KiraI installed the kubuntu-desktop and ubuntu-desktop packages on my Jaunty server. Now the graphical desktop environment shows up every time the computer boots up.00:56
KiraHow do I disable it properly?00:56
Kira(I want to have access to the graphical desktop environments when I feel extremely lazy)00:57
Kirabut I don't want it to show up automatically at boot time.00:57
twbKira: remove gdm/kdm from the list of services started at boot.01:01
twbrcconf provides a simple checkbox ui to do this.01:01
Kirasounds great. Thanks01:14
KiraHow about X server though?01:14
KiraShall I/do I need to disable it?01:14
Kirabe back later01:16
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mathiazkirkland: hey - does every source file need to have copyright and license notice?01:41
mathiazkirkland: is this something archive admins would use to reject a new package?01:41
mathiazkirkland: example: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/report.py/legal?upid=639901:42
kirklandmathiaz: here's my take01:43
kirklandmathiaz: every file *should* have a copyright header01:43
kirklandmathiaz: but upstream doesn't always do it that way01:43
kirklandmathiaz: if upstream is friendly, and trying to get this packaged for ubuntu, then i'd probably ask them to make sure they have a copyright header in every file, and give them a list of the files missing that stuff01:43
kirklandmathiaz: on the other hand, upstream is often inactive, or uninterested in this sort of thing01:44
kirklandmathiaz: and blocking on that is a little juvenile01:44
kirklandmathiaz: the thing to be certain is of the copyrights and licenses that are present01:44
mathiazkirkland: ok - I'm still asking for modification on the package01:44
mathiazkirkland: I may well ask for updates to the copyright file01:45
kirklandmathiaz: yeah01:45
mathiazkirkland: I may well ask for proper updates of copyright statements01:45
kirklandmathiaz: it's poor form for a project not to have copyright headers in place01:45
KiraI'm back.01:46
mathiazkirkland: unrelated question - do you know of libraries that use a camel case naming scheme for their libraries?01:47
KiraSo, back to the desktop environment issue. Beside gdm/kdm do I also need to do something about X server?01:47
mathiazkirkland: ex: libOpenDRIMCommon001:47
twbKira: you do not.01:55
twbKira: an unfortunately all too common :-(01:55
twbOops, bad completion.01:55
twbkirkland: an unfortunately all too common :-(01:55
kirklandmathiaz: hmm, not off the top of my head01:58
artillerytxhow would ubuntu server perform on a uverse connection01:58
kirklandmathiaz: and i don't see any in /lib01:58
KiraWhat's that "laptop-mode" I see in rcconf?01:58
twbThere should be an update-rcconf.* script that adds descriptions01:58
KiraThat's what I get for skipping the man page before using an application, heh.02:00
axisyshow do I swtich a ubuntu server to static ip ?02:21
mathiazkirkland: Has the reboot action disappeared in the latest version of libvirt (backport to hardy)?02:24
mathiazkirkland: I'm seeing this error while trying to define a new guest: http://paste.ubuntu.com/225499/02:24
twbaxisys: edit /etc/network/interfaces02:25
mathiazkirkland: this is with libvirt 0.6.1-0ubuntu5.1~rc1ppa102:25
kirklandmathiaz: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libvirt/+bug/36896202:27
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 368962 in libvirt "[Jaunty] Can't reboot kvm virtual machines using virsh" [Undecided,New]02:27
kirklandmathiaz: maybe?02:27
kirklandmathiaz: there are two duplicates, filed by marc tardif02:27
kirklandmathiaz: sorry, this one was filed by cr302:27
kirklandmathiaz: i see 2 dupes02:28
mathiazkirkland: yes - this is it.02:28
nick_schembriaxisys, is anyone helping you?02:29
kirklandmathiaz: confirm it, assign to soren, bug him till he fixes it :-)02:31
mathiazkirkland: does this mean that vm instances cannot be rebooted in UEC?02:34
kirklandmathiaz: hmm, i'm not sure02:34
mathiazkirkland: well - since UEC uses libvirt and kvm it shouldn't support reboot an instance02:35
axisysnick_schembri: i got help from twb02:37
axisysnick_schembri: thanks..02:37
mathiazkirkland: hm - well - a reboot from inside the guest works as expected02:37
axisystwb: thanks a lot02:37
twbYes, yes.  Quiet now, unless you need help.  I'm busy.02:38
kirklandmathiaz: so it's just virsh02:38
kirklandmathiaz: or through libvirt, rather02:39
kirklandmathiaz: from the host02:39
nick_schembriaxisys: cool02:42
axisysnick_schembri: thanks a lot02:50
cefRe: Reboots. Inside the guest, do you have acpid installed?04:18
cefahh nm04:19
cef*sigh* wish someone would get around to reassigning my bug from vm-builder to debootstrap.. *sigh*04:22
twbcef: you can't?04:26
twbcef: ah, you're a luv dude.  I wondered where I recognized your name from.04:27
ceftwb: indeed04:28
twb(Apart from, y'know, Magic Knight Rayearth.)04:28
twbApparently that was "Clef"04:29
cefoh and yeah.. I think I can add another project, but I dunno if I can remove it from the current one.. will give it a shot04:29
ajmitchyou can only mark it as invalid on the current one, you can't remove it04:29
cefand yeah, it tells me there is no debootstap project on ubuntu so I can't assign it to it.. it's suggesting pbuilder.. hrm04:31
ajmitchwhich bug?04:31
cefyet I can see bugs against debootstrap in launchpad.04:32
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 392377 in vm-builder "building vm image on text console causes gettys to stop respawning" [Undecided,New]04:32
cefturns out i can reproduce that using just debootstrap.. (as in the bug report)04:33
cefso nothing to do with vm-builder04:33
ajmitchok, changed it04:33
ajmitchI was wrong, you can change the package of a bug task, but can't remove the task altogether :)04:34
rose_hello ! i am having problmes with samba, smbd and nmbd doesn't start04:53
rose_somebody can helo me?04:53
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?05:02
twbrose_: you need to collect information about why it isn't starting05:02
twbrose_: e.g. checking logfiles.05:02
rose_hi, thanks a lot...in the log.nmbd i got  Failed to open nmb socket on interface for port 137.  Error was Cannot assign requested address05:18
rose_also this one ERROR: Failed when creating subnet lists. Exiting.05:21
rose_when i do smbclient i got Error connecting to (Connection refused)05:24
rose_Connection to failed (Error NT_STATUS_CONNECTION_REFUSED)05:24
dpreacherhello people, can someone help me with understanding the following lines...05:37
dpreacherJul 23 09:23:33 <kern.notice> server101 kernel: [4218043.008816] type=1503 audit(1248321213.176:1194): operation="inode_permission" requested_mask="::r" denied_mask="::r" fsuid=104 name="/proc/26271/net/if_inet6" pid=26273 profile="/usr/sbin/named"05:37
dpreacherthis is IST. so its july 23rd already. its 10 am right now, so this was about 37 mins. ago roughly05:38
dpreacherthese are messages from dmesg that have been logged into /var/log/messages but dmesg itself now is having > 500 of these lines and does so every boot.05:39
dpreacherthanks for your inputs in advance05:39
cefdpreacher: if that PID belongs to the named process (which afaik is what the line does tell us), then it seems like it's trying to do something with ipv6, and the apparmor profile isn't allowing it (it seems) ?? hope that's right05:52
dpreacherwhere would i look in on a ubuntu server 8.10 to find out relevant apparmor audits. If i'm not mistaken it comes default.05:53
dpreacherapparmor is novel/suse stuff right cef?05:54
cefnot sure myself.. going to look on a machine here.. dunno if I'll be able to find in time (about to walk into a meeting.. damn meetings!)05:54
dpreacheroh man05:54
dpreacheryou be prepared for your meeting cef05:54
dpreacherwork's important. but thanks for offering to help and the clue05:55
cefno probs05:56
cefprobably need to find out anyway, since the new dns server I'm building for work has apparmor on it. ;)05:57
cefoh fun.. never want to see a segfault on boot of  a vm machine.. *sigh*05:57
rose_Hi ...I am new in ubuntu and i have been spend 2 week trying to install something and everythink is a research and a bag or something, I just fonish to install a new samba server but the windows machine can't see it...05:59
rose_I got some errors as por example when i try to connect with smbclient i got Connection to failed (Error NT_STATUS_CONNECTION_REFUSED)..i google a lot but i can't find the solution...somebody can help me ?06:00
dpreachercef hi again06:33
dpreacheri saw that apparmor has enforced policy profiles for /usr/sbin/named do you know how to see the policy enforced or to disable it atleast06:34
dpreacherthanks cef06:34
dpreacheroh oops, you were to be in meeting06:34
dpreacherplease take a look if you are back cef06:34
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rose_i dont understand why nobody responde me, maybe because i dont speak well english but unfortunately where are not to much forum online in ubuntu06:47
dpreacherhey rose_ don't worry about your english. maybe its an unsolved question for others as well. no one speaks perfect english generally speaking06:49
dpreacherrose_ google results for your problem http://www.google.co.in/search?q=Error+NT_STATUS_CONNECTION_REFUSED06:52
dpreacheryou might try out some things suggested in top 3 results and get back here with your progress. rose_06:52
rose_thanks I was googling all day and I can't find nothing07:00
cefrose_: also make sure you can ping all the ip addresses listed in those error messages. if an interface is down or it's getting confused about an IP, that might help07:04
cefdpreacher: just got back.. ugh.. but yes.. just looking now..07:04
* cef wonders why kvm is now buggy.. damn package update borking things!07:04
dpreacherTIA cef07:06
cefdpreacher: /etc/apparmor.d/ contains all the apparmor profiles. specifically 'usr.sbin.named' contains the apparmor details for the named process07:07
dpreachercool. looking into it . thanks cef07:08
ceflooking at it myself07:08
cefdpreacher: do you have ipv6 in use? eg: either in bind or on your network?07:09
dpreachercef relevant to inet6 i see the following line in usr.bin.named profile07:12
dpreacher /proc/net/if_inet6 r,07:12
dpreacherread only i suppose cef07:12
cefyup.. seems that way.. so not sure why apparmor is complaining07:13
dpreacherwill it be enough to comment out that line and try...with an apparmor reload07:13
dpreacheras far as possible i'd want to avoid rebooting the server07:13
cefmight make it just as bad.. but might want to check the man pages for apparmor (incl. apparmor.d and related executables)07:14
sbeattieno, you'll want to add "/proc/1-9*/net/if_inet6 r," to the usr.bin.named profile, restart apparmor (to reload the policies) and then restart named.07:14
dpreachersbeattie is it advisable to enforce policies for ipv6 which am not using at all. in fact i even disabled ipv6 related features that were enabled on bind07:15
sbeattiebah, sorry, "/proc/[1-9]*/net/if_inet6 r,"07:15
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cefsbeattie: it's got '/proc/*/net/if_inet6 r,' already07:16
cefactually, it has on my machine.. not sure about dpreacher's07:16
dpreachercef i'll check07:17
cefdpreacher: you'll need both btw.07:17
sbeattiecef: and you're still seeing the audit messages after restarting apparmor and named?07:17
dpreachernot cef me07:17
sbeattieah, sorry, didn't read scrollback too closely, sorry.07:18
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sbeattiewhat my guess is is that the resolver library is looking to see whether or not ipv6 is enabled by the os, to determine whether to support ipv6 in named or not, but really that's a swag.07:19
cefdpreacher: on mine, the '/proc/net/if_inet6 r,' entry has a similar one (the one I posted before) under it07:19
sbeattieregardless, it should be reasonably safe to allow read only access to such /proc entries.07:20
cefdpreacher: if it's not there on yours, that would explain things.. what version of ubuntu/bind9 ??07:20
dpreachercef sbeattie gimme some time...brb thanks for your answers07:20
cefdpreacher: np07:20
* cef puts any further learning of apparmor by himself on hold for a bit. :P07:21
cefback to kicking broken kvm/libvirt packages for the moment *sigh*07:22
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Guest26705hi to everyone...am an ubuntu newbie...07:34
Guest26705i had a hard time fixing my domain...could anybody help me...?07:34
Guest26705hello anybody der?07:36
_rubentry asking more specific questions07:39
dpreachercef sbeattie http://dpaste.com/70286/ my usr.bin.named file contents08:05
sbeattiedpreacher: right, you'll want to add either the line cef suggested or the one I suggested (they  both will cover the rejections you're seeing) and then restart apparmor and named.08:07
dpreacher2am bak sbeattie do i follow this command "(11:45:34)<sbeattie>bah, sorry, "/proc/[1-9]*/net/if_inet6 r," " the /proc command as it is?08:09
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dpreachersbeattie do i follow this command "(11:45:34)<sbeattie>bah, sorry, "/proc/[1-9]*/net/if_inet6 r," " the /proc command as it is? did you get this msg?08:11
sbeattiedpreacher: yes, add "/proc/[1-9]*/net/if_inet6 r," (no quotes) to your usr.bin.named, restart apparmor (to reload your policy) and then restart named.08:12
dpreacherok thanks. wish named luck08:12
sbeattie(the named restart may not be neccesary if it's doing it over and over)08:13
dpreacheri don't need to replace any existing line but add this line, right? sbeattie08:13
sbeattiedpreacher: correct08:13
dpreacherhow are service reload and service restart different?08:14
dpreacherwhich one do i use in app armors case?08:14
sbeattiedpreacher: sorry, was looking elsewhere; service reload and service restart *should* do the same thing for the apparmor initscript; but if you want to be cautious, do reload.08:33
dpreachersbeattie i figured out reload would be safer as i understand it re-reads the configs only08:34
dpreachersbeattie whats the service name for named? bind?08:35
dpreacheri get unrecognized service08:36
ceferr - that ]08:36
cefso bind9 even08:36
sbeattiewhat cef said.08:36
sbeattie(eventually. :-) )08:36
cefdamn typos08:36
* cef goes off and shoots his fingers for being adventurous08:37
dpreachercef its still safer to practice and iron out your typos here08:38
cefwell, better than a few programmers I know who consistently misspell words, and so they have all these misspelled function names in their code.08:39
dpreacherfunction ristert()08:40
cefworse is when they misspell a word so badly, that the misspelled version is actually another valid function name08:40
cefdpreacher: I really hope that's not the bug that kvm currently has.. I'd really be tempted to LART the programmer responsible rather hard08:41
* dpreacher wonders whats LART08:42
* dpreacher so far has been stuck with RTFM...havin ppl shout it at him in other channels08:42
cefinvolves a piece of timber and a hitting motion. ;)08:42
cefoh fun.. and there goes my KVM machine crashing again *sigh*08:43
cefat this rate, I'll never get it into production. *sigh*08:43
cefand now, to see if this crashes again.. *sigh*08:52
twbcef: but it's still better than openvz or vmware-server or virtualbox, right?08:52
ceftwb: err.. if it crashes 3 times in a day.. possibly not. I personally blame the last kvm update.. it's all gone pear-shaped since then08:53
cefcouldn't even force a reboot of the kvm host machine via software. :(08:53
twbDon't tell my boss, then08:54
yann2what host/guest versions are you using cef, with what version of kvm?08:54
twbI'm trying to get some actual, you know, VT-capable hardware so I can try KVM instead of this bloody annoying openvz/vmware shite08:54
cefyann2: jaunty all round.. everything up to date.. kvm pkg 1:84dfsg-0ubuntu12.308:55
cefwhich updated sometime this month, and in the process the 'reboot' command in virsh went with it.08:56
yann2mmh... I'm using Hardy all round with the libvirt and kvm backport, not released yet, but seems fine so far08:56
yann2what's your problem wth the reboot command?08:57
cefyeah I suspect the latest kvm update borked things08:57
cefyann2: 'reboot vmname' in virsh no longer works.08:57
yann2I heard there were issues with the latest kernel08:57
cefgives an error. 'shutdown' doesn't actually shutdown either, but at least destroy works.. though it managed to take out 2 VM's instead of just one.08:58
cefyeah.. might be it and I've only now started to hit the problems.. ho hum.. oh amd64 too08:59
cef(all round)08:59
yann2cef > for shutdown to actually work you do need to define ACPI for the VM09:04
yann2and regarding the destroy, from my experience it is quite likely you cloned a VM and forgot to change the UUID09:05
cefyann2: replaced the ram in the machine as a precaution.. as that is relatively new to that machine. just made sure all the VM's and the host are up to date package wise.09:05
yann2you should dumpxml both vms who got shut and compare :)09:05
cefyann2: def not.. all built with vmbuilder. will check for ACPI though, as that may be a vmbuilder bug09:06
* cef has spent a lot oof time learning all of vmbuilder's bugs.... err features... ;)09:06
yann2I still use the ubuntu-vm-builder bash version, works alright :)09:07
cefwel.. ok.. the latest issue i found is not a problem with vmbuilder but with debootstrap, but still09:08
cefspecifically: install jaunty on jaunty using debootstrap, and your text getty's stop respawning. fun fun fun!09:09
dpreacher3cef sbeattie...another big problem...i think09:10
dpreacher3bind9 restart got stuck at * Stopping domain name service... bind909:11
dpreacher3atleast over 20 minutes09:11
cefdpreacher3: you did that as root, yes?09:11
cefsame thing, yup09:11
cefhrmmm .. weird. did you kill it?09:11
dpreacher3yep...n when i did ctrl-c i got Crndc: recv failed: operation canceled09:11
cefyup for whatever reason, rndc could not contact the bind9 server (rndc tells bind what to do)09:12
dpreacher3other than this, i was not involved with the bind9 setup assignment, but i noticed that for the few times that we had to restart server initially, bind9 esp. rndc used to be stuck for like almost 10 mins. before it said it gave up n then server continued shutting down09:13
cefjust kill 'named' (eg: killall named) then start the bind9 service09:13
dpreacher3ours is a test setup that we're aiming to make production ready as we learn things along09:13
dpreacher3will try that09:13
dpreacher3sudo killall ?09:13
cefwell if apparmor was blocking ipv6 stuff, it's possible that rndc could not actually communicate with named, hence the problem09:14
dpreacher3k k ye possible cef09:14
cefdpreacher3: you might want to try 'sudo rndc status' - this should query the named service and give you some useful stats. if it doesn't, then it's a useful test to resolve the issue09:15
dpreacher3oh no! i just killed named09:16
cef'sudo service bind9'09:16
dpreacher3no start stop?09:16
cefthen try the rndc command I showed09:16
ceferr start yes09:16
cefI tend not to use 'service' and call the scripts directly09:17
dpreacher3is service command part of insserv/chkconfig?09:17
cefso start worked?09:19
rose_Hi, I am getting this error somebody know why? Failed to open nmb socket on interface for port 13709:23
dpreacher3no cef09:25
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dpreacher3cef  sudo service rndc status09:25
dpreacher3$rndc: unrecognized service09:25
cefdpreacher3: start bind9 first with 'sudo service bind9 start', then run 'sudo rndc status' (not a service)09:27
dpreacher3k cef09:27
dpreacher3so i gotta kill bind9 again? i just started it09:27
cefrndc talks to the bind9 service (process called 'named') and is used to shut the service down - if rndc doesn't work, you get the issues you've described (can't shut down, etc)09:28
cefnah, just run the rndc command09:28
cefrose_: can you ping ?09:29
rose_i can ping09:29
dpreacher3is port 137 blocked?09:29
dpreacher3is there a way to restart rndc cef. seems to be still stuck to even show the status09:30
rose_no in my server09:30
cefrose_: only thing I can think of is that something is is already using that port, or it's not got permission to do that09:30
cefdpreacher3: just ctrl-C it. it's just a standard program.09:31
dpreacher3 sudo rndc status09:31
dpreacher3^Crndc: recv failed: operation canceled09:31
uvirtbotdpreacher3: Error: "Crndc:" is not a valid command.09:31
rose_the address is a vlan and i can access with this port to this vlan apparently?09:32
cefdpreacher3: btw: that should just return a few lines of text telling you the status of the named process. the fact that it's failing either means you've got a very paranoid firewall setup on the machine, or something is weird with named's config09:32
cefdpreacher3: do you have a firewall enabled?09:33
dpreacher3nope cef09:33
dpreacher3dont tell anyone09:33
dpreacher3unless ubuntu server puts up one09:33
cefdpreacher3: hrm.. not even ufw?09:34
cefcan do09:34
dpreacher3bind9 works fine as it is...just that rndc stucks09:34
cefyeah but rndc is the manageemnt tool for bind909:34
ceftry 'sudo ufw status'09:34
cef(once again, not a service)09:35
dpreacher3my colleague mentions that we had to remove ufw coz of the insserv errors that i'm hunting down a solution for09:35
cefrose_: that IP ( it's the IP of an interface on the machine running nmb?09:36
rose_yes is in the interfaz09:37
cefdpreacher3: ahh ok.. you only need to use 'sudo ufw disable' to turn it off.09:37
dpreacher3now its sudo ufw nomore09:37
cefrose_: hrm.. ok..09:37
rose_you mean ufw disable09:38
cefrose_: sounds like dpreacher3 has completely removed the package09:38
dpreacher3yes rose_09:39
dpreacher3cef. serious errors with it n some other package09:39
cefrose_: for you, try 'sudo netstat -tunap|grep 137'09:39
dpreacher3installations were failing09:39
cefdpreacher3: very odd09:39
rose_ok, i will09:39
dpreacher3oh man! i know i gotta be patient...but cef can we take up ufw another day. i need to understand why is rndc so problematic now09:40
cefrose_: if you get any output, then something else (which you should see the name of) is listening on port 137, which is why nmb won't start09:40
cefdpreacher3: ok.. rndc is supposed to talk to named, usually on port 953 @ (or the ipv6 version)09:41
dpreacher3well its talking foul language and getting censored now09:42
cefdpreacher3: does 'sudo netstat -tunap|grep 953' show anything?09:42
dpreacher3whats tunap?09:42
dpreacher3sounds fishy09:42
ceft = tcp, u = udp, n = don't resolve names, a = all, p = show PID/program names09:43
cefthey're options to netstat09:43
cef-panut would work, as would -utapn - I just remember them as -tunap09:44
twbIs the default just TCP?09:45
twbI've only used -nap09:45
dpreacher3cef thanks for the wonderful command09:46
cefdpreacher3: no probs.09:47
cefdpreacher3: does it show anything for 953?09:47
dpreacher3showin ya09:47
dpreacher3cef http://dpaste.com/70323/09:48
rose_Yes, now is ok, but when i do smbclient i got session "request to failed (Not listening for calling name)"09:48
cefdpreacher3: those middle 3 entries are hung it seems. they will eventually time out. but it's like there is a firewall in there somewhere, or your bind config has locked it out somehow09:50
cefdpreacher3: I don't know why they are hung, but they are the result of trying to shut down the bind9 service and that rndc command I gave you. they shouldn't do that.09:51
dpreacher3who do i blame now?09:51
cefdpreacher3: do you have a file called /etc/bind/rndc.key ?09:51
cef(don't pastebin it)09:51
dpreacher3ok i wont09:52
cefbut it exists?09:52
dpreacher3yes it exists09:52
dpreacher3secret stuff09:52
cefyup.. ok that's good.. that's what it's supposed to have in it..09:53
cefdpreacher3: do you know if you are running apparmor in 'enforce' or 'complain' mode?09:53
dpreacher3so is rndc needed for bind9. my impression was that it required only for remote control of bind909:53
dpreacher3would sudo service apparmor status tell me that?09:54
cefdpreacher3: it's used for local control as well09:55
sbeattiesudo apparmor_status will tell you that.09:55
dpreacher3thanks sbeattie09:55
cefI can only guess that apparmor might be blocking the connection from/to rndc for whatever reason, which is why it's failing09:56
dpreacher3its in enforce mode09:56
cefdpreacher3: what version of ubuntu is this you're running bind9 on?09:57
dpreacher3ubuntu server 8.10 64 bit09:57
sbeattieif it is, rejections ought to be showing up in dmesg|syslog09:57
dpreacher3what do i grep for09:57
cefsbeattie: yup. makes sense.09:57
dpreacher3i showed the audit message in the morning09:58
dpreacher3that cef pointed was a problem with named policy09:58
dpreacher3of apparmor09:58
dpreacher3other than that, what else could i filter out09:58
cefsbeattie: might be related to his apparmor profile for named (as earlier) not being complete (for whatever reason)09:58
sbeattie"dmesg | tail" will show you the last messages out of the kernel, including an apparmor rejections.09:59
cefok, I've gotta go.. it's almost 7pm here and I'm getting hungry. that, and I have to lock up work. good luck with it dpreacher310:00
cefrose_: good luck with your issue too.10:00
dpreacher3thanks cef10:00
dpreacher3have a good evening10:00
rose_ok, have good evening and thanks for your help10:00
dpreacher3what time is it there rose_ ?10:00
rose_im in australia here is 19:00 and u?10:01
dpreacher3sbeattie hold on checkin the tail10:01
dpreacher3sbeattie http://dpaste.com/70327/ cud u infer anything from it10:03
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jorgenptWhere's the locale settings set? I installed ubuntu using debootstrap from a live cd, and things are locale-less. (locale shows LANG=, and the rest is POSIX or blank. :)10:04
jorgenptI can just pop it into /etc/environment, but I wonder what the "ubuntu way" is. (Since systems with only PATH in /etc/environment still have sane locale-settings)10:05
sbeattiedpreacher: the last 3 lines are reporting the you reloaded the apparmor policies for mysql and named (twice) and the lines before that are the rejections you fixed by editing the named profile.10:06
dpreacherok...so things are swell you mean sbeattie10:07
sbeattieyes, at least as far as apparmor's confiment of named is concerned; if it was blocking something else, you'd see additional audit events.10:07
dpreacherok so apparmor is released...gotta catch someone else10:08
dpreachersbeattie we'd tried reinstalling bind9 packages but nothing changed with that10:09
dpreacheri'd put in chkconfig which added insserv and made the life of that server hell10:10
dpreacherrose_ india 14:4010:10
dpreachersbeattie, if i'm absolutely sure that we don't need or use ipv6 then do you think we need  /proc/[1-9]*/net/if_inet6 r, policy or only a ipv4 relevant policy will be fine. more importantly, i feel this is coz of named listening on port 953 tcp610:19
dpreacherhow can i make it stop listening on ipv6 tcp and listen only on ipv4. sbeattie10:19
sbeattieI'm not particularly clueful on bind9 configuration, alas.10:21
sbeattiedpreacher2: looks like (based on the named manpage from jaunty) you ought to be able to add "-4" to the OPTIONS variable in /etc/default/bind9 to make it use ipv4 only.10:25
dpreacher2oh i see10:25
dpreacher2sbeattie a bind9 restart should work right? added the -4 into options section10:34
sbeattieyeah, it shou;d/10:35
sbeattiesorry, time for me to crash.10:35
dpreacher2ok...hope to see you again10:36
dpreacher2thanks sbeattie10:37
rose_hi, i finnaly could to see the server from windows client...but now, when i try to access from run (windows) \\server that show me a window that I need to ingress my user and password, i did but don't work10:40
rose_still the windows conitnua asking me for the user and password10:41
dpreacherif console-kit-daemon is related to UnifiedLoginUnlock which is a feature for GUI logins, what is it doing on ubuntu server edition. anyone any ideas? thanks as always11:00
uvirtbotNew bug: #403428 in mysql-dfsg-5.0 (main) "package mysql-server-5.0 5.1.30really5.0.75-0ubuntu10.2 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40342811:06
dpreachercan someone tell me please how to close a tcp connection. a hanging one.11:07
uvirtbotNew bug: #400542 in samba (main) "matchname: host name/address mismatch: ::ffff: != localhost" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40054211:16
error404notfoundi have installed xserver-xorg on JeOS. How can i start x? seems like startx is not a command11:18
uvirtbotNew bug: #403381 in bacula (universe) "jaunty->karmic server upgrade results in two versions of postgresql installed" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40338111:35
TeLLuSerror404notfound: startx is in packet xinit, maybe you want to install the packet xorg instead?12:21
rose_Hi somebody know why Windows client can see Samba Ldap but can not connect with ldap password?12:21
shivekHi Everyone !15:40
shivekI have a problem with ddclient. Can anyone help ? !15:41
shivekI've configured ddclient, but my websites ip does not updates or it updates to my local ip (192. one) so my website becomes unavailable.15:54
Scix8.04.3 don't detect a SATA RAID1 on a HP ProLiant ML110, but the two disks as two standalone disks. Anyone who knows why?16:23
_rubenprobably not (real) hardware raid (but so-called fakeraid)16:24
Scixany workaround?16:24
Scixrealy need this array to work16:24
Scix9.04 finds it, but the installer skips the partitioning steps :S16:26
Faust-CScix, maybe look into the hardware compat list and see if there are any issues etc16:31
biczdsomeone can help me to install a wifi card?16:38
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mtaht4I have upgraded my ubuntu server from 7.10 to 9.04. The upgrades went well (all over ssh!), but I'm having trouble getting postfix to work now with dovecot authentication. The relevant error in syslog appears to be " fatal: no SASL authentication mechanisms " . A leftover part from my previous configuration seems to be saslauthd, is that required for dovecot's sasl to work, or is it in the way?17:17
RoyKmtaht4: I think #dovecot might be a better place to ask17:26
mtaht4trying #postfix now17:26
uvirtbot`New bug: #403429 in mysql-dfsg-5.0 (main) "package mysql-server-5.0 5.1.30really5.0.75-0ubuntu10.2 failed to install/upgrade: le sous-processus post-installation script a retourn? une erreur de sortie d'?tat 127" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40342917:31
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mtaht4RoyK: The answer turned out to be postfix was setup to use, in /etc/postfix/main.cf to use just "auth", when dovecot was using "dovecot-auth"18:00
alexmmtaht4: make sure you have libsasl2 package installed18:00
mtaht4smtpd_sasl_path = private/dovecot-auth18:00
mtaht4in main.cf18:00
mtaht4I don't know if ubuntu 9.04 is defaulting to the right or wrong things here, this was a major series of upgrades18:01
mtaht4on my part18:01
RoyKubuntu is probably defaulting to that, but did you let the installer overwrite that file?18:01
mtaht4main.cf seemed to be modified by the installer18:02
mtaht4the dovecot-postfix.conf file I used was the installer's18:02
mtaht4After I let this upgrade shake down for a week or two I will upgrade another box and see what happens18:03
resnoDns is not resolving when using analog. Looking for a little help.18:08
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)18:31
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artillerytxHey guys im installing server on my dell poweredge and it couldn't find the network controller any ideas20:19
_rubendell uses fairly standard hardware for its nics, never had a problem with 'em20:20
_rubenwhich poweredge and which ubuntu server version?20:20
artillerytx9.04 poweredge 175020:21
artillerytxand this thing is also super super loud is there  a fan management program i could download20:21
artillerytxit looks like its downloading stuff from the net im not sure what it was talking about20:22
_rubenno experience with 1750's .. and the fans are usualy only loud when starting up .. for a cold boot (having had its power cable disconnected) it takes a fair time to spin down, subsequent boots (without unplugging the power) should have failry quick spindowns20:23
_rubenunless its a older machine20:24
_rubenthose are just plain noisy :)20:24
artillerytxhaha well its probly old its got a dual 2.8 xenon in it20:24
artillerytxim not sure what you mean by old20:25
artillerytxor consider i mean20:25
_rubenah, then you might be out of luck noise-wise .. and a slim chance the nic's too old as well, tho not very likely20:25
_rubenwell .. our sc1425 (recently discontinued) / pe860 / pe2950 /etc are fairly quite .. we some old towers which are noisy as hell .. then again sc420 towers aint really that noisy20:26
artillerytxyeah i was just looking for a server to run a couple sites20:26
_rubenat home i just use a mini-itx mobo with a dual core atom processor and ssd disk .. fits in a shoebox :)20:28
artillerytxyeah i wasn't sure if that would work good or not... this was only $12520:29
_rubennot bad .. the ssd alone was like double that ammount :)20:29
artillerytxhaha yeah those things are amazing... hey how do i check to see if my computer is seeing the network20:30
artillerytxfirst time installing linux server20:30
_ruben"ip l" should show the adapters (links) .. "ip a" should show any configured ip addresses20:33
_ruben"dmesg | grep eth" tends to give some insights as well20:33
artillerytxthe dmesg tell sme driver 'sd' needs updating and sr20:34
_rubenthat's related to the scsi subsystem20:34
artillerytxim not getting a router ip for the inet either20:35
artillerytxyeah its telling me network is unreachable20:35
_rubenno dhcp server on the network? cable plugged in the wrong nic?20:36
artillerytxits getting a connection20:37
artillerytxim not sure what to do20:39
artillerytxhey guys im trying to install 9.04 and im getting a no network interfaces detected any ideas ?22:00
artillerytxi can't tell if its the server or if its ubuntu just not having the driver22:05

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