billybigriggeris it possible to git pull a fix from kernel.org before it's put into linus' tree?01:10
billybigriggerthere are some fixes here > http://git.kernel.org/?p=linux/kernel/git/mchehab/linux-next.git;a=summary01:10
billybigriggerthat should fix my webcam, but i don't when they will be put into linus' source01:11
=== speck is now known as nuspeck
jjohansenbillybigrigger: yes. you can cherry pick commits from another tree and merge them into your own01:32
billybigriggerso if i have linus' source in ~/linux-2.601:41
billybigriggercd ~/linux-2.601:41
billybigriggergit pull git://git.kernel.org/?p=linux/kernel/git/mchehab/linux-next.git01:41
nuspeckwhats a good book for device driver programming?03:24
mjg59http://lwn.net/Kernel/LDD3/ is decent and free03:24
nuspeckthank you I'll take a loot at it.03:25
=== MobileMyles6o7 is now known as TwoToneSpirit
nevhi all... Does Ubuntu actually use group scheduling? It enables Group CPU Scheduler and Control Group support, but I don't see it mounts cgroup fs and use it...04:46
amitkapw: so what is genconfig used for?09:32
apwfor debugging the config09:33
apwyou run that and it gives you a CONFIG/* with the compile level configs09:33
apwlets you check things are as you expect09:33
amitkso it give you the merged config?09:34
apwit gives you a clean config for each arch/flavour which you can use to build09:34
apwand to confirm options end up set as desired09:35
apwevery time i changed anything in the config i wanted to be able to confirm i'd done it right09:35
amitkaah, so you can copy it to you .config, analyse it in menuconfig, etc...09:35
apwand so i had a patch to do 'genpatch' and figured it was generally useful09:35
apwright exactly that09:35
apwdo 'grep ADFS_FS' and check its on in all of them as expected09:36
amitkok, just wonder how it was different from calling the 'prepare' target09:37
apwit makes _all_ of them instead of just one09:37
amitkyeah, now I understand09:37
apwits most handy when one is changing the config system again :)09:38
amitkapw: I'm ready to do one last test and _then_ create the configs for imx51 on karmic. Are the configs going to be relatively stable today. That last config patch almost always fails to apply when the git tree changes.09:43
apwthe configs just changed, as i just rebased the tree to -rc409:44
apwits not yet pushed ... just testing it09:45
apwwe rebase weekly your life is never going to be easy09:45
apwis this going into the master branch or onto its own09:45
amitkinto its own branch for now09:46
apwwith that new config fix the configs are easier to inject09:46
apwthen the config is always going to conflict ...09:46
apwas you are going to be a rebase tree ongoing till you arn't a branch09:46
apwyou could just keep the entire configs as a file09:46
apwand put it as the flavour config09:47
apwand not run updateconfigs09:47
apwor ... keep it separate somewhere else in the tree09:47
amitkthat's an idea!09:47
apwand cp it to the flavour and run updateconfigs after each rebase09:47
apwwhich will collapse it in09:47
apw(now i've fixed the config update :))09:48
amitkOTOH, since imx51 kernels are needed by -mobile to create images, are we prepared to have a different package namespace for this for karmic?09:48
amitkseparate branch would mean separate source package09:49
apwwe need to have a conversation about this, if it can wait, then at sprint would be appropriate09:49
apwwe need a strategy on how we handle these branches09:49
amitkit needs to get in before A409:49
amitkand sooner the better so that -mobile team works out all the kinks in image building09:49
apwso this new branch makes a new amx51 flavour yes?09:50
amitkit adds the patches for the new mx51 flavour yes. We already have a mx51 flavour in karmic, but it is borked and defaults to some mx3 config09:51
apwimx even09:51
amitkbasically karmic has the infrastructure for imx51 flavour but no code :)09:51
apwyeah so if this is a branch, then we have no machinary to get that built in the main build09:52
apwso either we need some of that, or we need to make it a different source package09:52
apwand strip imx51 from the main tree09:52
apwits custom-binary basically09:53
amitkIMHO, we should just merge this into the karmic tree after reviewing that all the fencing is in place to separate Freescale code from upstream code.09:53
apwthats a simpler approach i am sure09:54
Kanohi apw , you saw rc4?10:40
Kanotell me when you are done10:40
apwarchive is frozen for alpha-310:40
apwso there won't be an upload for a bit10:40
Kanoi dont need uploads, i need only git10:41
Kanokdb.c has a conflict10:41
Kanoand there are some modules more10:41
apwa conflict with what?10:41
Kanoi guess with one of your sauce patches10:43
apwthere is no kdb.c10:43
Kanowell maybe not that name, but similar, was on the other pc ;)10:43
apwah atkbd.c perhaps10:44
Kanosomething like that yes10:45
apwits in progress ... will go up once its tested ok10:46
Kanorc3-git5 had still several bad issues for me10:46
Kanolike kdesu not working10:46
Kanovirtualbox module working in 50% of all cases10:47
apwcan't say i generally test on kubuntu10:47
Kanoi can test kubuntu, maybe kdesu can be tested when a root account is enabled...10:47
Kanojust need to reset the sudo override10:48
ckingin what way is it not working?10:54
Kanowell here i get connection to su refused10:54
Kanoonly with that kernel, when i boot 2.6.30, no problem10:55
ckingHrm. Has the virtual box KMS module not been built successfully with 2.6.31 then?10:57
hyperairhmm for some reason, grub refuses to load the 2.6.28-14 kernel11:06
Kanocking: for vbox it is no problem building the module11:10
Kanocking: you have to restart the service till you dont get a dmesg error, when i do that 100 times about 50 fails11:10
ckingLemme look into that later today and see what's up11:11
ckingKano, what dmesg error do you get?11:12
Kanoit has something to do with the watchdog11:12
ckingI suggest filing a bug, putting all the dmesg details in and then we can see exactly what's up11:13
Kanohmm when i try to write a custom .kde/share/config/kdesurc in the home it does not seem to work11:18
Kanowith super-user-command=su11:18
Kanook, it works,but you have to disable the admin line with visudo11:20
hyperairtry booting with nmi_watchdog=011:23
Kanoyes thats the error, but that option does not help11:23
Kanoyou just try a few times then it works11:24
Kanoi just dont get why kdesu is not in the path on kubuntu...11:24
Kanoapw: but the error you can verify11:25
Kanoapw: the passwd is not accepted11:25
hyperairwait, what does kdesu have to do with vboxdrv?11:25
Kanothere is no connection error as with kde 3.5,but the correct pass fails11:26
hyperairyou haven't answered my question.11:26
Kanohyperair: both errors are because of .3111:26
hyperairi don't see how .31 can affect kdesu11:27
hyperairbut then again i don't use kde, i use gnome.11:27
hyperairand i don't use gksu very often either. i usually use sudo because i'm in the temrinal most of the time11:27
Kanowell ubuntu does not use su by default at all11:27
Kanoso no vaild comparison11:28
Kanoyou play with sudo all the time11:28
hyperairand what's the problem with kdesu now?11:28
Kanothe connection fails11:29
hyperairwhat connection?11:29
Kanoon kde 3.5, not fully sure if kdesu is reading the super-user-command override11:29
Kanohyperair: thats the error message11:29
hyperairwhat a pile of fail.11:29
Kanoit is harder to verify that error with u11:30
hyperairimo you should go and poke the kde people about this.11:30
rtg_apw, did you pick up Ike;s bnx2x firmware patch for Karmic?13:15
apwhas that been resubmitted?13:15
* apw checks13:16
rtg_apw, I don't think he needed to. It was correct in its original form.13:16
apwahh i saw cjwat sons responce and hand't seen ikes responce.  will double check his stuff and pull it in13:18
apwyeah ike appears to be correct, subtle having xxx and libxxx in the kernel13:19
* apw sucks13:19
apwrtg_, this is mind mangling.. had a discussion this am how the installer does not use udebs and yet we are updating udebs for the installer ... 13:23
apwi guess this could be the alternate cd images ?  hrm13:24
rtg_apw, Ubiquity doesn't use udebs, but the alternate installer does.13:24
* apw watches the light bulb go on ... makes sense13:24
apwso if we could ubuquity on the alternate cds all of kernel wedge could go away13:24
rtg_apw, ain't gonna happen.13:25
rtg_apw, udebs are also used on the server install IIRC13:25
apwi assume that is actually just an alternate installer13:25
rtg_apw, yep13:26
rtg_same framework with some behavioral differences13:26
smb_tprtg_, Would you agree with a modified version of your e1000e-next patch that adds the new module to the nic udeb13:39
rtg_smb_tp, sounds right, especially if you want net booting to work13:39
rtg_or net install, rather13:40
smb_tprtg_, Yeah, thought so. Ok, then I guess it is ready to push now13:40
rtg_apw, how about pushing your -rc4 stuff. I'm working on an rfkill bug, and I want to be able to complain on the wireless list about it using current kernel bits.13:44
rtg_note that rfkill is not in wireless-testing13:45
apwrtg_, will do ... will poke you when its done13:46
apwrtg, karmic updated13:56
amitkapw: can I rebase on top of this?13:58
rtg_amitk, you ought to be able to. we won't rebase again until the next rc14:00
amitkrtg_: do you plan on make a separate source package for imx51 karmic?14:03
rtg_amitk, if its on a topic branch, then yes.14:04
rtg_amitk, do you have something functional yet for karmic?14:04
amitkrtg_: yes, cleaning up the patchset (merging, annotating, etc.) currently.14:05
amitkrtg_: but I won't be able to fix up a new source package for the next upload.14:06
apwamitk, yeah its basically there, just pushed one more patch14:06
rtg_amitk, then why not put it in the master branch? Its not like the current imx51 flavour is doing us much good, is it?14:07
amitkrtg_: It would certainly make it easier for me to put things in master. And yes, the current imx51 flavour is a dud.14:09
amitkrtg_: there might be rebase conflicts though, until .31 is released14:09
rtg_amitk, I'd just as soon avoid the hassle of a topic branch if you have something that works. 2.6.31 is getting pretty close do being done, so I wouldn't expect many rebase conflicts.14:11
Kanoapw: do you know why dm is still borken and needs a patch?14:14
apwi don't know that dm is broken14:14
Kanoi also would suggest to apply at leaste the copy ieee header patch14:15
Kanothat will be needed for dvb external14:15
Kanonot yet compiling with .31 however, but thats a requirement i found for .3014:16
Kanothat was needed to make dm work14:16
amitkapw: why don't we set CONFIG_IP_PNP?14:21
apwwhat the heck does that do?14:21
amitkkernel autoconfiguration (bootp, dhcp, rarp) for diskless systems14:21
amitkhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/2.6.28-2-generic-config doesn't have any remarks14:22
amitkapw: CONFIG_ATM=y?14:38
rtg_amitk, every desktop should have an ATM stack14:38
apwi would say take the default from i386 if in doubt14:39
apwand list the defaults you think are wrong separatly... we can then review those now or at sprint14:40
rtg_amitk, if size is not a consideration, then I'd like to see as many common selections as possible across ARM and x86.14:40
amitkrtg_: size isn't a consideration on ARM anymore. But I assume that for drivers/protocols that can be modules, we default to modules, except when boot critical. And ATM didn't fit that category :)14:41
rtg_amitk, ATM is a protocol stack, so I'm not sure why its built in. apw ?14:42
* apw will check hang on14:43
amitkapw: that was meant as a question. Why it is built-in? Not "should I build it in". But I'll stop bothering you and just keep a list of options needing review14:43
apwi thought at the jaunty uds we decided to move a lot of those =y14:44
apwbringing in the stacks themselves, not the drivers14:44
rtg_well, the stacks that are in common use. When was the last time you connected to an ATM device?14:45
apwindeed, have to agree it seems anomolous14:45
apwtrying to see when it occured to see if there is some reasoning supplied14:46
rtg_it could be we were all so zoned out by that time in the review that it just slipped by14:46
apwheh yeah quite likely14:46
apw'its a stack =y'14:46
rtg_apw, I'm fine with CONFIG_ATM=m across the board14:47
apwrtg_, yeah me too... will wait for amitks list and we can do them all together14:48
apwit think he and brad will explode if the config changes radically again before they can even finish rebasing onto the current one14:49
rtg_apw, besides, we have a bit more experience now with what is _actually_ boot essential.14:49
rtg_apw, ack on the stable config for now :)14:49
apw yes very true ...14:49
rtg_apw, A3 is released, so I guess we can crack a kernel just about anytime.15:12
apwrtg_, anything pending?15:12
apwfrom your end?  if not i'll do the do on it 15:13
rtg_apw, you might check with jjohansen. how about the printk format fix?15:13
apwyeah good point15:13
rtg_apw, I'd say just apply it and he'll pick it up when he rebases.15:13
apwyeah will do that15:14
rtg_apw, I've about got it built, so I can do some boot testing while working on rfkill15:14
apwi'll shove that one fix in and tie the bows on it15:15
* smb_tp waves to chris-qBT, thanks for testing all that kernels :)15:19
chris-qBTsmb_tp, no problems :)15:20
chris-qBTI was surprised no one else reported that problem.15:20
chris-qBTI guess jfs is not used as much as I thought15:20
smb_tpchris-qBT, Yeah, that seem to be true. Even not upstream15:21
chris-qBTsmb_tp, Thanks a lot for fixing this. This bug was annoying me since rc1.15:21
smb_tpOr we found it first. apw will make sure it is in our next upload15:21
apwsmb_tp, is that that nasty rcu freeing things which are not free looking bug?15:22
smb_tpapw, yes15:22
apwyeeks, that one is very nasty ... use after free ... be worth getting in me thinks, get it on the mailing list so rtg can review it15:23
* smb_tp is lready typing15:24
rtg_apw, you gonna get that jfs patch in before you tie the ribbon ?15:46
apwrtg yep,15:46
bjfrtg, when building the kernel, where is the knob to not spawn multiple compiles?18:00
rtg_bjf: CONCURRENCY_LEVEL=118:05
rtg_apw, its all built, I'll upload in a bit18:35
apwrtg_, thanks ...18:35
rtg_apw, you gonna send out the ABI bump announcement? Its uploading ...18:41
apwrtg_ ack18:42
rtg_apw, how is it that dmraid4-5 ever compiled?18:43
apwthats a goodie18:43
apwcause on all of our architectures test_bit is a #define18:44
apwso its defined as (soemthing)18:44
apwso it _happens_ to be valid code18:44
rtg_ah, makes sense18:44
apwits wild amazing luck18:44
rtg_I pushed that fix18:44
rawlerhi people.. I've got a _really_ weird problem with a Karmic kernel ATM, I figured maybe someone wants debug-info before I reboot?20:03
rawlerbasically, "du -sh" at a certain folder chews disk like a maniac, and consumes 100:s of MB of rsize..20:04
rawleroh.. cd:in into a certain subfolder makes my shell go nuts as well.. :S20:06
rawlerstrac:ing the process (either DH), or the shell process, I get TONS of getdents64() calls..20:08
amitkrawler: best thing would be to note all these observations with logs to a bug in launchpad20:08
rawleris there anything in particular to make note of? I've got a really bad experience submitting bugs to LP.. even when I submit bugs with a solution (I.E. working patch), I've seen it take years to get attention..20:10
rawlerso, for a problem like this (which may perhaps even go away after a reboot), I'm naturally a bit reluctant..20:10
rawlerthis is interesting though.. ls says the _directory_ itself is 170M.. :S20:11
jjohansenrawler: the best way to capture this is ubuntu-bug -p linux20:14
jjohansenif it goes away after boot then there is a least a record of it in launchpad20:14
rawlerseriously? is that going to figure exactly what happened here?20:15
jjohansenalso if it goes away after boot, it is going to be really hard to replicate20:15
jjohansenrawler: no, but it does grad a lot of info and feed a bug into lp20:15
rawleryeah, my thought exactly.. which is why I wondered if someone wanted to do some short investigation BEFORE I reboot.. :)20:15
jjohansenrawler: what kind of short investigation? ssh into the box?20:16
rawler(although, considering the directory-entry itself is of ridiculous size, I kindof doubt that the problem will go away.. my prime suspect right now is that ext4 have done something bad.. :S)20:17
rawlerjjohansen: well, I thought maybe one could start by feeding specific info to a pastebin or something like that.. :)20:17
jjohansenrawler: ugh, I hope not20:17
jjohansenrawler: feel free to paste away20:17
rawlerneither do I.. :)20:17
rawlerwell, I don't know how to troubleshoot this further.. ls on the directory kills the shell, du on the directory kills du.. (or at least, takes a ridiculous amount of time), and the directory itself is silly large..20:18
rawlerhttp://pastebin.com/d7cae0828 <- info is the culprit.. look at the size.. can a dir-entry even grow that big?20:19
rawleralso, it must have happened fairly recently.. I clean .Trash fairly often so anything taking THIS much time would have been noted before.. 20:20
rawleris it better to take this directly to ##kernel, or so?20:21
jjohansenrawler: what does strace ls on the dir show20:23
jjohansenand what is in dmesg, when ls gets killed20:23
rawlerit goes http://pastebin.com/d396295e920:24
rawlerdmesg shows nothing in particular..20:24
rawlerls doesn't die.. it just spins the disk like crazy, and consumes ridiculous amounts of ram.. (100s of meg after a while)20:25
jjohansenrawler: well that isn't surprising considering the size of directory20:26
rawleractually, my bad.. ls doesn't seem to go nuts with ram.. THAT is just du who does.. ls keeps to a few megs of rsize..20:26
rawlerbut, what could have happened making the directory that big all of a sudden?20:27
rawlerand, 170meg directory-entry.. that's absolutely HUGE?20:27
jjohansenwhat do fsck -nf show20:28
rawlerthat's millions of files?20:28
jjohansenmaybe, I am wondering if it can spot format corruption20:28
rawlerfsck while the fs is mounted?20:28
jjohansenwell -n == nochanges20:29
rawleryeah.. I just thought about false positives while checking a mounted FS.. :)20:30
jjohansenit still not ideal but when trying to avoid a reboot ...20:30
rawler(it's just done pass 1 so far, but i does complain about some maybe 75 orphaned inodes..20:31
rawlerdamn.. I've gotta re-run.. I forgot to set LANG before fsck, and I assume you don't read swedish.. ;)20:32
rawlerit also complains something about a bunch of faulty blocks.. I'll pastebin it all..20:32
rawleroh, yeah.. I forgot to mention one piece of information that may be relevant.. I run on mdadm-raid1, and yesterday I did "replace" one of the disks.. (actually, just re-partitioned it, but still)20:36
rawlerit maybe also have made something funky, perhaps..20:36
rawlerdmesg (and uptime just in case).. problems were discovered today, and I'm pretty sure I emptied trash this monday without problems20:39
jjohansenrawler: sigh mdadm-raid1 and repartion, I have a feeling this is going to be one of those bugs that isn't easily reproduced20:43
rawlerjjohansen: me too.. which was the largest reason why I felt a LP-bug would just add noise and help nobody.. :)20:43
rawleris it interesting to keep troubleshooting, or should I just reboot and fsck and be done with it?20:43
rawleras 20:44
rawleras I said, this IS a weird problem.. :)20:45
jjohansenrawler: I don't see anything to follow, the interesting bit has already happened and left its mess20:45
jjohansenI would fsck it and see if that fixes it20:45
rawleroki.. I'll just make it work again and be done with it then.. :)20:45
rawlerthanks for now, and have fun!20:45
praveenlooking for source code of fopen function21:35
praveenwant to know if fopen calls open to get its task done in the end21:35
rawlerjjohansen (or anyone else reading): well, fsck showed no problems after a clean unmount.. :S21:49
rawlernow trying to rm the problematic dir, but it's been going on for over an hour, with no luck.. :S21:51
rawlerone peculiar thing is that it seems to make a lot of others apps freeze up for a while.. :S21:53
rawleralthough, it now seems like there's actually really nothing wrong on the fs (thank god).. when stracing the rm-process it actually prints the files it removes while working... for some reason, it seems nautilus actually has created millions of files.. :S22:00
rawlerof the form file.<incrementing_number>.extension.trashinfo.. 22:00
rawlerin any case, not an ext4-problem, or  a softraid-related problem (again, thank god).. just nautilus having done something stupid..22:01
jjohansenrawler: well it is nice to hear that it is unlikely the kernel but it is still disturbing22:02
rawleryeah, kindof.. there's thousands of .trashinfo for each file I've removed during the last week.. that's what made the dir so big, and I guess the utils didn't really cope all that well with that huge amounts of files..22:04
rawlerinteresting kernel-related question though; since it makes my system half-freeze for up to 15-secs at a time, could this be used to DOS a multi-user-system?22:06
rawlerit certainly doesn't seem like the I/O is CFQ-scheduled while doing this... :)22:07
jjohansenrawler: possibly, though with the proper limits set a user could be prevent from ever creating those millions of files22:08
rawleroh? in ulimit, or where?22:09
jjohansenwell ulimit would be run time limits I was thinking more of quotas22:11
rawlerbtw, while I'm here, I've actually already devised a small prgram that really sinks my desktop machine I/O-wise..22:13
rawlerwhat it does is allocate just a little too much ram, so the swap gets used... 22:13
jjohansenrawler: yep that will do it22:14
rawlerthen iterate over it's memory, doing some read/write in a cyclic fashion.. it absolutely kills my desktop-machine.. power-cycle or sysrq is the only way to kill it.. logging in through ssh will just time out, so it's almost impossible to terminate this remotely22:16
rawleron my laptop, it's not just as bad.. it definately gets tired, but it doesn't keel over and die..22:16
rawlerthe interesting part of this, is that on my desktop, I've actually set a ulimit rss-size on half my ram..22:17
rawlerso, in theory, other apps should be able to use the remaining 512 GB, which SHOULD be enough to login and kill the memhog.. :S22:17
rawlerI've been waiting to get it tested on more systems before concluding anything, but isn't this also a potential DOS on multiuser-systems?22:18
rawleresp. if ulimit is not effective?22:18
jjohansenrawler: in theory, but swap storms can make apps very unresponsive if they involve any disk io22:18
rawlerhow come? if ulimit is limiting rss, I mean?22:19
rawlerit still shouldn't be much worse than, for instance copying a file, I'd presume?22:20
jjohansenrawler: well, you can get into situations where you are triggering swap, even with the rss limit set to half.22:21
jjohansenrawler: it would depend on what kind of mem the other apps are using22:21
jjohansenrawler: not saying it isn't broken, just it is possible22:22
rawleryeah, but things like ssh? it could certainly do with 512MB ram before, when that was all that was in the system?22:22
rawleroki.. seems a bit worrying to me.. :) (that's administrating a multi-user-system at work.. sure, everyones benevolent NOW ;) )22:23
jjohansenwell ssh still works with a lot less.  But again its the sum of the parts, and if you manage to push a machine into a swap storm all bets are off22:23
rawlerouch.. :S22:24
rawlersounds like a minefield.. just hoping someone doesn't go nuts with memory..22:24
jjohansenrawler: it does sound broken, but I would want to see a lot more detailed accounting of where all the memory is being used22:24
rawlerif you're interested, compile up http://pastebin.com/df09cd1c and test on your machine.. :)22:25
jjohansenrawler: yeah, I am not a fan of swap, from a usability stand point it can be better to fail things than going to swap22:26
rawlerwell.. swap is good in theory, provided it does not burden the rest of the system more than other I/O access does.. (like, copying a file)22:26
rawlerswap in THEORY, shouldn't be any worse than an app mmap():ing a large file..22:27
rawleralthough, practice seem to differ.. :)22:27
rawlerin any case, I think maybe ubuntu, especially -server, should think a little about this.. it may still be an issue with some part of my specific system that makes it completely freeze and die.. but in that case, I wonder exactly what that circumstance is, and if it's likely to affect others..22:29
rawlerjjohansen: oh, btw.. if you (or someone else) DO decide to test my little program, do remember that oom-kill is triggered by sysrq+f.. (you won't be able to look it up after ;) )22:31
rawlerand, if you're on a 32-bit-system with more than 2GB ram, you'll want to run the program several times at once, each instance set to consuming a couple of gigs..22:32
jjohansenhehe, yeah that is why you don't run something like that on your main system :)22:32
rawleryep.. :)22:32
rawleralso, I'm a bit curious exactly how evil that is in virtualization.. I.E. what happens on a KVM-system.. does other vhosts also get bogged all down to unusable, or does that somehow work differently.. 22:34

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