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Joshh100hey all19:13
Joshh100Id love to get involved with the documentation effort for Ubuntu19:14
Saj0577hey Josh10019:17
Saj0577hey Joshh10019:17
Saj0577the wikis or the system docs?19:18
Joshh100whats more fun?19:20
Joshh100I like writing a lot.. Im just not too much of a programmer19:21
Joshh100but Id like to contribute19:21
Saj0577Well anyone can contribute to the wiki. which is at wiki.ubuntu.com and the system files are the ones when you go System/Help and support ( ithink thats the right process,i dont use ubuntu menu so it may be different)19:22
Joshh100I see19:23
Joshh100which do you contribute to?19:23
Saj0577The Wiki19:23
Flannelwiki.ubuntu.com is for team wiki stuff, help.ubuntu.com/community/ is for documentation type things.19:53
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newz2000Hi, is there a printable installation guide?23:16
Saj0577for ubuntu desktop?23:37

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