ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, Daps said: ubottu: where is it?00:02
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HarryyHi. I need to be DCC exploit tested.02:59
Harryy21:59:06 <@FloodBot1> Harryy: Sorry, but I am unable to test you (are you using  your usual nickname?). Please contact the operators (type  « /topic » to find out how).02:59
Harryycan someone please /msg me the "exploit" so I can see if I fixed it?03:02
PiciHarryy: Are you being redirected to the read-topic channel?03:02
Harryyyes, I think so03:03
Harryyplease see if I fixed it, Pici?03:04
PiciHarryy: try doing the 'test me' again in -read-topic. I've flagged you as having the exploit.03:06
ubottusebsebseb called the ops in #ubuntu (DellaDuck  DVA5912)06:22
DBOany freenode staffers in?06:23
ikoniaguys, for the record I've put a forward on paddy_melons ip to here as since his friend was unbanned he kept sending my pm messages like "you lose", I let it, go, but I woke up this moring to another set of messages with things like "in your face!"06:26
ikoniahe seems to feel a need to "gloat" about his friend being unbanned which isn't really in line with the "stop messing around/being rude to people" promise he made when HE himself was unbanned06:27
ikonia02:56 <padd1> in ur face!!!!!06:27
ikonia06:24 -!- padd1 [n=paddy_me@]06:27
bazhangheads up on j_dahmer06:28
ikoniais he known ?06:29
bazhangyep, really nasty troll (aka smis, tonymontana and a few others)06:29
ikonianew one to me06:29
naliothDBO: usually06:33
DBOsomeone already took care of it06:34
DBOthanks for the response nalioth06:34
elkyikonia, i gather you've told him to stop it numerous times?07:22
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ubotturww called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic ()07:31
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kuruso what do I gotta do to get this ban removed? create a new nick?08:16
topylino. whatever you do, don't do that. it would be ban evasion and a big no-no08:19
kurutopyli, it was a rhetorical question ;)08:19
topyliright :)08:19
kuruI've had this nick for over 10 years.. not about to change it cause someone was feeling a little too trigger-happy08:19
kuruso.. what's the process?08:20
topyliyou seem to have been dealing with ikonia, with multiple problems in the past. you should talk to him when he's around08:23
kurutopyli, multiple problems?08:23
topyliwell apparently only two problems (language and attitude) in multiple instances over time08:24
kurutopyli, wow, you guys keep a record of things? heh..08:24
kuruI don't believe I have used any expletives.08:24
topylifortunately it's automatic :)08:25
kurutopyli, that is a bit creepy08:25
kurutopyli, so who do I complain to, about ops?08:25
kuruWho's the top dog?08:25
* kuru thinks this whole thing is a bit much.08:26
naliothkuru: you are here, doing so08:26
kuruah, okay.. I just didn't know who was here and who was not.08:26
topylihere's where you begin08:26
kuruOkay, allow me to make my case then. I had an argument with Matt Darcy.08:26
kuruI asked a question that I knew was not 100% relevant to #ubuntu, but would have been related as I was looking for a NAS solution that would be running on Ubuntu.08:26
kuruI found that his response was condescending and rude.08:27
kuruI do admit that my reaction was not my best hour, but I believe I was provoked, unnecessarily.08:27
topylikuru: by the way, while searching for your ban history i got some false positives about someone with a similar ident. sorry, your history is not so bad08:27
kurutopyli, okay then :)08:28
naliothkuru: is the op here?08:29
kuruEven if ikonia was right to place a ban, I think it has played itself out and should be removed by now. I didn't use expletives (I've been an IRC'er for too long and know that there are younger people in these channels).08:29
kurunalioth, probably asleep.08:29
kuruThat's all I can think of right now.08:30
kuruIn my view though, ikonia's attitude contradicts everything Ubuntu. The spirit of community and helping people out and not sending them off without even trying.. that's just not the Ubuntu I knew when it first came out08:31
topyliperhaps you felt provoked. please don't blame your own behavior on others though. be especially careful when drawing conclusions about their whole personalities based on a single event08:33
kurutopyli, I am banned for a single event.08:33
kurutopyli, I did not draw conclusions about anyone's personality. I am saying that this incident did not feel like an experience I would expect from the Ubuntu community.08:34
kuruI have been a contributor to Linux for a very long time.08:34
kuruIt's not like I'm new to this.08:34
topylii see in the log that he asked you to move your query elsewhere, you got angry and bad things happened. not a huge deal08:34
kurutopyli, yeah but I have to argue my case here for something that I agree.. is rather petty.08:35
topylii guess you understand how important it is for a very large channel like #ubuntu to be 1) on topic and 2) very polite08:35
kuruback in the day, a quick /k would have been sufficient, person comes back and everyone is cool.08:35
kurubut banning me this long over that? it just feels excessive08:36
kurutopyli, As I have said, I don't believe that my reaction was exempelary.08:36
topyliwell it's no use complaining about it after the fact. bans can be removed08:36
topylii don't have ops on #ubutu though08:36
topylianyway i guess it would be best if you came back in a few hours when ikonia is around and you chat with him08:38
kuruIt's not like the channel was so busy that it couldn't handle a slightly off-topic conversation. Going to #hardware and asking if a certain motherboard with built-in RAID with drivers available on Linux and distributed by Ubuntu is a bit of a stretch.08:39
kuruSo, the relevancy is debatable.08:39
kuruOh is that how it works? I have to essentially apologize to the person who placed the ban?08:40
topylino, you don't need to apologise to him, unless you have wronged him. it's about making sure you know the channel policy and will behave accordingly in the future08:41
topylino use arguing the past really08:41
kuruI see.08:42
kurutopyli, thanks for engaging me.08:42
topylino problem at all08:42
ikoniaelky: correct yes08:59
ikoniaahhh I missed kuru09:00
elkyikonia, then he is harrassing you, and harrassment is against the policy of freenode. You may want to have a staffer investigate it so that you dont keep losing time and energy on him.09:00
ikoniaelky: that's the plan - I've put the forward on to here to explain that he got the ban removed because he agreed to behave, he's not done that so he can take a week out to make it clear that if you promise to behave - you should do that, if he choses to keep going with his silly games I'll speak to freenode09:02
ikoniaI'm trying to not be silly and go to freenode about things that aren't uncalled for so just cooling him out seems the best first step09:03
elkyikonia, sometimes just having a staffer talk to them scares them into behaving. that's all i'm suggesting you do.09:04
ikoniaahhh a good point09:05
elkyikonia, all it needs is for stew or someone to pm the twit with 'hey now, you know...'09:05
ikoniaI may speak to Gary as he's tried with them before09:05
elkyikonia, allowing them to break the rules on us only makes it harder for us to enforce their behaviour elsewhere ;)09:06
elkynot least because it burns us out and burnout makes us neglect and/or overcompensate.09:09
ikoniaI've had a bad week to be honest, every single person I've had to ban/talk to has taken personal issue with it, I've found myself reviewing my own logs to make sure I wasn't actually rude09:12
ikoniafeel ok now that I've re-read them and feel happy about them, but I was certainly questioning it yesterday09:13
bazhangikonia, seems 100% aboveboard from my perspective10:57
bazhangjust a huge influx of trolls/troublemakers the past few days10:57
popeyschool holidays perhaps?10:57
elkyikonia, it is burnout season10:58
elkypopey, in Aus, yes.10:58
bazhangthat and the eclipse10:58
popeyyeah, schools here have broken up too10:58
elkybazhang, the eclipse doesn't explain all of it. it's been a revolting few weeks in general.10:58
bazhangand near complete flush of the ban list as well10:58
bazhangelky, true10:58
elkySchools here go back on monday.10:59
ikonia@mark #ubuntu indus ban dodging11:25
ikoniaubottu is running well again11:26
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:26
ubottuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore11:40
ikoniabot's borked11:42
ikoniaor a plugin wasn't loaded11:42
ikoniatsimpson: jpds ^11:42
tsimpsondid you login?11:43
ubottuError: Your hostmask doesn't match or your password is wrong.11:43
ikoniaahhh thats why11:43
ikoniaI couldn't login the other day11:43
ikoniaand still can't11:43
tsimpsonhmm, it's still acting up...11:44
tsimpsonI'll try restarting it again in a sec11:44
tsimpsonand check a few things11:44
ikoniayou're the boss11:44
tsimpsonit always seems to take longer for ubottu to sync than I remember...12:18
ubottuThe operation succeeded.12:18
tsimpsonthere we go12:18
ikoniacool, thanks12:19
tsimpsonjust don't expect much of a log for your @mark now12:19
ubottu(mark [<channel>] <nick|hostmask> [<comment>]) -- Creates an entry in the Bantracker as if <nick|hostmask> was kicked from <channel> with the comment <comment>, if <comment> is given it will be uses as the comment on the Bantracker, <channel> is only needed when send in /msg12:19
ikoniaof corse12:19
ikoniaI'll just update BT12:19
bazhangso indus is ban-dodging; was his/her ban for 48hrs?12:20
tsimpsonI'll note down to make it a feature of BT2 to manually add logs, or maybe link to the official logs12:20
gnomefreakbazhang: i think he is the one from mailing list as well12:26
gnomefreakbut i dont see him anywhere. not looking that hard either12:26
bazhanggnomefreak, shortie/shrimp talking about irc ops abuse?12:27
gnomefreakbazhang: oh that was him?12:27
bazhanggnomefreak, right, I was curious about indus, but if they are one and the same12:27
gnomefreakbazhang: i hope not12:28
ikoniabazhang: yes, it was a 48 hour ban and it moaned about it for a long time, then seems to decide to ban dodge, which he/she lightly implied, but didn't say they would12:28
ikoniabazhang: shrimp and idus where/are not the same12:29
gnomefreaknot much can be done for that though12:29
bazhangikonia, okay, thanks for clearing that up; weird convergence yesterday of indus entering constantly, paddy1 and bernie,, then shrimp/shortie12:29
ikoniabazhang: that's why indus was banned from -ops as it was creating a distrcation for th others12:30
bazhangikonia, right12:30
ikoniayesterday just seemed a bad day, if you look at the ip ranges they are all over the world, I know that doesn't mean anything fact, but it doesn't seem lilkey12:30
bazhangyep. just too much thinking about that #ubuntu-lovers channel in the back of my mind I guess12:31
ikoniawow, I didn't know boredandblogging had stepped down from the council, (not had email access for a while)12:37
Seeker`what is happening about replacing him?13:42
PiciNothing yet.13:42
bazhangbernardlychan is unbanned? thought that was a few more days<--my memory must be shot13:43
Picibazhang: No, jpds unbanned him.13:43
bazhangPici, okay thanks; must have missed that one13:43
elkybernardlychan isn't the actual problem13:43
bazhangright, its the paddy1 taunting13:44
elkymr melon on the other hand...13:44
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jussio1Woohoo, connectivity14:22
Picijussio1: Welcome back, still on the boat?14:31
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jussio1Pici: Yeps, till tomorrow14:31
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Picignomefreak: hah14:44
gnomefreakhes working on my last never14:45
ubottuChousuke called the ops in #ubuntu (Ubuntuisforfags)14:46
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gnomefreakhes starting to sound trollish to me Pici14:48
gnomefreakhes looking for things to be wrong14:48
jussio1Im off. Bye all14:53
ikoniaooh I missed popeye the sailer14:57
ikonianot popey14:59
popeyyeah, sadly popeye gives me a hilight anyway :)14:59
popeynp :)15:00
ikoniamaybe you should be popeye /15:00
* popey glares at ikonia 15:01
ikoniamaybe not.....15:01
* Nafallo sees popeye getting tanks on his arms15:04
ikoniaha ha15:06
ikoniathe interaction between scott and graviton was a pleasure to watch, first one this week15:56
Piciikonia: Do you think that keepguessing is trolling or just has a fubared install?17:57
ikoniahe has 3rd party fesity repos in his sources.list from an ubuntu 9.04 install from ubuntu.com17:57
ikoniahis sources.list is also hardy based, but it's a clean install from ubuntu.com17:57
ikoniathat's impossible, that's not even a corrupt image17:58
PiciI agree17:58
ikoniait's either a cd not from ubuntu.com17:58
ikoniaor he's done something17:58
ikoniaor it's a dirietive17:58
ikoniaPici: certainly not telling the truth18:01
ikoniasmart mouth part message from geoff18:02
ikoniagents, home time, laters18:15
ubottuIn ubottu, Pici said: no tab is <reply> You can use your 'tab' key for for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.19:20
ubottuIn ubottu, Pici said: no tab is <reply> You can use your <tab> key for for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.19:21
ubottuThe operation succeeded.19:21
ubottuPaddy_NI called the ops in #ubuntu (Alvinware)21:32
ubottuIn #ubuntu, qe2eqe said: !xdmx is superbroken21:46
ikoniaPricey: what was he doing ?21:48
Pricey /lastlog him21:48
Priceywas just in PM with him, accused of power abuse within minutes and just ugh21:48
ikoniaanother one21:49
ikoniathe last 4 people I have spoke to have said the same thing21:49
ikoniaI'm starting to wonder if someone is co-ordinating this21:49
Priceyor.... we are evil people21:49
ikoniaas it's the first thing off everyone at the moment21:49
Priceygiving prince_jammys a query too21:50
Priceyhe disconnected21:50
Priceyobviously not too bothered21:50
Priceyoh no, back21:50
MamarokPricey: remember Fujisan?22:05
Priceyoh yes22:05
* ikonia offers the freenode hat22:05
PriceyWhat's he doing?22:05
Mamarokhe is trolling in #kde-windows, quiet since I joined, but seems he did some trollfest before22:06
Mamarokwill ask markey for logs22:06
ikoniaPricey: ha ha, that will teach you to be clever22:42
ikonia!away > Mike||gone23:58

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