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ograin case you still need to know07:43
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rjune_wrkIs the performance of ARM under QEMU reasonable enough to compile? I'm having a problem with my cross compile tools(x86 to x86) and was looking at that to eliminate linking against my host environment accidentally13:08
ograhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/BuildEABIChroot might probably help a bit13:12
ograthough note that it doesnt really speed up gcc itself13:12
ograbut everything around it :)13:12
loolrjune_wrk: It's terribly slow13:24
loolrjune_wrk: Are you targetting multiple packages or a single software?13:24
loolrjune_wrk: cross compiling is the fastest13:24
loolAnd you can use icecream to fake cross compiling from a native paltform13:24
loolI mean to fake compiling with xcompiling13:25
rjune_wrklool: I want to build on the arm for my x86 box.13:35
rjune_wrkare any of the emulated environments good?13:36
ograhow do you mean "any" :)13:36
ograthere is only qemu13:36
rjune_wrkyes, but qemu will emulate multiple archs13:37
ograthere are various hacks to it though13:37
rjune_wrkI need one that's pretty well supported and relatively quick.\13:37
rjune_wrkMy first thought was ppc as I know it's well supported.13:37
rjune_wrkbut qemu doesn't seem to support ppc so well13:38
ogranot fast at least13:38
ograi know vagrantc played with ppc in qemu 0.11 just yesterday for ltsp support, ask him about the results13:39
rjune_wrkwill do, thanks14:01
ogralool, so you got your beagle, eh ? :)14:31
loolI did!14:36
loolThe board and its case are great14:36
ograbah, i'm envious !14:36
ograbut i'll get my B2.5 tomorrow at least14:36
loolSheevaPlug yesterday, BeagleBoard today14:36
loolLange 5.1 was expected today as well, but FedEx couldn't deliver it14:37
ograwhat do you want with a Sheeva ?14:37
loolNothing :)14:37
loolI'm playing with it14:37
ograrunning jaunty on it for the next century :)14:37
loolMaking installation easy with opensource tools; it's still possible to run jaunty and right now karmic on it14:37
ograbtw, update-manager change is pushed14:37
loolWell jaunty is supported for 3 years, right?14:37
ogra3 years14:38
* ogra boggles14:38
ogralool, btw, robert nelson provides debs (sadly no source) for beagle kernels14:41
ograBug 3208415:26
ubot4Launchpad bug 32084 in gnome-screensaver "Fade In" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/3208415:26
ograi love excessively descriptive bugtitles ...15:27
loologra: Is there a way to load uboot and its env from MMC?15:49
loolI tried pressing the user button when resetting, but that didn't show a different boot sequence15:49
loolPerhaps I need to write it at 0x400?15:49
ograhmm, i dont remember15:49
ograits a while ago that i played with uboot on the beagle15:50
loolOddly the uboots I build don't have MMC support15:51
ograis it in the config options ?15:52
loolI'm using the default beagle config15:52
loolCONFIG_MMC is set in include/configs/omap3_beagle.h15:56
ograi know you need to put MLO and uboot on the MMC and it shoudl just boot from that15:57
loolI didn't have MLO15:57
loologra: You just put MLO in the vfat?15:59
ograi think you dd it .. there was a howto anywhere15:59
ograah, no you just copy it apparently16:00
loolBah MLO 404s16:00
ograNote: To use MLO, U-Boot and kernel images from above, rename downloaded files to MLO, u-boot.bin and uImage at your SD card. I.e. remove the extensions to distinguish the download files.16:00
loolError: reading boot sector16:02
loolLoading u-boot.bin from nand16:02
loolHmm I might have disrespected formatting requirements16:03
ograyou found an x-loader ?16:03
loolDo I need one?16:03
loolOh MLO, yeah16:03
loolFrom the files section16:03
ograhttp://code.google.com/p/beagleboard/downloads/list seems to have revc specific binaries16:10
loolYes that's what I grabbed for MLO16:10
loolCool it worked16:11
loolStill no MMC support16:11
loolDespite having CONFIG_MMC in the config16:11
ograoh, did you see my comment on the gnome-keyring bug btw ?16:11
loolI did16:12
ograthats really odd16:12
loolIt might or might not be toolchain related16:12
loolPerhaps the toolchain helps a race16:12
ograi didnt change the toolchain16:12
ograonly gcc16:12
loolOdd, even with the new Uboot I don't have USB tty16:12
loolMUSB: using high speed16:13
loolIn:    serial usbtty16:13
loolOut:   serial usbtty16:13
loolErr:   serial usbtty16:13
ograsounds about right16:13
ograno output ?16:13
loolI don't think I have to use a type A cable, do I?16:13
loolNo device on the USB port16:13
ograno idea, i have revB16:13
ograthats not capable of MUSB16:13
loolI don't understand16:24
lool[104939.636022] hub 2-0:1.0: unable to enumerate USB device on port 216:25
ograhmm, but thats kernel16:26
ogranot uboot16:26
loolThat's on the host side16:30
ograi see that a lot in karmic, but never had probs due to it16:31
loolThis device cannot do calls on its own. It is not a modem.16:38
ograit should become a ttyUSB device16:41
loolOk got it working16:41
ogracool !16:42
xxiaonew to armlinux, does it have a generic irc like mipslinux for mips?16:44
loolI had a nice host crash16:47
loolAfter typing reset in the beagleboard console16:47
loolIt seems these weird USB thingies can trigger nice kernel crashes on the host side16:48
loolIt was weird to see Xorg go away and the kernel restart16:48
ograprobably the MUSB code is still a bit young16:48
loolSince I had set udev to info or debug, not sure, my machine takes forever to come back up16:48
loolNote that this is on the HOST side16:48
loolSo I'd guess the ADC driver or whatever is the issue16:49
ograstill, you never know what it might send through the cable16:49
ograand if your host sees it as usb modem or something ...16:49
loolSo the reason it didn't work is because I was powering via a separate USB cable16:49
loolOnce I only powered with mini USB, it worked -- as odd as it seems16:49
ogravery odd16:50
beyossiHi Ogra, may I consult with you regarding the http://elinux.org/BeagleBoardUbuntu20:03
rjune_wrkbeyossi: He may be out right now, he's in Germany, so it's roughly GMT + 3 or so there20:43
rjune_wrklool: +2?21:05
rjune_wrkYou voting for ogra now too?21:05
xxiaounlike mips/powerpc, the armlinux devel is totally distributed, in that the armlinux site looks like in stone age, and there is no good irc for it either...22:30
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