jurgsis it possible to mount a slave drive for use with unetbootin? I am using a wubi install of xubuntu 8.10 on a win98 computer00:46
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MuggaHi! I have a problem with my Xubuntu. It freezes before I'm able to log in. It also froze when I tried the LiveCD. I made the install with the alternate cd, and everything went fine, but as mentioned earlier, it freezes before I'm able to log in. Do you guys have any idea?07:40
MuggaAnyone here?07:45
psycho_oreosit might be a video driver issue08:03
psycho_oreosare you able to get into one of the tty?08:03
MuggaIm sorry, tty?08:03
psycho_oreosits a console08:04
MuggaWhere do I get into that?08:04
psycho_oreosyou do the following key combinations: Ctrl+Alt+F{1-7}08:04
MuggaWhen do I press that?08:05
psycho_oreosyou press that when your screen freezes, if that doesn't work try doing it before it freezes08:05
Muggaokay.. just a sec08:06
psycho_oreosfyi, Ctrl+Alt+F7 is xorg server08:06
Muggaokay.. I just logged in in the console08:09
psycho_oreosI'd use top to see if xorg is using lots of cpu08:09
psycho_oreosprobably not, even if not, there should be info in the xorg.log08:10
Muggaxorg is using >1 %08:11
psycho_oreoshmm and so the login screen is frozen right?08:11
MuggaIt allways freezes when I get to the login screen yes, and often the entire screen is transformed in to a million vertican lines in different color08:12
psycho_oreosyeah the signs of driver issue08:13
psycho_oreoswhich video chip you got?08:13
MuggaATI MOBILITY RADEON 9700 AGP (0x4E50)08:13
MuggaAny news?08:29
Muggapsycho_oreos ?08:42
ARMENIANwhy does xfce use 253 MB of ram whereas gnome uses 234?08:46
jadez03thats odd ARMENIAN, gnome uses 2x more memory than xfce on my laptop08:47
ARMENIANjadez03: could it be that i installed ubuntu then i did sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop rather than doing and install with the xubuntu cd?08:48
ARMENIANbut i dont think that should be the problem08:48
ARMENIANi mean with compiz on in gnome i go to the process viewer and it shows that it uses more :(08:48
ARMENIANuse less*08:50
ARMENIANuses* less than xfce08:50
ARMENIANjadez03: how much ram is xfce using for u?08:58
psycho_oreosMugga, you'll need to try to enable vesa mode I suppose, get by for a bit and then get either the open sourced drivers or the proprietary (fglrx)09:14
ubottuvesa is the default video driver if X can't find a better one. Also see !x09:14
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution09:14
psycho_oreosthe link to that resolution of X problem contains some useful info09:15
slow-motionhttp://img5.imagebanana.com/view/o0ihxzx/firefoxkaputt.png < how do i get rid of the f*cking backshlash that firefox makes everytime i write a search in ""?09:30
Muggapsycho_oreos I read that it was my chip is the problem because it isn't updated anymore09:37
MuggaI just downloaded an old version of xubuntu 6.06, and the live cd works great... can I perform the "trick" as the link above shows, or do I have to update xubuntu first?09:38
psycho_oreosMugga, that second link, you may as well do it in jaunty because its suited to jaunty and its a lot less mucking around compared to upgrading feisty (I think)09:45
Muggahow do I open in vesa mode then?09:47
psycho_oreoswell don't :) just follow the guide on the second link you posted, do it all in the terminal/console09:48
MuggaAnd that I can't do in 6.06, right?09:49
psycho_oreosvesa mode? you probably can, but what's the point? 9.04 has the latest kernel and all the nice little features that comes with it. 6.06 is outdated and is only useful should you find 9.04 in your case worse than how 6.06 would have performed.. if you were to use 6.06 and update it to 9.04, you have to download literally everything and who knows what the outcome will be like. You'll probably end up with a stuffed up system configurat09:52
psycho_oreosion to give you more headaches09:52
psycho_oreosyou've said before you were using 9.04 so why forcefully switch to 6.06 and upgrade it to the latest? wouldn't that be far more effort?09:52
MuggaBut I haven't been able to log in at all in 9.04, so how do I follow the guide with no internet set up and all?09:53
psycho_oreoswell weren't you doing it whilst I was helping you before? or is that the only computer you have?09:54
MuggaI have 2 computers but the one I'm trying to use Xubuntu on isn't setup because I've never been able to log in09:55
psycho_oreosyeah but if you can log in via console (which you did say before that you could) then why not have one computer with the screen on that page and on the other set it up? or print it out?09:56
psycho_oreosthose commands don't require GUI for that matter09:56
MuggaBut the guide says that it needed an internet connection to be able to perform the commands properly09:57
psycho_oreoswell let the other computer have the internet for a bit and load up that page, unplug the network cable and use the computer that needs setting up have internet access, simple10:00
psycho_oreosdon't you have router at home? lol10:00
Muggaokay, but there's a step that seems to be impossible to do without gui: "In gedit, simply select the word “jaunty” anywhere in the file and click on “Replace” on the tool bar. When the dialogue box comes up, type “intrepid” into the box labeled “Replace With:” and click “Find” then “Replace All”"10:02
psycho_oreosI guess you can do it by hand, copy the file across via `sneaker' net setup or learn using some of the CLI editors10:03
MuggaThis is getting too complicated... I appreciate your help, but I think I have to find someone that can do this for me... Sorry to have wasted your time :(10:06
jbk`When I'm trying to run a run-able script from terminal or mc, I get an error message "bash: command x not found" -> example -> in folder /home/parek/nquake I want to run a file called ezquake-gl.glx, however, even if I am in that folder and write ezquake-gl.glx, I get that error message, the same thing when trying to run it in mc or thunar11:22
jbk`Have I accidentaly changed something? :O11:22
_Pete_check it has +x permissions set11:25
_Pete_and what does it say when in folder you do: ./ezquake-gl.glx11:29
jbk`bash: command not found11:29
_Pete_with ./11:29
_Pete_in front also?11:29
SiDijbk`: what is the exact and complete error message please ?11:36
jbk`SiDi: bash: command ezquake-gl.glx not found11:38
jbk`probably googled the reason11:38
jbk`since I've got an x86_64 kernel and it has probably been compiled for a 32bit kernel11:38
jbk`so I'm downloading an x86_64 version right now11:39
jbk`and I'll see if is it going to help11:39
_Pete_btw what is nquake?11:39
SiDiIf it's a script it's not compiled11:39
jbk`_Pete_: A package containing a port of a game called quakeworld called "ezquake" + maps11:39
jbk`true, it's not a script in this case11:40
SiDiplease type : "cd ~/nquake && ls -l"11:40
jbk`yes, it does have -x permissions11:41
SiDiI was more worried about knowing if you were in the good folder :p11:41
jbk`alright, I was right11:42
_Pete_jbk`: 32bit apps should also run on 64bit systems11:42
jbk`_Pete_: well11:42
jbk`downloaded a 64bit executioner11:42
jbk`and it works now11:42
_Pete_good then11:42
gastlyhi all, can anyone tell me how to get notify-osd to work in xubuntu?12:29
KangaroooI made useradd guest and now trying to log in w/o paswword couse password isn't specified but it say username or password incorect13:40
Kangaroooalso tryd making passeword and then -d13:40
Kangarooodidn't work.13:43
Kangarooohere is somekind manual solution for distros like #! who has gdm http://mirror.hamakor.org.il/archives/linux-il/05-2004/10149.html13:43
creativei have recently installed xubuntu 9.04 but i can't see computer icon13:46
Kangarooocreative: you firs time using? itz not windowz it has aint no cumputer lol icon :)13:46
creativeyes i am using it first time, but i have used ubuntu 8.10 there i can see computer icon13:47
Kangarooohehe I already told :) gimme screenshot with home icon ill tell you made it :)13:48
Kangaroooon top panel there's Applications And Places open places and navigate in filesystem13:48
Kangaroooon destop there's only filesystem and home and trash icons by default13:49
Kangaroooand when plugged in usb device its icon also I put on desktop13:49
creativei can see file system, but i can't see any logical partitionm which i have made for my home folder13:50
Kangarooono computer icon13:50
Kangaroooif you installed easy mode (not advanced) then its in Places -> (your usrname)13:51
creativeif i want to store any thing on my logical partition how can i do that?13:51
Kangarooofiles you can store in home folder username folder . /home/"usrname"/ folder contains folders- desktop pictures video documents13:53
creativeif i store video under video than will that store in logical drive13:55
creativemy home folder is on logical drive "Var" can i change that name of that folder to any other name and can put the same shortcut on desktop13:58
Kangarooodidn't understand. maybe someone else can answer to this.13:59
creativei mean to say can i change the logical drive name for better understanding?14:00
Kangarooohow did you made logical drive name Var? is linux installed in Var?14:01
creativeat the time of installing i made partition for logical drive i got this name by default14:05
Kangaroooif you installed easy mode.. I told that.. so you installed advanced mode?14:06
creativeeasy mode14:08
HGFhello, i am having trouble with java (applets not working even though i installed the JRE). is any1 around to help?14:24
manila1Hi. I need help. Installed Xubuntu 9.04 via Wubi on an old Compaq Presario C500 notebook. There's this annoying, endless, knocking/clicking sound. What does it mean? How do I stop it?15:51
zmiscwhere is the sound coming from?15:51
manila1from  inside the notebook15:52
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tonyohelp please15:55
charlie-tca!help | tonyo15:56
ubottutonyo: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)15:56
zmisctoo many impatient people16:00
SiDitonyo's problem was probably this HDD spinning problem16:30
SiDithat's annoying forhim16:30
zmiscXubuntu is pretty nice16:35
superdaniel49hey does anyone here know how to put a program launcher on the Xfce desktop?17:13
zazaHow many RAM does the xubuntu normally consumes?17:25
SiDiDepends whether 32 or 64 b17:31
SiDiits meant to run with 192MB17:31
zazaAh, thanks!17:34
superdaniel49if u use the alternate install cd ,then u can just use 128 MB of memory17:44
MacSlowGreetings everybody18:03
MacSlowCan someone do me a favour compile and run this http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m2dc12525 and paste me the output here? Thanks in advance!18:04
SiDiMacSlow: heya :D18:05
MacSlowSiDi, hi there18:05
SiDimind posting it in paste.ubuntu.com ?18:06
SiDicant select lines without the line numbers with pastebin :|18:06
SiDierr whatever18:06
SiDiNow i need to remember how to link libs :|18:07
MacSlowsee the header of the file18:07
* SiDi self /facepalm18:08
SiDiwindow-manager: Xfwm418:09
SiDiMacSlow: here we go18:09
SiDikudos :P18:09
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AraneidaeAny reason why xfce4-keyboard-settings shouldn't work on openbox?  Presumably key settings happen in a common handler somewhere?18:41
SiDiAraneidae: i think you need xfce4-settings-helper to run18:54
SiDiFor the keyboard shortcuts / settings to work18:54
AraneidaeOk, I'll give that a go.  I run it up first, I guess?19:13
AraneidaeHm: can't connect to session manager (not all that surprising I guess).19:13
AraneidaeMy problem is actually that I want to temporarily disable autorepeat ... and `xset r off` causes mayhem on openbox, for some reason!19:14
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nztalwill the xubuntu jaunty alternate image work on a powerpc750 600mhz computer with 256mb of ram ?20:53
nztali have a imac g3 with powerpc processor that i'm trying to use ubuntu to do diagnostics with.  it wont boot to any live cd environemonment.  once i was able to get to console, but when i typed, it put alot of spaces between me and the prompt and wouldn't let me issue any commands.  i'm trying to check the integrity of the hard drive on it.  i also need to check the memory on it, but i can't do that unless i install it to disk20:56
nztalthe xubuntu desktop image, will freeze, with the icon spinning.  when it freeze, it wont let me switch to any consoles20:57
DannyThis may be a dumb question, but how do I add more than two workspaces in xfce?21:18
th0rDanny: Applications Settings Workspaces21:19
DannyI tried that, I told it 4, but I still only have two21:20
th0rDanny: open a terminal, type 'ps ax | grep xfwm' and see if xfwm4 is running. I had the same problem, turned out to be metacity running instead of xfwm421:20
Dannyand what exactly does that command do?21:22
th0rDanny:  ps ax asks the system to list everything that is running at the moment. grep xfwm tells the ps command to only show lines that contain xfwm21:22
th0rDanny: the result is that you will only see one or two lines in the printout instead of everything. Try ps ax without the grep to see the diff21:23
Dannyokay, with grep xfwm it doesn't show me anything21:24
th0rDanny: right....try this...ps ax | grep metacity21:24
Dannyyep, so that shows "32609 pts/0    D+     0:00 grep metacity"21:25
Dannyso I need to be using xfwm?21:25
th0rDanny...yup...same problem I had. Let me guess...you installed ubuntu and then installed xfce afterwards?21:25
Dannyyeah, I just wanted to experiment with other desktop environments21:26
th0rDanny: yeah...exactly the same thing happened to me. You lucked out...it took me three days to figure it out and I had help from the xfce developers21:26
Dannywow, nice21:26
th0rDanny: type this in the terminal 'killall metacity && xfwm4'21:26
th0rDanny: if that fixes your workspace issue, make sure you save the xfce session21:28
Danny"metacity: no process killed"21:28
th0rDanny: oops....missed that....wrong line <smile>. OK, you have to see what window manager you are running now so you can kill it and start xfwm4. Do you have pastebinit installed?21:29
th0rDanny: can you take a minute to install it?21:30
Dannyokay I used apt-get install pastebinit21:34
th0rDanny: pastebinit will let you easily upload a log file to the internet so I can get it.21:35
th0rDanny: we will do this in two steps so you can follow what is going on. First, in a terminal type 'ps ax > ps.log'21:35
th0rDanny that will tell  ps ax  to put its output into a file called ps.log instead of printing to the screen21:35
Dannyokay, done21:36
th0rDanny ok...now type 'pastebinit ps.log' that will tell pastebinit to send the file to the web. It will print a url, a web address, copy and paste that address here so I can get it21:36
Dannythere ya go21:37
th0rDanny ok...now type 'mousepad ps.log' so you can look at the log while I do21:37
th0rDanny: ok...the problem is you are running compiz which replaced metacity in gnome, and now replaces xfwm4 in xfce. If you want xfce to control the workspaces and other stuff...you need to turn off compiz and turn on xfwm4. Once you do that, you can turn on compositing in xfce, it is a different animal from compiz21:40
th0rDanny: I think you can get that done with 'killall compiz && xfwm4' but I am not sure...never messed much with compiz. If it hoses up...you willneed to reboot21:41
Dannyall right, I'll try that21:41
th0rdanny you can see compiz running in line 134 of the printout21:42
Dannyokay, I got    "** Message: To replace the current window manager, try "--replace"21:44
Danny** (xfwm4:1411): WARNING **: Another Window Manager is already running"21:44
th0rDanny: ok...try xfwm4 --replace (space before --replace)21:45
Dannythat definitely did the trick21:46
th0rDanny: now....applications - settings - session and startup - session tab. If you want to keep the present setup click on Save Session so it doesn't start compiz again at next bootup21:47
th0rDanny:  the saved session should only apply to xfce, if you go back to gnome you should still have compiz21:47
Dannysweet, I like my eye candy, but xfce seems pretty cool too.21:48
th0rDanny: you can get back some of that by turning on composition in xfce...just a sec21:48
th0rDanny: Applications - Settings - Window Manager Tweaks - Compositor tab...enable display compositing21:49
th0rDanny: you really got lucky this time <smile>. Don't expect this every time you drop by21:50
Dannyyeah thanks21:50
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Dannyactually IRC has been pretty good to me whenever I have a problem21:51
th0rDanny: well, your questions will just keep getting harder to answer <smile>. Part of the game21:51
DiecastMessiahI have a quick question.. what would you guys suggest for being able to write to an NTFS drive.... i have a new TB ext. drive21:53
Dannywhoa, accidentally closed pidgin there, Thanks again though Th0r21:53
th0rDiecastMessiah: if it isn't already installed try ntfs-3g21:53
th0rDanny: np...did you get your workspaces ok?21:54
Dannyyeah I did21:54
th0rok...good luck21:54
DiecastMessiahthanks.. yeah i can view the drive but not write.. so just wanted to make sure before i install stuff i don't need :)21:54
Dannyyeah, I'll keep playing xubuntu21:54
th0rDanny: give xfce a good look...I like it a lot more than gnome21:54
th0rtake a special look at thunar...the file manager for xfce21:55
DiecastMessiahyeah xfce is great21:55
th0rit has a lot of custom features21:55
Dannyanything specific that's really cool I should check out?21:55
DiecastMessiahI love who it can use both gnome and KDE and plus using hardly any ram at all just to run... got mine down to 76mb21:56
th0rDanny: in thunar you can define custom actions...which means for instance, that I can right click on an iso file and choose mount from the menu, and it will mount the iso to ~/iso automatically.21:56
th0rI right click on my audio files and choose Edit from the menu...and it dumps the file into audacity so I can cut it up21:57
Dannyhey thats pretty cool21:57
th0ryou can define commands and scripts to be included in the right click menu, and choose when those commands will show up...for what filetypes21:57
th0ralso look at gigolo...something like network neighbourhood in that other system21:58
DiecastMessiahwow i didn't know that... stuff .. i must learn :)21:58
th0rlots of interesting things buried in xfce21:59
DiecastMessiahand gigolo i have to check out to.. i use neighborhood21:59
th0rmake sure you have all the xfce panel plugins installed also...there are some neat features there.22:00
th0rbut I don't use the system monitors in the panel as they put too much load on the system, I use gkrellm instead22:00
DiecastMessiahoh i do have ntfs-g322:00
th0rDiecastMessiah: then you should only need to plug in the drive22:00
DiecastMessiahoh i can read from it22:00
DiecastMessiahwas hopful i could write22:01
th0rshould also be able to write to it22:01
th0rall of my usb drives worked right out of the box...read and write22:01
DiecastMessiahwell i tryied and even in open thunar as root and still cannot22:02
th0rDiecastMessiah: type 'mount22:02
th0r in a terminal and see how the drive is mounted22:02
th0rpastebin the output22:02
th0rDiecastMessiah: the drive is mounted read write (rw). It is the last line in the printout22:05
th0rDiecastMessiah: or is that your cd/dvd?22:06
DiecastMessiahnope the last one is the exturnal22:06
DiecastMessiahwell now it works22:07
th0rDiecastMessiah: it is exactly the same as the line I have now for my usb drive...except for the mountpoint of course22:07
th0rDiecastMessiah: I am good22:07
th0rfixed it all the way from here22:07
th0rmind over matter22:07
DiecastMessiahwell it odd i never had a ntfs drive write,,, so i always used fat32 on my internal.. but didn't what to change a whole tb drive to that LOL22:08
th0rI am running psychobuntu...it has a neural interface...I just think about corrections and they happen22:08
DiecastMessiahand it didn't work the frist time i glugged it in22:08
th0rI'm tellin ya...I fixed it22:09
DiecastMessiahwell thanks22:09
th0rnp...good luck22:09
SiDith0r: i thought you installed the package that fixes this bug making you tell everyone about psychobuntu and your devilish plans to rule the world ?22:09
th0rhehehe....what are we going to do now brain?22:10
th0ror aren't you a pinky fan?22:10
DiecastMessiahone last thing now i think of it... is there any software that better then mountmanager22:10
th0rDiecastMessiah: for the most part you don't need to mount things...it is pretty much automatic now22:11
th0rDiecastMessiah: for mounting iso files yo ucan use giosmount22:11
DiecastMessiahoh i just use commanline of iso's..22:11
th0rnope...gmount-iso...I'll get it right yet22:12
DiecastMessiahbut i have 2 hd and the secondone i have to use something to get it going22:12
th0rDiecastMessiah: what is it you want to mount?22:12
DiecastMessiahit a 10gb HD internal22:13
th0rDiecastMessiah: create a second mountpoint for the second drive, then create a custom action in thunar to mount the drive22:13
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions22:13
th0rDiecastMessiah: if you just need to mount the second one SiDi is right...just add a line to fstab. But if you need to do something special then look at custom actions in thunar22:14
DiecastMessiahnot special it just a fat32 drive22:15
th0rDiecastMessiah: then a line in fstab will fix you right up22:15
th0rDiecastMessiah: look at defining the drives by UUID instead of /dev....that way no matter what order you plug them in they will still mount the same way22:16
DiecastMessiahso it in /dev/fstab?22:16
th0rDiecastMessiah: /etc/fstab22:17
DiecastMessiahI will look at the site to .. me still new to linux22:17
DiecastMessiahthanks to you 2 th0r and SiDi22:18
SiDiDiecastMessiah: you're welcome22:19
DiecastMessiahmmm looking at this should i make a new floder on the system folder?22:20
DiecastMessiahlike /HD222:20
DiecastMessiahor something22:20
th0rDiecastMessiah: yeah....usually mount points are in /media22:20
th0rlike /media/HD222:20
DiecastMessiahyeah i was using /media with mouthmanager22:20
DiecastMessiahok thanks again..22:21
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Rhastafuck pricey22:25
PriceyRhasta: PM please?22:26
DiecastMessiahoops sorry22:45
SammHow is everyone?22:47
micahgcan someone help me with bug 35078422:55
* micahg kicks ubottu22:56
knomebug #35078422:57
micahgok, well the question is, where does xfce store the preferred browser setting22:57
SiDilp 35078423:18
micahgbug 35078423:18
SiDiok ubottu is on strike for real23:18
SiDimicahg: i cant find the CLI way but you can do Apps -> Params -> Preferred apps23:20
micahgSiDi: I need to know where it's stored so that I can have apport updated :)23:50
SiDiasked in XFCE and had no answer23:50
SiDithe answer probably hides in xfbrowser's source code but i'm a but busy at the moment23:51

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