SiDiHey guys00:28
SiDiI've got a wallpaper proposal : http://img179.imageshack.us/img179/2241/facepalm2ic7copyrl2.jpg00:28
SiDiGood colour tones, perfect resolution for.. *ahem* tiny netbooks00:29
SiDiAnd i just had yet another epic failurure00:29
SiDiyet another two epic failures..00:29
mac_vmat_t: [going green] hehe... i was wondering the same , i think everyone only remembers sabdfl's first interview[pre-jaunty].10:11
mat_tmac_v: well, not *everything* sabdfl says turns into reality... Most of it, but not all ;)10:19
FLOZzhi _o/10:19
mat_thi FLOZz10:20
mac_vmat_t: actually he retracted it , in a later interview... but that didnt make "headlines" ;p10:20
mac_vhe said new color os only for karmic+110:20
mat_tyes, that's more likely. But still, it won't be green :)10:21
mac_vmat_t: we have to stay away from using orbs during boot, Win7 uses orbs10:23
mat_tmac_v: good point10:32
mat_tmac_v: rings are OK though, as it resembles Ubuntu logo10:32
mac_vmac_v: yeah, MadsRH's submissions were mostly orbs, but the second one was better , since it didnt have the glow and was more of a ring10:33
thorwilkwwii: just saw an edit on Artwork/Incoming/Karmic/Backgrounds/Extra_Photo, with tinypic.com links. away for dinner, though18:05
thorwili hate the wiki surge protection so much18:39
kwwiithorwil: cool, I will check it out and fix it in a bit18:43
thorwilkwwii: i already reverted18:44
thorwilkwwii: i suspect his user might want to use tinypic.com precisely because of the damn surge protection leading to the page loading with some images missing18:45
thorwilkwwii: we need a better solution. if not now, then next cycle. i can't tolerate wiki editing taking 3 or 4 times as long due to surge protection over an extended period of time18:49
kwwiivery true, perhaps we should bring it up as a bug in launchpad18:50
thorwilkwwii: any news on collaborative countdown banners?18:52
kwwiithorwil: nope, and I am afraid that the person who could have taken care of it is goign on vacation tomorrow18:54
kwwiiI sent the info around, maybe I will try to get some other people to buy into it18:54
thorwilkwwii: heh, ok18:54
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mac_vkwwii: could you add ubottu to #ayatana ?20:00
MDC1hi! I'd would like some advices from a gtk hacker regarding how to implement toolbar editing in nautilus. The basics is there, but I've got problem with the actions, using singleton widgets versus new instance, when to use create_tool_item and when to use connect proxy for instance - if someone got time for this, please tell...20:01
thorwilMDC1: while there could be a gtk hacker hiding here, your chances in this channel are pretty bad20:04
andreasnMDC1, check out #gtk+ on irc.gnome.org20:05
mac_vMDC1: if you dont get response here soon enough , you could also send a mail to the artwork mailing list,20:05
MDC1hmm.. just got a tip from mac_v to look here (from #ayatana, a tip from djsiegel)20:05
mac_vmarcus, usually someone hangs out here, but its luck , to catch them20:06
mac_vMDC1: several are missing today20:06
MDC1mac_v, you didn't happen to be one of them?20:06
mac_vMDC1: just basic hacking, but not the extent you need20:07
mac_vdashua: ^20:08
MDC1mac_v, it might do it - wanna give it a try? i'm just getting to learn gtk so anything will probably help me :)20:08
MDC1pointing to the right documents could also be helpful20:08
kwwiimac_v: I do not think I have the rights to do that20:11
mac_vkwwii: oh :(20:11
mac_vMDC1: i would really like to help, but i'm not sure how20:11
mac_vkwwii: could you help MDC120:11
kwwiiMDC1: you'll want to find someone who can help you with gtk+ then20:13
MDC1kwwii, yes20:13
kwwiiMDC1: while I like having you on this channel, I don't think you are going to find the answers you seek here20:13
kwwiiunless I misunderstood something :)20:13
MDC1give it a try?20:14
MDC1as it seems hard to find people having time for this..20:14
mac_vkwwii: he is trying to fix bug 386150 , making a toolbar editor20:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 386150 in nautilus "Nautilus file browser toolbar is complicated, needs a face-lift" [Unknown,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38615020:14
MDC1i'll describe the problem and see if you could help, couldn't hurt right? :-)20:15
* SiDi hides before it goes technical20:19
MDC1the thing is nautilus now uses a reference for each special widget (search bar, location bar, view chooser etc) in it's window. Now when the toolbar will be editable and I've added the widgets inside an GtkAction I'm not sure if I wan't to keep it this way because of 1) memory - its not necessary to create the widgets if your layout won't use them (small problem) 2) I run in to problem when moving the action around 20:21
MDC1and when to use connect_proxy? should it be used also/instead? I've tried looking at the code for Evince and Epiphany and they seems to be using a separate class for the widget...20:23
MDC1too techie?20:24
MDC1The ViewChooser (creating a new instance of the combo_box, but filling it in the window (probably wrong?) ) can be found at http://www.mejlamej.nu/nautilus-view-chooser-action.c20:27
SiDiSome people in flickr are crazy22:22
SiDiWho would use this as a wallpaper ?22:22

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