupondje!tell ido grub216:44
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about  tell ido grub216:44
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub216:44
Picibug 40279516:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 402795 in grub2 "windows option not shown" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40279516:44
iddobut grub says that it's version 1.92, not grub2 ?16:45
om26erI am getting the error with live cd I downloaded before16:45
yofeliddo: 1.92 is grub2, refer to dual-booting on the wiki page for a possible workaround16:45
om26erI downloaded this16:46
om26eris it any different from alpha3??16:46
yofelom26er: what error?16:46
kit_Pici: ah, i didn't read the announcement. temporarily added the karmic repos to jaunty to install some new packages, kernel, e2fsprogs, deluge, clamav and when i was looking through the available packages decided it might be safer to just do the dist upgrade. it's a new install anyway and i've got jaunty on another partition so am just being experimental.16:47
om26erkit_: talkin abt alpha3?16:48
iddothanks, looking into grub...16:48
om26erhow to add karmic respos in jaunty??16:49
kit_can't tell, i just added a line with karmic using the same syntax as jaunty to the end of sources.list16:49
PiciYou shouldn't.16:49
om26erPici: I am just installing alpha3 on my netbook16:50
Dimitreeomg Alpha 3 is so broken :)16:50
om26erwhat are the known issues in alpha316:50
om26erany link?16:50
Dimitreei can't install anything using GUI16:50
kit_then ran update manager which offered a partial dist upgrade so did that, then after rebooting finetuned sources.list and upgraded remaining packages16:51
Piciom26er: Then you should use the recommended upgrade process, which isn't changing your sources.list.16:51
iddowhats broken? i ran update-manager on alpha3 and only very few updates there, and they installed ok16:52
om26erPici: I am gonna make clean install on an external disk16:52
Dimitreenautilus crashed when trying to install Opera from .deb file, and also Add/Remove doesn't want to install anything saying there was a problem installing this application for everything :) Synaptic doesn't want to start after Authentication screen16:52
mvoDimitree: what does "sudo apt-get install -f" give you (in a terminal)?16:52
Dimitree0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.16:53
Dimitreemvo i managed to install xchat with terminal otherwise with add/remove it doesnt work for anything16:53
mvoDimitree: and sudo synpatic - does that print anythig on the terminal if you try to install something?16:53
Dimitreesudo: synpatic: command not found16:53
Dimitreeoops thats a typo16:54
Dimitreemvo ok with sudo synaptic it runs :)16:54
mvoDimitree: ok, so please run "gnome-app-install" now and see if it prints anything in the terminal when you try to install something :)16:54
iddosimply running update-grub auto-detected my winxp partition, works fine16:55
iddoit's grub 1.96 not 1.92 sorry16:55
iddoi wonder why the alpha3 installer didnt auto-detect the winxp partition?16:56
om26erwhat is the boot time??16:56
yofelom26er: ~20s in most cases16:56
om26eryofel: so faster than jaunty16:56
iddoactually its not partition, its the two separate flash harddisks of eee90116:57
yofelom26er: yes :)16:57
Dimitreemvo no problems now, but i guess that's because i'm starting app-instal from terminal with sudo, meaning that it's already running with root, but if i run it the normal way, it simply reports that there was a problem installing the application after authentication, synaptic also doesn't run after authentication. trying to install stuff from .deb files also doesn't work so any idea whys that ? :)16:57
iddoi think grub installed itself to the 2nd harddisk now, i had to swap them in bios16:57
Dimitreemvo ok that's weird i just tryed to install from .deb file and it worked laso :/16:58
yofelDimitree: any output when running 'gksu synaptic' from a terminal?16:58
Dimitreethats so confusing ...16:58
yofelif the apps not opening that should be a authentication failure in gksu16:58
Dimitreeyofel i will restart now to see if the problem is still there, i did restart before and it was so brb o-o16:58
Dimitreeyep same thing17:01
Dimitreerestarted, tryed to start synaptic from System>admin , authenticated and it didnt run17:01
Dimitreei guess it starts only from terminal17:01
Dimitreeis this a known bug ?17:01
iddocan i install gnome3 and gnome-shell ?17:03
Dimitreesomething esle that's not working is trying to drag and drop icons from Applications to the taskbar, for example trying to drag and drop Terminal to the taskbar fail with the icon simply dissapearing whyle dragging it17:05
alteregoasomeone should integrate a browser into nautilus17:06
alteregoausing gtk  +317:07
alteregoaand webkit17:07
Dimitreeyofel, is it safe to pastebin the output from gksu synaptic and post it here ?17:09
iddothe slow intel graphics problem is seemed to be fixed17:10
yofelDimitree: what do you mean by *safe*?17:10
yofeliddo: well, it has at least gotten much better17:10
Dimitreeyofel, http://pastebin.com/m3497f10817:11
iddoin fact the glxgears numbers don't seem to make sense... i get up to 2500 fps and average 2000+ fps, compared to winxp (qtgears) with 1000 fps17:11
DimitreeSynaptic doesn't start after authentication :/17:11
iddoin ubuntu 8.10 glxgears was terrible, like 200 fps and less17:12
iddo2500 fps seems unreal, it's only atom 1.6ghz cpu17:12
mvoDimitree: *weehhh* looks like a crash in gksu :/17:13
Dimitreewhat can i do o-o17:13
Dimitreeis this happening only to me ?17:18
Dimitreeall i did was a fresh alpha3 install and then updated and installed Nvidia drivers17:18
Dimitreefrom the hardware manager17:18
big---benDimitree: i just joined. what happened to you?17:19
big---benI just installed karmic and my graphic card isn't working either17:19
Dimitreeno idea :) synaptic doesn't start after authentication  http://pastebin.com/m3497f10817:19
big---benoh. then it looks like something else17:19
Dimitreeadd/remove doesnt want to install program also when i run it from the menue17:20
big---benDimitree: you got your 3d-graphic acceleration working?17:20
Dimitreefrom terminal with root everything works tho17:20
Dimitreebig---ben, yep17:20
Dimitreealso i can't drag and drop icons from the menues to the taskbar, they dissapear in mid air :)17:21
big---benooh. looks like i just got it working. a restart will tell :)17:21
Dimitreeafk shop17:22
Oli``Is it possible to get access to the old volume control?17:22
yofelDimitree: check if you have installed all updates and when it still crashes after that report a bug with apport17:24
Dimitreeyofel, all updates are installed, i also switched to the main server to see if anything is missing on the mirror but it says that system is up to date17:26
Dimitreeyofel, what information i should include in such a report ? i mean just saying "it doesn't work" wouldn't be much helpful ?17:27
yofelDimitree: enable apport in /etc/default/apport. Then run 'sudo /etc/init.d/apport start' or reboot. Then crash gksu again and apport should come up17:28
Dimitreeyofel, i already reported one bug but it was saying that Nautilus crashed, is it possible that this is the one ?17:29
ryanakcaIs anybody else experiencing a segfault with sudo? http://pastebin.ca/150449517:29
yofelDimitree: no, it should say that gksu had crashed, nautilus should be untrelated to this17:30
* yofel feels this channel is going to be really busy today thanks to alpha3...17:30
Dimitreeyofel umm how do i enable it in etc default ? change settings or something ? :) sorry i'm noob17:32
yofelDimitree: 'sudo gedit /etc/default/apport' and change enabled=0 to enabled=1 if it isn't already so17:33
Dimitreeyofel, it is enabled but it doesnt come up when gksudo crashes ?17:33
yofelDimitree: anything in /var/crash with gksu in the filename?17:35
Dimitreenautlius and _usr_bin_ubuntuone-client-applet.100017:35
yofelDimitree: then report a bug with 'ubuntu-bug gksu' and attach you crash to the bug report17:37
Dimitreeyofel, the one i posted on pastebin ?17:38
Dimitreeok thanks :017:38
tanathmy computer won't boot again >.< fixed UUID issue, and booted, then hibernated, and now it hangs on boot17:38
billybigriggertanath: whats the error message?17:58
billybigriggeror where does it hang?17:58
tanathno error. hangs after detecting a usb device17:59
tanaththe mouse i think it was17:59
tanathrecently it hung there for a few seconds, but now it doesn't progress beyond that point18:00
billybigriggerwell what does dmesg say?18:03
billybigriggercan you start in recovery mode?18:03
andresmhI installed Firefox 3.5 from Synaptic. For some reason Java applets don't work (shows gray square) but it works on FF3.0.11. Any ideas?18:04
andresmhIcedTea is listed as a plugin in my FF3.5.1. I also tried installing the Java Sun plugin from Synaptic but it didn't solve the problem.18:04
yofelandresmh: afaik the openjdk applet doesn't work with ffx 3.5. you can install the sun java plugin and remove openjdk18:05
tanathrecovery mode doesn't work18:09
andresmhyofel, OK, I just installed java sun plugin with synaptic. Then I disabled IcedTea plugin from FF3.5.1. Now it doesn't even show the gray square when trying to display applets.18:10
andresmhdo I need to reboot?18:11
yofelno idea really, wfm18:11
andresmhis the plan to relase Karmic with FF3.5.1?18:12
yofelandresmh: yes18:13
BluesKajheh, just had a guy ask me how to install internet explorer :)18:15
alteregoayeah a good browser18:15
alteregoafaster then ff18:15
alteregoaspaghetti code FF18:15
tanelikarmic has been broken for a few weeks now, why no session is started after logging to x? All i get is the background picture ...18:17
BluesKajrunning konq as default and sometimes opera..ff has become slow18:17
iddoagreed ff is slow, but why not run chrome ?18:20
tanelistrace shows that applications are left hanging in poll() with nothing drawn on screen18:22
tanelijaunty works ok18:22
taneliany ideas?18:22
BluesKaj have chromium but it doen't autoload the plugins with the command "chromium-browser --enable-plugins" and  I was warned not to set up an alias in bashrc ...dunno why tho18:25
BluesKajiddo, oops it doesn't load the plugins without the command "chromium-browser --enable-plugins"18:26
BluesKajiddo, konqueror is really quite good right now , I'm happy with it18:28
=== alteregoa is now known as Spaghetti-code
DanaGoh yeah, anyone else get "unable to read from resource" when trying to play a DVD in totem?18:38
iddonot sure about konq, but chrome is fast18:39
iddoand chrome is gtk not qt18:39
iddowith --enable-plugins flash etc. works well18:40
om26erhow to install flash package manager does not have it18:42
DanaG!info flashplugin-installer18:43
ubottuflashplugin-installer (source: flashplugin-nonfree): Adobe Flash Player plugin installer. In component multiverse, is optional. Version (karmic), package size 18 kB, installed size 176 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia)18:43
DanaGOh yeah, does the 64-bit-native one crash any less often than the 32-bit, nspluginwrapper'd one?18:44
carl0s-Can someone tell me a quick way to burn an ISO to a disk? Brasero isn't seeing any recording devices anymore.. I guess something to do with the change of hal or dbus or whatever it was.18:49
hificarl0s-: wodim /path/to/image.iso18:51
carl0s-hifi, awesome - thanks :)18:53
hifiall/most burners are just frontends to wodim18:53
hifiburning softwares I mean18:53
yofelDanaG: I get much less crashes with the native 64bit one, at least that's the impression I get18:55
Dimitreehow to install Karnel Sources "***WARNING:*** You do not have the full kernel sources installed." ?18:55
carl0s-hifi, I see. Am I right that Brasero sees no disks because hal is being depreciated ?18:55
hifiI have no idea18:55
carl0s-Suspend / Resume on my Desktop with nVidia card is a nightmare. Known issue? X doesn't hang, but the mouse/keyboard don't work. I have to kill and restart X.18:57
DanaGThen again, at least with nspluginwrapper, you can killall -9 npviewer.bin19:01
DanaGa single question mark?  what kind of question is that?19:07
om26er2DanaG: that was a mistake19:08
om26er2and was nt any question19:08
om26er2how to leave ?19:14
=== mac__v is now known as mac_v
iddocan i install gnome3 and gnome-shell ?19:22
zniavrehello / bonsoir19:23
zniavreis it possible to connect irc chanel with empathy ?19:23
om26ergrub had a file menu.lst so does any1 knw is there a file like that to edit19:37
om26erin grub219:37
drs305Here is a thread I made on Grub 2: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=119527519:41
drs305And here is the thread billybigrigger created: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub219:41
drs305om26er: The equivalent of menu.lst is /boot/grub/grub.cfg but unlike menu.lst it is not meant to be edited. The links explain it.19:42
om26eri got this error while saving grub.cfg19:51
om26erYou are trying to save the file on a read-only disk. Please check that you typed the location correctly and try again19:51
drs305The grub.cfg file is read-only by design. The correct way to change it's contents is to edit the files in /etc/grub.d and then run update-grub.19:53
drs305You can edit it if you want but will have to make it writable. One of the first lines in the file is something to he effect of "Do not edit this file". Of course you can, but it's not designed that way.19:55
om26erhow to edit grub.d19:56
cPFtry mount -o remount,rw /boot/19:57
drs305om26er: It's mostly in the links I provided. Read them and if you still have questions someone here can help.19:57
cPFand edit as root or with sudo19:57
drs305om26er: grub.d is the folder the boot configuration scripts are located in.19:57
om26erok i found it19:57
drs305The normal ones for editing are 05_debian_themes,  00_header and 40_custom19:58
drs305The others automatically search for installed OS's and kernels.19:59
om26erok what do i do with custom19:59
om26ershud i gedit?19:59
drs305om26er: What are you trying to do?20:02
om26eri am trying to add the uuid of my memory card20:02
drs30540_custom is a place to put manual entries that will be added to grub.cfg when update-grub is run.20:02
om26ercuz jaunty is installed on it20:03
drs305And when you run update-grub it isn't seen?20:03
iddohow to change auto-login ? the login preferences (gdm) are gone21:00
=== ripps_ is now known as ripps
rippsiddo: you have to edit /etc/gdm/custom.conf21:35
BookmanI have 9.10 Alpha installed in VirtualBox.  Can I install the guest additions for it, and will it allow true full screen?21:40
BookmanMaybe a better question.  How do I install the Guest Additions?21:51
yofelhi BUGabundo21:54
BUGabundohey everyone21:57
BUGabundohey yofel21:57
BUGabundohey billybigrigger coz_ kklimonda BluesKaj cwillu22:01
coz_BUGabundo,  hey guy22:01
BUGabundohggdh: maxb  rww Twigathy22:02
BUGabundoand everyone else I may have missed :)22:02
BUGabundoTwigathy: ^^^^ (hi)22:02
* Twigathy is lurking :)22:02
BUGabundodude how did the stats go?22:03
BUGabundofrom your server it did load ok22:03
BUGabundofrom your PC it was tooooo slow :\22:03
Twigathyyeah, it stayed up just fine :)22:03
TwigathyThe ADSL-hosted one made my net connection crawl a bit!22:03
Twigathyhttp://twigathy.com/stats/net.eth0.rx-day.png <-- wibbleyness ;)22:03
TwigathyI don't have webalizer installed so don't know the precise number that hit the site :o22:04
AnAnt_Hello, how does karmic support PPA in it's software properties ?22:18
ikoniaAnAnt_: same way as every other release22:19
hggdhBUGabundo, what?22:20
AnAnt_I heard that there is some support for PPA somehow22:20
hggdhah. Hey BUGabundo :-)22:20
BUGabundohey hggdh, tudo bom amigo?22:20
hggdhtudo bem, la nave va22:20
ikoniaAnAnt_: ppa is supported on any release22:20
BUGabundohey ikonia!!! [[]]22:20
AnAnt_hang on22:21
BUGabundoAnAnt_: what you may have heard is about apt-url changes! right?22:21
AnAnt_I meant that, it would ease adding of PPA repos22:21
ikoniaAnAnt_: no more/less than any other release22:21
AnAnt_BUGabundo: maybe, what's that ?22:21
ikoniaI think there are PPA options in the software sources menu22:21
ikoniaAnAnt_: something I would advise against using22:21
ikoniaAnAnt_: it will allow you to apt-get automatically from webpages, but i wouldn't trust that sort of automated downloading22:22
AnAnt_ikonia: I don't see PPA options in software sources menu22:22
ikoniaAnAnt_: it may not be there yet22:22
BUGabundoikonia: AnAnt_ also _finally_ LP fixed auto version detection.22:22
BUGabundomaking it less prone to using the wrong version22:22
BUGabundoits nice to is from Debian, asking to choose a _supported_ one eheh22:23
AnAnt_BUGabundo: I don't understand you22:23
BUGabundono one does22:24
BUGabundodon't bother :p22:24
ikoniaAnAnt_: research apt-url22:25
ikoniaAnAnt_: but my personal opinion is to not use tools like that, but that's only a personal opinion22:25
BUGabundoI'm still waiting where it will lead22:26
BUGabundoif indeed we end up with a *very* restriced version, then its now use22:27
AnAnt_ikonia: I don't think it's apt-url what I'm looking for22:29
AnAnt_Micheal Vogt (mvo) was working on a feature to ease adding PPA to software sources (the GUI thing)22:29
AnAnt_and to make it automatically pull the GPG key of the PPA repo22:29
ikoniaAnAnt_: how hard is it to edit a text file ?22:30
AnAnt_ikonia: for me or for other users ?22:30
ikoniain general22:30
BUGabundoikonia: very hard22:31
yofelikonia: the ppa support in software-sources22:31
ikoniado you think that if someone can't edit a text file they should be using development/personal/unsupported versions of software22:31
BUGabundoalias addkey='sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com'22:31
BUGabundoI use this to make it easier :)22:31
yofelikonia: ... *was* indeed improved22:31
ikoniaBUGabundo: that would be something very useful to add to the default bash profile22:31
AnAnt_ikonia: sometimes, yes22:31
ikoniaI %101 disagree22:32
BUGabundoikonia: and very dangerouse22:32
AnAnt_yofel: ?22:32
BUGabundoit forces the key without validation22:32
yofelerrr... add-apt-repostory adds the sources line to software.sources.d *and* imports the signing key22:32
ikoniaBUGabundo: no more than letting someone who can't add a text file update use development version22:32
yofeljust like the gui does now22:32
BUGabundoikonia: messing with a text file on /etc is ever *dangerouse*22:33
ikoniano more / less than letting someone of that level use development/unsupported software22:33
AnAnt_ikonia: if the PPA isn't for development version, but for software that isn't in official ubuntu repos for some reason (for example, some Debian policy violations in the package)22:33
* yofel gets the feeling that ikonia and BUBabundo went off into a discussion that has nothing to do with AnAnt_s question22:33
ikoniayofel: yes a little22:34
ikoniaAnAnt_: I'd still not agree with it22:34
AnAnt_well, some need it22:34
ikoniaI'd personally disagree with it22:34
ikoniaAnAnt_: got an example package ?22:34
yofelikonia: I know that ppas can be very useful *and* very dangerous, but that's no reason to tell people that they're evil22:35
AnAnt_ikonia: I'm working on a distro (called Sabily) based on Ubuntu, just with a few additional packages22:35
ikoniayofel: I'm not telling people they are evil22:35
ikoniaAnAnt_: that's nothing to do with ubuntu22:35
ikoniaAnAnt_: I'm asking something in relation to ubuntu22:35
AnAnt_ikonia: ok, I don22:35
BUGabundoAnAnt_: that was where getdeb started22:35
BUGabundobut then most Ubuntu devs killed the idea22:35
=== AnAnt_ is now known as AnAnt
BUGabundonow joaopinto has lots of trouble to make it look a legit proj22:36
BUGabundowhich it is!22:36
ikonialegit to who ?22:36
BUGabundooh boy22:36
AnAntikonia: ok, I don't see a point in this discussion. I was asking about a feature that Ubuntu said that they will apply, not asking to debate about wether it is valid feature or not22:36
joaopintoBUGabundo, playdeb beta 2 went live this week22:37
BUGabundoAnAnt: eheh22:37
joaopintoAnAnt, I have choosen to provide an .deb which adds the required repos and gpg keys22:38
joaopintoI know something is being worked on the software properties, but it is not automated, mvo was working on it, yes22:38
AnAntjoaopinto: well, I done this too, but when I knew about this feature, I think this .deb won't be needed anymore22:39
yofelAnAnt: in Software Sources - Tab 'Third Party Software' you can add the ppa as 'ppa:<user>/<ppaname>' like ppa:do-core/ppa for example, that will add the ppa and import the signing key22:39
AnAntyofel: thanks22:39
BUGabundoAnAnt: joaopinto: well ubuntuone does the same thing22:39
ikoniayofel: ahh that was what I was looking for22:39
BUGabundoyofel: nice....22:40
* BUGabundo checks22:40
joaopintoAnAnt, that feature is for ppa's, not for repositories in general22:40
yofel'add-apt-repostory ppa:do-core/ppa' will do the same from the commmand line22:40
BUGabundoahh cli is always better22:40
yofelBUGabundo: ;)22:41
BUGabundo$ apt-cache search add-apt22:41
BUGabundonot there22:41
BUGabundois it a package? or a funtion?22:41
AnAntyofel: cool, thanks22:42
yofelBUGabundo: 'add-apt-repository' belongs to the python-software-properties package22:42
AnAntcool, that worked22:43
AnAntand it fetched the GPG key22:43
* BUGabundo wonders if BUGabundo should file a wish bug for gnome do to support that :)))22:44
BUGabundowasn't there a Do Dev here?22:44
BUGabundowho was he.....22:44
BUGabundodamn my bad memory22:44
BUGabundobut then again my last wish bug for DO has been open and untouch since day one :(22:45
BUGabundoI just wanted it to include paste.ubuntu.com :(22:45
* BUGabundo wonder some more, on if I should start kdepim bug squashing season.....22:48
BUGabundothey are sooo many and on every release22:48
AnAntthanks for the help fellas22:49
BUGabundonow UM won't install updates22:51
DrHalan1hm is everybody fine with empathy being default now?22:55
BUGabundoPidgin lover here22:56
BUGabundohey th122:58
th1the netbook support is great in karmic I just upgraded my eee 1000he :)22:58
th1some crashes of course but they had all been reported already22:59
natewiebe13after blacklisting floppy.. you are supposed to run update-initramfs .. what variable is it?22:59
th1but the sound volume is just way too low. I saw there was a bug filed, due to 2 volume control appplets but it was fixed as of yesterday. but now the volume is still low and I can't find any other bug reports. Should I file a new one?22:59
natewiebe13for some reason.. one controls pcm and the other controls master23:00
natewiebe13what you have to do is run alsamixer in terminal and crank master and pcm23:00
natewiebe13th1: try that23:00
natewiebe13th1: and then let me know if that fixes it23:01
th1they are already maxed out :/ first thing I tried.. second thing was upgrade bios23:01
BUGabundonatewiebe13: that's with billybigrigger23:01
BUGabundohe is the resident expert :)23:01
natewiebe13after blacklisting floppy.. you are supposed to run update-initramfs .. anyone know what variable?23:01
yofelnatewiebe13: use 'update-initramfs -u -k all'23:01
BUGabundoth1: install pavucontrol and pavman23:02
BUGabundocheck gains there23:02
billybigrigger-u should do it23:02
th1BUGabundo, no package matches pavman, installing pavucontrol now23:02
* billybigrigger thinks....23:02
billybigriggerhaha should have thought before i spoke23:02
natewiebe13also.. anyone know why the mixer applet controls pcm and the volume on my keyboard controls master?23:03
BUGabundo!search pavman23:03
th1BUGabundo, in pavucontrol it's maced out too23:03
th1maxed out even23:03
BUGabundoth1: paman23:03
billybigriggeranyone here good with cherry picking kernel commits from kernel.org? i wish sarvatt was around23:03
natewiebe13anyone know why the mixer applet controls pcm and the volume on my keyboard controls master?23:04
th1BUGabundo, paman has tons of info but no volume control. Anything particular I'm looking for?23:04
BUGabundoth1: the advanced option to control GAIN23:05
BUGabundoI had a control on 50% and several on 999999%23:05
natewiebe13BUGabundo: do you know why the volume applet controls pcm and not master volume?23:06
billybigriggereveryone here still have 2 volume applets?23:06
billybigriggeri lost 1 today23:06
billybigriggerk good23:06
natewiebe13the 1 that i have controls pcm23:06
th1BUGabundo, that's got it23:06
th1BUGabundo, when it's on 200% then it's about how it was before I upgraded to Karmic and on par with XP23:07
natewiebe13BUGabundo: do you know why the volume applet controls pcm and not master volume?23:07
BUGabundobillybigrigger: only one23:08
BUGabundonatewiebe13: now23:08
th1BUGabundo, are you gonna take it from here or should I file a bug with this?23:08
billybigriggeroh god ubuntu's sound system/apps are just a bloody mess these days haha23:08
natewiebe13am i the only one that the volume applet controls pcm?23:09
BUGabundoth1 already enough audio bugs from me :)23:09
BookmanDoes ubuntuone work with 9.10?  I've uploaded something to my account in 9.04 and 9.10 does not see it.23:09
BUGabundoif you think it's a bug, file it23:09
BUGabundobillybigrigger: +10023:09
BUGabundonatewiebe13: well now *nothing* actually controls PCM23:09
billybigriggerU1 works here i think23:09
BUGabundoits flat rate, and it's a mess23:09
th1natewiebe13, after yesdterdays fixes my applet *and* my hotkeys both control Master, as it should be23:09
BUGabundoits a average of *every* app23:10
th1but the gain is still the problem23:10
billybigriggerBUGabundo, did you see that bootchart i uploaded to the share folder you linked me to?23:10
natewiebe13mine controls pcm23:10
BUGabundobillybigrigger: I haven't23:10
Bookmanbillybigrigger: you know, or you've tried from another machine?23:10
* BUGabundo starts U123:10
billybigriggerBookman, im in 9.1023:10
billybigriggerseems to work here23:10
th1ok heres something funny23:10
billybigriggeri only have 1 machine to test on though23:10
BookmanYes, it starts up here.  But I've uploaded something on one machine running 9.04 and 9.10 never sees the files23:11
Bookmanbillybigrigger: understood.23:11
natewiebe13i have alsamixer in terminal and when i move the slider up and down, the pcm level is the one that moves.. and when i move the volume control on my keyboard, it moves the master volume23:11
th1if I adjust the "volume" control in paman for the card it totally distorts the sound but if I adjust it on "#12" object just below then it works23:11
billybigriggerBookman, where are you sharing to?23:11
billybigriggerBookman, im not sure about U1, BUGabundo sent me an invite and i uploaded 1 file to it, and haven't done much research/playing around with it23:12
BUGabundobillybigrigger: 22sevs23:12
BUGabundonot bad23:12
BUGabundoI wish I new why mine takes 10 secs AFTER login :(23:12
billybigriggerloading gnome takes about just as much time as booting23:12
billybigriggerpretty sad :P23:12
billybigriggerBUGabundo, i don't think your the only one23:13
BUGabundoth1: distorces 'cause of the 200%23:13
th1BUGabundo, no23:13
BUGabundothat's why I told you to check it!23:13
th1it's distorting with 200% on the Sound Card23:13
natewiebe13BUGabundo: what should i do to change the control23:13
th1but not on "#12" below23:13
BUGabundobillybigrigger: lets hack your bootchart23:13
th1that fixes it23:13
BUGabundoand messure it past login too23:13
billybigriggerlets do it23:13
natewiebe13BUGabundo: also, the old sound volume left a dot on my panel23:14
BUGabundobillybigrigger: #gedit /etc/rc5.d/S99stop-bootchart23:14
th1BUGabundo, the problem is its not a gain control just a volume control that goes above 100%23:14
th1as soon as I change the volume another way it gets stuck back under 100%23:14
BUGabundobillybigrigger: add a sleep 30 on line 4123:14
th1I guess the "baseline" value is wrong somewhere23:14
BUGabundolet the sleep on line 42 untouched23:14
BUGabundonatewiebe13: th1: I 'm no audio expert23:15
BUGabundojoin #ubuntu-audio-help and ask dtchen when he is around23:15
BUGabundoor file bugs with $ubuntu-bug alsa-base23:15
th1at least now I have a temporary workaround with the mixer in paman :)23:16
billybigriggerBUGabundo, you must have an extra line in there, l41 is a comment, l42 pkill and l43 is sleep 223:16
billybigriggeryou want it before the pkill?23:16
BUGabundobillybigrigger: push 41 down :)))23:16
BUGabundosleep 30;23:16
BUGabundo# Kill the collector process, wait for it to end23:16
BUGabundopkill -f /lib/bootchart/collector23:16
BUGabundosleep 223:16
billybigriggergonna have to wait for this kernel build to finish :(23:16
* BUGabundo waits for billybigrigger to reboot23:17
BUGabundobillybigrigger: want a dropbox account too?23:17
BUGabundoI use it more then U123:17
BUGabundoplus you get 250 MiBs extra with my refer23:18
Shane_FaganI cant wait till they bring more to U123:18
BUGabundoShane_Fagan: me too23:18
Shane_FaganI cant wait for screensharing23:18
Shane_FaganI think thats coming soon23:18
Shane_FaganThe firefox bookmark backup sounds cool too23:19
th1Shane_Fagan, it's already there with a bit of hackery :)23:19
Bookmanbillybigrigger: I'm sharing a file from one of my machines to another.23:20
billybigriggerBUGabundo, thanks for the referral, but im good, i don't use those kind's of services anyway :P23:20
Shane_FaganWell yeah but its not easy.23:20
billybigriggerBookman, tried #ubuntuone?23:20
Bookmanbillybigrigger: good idea!23:20
billybigriggerBookman, btw, there's a new version coming soon to repos23:21
billybigriggerubuntuone-client (0.91.0-0ubuntu1) karmic; urgency=low23:21
billybigrigger  * New upstream release.23:21
billybigriggerBookman, what does $ apt-cache policy ubuntuone-client    say?23:21
* BUGabundo runs U1 nightlies23:22
* billybigrigger is running jaunty nightlies???? wtf23:22
billybigriggerInstalled: 0.91.0+r100-0ubuntu1~ppa1~jaunty23:22
billybigrigger  Candidate: 0.91.0+r100-0ubuntu1~ppa1~jaunty23:22
BUGabundo  Installed: 0.91.0+r100-0ubuntu1~ppa1~karmic23:23
th1ubuntu1 10$/month for 10gb lol23:23
th1thats not gonna be a huge hit is it23:23
th1Google give 10gb for $20/year23:24
ikoniath1: this is for karmick chat23:25
ikoniakarmic even23:27
Bookmanbillybigrigger: http://pastebin.ca/150493923:27
BUGabundoisn't karmick the frog ?23:27
ikoniaha ha, no23:28
billybigriggerBookman, well new version is coming so...you might want to wait for that, it might fix your problems, or ask in #ubuntuone23:29
th1ikonia, sorry I thought it was a new feature23:29
ikoniath1: no problem23:29
Bookmanbillybigrigger: I asked at #ubuntuone....I seemed to have solved it for now.  Thanks for the help!  Greatly appreciated.23:30
billybigriggerBookman, np23:30
drs305hey billybigrigger23:30
billybigriggerdrs305, howdy23:30
* BUGabundo is still waiting for billybigrigger to reboot :p23:31
* billybigrigger is still waiting for 2.6.31-rc4 to finish compiling :P23:31
* drs305 is still waiting for his pasta to finish cooking.23:31
billybigriggerhmmm pasta23:31
billybigriggertoo hot to cook with the stove tonight, i'm thinking a beer and some burgers on the deck will have to do :P23:32
drs305Even better!23:32
billybigriggerhey, when did the fading on notifications start looking like crap?23:33
drs305I saw some users mention it about 3 days ago.23:33
yofelbillybigrigger: you mean fuzzy?23:33
billybigriggeryeah i noticed it, just the first time i've brought it up23:33
billybigriggeryofel, yeah23:33
billybigriggeri don't get it23:34
BUGabundoand why aint pidgin putting IRC notices on OSD ?23:34
yofelI think that started when the theme was changed, and it looks really odd...23:34
billybigriggerit looks like garbage, not odd23:34
billybigriggeri think once moused over it should just close23:34
BUGabundoI'll make canonical UI devs pay for my new set of eyes23:34
BUGabundoI can't see those things :(23:34
yofelI can't remember who, but somebody complained that the notifications are fuzzy all the time for him23:34
billybigriggerhe needs an eye exam23:35
th1wow the 3rd hplip update in 24 hours ;)23:35
BUGabundohey RAOF23:35
BUGabundothere you are23:35
BUGabundoI knew it I knew some DO dev23:35
BUGabundoand you were offline23:36
yofelbillybigrigger: I'm using rather small font sizes here on my system, but the notify-osd sizes are worth using a maginfier for *-.-23:36
BUGabundoand still no way to control them, theme them, change locations :(23:37
billybigriggeryofel, what size?23:41
iddohow to set password lock with md5 in grub2 ?23:42
billybigriggeri have font size set to 10 with 85 dpi23:42
billybigriggerthey look fine here23:42
BUGabundoiddo: how about "good night" first ? :p23:43
billybigriggerin 1280x102423:43
Shane_FaganI love the new font23:43
DanaGI find the new notify-osd bubbles annoyingly skinny.23:43
DanaGAnd too blurry.23:43
Shane_FaganI think they are a lot cooler23:43
yofelbillybigrigger: the notifcations here are some 8 or 9pt for title and i guess 6pt for the message. The system is set to 9 with 96dpi and 1680x105023:44
* Twigathy doesn't think he's seen any of them!23:44
Twigathyoh, apparently the package is installed...23:44
billybigriggeryofel, ahh that would explain it :P i was going to say, everything looks fine here :P23:44
yofelbillybigrigger: I know, but they looked ok until a while ago. And I didn't change system font sizes for quite a while23:45
billybigriggerdo you read the karmic changes mailing list?23:46
billybigriggernotify-osd (0.9.15-0ubuntu1)23:46
DanaGwow, I just pushed "mute/unmute" 5 times... and the damn notify-osd lagggged like 3 seconds... and then showed only one bubble.23:47
* Twigathy grins - notify-send --urgency=critical CHEESE23:47
billybigriggerthere were about 10 changes, on the 21st, that all look to screw with bubble width, shadows, margins, haha23:47
yofelbillybigrigger: no, I look at the changelog with aptitude when I want, I've got other MLs that take my time :P23:47
DanaGoh, no wonder it's laggy.... I'm doing a xilinx tools synthesis thingy AND running filelight, at the same time.23:48
billybigriggeryofel, check pm, that is why everything looks messed up23:48
yofelhm... *quite* some messing arout in the changelog -.-23:48
billybigriggerhaha yeah alot23:48
DanaGFor me, notify-osd is now like 7 centimeters wide and 1.5 centimeters tall.23:49
DanaGI'm from USA, but I hate inches.23:49
BUGabundo$ notify-send --urgency=critical CHEESE23:49
BUGabundoThe program 'notify-send' is currently not installed.  You can install it by typing:23:49
yofelbillybigrigger: I already opened it with aptitude myself :P23:49
DanaGOh, and anything notify-send sends... shows up for TEN friggin' seconds.23:49
DanaGThat's 8-9 seconds too long.23:49
billybigriggerwhy isn't any of this customizable?23:49
billybigriggerlike how long notifications are displayed, title and body text fonts/sizes23:50
BUGabundohack the code!23:50
billybigrigger? wouldn't it make sense to let the user customize this?23:50
yofelthat's what I would like to know too...23:50
yofelBUGabundo: no time for that :(23:50
DanaGLooks like they've been hanging out with Apple a bit too much.23:50
Shane_FaganThey just want some nice UI23:51
Shane_FaganI think thats good23:51
BUGabundoShane_Fagan: but this is LINUX23:51
BUGabundoits where WE control EVERTHING23:51
billybigriggerBUGabundo, btw, just creating my kernel images and tar'ing now, so i'll be rebooting soon23:51
billybigrigger:P hehe23:51
BUGabundonot where we are told what to do :(23:51
Shane_FaganWell they will make some kind of customisation eventually its just not the time. They want something that works well first and thats the way most people make software23:52
BUGabundodo you really think so?23:53
BUGabundounless one of the devs says so, I doubt it23:53
yofelShane_Fagan: they would have had time for that if they hadn't broken update-manager notification behaviour...23:53
Shane_FaganWell you have to brake some eggs to make pancakes :)23:54
billybigriggerya but some people like blueberry pancakes, and some like strawberry, some like chocolate chip pancakes23:54
TwigathyAnd some prefer yorkshire puddings and require an oven23:55
Shane_FaganStop making me hungry23:55
yofelShane_Fagan: well, then at least don't forget to add some sugar, they don't taste that good right now :(23:55
billybigrigger35:43.53elapsed <--- fastest kernel compile i've had yet!!! haha23:57
DanaG1.5 × 7 is nowhere near the nice golden-ratio.23:57
DanaGSure would look a lot nicer with the bubbles in a nicer shape.23:57
BUGabundonow I want my choculate!23:58
DanaGRight now they look like somebody stuck them in a taffy puller and stretched them.23:58
billybigriggeryou guys have widescreen monitors?23:58
billybigriggerlooks fine on my 4:323:58
DanaGoh yeah, and update-manager... is not a case of "we'll fix it later"... it's a "we like it this way, so neeener neeener neener"23:58
BUGabundowell it still stays on top of Firefox search23:59
DanaGTry measuring a bubble with screenruler -- with screen DPI set.23:59
BUGabundodoh forgot to file that bug yesterday23:59
BUGabundodanr LP maintanence23:59
BUGabundonow im to sleepy to do it right23:59

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