mwhudsonthumper: it's all implemented but as up until the rollout, branches deleted on production would create deletion jobs scheduled for right now, it's not running yet00:00
thumpermwhudson: so what should we mark the spec?00:01
mwhudsonthumper: i guess the "deployment" status it's in is about right00:01
mwhudsonthumper: move it to 2.2.8 and i'll set it to implemented when the cronscript is set up?00:01
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mthaddonanyone able to review https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mthaddon/lp-production-configs/bug-287304-staging-logrotate/+merge/9097 for me?00:07
pkernAll those private branches ;-)00:09
wgrantIndeed :(00:10
wgrantFortunately all new ones are public.00:10
ChauncellorCongrats on the open source! :)00:10
ChauncellorI'm very happy00:11
mwhudsonpkern: a lot of the old branches are stacked on old-format versions of trunk, and as they're mostly merged anyway, they're probably not very exciting00:13
mwhudsonand yes, you're not getting to see our production config :)00:13
mwhudsonmthaddon: done00:14
mthaddonthx mwhudson00:14
blueyedIs Karmic supported soon as a dev platform? I've gotten various errors while doing the rocketfuel-setup.00:24
lifelessthumper: I think you may be confused about bug 39056300:25
ubot3Malone bug 390563 in bzr "overly large delta creation when fetching from 2a repositories" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39056300:25
wgrantblueyed: LP needs Python 2.4, which Karmic doesn't love. A port to newer Pythons is in progress.00:25
thumperlifeless: probably00:25
lifelessthumper: its not affecting lp any more, not since you cherrypicked the first stage fix weeks ago00:25
thumperlifeless: ok, so fix released for us then00:25
lifelessthere will be a follow on patch, but its corner cases, not common, and you can just wait for a release for that.00:26
* mwhudson wonder if there's anything we can really do to make 'make schema' less of a hog00:33
wgrantmwhudson: Please please please.00:33
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DavieyI was _more_ suprised how much the bzr co process took more tbh00:45
DavieyOn both RAM and cpu00:45
lifelessthats a bug00:46
lifelessand filed as such00:47
lifeless(in bzr)00:47
Davieyoh :)00:47
lifelessbzr does much better streaming, but the expected load was high so we made lp checkouts use http for the release period00:48
lifelessmwhudson: speaking of which, should we disable the hot spot now?00:48
mwhudsoni guess so00:49
wgrantThe HTTP checkout really didn't work too well.00:49
lifelesswgrant: it did00:51
lifelesswgrant: we had a single component in the DC fail, but that was the same as failed saturday so was fast to fix00:51
wgrantIt lightened the load, sure.00:51
wgrantBut I mean for the users.00:51
lifelesswgrant: and after that we spiked up to *time times* our normal request rate00:51
wgrantIt's reasonable that you did it.00:51
wgrantNot bad.00:52
lifelessnow, many of those are probably due to the [major] bugs in bzr to do with 2a and http00:52
lifeless*I* think we would have handled it on bzr+ssh with no problems00:52
lifelessbut, that wasn't load tested,and we had load tested http00:53
* wgrant will be interested to see how swift a checkout is over bzr+ssh.00:54
mwhudsonit took me ~an hour last time i did it00:58
Davieywget + tarball would be even quicker :)01:00
mwhudsonthumper: after all that, i'm not sure stub's concerns are valid01:00
thumpermwhudson: really?01:00
lifelessmwhudson: an hour? that seems long01:00
mwhudson(but i've beefed up my tests)01:00
thumpermwhudson: stub's concerns seemed entirely reasonable to me, and I'd be kinda surprised if they were off01:01
mwhudsonlifeless: i was getting ~40 kbytes/s01:01
thumperI think that the tests may have problems duplicating multiple database connections01:01
mwhudsonthumper: i'm surprised too01:01
mwhudsonthumper: the default isolation level is READ COMMITTED for scripts though01:01
mwhudsonthumper: and given that i don't write to the db, i fail to see how that is different from AUTOCOMMIT01:02
mwhudsonthe storm cache issue i'm less clear on, but i can't make anything break because of it01:02
mwhudsonthumper: actually, it's clear the storm cache doesn't matter01:03
thumperI'm going to have to defer to stub on the connection stuff01:03
mwhudsonthumper: we never create a Branch object01:03
thumperah ha01:03
thumpercunning plans01:03
mwhudson2009-07-24 00:06:32 INFO    '/~sabdfl/applets/wabble/' -> 'http://localhost:8080/~sabdfl/applets/wabble/' (0.001703s, cache: MISS)01:06
mwhudson2009-07-24 00:06:39 INFO    '/~sabdfl/applets/wabble/' -> 'http://localhost:8080/~sabdfl/applets/wabble/' (0.000180s, cache: HIT)01:06
mwhudsonso not sub ms for hits, but not bad01:07
mwhudsongrr, not sub ms for misses01:07
mwhudson(will be a bit slower in the dc i guess)01:07
thumpermwhudson: still better than 100 or 500ms01:07
mwhudsonthumper: yes, definitely01:07
mwhudsonalso, in main.log:01:08
mwhudson[2009-07-24 12:06:32.534 NZST] branch-rewrite@launchpad_dev LOG:  statement: SELECT Branch.id, Branch.unique_name FROM Branch WHERE Branch.unique_name IN (E'~sabdfl', E'~sabdfl/applets', E'~sabdfl/applets/wabble', E'~sabdfl/applets/wabble/') AND Branch.private = false01:08
mwhudsonwhich is nice an minimal, i think01:08
lifelessmwhudson: so thats 320kbits, whats your link capable of?01:12
mwhudsonlifeless: what?01:13
mwhudsonmost isps in nz don't limit you, it's determined by distance to exchange01:14
mwhudsoni get 1 megabyte/s to nz.archive.ubuntu.com on good days01:14
mwhudsonnever internationally though01:14
lifelessnot today01:14
lifelessbut we need to debug this01:14
lifelessthe python DVCS eval had issues too, and we didn't figure it out01:15
mwhudsonlifeless: maybe i'm just pessimistic, i don't really expect to get much more than that to london01:15
mwhudson(on good days i do, but not every day)01:15
lifelessmwhudson: it streams01:17
mwhudsonlifeless: i meant, over any link01:17
mwhudsonnot bzr+ssh specicif01:17
mwhudsonspm: guess what!  jelmer rebased dulwich again :)01:18
lifelessmwhudson: We should find out why you get that behaviou01:18
mwhudsonnot now though01:18
spmmwhudson: do you think it'd be abuse of power if I suspend jelmer's launchpad account? just asking. no reason. hypothetically.01:19
lifelessjelmer: ^ :P01:20
mwhudsonlaunchpad/bzr.dev builder seems to be working, yay01:25
* mwhudson lunches01:31
jelmerspm: (-:01:31
spmjelmer: I was joking? :-P01:32
matsubarabug 66602:11
ubot3Malone bug 666 in malone "can't file a bug on Ubuntu" [Medium,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/66602:11
mupBug #666: can't file a bug on Ubuntu <Launchpad Bugs:Invalid> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/666>02:11
mupBug #666: can't file a bug on Ubuntu <Launchpad Bugs:Invalid> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/666>02:11
mupBug #666: can't file a bug on Ubuntu <Launchpad Bugs:Invalid> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/666>02:11
thumperwe shouldn't have two bots here :)02:12
matsubarayeah, I vote for keeping mup and let ubot3 go02:12
marsmwhudson, we are on AMI launchpad-ec2test11 now?02:56
mwhudsonmars: i think so02:56
* mars watches the script blow up again02:57
marswe really need a library for this stuff02:57
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EdwinGrubbsjml: ping02:59
marsEdwinGrubbs, I think he is on leave today02:59
EdwinGrubbsmars: that's sad03:01
EdwinGrubbsthumper: ping03:01
thumperEdwinGrubbs: hi03:02
mwhudsonyes, jml shouldn't be allowed to go on leave03:03
EdwinGrubbsthumper: hi, I was wondering if you knew if people use the feature of the BranchPopupWidget where it will create a mirrored branch if you enter in a url with the hostname?03:03
thumperEdwinGrubbs: it was asked for, and implemented03:04
thumperpersonally I'm not a big fan of it03:04
EdwinGrubbsthumper: I'm in the process of converting all instances of the PopupWidget to use the ajax Picker, and I wanted to verify that I had to keep that functionality.03:05
thumperEdwinGrubbs: yes, I'd say keep it for now03:06
marsthumper, btw, found a bug in the Popup widget that links branches to bugs03:08
marsthumper, it returns a launchpad.dev URL from the AJAX request03:08
thumpermars: please file a bug :)03:08
marsbesides that, works beautifully :)03:08
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EdwinGrubbsthumper: do you know if there are any existing tests that exercise that feature? All the +linkbranch pagetests that I found just pass in the identifier for an existing launchpad branch.03:11
thumperEdwinGrubbs: the code team is very fond of unittests :)03:12
thumperEdwinGrubbs: I'm certain it'll be tested somewhere03:12
marsironic that I just timed out three times in a row trying to view jml's branches page03:15
marsthumper, bug 40383903:19
ubot3Malone bug 403839 in launchpad-code ""Link to a bug report" feature returns a launchpad.dev URL" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40383903:19
mupBug #403839: "Link to a bug report" feature returns a launchpad.dev URL <ui> <Launchpad Bazaar Integration:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/403839>03:19
mupBug #403839: "Link to a bug report" feature returns a launchpad.dev URL <ui> <Launchpad Bazaar Integration:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/403839>03:19
mupBug #403839: "Link to a bug report" feature returns a launchpad.dev URL <ui> <Launchpad Bazaar Integration:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/403839>03:19
marsbot barf03:19
thumpermars: ta03:21
* wgrant boggles.03:37
wgrantRC changes aren't having much luck this release.03:37
wgrantdb-devel r8318 has another extra unintended change.03:38
marsanother one?03:38
wgrantrocketfuel-get is broken again.03:38
marsodd, db-devel isn't listed on https://code.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad03:40
marsah, it's just the mainline03:41
marsas are you - that is two this release03:42
wgrantYes. That doesn't normally happen, does it?03:42
marsthumper, ^ should we rc-unbreak rocketfuel-get?03:42
marswgrant, no, this is quite odd03:43
wgrantI can't find an MP for that branch, so I am wondering if it showed up in the diff or not.03:43
ajmitchgreat, so I managed to popular bin/ by removing the i18n section in buildout.cfg which was giving me version conflicts on hardy03:44
ajmitchhow is rocketfuel-get broken today?03:45
wgrantajmitch: Same as last time.03:45
marsthe same glitch as before snuck into a release-critical landing03:45
wgrantThe fix was accidentally RC-reverted.03:45
* ajmitch doesn't know what broke it last time03:46
thumperwhat's broken?03:47
* wgrant kicks loggerhead.03:47
wgrantAh, there we go.03:47
marsthumper, rocketfuel-get, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~launchpad-pqm/launchpad/db-devel/revision/831803:48
wgrantthumper: Observe http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~launchpad-pqm/launchpad/db-devel/revision/831803:48
thumperhow'd that happen?03:50
marsno idea03:50
mwhudsonwgrant: woops03:50
marsthat is the second one I've seen this release though03:50
* thumper shakes his head03:50
thumperI'm pleased I don't use the rocketfuel scripts :)03:50
marsboth issues came in via db-devel rc landings03:51
marswhich is quite strange03:51
mwhudsonthat's reverting the fix from http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~launchpad-pqm/launchpad/db-devel/revision/830403:51
wgrantmwhudson: Right.03:51
mwhudsoni guess bong merge conflict resolution again?03:51
marsmwhudson, ?03:52
mwhudsonmars: someone merged from trunk, got conflicts in rocketfuel-get and resolved them incorrectly?03:52
mwhudsonit's a theory03:52
marsthe other one killed some app links in sourcecode/, but it appears the test suite somehow missed it.03:54
ajmitchvictory, I have launchpad running on the laptop even with a hacked buildout04:15
wgrantajmitch: Why did it need hacking?04:16
ajmitchbecause there was some version conflict in getting z3c.recipe.i18n, so I thought I'd see how far I'd get by disabling that04:17
ajmitchto my surprise I've got it running04:17
thumperajmitch: did you have a copy of lp-launchpad-dependancies as ./download-cache?04:17
ajmitchthumper: yes04:17
mwhudsonwee, basically all the codehosting tests fail with bzr.dev04:17
thumpermwhudson: I saw that there were some failures04:17
thumpermwhudson: what's changed this time?04:18
mwhudson50 failures, 19 errors04:18
mwhudsonnot sure yet04:18
mwhudsonargh, of course it's the acceptance tests so the failures are useless04:18
ajmitchthumper: I won't pretend to know why buildout failed, apart from that I'm running on hardy, not jaunty04:19
ajmitch& that I'd rsynced branches from my desktop previously04:20
mwhudsonbecause these tests weren't run out of an actual egg, there is no file at /home/buildbot/slaves/launchpad/bzr/build/bzr.dev/EGG-INFO/scripts/bzr04:20
lifelesseggs are such a heinous invention04:21
wgrantThe new license headers in current(-dev).sql have to be added manually and make 'make lint' whine. Should newsampledata be fixed to add them, or should they be removed?04:27
marslifeless, so you are a pip fan then?04:27
lifelessmars: I'm a deb an04:29
lifelessdeb and source04:29
lifelesseither install normally04:29
* thumper hurls04:38
thumperI've just seen a truely (sp?) ugly page04:38
thumperand the worst bit is - I think I wrote it04:39
wgrantThere are a few around.04:39
mwhudsonthumper: truly04:39
thumpermwhudson: I was tossing up whether or not to add the "e"04:40
thumperbut neither looked right to me04:40
thumperI just suck at spelling04:40
mwhudsonenglish is ridiculous04:40
mwhudsonthumper: want to review a branch that will work better at this?04:45
thumperbetter at what?04:45
mwhudsontesting against bzr.dev04:45
thumpermwhudson: sure04:46
thumperhere's an unrelated question04:46
thumperwhen "fixing" a bug on a page04:46
thumperand you notice something "wrong"04:46
thumperhow hard should I resist fixing the "wrongness"?04:46
mwhudsonalmost always better to do it in another branch, i'd say04:48
lifelessthumper: if you have time for yak shaving, shave the yak04:48
lifelessthumper: I'd do it in a separate thing to be reviewed, to be nice to the reviewers04:49
mwhudsonthumper: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mwhudson/launchpad/bzr.dev-help/+merge/923404:52
lifelesshow do you unassign via email05:31
spm"dear losas, pls to be doing XYZ. kthxbye" ???05:32
wgrant  assignee nobody05:32
thumperthanks wgrant05:32
lifelessI so want to create an account nobody now05:33
ajmitchit's not a reserved name?05:33
lifelesswgrant: you're sure about this?05:33
lifelesshttps://help.launchpad.net/Bugs/EmailInterface needs an update if True05:33
wgrantlifeless: It's there...05:34
lifelessoh ugh05:34
wgrantThere was a Person named nobody ages ago.05:34
wgrantBut it got renamed.05:34
lifelessthere are two sections on assignee05:34
lifelesshttps://help.launchpad.net/Bugs/EmailInterface#Assigning%20and%20targeting%20the%20bug <- seems very confused05:35
wgrantlifeless: It's shown in the reference, but not the short introduction. Seems reasonable.05:36
lifelesswgrant: the short intro links to 'affects' not 'assignee'05:36
lifelesswhich makes one think that the short intro is all there is05:36
lifelessthanks though05:37
* thumper just deleted two page templates \\o/05:43
thumpermwhudson: want to review a branch where I clean up the codereviewcomment +fragment and +macro views to use services/comment +render?05:45
thumpermwhudson: it is pretty boring05:45
thumpermwhudson: good for a friday afternoon :)05:45
thumpermwhudson: I'm just running all the branches stories to make sure I didn't break anything05:46
thumpermwhudson: tested locally :)05:46
mwhudsonthumper: boring sounds good05:47
thumperoh FFS05:47
thumper_someone_ keeps playing with sample data05:48
thumperno, just a failure since I've not done "make schema" in a while and someone added Sample Person to another team05:49
mwhudsonthat's sucky05:51
* wgrant finds a bug in the malone email interface, thanks to lifeless' "assignee nobody" email.05:51
wgrantlifeless: It didn't announce in the email or activity log that you had added a launchpad-code task. Very odd.05:56
lifelessI _really_ want a 'change what this task affects'05:57
lifelessrather than adding a task05:57
lifelessif you do that, Jelmer and I will be extremely happy05:57
sanxiynMaybe a bit late, but congrats on open source!05:57
spivsanxiyn: it's never too late to be loved!05:57
wgrantlifeless: That doesn't seem too hard. I wonder if it would be better to have a command that takes two args, or a command to follow the 'affects' that reassigns the current task.05:58
sanxiynNow I can stop evangelizing how evil Launchpad is and how bad Canonical is. Thanks.05:58
sanxiyn(Been doing that for last couple years.)05:58
lifelesswgrant: reaffect <new product.05:59
lifelessor someting05:59
ajmitchaffects instead05:59
wgrantlifeless: retarget?05:59
wgrantAlthough I guess that's not the UI term.05:59
lifelessit should be:P05:59
wgrantIt's in the webservice API.06:00
thumpermwhudson: I'm just pushing the branch up now06:01
thumpermwhudson: although I'm about to EOD06:01
thumpermwhudson: shall I bother to assign the review to you?06:01
thumpermwhudson: or just wait till Monday06:01
mwhudsonthumper: oh assign it to me06:02
mwhudsonthumper: it might wait until monday, but i'll probably slog through it06:02
thumperbzr sending now06:02
thumpermwhudson: sent06:10
thumpersanxiyn: so you like Launchpad now?06:14
sanxiynthumper: I should try it, and then I would be able to tell :)06:15
sanxiynthumper: I like e.g. tracking of bugs in remote bug trackers. (That's why I am a contributor to Debian's bts-link.)06:15
* thumper doesn't know much about debian06:16
sanxiynthumper: http://bts-link.alioth.debian.org/06:16
wgrantThe BTS is the Debian Bug Tracking System06:17
sanxiynAnd bts-link is a component of that system that can track remote Bugzilla, Trac, GForge, RT, whatever.06:17
* thumper EODs06:17
wgrantnoodles775: Hi.08:04
noodles775Hi wgrant :), Congrats on getting your MP approved!08:05
wgrantnoodles775: Thanks.08:05
wgrantnoodles775: Are there any designs for the new DSP page with its version listing yet? Bug #144620 would probably be fixable in the redesign.08:05
ubot3Malone bug 144620 in soyuz "Some displayed sourcepackagerelease changes files don't have attribution" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/14462008:05
mupBug #144620: Some displayed sourcepackagerelease changes files don't have attribution <Soyuz:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/144620>08:05
mupBug #144620: Some displayed sourcepackagerelease changes files don't have attribution <Soyuz:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/144620>08:05
mupBug #144620: Some displayed sourcepackagerelease changes files don't have attribution <Soyuz:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/144620>08:05
wgrantOh dear.08:05
noodles775wgrant: Only what's in those images attached to the blueprint... I think bigjools is keen for us to work on the DSP refactoring asap...08:07
noodles775wgrant: I'm just looking at the new 3-0 style refactoring (and having a go at applying it to the archive-index)08:07
wgrantnoodles775: I also don't really like the elimination of the D(S)BP(R) pages. They're very useful for looking at the sometimes complicated histories.08:08
noodles775wgrant: The idea (which may not be clearly expressed) is that the pages would still exist, but not be needed when the user has JS on.08:08
wgrantnoodles775: Ah, I see. That is fine, then.08:09
noodles775wgrant: ie. that info would be available on the DSP page (after drilling down), but would still need to be there for non-js browsers.08:09
wgrantSome of the info isn't appropriate for the DSP page.08:09
wgrant(eg. BPRs with the same name but from a different source)08:10
noodles775Why would a BPR that wasn't from that source be displayed on the page?08:10
noodles775ah, I see08:11
wgrantnoodles775: It wouldn't, which is a good reason for the DASBP page to exist. Otherwise I can't find the history of what the name mapped to.08:11
noodles775wgrant: Hmm... it'd be great to capture these as stories on the spec, could you add one?08:12
* noodles775 checks the (practically empty) spec08:12
wgrantnoodles775: Under Use Cases?08:12
noodles775wgrant: yep08:12
noodles775wgrant: just add any positive or negative use cases, we can evaluate them when we've collected lots.08:13
wgrantnoodles775: Sure.08:14
adeuringgood morning08:19
noodles775Morgan adeuring08:19
adeuringhi noodles775!08:19
mrevellMorning :)09:21
bigjoolsmorning all09:27
wgrantMorning bigjools.09:28
bigjoolshey wgrant09:28
henningewhat is that page again that shows all of the used icons on launchpad?10:00
wgrant /+graphics10:01
henningewgrant: cheers10:01
jtv1mrevell: morning!10:14
mrevellhey jtv1!10:14
=== jtv1 is now known as jtv
mrevelljtv: I'll just get a cup of tea, if that's ok10:15
bigjoolsthunderstorm alert here, I might go netless any time10:15
mrevellbigjools: really?10:15
jtvmrevell: sure, I'll have one too thanks10:15
bigjoolsmrevell: yes, my power goes out usually10:16
mrevellbigjools: Wow but I'd still rather live in Kempsey, heh10:16
bigjoolsmrevell: the house next door is up for sale :)10:17
mrevellbigjools: interesting -- PPA and Soyuz help whenever I want it :)10:17
bigjoolsmrevell: I have guard dogs, barbed wire and feral children10:18
mrevell:) I bet I have more dogs10:18
bigjoolsi used to be able to say I had more children :)10:20
mrevelljtv: Skype or IRC sir?10:22
jtvmrevell: I think irc for this one, since it's all in writing... good way to throw notes at each other :)10:23
mrevelljtv: sounds great10:23
jtvmrevell: I sent you an email with the text I have.10:23
mrevelljtv: I have it here, I'll read it then PM you10:23
jtvmrevell: perfect10:23
* jtv reaches for coffee10:23
=== henninge_ is now known as henninge
deryckMorning, all.11:02
bigjoolsI'm really sad that my new Dell Mini 10v, with Ubuntu pre-installed, has got a key with a Windows logo on it :/11:39
noodles775bigjools: wierd?11:44
noodles775Maybe canonical could provide Dell with similar keys?11:44
andrea-bsadeuring, Hi! May I ask you a question?11:56
adeuringandrea-bs: sure :)11:56
andrea-bsadeuring, thanks for your review for my branch "blueprint-whiteboard-diffs"; what should I put instead of 72 for get_unified_diff()?11:57
adeuringandrea-bs: nothing ;) As Björn pointed out, my question about the diff formatting was a a bug in the review.11:58
andrea-bsadeuring, oh, sorry... I should read all the comments before asking :)11:59
adeuringandrea-bs: no prblem ;)11:59
wgrantWho owns canonical.zeca?12:00
bigjoolsgood question, cprov-afk  do you know?12:02
cprov-afkwgrant: foundations, I guess12:03
cprov-afkwgrant: ideas ?12:03
cprov-afkwgrant: or bugs ?12:04
stubIsn't that the GPG thingy used by Soyuz?12:04
stubI don't think anyone in foundations has ever messed with it...12:04
wgrantcprov-afk: I needed a keyserver.launchpad.dev, so I patched it to work properly. Previously IGPGHandler would be unable to re-get keys from it. http://williamgrant.id.au/f/1/2009/zeca-get-key-id.diff is the ugly patch, and I wonder what to do.12:05
stubOr knows enough Portuguese to even understand what the name means :-P12:05
wgrantcprov-afk: it works fine for tests, because the IGPGHandler survives for the whole test.12:05
wgrantBut that patch makes it work for real stuff as well.12:06
cprov-afkwgrant: the patch is fine, why do you need zeca on a production-like environment ?12:09
wgrantcprov-afk: I needed a local keyserver to verify signatures (process-upload, CoC), and zeca is close enough that it was easier than setting up a proper one.12:11
cprov-afkwgrant: right, but it would only work for a fixed set of keys12:12
wgrantcprov-afk: No. It accepts uploads.12:13
* mrevell is off to grab some lunch12:14
=== mrevell is now known as mrevell-lunch
cprov-afkwgrant: jeez, it does !! I wrote it...12:15
wgrantcprov-afk: Haha.12:15
wgrantIt has been a while, I imagine.12:15
cprov-afkwgrant: the patch is okay. Doesn't hurt, really, but you need tests. I can help you in one hour or so.12:17
wgrantcprov-afk: I was going to write tests, but I couldn't work out how to run the existing ones.12:19
cprov-afkwgrant: `./bin/test -vv -t canonical.zeca`12:23
wgrantcprov-afk: Ah. I missed the -t - lp.* don't need it :(12:25
wgrantcprov-afk: Thanks.12:25
cprov-afkwgrant: np12:25
bigjoolscprov-afk: jeez that is an old file12:29
* gmb => afk for a bit.12:41
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bigjools-afkwgrant: your config change is affecting the tests for some reason, tests that refer to keyserver.ubuntu.com are failing12:46
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wgrantbigjools_: Oh, blah. I see testrunner's conf extends development's.12:48
* wgrant overrides it in testrunner's conf.12:48
wgrantbigjools_: Which tests were they?12:49
bigjools_I wish I had a complete list, I just had a power outage after running the test suite for 2.5 hours >:(12:50
bigjools_but grep is your friend12:50
bigjools_gpghandler.txt and foaf/xx-person-rdf.txt12:50
bigjools_at least12:50
bigjools_and xx-ubuntu-ppas.txt12:50
wgrantYep. Rerunning tests mentioning keyserver.ubuntu.com now...12:51
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bigjoolswgrant: I am going to lunch, comment on the MP when you're done13:00
wgrantbigjools: Pushing now.13:00
wgrantbigjools: All those tests pass now.13:00
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maxbrocketfuel-setup configures a "merge_target" line in ~/.bazaar/locations.conf - I cannot find any mention of this configuration item in the Bazaar User Reference, nor in google. Is it a typo?13:08
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allenapmaxb: I think it's for the lpreview plugin. Which I don't use and don't really remember anything about, but it's probably safe if you leave it or remove it.13:27
bacgood morning sinzui.  when you get a chance could you look at https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-registry/+faq/567.  the last sentence of the second paragraph is confusing to the point i don't know what you're saying.13:27
sinzuiyes that is awkward13:28
sinzuibac: Did I fix it?13:32
sinzuireload the page13:32
* bac looking13:35
bacsinzui: yes that is better.  i understand what you are saying but not why.  the trusted team is set up to not get any email.  are you saying the team will miss legitimate, non-bug email sent to the team?13:38
bacmaxb: i do use the lpreview plugin and i have my merge_target set the same as my submit_branch.13:40
sinzuiI am saying that launchpad developers are idiots. They made mailing lists impossible to to use, then they turned subscriptions into teams. Setting up this recipe requires EVERY user to get his subscription setting right. The project owner most certainly get complaints.13:41
bacsinzui: ah, i see.13:44
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sinzuibac, Should I put that into the FAQ too?13:45
bacsinzui: was the way i characterized it a suitable subset of what you really meant?13:45
baci think, perhaps, we should not include your real version.  :)13:45
sinzuibac: I am sorry, this recipe is a little different than I recall. since we are not relying on a list, I think the sentences can be dropped13:49
* sinzui updated the FAQ again and drinks more coffee13:50
bacsinzui: i wish we could grow an option for the team to just not get email rather than providing a legitimate but unused one.13:50
sinzuibac: we need to take a hammer to teams and subscriptions to ensure their are no ambiguities in how they are used. Each may exist for access-control or communication, but neither works well if it is used for both purposes.13:53
thekornhow can I reset the database of my launchpad instance to the default values?14:00
wgrantthekorn: make schema14:01
thekornok, I thought there is something simpler than this14:01
salgadothekorn, there is14:05
salgadothekorn, createdb -E UNICODE --template=launchpad_dev_template launchpad_dev14:05
salgadofirst you'll need a dropdb launchpad_dev, though14:06
thekornok, cool, noted for the next time14:06
bacsalgado: hmm, that doesn't look simpler...14:06
salgadobac, good point, but it's a hundred times faster. :)14:07
thekornit depends on the definition of "simpler"14:07
bacoh, well,yeah.14:07
mrevellabentley: Hi, I see you were the last person to edit https://dev.launchpad.net/DatetimeUsageGuide -- there's a similar but longer document here -- https://launchpad.canonical.com/DatetimeUsageGuide ---- is there anything on the old launchpad.c.c wiki version that should be on the dev.lp.net version, in your view?14:18
marsgood morning launchpad!14:21
abentleymrevell: I'm not sure how this happened.  I think the canonical.com version is more useful.14:24
mrevellthanks abentley14:24
marsthekorn, if you are curious and want to play with the db, check database/schema/Makefile14:27
marsthere are targets in there for doing things like creating the launchpad_empty database, and 'make diagram'14:28
BjornT_mars: can i get your opinion on this patch? https://pastebin.canonical.com/20291/14:29
barryabentley, mrevell i haven't looked closely, but the c.c version should be merged into the l.n version14:29
BjornT_mars: or tell me who's the best person to review it14:29
sinzuibarry, bac, Edwin, salgado: standup in 2 minutes14:30
BjornT_mars: it's to prevent the bug page from temporarily showing the 'subscribe someone else' picker when loading, causing the beginning of the page to be focused14:30
marsBjornT_, hmm, I'd refer you to sinzui or noodles77514:30
BjornT_mars: ok, no worries14:30
marsBjornT_, that is an interesting way to fix it then14:31
BjornT_sinzui, noodles775: can you take a look at this patch? https://pastebin.canonical.com/20291/14:31
* noodles775 looks (just on phone)14:31
marsis that even a valid value for 'visible'?14:31
BjornT_mars: i think it should be ok, since there's a hide() further down, so it should be hidden. i assumed 'visible' should be a boolean, shouldn't it?14:31
sinzuivisibility: <visible|hidden>14:32
sinzuiBjornT_: Are you using an unsupported value to take advantage of a CSS engine's weeknes?14:33
BjornT_sinzui: i'm not passing a CSS value there. it's an JS attribute14:33
sinzuiBjornT_: I see, thank you for clarifying this14:35
marsBjornT_, sorry, it didn't click in.  You'll have to test it14:35
marsat the Berlin sprint, we found some strange interactions with the 'visible' attribute14:35
marsif it works, then cool14:35
bachi mrevell14:36
mrevellhi there bac14:36
bacmrevell: if you don't need my help on feedback moderation any more could you remove me from the owners?14:36
BjornT_mars: it doesn't seem to be causing any problems. do we use the picker anywhere else, apart from on the bug page?14:36
BjornT_sinzui: ^^^14:36
mrevellbac sure thing, gimme a mo14:37
noodles775BjornT_: I've used the person picker for archive subscriptions (/~user/+ppa/name/+archivesubscriptions)14:38
noodles775BjornT_: I'll send you a script that will set one up for you.14:38
BjornT_noodles775: cool14:39
mrevellbac sorted14:41
gmbOoh, pretty.14:42
* gmb just discovered bin/test -c by accident14:42
marsgmb, ever tried '-D' ?14:44
gmbmars: No, what happens then? Does it Dance?14:44
bacgmb:  wow, -c gives me limegreen on my blue background.  u-g-l-y14:45
marsno, it just dumps you into a pdb console at the exact point where the test raised an exception or failure.14:45
gmbExcept it's a pagetest, so maybe not so much.14:45
gmbbac: Eww.14:45
* gmb has a traditional black background with white text as standard.14:45
marsa bit more annoying for pagetests.  You need to up-frame a bit14:46
mars'u<ret><ret><ret>' at the prompt14:46
gmbBjornT_: Question: w.r.t removing +filebug-advanced (or at least making it redirect to +filebug) there are tests that ensure that clicking on 'Advanced bug reporting options' on a +filebug page will maintain any blob tokens passed to +filebug. Those tests are obviously not relevant now, but are there any cases in which a blob token would be submitted to +filebug-advanced? Should I worry about tokens when redirecting to +filebug?15:17
BjornT_gmb: no, that shouldn't be an issue. afaik, nothing is linking to +filebug-advanced passing along a blob token15:19
gmbBjornT_: Cool.15:19
BjornT_noodles775: did you send that script?15:19
* gmb like excising tests15:19
noodles775BjornT_: sorry, not yet (just replying to an email). I'll have it in 3 mins :)15:20
BjornT_noodles775: ok, no worries :)15:20
noodles775BjornT_: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/230555/15:25
sinzuikiko: jml added it some time ago. We did not have a rule to link lp: to a bug, so there was no conflict for him to see15:29
bachi salgado15:29
kikosinzui, that's fine, as long as it actually works15:29
kikosinzui, and I think there's no conflict -- if it's lp:3213 then it's a bug; if it's lp:foo then it's a project branch15:29
salgadohi bac15:29
sinzuikiko: right. I was going to file a bug to the affect that the linker needs more specific rule15:30
bachi kiko:  the branh i landed yesterday with your RC accidentally reverted a small fix to rocketfuel-get.  you can see it here:  http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~launchpad-pqm/launchpad/db-stable/revision/831815:35
backiko:  do you want me to correct that in db-devel now or wait until PQM opens and fix it in devel?15:36
BjornT_noodles775: thanks. the ppa page still works :) can i get an r=you for that patch?15:36
bacmatsubara: when are we doing the re-roll-out?15:37
noodles775BjornT_: So it's just the lp widget using visible=False as a default right? And you've grepped/tested any other uses of the widget in LP? If so, r=me15:38
noodles775BjornT_: actually, why does the default for the widget need to be set to false? Why can't the bugs page that uses it create the widget passing in false? (maybe I missed that before?)15:39
kikosinzui, sounds perfect15:39
ursula_sinzui, hi15:39
barrylosa ping15:39
sinzuihi ursula_15:39
kikobac: why did your branch revert that?!15:39
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BjornT_noodles775: well, we would basically need to pass it as false everywhere it's used, no?15:40
Ursinhasinzui, I'm not able to access +milestones page, it's timing out consistently on edge and lpnet15:40
matsubarabac, don't know yet15:40
backiko:  i did a merge before submitting and it must've come from the wrong branch15:40
Ursinhasinzui, I just filed a bug for it, bug 404120, could you take a look, please?15:40
ubot3Malone bug 404120 in launchpad-registry "Timeout in +milestones page" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40412015:40
mupBug #404120: Timeout in +milestones page <timeout> <Launchpad Registry:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/404120>15:40
mupBug #404120: Timeout in +milestones page <timeout> <Launchpad Registry:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/404120>15:40
mupBug #404120: Timeout in +milestones page <timeout> <Launchpad Registry:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/404120>15:40
Ursinhasomeone need to tell ubot3 to leave15:40
matsubarasinzui, can you fix that timeout for the re-roll?15:41
sinzuiUrsinha: matsubara: no15:41
kikobac, hmph, please read your diffs carefully before you submit, that's pretty bad15:42
kikoUrsinha, matsubara: does anybody else have an RC branch to land?15:42
matsubarakiko, it'd be nice to have that timeout fixed ^15:42
sinzuimatsubara: Ursinha: well, I cannot fix the page, but I can look into not showing bug counts. like we did on the +series page. They are expensive to get since there is a privacy check for each one15:42
kikosinzui, you could load the bug counts via ajax like the bugs page does, maybe even reusing that code?15:43
matsubaramthaddon, when's the deadline to submit code for the re-roll?15:43
sinzuikiko: indeed that is why I said no at first. I engineered the templates to let me do it via AJAX., but I need more time to write a script that uses it15:43
kikomthaddon, I don't think we will re-roll at all unless I see good reason15:43
noodles775BjornT_: I thought most call-sites created it with visible=false for that reason... I'm just not sure whether there is a YUI standard default for visible.15:44
* noodles775 looks15:44
kikomatsubara, ^^15:44
matsubarakiko, are we not going to re-roll 8314..8319?15:44
sinzuikiko: I will stop what I am doing and looking to an immediate solution to the page and create a bug about the long term solution15:44
kikosinzui, just remove the information for now15:45
BjornT_noodles775: well, the ppa page has the same issue as the bug page. i can't see it shown, but it grabs focus, so that you can't use Page Up and Page Down to scroll15:45
kikomatsubara, if mthaddon wants to, but then I'd rather just land sinzui's branch and re-roll15:45
kikosinzui, if you are going to prepare a branch, please include the patch that bac reverted15:46
matsubarakiko, sounds like a good plan15:46
kikosinzui, just show it to me and I'll r/rc15:46
kikomthaddon, do you feel like trying to update the librarian?15:46
BjornT_noodles775: and considering hide() is called in create(), i don't see a reason not to pass in visible: false15:46
noodles775BjornT_: +1, if that's the case!15:47
marsbigjools, Ursinha, ping, is it a known issue that filtering the PPA package list using unicode characters causes an OOPS?15:48
Ursinhamars, not in that specific field, afaik, but will check for a bug #15:49
bigjoolsnot heard of that15:49
BjornT_noodles775: thanks! i've grepped for other uses, and it's ok.15:50
noodles775BjornT_: great :)15:50
marsbigjools, OOPS-1300A556 and OOPS-1300G2888 both come from the same thing15:50
marsand I know too little about storm to tackle that error efficiently15:51
marssomeone with better knowledge about how storm and BatchNavigator interact would be able to make quick progress15:52
BjornT_kiko: what do you think of fixing bug 392138 and bug 404088 for the re-rollout?15:52
mupBug #392138: Broken keyboard navigation on bug pages <Launchpad Bugs:In Progress by bjornt> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/392138>15:52
ubot3Malone bug 392138 in malone "Broken keyboard navigation on bug pages" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39213815:52
mupBug #404088: Overlay temporarily shown when loading the bug page <Launchpad Bugs:In Progress by bjornt> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/404088>15:52
marsUrsinha, you'll probably kill a number of OOPses on search pages by fixing that issue15:52
mupBug #392138: Broken keyboard navigation on bug pages <Launchpad Bugs:In Progress by bjornt> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/392138>15:52
ubot3Malone bug 404088 in malone "Overlay temporarily shown when loading the bug page" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40408815:52
mupBug #392138: Broken keyboard navigation on bug pages <Launchpad Bugs:In Progress by bjornt> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/392138>15:52
mupBug #404088: Overlay temporarily shown when loading the bug page <Launchpad Bugs:In Progress by bjornt> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/404088>15:52
mupBug #404088: Overlay temporarily shown when loading the bug page <Launchpad Bugs:In Progress by bjornt> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/404088>15:52
marsmore bot barf!15:52
BjornT_kiko: the fix is simple, but it's js, so it might be a bit risky anyway: https://pastebin.canonical.com/20291/15:52
Ursinhaubot3, owner15:53
ubot3This bot is owned by jussi01 - Questions about ubottu should be asked in #ubuntu-bots15:53
Ursinhacan we remove ubot3 from here?15:53
bigjoolsUrsinha: can you file a bug about that unicode issue please, if there isn't one15:54
Ursinhabigjools, doing now15:54
Ursinhabigjools, do you know how to fix that?15:55
bigjoolsbut I have a suspicion15:55
abentleykiko: I've introduced a bug for Revision emails where the merge proposal has an outstanding review request, that causes them to oops.  I have a two-line fix.  Can I get an RC? https://pastebin.canonical.com/20301/15:58
kikoBjornT_, abentley: looking15:59
Ursinhabigjools, bug 40414416:02
ubot3Malone bug 404144 in soyuz "UnicodeDecodeError when using unicode chars filtering PPA packages" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40414416:02
mupBug #404144: UnicodeDecodeError when using unicode chars filtering PPA packages <oops> <Soyuz:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/404144>16:02
mupBug #404144: UnicodeDecodeError when using unicode chars filtering PPA packages <oops> <Soyuz:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/404144>16:02
mupBug #404144: UnicodeDecodeError when using unicode chars filtering PPA packages <oops> <Soyuz:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/404144>16:02
bigjoolsplease get him to get rid of ubot316:03
marswho's channel op?16:03
bigjoolsor mup, I  don't care which16:03
marsmup is easier16:03
marsat least ubot3 does OOPS reports16:03
bigjoolsthanks for filing it Ursula16:03
kikoBjornT_, how bad is the problem? if that breaks things further on lpnet, will it be worse than the current situation?16:04
bigjoolsmars: with the wrong url!16:04
matsubaraisn't it a dupe of 44919?16:04
matsubaraUrsinha, ^16:04
marsbigjools, good point16:04
kikoabentley, yes, rc=kiko for that, but I'd try and land that close to sinzui's patch to avoid having to do multiple buildbot runs16:04
Ursinhamatsubara, I don't think so, but will check again16:05
Ursinhabug 4491916:05
ubot3Malone bug 44919 in launchpad-foundations "UnicodeDecodeError while POSTing forms with non-ascii characters." [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/4491916:05
mupBug #44919: UnicodeDecodeError while POSTing forms with non-ascii characters. <infrastructure> <oops> <Launchpad Foundations:Triaged by bjornt> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/44919>16:05
mupBug #44919: UnicodeDecodeError while POSTing forms with non-ascii characters. <infrastructure> <oops> <Launchpad Foundations:Triaged by bjornt> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/44919>16:05
mupBug #44919: UnicodeDecodeError while POSTing forms with non-ascii characters. <infrastructure> <oops> <Launchpad Foundations:Triaged by bjornt> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/44919>16:05
sinzuikiko: I am close to a patch. It breaks a few tests that I need to reconcile16:05
abentleykiko: I haven't run the test suite against it yet.16:05
kikoabentley, coordinate with sinzui16:06
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kikosinzui, abentley: thanks a lot for handling these, you guys rock16:06
marsmatsubara, I'm not sure if that is the same issue16:06
abentleykiko, np16:06
* mars check the stack trace16:07
Ursinhamatsubara, the problem seems a little different16:07
marsyes, that is different16:07
abentleysinzui: I'm running the full test suite against my branch, started a minute ago.  I'll let you know when I'm done.16:07
BjornT_kiko: it's an annoyance, but nothing serious. with javascript even simple fixes can break things badly, so i'm inclined to land it when pqm opens up. i just wanted to see if you had another opinion.16:07
marsmatsubara, the issue we were looking at is Storm + BatchNavigator + Unicode = boom!16:07
sinzuibac: can you advise me about how to restore the rocketfuel-get change that was reverted16:07
bacsinzui: undo this: https://pastebin.canonical.com/20303/16:08
bacsinzui: in other words, restore line 816:09
sinzuibac: thank you16:09
matsubaramars, ok16:09
marsmatsubara, and this appears to be a problem with the user's requested language encoding - in the other OOPSes, the browser does accept en-us16:09
bacsinzui: thanks to you for including it16:09
kikoBjornT_, no, I agree with you that it's better to put it on edge and let users cry16:10
marssinzui, would you or salgado have a moment to fix -61171?16:12
marsit is a one or two line fix16:12
marsbut the test is beyond me16:13
salgadomars, is that a bug?16:13
marssalgado, yes, I don't want the bots to get it16:13
salgadowhy? I do16:13
marsbug 6117116:13
ubot3mars: Bug 61171 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/61171 is private16:13
salgadooh, bot*s*16:13
Ursinhahm, mup ignored the bug because it's private?16:14
marsperhaps, but I don't think that is a scalable solution to bot-fights :)16:14
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marssalgado, mwhudson managed to reproduce the bug yesterday, but for some reason you have to match the OOPsing string specifically16:16
marsso we couldn't come up with a general test case16:16
marssalgado, would you even bother with a test case here?  Or would you just fix it to get rid of the OOPS?16:22
Ursinhamars, salgado, do you think it can make it for the re-roll?16:22
marsUrsinha, tbh, not if I wrote it - that is why I asked salgado and sinzui16:23
salgadoUrsinha, mars, I'm OCR today16:23
marssalgado, I'm CHR :)16:23
Ursinhawell, ok then16:25
Ursinhasalgado, can you fix that on Monday then?16:25
salgadoUrsinha, I haven't had a look at the bug yet, so I have no idea how much work is involved16:26
Ursinhasalgado, let me change the question then, can you take a look at the bug on Monday? :)16:27
salgadohell, yeah.  that's for sure16:28
Ursinhathanks salgado :)16:30
Ursinhaand mars for investigating that :)16:30
allenapkiko: About that lp:~allenap/launchpad/bugs-without-tasks-bug-403182 branch I asked you about this morning, Bjorn noticed a few other cases that needed to be taken care of. They're done and adeuring has reviewed them. A diff from this morning to now <https://pastebin.canonical.com/20297/>. Full diff against db-devel <https://pastebin.canonical.com/20309/>. It's still a small code change. Please could you take a look and give your blessing, then I'll16:35
allenapget it into db-devel asap?16:35
kikoallenap, is the last hunk in handlers.py a sort of assertion -- in other words, is that the only place where we actually decide to create the bug and commit?16:36
kikoallenap, my question is whether or not an assertion or oops would make sense16:36
allenapkiko: Off the bottom of that diff the same check is done, before notify()ing the bug_event. I just did the same thing.16:37
allenapkiko: It's better to check then the user gets an email saying what they did wrong, rather than an assertion which just blows up.16:38
kikoallenap, sure. but I think you're telling me that there is no single location that we can add this check to, which suggests you're right in wanting to refactor this code. am I right?16:40
kikoallenap, I'm saying r/rc=kiko regardless16:40
kikoallenap, coordinate with sinzui and abentley so we don't get stuck waiting for two buildbot runs16:40
allenapkiko: Yeah, that's it.16:41
allenapkiko: Thanks, I'll talk to them.16:41
kikoallenap, i raised my eyebrow to the change in the second file in the patch, but it's harmless and correct16:43
allenapkiko: :)16:43
sinzuikiko: I need to make another change. my fix need to be more comprehensive than just project-groups. I need another 30 minutes16:43
mrevellIs kfogel due online today or is he still OSConing?16:45
kikothe latter I believe16:47
allenapsinzui: When your change is ready to submit (to db-devel I assume), could you merge my lp:~allenap/launchpad/bugs-without-tasks-bug-403182 branch so that it all goes through the same buildbot run?16:53
allenapabentley: ^ is your change ready too?16:54
sinzuiallenap: I do not use buildbot16:54
sinzuiallenap: sorry16:54
sinzuiI am an idoiot16:54
allenapsinzui: You read ec2test? :)16:54
abentleyallenap: My change has not passed a test run yet.16:54
sinzuiallenap: I do not use ec2test.16:54
abentleysinzui: me neither.16:55
allenapabentley: kiko mentioned (in another channel) that we should just get our changes into db-devel together so that they have a buildbot run together. If it succeeds, re-roll, else we get to pick up the pieces for a CP on Monday.16:55
sinzuiallenap: if your branch is tested, all is cool16:55
abentleyallenap: I saw that.16:56
allenapsinzui: I'm testing a limited subset of it locally.16:56
allenapabentley: Ah, do you mean that it fails a test run and you're working to fix it, or are you waiting for a run to complete?16:57
allenapWhere "it" is "your branch".16:57
abentleyallenap: I am waiting for a run to complete.16:57
abentleyallenap: I just restarted the test because salgado asked for some tweaks.16:58
allenapabentley, sinzui: I'm running as much of the test suite as I can locally, but I have to go in about 30 minutes. Could whoever of you ends up submitting to db-devel please include my branch? Don't worry if it's problematic. It's not totally critical, and we have to do some clean-up anyway so a CP on Monday will be fine.17:01
abentleyallenap: I feel uncomfortable landing code that has not been fully tested.17:02
sinzuiallenap: I hope to start testing in 15 minutes17:03
allenapabentley: Okay, that's fine, it'll have to go in on Monday.17:03
abentleyallenap: I could merge your branch and sinzui's now, and restart the tests.17:04
abentleysinzui: Or is your branch still being written?17:04
sinzuiI am still writing it17:04
allenapabentley: I would love it if you could run the tests for my branch and land it assuming it's good. I really really hope it's good.17:04
* sinzui is struggling to keep the changes to a template and one group of tests17:05
abentleyallenap: Okay, URL?17:05
allenapabentley: lp:~allenap/launchpad/bugs-without-tasks-bug-40318217:05
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sinzuikiko: This is my fix for the +milestone pages and the rocketfuel fix: https://pastebin.canonical.com/20322/17:22
sinzuikiko: I should add that the template, view , and test has not changed since I landed the update to +milestone page last week. We know this is the only test that must change.17:24
* sinzui prepares to start a test run17:24
sinzuiallenap: that is a pretty deep change. Did you run all the tests for lp.bugs?17:27
allenapsinzui: Yes, they all pass. Why is it so deep?17:28
sinzuiIt is lower than pagetests. That is all I meant. I would test everything from zopeless to pagetests17:29
* sinzui cannot remember if bugs has pagetests that test email17:29
sinzuiallenap: I'll merge your branch into mine and play it on my hardy box.17:32
allenapsinzui: Okay, thanks. abentley is also running the full test suite with it merged too. Thanks guys :) I have to go now, but I'll check back later (probably much later).17:32
sinzuiallenap: abentley: then I think I just need to verify my changes17:33
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abentleysinzui: Well, I haven't started running allenap's tests, because I'm still downloading his branch.17:35
allenapabentley: Really? Its diff against db-devel is a bit over 200 lines.17:36
abentleyallenap: I've downloaded 160 M so far..17:37
allenapUnfortunately I really have to go now :(17:37
allenapabentley: That's not right! Abandon it, it can wait for Monday. Get your stuff in.17:37
sinzuiabentley: okay. I will merge his and play lp.bugs17:40
abentleysinzui: roger.17:40
* maxb views https://dev.launchpad.net/Releases/2009Calendar and wonders why the version numbers jump immediately from 3.0 to 3.1.x17:40
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bigjoolsbye all, have a nice weekend18:01
mrevellOkay guys,have a good weekend18:24
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sinzuibarry: ping18:46
bachi sinzui18:58
bacsinzui: the problem stu is having is b/c he is trying to add a private membership team (~canonical) to a public team, which we disallow via the ValidTeamMemberVocab18:59
sinzuibac: as I thought19:00
sinzuidid you update the team19:00
bacsinzui: i can relax that constraint to allow private teams to join public19:00
bacsinzui: update which team?  we do not allow PMT or Private teams to join others as it is now.19:00
sinzuiWhy not change all the teams involved to private teams as we planed19:00
bacso converting ~canonical to private now won't help19:01
sinzuibac: then we need to land a fix as we talked about. Gustavo is also looking for this fix19:01
bacsinzui: agreed19:02
sinzuiI think all the users who want this are edge users so we can settle this in good pace19:02
sinzuibac: I did not see a bug for this, though we have discussed it. Create a bug if you cannot find one19:03
barrylosa ping19:13
mthaddonbarry: hi19:13
barrymthaddon: hi.  i have a script that will help us regenerate all the mailing list archives.  are you up for giving it a try?19:14
mthaddonbarry: sure19:14
barrymthaddon: cool.  we can try one or two lists first, and then the whole shebang19:14
barrymthaddon: can you grab the lp-dev-utils branch?19:14
mthaddonbarry: lp:lp-dev-utils ?19:15
barrymthaddon: lp:~launchpad/lp-dev-utils/trunk19:15
barrymthaddon: once you grab that branch, look for the archiveregen.py script19:18
marsbtw, why does lp-dev-utils not have a trunk/ set?19:18
barrymars: dunno.  i guess nobody ever set it.  jfdi man! :)19:18
* mars shrugs19:19
barrymthaddon: we need to copy that script onto forster and then ping me for a test run19:19
mthaddonbarry: ok, I have it on forster19:20
barrymthaddon: double check the paths at the top of the file, and comment out the second BASE_PATH setting19:21
* barry is not positive the first one is correct19:21
mthaddonbarry: done19:21
mthaddonbarry: it is the right path19:22
barrymthaddon: cool, now we'll convert first the haibunku list and see how it goes19:22
barrymthaddon: thanks19:22
barrymthaddon: ./archiveregen.py haibunku19:22
mthaddonbarry: some success I think?19:23
marshmm, usability FAIL for setting the default branch for lp-dev-utils, exactly as bzr says I should19:23
marsthe word 'Default branch' doesn't appear anywhere in the UI from what I can see19:23
barrymthaddon: total success i think :)19:23
marslet alone something to convey the idea that I might set it19:23
mthaddonbarry: ./archiveregen.py --all ?19:23
barrymthaddon: let's cross our fingers and jfdi19:24
marsbeuno, ^ any thoughts on the 'Default branch' thing?19:24
barrymars: :(19:25
beunomars, I lack context19:25
beunoeven after reading the back log19:25
beunowant to fill  me in?19:26
marsbeuno, I try this in the UI:19:26
mars$ bzr co lp:lp-dev-utils19:26
marsbzr: ERROR: Invalid url supplied to transport: "lp:lp-dev-utils": Launchpad Developer Utilities has no default branch.19:26
marserr, at the command line19:26
barrymars: i just set "code for this branch is devleoped in lp"  dunno if that helps19:26
marsbeuno, so I go to the lp-dev-utils code page, see that it has a 'trunk/', and a development focus, but nothing to say what is wrong with bzr lp:19:27
beunomars, barry, I assume that project is privatae19:27
beunoso lp: doesn't resolve19:27
barryit is private19:27
beunoexactly what *used* to happen with Launchpad  :)19:27
beunolp: uses a public xmlrpc to figure that out19:28
marsthen why does it work if you give it the full branch URL?19:28
beunoso it means no lp: shorcuts for private projects19:28
marsah, so lp:foo-bar doesn't work19:28
marsbut a full lp: url does19:28
marsbecause it just has to substitute the transport?19:28
beunomars, because that doesn't do any guessing, it just converts "lp:" into "http://bazaar.launchpad.net/"19:28
beunoyes, and uses ssh if you have you lp=login set as well19:29
beunoit doesn't do anything server-side19:29
beunoI'm not saying this is the right solution19:29
beunojust filing you in on it19:29
barrymthaddon: still running?19:37
mthaddonbarry: yep19:37
mthaddonbarry: done19:52
barrymthaddon: fab.  let me see if i can find a mailing list to look at19:53
barry(that wasn't already converted)19:53
barrymythbuntu-documentation looks good19:54
barrymthaddon: i think we're good.  thanks!19:55
mthaddonbarry: cool19:55
barrysinzui: would you like to talk about this lazr.restful test?20:07
barrysinzui: skype?20:11
sinzuibarry: yes. I am ready20:11
sinzuikiko: My test run of my branch + allenap's + bac's rocketfuel patch is complete. Do you want me to land my branch with abentley's20:43
kikosinzui, the branches can land separately as long as they all fit into the same BB run20:53
kikoabentley, yours is ready too right?21:21
abentleykiko: Yes.21:21
kikosinzui, abentley: let's land them?21:22
abentleykiko: Okay, submitting now.21:22
* sinzui submits21:25
EdwinGrubbsbac: ping21:26
bacEdwinGrubbs: hi21:26
EdwinGrubbsbac: did you see that email from salgado to us about rocketfuel-get?21:26
bacEdwinGrubbs: yes.  that's "bac's rocketfuel patch" referenced in sinzui's message up there ^.21:27
bacEdwinGrubbs: it was my blunder as i got confused moving between devel and db-devel21:27
sinzuiEdwinGrubbs: bac: I am waiting for a success message from pqm now21:27
EdwinGrubbsbac: ok, I wanted to make sure that I was the only one ignoring that email.21:28
bacEdwinGrubbs: i'm not sure why you were included in the mess.  collateral damage.21:29
salgadobac, I CCed EdwinGrubbs because he was in the list of authors of that revision.  such list looks like a new feature of LP21:30
bacsalgado: yeah, but i'm not sure why he was.21:30
bacsalgado: 8318 was all mine:  http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~launchpad-pqm/launchpad/db-devel/revision/831821:31
baci'm also confused as to why i don't get db-devel  landing messages even though i'm subscribed to the branch21:32
salgadobac, are you subscribed to revision notification on that branch?  I've had problems with that too, but it was because my subscription was not properly configured21:34
BjornT_bac: you merged in some of edwin's revisions in r8318, thus it wasn't all yours21:34
bacBjornT_: ah, that's right.21:35
bacsalgado: i just checked.  i have 'branch and revision notifications' turned on, send entire diff, and email all changes.21:36
maxbHmm. Would you expect len() on a storm ResultSet to return 4294967295 ?21:37
sinzuiabentley: my branch is in21:50
abentleysinzui: Mine is in PQM./21:50
maxbHi - I'm trying to figure out why calling len() on an object which *claims* to be a storm ResultSet is returning 2**32-1 despite the fact that a storm ResultSet doesn't implement len21:59
maxbCan anyone suggest if the LP code is likely to have thrown a proxy around it, and how I might detect that? repr(x) and x.__class__ just say storm.store.ResultSet22:00
sidneimaxb: try from zope.proxy import isProxy22:07
* maxb tries22:07
maxbyup, it's a zope proxy22:09
maxbbingo, looks like it's the int vs. Py_ssize_t issue as you said in #storm22:11
sidneimaxb: yeah, the proxy is written in C, so the version being used by launchpad probaby does not contain  the fix for that22:12
sidneimaxb: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/zope.proxy22:12
sidneimaxb: the version launchpad is using is roughly what was shipped as zope.proxy 3.4.022:13
sidneimaxb: luckily, gary is working on making launchpad use the eggified version of the zope.* dependencies, so it should be trivial to upgrade that after the fact. or you could submit a patch to the zope3 branch launchpad is using with that fix.22:14
abentleykiko: I got conflicts because my branch was not based on db-devel, so I missed the landing.22:17
barrysinzui: ping22:17
kikoabentley, it's okay, fix it up and land it for CPing22:18
barrysinzui: hi.  stepping back, i have a very simple test of just the traverseName() behavior that i need.  yay for simpler unit tests.22:18
abentleykiko: Okay.22:18
barrysinzui: how'd you like to review the branch?22:18
sinzuiI would22:18
barrysinzui: cool, thanks.  i'll push and mp it to you22:18
barrysinzui: well, if code stops timing out on me ;)22:20
* barry cries22:23
barrysinzui: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~barry/lazr.restful/387487-subordinate/+merge/926322:30
* sinzui waits for diff22:31
sinzuirun launchpad run22:31
barrylaunchpad sez: i think i can, i think i can...22:31
bacabentley: i messed up too b/c my branch was based on devel but i had to submit to db-devel.  what is the correct way to make that happen?22:43
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BBHosshey is there a serious problem with the bzr server?  I've been trying for the past three days to setup launchpad for my project (locally, on my server) and it always locks up about halfway through with the message "Fetching revisions:Inserting stream ", after a day it times out.  Is this just capacity or something else?23:40
sinzuiBBHoss: If there was a problem, it was not that serious. several users have completed setup and are submitting patches.23:41
BBHosssinzui: hmm, well i keep trying to run it, its locked up right now, just sitting there23:42
sinzuiBBHoss: I think there is a network issue between you and the server. I Just pulled devel and db-devel for updates. I got changes pretty quickly. I also ran a rocketfuel-get on a machine that was two weeks stale.23:45
sinzuiBBHoss: The initial pull was about 40 minutes when the repo was updated to 2a23:47
marsBBHoss, you installed bzr 1.16.1+?23:47
BBHossmars: Bazaar (bzr) 1.1723:49
BBHosssinzui: hmm this is in a datacenter23:50
BBHossi'll try installing my ssh keys to see if it helps23:50
marsBBHoss, there are a few alternative ways to get the branch then23:50
marsBBHoss, you can try 'cd ~/launchpad/lp-branches'23:52
marsthen "bzr branch nosmart+http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~launchpad-pqm/launchpad/db-devel"23:52
BBHossi'll try that after adding the ssh keys23:53
BBHosswhen it asks me for the username, what does it want, my email address?23:53
marsAlternatively, you can grab the source tarball posted on the /Getting page; untar to launchpad/devel; cd launchpad/devel; bzr pull; cd ~; rocketfuel-setup again23:54
marsit wants your Launchpad username23:54
BBHossgot it23:54
mars90% sure, I haven't logged out of bzr lp in over a year :)23:55
sinzuimars: how do you logout?23:55
marssinzui, you probably have to tell bzr launchpad-login to use a different username23:56
BBHossit seems to be downloading really slow23:57
* sinzui nods23:57
BBHosslike 5kB/s23:57
marsBBHoss, which transport method?23:57
BBHossmost sites i download at at lest 3MB/s23:57
BBHossthis is using the rocketfuel script still23:57
BBHossif it fails again i'll try the ways you suggested23:57
BBHossevery once it a while it jumps to 800kB/s23:58
sinzuiBBHoss: I think I normally see about 200kB/s23:58
BBHossi know about the buffer limitation to ssh, i hate it23:58
BBHossbut its not even getting close to that speed23:58

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