ace_suareshi there00:15
ace_suaresI fixed the categorycleanup page (grin)00:16
ace_suaresthe wiki is terribly slow again00:25
sbalneavProbably lots of people using it.00:29
ace_suaressbalneav: hi scotty00:37
ace_suares?action=titleindex gives you all titles of all pages.00:41
ace_suareson the wiki00:41
ace_suaresthere's about 185 that start with edu00:42
ace_suaresehhh wiki.ubuntu.com i think, but it's the same00:45
ace_suaresthat page uses a refresh and not the moinmoin way of redirecting, like this one dies00:46
sbalneavI'm working on writing the perl script to do the initial conversion from docbook -> wiki00:47
ace_suaresso there was nothing availble for conversion?00:47
ace_suarestoo bad00:47
ace_suaresi fixed https://wiki.edubuntu.org/CategoryCleanup, it now shows a list of pages. it was easy.00:48
sbalneavThere was, but it's horribly broken.  So, I'm fixing it.00:48
ace_suaresin that list there is none for edubuntu i think00:49
ace_suareshttps://wiki.edubuntu.org/HelpOnXmlPages#Rendering DocBook00:52
sbalneavace_suares: pages look nice.  Good job!04:21
Ahmucksbalneav: link?04:23
* Ahmuck gets big sticker out04:24
Ahmucksharpens ends of stick and prods sbalneav04:24
AhmuckLINK !04:24
* sbalneav rubs *ss04:26
sbalneavSorry, was in #ltsp04:26
ace_suareshi there04:26
sbalneavace posted them earlier :)04:26
sbalneavSeems I've pissed off r. Scott Belford :)04:26
Ahmucklink to wiki?04:27
ace_suaresprobably not the first time :-)04:27
sbalneavI've apologied on the list for my passion, and sent him a personal note too.04:27
sbalneavace_suares: I pissed you off the other day.  Look how that turned out :) We have a new wiki maintainer :)04:27
ace_suaresgood enough :-) you seem nice rnowadays :-)04:27
ace_suaressorry nicer nowadays :-)04:27
sbalneavI'm *ALWAYS* nice.04:28
Ahmuckace_suares: link to wiki04:28
sbalneavBut I'm also passionate, and not afraid to speak my mind.04:28
* ace_suares nows in awe for the lightning ray of niceness04:28
ace_suaresoh Ahmuck04:28
sbalneavMy attitude is: if I don't tell you what I think, how you gonna know?04:29
ace_suaresbut the wiki is very very slow04:29
sbalneavBesides, look at it this way.  I respect all of you enough to be honest with you all.04:29
ace_suareshey sbalneav I am back and found a way to cope, let's stop talking about personal attitude, I am not the most tactful person either.04:30
ace_suaresI am glad we are getting some work done now :-)04:30
ace_suaresAhmuck:  can you get the https://wiki.edubuntu.org/EdubuntuCleanupEffort page to open? Scotty ?04:31
sbalneavFar as I'm concerned, I succeeded.  I complained, I got us one new contributer.  Mission Accomplished :)04:31
sbalneavNo, slow here too.04:32
sbalneavMaybe canonical's doing some cleanup?04:32
sbalneav...hey wait, are you saying I'M NOT TACTFUL?!?!?!?!?  :D04:32
ace_suaressbalneav: yes that you did!04:33
ace_suaresi mean succeed. It might be a side effect though.04:33
ace_suaresI think its all the searches in that page.04:34
sbalneavdunno.  Didn't see the page source.04:35
ace_suaressbalneav: i did and i tell you :-)04:35
ace_suareslots of searches like fullsearch(CategoryEdubuntuProposedForRemoval)04:36
ace_suaresCant' really work this way, going to sleep. I did categorize all 50 or so topics on CategoryEdubuntu04:37
ace_suaresWill wathc the effects tomorrow04:37
ace_suaresSleep now04:37
ace_suaresbye all04:37
ace_suaresby scot04:37
sbalneavvagrantc: It would be interesting to try doing a "sysctl ... vm.overcommit_memory = 1"  somewhere before pulse starts up04:38
sbalneavHm, looks like there IS a debian-edu irc channel.05:25
sbalneavexiting to update my irssi config...05:25
nubaesbalneav, ping07:44
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* ogra sighs about ace_suares13:52
sbalneavnubae: pong14:18
Ahmuckgood morning15:27
sbalneavMorning Ahmuck16:18
ace_suareshi all16:28
ograace_suares, you seem to just have done a fulltext search for "edubuntu", https://wiki.edubuntu.org/wiki/MergerPlan definately is an official QA spec describing the categorization implementation on the wiki and the merge into a single wiki instance, please take it off the list17:07
ograace_suares, the same goes for https://wiki.edubuntu.org/UbuntuDownUnder/BOFs/EdubuntuBOF its is an implemented spec and needs to stay as documentation for the implementation that was done17:08
ograspecs are the documentation of ubuntus development process, if there are obsolete ones, mark them as such in launchpad but dont delete them from the wiki, feel free to move them to another namespace if thats better in your view but dont forget to update all the links from LP17:10
ogra(that last sentece only goes for *edubuntu* specifc specs indeed)17:10
Lnshttp://www.opensourceforamerica.org/ - something for people in the US to check out for advocacy of open source in America - this means schools!18:17
* Lns just became a member18:18
ace_suaresHi Lns!18:20
Lnshey ace_suares !18:20
Lnshey man, thanks so much for the work you're doing on the wiki, that is fantastic18:20
ace_suaresogra re wike mergerplan should there then be a spec in launchpad????18:20
ograace_suares, so the point is, the blueprint system of launchpad is deliberately designed in a way that you cant delete specs from it18:21
ace_suaresLns thats why I am doing it - to get praise - thansk !!! :_))))))18:21
ograace_suares, that *is* the spec18:21
ace_suaresogra how is it that some specs are in launchpad and some are not???18:21
ograits just been written earlier than the CategorySpec entry exists18:21
ace_suaresogra I dont mean category spec i mean ,most specs I found are on launcpad too18:22
ace_suaresthis one not? is that okay?18:22
ograyes, it was likely created at a time where the spec system on LP wasnt widely used18:22
ace_suaresi changed to EdubuntuSpec and Spec categories.18:22
ograbe very careful with the specs before 2006, i think there we started to use LP18:23
ograits deliberate that you cant delete then from LP18:23
ace_suaresogra should we create launchpad specs for those then or just leave it this way?18:23
ograsince a spec either defines something thats missing or documents something that was developed at some point18:24
ograjust leave them alone18:24
ace_suaresogra wel at least add EdubuntuSpec and Spec categories, yes?18:24
ograwell, there are no actual EdubuntuSpec's18:24
ograEdubuntu specs are supposed to be ubuntu specs18:25
ace_suaresokay then just CategorySpec then and leave it at that ?18:25
ograbut that was only defined after the first time the spec system was actually used18:25
* ace_suares sighs18:25
ograwhich is the reason that you see EdubuntuSpec on some18:25
ace_suaresEdubuntuSpec, i made that ogra18:25
ace_suaresit wasnt there before18:26
ograthere is a namespace in the wiki18:26
ograi dont mean the tag18:26
ace_suaresyou lsot me18:26
ogranamespace in the url ;)18:27
ograat some point we prefixed all our specs with EdubuntuSpec18:28
ograin the url18:28
ace_suareswhen i do a full search on edubuntuspec i dont' see any of those with that in the url!18:28
ograthey were probably renamed by the docteam18:28
ace_suaresogra so what do i need to do or change then ???18:29
ogradocteam did several runs of major cleanup18:29
ogralooking at https://wiki.edubuntu.org/CategoryEdubuntuSpec ...18:30
ograwiki/MergerPlan needs to go18:30
ace_suaresI made that ogra18:30
ace_suaresjust make it CategorySpec then ?18:30
ograUbuntuDownUnder/BOFs/EdubuntuBOF as well ..18:31
ogra(from that list that is)18:31
ace_suaresyeah those two I will change now18:31
ografor the others check against LP18:31
ace_suaresthere is one not in LP the others are.18:31
ograif there is really no entry on LP feel free to delete them18:31
ograwhich one ?18:32
ace_suaresi just as well leave that one there.18:32
ograah, i think you said DedicatedLTSPSSH18:32
ace_suaresthat one18:32
* ogra remembers, that was submitted by someone not attending a UDS 18:32
ograand that at a time where remote participation wasnt possible yet18:33
ace_suaresjust leave it there.18:33
ograyeah, generally i wouldnt touch specs at all18:34
ograots a hilarious amount of work to make sur eto not break the backlinks18:34
ace_suaresno it isnt becasue i am not moving them anywhere i stated that already18:35
ace_suaresI just wanted to know18:35
ograyou could go over the ones with Edubuntu in the name and rename them .. but update the LP entries accordingly18:35
ograto clean up the Edubuntu namespace on the wiki18:35
ace_suares1. what to do with old specs that never got approved (see http://edubuntu.opcuracao.info/)18:35
ace_suares2. what to do with the ones that are not in LP18:36
ace_suaresyou answered both questions then :-)18:36
ograthough i agree that cleaning up the namespace would make sense18:36
ograso if you search for pages with Edubuntu in the title you actually find recent stuff18:37
ace_suaresSo, all specs specific to Edubutu are now in CategoryEdubuntuSpec and if they where in CategorySpec they are there too,18:37
ace_suaresogra i dont want to spend time to rename the spec pages unless its absolutely needed18:37
ace_suaresbecause of the extra work in the backlinks18:38
ograright, understood18:38
ograbtw, do you know about launchpadlib ? :)18:38
ace_suaresyou cna also do a seach on edubuntu and do a -CategoryEdubuntuSpec which leaves them out...18:38
ace_suareswhat is launchpadlib?18:38
ograit has interfaces in differern languages to achieve waht you did with your script ...18:38
ogranot sure there is a launchpadlib-ruby though i never used ruby18:39
ace_suaresogra let the developers mull over that then :-) it would be really good if UbuntuSpec in moin moin would be enhanced18:39
ograwrite a spec ;)18:39
ace_suaresogra even more complications... yahooo!18:40
ograand get some votes on brainstorm.ubuntu.com18:40
ograso it gets attention18:40
ace_suaresha ha brainstorm18:40
ogradont know it ?18:40
ace_suaresi got seven votes for a 'recently changed' entry in 'places'18:40
ace_suaresman windows even has that18:40
ace_suaresbrainstorm is great but so many ideas that it's random how many votes you get.18:41
* ogra see that when he opens places here18:41
ogracalled "recent documents"18:41
ace_suaresreent doucments is not is18:41
ace_suaresoh and its not in places18:41
ograits the docs i recently opened18:41
ograsure it is18:42
ogralast entry in my places menu18:42
ace_suareslook here http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/19774/18:42
ace_suaresyou can vote18:42
ogradid you take a look at zeitgeist ? i think it achieves something similar18:43
ograand is already on its way into karmic iirc18:43
ace_suaresokay thats good then18:43
* ogra didnt have time this UDS to attend any desktop session18:43
ace_suaresjust to say that votes in brainstorm depend on how many people actually see the idea18:43
ace_suaresand that is pretty few since there ar eso many new ideas every second18:44
ograwell, my team goes over brainstorm before registering specs18:44
ograevery cycle18:44
ace_suaresall of them !?18:44
ograsadly there are not so many mobile or ARM related ones18:44
ace_suaresI cna add ARM MOBILE to every idea i have if you want :-)18:45
ograwe have about two weeks to suggest new specs after release and before uds starts18:45
ograthat doesnt help, it needs to be relevant for my work :P18:45
ograbut we surely take them into account before spec registering starts18:46
ograand i know most of the other teams too18:46
ograthe thing why you see so many unimplemented specs in your list is that we didnt have brainstorm back then ;)18:47
ogramark is resistant to the idea to delete any requests though ... thats why they should stay there ... they express a need18:47
ogranowadays ideas go on brainstorm ... get examined by the devs ... get turned into a spec ... get discussed at UDS ... and eventually get implemented18:48
ograthe process got cleaner on the go18:49
ograback then it was "register a spec" if someone asked for an enhancement18:49
* ogra notices he still didnt overcome that habit ... looking at the backlog :P18:50
ace_suareshehe so okay i make a brainstorm thing instead of a spec its MUCH easier and complies with my feeling that occasional contributions should be easy to enter.18:52
ace_suaresare the specs on the wiki used in the future? or was that an old way of doing things?18:54
ograthey might ... someone might pick one up and implement it18:55
ograand the ones that are actually implemented are the actual documentation for the existing implementation18:55
ace_suaresno i mean is the way that is was done, posting spec on wiki then in lp, still the way they do it?18:58
ace_suaresi mean will this be used in the future or will it stop at these specs and they are 'historical'18:58
ograyes, thats the process and i think it will stay that way18:59
ograspecs are usually first registered on LP18:59
ograi do create my wikipages at UDS when i take notes, but the specs need to be there before, because the lauuncpadlib based scheduler creates a schedule for UDS based on the specs and assigns slots and rooms19:00
ograthe whole UDS is driven by launchpad nowadays ...19:00
ace_suaresso then we will see more specs in the future, it would be good to have a rule or such to make sure the specs habe theiur proer place in the wiki, what do you propose? or what's the rule if there is already one?19:01
ograthe wiki is simply used because its the best way to collabortaively take notes19:01
ograi think its wiki..../Spec/19:01
ograand indeed CategorySpec for people that mess up the url19:01
ograwhich still happens at times19:02
ograheh, i just stumbled over a spec i registered on stgraber's behalf that was never written but is implemented19:03
ograsince wednesday19:04
ace_suaresha ha now you have to create a wiki page for it with the correct url :-)19:04
ograit was just "move that crap to main so ltsp can depend on it"19:04
ograand its not my spec19:05
ograi dont work on ltsp or edubuntu19:05
ace_suareslook at this: https://wiki.edubuntu.org/CategorySpec19:05
ograwhat i do on either is done in my spare time19:05
ograif that ever loads, that must be a huge amount of pages19:06
ograah, there it is19:06
ace_suares1599 pages19:06
ograand already a good bunch of them under /Specs/19:07
ace_suaresyeah I wish someone had a good rule for that then i could if i have spare time move those relating to edubuntu to the correct namespace19:07
ograwell, many teams put it in their team namespace19:08
ace_suaresnow we talking about it for 30 mins or more and still no task emerges. We need tasks, clearly described so we can DO stuff instead of discuss.19:08
ogralook at the desktop team19:08
ace_suaresyeah the desktop team... we should do then Edubuntu/Specs/BlaDiBla19:13
ace_suaresis that the rule?19:13
ografor new specs it is19:17
ace_suaresnow we know why wiki is slow19:19
ace_suaresDenis: some concern here that trojans may have been uploaded to your wiki server and are being sent out as linkspam19:19
ace_suaresDenis: my ubuntu / firefox refuses to download, but I'm not even going to try firing up a windows machine and testing with explorer19:19
ace_suaresFlannel: yeah, its a virus19:19
Lnsmost times, when someone thinks their linux box has a virus/trojan/malware...its just a bug ;)19:22
ace_suaresits confirmed19:23
ace_suaresspeaking of this, i sometimes get a 300x300px rectangle in my top tight edge of the screen. It is very unclear where it comes from and i think it's firefox/flash related. If this where a windows machine i'd be very concerned, I am still concerned since it's a new phenomena19:25
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ace_suaresyou can vote now ogra http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/20786/ :-)19:33
LnsWhen I installed GCompris, there were some options within the interface that require you to install additional packages (such as gnucap) otherwise they won't run (gcompris tells you what you have to do). Do you guys think it would be sane to file a bug report against gcompris for including things like gnucap so you don't have to worry about it?20:13
Lns(Jaunty amd64 btw)20:14
humbolthow do I do group authentication with the least amount of work20:24
humboltgroup auth? I mean network auth.20:25
Lnshumbolt, you mean like ldap or active directory?20:28
humboltLns: thelike20:28
humboltLns: But I want this effortless20:28
Lnshumbolt, why do you need network auth if you want it to be really simple? why not just use passwd?20:29
humboltLns: And at best well integrated into admin tools already available.20:29
humboltLns: because I have roaming users?20:29
Lnsoooh.. *forgets that some people don't use ltsp*20:30
humboltLns: I have many users and many machines. I am running LTSP currently, but I want more speed.20:30
humboltLns: and multimedia20:30
Lnshumbolt, if you have an existing windows domain it might be easy to set up auth through that20:30
humboltLns: no windows domain20:30
Lnswell you could do LDAP, AD, or even NIS...20:31
Lns"Effortless"...probably not. But it will be stable once you get it set up, which is quite better than effortless then breaking later on20:31
humboltLns: It would be nice, if I could still use the gnome user admin tool to create new accounts20:33
Lnsunfortunately, users-admin doesn't support anything like that.. and it's going away afaik20:33
Lnshumbolt, A lot of times I use KUser - it supports LDAP, which is better than nothing..unfortunately i dunno how to set up an LDAP auth for that stuff20:36
humboltDo PolicyKit and LDAP play together nicely?20:43
Lnsno clue :(20:45
humboltIt seems DistroHeads are not aware of their should-be primary target market20:49
Lnshumbolt, it sounds like you are interested in Edubuntu. Would you like to help contribute to make it better?20:58
humboltheads of distros20:58
Lnshumbolt, https://edge.launchpad.net/~edubuntu-members/+members#active20:59
LnsYou are more than welcome to join us to make it better!! :)20:59
LnsWe need contributors - there are no paid staff to develop Edubuntu.20:59
humboltCanonical should rather invest it's money in Edubuntu's market segment than in the Desktop market.21:02
humboltWould make so much sense, especially when you think of all the kids starting into the computer world with Ubuntu instead of MS.21:04
humboltI sure would like to contribute. I am thinking about contributing to nubae's FAT client attempts.21:05
humboltThis is the most promising market.21:05
humboltLns: Netbooks and Nettops all around. All we need is easy network auth and ways to manage all these machines.21:06
humboltPossibly netboot and net-root them.21:06
humboltanyways, got to go.21:06
Lnssbalneav, weren't you working on edubuntu-ldap-auth or some such a little while ago?21:08
sbalneavYes, I was.  Sabayon's been consuming most of my cycles these days.21:13
Lnsunderstood =) Was just curious.21:21
ace_suareshi atomic007za22:30
atomic007zahey Ace22:34
atomic007zahow would I turn the sound off for all SDL driven apps?22:36
atomic007zahow would I turn the sound off for all SDL driven apps?@ boot time23:53

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