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bodhi_zazenVantrax: boo !23:32
bodhi_zazenthis channel seems quiet, too quiet23:33
Vantraxyou made me spill my coffee:P23:34
Vantrax3-4 weeks and ill be on nappy changing leave so Ill have plenty of time to work on the theme, and get the site up23:35
VantraxI think we need to get things moving again23:35
bodhi_zazensorry 'bout the coffee23:36
bodhi_zazendo we have a draft of a draft of proposed courses yet ?23:37
bodhi_zazenVantrax: you interested in this perhaps : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Learning/Structure ?23:38
Vantraxbodhi have you looked at the program links of the wiki page?23:39
bodhi_zazenno, I was about to =)23:41
bodhi_zazenwhere is that Vantrax ?23:42
bodhi_zazenOr do you mean the big buttons on the main wiki page ?23:43
Vantraxyeah, the big buttons23:45
bodhi_zazenOK, yea I will look at those23:45
bodhi_zazenI thought yo were referring to one big page that listed everything =)23:46
bodhi_zazenVantrax: I need to give you ssh access to the UCLP server23:46
bodhi_zazendo you want to use the same key you have on the test server ?23:46
bodhi_zazenOr do you want separate keys ?23:46
Vantraxsame one is easier23:47

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