jchamm1snarkster: Maybe?00:00
guestadminmr_steve: Huh, I was just there 5 min ago System>Preferences>Startup Applicions... but now the "Startup Applications is no longer there???00:00
dellypodginater: the egg.00:00
monkey_d_luffyWhat software can I use to import a CSV file and produce a gradient coutour surface chart?00:00
sketchyd_akufen - just tried apt-get -f install and still didnt work - same error00:00
podginaterok thanks00:00
DasEiKingsy101: nick me when back00:00
jchamm1monkey_d_luffy: Maybe octave?00:00
Alvinwaredelly, can i install windows vista in wine?00:00
dellypodginater: Unless its a analogy00:00
lstarnesAlvinware: you don't install windows itself in wine00:00
snarksterive setup samba on 9.04 and created a share. I goto to network in nautilus and get an error "Failed to retrieve share list" but there are shares on other machines as well..00:00
dellyAlvinware: you can install Windows software in wine and hope it works :P00:00
snarkstershouldnt i be able to see my own shares?00:00
DasEi!virtualisation | Alvinware00:01
ubottuAlvinware: There are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !QEmu (with !KQemu), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications00:01
rootlinuxusrSnarkster Do you have a firewall installed?00:01
dellyAlvinware: That includes viruses00:01
jason__How can I start an application from the command line in GNOME so that it starts minimized?  wmctrl can not do it.00:01
GrizmaweAlvinware: wine is used to run windows programs, not the OS itself. You can get vmware server for free though taht will run windows00:01
arandAlvinware: no, wine is a compability layer for applications, not for windows itself, you'd need a virtual amchine for that...00:01
snarksterin kde is does suggest that maybe a firewall is setup00:01
mr_steveguestadmin: well that's truly weird then00:01
guestadminmr_steve this is weird..... you helped me accidentally discover another weird problem...sigh ;) lol00:01
Kingsy101DasEi - hmm am I being stupid here, how do I get into a terminal without booting into ubuntu ?00:01
rootlinuxusrif so, you should probably enable the ports for samba - 137-139, 44500:02
snarksterunless 9.04 comes with a firewall already configured.00:02
DasEiAlvinware: better use virtualbox, as you can do images from OS'es free, vmware only has a trial on generating, though player is free00:02
mr_steveguestadmin: I've never run in to that before, although I have lost all the menus before00:02
snarksteri think its my freaking router.00:02
snarksterstupide motorola pos00:02
DasEiKingsy101: why won't you boot ?00:02
guestadminmr_steve:always a new adventure I guess, Im currently checking the boards for some history ;)00:03
arandKingsy101: Start another linux distro? When you have a terminal form an ubuntu install, you are per definition running ubuntu ;)00:03
Alvinwaredelly, Unix/Linux can't be hacked?00:03
dellyAnyone got any experience with downgrading from Ext4 to Ext3?00:03
DasEiKingsy101: ah now I get you, keyboard isn't working; have you got al live cd ?00:03
Kingsy101I am trying recovery mode now00:03
dellyAlvinware: it can like anything else. Its just harder when the OS is not full of blatant known holes00:04
Kingsy101DasEi - ok I am in grun00:04
dellyAlvinware: And a proper security structure is in place00:04
gareimsmall question here: im on 9.04 with ext3. when 9.10 comes out and i upgrade, will it automatically make me ext4?00:04
jfaosdpsomeone has installed ubuntu in his Mac ?00:04
Kingsy101do I need to go into a root prompt ? or fix xserver? or what?00:04
plaguehivif i want to install Compiz it is just to run "sudo aptitude install compiz" right?00:04
DasEiKingsy101: try root prompt00:04
Kingsy101DasEi - ok I am there00:05
arandgareim: no, you'd have to do that manually, and it is not complete  even then I've heard.00:05
Alvinwaredelly, so does that mean when i chat with a hacker, he may successfully hacked in my system?00:05
Akufensketchyd_ it seems you need to try it multiple times, and there's another solution further down the page00:05
dellygareim: Nope <.<00:05
DasEigareim : you can turn ext3 to ext4 any time, but from that on only futuure data will be written in ext4, works also on 9.0400:05
gareimarand: thanks for the response. ill do it manually when 9.10 comes out then... i been hearing theres stuff wrong with it right now00:06
gareimthanks for the replies guys00:06
DasEiKingsy101: does keyboard work ?00:06
Kingsy101DasEi - yep00:06
dellyAlvinware: Only if he knows how, just like about anything else. How hard it is for a pro hacker to get is, thats easy for the hacker since we are talking a pro. BUT the OS itself is harder to hack the Windows, and thats a bloody good point to have in the back of your head.00:06
arandgareim: so 9.10 seems to be very much a "fresh install" release, what with grub2 ext4 and all...00:06
legend2440sketchyd_: command is actually    sudo apt-get -f install00:06
Kingsy101DasEi - can I pm you it would be easier ?00:06
DasEiKingsy101: cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg_backup00:06
YaManicKillcan someone give me the default startup applications in a vanilla ubuntu gnome installation? cause i managed to delete them all00:07
sketchyd_akufen - yeah, thats what im doing00:07
DasEiKingsy101: no need, short way00:07
DasEiKingsy101: dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg00:07
guestadminAnyone know how to restore a missing "Startup Applications" tab from my System>Preferences Tab, It just disappeared...sigh ;)00:07
Kingsy101DasEi - its just I am not really sure about making a backup of that file, I edited that for a reason you see00:07
DasEiKingsy101: cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg_backup00:07
arandgareim: Yea, I've heard there are pretty rough changes atm, I'm running it on one coputer but I haven't pushed in the latest big changes yet...00:07
Akufensketchyd_ you're root right? or using sudo?00:08
Kingsy101DasEi - ok 1 sec00:08
gareimarand: wait, so does that mean that if I want some of the benefits of 9.10 (faster boot time), i might as well do a fresh install?00:08
Alvinwaredelly, ext4 is stable, not beta?00:08
sketchyd_yeah, using sudo00:08
sketchyd_akufen - ive tried running it a few times, and no dice00:08
legend2440sketchyd_: you on jaunty? what were you installing when it broke?00:08
Raydiationwhy doesnt nautilus restart itself after ive killed it?00:08
mr_steveguestadmin: thinking about it, it just occurred to me you can try right clicking on the menu and choosing "Edit Menus"00:08
Raydiationi still see no desktop00:08
dellyAlvinware: it is quite stable, but not debian stable stable. There are random files going missing once in a while, so its stable as in 0.8 :P00:09
legend2440sketchyd_: you on jaunty?00:09
arandgareim: It is probably fully possible to do the upgrade and conversion ext3-ext4 etc. but it seems like there will be a good deal of manaul work involed if you'd want all the benefits...00:09
sketchyd_im on jaunty, trying to re-install mysql00:09
Alvinwaretriiiiiiplee mooooonsteeeer kills!00:09
mr_steveguestadmin: that should give you a list of enabled and disabled menu items. If Startup Applications doesn't show up in that list, however, I'm at a loss00:09
dellyAlvinware: i am considering downgrading my root FS in case something randomly disturbing needed files go missing <.<00:09
guestadminmr_steve, ok giving it  a try00:09
vr_mexafter doing sudo /etc/init.d/ssh restart i got Could not load host key: /etc/ssh/ssh_host_rsa_key so how do i generate those system wide keys?00:10
gareimarand: i think i'll manually upgrade then... mainly because i lost my flash drive so i cant make a live usb. =p00:10
=== arquebus is now known as shintaro
YaManicKillcan someone give me the default startup applications in a vanilla ubuntu gnome installation? cause i managed to delete them all00:10
Alvinwaredelly, ext4 for debian is stable, but not for ubuntu?00:10
blognewbi think i got blindsided. I just purchased a VPSLink account then i saw http://corenetworks.net/dedicated/discount/00:11
gareimhey, why is it that on windows, open office could do .docx files, but not i dont see an option on ubuntu??00:11
dellyAlvinware: Ext4 is close to stable but not stable. Debian is the distro that is the definition of stable, going by word.00:11
Kingsy101DasEi - ok thats done.. is there a command to re-start ? I guess thats the next step ?00:12
dellyAlvinware: with the sole catch of Sidux existsing(debian unstable), which is a testing distro for people bleeding for bleeding edge :P00:12
Jared555hello, is it normal for apt-get to return the progress of downloads like Kilobytes of Megabytes completed?00:12
DasEiKingsy101: you ran both commands ?00:12
Kingsy101DasEi - yup00:12
guestadminmr_Steve: would  "Sessions" be the same thing?00:12
Jared555actually, bytes of kilobytes/megabytes00:12
DasEiKingsy101: so if you want the old back, just change files name; reboot (in cmd-line)00:12
saifmy yahoo account won connect in pidgin !!00:12
metbsddebian is always outdated00:12
saifboth of them00:12
Kingsy101DasEi - huh ? what do you mean ?00:13
DatzHi, can I remove these URL's from my sources.list ?  Are those URL's gone for good? http://paste.ubuntu.com/225200/00:13
mr_steveguestadmin: just so we're on the same page, which version of ubuntu are you using?00:13
Kingsy101DasEi - if I change them back wont the problem come back ?00:13
=== toxic is now known as extracted
guestadminmr_steve: ws just thinking that, 8.04 LTS00:13
DasEiKingsy101: so if you want the old xorg.conf back, just change files name ; reboot (in cmd-line), was just mentioned for case things get worse00:13
arandYaManicKill: http://img249.imageshack.us/img249/2531/screenshotstartupapplic.png http://img36.imageshack.us/img36/2531/screenshotstartupapplic.png that'll do?00:13
Alvinwaredelly, why some times, ubuntu got routine check, when i boot up my pc?00:13
saifpls help .... yahoo acoount and pidgin is not working any more00:13
saifany info`s here ??00:14
Kingsy101DasEi - yea but if I change the file names back wont the problem come back ? the mouse and keyboard wont work ?00:14
Xchatchatdf_I made an ext3 partition and i want to copy files from my current ext3 partition.00:14
YaManicKillarand: perfect, thanks :)00:14
mr_steveguestadmin: okay, in the version of Gnome 8.04 uses, I believe startup apps are configured in the sessions control panel00:14
mr_steveguestadmin: but since I don't have that version handy, I can't give you many more details :(00:14
Bmw1000chello guys00:14
DasEiKingsy101: as they are both not mentioned in xorg, it'll be something else; I wonder why you use framebuffer, but just restart00:15
guestadminmr_steve thats probably the issue, I might have been in "sessions" under the tab "startup programs"00:15
saifgyachi didnt work 200:15
Bmw1000cis there any msn client that fully support group messaging and multi location login?00:15
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about uxa00:15
Datz Hi, can I remove these URL's from my sources.list ?  Are those URL's gone for good? http://paste.ubuntu.com/225200/00:15
Xchatchatdf_but it says that a i don 't have permission to write into it.00:15
Xchatchatdf_Anyone know to give permission to it?00:15
FloodBot1Xchatchatdf_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:15
crash2108_I'm trying to install Ubuntu from the CD I downloaded and burned.  I get a command line screen with "/bin/sh: Can't access tty; Job control turned off"00:15
Xchatchatdf_I am not Root.00:15
sketchyd_how can i wipe my mysql install00:15
kripzWhy is my JFS raid5 always entering read only mode? Im getting errors in dmesg but i dont know what is causing it. Ive run samsung diagnostic tools on all the harddrives and smarmontools, they all pass. Tested ram with memtest, passed. Heres log: http://pastebin.com/m2f62fbf000:15
Kingsy101DasEi - just re-started it still doesnt work00:16
Kingsy101DasEi - the keyboard and mouse are still not working I mean00:16
bugflysketchyd_, have you try sudo apt-get remove mysql00:16
arand!sudo | Xchatchatdf_00:16
ubottuXchatchatdf_: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE)00:16
pirokoAnyone know why after I set my fan1_output in /sys to a higher value, it returns to where it was after a second?00:16
DasEiKingsy101: back to rootprompt00:16
dellyAlvinware: Thats to check the file system quite simple to check for random errors(which are rare), it can be disabled but its just there for random reasons. Its quite usefull when its needed, or if fragmentation is starting00:16
crash2108_How can I get this thing to actually install?!  I know the CD works with the same drive on another computer.00:16
guestadminmr_steve, seems fine now, I guess it was versio difference, than God that was all, but now Im also prepared for an upgrade. A very educational day on XChat for me indeed. thx00:16
sketchyd_bugfly - yeah - it throws an error when it tries to stop the server00:16
Datz Hi, can I remove these URL's from my sources.list ?  Are those URL's gone for good? http://paste.ubuntu.com/225200/00:16
mr_steveguestadmin: glad I could help00:16
Kingsy101DasEi - ok..00:17
Kingsy101DasEi - I am there, what now.. ?00:17
DasEiKingsy101: apt-get install pastebinit00:17
vr_mexafter doing sudo /etc/init.d/ssh restart i got Could not load host key: /etc/ssh/ssh_host_rsa_key so how do i generate those system wide keys?00:17
DasEiKingsy101: pastebinit /var/log/syslog00:17
Kingsy101pastebinit didnt install00:18
dellyAlvinware: so its like condoms, its just nice have it there fixing random errors in case they ever appere or is just minor.00:18
crash2108_Anyone know?00:18
pirokoI'm on a macbook pro 5 btw00:18
Alvinwaredelly, so, ext3 got fragmentation too, hot to fix it?00:18
Alvinwaredelly, i mean how?00:18
GrizmaweDatz: yes - you can remove them fine, they are just the backport entries. Also gutsy is no longer supported as of april so you might want to consider upgrading to 8.10 (hardy)00:18
DatzGrizmawe: Ok thanks.  :)00:19
loshervr_mex: the keys are usually autogenerated when you do a successfull sshd (Note the d at the end of sshd) install. Did that not happen?00:19
th0rAlvinware: linux drives don't suffer from fragmentation00:19
crash2108_Excuse me for being a bit of  a linux noob.00:19
DasEiKingsy101:is that jaunty / 9.04 ?00:19
Kingsy101DasEi - oh I think I have it 1 sec00:19
vr_mexlosher: when i did the sudo: /etc/init.d/sshd restart i got a command not found00:20
dellyAlvinware: It barely happens, unless your running a server with several gigs of data going trough raid disk every day, its not going to appere. And the fragmentation is still minor.00:20
Alvinwareth0r, linux drive never ever fragment?00:20
pirokoAh. Apparently I had to set fan1_manual to 1. Any reason why the fans wouldn't kick in automatically even though my laptop was getting hot?00:20
Kingsy101DasEi - naw I cant get pastebinit installed00:20
th0rAlvinware: nope....the way linux records info fragmentation isn't a problem.00:20
loshercrash2108_: noobs are welcome here. Usually you just put the CD in & it boots. So I dunno. Check the md5sum on the cd?00:20
DasEiKingsy101:ping googlecom             <<network reachable ?00:21
bobbob1016For some reason my PC has started shutting down on boot.  I started it in recovery and it seems that it is trying to fsck and then shuts down.  I did remove a drive before, but it booted fine after that.  Any ideas?00:21
th0rAlvinware: there is no 'defrag' in linux00:21
DasEiKingsy101 ping googlecom             <<network reachable ?00:21
dellyth0r, Alvinware: it does have fragment, but it does not suffer from it in contrast to Windows XP where it slowly earts your system alive00:21
loshervr_mex: then you don't have sshd installed. Do you understand the difference between ssh and sshd? Let me know if not...00:21
Almteshth0r no defrag on linux.00:21
arandAlvinware: they do, but not to any great extent, normally "normal users" do not need to care about it.00:21
Almteshth0r but why.00:21
bobbob1016DasEi: "ping google.com"00:21
Grizmawevr_mex: try doing a "sudo dpkg-reconfigure openssh-server00:21
Almteshth0r It might be useful.00:21
Kingsy101DasEi - it says unknown host00:21
bobbob1016DasEi: Without quotes00:21
dellyth0r, Almtesh: Ext4 got defrag00:21
crash2108_losher, I booted the CD up in the same CD drive just connected to a different computer.  The drive and CD are good.  I don't know what's up.  I guess it can't handle a fresh computer.00:21
th0rAlmtesh: what do you mean why...the use a different way of organizing info on the drive, so there is no defrag00:22
vr_mexlosher: i do have sshd installed i do which sshd and get /usr/sbin/sshd00:22
bobbob1016sorry, then Kingsy101: "ping google.com" without quotes, try www.google.com too00:22
ubottuThe default Ubuntu filesystem (ext3) is engineered to avoid fragmentation issues in most cases, see http://linkpot.net/behead/ for a simple example on how it achieves this.00:22
DasEiKingsy101 : /etc/init.d/networking restart00:22
th0rthanks arand00:22
AlmteshAh, you're speaking about ext4 delly th0r ?00:22
th0rAlmtesh: ext3 and ext4....same game00:22
AlmteshOf course!00:22
loshervr_mex: If I were you, I would reinstall it, as it seems like something went wrong with your install....00:23
Kingsy101DasEi - done but the ping still doesnt work00:23
dellyAlmtesh, th0r: Ext3 got no defrag tools, Ext4 got one. Ext4 also got some upgrades over Ext3, but its not entirely stable.00:23
pirokodelly: "Not entirely stable"? Says who?00:23
gareimshould i (can i even?) run clam av across the whole filesystem? or is it enough to do my home folder?00:23
vr_mexlosher: how do i reinstall do i uninstall via synaptic and the re install ?00:23
loshercrash2108_: it's not unheard of. Some hardware can't boot & run Ubuntu. It's rare though. Try googling your make & model number & see if other people report an incompatibility....00:23
dellypiroko: as in "server buisniss" where 1 lost file is a nightmare of doomsday :P00:24
DasEiKingsy101 : ifconfig        <<ip assigned ?00:24
=== eddie is now known as Guest71603
pirokodelly: That's fine, but you still didn't say what makes you think it isn't stable :/00:24
loshervr_mex: yes, that would work fine. Keep an eye out for messages about generating keys when you do the reinstall...00:24
DatzGrizmawe: I have my updater set to only update when a long term release is ready.  Can I update to a longterm release yet?00:24
Kingsy101DasEi - I don't really know what we are doing now, we are a little off the point00:25
vr_mexlosher: ok thanks let me try it out00:25
dellypiroko: its more like nitpicking non-stable. Its more than stable enough for a normal user, but there is some minor issue that still could remain :P So basicaly its stable from a regular point of view00:25
DasEiKingsy101 : I try to get it to network to gather more information; it's little weird, you got keyb. working on cmdline, but not on xserver00:25
GrizmaweDatz: then you should already be running 7.10 - Hardy Herron was the last LTS release. do the rest of the source lines refer to gutsy too or are they hardy?00:26
dellygareim: the home folder is enough, i highly doubt you put files anywhere else.00:26
Grizmawevr_mex: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-users/2007-July/119928.html00:26
gareimdelly: thanks man. just making sure.00:26
DatzGrizmawe: I am running 8.0400:26
Alvinwaredelly, if i install wine, windows virus may be able to infect my pc, and cause problems?00:26
Kingsy101DasEi - I am starting to get really annoyed with it, all I wanted to do was get the resolution a little higher and ALL of this is happening00:26
pik}is there any way to fix so links in pidgin opens in firefox 3.5 and not the old version of firefox?00:26
Kingsy101the cdrom isnt even ejecting on it...00:27
th0rAlvinware: viruses could only infect the wine install, they wouldn't get into the linux os itself00:27
dreamywhy is hyperz making my card decrease perfomance instead of boosting ? i got a radeon 700000:27
pirokodelly: I meant, give me your source for this info00:27
crash2108_losher I hear I should put a floppy drive in for the install.  There's no workaround for that?00:27
th0rpiroko: good question00:27
losherAlvinware: that said, I've never seen a report of wine being infected. I think because wine users don't surf from inside wine as a rule...00:28
DasEiKingsy101 : then just delete content of the actual xorg.conf and restart with blank one00:28
DatzGrizmawe: I guess those URL's should have been removed when I updated to 8.04 from 7.1000:28
GrizmaweDatz: sorry -my bad, 8.04 is the LTS release. In that case the gutsy lines you pasted must be leftovers. Can be safely removed. Make a backup of your sources file if you wish first00:28
loshercrash2108_: I've never heard of that. You got that from google?00:28
DasEiKingsy101 : nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf00:28
Alvinwareth0r, so, it wouldn't cause any problem at all?00:28
crash2108_Googled and forum threads come up.00:28
Guest71603hi, looking for a good program that could erase temporary internet files, cookies and things who slows down the computer, used CG-Cleaner for windows XP but what free program do you folks recommend for ubuntu :O00:28
jfaosdphow many rpm's do you advise me for an iMac in ubuntu ? :P00:28
dellyAlvinware: only if you run the viruses. Aka running browser from wine, then doing all apps there, etc. And still you could remove the viruses acces from everything outside the wine folder in case you got a strike of paranoia :P00:29
dellypiroko: Mainly a few sysadmin i have been talking to, its just nitpicking anyway......00:29
DatzGrizmawe: Ok, thanks.  Now if I could only find those URL's in sources.list00:29
th0rAlvinware: the worst case it would infect the wine install, you would have to reinstall wine. But as losher said...if you use wine you still do your web browsing in linux so windows viruses aaren't a problem00:29
vr_mexGrizmawe: I would like to have a passphrase bu in the link you posted says: Do not encrypt the private00:29
vr_mexkey with a passphrase -- just hit <Enter> at the passphrase prompt. why?00:29
arandth0r: actually, since wine has write and read access to your whole home directory (and all other dirs you have rw to) quite nasty things _can_ happen, I've heard about one that dumped .EXE files all over these directories... not directly harmful but annoying and a bugger to clean up afterwards.00:29
Guest71603hi, looking for a good program that could erase temporary internet files, cookies and things who slows down the computer, used CG-Cleaner for windows XP but what free program do you folks recommend for ubuntu :O00:30
th0rarand: yeah....it would be a mess, but it wouldn't do any permanent damage00:30
pik}is there any way to fix so links in pidgin opens in firefox 3.5 and not the old version of firefox?00:30
loshercrash2108_: Normally you don't need a floppy. If the PTB say you need one for your particular hardware as a workaround for a bug, then who am I to say different?00:30
gareimpik}: maybe try to make 3.5 your default?00:31
arandth0r: Unless you consider completely thrashing your login with all your configurations "permanent" no.00:31
pirokodelly: So in other words you have nothing but the ramblings of someone who probably doesn't even code ;)00:31
DasEipik}: you can set it in buudylist >tools > preferences00:31
Davey_Hardy is still under LTS, right?00:32
DasEiDavey_: yes00:32
Alvinwaredelly, clamav got both the linux, and windows viruses databases?00:32
th0rarand: it is highly doubtful it could do all that...it would have to be smart enough to address drive Z and then navigate to your home directory00:32
crash2108_I don't know what a PTB is, losher...  I'm still getting "/bin/sh: Can’t access tty; job control turned off" despite all these workarounds.00:32
DasEi!LTS | Davey_00:32
ubottuDavey_: LTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Hardy (Hardy Heron 8.04).  The next LTS release is scheduled to be 10.0400:32
vr_mexCan system wide rsa and dsa keys be generated to use a passphrase? if not why?00:32
loshervr_mex: the *host* key just identifies the server. It's a safety feature to alert you in case someone replaces the server with a counterfeit machine. It's different to the *session* keys you use to login. You don't want a passphrase for the host key.00:32
qkgushey all. apparently i have a "unknown chipset". can anyone help me make it.. "known"?00:33
sharifi have problem with Display Could not apply the selected configuration - Method "ApplyConfiguration" with signature "" on interface "org.gnome.SettingsDaemon.XRANDR" doesn't exist, Please Help00:33
Davey_http://pastebin.com/m754b10db <-- having this problem with upgrading :/00:33
Davey_(with Hardy)00:33
th0rarand: unless it was a programming work of art any damage would be limited to ~/.wine/drive_c and folders beneath it.00:33
Kingsy101ok I have a really weird issue here, my ubuntu PC is having some really weird problems, the cd-rom light is staying on along with the HD light .. it boots up fine but the resolution is wrong and the mouse and keyboard don't work outside of grub00:33
Kingsy101anyone got an idea ?00:33
pik}DasEi: oh sorry embarrassing, missed that in settings ;)00:33
loshercrash2108_: PTB == powers that be i.e. people who know more about this than you or I. I'm sorry, but it sounds like you have a hardware problem which I can't solve for you...00:33
arandth0r: well undoubtedly they already do: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=7259800:33
vr_mexlosher: Aaahhhh so that is why!!! :-)00:33
DasEipik}: np00:34
loshervr_mex: the beginnings of wisdom, grasshopper :-)00:34
arandth0r: I guess since wine willingly shows it all those drives it just writes to everything it can get it's hands on, not that hard.00:34
Kingsy101DasEi - you got any other ideas about fixing this mouse and keyboard fault ?00:34
vr_mexlosher: so then i do not need to regenerate them just leave them there alone... :-)))00:34
EvelinaI want to filter the feeds in PlanetPlanet. Anyone knows how to filter out content in PlanetPlanet feed aggregator?00:35
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:35
DasEiKingsy101: take a look at /var/log/syslog  and kernel.log, without further info it's like a crystall ball00:35
vr_mexlosher: since i moved them can you please give me the permissions they should have so that i place them back again correctly00:35
th0rarand: and all of that started when he ran some viruses he had collected using wine....god don't help dumb00:35
sharif!help i have problem with Display Could not apply the selected configuration - Method "ApplyConfiguration" with signature "" on interface "org.gnome.SettingsDaemon.XRANDR" doesn't exist, Please Help00:36
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:36
Kingsy101DasEi - ok 1 sec00:36
DasEiKingsy101:also your setting using framebuffer often causes trouble, jaunty's xorg is empty by default00:36
DekkoHello everybody!00:36
Kingsy101DasEi - so perhaps reconfigure without framebuffer ?00:36
loshervr_mex: the host key is usually generated *once* when you install sshd. After that, you generally don't want it to change because if it changes, ssh will worry that it means the machine changed. It's just a security feature. Session keys for logging in are dealt with separately.00:36
Alvinwareso with wine, i can get windows viruses/trojans, and pass it to other persons windows system, when sharing files with them, good, lol.00:37
DasEiKingsy101:yes, just for the res only need the  "modes = ... " line00:37
* Dekko is wondering if THIS is a BUG: I have a Geforce 9600GT graphicscard running the latest Nvidia drivers from nvidia. Having two monitors setup as separate X servers... all works NICELY except switching to a text console. That blacks out both monitors. If I use Twinview (stretch) it works.00:37
losherAlvinware: most of us don't consider the ability to pass on a virus as a good thing :-)00:37
arandth0r: Well, it was for an experimental reason. However, it does not lessen the fact that wine and viruses may be considerably harmful.00:37
vr_mexlosher: since i moved them can you please give me the permissions they should have so that i place them back again correctly00:37
Kingsy101DasEi - I will just try and get the keyboard and mouse back first..00:37
th0rarand: looks like I will have to concede that one00:38
=== soreau is now known as soreau_
=== soreau_ is now known as soreau
firecrotchDid anyone else just upgrade firefox 3.0 and is now getting "Assertion Failed - ASSERT: *** Search: _installLocation: engine has no file!" ?00:38
th0rarand: would be interested in knowing how those got into /usr without the root password. The files he found in ~/.local/share/applications don't surprise me...that is where wine puts the .desktop files for installed software00:39
jurgsIs there a way to mount my slave drive so that I can use unetbootin on it. Also i'm using a wubi install of xubuntu on a win98 comp00:39
loshervr_mex: my host keys are in /etc/ssh and have permissions rw for root for the private part, and rw-r-r for the public part. Does this make sense?00:39
Alvinwarelosher, but that's all the servers running in unix/linux do every days by passing those nasty things to windows client, and got them infected, because they don't stop it.00:39
arandth0r: what I think is that wine needs restrictive sandboxing, tightly confined to ~/wine/c_drive/00:39
sharifdose someone notice me ?00:39
th0rarand: agreed...I thought that was the default install00:40
sharifi just need help ... please00:40
vr_mexlosher: shure thank you very much ! :-)00:40
disHello all,00:40
disMy problem is sound for the internet. The sound is coming from my USB card. I broke the sound card 6 months ago. My windows XP is working fine(audio and video). I d/l'ed adobe flash 10 and java. No success.  The video is good, but the audio is off for my browser. Any thoughts or ideas?00:40
loshersharif: loud & clear. Ask your question...00:40
sharif!help i have problem with Display Could not apply the selected configuration - Method "ApplyConfiguration" with signature "" on interface "org.gnome.SettingsDaemon.XRANDR" doesn't exist, Please Help00:41
arandth0r: it is not, it has full rw to everything the user has through the Z: device, which is kinda scary...00:41
losherarand: I agree. I'm surprised more people don't do that..00:41
sharifI got a display problem00:41
th0rarand: that is....I wasn't aware of that. Will have to look into limiting that 'feature'00:41
shariflosher: can you help on display problem ?00:41
Kingsy101DasEi - ok well not using framebuffer didnt change anything00:42
loshersharif: sorry, I know nothing about gnome.... :-(00:42
Kingsy101DasEi - what should I look for in syslog ?00:42
arandth0r: losher: and it is not a simple procedure either >_<00:42
Alvinwarelosher, got winlux?00:42
DasEiKingsy101:error ?!00:42
Kingsy101heh ok 1 sec00:42
Alvinwarelosher, winlux/winux?00:42
FairFighthow can i see if cronjob fail's its tasks?00:43
=== snypzz is now known as aspire1
losherAlvinware: googling it now...00:43
shariflosher: what i should do then .. Ubuntu is gnome00:43
loshersharif: try asking in #gnome. Try googling the error message. Don't give up without a fight...00:43
dis!help My problem is sound for the internet. The sound is coming from my USB card. I broke the sound card 6 months ago. My windows XP is working fine(audio and video). I d/l'ed adobe flash 10 and java. No success.  The video is good, but the audio is off for my browser. Any thoughts or ideas?00:43
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:43
Kingsy101DasEi - I don't know where to start there are thousands of lines here00:44
Alvinwarelosher, gnome is a x windows server? can i use kde in ubuntu, and switch between them?00:44
ibuclawAlvinware, no ... Gnome is a Desktop Environment :)00:45
crash2108_This is such bullshit00:45
dabj01Alvinware, yes00:45
Kingsy101DasEi - if I can pastie the logs do you think you will be able to help ? if so I will just use a live CD ?00:45
th0rarand: well...now you got me spooked. I could dump wine but I need dreamweaver00:45
ibuclawAlvinware, KDE is a Desktop Environment too ... and yes, you can switch between both freely :)00:45
crash2108_Is it a problem that my harddrive is unpartitioned (brand new), losher?00:45
Alvinwareibuclaw, How?00:45
losherAlvinware: you can use either. And there are dozens more if you don't like those...00:46
DasEiKingsy101:could do, but what happens if you just start blank ?00:46
Davey_how can I downgrade python? if it failed to install00:46
Kingsy101DasEi - hmm I suppose I could but I have ALOT of stuff installed..00:46
ibuclawAlvinware, logout ... and when you enter the Login Screen, you should see the Word 'Session' in the  (bottom left?) hand corner.00:46
Kingsy101what will happen to all of my files and programs ?00:46
loshercrash2108_: normally, as part of an install, the installer will walk you through partitioning the drive, so no. I repeat: I believe you have a hardware incompatibilty and there may not be a workaround....00:46
DasEiKingsy101:I speak of blank xorg00:47
jurgsis it possible to mount a slave drive for use with unetbootin? I am using a wubi install of xubuntu 8.10 on a win98 computer00:47
ibuclawAlvinware, select it and it will present a list of possible logins ... You only need to be concerned about KDE and Gnome options.00:47
Kingsy101DasEi - oh that sounds cool but how do i do that ?00:47
shariflosher: OK thanks00:47
arandth0r: well so far only people that have intentionally run viruses have been affected (afaik) so currently the problem might not be that big, and as long as you are selective with the apps that runs in wine I guess the safety might be satisfiable, it might become a considerable hole in the future though, if nothing is done...00:47
DasEiKingsy101 : nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf,  delete every content (rootprompt)00:47
karatekickzI'm missing System -> Preferences -> Sessions  could someone help me?00:47
Alvinwareibuclaw, so, i can't change it with-out log-in/log-out?00:48
Kingsy101ok 1 sec00:48
ibuclawAlvinware, correct ... although you will be able to access the Gnome/KDE software in both DE's00:48
jurgsis it possible to mount a slave drive for use with unetbootin? I am using a wubi install of xubuntu 8.10 on a win98 computer00:49
Kingsy101DasEi - what happens here btw ? you delete the contents of that file and it should boot fine ?00:49
ProfOakWhat's the 'best' flash plugin for Firefox? I know there are three, and Adobe always seems a little laggy.00:49
cafreeRecently, Evolution stopped getting new mail and I'm not sure why.  Send/Receive is disabled.  How do I figure it out?00:49
th0rarand: agreed. If kompozer didn't crash on tables I could dump dreamweaver, but until there is a decent wysiwyg html editor I will stick with wine00:49
loshercrash2108_: does windows run on your new hardware?00:49
Kingsy101DasEi - i.e it makes a new default one ?00:49
ibuclawAlvinware, ie: you can run KTorrent in both KDE and Gnome.  But the application may look slightly different when running from different DE's00:49
losherAlvinware: winlux appears to be a news site. Was there something specific you wanted me to see there?00:49
DasEiKingsy101 :it's empty by default, so should boot fine00:50
donavan_is there a way to do a batch rename ... like take filename1.mp3 and make it 1.mp300:50
mechtechktorrent is pretty killer00:50
Picidonavan_: man rename :)00:50
arandth0r: don't we all ;) myself I keep windows installs for gaming.00:50
losherdonavan_: there is a rename command, but it's complex and not for beginners...00:50
Alvinwarelosher, no, i'm just thinking of combining linux, and windows into a new os.00:50
losherAlvinware: good luck with that....00:51
SuspectZerohey there00:51
ProfOakAlvinware: How are you going to do that?00:51
jurgsis it possible to mount a slave drive for use with unetbootin? I am using a wubi install of xubuntu 8.10 on a win98 computer00:51
SuspectZeroi installed apache2 and it starts on boot up but i dont want it to. how can i remove that from bootup?00:51
mechtechalvinware: I was just wondering the same thing...how?00:51
Alvinwarelinux, and windows is written in c programming language?00:51
ProfOakHe's probably a leet hax0r with the MS code00:51
crash2108_I don't know, I don't have a windows CD.  I was considering just doing that because it's an HTPC and I just want to run boxee or something.00:51
Newummm hello?00:52
Kingsy101DasEi - ok I emptied the file and I am booting now00:52
Kingsy1011 sec00:52
ibuclawdonavan_, in your example:  the answer would be: rename 's/^filename//' filename1.mp300:52
jurgsis it possible to mount a slave drive for use with unetbootin? I am using a wubi install of xubuntu 8.10 on a win98 computer00:52
ibuclawdonavan_, to cover a list of files: rename 's/^filename//' *00:52
mechtechalvinware:  ok, but they use different file systems, boot routines, there's the whole registry thing  etc...00:52
loshernew: just ask a question...00:52
jduDoes anyone here recommend ebox?00:52
NewUmmm excuse me?00:53
jurgsis it possible to mount a slave drive for use with unetbootin? I am using a wubi install of xubuntu 8.10 on a win98 computer00:53
Kingsy101DasEi - the mouse and keyboard still don't work00:53
chris___!info > gdesklets00:53
ubottu<chris___> wants you to know: Retrieve information on a package: !info <package>00:53
shariflosher: why you think its gnome problem ?00:53
ubottu'gdesklets' is not a valid distribution: dapper, dapper-backports, hardy, hardy-backports, intrepid, intrepid-backports, jaunty, jaunty-backports, karmic, karmic-backports, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, medibuntu, partner00:53
NewI want to install Ubuntu....but my computer gives me error messages00:53
loshercrash2108_: I'm just wondering if your hardware is faulty. Has anything run successfully on it before?00:53
ramsey1hello ppl00:53
ibuclawdonavan_, to cover a list of files in separate directories:  find /path/to/dir -type f -iname "*.mp3" | xargs rename 's/^filename//'00:53
chris___!info gdesklets00:53
ubottugdesklets (source: gdesklets): Architecture for desktop applets. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.36-5ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 2755 kB, installed size 5728 kB00:53
jdujurgs, does it appear with:  sudo sfdisk -l00:53
NewUmmmm I need help00:53
Alvinwaremechtech, include all the file system, let user choose when install.00:53
Kingsy101DasEi - any other ideas ?00:54
loshersharif: it was a guess, based on the error message: "org.gnome.SettingsDaemon.XRANDR". Have you googled it yet? Maybe there's a known fix?00:54
donavan_Pici and losher ... thanks I want even sure if there was a rename ... its been a while since I used the command line ... last time I renamed things with the command line I had to move the file to a new name rather than renaming it directly00:54
crash2108_No, brand new.00:54
jurgsjdu no i have tried doing that and it doesn't detect anything00:54
jdujurgs, does the bios report it?00:54
DasEiKingsy101 :so I have no further idea on that ,as it does on cmd-line, check your logs, are they usb or ps2 ?00:54
Alvinwaremechtech, or just use the best one, ext3/4, for no fragmentation.00:54
mechtechnew:  write down the errors, then type them into paste.ubuntu.com00:54
NewUmummm can anyone help me?00:54
Kingsy101DasEi - they are usb00:54
harjothow i would i substitude a command like ''wine'' to redirect to something else?>00:55
donavan_ibuclaw ... thanks for the command just saved me some time ... I was breaking out the howto's and you can to the rescue00:55
ProfOakDoes anyone have a preference of flash plugins for Firefox? My flash always seems to lag while full screen.00:55
mechtechnew: then paste the url into here so people can see the erors and offer help00:55
=== _MsApple_ is now known as _MrsApple_
Alvinwaretake the good of both, and match it into one.00:55
ibuclawdonavan_, no probs ... just needs a small bit of regexp knowledge, that is all ;)00:55
loshercrash2108_: Then I would try a different OS, so you can (maybe) verify the hardware. Try PCBSD...00:56
ProfOakAlvinware: Your cause is valiant, but I think you're not really thinking this through.00:56
jurgsjdu not sure I can chose to boot from hard drive but it only gives me one option, I have an intel i815 mobo00:56
mechtechalvinware: why not just develop for linux?  Why the interest in combining win and lin?00:56
NewIts hard to copy errors from the boot menu00:56
DasEiKingsy101 :you might check for usbutils, and check the logs, as they were not mentioned in xorg, it#s gonna be usb00:56
NewI'm not that computer saavy00:56
jdujurgs, sometimes the bios or the jumpers may be configured in such a way that it won't tell linux it exists; does win98 see it?00:56
AlvinwareprofOak, look flash/java in add/remove.00:57
=== jddod is now known as jddoghacker
mechtechnew:  we would need to see the error messages to offer any intelligent advice00:57
NewI get Logical Block errors....what are those00:57
mechtechnew: dead drive?00:57
ProfOakAlvinware: Your preference of flash plugin is add/remove?00:57
NewWhats a dead drive?00:57
shariflosher: its a bug ..00:57
donavan_ibuclaw ... ive been working on my command line stuff but like I said last time I was really working in a command line envornment was back before the WWW was even around and you had to do everything in gopher and telnet00:57
rootlinuxusrHow can I replace icons from the menu? the theme I installed changed the default ubuntu logo, and I'd love to change xchat's icon....00:58
loshersharif: well done. Is there a workaround?00:58
jurgsjdu yes, ok i did sudo sfdisk -l and it shows up as /dev/sdb1 i guess i was spelling something wrong00:58
mechtechnew: a drive that has released the magic smoke...will no longer function00:58
=== heHATEme is now known as they
AlvinwareProOak, or u could remove it first in firefox, then visit flash page, and got it installed again.00:58
jdujurgs, so, yes, you can mount it then :)00:58
mikesomeone got problems with firefox ????00:58
jurgsjdu but how?00:58
NewUmmmm I think all drives on my computer function00:58
trevor_i just installed openoffice 3.1 with ubuntu tweak and synaptic, and the splash screen still says open office 3.0 but the version is correct (3.1) how do i change that?00:58
=== mike is now known as Guest21730
ProfOakAlvinware: So that means you use adobe?00:59
jdujurgs, what file system is it?  where would you like it to be mounted?00:59
=== Guest21730 is now known as Spikemcc
SuspectZeroi installed apache2 and it starts on boot up but i dont want it to. how can i remove that from bootup?00:59
jdujurgs, does it not show up in gnome?00:59
NewWhat drives are required for ubuntu?00:59
arandNew: could be your hard drive physically going down, but try running fsck from a livecd (provided you cannot boot the normal install) to tryto fix the errors00:59
NewUmmmm....Fsck....? I'm not that computer saavy00:59
SpikemccFirefox on ubuntu hardy heron 8.04.3 LTS x64 is unstable ... 3.0.11 and 3.5.1 does the same ...01:00
mechtechnew: disable your floppy drive in the bios on your computer and try again01:00
jduSuspectZero, you can use the update-rc.d command01:00
arandNew: so what is the problem you are having... is ubuntu refusing to start?01:00
NewUmmmm I don't have a floppy drive....and how do I do that?01:00
jurgsjdu it is a FAT 32 and it doesn't matter where it is mounted, I'm just trying to mount it to install a fresh distro01:00
Spikemccgot an idea to repair firefox ?01:00
AlvinwareProoak, if adobe got linux version, then good, if not goto add/remove, synaptic package manager, or plugin remove, and visit any website created with flash, to get the pop up install the plugin.01:01
jdujurgs, hmm.  so:  mount -t fat /dev/sdb1 /your/mount/point01:01
Spikemcchey !!!01:01
AlvinwareProOak, so many way, man.01:01
Spikemccho !!!01:01
Spikemccnoobs !!!01:01
Spikemcchelp please !!!01:01
ProfOakAlvinware: ProfOak*01:01
NewThe disk starts.....but when I try to install.......every drive overwrite reports a logical block01:01
jurgsok and do you know if this will allow me to use unetbootin on it?01:02
NewThe only thing Ubuntu is ever able to install is the clock01:02
mechtechnew: reboot the computer...during the first few seconds of booting, the computer screen will tell you what key to press to enter the bios settings...in there, you will see options for disabling your floppy drive (even though you don't have one) you will also find boot options...tell the bios not to try to boot to a floppy01:02
FairFight*/30 * * * * /usr/bin/php -f /home/user/test.php - shouldnt this work out in the crontab?01:02
losherSpikemcc: less fanfare, more problem description please...01:02
NewOK...I'll try01:02
mechtechok...keep us posted01:02
mechtechnew: ok...keep us posted01:03
Spikemcclosher firefox crash when open01:03
RuneMaximusI'm looking to dual boot my windows vista with ubuntu, i have vista ultimate 64 bit installed and have downloaded ubuntu 9.04 Desktop  amd64 iso about to burn to disc. i have my vista OS on a 250gb sata drive i have a 1.5tb drive for my media(games/movies/music) and a 40 gb drive that is free that i want to install ubuntu to. but i still want to be able to boot into my vista when i need to. just want to get info before i jump into ins01:03
jdujurgs, not, sure, that's really designed for usb sticks.  Why not do an actual install?01:03
linuxguy2009Anyone know of any way that I can lock the mouse pointer in a selected window for my 3 year old niece to use Tux paint without messing with my other stuff by accident?01:03
=== Evil is now known as Guest95342
arandlosher: I want that quote in !fanfare ;)01:03
losherarand: :-)01:04
Spikemccit crash randomly mostly01:04
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about fanfare01:04
Spikemccbut most on start01:04
jdulinuxguy2009, hmm, no.  But you could do something like start Xephyr full screen then run tuxpaint in that01:04
losherSpikemcc: which version of OS. Which version of firefox?01:04
SuspectZerojdu, anything else? is there a file i can just edit to remove apache2 from starting?01:04
booksbuggymy gnome network manager keep on showing "device is unmanaged" on the wired connection how do i fix it?01:04
Spikemcc8.04.3 LTS x64 > firefox 3.0.11 and 3.5.101:04
AlvinwareProfOak, Oh, Yeah, Prof., of-course i didn't think all the linux, and windows mix-up things deeply, that's why i didn't create it, and just wonder, cause game in windows more, linux for security, and got a lot of things in the middle, like more free softwares on both side, more free to configure, and so on...!01:04
mechtechrunemaximus: during installation of ubuntu options will be offerd for dual boot...choose the correct drive for installing ubuntu, then tell the installer to put the GRUB loader onto the same Master boot record with Vista...voila!01:05
lmillerI want to purchase a pci wireless adapter card01:05
arquebuslinuxguy2009- or you could create a user account for your neice with very low permissions01:05
lmiller Which is more like to work with minimum hassle: a dlink, linksys or netgear wireless-g pci adapter?01:05
linuxguy2009 jdu: What is Xephyr?01:05
jurgsjdu my cd drive is busted, is there a way to install on my master drive then?01:05
mechtechlmiller:  I have had great success with linksys cards01:05
jduSuspectZero, yes, update-rc.2 is the correct way.  but you can simply change the appropriate file name (w/ apache in it) of in /etc/rc.2/ ala the instructions in the directory01:05
RuneMaximusthanks mechtech tried to isntall osx86 previously and totaly messed things up...01:05
ProfOakAlvinware: You'd be wasting time trying to put them together. Eventually, you'd start from scratch, or give up.01:05
mechtechrunemaximus: Ouch!  and no problem01:06
jdulinuxguy2009, an X server like X.org but you can run it in a window or full screen and could use it cover everything else up.01:06
Spikemcclmiller if you want something real good and don't mind a little hassle try usb alfa 500 mw it's dangerously hot when used well01:06
revlohi is there a command line tool that tells me that there are new packages avabile without using sudo (eg what you can put in your motd) - like the notification apllet under gnome by default01:06
linuxguy2009oh cool01:06
losherSpikemcc: the only obvious thing I see there is that x64 is known to be less stable than 32 bit. It would be a pain to downgrade. Try asking on #firefox?01:06
booksbuggymy gnome network manager keep on showing "device is unmanaged" on the wired connection how do i fix it?01:06
linuxman410hey is there a command you can use in terminal to tell if u are running 32 or 64 bit01:07
revlolinuxman410: uname -a should tell you01:07
jdulinuxman410, uname -a01:07
barqerscan someone help me? everytime I bootup I don't get a splash screen! I've added it to /usr/lib/usplash/chrometext-splash.so, But when I add it into startupmanager, close it, and reboot, I get nothing! only text...01:07
AlvinwareProfOak, lol, wasting time for dreaming something, and not doing it, a bad thing, no for me, not every thing have to be done, it's accord to oneself judge, and life is more complicated than any thing else01:07
jurgsjdu thanks for the help, i will try this on another day01:08
lmillermechtech: thanks01:08
jdujurgs, ok, sorry if I could have helped more01:08
FairFightubottu: cronjob01:08
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about cronjob01:08
jdubarqers, dell optiplex?01:08
AlvinwareProfOak, uwasting time heretoo, and watis uprofin?01:09
mechtechbooksbuggy: try this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager/+bug/27926201:09
losherAlvinware: ProfOak: getting seriously off-topic guys....01:09
mechtechlmiller:  no problem01:09
shariflosher: what do you mean workaround ?01:09
jurgsjdu your help was greatly appreciated01:09
barqersjdu: Nope, It's my own built computer01:09
ProfOakAlvinware: I wish I could reply to that... Could you please rephrase that or something?01:09
loshersharif: sometimes there is a way to avoid a bug, or a patch or setting that avoids it....01:10
losherAlvinware: ProfOak: take it to #ubuntu-offtopic please if you want to continue...01:10
barqersjdu: Do you want the hardware?01:10
ProfOaklosher: It's fine, I'm pretty much done with that01:11
jdubarqers, oh well, but every optiplex I have used hasn't showed the splash screen w/o a workaround, but it's sure to be a different problem.  On those, it's a matter of increasing the video buffer in the bios01:11
mechtech<--about to install win 7 to my virtualbox...woohoo01:11
AlvinwareProfOak, You're Professor in field of what?01:11
ProfOakAlvinware:pokemon, and we're done01:11
* Spikemcc hit mechtech fool01:11
losherAlvinware: drop it, or move it. Or risk being bounced....01:11
jfaosdphow can i see my cpu temp ºC ? cat /proc/acpi/ ? :S01:11
mattgyverI cant connect to the cups interface from another machine on my network, i keep getting '403 forbidden'.  Could anyone help?01:11
jdubarqers, I always except hardware if people are giving it away :) but no...01:11
barqersjdu: Oh, snap. Okay, I'll give that a try. Thanks!01:11
ForzaPalermoguys quick question01:12
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:12
AlvinwareLosher, what's bounced? beeing bombard by none stop im?01:12
lstarnesjfaosdp: try /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/THRM/temperature01:12
ForzaPalermoi have a large 2nd hdd that i want to use JUST FOR STORAGE01:12
losherAlvinware: an operator can ban you. Very easily...01:12
lstarnesjfaosdp: you could also install lm-sensors and check using the command "sensors"01:12
ForzaPalermois ext4 the best to format it in01:12
theylosher: are you an operator?01:13
shariflosher: well, not sure still checking ..01:13
AlvinwareLosher, i can change my ip, and username.01:13
losherForzaPalermo: it's not a good choice for a beginner. Stick to ext3 for another couple of releases....01:13
* losher is not an operator.01:13
ForzaPalermolosher: may i ask why01:13
lstarnesAlvinware: evasion of bans results in longer, tougher bans01:13
ProfOakAlvinware: Don't make anyone dislike you, this is supposed to be a helpful chat01:13
jfaosdplstarnes: my lm-sensors are crazy ... look http://pastebin.com/m7932b7b2  . I cant find anything into /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/01:13
ForzaPalermoim using ext 4 for my main operating system01:14
losherForzaPalermo: my opinion is that it hasn't been tested enough yet...01:14
ForzaPalermoand its working great01:14
=== speck is now known as nuspeck
losherForzaPalermo: that's fine. No need to change. It's just much easier to support users on ext3, because we know how it behaves...01:14
AlvinwareIstarnes, how? even mac address can be change.01:14
lstarnesAlvinware: mac addresses are not relevant on the internet as a whole.  Those are only relevant for local networks01:15
Spikemccyou can change your mac on linux by command line01:15
mechtechwhy are you guys arguing?01:15
losherAlvinware: even if you change ip & username, if you come back talking about the same off-topic, we'll catch on. We're not *that* dumb...01:15
rootlinuxusrIs there a way to force delete a folder(System Volume Information, and RECYCLER) - even rm -rf /media/drive/* does not remove it...01:16
mechtechSpikemcc:  why did * tell you to hit me earlier?01:16
* Spikemcc hit mechtech cause windows is bad for brains01:16
Alvinwarelosher, of-course, uallnotdumpguys, lol, me too. :-D01:16
jfaosdplstarnes: why i have nothing into /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/  :S01:16
mechtechspikemcc:  oh...that makes sense then01:17
lstarnesjfaosdp: I don't know01:17
koroProfOak: i use adobe but same problem (and as a bonus, it sometimes simply stops working and i have to restart firefox [i'm on x86_64])01:17
=== Paraselene__ is now known as Paraselene_
koroi didn't know there was any other option01:17
AlvinwareIstarnes, How could i be banned for long?01:17
ProfOakkoro: Have you tried any alternatives?01:17
nerdy_kidany one here set up a FTP server before? im having some trouble01:17
Spikemccmechtech I don't wanna be locked in anymore, linux is too open for me so I can do almost everything01:17
booksbuggymechtech, thanks for the help01:18
lstarnesAlvinware: operators can recognize behavioral patterns01:18
=== they is now known as vorian
koroProfOak: i'm not sure what would those be?01:18
map7can anyone here help me with a debian broken packages problem?01:18
rootlinuxusrnerdy_kid: Try vsftpd01:18
AlvinwareIstarnes, then change behaviour.01:18
mechtechbooksbuggy:  with what?  remind me please01:18
koroi remember using something else way back, but it didn't work at all01:18
mechtechSpikemcc:  I aspire to that level...still just a noob01:18
lstarnesAlvinware: it's impossible to completely avoid being detected when evading bans01:18
booksbuggymechtech, the gnome network manager problem01:18
koroProfOak: (some time ago there wasn't even an adobe version for 64-bit)01:18
mechtechbooksbuggy:  all better then?01:19
ProfOakkoro: Let me find some names. I distinctly remember having an option of 3 packages for installing flash.01:19
booksbuggymechtech, yes01:19
AlvinwareThis chat room wasn't helpful, firefox 3.5 is beta, a lot of say it's not, and mix.01:19
mechtechbooksbuggy:  great...glad I could help01:19
ApocapusOk I rebooted and went to the Bios Bootup area but I couldn't find the Floppy Drive....01:19
koroProfOak: but the alternative i had found in the ubuntu guides didn't work at all01:19
korothat was a few years ago tho01:19
=== jon is now known as Guest62600
ApocapusWhere is the Floppy Bootup?01:19
lstarnesAlvinware: firefox 3.5 has been released01:19
losherAlvinware: the ban doesn't last for long. Just long enough to discourage bad behavior01:19
nerdy_kidrootlinuxuser something messed up with the ports i think, someone here helped me for like an hour yesterday and still couldnt figure it out; need a pro lol01:19
Guest62600can you putt windeos midea player on ubuntu linux01:19
AlvinwareIstarnes, look it in add/remove by yourself.01:19
koroGuest62600: no01:19
nerdy_kidGuest62600 no01:19
pleed___Is it possible to include already activated luks and lvms in the ubuntu installation process?01:20
sebsebsebGuest62600: yes in Wine01:20
lstarnes!ff35 | Alvinware01:20
ubottuAlvinware: Firefox 3.5 Final is available for Jaunty by installing the package firefox-3.5 and firefox-3.5-gnome-support | FF3.5 is referred to as Shiretoko on your UI, see http://is.gd/1reB3 for an explanation | Hardy & Intrepid: http://is.gd/1jkNY01:20
Spikemccmechtech learn to install ubuntu with the minimal cd in the command line, and use applications in the command line the more you can ...01:20
jduGuest30590, there are alternatives though01:20
rootlinuxusrrootlinuxusr - ahh, then Im no root. =/ xD01:20
sebsebsebGuest62600: and there are better alternatives01:20
ApocapusUmmm....can anyone help me?01:20
Guest62600i have tryd wine01:20
korosebsebseb: then you would be running it on windows, not on ubuntu :)01:20
korooh, wine, nevermind me01:20
mechtechapocapus:  #1 try to use the same login everytime...that way we can hopefully reflect on what the issue was and also so you can build a reputation...#2 that may have been because you disabled the floppy drt...are you still having trouble?ive...more to the poin01:20
ProfOakkoro: I've found names. Swfdec SWF, Adobe Flash, Gnash SWF.01:20
korowas thinking virtualization01:20
koroProfOak: i guess i'll try those01:21
AlvinwareIstarnes, the name is not firefox?01:21
koro'cos i'm tired of adobe01:21
Spikemccif with that you don't have learned a lot there is a problem ...01:21
ApocapusNo...I get logical block messages01:21
ProfOakApocapus: Just ask a question, and someone may have an answer01:21
koroProfOak: have you tryed swfdec or gnash?01:21
ProfOakkoro: No, that's why I came in here. Different opinions and whatnot.01:21
PROject-EmeraldUh, I have a bit of a problem01:21
ApocapusSo I was told to go reboot the system and look at the bios01:21
lstarnesAlvinware: shiretoko is the codename for firefox 3.5 without the official branding01:21
Guest62600well because i seems to not realy be truly abil to play and look at tv shows on outher websites01:21
Alvinwareistarnes, and it got bug in it.01:21
Apocapusbut I didn't find the Floppy drive01:21
lstarnesAlvinware: then report the bug01:22
ApocapusSo...I don't know if I went to the wrong area or if it's another problem01:22
PROject-EmeraldMy monitor after about an hour or so of use shuts off (Green light goes yellow) and I have to do a hard reset01:22
AlvinwareIstarnes, other did, but still no fix.01:22
ProfOakApocapus: What were you trying to fix initially?01:22
booksbuggyApocapus: normally floppy drive is called 3.5 in disk in the boot option01:22
booksbuggywell in the bio01:22
ApocapusIm trying to install ubuntu01:22
AlvinwareIstarnes, go bad, god, and bad, switch.01:22
mechtechprofoak: he was installing ubuntu01:22
lstarnesAlvinware: how long ago was the bug filed?  what was the bug?01:22
ProfOakMy mistake...01:22
PROject-EmeraldAny fixes for this problem?01:22
ApocapusWhere in the Boot Menu?01:23
jduPROject-Emerald, what happens if you hit ctrl+alt+f1  when that happens?01:23
booksbuggyApocapus: well should be the first one01:23
Alvinwareistarnes, youtube fullscreen.01:23
nerdy_kidcant list directory structure in FTP server when accessed via external IP.01:23
booksbuggywell on my old computer it is01:23
PROject-EmeraldNothing works when it happens, the display goes away like the monitor is powered off.01:23
Apocapusboot menu or Bios?01:23
booksbuggyApocapus: on the first tab bios01:23
AlvinwareIstarnes, add/remove stated beta.01:23
PROject-EmeraldAll sound goes away, etc01:23
ProfOakkoro: Good news, I think you can install all of them and chose which you want to use on the fly.01:23
Apocapus3.5 in the first tab?01:23
lstarnesAlvinware: what about Synaptic?01:23
ApocapusIn Windows XP?01:24
AlvinwareIstarnes, ttry it urself, man.01:24
booksbuggyApocapus: well if the newer computer didn't change the name already01:24
lstarnesAlvinware: also, which version of ubuntu are you using?01:24
revlonerdy_kid: firewall? -> passive mode (command PASV or passive in cli-client) might help01:24
Alvinwareistarnes, 9.04.01:24
nerdy_kidrevlo tryed those01:24
ApocapusI'll go look for 3.501:24
ApocapusI'll try01:24
=== pizdets is now known as pizzledizzle
booksbuggyApocapus: on the removable device part i think01:24
lstarnesAlvinware: I'm still using 8.04 so I can't try for myself01:24
=== billy is now known as smartasstronaut_
AlvinwareIstarnes, problem with 9.04?01:24
nerdy_kidrevlo spent hour yesterday with somebody in here: still stuck01:24
epalmsooo using esata meaning putting a line in fstab, yes?01:24
lstarnesAlvinware: check what it says in synaptic01:24
AlvinwareIstarnes, codename, longhorn, come out vista.01:25
revlonerdy_kid: and a firewall? ftp data (ls and stuff) uses a lot of ports - you may check it with netstat -ntaup or something - or check your firewalllogs01:25
Darwin{LTS}hello I'm having some issue to install vlc   vlc: Depends: vlc-nox (= 1.0.0-1~ppa3) not going to be installed01:25
loshernerdy_kid: permissions problems?01:25
nerdy_kidlosher no01:25
Guest62600are there any people who live in the usa .and that really know how can i look at tv-show's on the web.nbc-nbc hulu  and so-on plese pm me let meknow01:26
nerdy_kidrevlo FTP uses 21 and 20 TCP im pretty sure both are forwarded01:26
=== Darwin{LTS} is now known as Darwin{
=== Pici` is now known as Pici
nellmathewi know this is off-subject but when launching swiftfox in jaunty, anyone know why it shows "starting swiftfox" (with the hourglass thing) and then it disappears?.. can't seem to launch it.01:26
nerdy_kidrevlo tryed forwarding all ports just for the heck of it, still didnt work01:26
Guest62600i am doen adobe flash player but it is not working01:26
karatekickzim having a random problem where compiz seems to crash when switching between workspaces using effects... the everything disapears accept the the desktop wall paper applications are still working however as I can hear music in my speakers thoughts?01:27
Guest62600have doen01:27
AlvinwareIstarnes, maybe it's finial for windows, but not linux/ubuntu,i guess, cause bugs, and name.01:27
karatekickzexcept not accept ;)01:27
PROject-Emeraldnobody? -_-01:27
lstarnesAlvinware: could you please tell me what version of firefox-3.5 is in synaptic?01:27
Guest62600HELLO ANYBODY01:27
nerdy_kidnellmatthew try launching it from terminal, it should say why its crashing01:27
Darwin{vlc: Depende: vlc-nox (= 1.0.0-1~ppa3) pero no va a instalarse01:28
Darwin{E: Paquetes rotos01:28
Darwin{ while trying to install vlc, any clue, I googled but nothing happened01:28
AlvinwareIstarnes, 3.5.101:28
AlvinwareIstarnes, newess.01:28
lstarnesAlvinware: does that say that it's a beta?01:28
lstarnes!caps > Guest6260001:29
ubottuGuest62600, please see my private message01:29
nerdy_kidGuest62600 ill try to help01:29
AlvinwareIstarnes, youtube fullscreen in windows too?01:29
AlvinwareIstarnes, no?01:29
lstarnesAlvinware: it's real fullscreen foe me01:29
nerdy_kidcant list directory structure in FTP server when accessed via external IP.01:30
d0wn3rdoes anyone here have any experience with the DELL UBUNTU release?01:30
sebsebsebd0wn3r: not personally, but quite a lot of other people have had good experiences01:30
AlvinwareIstarnes, why not just upgrade, why make it one os, got 2 firefox?01:30
d0wn3roh hey sebsebseb01:30
mattgyverdoes anyone know how to make conky show cpu temperature in Fahrenheit?01:30
=== Guest62600 is now known as jon
lstarnesAlvinware: ubuntu has a different update policy01:31
lstarnesAlvinware: ubuntu 9.04 came with firefox 3.0 so it will stay with firefox 3.0 as the main firefox01:31
=== jon is now known as Guest99679
lstarnesAlvinware: but 9.10, the next release, which isn't out yet, will likely ship with 3.501:31
Seven_Six_TwoCan anyone recommend a single use (a la dd) partition backup front-end with ssh build in?01:31
fission61ia m running ubuntu and just installed WINE, ia m trying to run teamviewer (a window app), it takes forever to load but i did get it to randomly show up at one point, what gives?01:32
losherSeven_Six_Two: rsync will run over ssh and can be used to backup an arbitrary set of files...01:32
Alvinwareistarnes, oh yeah just fixed it.01:32
cooper77zcan I use firefox addons in epiphany? Stupid question I know, but sometimes one can actually do those type of things01:32
losherSeven_Six_Two: come to think of it, you can run dd over ssh too if needed...01:32
Picifission61: #winehq would be the best place to ask wine questions. Also, have you seen the appdb?01:32
epalmin 9.04, is esata supposed to "just work" ?01:32
Pici!appdb | fission6101:32
ubottufission61: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help01:32
AlvinwareIstarnes, no change to the default.01:32
Seven_Six_Twolosher, will rsync image the partition? I'm not looking for cli right now01:32
Seven_Six_Twolosher, I'm looking for a frontend for a friend to use on his laptop.01:33
AlvinwareIstarnes, anyways, got bugs, i'm not using it, the old is good.01:33
mechtechsee y'all...about to win 7 my face off01:33
mcpancakeshey all, I've got a slight issue with firefox- some (seemingly most) fonts in Firefox don't display. information that's printed when I run Firefox from the terminal (http://pastie.org/private/jgfrhoj125aro4woq0zqag) leads me to believe that it's an issue with my cairo and/or pango packages.01:33
pik}i just did a clean install of jaunty and i made a partition with mount point /media/storage. i can see the partion and enter it but i dont have any access. how to fix?01:34
cooper77zthats kind of interesting mcpancakes01:34
Alex_21Does anyone know of any good poker/Cribbage stand a lone games01:34
masterkoppapik} : did you mount it as root?01:34
mechtechalex_21: talk about off topic...just a sec01:35
Alex_21For Ubuntu01:35
losherSeven_Six_Two: no, rsync copies files, not partitions. Check out http://backuppc.sourceforge.net/info.html or maybe http://www.mondorescue.org01:35
Alex_21Of course01:35
ubottuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning01:35
masterkoppapik} : if not check for permision errors it the most common error01:35
jdupik}, what fs is it?01:35
losherSeven_Six_Two: see also ubottu above01:35
mcpancakescooper77z: I was thinking I maybe ought to reinstall both of cairo and pango?01:35
Seven_Six_Twothat's a lot of links. Thanks all!01:35
jdupik}, hmm, is the problem because your user does not own the files?01:36
pik}jdu probably01:36
jdupik}, including the top level dir?01:36
Alex_21How do I do a search for packages from CLI?01:36
losherAlex_21: apt-cache search <string>01:36
Seven_Six_TwoAlex_21, apt-cache01:36
PiciAlex_21: apt-cache search searchterm01:36
mechtechAlex_21:  http://www.brothersoft.com/dd-poker-for-linux-97737.html01:36
cooper77zI don't  know, but I was thinking that all the libraries don't work without direct control in the terminal?01:36
jdupik}, so you can probably fix it by running: chown -R youruser:youruser /media/storage01:36
pik}ok trying01:36
=== redsoxking|AFK is now known as redsoxking
jdupik}, as root01:37
mattgyverAlex_21, sudo aptitude search <pkg>01:37
mattgyveroops, sorry01:37
pik}i figured that out myself jdu ;)01:37
pik}jdu: that did the magic.01:37
pik}thanks mate01:37
mcpancakescooper77z, I experience the same thing also with 'sudo terminal', as well as launching it from its shortcut.01:38
cooper77zdoes firefox work normal in gui?01:38
mcpancakescooper77z, all the elements in web pages load except for some text.01:40
spursncowboyshello everyone. If I was brand new to linux and got an ubuntu book and crunchbang on my laptop, would the book help me out?01:40
cooper77zon gnome or kde or something else?01:40
mcpancakesnormal intrepid01:41
Alex_21Thanks for your help01:41
Alex_21Good day01:41
masterkoppaspursncowboys, it will help in most cases as their both linux01:41
masterkoppaspursncowboys, also if I'm not mistaken their both based on debian01:41
cooper77zcan you install the broadscope font libraries from applications library or synaptic?01:42
masterkoppaspursncowboys, but i would recomend you read their documentation and base anything you do on that01:42
CapaHOk let me explain what I am trying to do. I want to create an ip address on *this* machine - like or or whatever -- I want it to be so that anything sent to *that* ip address, on port 22 --- goes to a different ip address, on port 99 --- how can I do that?01:42
masterkoppaspursncowboys, that way any support they can give you will be usefull for you01:42
=== _MrsApple_ is now known as _MrApple_
CapaHin this way I can ssh to blah@ instead of ssh to blah@_other_ip -p 99   -- removes the need to specify port01:43
spursncowboysWell really I want to buy my nephew the book and send him a disk and let him at it on his dell ispiron 265001:43
buckyhow come crunchbang doesn't have an irc channel on freenode?01:43
spursncowboysit has 256 mb and I read that is not good enough for ubuntu01:43
Picibucky: they do. #crunchbang01:43
Seven_Six_TwoCapaH, /etc/hosts01:44
CapaH... of course01:44
pik}is there any way to use mouse4 (back) mouse5 (forward) with nautilus?01:44
masterkoppaspursncowboys, the book would be good reference, but if your looking for small size try xubuntu01:44
CapaHSeven_Six_Two, : You can tell etc/hosts an IP address and PORT ?01:44
buckyoh cool 50 users01:44
masterkoppaits made for this type of cases01:44
Seven_Six_Twothat I'm not sure of...01:44
spursncowboyswould that be closer to the referrence type books for ubuntu?01:44
losherCapaH: Seven_Six_Two: no ports in /etc/hosts, sorry...01:45
CapaHah thats what I need01:45
CapaHI need the port01:45
buckyspursncowboys: the crunchbang wki and forums01:45
masterkoppaspursncowboys, yeah since its the same base code, you would only need to change references in gui tools and you can intall them on top if necesarry01:45
mcpancakescooper77z, 'sudo aptitude search broadscope' nor searching for 'broadscope' in synaptic yields any results. what is that package?01:45
CapaHIs there a way to assign additional ips to this machine? If so I can modify ssh_config to use default ports01:46
cooper77znot code01:46
Seven_Six_TwoI'm sure squid would do it, although I don't know how easy it is to set up01:46
CapaH... aliases01:46
miroslav_amagaaaaaaad ubuntu's kewl! :D01:46
masterkoppaspursncowboys, if you decide to go for crunchbag it would be better to follow their documentation, rather than the ubuntu book01:46
pik}is there any way to use mouse4 (back) mouse5 (forward) with nautilus?01:46
cooper77zbut I think if you search ubuntu forums under google gonts your edition you will find the package you could install to enable fonts in firefox01:47
masterkoppaspursncowboys, besides online documentation is always better than a book since its almost allways up to date01:47
Picispursncowboys: Best to ask in #crunchbang if you're looking for help with it, as it is not an official Ubuntu variant.01:47
spursncowboysmasterkoppa: I didn't find an actual paperback book for that, and it said it is ubuntu01:47
cooper77znot gonts fonts01:47
spursncowboysthanks pici, they are helpin, I wasn't sure if anyone was in there to answer earlier.01:48
CapaHyep got it - using alias + /etc/hosts -- got it working01:48
mcpancakesI tried uninstalling/reinstalling msttcorefonts, but that did not fix it. it's not that no fonts show, only some don't.01:48
=== map7 is now known as map7|away
masterkoppaspursncowboys, you would probably find more documentation regarding its WM openbox, which is the base of chrunchbag01:48
cooper77zthere is a master font installer on the forums01:48
Seven_Six_TwoCapaH, how'd you do the alias part?01:48
buckyspursncowboys: documentation is usually of date by the time it makes it to print so everything is done on the internet now01:48
masterkoppaspursncowboys, I've persanally used openbox and its very light so its perfect for this case01:48
cooper77znot code01:49
buckyout of date01:49
Seven_Six_Twooh nm01:49
cooper77zmaybe google font firefox ubuntu forums01:49
CapaHSeven_Six_Two: ifconfig eth0:0
CapaHJust creating an internal ip visible to just this machine01:50
masterkoppaspursncowboys, also have you considered a ram upgrade?01:50
CapaHthen I can do whatever port forwarding I want on it01:50
cooper77zI am sure there is a tek on that one I have used it myself01:50
Seven_Six_TwoCapaH, nice01:50
=== yo is now known as Guest93624
Guest93624hi, i installed the latest nvidia driver from nvidias website, if i install ubuntu's nvidia driver thats in the repo, will it get replaced or do i have to delete it first?01:51
masterkoppaspursncowboys, no matter what distro you use it will allways bring a speed increse and since memory is so cheap these days it wont cost much01:51
buckyhow much ram does Xbuntu use?01:51
traemccombsI have a duo core or something and from cat /proc/cpuinfo I see 2 entries like this: model name: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU          4300  @ 1.80GHz  I was wondering if anyone here knows how to get 2 copies of World of Warcraft on linux, running on different CPUS"?01:51
WolfBloodI kind of need some help. I was running on Ubuntu 8.10 fine and my sound was perfectly fine and after I did an upgrade to 9.04 my sound is not working at all.01:51
masterkoppabucky: if im not mistaken its 128 MB01:51
Crewsr3for some reason firefox 3.5 has not been updated on my computer.  I'm still on firefox 3.001:52
masterkoppabucky: its made for low memory footprint01:52
linux_stui used brasero to rip an audio cd, and it gives me a .toc and a .toc.bin file.  how can i burn these to a blank cd to make a second audio cd?01:52
Crewsr3I even ran update manager manually01:52
buckyspursncowboys: 192 MB RAM to run the Live CD or 128 MB RAM to install01:52
spursncowboysbucky: not that much but I wanted the closest thing to what a beg. ubuntu bk would have. If xubuntu is closer than crunchbang, then that is the one I want. I just don't know01:52
masterkoppaspursncowboys, xubuntu is much closer than crunchbag01:53
cooper77zdid that work mcpancakes?01:53
buckyspursncowboys: do you want 1500 users to help you here or 50 users to help you in #crunchbang ?01:53
masterkoppaspursncowboys, also since its a first time user he wil thank that extra support he can get from this chat and the forums01:54
spursncowboysok thanks masterkoppa01:54
roguerobothi all01:54
masterkoppaspursncowboys, GL01:54
mcpancakescooper77z, unfortunately, the ubuntu forums use one of the fonts that is not being loaded.01:54
spursncowboysyeah I am a huge fan of ubuntu. That is why I wanted a lite ubuntu01:54
roguerobotshould i ask my newbie question here or on another channel?01:54
cooper77zmaybe switch to beginners ubuntu help mcpancakes?01:55
megloWhere in GConf can I edit it so Metacity doesn't show the whole window when I drag it around? I just want an outline due to laggy tearing.01:55
sebsebseb!ask |  roguerobot01:55
ubotturoguerobot: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:55
mcpancakescooper77z, some fonts are not being displayed. the ubuntu forums' font is one of them.01:55
hugobossI can not see programs if i minimize them.01:55
hugobosswhat can i do?01:55
cooper77zselect it all and watch the colors reverse mcpancakes01:56
WolfBloodAnyone help please?01:56
masterkoppaWolfBlood, whats the problem?01:56
iceblocklol i've only used 125gigs out of 300gigs this month01:56
WolfBloodMaster: After updating to 9.04 from 8.10 my sound has not worked.01:57
hugobossplease help, I can not see minimized programs on the desktop.... what can i do??01:57
rambo298WolfBlood: dude did you search the forum?01:57
mcpancakescooper77z, nah it's not a color issue. I ctrl-a and I see the same thing as if I were highlighting whitespace.01:57
WolfBloodRambo: Yes, could not find anything.01:57
mcpancakesit knows where the text is, it seems, but it isn't displaying it.01:57
rogueroboti'm trying to get ubuntu to use my DVD drive as DVD-R/W.  Right now it's using it as DVD ROM apparently.  I'm trying to burn a movie to a DVD.  Brasero says "use the right plugin" or something to that effect.  Any pointers?01:57
artillerytxHey guys would it be worth running ubuntu server on a uverse connection01:57
iceblockmaybe i need to download harder01:57
benny__how make a team in kubuntu community?01:57
masterkoppaWolfBlood, you will probably be better of looking in the forums, as Im not really good with sound issues01:57
cooper77zdid you highlight some of the text to see if the text became visable?01:57
rambo298WolfBlood: hold on01:58
WolfBloodMaster: I shall look again.01:58
mcpancakescooper77z, yes. that's what ctrl-a does.01:58
Seven_Six_TwoWolfBlood, I heard about some people having success removing all pulse audio packages, reinstalling the ubuntu meta packages that get pulled and rebooting01:58
cooper77ztry using the mouse01:58
mcpancakessame thing.01:58
hugobosscooper, can i use ipod on ubuntu??01:58
rambo298WolfBlood: go here ... try what one suggested http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1136670&page=201:58
Crewsr3Anyone know why Firefox 3.5 has not been pushed out via update manager?01:59
cooper77zof course you can01:59
WolfBloodThank you Rambo, Seven.01:59
hugobosswhich programs should i use??01:59
cooper77zI don't know, but I am sure it's possible01:59
traemccombsis there a way to specify what processor an application runs on with duocore?01:59
cooper77zbye for now, I am going for a bike ride :)02:00
ltggnewbie here: GDM crashed " could not start Xserver"  ... am logged in as root in recovery mode ... what command sequence to try recover GDM? thnks anyone02:00
Seven_Six_Twoltgg, browse to /var/log and cat the gdm log file to see what the error is.02:01
Seven_Six_Twoltgg, sorry, not cat.  less02:01
arandCrewsr3: 3.5 still not ready, I guess...02:03
ltggseven: how to "cat the gdm log file"  command?02:03
Crewsr3arand, any quess as to why 3.5 is not ready for ubuntu?02:05
arandltgg: less /var/log/gdm/:0.log.102:05
KiraSo which desktop environment is supposed to be the most lightweight again? CDE or XDM?02:05
Kira(among CDE, XDM, GNOME, and KDE)02:05
Seven_Six_Twocd /var/log/gdm && less :0.log02:06
mechtechwhen burning an ISO onto a disk, can I put other folders/files in the burn folder?02:06
buckyKira: i like icewm02:06
ltggseven: got a bunch of output i do not understand02:07
simonsez1hi everyone02:07
jrdavehey guys... a quick question for u... I have an old PC with 512MB RAM... debian (free -m) is reporting 504MB only! Any explanations? (the video is NOT shared)02:07
mechtechjrdave: rounding...I have 1024, but Ubuntu says only 100102:07
buckyKira: and you can install icewm-gnome-support to get all the functionality of gnome02:08
jrdavemechtech: oh!02:08
jrdavemechtech: so if I convert the amount manually it show be correct (from bytes)?02:08
Kirabucky: how does it compare to Xfce?02:09
mechtechjrdave: makes sense to me02:09
jrdavemechtech: lemme try02:09
linuxman410_does anyone else having problems with 64 bit flash player02:09
Seven_Six_Twoltgg, what irc client do you use? (typing my nick makes the conversation easier to follow for me)  you could put the lines that look like errors on pastebin.com and give us the link it returns. Without knowing what the error is...02:10
buckyKira: Xfce is nice if you like that flavor.. it's kinda got it's own feel02:10
jrdavemechtech: NO... its in KB and when divided by 1024 it shows 504MB!!!02:10
buckyKira:  192 MB RAM to run the Live CD or 128 MB RAM to install Xbuntu02:10
mechtechjrdave:  why would you divide by 1024?02:11
rambo298jrdave: using free or system monitor?02:11
jrdavemechtech: coz the default output is in KB02:11
KiraCan either be used with NX?02:12
ltggseven: using Xchat ... cannot pastebin output ... do not know ho to do that from where I am ( recovery prompt )02:12
mechtechjrdave:  you need only move the decimal place three places to the left to convert from KB to MB02:12
=== Perfec7 is now known as Alexis
=== Alexis is now known as Alexis_Konam
mechtechwhen burning an ISO onto a dvd, can I add other files/folders to the burn folder, or would that make the disk not boot when I am done?02:13
jrdavemechtech: 1MB=1024KB and not 100002:13
rambo298ahhh the famous "MB" ... riddle me this ... is an MB= 1000 * 1024 * 1024?  or 1000 * 1000 * 1000?  or 1000 * 1024 * 1000?02:13
arand!pastebinit | ltgg if you have net02:13
stovicekjrdave: marketing in the storage world isn't entirely accurate as many find with more often with hard drives. same holds true for memory. you probably have somewhere around 512000 bytes in marketing terms, that's 512MB, not 504MB. It all depends on how you divide the bytes, either by 1024 or 1000.02:13
ubottultgg if you have net: pastebinit is the command-line equivelent of !pastebin . Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output. Simple usage: command-name | pastebinit02:13
buckyKira: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=40268402:14
jrdavestovicek: BIOS reports 512MB02:14
mechtechjrdave: as I said before and stoveicek has more verbosely described...rounding02:14
stovicekjrdave: because bios divided it by 1000. Either way, you have a half gig.02:14
mechtechjrdave: therefore, to convert KB into MB, simply move the decimal point three places to the left02:15
audigy7xnew here02:15
unitypunkis there a secure way to share my media online?02:15
stovicekjrdave: I've got 4Gb. Bios reports it as 4GB. But I see 3830MB. It's still the same 4GB, just divided by a different factor.02:15
Seven_Six_Twoltgg, if you use xchat, just type the first few chars of a nick and hit tab. it will either autocomplete for you or give you a list of possible choices (so hit a few more characters) and tab again02:15
Kirabucky: cool. :D02:15
unitypunkso when im not on my local network i can acess them?02:15
jrdavestovicek: I see02:15
jdustovicek, lot's of hardware, pci devices, agp, etc could be using it too02:17
unitypunkdo samba shares work over the internet aswell as local?02:17
ltggseven: now have lost my root prompt ( BTW the crashed system is not the one I am on in this chat ) guess i will just reinstall OS ... lesson learned .... do NOT enter commands you do not understand  ... 'help' from someone on this channel a month back  trying to solve a minor problem ... CRASH!02:17
=== sk is now known as Guest48631
Seven_Six_Twoltgg, lol. sorry about your luck...02:17
SuperBertsamba will work over the internet, but it's not secure so you should put the traffic inside a vpn02:17
kotsuHey FunkyHat!02:18
unitypunkis that hard?im still pretty new.02:18
* kotsu smacks funkyHat02:18
ltggseven: thanks for your response ... often on this channel i feel invisible.02:18
darthhelmetI saw the sign, and it opened up my eyes I saw the sign.02:19
darthhelmethi all02:19
buckyunitypunk: it's hard if you have a hard time reading docs or googling02:19
SuperBertunitypunk: depends on your skill/experience/equipment at hand02:20
unitypunkand any computer anywhere can acess a vpn?02:20
Seven_Six_Twomechtech, if you *can* add to the burn folder, you aren't burning the image (getting the original data back).02:20
unitypunkcause like, i want my girlfriend to have acess too.02:20
blognewb_hey guys is there a guide somewhere on installing servers to ubuntu via command line? howtoforge has GUI but im trying to install packages in my vps02:20
SuperBertunitypunk, how many different users need the info?  is the info security sensitive?02:21
unitypunknot at all02:21
unitypunkjust my movie collection02:21
unitypunkand music02:21
Piciblognewb_: Have you seen: https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/serverguide/C/index.html  Its quite helpful02:22
blognewb_Pici: I haven't yet, is it dumb/stupid/noob friendly?02:22
SuperBertunitypunk, to make it easy install gadmin-samba to setup your samba.  if you want it open over the internet, have your firewall map in ports 137,138,139.  Have the other user connectio to \\ipaddress\share02:22
Seven_Six_Twoltgg, np. if you're looking for some good reading material (aside from free online docs) I recommend "Linux Administrator Handbook". It's pink and has a cartoon on the front, but it's excellent02:23
unitypunkthen they could mount it as a virtual drive right?02:23
SuperBertunitypunk, be aware that samba via internet is vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks and who can see traffic between you and other user gets the samba password.  samba password does not have to be same as a login user's password.  samba user does not have to be the same as a login user.  you should make the share read only access.02:24
=== media- is now known as media`
SuperBertunitypunk, maybe make your share readonly to public and share over the internet....02:24
SuperBertunitypunk, yes easily mounted as a drive in windows or linux02:24
SuperBertwindows = map z: \\ipaddy\share02:25
unitypunkthat sounds perfect.02:25
WolfBloodHow do I open alsa mixer in terminal?02:25
SuperBertlinux = mount -t cifs //ipaddy/share /mnt/somemountpoint (install smbclient, smbfs first)02:25
masterkoppaWolfBlood, type alsamixer02:25
=== iiro is now known as tjbbb
sbp_ 881602:27
unitypunkgadmin-samba is the package name righta/02:27
twig11What's the proper procedure to create a user whose home directory already exists in /home?02:27
SuperBertgadmin-samba, you can also find under add/remove programs02:28
=== logan is now known as Guest9568
unitypunkwell im in terminal right now.02:28
Ghoti__twig11: probably 'adduser'02:28
unitypunkand i have root.02:28
censushqthe sound card and wireless dont work unless i boot in recovery mode02:28
jdutwig11, and perhaps deleteing the home dir first02:28
unitypunktried apt-get install gadmin-samba and it wasnt found.02:28
censushqis there a permenaent fix to this02:28
SuperBertsudo apt-get install gadmin-samba02:28
unitypunki already did su.,02:29
lvlefistotwig11: i am a user too, but, what i would do is rename the folder, then create the user, and then rename again the folder to match the user's login name02:29
=== tjbbb is now known as tjbb
Seven_Six_Twouseradd -d /home/username username02:29
jdulvlefisto, twig11 one could just copy the files02:29
Seven_Six_Twothe -d sets what the homedir should be02:29
buckygadmin-openvpn-server and gadmin-openvpn-client are good ones too02:30
SuperBertdo you have the universe/multiverse installed?02:30
unitypunki think so.02:30
unitypunki should?02:30
lvlefistojdu: that too =)02:30
twig11lvlefisto: jdu: and if I just copied files over the permissions would be right if the new user's name was the same as the old one?02:30
sephyIs it me or does firefox always lock up when you try to upload pictures to imageshack, tinypic, flickr?02:30
unitypunkif the files are already smb shared.02:30
unitypunkdo i have to do anything to them?02:31
sephyI get the "grey out" effect02:31
Ghoti__twig11: you'd want do chown -R user:user /home/user/02:31
gareimsephy: i dont have that problem02:31
jdutwig11, probably, but not always.  You might have to use a chown command afterword02:31
gareimsephy: but it happens to me on flickr02:31
jdulike Ghoti__ said02:31
lvlefistotwig11: you can always set the permissions to the folder using chmode -R02:31
sephyI can't get it to work for Imageshack photobucket and tinypic02:31
SuperBertedit the file /etc/apt/sources.list, find the line with "main" and add " universe multiverse".  save the file.  apt-get update.  apt-get install gadmin-samba02:31
censushqever since i installed virtualbox ose (since removed) my sound card and wireless dont work unlexx i boot to recovery mode02:31
SuperBertif the files are already shared, it's a firewall issue02:31
Flanneltwig11: Just use adduser, and tell it to not to create a homedir, it's one of the options.02:32
masterkoppacensushq, have you checked the forums for a solution?02:32
SuperBertgadmin-samba gives you a nice gui to add/remove shares, add/remove users, etc. as it relates to samba02:32
twig11Ghoti__: lvlefisto: okay I think I can handle that. Flannel: what is the syntax for that?02:32
censushqwhat is the url for the forums02:32
censushqi didnt check there first02:32
Seven_Six_Twotwig11, useradd -d /home/username username02:32
masterkoppacensushq, ubuntuforums.org02:33
twig11Seven_Six_Two: How do I set whether that user is a desktop user or an admin?02:34
=== maximo_ is now known as Nasra
masterkoppatwig11, if you want him to be an admin add him to the admins group already created02:35
Flanneltwig11: Actually, adduser already doesn't overwrite home if it exists.02:35
=== Nasra is now known as Maximo
FlannelSeven_Six_Two: There's no reason to use useradd, adduser is a much better method02:35
twig11Flannel: I hope you're SURE.02:35
censushqkernel update destroyed sound and wifi02:35
Flanneltwig11: check the manpage yourself if you don't believe me.02:35
censushqfixed by booting into recovery mode02:35
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu!02:36
masterkoppacensushq, the try reinstalling the kernel package02:36
twig11Flannel: be back in a minute.02:36
Ghoti__censushq: have you tried reinstalling your kernel?02:36
=== MagicFab is now known as Guest80850
tuxedoos[Linux 2.6.31-rc3-zenmod3 x86_64] distro[Ubuntu "karmic" 9.10] cpu[4 x AMD Phenom(tm) 9650 Quad-Core Processor (AuthenticAMD) @ 2.30GHz] mem[Physical: 7.8GB, 95.9% free] disk[Total: 18.5GB, 61.6% free] video[nVidia Corporation G96 [GeForce 9500 GT]] sound[HDA-Intel - HDA ATI SB]02:36
Seven_Six_TwoFlannel, is the result different?02:36
Flanneltwig11: You can throw in --no-create-home too if you want02:36
censushqhow do i revert to older kernel or reinstall kernetl package02:37
=== Guest80850 is now known as MagicFab
tuxedoi want to disable a module from the initramfs02:37
FlannelSeven_Six_Two: Sometimes.  adduser has more defaults built in, etc.  useradd is much lower level.02:37
Ghoti__censushq: sudo apt-get --reinstall install linux-image-<version>02:37
Seven_Six_TwoFlannel, I noticed more switches on the manpage. do you happen to know if they both use the skeleton dir for new users?02:38
mechtechI want to burn an ISO onto a disk along with other files and folders...will that prevent the disk from being bootable?02:38
Seven_Six_Twomechtech, what kind of iso?02:38
unitxtWhat's the recommended way to install Adobe Reader on 9.04?02:38
MagicFabmechtech yes02:39
mechtechseven_six_two: bootable operating system iso02:39
Seven_Six_Twomechtech, if you're choosing to burn a data cd/dvd and adding the iso, it wouldn't be bootable anyhow02:39
MagicFabunitxt .deb from their site02:39
mechtechmagicfab: yes it will prevent the disk from booting?02:40
jefincunitxt: I believe ubuntu comes out of the box with a reader, just doesn't have 'adobe' on it02:40
MagicFabmechtech not prevent... as SST says a data dvd wont boot anyways02:40
blognewb_hey guys how do i install "make" and gcc via Putty?02:40
blognewb_im scared02:40
FlannelSeven_Six_Two: they both do, yes.02:40
Crash2108_losher, you here?02:40
Seven_Six_Twomechtech, it's not the adding of files and folders at burn time that stops it from being bootable.02:40
Seven_Six_TwoFlannel, thanks02:41
MagicFabjefinc corretc. evince it is02:41
unitxtMagicFab: it's a .bin file...02:41
unitxtjefinc, I use Document Viewer at the moment and it's good. I have my reasons why I want Adobe02:41
MagicFabblognewb_ with build tools comes great rsponsibility ;)02:41
Seven_Six_Twomechtech, it's that you're burning a data cd. you need to choose "burn image"02:41
mechtechmagicfabe ISO is of a bootable disk?: seven_six_two:  even if th02:42
jefincunitxt: fair enough :)02:42
Crash2108_Ubuntu didn't work for shit.  Installed Fedora 11 with no problems whatsover.  Thanks.02:42
mechtechseven_six_two:  Oh...I see02:42
censushqi am rebooting i may return02:42
Seven_Six_Twoif you want to add files (don't know if you can do this) you would have to mount the iso as loopback device and add the files *before* burning. any comments on whether that would work?02:42
gartralSeven_Six_Two: ive done it, but it can be slower thana program just burning the contents of the iso too disk02:44
Seven_Six_Twogartral, mounting the iso and then burning a data disc of the contents + whatever?02:45
mechtechthanks guys, I'll just burn the image and retreive waht I want after wards...02:46
gartralSeven_Six_Two: is slower than just burning the contents to a cd..02:46
mechtechhow do streamer?you restart g02:48
mechtechhow do you restart gstreamer?02:48
censushqi am back02:48
censushqreinstalling kernel fixed wireless but not sound02:49
censushqthe sound speker icon tray has a red no sign02:49
censushqwhen i click on it it gives an errror that there is no sound device02:49
censushqis there a trick to fix the sound02:49
censushqno volume control gstreamer plugins/and or devices found02:50
censushqis the error02:50
censushqthe kernel update broke my sound02:50
censushqand wireless02:50
censushqi fixed the wireless02:50
donavan_any ideas why mp3s get all mixed up when I copy them to my mp3 player ... have some audio books and kinda need them to be in order from 1 to whatever but when I copy them over they get all jumbled and this happens on more than one mp3 player02:50
twig11Flannel: I can go adduser /home/username username02:51
Flanneltwig11: if you want it to create a homedir somewhere other than /home/username, you can specify it. Otherwise, it uses that format by default (see the man page)02:52
twig11Flannel: so just adduser username?02:52
Chun1gparted is listing /dev/sda3 (which is mounted as /home/db) as having 53GB used out of 72 -- but properties for /home/db shows only 17GB being used. Something I'm missing?02:52
censushqwhat keyboard shortcut gets to a terminal window02:52
pelmenGuys!, after installing electric sheep my s/mplayer does not work anymore. I get the error libx264.so.67 not found...anyone ?02:52
buckydonavan_: ls -f in your mp3 dir and it will show how they really are without sorting02:52
donavan_bucky ... ok thanks02:53
eaglestarhi i upgraded recently and now when i go to youtube i just have a white screen02:53
Flanneltwig11: If you want no options, just the default for everything, yeah02:53
eaglestari have amd 64 9.04 and did updates02:54
jefinc!info libx264.so.6702:54
ubottuPackage libx264.so.67 does not exist in jaunty02:54
eaglestari had installed xine-ui as well02:54
unitypunkare there ports i need to foward for smb to work over the web?02:54
bucky!info libx264.so.6502:54
ubottuPackage libx264.so.65 does not exist in jaunty02:54
pawanhow to add new wallpapers in ubuntu default directory02:54
MadCowBoyCan anyone help me installing flash 10 in firefox 3.011  I tried everything I could find on the help forums, nothing seems to be working,02:54
pawanwhere are they stored02:54
bucky!info libx264-6502:54
ubottulibx264-65 (source: x264): x264 video coding library. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 1:0.svn20081230-0.0ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 290 kB, installed size 696 kB02:54
jefincpawan: in /usr/share/backgrounds02:55
eaglestarubottu is that for me02:55
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about is that for me02:55
pelmenyeah, I had to add some launchpad repos, but i set everything back later02:55
pawancant copy but02:55
pawanError opening file '/usr/share/backgrounds/343.jpg': Permission denied02:55
MadCowBoyoh ya, Ubuntu 9.04  Flash installs no problem, but in firefox, all about:plugins says is "flash 9 r 99902:55
twig11Flannel:  so just to make double-sure I'm understanding you correctly, if I want to create a new user with a pre-existing directory as its home directory, I can just go adduser username and that will cause the user to be created, using the existing directory as home instead of overwriting it?02:56
Seven_Six_TwoFlannel, I just read in the LAH that useradd is faster and less error prone (and it's recommended) but the man pages for both useradd and adduser both recommend adduser. lol.02:56
eaglestari had flash running without a hitch now it doesn't show anything how do i fix it02:56
MadCowBoyits been two days i;ve been trying.02:56
padd1does anyone know anything about the wii?02:57
PROject-Emeraldsex appeal.02:57
=== dahlia_ is now known as dahlia
padd1i bric(11:54:22) padd1: hey i've bricked wii. cant open wad manager. how do i get it to work?02:57
padd1(11:54:35) padd1: i've got preloader and can open up hbc.02:57
PROject-Emeraldthat is all.02:57
Seven_Six_Twopadd1, sure. I like guitar hero and tennis02:57
padd1k pm. seven six 202:57
portablejimApparmor policy for dhclient3 (filename: sbin.dhclient3) is causing network manage to fail to connect. The solution is to link to the disabled folder in /etc/apparmor.d/ . However on a restart, the policy is re-enabled.02:57
censushqcheckup the wootoff at wwoo02:57
buckyubotto you sure are dumb02:57
jefincbucky: ...it's a bot..02:58
buckyubottu you sure are dumb02:58
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:58
padd1hi ubotto02:58
Seven_Six_Twopadd1, sorry. I was being facetious because that was a very general question.02:58
pelmenhmm weird i fixed that by creating symlink from so.65...it did not work before02:58
MadCowBoyFlash 10 help anyone please?02:58
ApocapusUmmm I can't find the Floppy Drive in my computer.....I don't think there is one.....but I have alot of drives....I have Flash Drive readers...Sd readers...and so on...could that cause problems with Ubuntu?02:58
padd1ok. can anyone help me, i've got a bricked wii?02:58
donavan_bucky is there a way to resort the files by file name instead of how they are02:59
MadCowBoyHi padd1, this Ubuntu not wii02:59
mechtech!topic padd102:59
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about topic padd102:59
WolfBloodI give up, this is friggin retarded.02:59
buckyapt-file would be a cool feature for ubottu.. it was the one thing that really sold my on apt-get02:59
MadCowBoyWolfBlood: whats up?02:59
jefinc!ot padd102:59
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ot padd102:59
eaglestarMadCowBoy, what arch do you have?02:59
jefinc!ot | padd102:59
ubottupadd1: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!02:59
padd1madcowboy, there's no one on wii channel. mabe u can sign in to wii channel?02:59
WolfBloodMad: After upgrading to 9.04 from 8.10, my sound died.02:59
buckydonavan_: i don't know about that one.. it would be cool to find out if you could02:59
MadCowBoypadd1: no bud, I can;t help you with your wii03:00
padd1yo k03:00
MadCowBoyeaglestar: 9.0403:00
WolfBloodMad: It does not read as muted and says I have 75% volume but no sound at all, sometimes an occasional beep from my system.03:00
Seven_Six_TwoWolfBlood, did you try uninstalling all of the pulse audio packages, then reinstalling the ubuntu-* packages that also get uninstalled then rebooting?03:00
Apocapusummm....Can having CF Drives....SD Drives and so on affect Ubuntu install?03:00
twig11Flannel: Seven_Six_Two: so just to make double-sure I'm understanding you correctly, if I want to create a new user with a pre-existing directory as its home directory, I can just go adduser username and that will cause the user to be created, using the existing directory as home instead of overwriting it?03:00
twig11Should that work?03:00
jefincpadd1: try in #ubuntu-offtopic or ##club-ubuntu03:00
eaglestaryeah i understand but what processor do you have03:01
WolfBloodSeven: I don't know how to uninstall all the pulse audio packages + reinstall.03:01
ApocapusI AMD Athlon03:01
ApocapusI mean Sempron03:01
Seven_Six_Twotwig11, I think there are more recommended options for adduser. you can see all of them with    man adduser03:01
donavan_ok anyone know if there is a way to re-sort how files are saved on my mp3 player its playing them out of order03:01
mechtechApocapus:  try disabling the USB drive boot option, and/or unplug the readers etc03:01
AndorinI've had a problem for a while with my keyboard shortcuts. I ask for anyone who knows about them to look at this thread- and please actually read the OP. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=121450803:01
Seven_Six_TwoWolfBlood, are you using gnome?03:01
=== adam7 is now known as adam8
ApocapusSo The USB drive readers do affect the install03:02
WolfBloodSeven: Yes03:02
MadCowBoycheck the WolfBlood  This troubleshooting guide helped me, Its for 8.10, but the steps should be the same.03:02
ApocapusBut I don't know how to disable them their built in03:02
Seven_Six_Tworun synaptic, search for "pulse" and completely remove them. you'll get a popup saying other packages have to be removed as well. write them down. then apply the changes. when that's done, search for the packages that you wrote down and reinstall them. apply, and when that's done, reboot03:03
mechtechApocapus: don't disable the drives, just disable the bios option for booting to usb drive, and remove any media that might be in those drives03:03
WolfBloodSeven: I am really, really new. What is synaptic?03:04
=== ptan1 is now known as ptan99
ApocapusOH Ok....03:04
WolfBloodSeven: Scratch that, I found it03:04
donavan_apocapus I have usb card readers on mine and every version I have installed worked fine ... just make sure you dont have any media in it03:04
ApocapusI don't even know how to put media into them03:04
Seven_Six_TwoWolfBlood, make sure that you are removing the pulse audio stuff, because there may be other, non-audio related pkgs with pulse in the name. I don't know03:04
twig11Seven_Six_Two: I've read man adduser. Unfortunately, I don't think I have enough experience to make sense of how to put this together. What I want to do is create a user whose priveleges would be the equivalent of what is called I think a Desktop User in the "users and groups" GUI. But I want that user's home dir to be the preexisting one in /home. What command would you use for that?03:05
evon I had installed mint to an external drive. i screwed up the grub settings so now I want to install the bootloader on the external drive so that it will boot mint03:05
=== vampirefrog- is now known as fantasticle
donavan_apocapus ... you put media in my putting a SD or CF ( or whatever) into the slot (physically)... nothing special here03:05
ApocapusYeah...but their not in at the moment.....03:06
ApocapusI don't have flash cards or shock cards....inserted03:06
Apocapusso how can their be media03:06
unitypunk_can i do \\dydns\share03:07
WolfBloodSeven: No other packages were removed.03:07
unitypunk_or must it be ip?03:07
evon I had installed mint to an external drive. i screwed up the grub settings so now I want to install the bootloader on the external drive so that it will boot mint03:07
arleslieApocapus, just insert a media disk into the slot and it should work03:07
ApocapusBut I don't have media disks03:07
donavan_apocapus... media is any storage you put data on ... if you dont have a card in then there is no media to read ...what exactly are you trying to accomplish03:07
ApocapusI want to install ubuntu03:07
unitypunk_Do it.03:08
ApocapusBut I keep getting logical blocks03:08
MadCowBoyApocapus: do you have a 1GB usb stick?03:08
ApocapusYeah I do03:08
mechtechhe is getting block errors when trying to install ubuntu...poor guy...this all started hours ago for him and he's sort of spinning his wheels03:08
MadCowBoygoogle unetbootin Linux and you'll get an installer for your usb stick Apocapus03:09
ApocapusDo I need the whole Flash stick all 1 gigs?03:10
donavan_apocapus ... check you private message03:10
mechtechGUYS  Apocapus wants to install Ubuntu onto his hard drive, but keeps getting logical block errors03:10
arlesliemechtech, donavan_ is taking care of it.03:10
meanburrito920_Nautilus is giving me an error message saying "could not display network:///"03:10
MadCowBoyah sorry bud.03:11
meanburrito920_whenever I try and go to the network tab03:11
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!03:11
mechtechI told him to write them down, then paste them into pastebin so we could read them, that was like 5 hours ago03:11
mechtecharleslie: ok...sorry03:11
=== ptan99 is now known as paultanoz
Seven_Six_Twotwig11,   sudo adduser --home /home/username --shell /bin/bash03:11
ApocapusAll I remember is Error On Disk Write...Logical Block error...and then it gives you a number03:11
nellmathewhey guys, i used acronis a while back with my windows ntfs partitions, i have a few hard drives backed up and saved as TIB files, is there a way i can browse or mount this archive in ubuntu? (without a virtual machine w/ windows & acronis?)03:11
Apocapusand it keeps going like that......03:12
MadCowBoyI am trying to get flash 10 installed in Firefox, I tried everything I oculd find, but I must be missing something,  Trust me, I know my way around, but I've been at this off and on for two days, has anyone else had flash10 just not take?03:12
arleslieApocapus, did you format the partition before installing?03:12
meanburrito920_Pici: yeah, i know. one line for the question. the next line was just clarification :)03:12
Seven_Six_Twotwig11, oops, put the new username at the end of that03:12
arleslieMadCowBoy, did you try downloading from adobe?03:12
Picimeanburrito920_: Wasn't for you actually, just an FYI for everyone.03:12
phishiea freind asked me about chinese input for ubuntu, i have no idea where to start, anyone could help with this?03:12
meanburrito920_Pici: ah.03:12
Seven_Six_Twoand make sure it matches the name of the existing home03:12
oOarthurOoHi... I just watched this really cool video of an aquarium here: http://pastebin.com/m816148e   and I'm curious, is there a screensaver or something like this for Ubuntu?03:13
Piciphishie: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SCIM would be the best place to start.03:13
MadCowBoyarleslie: ya bud,03:13
AndorinI've had a problem for a while with my keyboard shortcuts. I ask for anyone who knows about them to look at this thread- and please actually read the OP. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=121450803:13
twig11Seven_Six_Two: sudo adduser --home /home/username --shell /bin/bash username?03:13
arleslieMadCowBoy, then tghats strange03:13
phishiePici: thanks =)03:13
MadCowBoythe .deb installs no prob, but firefox jsut isnt seeing it for some reason, I tried the one in synaptic03:13
Seven_Six_Twotwig11, that should do it03:13
ApocapusFormat what partition....whats a partition?03:13
arleslieMadCowBoy, try reinstalling firefox03:14
MadCowBoyarleslie, will  do,03:14
Seven_Six_Twotwig11, you can probably drop the --shell and bash. they should be the default anyhow.03:14
arleslie!partition | Apocapus03:14
ubottuApocapus: For help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted, !QtParted (!Kubuntu 8.10 and lower) or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap03:14
twig11Seven_Six_Two: I guess they don't hurt anything there.03:14
Seven_Six_Twotwig11, I also recommend backing up the home dir first. hahah03:14
twig11Seven_Six_Two: Is it risky?03:15
ricardo_hay alguien03:15
Seven_Six_Twotwig11, I don't think so, but bad things happen when you assume everything will be ok03:15
Pici!es | ricardo_03:15
ubotturicardo_: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.03:15
ricardo_que habla espnol03:15
Seven_Six_Twotwig11, the thing about paranoia is that it works03:16
twig11Seven_Six_Two:  I know. But I've got a not-too-ancient backup so I think I'm going to let my paranoia go for this once.03:16
oOarthurOoAnyone know of a good aquarium screensaver for Ubuntu? Lifelike fish etc?03:17
dahliais there a 32 bit ubuntu desktop distribution that includes a PAE kernel?03:17
starcraftmanAnyone here got a moment and easytag installed? I'm getting an odd error from the CDDB lookup function. It says connection refused, but i"m online and I'm pretty positive server is up.03:17
Seven_Six_Twostarcraftman, are there any other cddb servers to choose?03:17
Ghoti__starcraftman: have you tried FreeDB rather than CDDB?03:18
DVA5912Is it possible to maby run a small windows print server in ubuntu? this vista home primum is the worst software ever! xp doesnt lag this much, windows seven doesnt nothing else is this bad. Im sorry i went back to it. but the only way i can get to ubuntu is by a windows server of some type. the printer is not at all supported in linux. its considered a paperweight03:18
Ghoti__DVA5912: Yes, you can share a printer with either cups or samba03:19
Kalmidahlia, just install the server kernel03:19
jwalshcould anyone help me? i cannot, for the life of me, get ubuntu to connect to my wireless network03:19
DVA5912not sharing. this is the only desktop pc03:19
arleslie!ask jwalsh03:19
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ask jwalsh03:19
korojwalsh: can you see your wireless network?03:19
DVA5912the only other pc is a notebook. and its not going to stay connected. Ghoti__03:19
korojwalsh: is your wireless card actually configured?03:20
jwalshkoro: i think so03:20
koroif you go to networkmanager you see the name of your network listed?03:20
mechtecharleslie: I think you forgot your pipe03:20
arlesliemechtech, yea, its always that one command I forget the pipe03:20
jwalshkoro: i'm not seeing network manager03:20
opengyanhey ! 9.04 on hp laptop03:20
DVA5912is there no hope for this printer? Do i actuly have to vm a full windows just for my printer?03:21
twig11Seven_Six_Two: that like totally worked. Thanks. Now I should run chown -R user:user /home/user/ ?03:21
opengyani done ppoeconf for home wireless....working03:21
Ghoti__DVA5912: what printer is it?03:21
arleslie!details| opengyan03:21
ubottuopengyan: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."03:21
DVA5912Canon Pixma MP48003:21
mechtechdva5912: tried a post script driver yet?03:21
korojwalsh: on the top right of your screen, a little icon03:21
opengyanbut when in office ....it is not detetcing wireless03:21
Seven_Six_Twotwig11, was the old username the same as the new one (and the dir?)03:21
twig11Seven_Six_Two: yep03:21
DVA5912mechtech: ive been all through the printer setup thing if thats what you mean03:21
jwalshkoro: hm. that one actually didn't show up when i rebooted. lemme see if i can get it back03:22
DVA5912and ive chosen close models but non of them work mechtech03:22
opengyanso i have this problem of not getting wifi in office03:22
Seven_Six_Twotwig11, then you don't have to do that03:22
opengyanyesterday i configured it for pppoeconf at home wireless03:22
arleslieopengyan, Is there alot of electrical applicanes, between your router and your office?03:22
twig11Seven_Six_Two: except I haven't done that since earlier, when I imported that directory from a FAT drive. That means my permissions are all messed up and I should run chown right?03:23
opengyanit is just adjacent03:23
Seven_Six_Twoyou would only do that if you needed to change the owner of the files. old user bob will still own the home dir after it's created again.03:23
Ghoti__DVA5912: have you checked this page?  http://mp610.blogspot.com/2008/04/give-your-scanner-new-freshly-sane.html03:23
mechtechdva5912:  when you choose the driver, try post script driver...a generic driver that WILL work for most printers...may not have all the functionality or font support you're used to, but you will print03:23
opengyani want to try undoing ppoeconf03:23
craigbass1976what's the best way to play streaming mp3?  Looking to do what I used to with xmms03:23
=== Cryptorchild1 is now known as Cryptorchild
arleslieopengyan, is the wireless connected while outside the office?03:23
DVA5912mechtech: false. ive tryed those (the generic ones) they dont work what so ever03:23
Ghoti__craigbass1976: Rhythmboxdoes streaming audio well03:23
DVA5912Ghoti__: that worked only for the scanner. ive done that03:23
Seven_Six_Twotwig11, oh they were fat? you might want to then. and you might have to set the permissions again03:23
opengyanyea it connnect me to home network..03:24
opengyanit use to connect me to office as well ..prior to pppoeconf03:24
twig11Seven_Six_Two: I hate the thought of doing that on every directory in the heirarchy.03:24
mechtechdva5912: they're not universal, but it has been my experience that 95% of the time, they work03:24
DVA5912mechtech: unfortunently not in this case :(03:24
Seven_Six_Twotwig11, for the most part they should be 644 (-rw-r--r--)03:24
mechtechdva5912: sorry i couldn't be of more help03:24
Ghoti__DVA5912: there's a program here that claims to support your printer; 30 day trial:  http://www.turboprint.info/  However, they want €29.95 for uit03:25
mechtechdva5912: what make/model printer?03:25
arleslieopengyan, then its not a ubuntu problem or a hardware issue, thats interfarance, there's something blocking your wifi signal to your office.03:25
twig11Seven_Six_Two: you've been a help. Thanks.03:25
DVA5912mechtech: Canon Pixma MP48003:25
Seven_Six_Twotwig11, np03:25
Ghoti__DVA5912: seen on a forum:  I was able to get a Canon PIXMA MX860 All-in-One to print by setting it up as a PIXMA iP4600. To get it to work on the network, I built and installed cups-bjnp. Using the printer as an iP4600 shared via SMB from a Windows machine also worked.03:25
opengyanarleslie: oh ok....03:25
Ghoti__you could try a similar tactic03:25
mechtechdva5912: tried the Mac OS X drivers?03:25
DVA5912mechtech: you can use those?!03:26
DVA5912Ghoti__: ok when i get back into the live cd il try that03:26
DVA5912I didnt know you could use mac drivers in linux03:26
paultanozi have a question, i try to play mms support tv on Totem, can someone tell me how it should work?03:27
mechtechdva5912: it's posible...back in 56k dial-up days...if I had a nic or modem that wouldn't work, I would use the US Robotics drivers for it...often worked...MAC OS X is free bsd kernel though, but still worth a try03:27
DVA5912its a bsd kernel03:27
DVA5912i didnt know that03:27
eaglestaralright i cannot see flash videos and could see them 2 days ago can someone help me to fix it?03:28
mechtechdva5912:  yeah...2002 they introduced OS X based on the free bsd kernel with a glitsy GUI named Darwin03:28
paultanozi have a question, i try to play mms support tv on Totem, can someone tell me how it should work?03:28
DVA5912i dont know how much more of this vista i can take. it took two minutes to load up ie03:28
^SarahDVA5912: I saw vista for the first time this week, my mom's new laptop has it... she's so mad at it. ;-)03:29
DVA5912mechtech: ok well im going to get into the live cd and see what i can do. thanks. Thanks Ghoti__!03:29
DVA5912^Sarah: give her ubuntu?03:29
^SarahDVA5912: lol she didn't take to kindly to my mac, I think I will have a heck of a time convincing her of ubuntu03:30
Ghoti__DVA5912: good luck!03:30
mechtech^sarah:  just boot her up to a live cd and let her use it...then we'll see03:30
DVA5912oooh. Good luck with that ^Sarah. try this though. Take her laptop and your ubuntu (if you have that) and run them side by side and show here03:30
DVA5912thats what i did with my mom03:31
DVA5912she loves ubuntu03:31
arleslie^Sarah: you can downgrade to xp...03:31
Seven_Six_Two^Sarah, I told my mom that I would fix her comp one more time (few years ago) and if she doesn't take linux, it would be the last time, She's called for help a few times, but didn't complain much.03:31
Mannequinhi. does anyone ever had a touchpad issue that has to be fixed adding "i8042.nomux" to the kernel line on grub?03:31
mechtecharleslie:  wouldn't really call that a downgrade...LOL03:31
duckwarsis ssl, the only way to setup a password for an apache server?03:31
^SarahSeven_Six_Two: LOL that's awesome03:31
arlesliemechtech, thats true03:31
DVA5912ok. well im outa here. going to reinstall ubuntu and give this vista to the dogs..03:32
DVA5912/me takes out the vista disk and calls over roudy to eat it03:32
^Sarahmechtech:  she saw ubuntu when my ibook died last week and I turned her old dell into this ubuntu computer :)03:32
Seven_Six_Two^Sarah, I think you have to take in to account the user's skill level. She didn't really know how to use windows either (which is why she kept breaking it!) so it was an easy transition for her.03:32
brummbaeranybody know how to assign functions to media-buttons on a keyboard?03:32
brummbaer^ubuntu 903:33
mechtech^sarah:  and she still prefers windows?03:33
[R]brummbaer: the keyboard shortcuts dialog in gnome lets you do that03:33
^Sarahmechtech: yeah, she's got a lot of windows dependent programs03:33
Ghoti__brummbaer: system -> preferences -> keyboard shortcuts03:33
brummbaeroh spiff ty guys!03:33
^SarahSeven_Six_Two: my mom is practically a hacker she's awesome03:33
PROject-EmeraldWhat are the benefits of updating the Ubuntu kernel?03:33
mechtech^sarah:  that's how they get you...hook you on the software03:34
streblohow do i downgrade python to version 2.5.1?03:34
[R]PROject-Emerald: fix exploits, fix bugs, new features03:34
Seven_Six_Two^Sarah, well it might be frustrating for her at first then...knowing that you don't know is a rough place to be03:34
[R]PROject-Emerald: the same for updating anything03:34
mechtech^sarah:  I'm still hooked on the games...so are my daughters03:34
PROject-EmeraldIs it difficult? I made a 9.04 live disk when it first came out, do you think there's a new kernel out?03:34
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!03:34
^Sarahmechtech: lol yeah, not me though - I am only hooked on xbox and DS03:34
[R]PROject-Emerald: the update manager updates the kernel just like it updates antyhhing else03:35
Seven_Six_Twooops. np Paavi2_003:35
^Sarahnp! sorry03:35
streblocan i downgrade python with apt?03:36
mechtechme too *blush*03:36
PROject-Emerald[R]: Well, I have 2 frequently occurring problems and I figured maybe a kernel update would've fixed it03:37
[R]PROject-Emerald: you figured?03:37
caffemistoin completely removing proftpd from my server, i might've accidentally removed the proftpd command from /etc/init.d03:37
PROject-EmeraldYeah, because 9.10alpha fixed those problems I had03:37
caffemistoreinstalling proftpd did not bring it back LOL03:37
[R]PROject-Emerald: well w/o knowing what the "problems" are... saying 9.10 fixed it means nothing03:38
PROject-EmeraldOne is that the monitor will completely shut off / hibernate, killing everything I was doing forcing a hard restart to bring it back03:38
caffemistoso, how do i get proftpd command back into /etc/init.d?03:38
PROject-Emeraldand the other one is the OS will crash and nothing will work / clickable, and the mouse is all jumpy also forcing a hard restart.03:38
[R]PROject-Emerald: your monitor shutting off isnt' going to kill anything03:39
masterkoppaPROject-Emerald: 9.10 has alot of changes, specifically with power management and a new kernel series 2.6.3003:39
[R]neither of those sound too kernely03:39
brummbaer[R]: what if one of the media buttons doesn't seem to be getting picked up?03:39
vancomycincan someone direct me to the safest drivers or workaround for jaunty and old intel graphics drivers? i just updated and i can barely see anything on my screen. all the fonts /colors everything is out of control03:40
PROject-EmeraldWhen I'm in the middle of some huge paper I have to finish, a hard restart really isn't too good.03:40
[R]brummbaer: then you'll have to map it... there are some docs on the ubuntu wiki about it03:40
vancomycini'm not looking for editing scripts or anything. just anything official03:40
PROject-EmeraldIt doesn't come back on unless i either hold the power button down or unplug it.03:40
[R]PROject-Emerald: well if 9.10 works...03:40
meanburrito920_I'm having issues with firefox being recognized as my default browser. for example, when I select the "open link in browser" option for opening a link from Xchat, nothing happens. I get the same result with automated bug reports; they never open the browser like they should03:40
PROject-Emerald-_- someone told me not to update, that it's extremely buggy and will almost always crash03:41
brummbaer[R]: cool, thx. wasn't sure of the terminology to search for.03:41
masterkoppaPROject-Emerald: This sounds to me like a power management proble, prob from hal since it was eliminated in 9.1003:41
PROject-EmeraldAny way to fix it without updating?03:41
[R]PROject-Emerald: i use it off and on... i dindt notice it crashing horribly03:41
administrator__when connected to wifi, the notification area displays signal strength as 0, even though im connected and browsing web fine03:41
[R]PROject-Emerald: well if all your packaqges are updated... and you can't find anyone else with a similar problem and a solution... generally not03:42
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masterkoppaPROject-Emerald: I've used alphas on production machines and their of really good quality03:42
[R]administrator__: sounds like a crappy driver03:42
masterkoppaPROject-Emerald: Either way Good Luck with this issue03:42
PROject-EmeraldThanks -_-03:42
administrator__[R]: it worked fine yesterday03:43
jwalshkoro: allright, i'm back03:43
jwalshkoro: i can see the network in network manager03:43
CryptorchildI have a problem with battery state, it could not read even it's plugged into AC power or running in battery mode, help??03:43
jwalshkoro: it shows a signal strength03:43
[R]administrator__: weird03:43
jwalshkoro: but if i try to connect, it keeps asking me for auth and never actually connects03:43
jwalshmmm. anyone wanna help me debug my network connection?03:44
masterkoppaCryptorchild: can you confirm that the a/c was connected via an led licht in the laptop03:44
jwalshas much as i hate myself for saying this, windows me was working better03:44
administrator__[R]: thanks anyways,03:44
Cryptorchildit did03:45
masterkoppaCryptorchild: this happened to me once but it was a problem with the charger03:45
CryptorchildI'm using 8.10 before and all running fine03:45
Cryptorchildso I think it's not the charger03:45
AndorinI've had a problem for a while with my keyboard shortcuts. I ask for anyone who knows about them to look at this thread- and please actually read the OP. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=121450803:45
administrator__anyone else got an idea?03:46
masterkoppaCryptorchild: Try doing a restart and retesting this to see if it happens03:46
Cryptorchildmasterkoppa: I've try to run knoppix live-cd and voila the battery state could be read fine03:46
=== _MrApple_ is now known as _MrsApple_
Cryptorchildmasterkoppa: i've restart and shutdown dozens time03:47
masterkoppaCryptorchild: this has to be a hal issue then03:47
CryptorchildI'm using this 9.04 for almost a month03:47
CryptorchildMy lap: MSI Megabook S27103:47
masterkoppaCryptorchild: Did this happen when you upgraded to 9.04 or just a few days ago?03:48
Cryptorchildsome posts said by update the acpi package would resolve, but nothing happened here03:48
administrator__when connected to wifi, the notification area displays signal strength as 0, even though im connected and browsing web fine03:49
CryptorchildI"m not upgrade, clean install and yes it wont work from beginning03:49
[R]administrator__: i already told you... crappy driver03:49
konamadministrator__ i've seen that with some wifi networks nearby but not my own03:50
administrator__how do i reinstall the driver?03:50
type_twhat driver03:51
[R]administrator__: this isnt' windows... reinstalling doesnt change anything03:51
masterkoppaCryptorchild: I'm really out of ideas right now try searching the internet, not just the forums, for issues like this for your specific laptop model and see what comes up03:51
administrator__[R]: im sorry. im fairly new to linux03:51
masterkoppaCryptorchild: I;ve personally installed Ubuntu in over 40 diferent laptops and I haven't seen this issue03:52
type_tdo you know lsmod from your command line?03:52
Cryptorchildk, now it's frighten me03:52
administrator__type_t: no03:52
masterkoppaCryptorchild: Did this work with the live cd?03:53
type_twhats the problem?03:53
Cryptorchildhaven't notice it03:53
administrator__type_t: are u asking me?03:53
Cryptorchildmasterkoppa: i'll try to boot from CD and paste the result later, thanks before03:54
type_tsure spit it out let me hear the story03:54
masterkoppaCryptorchild, np03:54
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LeChacalhello, well this maybe a stupid question but do i have to install firefox3.5 maunally or will it come down as an up date for ff3.0?03:55
[R]LeChacal: there is a PPA for 3.5 i think03:56
masterkoppa!ff3.5 | LeChacal03:56
ubottuLeChacal: Firefox 3.5 Final is available for Jaunty by installing the package firefox-3.5 and firefox-3.5-gnome-support | FF3.5 is referred to as Shiretoko on your UI, see http://is.gd/1reB3 for an explanation | Hardy & Intrepid: http://is.gd/1jkNY03:56
administrator__i am connected to wifi, the notification area where it shows signal strength appears as 0. when i hover over it the tooltip says connection active. when i click on the wifi bars, the current connection isnt highlighted as normal. worked fine for 3 months and today just quit on me03:56
LeChacalthank you03:56
Cryptorchildmasterkoppa: my ati gpu doesn't work well with 9.04 either03:56
masterkoppaCryptorchild: yeah this is an issue with crappy ati drivers and the new xserver version03:57
ddaygoldi need help setting up a static ip adress03:57
masterkoppaCryptorchild: ati has allways had bad support for linux03:57
wcryercan anyone help me out i am very new to linux, ive got the wireless card on an ubuntu server seeing the network, but i cant connect, iwconfig comes up with all the details but ive got scratch03:58
masterkoppaCryptorchild: BTW if im not on when you finish testing try pm'ng me on the forums bt the same name03:58
Cryptorchildok thanks03:58
ddaygoldi need help setting up a static ip adress on my desktop03:59
brummbaerso i'm trying to use keytouch-editor to straighten out the media files, but it asks for a scan-code? i've tried following instructions (pressing the key while in bash) and still not seeing any response...03:59
brummbaer*not media files but media-function buttons on keyboard.03:59
type_tyou know how to run command  arp -D wifi004:00
administrator__type_t: i can try04:00
administrator__type_t: it says unknown host04:01
type_ttry arp alone and be sudo..04:02
administrator__type_t: that command only showed ethernet and no wifi04:03
wcryerwhats the best gui for ubuntu04:04
[R]wcryer: huh?04:04
wcryerwindow manager maybe, like gnome is one i think04:04
[R]wcryer: there is no "best"... its wahtevef you like04:05
administrator__[R]: i think he means gnome, kde etc04:05
masterkoppawcryer: this is dependent on your likes and dislikes04:05
wcryerok if im new to linux and im trying to setup an old latop to be a file print server what would you recomment04:05
masterkoppawcryer: gnome04:05
wcryeris there a way to load it on without having to use a dvd04:06
Dr_williswcryer:  netboot, if you cant boot from usb..04:07
masterkoppawcryer: you can create a usb key with the live cd04:07
Dr_willisif you cant netboot.. well.. floppy disk? :) or put hd in a different box.. install.. replace..04:07
wcryerhow about an external hd?04:07
masterkoppasame as usb boot04:07
wcryerright now its running mint off of a cd04:08
wcryerk ill see what i can do thanks04:08
Dr_willisrunning off a cd? then you can cd boot.. so whats the issue?04:08
wcryeri havent found gnome small enough for a cd04:09
wcryerit doesnt have a dvd player04:09
=== adam8 is now known as adam7
Dr_williswcryer:  Huh?  what does havind a dvd player have to do with a file print server?04:09
Dr_williswcryer:  I run gnome/ubuntu off my 4gb usb flash drive all the time...04:10
Dr_williswcryer:  or the live cd..04:10
* Dr_willis is confused04:10
wcryerim saying i cant use a dvd disc to get gnome04:10
[R]wcryer: who said you had to use a dvd?04:10
Dr_willisso.. err.. ubuntu comes on a cd iso as well. most people use the cd iso file..04:10
* Dr_willis is still confused04:11
wcryerthats what i was trying before04:11
wcryerdont worry about it04:11
Dr_willisperhaps its time to go back to the original problem.04:11
wcryeri just need to know how to boot from an external hd now04:11
Dr_willistell the bios to boot from it.. if it can04:11
wcryerdoes the image need to be the only thing on the hd04:11
wcryerfor it to boot04:12
Dr_williswcryer:  imnage? you dont boot a iso image file from a usb drive..04:12
Dr_williswcryer:  you  have to some how install to the usb drive.04:12
alex___wcryer: Are you trying to put it on a usb key or onto an external HDD?04:12
wcryerdont have usb only external HDD04:12
alex___wcryer: Then I'm 80% sure you can just tell it to install to that hard drive.04:13
alex___wcryer: Boot into the live cd and install it to that external HDD04:13
=== administrator__ is now known as plaseo
wcryerwhat if there is other stuff on the HDD i need?04:13
type_tadministrator so whats the device for your wireless04:13
alex___wcryer: Then either don't devote the whole HDD, or back it up first.04:13
AndorinI've had a problem for a while with my keyboard shortcuts. I ask for anyone who knows about them to look at this thread- and please actually read the OP. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=121450804:14
kjkjavawhat are the numbers at the front of each line in dmesg?04:14
wcryerhave you ever heard of apt-get to install a minimal version of gnome04:14
[R]kjkjava: relative time from bootup04:14
wcryeri just stumbled onto something that mentions that04:14
kjkjava[R], measured in seconds?04:14
Dr_williswcryer:  i saw a 'minimal ubuntu/gnome' disrto variant on DisrtoWatch web site the other day.04:14
[R]kjkjava: sure04:15
plaguehivcan anyone help me to find some sick movies? extep for Martyrs, hostel 1-2 and the saw movies. any plz :P04:15
plaseotype_t: i think its a broadcom wifi card and a linksys router04:15
kjkjava[R], really accurate to six decimals?  a lot happens at 0.00000004:15
PMantisHi! Does anyone have a good howto for installing DRDB on Jaunty? Installing drdb0.7-module-source  then using m-a is failing compile.04:15
[R]plaguehiv: and movies have what to do with ubuntu?04:15
Dr_williswcryer:  I can get a full ubuntu install on a 6gb or so.. so  its rather small as it is. :) that one i saw was  under 800mb installed  i think04:15
=== saulus_ is now known as SauLus
plaseotype_t: srry my name changed, i dont know why it did that04:16
alex___plaseo: What about a broadcom wifi card and linksys router?04:16
wcryerthink this will work04:16
Dr_williswcryer:   whats your exact needs? im still muddy on that.04:16
=== Phoenix|Away is now known as Phoenix
plaseoalex__: notification area says signal strength is 0 even though im connected fine04:17
type_tplaseo you can change the wifi channel to trigger it to try to find a match to your AP and what type of signal04:17
mcpancakesthe oddest thing has happened to me-- you know how file types are associated with programs so when you click them, ubuntu knows which program to open them in? or with text files, an icon will be a small preview of the first couple lines/letters of the file? oddly, my installation seems to have lost that ability. that is, every file is now the generic white piece of paper icon, and everything attempts to open in gedit.04:17
wcryerhaha im not exactly sure, i want a simple interface for network manager so once i have the window manager it is easy to setup my wireless network to wpa again cause i had to turn it off cause i couldnt figure it out from the command line04:18
type_twit command sudo iwconfig channel 1104:18
masterkoppamcpancakes: ... now thats some bad stuff04:18
chris__i accidentally closed my bar menu on the bottom part of the screen, how do i get it back04:19
masterkoppamcpancakes: what is messed up is called mime-types04:19
type_tbut 11 has to be the channel the AP is using too.04:19
masterkoppamcpancakes: try searching for ways to rebuild this index04:19
masterkoppachris__ : do you mean the panel or the menu itself?04:20
mcpancakesmasterkoppa: alright, thanks for pointing me in some direction.04:20
masterkoppamcpancakes: np04:20
plaseotype_t: i dont know what channel it is using04:23
alex___Andorin: You still here?04:23
Andorinalex___: Yo.04:24
=== Lenin_Cat is now known as ResidentCommie
hdonhey, rhythmbox doesn't support .pls playlists that streaming radio often uses. what gives?04:24
alex___Andorin: Have you tried System -> Keyboard Shortcuts and manually putting in the buttons?04:24
Andorinalex___: Yes. Did you check the first post of the thread I linked to?04:25
type_tthe Acces Point you mean? well when you do sudo iwconfig wifiblah0 channel 2 and keep doing it 1- 11 you should cycle up until it lets you know.04:25
alex___Andorin: Yup, I did.04:25
NOM1Im Having an issue with 'FireFox v3.0.04:25
Andorinalex___: Well, I've already gone through what seems to be the standard troubleshooting- the shortcuts menu, xev, etc. Some guy in IRC concluded that something is intercepting specific key presses.04:26
felipe__Guys, I'm brazilian. I try to configure my keyboard correctly but I couldn't. I try to change the language in login, but there is no portuguese option. Should I install any package?04:26
alex___Andorin: I couldn't tell with how you said it if you had gone into that menu and tried to set them up04:26
NOM1Having an issue with 'FireFox v3.0, would anyone be able to give me a hand??04:26
lstarnesNOM1: what issue?04:26
korofelipe__: where do you go to change the keyboard settings?04:27
Andorinalex___: Alright, my bad. Also, I am positive this is not a hardware issue: it's across two separate computers and changing the shortcuts to something other than their little hotkeys doesn't fix it.04:27
plaseoIEEE 802.11bg  ESSID:"SSIDPS3"  Nickname:""04:27
plaseo          Mode:Managed  Frequency:2.412 GHz  Access Point: 00:21:29:D9:DE:7104:27
plaseo          Bit Rate=54 Mb/s   Tx-Power:32 dBm04:27
plaseo          Retry min limit:7   RTS thr:off   Fragment thr:off04:27
plaseo          Power Managementmode:All packets received04:27
plaseo          Link Quality=5/5  Signal level=-53 dBm  Noise level=-95 dBm04:27
FloodBot1plaseo: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:27
johnny5I'm using ubuntu and I have been trying to get hulu to work. I've installed flash but it doesn't seem to be working can anyone help me?04:28
alex___Andorin: And the fact that it works in xev suggests it's not hardware =P04:28
Andorinalex___: That too. =P04:28
simonhI know this may sound odd but I can't click in ubuntu04:28
NOM1lstarnes:when i try to log into my school account, it gives me an error message, "Unable to connect to host - Session: Unable to connect to host:  hydra.sheridaninstitute.ca04:28
simonhleft click and tapping touchpad select nothing but right click works04:28
NOM1lstarnes:when i try to log into my school account, it gives me an error message, "Unable to connect to host - Session: Unable to connect to host:  hydra.sheridaninstitute.ca04:29
felipe__koro: System --> Keyboard (or something like that)04:29
bullgard4What does the letter 'f' stand for in the command 'fuser'? Is it 'file'?04:29
apoleo12Why am I getting quite a few keys that arent in the right charater for each key in bash?04:29
lstarnesNOM1: I saw the first time.  please refrain from unnecessary repeating04:29
korofelipe__: there's no portuguese option there/04:29
lstarnesNOM1: it looks like that host is down04:30
lstarnesNOM1: or otherwise inaccessible04:30
NOM1lstarnes: i can log in via IE8 (Vista), right now.04:30
plaseoappearently my wifi is on eth104:31
lstarnesNOM1: is that part of a local school intranet?04:31
felipe__koro: I have a laptop with a USA keyboard...04:31
unkmarMy pulseaudio has crapped out.04:31
korofelipe__: i don't get it then04:31
korofelipe__: you want an usa keyboard that works like a brazilian one?04:31
NOM1lstarnes: i am logging in from my home right now, no special security or software required.04:31
unkmarI need to restart it.  I attempted: sudo /etc/init.d/pulseaudio restart04:31
unkmarI also tried independant. stop and start.  That didn't work.04:32
wcryeri just installed gnome using apt-get and rebooted but still have the command line. how do i start it?04:32
lstarnesNOM1: I'll try with a different browser04:32
felipe__koro: yes....I remember i have to change the language in session04:32
NOM1lstarnes: ok04:32
alex___wcryer: Um... are you using Ubuntu Server?04:33
lexxyhi all04:33
alex___wcryer: Did you get the X window session thing?04:33
lstarnesNOM1: same error04:33
lexxy I need some help with an AR 9170 driver install04:33
wcryeralex__: whats that04:34
lexxybasically I want to know how I can activate the card04:34
Ganymedehi, i'm trying to set up my ubuntu laptop as a wireless router. i'd like it to be key-free, e.g. anyone can connect (yes, i know the dangers of this, i know what i am getting into), here is my current /etc/network/interfaces: http://pastebin.com/d4fe0d64c but after doing sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart, i try to connect to the AP, which shows up in a scan from another computer, but says it's WPA204:34
type_tdo sudo iwconfig eth1 up promisc04:34
lstarnesNOM1: can you try reloading it in IE8?04:34
type_tdo sudo ifconfig eth1 up promisc sorry04:34
alex___wcryer: X session is what Gnome or KDE or xfice etc runs in04:35
rojashi i have really problem whit xubuntu?04:35
apoleo12Does anyone have problem with characters in bash?04:35
lstarnesrojas: that's not a question04:35
rojaswho sould help me? please04:35
wcryeralex___: ok how do i get that04:35
NOM1lstarnes: i just logged in via IE8.04:35
lstarnesrojas: we need to know what the problem is before we can help you04:35
alex___wcryer: That depends... how did you install gnome? lol04:36
felipe__koro: It works! install these packages language-pack-pt language-pack-pt-base. Thanks04:36
lstarnesrojas: what problems are you having?04:36
rojasfirst, how can i mount the windows files in desktop04:36
wcryeralex___:sudo apt-get -y install gnome-core gdm network-manager-gnome fast-user-switch-apple04:36
lstarnesNOM1: are you absolutely sure that you're not using some sort of intranet with IE8?04:36
greengiantrojas: mount a file??? do you mean a windows partition on a harddrive???04:36
alex___wcryer: then just type /etc/init.d/gdm start04:37
korofelipe__: you did it yourself :)04:37
=== WelshDragon is now known as Fluffles
NOM1lstarnes: im sure, i have not made any changes to either laptop. This problem just started as soon as i updated FireFox.04:37
rojasyes cuz of i know how to find them with nautilius04:37
lstarnesNOM1: I checked another site and it's reporting that hydra.sheridaninstitute.ca is down too04:38
wcryeralex___: it says command not found04:38
rojasbut i want to put it in mty desktop when i begin my xubuntu04:38
rojasthat can be posible?04:38
duckwarsIs there any very simple way to add a password to my apache server?04:38
NOM1lstarnes: could it possibly have something to do with some sort of network settings that may have changed on my laptop??04:39
alex___wcryer: Then try sudo aptitude install x-window-system-core then try the other command again04:39
JoAnneThraxI just booted with my laptop connected to my external monitor for the first time, and everything is "squashed" on both monitors.  How do I fix this?04:39
plaseotype_t: command did nothin04:40
=== richard is now known as Guest59427
iJerkJoAnneThrax, Explain "squashed"04:40
alex___JoAnneThrax: Do you have the nvidia or ATI control centers?04:40
wcryeralex___: still doesn't like it after that x-window thing runs through fine04:40
donavan_can anyone tell me how why my when I copy audio files to my mp3 player it gets them all out of order even if I copy them one at a time in order04:40
JoAnneThraxalex: ATI04:40
alex___wcryer: Hmm... have you tried rebooting after installing gnome?04:41
alex___JoAnneThrax: Do you have CCC installed though?04:41
quintonAnyone here familiar with networking(bridging) ?04:41
iJerkdonavan_, Rename your Audo Files to include numbers?  01-iJerk.mp3 -- 02-iCry.mp3 -- etc?04:41
JoAnneThraxiJerk: everything is "stretched" horizontally more than it was...04:41
wcryeralex___: yeah maybe again after what i just did, ill let ya know04:41
lstarnesNOM1: it depends on what your settings were before04:41
JoAnneThraxalex___: I'm not familiar with CCC04:41
alex___JoAnneThrax: How did you install the ATI Drivers?04:42
lstarnesNOM1: but I think the site is most likely broken right now04:42
maccam942is there a way to change the LCD backlight level on the command line?04:42
alex___quinton: Um... what are you trying to do? I may be able to help04:42
maccam942the hal script seems to have died04:42
iJerkJoAnneThrax, If you're talking about your wallpaper... Everything but wallpaper... then that's normal.04:42
user01hey when i am a user and i try to switch to another account the x-terminal switches to 640x48004:42
JoAnneThraxalex___: They installed when I installed the OS.  Just a second; I'll check the card-type04:42
JoAnneThraxiJerk: No, not the walpaper.04:42
quintonalex__, im not sure how to send a pm back =/04:43
user01and i cant change it in the other account04:43
NOM1lstarnes: alright, thanks for the help. i was just finding it really odd that i could not access it with FireFox but could with IE8.:-/04:43
rojasi need to know how can i mount the windows particion on my desktop on xubuntu?04:43
rojashelp me please04:43
lstarnesNOM1: IE8 might be caching something04:43
alex___quinton: It's not a PM, just if you use the other persons nick in the message, it triggers a highlight to make the other person able to see it easier.04:43
NOM1lstarnes: true04:43
lstarnesNOM1: otherwise, it not working in firefox but working in IE wouldn't make much sense04:43
JoAnneThraxI'm tallking about EVERYTHING.  The little square icons in Windowmaker, for example, are no longer squares04:44
wcryeralex___: still doesn't like that, what am i trying to do so i can search for something04:44
alex___JoAnneThrax: If you haven't manually installed the drivers, then you don't have them... Go to ATI's website and install the latest drivers04:44
quintonalex___: ah okay mb. I need to bridge my Xbox 360 and my ubuntu install. I've done it on Windows many times04:44
iJerk!ics > quinton04:44
ubottuquinton, please see my private message04:44
JoAnneThraxVideo card's ATI Mobility RADEON® HD 3670 - 512MB204:44
alex___wcryer: Your trying to run an X Session and Gnome Desktop Manager04:44
quintonalex___: I've got it working about half. I can get the bridge up and my xbox connected but ii lose connection on my pc04:44
NOM1lstarnes: i was able to access it a couple of weeks ago, this is an odd problem. something very stupid, probably.04:45
user01is it a gdm issue?04:45
JoAnneThraxalex____: they've been working fine for the last five days...it's only when I plugged in the HD external monitor that it's squashed everything (on both)04:45
JoAnneThraxalex___: Given that do you still think it's a driver issue?04:46
alex___JoAnneThrax: You've been running it as if you've been running Windows in "VGA Mode"... you only have basic use of the card, not all the functions.04:46
windasilver anggel04:46
JoAnneThraxalex___: Ah...04:46
quintonalex___: However, when I run commands to set the default gateway on my pc and dhclient eth0, I can get internet access for about a second or two on my pc then it drops back out04:46
=== ResidentCommie is now known as Lenin_Cat
user01can you fix it for the next release?04:46
alex___JoAnneThrax: I think the first thing to try is the driver. if that doesn't work we can try something else.04:46
alex___quinton: So... are you saying your having problems with the internet all together, or just to the xbox?04:47
user01or is it an issue with the proprietary nvidia driver that wouldnt be?04:47
quintonalex___: Well with the bridge up, my xbox works, not my pc. With the bridge down, pc works but not xbox(internet connection i mean)04:47
JoAnneThraxalex___: should I get the linux x86_64 version?04:47
alex___JoAnneThrax: Did you install the 64 bit or the 32 bit OS?04:48
JoAnneThraxThe processor's 64 bit; I'm assuming ubuntu could determine?04:48
alex___quinton: Hmm... that's odd lol. Sorry, I'm not sure what to tell you04:48
alex___JoAnneThrax: What ISO did you download?04:48
JoAnneThraxIt didn't give me the option of chosing it manually...04:48
* JoAnneThrax did a network install...04:48
alex___JoAnneThrax: Oh...04:49
JoAnneThraxIs there a way I can tell which is installed?  It seems to recognize the full 4GB of RAM...04:49
quintonalex___: Like when i use konsole:  inup br0 , my xbox connects fine. but my pc internet is down. so i use sudo route add default gateway then dhclient eth1 and my internet works for like 2 secs then quits while my xbox remains connected. it's weird.04:49
lstarnesJoAnneThrax: uname -m04:49
JoAnneThraxOkay.  It's the 6404:50
JoAnneThraxJust a minute.  I'll download...04:50
alex___JoAnneThrax: Kk.04:50
alex___Thanks lstarnes =)04:50
phpDEMONhow do you use ext4 on jaunty04:50
alex___quinton: How is your modem xbox pc etc connected together?04:51
jorknowhey all. anyone a little familiar with Wine and such?04:51
alex___jorknow: Somewhat, what's up.04:51
JoAnneThraxalex___: I don't see my particular card listed...04:51
trainercan i have an advice, for setting squid on ubuntu server 8.0404:52
jorknowalex___: I'm trying to use Palringo, and it installed fine, but the font interface on it is HORRIBLE. I'm wondering if Ubuntu could be messing with the fonts, or if its Wine it's self04:52
donavan_iJerk I tried that I have them named 1,2,3,4,5..... and then wind up in the player as 4,3,5,2,1.... its making me crazy cause im trying to listen to audio books and the order is kind of important04:52
Dr_willistrainer:  what sort of advice? squid is not too hard to get going.04:52
quintonalex___: Yeah, the ethernet from my pc connects to the back of my pc.  I use my windows mobile internet connnection sharing as a usb modem for my internet04:53
alex___jorknow: http://appdb.winehq.org/ you can look up the program here and find out more about if it works in wine04:53
LacobFHow do I fix my software sources, or find the list of default ones.04:53
jorknowit says it works fine.04:53
alex___JoAnneThrax: The ATI Radeon HD 4670 one should do you04:53
alex___JoAnneThrax: Wait04:53
alex___JoAnneThrax: Sorry, misread your gfx card... hang on04:54
alex___quinton: Sorry m8... I have no idea why it's doing that04:54
quintonalex___: Yeah. I have one idea of what  might be causing it I'm going to try. Thanks anyway :)04:54
trainerwhere is to find whole script about squid.conf?04:54
apoleo12Why are the characters are different in bash than in Xwindows bash?04:54
=== kompi07 is now known as seno
JoAnneThraxalex___: It's an ATI Mobility...there's an ATI Radeon HD 3xxx series, but I'm not seeing that under ATI Mobility...04:55
Dr_willisapoleo12:  what characters? you mean the fonts? console vs xterm or gnome-terminal?04:55
apoleo12pls help me with this one?04:55
quintonalex____; if you get a sec to look and see if i did something wrong, i have a forum post up: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=121974204:55
trainerDr_willis: where is to find whole script about squid.conf?04:56
tuxwulfCan I get rid of the menu 'Places'...?04:57
alex___JoAnneThrax: Hmm... then go System -> Administration -> Hardware Drivers04:57
=== Royall_ is now known as Royall
Dr_willistrainer:  i would check the file for comments.. and the squid docs, and theres proberly a dozen  web sites that discuss  configring it for specific tasks.04:57
lstarnestuxwulf: I don't believe that's possible04:57
tuxwulf... too bad...04:58
Ghoti__Can anyone tell me why some entries in the same .XCompose file work on one system but not on another?04:58
alex___JoAnneThrax: And select the ATI/AMD Proprietary Graphics Driver thing and enable it.04:58
lstarnestuxwulf: why would you need to disable it?04:58
trainerDr_willis: it's about configuring bandwidth limiter on my local network04:58
tuxwulfIstarnes > ... Just not useful.04:58
tuxwulfFor me.04:58
trainerusing single ISP04:58
Dr_willistrainer:  i would have to say check the squid docs/forums - ive never done that. no idea if its even doable.04:59
trainerok thank you04:59
JoAnneThraxalex___: I suppose there's no way to do that without rebooting into gnome or somesuch...04:59
alex___JoAnneThrax: Your not in Ubuntu right now?05:00
JoAnneThraxYes, I'm in ubuntu; I'm just not running the default windows manager.05:01
SnakDocwhats best way to image your system for quick recovery ?05:01
alex___JoAnneThrax: Then which are you running?05:01
Dr_willisJoAnneThrax:  most all gnome apps can run in windowmaker.05:01
JoAnneThraxOkay...what's the app called?05:02
Dr_willisJoAnneThrax:  app to do what? :)05:02
alex___JoAnneThrax: It's just called Hardware Drivers05:02
ARMENIANwhy doesnt ubuntu have audacious version 2.1 in the repo? the version it has is 1.5105:02
Dr_willisthe hardware-drver tools' cli command is 'jockey-gtk'05:02
Dr_willisi think05:02
Dr_willis!find jockey05:02
quintonARMENIAN: did you upgrade your repository with sudo apt-get?05:02
ubottuFound: jockey-common, jockey-gtk, jockey-kde05:02
JoAnneThraxARMENIAN: same reason it doesn't have Firefoxz\ 3.505:02
Dr_willisand ive NO idea why its called that.05:02
jedi06how do i see all the wireless routers and their channels they broadcast on?05:02
ARMENIANJoAnneThrax: and what reason is that? :)05:03
jimkJoAnneThrax: jockey-gtk is what you are looking for05:03
ARMENIANquinton: sudo apt-get update? yeah05:03
JoAnneThraxOkay...it's downloading and installing already.  It prompted me right away.05:03
quintonARMENIAN: yeah you might have to add auacious's repository if they have one. Speaking of old old-dated stuff in there, they have a really old version of wine too(wasn't aware until I found out today). Do you know anywhere to report outdated software in the repository?05:04
Dr_willisJoAnneThrax:  its magical! :)05:04
JoAnneThraxWell, it SAYS it's downloading and installing.  Still at 0%, however05:04
mazda01_trying to connect to user level security smb share where the password has a ! and a @ in it. how would I do this from mac os x? i have tried surrounding the password both single quotes and double quotes and neither have worked. I have to enter something like this: smb://user:password@host/share    but I can't figure out how to enter the password.05:04
jedi06how do i see what channel all the wireless routers i'm picking up are broadcasting on?05:04
Dr_willisquinton:  ubuntu dosent consider that a bug. it updates everything eveyr 6mo (approxamatly)05:05
Dr_willisquinton:  if you want the latest wine - use the winehq repos.05:05
Madpilotquinton, you could file a bug, but version updates are only done per release - every six months05:05
JoAnneThraxWhen (if) it downloads and installs, will I still have to do some manual configuring?05:05
quintonmadpilot: oh wow D:05:05
ARMENIANquinton: nah no clue hwere to report :( odd that ubuntu is the most popular rep yet so many things are outdated and yes i did know about wine being outdated, anyway I'm probably just gonna get the package from getdeb.net05:05
Dr_willisquinton:  also ive heard some games dont work as well with version .25 of wine..  they work better with the .24 version  (no idea why, just learned it from reading some forums)05:05
alex___JoAnneThrax: It should get you CCC with it, reboot... if your still having troubles try the settings in CCC05:05
JoAnneThraxIt's still at 0%...that can't possibly be good...05:06
mazda01_Madpilot: however. some people who are ambitous create PPA's and update a package version but you can start breaking stuff on accident if you use PPA's that have uipdated versions. sometimes that is.05:06
JoAnneThraxalex___: Just run "CCC" at a commandline?05:06
juanbondhey guys, is there a way to automatically start remote desktop when the machine boots?  the only reason why i ask is if i reboot my machine, i need to login first, then remote desktop starts to listen.  i was wondering if there's a way for it to listen before a user logs in?05:06
alex___JoAnneThrax: It's amdcccle05:06
Madpilotmazda01, true. I use PPAs for a couple of apps, myself05:06
quintonDr_willis: Yeah I got the latest today. This isn't my gaming rig, got a quadcore with a 9800gtx+ running windows for that :P. Do you have any clue on getting photoshop running perhaps? I have CS4 and crashes at splash screen.05:06
juanbondor is there another solution to remotely manage my machine, besides ssh.05:06
JoAnneThraxalex___: And that's a video configuration app?05:06
SnakDoc whats best way to image your system for quick recovery ?05:07
Dr_willisjuanbond:  if you dont want to share the current visiable desktop. you can just use 'vnc4server' or 'tightvnc' and have a  remote desktop running.. thats NOT displayed locally.05:07
alex___JoAnneThrax: Yeah. But you might not have any problems at all after reboot05:07
Dr_willisjuanbond:  or set up gdm to autologin :)05:07
JoAnneThraxWill that let me do things like set it up for dual monitor and the various resolutions and all that...05:07
quintonARMENIAN: yeah same. I used OpenSuse 10.2 for about a month then went back to windows and just came back. YasT always seemed updated though. Apparently they only update them every six months.05:07
alex___JoAnneThrax: Yup. all that05:07
JoAnneThraxOh, good...it started downloading.05:07
mazda01_Madpilot: yeah. I have used it for pulseaudio, docky, and some others. haven't had any troubles as of yet. do you know how to connect to a smb password share where the password has punctuation in it?05:07
JoAnneThraxI'm going to reboot.  BRB05:07
juanbondDr_willis, is that something like how Terminal Services work for Windows?05:07
Madpilotmazda01, no idea, never used smb05:07
jedi06how do i see what channel all the wireless routers i'm picking up are broadcasting on? so i can set mine to a different channel05:08
ARMENIANquinton: hmm, yeah I might even give archlinux a try too, ubuntu has been good for me as a beginner, but this whole everything being outdated is not too good05:08
Dr_willisjuanbond:  no idea. i dont use that for windows.. I just have used vnc a LOT over the last few years... its a very flexiable tool. and shareing the 'currently displayed desktop' is just ONE way of using it to get a 'remote' desktop. and my least favorite way to use it.05:08
mazda01_jedi06:  what is your wireless interface? ath0, wifi0 or what. i can tell you a command to run which should show you the  channel each router is on05:08
jedi06yes please05:09
quintonARMENIAN: Have you used Opensuse? It has a really good setup for KDE, if you haven't tried it yet. I'm on Kubuntu, not Ubuntu as I can't stand GNOME :p. Honestly, if I need something bad enough like an app i'll go to their website and make sure its the latest version, but i wish they upgraded it on the fly.05:09
Dr_willisjuanbond:  you can install vnc4server. edit the .vnc/xstartup and then 'ssh' into the server. start 'vncserver' then connect via a vnc client. No need for  a local running gnome session at all. :) and the desktop will be persistant.  You can  close the vnc viewer and reconnect at a later time.. or from a differnt box.05:09
mazda01_Dr_willis: i use x11vnc to log into my already logged in sesison. I love it. I ssh in first, then create a tunnel for x11vnc. it's great.05:10
bullgard4What does the letter 'f' stand for in the command 'fuser'? Is it 'file'?05:10
jedi06mazda01, it is either eth0 or eth105:10
jedi06probably eth105:10
rojassorry disk manager is in repositori?05:10
ARMENIANquinton: yeah I've given opensuse a try, I'm the complete opposite of you when it comes to guis, I can't stand KDE :P part of the reason i couldnt deal with openSUSE :P05:10
JoAnneThraxalex___, et. al.: thank you very much!05:10
Dr_willismazda01_:  thats just one way to use vnc...  i never use x11vnc i find it slower.. but im on a local lan. so i never need to tunnle either.05:10
JoAnneThraxIt seems to be working fine.05:10
mazda01_jedi06: that can't be your wireless connection, at least I don't think it can. eth0 and eth1 are normally your ethernet card, not your wireless card. what does lspci -v return>?05:10
Dr_willismazda01_:  if on a local lan. you can also use 'xming' on windows to export the X desktop/apps to appear on your windows machines. :)05:11
mazda01_Dr_willis:  what vnc server is faster and that allows you to see the current users session?05:11
quintonARMENIAN: :O! KDE is so amazing =[. KDE4 is really intuitive and fun to use :p05:11
bullgard4'~$ man umountfs; No manual entry for umountfs.' Why is there no manual page for umountfs?05:11
alex___JoAnneThrax: Sorry I led you in circles trying to make sure you got the newest driver =P05:11
Dr_willismazda01_:  i fimd shareing the current session slows them all down.. the only 2 that i see that can do that are x11vnc and the built in gnome one.. there may be others.. I rarely use it that way05:12
mazda01_bullgard4: can;t you just check the man page for umount?05:12
alex___quinton: Have you tried LinuxMINT?05:12
apoleo12Why does in bash have different keymappings than in X?05:12
jedi06mazda01, it is eth105:12
juiceejuiceis anyone running 2.6.31 with iwlagn driver on karmic or otherwise?05:12
jedi06802.11 WiFi (eth1)05:12
mazda01_Dr_willis:  oh, i see.05:12
quintonalex___: Nah. I saw it mentioned once, no clue what it is.05:12
alex___quinton: Supposedly they are supposed to have more updates than any other distro05:12
ARMENIANquinton: I've actually installed KDE over gnome on my ubuntu install to give it a try, and it's more resource intensive and it actually crashed my video card or something whenever i would minimize and maxamize things really fast or do somehting only slightly graphics card intensive, with gnome i dont have that problem05:13
novalysHello, I got a silly question... Where can I change the number of virtual desktops on the new Ubuntu 9.04? I'm not able to find this...05:13
mazda01_jedi06:  then run this: iwconfig -i eth1 scanning. I think that's the command05:13
jedi06just tell me how to discover what each wireless router chanell is05:13
bullgard4mazda01_: I did not say that I cannot. But this does not answer my question.05:13
ARMENIANalex___: ive tried linuxmint, didn't like it too much05:13
alex___novalys: One option is to right click on your virtual desktops on your menu bar and select preferences05:13
alex___AREMENIAN: I never actually installed it, just put it on my usb key once lol05:14
quintonalex___: Meh. I like Kubuntu a lot, and the outdated repositories don't bother me too much. Although I was bit upset when I couldn't get WINE working with Digsby and turns out I didn't have the right WINE version :p05:14
JoAnneThraxokay...here's something...05:14
quintonARMENIAN: I'm assuming your PC is lackluster then haha05:14
JoAnneThraxThe external monitor is, theoretically, 1920x1080...05:14
alex___quinton: I gotta agree with ARMENIAN... I'm a gnome fan =D and my comp has great hardware, so that isn't the prob =P05:14
mazda01_what does my id_rsa key have to have for owner:group and permissions. I can't seem to get it to work on my mac even though the same key works for my other linux and windows machines.05:14
novalysalex___: I tried that, It only gives my a Columns and rows option, even when I change the number they are still only 2.. :(05:14
ARMENIANquinton: nah, it's not too shabby built it 3.5 years ago ati 3200, 1 gig ram, x800gt, 1tb HD, 320 GB HD05:15
quintonARMENIAN: I've always come from windows, and I would consider KDE as an Aeroish interface, way more stylish and looks fantastic but is more resource intensive, but GNOME is like the old windows 98, ugly but quick05:15
alex___novalys: There isn't a number of Workspaces option on yours??05:15
Bossmanhello all can i get some help plz05:15
JoAnneThrax...but in amdcccle, it only lets me choose a 1366x786 desktop size...05:15
mazda01_bullgard4: i don't know what umountfs is for anyway. sorry05:15
mazda01_Bossman: just ask your question.05:15
SnakDocwhats best way to image your system for quick recovery ?05:15
novalysalex___: nop.. I google this before comming here all info. point that same direction but mine isn't showing that.05:15
bullgard4mazda01_: Ok.05:15
jedi06mazda01, nope unknown command eth105:16
alex___novalys: Now THAT is wierd...05:16
quintonalex___: I just couldn't do it. I mean look at this screenshot of tweaking the plasma for like an hour: http://i25.tinypic.com/2e1hc3q.jpg .. That's just sexy.05:16
JoAnneThraxDo I have to install xinerama separately in order to do the dual-desktop thing?05:16
ARMENIANquinton: i don't think gnome is too ugly :P just simpler05:16
novalysalex___: It's a 64bit fresh installation05:16
mazda01_SnakDoc:  in ubuntu, I use sbackup. it's got a gui, easy to use and I have done a restore from it before. or you could just tarball everything up also. there are so many guides, just gogle backup ubuntu and you'll find tons.05:16
alex___quinton: Is that AWM?05:16
ARMENIANquinton: KDE seems like an easier switch for someone who likes the Windows look05:16
Bossmanokay and am trying to change the owner on a folder and the files in the folder and i did chown but it only changed the main folder05:17
quintonalex___: AWM?05:17
ManneequinHi anyone knows how to install ubuntu on mac ?05:17
=== dreamy_ is now known as dreamy
ARMENIANquinton: all the icons and everything were really big, taking up more screen space it seems :P05:17
quintonARMENIAN: I come from Windows :p. Namely, Windows 7. I'm used to it looking good.05:17
blognewbhey guys05:17
jedi06i get a Link Quality:2  Signal level:177  Noise level:17605:17
mazda01_JoAnneThrax: are yo running the proprietary nvidia driver or do you have another video card? because I have found nvidia-settings sets up dual screen or twinview super easily.05:17
jedi06that bad?05:17
mazda01_jedi06:  so it doesn05:17
SnakDocmazda01_ i know they on google but was wanting to find someone that has used a certain app i just don't want to  have to download everything again lol05:17
mazda01_'t show the channel?05:17
quintonARMENIAN: My panel at the bottom I made big as a dock of sorts, it had the default kde tiny panel at the bottom05:17
JoAnneThraxmazda01: proprietary AMD/ATI05:18
ARMENIANquinton: yeah  i actually was using Windows 7 shortly before switching to ubuntu, WIndows 7 isn't too shabby itself05:18
alex___quinton: Isn't that panel at the bottom AWN?05:18
alex___quinton: Isn't that panel at the bottom AWM?05:18
mazda01_SnakDoc: i said I use sbackup. very easy app to use.05:18
ARMENIANquinton: different tastes, different tastes05:18
quintonalex___: It's just a regular Panel thru KDE, you can tweak the height and width and whatnot on the fly05:18
alex___quinton: There is a program called AWM you can use in gnome that looks exactly like that05:18
mazda01_can anyone please tell me what the owner:group and permissions are suppose to be for a private key?05:18
ARMENIANquinton: u can do it in gnome also :)05:18
legend2440Bossman: chown -r  will change owner of folder and any files inside05:19
Bossmanty legend244005:19
JoAnneThraxand is it limiting me to 1366x768 on the external only because I'm currently mirroring the laptop's native display (which is only that size)?05:19
ARMENIANgnome has more users overall I beleive, correct?05:19
quintonARMENIAN: Yeah MS definitely got W7 right, but it can't hold a candle to Kubuntu from what I've seen. The only thing keeping me from using Kubuntu full time is Photoshop(I'm a web designer D:) and this network bridge05:19
alex___JoAnneThrax: You have to make them seperate desktops to make them seperate resolutions =(*05:19
mazda01_ARMENIAN: i would say gnome has more users, that's my opinion.05:19
JoAnneThraxalex: ah.  Got it.05:19
quintonalex___: I like all my animations like the cover flow alt-tab, the desktop cube, the wobbly desktop. I'm a flashy guy :P05:19
SnakDocmazda01_ thanks :)05:19
alex___quinton: Compiz + AWM + Emerald FTW05:19
blognewbhey guys what do these lines do::-> touch /etc/init.d/hwclock.sh05:20
blognewbapt-get update05:20
blognewbapt-get -u upgrade05:20
ubuntuoops wrong channel :P05:20
alex___quinton: You can do all that in Gnome05:20
ubuntubtw im racecar5605:20
ARMENIANquinton: if I'm gonna get windows 7 I'm gonna bootleg it :P , for that reason I'm using Ubuntu05:20
alex___quinton: That is Compiz05:20
blognewbexactly what does it try to upgrade?05:20
quintonalex___: Tbh, KDE is built in :p05:20
JoAnneThraxalex___: I'm currently VGAed to the external; I'm getting an HDMI cable in a few days.  Should the ATI/ubuntu be able to figure out what's going on without me having to do much of anyt'ing?05:20
ARMENIANquinton: either wine or dualboot05:20
icerootquinton: you can run photoshop with linux (wine)05:20
dpreacherdoes dmesg output get reset on every boot or is there something left from previous bootups?05:20
alex___JoAnneThrax: Theoretically. I've never actually tried it, but it should =P05:20
quintonARMENIAN: You know the release candidate is a legit release and is legal to use until march 2010 right?05:20
alex___quinton: All you have to install in gnome is the settings manager05:21
mazda01_blognewb: touch simply creates a blank file, apt-get update will update apt-get with all the packages in the repositories that you ahve defined and I am not sure what the apt-get -u aptitude does. perform man apt-get and see for yourself.05:21
quintoniceroot: Can't get CS4 to boot right. Crashes on splash screen05:21
quintonalex___: Amarok. xD05:21
alex___quinton: huh?05:21
mazda01_dpreacher: i think dmesg is redone after every boot but I am not sure.05:21
ARMENIANquinton: u get more of the flashy stuff in gnome with compiz and it uses less resources :P plus more advanced05:21
icerootquinton: using wine 1.x? beacuse of the possibility to run photoshop, wine was using a new version number (1.x instead of 0.x)05:21
quintonalex___: Amarok is KDE only, right?05:21
alex___quinton: No...05:22
ARMENIANquinton: yeah, but whose gonna deal with all the cd key games they play :P05:22
quintonARMENIAN: w/e :p05:22
quintoniceroot: I think that was CS2 only. I haven't got CS4 running with the latest release.05:22
ARMENIANquinton: as long as we're on linux :P05:22
alex___quinton: you can run 99% of KDE apps on gnome and 99% of gnome apps on KDE lol... TBH which manager you use really doesn't matter anymore these days... the only diff is the default settings ;)05:22
JoAnneThraxCCC is telling me that I have only on desktop enabled, and I can't configure xinerama until I've Configured another in the Display Manager...05:22
quintonalex___: Good to know, I wasn't really aware :P05:22
JoAnneThraxWhere, prey tell, is the display manager? :)05:23
quintonARMENIAN: exactly :D05:23
icerootquinton: if i am correct als photoshop-versions are running but but never tested, because i am not a designer and gimp + inkscape are ok for me05:23
alex___JoAnneThrax: Um... halfway up the screen in CCC =P05:23
quintoniceroot: Ugh. GIMP. I tested PS4 a lot, I've used Winetricks and nothing has worked.05:23
dpreachermazda01_ i was thinking so too...i see some ipv6 audit messages everytime from named, whereas i have disabled ipv6 lookups on bind. so I'm just checking why the problem persists and how recent was the last entry. coz each time there are like 564 entries.05:23
JoAnneThraxalex___: Oh...that.  I looked at that.  I can't tell where to set it to two desktops...05:24
icerootquinton: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=14318  running (status gold)05:24
bullgard4'~$ man umountfs; No manual entry for umountfs.' Why is there no manual page for umountfs?05:24
alex___JoAnneThrax: Click on it, then beside properties, click "Multi-Display"05:24
blognewbDo you guys recommend installing ISPConfig 2 or 3? Is it true that 3 is still unstable?05:25
alex___JoAnneThrax: Then change that setting to Single(Independent Display)05:25
melikwhats a good tool to mass convert images from CLI?05:25
icerootmelik: imagemagik05:25
rojashi every body05:25
mazda01_does anyone know how to find out my username in mac os x? it's weird because I changed it from my full name to my first name in the users within preferences but at the command prompt it still says my full name.05:25
quintoniceroot: I read that, I did everything except idk how to gdiplus override05:25
bullgard4What does the letter 'f' stand for in the command 'fuser'? Is it 'file'?05:25
rojasi install disk-manager05:26
icerootmelik: imagemagick05:26
JoAnneThraxalex___: It's not giving me that option...05:26
rojasand when i click it it says There are no filesystems which you are allowed to mount or unmount.05:26
rojasContact your administrator.05:26
Dr_willisfuse - file system in user space ? or  is that just a similer named thing?05:26
alex___JoAnneThrax: o.O?05:26
rojaswhat can i do?05:26
tkmrJoAnneThrax: You have the latest version of CCC right?05:26
rojashow can i use it05:26
quintoniceroot: Ah okay I found it: winetricks -q gdiplus . DO i just put that in konsole?05:27
JoAnneThraxThere's a "display configuration" box under "Multi-Display", but it just says "unknown"05:27
alex___Anyone have any ideas why when I try to change my password it just keeps having the loading mouse icon and never changes?05:27
JoAnneThraxtkmr: I ought to.  The computer is less than a week old.05:27
icerootquinton: sorry dont know, wine was working fine for my needs so i never used winetricks05:27
Jeruvyrojas: sorry, do not use 'enter' key for punctuation.  What is the problem?  One line please.05:27
quintoniceroot: I think I figured it out. Thanks.05:27
jedi06iwlist eth1 scan says inteface doesn't support scanning05:28
wizzo50rojas: install gparted05:28
alex___quinton: Winetricks?05:28
ARMENIANwow i had to manually install like 7 dependencies just to install audacious05:28
alex___Is there a max password size in ubuntu or something?05:28
alex___quinton: What's winetricks?05:28
blognewbDo you guys recommend installing ISPConfig 2 or 3? Is it true that 3 is still unstable?05:28
jedi06iwconfig says eth1 is IEEE 802.11  that is the only one with wireless extensions05:28
bullgard4System > Administration > System Monitor > Processes shows a column 'Waiting Channel'. What is a 'waiting channel'?05:28
tkmralex___: Not AFAIK. How long is your PW?05:29
rojasok i want to put the windows paricion on my desktop on xubuntu05:29
quintonquinton: Winetricks is like an addon for wine that will allow you to download things that windows applications need with just a few commands05:29
alex___tkmr: The one I'm trying to change it to is... 18 characters long05:29
quintonalex___: Winetricks is like an addon for wine that will allow you to download things that windows applications need with just a few commands05:29
alex___quinton: I see...05:29
rojasbut, let me try with gparted05:29
rojasthanks wizzo5805:29
quintonalex___: For example "sh winetricks dotnet20" would fetch and install MS .NET Framework 2.005:29
quintonalex___: or "sh winetricks ie6" for IE605:30
alex___quinton: Nice!05:30
tkmralex___: If there is a max character limit you haven't hit it. My pass is 20 characters. =)05:30
wizzo50rojas: sure05:30
mazda01_jedi06:  if it doesn't support scanning than you wireless card doesn't support in my experience. you typed in sudo iwlist eth1 scan?05:30
rojasand thanks jeruvy05:30
alex___tkmr: IDK it won't change it to that, so I wondered if there was a max of like 15 or something05:30
mazda01_jedi06:  i mean. sudo iwlist eth1 scanning?05:30
JoAnneThraxI don't know what I did, but now the Display Manager has a rectangle with "2:1" in it in the big blank space above everything else...05:30
tkmralex___: If there is a max character limit it's higher than 20 characters.05:31
darlykaiserhey guys05:31
mazda01_darlykaiser: high.05:31
alex___tkmr: Then any ideas why I can't change my pass? =D lol05:31
tkmralex___: Maybe a file is corrupted or something of the like?05:31
darlykaiseri need a good page that explains me well about how to erase ubuntu 9.04 to install ubuntu 8.1005:32
JoAnneThraxOooh.  I made CCC segfault05:32
icerootalex___: what is passwd ginving as error?05:32
mazda01_anyone know how to connect to a smb share that has a password with punctuation in it? it's something like smb://user:password@host/share   but my password has an @ as well as a ! so it's not working. pleas ehelp05:32
jedi06yup just figured out need sudo05:32
alex___iceroot: It isn't... it's just sitting there and the mouse has the loading icon on05:32
icerootdarlykaiser: just install 8.10 and use the partition from 9.0405:32
icerootalex___: passwd has no gui and so no mouse icon05:32
icerootalex___: just type passwd in the shell05:33
jedi06Quality:2/5  Signal level:-78 dBm  Noise level:-30 dBm05:33
alex___iceroot: I was using the gui lol05:33
rojassorry but i can use gparted in xubuntu? isnt it just for gnome desktop?05:33
SnakDocmazda01_ try "" around it be only guess i have05:33
mazda01_darlykaiser: just pop in 8.10 and install it over 9.04. it's simple. especially if you don't need to save anything from 9.04 install. just overwrite it.05:33
icerootrojas: yes, you can05:33
darlykaiserI did but i want to rid ubuntu 9.04 out my laptop05:33
rojasthanks. :)05:33
mazda01_rojas: you can install gnome or kde apps in xubuntu and about 99% of the time they work because they install the gtk or kde libs with the apps.05:33
mazda01_darlykaiser: if you installed 8.10 OVER 9.04 then 9.04 isn't on your system anymore.05:34
apoleo12Why is  my question being ignored?05:34
alex___iceroot: Ok... if I do it in there it says my new pass must be diff than my old one??05:34
icerootrojas: you can use every-app (kde, gnome, xfce4) with every desktop (kde, gnome, xfce4) just have to install some specific libs sometims (apt-get will do that for you)05:34
darlykaiserhow i can do this?05:34
mazda01_rojas: you could also boot up gparted live cd, and run it that way.05:34
Jeruvy!repeat | apoleo1205:34
wizzo50rojas: then you will have to setup Virtual Box and reset iup your WIndows on there. That is what I was showed last week when I did it after setting a partion up on gparted in the Terminal05:34
ubottuapoleo12: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search  https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.05:34
icerootalex___: of course it must be different. passwd, then type your old one and two times the new one05:34
alex___iceroot: I did05:35
apoleo12ubottu: ok ill repeat it then05:35
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:35
mazda01_iceroot: i find aptitude to better at installed dependencies than apt-get. i have been aptitude for a long time versus apt=get05:35
alex___iceroot: and they are different... but apparently it thinks they aren't05:35
apoleo12Why are the characters are different in bash than in Xwindows bash?05:35
dpreachermazda01_ got timestamps from /var/log/messages05:35
lstarnesapoleo12: what do you mean by that?05:35
mazda01_dpreacher: what about time stamps?05:35
icerootmazda01_: apt-get moo   vs aptitude moo -v   you will see what is better (aso try -vv -vv and so on) :)05:36
dpreachertimestamp syslog adds at the instant the entry is logged05:36
icerootmazda01_: -vv -vvv -vvvv and so on i mean05:36
mazda01_apoleo12:  what do you mean different characters, can you upload an image to imageshack and share with us>05:36
dpreachermazda01_ timestamp syslog adds at the instant the entry is logged05:36
apoleo12When Im in xterm (bash) and type some command containing these characters as [] {} \ etc etc... but when I go into bash pressing  ctrl+alt f2 then those chars are all over the place05:36
dpreacherthanks mazda01_ for your time05:37
darlykaisermazda_01: how can i install ubuntu 8.10 over 9.04?05:37
mazda01_no one uses smb://  to connect to a password protected share that has punctuation in it?05:37
apoleo12mazda01: ok IIll do that way... but it going to take a bit... brb then05:37
icerootdarlykaiser: as i told you, insert the 8.10 cd and choose the partition from 9.04 to install on05:37
rojasok now i install gparted05:37
icerootdarlykaiser: it will override 9.0405:38
mazda01_darlykaiser: just pop in the 8.10 install cd, and go through the install process and just chose to use the hard drive you want by deleting the old partitions and creating new ones. simple.05:38
rojasand it says that i have to be root05:38
JoAnneThraxCCC doesn't seem to be giving me any option to set up more than one desktop...05:38
icerootrojas: gksudo gparted05:38
wizzo50sebsebseb: Hi, you anywhere around?05:38
zopiacswfplayer gives me a segmentation fault, does anyone know how to fix>?05:39
mechtechis there any way to launch a windows executable?05:39
[R]zopiac: file a bug report05:39
iceroot!wine | mechtech05:39
ubottumechtech: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu05:39
[R]mechtech: you can use wine05:39
NickDeNegermechtech: use wine05:39
darlykaisereven if it is a guided one?05:39
mazda01_zopiac: have you run it from the temrinal and looked at the output to see where it's segfaulting?05:40
jercsome one helpme with mysql05:41
icerootjerc: #mysql05:41
mazda01_darlykaiser: i don't remember the options but just tell it you want to use the existing hard drive that 9.04 is installed on and it should wipe out the old partitions and create new ones.05:41
icerootjerc: or is it a ubuntu-question like installing mysql?05:41
mazda01_darlykaiser:  i think guided will do a dual boot setup because it doesn't think it should delete the other ubuntu install.05:41
pete_hello all05:41
mechtechthanks iceroot and nickdeneger05:41
zopiacmazda01_: http://pastebin.org/371105:41
jerciceroot:is about programing in mysql05:42
pete_is possible to video chat in ubuntu to say dell video chat05:42
steai just installed ubuntu 8.0.4 hardy heron. how can i: 1. search for my home wireless network? 2. enable my wireless adapter?05:42
icerootjerc: then try #mysql05:43
rojaswhen i open g parted this appear about windos particion The enclosing drive for the volume is locked.05:43
darlykaiserso there is another way to do this?05:43
JoAnneThraxno one has any ideas?05:43
rojaswhat can i do?05:43
mazda01_zopiac: i have no idea. i don't use that program. do you have X running? meaning are you in a gui like KDE or GNOME or XFCE?05:43
juanbondDr_willis, ou still around?05:43
rojasor waht do that mean?05:43
mazda01_JoAnneThrax: i thought I answered you. what was your question?05:43
jerciceroot:yes but i have a problem with the channel05:43
crunchbangsup dogs05:43
icerootjerc: you have to register in freenode05:43
JoAnneThraxmazda01: CCC is not allowing me to configure multiple displays.05:44
juanbondAfter following: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=5229232&postcount=458, whenever I connect to the instance on display: 1, I only see a gray background with my cursor just being an X.  Am I missing something?05:44
icerootjerc: /msg NICKSERVE help   if i am correct05:44
jerciceroot: :Please register with services and use the IDENTIFY command (/msg nickserv help) to speak in this channel05:44
steai typed iwconfig and see no wireless extensions05:44
lstarnesjerc: /msg nickserv help register05:44
mazda01_JoAnneThrax: i asked what video card you're running.05:44
lstarnesjerc: also, http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup05:44
mazda01_stea: did you install the module for your wireless card properly?05:45
NickDeNegersomehow courier doesn't have a listening port, authdeamon is running though05:45
lstarnesjerc: you will need to verify your account using a code that will be sent to you by email when you register05:45
mechtechhow do I handle a stopped job?05:45
jercm right05:45
[R]mechtech: handle?05:45
mechtechso I can exit terminal05:45
mechtechyeah...what do I do?05:45
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about courier05:45
steai typed lscpci and i see my atheros 802.11abg wireless adapter on the list. mazda01 : no i just did a brand new installation of hardy LTS desktop05:45
JoAnneThraxmazda01: ATI Mobility RADEON HD 3670-512MB05:45
[R]mechtech: just type exit05:45
darlykaisermazda_01: so there is another way to do this?05:46
mechtechcan't it tells me there are stopped jobs05:46
icerootmechtech: stopped = stopped, maybe you mean paused job?05:46
[R]mechtech: so type it again05:46
mazda01_stea: have you tried to bring up the wireless interface? i don't think iwconfig will show you any interfaces of wireless unless they are in use. I just tried iwconfig on my mac and despite me having a airport card, it returned no wireless extensions.05:46
steaand mazda01 : those are two commands i just found from google but they didnt help05:46
mazda01_stea:  because I am using ethernet at the moment.05:46
mechtechiceroot: andrew@DaddyVaio-Ubuntu:~$ exit05:47
mechtechThere are stopped jobs.05:47
user430having trouble getting usb zip  drive to mount05:47
pete_good night all05:47
steamazda01 : ethernet hard cable works . i unplugged it.05:47
[R]mechtech: like i said, do it again05:47
mechtechiceroot: then another command prompt05:47
AA78check permissions05:47
steamazda01 but i dont know how to bring up the wireless interface05:47
AA78in /media05:47
mechtech[R]:  ok05:47
mazda01__stea: have you gone in to system, admin, networking to activate your wireless card? what does lspci -v return for wireless cards?05:49
neozonzI jsut installed sshguard05:49
neozonzand i can't see it as being installed other then in the package manager...05:49
mazda01__neozonz: sometimes apps don't put themselves into the menu. you run it from the terminal or add it to the menu, if you;re running gnome then go to system, prefs, main menu. what does sshguard do anyway?05:50
JoAnneThraxmazda01: these other folks were just kind enough to walk me through installing the (with jockey-gtk)...but even in amdcccle, I can't figure out how to configure the dual display.05:50
neozonzmazda01: it helps against brute force attacks05:50
JoAnneThraxthe proprietary driver05:51
neozonzmazda01: but the funny thing is I can't see it in terminal anywhere, i even tried locate sshguard05:51
steamazda01 : all i see from network settings in that path are just wired connection and point to point connection (both are faded out) and lspci : shows an atheros communications INC AR5416 802.11abgn wireless pci adapter05:51
zopiacmazda01_: sorry, had to go AFK for a bit; yeah i have X running05:51
mazda01__neozonz: i use denyhosts for that. it adds offending ip addresses to my hosts.deny file and they;ll never get in. it gets the offending ips from auth.log. try that. it's very easy to use and install.05:51
k3Rni just updated virt-manager to version 0.7.0. - i also installed virtinst 0.400.3 (think this is required for the new version).05:51
k3Rni can start virt-manager, it seems to be working but when i try to create a new virtual machine i can't go further then step 1 - the forward button is greyed out...05:51
k3Rncan someone help me with this? is it not properly installed/updated?05:51
FloodBot3k3Rn: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:51
neozonzmazda01: thanks :)05:52
k3Rnoh sorry - did you guys got my last three line?05:52
mazda01__neozonz:  np. the default config works out of the box I am pretty sure, you can change the values to make it more strict if you want. like you can make it so after 2 failed attempts it will add the offending ip to the hosts.deny file. just check out /etc/denyhosts.conf. i think that's what the file is named.05:53
majnoonis there a way with apt-get you can just upgrade files (foe EXAMPLE update eg kernel 1.2 to 2.6 AND mc .1 to mc1 ) at SAME time after it checks for updates05:53
mazda01__k3Rn: don't know what virt-manager is so I can't help, sorry05:53
wizzo50I need some help on, Running Windows VISTA on Virtual Box. Here is an Imageshot of the error.   http://img401.imageshack.us/content.php?page=done&l=img401/6085/screenshotr.png05:54
mazda01__anyone use smb://user:password@host/share to connect to a samba share where the password has punctuation in it?05:54
k3Rnvirt-manager is a frontend for managing qemu/kvm virtual machines...05:54
sparrhow can I change how KDE apps launch URLs (using kfmclient) when I am not running KDE?05:54
steaand mazda01 - there is no wifi switch on this laptop, my card is a pcmcia cardbus dlink (atheros) dont see any wireless networking options in the network section - only wired and point to point, both of which are faded out unless i unlock them it appears05:55
=== nabeel is now known as Guest93024
steamazda01 - the dlink card led lights are flashing though05:55
darlykaiserthanks to all05:55
mazda01__stea: if you;re sure you have an atheros card then it should work. what does this return.  lsmod | grep ath05:56
wizzo50I need some help on, Running Windows VISTA on Virtual Box. Here is an Imageshot of the error.   http://img401.imageshack.us/content.php?page=done&l=img401/6085/screenshotr.png05:56
steabut i dont know how to search or find networks05:56
rojasmy friends what is better to use? apt-get or aptitude ? or they are the same things?05:56
mazda01__stea: we need to first find out if your card has the correct modules loaded for it. what does the exact lspci -v return for the wireless card?05:57
ganethe creative webcam of live Im pro is not supported  in ubuntu what to do?05:57
mazda01__rojas: aptitude. that's my opinion.05:57
blognewbHello, What is a reverse DNS? Should I enter the domain name i recently registered and bought?05:57
=== _MrsApple_ is now known as _MrApple_
[R]gane: if its not supported, you should get a new oen05:57
rojasanybody speak spanish? sorry05:57
mazda01__gane: buy a  new one but first be sure to goggle your head off.05:58
gane[R], is there any driver05:58
jerchablo español05:58
[R]gane: you jjst said it wasn't supported05:58
ganemazda01, my question is not the buying the new one .. is there support for this webcam or not ..05:58
[R]gane: you shodul'nt make statements if you don't know them to be correct05:58
rojashey amigo tu sbaras como puedo montar la particion de windos directamente en el escritorio de xubuntu q cuando inicie mi escitorio aprezca alli05:59
rojassin tener q buscarla ni nada05:59
wizzo50Can I get some help on, Running Windows VISTA on Virtual Box. Here is an Imageshot of the error.   http://img401.imageshack.us/content.php?page=done&l=img401/6085/screenshotr.png05:59
rojasse podra o no hay manera?05:59
Jeruvy!es | jerc06:00
ubottujerc: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.06:00
bullgard4System > Administration > System Monitor > Processes shows a column 'Waiting Channel'. What is a 'waiting channel'?06:00
steamazda01 - network controller : Atheros Communications Inc. AR5416 802.11 abgn Wireless PCI Adapter (rev 01) Subsytem: D-Link System Inc Unknown Device 3a6e. Then there are things for Flags/Memory at 3800000 32-bit non-prefetchable / disabled ] and capabilities <access denied>06:01
blognewbTTL  what is the ideal TTL value?06:01
gane[R], my friend had logitek webcam and it was supported in ubuntu .. i thought ubuntu will support for all type of webcam06:01
ganenow you are asking me to go for new one06:01
wizzo50Any help out there with Virtual Box06:01
steamazda01 : is that what you wanted?06:01
[R]gane: there is only support for hardwaare that drivers exist06:01
phreak_gane: there is no guaranteed support for ALL webcams06:01
rojashey jerc? me podras ayudar amigo¿06:01
mazda01__gane: you just need to goggle the exact webcam model and see if you find any posts about it running in ubuntu. that's your best bet.06:01
mazda01__stea: ok, one second. let me gogle it.06:02
[R]bullgard4: if its blocking... that column tells you what its blocking on06:02
Ddayi just downloaded songbird from getsongbird.org what do i do next?06:02
ganephreak_, i didnt google .. is there driver for this model or not06:02
Interphaselol, I just went into a Best Buy and asked for a linux install disk06:02
iFuzoDday: Are you trying to install it?06:02
bullgard4[R]: Thank you for explaining.06:02
phreak_Dday you run the executable in the folder after extracting it06:02
Interphasethey said that they had yewboontoo but not red hat06:02
jercrojas:si dime06:02
Interphaseit turned out they were out of stock of yewboontoo06:03
Interphasebut don't worry, more were on the way06:03
mazda01__stea: what is the model number of the d-link? is it a DWA-645?06:03
jercrojas:que se te ofrece06:03
wizzo50Guess no help out there06:03
rojasq si hay manera de montar la particion de windows directamente en el escritorio de ubuntu,06:03
rojasxubuntu perdon06:03
phreak_or you can make a menu entry for it using system -> Pref -> Main Menu06:04
FruktsodaHey guys! May i ask how i uninstall Ubuntu?06:04
uknowyeah i cant see my logon screen it tell me mode not supported but if i type in user and password it log on and i can see the desktop06:04
FruktsodaHmm that sounded weird hehe06:05
Neroonwizzo50: How about you just state your qestion, instead of asking if anybody knows the answer to your not yet stated quetion?06:05
iFuzoDday: If its a .deb installation you can install it than view it via Applications > Sounds and Videos06:05
FruktsodaI mean, how i delete a partition in Ubuntu06:05
steamazda01. thanks for your patience. it is a DWA-65206:05
rojases q se lo quiero configurar a mi tia de esa manera pero no se como hacerlo ya q ella es demasiado novata en cualquier sistema operativo y quiero colocarle la particion directamente en el escritorio de manera q no deba buscarla ni montarala06:05
Jeruvy!english | rojas06:05
ubotturojas: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat06:05
mazda01__stea: bad news, it works but only at 11mbps. here's a guide: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=668272   just follow it. it says you can use ndiswrapper or native madwifi driver but have to compile from source. give it a shot.06:05
ganephreak_, the webcam is not mine . its from office .. if we get support we ll use the ubuntu .. otherwise ..06:05
rojassorry friends06:06
FruktsodaThanks guys i found out myself hehe =)06:06
wizzo50Neroon: I already have many times.  Can I get some help on, Running Windows VISTA on Virtual Box. Here is an Imageshot of the error.   http://img401.imageshack.us/content.php?page=done&l=img401/6085/screenshotr.png06:06
mazda01__Fruktsoda: you don't really uninstall it. you can delete the partitions that hold it. what OS do you want to use in it;s place?06:06
phreak_iFuzo, songbird is not an actual program you 'install'06:06
ibuclawFruktsoda, boot up into your Ubuntu LiveCD, Go to 'System->Preferences->Partition Manager' and delete the Ubuntu Partition, and resize the NTFS to fill out the whole drive (or create a new partition in it's place) and Click 'Apply' to action it.06:06
steamazda01 - what does that mean? i just can't start surfing wirelessly? :(06:06
=== TequilaKitty is now known as paleck
ZajjkoI see you are talking about wifi-issues already, how nice : )06:06
jercrojas:si hay forma06:07
jercrojas:dame un momento06:07
steamazda01 - i don't understand about the compiling from source either06:07
phreak_gane, what is the exact make and model of the webcam?06:07
mazda01__phreak_: what do you mean, songbird is an app I installed.06:07
mazda01__phreak_: i asked him that. don't know if he answered though06:07
The_Warlocki am unable to access ubuntuforums on my firefox06:07
Interphasewell that's ironic06:07
iFuzophreak_: Which is what I just said. You can use the .deb download and install it than you can view it via sounds & video06:07
ibuclawFruktsoda, actually ... then boot into the Windows Installer CD and you should see a 'Recovery Mode'06:07
mazda01__stea: apparently not. did you run that command I asked you to run?  lsmod | grep ath_pci06:07
ganephreak_, its a "creative live cam Video IM pro"06:07
uknowcan any one help me install with display problems06:08
phreak_Oh ok. sorry. i just thought it was easier to run the executable06:08
Neroonwizzo50: So you inserted your vista disc, started up virtual box and that was the error?06:08
ibuclawFruktsoda, I can't remember the exact command in Windows, but I think you run:  fixmbr06:08
mazda01__uknow: what kind of display problems?06:08
phreak_Do they have a .deb for songbird now?06:08
ganephreak_, the model no is  VF023006:08
wizzo50No, I didn't have the disc in. Is that what I need to do?06:08
mazda01__ibuclaw: fixmbr will fix the mbr so that it boots using windows boot manger again I am ptetty sure.06:09
bodhizazencariboo907 ?06:09
ibuclawmazda01, aye06:09
uknowi cant see my login screen after boot monitor say mode not supported  but when i type in user and pass it login and i can see the desktop06:09
Neroonwizzo50: How do you expect to install a system if you dont put it in your disc tray?06:09
ibuclawbodhizazen, :)06:09
DVA5912how do i go about making a user part of the webserver stuff? i installed an ftp server got it using the system usernames and ive created a new webmaster account. got it linked to its user direcorty of var/www but apperantly it cant do anything. So i guess im asking how do i give it permission06:09
DVA5912Neroon: hard disk cloning:D06:09
Neroonwizzo50: Virtual Box is trying to look for a bootable disk06:09
steamazda01 : i typed that command like you said "lsmod | grep ath_pci" and nothing happened06:10
mazda01__gane: here ya go: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-607309.html06:10
wizzo50Neroon: I already installed it I thought06:10
uknowi think i have the wrong driver for my card06:10
ZajjkoWhat if a wireless network-adapter (USB-stick) is recognized, connects to my wireless network, gets an IP, can PING to another computer on the network but cannot PING to an external address and cannot access neither webpages nor the routers web-configuration utility?06:10
mazda01__stea: ok. type modprobe ath_pci and tell me what happens. you might need to run it with sudo in front06:10
DVA5912ive added the user to the www-data group but that didnt help06:10
ZajjkoThis works on a wired connection on the same computer, btw06:10
phreak_gane, check this post --> http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-607309.html06:11
mazda01__Zajjko: it's because your dns servers aren't defined.06:11
mazda01__phreak_: beat ya to it. ha he ha he06:11
ZajjkoI've opened resolv.conf and added "nameserver (my isp's DNS-servers)06:11
Neroonwizzo50: Hm. You sure about it? Well. Let's start again: You start up Virtual Box, select your installed os (vista) and start it?06:11
ganephreak_, ok ,after checking, i ll be back ..06:11
savidI noticed that my laptop has been getting extremely hot.  Ubuntu doesn't seem to be controlling the fan correctly. Any ideas on what I can do to fix it?06:11
phreak_mazda01 lmao. I didnt notice06:11
talsemgeestI have a lot of txt files in a directory, named 001.txt, 002.txt... 220.txt. Is there any way I can remove the leading zeroes from the front of the file names?06:11
DVA5912delladuck it being a noob hacker06:11
steamazda01 : both commands in terminal don't do anything for me06:11
mazda01__Zajjko: that's weird that it works on the wired connection but not the wireless connection. what does cat /etc/resolv.conf return??06:11
wizzo50Neroon: I put the disc in and loaded THe Virtual Box and got the same error06:12
Zajjkoat first it only returned "nameserver (my routers IP)"06:12
mazda01__talsemgeest: there is a bulk renamer in xubuntu. let me find out what the command is, one second.06:12
Neroonwizzo50: Just a sec. Havent installed VB here, need to start my other pc06:12
bodhizazen'lo ibuclaw =)06:12
Zajjkomazda01__: Then I tried editing it and add my isps' DNS-addresses as well06:12
mazda01__Zajjko: yeah, that can be a problem as some routers don't properly forward dns reqeuests properly. I always use opendns in my resolv.conf file06:13
wizzo50Neroon: Right after I put the Vista disc in, it made an Icon on my desktop called UDF Volume06:13
wizzo50Neroon: ok06:13
ibuclawbodhizazen, been using your flamethrower today?06:13
mazda01__Zajjko: did that work?06:13
DVA5912what group do i have to be in, in order to write/read to /var/www06:13
bodhizazenOh yes ibuclaw , I do so like roasted coffee beans =)06:13
uknowanyone know if its possible to install a sis mirage 3 video chipset06:13
Zajjkomazda01__: Do you mean using openDNS or the ping requests? (I'm at work currently, sorry - not at the actual computer)06:14
steamazda01 : will updating to 8.10 Help?06:14
bodhizazenDVA5912, sudo -i or www-data06:14
mazda01__Zajjko: you can also add dns servers in your interfaces file located in /etc/network/  . i think you add them like this: dns-nameservers  after your other interfaces info06:14
DVA5912bodhizazen: well its already part of www-data. and its not getting sudo06:15
mazda01__Zajjko: i mean I use opendns dns servers as shown in my previous post. they are in the interfaces file as well as the resolv.conf file.06:15
Zajjkoahh, so you have to add DNS:es to both the resolv.conf and interfaces?06:15
DellaDuckDVA5912: Can you please stop spam me in Q.06:16
mazda01__Zajjko: you shouldn't have to but I have and I don't have a problem with dns resolution06:16
DellaDuckWhat's your problem anyway?06:16
DVA5912DellaDuck you shouldent have started it06:16
DellaDuckStart what DVA5912?06:16
DellaDuckPlease, get yourself together man ^^06:17
duckwars_why can't I remove a file starting with "." with the straight up rm command?06:17
bodhizazenDVA5912, your user needs to be in the group www-data06:17
DellaDuckYour such a dramaqueen, threating me in query and shit.06:17
lstarnesduckwars_: you should be able to.  What was he error?06:17
Zajjkomazda01__: Thanks! I'll try that when I get home. The weird thing is that wired connections work. However, that could still be an issue with DNS-forwarding from the router and that it just has issues with forwarding them on the wireless interface06:17
Ghoti__DVA5912:  DellaDuck: this isn't the place for interpersonal spats. Please take it outside.06:17
DVA5912youve pinged, times, backtraced, "finger"06:17
duckwars_no such file or directory06:17
DellaDuckThanks Ghoti__06:17
DellaDuckNo i didn't.06:17
DVA5912bodhizazen: already is06:17
DVA5912get outa here06:17
mazda01__Zajjko: yeap. give that a try06:17
duckwars_it's a .htaccess file?06:17
mazda01__stea: you still around?06:17
bodhizazenls -l /var/www lol06:18
steamazda01 yes i am06:18
mazda01__stea: did you run the modprobe command?06:18
DellaDuckGhoti__: You seemed like a nice person, can you please stop DVA5912 to spam and threaten me in PM. Or just give me direction how to abuse him? :/06:19
steamazda01 : i tried nothing came up, will updating to 8.10 help?06:19
mazda01__stea: not neccesarily. now enter lsmod | grep ath_pci06:19
DellaDuckI just want to idle, hang out and chat about the best OS in wide world :-)06:19
Ghoti__DellaDuck: type /ignore DVA5912 if you want no longer to hear from them.06:19
DellaDuckThanks alot Ghoti__!06:19
DVA5912i already did that to ghoti06:19
DVA5912sorry to him06:20
The_Warlockcan anybody help me to fix the problem to access ubuntu forums from firefox06:20
Ghoti__And thus, peace was restored.  :)06:20
DVA5912il kill him06:20
Ghoti__The_Warlock: what is the problem you are having?06:20
lstarnesGhoti__: the syntax for /ignore is client-dependent.  Some clients require additional arcuments06:20
DellaDuckPlease stop it DVA5912: " [07:19:52] - <DVA5912> you ass is mine"06:20
DellaDuckPlease stop it DVA5912: " [07:19:52] - <DVA5912> i will kill you irl"06:20
lstarnesDVA5912: that statement is not weocome here06:20
viseThe_Warlock, Whats the problem?06:20
steamazda01, that didnt work before...06:20
lstarnesDellaDuck: you don't need to paste those messages here06:21
* DVA5912 takes a cool down06:21
viseWhats an irl06:21
DellaDuckOkej, i'm sorry lstarnes. :-/06:21
lstarnesDellaDuck: which client do you use?  I might be able to help you put a working ignore on DellaDuck06:21
lstarneser, DVA591206:21
lstarnesvise: "in real life"06:21
DVA5912i already ignored him06:21
DVA5912and im still geting his hacking pm06:22
lstarnesDVA5912: all messages?06:22
lstarnesDVA5912: which client do you use?06:22
DVA5912well not really hacking but still06:22
sebsebseb!ops |   DellaDuck  DVA591206:22
ubottuDellaDuck  DVA5912: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, , elky,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!06:22
lstarnesDVA5912: have you tried blocking?06:22
DVA5912damet delladuck06:22
maxxistis there a meta package for kernel header files on ubuntu server?06:22
lstarnesDVA5912: I recall pidgin having incomplete irc support06:22
DBODVA5912, whats going on06:22
=== cah_batang is now known as ayu_imut
DVA5912he has to be doing that on purpose06:22
The_WarlockGhoti__: I am not able to acces ubuntu forums06:22
The_Warlockvise: ^^06:22
DellaDuckNow, the ignore seems to work out, thanks guys! :)06:23
Ghoti__The_Warlock: what happens when you try?06:23
The_Warlockits timing out06:23
sebsebsebDBO: two people arguing and things going rather off topic in here as a result06:23
DVA5912(1:22:44 AM) DellaDuck: Received CTCP 'PING 1248330138' (to DVA5912) from DellaDuck06:23
iFuzoThe_Warlock: Why ?06:23
AndorinHow about both of you just shut up and leave each other alone, so the rest of us can enjoy our Internets in peace?06:23
DVA5912there are about 50 of those06:23
DVA5912and abot 20 fingers06:23
lstarnesmaxxist: probably linux-headers06:23
=== cah_batang is now known as ayu_imut
lstarnesDVA5912: /quote mode DVA5912 +C06:23
JeruvyThe_Warlock: timeout, sounds like a connnection problem.  Can you tell us how your connecting?06:23
lstarnesDVA5912: that should block CTCPs if it works correctly06:23
The_Warlockpage doesnt open...after some time i get a network time out06:23
mazda01__stea: so you ran the modprobe ath_pci and it returned nothing? then you ran lsmod | grep ath_pci and that didn't return anything either? what about this command: lshw -C network06:23
DBOhes gone now DVA5912, lets get back on track now =)06:23
zahidhowto mount local folder on local system in ubuntu06:23
The_Warlockbut when i access the same page from my mac using firefox i can access06:24
The_Warlocknoly the ubuntu box creates the problem06:24
DVA5912they stoped06:24
maxxistlstarnes, thanks.  it was linux-headers-server06:24
DVA5912that anoying sound is.... Gone! :D06:24
mazda01__zahid: what do you mean mount local folder? if it's local, it should already be mounted?06:24
lstarnesDVA5912: just stop making comments about it06:24
The_WarlockJeruvy: i use the same office connection for both mac and the ubuntu06:25
DVA5912yeah. and now to my problem06:25
zahidlet suppose i am using nfs server and want to mount nfs shared folder on nfs server06:25
lstarnesDVA5912: if you're being annoyed, just ignore it06:25
mazda01__The_Warlock: do you use smb ever to connect to server in mac os x?06:25
JeruvyThe_Warlock: is the ubuntu on a separate machine?06:25
DVA5912i ignored him06:25
DVA5912but they still came through06:25
The_WarlockJeruvy: yes ubuntu a separate box06:25
steamazda01 : network unclaimed. and then the atheros information06:25
DVA5912The user webmaster is a member of group www-data but im still not able to make write commands via ftp in the /var/www06:25
The_Warlockmazda01 yes06:25
duckwars_I tried to make a .htaccess file and it doesn't seem to be working and now I can't read it, and also I can't rm it... any ideas?06:25
lstarnesDVA5912: pidgin lacks complete irc support06:26
rojashey jerc are u here yet?06:26
The_Warlockmazda01__: sorry no06:26
DVA5912im used to pidgin so... Ive used it for two years now06:26
JeruvyThe_Warlock: can you pastebin your 'ifconfig' output ?06:26
rojasim wating your answer06:26
lstarnesDVA5912: I'd recommend a more secure protocol than ftp, such as sftp or ssh06:26
lstarnesDVA5912: what are the permissions on /var/www?06:26
steamazda01, i didnt know it was going to be this confusing... i just found out how to upgrade to 8.10 and am starting that right now.06:27
mazda01__stea: what does ifconfig return?06:27
DVA5912lstarnes: ssh? i can copy files over via ssh?06:27
lstarnesDVA5912: scp and sftp are both tools used for copying files via ssh06:27
lstarnesDVA5912: there's also rsync06:27
mazda01__stea: ok but if you're going to upgrade, just go all the way to jaunty while you're at it as they fixed many issues with pulseaudio and I am sure the wireless support only gets better.06:27
The_WarlockJeruvy: http://paste.ubuntu.com/225996/06:27
zahidmazda01: i using nfs server and want to mount nfs shared folder on nfs server06:28
steawell i have an intel graphics card and lots of people are having problems with jaunty mazda0106:28
JeruvyThe_Warlock: ok you have no ipv4 address assigned thats the issue06:28
mazda01__zahid: ah, that's not a local folder then. have you followed a guide on using NFS?06:28
steai just searched the forum trying to find an answer on this...06:28
zahidmazda01: i have searched much but all invain06:29
rojashow can i mount windos partition of windos in xubuntu please?06:29
mazda01__stea: i already gave you the link for using that wifi card and ubuntu. it deals with compiling madwifi drivers from scratch or using ndiswrapper.06:29
The_WarlockJeruvy: i thought the IP was a IP v406:29
rojaswindows partition in xubuntu sorry06:29
The_Warlockhow do i enable it?06:29
mazda01__rojas: are you sharing a folder on windows? do you have simple file sharing on or not. is it winxp or what?06:30
JeruvyThe_Warlock: try 'sudo ifup eth0'06:30
steamazda01 - thanks for your help. that looks like a very tedious thing !06:30
steamazda01, really thanks though for the patience06:30
The_Warlockbut i am able to access the net06:30
The_WarlockJeruvy: its only that website i am not able to access06:31
DessanJeruvy,  He has an IPv4 IP enabled according to that ifconfig06:31
steamazda01 - i am about 1min away from downloading the 8.10 upgrade, it will need to install though - this i am connected via a hard line06:31
DVA5912ok, so how do i add my user to the /var/www stuff?06:31
zahidmazda01: will you like to give me the link about nfs06:31
rojasyes its xp, i am really novate in linux, how can i know ifim shaing a folder06:31
mazda01__stea: you shouldn't be scared at compiling from source. it's part of linux sometimes. this would be a perfect to dive in. just follow it step by step and i am sure it'll work out for you. i remember the first time I compiled from source. I was so scard and it turned out to be so easy.06:31
JeruvyDessan: but it is not up06:31
DVA5912better yet. how do i add my user to group www-data06:31
lstarnesDVA5912: sudo gpasswd -a username groupname06:31
bodhizazensudo usermod -a -G www-data you06:31
DVA5912wo, which one06:32
lstarneseither should work06:32
mazda01__rojas: if you don't know if you're sharing a folder in winxp then I don't know if I can help. have you goggled this? it's merely right clicking on a folder in windows explorer and going to sharing and security and telling it to share the folder and allowing everyone either read only access or write access or whatever you want.06:32
zahidAnybody help me regarding nfs share on nfs server06:33
zahidmeans mounting06:33
DixxieCSure zahid06:33
DixxieCWhat's your problem? :-)06:33
bodhizazenDVA5912, you need to log out and back in though for your new group to take affect06:33
DixxieCDVA5912: Mate, can you please stop your CTCP-querys hehe. :)06:33
dippyskoodlezhmm. So i'm running virtual box... but Im using a macbook pro06:33
dippyskoodlezand I have no right ctrl06:34
rojasok now i get it06:34
dippyskoodlezhow do i un capture? lulz06:34
zahidi have configured nfs and want to mount that shared folder in ohter folder on Desktop of nfs server06:34
DVA5912lets not go through this again. DixxieC06:34
TetracommHow do I tell Ubuntu to shut down after a particular period of time?06:34
DixxieCHmm DVA5912?06:34
cooper77zI don't know06:34
fogushey guys.  is it possible to use mdadm to raid together a bunch of truecrypt partitions?06:34
DixxieCIs it you David? :D06:34
bazhangDixxieC, please stop06:34
scunizidippyskoodlez, you might want to ask on #vbox.. I use vbox and have never come across that issue..06:34
dippyskoodlezI don't physically have a right ctrl06:35
mazda01__zahid: I said I'd help you. have you defined your exports file, have you made your mount points in the remote computers fstab file? you need to follow a guide, here you go: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/nfs-server-and-client-configuration-in-ubuntu.html    i doubt someone is going to hold your hand the entire way. i'll help if you get stuck on something06:35
cooper77zhow do I tell my laptop to play music with the screen shut?06:35
scunizidippyskoodlez, I know.. but #vbox might have a solution06:35
DVA5912DELE index.html06:35
DVA5912permission denied...06:35
bodhizazenchange the defaults in vbox to left control or shift06:35
bodhizazenit hs the host key06:35
bodhizazendippyskoodlez, ^^06:35
dippyskoodlezIt's captured right now lol >_<06:36
zahidmazda01: yes mount on remote clients06:36
J-_Weird. Before I had over 1100FPS in glxgears, now I try it, and it's just over 600FPS. I have UXA enabled in xorg.conf06:37
bodhizazendippyskoodlez, well, lol06:37
mazda01__zahid: and whats the problem?06:37
cooper77zhandicap device speak to laptop "play musik with screen shut?"06:37
zahidmazda01: pc_name:/shared folder name /home/username/Desktop/foldername06:37
bodhizazendippyskoodlez, fire up vbox File -Preferances -> input06:37
bodhizazenchange the host key06:37
DVA5912danget. im part of www-data and ive reloged in but i still can not delete or make files/dir in /var/www06:37
visecooper77z, Change power options to not do anything when your screen is shut06:38
blognewbIs Google APps free? like postfix?06:38
mazda01__zahid:  if you defined your exports file on the NFS server, then just define your fstab entries on the client. something like : /media/500gb/recordings nfs rsize=8192,wsize=8192,timeo=14,intr06:38
cooper77zthank you vise06:38
zahidmazda01: on clients it works but on nfs server not06:39
cooper77zI don't need an mp3 player now06:39
Dessanblognewb, Thats like asking if black is black when its another color. Its a free service, but you don't own it (or your data even)06:40
duckwars_Following the instructions for basic Authentication found here http://httpd.apache.org/docs/1.3/howto/auth.html06:40
duckwars_I cannot figure out where to put the .htaccess file06:40
cooper77zis change power options under administrative?06:40
zahidmazda01: exports fiel ---- /data_nfs/medical_data/,sync,no_subtree_check)06:40
visecooper77z, System->preferences->power options06:40
blognewbDessan: i don't own postfix if i host it locally?06:40
duckwars_"These directives may be placed in a .htaccess file in the particular directory being protected, or may go in the main server configuration file, in a <Directory> section, or other scope container."06:41
Dessanblognewb, Thats my point, you do own it if you host it locally. Google owns your data if you use Apps06:41
blognewbDessan: well Apps isn't free at all for business purposes06:41
cooper77zPerfect, I have wanted to do that so long, hurray!06:41
zahidmazda01: on nfs server fstab file ----/data_nfs/medical_data      /home/useradd/Desktop/medical_data        0       006:41
lstarnesduckwars_: it depends on what directories you need to require access for06:41
bodhizazenduckwars_, root is in /var/www06:41
bodhizazenso what directory do you want to protect ?06:42
bazhangblognewb, Dessan please continue this discussion in #ubuntu-offtopic06:42
cooper77zthanks vise06:42
zahidmazda01: on client it works but on nfs server not06:42
blognewblstarnes: i couldnt speak yet via defocus06:42
bodhizazenIf you have root access, probably best to put it in apache config rather then use .htaccess, imo06:42
duckwars_well what I did was, I put soft links in /var/www which are links to files on a USB hard drive connected to the server06:42
duckwars_symbolic links06:42
lstarnesblognewb: just wait a few minutes06:42
mazda01__zahid: what do you mean it doesn't work on server? the server is sharing out those folders.06:42
mazda01__zahid:  you should the same thing on the client if you mounted them correctly as you see on the server06:43
DVA5912 ok this is anoying me like crazy06:43
bodhizazenIf you want to protect http://your_server.com/foo06:43
DVA5912im part of the www-data group, and yet still no permision to manage files06:43
bodhizazenput it in /var/www/frr06:43
bodhizazenput it in /var/www/foo06:43
=== kg4cna_ is now known as kg4cna
lstarnesDVA5912: it depends on what the permissions are on /var/www and the files in it06:44
XuzzI need general help here with Startup Items. I added this command (what I need to start compiz) to my startup items, but compiz doesn't start. Running this command manually starts compiz fine. How do I get this to run? "LIBGL_ALWAYS_INDIRECT=1 INTEL_BATCH=1 compiz --replace --indirect-rendering --sm-disable ccp &"06:44
mazda01__zahid:  my exports file looks like this: /var/lib/mythtv,no_root_squash,async)06:44
DVA5912what tells the permisions of /var/www ls -a?06:44
lstarnesDVA5912: ls -la06:44
bodhizazenyes DVA591206:44
duckwars_here's the thing though, in /var/www I used softlinks to server up a file somewhere else, so I tried putting the .htaccess file in the file that the soft link points to, but that didn't seem to work06:44
bodhizazenls -lA06:45
lstarnesDVA5912: the permissions of . equal that directory06:45
lstarnesbodhizazen: -A does not include . or ..06:45
lstarnesbodhizazen: in this case . is needed06:45
bodhizazenexactly LSD|Ninja06:45
DVA5912looks like its root accros the board06:45
DVA5912no wonder06:45
bodhizazenls -lA /var06:45
DVA5912so do i become a member of root or change those to www-data06:45
zahidmazda01: i did on client it works but no nfs server not work06:45
bodhizazenuse sudo DVA591206:46
lstarnesDVA5912: what user is the webserver running as?06:46
mazda01__Xuzz: those are all seperate commands? you could write a cash script and then just add that bash script to your startup items.06:46
DVA5912this is over ssh06:46
bodhizazensudo -i06:46
lstarnesbodhizazen: that's likely not necessary06:46
DVA5912DVA5913, dont let my admin catch you06:46
lstarnesDVA5912: are you using apache?06:46
bodhizazenlol LSD|Ninja06:46
bodhizazenlol lstarnes06:46
lstarnesDVA5912: is apache2 running from the www-data account?06:47
bodhizazenunless you want to type sudo over and over =)06:47
cooper77zI wanted to play music with my laptop closed in xp for months, It was so easy in ubuntu with community06:47
DVA5912i got a prblem06:47
DVA5912DuCKEr is being a baby06:47
visecooper77z, Even in xp it's the same way.. But there's no such 'instant support' community for xp.. ;)06:47
DVA5912that is the same person as DVA5913 and DellaDuck06:48
cooper77zthanks again community06:48
DVA5912i dont know how to tell06:48
lstarnesDVA5912: just ignore it.  It's not worth your attention, which is what it wants06:48
DVA5912hes keeps06:48
lstarnesDVA5912: try ps aux | grep apache2 | grep -v grep06:48
DVA5912inviting me to channels. poping up messages06:48
pt1989hi all06:49
pt1989my firefox keeps crashing06:49
DVA5912lstarnes: ok, got one root and the rest are www-data06:49
pt1989i completely removed it using synaptic and then reinstalled06:49
cooper77zmy battery only lasts for like 90 minutes though and it's one of those slim type external ones, I gotta get a better battery06:49
pt1989still it's crashing06:49
bodhizazenprobably an extension or corrupt profile pt198906:49
mazda01__pt1989:  have you tried firefox 3.0?06:49
DVA5912can someone ban his ip06:49
DVA5912hes harrasing me06:49
lstarnesDVA5912: it would probably be safe for /var/www to be owned by the user www-data and the group www-data06:49
pt1989i'm using 3.0 and 3.506:49
lstarnesDVA5912: have you tried placing an ignore on the IP?06:49
pt1989both crash with equal frequency06:50
pt1989how to locate a corrupt profile ?06:50
visept1989, Why are you using two in the first place?06:50
lstarnesDVA5912: there might be some plugins for pidgin for that06:50
pt1989i got 3.5 from synaptic just to check out the newer version06:50
DVA5912let me go hacking.06:50
visept1989, Just keep one.. that should work...06:50
pt1989but the issue was before i even started using 3.506:50
bodhizazenfirefox -safe-mode06:50
cooper77zwhat's the most cost effective battery I can get for a dell inspiron 1000?06:50
bodhizazensee if that helps06:50
codeshahhey guys, I am running 9.04, and I have an old PHP app that is running on PHP4... I want to debug this locally - but php4 cannot install :(06:50
uknowcan someone help me install a sis mirage 3 driver on ubuntu06:51
visept1989, Remove both and put only one.. i am not sure both can work well together06:51
mazda01__pt1989:  what add ons do you have? also, are you using the libflashsupport-nonfree? I heard that causes tons of problems. it's a bug. if you have pulseaudio installed correctly you shouldn't have to have that file installed to get flash to work in firefox.06:51
pt1989bodhizazen, but no plugins/extensions right?06:51
cooper77zI got the universal slim type at a yard sale for like $3, I know that was a good deal06:51
=== william is now known as Guest76324
DVA5912how do i block his ip06:51
bodhizazenthat is -safe-mode06:51
sebsebseb!language |  DVA591206:51
ubottuDVA5912: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.06:51
duckwars_okay, i tried making a test dir at var/www/yomom and then I put the .htaccess file in there and the server just grants full access to it?06:51
pt1989mazda01__ i think so too06:51
pt1989how to avoid it ?06:51
lstarnesDVA5912: it might not be possible in pidgin06:51
pt1989i need flash though06:51
bodhizazenit it works, then it is your profile or an extension06:51
bodhizazenif not, then it is ff :(06:52
lstarnesDVA5912: I know that it's possible in most dedicated irc clients, including xchat and irssi06:52
bodhizazenyou may also get an error message06:52
pt1989bodhizazen, i get no error message06:52
sebsebsebDVA5912: use Xchat or even better   Konversation :)06:52
pt1989just shutsdown06:52
DVA5912can i just report him some where for the moment. im not using linux right now. im on my laptop06:52
uknowi must be impossible06:52
uknowit must06:52
ganemazda01, i didnt get any help from that06:52
bodhizazenmakes it hard pt198906:52
sebsebsebDVA5912: go to  #ubuntu-ops and complain about him06:52
pt1989bodhizazen any alternatives to adobe plugin ?06:53
uknowis there a driver installer/scanner for linux?06:53
sebsebsebDVA5912: since your offtopic in here06:53
bodhizazenevance ?06:53
lstarnessebsebseb, DVA5912: #ubuntu-ops cannot do anything about PMs06:53
bodhizazenoh, for flash ?06:53
sebsebseblstarnes: then can maybe depends06:53
lstarnessebsebseb, DVA5912: you could try freenode staff (see #freenode) but they will recommend ignoring the IP06:53
pt1989bodhizazen, yes06:53
DVA5912he keeps inviting me to a channel named of stuf. now its hack me lamer im going to freenode though. this problem will have to wait06:54
pt1989any info on that?06:54
ARMENIANis there a shortcut for opening up the system monitor?06:54
bodhizazenno pt1989 I use the adobe .deb or .rpm06:55
pt1989there is some transitional package...06:55
AmarstI have an SMB question:  I am following the directions on https://help.ubuntu.com/8.10/serverguide/C/samba-fileprint-security.html, and I'm confused about setting up the user security.  Are the users listed supposed to be the ubuntu server's userbase, or is it supposed to be the username of the person logged into the workstation that wants access to the server's samba share?06:55
uknowis there a driver installer/scanner for linux?06:55
viseARMENIAN, Create a shortcut on your desktop or panel.. by right clicking it in the menu and selecting the option u want...06:55
ARMENIANvise: ohh so there's not hotkey? :P ok06:56
cooper77zdoes the svdp digital camera encode sd chips that hardy can read?06:56
alex___ARMENIAN: Do you mean like that it's called gnome-system-monitor?06:56
bodhizazenAmarst, users on the server06:56
ARMENIANalex___: yep :)06:56
viseARMENIAN, I think you can even do a hotkey.. not sure06:56
bodhizazenyou then log in with that user name and sama pw06:56
alex___ARMENIAN: Or did you mean like ctrl alt delete on windows?06:56
ARMENIANalex___: i belive it's teh same thing06:57
bodhizazensamba user is not the same as a system user (log in)06:57
ARMENIANthe system monitor is like doing ctrl + alt + del in windows06:57
LiraNunahow can I pad the output of paste?06:57
LiraNunaI got two files and I want them interlaced, but I also want it padded06:57
alex___ARMENIAN: Yes, but I meant did you mean a key combination to open it, or the name of the program to open it in alt+f2/terminal06:57
jcmariniuknow linux drivers for printers and scanners are often automatically detected when you install if not go to makers wewb page for help06:57
codeshahhmm, anyone know how I can get php4 on ubuntu 9.04?06:57
lstarnescodeshah: I don't think you can.  I don't think php4 is really supported anymore06:58
Amarsthobdhizazen:  where do I set up the samba user?  i do not have access to a gui06:58
ARMENIANalex___: key combination, but i guess u need to run it using the command06:58
codeshahlstarnes, thats a bummer :( I have to work on this old zencart hmm06:58
mazda01__here's a good guide for flash and pulseaudio: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=843012&highlight=flash+pulseaudio06:58
pt1989oh, i've proved it's a problem with flash06:58
ARMENIANalex___: i guess if there's no hotkey for doing it i can use xbindkeys to run it :)06:58
alex___Armenian: Open up Keyboard Shortcuts, click add, make it run gnome-system-monitor and set it to whatever you want06:59
bodhizazenwhat version of flash ?06:59
bodhizazenand you could try a new profile06:59
AmarstI have the libpam-smbpass package installed, so it should sync...but it doesn't07:00
bodhizazenfirefox -P07:00
ARMENIANalex___: hmm, if i could do this, why did I ever install xbindkeys? :P thanks man07:00
uknowyeah i have gone to sis they support some chipsets not mine tho07:00
alex___ARMENIAN: NP =P07:00
fogushey guys.  is it possible to use mdadm to raid together a bunch of truecrypt partitions?07:01
legend2440uknow: read post # 119   http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=958967&page=1207:02
jcmariniuknow sounds like you need expert help...not me, sorry07:02
duckwars_I've put my .htaccess file into /var/www/yomom and I'm pretty sure the .htaccess file is done correctly AND still /yomom gets served up wtihout even asking for a username or password, is there something I'm missing?07:02
uknowi have07:02
mazda01__pt1989: i run the nonfree version of flash and I don;t have a problem.07:02
cooper77zwhat is a usb2 capture device for hardy?07:03
savanny1976xpserI'm trying to install "xampp", after downloading the package I tried to " tar -zxvf xampp-linux-1.7.tar.gz+07:03
savanny1976xpser". I keep getting this error "tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting no,   tar: Child returned status 2,   tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors07:03
savanny1976xpser" . can someone help me with this?? THX07:03
cooper77zwhat is a COMPATIBLE usb capture device for hardy?07:04
jcmariniuknow are you using ubuntu07:04
cooper77zvideo device07:04
dva5900*sigh* thats better.07:04
jcmariniuknow what sort of printer07:04
uknowsis mirage 3 771/67107:04
LiraNunahow can I mimic padded paste?07:04
uknowno priter07:04
uknowno printer a video chip sis mirage 3 771/67107:05
mazda01__savanny1976xpser: what is that plus symbol doing at teh end of the filename?07:05
cooper77zwhat is a compatible usb2 video and audio capture device for hardy?07:06
duckwars_do i have to point .htaccess file at a password saved as .htpass?07:06
lstarnesduckwars_: usually it's .htpasswd07:06
LiraNunaAny bash gurus around? I need to pad paste's output... http://pastie.org/private/kdpa7yuifq7pmrb3riuw07:06
=== dva5900 is now known as dva5912
savanny1976xpserI eliminated the "+" , same error07:07
duckwars_okay, because I followed the apache website about it and they save it as a file just called passwords07:07
jcmariniyou are not the only one; see http://rds.yahoo.com/_ylt=A0oGkjem_WdKwnYAWjVXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTByZWgwN285BHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDMQRjb2xvA3NrMQR2dGlkAw--/SIG=125212r30/EXP=1248415526/**http%3a//ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php%3ft=95896707:07
mazda01__cooper77z: gogle showed this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport   read away07:07
dva5912lstarnes, thanks for the help07:07
k3Rnhello! i want to install the latest version virt-manager. i just found out that you can download an ubuntu package from packages.ubuntu.com. is there a possibility to install it with all dependencys??07:08
chris__whats the best program to use for webcam chatting07:08
dva5912lol hes at it again07:08
mazda01__savanny1976xpser: download the file again. also, what directory are you trying to ungzip it in?07:08
velcroshoozsomehow my 32 bit compatibility libs are not installed in the correct place, trying to run 32 video game apps gets me unable to find libGL.so.1 errors, i know they are on the system somewhere I just dont know why the programs arent finding them, anyone have any ideas?07:08
lstarnesdva5912: if you're on xchat, try /ignore *!*@ ALL07:08
dva5912 /ignore *!*@ ALL07:08
duckwars_I'm dieing here... I can't put a password on my apache server...........07:09
lstarnesdva5912: without the preceding space.  most irc clients interpret lines starting with a / as a command07:09
dva5912i got it07:09
jcmarinisorry wrong one see http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=95896707:09
uknowcan anyone walk me throught editing xorg.conf07:09
duckwars_is there configuration file I have to change to make the apache server look for .htaccess files?07:09
dva5912yay. thanks so much lstarnes07:09
lstarnesdva5912: what's in the .htaccess?07:09
lstarnesdva5912: oops07:09
lstarnesduckwars_: what's in the .htaccess?07:09
dva5912i think i know the problem now. lstarnes i didnt set all the files to the www-data thing07:10
duckwars_it's a file used to set up basic authentication07:10
cooper77zThe best fix appears to be to give the media to ubuntu in digital form, yes?07:10
mazda01__velcroshooz: create symlinks to them then. just do a find / -name libGL.so.1 and put a symlink where the program wants it to be.07:10
mazda01__velcroshooz:  i don't use 64bit so that's the best I cna help with that.07:10
velcroshoozmazda01__: problem is i dont know where its looking for it ;/07:11
k3Rnhello! i want to install the latest version virt-manager. i just found out that you can download an ubuntu package from packages.ubuntu.com. is there a possibility to install it with all dependencys??07:11
duckwars_dva5912: what were you trying to do? something similar to what I'm trying to do?07:11
dva5912duckwars_, im having a little bit of a time with getting read/write access in /var/www07:12
chris__what program should i use to do webcam chatting?07:12
duckwars_dva5912: oh well www-data is the group stuff has to be in for it to be seen by the apache server07:12
uknowalot of questions less answers07:13
dva5912duckwars_, got that done. still07:13
uknowbut there trying07:13
oliver__Hi all i got this error when running fglrx X Error of failed request:  BadRequest (invalid request code or no such operation)07:13
oliver__  Major opcode of failed request:  145 (GLX)07:13
oliver__  Minor opcode of failed request:  19 (X_GLXQueryServerString)07:13
oliver__  Serial number of failed request:  1707:13
oliver__  Current serial number in output stream:  1707:13
FloodBot3oliver__: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:13
duckwars_dva5912: what is the problem you are having?07:13
oliver__oops soz07:13
oliver__didn't think it was gonna space it out :D07:13
mazda01__velcroshooz:  yeah, sorry. i don';t; use 64bit so I couldn't tell you where it shoudl be. mine is located here: /usr/lib/ and it's a symlink. see here: lrwxrwxrwx   1 root root       15 2009-07-08 01:46 libGL.so.1 -> libGL.so.180.4407:13
dva5912duckwars_, i cant do anything. i think im going to forget this though. and just wget the tarball image off the site and go from there07:13
mazda01__velcroshooz:  i also have directories /usr/lib32/ and /usr/lib64/ but it's not in those directories07:14
uknowhow do i change drivers for hardware on ubuntu07:15
mazda01__uknow: for what hardware?07:15
uknowsis mairage 307:15
chris__whats the best program for video conferencing between linux and windows?07:15
uknowi have the download but by defult it ant useing it07:16
apoleo12Does anybody have problem with keymapping in the console????07:16
k3Rnhow can i install a package from ubuntu.packages.com with all its dependencies?07:16
mazda01__uknow: what is the exact module name? that's what you put for the driver in your xorg.conf file under the device section. there's a gui app for jaunty. i think it gtkconfig or something like that.07:17
=== _MrsApple_ is now known as _MrApple_
mac_v_MrApple_: sex change eh ;p07:18
cooper77zI am going to consider the audio and video capture issue solved now. I must provide ubuntu with the media in digital form for ubuntu to work with said media.07:18
mazda01__uknow: run sudo displayconfig-gtk and you should be able to chose your graphics driver in there I think07:18
mazda01__k3Rn: do you know all it's dependencies?07:19
uknowit said command not found07:20
sluimershello I have a problem with my wi-fi, Networkmanager applet says the device is not managed and now my wi-fi isn't working :(.07:21
k3Rnmazda01: all dependencies are listed on ubuntu.packages.com07:22
mazda01__uknow: you have to run sudo aptitude install displayconfig-gtk then if it's not installed.07:22
mazda01__k3Rn: then  install all of them.07:23
k3Rnmazda01: there are many dependencies and most of them depend on more ...07:23
k3Rnthere must be an easier solution i think07:24
mazda01__k3Rn: there is a command, let me see what it is. one second.07:24
alexyyMy developers in China want to access facebook api services that are currently blocked.  They can't use proxy because there's no way to configure the lib for accessing facebook api to use a proxy.  so other than setting up a vpn, is there any other way to get around?07:24
k3Rnmazda01: thanks!07:25
k3Rnmazda01: any help much appreciated.. - first time i am doing this07:25
IledenHi! My display adapter broke, and now I'm trying to get an older Radeon 9200 to work with full 3D support by using the "ati" driver as described in the Radeon Ubuntu guide (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver) Unfortunately after doing everything described, it still isn't working - ('lshw -C display' produces only UNCLAIMED displays, so the "ati" driver isn't being used). How do I proceed with this?07:26
mazda01__k3Rn: i found this: http://www.howtoforge.com/checking-package-dependencies-with-apt-rdepends-on-debian-ubuntu   it should help07:28
Nick0Ileden: totally not answering that one07:28
Nick0Ileden: I'm not in the right time zone to answer that one. good night.07:28
IledenNick0: how come?07:28
unopIleden, what does  lspci | grep -i vga   give you?07:28
timewasteranybody home?07:28
=== Nick0 is now known as Nick0|sleep
IledenNick0: ok :)07:28
k3Rnmazda01: apt only has an very old version of virt-manager in its repository...07:29
Iledenunop: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RV280 [Radeon 9200] (rev 01)07:29
k3Rnmazda01: but you can find an ubuntu karmic package on packages.ubuntu.com....07:29
unopIleden, cool. so, you have created a new xorg.conf with the appropriate sections, etc ?07:29
Guest34144hi all. quick Q... is mac os x a linux wanabe?07:29
mazda01__k3Rn: did you even read the link, it talks about installing apt-rdepends and using that07:30
timewasterAm I even visible here?07:30
Ghoti__Guest34144: OS X is BSD, an operating system in many ways similar to Linux, with a custom Apple-designed GUI07:30
Iledenunop: yup, althoug I had to do some edits (assumedly non significant) to get it work - mainly removing references to mouse and keyborad, since they were not listed in the original xorg.conf07:30
dva5912how do i untar a file07:30
shankhsMy question is can I install interpid netbook image in my machine?07:30
Ghoti__timewaster: No, we can't see you :)07:30
=== Ursinha is now known as Ursinha-afk
Guest34144thnx Ghoti07:31
unopIleden, that should be ok. right, so the new xorg.conf works, are you able to log on to the desktop, etc?07:31
ibnulislamdva5912: tar -xvf file.tar07:31
mazda01__dva5912: what is the file extension?07:31
Ghoti__Guest34144: anytime07:31
Iledenunop: unop this is my current xorg.conf: http://paste.ubuntu.com/226111/07:31
mazda01__ibnulislam: beat me to it.07:31
=== ubuntu is now known as isotester
timewasterso.. i can't resume with my mx 4000 and binary nvidia driver07:31
timewasterso what do i do?07:32
timewasterworks fine with the nv driver though07:32
unopIleden, ok, but that's not telling me if it work alright? does it?07:32
unopSteve-o, stop please07:32
KoolDAfter a reboot my laptop speakers stopped working but The headphone still works.how do i solve this???07:33
Bauer-re-install the sound card again07:33
shankhsi dont have cd or dvd reader how can I install ubuntu?07:33
Iledenunop: I get image correctly, but I don't see 3d support. 'lshw -C display' says " *-display:0 UNCLAIMED ", which I don't think is correct, also compiz won't activate which I understand means I don't have support.07:34
iceroot!usb | shankhs07:34
ubottushankhs: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent07:34
fogushey guys.  is it possible to use mdadm to raid together a bunch of truecrypt partitions?07:34
shankhsbios is old no USB boot option07:34
Bauer-shankhs: you can download the file,07:34
shankhsBauer-: I was thinking of installing using HTTP07:35
icerootshankhs: then this http://www.instantfundas.com/2007/08/install-any-linux-distro-directly-from.html07:35
timewasterhow do I troubleshoot suspend resume issues?07:35
k3Rnmazda01: can't even install apt-redends07:36
shankhsiceroot: dont you think thats buggy ??07:36
timewasterat least what's the proper way to submit a bug?07:36
icerootshankhs: why?07:36
bronsontimewaster, you figure out which driver is causing the problem.07:36
jbinderHow do I get a website like http://www.sawpedia.com to load? I have an atheros card07:36
bullgard4System > Administration > System Monitor > Processes shows a column 'Waiting Channel'. What is a 'waiting channel'?07:36
bronsonunplug all devices, etc.07:36
fogushelp: there is this Steve-o guy who is giving me weird messages07:36
shankhsiceroot: i used wubi and I found that pretty bugggy07:37
fogushow do I block him?07:37
timewasterbronson: it's the nvidia binary driver that's causing the problem. it works fine with the nv driver.07:37
icerootshankhs: look at the links,, its not wubi07:37
bronsontimewaster, ah.  that's not good.07:37
k3Rnnoone here can tell me how to install the latest ersion of the program virt-manager?07:37
icerootshankhs: http://www.instantfundas.com/2007/08/install-any-linux-distro-directly-from.html07:37
bronsonthere's basically nothing that can be done about that.07:37
k3Rni am sure there is a simple way to do that.07:37
shankhsiceroot: ok thanks07:37
unopIleden, I have to leave now, i'm sorry to leave you hanging. What I'd do if i were you is to have a look (or get someone) to examine the /var/log/Xorg.0.log file for errors (marked by (EE)) and work that way up.07:37
mazda01__k3Rn, apt-rdepends07:37
k3Rnlie with the package from packages.ubunut.com07:37
bronsonyou could try bugging nvidia but they're not very responsive.07:37
SnakDocanyone have idea when firefox-3.5 will become firefox ?07:38
SnakDocif that makes sense ?07:38
Iledenunop: ok, bye! Thanks.07:38
bronsonSnakDoc, the 9.10 release07:38
icerootshankhs: with 9.1007:38
icerootSnakDoc: with 9.1007:38
timewasterbronson: i've read something about the driver needing to be restarted. something about nvidia quirks or something. i think that my driver is not restarting.07:38
icerootshankhs: sorry, wrong nick07:38
SnakDocok got till oct then sounds good07:38
shankhsiceroot: no prob07:39
Ileden'glxinfo |grep render' also produces only "Xlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0"."07:39
bronsontimewaster, dunno.  On my nvidia computer I just use the nv driver.  It's slow but it's more reliable for me.07:39
diddyDoes anybody know how to extend the time that sudo will give me to be root?07:40
k3Rnmazda01: http://paste.ubuntu.com/226131/07:40
jbinderANyone know how? Is www.sawpedia.com working for you guys?07:41
Steve-oPlease stop the spam07:42
jbinderI am trying to load a site07:42
jbinderWhat channel should I go to?07:42
lstarnesSteve-o: all the claims I've heard were that you were doing it07:42
icerootjbinder: you want to load a website?07:42
Mike94287For some reason all my window controls have stopped showing and everything is really messed up. Compiz isn't working or anything.07:42
ganemazda01, i didnt get any help from that website07:43
ganeis there anyway  to access the webcam or making it to work  ..07:44
ganein your web page also it is mentioned that there is no driver for that07:44
Mike94287Can someone tell me how to restart xorg, I think that may be the problem07:45
ganebut it was posted by 200707:45
ganethis is 2009 right07:45
timewasterhow do i get my nvidia mx4000 to resume? there seems to be a generic nvidia quirks setting for hal but I don't know how to verify if my card is in the list or how to add it if it's not.07:45
Flanneldiddy: edit your sudoers and set timestamp_timeout, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sudoers on editing sudoers (be *sure* to use visudo)07:45
mazda01__Mike94287:  hit ctrl-alt-F1, that will take you to a console, log in, then type sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop, then type sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start. that should restart you xorg, you may have to hit ctrl-alt-F7 but I don't think so.07:46
diddyFlannel, Thank you.07:46
=== mitch is now known as Guest95433
timewasterplease somebody have a look at this http://pastebin.com/m4d82454507:46
Guest95433hi...could anybody help me on my domain?...i'm a newbie on ubuntu...07:47
=== Guest95433 is now known as mich01128
Cronosguest can you give more info07:47
Mike94287mazda01__: Okay I'll try that, thanks.07:48
=== Vobine is now known as Psychoholic
mich01128i'm trying to ping my www but my pc says my ping request could find my host07:49
Mike94287mazda01__: That didn't seem to fix my problem, my window controls aren't showing, my windows are going over my panels and I can't move anything.07:49
mich01128can anybody help me...i'm a newbies on ubuntu...07:50
mazda01__mich01128:  are you behind a router? if you are, does your router forward ping requests? does your router accept pings07:50
quibbler!ask | mich0112807:50
ubottumich01128: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:50
IledenI'm trying to get my Radeon 9200 to work with 3d support (according to the guide https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver it should have support). unop kindly pointed me to check out EE-errors in my Xorg.0.log - there's only one error, which reads "Failed to initialize GLX extension (Compatible NVIDIA X driver not found)". Any idea why it talks about NVIDIA, not radeon, could this be the source of the problem? My previous display adapter that broke down was07:50
mazda01__Mike94287:  r you using compiz? try to run this: metacity from a command prompt07:50
rishavhey guys, I am trying to open make my computer a remote server but am unable to open my 3306 port07:51
mich01128i am behind a router and it accepts forward ping request...07:51
homercycleswhat's the best partition type for external USB hard drives? Default in Ubuntu is ext2 but I'm thinking I should go ext307:51
RavahanHello, wondering if anyone here can assist me with a problem loading FFXI?  I have followed the guide on the appdb to install it, and its a Gold app, but I'm getting a black screen whenever I open PlayOnline (the launcher).07:51
mich01128i already had configured my bind9 for the second time...07:51
mazda01__rishav: are you behind a router?07:51
Mike94287mazda01__: Yes I'm using compiz but it's not working either right now, also I don't know how I can access Terminal because this chat window is blocking my menus and I can't move it out of the way07:51
Cronostry ext4 realy works great07:51
mazda01__mich01128:  do you have any iptables rules set?07:52
homercyclesbut ext3 would be the safest option?  I mean, ext2 is a tad old, isn't it?07:52
rishavbut.. i want to use it in the intranet..07:52
rexes13good morning07:52
mich01128nope...no iptables yet...how do i do dat?07:52
mazda01__Mike94287:  hit ctrl-F2, that'll bring up a run box, type in gnome-terminal07:52
Cronoshomer ex3 is same ex2 but whit jornaled system basicaly07:52
homercyclesCronos: I would guess journalling would be a must-have. thanks07:53
mich01128if i put my ip address in my browser i could get the page of my server...my problem is my www....07:53
rishavhttp://pastie.org/556054 , my.cnf file07:53
mazda01__mich01128: if you didn't do anything with iptables then no rules should be defined I don't think. ai am not sure why you can't ping your computer?07:53
homercyclesCronos: I'm not sure about ext4 yet. not too sure they've ironed out all the bugs07:53
Mike94287mazda01__: Nothing opened, however I tried running metacity in Ctrl Alt F1 and it said it was unable to start the window manager07:53
Cronoswell go ext3 is very solid by now07:53
mazda01__rishav: have you forwarded port 3306 on your router to the ip of your computer?07:54
RavahanHello, wondering if anyone here can assist me with a problem loading FFXI?  I have followed the guide on the appdb to install it, and its a Gold app, but I'm getting a black screen whenever I open PlayOnline (the launcher).07:54
mazda01__Mike94287:  hitting ctrl-F2 didn't open a  little run box?07:54
RavahanI'm thinking it might be DirectX or driver related, but I have no idea how to proceed from here?07:54
mich01128i can ping my ip address...but if i ping my domain...ping request could find host....07:54
Mike94287mazda01__: Nope07:54
rishavmazda01_ : i want it use it in the router subnet, not excess it from the internet, so I guess port forwarding from the router is not required07:55
rexes13anybody knows when i can get karmic koala alpha 3?07:55
mazda01__mich01128: that's a dns issue.07:55
lstarnesrexes13: #ubuntu+1 is the channel for unreleased ubuntu versions07:55
Mike94287mazda01__: Normally it does but ever since this happened I can't get it to open07:55
mich01128ok...what will i do in my dns?...07:55
mazda01__Mike94287:  it should. i am not sure and I have to get to bed now. sorry to all.07:55
mazda01__mich01128: you need to goggle it. got to get to bed. sorry to all.07:56
apoleo12goodnite and thanks for ur help07:56
mich01128ok....anyway thanks....07:56
Mike94287mazda01__: Okay thanks for your help07:56
mich01128is there anybody else who could help me on my issue?07:56
Mike94287Can anyone else help me? My window controls aren't showing for some reason and I can't do anything.07:57
RavahanSo yeah, loading the MMO FFXI via Wine installed as instructed on the appdb page, I'm getting a black screen when I load PlayOnline (launcher).  I think it may be driver or DirectX related-- Can anyone help me or direct me somewhere someone might know something?07:57
rexes13btw u know how can i retrieve my down panel in case i delete it?07:58
mazda01__Mike94287:  one last suggestion would be to restart your machine. gotta go now.07:58
Cronoswhat did you do mike did you update or install anything07:58
Mike94287mazda01__: I tried that and it didn't work07:58
rishavmazda01_: http://pastie.org/556056 basically commands i tried to open the 3306 port on my machine07:58
JeruvyMike94287: can you re-explain?07:58
mazda01__mich01128: you need to make sure that your external ip is associated to your domain name using dyndns or something simliar and then if you don't have a static ip you need to use a program that updates your external and domain name when your external ip changes. gotta go now. bye07:59
RavahanWell, I suppose I'll try #winehq.  I'm sure I'll be seeing you guys later ;-)07:59
Mike94287Conos: I randomly got a terminal showing over my whole screen (like the one you get with ctrl alt f1) and I pressed enter and now none of my window controls are showing.07:59
=== Martinp24 is now known as Martinp23
Leoneofanybody can help me? my wireless does not work with Ubuntu 9.4 , it has Atheros chipset08:00
Mike94287Jeruvy: My window controls (minimize, maximize, close) aren't showing, compiz stopped working, and I can't move my windows.08:00
mazda01__Mike94287:  wait, did you try ctrl-alt-F7, that should take you to the gui session. ctrl-alt-F1 thru F6 are just tty's consoles.08:00
Mike94287mazda01__: ctrl alt f7 doesn't do anything08:01
Cronosleoneof did you ty the propietary madwifi drivers08:01
mazda01__rishav: you can't nmap yourself from your own computer!!!!08:01
JeruvyMike94287: did you disable compiz?08:01
KB1JWQmazda01__: Technically you can.08:01
LeoneofCronos, i'm newbie with Linux :/08:01
=== jimk is now known as cariboo907
KB1JWQLoopback generates odd results, but the external IP you can.08:02
Mike94287It's disabled right now even though I don't remember ever disabling it.08:02
rishavyeah you can08:02
Cronosusing kde or gnome leoneof?08:02
pcccCan I use apt-get to install erlang R13B (it seems to install R11B by default)?08:02
IledenI'm trying to get my Radeon 9200 to work with 3d support (according to the guide https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver it should have support). User unop kindly pointed me to check out EE-errors in my Xorg.0.log - there's only one error, which reads "Failed to initialize GLX extension (Compatible NVIDIA X driver not found)". I'm surprised it talks about NVidia, not Radeon - could this point to the source of my problem? My previous display adapter that br08:03
LeoneofCronos, sorry i don't know, it is Ubuntu i downloaded from ISO DVD , i think it is gnome08:03
JeruvyMike94287: hmm.  Any luck with the other consoles mazda01 suggested?08:03
Cronosok menu is on top if it is go to system-admin08:03
mazda01__rishav: your running nmap on an internal ip address when you need to be running nmap on your external ip to see what ports are listening to the outside world. you need to run netstat -pant to see what ports are listening. also, there's a website that will run namp again your computer, i think it's called shields up or soemthing like that08:05
Mike94287Jeruvy: I'm able to access them but what should I do when I get to them? I already tried sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop and start in tty1 but it didn't help08:05
RavahanHello, I'm back and I've had an idea!  While #winehq was totally dead, I did see something in the welcome message that clicked with something I saw earlier....08:06
RavahanSomeone said that they got a black screen with Comp... er.... Crap, I can't remember.  Comp-something-z enabled, and the winehq message said not to run wine with that thingie08:06
RavahanDoes anyone have any idea what I'm talking about?  lol08:07
JeruvyMike94287: I'm failing to connect the dots with your 'windows' issue and the problem.08:07
RavahanCompiz?  Something like that08:07
Mike94287Jeruvy: I would take a picture but unfortunately the print screen dialog doesn't show when I press my print screen button now08:07
RavahanAnyone here use Wine at all that might have a few ideas?08:08
Mike94287When I tried running metacity in tty1 I got an error saying "Window manager error: Unable to open x display"08:08
JamesHoldsworthHow do I change directories to a hidden folder in the terminal? i've tried CD and it says teh directory doesnt exist, when it comes up as ".passwd" in ls -a08:09
=== sleepy_cat is now known as c_nick
mazda01__Mike94287:  you can't run metacity from tty1 bcause X isn't running on that console. you ahve to run metacity from tty7.08:09
Mike94287I can't access tty708:10
JeruvyMike94287: Ah ^^08:10
mazda01__JamesHoldsworth: .passwd is a file not a directory then08:10
mazda01__Mike94287:  because you're most liekly already in tty708:10
JamesHoldsworthi thought that would make it a hidden directory?08:10
s1gmab3tai have a logitech vx revolution mouse. my dad has an older logitech mouse, and on his ubuntu 9.04 power manager reports the battery status of his mouse. gnome-power-manager says nothing about my mouse, even though it is newer and awesomer. anyone know why?08:10
JamesHoldsworthHow would I access it?08:10
IledenJamesHoldsworth: what does 'ls -alF' say about it?08:10
JamesHoldsworthits owned by root08:11
JamesHoldsworthand was made a year ago08:11
RavahanWell, I'll mess around in the kitchen and try back in a bit here.08:11
Mike94287mazda01: I'll try restarting and opening terminal then trying to run metacity08:11
CronosRavahan try stop compiz when you use wine you can install an applet to do that from synaptics08:11
CryptorchildJamesHoldsworth: if it's directory you can by cd .passwd, if it's a file you can by using vim or vi or other text editor08:11
IledenJamesHoldsworth: I'm interested in what the output of 'ls -alF' shows at the beginning about it. Something like "-rw-r--r--"?08:12
CryptorchildJamesHoldsworth: owned by root, not your concern anymore then ;)08:12
mazda01__JamesHoldsworth: when you run ls -a on it, does it have a d in the very begining, if not, then it's a file not a directory08:12
kalyan_hi.. can anyone tell me what is the minimum sd card requirement for flashing in koolu on the neo freerunner08:13
JoAnneThraxso, if I were to manually edit my xorg.conf file (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=1773624), should amdcccle be able to deal with it afterwards, or should I be worried about messing that up?08:14
mazda01__JoAnneThrax: not sure what you're asking but before changing any system file, I always make a backup that way you can at a minimum boot up a live cd, then replace the bad file with your backup file. I just make a copy of the file with _original after it before I change it. good luck08:15
mazda01__GOODNIGHT TO ALL.08:16
Mike94287Okay I was able to get my window controls to show again, however how can I keep them showing? If I close terminal they'll go away again.08:17
s1gmab3ta i have a logitech vx revolution mouse. my dad has an older logitech mouse, and on his ubuntu 9.04 power manager reports the battery status of his mouse. gnome-power-manager says nothing about my mouse, even though it is newer and awesomer. anyone know why?08:17
CronosMike what did you do to make it work i got lost on other chanels08:18
Mike94287Cronos: I used the command metacity in terminal instead of in tty1, I wasn't able to access it before because my windows were covering up my menus.08:19
SnakDocs1gmab3ta i had to install hidpoint to get more advanced features of my keyboard to work08:19
SnakDocs1gmab3ta not sure if it help you for that i was trying to get special keys to work08:20
JoAnneThraxmazda01: thanks; I already backed it up...08:20
s1gmab3taSnakDoc: i'll look into it08:20
Cronosso you have a terminal window if you close all go messed up is that terminal runing something?08:20
JoAnneThraxmazda01: This would be a lot easier with CCC, but it's not letting me configure it to do dual monitors08:20
Mike94287Cronos: yes08:21
Mike94287Oh wait, I was able to get it to stay by running it in alt F208:21
Mike94287However now I have a new problem, Compiz is no longer working.08:21
Cronosbut your system is im shure someone will help w compiz08:22
SnakDocs1gmab3ta http://www.hidpoint.com/supported_devices.html its supported08:23
Mike94287Cronos: Okay thanks for your help08:23
nooneelsesomeone here use ubuntu 9.04 with videocache (www.cachevideos.com) ?08:23
Cronosthe thing is know why is that terminal showing08:23
colloguywhy are there no scripts starting with 'K' in /etc/rc{1,2,3,4,5}.d?08:23
paoloHi guys! I have a MS keyboard, which by default sends alternate codes for the functions key, and in order to get the usual codes I must press a F buttun every time I boot. Is there any trick in order to get the function key working as expected automatically? thank you!08:24
Cronoswhat didi you change that make that problem start?08:24
lstarnescolloguy: because those modes are used for starting, not stopping08:24
nooneelsesomeone here use ubuntu 9.04 with videocache (www.cachevideos.com) ? cause after a fresh install of ubuntu it's not working anymore!? Could someone give some tips?08:24
Mike94287Cronos: I didn't change anything, the screen just went black and it looked like I was in a full screen terminal08:24
colloguylstarnes: where is the stopping handled? :]08:24
SnakDocpaolo was just talking about that look at http://www.hidpoint.com/supported_devices.html08:25
lstarnescolloguy: I think it's handled automatically by init switching starting and stopping when exiting a runlevel08:25
Cronoswow no uupdates no nothing that is realy extrage08:25
colloguylstarnes: oh cool08:25
lstarnescolloguy: or it might be handled by the target runlevel08:25
Mike94287Cronos: The really strange thing is that this isn't the first time that full screen terminal has showed up, it first showed up when I turned my fan off but nothing happened that time and now when I turn my fan off again this happened.08:26
Mike94287I don't see what a fan sitting on my desk would have to do with anything though :s08:26
paoloSnakDoc, I can't understand, that page doesn't say anything08:26
SnakDocpaolo shows supported devices by that program08:27
s1gmab3taSnakDoc: doesn't seem like this program supports my mouse nearly as well as they'd have us believe08:27
s1gmab3tait says i dont have a mouse08:27
SnakDocs1gmab3ta you unplug it and replug it in ?08:27
Cronoswell you have to think on a overcharge on the electrical system that may damage some of youre hardware but i never head from a case08:27
Cronosmike have you check your logs for X errors?08:29
=== virlomi_ is now known as vir1omi
s1gmab3taSnakDoc: yes08:29
SnakDocs1gmab3ta try to refresh page close app unplug device plug back in open app back up08:29
s1gmab3taSnakDoc: negative, i've done every combination of those things08:30
SnakDoctry to manual set device ?08:30
s1gmab3tathis app isn't for me anyway it doesnt seem to have anything to do with the battery08:31
SnakDocsee device selection at top hit that and i will select device08:31
IledenI'm trying to get my Radeon 9200 to work with 3d support by following the guide https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver. My Xorg.0.log has only one error, which reads "(EE) Failed to initialize GLX extension (Compatible NVIDIA X driver not found)". I'm wondering why "NVidia", since I have a Radeon card - my previous card was NVidia. Could this point to the source of my problem? Any idea on how to proceed?08:31
Xkshi all08:32
Xksva dau la muiie08:32
s1gmab3tathanks anyway08:32
taruzgood evening, im having some troubles setting up my video card on ubuntu08:33
taruzi have a geforce 9400gt 1gb08:33
SnakDocs1gmab3ta sry about that haven't had my bats get low in mine to see since i found it but it added function for special keys figured would keep battery to was suppose to be drivers for all08:33
SnakDocs1gmab3ta atleast thats what i thought08:33
taruzand it only allows for a 640x480 resolution08:33
taruzcan somebody help?08:33
SnakDoctaruz you try restricted hardware drivers ?08:34
taruzthe drivers are installed08:34
SnakDocyou reboot after that ?08:34
bluntman225hey guys, i need a little advice. I have a webcam that serves images on  - Is it possible to write a script to download an image from the camera, run Image Magic on it to clean up the file (the camera produces messed up headers for the jpeg) then overwrite the image automaticly? Sort of like a shell script08:34
taruzi have the nvidia config thingy in my system > administration08:34
taruzi rebooted, after that08:34
taruzi only get that resolution08:34
SnakDocand you trying to use nvidia config to change settings and it want let you ?08:35
taruzi tried using the config and it only lets me change between 640x480 and 320x24008:35
taruzi added a Modes line with the supported resolutions to my xorg.conf file08:35
taruzbut it didnt worked08:35
SnakDoconly other thing i know is to edit config file08:36
taruzwhat should the xorg.conf file would have to look like?08:36
Scorpiowhat in the world is this!08:36
Scorpiothis is like some underground hacking mess right here08:37
Scorpiothe source of the elite hackers leads here...jesus...08:37
SnakDoctaruz http://pastebin.org/3730 look at that think thats all you need08:38
ecolitani need to disable the automatic networking stuff in ubuntu08:38
Iledenbluntman225: sure it's possible. It could be done with a shell script I imagine, or a simple program using python or command-line php.08:38
ActionParsnipScorpio: hardly08:38
Scorpiodon't try to fool me with your trickery. Just look at this place. It hacker paradise08:38
ActionParsnipScorpio: if you want it to be, sure08:39
oldude67only time i hack is when i wake up in the morning..:D08:39
taruzthing is i have on my pc the PCI-e geforce card and the intel integrated one08:39
ActionParsnipScorpio: do you have an ubuntu issue?08:39
taruzcan i get them both to work?08:39
taruzlike in windows?08:39
ScorpioIf i want it to be? You guys are clever with your hacking languages to confuse and divert me.08:40
ActionParsniptaruz: sure08:40
ActionParsnip!dualhead | taruz08:40
ubottutaruz: Information about dual-head on linux can be found on http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/DualHead - See also !Xinerama08:40
Scorpioubuntu issue? what is that a Hacking Magizine08:40
Iledenbluntman225: you can use seomthing like wget to get the image, then run imagemagic with the parameters you want. I assume shell script would be enough.08:40
DJones!ubuntu | Scorpio08:40
ubottuScorpio: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com08:40
ActionParsnipScorpio: this is the official support channel for ubuntu, please help, ask a question, be quiet or leave.08:41
Scorpiomy god, so the plot thicken doesnt it ubottu?08:41
bluntman225Ileden:  Thanks man, Im going to try shell script. Do you know of a program that can clean image headers?08:41
Iledenbluntman225: and if you want it to happen periodically, you use cron table to run the script08:41
taruzgeez im so lost with that08:42
ARMENIANwhy does xfce use 253 MB of ram whereas gnome uses 234?08:42
SA007anyone have an idea why my /dev/psaux could be broken? did a kernel upgrade (which hangs at mounting root) so i booted the old kernel again but cat /dev/psaux stays blank and my touchpad therefore doesn't work08:42
=== mr is now known as Guest35724
Iledenbluntman225: I don't know, but I suppose there should be some programs for that08:42
taruzhey action parsnip08:42
RavahanCronos: I saw that-- Thanks.  I installed the configuration manager, which was the only thing I saw at first glance that looked like it'd work.  I looked at it after the install, but didn't see anything that simply said "turn this thing off" so I didn't mess with it for now.08:42
ActionParsniptaruz: use tab to complete names ;)08:42
RavahanWould "sudo invoke-rc.d compiz stop" stop compiz?08:42
ActionParsnipRavahan: try it08:43
taruzhow do i make ubuntu to display on more resolutions08:43
taruzim currently in 640x480 and its ridiculously small08:43
ActionParsniptaruz: you need to configure video drivers08:43
taruzok, i installed the restricted drivers, rebooted and i have this small resolution08:43
RavahanActionParsnip: heh, good point.  I guess I'm just scared of screwing something up here.  Gonna give it a whirl!08:43
ScorpioDon't worry taruz the basics of the program consists of 19,622 components in which are diverted into smaller pixals to upload the frame-rate to perform optimal performance in such cases of inverted diagrams on a scale of perportioned value. Understand?08:43
taruzi have the nvidia config thing on system > administration08:44
ActionParsnipRavahan: you can always reboot if it goes weird08:44
ActionParsniptaruz: then run:  gksudo nvidia-settings08:44
lancerockehi all08:44
lancerockeim getting no grub options08:44
ActionParsniptaruz: if it says you arent running any drivers thn run: sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-18008:44
ActionParsniptaruz: and reboot08:44
lancerockeit just automatically boots into ubuntu08:45
taruzi have the nvidia-glx-180 installed08:45
RavahanActionParsnip: Eh, looks like no.  I kinda expected this.. Just a command I used to stop gmd earlier when I was installing some NVIDIA drivers (which was a big mistake >.<)08:45
ARMENIANwhy does xfce use 253 MB of ram whereas gnome uses 234?08:45
ActionParsniptaruz: cool08:45
lancerockesomeone here said http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=293180 'Place a # before the hidden option to see GRUB at boot time'08:45
RavahanActionParsnip: It refers to /etc/init.d/[process] it looks like08:45
lancerockebut i already have one there08:45
ActionParsniplancerocke: then edit /boot/grub/menu.lst and change the timeout to something longer08:45
taruzActionParsnip: i know, but it wont give me other resolutions other than 640 and 32008:46
RavahanActionParsnip: Any idea what command I could use to try and halt compiz?08:46
ScorpioTaruz: I beg to differ on Actionparsnip's theory of running ANY driver, you run the risk of completly frying the whole program with too many functions simultaneously running at once.08:46
ActionParsnipRavahan: metacity --replace &08:46
ActionParsnipScorpio: which program will be "fried"?08:47
lancerockeActionParsnip, i did and it doesnt work http://pastebin.com/m37e14b1008:47
=== mr is now known as Guest81051
ActionParsniplancerocke: ok,what if you cange the timeout to say 1008:47
RavahanActionParsnip: Well that certainly did something.  Let me see what happens when I boot PlayOnline... Also, what do I type to re-enable it?08:47
ActionParsnipRavahan: compiz --replace &08:48
ScorpioActionParsnip: that all depends on the main-frame of the mother board. It could just be a glitch of one's computer OR it could simply be a internal function embedded deep within the board to crash and destroy the program08:48
lancerockeok ill try it08:48
ActionParsnipRavahan: if you use alt+f2 you don't need '&'08:48
lancerocke## timeout sec08:48
lancerocke# Set a timeout, in SEC seconds, before automatically booting the default entry08:48
lancerocke# (normally the first entry defined).08:48
FloodBot3lancerocke: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:48
ActionParsniplancerocke: yes, just don't flood the channel08:48
RavahanActionParsnip: Cool.  Looks like that didn't fix it though...08:48
lancerockeActionParsnip, thanks brb08:49
RavahanActionParsnip: Still, something learned!08:49
ActionParsnipScorpio: so which program will it "fry", you havent quantified it yet08:49
gogeta< hate wine08:51
Cronosall people hate wine but we useit :P08:52
RavahanActionParsnip: So what does that command actually do?  Replace the compiz process with a different windows manager?08:52
mOrO^gogeta: Just goes along with hating M$08:52
RavahanWell, Wine would be totally awesome if I could just get it to work08:53
ActionParsnipRavahan: it replaces the window manager with whatever you specify08:53
eboyjrHello :P I am about to get a netbook and I am wondering if I make a fresh (entire disk) install of UNR, will GRUB be there and what options will there be to select? :) Thanks.08:53
taruzActionParsnip: i added a modes "1024x768" to my xorg.conf file, but didnt work08:53
ActionParsniptaruz: takes a bit more than that. I can give you my xorg.conf if you'd like, I use nvidia @ 1024x768 too08:53
cube|hospitalhey, do 3G USB Sticks work with ubuntu?08:53
RavahanActionParsnip: Ah, cool08:53
taruzplease do08:54
RavahanIs anyone here familiar at all with getting games to run in Wine?08:54
=== apachelogger is now known as birthdaylogger
ActionParsniptaruz: http://pastebin.com/fb39f49c08:54
RavahanI'm posetive I'm just doing some goofy newbie error08:54
Cronosenboyjr im on a nettbook dual boot and the instalation give me linux and windows boots no problems08:54
ActionParsnipRavahan: depends which game08:54
Boohbahcube|hospital: it should work, but there's only one way to find out08:54
ScorpioActionparsnip: to name a few, Automatix, Beagle, Gnome Deskbar Applet, VLC, Firefox, amaroK, CheckGmail, Add NTFS Read/Write support, XGL/Compiz = Purdiest08:54
Cronosisnt cedega or something call like that to run ms games on linux08:55
BoohbahRavahan: you may check the wine application db for compatibility with your app http://appdb.winehq.org/08:55
ActionParsnipScorpio: so installing nvidia drivers via apt will damage ntfs-3g?08:55
DJonesRavahan: The best place to ask about games/wine would be in #winehq the people there should be the best ones to help you08:55
RavahanActionParsnip: Well, I'm trying at the moment to get FFXI to run.  Its the top listed app in appdb's Gold list, so I'm thinking it /should/ work08:55
ActionParsnipScorpio: i doubt that heavily08:55
cube|hospitalBoohbah: lol which is? just trying it out?08:55
ActionParsnipRavahan: make sure you use wine from the wine repo: http://www.winehq.org/download/deb08:55
Boohbahcube|hospital: yes08:55
RavahanActionParsnip: I got Wine through Synaptic-- no good?08:55
lancerockeActionParsnip, thanks that worked but what if i wanted it to automatically show me the grub menu list and not boot to anything unless i chose?08:55
ActionParsnipRavahan: if you scroll down the app in appd, you will see hints on files you may need to place on your system from the web08:56
ScorpioActionParsnip: Under ideal circumstances, most certiantly08:56
megloAny GStreamer application(totem, rhythmbox) will not play any sound, or attempt to. They just seem to hang... I can get input/output working on an Adobe Flash application just fine.08:56
megloWhat would be the cause of this?08:56
dahliaHi, I let the update thing run and now my display wont go to any higher resolution than 1024x768. How can I make it go higher again?08:56
cube|hospitalok lol08:56
ActionParsnipScorpio: the worst that will happen is no x server will load, leaving the user in command line. ntfs-3g will certainly work without an x server08:56
Scorpiodoubt is the creation of destruction. You should know that more then anyone ActonParsnip08:56
ActionParsnipRavahan: try te one on the wine repo08:56
RavahanActionParsnip: I had replaced those from a windows install on a different partion np and registered them... What I'm getting is a black screen when I open it.  I can tell when I mouse over that the usual stuff is actually there, and I can hear the music... but I just can't see anything.08:57
ActionParsnipRavahan: read the appdb entry, maybe someone is having the same issue08:57
RavahanActionParsnip: Someone who had a similar issue suggested it might be DirectX issues... So I googled some instructions to get DirectX9 installed and did those too08:57
ActionParsnipRavahan: you don't install directx9 in wine08:57
RavahanActionParsnip: So now I've got a bunch of DLLs set to Native (Windows)08:57
cube|hospitalanybody using a 3g usb stick with ubuntu?08:57
ActionParsnipRavahan: wine simulates the abstraction for directx08:58
RavahanActionParsnip: Well crap.08:58
taruzActionParsnip: my monitor supports 1600x1200 can i change your resolution with that?08:58
ActionParsniptaruz: if you wish, sure08:58
ActionParsniptaruz: i need taht file as my CRT moonitor doesnt report mode lines, so I have to tell my system what the monitor can do08:58
RavahanActionParsnip: I'm starting to feel like I'm taking a shotgun to the jewels.  This is incredibly frustrating.08:59
ActionParsnipRavahan: try running    winecfg   and selecting a different OS, or a simulated desktop of a smaller size then your screen08:59
taruzActionParsnip: i replaced it, will reboot, hope the x server wont crash08:59
ActionParsniptaruz: you can get it back using grub08:59
RavahanActionParsnip: I've not tried a simulated desktop at all, I'll give that a go and see if it makes a difference.08:59
ActionParsniptaruz: boot to recovery mode, fix graphics09:00
taruzActionParsnip: ok09:00
eboyjrWhat are the default GRUB options on a fresh (mmm smells good) cup of Ubuntu 9.04 using the entire disk?09:00
aron_can  some one tell me if ati radeon hd 2600 have problems with 3d in ubuntu 9.04????09:00
taruzActionParsnip: didnt work, i still have 640x48009:02
taruzActionParsnip: thing is this is a fresh install i havent updated anything, i have the 9.10 version09:03
taruzif i let the update manager do its thing, could this be fixed then?09:03
bullgard4System > Administration > System Monitor > Processes shows a column 'Waiting Channel'. What is a 'waiting channel'?09:04
saeed_i'm start work with ubuntu but i'm not work with terminal please help me09:04
ActionParsniptaruz: get full updates: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade09:04
dan_anyone know of a lightweight text editor that will colorize my code?09:05
ActionParsnipeboyjr: /boot/grub09:05
dahliais there any way I can revert the last updates the update manager did? it totally borked up my display09:05
sash_dan_:  gedit or vim09:05
ActionParsnipdan_: does mousepad do it?09:06
dan_sash_, ah didnt know gedit had that option09:07
eboyjrActionParsnip: Thank you:) but I mean the options found in the /boot/grub/menu.lst file by default. I'm going to guess and say Ubuntu, Ubuntu recovery, and memtest?09:07
dahliaany way I can force it to the higher resolution? 1024x768 is just terrible with a high-rez lcd :(09:07
lera_zedhi all, is there any prebuilt packages of dovecot-1.2.1 for intrepid ?09:07
ActionParsnipeboyjr: as well as a few other lines, yes09:08
ActionParsnip!info dovecot intrepid09:08
ubottuPackage dovecot does not exist in intrepid09:08
ActionParsnipdahlia: reinstall your video drivers09:08
eboyjrActionParsnip: Okay :) What lines might that be? Do you mean like when new kernels are installed09:08
lera_zedActionParsnip: dovecot* will bring more results09:08
mOrO^saeed_: Just input your questions.09:09
ActionParsnip!info dovecot* intrepid09:09
ubottuPackage dovecot does not exist in intrepid09:09
usc1sHas anyone here had a problem using NSE in Nmap-5.00?09:09
moymoylera_zed: have you tried getdeb?09:09
dahliaActionParsnip, you mean uninstall and reinstall?09:09
lera_zedmoymoy: not yet, what is this ?09:09
ActionParsnipeboyjr: i can show you mine, its marginally tweaked but will get you started09:09
lera_zedmoymoy: right i found it - i'll check09:10
moymoylera_zed: it's a website with a collection of Deb files that usually aren't in the repos09:10
ActionParsnipeboyjr: http://pastebin.com/f710b83b809:10
ActionParsnipdahlia: whatever you did to get the display nice, do it again09:10
dahliaActionParsnip, it's always been nice until I let the update thing run09:10
saeed_shat up09:11
ActionParsnipdahlia: ok, what is the output of: lspci | grep -i vga09:11
megloCan I stare at a 15" CRT screen running at 60hz for 8 hours a day without hurting my eyes?09:11
thhtmeglo: no09:11
ActionParsnipmeglo: sure, with breaks09:11
sash_meglo:  i dont think so09:11
eboyjrActionParsnip: Okay thank you. :) Youve been helpful. I was just curious because I am recommending Ubuntu NR to and I think GRUB is kinda unsightly :P I will set 'default 0', 'timeout 0' and 'hiddenmenu' :)09:12
dahliaActionParsnip, 02:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation GeForce 8600 GT (rev a1)09:12
thhtmeglo: should really be 75-80 hz09:12
RavahanActionParsnip: I LOVE YOU!!!09:12
megloI can either do 1024x768@60hz, or 800x600@85hz. How would I go about manually specifying the vertical sync and horizontal refresh rate for my monitor? It is incorrectly detected, so i'm 800x600@60hz... dpkg-reconfigure?09:13
ActionParsnipRavahan: ?09:13
xbmc666i have an htpc antec fusion v2 with an lcd panel, and i was wondering how i can activate it so i can type something there of my own?09:13
RavahanActionParsnip: Updating to the beta worked!09:13
ActionParsnipdahlia: sudo apt-get --purge remove nvidia*; sudo apt-get --purge autoremove; sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg; sudo apt-get clean; sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-18009:13
ActionParsnipdahlia: then reboot09:13
ActionParsnipRavahan: sweet :)09:13
dahliaty ActionParsnip, I'll try that :)09:14
RavahanActionParsnip: I thought I'd gotten the most recent version.  Thanks so much for that.09:14
ActionParsnipdahlia: simply put, remove everything nvidia, then reinstall it09:14
RavahanActionParsnip: Just got an error updating though... Lets see what happens09:14
ActionParsnipRavahan: some apps like the older version though09:14
ActionParsnipRavahan: wine is a bit ofa minefield09:14
martin101hello all09:15
RavahanActionParsnip: Hey, I'm glad windows is a little hard to use, it gives folk like me a job (when they're not moved overseas), but its really really nice to have a working alternative09:15
martin101how do I theme netbeans in ubuntu to look like native gnome apps?09:15
ActionParsnipRavahan: thats the ticket, keeps me in a job too ;)09:16
RavahanActionParsnip: lol09:16
taruzActionParsnip: i really dont know how to change the xorg.conf file, aron_ gave me a link, ill try to look it over, but i think i might just switch back to windows09:17
ActionParsniptaruz: you'll be battling with the file til you get a nice display09:18
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lesshastehow can I switch from gnome to xfce4?09:18
ActionParsniptaruz: if you rinstall nvidia-glx-180 then nvidia-settings will set the display up nice for you09:18
ActionParsniplesshaste: sudo apt-get install xfce409:18
RavahanActionParsnip: I had an incredibly frustrating time trying to figure out why the network connection for one of my NICs dissapeared, and eventually figured out it was a registry key that RegistryCleaner 2009 deleted but couldn't figure out how to re-write it.  Finally, I decided I'd just reinstall windows and pop on Linux while I was at it this week to give it a go.  I like it so far, but it can be very frustrating too.  I imagine that'l09:18
megloMy gstreamer apps(rhythmbox and totem) wont even attempt to play sound, even though other applications like Adobe flash can with my properly configured sound card. How should I go about solving this?09:18
ActionParsniplesshaste: then log off, change session to xfce, log on09:18
lesshasteActionParsnip, thanks.. then what do I need to do?09:18
lesshasteActionParsnip, ah ok09:18
lesshastesounds easy09:19
ActionParsniplesshaste: it is09:19
ActionParsnipRavahan: i stay away from those, they cause a tonne of bother09:19
RavahanActionParsnip: Definatly a double edged sword, as they say.09:20
ActionParsnipRavahan: you'll find it hard as you probably have many years of windows experience but not much linux09:20
aeiou_im doing a bit of probing of my dedicated server (need to secure it a bit) ive noticed we have quite a few ports open that dont need to be09:21
aeiou_what is the best way to block all access to certain ports, unless at my ip address09:21
ce_metal_corddichhhhh pake b.indo dong ngomongnya09:21
aeiou_i wanted to leave :80 and :443 open09:21
aeiou_and maybe :22 open too (but disable root password)09:21
aeiou_anyone got any advice on securing up  a server like this?09:22
justin007how can I play .arf video on ubuntu (its a webcast I downloaded from snort site).  I tried mplayer and vlc but they are not playing.09:22
ActionParsnipaeiou_: you can use iptables to lock down what you need, you can use firestarter to configure it09:22
Yanick_hi, can someone help me figure out why I cannot install tomcat6, please? Here's the output of apt-get : http://paste2.org/p/33696609:24
Leoneofanybody can help me about how to install wireless has Atheros chipset?09:25
ActionParsnipYanick_: try: sudo mkdir /usr/share/tomcat609:25
ActionParsnipYanick_: and try again09:25
Yanick_ActionParsnip, it's already there!09:25
Leoneofthis is lsusb : http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/226278/09:25
ActionParsnipYanick_: weird09:25
occupantiiianybody know why there's no ehci-hcd kernel module anymore?09:25
ActionParsnipYanick_: who owns it?09:26
Yanick_ActionParsnip, what?09:26
ActionParsnipYanick_: ls -l /usr/share/tomcat609:26
aeiou_ActionParsnip: is firestarter a gui tool?09:27
Yanick_ActionParsnip, root:root09:27
aeiou_i only have access via ssh09:27
ActionParsnipaeiou_: yes09:27
ActionParsnipYanick_: ok thats cool, try renaming it the retrying the install09:27
[-Zhyko-] help with the script, I want to weed out "sed" on the mask, but after the second octet he is not work, the type of the sed- i '/ ^ xxx \. yyy \. zzz / d' / path09:27
ActionParsnipaeiou_: you can do it via CLI09:27
ActionParsnip!firewall | aeiou_09:27
ubottuaeiou_: Ubuntu, like any other linux  distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Uncomplicated_Firewall_ufw), or 'iptables' (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo). GUI applications such as Firestarter/Gufw (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE) also exist09:27
bullgard4System > Administration > System Monitor > Processes shows a column 'Waiting Channel'. What is a 'waiting channel'?09:28
Yanick_ActionParsnip, when I remove the package tomcat6, /usr/share/tomcat6 gets deleted....09:28
taruzActionParsnip: your last advice worked, i have a decent resolution now09:28
ActionParsniptaruz: good09:28
taruzActionParsnip: is it ok if i ask you a few more questions?09:29
ActionParsniptaruz: ask the room09:29
taruzwell yeah09:29
Zermusso like I loaded up ubuntu cause I never tried it, got it installed and all09:30
Zermusand then I tried to su09:30
Zermusand now I think this is the most retarded OS ever09:30
Zermussudo is fucking gay09:30
Zermusthat is all09:30
FloodBot3Zermus: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:30
icerootZermus: what your langugae and dont spam09:30
megloAll my sound is working except for totem and rhythmbox. They seemingly load the file but refuse to play it. This happens with ogg/mp3/aac, and I have the proper codecs. What is wrong?09:30
nevynZermus: opinions are like assholes?09:30
Yanick_ActionParsnip, I think the install/uninstall package of tomcat6 is not working, when removing tomcat6, it cannot remove /var/lib/tomcat6, complaining that the folder is not empty09:31
aeiou_ActionParsnip: should ufw be installed by default on my sever?09:31
ActionParsnipaeiou_: not sure, iptables will be though09:31
icerootaeiou_: it is installed but not activate09:31
taruznow that i have a geforce 9400gt working with ubuntu, i would like to use the integrated graphic card of my motherboard, how can i achieve that'09:32
GorillazHelp!!! I cant login into Ubuntu ...I get a "The greeter application appears to be crashing”  at time of logging in09:32
iceroottaruz: enable the onboard-card in the bios09:32
taruzif i change the default card on the bios to the integrated one, the geforce wont work09:32
JoAnneThraxMy computer keeps resetting the volume to zero and muting it on every reboot.  One workaround is to create a startup file with this script: sleep 109:32
JoAnneThraxamixer sset Master 50% on09:32
JoAnneThraxWhat file, prey tell, would be best for me to place this in?09:33
nevynummm... don't do that?09:33
ActionParsnipGorillaz: http://liltux.wordpress.com/2007/09/05/how-to-fix-the-error-the-greeter-application-appears-to-be-crashing-in-ubuntu/09:33
GorillazActionParsnip : I try doing that09:34
nevynJoAnneThrax: there should be stuff in the distro already to save the current mixer settings and restore them on boot09:34
IledenI'm trying to get my Radeon 9200 to work with 3d support by following the guide https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver, but while display is otherwise ok, there's no 3d support. My Xorg.0.log has only one error, which reads "(EE) Failed to initialize GLX extension (Compatible NVIDIA X driver not found)". I'm wondering why "NVidia", since I have a Radeon card - my previous card was NVidia. Could this point to the source of my problem? Any idea on how to pr09:34
ActionParsnipJoAnneThrax: my system does that. I wrote a script to run at startup to set the volumes and unmute09:34
GorillazActionParsnip : I cant find the line GtkModulesList=gail in my gdm.conf file09:34
ActionParsnipGorillaz: http://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=4377609:35
JoAnneThraxActionParsnip: And what do I do to get that script executed on startup?09:35
shay26Hello , does it possible to upgrade ubuntu to newer version (my current version is 7.1009:35
ubottuTo add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot09:35
=== greg_universe is now known as greg_[zzz]
shay26Hello , does it possible to upgrade ubuntu to newer version (my current version is 7.10) from remote terminal ?09:35
jpdsshay26: Yes.09:35
ActionParsnip!upgrade | shay2609:35
ubottushay26: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading09:35
MichaelKthxuse gentoo09:36
MichaelKthxWere no strangers to love09:36
joey_how can i add right click un install to the menu like mint 709:36
MichaelKthxYou know the rules and so do i09:36
ActionParsnipGorillaz: do you have free space on your partitions?09:36
MichaelKthxA full commitments what Im thinking of09:36
=== mike is now known as Guest44158
MichaelKthxYou wouldnt get this from any other guy09:36
MichaelKthxI just wanna tell you how Im feeling09:36
jribMichaelKthx: stop please09:36
MichaelKthxGotta make you understand09:36
Gorillaz ActionParsnip i think so09:36
ActionParsnipGorillaz: df -h   will show you09:37
aeiou_ActionParsnip: maybe you could help here? I want to block everything except :80  :443 and ssh unless it comes from my ip address09:37
JoAnneThraxActionParsnip: I don't boot into gnome09:37
shay26jpds: does "Ubuntu 7.10 gusty" can be upgraded to newer version ?09:37
JoAnneThraxNot generally, at least.09:37
ActionParsnipGorillaz: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gdm/+bug/5556609:37
jrib!upgrade > shay2609:37
ubottushay26, please see my private message09:37
ActionParsnipJoAnneThrax: what do you boot to?09:38
JoAnneThraxGenerally Windowmaker, at the moment.09:38
lstarnesshay26: also, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades09:38
=== Guest44158 is now known as Spikemcc
Yanick_ActionParsnip, tried to compile the sources..... won't work either. I get some dependency problems (why???) http://paste2.org/p/33698209:38
ActionParsnipJoAnneThrax: then make window maker run the script when you login. I don't use it myself but whatever it uses, add your script09:38
Leoneofanybody can help me about how to install wireless has Atheros chipset?09:39
speedhunt3rhelp, I am missing 11 gb from my ext3 partition. Gparted says 11gb free, nautilus says 0 bytes free... I can't store any file without freeing up space, is this a bug? linux ate my 11 gigs?09:39
ActionParsnipYanick_: what's the output of:  ls -l /home/yanick/.gnupg/gpg.conf09:39
nevynJoAnneThrax: so yeah you need to do the crazy script thing..09:39
jribspeedhunt3r: df -h  on pastebin09:39
Yanick_ActionParsnip:  -rw------- 1 yanick yanick 38 2009-05-24 08:45 /home/yanick/.gnupg/gpg.conf09:39
ActionParsnipYanick_: ok thats good09:40
SpikemccI want my ubuntu iso always fresh, what is the best jigdo or torrent ? minimal cd, alternate, server, desktop or dvd ?09:40
JoAnneThraxnevyn: Yeah, I figured that.  Just wasn't sure where to put said script.09:40
Yanick_the date is wrong though :) we're on the 23, not 24 lol09:40
ActionParsnipYanick_: you need to work out how to satisfy: default-jdk debhelper09:40
Yanick_ActionParsnip, but default-jdk installs open-jdk09:41
Yanick_I have sun-java6 installed09:41
dam0i have a intel Pentium D with 2 gig of ram, im wondering how many slots would my mother board have?09:41
ActionParsnipYanick_: maybe you need default-jdk-dev09:41
jribdam0: google your motherboard09:41
ActionParsnipdam0: we can't tell from that. Plus this is ubuntu support, try #hardware09:41
Spikemccdam0 open your tower ...09:41
icerootdam0: look there?09:42
icerootdam0: count the slots?09:42
ActionParsnipiceroot: simple isn't it .. ;)09:42
speedhunt3rjrib, http://paste.ubuntu.com/226459/ the parition in question is /media/Media09:42
Iledenis there a way to get a list of packages I've manually installed to my ubuntu? Preferably in a way I can then tell another ubuntu to install them?09:42
Yanick_ActionParsnip, there is no default-jdk-dev and default-jdk requires open-jdk, which conflicts with sun-java609:42
GorillazActionParsnip : i tried doing chmod 1777 /tmp as root...still am not able to login09:42
Slart!clone | Ileden09:42
ubottuIleden: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate09:42
icerootActionParsnip: i thought it is... :)09:42
Spikemccdamn noobs ... outch I'm rude now !!! simple but unclear for them, I cannot understand that ...09:42
dahliaActionParsnip, I reinstalled everything according to your command, and now I get get 1360x768, but I should be able to get 1680x105009:43
xyleboruscan some one help me to disable dansguardian??09:43
jribspeedhunt3r: by default some of the drive is reserved for root usage.  Disable/modify the mount using tune2fs if you want09:43
ActionParsnipdahlia: then you will need to run: gksudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf    and add the modeline09:43
IledenSlart: thanks!09:43
shay26jpds: all the guides refer to gui upgrade .. how can i do upgrade from the terminal ?09:44
xyleboruscan some one help me to disable dansguardian??09:44
Spikemcciceroot jigdo or torrent, and which type of iso is the best for someone that know well how to setup ubuntu ?09:44
dam0i counted them, i have 4 slots all full, i guess there is 4 x 512ram sticks, how can i find out how mutch ram it is compatible with?09:44
speedhunt3rjrib, man, 11gb is alot to be stored for root storage, and why would root want to store stuff in my media parition? its not my root parition...09:44
icerootdahlia: the resolution ActionParsnip menas09:44
jribdam0: google your motherboard09:44
CTShadowi'd like to install Kolab on my ubuntu 8.04. is there a way to do this via the repositories or a .deb package?09:44
dahliakk trying...09:44
SlartSpikemcc: why not use the minimal install and go from there... install what you need09:44
icerootSpikemcc: minimal or alternate is fine09:45
jribspeedhunt3r: because by default when you create an ext3 partition 5% is reserved for root09:45
ActionParsnipdam0: look at the board itselffor markings, one will tell you what board it is and you can wesearch it or ead to the manufacturers site09:45
ActionParsnipdam0: you can also read your manual09:45
icerootdam0: look at the motherbaord manual09:45
speedhunt3rjrib, I just deleted one file and it says 367MB free in nautilus and gparted says 12.36gb free09:45
icerootActionParsnip: you are to fast for me :)09:45
dam0i havent got a manual09:45
ActionParsnipiceroot: i use cli mostly dude ;)09:45
icerootdam0: google a manual09:45
jribspeedhunt3r: right because one takes into account that space is reserved for root and the other doesn't I assume09:46
Spikemccyep but I think to use a repository or something more suited to softwares I need no more no less got an idea ?09:46
dahliaActionParsnip, there are no resolutions in that file at all09:46
jribspeedhunt3r: like I said, change the amount, root doesn't need 11gb09:46
bartmonHi! I have an offline install and i need to install some packages with it. How can I only download certain debs from the repos with apt-get and where are they stored. Thanks!09:46
dahliais there an example anywhere?09:46
icerootActionParsnip: same here but it is early in the morning, so i am sleeping a little bit, that is your advantage09:46
speedhunt3rjrib, yeah how do i do that?09:46
ActionParsnipdahlia: then run:   gksudo nvidia-settings09:46
jribspeedhunt3r: use tune2fs, search its man page for the word "reserved"09:46
speedhunt3rjrib, the funny thing is it happened one day after updates...it wasn't like this before09:46
ActionParsnipdahlia: and set a res, then click "write to xorg.conf"09:47
ActionParsnipdahlia: it will then populate09:47
dahliakk, trying09:47
ActionParsnipdahlia: reopen the file and manually edit it09:47
jribspeedhunt3r: use Accessories -> Disk Usage Analyzer to find big files but root always had this reserved space09:47
Spikemcc!minimal cd09:48
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about minimal cd09:48
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD09:49
jribshay26: the guides should have server instructions too which don't use the gui09:49
Leoneofanybody can help me about how to install wireless has Atheros chipset?09:49
jrib!wifi > Leoneof09:49
ubottuLeoneof, please see my private message09:49
CTShadowi'd like to install Kolab on my ubuntu 8.04. is there a way to do this via the repositories or a .deb package?09:49
speedhunt3rjrib, is there a way to schedule a disk check on reboot for my parition? touch /ext2fsck /dev/sda2 or something.. would that recover the space?09:49
ibrarI am compiling kernel09:50
Leoneofjrib, it's not work :`( , i'm newbie09:50
ibrarusing this command09:50
ibrarCONCURRENCY_LEVEL=2 AUTOBUILD=1 NOEXTRAS=1 fakeroot debian/rules binary-generic09:50
CTShadow!Kolab > CTShadow09:50
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about Kolab09:50
Yanick_This page : https://help.ubuntu.com/8.10/serverguide/C/tomcat.html should mention that tomcat6 requires open-jdk, or else it won't install09:50
ActionParsnipCTShadow: apt-cace search kolab09:50
jribspeedhunt3r: touch forcefsck on the partition's root but that wouldn't give you space, no.  Lower the percentage of reserved blocks on the partition.09:50
Spikemccdoes the alternate can be installed like the minimal cd or it put some junk on install ?09:50
ibrarBut it does not compile my changes in route.c which i did manually09:50
jribLeoneof: what didn't work exactly?09:50
icerootYanick_: openjdk or sun-java6-jdk09:50
icerootYanick_: of course it is needing java, because tomcat is a server for hosting java-apps09:51
Leoneofit is USB Wireless EnGunies EUB-362 EXT09:51
Leoneofit is USB Wireless EnGunies EUB-362 EXT09:51
Yanick_iceroot, sun-java6 is installed, but tomcat6 will not install09:51
jribSpikemcc: alternate install the same as ubuntu-desktop, just with a different installer09:51
ActionParsnipSpikemcc: the alternate install uses a text istall rather than a fancy gui install of the desktop. The minimal CD installs the OS from the repos09:51
Leoneofthis is lsusb : http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/226278/09:51
jribLeoneof: which instructions are you following from the !wifi link ubottu gave you that didn't work exactly?09:52
ActionParsnipLeoneof: can you also provide a pastebin of: sudo lshw -C network09:52
Spikemccso minimal cd is better to install a minimal ubuntu ?09:52
Yanick_iceroot, compiling the source package, it complains that default-jdk is not present, but default-jdk is part of open-jdk build-dep09:52
ActionParsnipSpikemcc: yes, you can choose exactly what you want09:52
NET||abusehey guys, i'm trying to get my audio from a desktop machine without speakers to my laptop, setup paprefs on laptop to allow connections, now in pavucontrol on desktop, the laptop seems to appear intermittently..... i ran pulseaudio  in non daemon mode and got the output in terminal... here it is... http://pastebin.com/d5acc1dbd09:52
icerootYanick_: compiling? there is a binary at the tomcat-page09:52
ActionParsnipSpikemcc: i use it to install a base ubuntu CLI system then install LXDE then the apps I need09:52
Yanick_iceroot, which won't install09:52
NET||abuseanyone able to help me fix this weird glitchy behaviour?09:52
icerootYanick_: also it is in the repos (but old version)09:52
Yanick_iceroot, sudo apt-get install tomcat6 is not working here09:53
Leoneofjrib, everyone gave me the solution here in chat, but it didn't work , but your link about Guide, i don't know which one i must choose09:53
Yanick_iceroot, also, sudo apt-get remove tomcat6 doesn't remove /var/lib/tomcat609:53
jribLeoneof: the one for your card09:53
LeoneofActionsParsnip, ok09:53
e-0hey. how can i start the text-installer from the live-cd?09:53
lancerockeActionParsnip, i did this and the menu is still hiddenhttp://pastebin.com/m4067c5e209:54
jribe-0: pretty sure you need the alternate cd09:54
lancerockei commented hiddenmenu out09:54
allu2get 4 more user here :P09:54
eeoshas anyone tried ubuntu with buffalo terastations?09:54
jribYanick_: dpkg -S /var/lib/tomcat609:55
e-0jrib, thanks09:55
Spikemccmy big duel is 32 bits vs 64 bits ... mostly apps an repositories are 32 bits even drivers and stuff like that are harder to install in 64 bits but I'm compatible with 64 bits... mostly I have hardy 64 bits and firefox is bugging me randomly ...09:55
ActionParsniplancerocke: when you edit it you need to run:  sudo update-grub09:55
speedhunt3rjrib, does reducing the reserved block have any drawbacks?09:55
Yanick_iceroot, http://paste2.org/p/33700509:55
jribspeedhunt3r: not on a media partition like that, no09:55
Yanick_jrib, trying...09:55
shay26when i am using remote terminal (ssh access) and i do "sudo apt-get upgrade" how can i know if i need to restart the servers for the new updates ? does the terminal will print some restart request ?09:56
aeiou_could anyone tell me how to remove the rule with the comment #want to remove this09:56
ActionParsnipSpikemcc: all apps are compiled for 32 and 64 bits, flash and java used to be a pain but now they are as easy as 32bit09:56
lancerockeActionParsnip, thanks09:56
allu2is there anyone who would have /usr/lib/alsa-lib/libasound_module_ctl_alsa.so and could copy it and send to me?09:56
aeiou_(ip tables rule via cli)09:56
ActionParsnipSpikemcc: 32bit will work on any system though09:56
allu2with 32bit arc09:56
Yanick_jrib, tomcat6: /var/lib/tomcat609:56
jribYanick_: purge it09:56
aeiou_im not sure what the delete command will match against09:56
Leoneofjrib, so hard O_O09:56
ActionParsnipSpikemcc: if you try the 64bit beta flash plugin you may get some joy, you will need to uninstall the flash you have now though09:57
Yanick_jrib, sudo apt-get purge tomcat6 gives this : http://paste2.org/p/33700809:57
Spikemccsome stuff in 64 bits are more buggy and I new to make the kernel for some drivers09:57
aeiou_aah they have a line number09:57
Spikemcc64 bits flash isn't beta anymore ???09:58
jribYanick_: because there's custom stuff in there I assume.  Delete it manually if you wish09:58
dahlianow I have 640x480 :(09:58
Yanick_jrib, I did before I installed tomcat609:58
ActionParsnipSpikemcc: http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/flashplayer10.html09:58
shay26Hello , if i using ssh access and making "sudo apt-get upgrade" how can i know if the server need to be restarted after the upgrade ?09:58
Spikemccdahlia try envyng09:58
ActionParsnip!envy | dahlia09:58
ubottudahlia: EnvyNG is a program to install newer version of nVidia or ATi drivers, it can be found in !Universe as "envyng-gtk" (for Gtk/Gnome) or "envyng-qt" (for Qt/KDE). It is NOT a supported method to install video drivers; please only use it if standard methods fail and at your own risk - See also !BinaryDriver09:58
Yanick_jrib, the point is that the install script is not working and I don't know why, neither to install or remove the package09:59
ActionParsnip!envy | Spikemcc09:59
ubottuSpikemcc: EnvyNG is a program to install newer version of nVidia or ATi drivers, it can be found in !Universe as "envyng-gtk" (for Gtk/Gnome) or "envyng-qt" (for Qt/KDE). It is NOT a supported method to install video drivers; please only use it if standard methods fail and at your own risk - See also !BinaryDriver09:59
speedhunt3ris there a way to burn .cue movie using basero?  I try to burn it says required plugins missing09:59
SpikemccI used it here with my ati on hardy and it worked well...09:59
jribYanick_: what do you mean by the "installed script is not working"?  Aren't you removing the package?09:59
SpikemccI know for risks ... but I like the board game so ...09:59
Yanick_jrib, I said "the install script" , the package install script10:00
Slartspeedhunt3r: you can convert cue/bin to iso if you want.. although it's odd that brasero doesn't do cue/bin10:00
ActionParsnipSpikemcc: s/he is using an nvidia card, it is hugely supported and doesnt need garbage like envy screwing things up10:00
jribYanick_: can you please just ask what you are actually trying to do?10:00
Yanick_jrib, install tomcat6 like the page here : https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/serverguide/C/tomcat.html is telling me to10:00
speedhunt3rSlart, i try to play it directly with vlc, but i can't seek and 10 minutes in the audio dies10:00
Yanick_jrib, I want to install tomcat6 plain in simple10:00
jribYanick_: ok do that and pastebin the commands and errors you receive10:00
Yanick_jrib, I did!10:01
jribYanick_: I haven't seen it10:01
Yanick_jrib, http://paste2.org/p/33700510:01
SpikemccActionParsnip, I was supposing that he tried the documentation on nvidia ...10:01
th0rhow can I change the mimetype info for a certain extension. I simply want .dat to be an unidentified filetype10:01
Yanick_jrib, just says that it failed10:01
Yanick_no reason10:01
Spikemccenvyng saved me on 800x600 in my case10:01
dahliawow envyng can restart my computer even if I dont use sudo10:02
jribYanick_: have you now purged and deleted all tomcat6-related files?10:02
Yanick_jrib, it says that "Not creating /usr/share/tomcat6" but the directory is there after install (wasn't there before)10:02
Yanick_jrib, I think I did10:02
jribYanick_: can you verify /usr/share/tomcat6 does not exist currently?10:02
eeoshas anyone tried ubuntu with buffalo terastations? I would like to buy one and we only use *buntu .... so I was wondering whether it would be a good idea. I was interested in compatibility issues ....10:02
Yanick_jrib, I did a sudo find / -name tomcat* and all I got was some .so in the sun's java directory10:03
=== phlegx_systems is now known as adac
ActionParsnipeeos: looks like a NAS, if windows can access it then linux will be able to. Give them an email to check10:04
jribYanick_: run the install command again and pastebin10:04
ActionParsnipeeos: or check the hcl10:04
ActionParsnip!hcl > eeos10:04
ubottueeos, please see my private message10:04
Spikemccyikes flash 64 bits is just a prerelease ... mostly junk10:04
jribSpikemcc: actually it works pretty well...10:04
ActionParsnipSpikemcc: runs amazingly here10:04
eeosActionParsnip: they are NAS ....10:05
SpikemccI think I have it and it's junk here ... the screen make black squares and rectangles randomly on youtube stuff10:05
Yanick_jrib, after removing tomcat6 and all it's directories, this is what I get (finding any files with tomcat in it) http://paste2.org/p/33702310:06
SlartSpikemcc: yes, that's right.. we would never have mentioned that10:06
ActionParsnipeeos: yes, network attatched storage10:06
SlartSpikemcc: or.. you might just trust what we say10:06
jribSpikemcc: "I think I have it"?10:06
Spikemccyeah I installed it but not sure to be that exact version but that seem to be it10:07
goabhello all10:07
Spikemccdoes flash 10 is auto-installed on 32 bits ?10:08
ActionParsnipSpikemcc: no, it must be installed manually10:08
Spikemccby ubuntu-restricted-extras or another package ?10:08
jribSpikemcc: if you used the repositories to install flash on 64bit, then you are using 32bit flash with nspluginwrapper10:08
=== fophillipse is now known as fophillips
xr600Having problems with proftpd on ubuntu... It seems to resolve it's ip to the one on my local network, whch causes problems when I try to access it from outside. Anyone got a clue on why ?!10:09
Slartxr600: isn't there a "listen" directive in a configuration file where you can set it to listen to the external interface?10:10
Slartxr600: or.. to start with.. does the machine that run proftpd have a network card that is connected directly to the internet? ie has an external ip?10:10
Spikemccso 64 bits still immature on linux as on windows, not pure 64 bits, some apps are still not real releases, not all softwares are 64 bits precompiled for ubuntu ... mostly 64 bits is still immature a little almost ready ...10:11
megloI'm trying to figure out why rhythmbox/totem(gstreamer) do not play any audio unlike other applications. Here is what I got from some example at launchpad for gst-launch: http://pastebin.com/me216610 Should I try to use the xine backend instead or something?10:11
ActionParsnipSpikemcc: the restricted extras package is a metapackage for lots of goodies folks usually want. i prefer to install my own stuff but it installnice things like fonts and other restricted stuff10:11
xr600Hm... I set the port up correctly. The FTP client is indeed contacting the server as well, but fails when entering passive mode because the ip is the one from my local network...10:11
[nrx]I'm looking for help in creating a bootable USB stick with the LiveCD image. Every avenue I've tried has failed so far. This is to boot up a Macbook with no hard drive in it.10:11
lionel_hi all10:11
ActionParsnipSpikemcc: i find 64bit very mature10:11
SlartSpikemcc: works very nicely for me10:11
ActionParsnipSpikemcc: all apps in the repos are 64bit and 32bit, you can even run 32bit apps if you install ia32-libs10:12
xr600DOH !... I solved it already...10:12
Spikemccit work here but some stuff are way longer to install on it ...10:12
megloSpikemcc: You'll have to run some 32bit libs to get flash working, but ubuntu handles it for you automatically.10:12
maxwheelhello,new to ubuntu. anyone know of nice and light games?10:12
jribSpikemcc: there aren't really any big issues with 64bit linux anymore...10:12
meglomaxwheel: nethack.10:12
xr600-Just needed the fulle hostname, as I specified it in hosts.conf...10:12
lionel_My vmware_player (2.5.0) randomly crashes the X server on ubuntu (9.04). Is it a know problem?10:12
Spikemccand firefox mostly suck I can't find why10:13
Slart!games | maxwheel10:13
ubottumaxwheel: Information about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php10:13
maxwheelmeglo: does that work offline?10:13
Slartmaxwheel: you might want to have a look at happypenguin.org too10:13
xr600... Sorry 'bout that guys... My stupidity...10:13
Slartxr600: no worries10:13
meglomaxwheel: Yes, disregard the 'net' in the name.10:13
maxwheelmeglo: ok. trying out now. thanks10:14
Spikemccgot 2 versions of firefox and the two work badly10:14
xr600Slart: ThX... Sometimes you just make the most horrible mistakes ;(10:14
ActionParsnipSpikemcc: disable addons in firefox safemode til you get a success10:14
Slartxr600: indeed.. we've all been there.10:14
dahliacould someone pastebin me a xorg.conf that shows how to add 1680x1050 for nvidia?10:15
dahliaall I can get is 640x48010:15
dahliaeven after running that envyng thing10:15
Slartdahlia: can you pastebin the file /var/log/Xorg.0.log ?10:15
mabihi folks, i've got a question: can i somehow update the packages on a hardy install-cd (i.e. include packages from hardy-updates), so a new hardy install will not have to download some ~100MB initially?10:15
Slart!pastebin | dahlia10:16
ubottudahlia: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic10:16
younethow are you ?10:17
oli_I've got 3 identical-looking disks plugged in. Two are in RAID1, the other is just a disk. I want to remove the single disk but I can't work out which I need to unplug. Any suggestions? Can I get the serial number that's printed on the disks from within ubuntu?10:17
Bart_I have a problem with samba: net usershare add: cannot convert name "Everyone" to a SID. NT_STATUS_IO_TIMEOUT         Can someone help me with this please? =)10:18
=== deveah__ is now known as deveax
dahliaSlart, http://pastebin.com/m562976e310:18
Slartoli_: perhaps smartctl can get you serial numbers10:18
Slartdahlia: ok, will have a look10:18
dahliaty :)10:18
erick_in the answers do you write manually the name of the people that make questions here?10:19
[nrx]I'm looking for help in creating a bootable USB stick with the LiveCD image. Every avenue I've tried has failed so far. This is to boot up a Macbook with no hard drive in it.10:19
lionel_My vmware_player (2.5.0) randomly crashes the X server on ubuntu (9.04) when the cursor goes out of the vmplayer window. How can I solve that (I don't find something similar on google).10:19
DreamgliderCan i restart X without logging out and back in, in order to turn on a secondary screen plugged in after the system started ?10:20
Slartdahlia: ok, if you look at line 231, it says it can't read EDID for your monitor. It works kind of like plug'n'play.. the monitor tells the graphics card what resolutions it can do and so on.. but this doesn't work on your system right now10:20
ActionParsnipBart_: try adding the line:     socket options = TCP_NODELAY10:20
dahliaso do I need a driver for my monitor or something?10:21
Slartdahlia: so what we can do is to add this info to your xorg.conf manually.. do you know what horiz and vertical frequencies your monitor can handle?10:21
dahlianot really10:21
ActionParsnipdahlia: no, the monitor will be detected for you10:21
dahlia70ish I guess10:21
Slartdahlia: what is the max resolution?10:21
ActionParsnipdahlia: my crt doesnt rreport modelines so i must populate the file manually10:21
Bart_ActionParsnip, to samba config?10:21
Slartdahlia: ok... hang on10:21
erick_how do yo do to write dahlia in every answer???10:22
ActionParsnipBart_: gksudo gedit /etc/samba/smb.conf10:22
Slarterick_: I press D then A then H and so on10:22
ActionParsniperick_: write dahl and press tab10:22
agent42Dreamglider: see chrisjohnston.org/2009/re-enable-ctrl-alt-backspace-90410:22
ubuntuwhats the program to use if i need to find out whats behind a certain IP addr f.ex is firewall and what kind10:22
erick_i am new here10:22
erick_in the irc world10:22
ActionParsnipdahlia: use my xorg.conf as a template (http://pastebin.com/f2754732c) then change the refresh rates and resolutions as you need10:23
allu2hi erick_ :)10:23
dahliaty ActionParsnip :)10:23
erick_hi allu210:23
xr600_Hm... didn't work all too well actually. Anyone knows how proftpd resolves ip addresses ?!10:23
Bart_ActionParsnip, Doesn't help still same problem10:23
IledenI'm trying to get my Radeon 9200 to work with 3d support by following the guide https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver, but while display is otherwise ok, there's no 3d support. My Xorg.0.log has only one error, which reads "(EE) Failed to initialize GLX extension (Compatible NVIDIA X driver not found)". I'm wondering why "NVidia", since I have a Radeon card - my previous card was NVidia. Could this point to the source of my problem? Any idea on how to pr10:24
allu2aftyer fighting 4 hours with alsa i removed one config file and everything works again, some how everything feels pointless now :P10:24
Dreamglideragent42, that willl log out of X yes ?10:24
ActionParsnipBart_: how about if (on the window system) you open an explorer and type \\<servername> do you see the share(s)10:24
=== erick_ is now known as erickcion
Dreamglideragent42, i was wondering if i can attach/start the external monitor without restarting X10:25
ActionParsnipBart_: if that fails, try by ip10:25
Bart_ActionParsnip, Can't reach it by name of IP I get timeout10:26
=== lionel_ is now known as goab
ActionParsnipBart_: does the ip ping?10:26
Bart_ActionParsnip, yes it does10:26
Bart_so I think connection is ok10:27
ActionParsnipBart_: ok try: sudo /etc/init.d/samba restart10:27
myxoare there any programs similar to skype on Ubuntu that i can get in contact with people speaking spanish, portuguese, japanese, chinese..... etc?10:27
Bart_ActionParsnip, doesn't help but at samba shutdown I always see this message "start-stop-daemon: warning: failed to kill 6949: No such process10:28
Bart_" I don't know if this is normal?10:28
ActionParsnipBart_: no its not10:28
erickcionmyxo, i thin softphone is like skype10:28
erickcionmyxo, i think softphone is like skype10:28
ActionParsnipBart_: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get --reinstall install samba10:28
myxoerickcion yea?10:28
erickcionmyxo, i am not really sure but i think that10:29
Spikemccsomeone has a tutorial to install hardy with the minimal cd with lxde packages and repositories ...10:30
Dextorionhi hi10:30
Slartdahlia: did the template from actionparsnip work?10:31
=== xr600__ is now known as xr600
dahliait helped, still trying to find the proper settings10:31
=== andi is now known as Guest43866
dahliareading this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=64834910:31
Slartdahlia: you can start by just setting the horiz and vertical frequency.. sometimes thats enough10:32
Slartdahlia: the lines starting with "HorizSync" and "VertRefresh"10:32
dahliawell I got it to 1024x768 again at least10:32
xerox1anyone using a thinkpad t400 and willing to tell me how it works?10:33
gajopwhen using a fullscreen application, and going to another workplace and clicking on another, then going back to the workplace where the virtual application is, it isn't in fullscreen (until i click on it again), even though it has focus, is this a bug?10:33
Rolandxerox1, google might know10:34
xerox1yeah, but most of the time you can't have a real conversation with google ;)10:34
xerox1wanted to here a bit more about the experience made by the users...10:35
mabisomeone knows where i can find ppl who fool around with install-cd customization?10:35
linduxedive got some network secrets stored on one of my laptops, is there some way i can export them?10:41
kripzWhy is my JFS raid5 always entering read only mode? Im getting errors in dmesg but i dont know what is causing it. Ive run samsung diagnostic tools on all the harddrives and smarmontools, they all pass. Tested ram with memtest, passed. Heres log: http://pastebin.com/m2f62fbf010:42
GSF1200Sanyone know how to get the systray applet to work on a second monitor or a seperate (2nd) X session?10:43
GSF1200Sexaile will only go to the system tray on my first X session or monitor10:44
=== Guest43866 is now known as gre3_zha
=== gre3_zha is now known as gre3_zHa
ecolitanhay guys10:49
mabihm, knoppix starts fine, jaunty starts fine but hardy refuses to recognize my sata disk - is there a known problem with that?10:50
ecolitankernel panic during upgrade 8.04 -> 8.10 , now system doesnt boot any ideas?10:50
GSF1200Swhat is the reason it gives for the kernel panic?10:51
ecolitanwell let me read it to you10:51
ecolitannot syncing: VFS : unable to mount root fs in unknown-block(0,0)10:52
GSF1200Sdo you get to any kind of prompt?10:52
ecolitanno, total frozen10:52
=== andi is now known as Guest31065
Spikemccwhy use 8.10 when you have a good trouble free Long term support release ?10:54
=== Guest31065 is now known as gre3_zHa
GSF1200Srun a live cd, figure out which partition is root, and run fsck. So if it was /dev/sda1 run sudo fsck /dev/sda110:54
ecolitanwas making the upgrade up to 9.04 in two stages10:54
bmfhow are you10:54
[nrx]how are you10:54
frogzoo1341 people reply "hello"10:55
GSF1200Scheck /etc/fstab against /dev/disk/by-uuid to make sure the correct uuid is being used10:55
Spikemccecolitan non LTS releases are not the best in my book ...10:55
GSF1200Sshould be10:55
[nrx]short, but sweet visit10:55
ecolitanGSF1200S ok i'm on it :)10:56
GSF1200Secolitan- seriously try doing that and...10:56
Spikemccstable release are decent for a live usb ou live cd ... but I won't use them as my desktop ...10:56
=== cnus8n is now known as cnus8no
Twitteryecolitan : Do you have any other OS running in that PC10:56
GSF1200Skeep in mind- you have a kernel panic because the partition is not mounting- all you have to do is figure out why10:56
mabiSpikemcc: gotta use that if you're stuck with legacy apps10:56
Spikemcclegacy apps there is repositories for that10:57
=== cnus8no is now known as cnus8n
GSF1200Secolitan- it actually could also be /boot or init is corrupted.. does anyone in here know how to regenerate init via a live cd10:57
ecolitanGSF1200S lets see first what fscking does10:58
ecolitanGSF1200S hasnt got into the livecd yet :(10:58
linduxedive got some network secrets stored on one of my laptops, is there some way i can export them?10:58
GSF1200Slinduxed.. umm, you mean via a network?10:59
Spikemccubuntu come from debian that is the best stable linux of all, ubuntu is based on unstable debian so an LTS is a good bet, but a stable release is like putting a lighten matche in gasoline ...10:59
[nrx]network secrets?10:59
mabihm, but speaking of the live cd - is there any way to update the packages on it?10:59
GSF1200Sroll your own mabi10:59
linduxedGSF1200S: no just generally export them. i want to have my wifi passwords exported to another laptop10:59
GSF1200Si think apt on cd allows you to do something like that11:00
mabiGSF1200S: doing that right know - i've got a custom hardy based cd11:00
Spikemccin more regular terms, you should have the perfect hardware for a non LTS release ... Nvidia graphic card and stuff like that ...11:00
linduxedGSF1200S: dont want to get passwords for all the wifi APs again11:00
BigMack83i used the command: "find . -type f -exec chmod 664 \{\} \;" to set all files in the current directory to a given permission. but the only exception is there is one file name that is repeated multiple times in different dir's, how would I change the command to search only for a given file name recursively and change the perm?11:00
Spikemccmabi not really ...11:00
mabibut still figuring out how to include updated versions of the CD's packages11:00
Spikemccmake a live usb if you want fresh live session apps11:01
GSF1200Sehh... i dont know man- im not sure where gnome-network manager stores the passwords11:01
GSF1200Sif it even stores in plain text- its prolly the gnome-keyring actually11:01
GSF1200Si dont know a whole lot about gnome11:01
GSF1200Si use KDE and OB mostly11:01
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
GSF1200Sanyone in here have or have had dual monitors using gnome?11:02
SpikemccI don't know how you do I can't stand kde look at all ...11:02
ecolitanGSF1200S ok, I have hd1/2/3 and have fsck'ed and they are clean, apart from 2 which was swap11:02
icerootGSF1200S: yes11:02
icerootGSF1200S: why not ask a real question?11:02
GSF1200Siceroot- hold one sec.. trying to help ecolitan.. cool?11:03
Spikemccamarok and kcontrol where the only kde softwares I ever used ...11:03
GSF1200Stry rebooting and see what happens- fsck will automagically clean the filesystem often11:03
BigMack83how would i change the command: "find . -type f -exec chmod 664 \{\} \;" to only find a given file name and change its permissoins?11:03
Spikemccok I start the flamewar gnome or kde ?11:04
ecolitanGSF1200S k11:04
[nrx]find . -name "*.extension" -exec blahblah11:04
=== angela is now known as Guest25496
GSF1200Siceroot- does the systray applet work on your second X session? I cant get any systray apps to minimize to tray on my second desktop- but the first is fine11:04
BigMack83[nrx]:  thanks. giving it a try...11:04
DekkoWill someone here please help me? I am using the Nvidia drivers (latest version off their website) and all works GREAT except I run two monitors and separate X Servers.... It blacks out the screens when I try to go to a text console.... CTRL-ALT-F2 for example. Can this be fixed?11:05
jack2how to convert .rws file to text file?11:05
kdubuse the conversion tool11:06
GSF1200SDekko- one screen (the 2nd) will always go blank going to console- i have 2 screens like you11:06
BigMack83[nrx]:  perfect thanks11:06
[nrx]BigMack83: no problem :)11:06
GSF1200Sif both go black- gimme a minute and ill try to help you11:07
GSF1200Secolitan- any luck?11:07
ecolitanGSF1200S you mentioned that I should check fstab against /dev/disk/<someing>11:07
ecolitanGSF1200S i've mounted /dev/hda1 and taken a look at fstab , but dont know what the other place is11:08
GSF1200Syeah.. you can, but it should be fine,, nothing should modify fstab11:08
koshariecolitan that would be the mount placeholder11:08
BigMack83in a bash script, how do i pull the current users username to use it in the script?11:08
ecolitanGSF1200S ok then will reboot and see if the fsck did anything11:08
GSF1200Sive had issues because I formatted root but made a copy of xorg.conf and fstab- restored fstab abd11:08
icerootGSF1200S: sorry, never tried that11:09
GSF1200Sforgot to change uuid- boom.. kernel panic11:09
GSF1200Siceroot- cool, oh well, thanks11:09
DekkoGSF1200S: But both screens go black. I can switch back to X with CTRL-ALT-F7... but no text console.11:09
GSF1200Sdekko- whats it doing exactly11:09
ecolitanGSF1200S my worst so far was deleting the contents of /etc/group once11:09
DekkoGSF1200S: If I use Twinview instead (stretch desktop) of separate X then I can go to Text Mode Prompt (Console) .....11:10
ecolitanstill panicky11:10
GSF1200Sive done all sorts of crazy studd11:10
DekkoGood thing Norton Ghost (latest version) can back up Linux systems fully. :)11:11
GSF1200Shmmm... dekko- give me a few so i can help ecolitan11:11
ecolitanGSF1200S when i interupt grub it still can boot into the previous kernel ok11:11
DekkoGSF1200S: No problem. I'll have my cup of tea in the meanwhile....11:11
GSF1200Secolitan, ahhh...11:11
ecolitanGSF1200S perhaps I can just clean out the half done install and start again11:12
GSF1200Shold on.. check this out11:12
ecolitanupgrade not install11:12
GSF1200Sim not sure whether it stores the kernel logs for both kernels11:13
GSF1200Si was going to say jump in the working kernel or a live cd and check /var/log/messages and or /var/log/kernel11:13
GSF1200Smaybe that will tell you something beyond the panic message.. maybe not11:13
GSF1200Showever, you could delete the new kernel and try again- maybe force apt to only upgrade the kernel and headers11:14
ecolitanGSF1200S taking a look11:14
GSF1200Sand go from there11:14
GSF1200Sim gonna help dekko for a sec, so hold on11:14
error404notfoundi have installed xserver-xorg on JeOS. How can i start x? seems like startx is not a command11:14
DekkoGSF1200: I'm back now :)11:17
HypothesisFroghi. Do you know any howtos on how to set up a server, and direct a domain name to it?11:17
GSF1200Sdekko- im on kernel 2.6.30 with gnome running on arch linux with nvidia cards, and my second screen shuts off, while the first one is lit, but is blank11:17
CryptorchildHypothesisFrog: that's a long way journey..11:17
aeiouhow do you reorder iptables rules?11:17
HypothesisFrogCryptorchild steep learning curve?11:18
trothigarHypothesisFrog, not especially, domain setup is quite easy11:18
jbk`When I want to start a bash script or anything start-able in mc/terminal, I get an error message that "bash: command x not found"11:18
GSF1200Sim running 2 nvidia 9800gtx cards going to seperate x sessions...11:18
HypothesisFrogtrothigar how's it done?11:18
bullgard4'~$ mount; /dev/sda5 on /home/detlef/detlef2.' Why does '~$ sudo fuser /home/detlef/detlef2' produce no output?11:18
ecolitanGSF1200S nothing in the logs11:18
jbk`have I accidentaly changed anything? I'm kinda RAAAGE, since I can see folders when I do a little bit of them and then press tab, but it doesn't care about start-able files at all11:19
CryptorchildHypothesisFrog: ah :) perhaps trothigar can help you11:19
GSF1200Snow im curious... I usually kill X or use a terminal, but that is pretty gay..11:19
DekkoGSF1200: That is what I am getting too I think. One screen goes dead the other stays on but blank (black screen)11:19
ecolitanGSF1200S i think i'll backup the /home partition and reinstall from start----thanks heaps for the advice tho11:19
GSF1200Syeah, and its not ubuntu because im on arch11:19
DekkoGSF1200: I am on a Geforce 9600GT card with 2.6.28-14 kernel...11:19
Spikemcci need a decent app for my minimal ubuntu ... got ideas ?11:20
trothigarCryptorchild, HypothesisFrog  will do11:20
GSF1200Syou know you can setup a seperate /home right?11:20
DekkoAnd the latest Nvidia drivers from Nvidia directly not from ubuntu repository.11:20
gCgHello, i have a quick question. I am using UNR right now but i need to install kernel-2.6.30. can anyone point a healty way to install a new kernel11:20
GSF1200Sthen you wouldnt need to backup anymore if shit like this happens11:20
ecolitanGSF1200S alread have /home on a seperate partition11:20
GSF1200Scool.. should be easy11:20
ecolitanGSF1200S i just have fear from blowing away by accident :P11:21
GSF1200Ssorry i couldnt help you :(11:21
GSF1200Shaha, yeah11:21
GSF1200Sdekko... lemme dig a little and see what i can find11:21
GSF1200Sthis is an X/nvidia gripe11:21
ecolitanGSF1200S it's all good, i dont have time for more troubleshooting anyway, have to go to schoo11:21
Dekkoecolitan: Linux has no safety rails like that.... need to stay with Windows or OS X in that case. I run all three on this system :D11:21
GSF1200Syour on ubuntu and im on arch with a different kernel...11:21
Spikemccgot ideas for my minimal ubuntu ? openbox or LXDE , decent softwares ...11:22
GSF1200Secolitan- out of the navy in 7 days and going to school- I know what you mean!11:22
ecolitanbye all11:22
linduxedif powertop tells me that i should enable USB autosuspend, will that have any implications?11:22
GSF1200Swere both too late11:22
Dekkoha ha :)11:23
GSF1200Sok hold on dekko11:23
DekkoI'm holding on for dear life here :D :D11:23
DekkoIts not a BIG DEAL with the graphics card, but ANNOYING :-P11:23
Dekkofeels like a definite bug to me.11:23
Spikemcclxde or openbox ? or you have another idea for me ?11:23