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mbieblKeybuk: I added you on CC on the kfreebsd port email14:23
mbieblHope you don't mind14:23
Keybuknope, no problem14:30
mbieblhm, upstart 0.6.2 fails to compile on ia6414:34
sadmacmbiebl: oh well. guess we just can't have ia64 anymore. What a cryin shame.14:35
mbieblsadmac: don't you support RHEL on ia64?14:37
sadmacmbiebl: don't crush my dreams!14:37
Keybukooh, I felt something there14:38
Keybukhmm, nope, just wind14:38
Keybukthought for a second I might have cared about ia6414:38
sadmacia64 = EPIC fail14:38
Keybukand if you tell me it fails to build on sparc, or pa-risc, or some other toy architecture I really will get sarcastic14:39
KeybukI swear that most of these architectures only exist for the purposes of running Debian buildds for these architectures14:39
sadmacmbiebl: what's it bitching about?14:39
sadmacKeybuk: oh just wait'll we start pushing into the secondary arches :)14:40
sadmacKeybuk: dealt with System-Z much?14:40
sadmacm41nphr4m3 FTW14:40
Steveehello, i've just a simple question: how can echo something on the console17:18
Steveeas example: Starting service xyz.....17:18
Steveewith upstart17:18
mbieblStevee: Add "console output" to your job file17:20
mbieblAnd then you can add a pre-start script echo "foo" end script17:21
Steveeokay, inside the job file console output17:22
Steveeand echo "foo" in the pre-start17:22
Steveeokay, thank you very much17:22
mbieblthe output won't go to a virtual terminal though17:23
mbieblSo you'll have to switch to ttyN17:23
Steveeokay, so my next question how do i get ttyN17:25
Steveei have job files for that17:25
Steveeand they are started17:25
Steveebut i can't switch between the tty's17:26
Steveeso what went wrong ?17:26
Steveeor what dependencies are for ttyN17:28
mbieblCTRL+ALT+FN ?17:30

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