TheMusorobert_ancell: with sudo in a terminal possibly, but not sure really.00:00
TheMusoThe background could be set after the gdm user is created in the postinst.00:00
TheMusoOr, that may be better done with the package that has the theme.00:01
TheMusoI am interested in doing this for studio as well, so I am giving this some thought.00:01
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TheMusoI think we need to abstract theme settings for gdm out somehow...00:05
TheMusoSo that derivatives can set things the way they want.00:05
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pittiGood morning06:01
TheMusoMorning pittil.06:53
mac_vhi.. all is alpha3 out?07:06
TheMusoNot yet07:10
mac_vTheMuso: ah... thanx... isnt it expected today?07:11
pittimac_v: right, but not that early yet07:14
pittineed to wait until the USians get up, and do some announcement prep before07:14
mac_vok... ;p07:14
TheMusopitti: I see there are currently no studio alpha images on the tracker to test. Has the tracker even been updated for ubuntu/kubuntu etc images yet, or is it just studio that hasn't been updated?07:20
TheMusoSorry, should have asked that in -devel.07:20
didrocksgood morning o/08:12
seb128good morning there08:17
pittihey seb128, hey didrocks08:17
seb128hey pitti08:17
didrockshi seb128 and pitti08:18
seb128lut didrocks08:18
pittiseb128: can I ask you to be a patch monkey once more? http://people.canonical.com/~pitti//tmp/gpm/08:18
pittiseb128: we are down to 5 distro specific patches now, plus one dubious one08:19
pittiat the beginning of karmic we had some 25, it's much more manageable now08:19
seb128pitti, sure08:19
* pitti hugs seb12808:20
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* seb128 hugs pitti back08:20
pittiseb128: cool, Richard added a gconf key for the suspend failure notification, so that patch of ours will become a trivial schema change now08:28
pittinice working with him08:29
seb128you are doing a good job at working with upstream too ;-)08:29
seb128ie them being nice is mostly due to you rocking ;-)08:29
seb128hey slomo08:30
slomohi seb128 :)08:32
pittihey slomo, how are you?08:32
seb128slomo, I've been playing with totem and DVDs yesterday, works quite fine in karmic now08:33
seb128slomo, I will try the one which has the sound issue with your patch a bit later today08:33
pittioh, speaking of totem, it's somewhat sad that the only video that we ship in example-contents doesn't get along with the default codecs :/08:33
seb128slomo, one issue is that the sound, languages entries are not changing nor working ... is that a known issue?08:33
pittiand searching for it fails and just says something like "gstreamer input blabla"08:34
seb128pitti, the input thing should be fixed with the gstreamer syncs I did yesterday morning08:34
pittiah, cool08:34
seb128pitti, are you sure you are uptodate?08:34
pittiseb128: I didn't test it with the very latest ubuntu desktop CD08:35
pittiwill do again08:35
seb128let me try08:35
seb128brb switching to my laptop for testing that08:35
pittidoing as well08:36
seb128_pitti, the spirit of ubuntu one plays fine on the current iso there08:39
pittiseb128_: confirmed; as usualy, you're ahead of me :)08:40
seb128_good to see if fixed ;-)08:40
seb128_pitti, btw do you know if there is any move on the polkit devicekit-disks auth dialog at login thing?08:41
seb128_pitti, the upstream bug didn't change for some weeks and davidz said he was blocking on landing his gvfs changes which he did since08:41
seb128_ie could use a small nudge maybe?08:41
pittiyeah, perhaps08:41
seb128_pitti, seen on #commits08:45
seb128_<CIA-1> martin.pitt * r9286af907243 gnome-power-manager/src/gpm-button.c: Make hotkeys work with modifiers08:45
seb128_ martin.pitt * r70c79e645544 gnome-power-manager/data/ (2 files): Show .desktop files in XFCE, too.08:45
pittiseb128_: merci08:45
seb128_you're welcome08:45
seb128_now if somebody could fix gpm to not dim the light after 15 seconds not touching my laptop and not bring it back that would be nice08:46
slomohi pitti :) i'm fine but busy as always ;)08:46
seb128_I don't get how that bug can be around for so long with nobody caring08:46
slomoseb128: no idea if that's a known issue but the dvd language, etc selection needs some work in any case08:46
seb128_I keep fighting the autodiming08:47
pittiseb128_: new gdm is due on Monday, but I'm on vac; I'd like to do the update, but only on Wednesday, is that okay?08:47
seb128_slomo, ok, and do you know if tracks should be listed in the playlist?08:47
mac_vAmaranth: hi... in regards to your comment on bug 402821 , i'v added a comment , https://bugs.launchpad.net/hundredpapercuts/+bug/402821/comments/3 , do you foresee any problems ?08:47
ubottuUbuntu bug 402821 in hundredpapercuts "Alt-Tab of a minimized window only shows icon" [Undecided,Confirmed]08:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 402821 in hundredpapercuts "Alt-Tab of a minimized window only shows icon" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40282108:47
pittiseb128_: since I want to re-do one of the patches to use the new gconf key which Richard just added08:47
seb128_pitti, s/gdm/gpm ?08:48
pittiseb128_: yes08:48
seb128_pitti, no problem, nobody here is touching gpm usually08:48
Amaranthmac_v: It's a hack that upstream will not accept08:48
seb128_it was ted's and is not really maintained since08:48
pittiseb128_: ah, so I guess it's stuck on me now :)08:48
seb128_pitti, indeed ;-)08:48
seb128_pitti, btw, http://git.gnome.org/cgit/gdm/commit/?id=384afa69ba2120a32f585fa419dd0fe0b3a8a23d08:49
seb128_speaking about gdm08:49
slomoseb128_: no, they're not listed in the playlist, that's intentional (you don't want to know about the tracks as they have nothing to do with the user visible structure of the dvd as seen in the dvd menu)08:49
seb128_pitti, I think that's something you discussed with robert_ancell yesterday08:49
Amaranthmac_v: currently such a hack would be easy to maintain (but somewhat difficult to implement) but if upstream gets active again it would be a load of work to maintain as well08:49
Amaranthmac_v: Until upstream decides how to do it I don't see it happening08:49
mac_vAmaranth: oh ... why they wont accept? or any links to discussions regarding this?08:49
Amaranthmac_v: because it's a hack08:49
seb128_slomo, ok, otherwise good work on gstreamer and totem to all of you who working on the changes, it works great ;-)08:49
pittiseb128_: weird, shutdown/reboot works fine in gdm for me08:49
pittiseb128_: but indeed we need it if we want to add gdm configuration to the gdm session, so great08:50
seb128_pitti, probably because you have no user logged in08:50
mac_vAmaranth: ah... ;) , could we do this in Ubuntu alone for now ?08:50
robert_ancellseb128, interesting :)08:50
Amaranthmac_v: the thumbnail plugin does it because the thumbnail plugin is controller by one person08:50
seb128_hey robert_ancell08:50
Amaranthmac_v: read everything I said08:50
mac_vAmaranth: oh ok...08:50
pittiseb128_: ah, of course08:50
pittirobert_ancell: hey08:50
seb128_robert_ancell, I never know if you are still around, you are so quiet ;-)08:50
Amaranthmac_v: If you want to implement such a hack and rebase it frequently go right ahead08:50
seb128_going back to my desktop now08:51
robert_ancellhey pitti08:51
Amaranthmac_v: I suspect by the time you got it implemented in a way that wouldn't require poking it every time upstream makes any changes we'd have a proper solution08:51
Amaranthmac_v: also, it uses a _lot_ of memory08:51
robert_ancellseb128, I prefer to call it "sneaky"08:51
Amaranthmac_v: fine in the thumbnail plugin since it isn't enabled by default, not so good in the default install08:51
Amaranthmac_v: thus, hack :P08:52
mac_vAmaranth: memory !  ok.. I'll see if i can work something out08:52
mac_vah... no thunbnails in default...  forgot that!08:53
Amaranthmac_v: think 1MB or so for every window you have open08:53
Amaranthand that's for a tiny 512x512 thumbnail08:53
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Amaranthiirc to get good looking thumbnails for the thumbnail plugin you have to boost it to 102408:54
Amaranthso 4MB08:54
Amaranthor maybe that was for the alt-tab switcher08:56
Amaranthmost likely08:56
Amaranthsuch a hack was implemented in beryl08:56
Amaranththe "proper" solution is to have minimize not unmap the window08:56
Amaranththe wastes memory too and makes minimize kind of worthless though08:56
mac_vAmaranth: the present behavior is actually not helpful... Also the M$ guys have done it, so i think we can do it better ;p ... i'll try to hack it and see if it doesnt eat memory... will report back *if* i get a good result08:57
seb128robert_ancell, right ;-) how are you? enough things to do to keep you busy?08:58
Amaranthmac_v: you could on-the-fly convert the thumbnails to png to save room, compiz has a png plugin (enabled by default) that could be used to display them again08:58
robert_ancellseb128, busy at the moment.  Been bogged down getting my head around PolicyKit.  The links you guys sent yesterday were a big help, thanks08:58
Amaranthmac_v: but you either have to hack core or each plugin needs to save a copy of the thumbnail08:58
mac_vAmaranth: ah...  i think developing a separate plugin with such a behavior might be easier ;p08:59
Amaranthmac_v: you still have to modify every plugin that wants to use it09:00
seb128robert_ancell, you're welcome09:00
Amaranthmac_v: compiz and the plugins are so intertwined it becomes a bit of a pain maintaining such patches too09:01
Amaranthmac_v: and of course you can at that point no longer forward most compiz bugs upstream09:01
seb128I hate those blueprint whiteboard change emails09:02
seb128they would send you the diff09:02
seb128robert_ancell, what did you change in the gnome3 whiteboard? ;-)09:02
mac_vAmaranth: could you comment this on the bug, for the record, this seems beyond papercut scope09:02
robert_ancellseb128, I checked on some upstream packages and one had gtkbuilder already applied in git :)09:03
robert_ancellit was vino09:03
seb128robert_ancell, ok thanks09:03
seb128really not easy to read what changed launchpad just you the whole whiteboard text09:04
robert_ancellyeah it doesn't email a diff does it?09:04
seb128robert_ancell, no, just a "Whiteboard changed to" with the whole text09:05
pittiperhaps the list should move to the wiki page itself?09:06
seb128pitti, if I can stay away from wiki the better09:06
seb128the thing is just so slow it's ridiculous and I manage to screw formatting all the time09:06
pittitagged bug reports might work better09:07
seb128pitti, btw do you want me to change the whiteboard to have each package to change as a work item?09:07
pittiwith the wiki having a canned link to the list09:07
pittiseb128: I don't particularly mind; don't waste too much time on it09:07
seb128I need to chase mvo too09:08
seb128he's using a weird simpleglade weird thing in his softwares09:08
seb128he's a gtk hater or something ;-)09:08
seb128not sure if we should look to convert this things to gtkbuilder09:09
seb128or just make those applications use gtkbuilder directly09:09
Amaranthmac_v: done09:09
pittiI've seen this thing, but never used it myself09:09
pittipygtk is simple enough already :)09:09
seb128same here09:09
mac_vAmaranth: thanx :)09:09
seb128especially loading glade files is no rocket science09:09
didrockswe had some concerns yesterday with rick about quickly ubuntu-template licensing (not quickly core itself). As this code is copied and then modified by users to create their own project and we don't want to enforce GPL-V3 to them, what licence should we use? (we don't want to pollute the header of each .py files either and enable people to change it if needed). Bsd-like license would fit, how to make it non intrusive in headers?09:10
pittididrocks: public domain?09:13
pittiBSD 2-clause should also work, yes09:14
mvoseb128: hm?09:22
seb128mvo, you use weird things in your softwares!09:22
seb128mvo, you are a freedom hater I can tell it ;-)09:22
mvoseb128: its a wonderful piece of technology ;)09:23
seb128mvo, joke aside you have some weird wrapping class around pygtk glade apparently09:23
mvoseb128: and makes porting trivial09:23
seb128and I'm not sure what to do about it in this gtkbuilder world09:23
mvoseb128: yeah, SimpleGladeApp - now there is SimpleGtkbuilderApp, just sed s/ the one with the other and your port is done09:23
seb128switching applications from glade to gtkbuilder is trivial09:23
seb128but switching all this magic I'm not so sure09:23
seb128oh ok, didn't know that somebody did that already, good!09:24
mvoswitching with the wrapper is even more trivial ;)09:24
* seb128 hugs mvo09:24
mvoseb128: take it from e.g. gebi09:24
mvoseb128: what are you looking to port?09:24
seb128mvo, right, I was expecting that, I just didn't know there was a wrapper yet for gtkbuilder09:24
seb128mvo, language selector09:24
mvoseb128: just go ahead :) if you have any questions, let me know09:25
seb128mvo, ok, will do09:26
didrockspitti: do you have any example of headers for public domain license?09:26
seb128lut crevette09:26
pittididrocks: not really; just say "This file is in the public domain", shouldn't that suffice?09:27
didrockspitti: I'm more up-to-date on gpl and CC licenses. If you say it should suffice, that's perfect ;) Thanks a lot09:28
didrocksok, I google it a little too to seek for examples :-)09:29
seb128pitti, I know you have a really busy week but any chance you manage to fix the retracers today or give me some clues how to do so?09:38
seb128would be nice to not waste all the alpha3 crashes now that apport is running by default09:40
pittiseb128: I don't think it's that easy09:40
pittiI would probably do something like this:09:40
pitti- reproduce the issue locally in the apport/chroot.py test suite09:40
pitti- strace the failed test run09:41
pitti- add some debugging printf() into fakechroot's preloadlib, to see what it's doing09:41
pitti- fix whatever is wrong09:41
pittiit might be a new eglibc system call which needs wrapping (it's mostly a copy&paste thing)09:41
pittiit seems a bit specific to gdb, so I'd pull the gdb source to check the code it uses for opening the binary and debug symbols09:42
pittiseb128: an easier try would be to check if it works to use jaunty's gdb on karmic and apt-pin gdb for now09:42
seb128pitti, ok thanks, seems not trivial, I might have a look but no guaranty09:43
seb128that I can try09:43
pittiseb128: perhaps try the gdb downgrade first09:43
seb128doing that now09:43
seb128pitti, otherwise what do you think about turning apport off again until retracers are fixed?09:43
pittithe real fix sounds like a day of work, but I'm afraid I won't get to that until next week09:43
seb128new GNOME is due on monday09:43
pittiseb128: ok, let's do that if the gdb downgrade doesn't work, ok?09:44
seb128ie we will probably outdate all the crash before they get retraced09:44
seb128I'm trying the downgrade thing now09:44
robert_ancellbye all10:01
pittibye rodrigo_10:01
seb128he's quick to close IRC when he says bye10:02
seb128pitti, jaunty gdb works!10:02
seb128so login --save, downgrade, apt-pin and close?10:02
seb128and restart retracers?10:02
pittiseb128: so, I guess rebuilding gdb against eglibc, or the new gdb itself changed something then10:02
pittiseb128: right10:02
* pitti hugs seb128 for rescuing the retracers10:02
rodrigo_pitti: bye, but I just arrived :)10:03
* seb128 hugs pitti for giving good hints10:03
pittithen I can also remove my hideous and broken workaround10:03
pittihey rodrigo_ :)10:03
seb128pitti, let me try on the amd64 one and restart it to see how it goes10:03
Nghmm, did I change some setting, or is firefox in karmic using a google custom search??10:05
Ngit's all very well and good, but there are no links to cached versions of pages, which is a shame10:06
* pitti points Ng to asac10:09
asacNg: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox-3.0/+bugs?field.searchtext=&orderby=-importance&search=Search&assignee_option=any&field.assignee=&field.bug_reporter=&field.bug_supervisor=&field.bug_commenter=&field.subscriber=&field.status_upstream-empty-marker=1&field.omit_dupes.used=&field.omit_dupes=on&field.has_patch.used=&field.has_cve.used=&field.tag=multisearch&field.tags_combinator=ANY10:13
asacNg: if your bug is not there, file one and add th "multisearch" tag please10:13
Ngok ;)10:13
asacNg: against ffox 3.0 (also add ffox 3.5 task)10:13
asacNg: thanks!10:13
* Ng confirms with a blank ff profile (mine is *very* far from default ff ;)10:14
asacNg: no need to. the "multisearch" extension was added for alpha310:15
asacNg: disable the addon to get back to default behaviour10:15
Ngasac: oh, I just looked at the extension list and completely failed to see it :/10:16
bryce(tool to facilitate forwarding bugs upstream from launchpad to freedesktop)10:21
pittibryce: awesome!10:22
brycepitti: still a work in progress, but at least it looks nice finally :-)10:29
seb128bryce, how does it work?10:30
seb128bryce, does it take the launchpad description, etc?10:30
seb128bryce, I start on a very basic one some time ago http://people.canonical.com/~seb128/lptognome.py10:31
seb128that one takes a lp bug number, get the title, description, stacktrace and open a bugzilla page (GNOME) with title and description set10:32
seb128it's done in a hackish way though, using ?title=... etc in the bugzilla url10:32
bryceseb128, yeah what's in that screenie is unedited; that's what it generates after loading the bug #10:35
bryceseb128, it grabs the description, title, submitter email address, attachments, etc. from the launchpad bug10:35
bryceI've not done the logic to submit the multiple attachments to bugzilla yet though... that might be tough10:36
seb128bryce, using greasmonkey?10:36
pittididrocks: "otherwise the effect will be drawned" -- what is that supposed to mean?10:36
brycein fact I've not tested it at all against bugzilla yet...10:36
bryceseb128, no greasemonkey isn't powerful enough; this is a full cgi script10:37
seb128ah ok10:37
seb128any reason to do that in a web ui way?10:37
seb128the version I started sucks because it's buggy but I sort of liked the "give a bug number and get the upstream bugzilla page prefiled with infos"10:38
seb128ie I'm not sure we win anything to edit infos downstream, you can do that on bugzilla before clicking submit10:38
bryce"any reason to do that in a web ui way?" > don't understand question10:38
bryceahh right10:39
seb128bryce, your screenshot seems to indicate you do editing on the launchpad side10:39
seb128where my approch was a "collect everything and open a bugzilla page prefiled with infos and edit there"10:39
brycethe specific things this would save is that it parses/reformats the description, and it would allow you to select the attachments to be included via checkboxes, rather than individually having to download/upload each attachment individually10:40
seb128that avoid the need for a server to run the forward tool ;-)10:40
seb128I guess we are a different workflow10:40
seb128GNOME bugs have almost never a file to attach10:40
seb128and I inline stacktrace for easier bug reading and dup finding too10:41
seb128ie what we usually need on GNOME bug is a copy of the description and the stacktrace if there is one10:41
seb128but your tool seems powerful indeed ;-)10:41
bryceah yeah, your attachment situation is simpler (just the backtrace)10:42
seb128well I like having logs inline in fact10:42
* bryce nods10:42
seb128makes easier to read the bug and search in the page than having lot of logs10:42
seb128but if you have lot of log that's doesn't really scale10:43
araseb128, gnometris is not longer a default game in ubuntu?10:43
brycetrue, however for X, Xorg.0.logs can be pretty long.  But I do like to put stacktraces inline.10:43
* seb128 declares victory on the retracer10:43
seb128pitti, bug #403036 \o/10:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 403036 in scim "scim-launcher crashed with SIGSEGV in scim::FrontEndModule::load()" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40303610:43
pittiseb128: *sniff* beautiful! /me wipes a tear10:43
seb128pitti, ;-)10:44
pittithat takes the pressure out of this thing10:44
bryceseb128, rickspencer3 also came up with a table to map launchpad importance to bugzilla priority/severity, so this does that mapping automatically10:44
seb128will do the i386 one too now10:44
seb128bryce, nice10:44
seb128bryce, I expect you could easily add GNOME bugzilla to your service if the bugzillas behave the same way? ;-)10:45
seb128pitti, want me to open a bug somewhere about the gdb situation, I'm not sure what the downgrade working tells us10:45
seb128pitti, I will try on the i386 one the new gdb version from karmic which was built before eglibc to see if that makes a difference10:46
pittiseb128: against fakechroot, please, as a reminder (assign it to me)10:46
seb128ie if the issue started with the new gdb or after rebuild10:46
pittiseb128: it would be interesting to see if it happens with jaunty's gdb built on karmic10:46
seb128I can do some playing around that10:46
pittiI rather suspect it's a glibc change, but it could be a gdb change as well (unusual open() )10:46
pittiseb128: thanks10:46
seb128you're welcome10:46
pittijust throw it all in the bug report, I'll read it when I'm back from vac10:47
bryceseb128, well I intend to focus just on freedesktop, but yeah most bugzillas work similarly.  I'd definitely accept patches to make it work against additional bugzillas.  Of course I'll have to prove it actually useful first :-)10:47
seb128bryce, let me know when it's in a working state for fd.o I will have a look then10:47
brycesure :-)10:48
bryce(unfortunately the tool is also slow...  python + launchpadapi != quick)10:49
bryce(actually, it's mostly the attachment processing that slows it down)10:52
didrockspitti: hum, difficult to formulate... "Otherwise, we will be considered immediately outside of the current stenza". Is it clearer to you?10:58
didrockspitti: thanks for the merge10:59
pittididrocks: I just removed it, the code should be clear enough10:59
pittididrocks: I have another MP, after that I'll do a new upload10:59
didrockspitti: thanks :)10:59
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didrockspitti: before you release, think about udpating python-distutils-extra version from 2.7 to 2.8 in debian/local/python-mkdebian11:06
pittididrocks: yep11:07
seb128dpkg-source: info: applying gdb_6.8-3ubuntu2.diff.gz11:17
seb128*** stack smashing detected ***: patch terminated11:17
seb128======= Backtrace: =========11:17
seb128 11:17
seb128pitti, going to be trickier than expected, I think I will just downgrade, pin and restart for now11:18
seb128I can't dpkg-source -x the jaunty gdb in the retracer environment11:18
seb128ubuntuone-client starts being very annoying11:44
seb128they fixed a nautilus crashed but in exchange of a new one apparently11:44
seb128pitti, and i386 retracer running and confirmed to do proper retracing11:51
pittiseb128: good job, thanks!11:51
seb128you're welcome11:51
seb128thanks for the tips on how to get those running again11:52
seb128pitti, oh, are SegvAnalysis and SegvReason new?11:59
seb128I never noticed those before11:59
pittiseb128: yes, courtesy of kees11:59
pittihe does some analysis from the disassembly11:59
pittididrocks: 2.8 uploaded to sid, karmic, jaunty and hardy PPA12:09
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seb128slomo, the gstreamer change you suggested didn't fix the dvd sound issue12:37
mac_vseb128: : hi... the recent update seems to have removed the volume applet and left the notification icon... is that change to stay?12:38
seb128mac_v, yes12:38
seb128mac_v, as described in the update changelog12:39
mac_vseb128: and the volume slider is only going to move up-down?12:39
seb128mac_v, that I know12:39
seb128you would expect it to be a 3d clutter cube moving in the z axis too?12:39
* mac_v confused12:40
mac_vseb128: actually i asked since there was a bug asking for the slider to be up-down rather than horizontal12:40
seb128mac_v, good, one bug to close then12:41
seb128mvo, any idea how gksu crashes can have vorbis code in their stacktrace?12:52
seb128ie bug #40300512:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 403005 in gksu "gksu crashed with SIGSEGV" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40300512:53
loolseb128: Mind syncing devhelp to fix the FTBFS?13:00
mvoseb128: no :)13:00
seb128lool, will do13:00
loolseb128: gksu invoking gstreamer to check for codecs?13:00
seb128mvo, doh, gksu have over 100 bugs in launchpad and lot of recent crasher looking corruption13:01
loolOr gksu invoking update-manager invoking gstreamer in a postinst13:01
seb128lool, because a sudo wrapper need codecs to be fun to use? ;-)13:01
loolseb128: thakns for the sync13:01
seb128you're welcome13:01
didrocksthanks a lot pitti :)13:09
seb128hey pedro_13:21
seb128pedro_, retracers are fixed and running again now13:21
pedro_seb128, yay! thanks for the info ;-)13:22
=== MacSlow|lunch is now known as MacSlow
pittiseb128: dude!13:53
seb128pitti, alter!13:53
pittibug 123020, look at the status13:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 123020 in soyuz "support shipping verbatim files in the exported tarballs" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12302013:53
chrisccoulsongood afternoon everyone:)14:00
pittihey chrisccoulson14:01
chrisccoulsonhi pitti14:01
kenvandinehey pitti14:05
kenvandinei just got the update of devicekit-power from the ~ubuntu-desktop ppa14:06
kenvandineit seems to have broken suspend14:06
kenvandinenot sure if it was the removal of devicekit or the changes to devicekit-power that broke it14:07
pittikenvandine: devikekit shouldn't matter, it's not used any more14:10
pittiprobably dk-power14:10
pittikenvandine: did you reboot after update? or sudo killall devkit-power-daemon ?14:10
kenvandinei did reboot14:15
kenvandinegnome-power-cmd suspend14:16
kenvandinesays i can't suspend14:16
kenvandinepitti, i am happy to help debug... but it isn't urgent... just wanted you to know it might be broken before you move it to karmic :)14:17
pittikenvandine: does gnome-power-manager work? I don't think -cmd still works14:17
* kenvandine is hacking on desktopcouch atm... which is rather fun :)14:17
kenvandinepitti, -cmd has been working14:18
pittikenvandine: ok, thanks for the warning; I'll test it here as well14:18
kenvandinei use it all the time14:18
kenvandinei don't get an option to suspend on shutdown either14:18
pittikenvandine: http://git.gnome.org/cgit/gnome-power-manager/commit/?id=c5e34acfbc1b57903bb18d84575b1beaa67e334414:18
pittikenvandine: right, neither do I; I think this needs a new gnome-power-manager (port to polkit-1 as well)14:19
pittiporting the bakcend (dk-p) without the frontend (g-p-m) won't work, I figure14:19
kenvandinemakes sense14:19
pittikenvandine: probably needs http://git.gnome.org/cgit/gnome-power-manager/commit/?id=af19ef18b93abb7f92cb6b1345cf4c633e6f851314:19
kenvandinethe notify-osd patch was accepted to g-p-m the other day :)14:19
pittikenvandine: anyway, new g-p-m will release next Monday14:19
pittikenvandine: hm? I just did a g-p-m patch cleanup with Richard, and he rejected it14:20
* kenvandine looks again14:20
pitti"better not apply until this is official gnome"14:20
pittikenvandine: I committed some of our patches to upstream, and removed some obsolete ones14:20
seb128hey chrisccoulson, manager to finish work at a reasonable hour after your early waking up today? ;-)14:28
seb128dobey, kenvandine: could somebody look at ubuntuone-clients bug and try to bump priority on fixing nautilus crashers there?14:29
pittikenvandine: anyway, new g-p-m is due on Monday, I'll package it on Wednesday when I'm back, and test it together with the new dk-p14:29
seb128dobey, kenvandine: 80% of the nautilus crashes we get are due to ubuntuone issues14:29
* kenvandine goes searching14:30
dobeyseb128: the only crash i am of aware of being in ubuntuone is fixed. if there is another one, i don't know how to make it happen14:32
seb128dobey, are you subscribed to ubuntuone-client ubuntu?14:33
seb128dobey, the usual way when you "don't know how to make it happen", is to ask details to users, not to ignore the bugs14:33
dobeyseb128: yes, and i see the reports, but there is no explanation of what is happening14:33
seb128dobey, they several crashes in g_object_unref with debug stacktrace sitting there14:34
kenvandinepitti, looks like richard did merge that patch... after rewriting it14:38
kenvandinebratsche: have you checkout out git master for g-p-m?14:38
pittikenvandine: oh? http://git.gnome.org/cgit/gnome-power-manager/commit/?id=d2251e9373add05113623c0a812a86bdd35d9116 looks related, but it doesn't look like notify-osd14:38
ubottuGnome bug 423186 in gnome-power-manager "Battery info shouldn't be a notification" [Minor,Resolved: fixed]14:39
kenvandinecommit 3c721b77404f59e23ab712c099b0c179fd1e491c14:39
pittiwell, so much the better14:39
pittikenvandine: ah, *that* patch14:39
kenvandinei'll try to make sure it does the job before he releases14:39
pittiI meant http://bazaar.launchpad.net/%7Egnome-power-manager-team/gnome-power/trunk/annotate/head%3A/debian/patches/02-notify-osd-support.patch14:40
kenvandineoh... that is different :)(14:40
kenvandinehe won't take that14:41
kenvandineseb128, wow... there are alot of crashers14:41
kenvandinelots are old14:42
seb128kenvandine, yes :-(14:42
seb128would be nice to send back the way the message that software quality is important14:42
seb128ie somebody should look at crashers14:42
chrisccoulsonhey seb128 - yeah, i managed to finish work at lunchtime today:)14:44
seb128chrisccoulson, good ;-)14:44
chrisccoulsoni might sleep for a bit this afternoon ;)14:44
seb128good choice14:45
kenvandineseb128, is there an easy way to find all the crashers for people with u1 installed?14:45
seb128kenvandine, no14:45
kenvandinefigured :/14:45
seb128kenvandine, I reassign the nautilus one by looking at the stacktrace14:46
kenvandineok, so you have been assigning them to u1?14:46
seb128kenvandine, ubuntuone-client source package on launchpad yes14:47
dobeyit would be nice if the nautilus apport hook figured out what packages provide nautilus extensions, and ran the apport hooks for all of them as well14:47
dobey(and same for any other packages which provide some pluggable interface)14:47
seb128dobey, that should be doable I think, maybe pitti has some pointer on that14:48
dobeythen at least i could tell which versions of what everyone is using, without having to ask individually and hope that they actually respond14:48
seb128dobey, the g_object_unref crash are using the current karmic version for sure14:50
seb128but yes, that would be nice to have the versions for everything shipping something in /usr/lib/nautilus14:50
pittidobey: good idea14:52
seb128dobey, btw14:52
seb128dobey, apt-cache showsrc gnome-python-desktop14:53
pittiright, the nautilus apport package hook could just iterate over the plugin directory, find the package with apport.packaging.get_file_package(file), and then call apport.hookutils.attach_related_packages(report, package_list)14:53
seb128dobey, karmic has each component splitted in a binary, and the only reason we still have python-gnomeprint and libgnomeprint* on the CD is ubuntuone-client14:53
pittiu-c uses gnomeprint??14:54
dobeyseb128: ok, i didn't know it was split already in karmic14:54
seb128dobey, that's why I opened the bug ;-)14:54
seb128I was looking at why we still had libgnomeprint* on alpha314:54
seb128pitti, no, it depends on python-gnome2-desktop rather than python-gnomekeyring etc14:55
dobeyhow do i specify the python depends correctly then? since dpkg doesn't seem to pick it up14:55
seb128pitti, so it triggers python-gnomeprint which depends on libgnomeprint*14:55
pittiseb128: right, I understand14:55
seb128dobey, add the ones you need in the Depends line of control14:55
seb128there is no magic that I know to make the list14:56
dobeyseb128: there isn't some special ${python:Blah} thing?14:56
seb128grep for the import in your source and look at the matching binaries14:56
seb128not that I know no14:56
seb128there is no real way to guess depends with python14:57
seb128ie you could grep for imports but you don't know if you will find code used or example or things not built, etc14:57
dobeyeh? the way rpm does it works fine afaik14:58
seb128dobey, which is?14:59
seb128rickspencer3, hey14:59
pittiphew, a3 is done14:59
dobeyseb128: but i guess i can do (python-gnomekeyring || python-gnome2-desktop) right?14:59
pittirickspencer3: good morning14:59
* seb128 hugs pitti, good work!14:59
rickspencer3hi seb128 and pitti14:59
seb128dobey, yes14:59
seb128dobey, or rather |15:00
seb128"depend | alternative"15:00
rickspencer3seb128: empathy has had the weird habbing of starting up with my user name set to someone else :(15:00
rickspencer3yesterday I was Cody15:00
seb128rickspencer3, urg?15:00
seb128waouh, that's weird15:00
rickspencer3today I was Quintasan15:00
didrocksrickspencer3: was it the last person you talked with?15:01
dobeyseb128: it greps the installed python files for imports, and adds Requires: Python:module or something like that, and all the python module packages end up doing Provides: Python:module or similar15:01
rickspencer3didrocks: nope15:01
rickspencer3it seems pretty f'ing random15:01
dobeyseb128: it also does similar things for PERL, C#, etc...15:01
seb128dobey, well you will get depends coming from examples or code you are not using, etc15:01
* rickspencer3 will log bug this morning15:01
dobeyseb128: i think it skips $docdir and only looks in binary/lib/whatever15:02
seb128everybody hug pitti for getting alpha3 out15:02
seb128pitti, \o/ ;-)15:02
dobeyseb128: i already have lots of dependencies for code i don't use, anyway... :)15:02
rickspencer3congrats pitti15:02
rickspencer3nice job, a very solid releas15:02
pittithanks :)15:02
* didrocks hugs pitti 15:02
dobeylike the majority of kernel modules installed on my system15:02
rickspencer3this alpha is better than final releases for certain other distros I could mention, but won't ;)15:03
seb128dobey, I think there is some ongoing work to do a depends system this way in debian, didn't follow what they do recently though15:03
seb128rickspencer3, you just went to far and are not credible now :-p15:03
bratschekenvandine, no I haven't, why?15:04
kenvandinebratsche: he asked for you to test it :)15:06
dobeyi just installed ubuntuone-client-gnome from karmic proper and did nautilus --quit like 15 times with no crashers :(15:06
bratschekenvandine, oh he did?  I missed that. :)15:06
kenvandinehe rewrote your patch :)15:06
seb128dobey, there could be a difference between a proper --quit and a GNOME session close15:07
bratscheYeah, I knew he rewrote the patch because he rewrote that entire source file or something.15:08
dobeyseb128: well i got a crash with trunk, but the line #s are different betwen that and the reports, so i can't tell who is running what, and where the crash actually is... even with trunk gdb is telling me the crash is in the line in class_init(), which is obviously wrong15:09
dobeyblah, now i can't make trunk crash15:32
seb128pitti, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.tag=gnome3-gtkbuilder15:37
ftahow do i prevent a user from appearing in the new gdm?15:37
ftalower uid?15:37
pittiseb128: ah, nice! much easier to read/autoclose15:37
dobeyugh, now rhythmbox requires brasero :(15:48
mvoseb128: is there a supported way to hook into the gnome-session logout process (asking for  the updates on shutdown spec)16:10
seb128mvo, not idea, maybe vuntz or chrisccoulson know better16:11
seb128pitti, around? I've some build issue and I think it's due to python-distutils-extra16:12
mvothanks, I keep wondering if it shouldn't just start its own xsession or something16:12
seb128mvo, start a new session on logout?16:12
mvoyeah, a empty one with just the unattended-upgrade-gtk process16:13
seb128mvo, you could as well patch gnome-session?16:14
chrisccoulsonmvo - i don't think there's currently anyway to do what you want to do (without patching gnome-session)16:14
mvothanks chrisccoulson and seb128 - when I finished with the actual code, I look into it16:15
* rickspencer3 feels like himself again ;)16:16
seb128wb rickspencer316:16
seb128pitti, unping that was an issue there16:29
dobeyoh, thanks apport for automatically ignoring nautilus crashing :(16:43
seb128it ignores after 3 crashes16:44
seb128to not send the same crash 3 zillion times16:44
dobeyunfortunately apport is the only way i can debug nautilus16:48
dobeyhow do i make it not do that?16:49
seb128dobey, clean /var/crash16:59
seb128dobey, the counted is in the .crash16:59
pittiseb128: hi17:57
seb128pitti, hello again ;-)17:58
awe/away break17:58
* seb128 ported usb-creator to gtkbuilder17:58
MacSlowanybody running kwin or xfce here?18:02
seb128MacSlow, not me18:02
rickspencer3MacSlow: try in #kubuntu-devel, likely to be running kwin there18:13
MacSlowrickspencer3, bingo18:14
rickspencer3MacSlow: really nice job on the notify-osd updates18:15
rickspencer3looks great18:15
MacSlowrickspencer3, well thanks.. but a lot of clean up is still to do18:17
rickspencer3MacSlow: glass half full!18:17
* seb128 wants text he can read back18:17
seb128otherwise good work ;-)18:17
MacSlowseb128, I've the "green light" for gconf-keys sort of18:18
MacSlowrickspencer3, lazy bunch on #kubuntu-devel :)18:19
=== spc_ is now known as spc
pitti\o/ patch cleanup day19:05
pittiyesterday gdm, now consolekit19:05
pittithey committed all our patches (8), now just 4 debian patches left19:06
=== mac__v is now known as mac_v
pittikenvandine: ah, just saw your couchdb patch; please test it, while dpkg usually retains permissions, it might not do that for conffiles (they are magic and special in lots of ways)19:18
pittikenvandine: so while the fix is correct, it might not fix the issue on upgrades (that'd need a postinst snippet)19:19
pittiI'm off for today, and on holiday until next Tuesday19:45
pittihave a nice weekend everyone, and try not to break everything so hard :-P19:46
* pitti -> packing19:46
pittiI'll disable my IRC proxy, so please give me a phone call on urgencies; I'll also look into my mail every day19:46
seb128pitti, enjoy!19:47
seb128pitti, don't worry we will watch for you while you are not there ;-)19:47
* pitti hugs the team19:48
* seb128 hugs pitti19:53
ftarah, just lost of 3 pages email because evolution crashed on me, damn spell checker20:01
ftabug 38613920:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 386139 in evolution "evolution crashed with SIGSEGV in free() when spell check replaces words (dup-of: 389101)" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38613920:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 389101 in evolution "evolution crashed when correct new message" [Unknown,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38910120:07
ftaFix released??20:07
pedro_fta, the fix released status is coming from the upstream task not from the one in ubuntu20:10
ubottuGnome bug 584243 in Editing "Crash when replacing a mispelled word" [Critical,Resolved: fixed]20:11
pedro_said that the fix was applied to gtkhtml 3.27.5 which is not yet available on Ubuntu20:11
ftaoh, i've been hurt by that for a while now, any eta to have that in ubuntu?20:13
pedro_seb128, ^ ?20:13
seb128pedro_, GNOME 2.27.5 due next week20:14
seb128so before next tuesday20:14
ftaok, thanks20:14
seb128you're welcome20:14
seb128fta, you should have got a draft of your email though20:15
seb128it should ask after next start20:15
ftai also a bunch of tiny regressions with my desktop, for example, when i untray rhythmbox, it no longer re-appears on the front if it was trayed lower, it's confusing20:19
ftai have a few keys bound to play / pause / next etc (it's not a multimedia keyboard, so i mapped F5/F6/F7/F8), if rhythmbox is idle for too long (not sure it's the cause though), all the bound keys no longer do anything20:22
ftaxchat systray does not appear on 1st run (new gnome session), i've already mentioned that here20:22
ftaand a few other tiny-but-annoying regressions..20:23
seb128fta, patches are welcome20:25
ftaif i knew what it was, i would not even ask20:25
chrisccoulsonfta - i had a look at your xchat issue a couple of weeks ago20:28
chrisccoulsoni can't figure it out though. it works with an old gtk version20:28
chrisccoulsonbut i can't see what xchat does differently to other applications that work correctly20:29
chrisccoulson(i assume we're thinking about the same issue here anyway)20:29
ftachrisccoulson, i remember. it seems xchat is the 1st to appear on the desktop, while the panel is still empty20:29
chrisccoulsonfta - i ran xchat with GTK_DEBUG=plugsocket, and then killed the panel. you see some messages when the notification area disappears, but xchat never notices when it appears again20:31
chrisccoulsoni did the same with nm-applet, and saw some debug messages everytime i killed and reloaded the panel20:31
chrisccoulsoni've had a look through the gtk code, but i can't figure out whats going on20:31
chrisccoulsonso, i got a bit stuck there20:32
ftai will add a wrapper and see when i next restart my desktop20:37
seb128chrisccoulson, your g-s-d upgrade still has 2 files listed in dh_install --list-missing, one .glade and one .xml21:11
chrisccoulsonhmmm :-/ i'll look at that now - i should do these updates when i'm more awake;)21:12
chrisccoulsonseb128 - i've pushed g-s-d with the missing files included now21:38
geserI usually use auto-login in gdm so I didn't notice this before. To test a bug I disabled auto-login and did a re-login. When I fist saw the greeter I didn't know how to login as I just had 3 buttons but no user to select which took a few seconds to appear. is that normal? a notice would be great that gdm is collecting the user list or so22:01
seb128_geser, there is some bugs about the list being too slow to be computed22:02
seb128_I don't think we need a different bug for the animation22:02
seb128_either we make it fast or add a visual clue but that's the same bug22:02
geseras long as it's known, it's fine for me22:03
Quintasan_kenvandine: in reference to your code review ...22:31
Quintasan_damn it!22:31
=== Quintasan_ is now known as ricspencer3
ricspencer3kenvandine: ok, it'22:32
seb128_ricspencer3, I understand what you meant now22:32
ricspencer3hi seb128_22:33
ricspencer3you mean about empathy making me impersonate people?22:33
seb128_ricspencer3, you did a typo in your nickname ;-)22:33
seb128_ricspencer3, yes22:33
ricspencer3seb128_: did it happen to you?22:35
ricspencer3or am I the only one using empathy for IRC?22:35
seb128_ricspencer3, no but I'm not using an IM for IRC, sorry I know we should be testing what we ship but I need a decent IRC client ;-)22:35
ricspencer3well ... I'm testing it22:35
ricspencer3I'll try to repro the bug when I have chance22:36
seb128_open a bug even if it lacks information22:36
ricspencer3it always sets me to the same two people, Code or Quintasan22:36
seb128_maybe upstream will have a clue22:36
ricspencer3will do22:36
seb128note to self, suspend on this desktop doesn't ask for password on the login screen and crash the box22:42
chrisccoulsonwhat IRC client do you use seb128?22:44
seb128chrisccoulson, xchat-gnome22:44
chrisccoulsoni haven't tried that. i just use pidgin for everything currently22:44
chrisccoulsoni probably get testing empathy really22:44
seb128I don't like using IMs to do IRC22:45
chrisccoulsoni haven't tried xchat-gnome before, so i don't know the features of a decent IRC client22:45
seb128I think that im clients are made to send messages to people22:45
seb128you don't want the same interface for IRC, you want a user list, IRC functions, not thing to pop up on screen as private messages do etc22:46
chrisccoulsonyeah, that makes sense22:46
dobeyi certainly don't want the same interface for channel-based chat, as for private messages22:47
chrisccoulson2hmmm, yeah, xchat-gnome looks ok22:50
chrisccoulson2i could probably get used to it;)22:50
seb128chrisccoulson2, I'm not trying to convince anybody, I was just using IRC clients before any of my IM client was doing IRC22:52
seb128and I get used to have different workflows, etc for those22:52
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