kenvandineCardinalFang, cool... thx01:28
shikibu_I've uploaded a file to U1, and would like to share it with someone. I can't figure out how to do so. It seems I should create a folder and share that, but I am not able to create a folder05:27
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thisfredtill: http://www.kryogenix.org/code/building-applications-with-ubuntu-one/ (stuart's talk)09:15
tillthisfred: cool, thanks10:03
thisfredtill: just the slides though10:03
tillThey have Akonadi on them, so I'm happy. ;)10:04
thisfredtill: I can't get the svn.kde.org link you gave me to work, I must be doing something stupid.10:08
tillthisfred: if you don't have an account, you need to use http://anonsvn.kde.org, I think.10:08
thisfredtill ah ok, thx10:08
tillthisfred: sorry, just pasted from my ssh using developer account10:08
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statikif you love freedom say me15:01
statikTODO: learn how to hack CSS from jblount. DONE: fixed karmic critical dependency bug, and a lot more that i forgot to write down. mostly talking/debugging I think. BLOCKED: none15:02
statikjblount: to you15:02
jblountDONE: Sick day! I upgraded to Karmic.15:02
jblountTODO: hacking with statik on css stuff (and getting help with js stuff), moving bugs from one milestone to another, marking bugs as fix released, etc15:02
jblountBLOCKED: Nope15:02
jblountvds: rocknroll15:03
vdsDONE: finished the work on funambol_cared, truing to land the two brahces without succcess, filed two critical bugs and face duty! :)15:03
vdsTODO: find a way to land the branches15:03
vdsBLOCKED: not yet, but I hope pqm will be mercyful15:03
vdsyour turn urbanape15:03
urbanapeDONE: Not a whole helluva lot of progress on the new files UI. Reuse of the details is more work than we need right now. Upgraded to karmic.15:03
urbanapeTODO: Extract just the functionality to build the shares info and move on. Submit. Help out jblount with the delete stuff. Document more new UI bugs.15:03
urbanapeBLOCK: Nada.15:03
urbanapevds: vee dee ess15:03
urbanapeor, whoever's next15:03
rodrigo_DONE: submitted branches for adding test suite to couchdb-glib, and another one to add UI for evolution-couchdb to use the per-user couch instance. Fixed also some issues with the REST API for tomboy, which now works great with poster FF plugin, but not from tomboy yet15:04
rodrigo_TODO: continue work on per-user couch instance in evo-couchdb. More tomboy syncing work15:04
rodrigo_BLOCKED: I've got 4 branches for review, some of which block other work, so please someone review them :)15:05
rodrigo_teknico: you15:05
teknicoDONE: testing scripts in utilities/15:05
teknicoTODO: landing the testing scripts branch15:05
teknicoBLOCKED: none15:05
tekniconext: noone?15:05
statikdobey, CardinalFang?15:05
teknicorodrigo_, that was painful :-)15:05
teknicorodrigo_, you know, there's this great new invention called copy'n'paste... ;-)15:05
statikthanks for the updates everyone! lets go capture some freedom15:06
statikMEETING ENDS15:06
rodrigo_teknico: yeah, right, just didn't have time to write it before this time :)15:06
teknicoI think that with some practice, we can have a meeting in less than two minutes!15:06
teknico*that* would be an achievement! ;-)15:06
statikhey dobey15:06
dobeyDONE: Disabled syncdaemon startup by Nautilus (#400746), Switched ubuntuone-client to using pyflakes, Created ~otto-pilot for automating Tarmac15:06
dobeyTODO: New Karmic nautilus crasher, Tarmac in ec2, #37870715:06
dobeyBLCK: None.15:06
dobeyteknico: the trick is to keep a text file with the 3 lines of status, and updated it as you work, so then you just have to copy/paste :)15:07
rodrigo_yes, but then you have to remember to update the text file :)15:08
teknicodobey, that's exactly how I do it :-)15:08
teknicorodrigo_, but you don't have to recall what you did all day ;-)15:08
dobeyrodrigo_: that's why i keep a leafpad window with that text file open :)15:09
rodrigo_well, I have a tomboy note with all my TODO and DONE stuff, but I just forget moving the TODO stuff to DONE15:10
rodrigo_and adding new TODO items15:11
* thisfred uses the emacs *scratch* buffer15:12
rodrigo_yeah, that might be better indeed, since I've got emacs open all day15:13
thisfredalthough org mode may be cooler, but I am wary of using fancy tools, since they tend to suck me into tweaking them forever15:13
dobeyif i had time i would just write cool tools, so i don't have to actually do anything15:14
statikexcept idle real hard15:18
rodrigo_well, a bzr plugin that adds some DONE item when you bzr push shouldn't be hard to do15:21
rodrigo_in fact, I just remembered another DONE item!15:22
rodrigo_jcastro: I started packages for our stuff in the opensuse BS15:22
rodrigo_jcastro: just json-glib and couchdb-glib so far15:22
rodrigo_jcastro: https://build.opensuse.org/project/show?project=home%3Arodrigomoya%3Acouchdb15:23
rodrigo_jcastro: will ping you again when there are more packages that people can test (right now, only libs for devel)15:30
jcastrosweet, that will be great15:31
CardinalFangAw, I missed the meeting.  DONE: Face, fixed minor bug, reported new bug (both SMSy)  TODO: Get Spawning tested. continute mail transactions.  BLOCKED: None15:39
statikthanks CardinalFang15:50
rev_Just subscribed to ubuntu one, what can I do with it besides file sharing?16:21
dobeywe just have the file storage/sharing service right now, but are working on some other services that should be available soon16:21
rev_is there a release schedule around to track the progress?16:22
CardinalFangrev_, I don't think so.  "Released when it's finished" is all the planners will say, I bet.16:26
CardinalFangpfibiger, j0!  Try out that Spawning branch!  Try try try try try!16:49
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sdhI go here https://ubuntuone.com/invitation/1/request/18:31
sdhI get this: Sign in as Stephen Hildrey?18:31
sdhThese details will be sent to Ubuntu One:18:31
sdhhit sign in... and nothing, i get bounced back to the same page18:32
sdhvia a split-second "OpenID transaction in progress"18:32
sdhsomething broken?18:32
dobeysdh: try clearing your cache and/or any launchpad/ubuntuone related cookies18:50
sdhseems to work a bit better ;>18:51
sdhah, invite only18:51
sdhi should learn to read18:51
CardinalFangrmcbride, I don't think bug 395262 is fixed right.19:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 395262 in ubuntuone-client ""ubuntuone-client" shows in the Update Manage window, but it cannot be selected" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39526219:24
rmcbrideCardinalFang: it may be rebroken19:24
CardinalFang0.90.2.1+r55-0ubuntu1~ppa1~jaunty   ---/----> 0.90.4+r94-0ubuntu1~ppa1~jaunty19:25
CardinalFangrmcbride, what would you like me to do?19:27
rmcbrideCardinalFang: the circular dep that temporarilly fixed the issue for upgrading clients never got permanently pulled into the packageing branch, so it revered. 0.91.0 is in main as of alpha3.19:27
rmcbrideCardinalFang: Probably uninstall/reinstall. I'm not sure whats going on with that version compare you're listing. I don't recall when the package name change took place...19:27
CardinalFangWe can't know that a user is updating from a particular version.19:28
CardinalFangI'm in the role of a user.  I'm not uninstalling.19:28
rmcbrideCardinalFang: then there may be nothing that can be done. The package rename broke upgrades for a lot of people.19:29
CardinalFangThe new package with the old name must fix it, then.19:29
rmcbrideit did... but the cdep got reverted out at some point. Installing the u-c-gnome package is the way around that I believe19:30
CardinalFangThat fixes /my/ machine, but I'm not interested in fixing one machine at a time.19:30
rmcbridebasically I did a branch that fixed the problem for legacy upgraders temporarilly, but it never got merged into the packageing branch/accepted...19:30
rmcbridewe don't want to leave a circular depenency in forever. bug dobey about merging my cdep branch into his karmic branch if you want that back...19:32
rmcbridemanually installing the NEW top package for gnome is the only other way around it19:32
* rmcbride starts copying new nightlies to the beta PPA19:33
=== rmcbride changed the topic of #ubuntuone to: Help contact: vds | File Sharing for Ubuntu | https://ubuntuone.com | https://launchpad.net/ubuntuone | Currently in limited beta, new invitations are sent regularly | Current Beta Client Revno is 100, Protocol Revno is 54 | Release 0.91.0
CardinalFangrmcbride, You shouldn't need Op to do that now.19:35
rmcbrideCardinalFang: force of habit19:35
CardinalFangrmcbride, so "ubuntuone-client" package is split into two packages, adding a "-gnome"?19:38
rmcbrideCardinalFang: yea, the top level package for gnome users is now the -gnome one19:38
rmcbridethat allows someone to easily make a -kde one and pull in the syncdaemon19:38
rmcbrideit's broken up a bit more than that but the dep chain now starts with u-c-gnome. there's also now an optional ubuntuone-client-tools package19:39
smallfoot-Ubuntu One violates the Ubuntu trademark19:39
CardinalFangsmallfoot-, Okay, thanks.19:40
smallfoot-yeah, so what is being done about this?19:41
smallfoot-this is illegal19:41
smallfoot-there is a trademark policy for the Ubuntu trademark, and Ubuntu one violates it19:42
CardinalFangCops?  File a bug?  Let the trademark owner sue?  I don't know.19:42
rmcbrideI think there is a bug19:42
CardinalFangAh, good.  See, smallfoot-.  Subscribe to the bug.19:42
CardinalFangsmallfoot-, search on Launchpad.  It would be there.19:43
jdobriensmallfoot-, the trademark issue was addressed by sabdfl at a community meeting back in may.19:49
jdobriensmallfoot-, http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2009/05/26/%23ubuntu-meeting.html19:49
statikcanonical has decided to allow itself to use the trademark it owns19:57
smallfoot-2gb free, oh nice20:00
jblountsmallfoot-: agreed20:03
statikone day soon i hope we'll have free tomboy note syncing too20:03
smallfoot-why ubuntu come with C#/.NET (Mono) but not Java?20:05
jdobriensmallfoot-, I think that's a question for the #ubuntu channel20:07
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jdobrienbye vds20:13
statikkenvandine, thanks a million for fixing that permissions bug and sending noah the debdiff20:13
vdsjdobrien: bye20:15
vdssee you tomorrow guys20:15
kenvandinestatik, np20:27
BookmanDoes ubuntuone work with 9.10?  I've uploaded a file from my 9.04 machine and my 9.10 machine does not see it.23:21
BUGabundoit does23:22
BUGabundoI have it running23:23
jblountBookman: Have you tried disconnecting / reconnecting? We aren't currently sending notifications so the client only pulls down when connecting.23:23
jblountBookman: All of the development team are running 9.10 at this point, I believe.23:23
Bookmanjblount: I've tried starting/restaring23:27
Bookmanjblount: interesting.  I had to connect/disconnect several times.23:29
Bookmanthen switch directories23:29
BookmanSeveral times.  Then it caught the files23:29
jblountBookman: That's pretty odd. Sorry about the weirdness, perhaps a bug would be in order ;) : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-client23:30
Bookmanjblount: I will try to duplicate myself first.  Then I'll file.  No need to be worry though.  Still in its young stages.23:31
BookmanSo is 9.10 for that matter.23:31
jblountBookman: Thanks, and thanks. I know it's a bit tedious trying to recreate things like this.23:31
BUGabundoI can confirm I have np as of this moment23:33
BUGabundoI started U1 and got new files23:33
jblountBUGabundo: No problems sounds pretty good. I'm going to go mark a bunch of our bugs as invalid :D23:34
Bookmanjblount: I have no issues with recreating....whatever helps.23:46

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