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blueyedI'd like to donate some CPU cycles of my server to the PPA build system. Is this possible (and easy to setup)?00:21
blueyedIt's really bad to have to wait 1h+ for a build to even start.00:22
blueyed~400 now in the i386 queue.. :/00:22
blueyedok. good to know at least.00:22
mwhudsonthere's something of a trust issue there :)00:22
blueyednormally I'm building nginx backports on my server, just for me, and put the .deb somewhere. Now I've being asked to use PPA and have to wait for it to even start building so long.00:23
blueyedtoo bad.00:23
blueyedAre there plans to throw more hardware at it?00:23
wgrantThere normally is lots more hardware on it.00:24
wgrantBut it seems to be missing at the moment.00:24
blueyedhum.. I _always_ have to wait a lot for builds to finish/start.00:25
blueyedofficial builds appear to be reasonable now, but for PPA there is always too much in the queue.00:25
wgrantWhen there are larger numbers of builders (which is most of the time), my builds start within seconds.00:25
blueyedyou might want to monitor the queue using munin or collectd btw.. ^^00:25
blueyedhow many builders can there be for i386.. I've never seen 6+ (in the numbers of 10+). Is this the case recently?=00:26
wgrantI've seen 12.00:27
blueyedit's too bad btw that the official hppa builders are "idle" currently (and prolly most of the time), while they could help out with other archs.00:28
blueyedbut anyway.. </rant>00:28
wgrantblueyed: How could hppa builders help out with other archs?00:28
blueyedyay.. i386 started building my package! ;)00:28
blueyedwgrant: with virtualization.00:28
wgrantblueyed: They are the most ridiculously slow machines in the DC, I suspect.00:29
wgrantThey are already the slowest buildds, and adding virtualisation on top of that doesn't seem like a very good idea.00:29
blueyedI'm not really into this, but my idea is to have just a pool of CPU cycles and use this for the pools that require it.00:30
blueyedyay. build finished. 1+ hour waiting, 5 minutes building.00:31
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RenatoSilvaHow is karma calculated?01:55
spivRenatoSilva: https://help.launchpad.net/YourAccount/Karma01:56
RenatoSilva"After twelve months an action no longer counts towards your karma. "01:58
nhandlerRenatoSilva: In other words, you lose the karma you gained for that action01:58
RenatoSilvathis means that your karma can get to zero if you leave lp?01:58
spivRenatoSilva: right01:58
RenatoSilvaI don't like it01:58
RenatoSilvathen karma is just the "current state" of one's colaboration, not all the time01:59
spivWell, recent state.01:59
RenatoSilvaimho there should be some sort of static karma02:00
RenatoSilvadon't you think so02:00
spivWell, karma isn't really used for anything, so I don't see much point to making it more complicated.02:01
RenatoSilvaspiv: why comlicated?02:02
spivYou're asking for long term karma in addition to the existing karma, AIUI... that sounds more complicated than the status quo to me.02:02
lifelessRenatoSilva: if you just have static karma, then someone who does a lot three years ago will take *3 years* for someone doing the same amount to catch up to02:04
RenatoSilvaspiv: I thought the karma was your total points over the time, I didn't know that it would expire. Maybe other people think so, it's not an obvious behavior.02:04
lifelesseven if the first personal has totally stopped doing stuff02:04
lifelessthat would be very demotivating02:04
spmlifeless: based on how freshmeat calculates relevance, it certainly is02:05
spmdemotivating as in02:05
spmprojects that were created 10+ years ago, and have done diddly since are "more relevant" than ones that have been pumping releases the past 2-3 years. that's broken badly imho.02:05
spmRenatoSilva: so based on my experiences with a long term karma, I totally disagree with the concept.02:06
spmit encuorages too much a "rest on laurels" attitude. whereas, IMHO :-) FOSS should be more about - what have you done *today*.02:07
spivRenatoSilva: is the issue just that you were surprised?  If so then perhaps we can simply make that help page more discoverable, perhaps add a link to /people/+me/+karma02:08
RenatoSilvamaybe in the profile page, having a tip'explaining that the karma if for recent activity, that would be enougth02:09
RenatoSilvaI did not realize that the karma is volatile02:10
RenatoSilvajust a suggestion02:10
RenatoSilvaI like the idea of a total score tough, just for reference02:20
spivRenatoSilva: well, file bugs :)02:23
lifelessRenatoSilva: I think it would be psyschologically problematic to have a non-decayed karma figure02:27
lifelessnot to mention that we can't calculate it02:27
lifelesskarma is normalised by what other people are doing, its not a fixed value02:27
RenatoSilvait takes 1 year to the karma get zero'ed, right?02:29
RenatoSilvaMaybe extend the period...02:30
wgrantWhy? A year isn't bad.02:30
wgrantWhy would anything else be better?02:30
RenatoSilvawhy not?02:31
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Hobbseelex79: not at 3am my time.  ;)  do you still need it?03:24
lex79oh :) Hobbsee, no thanks03:25
Hobbseelex79: no problem.  :)03:25
* Hobbsee continues unpacking her new box03:25
lex79happy fun :)03:26
poolie1random unimportant idea: the votes in the merge proposal list should take you to an anchor within the mp for that comment04:49
poolie1if you have 10 comments and only one says 'resubmit' i want to go there first...04:50
mwhudsonsounds sane04:51
oubiwannlifeless: hey man, it seems that bzr export supports subdirs... but I must be doing something wrong04:56
oubiwann(or misunderstanding something)04:56
oubiwannlifeless: care to point me in the right direction?04:57
lifelessoubiwann: bzr export foo.tar.gz branch/subdir04:58
oubiwannlifeless: I'm trying "bzr export localname lp:~oubiwann/project/branch/subdir"04:58
lifelessoubiwann: so, that should work. File a bug :)04:58
lifelessand, try branching it locally an dthen trying it04:58
oubiwannlifeless: can you confirm that it fails for you against lp too?04:59
lifelessoubiwann: I'm in the middle of some complex code right now04:59
oubiwannlifeless: doh! sorry05:00
lifelessoubiwann: assume its a bug, and work from there ;)05:00
lifelessnothing to apologise for05:01
lifelessI'll look into the details later is all05:01
lifelessI wrote the support for it, I'm fairly sure its tested, but not against directory services05:02
lifelessyou could try with the bzr+ssh url05:02
oubiwannlifeless: thanks! filing a bug now...05:03
lifelessoubiwann: future ref - please dont assign bugs :)05:31
lifelessoubiwann: in bzr we only assign a bug when someone is claiming personal responsibility for it05:32
oubiwannlifeless: cool, got it05:32
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d1bhi um im wanting to use the documentation on the api, im just poking around atm but when i visit https://api.edge.launchpad.net/beta/bugs/cve/ i get a traceback i take it edge.launchpad is meant to show these?06:44
wgrantThat looks like a bug.06:44
wgrantOnly affects edge, and they are probably running the same code...06:46
d1bwgrant: there is another box i can actually use that works ?06:48
d1b / view06:48
d1b i was hoping to make a python program so i can query launchpad about any cves in a package / critical bugs.06:48
d1bhttps://api.launchpad.net/beta/bugs/ just says unknown consumer (none)06:49
wgrantd1b: That's fine. You're not meant to be accessing that through a browser.06:50
wgrantUse launchpadlib.06:50
d1bwgrant: yes. looking for an example hence the web browser06:51
wgrantd1b: An example of what?06:51
d1buse :)06:51
d1bi haven't looked for the doc / manual yet06:51
wgrantd1b: Looking there won't do you any good. https://help.launchpad.net/API/launchpadlib.06:52
d1bthank you :)06:52
d1bah... mm yeah i didn't like this page :( ok06:53
wgrantWhat is dislikable about it?06:53
d1bthe layout :) atm06:55
d1b"Unfortunately, you'll also see a bunch of launchpadlib-specific junk that you don't care about. That's why we've made available these four lists:"06:55
wgrantAre you looking for documentation on what is available in the API?06:56
wgrantIf so, you want https://launchpad.net/+apidoc06:57
d1bnever mind :)06:59
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noodles775Morning mrevell09:22
sliajd0Hi all, i was wondering if there is a way to know how many download a package in a PPA has ?09:24
noodles775sliajd0: not yet, but there's a bug requesting that exact feature.09:24
* noodles775 looks09:24
geserbug 13985509:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 139855 in soyuz "Display stats about PPA usage" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/13985509:25
noodles775Thanks geser :)09:25
sliajd0awesome, thanks09:25
wgrantdiskless-archives would make that one nice and easy.09:27
bigjoolswe have some apache log scraping magic somewhere now09:29
wgrantRight, for librarian files.09:31
wgrantI guess it wouldn't be too hard to translate an archive path into a publishing.09:31
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leonelI have my PPA  and as usual  Woks great16:34
leoneli have 1 package for  jaunty , hardy , intrepid ,  all fine16:34
leonelthat package is the released version ..  I'd like to  have the   trunk version too.  Can I have Both ??16:35
leonelthe daily trunk version16:36
leonelcan it be done ??16:36
beunoleonel, you'll need a separate PPA16:36
beunoone for daily, and one for releases16:36
leonelbeuno: thanks16:37
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synicis the new policy that loggerhead will email attached diffs instead of inline?17:04
synicI kinda liked in the inline more17:04
beunosynic, we're working hard on still emailing inline17:07
beunoabentley has been working on it17:07
synicah, ok17:07
abentleysynic: We're attaching the diffs, but having the mail client display them as inline.17:08
abentleysynic: Are you using gmail?17:08
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abentleysynic: gmail doesn't respect content-disposition: inline for patches, because of their content-type and file extension.17:09
abentleysynic: I'm about to land changes so that patches have a .txt file extension, which causes gmail to display them inline.17:10
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abentleysynic: I wish Gmail would just respect the text/x-diff content type or .diff file extension.  Most clients happily display our attachments inline.17:12
synicyeah, that seems kind of dumb. I wonder why they did it that way17:12
abentleysynic: This is bug #401772, btw.17:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 401772 in launchpad-code "Diffs not displayed inline in Gmail" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40177217:13
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Azagto download the code of a project the people need a lp account?17:58
beunoAzag, no17:58
Azagbeuno: a person that do bzr branch lp:~shareit-server/shareit-server/devel17:58
Azagget a error17:58
Azag"You have not informed bzr of your Launchpad ID, and you must do this to"17:58
beunoAzag, but they still got the branch, no?17:59
beunoif they have a LP account, they use the smart server, which is faster17:59
beunobut they should be able to branch it anyway17:59
beunoit's probably a warning, not an error17:59
Azagbut he also get bzr: ERROR: Invalid http response for http://bazaar.launchpad.net/%7Eshareit-server/shareit-server/devel/.bzr/repository/packs/4f53d5913c19b52a6532df02e9e426f5.pack: Expected a boundary (j)zK)L.,BiCFvq,RG/3=) line, got ''18:00
beunook, that is an error18:00
beunoAzag, is he behind a proxy?18:00
Azagno he have a router18:01
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ftaany update/ETA for bug 369112?18:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 369112 in soyuz "API export of IDistroSeries.getBuildRecords() should optionally filter on active source publications" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/36911218:28
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LarstiQhow do I unset a development focus?21:12
LarstiQaha, from the trunk series, not on the frontpage21:15
MFenis there a simple todo list anywhere within launchpad?23:05
MFeni find i'm not using the bug tracker on my project because a full bug is too much overhead23:06
MFenit would be cool if you could create blueprints as todo lists23:06
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marsMFen, that is a bit out of scope for the project.  Our developers tend to use Tomboy notes or Remember The Milk for quick ToDo management23:27
MFeni use tomboy, but it's barely adequate.  i'm really not sure it is out of scope. lots of systems that are or contain bug trackers have todo functionality23:28
marsTodos are one of those applications where speed pays off, and IMHO no web app runs fast enough to overcome that23:28
MFen(RtM is a web app?)23:28
marsyes, but I find I want to use a desktop application with a bridge to it :)23:28
marsbut that is just personal preference23:29
MFeni get that.23:29
MFenmars: ubuntu?23:31
MFeni would assume? :)  what do you use to integrate23:31
marsFor Todos?  I just use Tomboy notes.  There is a RtM plugin for them, but I never got around to installing it.23:33
MFenhmm. you know, i tried that other tomboy todo plugin, and it was terrible. maybe rtm would be better.23:37
BBHosshey is there a serious problem with the bzr server?  I've been trying for the past three days to setup launchpad for my project (locally, on my server) and it always locks up about halfway through with the message "Fetching revisions:Inserting stream ", after a day it times out.  Is this just capacity or something else?23:39
MFenafter a *day*?  man, you're patient23:41
marsBBHoss, not that I know of.  What project are you trying to work with?23:41
BBHossMFen: well i just left it running in a screen session on a VM23:41
BBHossmars: i'm trying to pull down the launchpad source23:42
marsBBHoss, ok, there shouldn't be a problem with that.  I assume you are using the rocketfuel-setup script?23:42
marsand the instructions from dev.launchpad.net/Getting ?23:43
BBHossit just freezes eventually while pulling from bzr23:43
BBHossi have to kill it23:43
marshave you setup up a launchpad account, with SSH keys?23:44
BBHossmars: no, is that required to set it up?23:44
BBHossit seems to run fine then it just freezes mid-step23:44
marswell, I have read on the launchpad-dev list that others had issues when they did not have their SSH keys set up.23:45
marsthere was also a solution where someone had to pull using http instead of ssh23:46
MFen"getting things gnome" looks promising, pity about the name23:59

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