fader_Or for that matter is anyone seeing an inordinate number of fscks?  I'm hoping my hard disk isn't dying...00:24
sbeattiefader_: I had one in my virtualbox environment after an install.00:51
fader_sbeattie: That makes me feel better about my laptop but curious about what's going on00:55
* fader_ kicks off a mythbuntu i386 install and goes to can some watermelon pickles.01:37
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aragood morning all!07:40
* ara syncs her karmic images, to test i386 ubuntu alt07:42
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sbeattiehrm, I'm frequently seeing fsck crashes like these on the first reboot (in virtualbox), but then subsequent reboots come up fine: http://www.nxnw.org/~steve/images/fsck-crash-on-reboot.png09:40
sbeattie(post livecd installs, I believe)09:41
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* ara -> lunch12:47
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fader_schwuk, eeejay, cr3: checkbox meeting?18:02
fader_IRC or phone?18:02
schwukcr3, fader: conference line for our call?18:02
cr3schwuk: sure18:03
* eeejay dials18:03
fader_Having phone issues... there in a moment18:03
cr3I'm having so many conference calls lately that I almost remember the numbers... sad18:05
fader_cr3: Memory dial :)18:05
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bneffI'm having a problem installing Alpha 3, I select Install and it goes to the progress screen, then monitor just blinks23:47

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