nico045hate being a bother00:00
maconico045: is this a re-install?00:00
maconico045: like, did you guys just reinstall kubuntu today and now trying to set it back up?00:00
nico045never mind. once kmanager wored all came back. thank you so much and i hope you have a wonderful evening00:01
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maconico045: no problem. have a good night. and if youd like, you're welcome to visit #ubuntu-women as well (i realize i'm assuming that you're a straight couple, pardon if this is not the case, but same sex marriage is still illegal in most places around here)00:02
nico045u right and thanks! night!00:02
BellinXFeloni keep getting an error message saying The backend took too much time to process the synchronous request - you need to fork! when i try to add or remove programs00:23
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Zorael!jp | Zorael00:28
ubottuZorael, please see my private message00:28
DragnslcrBellinXFelon- it should be safe to ignore that00:28
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macoBellinXFelon: thats just packagekit being buggy. know how to use apt-get?00:43
BellinXFelonmaco: its me your talking to me on the kopete00:44
macoi was just thinking "wow, two people asking that right now?"00:45
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silentContenderI'm having trouble with Amarok 2.1.1  It keeps resetting my iPod after transfers.  How do I fix that?01:24
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plagueboiif i want to install Compiz, i just type "sudo aptitude install Compiz" right? or is it named someting else?01:55
Dragnslcr!info compiz01:56
ubottucompiz (source: compiz): OpenGL window and compositing manager. In component main, is optional. Version 1:0.8.2-0ubuntu8.1 (jaunty), package size 37 kB, installed size 72 kB01:56
DragnslcrKeep in mind that KDE4 has its own compositing, though, and compiz doesn't always get along with KDE01:57
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tekstacy'lo all.02:09
tekstacyHow do I find out what version of Kubuntu I am using? And what kernel version?02:10
dbc254running konqueror as web browser. When a url is encountered in email. Konqueror looks for file i.e./var/etc.  what do I have misconfigured?02:10
Dragnslcrtekstacy- from Konsole, "lsb_release -a" will show you the Ubuntu version02:11
dbc254shouldn't a link go straight to the web instead of searching for a file??02:11
tekstacyDragnslcr, thanks02:11
Dragnslcrtekstacy- "uname -a" will show you the kernel version02:11
tekstacyDragnslcr, thanks again.   I put Kubuntu 6.06 on here, way back, and forgot what I upgraded to.02:13
DragnslcrProbably not even worth upgrading from there, be easier to just do a clean install02:15
tekstacyWell, yeah, I'm just lazy I guess.02:16
veckwhat does kttsd failed mean ?02:17
DragnslcrI think a clean install would be the lazy way02:18
tekstacyDragnslcr, does "lsb_release -a" work with any distro?02:18
Dragnslcrveck- I assume it has something to do with text-to-speech02:18
tekstacyYeah, it would be, but I never backed anything up.02:19
veckDragnslcr: how can i diagnose and remove pkg?02:19
Dragnslcrtekstacy- I think so, but don't quote me on it. LSB is Linux Standard Base, so I would expect any major distro to have it02:19
veckDragnslcr: you are correct though I am legally blind and tried to install something to read for me02:20
Dragnslcrveck- I haven't used it, so I can't really help much. I just know what TTS stands for02:20
veckDragnslcr: thnx allot i should be able to track it down from here02:21
DragnslcrNo problem02:21
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Fanfareveck one sec02:36
Fanfareveck: what kind of error?02:37
veckSry I am legallyblind and cannot see my screen so well so plz bear with me02:37
Fanfareveck: no problem02:37
veckFanfare: text to speach02:37
Fanfareveck: is kttsd installed?02:38
veckFanfare: well I tried to type that into synaptic but noyhing comes up02:39
veckFanfare: also checked installed programs from synaptic but nothing02:39
Fanfareveck: can u see a plain shell? try          sudo apt-get install kttsd02:40
lordarseste irc es en español02:40
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.02:40
lordarsy si no se ingles?02:41
lordarsi no speak inglis02:41
Fanfareveck: did sudo apt-get install kttsd work?02:43
veckFanfare: 1 sec02:44
Dragnslcr!es | lordars02:45
ubottulordars: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.02:45
veckFanfare: http://pastebin.com/m96e221802:46
Fanfareveck: btw. what language do u need it to talk?02:46
veckFanfare: english02:46
veckFanfare: AS of A florida02:46
Fanfareveck: try                     sudo apt-get update                   , followed by                       sudo apt-get upgrade02:47
veckFanfare: dang I cannot type to sve my life02:47
Fanfareveck: ok, english should be ok, i have kttsd talking in german...02:48
veckFanfare: running the latest version of kubuntu karmic02:50
veckFanfare: ok updated and upgraded02:50
veckFanfare: now i guesss i just wait to see if itfixes the error that keeps popping up02:51
Fanfarenow, lets see if we've got the right version of     kdebase-runtime     which must be  >= 4:4.2.9802:52
Fanfareveck: check version with      dpkg-query -l kdebase-runtime02:52
Fanfareveck: i have jaunty so my versions are lower... 4.2.9602:56
veckFanfare: http://pastebin.com/m69b5d2af02:57
veckFanfare: yeah I like to see all the newest stuff02:58
veckFanfare: lol thats funny since I cannot see!02:58
Fanfareveck: that now looks good to me ... try again            sudo apt-get install kttsd02:59
veckFanfare: ok its installing any tips to using it?02:59
veckFanfare: do i have to turn it on or what?03:00
elHi, I can't seem to get my wlan to work in any debian-based distribution. I tried Debian Squeeze, Debian Sid and now the latest Kubuntu Karmic.03:00
Fanfareveck: kttsd is only a tts wrapper, so u need a tts system working! kttsd has a good manual follow instrucktions there!03:01
elThe card is powered by ath9k driver and I can't get it to connect no matter if I try to use the Network Management from the taskbar or if I write my own /etc/network/interfaces03:01
Fanfareveck also check out www.simon-listens.org to control your pc with speech03:02
BluesKajel, maybe wicd network manger will work for you03:02
BluesKajmaerr nager03:02
BluesKaj<--getting tired03:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about wicd03:03
BluesKaj!info wicd03:03
ubottuwicd (source: wicd): wired and wireless network manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.5.9-2 (jaunty), package size 247 kB, installed size 1860 kB03:03
veckthnx for all the help Love my LINUX!03:05
PLANETARYok my turn03:05
Fanfareveck: love to help! Have fun!03:06
el_Whoa. I did't even need wicd.03:06
PLANETARYhow do i get electricsheep to work. it doesnt chow up in xscreensaver.03:07
el_ But trying to install wicd removed network-manager. And now it works03:07
el_Yay ;)03:07
Fanfareveckdid u find info to install a tts-system in kttsd manual?03:07
el_Thanks for the awesome tip BluesKaj.03:08
el_I've been trying to solve this all day, ... and the solution was so simple ;)03:08
PLANETARYthis is a thread i made03:09
PLANETARYso electricspeep in kubuntu with xscreensaver03:10
BluesKajel_, you are welcome , glad you were able to solve your problem :)03:11
afeijoI have kernel, but uname -r returns .11 old one, why? how to fix it?03:14
Fanfareafeijo: dpkg-query -l *2.6.28* sure u have all u need?03:16
afeijoFanfare: what do I need to look into that command result?03:17
Fanfareafeijo: linux-headers-2.6.28-13-generic linux-image-2.6.28-13-generic linux-restricted-modules-2.6.28-13-generic03:19
Fanfareand have grub boot into that one, not any previous03:19
afeijoFanfare: dpkg returned 4 lines pointing to 2.6.28-13.45, 3 have the words you mentioned03:21
afeijoI will locate grup file03:21
afeijodamn, grub is pointing to .11 not .1303:22
afeijoI have to edit it? I dont like to mess with grub :)03:22
Fanfareafeijo: hm, each kernelupdate should automagicaly update grub config, so if u never changed grub then that should not be the problem...03:23
afeijoFanfare: how to force the kernel update?03:23
Fanfareafeijo: sudo apt-get update then sudo apt-get upgrade, then sudo apt-get dist-upgrade03:24
Fanfarelast one upgrades also kernels03:25
afeijo0 packages :(03:25
afeijowhat about sudo apt-get install linux-image-2.6.xx-yy-generic03:25
starcraftmanquick question, is there a means to get the functionality in KDE so that when I drag window to edge of a screen it moves to adjacent virtual desktop? I had this in GNOME and haven't been able to locate it in the desktop effects or window behaviour menu.03:26
b14ckcan anyone tell me how to install man pages for c commands? man fseek has no entry, as does man fopen, etc.03:26
Dragnslcrafeijo- take a look at /boot/grub/menu.lst03:26
afeijoI try that one, it says I already have 28.1303:26
afeijoDragnslcr: I did03:26
afeijoDragnslcr: no mention to 28.13 there03:26
afeijoand if I apt-get remove 28.13 and install again?03:26
Fanfareafeijo: but leave the running kernel :-)03:27
DragnslcrIt's not that hard to add the option03:27
DragnslcrBasically just copy/paste a previous one03:27
Fanfareafeijo: is 28.13 in /boot/grub/menu.lst ?03:29
afeijoFanfare: no, it is now I added03:29
afeijotime to reboot... wish me luck03:31
Fanfareupdate-grub ...03:31
Fanfareafeijo: good luck03:31
afeijoupdate-grub? runing03:32
Fanfareas sudo i guess    sudo update-grub   that should update grub config to latest installed kernel... i think...03:33
afeijoit did changed some stuff :)03:33
Fanfareok... sounds good? does it look good?03:34
afeijoit does, said that the new kernel was found03:35
biagidpI just did apt-get upgrade in kubuntu 9.04 and sound stopped working, anyone know what's going on?03:35
afeijoit gave an error about /dev/sda8, I dont have that partition anymore, but I cant find sda8 on the menu.lst, funny03:35
Fanfareafeijo: gues thats somewhere in a map or device file in /boot/ dir03:36
afeijoit worked! thanks guys03:40
Fanfareafeijo: welcome to new kernel?03:40
afeijonow vbox is running03:40
afeijooops, time to note those tips in my tips file :)03:42
plagueboidoes any1 know the name of the swedish ubuntu channel?03:46
PLANETARYok so does anyone know why when i watch a video file on any player reguardless of view size it goes black. I have compiz on and and my menu open effect goes up to a black screen after a minute of watching. if i move the mouse it goes back to teh show. Its not my screensaver03:46
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about countrycode>03:46
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about sw03:47
plagueboiPLANETARY: i ahd the same trubble awile back. but it went good after i had installed codecs and my new drivers.03:48
ubottuSvensk Ubuntu- och Kubuntusupport hittar du i #ubuntu-se resp. #kubuntu-se03:48
plagueboiubottu: ty03:48
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)03:48
starcraftmanSo, anyone on know answer to my KDE dragging windows across screen edges to other desktops question?03:49
Fanfarestarcraftman: could u requestion?03:49
PLANETARYplagueboi: what do you mean? I have teh kubuntu restricted extras and have my restricted drivers03:50
starcraftmanFanfare: quick question, is there a means to get the functionality in KDE so that when I drag window to edge of a screen it moves to adjacent virtual desktop? I had this in GNOME and haven't been able to locate it in the desktop effects or window behaviour menu.03:51
starcraftmanFanfare: Requestion isn't a word btw :p03:51
Fanfarestarcraftman: sry no native en :-)03:51
plagueboiPLANETARY: ehm.. okey, well i didnt find a right away direction" to fix it. i jsut tryed to update everything about vlc/totem etc. and drivers and codec pacates. and after a reboot 1-2h later it worked.03:54
alinuxguyne1 know of a dbus kwallet bash howto anywhere? I cant find it on google.03:56
starcraftmanFanfare: So no ideas? You know what I mean yes? It's very useful for just going one screen left or right with a window.03:57
Fanfarestarcraftman: i know i've seen it somewhen... It works here on my desktop, but cant find it again...03:58
Fanfarestarcraftman: still looking...03:58
Fanfarestarcraftman: what is adjacent?03:59
Fanfarestarcraftman: ok, got it...04:01
starcraftmanFanfare: Adjacent means next to, basically I just want to be able to drag a window over the edge onto a different virtual desktop (I have 6).04:01
Fanfarestarcraftman: rightclick on a titlebar04:01
Fanfarestarcraftman: select (4th) activation04:03
PLANETARYok did an update with the update manager and i will reboot to see if it helps04:04
Fanfarestarcraftman: select something like "automagicaly navigate to opposite side"04:04
starcraftmanFanfare: When you say 4th activation, you mean tab on the left? That says focus. I see the "traverse windows on all desktop" checkbox but when clicked, it doesn't let me do the dragging across desktops. I just checked and it has to do with Alt + Tab selection, meaning it lets you either alt + tab by the desktop your on or all of them.04:09
starcraftmanFanfare: Any other ideas?04:10
Fanfarestarcraftman: i'll do a screeny04:10
starcraftmanFanfare: K04:10
PLANETARYyay the update did it!04:11
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about imageshag04:11
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit04:12
PLANETARYso now electricsheep, any takers?04:12
starcraftmanFanfare:  Hmm, the image you put didn't work. The flood bot refused it.04:13
Fanfarestarcraftman: that wasnt me:-) i was just looking for a service ...04:15
Fanfarestarcraftman: here it is http://imagebin.org/5695704:15
starcraftmanFanfare: Ya, I have that option enabled already, it doesn't seem to be one I want, still not able to drag across screens. At top of section, says window switching, I think mostly has to do with the alt + tab functionality.04:18
Fanfarestarcraftman: i tested. This option allowes me to move a window from one virt. desktop to the other...04:19
starcraftmanFanfare:  Well that's peculiar!04:20
starcraftmanFanfare: And you can just drag em left and right as you want?04:20
Fanfarestarcraftman: it works left/right, up/down, with and without compositioning04:24
starcraftmanFanfare: Hmmm, that's puzzling, I just took off the compositing effects too and it still no work. That's really weird!04:27
starcraftmanFanfare: You using standard 9.04 with KDE 4.2? I can't really think of any change that would stop me....04:29
starcraftmanFanfare: I'll book up the live CD and see if that lets me do this.04:29
plagueboiPLANETARY: did it work? :P04:30
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Fanfarestarcraftman: i use kde 4.2.96 (kde 4.3 RC2) on jounty04:34
starcraftmanhello, need a hand?04:37
ampi need a hand04:37
ampu see i have linux mce but i cant make myth tv work04:37
eatThisAndDieguys, is it normal that my xorg.conf is empty?04:38
eatThisAndDieI'm on jaunty04:38
beyondcri think they tryed to make it as little as possiable if not compleatly remove it04:39
ampthats a question can i like change from gutsy to jaunty or karmic04:39
beyondcrif everything is working for you then yes  its fine04:39
starcraftmanFanfare: I'm positive now you've some other option enabled to make your windows move from one to another. I just booted a clean CD and when I enabled the04:40
eatThisAndDiewell... it WORKS, but I just wanna make sure my graphic drivers are loaded right.04:40
starcraftmanFanfare:  option still no luck. Must be something I'm missing.04:40
beyondcramp you can change to 9.1004:41
beyondcri think if you run update-manager -d you can find everything you need to update04:41
eatThisAndDiekubuntu 8.10 on an older machine had better graphics than 9.04 on a new one. And I'm gettin really annoyed with the crappyness of it. Even without the effects.04:41
beyondcrwhat graphics card do you have04:42
beyondcra ati or nvidia?04:42
ampback sorry04:42
beyondcrif you have a via then it is a little buggy04:42
eatThisAndDieintel on a laptop04:43
ampi have 9.04 but i dont know if i can run mce on it04:43
eatThisAndDiecompaq, and so was my older one.04:43
beyondcryou can check in the repo to see if there is a driver update04:43
eatThisAndDiemy audio wasn't working til i manually added an intel module to modprobe.d/alsa.conf so i'm not so sure, maybe there's a problem with the graphics kernel module / driver04:44
ampi have a athlon 64 4000+,512mb ddr2 geforce610004:44
DragnslcreatThisAndDie- there are known problems with the Intel drivers for 9.0404:44
eatThisAndDiehah. ok.04:45
omniuniDragnslcr: they released an update, performance should be fine now04:45
beyondcramp is this what you are looking for http://www.howtoforge.com/installing-moovida-media-center-on-ubuntu-9.0404:45
ampand an avermedia m150-d and a wintv-hvr160004:45
eatThisAndDiein the repos? I've been aptitude safe-upgrade'ing for a month now and I don't see one.04:45
ampnope i have the mce kubuntu distro04:45
ampi think its like 70404:45
eatThisAndDieDragnslcr: sorry for the silly question, but where do I get the updates?04:46
PLANETARYyes it did work. videos play fine!04:46
Fanfarestarcraftman: argh:found04:46
beyondcrsorry i never played with mce so i cant tell you04:46
Fanfarestarcraftman: systemsettings04:46
PLANETARYplagueboi: it does work. videos play fine!04:47
ampyeah it looks sweet but04:48
plagueboiPLANETARY: great :)04:48
Fanfarestarcraftman: desktop / desktopcorners - lower part04:48
ampi cant get live tv here on myth04:48
PLANETARYthanks for teh tip!04:48
ampi even made the blackbird driver and got video from the mplayer but nothing from myth it just goes black04:49
ampanyways thanks for listening i needed to ehale befor i throw the pc out the window04:50
amp: >04:50
starcraftmanFanfare: Hmmm, can you provide screenshot on what exact option you mean on the screen edges window? I don't understand what you mean lower part...04:51
Fanfarestarcraftman: k04:51
starcraftmanFanfare: Did set grid to a screen edge, that's nice and lets me drag windows to any on the grid. But a bit of a nuissance when just moving one window to desktop one space away.04:52
Fanfarestarcraftman: http://imagebin.org/5696104:55
Fanfaregot to go to bed, bb04:59
starcraftmanFanfare: Well there's definitely a problem, you've 5 tabs on the left white pane, and I've only 4. I'm missing the one between "virtual/multiple desktops" and "screensave"04:59
starcraftmank, night Fanfare. I think I'll post on the forums, maybe somoene can help me there.04:59
Fanfarestarcraftman: good luck...04:59
PLANETARYso electricsheep, how can i make it work05:03
PLANETARYit doesn't show up in xscreensaver05:03
plagueboihow do i get the mounted volumes to not show up on my desktop?05:10
PLANETARYlike a widget05:13
PLANETARYunlock widgets and click close maybe05:14
plagueboinah, i mean to never show up on my desktop.05:14
PLANETARYi dont know. i dont have it05:15
plagueboiif you put a usb men stick in and the mount image doesent start up on your desktop?05:16
PLANETARYno ot only comes up in the divice plug in button05:23
PLANETARYi have 9.0405:24
plagueboiubuntu 9.04 jaunty?05:28
darthanubisPLANETARY: just remove the hotplug widget05:29
darthanubisdo people even read about the distro they install and use anymore?05:29
darthanubisright click it and remove it05:30
PLANETARYoh i like that thank i was talking to plagueboi05:30
darthanubisPLANETARY: you were "talking" to the CHANNEL05:30
PLANETARYoh ok05:31
darthanubisuntil you privately message then you'll only be "talking" to whoever05:31
PLANETARYoh i figured it out05:31
PLANETARYok so05:32
PLANETARYmy dolphin doesn't have a window boarder05:32
PLANETARYwhen i open it its maximized and has not window boarer05:33
linuxloveri am a photographer. i like to share my photo which can be used as wallpaper. may anybody please tell me, how to do that?05:36
darthanubislinuxlover: read up on what you intend on doing. Soliting advice from IRC is not thebest method05:37
darthanubisyou can upload your photos ANYWHERE to share as wallpaper05:38
linuxloverthank you darthanubis. i want to share it with the kde team, so that anybody can download the wallpaper. may you please help?05:39
darthanubismay you please follow advice already given?05:39
darthanubisOne .5 google search for KDE wallpaper will have you where you need to be05:39
plagueboidarthanubis: www.fuskbugg.se05:40
darthanubisplease don't ask for others to do what you can for yourself, it reeks of laziness05:40
darthanubisI guess that was asking too much05:41
PLANETARYok well my going to black screen is back onlyy it does it when watching youtube05:42
plagueboiif you guys want to upload pics as wallpapers and stuff ez. http://fuskbugg.se/fuskbugg/?p=upload05:42
darthanubisplagueboi: fail05:44
PLANETARYso when i watch youtube my screen goes black if i dont move the mouse for a minute. whats up with that05:45
darthanubisit's called screen saver sheesh05:46
PLANETARYi thought i turned it off05:51
plagueboiPLANETARY: turned what off?05:52
PLANETARYxscreensaver and k screensaver05:53
PLANETARYi have xscreensaver as default and have it disabled05:53
plagueboiPLANETARY: k, cound be your flash player then05:56
PLANETARYok it does it always now. I only have this window open and it does it. though it doesnt do it when i watch a video file fullscreeen05:57
beyondcris there anything better then konqueror?05:57
plagueboibeyondcr: beer? lol05:58
beyondcri mean that would take its place05:58
PLANETARYi  like firefox  and dolphin as a file manager05:59
beyondcras a file manager05:59
plagueboii mean in general05:59
beyondcrthat is true but dont mix the both it could be dangerous06:00
PLANETARYme? firefox for web and use dolphin as filemanager?06:01
beyondcrim still geting use to linux been about a week off of windows and i dont think im going back06:01
PLANETARYok so i guess kscreensaver is still on somehow06:10
plagueboibeyondcr: i know how you feel, love linux <306:12
Captain_Haddockbeyondcr: Set up Konqueror as you like and save it as the default profile.. That should ease some of its default usability issues.06:13
* Captain_Haddock dislikes Dolphin muchly.06:14
PLANETARYok so i reapplied kscreensaver to not start automatically. and the problem stopped. so how do i get it to not some back on?06:15
plagueboiPLANETARY: remove it?06:17
PLANETARYi just want kscreensaver to not come on. i want only xscreensaver to do the screensaver work. xscreensaver i have to start at startuo06:18
PLANETARYstart up06:18
plagueboiPLANETARY: sudo aptitute autoremove kscreensaver06:20
plagueboiPLANETARY: dunoo if it works06:20
PLANETARYok cool but am i going to need this to get electric sheep to work. I want it to wotk with xscreensaver but i am having problems with that06:21
PLANETARYok ill try it later. im going to bed. thanks for help06:22
vishalhi, how can I check the data transfer taking place on my usb modem and keep a track of the total transfered data ? is ther a program I can use ?06:24
eMyller|busywhy do my f***ing eth0 says "no carrier"?! please some help me :|06:50
MamarokeMyller|busy: watch your language!06:54
eMyller|busyMamarok: i just said "***" :|06:54
eMyller|busyi'm on it for hours06:54
Captain_Haddockwell, don't.06:54
MamarokeMyller|busy: and you shouldn't, this is a familiy friendly channel06:54
eMyller|busyreally sorry06:55
MamarokeMyller|busy: does ping work?06:55
eMyller|busyMamarok: ping to where?06:55
* eMyller|busy said that in a channel for the first time :|06:55
MamarokeMyller|busy: well, whatever website you like, try google.com06:55
eMyller|busyMamarok: oh, i'm connect to ppp006:56
eMyller|busyit's *this* pc06:56
Mamarokwell, then eth0 can hardly work, it is the LAN port :)06:56
Mamarokand you use dial in06:56
eMyller|busyMamarok: but it worked before06:57
eMyller|busyi'm connect to 3g06:57
MamarokeMyller|busy: your LAN cable ok?06:57
Captain_HaddockeMyller|busy: perhaps you could pastebin your "ifconfig"06:58
eMyller|busysure, sec06:59
MamarokCaptain_Haddock: thx, I'm not fully awake yet :(06:59
Captain_HaddockGood morning :)06:59
eMyller|busythanks in advance, guys :_)07:00
eMyller|busyMamarok, Captain_Haddock: http://dpaste.com/70754/plain07:00
eMyller|busyi got this on ##linux:07:01
eMyller|busy[02:59:21] <PurpleSmurf> join you distro chann and find out how to restart rc.inet*07:01
=== hemathor_ is now known as hemathor
eMyller|busyany thoughts?07:04
Captain_HaddockeMyller|busy: can you also please paste the result of "ip route" ?07:05
Captain_Haddockand details which cables / other connections you have going out ...07:06
eMyller|busyall i want is connect my pc with another one with a crossover cable07:06
eMyller|busybut my eth0 is not even running :|07:06
eMyller|busysec, will paste07:07
plagueboieMyller|busy: are you running 3g?07:07
eMyller|busy10.64.64.64 dev ppp0  proto kernel  scope link  src
eMyller|busy169.254.0.0/16 dev ppp0  scope link  metric 100007:07
eMyller|busydefault via dev ppp0  proto static07:07
Captain_Haddockplagueboi: he mentioned that he is07:07
MamarokeMyller|busy: please use pastebin07:08
eMyller|busyMamarok: sorry, that was just 3 lines :)07:09
Captain_HaddockeMyller|busy: so you're connecting to the net via 3G and a dialler. You are connecting to another PC directly via Ethernet and eventually want to share your 3G Internet connection with both PCs. Is that right?07:10
MamarokeMyller|busy: you must configure both PCs to see each other07:10
eMyller|busyCaptain_Haddock: also07:10
Captain_HaddockeMyller|busy: also, what?07:11
MamarokCaptain_Haddock: he meant "that too"07:11
eMyller|busyty, Mamarok07:12
eMyller|busyi need to use gobby with the other pc07:12
eMyller|busyand share some other dev tools07:12
Captain_HaddockeMyller|busy: do you have a LAN cable inserted into both PCs? Are the Ethernet port lights on?07:12
plagueboi_eMyller|busy: are you using firestarter?07:13
plagueboi_eMyller|busy: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php07:13
eMyller|busyCaptain_Haddock: our ports don't have lights07:13
eMyller|busybwah :(07:14
Captain_HaddockeMyller|busy: righto... Have you tried giving your ethernet interfaces IP addresses?07:14
Mamarokstrange, eth ports normally always have lights, right beneath the connector07:14
eMyller|busyMamarok: we're on laptops, and rarely i see laptops with lights07:15
MamarokeMyller|busy: both my laptops have a light on the eth0 port07:15
Mamarokone Lenovo, once Acer07:15
eMyller|busyone AmazonPC, other Itautec here07:16
eMyller|busyoh, well.07:17
eMyller|busyplagueboi_: i'm reading that, thansk07:18
plagueboi_eMyller|busy: sudo apt-get install firestarter -> and then read -> http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php07:18
plagueboi_eMyller|busy: kk, np07:18
plagueboi_google is your friend :P07:18
=== plagueboi_ is now known as plagueboi
eMyller|busyi'm already with fs installed07:19
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=== o] is now known as Oo
=== Oo is now known as `0OoOoO0OoOoO0`
eMyller|busygreat. i got eth0 running, but it's with 'no carrier' again07:22
plagueboieMyller|busy: :(07:23
=== `0OoOoO0OoOoO0` is now known as oobe
eMyller|busyi'm scared with this thing07:23
harolddongI'm trying to get the get_flash_videos rtmpdump deb package working but when I try to get a brightcove video it say Data::AMF pacakge is needed.  DOes anybody what that actual package might be in the ubuntu repos?  or if there even is an ubuntu package for it07:25
eMyller|busyplagueboi, Mamarok, Captain_Haddock: ifconfig says it's up again. knetworkmanager doesn't.07:25
Captain_Haddock"eMyller|busy: righto... Have you tried giving your ethernet interfaces IP addresses?"07:26
eMyller|busyCaptain_Haddock: how would i give it addresses?07:27
eMyller|busyi created a connection in knetworkmanager but it doesn't connect07:27
eMyller|busymay a networking restart help here?07:27
eMyller|busyi think that all my problem is the knetworkmanager.07:28
Captain_HaddockeMyller|busy: if you don't give your eth0 and IP address, it cannot connect to anything else. There should be an option in network manager to add a static IP.07:28
Captain_Haddockdo this for both PCs.07:28
eMyller|busyCaptain_Haddock: there *is*, i added it and tried to connect to the connection i created07:29
eMyller|busybut it doesn't07:29
Captain_HaddockeMyller|busy: well, what did you give it?07:29
eMyller|busyCaptain_Haddock:, mask
eMyller|busymy eth0 is up, isn't it? http://dpaste.com/70761/07:30
Captain_Haddockand did you save it or whatever (I don't have network manager here, so I am unfamiliar with the GUI)07:30
eMyller|busyCaptain_Haddock: yes07:31
Captain_Haddockif it's up, then it should have an IP address associated with it.07:31
eMyller|busyCaptain_Haddock: can i add it without the gui?07:31
Captain_Haddocklet's try07:31
eMyller|busyi'm about to throw this thing away07:31
eMyller|busyi hate it, but i must cuz i'm on 3g :|07:32
Captain_Haddocktype ifconfig eth0 down07:32
eMyller|busysomething with /etc/network/interfaces?07:32
Captain_Haddockifconfig eth0 netmask up07:33
eMyller|busyCaptain_Haddock: done, i got response! :D07:33
eMyller|busywith ping07:33
Captain_Haddockmake sure both PCs have their IP addresses via ifconfig07:34
eMyller|busyCaptain_Haddock: http://dpaste.com/70762/07:34
Captain_Haddocknice :)07:34
Captain_Haddockand the other PC?07:35
eMyller|busyCaptain_Haddock: testing there07:35
plagueboieMyller|busy: got it working? went to make coffe.07:37
eMyller|busystill not07:37
eMyller|busyCaptain_Haddock: did exactly the same thing, but with and got no response :|07:38
eMyller|busymay i restart it?07:38
plagueboieMyller|busy: im sitting and reading up on "http://vidner.net/martin/software/cnetworkmanager/". but try, you never know...07:39
eMyller|busyplagueboi: ty07:40
plagueboieMyller|busy: is this the exact problem you have? (direct quote) " Once again, test of your clients can ping their linux box. If they can set their DNS and default gateway to use the linux box. Currently you have a DSL router thats probably giving out DHCP ip's. "07:42
eMyller|busyplagueboi: i'm able to ping my box07:43
eMyller|busybut i'm trying to ping the other box *in* the other box but nothing07:43
eMyller|busyCaptain_Haddock: i just put eth0 down there then set it up with another ip.07:43
eMyller|busybut it misteriously loses the ip in some seconds07:44
* eMyller|busy is afraid, there might be ghosts her07:44
plagueboieMyller|busy: do you have IP forwarding is enabled?07:45
eMyller|busyplagueboi: i dont think so07:47
eMyller|busyok, both two boxes are pinging07:47
eMyller|busybut i can't ping each other07:47
eMyller|busywhy? :(07:47
plagueboieMyller|busy:  read this, it might help dunno. :( " http://mybroadband.co.za/vb/showpost.php?s=bcc1eb8faa2f9882edb9ca5cd684a5ee&p=2377225&postcount=14 "07:50
* eMyller|busy is reading07:50
eMyller|busy"From icmp_seq=2 Destination Host Unreachable" :(07:52
eMyller|busyplagueboi: that is for 3g sharing07:54
eMyller|busythanks, i'll need that too07:54
eMyller|busybut for now the pcs must at least see each other07:54
plagueboieMyller|busy: np. will try to google around some more :P07:55
eMyller|busyhehe, thanks plagueboi :)07:55
plagueboieMyller|busy: np, im quite new to ubuntu, but ppl help me and i just try to help ppl back :)07:56
jemandHi, after "normal updating" the Firefox is not realy functioning anymore...07:58
jemandany ideas?07:58
jemandUpdating via KpackageKit07:59
plagueboijemand: have you updated to the new firefox?07:59
plagueboieMyller|busy: sudo nmap -PR -sP | It usually finds all of the network devices.08:00
eMyller|busyweird, there is no 'nmap' here :P08:01
jemandjust the normal Update to 3.0.1208:02
jemandincludes in KUBUNTU08:02
eMyller|busymay i set a gateway here?08:02
plagueboijemand: http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/upgrade.html08:03
jemandI thought I stay to the provided KUBUNTU Update08:03
jemandI'll try the new 3.508:04
plagueboijemand: the new firefox is faster =)08:04
plagueboieMyller|busy: sec :P08:04
jemandI know, it's running in VitualBox under WinXP08:04
eMyller|busyjemand: you can install firefox3.5 in /opt08:05
Captain_HaddockeMyller|busy: so you can't assign the IP address to PC #2?08:05
eMyller|busyCaptain_Haddock: it's assigned08:05
Captain_Haddockjemand: sudo apt-get install firefox-3.508:05
Captain_Haddockjemand:  both versions can coexist08:05
eMyller|busyCaptain_Haddock: isn't firefox-3.5 package still shiretoko?08:06
Captain_HaddockeMyller|busy: and listed in ifconfig? So both PCs have IP addresses?08:06
Captain_HaddockeMyller|busy: yes, but works fine.08:06
eMyller|busyCaptain_Haddock: yes. but they dont see each other08:06
Captain_Haddockcan you please pastebin both the ifconfigs?08:06
Captain_Haddockalso, if you have firestarter installed on either PC.. remove it for now.08:07
Captain_Haddock(or disable it)08:07
eMyller|busyhmm.. it's installed08:07
eMyller|busywill uninstall for test08:07
jemandI'v an AMD6408:08
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
eMyller|busyCaptain_Haddock: the pcc #02 is http://dpaste.com/70772; my one is 7077308:09
Captain_HaddockeMyller|busy: and you've removed firestarter from both PCs?08:10
eMyller|busyCaptain_Haddock: yup08:11
Captain_Haddocktry pinging again08:11
eMyller|busyCaptain_Haddock: each other?08:11
eMyller|busyCaptain_Haddock: destination host unreachable08:13
Captain_Haddockthis is with " ping "?08:14
eMyller|busyCaptain_Haddock: my box, yes08:15
Captain_HaddockeMyller|busy: if the IP addresses are set, the interfaces are up and there are no firewalls blocking pings, it probably points to cable fault. Do you have a spare crossover?08:16
eMyller|busyno :|08:17
plagueboieMyller|busy: alot of cables are crossover now days. you might just not know that they are crossover.08:21
eMyller|busyi have just one cable here08:22
eMyller|busyi'm making other one08:22
Captain_Haddockyou have a crimper there?08:22
Captain_Haddockhow about a cable tester?08:22
eMyller|busynot a tester :|08:22
=== Philip6 is now known as Philip5
eMyller|busycable 01: w-orange, orange, w-green, blue, w-blue, green, w-brown, brown08:39
eMyller|busycable 02: w-green, green, w-orange, blue, w-blue, orange, w-brown, brown08:40
eMyller|busyit's right, yea?08:40
eMyller|busyi dont make cables for years08:40
plagueboieMyller|busy: ehmm... same here dunno, googe it =)08:43
eMyller|busymight be08:44
eMyller|busyjust googled08:44
=== Joschi__ is now known as Joschi
plagueboigoogle is your best friend =)08:47
=== fadhil is now known as fadhil_
eMyller|busyCaptain_Haddock: nothing :|09:06
eMyller|busythank you very much, anyway09:06
eMyller|busyMamarok, plagueboi: thanks :)09:06
plagueboieMyller|busy: np, hope it works out09:07
eMyller|busyno joy :|09:07
eMyller|busymy plugs are over09:07
eMyller|busyi made a perfect cable09:07
eMyller|busybut it's still not working :|09:08
eMyller|busyCaptain_Haddock: do u know if i can connect via wireless?09:08
eMyller|busyif yes, it'd be even better09:08
eMyller|busyyaaaaaaaaaay!!! :D09:11
eMyller|busycan't believe it09:12
plagueboieMyller|busy: u didnt even tr then before? xD09:12
eMyller|busyi just changed 192.168.0 to 192.168.1 to both :P09:12
eMyller|busyand now they're pinging :P09:12
=== ray_ is now known as ET_Alien
plagueboieMyller|busy: LOL :P09:12
eMyller|busywill change modem09:13
MinosDishey is anyone here familiar with the sound crackling problem?  Ever since installing the kubuntu 9.04 package from ubuntu, my sound either crackles, fails or is silent09:38
MinosDisive done some googling with very little usefull results09:39
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beyondcrok i need some help09:54
beyondcr package architecture (i386) does not match system (amd64)09:54
beyondcrhow can i get around this09:55
QuantumKaoshi guys , ive got this sound recorder, if i plug it in it just doesnt see it, so i want to download the driver for linux but it seems there's only for windows, is there a way i can make it work? the only thing i need is to copy the recorder conversations from the device to my hd. could anybody help? thanks09:56
=== K is now known as Guest93780
QuantumKaosciao raga, ho questo registratoreportatile che se collegato nn viene minimamente visto da linux, quindi cercando di scaricare i drivers pare che esistano solo x win, c'è un modo di far sì che funzioni? a me serve solo copiare le conversazioni registrate dal device all'hard disk del pc, aiuto?09:59
sreejithdoes jaunty jackalpe support touch screen10:03
dwidmannbeyondcr: dpkg -i --force-architecture packagename.deb10:04
cypr1nushello, how is it possible that tcpdump doesn't see icmp packets from one computer to another in one network, when tcpdump must see it?10:04
beyondcrty dwidmann10:05
=== kasper is now known as kazper
vishalI am using kubutu and my computer is using vishal-laptop 2.6.28-11-generic #42-Ubuntu SMP Fri Apr 17 01:57:59 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux10:13
vishalI am able to change the display resolution in kubuntu but when I change from 1240x768 to 1024x768 then the resolution does change but the new resolution does not occupy the full screen it leaves two emtpy spaces one on the left and the other on the right.10:13
vishalPlease see below pastebin for the image.10:13
vishalOPEN SUSE XORG.CONF FILE DETAILS -http://pastebin.ca/150547210:13
vishalKUBUNTU XORG.CONF FILE DETAILS - http://pastebin.ca/150546910:13
vishalIMAGE SHOWING THE RESOLUTION 1024 NOT TAKING UP THE WHOLE MONITOR REAL ESTATE - http://imagebin.ca/view/3X0O4a.html10:13
=== eli_ is now known as Elirips
vishalI am able to change the display resolution in kubuntu but when I change from 1240x768 to 1024x768 then the resolution does change but the new resolution does not occupy the full screen it leaves two emtpy spaces one on the left and the other on the right.10:19
=== MarkieMark1_ is now known as MarkieMark1
vishalany one ?10:22
phhvishal: which video driver ?10:23
vishalI am using an intel graphics card10:24
vishalproduct: Mobile 945GM/GMS/GME, 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller [8086:27A6]10:24
vishalvendor: Intel Corporation [8086]10:24
vishalphh: intel10:25
phhdon't know then10:25
vishalphh: :) thank you10:25
phhin nvidia it's in GPU scaling methods10:25
phhthere is maybe something like that for intel10:25
vishalphh: may I have a link where I can read about it10:27
vishalphp: is this wht it should look like DisplaySize 336 252 # 96 DPI @ 1280x96010:30
vishal336 252 is where I need to scale ?10:30
vishalohh wht does display size do ?10:32
vishalit was looking promising to me10:32
vishalphh: wht does diplay size do ?10:36
phhalmost nothing10:36
phhIt can be used (or not) to calculate the DPIs (which will change font "sizes"), but that's all10:36
phhit gives the real size (in mm iirc), of the screen10:37
vishalphh: pls visit this pastebin where I have uploaded a xorg.conf which works well on my screen on a resolution of 1024x768 but its from open suse not ubuntu which I prefer10:38
vishali could not find scalling on that maybe you can find something there which I need to change on my current configuration10:39
vishalphh: or is it?10:48
vishalSection "Screen"10:48
vishal DefaultDepth 2410:48
vishalubSection "Display"10:48
vishal   Depth      1510:48
vishal   Modes      "1024x768"10:48
vishal   Virtual    2048 120010:48
vishal EndSubSection10:48
FloodBotK2vishal: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:48
vishalI think I need to use modeline10:50
eMyllerCaptain_Haddock, Mamarok, plagueboi: thanks, it's working now :)10:51
MamarokeMyller: great :) but thanks goes to the others mostly :)10:51
eMyllernah, you helped too :)10:52
gauravhow to install kde in ubuntu with gnome?10:52
gauravanyone?/how to install kde in ubuntu with gnome?10:54
eMyllergaurav: apt-get install kubuntu-desktop10:54
eMylleris the best way10:54
eMyllergaurav: if u wanna test, i recommend you to look for kubuntu-testers repository at launchpad10:54
eMyllerMamarok: do you know any easy way to share files through my two boxes?10:58
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MamarokeMyller: both Linux boxes?12:34
=== rjb is now known as drbobb
eMyllerMamarok: would be great12:40
eMylleri just tried ssh, but no joy, dunno why12:40
eMylleri always used it12:40
ActionParsnipyo yo yo12:41
MamarokeMyller: might be a permission problem12:43
Mamarokthe ssh key is given permission on the other machine and vice-versa?12:43
eMyllerMamarok: shouldnt they offer permission when connecting?12:46
eMylleri aways just installed openssh-server on both machines and was ready to go12:46
=== bigjools-afk is now known as bigjools_
=== bigjools_ is now known as bigjools
ActionParsnipeMyller: you will get a certificate that you accept when you first connect12:51
ActionParsnipeMyller: you can use a key file so you do not need a password to connect12:52
jemandis it only my impression that KUBUNTU gets more and more instable with every update?12:57
jemandnow the Panel refuses to respond after 3 - 4 hrs of work12:57
jemandreboot seems the only way12:57
bazhangjemand, you have a vanilla sources.list?12:58
jemandwhat's that?12:58
bazhangjemand, also , what version of kde4/Kubuntu?12:58
bazhangjemand, ie are you using any PPA, or experimental/3rd repositories12:59
jemand4.2.4 KDE12:59
ActionParsnipjemand: i was the same. i dropped it ages ago after many years loving it13:00
jemandI needed 1 PPA to get my machine running13:01
bazhangjemand, which one is that? do you have a link?13:02
bazhangjemand, this is Jaunty, correct? (9.04)13:02
jemandLinux mobiLX 2.6.28-14-generic #46-Ubuntu SMP Wed Jul 8 07:41:18 UTC 2009 x86_64 GNU/Linux13:04
jemandand the Medibuntu non free13:05
bazhangjemand, which video card on that?13:06
jemandATI Radeon13:08
jemandI think it's 70013:09
bazhangjemand, not too familiar with ati, I will do a websearch on the forums13:09
jemandInitialized radeon 1.29.0 20080528 on minor 013:10
jemandfrom DMESG13:10
bazhangjemand, is this using desktop effects?13:12
jemandwas working fine13:13
jemandbut now freezes up more and more13:14
bazhangjemand, does it freeze when using certain apps such as kpackagekit kate login-manager, kwallet? what does top show as the cpu usage? above 50%?13:15
markithi, I've kde 4.3rc3 kubuntu, and I've a plasma crash when I run kvm VM. Do you know what -dbg package should I install to provide useful info about it13:16
markitDaskreeCH: the backtrace will be for plasma, not kvm.. is  plasma that crashes13:18
jemandCPU < 50%13:18
markitI open a terminal window, start kvm myvm.qcow, and plasma crashes13:18
jemandFirefox with npviewer takes 25% - 35% extra13:19
bazhangjemand, and the random apps crashing such as above? does that happen as well?13:19
jemandthe APPS are stable13:19
jemandthe Panel is very slow >20 sec  or freezes13:19
bazhangjemand, there are a number of bugs, just trying to pinpoint which one it is13:20
jemandOK THXTHX13:20
jemandI could disable the PPA and look what happens...?13:21
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bazhanglspci -nn | grep VGA   what does that command return jemand13:24
jemandATI Technologies Inc Radeon Mobility X700 (PCIE) [1002:5653]13:24
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.13:25
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)13:28
bazhanghttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-ati/+bug/348332 jemand this is one report I am looking at, there are others as well13:30
Captain_HaddockeMyller: glad to hear that you got it working :) Good job!13:31
=== joserios is now known as PIPON13
jemandOK. I'll switch off the handy Desktopeffects and wait until it will be fixed.13:38
=== avihay_ is now known as avihay
bazhangjemand, according to the reports I have seen, that xorg-edgers is pretty bleeding edge stuff :)13:38
bazhangjemand, sorry not to fix your problem, seems tons of people are having it13:39
jemandbut it was the only real working when JAUNTY came in.13:39
jemandIt's updated daily13:39
bazhangjemand, without the PPA?13:39
jemandIs there a risk if I take it out like now?13:40
bazhangjemand, if it was working without the PPA , then you may wish to try the open source driver for your ati card, as fglrx support is really not there for Jaunty, unless you have a radeonhd card13:41
devilsadvocatecan someone help me get my ntp to sync right?13:42
devilsadvocatei seem  to have some insane tz issues with it13:42
jemandOK I'll give it a try13:42
bazhangjemand, good luck13:42
jemandTHX again13:43
Hystorikerbazhang and jemand: excuse me fo hijacking the last conversation, but i have some questions concerning kde and my ati-card13:44
VistausI have a little problem with KDE playground. I have installed some applets from kde playground, but they do not appear in the Add widgets dialog, even after restarting plasma/the computer. what to do about it? im using kubuntu 9.04 with kde 4.3 rc213:44
bazhangHystoriker, no hijacking :) feel free to ask the channel and if someone knows they will answer13:45
cor<paste> hi. does anyone know where I can get a deb of the kernel?13:46
Hystorikerand you just talked a little about, it seemed to me. my kde seems to be very slow. i have a radeon x300, a card that is not supproted by the fglrx13:46
Hystorikerso i use the radeon driver, but that is only capable of 2d, i think. so i switched off all desktop-effects because with them i sometimes get problems13:48
Hystorikeris there anyway to use the 3d-functionality of my card in jaunty?13:48
bazhangHystoriker, which version of kde4? this is jaunty correct?13:49
Hystorikerbazhang: yes, i am working with 4.3RC13:49
avihaycor: this thred has instructions on something else, but among it are the instructions for a kernel upgrade to thatversion13:49
corthanks avihay13:49
VistausI have a little problem with KDE playground. I have installed some applets from kde playground, but they do not appear in the Add widgets dialog, even after restarting plasma/the computer. what to do about it? im using kubuntu 9.04 with kde 4.3 rc213:49
corgot it, cheers!13:50
bazhangHystoriker, do you get any random freezes?13:50
corof course, it will probably crash the machine long before the wifi gets initialized13:51
Hystorikerbazhang: sometimes the plasma-desktop simply broke down and only after a restart of it, which was done automatically, it was there again13:52
Hystorikerbut what is even more anoying is that 3d-animations are awfully slow and my cpu starts computing like hell.13:53
Vistausdoes anyone know what to do about my problem? because in #kde nobody answered, and I was there for quite a long time13:53
avihaycor: there is a warning about restricted drivers not working13:53
Vistaus I have a little problem with KDE playground. I have installed some applets from kde playground, but they do not appear in the Add widgets dialog, even after restarting plasma/the computer. what to do about it? im using kubuntu 9.04 with kde 4.3 rc213:54
coris the RTL8187 restricted?13:54
coroh right, that's more a general thing. gotcha. I must remember to look for that deb, too13:55
bazhanglspci -nn | grep VGA Hystoriker what does that return13:56
Hystoriker01:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: ATI Technologies Inc RV370 5B60 [Radeon X300 (PCIE)] [1002:5b60]13:56
Vistausdo I have such a difficult problem? because nobody from #kde nor #kubuntu answers me...13:57
bazhangVistaus, what is kde playground13:57
Hystorikerbazhang: under hardy and intrepid the x300 was still in fglrx, but it was dropped for jaunty :-(13:58
bazhangHystoriker, its odd, that card should have decent 3D support https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver13:58
Vistausbazhang: "The staging ground for up and coming KDE applications which aren't yet ready to be released into the wild." but there are quite some plasmoids in there which are quite stable13:59
Vistausbut they don't show up on Add widgets after installing them...13:59
EcsiHi all !13:59
bazhangVistaus, do you have a link? info on how to install them?13:59
Vistausyou just install them the normal way. cmake - DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=`kde4-config --prefix` .., then make and then sudo make install14:00
bazhangah you have to compile them14:01
bazhangVistaus, which specific plasmoids?14:01
Vistausif I compile a widget from kde-look, then they show up in Add widgets. but not from kdeplayground.14:01
Vistaustrain-clock, keren, openbrain etc.14:02
Hystorikerbazhang: i give you an example. presume i use as desktop-background the globe. the cpu-load goes up slightly by just using that. when i click into it and start to turn the globe, my cpu-fan starts screaming and the cpu calculates a lot. but it seems as if the gpu does not help at all.14:02
Hystorikeralso the whole systems seems to react quite slow, especially when i switch between different pograms14:03
Hystorikeri know, my bugreport here is a little unspecific, but i dont know, how to be more precise, sorry14:04
bazhanghttp://techbase.kde.org/Projects/Plasma/Plasmoids#Train_Clock Vistaus is it in the correct location?14:04
bazhangVistaus, seems train clock is looking for a packager as the previous individual is too busy14:05
Vistausbut trainclock is just an example. there are many more widgets in kde playground14:05
Vistausit it is the correct location btw14:05
bazhangseems quite nifty :)14:06
bazhangHystoriker, have you taken a look at the link above? followed the steps to correctly get the radeon driver installed etc.?14:07
Hystorikerbazhang: yes i have, thank you. the output of glxinfo for "direct rendering" is yes. so obvously it is working14:08
bazhangHystoriker, must be some other issue then, something about the 3D effects; is this with compiz, or just the kde4 effects14:10
Hystorikeri dont think that i have activated compiz (how do i know?)14:11
Hystorikerbazhang: compositing is disabled14:11
bazhangHystoriker, sorry not to know more about ati (I have nvidia); perhaps dialing down some of the kde4 effects14:14
wide_awakeI'm trying to get wifi working on a laptop running kubuntu 9.0414:15
wide_awakeit has a broadcom card :-/14:15
bazhangwide_awake, which chipset? what does lspci show (in Konsole) and can you see wlan0 or the like in ifconfig14:15
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx14:16
bazhangwide_awake, ^^14:16
wide_awakelspci shows it as did that...14:16
wide_awakedid that14:16
wide_awakelspci shows BCM430614:16
bazhangyep that would be the link above wide_awake14:17
wide_awakeI got as far as "check if it worked"14:17
wide_awakeunfortunately, it didn't14:17
bazhangwide_awake, what does ifconfig show  ( paste.ubuntu.com ) with the output14:18
=== yoann is now known as Bobb
wide_awakebazhang: http://paste.ubuntu.com/230402/14:20
bazhangwide_awake, do you have a wifi hotspot to test it on? does iwconfig show anything?14:21
wide_awakebazhang: it sort of works, but it can't get a DHCP lease14:21
bazhangwide_awake, encrypted or open14:21
bazhangsudo dhclient wlan0 returns no offers?14:21
bazhangdid you install the driver wide_awake ?14:22
bazhangfw-cutter iirc14:22
Hystorikerbazhang: sorry for asking again. but when i for example use an opengl-screensaver i have only around 10fps14:22
wide_awakeI installed the fwcutter thing, and it auto-downloaded the drigers14:22
bazhangHystoriker, no need to be sorry :)  I am just not the best source of info for that14:23
Hystorikerbazhang: u have helped a lot already, do u know where i can ask for more help?14:24
bazhangHystoriker, well you can ask here every so often, and also in #radeon ; not sure about #ubuntu as I'm not clear if this is a KDE/Kubuntu bug or a problem with ATI14:26
Hystorikerbarbapa: thanx, i'll try that14:27
Hystorikerbazhang: i'll try that14:27
wide_awakebazhang: weird thing is I was able to connect one time the other day.  Since then, no dice.14:29
wide_awakeis there a way to "forget" former DHCP leases?14:30
bazhangwide_awake, so the drivers are working then; did you associate with the ap?14:30
bazhangwide_awake, no need to do that, it will write a new pid14:30
wide_awakewhen it doesn't receive any dhcp offers, it tries the IP it got last time14:30
wide_awakethat's the only difference between now and before (when it worked) that I can tell14:31
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=713111 wide_awake here is how to associate with ap (via command line)14:32
wide_awakethat says how to install wbar?14:33
bazhangwhoops my mistake wide_awake14:35
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=571188 wide_awake14:35
wide_awakeah, thanks14:36
bazhanghelping in another channel, got confused :)14:36
wide_awakebazhang: do I need to stop the NetworkManager app before manually configuring the wifi connection?14:40
avihaywide_awake: sometimes it works without stopping it14:41
bazhangwide_awake, not that I know of; setting it in cli is not too hard once you read some of those commands (like in that link)14:41
wide_awakestill no DHCP offers :(14:42
* wide_awake tries static IP14:42
jimmy51_homewhy would a kernel update be "blocked" ?14:49
afeijothunderbird 3 is available thru apt-get ?14:52
wide_awakethunderbird 3 isn't available anywhere, is it?14:53
takumi_fujiwara!ping me14:53
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ping me14:53
ubottuPackages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are: fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports.14:53
afeijoits beta I guess14:53
jimmy51_homehas anyone had "blocked" updates in the update manager?  my kernel + headers says blocked14:54
wide_awakejimmy51_home: same here14:55
jimmy51_homewhat's the deal with that?14:55
bazhangheld back updates are not uncommon14:57
bazhangnothing to worry about14:57
jimmy51_homeok... maybe that's not my issue then14:59
bobbob1016My "panel" seems to respond slowly.  When I click a program listed on it, it takes a couple seconds to actually select the program, or the window, or bring up the window list.  Any ideas?14:59
jimmy51_homei'm trying to install virtualbox, but it says my headers weren't found14:59
Dragnslcrjimmy51_home- it's because the update requires new packages to be installed (that's the way kernel updates work in Ubuntu, but it's not limited to kernel updates)15:00
jimmy51_homei checked uname -r, and saw my kernel... but there's no .27 linux headers available... just .2815:00
Dragnslcrjimmy51_home- you can do "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" to install blocked updates15:00
jimmy51_homeDragnslcr: would that be the way to go, or should i stick with .27 and figure out why there isn't a headers package for it?15:01
bazhangjimmy51_home, jaunty?15:01
afeijohmmm shiretoko freezing too much15:01
DragnslcrI don't think 9.04 ever had a .27 anywhere in the kernel version15:02
* afeijo found thunderbird 3 beta 3 :p15:02
jimmy51_homeDragnslcr: 2.6.27-7-generic15:02
jimmy51_homethat's what uname -r gives me15:03
afeijowth is that? Maximum number of clients reached dolphin: cannot connect to X server :015:04
bazhangjimmy51_home, what does lsb_release -a show15:04
Dragnslcrjimmy51_home- are you sure you have Ubuntu 9.04?15:04
bazhangHystoriker, any help in #radeon ?15:04
bobbob1016An update to my problem, Xorg is taking 24-25% of my CPU occasionally.  I'm running a quad-core so 25% is 1 CPU.15:04
jimmy51_homeDescription:Ubuntu 9.0415:05
jimmy51_homeit's 9.04 for sure15:05
bobbob1016My "panel" seems to respond slowly.  When I click a program listed on it, it takes a couple seconds to actually select the program, or the window, or bring up the window list.  System Monitor only shows Xorg going to 25% of my CPU usage occasionally, I'm on a quad-core so 25% is 1 CPU.  Any ideas?15:14
EagleScreenbobbob1016: see the output of "top" and "free -m" commands15:16
bobbob1016EagleScreen: Ok, I was originally using Top, but someone here suggested System Monitor, I'll do top and get back to you15:18
bobbob1016EagleScreen: Top gave me basically the same thing, but I didn't notice this before Mem: Total 2983  Used 2961, swap is almost full too15:20
bobbob1016Plasma is taking 500+ is that normal?15:20
EagleScreenplasma or another process is eating your RAM15:21
EagleScreena bug is probablt causing more memory allocations than needed15:22
EagleScreenwhat is your KDE version?15:22
EagleScreenare u using kget?15:22
bobbob1016Not using kget, at least I don't think I am15:23
bobbob1016Checking the version now15:23
bobbob1016I think I'm, running 4.2.2. according to synaptic (I searched for kdebase and it says 4.2.2)15:24
EagleScreencan you reproduce this issue? or does it dissapear if you restart KDE?15:25
bobbob1016It has been constant really.  My machine has been acting like this for a while15:26
bobbob1016It acts up more if I copy a lot of files/one big file across hard drives.  Going to update to 4.2.4 from the channel header15:26
Picibobbob1016: Are you running ext4?15:27
bobbob1016Does the same with ext3 partitions though15:27
bobbob1016I think15:27
Picibobbob1016: That is one of the bugs with that filesystem under the kernel in 9.0415:27
ubottuUbuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) release notes can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JauntyJackalope/ReleaseNotes15:27
bobbob1016Pici: Any way I can go from ext4 to ext3, without a format?  iirc ext3 to ext2 was sort of possible15:29
Picibobbob1016: You may be able to mount the drive as ext3, but I'm unsure if this is possible if the drive was created as ext4.15:30
bobbob1016Pici: Kernel upgrade maybe then?15:30
EagleScreenI am not sure if you can mount ut again as ext3 after mounting as ext415:31
EagleScreena kernel upgrade is recomendable for ext415:31
bobbob1016I'll do that after I finish going from 4.2.2 to 4.2.415:32
bobbob1016Any suggestions on a kernel version, or just the latest?15:32
EagleScreenbobbob1016: KDE 4.3 will be released before the month ends, it will become with many fixes15:32
=== kb is now known as Guest17784
EagleScreenbobbob1016: are you using some module from linux-restricted-modules?15:33
bobbob1016EagleScreen: Not that I know of, I'd check but just finishing the download of the 4.2.4 packages.15:33
EagleScreenbobbob1016: if you do not use restricted drivers in linux-restricted-modules package, you can try doenload and install linux-2.6.30 packages from Debian Sid repository15:34
bobbob1016EagleScreen: Restricted drivers as in my Nvidia driver?  That is all that I'm using I can think of.15:35
EagleScreennvidia restricted driver comes in Ubuntu inside linux-restricted-modules package15:36
bobbob1016EagleScreen: I'm actually running 185, iirc 180 is the latest in the ubuntu repos.15:37
EagleScreenhow did you installed 185?15:38
* Smurphy probes for channel police ...15:38
bobbob1016I tried via the installer, had problems, then I found a repo that had it.  It listed it as 180 but the "version info" or whatever in synaptic said "185really"15:39
bobbob1016I'm not sure what you're asking.  I'm running 18515:40
seelehi! i'm having trouble with my mouse in Jaunty. It's doing weird double clicking things and is quite annoying15:41
seelei'm not sure how to fix it15:41
EagleScreeni want to know what package or packages did you install, nvidia-glx-180?15:41
visheshHi, I'm having a slight problem with a bash script I've written. Could anyone help me with it ?15:42
EagleScreenseele: did you try rebooting?15:42
Smurphyvishesh: yes. You have it online somewhere ?15:42
bobbob1016EagleScreen: I didn't install any packages.  I added a repo, and did an upgrade.  The upgrade called it 180 but it is actually 18515:42
EagleScreenbobbob1016: okay all clear15:42
visheshUhm No .. but it's just 6 line. So I can post it here ?15:42
=== william is now known as Guest97215
Smurphyvishesh: The Channel police won't like it ...15:43
EagleScreenvishesh: use pastebin to paste the script15:43
Smurphyvishesh: send as PM -> /msg Smurphy etc. ...15:43
=== thunderstruck is now known as gnomefreak
EagleScreenbobbob1016: restart KDE to use fully KDE 4.2.415:44
crakhi all15:44
seeleEagleScreen: yes, this is a persistent problem15:44
EagleScreenseele: do u use mouse or touchpad?15:45
seeleEagleScreen: mouse15:45
bobbob1016EagleScreen: I'm planning on it.  Just waiting for the file transfer to finish, 106gig of 109.9gig15:45
EagleScreenseele: when did it start?15:46
seeleEagleScreen: when i installed jaunty ;)15:46
EagleScreenseele: after any update?15:46
seelei did updates via apt-get as soon as i installed15:46
visheshSmurphy: Here : http://pastebin.com/m5ec17a3015:46
seeleso i dont know if it existed before updates or not15:46
Smurphyvishesh: Yep. Looking at it. What's the problem now ?15:46
EagleScreenseele: try: $ sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg15:47
visheshSmurphy:  the output files are usually blank.15:47
Smurphyvishesh: What do you want to achieve with it ?15:47
visheshSmurphy:  It's written in the comments.15:48
Smurphyvishesh: Ah- I see what the issue is. You work on the file you modify and want to write back to it.15:48
visheshSmurphy:  Yes.15:48
Smurphyvishesh: you have to use a temp-file for that. write to a tmp-file first, the move the tmp-file to the original.15:48
visheshSmurphy: Then delete the orignal and rename the temp ?15:49
visheshSmurphy: Alright. Thanks15:49
Smurphyvishesh: no. easier. mv $k.tmp $k ;)15:49
Smurphyvishesh: of course - mv -f $k.tmp $k ;)15:49
bobbob1016EagleScreen: 4.2.4 seems faster, I'll post back here if I get that issue again.15:51
EagleScreenbobbob1016: you will have KDE 4.3 in 11 days15:52
Smurphyvishesh: Works here if I change the sed-line to:15:52
bobbob101611 or 7?  The end of the month is 7 days, unless that was a typo when you said end of the month.15:53
visheshSmurphy: I'm just trying it out.15:53
Smurphysed 's:^#include.*"\(.*\)":#include <\1>:' $k > $k.tmp15:53
visheshSmurphy: Yes it does.15:53
Smurphyand add a line after it with: mv -fv $k.tmp $k15:53
Smurphyvishesh: it's the problem of the Henn and the Eg. Which one is there first :D You modify a file you are reading, but are also writing to the same file at the same time :D15:53
EagleScreenbobbob1016: which repository have you used to update to 4.2.4?15:54
seeleEagleScreen: yay.. x doesnt work anymore15:54
visheshSmurphy: Yea, I guess so. Thanks a lot. It's working fine now.15:54
bobbob1016EagleScreen: Last thing, I added the repo from the channel header, where is the authentication key.  "deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/ppa/ubuntu jaunty main"15:54
Smurphyvishesh: You're welcome. :)15:54
EagleScreenseele: then how are you here?15:54
visheshSmurphy: :-)15:55
seeleEagleScreen: irssi :P15:55
seele(and a different computer, heh)15:56
EagleScreenseele: what error does X gives you15:56
seeleEagleScreen: how do i find that out? i just have a login prompt15:57
robert__hi, I'm running karmic. I just did an dist-upgrade and somehow following packages were removed15:57
EagleScreenbobbob1016: i think is this: http://keyserver.ubuntu.com:11371/pks/lookup?op=get&search=0x2836CB0A8AC93F7A15:57
robert__root@lati:~# apt-get dist-upgrade15:57
robert__Reading package lists... Done15:57
robert__Building dependency tree15:57
robert__Reading state information... Done15:57
robert__Calculating upgrade... Done15:57
FloodBotK2robert__: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.15:57
robert__The following packages will be REMOVED:15:57
EagleScreenrobert__: are you running amd64?15:58
robert__can someone help15:58
robert__EagleScreen: yes, I'm running amd6415:59
EagleScreenfour KDE4.3 RC3 packages are still building for amd64, it cause the removal of the other packages in the upgrade by dependecies unmetted15:59
robert__ah ok. so if keep my system running until than and install them at this point I'm fine again16:00
EagleScreenrobert__: wait for some hours, the remaining packages will be uploaded soon, then unstall kubuntu-desktop package again and done16:00
robert__will do so16:01
EagleScreeni mean, install kubuntu-desktop16:01
EagleScreenseele: login prompt is good, you can do things16:01
EagleScreenseele: xorg is failing to auto detect your graphics card16:02
seeleEagleScreen: ok.. what do i need to do16:03
EagleScreenseele: do u know what is your graphics card model?16:03
seeleEagleScreen: just that it is nvidia16:04
EagleScreenseele: can you remember if it uses restricted driver?16:05
seelei used jockey to configure the non-free drivers if that's what you mean16:05
EagleScreenseele: you havge to configure it again in jockey16:08
seeleEagleScreen: that's fine, at this point i just want x working again16:09
seeleit would be nice to have a working mouse too.. but a window manager is more important at this point ;P16:10
EagleScreenseele: login in the promt with your habitual user and password16:11
EagleScreenand try running $sudo jockey-text16:11
seelei dont have jockey-text, just jockey-kde16:12
seelecan we revert back to the default free driver and then i can configure the non-free driver after it works again?16:12
EagleScreenseele: if you dont have free driver now.. what do u have activated now?16:13
seeleEagleScreen: i dont know.. i just rang the dpkg xorg reconfigure thing you told me16:13
seelei had the free driver before i did that, i dont know if that is what is trying to be loaded or not16:13
EagleScreenyes, that command re-auto-detect hawadware and reconfigures it16:14
EagleScreenseele: try $startx16:15
seeleno go.. "no screens found"16:15
seele"Unable to find a valid framebuffer device"16:15
EagleScreenseele: try $sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phight xserver-xorg and later $stratx16:16
=== jipang_menjerit is now known as jipangOffline
seeleah heh.16:19
seeleEagleScreen: so the first screen of the config tool says that "its pretty safe to say yes to this option" .. it's not.16:19
seeleI had said yes to use kernel framebuffer device interface and i guess that was the problem16:19
EagleScreenare X running again?16:20
EagleScreenuse jockey if you have to change your graphics driver16:20
EagleScreenand how is the mouse?16:21
seelestill has the double click problem16:21
EagleScreenyou shoud probe another mouse16:21
seelehow do i do that?16:22
EagleScreenunplug your mouse, look for another mouse and plug in it16:23
EagleScreenand, seele, go to #ubuntu-x for this kind of issues, it is a better place16:23
seeleso the jockey driver thing said to reboot and now x doesnt work again!16:24
* seele puts her head in her hands16:24
EagleScreenseele: what did you do with kockey?16:25
seeleEagleScreen: enable my nvidia driver16:25
EagleScreenenable restricted driver?16:25
EagleScreenwhich version?16:26
seele180 (recommended)16:26
EagleScreenand did it work with it before?16:26
seeleyes, it's been working for a week16:26
seele(with reboots)16:26
EagleScreenUbuntu does very strange things lol16:27
EagleScreengo to #ubuntu-x channel for help in X issues16:27
EagleScreenseele: you already know what to do to come back to free driver and have x running16:28
EagleScreenresumming: lingin in prompt; $ sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phight xserver-xorg; reboot or $startx16:29
seeleEagleScreen: sigh ok. thanks for the help16:29
seeleEagleScreen: there is no InputDevice entry in my xorg.conf16:40
hebohi i have problem with iso file , when i try to burn dvd iso image i got this error on wodim Errno: 5 (Input/output error), read track info scsi sendcmd: no error and i got same thing on k3b but on growisofs i got this error : -( /dev/sr0: media is not recognized as recordable DVD: 8 ..... any idea ?16:41
BluesKajseele, trying to edit Xorg prolly won't help you since it's tied to the HAL , and the driver is almost in kernel mode16:41
seeleBluesKaj: all the help forum stuff says to edit xorg to fix my mouse problem16:43
hebohi i have problem with iso file , when i try to burn dvd iso image i got this error on wodim Errno: 5 (Input/output error), read track info scsi sendcmd: no error and i got same thing on k3b but on growisofs i got this error : -( /dev/sr0: media is not recognized as recordable DVD: 8 ..... any idea ?16:44
BluesKajok, seele, sorry i should have scrolled up to see that it's a mouse and not a graphics driver issue16:46
EagleScreenseele: my xorg.conf is empty16:47
hebohi i have problem with iso file , when i try to burn dvd iso image i got this error on wodim Errno: 5 (Input/output error), read track info scsi sendcmd: no error and i got same thing on k3b but on growisofs i got this error : -( /dev/sr0: media is not recognized as recordable DVD: 8 ..... any idea ?16:48
BluesKaj!patience | hebo16:48
ubottuhebo: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com  http://wiki.ubuntu.com http://www.ubuntuforums.org or http://www.kubuntuforums.net while you wait. Also see !patience16:48
bazhanghebo, I was providing support in #ubuntu ?16:48
hebobazhang i know to collect much i can of soluition16:49
hebobazhang because i wait maybe two month to solve this problem and i did`t got any real solve to this problem16:50
hebobazhang so i hope to understand why im but the same problem on several channel :)16:50
bazhanghebo, its the same people in many channels; crossposting is generally frowned upon16:51
hebobazhang i use xchat so the list is not showen to me :P16:52
bazhanghebo, I have yet to receive any response to the numerous question I have asked you in regards to this16:52
bazhanghebo, ok.16:52
hebobazhang i know and i appreciate u16:53
EagleScreenhebo: you have an auto-detection problem of your hardware16:55
hebobazhang i don`t understand what u are mean, im noops sorry :S16:57
hebobazhang by the way before 1 week i tried to burn iso file on dvd and i did`t have problem16:58
bazhanghebo, thought you said you had this problem for two months16:59
hebolool 1 day for me 2 month16:59
hebobecause i have much buisness to do16:59
hebou know the colloge and what they needs :\16:59
bazhanghebo, I can't understand you; please use normal English (such as you)17:00
heboi mean i have problem that is17:00
bazhanghebo, I will repeat my questions17:00
heboand my problem i can`t write iso files on dve17:01
heboand my problem i can`t write iso files on dvd17:01
hebook thanks for help17:01
EagleScreenhebo: pastebin us the output of 'ls -l /dev'17:01
bazhanghebo, this is a DVD.iso? a linux distro or other, and if other, what is it17:01
hebokubunt dvd iso17:01
bazhanghebo, burning on which system17:02
heboalso kubuntu 9.0417:02
hebowhat the site for pastebin ?17:04
EagleScreenwww.paste.ubuntu.com ?17:04
hebook thanks17:05
hebobazhang http://paste.ubuntu.com/230729/17:05
shivek What is the command for moving multiple files ?17:06
EagleScreenshivek: mv ?17:06
EagleScreenhebo: you seem to have a DVD-RW recognised by the system: http://paste.ubuntu.com/230736/17:08
heboi know i have it17:09
shivekI know about mv but I've to type it again and again/ So I need a commad to move mutiple files at once ! , EagleScreen17:10
heboEagleScreen: but the problem is :-( /dev/sr0: media is not recognized as recordable DVD: 817:10
heboEagleScreen: i got that problem when i use growisofs17:12
heboEagleScreen: on wodim Errno: 5 (Input/output error), read track info scsi sendcmd:17:13
EagleScreenhebo: i closed the window, where is ur pastebin?17:14
heboEagleScreen: http://paste.ubuntu.com/230729/17:15
=== william is now known as Guest16197
apparlehi guys17:16
EagleScreenhebo: is your user in the cdrom group?17:16
heboEagleScreen: sorry i don`t understand u because im noobs on linux what do u mean17:17
EagleScreenthe user that you use to login17:17
EagleScreenhas to be in cdrom group to can write CDs17:18
EagleScreenlaunch kuser17:18
EagleScreenApplications -> System -> Kuser17:18
heboi can write regular such as normal cd mp3 or some thing like that17:19
heboyes cdrom in kuser17:20
EagleScreenis your user in cdrom group?17:21
EagleScreenis your DVD image well downloaded?17:21
EagleScreensis you check the md5sum?17:21
hebono i don`t know what the md5sum17:22
EagleScreenhebo: in the page where you downloaded the DVD image must be also its md5sum, it is a secuence if bits in hexadecimal17:24
EagleScreenrun $md5sum image.iso, over yout DVD image and compare the md5sum obtained with the one in the download page17:25
EagleScreenis they are not equal, the DVD is bad download17:26
hebobut before 1 week i burn same file and i did`t get any problem17:27
EagleScreenhebo: do you use ext4?17:28
EagleScreenyou have the remote possibility of a data corruption17:28
EagleScreenand did you updated any package in the system?17:28
EagleScreenany kernel-image?17:29
hebofrom 13 to 2817:29
hebowait i will show u what happen in k3b17:29
EagleScreen2.6.28-13 to 2.6.28-28?17:29
hebobut that happen maybe one month ago17:31
EagleScreenhebo: i think 2.6.28-13 is the lastest17:31
EagleScreenyou can tets with your old kernel revision17:32
TakDakNamai would like to know can i install kubuntu on my netbook?17:32
heboEagleScreen: http://paste.ubuntu.com/230784/17:32
heboEagleScreen: http://paste.ubuntu.com/230784/  that for k3b17:32
hebook i will test it17:32
heboTakDakNama: yes u can17:34
TakDakNamado i need netbook version of kunbuntu?17:35
heboTakDakNama: http://blogs.freifunk.net/?q=2008/10/28/installing_kubuntu_on_a_netbook & http://kubuntuforums.net/forums/index.php?topic=3098521.017:35
akSeyaguys, I have a problem in here: I use a Huawei modem (that's working fine), and have a DHCP server on my lan... when I'm connected on LAN, I'm not able to use internet even if the Huawei modem is connected... the DHCP server overrides the Huawei default gateway ... doesn't matter which I connect first, the LAN gateway always wins17:36
veckhow do you change the image of a destop icon?17:39
akSeyaright click it>Properties then click on the image on the window popup17:40
akSeyachoose your new icon, click OK, OK again, and be happy ;)17:40
BluesKajakSeya, excuse my confusion , exactly what kind of setup to the internet ?17:41
akSeyaBluesKaj, so, there are two.. there is a firewall server on LAN... and a 3G connection with Huawei modem17:42
akSeyawhat I need is, IF the huawai modem is connected (it's a ppp connection) then it should be default17:43
veckakSeya: is no properties when i right click an icon17:45
veckakSeya: theres a tab that says icon settings?17:46
veckakSeya: you arent using windows are you?17:46
akSeyaveck, lol17:46
veckakSeya: thought you might find that funny17:47
akSeyaveck, which kde version are you using?17:47
veckakSeya: you must be excited about the release of windows 717:47
veckakSeya: not sure how can i tell17:47
BluesKajakSeya, the firewall server is a router ? and you're trying to connect your laptop with a 3g card ?17:48
akSeyaBlueEagle, exactly17:48
akSeyaveck, fancy visual.. with a lot of "fru-frus"17:48
robert__I'm having a problem with karmic and my sound. I hear it only cracking. it worked fine with jaunty. I've a 00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 03)17:48
BluesKajwhy bother with the 3g card , just use the built in wifi17:48
robert__something know in this area, found nothing on google17:49
BluesKajrobert__, join #ubuntu+117:49
veckakSeya: should be the latest version i upgrade often17:49
akSeyaBluesKaj, does not have an wifi network here... the 3G uses the Cell provider17:50
BluesKajdisconnect the ethernet17:50
akSeyaBluesKaj, it's disconnected already..17:51
BlueEagleakseya: Happy tab-complete day.17:51
akSeyaI need both cause there is a file server on local network17:51
veckakSeya: Version 4.2.96 (KDE 4.2.96 (KDE 4.3 RC2))17:51
akSeyaBlueEagle, :D sorry about that17:52
akSeyaveck, i'm not familiat with kde4 :/ sorry17:52
BluesKajakSeya, which network manager are you using ?17:52
veckakSeya: its cool better get on that waiting list for windows 7 LOL!17:53
BluesKajhehe , BlueEagle17:53
akSeyaBluesKaj, how do I check? I think none..17:53
akSeyai configured my network on /etc/network/interfaces17:54
akSeyabut /etc/init.d/NetworkManager is enabled on boot17:54
akSeyadamn it.. i need to go..17:55
akSeyabe back later17:55
akSeyaBluesKaj, thanks for now ;)17:55
BluesKajwell, i'm not familiar with using a 3g card for internet17:55
akSeyaBluesKaj, its just a ppp connection17:55
akSeyareally need to go..17:55
akSeyac ya17:55
BluesKaj!info wicd17:55
ubottuwicd (source: wicd): wired and wireless network manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.5.9-2 (jaunty), package size 247 kB, installed size 1860 kB17:55
fg56lxI just got 99 security updates. And now after these updates I can't open Konqueror. When I try to it says "There was an error loading the module Dolphin View. The diagnostics is: The plugin 'dolphinpart' uses an incompatible KDE library (4.2.98 (KDE 4.2.98 (KDE 4.3 RC3)))" How can I fix this so I can open konqueror?18:07
BluesKajfg56lx, try  sudo dpkg --configure -a18:10
fg56lxBluesKaj: Now when I try to open it it doent give me that error, but it doesnt open either.18:12
BluesKajfg56lx, run sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude safe-upgrade , then run sudo aptitude autoclean18:14
fg56lxBluesKaj: Still nothing.18:16
BluesKajwill konq open in the runbox ?18:17
Hehohi , i have problem with dvdrw , i can`t write iso file image on dvd , i got this error from brasero : http://paste.ubuntu.com/230903/ ,, and i got this from k3b : http://paste.ubuntu.com/230869/ ...... any idea ?!18:17
fg56lxBluesKaj: No.18:17
BluesKajkonsole ?18:18
fg56lxIt opens from the konsole, I still get the error. But it does open. It's the web browsing konqueror and not the filebrowsing konqeror though.18:19
BluesKajfg56lx, you can set the browsing parameters in settings/configure konqueror18:20
BluesKajsometimes a reboot will work too despite the naysayers18:21
fg56lxIll try that then.18:21
=== root is now known as Guest82692
anoneemousehi... how do i enable compositing?18:27
anoneemousewhen i press apply for desktop effects it tells me something is wrong with x18:27
shadeslayeranoneemouse: what graphics card?18:28
=== jipangOffline is now known as jipang_menjerit
anoneemousegeforce le 730018:28
anoneemouseglxinfo gives direct rendering: yes18:28
shadeslayeranoneemouse: ok did you install the nvidia drivers?18:28
anoneemousei assumed that if direct rendering works i dont need to?18:29
shadeslayeranoneemouse: lets install the drivers shall we :),composting needs drivers...run jockey-kde18:29
anoneemouserecommended version?18:30
shadeslayeranoneemouse: latest ones18:30
* shadeslayer figures that would be the 180 ones18:30
anoneemousewhen i clicked activate i got an error18:31
anoneemouseSystemError: Failed to lock /var/cache/apt/archives/lock18:31
shadeslayeranoneemouse: are you installing something else?18:31
anoneemousecant do that ey?18:31
shadeslayeranoneemouse: then wait for it to complete.then try it18:32
anoneemouseanother question... my soundcard makes a hissy noise18:32
anoneemousewell the one does18:32
anoneemousethe other one seems fine...18:32
anoneemouseits an emu 0404 usb asio soundcard18:32
anoneemouseim amazed its even supported... but where can look into getting it to work right?18:33
shadeslayeranoneemouse: static? i think you might need to fiddle around with the sound settings on that one18:33
anoneemousewhere can i fiddle? :P18:33
anoneemousei havent used linux since redhat 718:33
anoneemouseive been using freebsd on and off18:33
shadeslayeranoneemouse: see the sound icon in the systray? right click it and select " show mixer window "18:34
kill9Hi. Im trying to update my fresh installed kubuntu system18:34
kill9but the kernel updates are blocked. how can I unblock it.18:35
shadeslayerkill9: run : sudo apt-get dist-upgrade in a terminal18:35
anoneemouseive already looked there... the only setting there is volume18:35
shadeslayeranoneemouse: did you enable all the channels?18:35
kill9thanks shadeslayer18:35
anoneemouseits only got pcm output, and then it lists the 4 asio inputs18:36
kill9Do I have to type anything for lilo or grub to work correctly after the kernel update?18:36
kill9its been awhile since Ive used linux18:36
shadeslayeroh great...i just discovered i have no output in my middle output jack18:36
shadeslayerkill9: it automatically updates grub18:36
kill9ok cool18:37
shadeslayeranoneemouse: settings > select channels18:37
kill9is there a guide or anything to make the fonts look better BIT UGLY18:38
shadeslayeranoneemouse: select all channels and try and reduce static18:38
kill9its a bit ugly i MEAN18:38
shadeslayeryayy i fixed it ><18:39
ubottuFont installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer18:40
anoneemousenothing there is helping shadeslayer18:41
anoneemousebut i ave bigger problems18:41
anoneemouselarge amounts of files are missing on my ntfs partition18:41
anoneemouseand some seem broken18:41
shadeslayeranoneemouse: hmm..well theres a program called ntfs recover...havent used it so you will need to its man pages18:42
anoneemousei just installed kubuntu!18:42
anoneemousedid it trash my filesystem?18:42
shadeslayeranoneemouse: where did you install it?? a new partition i hope18:43
anoneemousei used wubi18:43
* shadeslayer sighs18:43
anoneemousesomething wrong with wubi?18:43
shadeslayeranoneemouse: i am against wubi :)18:44
anoneemousemy dvd drive was broken18:44
shadeslayeranoneemouse: ouch...18:44
anoneemousemy windows installation is probably wasted now too18:45
shadeslayeranoneemouse: i dont have the slightest idea on how to fix your ntfs problem18:45
anoneemousei hope it didnt trash my data18:47
anoneemousegigs worth18:47
anoneemouseimportant docs, projects, music :/18:47
shadeslayeranoneemouse: i cant gurantee that it didnt18:48
anoneemouseit probably didnt18:48
anoneemousethe ntfs partition is probably mounted in some funny way or something18:48
shadeslayeranoneemouse: ive never used it,so i have no idea18:49
anoneemousetheres no wubi channel18:49
shadeslayeranoneemouse: of course not18:50
shadeslayeranoneemouse: this is all there is :)18:51
anoneemouseif my data is gone i will delete the internet18:52
shadeslayerdelete the internet?18:52
=== cata is now known as musicman
afeijoI only need the /etc/resolv.conf file to configure my dns?18:52
afeijoits not working, my machine cant find any other in the network, linux or windows18:56
musicmanyou need to configure /etc/network/interfaces18:57
phoenixzI received a PDF document of somebody, which I just opened in okular.. there are many popup notes (which dont popup by the way, I have to go to a menu, and open them, not very easy).. but they are all empty.. is this a known bug?18:58
afeijomusicman: my interfaces is configured, my machine have a static ip, with values for address, netmask and gateway18:59
anoneemousei need to reboot19:00
anoneemouseoh wait19:00
anoneemousehave to leave19:00
FloodBotK2anoneemouse: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.19:00
anoneemouseits how i talk!19:01
afeijolearn & improve19:01
afeijoI'm so glad I dont have you on msn19:01
PliskinHello :) I can't add a new location for the wheather plasmoid (the search button doesn't work), is this a bug ?19:08
PliskinI'm using KDE 4.319:09
nathanielKPliskin: in what way is the button not working? I thought the same thing at first, but turns out you have to be super-general to get a match19:11
Pliskinsuper-general ? I dont't understand :/19:11
Pliskin(my english in very bad :/)19:12
nathanielKwell, the button worked for me -- I just had to type in the name of my state instead of my tow19:12
PliskinOh, okey, thanks, I'll try that :)19:13
nathanielKso if your problem is just not getting results it may just be the search term. If the button is simply not working at all, then I can't be of much help :)19:13
nathanielKPliskin: where are you from, out of curiousity?19:14
PliskinI tried countries' names, It didn't work either :/19:14
PliskinnathanielK : I tried Morocco and France19:15
nathanielKI tried France and got matches from the BBC source19:16
nathanielKI also got hits for Morocco. Not sure what the problem is :(19:17
nathanielKI am running 4.2.x though.19:17
Pliskinwhen I click in Search, nothing happens19:17
Pliskinbut sometime, I have a strange error message19:17
PliskinnathanielK : Ok19:18
PliskinI'm running 4.3, that's it19:18
MamarokPliskin: the weather widget doesn't work well in 4.2.x19:18
smigesпривет всем19:18
PliskinMamarok : I'm running 4.319:18
Mamarok!ru | smiges19:18
ubottusmiges: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke19:18
nathanielKMamarok: it's not working for Pliskin in 4.3, and it's working fine for me in 4.2.x.19:19
Mamarokhm, didn't try that recently, let me see19:19
nathanielKPliskin: check here: https://bugs.kde.org/buglist.cgi?quicksearch=weather and file a bug report if you don't find anything relevant19:19
MamarokPliskin: which of the weather widget do you use? the LCD one works fine for me19:19
PliskinIt was buggy in 4.2, but in 4.3 I can"t even set a location19:19
PliskinnathanielK : ok19:19
smigesmy messages visible?19:20
smigesi first day of irc19:20
shadeslayersmiges: we hear you loud and clear19:21
smigeson the mean work19:22
Mamaroksmiges: do you have a question?19:23
smiges I usually take jabber19:23
shadeslayersmiges: or worse a problem with kubuntu?19:23
smigesi don't registration on #ubuntu-ru19:23
BluesKajwell then smiges , /join #ubuntu-ru19:24
francisco_tHi, I lose the services of kde. And I get a error from kded, when I try open configuration in the system setting. What can i do?19:24
shadeslayerfrancisco_t: services of KDE?19:25
francisco_tyes, for example, powerdevil, khotkeys... etc19:26
shadeslayerfrancisco_t: these do not startup by default?19:26
=== wifi is now known as Guest82437
starcraftmanAnyone know how I can stop Firefox from moving to my current desktop when I click a link in Quassel. I like to keep browser and client on separate desktops, I just want to click a link and then change desktop to see it.19:27
Pliskinstarcraftman : you can configure kwin to fix an app in one desktop19:28
francisco_tyes shadeslayer, I had a problem with suspend. I reboot the xserver, because kubuntu was frozen. And the next sessions, kded is broken.19:29
shadeslayerfrancisco_t: hm19:29
=== hfsdo_ is now known as hfsdo
starcraftmanPliskin: Can ya point me to right section of the desktop options then?19:30
shadeslayerfrancisco_t: what kde version?19:31
francisco_tshadeslayer: kubuntu jaunty 4.2.419:31
shadeslayerfrancisco_t: i cant think of anything...did you do something before kde froze?19:32
smigesмои месаги видно?19:32
Pliskinstarcraftman : right click on the window top19:32
Pliskinthen advanced19:32
shadeslayersmiges: we understand english questions only19:33
francisco_tshadeslayer: I forced reboot de xserver with ctl+alt+backspace, because kde is very very slow after wakeup from suspend19:34
smigesregistered there but can not login19:34
smigeson #ubuntu-ru19:35
starcraftmanPliskin: Excellent, thank you very much. All fixed, I just forced it to the desktop it was on.19:35
smigesi use /nickserv smiges <password>19:35
shadeslayersmiges: isnt it /msg nickserv19:36
Pliskinstarcraftman : you welcome :)19:36
francisco_tshadeslayer: I created a new user to test, and kde load perfectly... maybe is a problem in my .kde/ setting?19:36
shadeslayerfrancisco_t: idk..you could try deleting /.kde,that would reset everything in KDE19:37
francisco_t:( all my settings lost? Is there some log-boot for kde?19:38
shadeslayerfrancisco_t: back it up then...rename it to kde_backup19:38
smigesbut says that I have come to this nickname, but to write it i can't19:38
francisco_tshadeslayer: I'm going to try, thanks.19:39
smigeswho speak russian?19:39
shadeslayersmiges: i think you need to talk to the ops about your problem19:39
smigesshadeslayer: what is it?19:41
shadeslayersmiges: hold on one sec19:41
shadeslayersmiges: ok type /join #ubuntu-irc19:42
shadeslayerMamarok: is the key for the backports PPA not working??19:51
Mamarokshadeslayer: nope, works fine here19:51
shadeslayerlike via the command line...sudo keyserver thing19:51
Mamarokit hasn't changed s19:52
shadeslayerMamarok: my friend cant seem to be able to add the key via the cli method19:52
Mamarokshadeslayer: probably a typo19:53
shadeslayerMamarok: same command worked here...19:53
Mamarokan alternative way is to download the key with kgpg19:53
shadeslayerMamarok: ok,ill have him do that,though i doubt he has kgpg19:54
Mamarokshadeslayer: that should be installed in Kubuntu, normally19:54
Mamarok!info kgpg19:54
ubottukgpg (source: kdeutils): encryption utility for KDE 4. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.2.2-0ubuntu2 (jaunty), package size 955 kB, installed size 2052 kB19:54
noquinhobom dia19:54
noquinhotudo bem19:54
Mamarok!pt | noquinho19:54
ubottunoquinho: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.19:54
Mamarokyou are welcome :)19:55
shadeslayerMamarok: sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 8AC93F7A : command to get keys right?19:58
shadeslayerooh..he finally added the key19:59
veckhow do I preview the usplash without restarting my pc?20:00
shadeslayer!usplash | veck20:00
ubottuveck: To select the usplash artwork you want, use "sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so && sudo update-initramfs -u" - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplashCustomizationHowto for adding your custom artwork20:00
dbglthi guys, is there a way to get my wireless network to connect at startup/bootup, ie, not to be dependent on the gui? It's waiting for Network Manager applet now to connect, which is frustrating (using KDE 4)20:03
veck_shadeslayer: yeah whats the terminal command to preview my current usplash?20:04
Fanfare_veck_: so, did u get kttsd to actually speak?20:04
shadeslayerveck_: its there in the wiki...though i guess sudo usplash in a tty will work too20:04
veck_Fanfare_: no not yet still working on it20:04
shadeslayerveck_: i think the option is sudo usplash -c20:05
darthanubisanyone get 4.3RC3 from the backports yet?20:05
Mamarokshadeslayer: second20:05
veck_shadeslayer: thnx very much i was typing sudo-usplash20:05
veck_Fanfare_: well do i need to install mouth or something else to get it to work20:06
Mamarokgpg --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv 2836CB0A8AC93F7A20:06
shadeslayerMamarok: oh he finally added it.. thanks anyways :)20:06
Mamarokshadeslayer: you are welcome :)20:06
Pliskindarthanubis : yes :)20:06
veck_Linux Rules!20:07
darthanubisPliskin: I'm not getting any updates using the main server?20:07
PliskinNo :)20:07
PliskinUbuntu is not a Rolling Release distro20:08
shadeslayerveck_: man pages to the rescue ;)20:08
Fanfare_veck_: u need a Text-To-Speech-system like festival20:08
veck_Fanfare_: ok I sry havent read the link you gave me yet20:08
darthanubisPliskin: what?20:09
darthanubisare you talking to me?20:09
Fanfare_veck_: its described in kttsd handbook20:09
darthanubiswho said anything about a rolling release distro?20:09
veck_Fanfare_: ahh have to check it out20:09
darthanubisI asked about the kde4.3rc3 being in the backports20:09
Pliskindarthanubis : you're not getting kde 4.3 from the official repo because ubuntu is not a rolling release distro20:10
darthanubisPliskin: lol, fial20:10
Mamarokdarthanubis: not yet20:10
Pliskinand yes RC3 is in the bakcports repo20:10
darthanubisPliskin: know what your talking about before typing20:10
Mamarokin the backports PPA20:10
Mamaroknot the jaunty-backports20:11
darthanubisI know20:11
darthanubisI was just asking if anyone has gotten it yet20:11
MamarokPliskin: please be precise, those are very different repos20:11
darthanubisI know WHERE to get it20:11
Mamarokdarthanubis: yes, RC3 is running here20:11
darthanubisMamarok: Thank you20:11
PliskinMamarok : yes I meant the backports ppa20:11
Mamarokdarthanubis: yaw :)20:11
Pliskindarthanubis : I already said I was running RC3 :)20:12
darthanubisMamarok: strange I am not getting any updates20:13
Pliskinand I think I know what I'm talking about, btw20:14
darthanubisI'm running RC2 so I know I have the correct ppa setup...20:14
shadeslayerim getting RC3 updates20:14
darthanubisthat garbage spewed about a "rolling release" was nonsense20:14
darthanubisand unsolicticed20:14
Mamarokdarthanubis: your question was about the main server, and there are no updates on the main server, unless it is a rolling release20:15
darthanubisMamarok: which server do you use for your apt?20:15
Mamarokhence the answer was correct20:15
veckFanfare_: I believe festival is install allready how can I tell for sure20:15
darthanubisno that was NOT my question20:15
darthanubis[15:05] <darthanubis> anyone get 4.3RC3 from the backports yet?20:15
=== ejat is now known as e-jat
darthanubisof course i did not mean the regulat backports but the PPA backports20:16
shadeslayerMamarok: quick question,will the firefox from the firefox website work fine ? or should my friend install via apt?20:16
PliskinI answered to that questin first20:16
Pliskinthen you asked about the main repo20:16
Pliskinand i answered again20:16
darthanubisshadeslayer: install via apt, why not?20:16
Pliskinso please when someone take the time to answer, be polite20:16
MamarokPliskin: please20:16
shadeslayerdarthanubis: he installed via the site..20:16
darthanubisthe main repo question was not about the repo, it was about the main server20:16
Fanfare_veck: simply try to reinstall with          sudo apt-get install festival festival-voice20:16
Mamarokdarthanubis: indeed, let's stay polite, we are all volunteers here20:17
Fanfare_veck: if it is installed , it tells u20:17
darthanubisshadeslayer: that was uneccasry20:17
Mamarokso can we end that nitpicking on both sides, please?20:17
shadeslayerdarthanubis: unfourtunately he has already installed...how do i remove it now20:17
darthanubisyou call it nitpicking, which is a pety description, I call it accuracy20:17
Mamarokdarthanubis: update your sources, you will get the RC3 packages if you have the backports PPA activated20:17
Mamarokconsider this closed20:18
veckFanfare_: http://pastebin.com/m7ada8b4920:18
darthanubissources are updated every time synaptic or adept or apt-get update is ran, and no updates have appeared hence why I started this line of inquiry to begin with20:18
coynederhi everyone...whats the etiquette here? is there anything besides the FAQ i'm to read before i ask a question?20:19
darthanubisI'll consider it closed once I have resolved my issue thanks20:19
Mamarokcoyneder: read the topic, please20:19
Mamarokcoyneder: also, this is a support only channel, discussion goes to #kubuntu-offtopic, and of course, the COde of Conduct applies in all *ubuntu channels20:20
Fanfare_veck: ok, festival-voice was just a guess ... festival is installed20:20
Mamarokcoyneder: but of course yu can ask support questions anytime :)20:21
veckFanfare_: so were do i find it ?20:21
Fanfare_veck: find and start kttsmgr in K-Menu20:22
coynederwhen i try to install kompose apt-get can't find the package even though i've set it to universe...does it simply no longer exist as a supported program?20:22
Mamarokcoyneder: that's a strange command20:23
veckFanfare_: ok it started up20:23
Mamarokit should read sudo apt-get install <packagename>20:23
coynederi mean i do this:  sudo apt-get install kompose20:23
Mamarok!info kompose20:23
ubottuPackage kompose does not exist in jaunty20:23
Mamarokwell, this is an old KDE3 application IIRC20:23
coynederthats fine20:23
coynederi'll stop trying to find it since it isn't findable20:24
Mamarokwhat does aptitude show kompose tell you?20:24
coynederlet me do that20:24
MamarokI can't find it, what application is it?20:24
coynederunable to locate package kompose20:25
=== Quintasan__ is now known as Quintasan
Fanfare_veck: if it does not show a config dialog rightclick on the new icon in taskbar and select configure20:25
Fanfare_veck: afk 1 min20:25
Mamarokcoyneder: the last relase was for KDE 3.2, that's very, very old...20:26
Mamarokyou can install it, but I don't recommend it, as it will need very old Qt packages20:26
Mamarokcoyneder: which version of Kubuntu do you run?20:26
coynederno i'd rather not20:27
coynederi was looking for the most updated version but if the ujpdated version is that old i'll do without20:27
coynederi'm on jaunty20:27
Mamarokcoyneder: I think you should go for the task manger in Kontact20:27
Fanfare_veck: in config dialog choose 2nd tab "speaker" or similar20:27
coyneder*shrug* i really like Expose on OS X and was hoping to get its equivalent here20:27
veckFanfare_: not showing a new icon in taskbar20:28
coynederbut if i can't my world won't end haha20:28
darthanubisOk I see the new pages on the page20:28
Mamarokcoyneder: well, there is enough choice out there :)20:28
Fanfare_veck: did it show a config dialog?20:28
darthanubisbut I think the problem is my transparent proxy giving me cached pages to apt20:28
shadeslayerbye guys and gals....20:28
darthanubiswhat is the command to have apt circumvent the proxy?20:29
veckFanfare_: no it trys to start up then disapears20:29
coynederthanks for your help mamarok! later everyone20:29
Mamarokdarthanubis: what do you mean?20:29
Fanfare_veck: hm, try running    kttsmgr   in console20:29
Mamarokyou can just add the sources to your /etc/apt/sources.list: deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/backports/ubuntu jaunty main20:30
Mamarokand add this key to your keyring:20:30
darthanubisI'm behind a web proxy transparent, and I believe apt is not pulling the new kde4 packages because of it20:30
Mamarokgpg --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv 2836CB0A8AC93F7A20:30
darthanubisMamarok: dude, of course I've done that20:30
Mamarokdarthanubis: no, I think you just need to install the key20:30
darthanubisthat is the first thing I did upon install to get the RC2 running20:31
Mamarokoh, didn't see your last answer, sry20:31
darthanubisI have the repo installed correctly, but can't seem to get updates to upgrade20:31
MamarokI can't help you there, not savvy in proxy stuff, sry20:32
darthanubisThis is just so weird20:32
veckFanfare_: cannot seem to figure out how to run it from command20:32
veckFanfare_: kdesudo kttsmgr20:32
Fanfare_veck: u dont ned sudo for the manager!20:33
Fanfare_veck: in konsole try pstree -p | grep tts to see whats already running...20:34
darthanubisgot it!20:35
darthanubisMamarok: had to clear the web proxy cache as I suspected20:36
veckFanfare_: http://pastebin.com/m5dac0b6a20:36
Fanfare_veck: uh man thts definately running :-)20:38
veckFanfare_: how do i get it to speak20:38
Fanfare_veck: clean up some prozesses         sudo killall kttsd          sudo killall festival           sudo killall kttsmgr20:39
dwidmannIs anyone around familiar with ddrescue? It seems to have hung on me at "Splitting Error areas" after it has "finished"20:39
veckFanfare_: ok killed some procs20:40
Fanfare_veck: now lets first test festival20:41
Fanfare_veck: echo "Hello World" | festival --tts20:41
veckFanfare_: ok20:41
veckFanfare_: says cant open desktop20:42
Fanfare_veck: hm?20:42
veckFanfare_: http://pastebin.com/m34b063d320:43
Fanfare_veck: ok, u have a prob with sound! /dev/dsp is a sound device...20:44
Fanfare_veck: do u have sound at all?20:44
veckFanfare_: yes i have sound20:46
Fanfare_veck: ok, wait one min, checking. festival wants OSS devices, but i guess u use ALSA...20:47
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veckFanfare_: ok did it again and it said somthing that time20:48
Fanfare_veck: ???20:49
veckFanfare_: sry i had another app running20:49
Fanfare_veck: ok20:49
Fanfare_veck: good then20:49
veckFanfare_: now were getting somewere20:50
Fanfare_veck: echo "Hello World" | festival --tts    works now...20:50
veckFanfare_: yes20:50
aliamhey guys20:50
Fanfare_veck: :-) Hail open source :-)20:50
veckFanfare_: lol20:50
veckFanfare_: what do we test now20:50
aliamsince i installed kde 4.3 rc all gtk apps crash when opening the file picker in my home directory20:51
Fanfare_veck: could u please give output of       pstree -p | grep tts   again20:51
veckFanfare_: yeah ive seen simular programs like this for windows that cost thousands of dollars20:51
Mamarokaliam: file picker?20:51
Fanfare_veck: not getting to kttsd and kttsmgr20:51
veckFanfare_: nothing came up20:52
Fanfare_veck: good20:52
aliamthe file dialog, for example when you are about to upload a file20:52
Mamarokaliam: and which RC are you talking about, RC3 I guess?20:52
Mamarokaliam: you mean the file manager?20:52
aliamMamarok: yes rc3. this happened also with rc220:53
aliamMamarok: i really dont know ho its called, sorry.20:53
aliamfile dialog, file picker, file manager20:53
aliamsomething like that20:53
Mamarokaliam: file manager, called dolphin20:53
aliamno its not dolphin20:54
Mamarokwell, what then, how do you start it?20:54
aliamits the dialog in gtk apps20:54
Fanfare_veck: start in konsole         kttsd20:54
Mamarokoh, don't know that20:54
Pliskinthe file manager dialog20:54
aliamwhen i try to upload a file with firefox this dialog appears20:54
Mamarokaliam: you should use the one in KDE20:54
Mamarokoh, the dialog, now I understand :)20:55
aliamMamarok: sure but i dont know how20:55
Pliskinin firefox, you can choose to not use the gnome one20:55
Mamarokaliam: nope, firefox is a gtk application, so it uses this dialog only20:55
Pliskinin about:config20:55
Fanfare_veck: then start in konsole         kttsmgr20:55
MamarokPliskin: well, that never worked for me20:55
aliamMamarok: ok, this always worked until kde 4.320:56
veckFanfare_: ok nothing happened20:56
brewmasteri just upgraded from kubuntu intrepid to jaunty, and now sound doesn't work for anything (mp3s, mythtv, avis, etc) except for the intro music when i first log in20:56
brewmasterany ideas on how to fix this?20:57
Mamarokaliam: well, I haven't tested everything yet, you could try and move your ~/.kde/ folder and start KDE again20:57
Fanfare_veck: could u please give output of       pstree -p | grep tts   again20:57
Mamarokbrewmaster: you need to install the codecs20:57
veckbrewmaster: try right clicking the speaker icon and open kmix turn up volume20:57
veckFanfare_: shows both apps20:58
brewmasterMamarok: i have ubuntu-restricted-extras already installed20:58
aliamMamarok: the whole folder? is this dialog affected by this folder?20:58
Pliskinaliam : you can try to change ui.allow_platform_file_picker to false20:58
Fanfare_veck: good, now go to systemsettings in K-Menu20:59
aliamPliskin: yes i already did that, but all the other apps dont work20:59
Fanfare_veck: accessibility20:59
PliskinOh, I thouht you use only firefox, sorry :/20:59
veckFanfare_: ok20:59
brewmasterveck: the volume is at max20:59
brewmasterveck: the log in music plays fine, and the "test" works when I go into system settings21:00
aliami also noticed that the dialog doesnt crash when it starts in any other folder that my home dir21:00
Fanfare_veck: in accessibility there should be something like speechoutput...21:01
brewmasterif I try to play an mp3 with mplayer from the command line, i get this: http://pastebin.ca/1506097 and it hangs after outputting that last line and i hear nothing21:01
Fanfare_veck: select tab speaker21:01
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veckFanfare_: dont see speachoutput anywere21:04
Fanfare_veck: how are the both pages called?21:04
veckFanfare_: accesability and text to speach21:05
Fanfare_veck: :-) then sure select Text to speech, as thats what we want to configure :-)21:06
veckFanfare_: kk21:06
Fanfare_veck: select tab speaker21:07
Fanfare_veck: are there any speackers listed? delete all!21:07
veckFanfare_: dont see speakers21:08
Fanfare_veck: second tab, maybe called talkers or so... remember i have german KDE here...21:08
veckFanfare_: yup21:09
Fanfare_veck: remove all talkers listed if any...21:09
veckFanfare_: ok done21:09
Fanfare_veck: now press Add..21:10
Fanfare_Language: English , Synthesiser: festival Interactive21:11
veckFanfare_: wich synthysizer should i use21:11
veckFanfare_: ok21:11
Fanfare_veck: select that talker and edit21:11
veckFanfare_: allright21:12
Fanfare_veck: press Test Button lower right21:13
veckFanfare_: nothing21:14
dirag03ubunto can not show youtube can any one help im new linux21:14
Fanfare_hm, does it show a list of voices?21:14
veckFanfare_: no only one21:15
Fanfare_what path is set in first inputbox?21:15
dirag03ubunto can not show youtube can any one help im new linux21:17
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Fanfare_dirag03: did u install medibuntu repos?21:18
Fanfare_dirag03: !medibuntu21:18
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org21:18
dirag03thanx alot i ll try it now21:19
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about mediabunto21:19
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about medibunto21:19
Fanfare_veck: what path is set in first inputbox to festival?21:19
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org21:19
veckFanfare_: /usr/bin/festival21:20
Fanfare_veck: show me result of               dpkg-query -l *festival*21:21
veckFanfare_: http://pastebin.com/m6a254b0f21:22
Fanfare_veck: please install              sudo apt-get install festival-freebsoft-utils21:23
Fanfare_veck: what setting do u have in tab Audio ?21:24
compilerwriteris there a specific channel for those of us using wubi?k21:25
compilerwriter!wubi | compilerwriter21:25
ubottucompilerwriter, please see my private message21:25
veckFanfare_: KDE phono21:26
Fanfare_veck: ok, change that to use alsa!21:26
veckFanfare_: sweet test worked that time21:27
veckFanfare_: thank you for helping me with this by the way21:28
Fanfare_veck: on the talkers config page there is a checkbox to "load voice/talker on startup" i dont know what it does, so play with it.21:28
Fanfare_in kate there is a module to talk text typed in there ....21:29
Fanfare_and konqueror has a module to talk webpages, but be careful i think its brocken it talks HTML not the text IIRC21:29
Fanfare_veck: make sure "activate TTS" is checked in tab general21:31
Fanfare_veck: and show tts in systray should be checked too21:31
veckFanfare_:  ok thnx again ill play with it some more over the next few days21:31
Fanfare_veck: ur welkome and test www.simon-listens.org too21:32
vbgunzkopete keeps complaining about adding myself? but I cannot find myself in my own buddy list? whats up?21:32
=== kozz_ is now known as kozz
Xnet0vbgunz: what IM network are you trying to connect to? WIndows live??21:34
Xnet0nick a21:34
Xnet0nick "a21:34
=== Fanfare_ is now known as help
=== help is now known as Fanfare
vbgunz_kopete never fully exits anymore?21:36
JavaTheJHutvbgunz_: ive had that same problem also. I've never found the solution to it.21:37
vbgunz_JavaTheJHut: I think I found the add myself complaint... try exposing empty groups *as* you shouldn't see yourself as an offline user like that *I think*21:38
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flavioinstalei a versão 6.10 no desktop. alguém sabe com faço pra atualizá-la?22:02
shadeslayerflavio: i believe 6.10 is eol22:03
shadeslayer!eol | flavio22:03
ubottuflavio: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates for an Ubuntu release stop. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases22:03
Captain_Haddock!br | flavio22:04
ubottuflavio: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.22:04
Captain_Haddockanybody know why there hasn't been an update for Ktorrent in Jaunty? It's still at 3.2.1 whereas the latest bugfix release is 3.2.2 (which looks to be avialable in karmic)22:05
shadeslayeri have 3.2.122:06
flavioyes. i saw. the 6.10 is EOL. that is the only version that i could intall22:07
flavio<ubottu> thanks!22:07
elitrouit's a bot, flavio :)22:08
flavio<elitrou> Sorry, but what is that "bot"?22:09
elitrouflavio: it's not a human, it's a script, programmed to respond on certain triggers22:10
real_atehello! i possibly made a little bit of a hasty dicision there a second ago. I just installed the KDE 4.3 RC but i'm having problems22:11
real_ateIts not program problems its actually packaging problems22:11
real_atedpkg is exiting with an error code 122:11
real_ateso i'm only getting part of the update22:12
real_atealso : trying to overwrite `/usr/lib/libkephal.so', which is also in package kdebase-workspace-bin22:12
real_ateany suggestions ?22:12
elitroureal-ate: have you tried to do sudo aptitude reinstall kde-workspace-bin?22:12
flavio<elitrou>  Ok! thnaks!!22:13
elitrouflavio: you're welcome22:13
real_ateelitrou: kdebase-workspace-bin is already the newest version.22:13
flavio<elitrou> by the way....do you know something about Error5 - Input/Output devices during kubuntu installation?22:14
Captain_Haddockshadeslayer: yes, I have 3.2.1 as well.. why isn't there an update to 3.2.2? It was release on 1st June.22:14
real_atedo you mean uninstall? there is no "reinstall" command22:14
shadeslayerCaptain_Haddock: i also have a svn version i use for kde-nightly,but no idea on the upgrade22:14
shadeslayerCaptain_Haddock: maybe theyre busy with the RC?22:15
elitroureal_ate: do you try apt-get or aptitude?22:15
* real_ate read that wrong22:15
Captain_Haddockshadeslayer: well, it's already available for karmic.22:15
shadeslayerCaptain_Haddock: that is irrelevant22:16
Captain_Haddock(and it's a bugfix release.. so it's probably more straightforward)22:16
Captain_Haddockshadeslayer: why, exactly?22:16
shadeslayerCaptain_Haddock: because something that works in karmic might not work in jaunty22:16
real_ateelitrou: i don't think this is the problem... i can't do any of this because it is asking me to uninstall all the other kde stuff i just installed22:17
Captain_HaddockSure, but the compile script hasn't changed from 3.2.1 to 3.2.2.. There must be some other "administrative" reason behind it22:17
elitroureal-ate: does it mentions any dependency problems?22:17
shadeslayerCaptain_Haddock: dunno22:17
real_ateelitrou: http://pastebin.com/d53f05fca22:19
real_atewtf!!! its working now!!!!22:20
avihayumm, I need some help. I tryed to upgread from 8.4 to 9.4, the upgread process faild, I tryed dpkg a few times, it managed to install most packages. I tryed to reboot, and bam, It won't load the root filesystem22:20
elitroureal_ate: it's a dark magic:)22:20
shadeslayeravihay: you cannot upgrade to 9.04 from a 8.04 LTS install22:20
* real_ate quite used to dark magic22:21
* real_ate is a developer22:21
shadeslayeravihay: you need to reinstall all over again,thats why LTS releases are different from ' Normal ' releases22:21
real_ateKDE 4.3 come to papa!!!22:21
avihayit tryes to load the root filesystem by UUID, and I'm starting to belive that it's because /dev/disk/by-uuid isn't working22:22
avihayshadeslayer: maybe I mixed a few versions up, it was probebly 8.04 to8.1022:22
shadeslayeravihay: you can only go from 8.04 to 10.0422:23
ikoniashadeslayer: you can go from 8.04 to 8.1022:24
ikoniashadeslayer: you can upgrade to non-lts releases.22:24
shadeslayerikonia: i thought 8.04 was LTS22:24
avihaywell, if I in initramfs, if I ls /dev/disk/by-uuid, I don't see my root hdd's uuid, only the others22:24
ikoniait is22:24
shadeslayerikonia: really? i thought LTS meant you can only upgrade to the next LTS22:24
shadeslayerthen i guess its  8.04 to 8.10 then to 9.0422:25
Dragnslcrshadeslayer- Kubuntu 8.04 wasn't an LTS anyway22:26
shadeslayerDragnslcr: what!22:26
avihayguys, you be missing the issue!22:27
flaviodoes anyone knows something about Error5 - Input/Output devices during kubuntu installation?22:33
Davieyflavio: could be bad media?  CD.. try reburning?22:33
flavio<Daviey> i did that, but the problem still extis22:35
avihayI think that the last CRT monitor in the house is on it's last legs... sigh22:36
=== Zeina is now known as rmaues
elitrouflavio: did you check the md5sum?22:40
hagisbasherukHis folks , just installed Kubuntu Netbook Edition , had a few crashes after boot on X so did the customary apt-get update/upgrade , all looked well on reboot but when desktop splash screen came up it faded away to black screen with no task bar , X is still running so i installed Xchat and Windows r fine22:58
hagisbasherukso seems to be problem with taskbar and desktop only22:59
noquinhohow can i back after i press crtl+alt+f1 ???22:59
shadeslayernoquinho: ctrl+alt+F722:59
noquinhoi always turn of because i never knows back23:00
hagisbasheruknow you do :P23:00
elitrouhagisbasheruk: try to boot into recovery mode and auto-fix graphic file23:00
hagisbasherukokay ;) brb , thanks elitrou23:02
noquinhowhere i find portuguese channel?23:02
elitrounoquinho: i'm not sure there is one23:03
noquinhocomo eu faco apos instalar envynv-gtk ??23:05
noquinhoi need install my nvidia23:05
noquinhoi instaled already envynv-gtk23:06
noquinhobut i dont know what to do now23:06
avihaynoquinho: what is the two letter short for portuguese?23:07
avihaynoquinho: and you need to run envy, it should guid you thorugh the driver install process23:13
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veckHow do I create a shortcut to wine C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Wow.exe23:25
=== musicman is now known as cata
=== cata is now known as musicman
avihayveck: where, desktop, folder, or Kmenu?23:26
hagisbasheruksudo apt-get update the apt-get upgrade --fix-missing seems to have resolved some problems , i now see desktop YAY !!23:29
veckavihay: desktop folder23:31
hagisbasherukthanks to who pointed me in the right direction but i saw no fix-graphic in recovery menu23:31
elitrouhagisbasheruk: you need to scroll it down to see it23:31
hagisbasheruki did23:31
elitrousounds strange - it's the last option i have on my list23:32
hagisbasherukanyway thanks , it made me think :)23:32
hagisbasheruklet me check again , i have just done some updates , brb rebootin23:33
veckavihay: /home/david/Desktop/World of Warcraft/Wow.exe23:33
avihaygo there with a file manager like dolphin23:34
avihayright click on an empty area, and select create new->link to application23:35
veckavihay: empty area on my desktop?23:37
ScuniziI'm running kub. Jaunty in a vbox vm.. the auto updater said there were updates that wouldn't process so I went to the terminal and did update, upgrade and dist-upgrade to capture the kernel updates.. doesn't kubuntu prompt for a reboot on a kernel upgrade? if it does it seems I don't know where to look.23:39
ScuniziAH HA23:40
Scunizinevermind.. I found it.. :/23:40
dave_30how do i add startup programs? is there an app to make it simple?23:41
avihaydave_30: sinaptic, as simple and strightforward as it comes23:41
hagisbasheruknope , i dont have fix-graphic on Kubuntu Netbook Edition on recovery menu elitrou23:42
avihay!synaptic | dave_3023:42
ubottudave_30: synaptic is Ubuntu's Graphical Package Manager. For a good howto see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticHowto23:42
Captain_Haddockdave_30: system settings -> advanced -> autostart23:42
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avihayok, sory, I misread there23:43
veckavihay: did you forget about me23:44
veckavihay: patience is a virtue23:45
avihayare you looking at your desktop, or at your dektop through dolphin?23:45
veckavihay: both23:45
veckavihay: there is no shortcut to wow on my real desktop so i have to open it with dolphin and loanch it every time23:46
avihayif your looking throug dolphin, you can go to file->create new->link to application23:46
avihaya dialog box will appear23:46
Captain_Haddockveck: if you have it in KMenu, you can just drag it to your desktop.23:47
Captain_HaddockWine usually adds program icons in a Wine folder (IIRC)23:48
avihayin the application tab there is a text box23:48
veckavihay: there is no file/create new application23:48
avihayyou canenter the wine "c:\...      ....exe" there23:48
veckavihay: theres a file create new directory23:49
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avihayfile, create new link23:49
veckavihay: so you are saying that in dolphin to click on the file tab at top and create new link?23:51
avihayit's called link to application23:52
avihayunder the create new menu, of the file menu in the menu bar of dolphin23:52
avihayI'm trying to find an image online, but no luck so far23:53
veckavihay: there is nothing in dolphin file tab called create new menu23:54
veckavihay: sry misunderstood you i found it23:55
vlt1Hello. I have some corrupt files in /usr/ and /lib/ -- Any idea how to repair them? What command can I run after chrooting to the root fs?23:57
veckavihay: ok now how do i find the location or path to the file?23:58

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