quassel208not kicked yet? lol getting kicked out off channel where I didnt say a word, now I final can watch my sere00:02
lex79Riddell: can you remember tomorrow or when you have time  to upload kipi-plugins and digikam ? :) thx00:03
Riddelllex79: where are they?00:04
lex79Riddell: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/digikam/+bug/40123100:04
ubottuUbuntu bug 401231 in digikam "Merge digikam 1.0.0~beta2 with debian unstable" [Undecided,New]00:04
ubottuUbuntu bug 395481 in kipi-plugins "Merge kipi-plugins 0.4.0-1 with debian unstable" [Undecided,New]00:04
lex79JontheEchidna: qtcurve new upstream release, one a day :)00:09
neversfeldechanging fonts for gtk apps is borken here on a fresh karmic install00:10
shtylmanRiddell: want to add some ubiquity tasks to the todo?00:15
Riddellshtylman: oh aye00:18
JontheEchidnaneversfelde: oh? I'd be interested to hear about that00:33
Riddellshtylman: good00:43
Riddelldood, it works and it is the bling00:43
shtylmanI cleaned up the map a bit too..to make it match the gtk side00:43
shtylmanstill need to implement the keyboard display feature...00:44
RiddellI've not seen that00:46
shtylmanwhich part?00:46
Riddellkeyboard display00:46
shtylmanits not done00:46
Riddellshtylman: what happens during the install, is it still full screen?00:46
shtylmanit is ALWAYS full screen...but you have the option to minimize...00:47
shtylmanwhich reminds me..I need to remove that option from the install only choice00:47
shtylmanwhen not in a live session...00:47
Riddellhas seele looked at it at all?00:48
seelelooked at what?00:48
macoseele: ubiquity00:49
seelethe new one? i didnt see it when i installed the latest karmic iso00:49
seeleit looked like the old one00:49
shtylmanyea...you have to get it separately...00:49
shtylmanit didn't make it to this iso00:50
seelehow do i get it separately? and can i run it in jaunty or karmic only?00:50
shtylmankarmic only00:50
shtylmanit needs latest pyqt stuff00:50
maco... i just...what? i just sent an identi.ca update with the plasmoid and it went to /dev/null instead00:50
maco*question*: does the microblogging plasmoid work for anybody?00:51
seelekdetwitter or choqok?00:51
seelekdetwitter seems to eat my RAMs so i never use it00:51
Riddellmicroblog plasmoid worked for me00:51
seelechoqok was buggy so i stopped using that00:52
seelemaco: use the jabber identi.ca thing00:52
seelethen you can just have a buddy in kopete to send messages to for updates00:52
macokdetwitter, i guess00:52
macowhatever the thing on the desktop is00:52
seeleand you can subscribe to them00:52
seeleshtylman: so how do i get ubiquity?00:52
macoi wonder if gwibber works again yet... i wanted to use the plasmoids so i can have 1 that's me and 1 that's ohio linuxfest...using gwibber id have to switch who i'm posting as constantly00:53
macoseele: bzr branch <what he said>00:53
seeleis there a package?00:53
shtylmanhmm... Riddell ^00:53
shtylmangot one in a ppa? ... I never put mine up...00:54
shtylmanseele: we shall see :)00:54
shtylmanI have some screenshots up at: http://shtylman.com/stuff/kubuntu_installer/version4/00:55
RiddellI don't have packages00:57
Riddellmaybe best if we just merge it and get it uploaded and have CDs to play with00:57
seelehmm.. why lowercase text in the progress labels?00:57
seelei think i would like to see better positional feedback on the current progress item too00:58
seeledamnit, really need a copy of photoshop00:59
shtylmanseele: lowercase text because it looks nice... :) doesn't make anything stand out too much01:01
shtylmanseele: what do you mean by positional feedback?01:01
dtchengit send-pack kernel.ubuntu.com:/srv/kernel.ubuntu.com/git/dtchen/ubuntu-karmic.git lp39805901:01
dtchenbah, sorry01:02
seeleshtylman: you are using color to indicate which part of the process the user is on, imo that's not strong enough01:02
JontheEchidnaThe "Kubuntu Karmic" in the top left corner should eventually say "Kubuntu 9.10" since we have a policy against not exposing the codename to the poor end users ;-P01:02
seeleand i dunno if the lowercase text looks nice, especially when the matching label in the content window is in uppercase01:02
shtylmanJontheEchidna: really? did...know that... :(01:02
seelethey would have to match, but then it doesnt really fit with the rest of the text. it is a nice device, but i dont think it should be used here01:03
JontheEchidnashtylman: no biggie. I must admin it looks nice with karmic there01:03
shtylmanseele: I can look at underline or something like that...but I do understand the accessibility concern...01:03
seeleshtylman: i'm in the process of mocking up something01:03
seeleunderlines are bad because they confuse users with web stuff01:03
seeleshtylman: "Partition" should probably be "Hard Disks" or omething else non-technical01:05
* shtylman personally hates it when people assume normal users can't be bothered to learn some common terms and understand what they mean01:06
seele1) it is inaccurate because you might not need to partition anything01:06
seele2) depending on what option you select, you might not even see the word partition01:07
seele3) why burden the user with becoming an expert in computing if all they want to do is look at facebook?01:07
shtylmanby using something *non -technical* we keep users in the dark forever...that being said... I just sorta picked partition...for no real good reason..01:07
seelehow is it the dark if they never need it?01:08
seelewhy does the user need to know how the computer works? they dont. they just need to use it01:08
shtylmanbut hard-disk doesn't really say anything to me either really...01:08
seelethen think of something better, but partition is not accurate and not appropriate01:08
shtylmanbut I will change it to whatever yall find appropriate :)01:08
JontheEchidna"Installation Setup" perhaps?01:08
shtylmantoo long01:08
JontheEchidna"Setup" :P01:09
seelesome of these things are going to translate pretty long01:09
seeleor Disk Setup or something01:09
shtylmanyea...but for the general case (of english) that one is really long01:09
shtylmanI like disk setup01:09
shtylmanI like disk setup alot :)01:10
macome too01:10
macowas about to type it as i read backscroll01:10
seelehmm.. also.. i really don't like using Info, it looks unprofessional01:11
seelewhat about User Details?01:11
shtylmaninfo just makes it more...informal...more...social :)01:13
* shtylman found a 59 page paper about the evolution of c++ by Bjarne ... starts reading...01:14
macoseele "not professional! do not want!" shtylman "not professional! yay!"01:14
shtylmanto each his own01:14
seeleshtylman: http://imagebin.ca/view/FziY62Kl.html01:32
seelebut it obviously needs nuno or someone to paint it01:32
seeleso.. notable features01:32
shtylmanseele: I might be able to just extend the current theme and center *whiter* area around the label..01:32
seelepreviously visited sections are smaller and lighter color font, double coded01:33
* shtylman will need to think about it a bit...01:33
seelecurrent section has matching background to content area, and no border seperating it01:33
shtylmanI would not make them smaller01:33
shtylmanit feels unnatural to me ... at least01:33
shtylmanbut go on..01:33
seelealso, usually you like the best option to be the one on the bottom left corner01:33
seelein a wizard that would be forward progress01:33
shtylman(buttons are a carry onver from previous installer layout...but I will change that)01:34
shtylmanI agree :)01:34
seeleprevious sections need some type of indicator that they were visited and completed, if not font treatment then maybe a check mark or something01:34
shtylmancheck mark sounds a bit better..changing font size I would avoid...01:35
shtylmanit will cause the other labels to move up cause the ui will get layed out again01:35
shtylmanand other things might shift...01:35
shtylmanwill cause confusion01:35
seelecant you set the text box to fixed or relative height?01:35
seeleor statically place them?01:36
shtylmanstatically placed = 1990's layouts01:36
seelehmm.. could you do the layout in html? then you could use relative sizes01:36
shtylmanfixed height is better..but then might have problems with other languages01:36
shtylmanI would strongly suggest looking at checkmarks first01:36
shtylmannope..can't do it in html01:36
* seele shrugs01:36
* shtylman has limitations... not saying it all isn't possible...just that with the time constrains ;)01:37
shtylmanwould not be advisible01:37
seelewell whatever you can do, but positional feedback is strongly advised01:38
* seele shakes her finger at shtylman 01:38
* seele pats shtylman on the head01:38
shtylmanbut they look so ... soo... web 2.0 ish01:38
shtylmanbut ok.. will fix01:38
seeleyou've been reading too much smashingmagazine01:39
shtylmanseele: http://imagebin.ca/view/TUKIS2.html01:53
shtylmanjust a quick workup on the "tab"01:53
shtylmanI even kinda like how the text got pulled in a bit01:56
shtylmanreally makes the current entry stand out...01:56
=== m4v_ is now known as m4v
seeleshtylman: yes, much better. thanks02:05
macoseele: did 9.04 have a more direct way to add launchers to the desktop than 9.10? im walking a new user through it and he said he has right click -> "add link to application" but on 9.10 all i can find to do it is to add a quicklaunch, drag the quicklaunch to the desktop, then configure it02:12
seelemaco: no idea, i dont think i've ever done that02:14
macowell if he's right, then im against whatever change got rid of making that obvious02:14
macoalso, i think kickoff should be exposed in the "add widget" thing as something other than "application launcher" because that sounds like "add a button for firefox"02:15
ryanakcaneversfelde: I'm going to bed, but pong02:57
nhandlerI just noticed, why don't we have an rss feed for kubuntu.org that we can put on the Planet?03:14
ScottKbirthdaylogger: akonadiconsole should either not be in the default install or not be in the development section of the menu.  Pick one.  I don't care which.06:03
ScottKIt'd be nice if some MOTU would review/upload http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/xz-utils so we can get to work on getting lzma support in ark.06:07
ScottKnixternal: We do use UNRELEASED in bzr if something isn't to be uploaded right away.06:10
macowell Riddell merged it in the meantime06:22
macoScottK: do you know what the proper thing to request merges to are?06:22
ScottKA ping here with a link to your branch works.06:23
ScottKThe merge request thingy notifies appropriate people too.06:23
ScottKmaco: Please get yourself made a Kubuntu member very soon so you can just committ to bzr.06:24
macoRiddell said ~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/hardy/sudo/hardy-proposed wasn't something he could merge and upload to, he had to branch it then make a source package and upload as normal06:24
macobut i thought it was supposed to get easier...where sponsor folk could merge it to whats released and tell it to rebuild with that06:25
macoScottK: how come kubuntu members has a bzr and ubuntu-members doesn't?06:25
ScottKBecause we decided to do it this way and they didn't?06:26
macohehe ok06:26
ScottKYou asked.06:33
ScottKmaco: The full stuff with uploads based on bzr isn't ready yet.06:33
ScottKWe're still using our bzr repos of just the debian dirs.06:33
macoah so its planned but WIP?06:36
macoi dont remember http://blogs.computerworld.com/ubuntu_to_make_linux_application_installation_idiot_proof at UDS06:38
ScottKmaco: It was discussed.06:40
* ScottK didn't pay attention since it sounded Gnomish.06:40
macoheh probably what i did as well06:41
* ScottK declares it bedtime.06:42
macoditto. gotta catch the train in 4 hours06:43
jussio1Morning all06:50
=== ScottK changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Alpha-3 released | https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Todo | We need paperKuts! https://launchpad.net/hundredpapercuts
neversfeldeJontheEchidna: I can change fonts of firefox, when using Raleigh, but not with QtCurve. I thnk I should test it with another GTK app, but I have none :)10:55
Tm_Tneversfelde: try gimp11:08
neversfeldesame problem11:12
ulysses__is there kde 4.3 RC3 in jaunty backports?11:33
Riddellulysses__: it's about to arrive11:33
ulysses__thanks Riddell11:34
TroubleI'm about to hit the button to update11:40
ulysses__i've updated my karmic yet11:40
* Trouble is now running KDE 4.2.98 (KDE 4.3 RC3) in Jaunty11:52
* ulysses__ is running KDE 4.2.98 in Karmic11:57
=== birthdaylogger is now known as apachelogger
apacheloggerintarwebs is back :D12:00
* apachelogger got no landline or mobile connection for 12 hours12:00
apacheloggerdarn storms12:00
Riddellit's a hint that you should be out celebrating being older12:00
apacheloggerwell, I only noticed when I got home anyway ;-)12:01
apacheloggerScottK: judging from krake's feedback I suppose moving it from development to system is the way to go12:03
Riddellneversfelde: all good installing 4.2.98 here12:17
RiddellI'll announce12:17
CIA-31Kubuntu: apachelogger * r9 kdepim-runtime/debian/ (5 files in 2 dirs):12:20
CIA-31Kubuntu: Add kubuntu_01_akonadiconsole_to_system.diff moving akondiconsole from12:20
CIA-31Kubuntu: the Development category of the menu to System12:20
Riddellhello CIA-31, where did you come from?12:20
apacheloggerfrom the CIA obviously :P12:25
apacheloggerRiddell: I added it, though I find the concept of bzr-to-cia kinda weird12:25
Riddellit needs setup per machine which is a hassle12:26
apacheloggerper branch12:26
apacheloggerwhich is even more of a hassle12:27
* apachelogger thinks someone should fix the nm applet :|12:32
Mamarokis there a chance to have an installable kde-devel package for 4.3? It still is held back in RC312:33
Riddellneversfelde: fancy taking that on? ^^12:35
Riddellshtylman: shall we get your code merged?12:35
Riddellshtylman: it struck me we should look at the accessibility side, that can often suffer when you use custom colours and graphics for widgets12:36
neversfeldeRiddell: I have to go out for a few hours, but will have a look at it after I return12:37
Riddellaww, agateau left just as I was causing his stuff to crash12:55
neversfeldeRiddell: was a minor issue. I uploaded a fixed meta-kde package to ninjas, because there is no bzr branch12:58
Riddellgroovy, copy it over to backports ppa when you think it's good13:01
ScottKapachelogger: Sounds good.  I think settings catagory should also die.13:17
JontheEchidnaneversfelde: QtCurve gets its fonts from KDE, so you may have a bit of trouble there13:22
neversfeldeMamarok: you are on Jaunty?13:24
neversfeldeJontheEchidna: changing fonts for KDE works without problems13:24
ryanakcanhandler: We do have an RSS feed, we just need to edit the planet configs...13:24
nhandlerryanakca: Ok, I must have missed it. Is there a reason it never got on the Planet? If not, lets add it :)13:25
neversfeldeJontheEchidna: but changing them one time and back solved the problem with gtk apps. Weird.13:25
ryanakcanhandler: Nope, nobody ever got around to it. Did you want to do it or shall I?13:25
nhandlerryanakca: I can take care of it.13:25
ryanakcanhandler: Lovely, thanks13:26
JontheEchidnaneversfelde: it might be wise, that when QtCurve is set, to tell users that QtCurve uses the KDE fonts. what do you think?13:26
neversfeldeyes, a good idea13:27
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: I'm going to push 0.5.1 today after I implement ^13:28
neversfeldeMamarok: I have to go. Would you test installing kde-devel from the staging ppa, if you are on Jaunty. Thanks.13:28
Mamarokneversfelde: ok, will do :)13:29
nhandlerryanakca: Do we have any decent Kubuntu logo that can be used as the hackergotchi?13:37
Riddellryanakca: wibble, RC 3 is on http://www.kubuntu.org/ but follow the link and it doesn't work13:38
Riddellryanakca: wibble, it's utterly broken now13:41
Riddellryanakca: phew, think I got it sorted13:43
ryanakcaRiddell: OK, *checks*13:53
ryanakcaRiddell: woah, the link is broken...13:53
ryanakcaRiddell: Are you editing it at the moment? I don't want to change something and overwrite your stuff, or vice versa13:55
ryanakcaNevermind, it works :)13:56
Riddellryanakca: i'm done13:59
apacheloggerScottK: qtconfig is already gone and JontheEchidna will push 0.5.1 of kcm-gtk today14:02
=== apachelogger is now known as apachelogger_
=== apachelogger_ is now known as apachelogger
nhandlerSo do we have an icon suitable for a hackergotchi? Or should I just leave it without one?14:04
apacheloggernhandler: icon for what?14:05
nhandlerapachelogger: The Planet14:05
* apachelogger is clearly not up-to-date14:06
nhandlerI was going to add kubuntu.org to planet.ubuntu.com so more people see what we post there14:06
apacheloggeroh well14:07
apacheloggerthen we ought to post more than one sentence consisting of 90% links :P14:07
* apachelogger pokes Riddell for that14:07
ScottKapachelogger: Great.  I think the gtk thingy was the last one I had.14:08
Mamarokneversfelde: there is no kde-devel package in the staging ppa14:11
Mamarokok, I have the following problems with RC3: http://pastebin.com/m734d83ac14:11
Riddelldoes planet.ubuntu have a policy on non-personal blogs?14:12
nhandlerRiddell: Not that I have seen. I know we have several similar team blogs listed there14:13
ryanakcaLaunchpad's announcements get in, why not ours? :)14:14
nhandlerUbuntu Studio is also there14:14
apacheloggerneversfelde, Riddell: why is there no bindings backport?14:16
Riddellapachelogger: everyone is too scared to try it14:17
Riddellneeds sip and pyqt too14:17
apacheloggerruby aint is needing either of them :P14:17
* apachelogger wants to port his synergy plasmoid to a popupapplet14:18
neversfeldeMamarok: it is meta-kde14:22
Nightroseis there nything in the kubuntu-backports ppa that i likely will not want?14:24
Nightroseie: is it save to upgrade to RC3?14:24
neversfeldeNightrose: koffice2 ?14:28
Nightrosethat's ok14:28
* Nightrose upgrades her eeepc and hopes for the best14:29
neversfeldeI think there is nothing more than that14:29
EagleScreenI think RC3 packages are not built at all14:31
EagleScreenNightrose: upgrade to RC3 tries to remove multiple important packages by the momment, wait for some hour14:32
neversfeldefor karmic?14:32
apacheloggerScottK: juk, or not juk, that is the question14:33
ScottKFor netbook?14:33
neversfeldeEagleScreen: lex79 and Blizzz tested it for jaunty yesterday, it was ok14:33
apacheloggerthough, TBH, lately amarok is giving more of a headache than KDE 4.0 did14:34
apacheloggerand 4.0 did a lot14:34
Nightroseit wants to remove kdeplasma-addons-data14:34
Nightroseis that ok?14:34
nhandlerI added the Kubuntu feed to Planet Ubuntu. If someone has a suitable hackergotchi, please go ahead and add it (Instructions: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PlanetUbuntu)14:35
apacheloggernhandler: kubuntu logo?14:41
apacheloggererr, the icon part of the logo14:41
EagleScreenthere are 4 packages that are not opdated to RC3:14:41
EagleScreenthese stop the upgrade14:42
EagleScreenwait for some hours and they should be updates too14:42
Mamarokneversfelde: well, I would never have searched for that14:43
apacheloggerii  kdepim-runtime                            4:4.2.98-0ubuntu1~jaunty1~ppa2            PIM runtime components from the official KDE 4 release14:43
EagleScreeni am talking about karmic, not jaunty14:43
MamarokEagleScreen: worked without flaws here14:43
apacheloggerlike anyone cares about karmic?14:43
apacheloggerthat beast is broken beyond repair anyway14:44
EagleScreeni am talking about amd64, other archs may have packages updated yet14:44
MamarokEagleScreen: we are talking about Jaunty here14:44
EagleScreengoing for launch, see u later14:44
apacheloggerScottK: the only other option is qmmp, which is cool and got all the features you want but that winamp-clone-interface is just horrible14:45
apacheloggerjuk just needs some config changes to be half-way decent14:45
nhandlerapachelogger: It is blurry, I was wondering if we had anything else, otherwise I guess we can use it14:45
apachelogger+ it doesn't crash, eat your mem and updates it's database properly14:46
apacheloggernhandler: how can it be blurry?14:46
ScottKapachelogger: I'm not at all an expert on the media player stuff, so whatever everyone else thinks, I'm good with.14:46
apacheloggerScottK: amarok takes like 15 seconds to start14:47
ScottKNot good.14:47
apacheloggereven from splash end to GUI it's a couple of seconds14:47
Riddellapachelogger: Tonio_ was looking at YANIHP for music player on netbook14:49
Riddellthe Amarok people seem to think it's entirely suited to netbooks too14:50
yuriywhoa what's going on? replacing amarok?14:50
apacheloggerwell, we can give YANIHP a shot14:51
apacheloggerRiddell: the name is quite a PITA though14:51
Riddellyuriy: for Netbook possibly14:52
yuriyany strong reason to? I think it'd be a big loss even for netbooks14:52
Tonio_Riddell: yup, I recently tested, but it's not polished enough for integration...14:52
Tonio_I tried to patch a bit, but there's too much to do14:53
RiddellEagleScreen: kdepim-runtime retrying, kdebase-workspace should be in though14:53
yuriyi would say a default configuration without the context view would be good though for netbooks14:53
ScottKLet's try Juk with apachelogger's config magic applied and see how it is.14:53
apacheloggerTonio_: also, it is entirely done by fred14:53
apacheloggerso from a maintenance point of view juk got a clear advantage there14:53
Tonio_apachelogger: yep14:53
apacheloggerjust by juk being in KDE svn it is ahead :D14:53
Riddellyuriy: long startup time, busy UI14:53
Tonio_my only concern with juk is that it won't work with m4a files... -> itunes and so on14:54
apacheloggerjust depend on taglib-extras14:54
Tonio_but for several reasons, YANIHP isn't ready, and fairly unmaintained14:54
apacheloggerunless juk blacklists m4a manually, which would need to be patched14:54
Tonio_apachelogger: nope that's on the code14:54
apacheloggerTonio_: reading should all be done by taglib, shouldn't it?14:55
Tonio_apachelogger: unfortunatelly no14:55
apacheloggerso what is in the code?14:55
Tonio_apachelogger: there's some loop to parse using taglib, for mp3 files and so on14:55
Tonio_this code ain't there for m4a14:55
apacheloggerwell, just add it :P14:55
apacheloggertaglib still is doing most of the work14:56
Tonio_I started to write it, but that's well among what I can do with C++ :)14:56
Riddelljuk uses the same taglib as amarok14:56
Tonio_I could parse, and get a segfault14:56
Riddellalso same playing backend via phonon14:56
apacheloggerTonio_: that is something :)14:56
Tonio_Riddell: from what I've seen in the code, it's not that simple14:56
apacheloggeranyway, I find it quite weird that juk reimplements the same loop for every codec14:56
Tonio_Riddell: and probably patching juk would make more sense on that point14:56
apacheloggerkinda ... well ... eh ... bad design14:56
Tonio_apachelogger: I was talking about yanihp there14:57
Tonio_maybe patching juk for this purpose would be easier14:57
apacheloggertechnically there is no need for patching in juk14:57
Tonio_apachelogger: hum great then14:57
apacheloggerif juk does it like amarok it will just go through the collection folders and throw every file at taglib and see if the lib spits out anything useful14:57
apacheloggersimply put that is ;-)14:58
Tonio_then we should go for juk14:58
apacheloggerTonio_: do you have a m4a file for testing?14:58
Tonio_we still have to choose for an irc client14:58
* Tonio_ is all for konversation14:58
Tonio_apachelogger: I only have m4a files :)14:58
Tonio_lemme test14:58
apacheloggerTonio_: make sure taglib-extras is installed14:58
apacheloggerstandard taglib does not contain the plugins14:58
Tonio_apachelogger: yep14:58
Tonio_apachelogger: I know that :)14:59
apacheloggerjust making sure ;-)14:59
Tonio_apachelogger: nope, it will only find mp3 files :/15:00
apacheloggerthen it probably blacklists m4a15:00
Tonio_apachelogger: we have to look at the code on that point15:01
* apachelogger does the config right now15:01
apacheloggeroh dear, juk also uses this weird GUI config string like dolphin15:01
Tonio_apachelogger: we have to change the view by default too, to enable the artist/album thing15:01
Tonio_apachelogger: I'll fix kds15:01
apacheloggerknds for now15:02
apacheloggerartist album thing?15:02
ScottKTonio_: I agree that we should put the cahnges in knds for now.15:04
Tonio_ScottK: yup15:04
CIA-31Kubuntu: apachelogger * r10 kubuntu-netbook-default-settings/ (share/config/jukrc debian/changelog): Add jukrc (showing Play Queue and History in the sidebar)15:06
apacheloggerScottK: ^ that ought to be tested15:06
ScottKapachelogger: Maybe Tonio_ can do it.  I'm slammed with $WORK today.15:06
apacheloggerTonio_: ^ test15:07
apacheloggerTonio_: btw, we need to patch it to use $HOME/Music by default15:07
ScottKSomeone should arrange for usb-creator-kde to get promoted so we can seed it.15:08
Tonio_apachelogger: can be configured no need to patch15:08
apacheloggerTonio_: configured?15:08
Tonio_apachelogger: yep15:09
Tonio_hum, xdg folders will not help on that point :)15:09
apacheloggerright :P15:09
apacheloggerhm, the splash is quite ugly15:09
Tonio_apachelogger: hum, there's no way to edit the collection settings once set15:09
Tonio_so maybe better let the user decide where's his music no ?15:09
apacheloggerFile -> add folder15:10
Tonio_unless there is an editor for the collection (we can patch for that too)15:10
apacheloggernot quite obvious15:10
apacheloggerwhat the patch should do:15:10
Tonio_apachelogger: that won't edit the default collection15:10
apacheloggerread the xdg thingy15:10
Tonio_and this one cannot be removed btw15:10
apacheloggerif dir exists? => add dir to folders list and make it unremovable (if possible) => show dialog so user can add more/other folders15:10
Tonio_apachelogger: I would patch to rename "add folder" to "edit collection"15:11
Tonio_because you can *remove* folders also :)15:11
Tonio_apachelogger: agree with the patch then15:11
apacheloggeradd/remove folder then15:11
Tonio_so writing the todo...15:11
apacheloggercause literally edit collection is something different15:11
Tonio_apachelogger: I'll have a look at m4a files... I'm not sure it'll be easy15:12
CIA-31Kubuntu: apachelogger * r11 kubuntu-netbook-default-settings/ (debian/changelog share/config/jukrc):15:12
CIA-31Kubuntu: Add jukrc (showing Play Queue and History in the sidebar and disabling15:12
CIA-31Kubuntu: the startup splash screen)15:12
CIA-31Kubuntu: -Harald Sitter <apachelogger@ubuntu.com>Fri, 24 Jul 2009 16:12:16 +020015:12
apacheloggerlovely how bzr commits things15:13
Tonio_apachelogger: maybe change the view mode to tree15:14
Tonio_that's way better when having a hudge collection15:14
Tonio_hum I can do :)15:14
* Tonio_ forgot about bzr15:14
seelehmm.. dont remember if i got an answer: was there a bug regarding the apps menu organization?15:17
apacheloggerseele: in lp or bko?15:18
seeleapachelogger: lp15:19
apacheloggerdidn't see one15:19
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: ^15:19
JontheEchidnanope, not that I saw15:19
seeleah, damn. ok15:20
seelethat would have been a good papercut15:20
seeleand we're not doing so well on ours15:20
apacheloggerseele: that would have been fixed already15:20
Tonio_apachelogger: can you add this to jukrc please ?15:20
Tonio_apachelogger: I'm not a member of the kubuntu-netbook team right now.... subscribing15:20
apacheloggerTonio_: you are member of the ninjas, arent ya?15:21
Tonio_hum I don't think so :)15:21
CIA-31Kubuntu: apachelogger * r12 kubuntu-netbook-default-settings/share/config/jukrc: Set juk's playlist view mode to treewise15:21
Tonio_bzr: ERROR: Cannot lock LockDir(lp-44636112:///~kubuntu-netbook/kubuntu-netbook/default-settings/.bzr/branchlock): Transport operation not possible: readonly transport15:21
Nightrosein case anyone is interested: upgrade killed my kopete accounts15:21
RiddellNightrose: upgrade from what to what?15:33
Nightrose4.2.4 to rc315:33
seeledoes anyone have problems with overly sensitive/auto double clicking mice?15:38
voriando we really need a cia bot in here?15:45
apacheloggerTonio_: http://aplg.kollide.net/images/snapshot012.png15:54
Tonio_apachelogger: hum, what did you change ?15:55
Tonio_apachelogger: I have libtaglib-extra0 installed, and that didn't work for me15:56
apacheloggerTonio_: needs some patching15:56
apacheloggerthe tag read is indeed very weird code though15:57
Tonio_apachelogger: as I said :)15:57
apacheloggereasy enough to enhance fortunately15:57
Tonio_apachelogger: did you already patch ?15:57
apacheloggernope, hacked it up15:57
apacheloggerI'll diff in a minute15:57
Tonio_apachelogger: ok15:57
ScottKapachelogger: Can you review/upload http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/xz-utils15:57
Tonio_apachelogger: the problem is that there is no unified method for reading the tag depending the format15:58
Tonio_each algo uses different names for the album and so on15:58
Tonio_taglib is a mess, to be honnest15:58
Tonio_apachelogger: that's why despite there is a lib, there is some code to write in each app for each supported format :/15:58
apacheloggerScottK: within the next couple of minutes or hours?15:58
ScottKapachelogger: Hours is great.15:59
apacheloggerTonio_: taglib reads the tags, but the file detection part ought to be done in the app15:59
ScottKapachelogger: Then we need to find a minion to write the MIR.15:59
Tonio_apachelogger: when you say "hacked", you mean that you can now extract a patch from that or ?15:59
apacheloggerQuintasan_: wanna write a MIR? ;-)15:59
apacheloggerTonio_: pretty much15:59
apacheloggerand cleanup16:00
apacheloggerthe thing is, this stuff can actually go upstream16:00
Tonio_apachelogger: impressive... that fast !16:00
apacheloggersince taglib-extras is an lib anyway it just needs some if-ing and can go upstream16:00
Tonio_apachelogger: can't wait to see the patch, cause in the other player that was a hudge mess to patch16:00
Tonio_apachelogger: took me a night and didn't work by the end16:00
NightroseRiddell: any idea about the kopete problem?16:08
Nightroseor anyone else?16:08
RiddellNightrose: really none16:10
RiddellNightrose: are they still in ~/.kde/share/config/kopeterc?16:10
Nightrosei'll check16:10
NightroseRiddell: nope - not in there16:13
Riddellbut but, where could they have gone?16:13
apacheloggerTonio_: http://aplg.kollide.net/tmp/kubuntu_06_juk_read_mp4.diff16:13
Nightroseheh i have no idea - it showed me some migration wizard when i started it16:13
Nightroseit completed ok16:13
Nightrosemight have migrated to akonadi but no idea16:14
apacheloggerTonio_: we probably should add the other stuff from taglib-extras as well16:14
Tonio_apachelogger: great16:14
Tonio_apachelogger: seems like it was a bit easier to patch than with yanihp :) you didn't have to parse the all tag tree thing16:15
Tonio_apachelogger: yep, that would be nice, and to also push upstream16:15
Tonio_I think Riddell is the key for that :)16:15
* apachelogger will just commit upstream when patch is generic enough :P16:16
Tonio_apachelogger: you should consider looking at yanihp code :) I had a good time there16:16
apacheloggersince everything is iffed there is no downtake to the patch16:16
apacheloggerdownside even16:16
apacheloggerjefferai: is the taglib-extras cmake module going to move to kdelibs at some point?16:17
jefferaiI highly doubt it16:17
apacheloggerjefferai: I am making juk taglib-extras aware16:18
jefferaiAh, cool16:18
jefferaibtw, taglib 1.6 is finally going to be released at some point16:18
apacheloggerso if the module was in kdelibs amarok and juk could share em16:18
apacheloggerhehe :D16:18
jefferaitaglib-extras will then drop two tag formats that are in taglib svn16:19
apacheloggerjefferai: which ones got adopted?16:19
jefferaiwell actually...taglib-extras cloned the work from taglib :-)16:21
jefferaiand one other16:22
apacheloggerjefferai: nice16:24
apacheloggerScottK: uploaded16:24
ScottKapachelogger: Cool.16:24
ScottKRiddell: Would you please look at xz-utils in New?  We need it for lzma support in ark.16:25
ScottKapachelogger: Did you find a minion for the xz-utils MIR?16:35
apacheloggerQuintasan maybe16:37
apacheloggerdidn't responsd yet16:37
Mamarokneversfelde: kde-devel from staging can't work for me, it's only i38616:39
* apachelogger notes that metapackages are arch all and thus only built on i38616:46
Mamarokapachelogger: well, it doesn't install for me16:47
* Mamarok wants her kde-devel package pack16:48
Mamarokbroken since RC216:48
Mamarokback* even16:48
neversfeldeMamarok: you have to add the ppa to your sources.list, apt-get update and apt-get install kde-devel16:56
neversfeldeworks for me on jaunty amd6416:56
Mamarokguess what I did16:57
* Mamarok cleans her cache and tries again16:57
* ScottK thinks maybe writing xz-utils MIR would be an appropriate penance.16:58
Mamarokneversfelde: works now :)17:03
neversfeldeMamarok: ok, I copy it to backports17:05
neversfeldeRiddell: did you upload it to karmic or do you need a bug report for that?17:06
ryanakcadpkg interprets version number 1.0.3b1-1 as greater than 1.0.3-1, correct?17:11
ScottKryanakca: Yes.17:11
ryanakcaScottK: Thanks17:12
* JontheEchidna is on a dolphin/strigi crasher triaging roll17:22
nixternalgo JontheEchidna go!!!17:22
nixternalI don't get paid enough to triage17:22
JontheEchidnain fact, most of them were dupes of bug 335155 :/17:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 335155 in kdebase "dolphin crashed with SIGSEGV in QNetworkProxy::QNetworkProxy()" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/33515517:23
* ScottK tossed usb-creator-kde on the dvd seed and filed a MIR bug, so maybe it gets promoted ...17:25
nixternalScottK: does your mini boot fine or do you have to set 'nomodeset' in grub for it to boot?17:29
ScottKnixternal: I had to add nomodeset for a long time, but as of wed it was booting.17:30
nixternalhrmm, it still isn't booting for me17:30
* nixternal checks something...bbiaf17:31
nixternalhrmm, this time I just removed 'splash' from the line and it boots fine17:40
nixternalso it seems to be an issue with usplash?17:40
ScottKThere is a usplash crash bug that is picking up tons of dupes right now.17:42
ScottKnixternal: Bug 401432 seems to be mini 10v specific.17:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 401432 in usplash "usplash crashed with SIGSEGV in memset_var()" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40143217:44
* JontheEchidna facepalms @ bug 40090917:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 400909 in rsibreak "Sync request RSIBreak from Debian unstable" [Undecided,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40090917:53
JontheEchidnaI guess that was back in a time where Arby knew not of epochs17:54
JontheEchidnacome to think of it, where has he been anyways?17:54
JontheEchidna~seen arby17:55
kubotuArby was last seen 5 months, 26 days, 7 minutes and 44 seconds ago, quitting IRC (Remote closed the connection)17:55
* JontheEchidna would also like to meet who sponsored the 4: epoch package17:55
ScottKJontheEchidna: meet Riddell.17:57
* JontheEchidna searches for the pointy stick of doom!1!!!11!17:58
* ScottK is currently begging for a bumped epoch in Debian.18:11
ScottKBegging done.18:14
* ScottK thinks Riddell owes him single malt Scotch at the next UDS.18:14
nixternalmmm, single malt sounds good right about now18:21
nixternalbut I will take some Tequilla, no reposado, but a nice anejo18:22
nixternalso, I took a programming test for a company, and I must have sucked so bad that they offered me some freelance work with PHP18:27
nixternalthank god for google, because I don't know PHP all that well, but it is an easy enough language to figure out18:28
ScottKnixternal: Virtually all PHP programmers don't know it either.18:28
nixternalcreating some web apps for cycling stats and some web2.0 cycling crap :)18:28
nixternalScottK: I have kind of figured that out, if you look at the PHP docs, they have comments, and nobody seems to agree on a single/correct way to do something...there are like hundreds of comments, each with its own way to skin the same damn cat18:29
ScottKAnd 60% of them have security flaws.18:29
nixternalanyone messed with Ubuntu since their new GDM? it is by far the worst thing I have ever used since around 199418:29
nixternalI think logging into tty1 and then running startx is better18:30
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Mamarokcould somebody tell me what's wrong with Dolphin since RC2?19:03
Mamarokmost of the time it freezes when coping files, or doesn't even open19:03
* ScottK always thought the answer to that was it's not Konqueror, but you're having a different problem ...19:04
Mamaroktried to start it from krunner, shows briefly in the Panel, then disapears19:05
ryanakcaMamarok: can you get a backtrace out of it? https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Backtrace19:08
MamarokDr. Konqi doesn't show, all *-dbg packages installed19:09
Mamaroklet's see in konsole...19:09
Mamarokryanakca: olphin19:10
Mamarok<unknown program name>(6475)/: Communication problem with  "dolphin" , it probably crashed.19:10
MamarokError message was:  "org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply" : " "Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken." "19:10
CIA-31Kubuntu: apachelogger * r127 kdebase-workspace/debian/ (changelog control):20:09
CIA-31Kubuntu: * Drop plasma-scriptengine-superkaramba from recommends to suggests, no20:09
CIA-31Kubuntu:  need to have it on the CD since it's really just compatibility with KDE 320:09
CIA-31Kubuntu: * Add plasma-scriptengine-ruby as dependency of plasma-scriptengines20:09
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lex79ScottK: can you retry build of kdepim and kdeutils? FTBS on amd6420:28
=== toma is now known as toma_
ryanakcaMamarok: try `mv  $HOME/.kde/share/config/dolphinrc $HOME/.kde/share/config/dolphinrc-2009-07-24`, logout and in...20:31
Mamarokok, will try now20:32
Mamarokwhat the... I can't logout...20:37
Mamarokwhat's the other on again, Ctrl+SysRq+K, right?20:38
ryanakcaMamarok: Not sure.20:38
Mamarokdoesn't work neither, I will have to kill X as it seems :(20:39
ryanakcaMamarok: Do you use Qwerty or Dvorak?20:39
ryanakcaMamarok: what's you're keyboard layout then? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key#Magic_commands20:40
MamarokSwiss, QWERTZ20:40
Mamaroksimilar to the German one20:40
Mamarokso Ctrl+SysRq+k should work20:41
Mamarokoh, Alt instead of Ctrl, silly me!20:42
ryanakcaMamarok: any luck?20:46
Mamarokwait, I just had to reboot, X froze the computer after logout20:47
Mamaroknah, still doesn't start20:48
Mamarokbrilliant, no Dolphin for me in RC3 :(20:50
Mamarokand it was laready shaky in RC220:50
Mamaroknot good :(20:50
MamarokI vaguely remember having seen a bug report about that today...20:51
ryanakcaMamarok: an arch user was having similar issues, http://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=6642320:53
Mamarokand right now there seems to be another one in #kubuntu, moment...20:53
Mamaroknope, other problem20:55
ryanakcaMamarok: hmmm...openSUSE too, http://forums.opensuse.org/pre-release-beta/417666-m3-kde4-3-quite-unstable.html20:56
Mamarokright, so we will have to talk to upstream20:56
* ryanakca nods20:57
ryanakcaAnyways, $self->takeBusHome(), bbiab20:57
Mamarokryanakca: cu20:58
Mamaroklooks like a dbus problem21:04
Mamarokomg, now it took 5 minutes to open dolphin :(21:18
neversfeldemhh, no Problems with dolphin here21:19
ScottKMamarok: Is it the same problems with file management using Konqueror (this will actually help narrow down the problem)21:19
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ScottKJontheEchidna: http://packages.qa.debian.org/r/rsibreak/news/20090724T181719Z.html <- you can try rsibreak again.21:57
Quintasanshould I report kwin's retardness as a bug?21:58
mgraesslinQuintasan: what's the problem?21:59
Quintasanmgraesslin: well, I start kde session and everthing is soooo slow. Then I start KDE/Openbox session and everything is very fast and responsive. I tried turning off effects, deleted my config but it's still slow :/22:00
mgraesslinwhich driver?22:01
Quintasanradeon I'm afraid22:01
Quintasansince radeon 9550 is not supported by fglrx22:02
mgraesslinlike we always say: probably driver bug22:02
mgraesslinit would have been nice if ATI had supported those cards just have a year longer22:02
Quintasanmgraesslin: hmm now that you mention it. KDE on my second computer with integrated Intel works just fine22:04
mgraesslinso you are one of the lucky guys22:05
* JontheEchidna has a 5 year old i845G that works just as well as his nvidia card with linux22:06
JontheEchidnawhich says something about the old nvidia drivers. They're slow and have tons of tearing with desktop effects on22:07
mgraesslinit's so much luck - the setup works for one and for the other it's completely broken22:07
neversfeldeuh, I have a Windows Vista here, nice22:08
JontheEchidnaexcept that modprobe crashes during boot with my nvidia card, so I have to use the intel (which is a bit better w/ linux, honestly)22:08
neversfeldeis there something similar to XP?22:08
Quintasanlol Vista22:12
neversfeldeyes, you say it22:13
neversfeldeand now I am going to install Service Pack 122:13
ScottKJontheEchidna: You going to deal with rsibreak?22:26
JontheEchidnaScottK: oh, yeah. I reopened the sync request linking to the qa site22:27
* JontheEchidna goes off to eat22:29
neversfeldeah nellery, you are the MOTU I need22:56
nelleryneversfelde: hi :)22:56
neversfeldedo you have time to have a look at bilbo and bkodama on revu22:57
neversfeldehi :)22:57
neversfeldethey need a second advocate22:57
nelleryneversfelde: sure22:58
ScottK-desktopneversfelde: Could you write a MIR for xz-utils?23:07
ScottK-desktopNeeded for lzma support in Ark.23:07
neversfeldeScottK-desktop: never done, but why not23:08
neversfeldewill last till tomorrow, but I put it on the todo23:10
ScottK-desktopneversfelde: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MainInclusionProcess23:10
neversfeldek, should be ready tomorrow evening23:13
nelleryneversfelde: looking at bkodama, only thing I see is that the orig was originally packaged as a tar.bz2 on kde-look23:19
nelleryit should be mentioned on the changelog that you repackaged it23:19
neversfeldenellery: I thought that is ok for karmic?23:19
JontheEchidnaFinally, 0 'new' bugs for kde4libs again: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kde4libs23:20
nelleryis it? Wasn't aware of that.. looks all ok otherwise23:20
JontheEchidnaThe page looks... beautiful ;.;23:20
neversfeldedunno, JontheEchidna do you know about it?23:20
JontheEchidnaI usually don't bother. If the contents inside the tar changed I would, but since you didn't actually change the contents of the tar...23:21
JontheEchidnayou're just gzipping it instead of bzip2ing it23:21
JontheEchidnaor that's how I see it, anyway23:22
nelleryalright, should be ok then23:23
nelleryoh, and I changed the maintainer to Ubuntu Developers fyi23:24
neversfeldeshould I ask for an SRU on the motu mailinglist?23:25
nelleryneversfelde: uploaded23:30
neversfeldenellery: thx23:31
neversfeldethat was bkodama?23:32
neversfeldeare you looking at bilbo?23:32
Nightrosewhy is the username in the microblogging applet set to "kubuntu" by default?23:33
Nightrosethat makes like no sense23:33
ScottKBecause that's the user name on  the live CD?23:34
Nightrosenot the live cd23:35
Nightroseon my working system23:35
Nightrosejust upgraded to 4.323:35
neversfeldeNightrose: Jaunty?23:35
neversfeldeNightrose: everything ok?23:36
neversfeldeexcept this username23:36
Nightroseyea on my main PC everything seems to be working very smoothly23:37
Nightroseand a lot faster than 4.223:37
Nightrosebut on my eeepc the upgrade broke my kopete accounts23:37
Nightroseno idea why or what is different from my main system23:37
Nightrosethey both have the same accounts in kopete23:37
neversfeldeScottK-desktop: would you have a look at meta-kde, there is an updated version in ninjas23:37
neversfeldeNightrose: do you have kopete-facebook installed?23:38
Nightrosei didn't install it - so if it wasn't installed by some upgrade no23:38
neversfeldeit prevents my kopete from starting23:39
Nightroseheh ok - well it starts fine and shows my contacts23:39
Nightrosejust none of my accounts got migrated23:39
neversfeldethat is not a problem here23:41
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