kirklandawe: yeah, i think so00:01
awesee you in dublin!00:02
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pwnguinwonder what happened to that eclipse guy00:57
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nhandlerPackaging Perl Module session will be starting soon in #ubuntu-classroom00:59
theynhandler: who would want to waste time on that?01:00
ajmitchsomeone who's not enlightened as to the wonders of python packaging & the associated fun?01:02
they<3 python packages01:03
ajmitchpython is nice, but the mess surrounding packaging isn't so hot01:04
ajmitchpartly due to how many different things have come through from upstream01:04
* directhex runs dh_clilibs01:16
theythere was an eclipse guy?01:17
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directhexvorian, someone who expressed an interest in helping eclipse packaging01:23
voriani see01:24
vorianlast log ftw01:24
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Sarvattturning the eclipse package into a script that just downloads it from eclipse would be nice :D01:39
stochasticThis package REVU only needs one more advocation http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/xwax  Anyone have a second?02:03
directhexstochastic, you seem to be specifying debhelper 7, but at a glance, i don't see anything in your file which isn't from dh5... am i failing to see something obvious?02:08
stochasticdirecthex, I think I got some lintian warning about dh_prep that prompted the debhelper 7 req (IIRC), but I could try 5 and see...02:58
stochasticdirecthex, yes, here's the Lintian warning I get with debhelper 5: xwax source: debhelper-script-needs-versioned-build-depends dh_prep (>= 7)03:02
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porthosenhandler, would you please have a look at bug #389654 and give me some hints on how to correct the mentioned lintian error :)04:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 389654 in lyricue "Please upgrade lyricue" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38965404:23
nhandlerporthose: Sure, let me take a look04:26
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nhandlerporthose: I really haven't done much with translations/debconf translations, so in order to avoid guiding you incorrectly, I would suggest asking someone else. I am sorry04:38
porthose nhandler, np I'll post a message the the ml :)04:39
nhandlerporthose: I'll be watching to see the answer :)04:40
nhandlerI just noticed this wiki page: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UnsignedGpgKey If someone gets a chance, it should probably be updated05:30
freeflyinganyone would like share the dput.cf for upload to ubuntu?05:36
freeflyingor is there any changes?05:36
ScottKfreeflying: It should be the standard one that came with dput.05:37
freeflyingScottK: its strange, I uploaded twice, nothing happened, no email tell accept or reject05:38
ScottKfreeflying: Launchpad was down for maintenance earlier today.  Maybe stuff is backed up.05:39
freeflyingScottK: first try was done about 20 hrs ago05:40
ScottKI don't know then.05:40
ScottKfreeflying: I'd ask in #launchpad then.  If anyone is around they can look it up.05:40
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freeflyingScottK: thanks05:45
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ttxslytherin: ping09:49
slytherinttx: pong10:11
ttxslytherin: about the jetty6 thing... It's not really a package rename. It's rather the idea of uploading the new major release under a separate source package10:12
ttxslytherin: since we expect to do a separate jetty7 in the future anyway10:12
ttxfrom an Ubuntu perspective, we need the jetty 6 libraries in karmic but the jetty 6 work in progress in debian isn't mature enough to be used... Having a jetty6 package solves this, we can upload our own and merge with debian when ready10:14
slytherinttx: What do you mean by not mature enough?10:14
ttxslytherin: it hasn't hit experimental yet. I identified a few upgrade issues, and I expect other issues when someone will start using it. And we need the jetty6 libraries in Ubuntu main.10:16
slytherinand you think it will not be in good shape before FF?10:18
ttxslytherin: I doubt it. Not to main QA standards10:18
ttxso I'd upload our own simplified jetty6 thing, and ideally we would just merge the debian jetty6 in karmic+110:19
ttxbut if it's called "jetty" the whole process is a lot more complicated.10:19
slytherinttx: hmm. How about let Debian devs upload it with name jetty (it's already in new), sync it in karmic and do the modifications as per our need.10:21
ttxslytherin: I'm slightly concerned in updating the "jetty" package with something that doesn't upgrade properly10:22
ttxalso I see value in keeping jetty5 libraries available10:23
ttxslytherin: but yes, we could follow that route10:23
ttxit's just that I don't have so much time to dedicate to jetty package QA10:24
ttxslytherin: do you think you would ?10:24
ttxslytherin: i don't agree with the "it's not used at all anyway" approach from Marcus10:25
ttxslytherin: i don't know of the daemon, but the libraries are used by some Ubuntu-powered Java developers.10:26
ttxfor them having jetty(5) and jetty6 available makes sense.10:27
slytherintough decision.10:27
ttxslytherin: and it's theirs rather than ours. Though you sit on both tables :)10:28
ttxJust wanted to make you understand why I was asking.10:28
slytherinThing is Debian Java has revived recently and there is lot of activity. So I want to play nice with them as well. It's people like Marcus, Matthew, Ludovic, Vincent that are driving force these days in D-J.10:29
ttxNote that the developers working on jetty wanted to call it jetty6 originally. They changed their mind on Marcus request.10:29
ttxIn the end they (Ludovic and Torsten) are the ones who will do the work.10:31
slytherinThat is probably because Marcus mentioned that current jetty package is buggy and there is no phasing out.10:35
Laneywill anything break if I just rename a git repository?10:42
Laneymv foo.git bar.git10:46
juli_slytherin, Hi! I've changed source package name to "cobertura" and corrected it as you suggested yesterday. Now the package is here: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/cobertura. Could you, please, confirm that you are ok with the changes. Thanks in advance.10:55
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david_mentregaspa: hello Andrea. No news regarding ocaml upload?12:44
Laneyit's been done hasn't it?12:45
Laneydavid_mentre: ^12:45
david_mentreLaney: Hello Laney. As far as I know, ocaml packages are still in sync-blacklist.txt and ocaml source package in Karmic is still 3.11.0-512:51
Laneythe sync has been approved; all you can do is wait for it to be processed12:52
LaneyI suggest that you reopen bug 387943 and ask for those changes to be undone too to avoid confusion12:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 387943 in ocaml "Karmic: please do NOT synchronize following packages" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38794312:53
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david_mentreLaney: ok, I'm waiting for the sync to be processed. I reopened bug 387943.13:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 387943 in ocaml "Karmic: please do NOT synchronize following packages" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38794313:21
Laneydavid_mentre: cool, nie one13:22
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slytherinjuli_: I added a comment. If you fixed that within 2 hours. I will try building it.15:06
slytherinttx: still there?15:06
ttxslytherin: yes15:06
slytherinttx: whenever you get time, can you check swtcalendar and monajat on revu? I have already added advocations on those.15:07
ttxslytherin: I add it to my TODO list, eta unknown :)15:08
noodles775Hi dyfet: I saw you updated the ubuntu-mobile-voice-user-interface regarding the packaging... Have you had a chance to try the updated packages? I could only try the executables in a chroot env. (so no audio etc.).15:16
dyfetThat is one thing I was going to do some testing.  I simply noted that the package has been updated :)15:20
juli_slytherin, Thanks! Could you tell ms which license I should use for debian/*? GPL-2+?15:20
dyfetI was also reformatting the blueprint's wb for progress tracking...15:21
slytherinjuli_: your choice. I usually keep it in sync with the license for application/library source.15:22
juli_slytherin, ok, thanks.15:23
juli_slytherin,  will upload corrected version soon15:23
slytherinhighvoltage: what is that?15:25
highvoltageslytherin: a loldebian post.15:26
noodles775dyfet: ah ok, yes, please let me know the results (or add them to the revu if you get a chance)15:32
dyfetnoodles775: I will add my results to revu15:35
juli_slytherin, done: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?upid=6444.  Thanks for helping me to make the package better!15:40
slytherinjuli_: I am in office currently. Expect reply within 3 hours.15:43
juli_slytherin, ok. I'm waiting for.15:44
aweStevenK: ping15:59
StevenKawe: Yes?16:02
awei finished a couple of merge that you previously uploaded, could you take a peek and ack 'em for me?16:02
StevenKawe: Not now? It's 1 am :-)16:03
aweguess i need to start using that world time widget mgz mentioned the other day!16:04
awei'll catch you later ( much )16:04
bddebianHeya gang16:04
slytherinawe: have you already filed bugs and added debdiffs there?16:06
aweslytherin: yes...i also meant syncs, not merges...16:07
slytherinawe: make sure you have subscribed appropriate sponsors teams. So if StevenK does not have time, someone else will take a look.16:08
awei used requestsync, so they should be all set.  i was pinging steven cause he was the last uploader, and i figured i could buy him a guinness or three next time i see him for expedited service.  ;)16:09
aweslytherin: no rush.  thanks!16:10
StevenKawe: Send me a mail, and I'm happy to look when I start work16:10
aweStevenK: cool16:10
directhexfta, gwibber appears to be nice from the PPA.16:33
directhexis it approximately what's in karmic?16:34
asacwill will do a few contribution merges and then cut off 1.2 branch; then trunk will get a big bomb ;)16:40
directhexfta, hey, --enable-plugins almost sorts works ish!16:42
directhex(on chrome)16:43
ftadirecthex, unless you depend on gmail16:43
ftaand s/chrome/chromium/g16:43
directhexfta, i don't. i do, however, have the silverlight 1.0 version of bubblemark displaying. albeit very jerkily16:43
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fabrice_spHi. Any MOTU willing to sponsor the merge of gmerlin-avdecoder (Bug #283213)? It's a mandatory step to update openmovieeditor to latest version.18:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 283213 in openmovieeditor "Please merge gmerlin-avdecoder 1.0.0-0.2 from Debian Multimedia (Stable)" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28321318:54
fabrice_spsiretart, I saw you made some comments on Debian's mailing list on gmerlin-avdecoder. Do you have more info about that?18:55
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_andrehyperair: hi :)  did you have some time to review those new packages?19:05
hyperair_andre: eh what?20:00
_andrehyperair: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/watchcatd20:02
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hyperairi'll go look at it now20:15
hyperair_andre: you should change the Maintainer to Ubuntu Developers <ubuntu-devel-discuss@lists.ubuntu.com>, if i'm not mistaken.20:15
hyperair_andre: priority should be optional, rather than extra.20:17
hyperairdon't add COPYRIGHT to debian/docs20:18
hyperair_andre: get rid of debian/dirs20:22
hyperair_andre: and use a .install file to specify which files go into which package20:23
hyperairman dh_install for more info20:23
hyperairfor installing the upstream ChangeLog, use override_dh_installchangelogs, and in that rule call dh_installchangelogs ChangeLog. man dh_installchangelogs for more info20:24
hyperairalso drop the dh_install call, it'll be done automatically.20:24
_andrehyperair: thanks, i'll do that20:29
_andrei think i saw "Maintainer: Ubuntu MOTU Developers <ubuntu-motu@lists.ubuntu.com>" in an example at the wiki, though20:30
hyperair_andre: also, rather than duplicating all the commands in the Makefile's install rule in debian/rules, why don't you add DESTDIR support to your Makefile? you're the upstream, aren't you?20:30
_andrei wanted to avoid making a new release just for that...20:33
hyperairthen how about adding a patch system?20:34
hyperairand patching the Makefile?20:34
_andrebecause it's more complicated than just installing the files :)20:34
hyperairhmm tru20:35
hyperairthen use dh_install. =)20:35
hyperairit's much simpler20:35
_andreis it just "dh_install file destdir"?20:37
hyperairjust list your files in debian/watchcatd.install20:37
hyperairsee the manpage20:37
hyperairwhat's dh_install -s?20:38
hyperairi haven't seen the -s option before20:38
_andreit was there from the dh_make template20:39
_andrei just left it20:39
hyperairtoss it20:40
hyperairdh_make is obsolete! =p20:40
_andrei noticed :P20:41
c_korndh_make is obsolete?20:41
hyperairwell not really20:41
hyperairit's just that the rules file produced is old20:42
hyperairnot that it can't be used, just that it's longer and more cluttered20:42
c_kornoh, that you mean20:42
_andrehyperair: so if i use a .install file i can remove the override_dh_auto_install target?20:43
hyperairalso remove your debian/dirs file20:45
hyperairanother thing i noticed... your preinst and postrm scripts appear to create a user and a group20:46
hyperairwhat's the group used for?20:46
_andrewell, it's just an unprivileged user, i think it makes sense for it to have its own user and group like most daemons that drop privileges have20:47
_andreso if there's a bug it won't have any access it shouldn't have because it shared some other group20:49
hyperairi don't think it requires its own group, does it? =\20:51
hyperairi mean, do users need to be in a group?20:52
hyperairno right?20:52
RoAkSoAx_andre: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebianMaintainerField this will resolve your doubts on the Maintainer field in debian/control which now is Ubuntu Developers <ubuntu-devel-discuss@....>20:52
_andrehyperair: a user has to be in at least one group...20:53
hyperairit can be in nogroup20:53
hyperairactually nevermind. don't mind me20:54
hyperairi'm not sure about this20:54
_andreit's the same reason people don't use nobody as the daemon user20:54
hyperairi see20:55
_andrecan a .install file handle renames?20:55
_andrethe upstream file is called watchcatd.prod.conf but it should be installed as watchcatd.conf20:56
geser"dh_install cannot rename files or directories" (from the dh_install manpage)20:58
_andreso i guess i'll still need the override20:59
_andredoes that mean i need to keel the dirs file with "etc" in it?21:00
geseryou can still rename it after you called dh_install21:01
_andrewhere do i do that?21:04
geserjust add the necessary mv calls to debian/rules21:05
_andreisn't it better to just install them with the correct name in the first place?21:06
geseror that21:07
_andretesting the changes with pbuilder now...21:09
geserthere is no one "true" way to do it, you've several options how you solve it21:09
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_andrehyperair: new package uploaded21:24
_andreis there a dh command that automatically makes the shared library symlinks?22:06
hyperair_andre: no there isn't. the upstream build system should have handled that.22:10
hyperair_andre: you *really* should use autotools22:10
hyperairand possibly combine the packages into one source package22:10
hyperairanyway, is there a reason /etc/watchcatd.conf is to be 0600 rather than 0644?22:11
_andrejust paranoia i guess22:11
hyperairdoes watchcatd run as root?22:12
hyperairi remember you created a user right?22:12
hyperairwhich means that watchcatd should run as that user?22:12
_andrethe master process does, the slave runs as user watchcat22:12
hyperairaah i see.22:13
hyperairslave? O_o22:13
hyperairwhat does the master do?22:13
hyperairand what does the slave do?22:13
hyperairalso, is there a reason you duplicated this line: install -m0600 watchcatd.prod.conf $(BUILD_DIR)/etc/watchcatd.conf ?22:13
_andrethe slave talks to the client programs who want to be monitored, and when one of those becomes unresponsive, the master kills it22:14
hyperairoh. i see.22:14
hyperairsounds like a rather roundabout way.22:14
_andreshouldn't be duplicated22:14
hyperairalso, you can combine your install -d line with your install -m600 line22:15
hyperairinstall -D -m0600 bla /etc/bla22:15
hyperairi mean $(BUILD_DIR)/etc/bla22:15
_andrecool, didn't know that22:15
_andrehyperair: the idea is to have as little code running as root as possible22:16
hyperairi see.22:20
hyperair_andre: what's to stop me from sending fake kill requests to the server?22:20
_andrehyperair: the client talks to the server via a unix socket, and it can only request its own pid to be killed22:26
_andrethis can be asserted with getsockopt on linux and with a more complicated procedure on freebsd22:27
hyperair_andre: that's between the server and the slave. what about directly sending the request to the master?22:29
_andrehyperair: the master only talks to the slave, it doesn't accept direct connections from other processes22:32
hyperairah. i se22:32
_andrethis is very useful for example in a shared hosting environment22:33
hyperairi see22:33
_andreyou can monitor the apache processes22:33
_andreand bad code by your customers won't kill the server :)22:33
hyperairsounds good =)22:34
_andrebut you need the mod_watchcat package too :P22:34
hyperairmmhmm of course22:34
_andrei'll upload watchcatd again without that duplicate line22:35
nellerychrisccoulson: were you planning on doing bug 40372122:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 403721 in funkload "Packaged version too old, upstream even warns against it" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40372122:36
chrisccoulsonnellery - i didn't intend to work on it straight away. did you want to take it?22:42
nellerychrisccoulson: no that's alright, you can take it22:42
hyperair_andre: W: watchcatd: manpage-has-errors-from-man usr/share/man/man5/watchcatd.conf.5.gz 122: warning: `SE' not defined22:50
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