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StevenKevand: I see the commit for support for kubuntu-netbook, does that mean that wubi now groks - in project names?07:50
evandStevenK: ScottK filed a bug about it, and I subsequently added it, yesterday07:52
StevenKevand: Right, but during my testing with wubi it doesn't like a - in project names when it parses .disk/info07:53
evandah, I haven't actually tried a build with the change yet07:54
* evand digs07:54
StevenKevand: I don't see your update in ~ubuntu-installer/wubi/trunk, is that not the place to look?07:57
evandStevenK: bzr log lp:~ubuntu-installer/wubi/trunk shows it there (r140 and r141)07:59
StevenKOh, duh08:00
StevenKbzr up is a no-op for an unbound branch08:00
StevenKevand: Okay, so the .disk/info parser won't like - in project names, which means UNR and Kubuntu netbook are both unhappy, and you've misspelt the metapackage in data/isolist.ini for Kubuntu Netbook08:04
evandso I did08:04
evandpatches welcome (the code in question is in src/wubi/backends/common/distro.py)08:05
StevenKevand: Can you add UNR while you're in there?08:05
evandjust give me the info and I'd be more than happy to08:05
StevenKevand: Oh, I have a patch, just wanted to see if it was still needed08:05
evandit's not08:05
evandMichael C took care of it08:05
evandforgot about that08:05
evand(assuming we're talking about UNR and not the regex issue)08:06
StevenKSo it got merged in?08:06
StevenKOh, right.08:07
StevenKevand: In which case, http://paste.ubuntu.com/226212/ is my patch08:07
evandStevenK: Do you prefer to be called Steve or Steven.  Your IRC nick and Canonical information seem to conflict :)08:11
StevenKevand: The former08:11
StevenKAnd yes, yay for hysterical raisins08:11
evanddear lord karmic is fast at reconnecting to wireless on resume from suspend08:12
evandthat or I just got lucky08:12
CIA-5wubi: evand * r142 trunk/ (3 files in 3 dirs):08:13
CIA-5wubi: * Fix typos for netbook images in data/isolist.ini.08:13
CIA-5wubi: * Support dashes in project names. Thanks Steve Kowalik!08:13
evandStevenK: okay, I've just uploaded it to the right place on rookery.  If you trigger another kubuntu-netbook CD build you should get it08:16
StevenKevand: Right, excellent. UNR, even? :-)08:17
StevenKI'm happy to wait until after Alpha 3 to test it08:25
evandrgreening: I've *finally* uploaded usb-creator 0.2.0 from trunk.  Terribly sorry about it taking that long.11:47
evandI most certainly took the wrong approach by trying to stabilize things before we released.  I'll "release early, release often" moving forward.11:48
cjwatsonevand: could you look at bug 402733, if you aren't doing so already?11:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 402733 in ubiquity "9.04 Jaunty Junk characters in oem-config" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40273311:49
evandcjwatson: I wasn't, but I'm on it now11:50
evandthanks for pointing me at that11:50
CIA-5usb-creator: evand * r123 usb-creator/debian/changelog: releasing version 0.2.012:08
evandcjwatson: any suggestions on how I create an environment suitable for reproducing this?  I'm assuming I have to rip out a fair bit of language infrastructure, but initial attempts have proven unsuccessful at reproducing the bug.12:33
CIA-5usb-creator: evand * r124 usb-creator/debian/changelog: (log message trimmed)12:42
CIA-5usb-creator: * Better i18n support. Thanks Loïc Minier and Juanje Ojeda Croissier!12:42
CIA-5usb-creator: * Some fixes to the KDE frontend from Roderick B. Greening:12:42
CIA-5usb-creator:  - Update bug e-mail for about settings12:42
CIA-5usb-creator:  - Tighten up some of the import statememnts in kde_frontend12:42
CIA-5usb-creator:  - Connect the apps quit signal to kde_frontend's quit method12:42
CIA-5usb-creator:  - Cleanup/improve progress bar code for kde_frontend12:42
rgreeninggreat news evand. thanks. At least it's in for testing... if we get the back-end updated all the better. but if we don't at least we have something...16:25
superm1mterry_, glancing through your plugins branch, try to remember not to commit updates to d-i/manifest during your commits16:27
mterry_superm1, ah yes16:28
Ngis there an approved way of generating a network/interfaces file? I'm DHCP booting machines with a fixed entry, but I'd like to have them take that information and turn it into a network/interfaces file so they boot with static networking thereafter. Previously I/we've done this with hacky scripts in a late command - just curious if there is a best practice way of doing it16:40
Ng(apologies if that came through twice, irssi is doing odd things today)16:40
cjwatsonI'm not aware of one16:44
ChrisAshton84Hi, I've got the Jaunty cdrom iso booted on /dev/sda6 and want to install to /dev/sda5, but at 15% I get a failed to unmount partitions error - the install should not need to unmount any partitions (it's not changing the partition table)22:37
ChrisAshton84is there any way to get past this error message in ubiquity?  both 'go back' and 'continue' take me back to the partitioner22:37
ChrisAshton84(it's trying to unmount /cdrom for whatever reason)22:38
evandyes, one moment22:56
evandChrisAshton84: are you already using preseeding?23:01
evandright, don't worry23:02
ChrisAshton84no, I'm following https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromLinux23:02
evandtry running this before you start the installer23:02
evandecho "d-i partman/unmount_active boolean false" | sudo debconf-communicate23:03
ChrisAshton84it's not the same error, but it looks like their tip after step 4 did allow me to force /cdrom to unmount23:04
ChrisAshton84hopefully it installs like this23:04
ChrisAshton84if not I'll reboot and try your tip23:04
evanddear lord23:06
* evand sighs at really low quality documentation being put in a very official looking place23:06
ChrisAshton84I wasn't sure when that was written23:07
ChrisAshton84but my install seems to be working fine23:07
ChrisAshton84and it's complete!  this actually runs fairly well, minus that one problem w/ the mount.  dunno why it wanted to remount when I wasn't doing any partitioning/formatting/anything (had done that beforehand)23:10

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