BUGabundo1280x800 here that what? 16:10 »00:00
BUGabundo(12:00:19 AM) Day changed to 24 Jul 200900:00
BUGabundoeven my clock is slow00:00
Shane_FaganUse the timeservers00:00
billybigriggerBUGabundo, ya thats 16:1000:01
BUGabundoShane_Fagan: its not a question of time00:01
BUGabundoits a question of pidgin it self not running on time00:01
DanaGgoogle "javascript dpi calculator"00:01
DanaGyay, the higher DPI, the more awesome the display.  Especially in Linux.00:03
DanaGWell, except with certain closed-source software.00:03
BUGabundo I have a 22 wide screen at work00:03
BUGabundoand a 13.3" laptop at hom00:04
BUGabundotakes me a while to get used to the lower space00:04
DanaGNobody makes a 147 DPI desktop display.00:04
DanaGOh, and having an LCD I can see clearly, even when outside in direct sun, is awesome.00:04
nhasianhello everyone00:10
nhasianhello everyone00:10
Spaghetti-codedots per inch, what a obsolete measurement00:10
Spaghetti-codechange to metrics like everyone on the earth USA00:11
TheInfinitySpaghetti-code: dpi is used worldwide :p00:11
nhasiani think they tried to pass that law in congress on at least two occasions00:11
DanaGyeah, US Standard sucks.00:11
yofelwell ok, could somebody run s/dpi/ppi on the channel backlog? :P00:12
Spaghetti-codeno infinity, you cannot longer use it in the EU00:12
Spaghetti-codeyou have to use dots per "metrics"00:12
Spaghetti-codeif you use it, you get a fine00:12
* billybigrigger reboots00:13
billybigriggerBUGabundo,  :P00:13
yofelSpaghetti-code: in *what* iso standard was that defined?00:13
Spaghetti-codein the new standard00:13
yofelSpaghetti-code: what number? (Didn't hear about that)00:14
TheInfinitySpaghetti-code: dpi is used in professionell layout / design also in europe.00:14
DanaGdamnit, why does NOBODY make a high-DPI desktop display?00:14
nhasiani found the Linux Penguin on a cereal box today: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=766735300:14
yofelTheInfinity: the fact stays that we were talking about lcds where we should have used ppi instead :P00:14
DanaGIf I want to match my internal LCD... I'd have to buy a SECOND laptop display... and an LCD controller.00:15
Spaghetti-codedpcm is what you have to use in the EU00:15
DanaG700 bucks total.00:15
TheInfinityyofel: he said it in general - and thats wrong :p00:15
DanaGI saw one of them thar boxes just the other day.00:15
yofelSpaghetti-code: This still is the first time I hear that, got some source?00:16
BUGabundo    https://www.launchpad.net/ubuntu/karmic/+source/linux/2.6.31-4.2000:17
BUGabundoyay a new kernel :\\\00:17
billybigriggerdamn kernel's that won't boot :P00:18
DanaG2.6.31 kernel won't see initramfs if I boot it via UEFI.00:19
Spaghetti-codesomeone puti e4defrag into the kernel! its lame to compile it again just because someone thinks its unusable00:19
BUGabundobillybigrigger:     https://www.launchpad.net/ubuntu/karmic/+source/linux/2.6.31-4.2000:20
Spaghetti-codee2fsprogs lol00:20
billybigriggerthere's my bootcharts BUGabundo00:21
Spaghetti-codeits very cold here , aprox -20°K00:21
billybigriggersorted newest to oldest00:21
yofelSpaghetti-code: e4defrag support is in the 2.6.31 kernel, but e4defrag is only in git yet00:22
billybigriggerBUGabundo, ya i've been git pull'ing from linus' source00:22
billybigriggerthe kernel booted, just something wrong with nvidia drivers00:22
BUGabundomailine kernel ppa should have a daily for karmic00:22
DanaGnegative kelvin?00:22
BUGabundoot just jaunty00:22
Spaghetti-codeDanaG: bose einstein condensate00:23
DanaGThat's "really low", not negative.00:24
Spaghetti-codeyeah, just kiddin'00:24
BUGabundobillybigrigger: your server is slow :(00:28
billybigriggeryour in portugal00:28
billybigrigger:P your slow haha00:28
DanaGsomebody 'version' me, just for the heck of it.00:28
BUGabundoI'm on 3G so I guess you may be right00:29
billybigrigger2mb/s download with a capped 120k/sec upload :P00:29
BUGabundonot bad00:29
BUGabundoSATA disc?00:29
DanaGMy version string is "Oooh, that thing has numbers on it!"00:29
Shane_FaganI hit 2200kbs a min ago00:30
BUGabundothat DHCPClient killed you00:30
DanaGNow, who here gets that reference?00:30
BUGabundowhy did it take so long?00:30
BUGabundowasn't the address in the arp pool?00:30
* billybigrigger looks00:31
Shane_FaganI wonder why the update manager doesnt measure in mb/s00:31
BUGabundo4 secs for ined to start billybigrigger?? darn00:31
BUGabundo17secs to gdm start, 20 to login00:32
BUGabundobillybigrigger: you have the same bug as me00:32
billybigriggerya it sucks00:33
BUGabundogdm starts metacity and that takes *13* f***** secs to release to compiz00:33
BUGabundobillybigrigger: sleep 30 is not enouth for you00:33
BUGabundoput 4000:33
=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
billybigriggerfeels so much faster :)00:34
BUGabundowhat is bluetooh-apple?00:34
billybigriggerfrom $ sudo shutdown now to grub is like 30 secs, then ~25s to login, then 20s to a usable desktop00:34
billybigriggeri don't know00:34
billybigriggeri don't have any bluetooth devices00:34
BUGabundogconf is tooooo heavy00:35
BUGabundothey need to make it faster00:35
BUGabundoits killing the disk post login :(00:35
Shane_FaganId love if bluetooth wasnt a dependency00:35
Shane_FaganLike it should be installed if bluetooth is detected but not a dependency00:36
BUGabundobillybigrigger: love the null applet LOLOOL00:36
BUGabundoShane_Fagan: welcome to the Works For Everybody distro00:36
BUGabundowant light? go Debian00:36
Shane_FaganBut it wastes CPU time00:36
Shane_Faganand isnt needed if you dont have bluetooth00:37
billybigriggerBUGabundo, trying sleep 5000:37
Shane_FaganDebian's dev release cycle is way too slow00:37
billybigriggerand rc4 kernel00:38
billybigriggerBUGabundo, after a few beers and burgers :P you gonna be around in an hour or so? or is it nappy time? :)00:38
BUGabundoShane_Fagan: use experimental or sid00:38
BUGabundobillybigrigger: almost 1am00:38
billybigriggerwell if i miss ya see ya tommarow :P00:39
BUGabundobeen telming myself to go to bed for the last 40 min00:39
billybigriggerbut its BURGER TIME!!! haha00:39
Shane_FaganNa ill just stick with ubuntu plus im a member around here :)00:39
billybigriggernom nom nom00:39
BUGabundobillybigrigger: email me some of those burgers00:39
BUGabundoShane_Fagan: so am I00:39
BUGabundoand a lot of this guys00:39
Shane_FaganBUGabundo: awesome00:39
Shane_FaganIve been one for a month ish00:40
BUGabundosince april I think....00:40
BUGabundobut I was just to lazy to apply sooner00:40
BUGabundoI wanted to do it back in november00:40
Shane_FaganSame here00:40
BUGabundoand then we see ppl like akgarner00:41
BUGabundocome in here and all of the sudden get member ship00:41
BUGabundowhile the rest of us _trolls_ require 4y of hard work00:41
Shane_FaganWell ive only been using ubuntu for 2 years00:42
* BUGabundo been using/supporting U full time since 200600:42
Shane_Faganthe end of 07 for me00:42
Shane_FaganI did support on launchpad for a long time though00:43
Shane_FaganAnd I run the Irish translations too00:43
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* BUGabundo $ sle -ep; echo load /dev/urandom /dev/eyes01:04
yofelgn BUGabundo01:04
xxploitquestion, would someone have the link to grab the minimal install image for 9.1001:15
blueyed_xxploit: try via http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/01:27
DanaGNo probe response from AP 00:16:01:d6:9b:a8 after 200ms, disconnecting.02:09
billybigriggerDanaG, nm woes?02:28
DanaGBefore, it was... but the longer break was me rebooting to try mainline kernel.02:29
DanaGIt's also highly possible my AP was acting up.02:29
DanaGMy EFI-based booting has broken recently...02:30
DanaGIt refuses to acknowledge the presence of initramfs... and thus fails to comprehend UUIDs.02:30
sp219_hello. I'm running karmic alpha 3... I can't boot into windows. I see a menuconfig section for it in grub.cfg, but it doesn't show up in the actual grub menu.02:33
=== DrMrHorse is now known as Guest33081
sp219_nevermind... https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/karmic/+source/grub2/+bug/40279502:34
ubottuUbuntu bug 402795 in grub2 "windows option not shown" [High,Triaged]02:34
=== drmrhorse_ is now known as DrMrHorse
DanaGoh yeah, what does Ubuntu add onto mainline 2.6.31-rc3?02:57
billybigriggerkernel debugging?02:58
DanaGHmm, like what?02:59
DanaGI mean, is there any benefit to the ubuntu "[SAUCE]" ones, over the same-base-version mainline?03:00
* billybigrigger is lost03:01
ubottuDebian bug 533903 in initramfs-tools "initramfs-tools: support different compression tools in mkinitramfs" [Wishlist,Open]03:02
DanaGmake: *** No rule to make target `/usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/4.3.3/include/stddef.h', needed by `grub_mkimage-util_i386_efi_grub_mkimage.o'.  Stop.03:43
omegamormegilI'm trying alpha 3 via a live USB, and can't seem to get wireless working on my Dell Mini 9 with b43-fwcutter or the STA driver.  Any suggestions?04:02
VK7HSEhas anyone attempted to install karmic alpha3 in virtualbox 3.0.2 r49928 ???  both amd64 & i386 fail ???04:54
VK7HSEdesktop install that is...05:05
billybigriggerwhere does it fail?05:09
ltsmooth42Should the new ati-driver 9.7 work in ubuntu 9.10?05:38
Spaghetti-codei have no clue05:41
Spaghetti-codei use the kernel stuff05:42
DanaGltsmooth42: good place to check: phoronix.com forums.05:43
DanaGIt may be a while before somebody updates the 2.6.31 patches for 9.7.05:44
VK7HSEbillybigrigger: the amd64 claims that I'm not using a x86_64 (when I am!) and the i386 says that all is installed but when it restarts, it errors (virtualbox) to the point where virtualbox stops that vm... I'm currently getting the alternate amd64 & i386 to try those...05:45
VK7HSEI'm not sure if the virtualbox log would assist (if this is a bug!)05:47
VK7HSEthis link is the amd64 issue ... http://files.getdropbox.com/u/927280/Karmic%20Alpha3-2009-07-24-10-29-23.log  the second one is the i386 issue ... http://files.getdropbox.com/u/927280/Karmic%20Alpha3-2009-07-24-13-41-35.log05:50
VK7HSEHmm.. ok I've just restarted the i386 install and it's now booted and working! Gahh maybe I should try sleeping! :P05:58
billybigriggerglad i could help06:08
VK7HSEbillybigrigger: but a reboot of the VM results in the same error! (just updated to current releases!) but a fresh boot of the VM if fine... so maybe it's more a virtualbox issue! ;)06:18
billybigriggerwhat are you running?06:18
billybigriggerwhat is the host os06:18
virtualdwhat happend to libasound_module_pcm_a52.so?06:18
billybigriggerVK7HSE, ??06:19
VK7HSEbillybigrigger: ok...  let me try to explain  it a little clearer then! ... whe the i386 VM botted/loaded I then updated alpha3 to current updates (synaptic) once that was complete, I then rebooted that i386 VM ... I got the same halt issue .. /home/scott/Dropbox/Public/VBox.log.3  ...  http://files.getdropbox.com/u/927280/VBox.png.2  but after closing that VM and then restarting it it then boots as expected! :-/06:23
VK7HSEtry http://files.getdropbox.com/u/927280/VBox.log.3 for that first link!06:24
billybigriggeri think i know your problem06:26
billybigriggerhow long are you letting it wait to boot?06:27
billybigriggeri can almost guarantee you that ubuntu is looking for a floppy disk06:27
billybigriggeryou need to blacklist your floppy module06:27
billybigriggerVK7HSE, ?06:35
VK7HSEit is!06:36
VK7HSEerr... I think!06:36
VK7HSEjust checking!06:36
billybigriggerlet it boot06:36
billybigriggerit will take a few minutes, but it will boot06:36
VK7HSEyeh it's disabled!06:37
VK7HSEanyway I'm more concerned about the x86_64 issue!06:38
billybigriggercopy and paste this06:39
billybigrigger$ uname -a06:39
billybigriggerand if your trying to install a 64bit ubuntu image, and your vm is not set for 64bit it might not work06:40
billybigriggeryou have to tell virtualbox your installing ubuntu 64bit06:40
billybigriggerand your i386 image installs fine because you've told vbox its a 32bit image...06:41
VK7HSEok... shall try a little later... ;)06:41
billybigriggerhold up06:41
billybigriggerVK7HSE, does your vbox look like that? do you see that little "64" in the corner of the ubuntu icon?06:42
billybigriggerin your settings you can switch between 32/64, no need to re-install06:43
VK7HSEwell it didn't ... so there's my problem !!! I selected the wrong profile !!06:43
billybigriggerdon't delete it though, you can change the settings without re-installing06:44
VK7HSEthanks ... (I'm a true professional IDIOT!)06:44
billybigriggerso does it boot?06:44
VK7HSEjust starting now...06:45
VK7HSE\o/ !!!06:46
VK7HSEthat's a yes!06:46
billybigriggerright on06:49
billybigriggerhave fun06:49
VK7HSEcool! thanks for the tip! ... a classic RTFM moment! ;)06:50
billybigriggerits all good06:51
richardcavellCan anyone tell me about the support for Intel GMA950 chipset in Karmic?  Is it improved over Jaunty?07:08
Spaghetti-codehow can i smoke a bong?07:24
Le-Chuck_ITAHi, do you know why in firefox with the dust-sand theme the url bar has incorrect highlighting?10:14
Le-Chuck_ITAit seems the selection background is white10:14
Le-Chuck_ITAbut only in firefox10:14
ikoniaLe-Chuck_ITA: speak to the guy who made the theme ?10:20
ikoniaLe-Chuck_ITA: I didn't think the themes where provided by ubuntu10:20
Le-Chuck_ITAikonia: no it's just in firefox10:20
rob__<rob__> ok well when i boot LINUX KARMIC latest kernel, it looks like it will boot fine, and then firstly it says "NVIDIA (96.43.10) FAIL"      Then when it rund through that it says ASSUMING DRIVE CACH: WRITE THROUGH,    it says this twice and then o the second just freezes and wont boot10:20
Le-Chuck_ITAI think it's a new theme in karmic ikonia10:20
Le-Chuck_ITAI didn't install that separately as far as I remember but maybe10:20
Le-Chuck_ITAbut the problem is only in firefox10:21
ikoniaLe-Chuck_ITA: I'd double check it, but if not log it as a bug10:21
ikoniarob__: which kernel10:21
Le-Chuck_ITAikonia: a bug in firefox anyways but how can I know if it's installed by default? I need to know if... the intersection between the transitive closure of reverse depends and the packages installed by default is non-empty! :)10:21
rob__latest one?10:22
Le-Chuck_ITAno easier10:22
Le-Chuck_ITA I just need to know if it's installed by default10:22
Le-Chuck_ITAis there a list somewhere10:22
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
ikoniarob__: which one10:22
rob__i dont know to be hnest10:22
ikoniarob__: then you can't report an error10:23
ikoniarob__: you need to get details10:23
rob__this happened after i set the nvidia driver to 96 and turned compiz off10:23
ikoniarob__: the initial error suggests the nvidia module is not compatible with the kernel10:23
ikoniarob__: where did you get the nvidia module ?10:23
rob__well it worked fine before i did that ^^^10:23
ikoniarob__: where did you get the nvidia module ?10:24
rob__usual default nvidia drivers from linux add ons packages10:24
rob__i was using117 but someone told me to use the earlier 96 one10:24
ikoniarob__: well that messages suggests that module can't be loaded, but I'd be surprised if thast caused the machie to hang10:25
rob__so ....10:25
ikoniaso ?10:25
rob__what should i do?10:25
ikoniafind out what kernel you're runnining for starters10:25
rob__ok stay online please!!10:25
ikoniarob__: so search the launchad bug page at a high level to check for any known bugs10:31
yofelmaybe the nvidia-96 driver needs the same 2.6.31 patches like n-180?10:31
ikoniarob__: then boot into single usermode - if possible, and disable the nvidia driver10:31
ikoniarob__: failing that boot from a livecd, mount your 9.10 install and disable the nvidia driver10:31
ikoniarob__: then test your 9.10 install again10:32
rob__so what can i do? just give me an easy solutino10:32
ikoniarob__: I've just given you 3 steps10:32
rob__i dont want a fesh install10:32
ikoniano-one said a fresh install10:32
ikoniare-read what I typed10:32
rob__ok il try that10:33
rob__for now....10:33
zniavre_nvidia made a driver for legacy card 173.14.20 maybe they made for older card too10:48
ikoniayes ?10:50
rob__no worky10:50
rob__i logged into a single user session10:50
ikoniawhat doesn't ?10:50
rob__mounted the drive10:50
rob__changed back to the latest drivers10:50
rob__and it still hangs on assuming drive cache : write through10:51
rob__just stops10:51
ikoniaI suggest disabling nvidia totally10:51
rob__i dont think its to do with nvidia why it wont bot10:51
ikoniaok then I'm done helping10:51
rob__no i do need your help badly10:51
rob__it always said nvidia fail before but still booted10:52
rob__please please i need it running10:52
zniavre_you can't run 173.14 drivers?10:53
zniavre_nvidia made a new one updated for recent kernel10:53
zniavre_no 173 for legacy card10:54
rob__assuming drive chache: write through??? and then stops10:54
ikoniarob__: why are you running the development/unstable version of an OS if you need it so bad ?10:54
zniavre_wich card ?10:54
ikoniawhy are you not running a stable oS ?10:54
rob__i dont know10:55
ikoniarob__: right - so use a stable OS10:55
rob__look im fairly new to linux ok10:55
ikoniarob__: so use a stable OS10:55
ikoniainstall 9.04 and upgrade if/when 9.10 is stable10:55
rob__im just trying my best, and all love all apects of the os10:55
ikoniathen use a stable OS10:55
ikonialearning on a developmetn OS is not a good idea, especially if it's something you need to be working more than not10:55
rob__how can i downgrade without frsh install?10:55
ikoniado a fresh install of 9.0410:55
ikoniayou can't downgrade10:56
Teknojust save your /home10:56
ikoniadon't use caps please10:56
ikoniarob__: you need to boot a livecd - mount /home and back it up10:56
ikoniarob__: or backup the data you want to keep - where ever it is10:56
zniavre_thjis one can compile on recent kernel 2.6.30 / 3110:56
rob__i dont have any backup storage10:56
ikoniarob__: use a CD/DVD10:56
zniavre_living on the edge ?10:57
rob__zniavre... can you open that driver from boot?10:58
ikoniarob__: stop using the development version10:58
ikoniarob__: read the topic10:58
ikoniaquote "Karmic is  NOT RELEASED and may break your system10:58
rob__well ubuntu allowed me to uograde to it so i did10:59
ikoniarob__: the sooner you start using a stable system the better10:59
ikoniarob__: ubuntu did not offer an upgrade to 9.10 - you must have gone looking for it10:59
rob__no i really didint10:59
rob__opened update maager and there it was10:59
rob__im not joking11:00
ikoniarob__: you must have as 9.10 is not offered to 9.04 installs without you enabling development releases11:00
zniavre_rob__,  you should find an how to in your language to know how to install  nvidia.run it's quite easy if you faollow step by step process11:00
ikoniarob__: either way - you need to re-install 9.04 and use a stable OS11:00
zniavre_no backup ...11:01
=== zniavre_ is now known as zniavre
om26erplz tell me what is the respository of karmic11:20
om26ere.g. deb http:///launch11:20
om26ercan i partially update jaunty with the updates of karmic???11:25
SwedeMikewhy would you want to do that?11:25
om26eri want softwares to be updated11:26
yofelom26er: you don't want to add the karmic sources to your software sources, you'll either get karmic or break your system by doing that11:28
maxbYou can't mix and match with later distroseries11:28
yofelom26er: you can get specific ones from packages.ubuntu.com instead11:28
om26erwhat will happen if i add karmic respository in jaunty11:28
yofelom26er: you'll probably get karmic11:29
yofelsince all packages will be updated11:29
om26ercan u give me that respo?11:29
maxbYou'll either end up with a poorly managed complete upgrade to karmic, or a horrendous mismatch which NO ONE will want to help you with11:30
yofelom26er: are you sure you want to break your system?11:30
yofelthen get the package you want from packages.ubuntu.com instead11:30
maxbom26er: I could, but I don't think I would be acting responsibly or in your best interests if I did.11:30
om26erok then i try packages.ubuntu.com11:31
Guest6103Hi everyone. It's richardcavell here. I have a Macbook with Intel GMA 950.  I installed all the packages from xorg-edgers, as well as Linux 2.6.30.  Now X won't boot.  I can sometimes hear the startup sound, and I usually get a mouse pointer, but otherwise a black screen.  Any ideas?12:04
rskGuest6103: are you using karmic?12:06
Guest6103rsk: No, I'm using Jaunty. But in order to upgrade my drivers I upgraded my Linux kernel (that seems to have worked okay), and I also upgraded all my video drivers to the edgy versions.12:07
rskright then > #ubuntu12:07
Guest6103rsk: Okay12:08
Guest6103where did ubuntu-x go?12:08
rskno idea, never been there12:08
Guest6103it might only exist periodically when they conference12:11
oli_Has the shortcut for the run dialogue and menu (alt+F2 and alt+F1 respectively) changed or broken? They're not firing for me at all.12:26
Almindoranyone knows where the removable media volume mount options are stored?12:47
cortex_skAlmindor: i think it depends on your desktop environment13:03
Almindorfound it via gconf-edit13:09
Almindorjust note, I hope you can change them via the volume options on unmounted volumes in the future too (it's kind critical people don't get locked out of their drives)13:10
aubrekarmic a3 worked great for me , even setup my Creative Labs X-Fi card perfectly!14:02
=== ds305 is now known as drs305
tux_anyone running alpha3, whats it like?14:44
gnomefreaktux_: its like a214:45
tux_i never tried it14:45
tux_is bash 2 faster?14:45
tux_sorry grub 214:46
gnomefreaktux_: other than newer packages and breakage there is nothing that you might notice other than boot time is faster14:46
gnomefreakgrub was never slow14:46
FlufflesWhy was totem-xine removed from karmic?14:46
* gnomefreak not sure how grub could be fast/slow14:46
tux_i tried empathy before and found it quite bland, have they changed it in anyway14:46
tux_pidgin seems polished compared with it :/14:46
tux_oh hey added banshee didn't they14:47
gnomefreakFluffles: it wasnt14:47
tux_glad they got rid of rhythmbox, never liked it14:47
gnomefreak!info totem-xine karmic14:47
ubottutotem-xine (source: totem): A simple media player for the GNOME desktop (transitional package). In component universe, is optional. Version 2.27.1-1ubuntu6 (karmic), package size 48 kB, installed size 88 kB14:47
Flufflesgnomefreak, it was. The totem-xine package is now just an empty transitional package.14:47
gnomefreakFluffles: thats not being removed14:47
tux_are noticeable different using ext4?14:48
gnomefreakit is now in the package totem14:48
FlufflesOk, lets rephrase, why was the xine-lib backend removed from totem?14:48
gnomefreakFluffles: apt-cache show totem-xine   look at the depends14:48
gnomefreakFluffles: now that is a good question14:49
gnomefreakProvides: totem-gstreamer, totem-xine14:49
gnomefreakFluffles: it wasnt totem provides both of those now14:49
gnomefreaklooks like they made totem a meta package with both gstreamer and xine14:51
Flufflesgnomefreak, ok it says it provides them, But the xine-lib backend is still non existant.14:52
Fluffleshttps://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/totem/2.27.1-1ubuntu1/+changes <-- It says there that it was removed. Just doesn't say why.14:52
gnomefreakFluffles: replaced by another package i would guess14:53
gnomefreakdaz:depending on your problem if noone can help you here file a bug on compiz14:53
gnomefreakFluffles: upstream changes here is the bug report Provides: totem-gstreamer, totem-xine14:54
Flufflesgnomefreak, copy and paste failed? heh14:54
dazgnomefreak: I found a similar bug on lp (LP: 391461), just not sure if it _is_ a compiz issue or an issue with the driver14:54
gnomefreakFluffles: bug 37354014:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 373540 in totem "Update to 2.27.1" [Wishlist,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37354014:55
dazgnomefreak: when you enable compiz, the draw performance is terrible - and the system unusable14:55
gnomefreaki see that now sorry14:55
BluesKajhmm, got 72 updates coming down the pipe...hope everything holds together :)14:55
gnomefreakdaz: could be video drivers14:55
dazgnomefreak: running atm with the module loaded fine but compiz off14:55
gnomefreakBluesKaj: it should at least main gnome parts14:55
Flufflesgnomefreak, Ah i see, thanks.14:55
BluesKajnot much gnome on my setup, gnomefreak ..lots of k-stuff tho14:56
dazgnomefreak: any tips on how I can help narrow down the culprit, or best to leave it filed against compiz for now? bug 39146114:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 391461 in compiz "Compiz Slow on Karmic w/ NVIDIA and 2.6.30 Kernel" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39146114:56
gnomefreakFluffles: for more info you would have to check with upstream changelog14:56
gnomefreakdaz: looking14:56
gnomefreakdaz: more than likely its nvidia drivers but leave it as compiz i dont have alot of time to look at logs today. its my last day here for a week or so, im trying to get caught up  :)14:58
dazgnomefreak: ok, thanks for taking a look :)14:59
gnomefreakdrs305: do your updates today no compiz updates for a while now though14:59
gnomefreaksame with the 180 drivers14:59
natewiebe13where should i go to request a package to be put in the repos?15:15
natewiebe13is it possible?15:15
ubottuThe packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports15:15
natewiebe13ubottu: it isnt something i made.. it would just be nice to add winetricks into the repos.. lots of people use it, and it would be nice to make it a recommended package for wine15:17
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:17
natewiebe13Pici: it isnt something i made.. it would just be nice to add winetricks into the repos.. lots of people use it, and it would be nice to make it a recommended package for wine15:17
natewiebe13Pici: whats your opinion on that?15:18
Picinatewiebe13: The second link there describes the process for requesting that a package be added to the repositories15:18
Picinatewiebe13: bug 37974215:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 379742 in ubuntu "[needs-packaging] Winetricks" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37974215:19
dazgnomefreak: just spoke to someone on the forum with the same graphics card as me with the same problem, so I think you're right about the driver being at fault. what package should I mark the bug as, nvidia-graphics-drivers?15:26
BluesKajdaz, which nvidia card ?15:29
dazproduct: G72M [GeForce Go 7400]15:29
dazQuadro something or other15:30
dazDell D82015:30
dazBluesKaj: that was @ you, whoops :)15:31
BluesKajdaz, the nvidia-gkx-180 driver should support that card , I'm assuming you have that driver installed ?15:32
BluesKajcorrection : nvidia-glx-18015:33
dazBluesKaj: certainly do: Installed: 185.18.14-0ubuntu315:33
gnomefreakdaz: BluesKaj has the right package.15:33
dazgnomefreak: ok, I'll file against that. should I tag it as a regression? was working fine in Jaunty15:34
LaibschI have a package that is in the Debian NEW queue.  I expect it to clear in about six weeks.  Is that going to be tight for inclusion to Karmic?  Should I rather not wait and apply for inclusion in Karmic straight away?15:38
=== thunderstruck is now known as gnomefreak
Le-Chuck_ITAdaz regression-potential15:46
Le-Chuck_ITAthat's the tag for now15:46
dazLe-Chuck_ITA: thanks :)15:47
Le-Chuck_ITAI keep forgetting the name of the ubuntu xorg channel, anyone?15:48
yofelLe-Chuck_ITA: #ubuntu-x15:49
Le-Chuck_ITAso easy to type, so easy to forget :) thanks15:49
eagles0513875hey guys16:44
eagles0513875the command to upgrade from jaunty to karmic is update-manager-kde -d16:44
eagles0513875or update-manager -d16:44
eagles0513875answered my own question16:45
PiciBluesKaj: no... that won't upgrade between releases.16:48
BluesKajodd, that's the command I used16:49
BluesKajsudo aptitude dist-upgrade16:49
EagleScreeni think it is update-notifier-kde -d16:50
eagles0513875i used update-notifier -d after pressing alt+f2 and its upgrading16:51
eagles0513875its using the gnome update manager though which i find interesting16:52
EagleScreenit shouldn't use the gnome update manager16:52
BluesKajof course iI upgraded the sources.list first16:52
eagles0513875what command should i have used16:53
eagles0513875i used update-manager-kde -d and it wasnt working for me16:53
BluesKajdunno if it's amatter of which is correct , they prolly all are ,it's just the vehicle you use to get there16:54
EagleScreeneagles0513875: use: kdesudo update-notifier-kde -d16:54
eagles0513875true BluesKaj16:54
BluesKajthat's graphical16:54
PiciBluesKaj: touching the sources.list and doing dist-upgrade can cause issues.  There are often extra steps that the update-manager does when it does a release upgarde.16:55
eagles0513875EagleScreen: just need to hit alt+f2 to open up the lil run like box and type in the command there no need for sudo or kdesudo or anything16:55
eagles0513875how come for instance update-manager-kde isnt installed outa the box16:55
BluesKajPici, i made sure i did an update and upgrade , then an autoclean before editing the sources.list ...it worked quite cleanly for me and I've used that method for the last 4 releases16:57
eagles0513875the update-manager-kde -d isnt working for me16:58
EagleScreenit is update-notifier-kde -d16:58
EagleScreenupdate-notifier launchs later update-manager-kde16:59
eagles0513875i was typing that and nothing happened16:59
EagleScreeneagles0513875: are you in jaunty?17:02
eagles0513875ya i am on a virtual machine17:02
EagleScreeneagles0513875: be sure you have installed update-notifier-kde and update-manager-kde17:03
eagles0513875says there are no installation candidates17:04
bmungersuspend stopped working after update with ati open source drivers17:04
EagleScreeneagles0513875: if cannot use update-notifier/manager to upgrade for any reason, use aptitude at the Debian way17:06
eagles0513875what is the debian way if you dont mind me asking17:06
bmungeraptitude seems safer at doing everything17:06
eagles0513875well i havent had issues the non debian way though upgrading17:06
EagleScreeneagles0513875: set your repositories pointing to karmic, and later update packages17:10
Spaghetti-codei smell its stable17:10
Spaghetti-codei need another login screen17:10
eagles0513875isnt that risky to do though17:10
Spaghetti-codei want a pop up box with the same theme i've using on the machine17:11
EagleScreenit is better doing the upgrade in some parts, first upgrading the kernel, the xorg, aptitude and reboot, and later running $ sudo aptitude full-upgrade, and later $sudo aptitude dist-upgrade17:11
Spaghetti-codeso there must be a way to define it in the appearance of gnome17:11
eagles0513875im gonna reinstall teh vm its no big didnt have anything installed on it anyway17:12
BluesKajeagles0513875, why a vm ?17:23
eagles0513875im on my laptop17:23
eagles0513875have karmic on my desktop upstairs17:23
BluesKajI found that wubi is better for a laptop with vista due to the bootloader probs one has with that version of windows17:25
BluesKajthe bootloader / grub can be installed but it involves fooling with the BCD editor ,  http://blogs.techrepublic.com.com/networking/?p=1709&tag=nl.e06417:28
eagles0513875BluesKaj: this is mac17:29
BluesKajthen what about parallels ?17:29
SeveredCrossI could boot Win7 fine via GRUB.17:31
SeveredCrossSo I'm not sure what the problem is.17:31
eagles0513875BluesKaj: would need to purchase it17:31
BluesKajSeveredCross, I'm dual booting W7 and kubuntu , but I just edited grub to tget W7 access ,since kubuntu was already installed17:33
BluesKajbut installing kubuntu on a vista/W7 pc is more difficult due to the BCD setup om windows17:35
yofelbneff: welcome :)17:38
bneffI'm trying to install Karmic Alpha 3, but having issues with the installer17:39
bneffafter starting Ubiquity the screen starts doing some strange vertical lines17:39
bnefffound a safe graphics option, but still happens17:39
robert__I'm having a problem with karmic and my sound. I hear it only cracking. it worked fine with jaunty. I've a 00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 03)17:50
robert__something known in this area? found nothing on google17:50
vecksry for caps18:02
BluesKajveck, right click on the icon, choose icon settings, click the icon in the dialog box , then you have a choice of system icons or other , with a drop down box beside it of icon sources , then scroll to find wgat you want18:05
veckBluesKaj: ty18:05
BluesKaj!intelhd | robert__18:06
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about intelhd18:06
ubottuUbuntu 9.04 has a known regression for some Intel graphics support. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/IntelPerformance and http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1130582 for more information.18:07
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about intel-audio18:07
ubottuFor fixing your Intel HDA sound this page has useful information https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto18:07
BluesKajrobert__, do you see the above ?18:08
robert__sorry was away18:13
robert__will look into it, but it worked with jaunty18:13
robert__cat /proc/asound/card0/codec#* | grep Codec18:14
robert__Codec: IDT 92HD71B7X18:14
robert__Codec: Intel G45 DEVCTG18:14
DanaGwhat the heck kind of name is this?  "palimpsest"18:19
DanaGHow about "gnome-disk-utility"?  Is that name not good enough?  =þ18:20
hggdhwell, there is palimpset, a piece of paper (or whatever) that has been erased and written over again18:22
robert__BluesKaj: the problem is that I hear sound, but its just cracks, but the occure only when "real" sound should occure18:22
hggdhdarnit. palimpsest18:22
BluesKajrobert__, maybe you have your card set to digital out instead of analog18:23
DPicis karmic going to include firefox 3.5?18:25
arandDPic: that's the plan afaik18:26
DPicarand, any idea when that's happening?18:26
DPici was surprised to find it's not in alpha 318:26
DPicwas something holding it back?18:26
ruslanrDPic: I heard, that FF 3.5 will appear in beta18:28
DPicruslanr, weird, why so late?18:28
ruslanrdon't know18:28
DPicoh, and does anybody know of a bug where karmic can't boot up while an ipod is plugged in?18:28
yofelDPic: firefox-3.5 is already included, it's just not the default18:29
ruslanrDPic: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-karmic-firefox-3.518:29
DPicyofel, any idea why it isn't yet?18:29
DPicruslanr, thanks18:29
robert__BluesKaj: didn't find any settings in alsamixer that helpt18:31
DPickarmic also can't seem to detect the permissions of my external HDD, and it mounts to some crazy location which i cannot edit18:32
DPicusually it just mounts as /media/disk and i set it to mount as /media/storage, but now it's mounting as 28e491bb-9fd3-4267-b331-46c1ffff935718:32
BluesKajrobert__, system settings/multimeddia/music/output device preference , then check your choice with the test tab18:32
blki'm running karmic and when enabling compiz via preferences / appearance it enables them, then disables them again and posts an error message saying it failed.. by console however compiz --replace works just fine.. running a GM45 with KMS enabled18:34
BluesKajDPic, how is your device listed in dolphin /properties?18:34
DPicBluesKaj, dolphin?18:35
BluesKajerr nautilus18:35
ruslanrblk: I've got this error sometimes too18:35
natewiebe13anyone know why the new mixer applet is controlling pcm and not volume?18:35
SeveredCrossnatewiebe13: Check your GNOME soud properties.18:35
SeveredCrossThough TBH, I'm not a big fan of the new mixer applet.18:35
DPicBluesKaj, what do you mean how is it listed?18:35
blkruslanr, i've got it continuously since quite the beginning of karmic branch.. usually i don't bother running compiz but it's a nice eye catcher ;)18:36
BluesKajnm DPic , I'll leave this to the gnome users here18:36
blkruslanr, also on intel GPU with KMS? (i don't think it's KMS, i've had it before)18:37
natewiebe13SeveredCross: what do you mean.. right click and press sound preferences?18:37
ruslanrblk: nope, nvidia 8600gt18:37
DPicBluesKaj, haha ok18:38
blkruslanr, ok.. must be software then :)18:38
natewiebe13SeveredCross: there is no option to change what it controls.. i know its controling pcm because i checked in alsamixer18:38
SeveredCrossnatewiebe13: No, System->Preferences->Sound.18:38
natewiebe13SeveredCross: its the exact same thing18:38
SeveredCrossMust've changed recently.18:38
ruslanrblk: I experience this thing from Intrepid :)18:39
natewiebe13i remember the option18:39
SeveredCrossMine must have leftover settings from Jaunty.18:39
SeveredCrossI think they changed it to comply with PulseAudio's flat volumes garbage, which is horribly broken.18:39
ruslanrblk: I mean, when I can't return compiz back :)18:39
natewiebe13i did a fresh install from a daily build about 2 weeks ago18:39
SeveredCrossI can't stand PulseAudio18:39
BluesKajDPic, there must be a listing of connected devices , then look at properties to see how the device is named and then make sure it's in your fstab18:39
SeveredCrossIt doesn't support my audio hardware correctly, it breaks volumes all the time, etc.18:39
natewiebe13i prefer the way it was set up with jaunty18:39
robert__it works with mplayer, just not with pulse audio18:39
SeveredCrossYeah, the Jaunty set up was nice.18:39
natewiebe13mine works fine except how it controls pcm18:39
natewiebe13but i do like how you can change volume from each app18:40
SeveredCrossI have a laptop with 2.1 channels, and there is *no* way to fix that.18:40
SeveredCrossLiterally, I hacked away at the pulseaudio config files for 2-3 hours once, could not get it to see my audio as 2.1 channels.18:40
SeveredCrossThe LFE channel *gets* output, but PulseAudio doesn't know about it, which makes volume control all broken.18:40
DPicBluesKaj, by named, do oyu mean like dev/sdb1?18:41
BluesKajDPic, yes18:41
DPicBluesKaj, and how do i see if it's in my fstab?18:41
natewiebe13thats why im not running karmic at home.. i have creative x-fi18:42
natewiebe13they have their own drivers.. so im waiting until the final release18:42
ruslanrwill those drivers appear in 2.6.31?18:43
natewiebe13SeveredCross: yesterday the volume control on my keyboard was controlling the master levels, and the applet was controlling pcm.. now they both control pcm18:44
henuxwhat great things is the Ubuntu 9.10 supposed to bring?18:44
natewiebe13they are messed18:44
yofelhenux: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/karmic/alpha318:44
cortex_skhi guys are there any known problems in karmic with nvidia proprietary driver & kde4.3rc3?18:44
natewiebe13henux: new gdm/login/boot experience, ubuntuone (great feature)18:44
BluesKajDPic, alt+f2 , gksudo gedit /etc/fstab18:44
natewiebe13cortex_sk: im using nvidia 190.18 and they work great18:45
henuxwhat is the ubuntuone?18:45
ruslanrhenux: https://ubuntuone.com/18:45
natewiebe13ubuntuone is a service that you can sync your files on as many computers as you want and share with other people18:45
DPicBluesKaj, ok, it's not there18:45
cortex_sknatewiebe13: thank you18:45
natewiebe13cortex_sk: i got them from the karmic testing ppa18:46
BluesKajDPic, does gnome have a device notifier ?18:46
DPicBluesKaj, but it won't always be /dev/sdb1 because it's usb. I'd have to identify it by the UUId, right?18:46
DPicBluesKaj, not sure, what does a device notifier notify me of?18:47
BluesKajwhen you plug stuff like a USB device in18:47
natewiebe13cortex_sk: im actually using 190.09 sorry18:48
DPicnope, nautilus just opens up18:48
natewiebe13cortex_sk: the new one is broken.. here is the ppa https://launchpad.net/~thefirstm/+archive/karmic-testing18:48
natewiebe13cortex_sk: 190.09 works great though18:48
MindVirusIs Karmic stable enough for any usage at all?18:50
natewiebe13cortex_sk: i dont know if 190.18 breaks on karmic, but it sure did on jaunty18:50
natewiebe13MindVirus: id say so18:50
natewiebe13i use it for work18:50
MindVirusWhat kind of usage?18:50
cortex_sknatewiebe13: i will try them, thanks again18:50
natewiebe13website editing, graphic design (inkscape/gimp), music, webbrowsing, ftp transfers, wine (dreamweaver cs4), pidgin (msn/irc), folder sync (ubuntuone)18:51
natewiebe13everything has worked fine so far18:51
DPicBluesKaj, no, nautilus just opens to the location18:51
DPicBluesKaj, unless it's not a storage drive like a camera in which case it will ask you what to do18:52
natewiebe13MindVirus: only complaint is that the volume controls the pcm and not master, so to control master, you have to use alsamixer in terminal18:52
MindVirusThat's interesting.18:52
MindVirusAre you running typical hardware?18:53
MindVirusBRB, please respond when I get back.18:54
natewiebe13MindVirus: core 2 duo e5200, 2gb ram, 500gb seagate hd, lg burner, wireless n pci card, nvidia geforce 6200 (crap card, i have nvidia 285 at home), and cmi 5.1 card18:54
natewiebe13MindVirus: core 2 duo e5200, 2gb ram, 500gb seagate hd, lg burner, wireless n pci card, nvidia geforce 6200 (crap card, i have nvidia 285 at home), and cmi 5.1 card18:54
MindVirusAre you using 64-bit?18:55
MindVirusOK, that makes more sense.18:55
natewiebe1364 always seems to be missing compatibility18:55
natewiebe13both linux and windows18:55
MindVirusI'm running 64-bit.18:55
BluesKajDPic, your ipod doesn't show up as an audio device just as an unknown drive ?18:55
DPicBluesKaj, my ipod? i'm talking about my external HDD18:56
fvmtHi, does anybody have any expirience using blueman in 9.10?18:57
BluesKajDPic, oops sorry , wrong person :P18:57
DPicBluesKaj, haha no problem18:57
fvmtI'm not able to use gprs and appreciate any possible help18:57
BluesKajwrong chat too :)18:57
BluesKajDPic, what happens if you wait til your machine is booted, then plug in the drive ?19:00
natewiebe13MindVirus: thinking of using 9.10?19:00
MindVirusI know I'm going to.19:00
natewiebe13MindVirus: usually things calm down alpha 519:01
MindVirusThat sounds fair.19:01
natewiebe13usually nvidia/compiz breaks between 4 and 519:01
MindVirusSo you're used to this.19:01
natewiebe13started with 7.0419:01
MindVirusDo you spend more time in alpha than you do in final release?19:01
natewiebe13as soon as the first live cd comes out19:02
DPicBluesKaj, i'll try that19:02
DPicBluesKaj, same thing19:06
DPicfor some reason, my drives are mounting as the name of the drive (the UUID) instead of /media/disk, /media/disk-1, etc19:07
=== apw is now known as cafetiere
DPicmy removable drives*19:07
natewiebe13MindVirus: connection problems?19:07
MindVirusNot even.19:07
MindVirusPidgin problems.19:07
rippsHmm... I just noticed that my volume mutes at 50% now. That's kinda weird19:07
natewiebe13MindVirus: what version of pidgin and version of ubuntu?19:07
MindVirusI'm using Pidgin's PPAs.19:08
=== cafetiere is now known as apw
natewiebe13i have no problems19:08
MindVirusI am rearranging the contacts in my buddy list.19:08
MindVirusAnd it crashes.19:08
MindVirusWhen I do maybe 5 or 6.19:09
natewiebe13that explains it19:09
natewiebe13what protocall?19:09
MindVirusDoesn't matter.19:09
ruslanrhm, Empathy doesn't support IRC?19:09
MindVirusI did IRC, then Facebook.19:09
natewiebe13that sucks19:09
DPicruslanr, it does, but oyu need to install the IRC telepathy thing19:09
DPicthey left it out because it doesn't work very well right now19:09
MindVirusnatewiebe13: yeah, but that's what #pidgin's for.19:09
ruslanrDPic: ok, thanks for information :)19:10
natewiebe13MindVirus: i just do irc and msn, and dont have problems.. so its probably another protocol thats doing that19:10
MindVirusI'm sure.19:10
MindVirusBut I would like to get to the bottom of this.19:10
natewiebe13but i like pidgin way more the empathy19:11
natewiebe13anyone know if they are ditching rhythmbox and replacing it with banshee?19:12
ruslanrI heard, that there are some blockers for Banshee migration19:13
natewiebe13that sucks19:13
natewiebe13banshee is way better imo19:13
SeveredCrossAs far as I know, we're *not* going to get Banshee for karmic.19:13
SeveredCrossThe Banshee guys don't think they can get all the blockers sorted out in time19:13
natewiebe13[thumbs down]19:14
SeveredCrossShould be ready for Karmic+1.19:14
natewiebe13hope so19:14
natewiebe13one thing.. gnome needs to let its programs revamp their sites19:14
natewiebe13the rhythmbox website seems like 199519:14
SeveredCrossDo, Tomboy and Banshee have good sites. :D19:14
natewiebe13gnome-do needs to be put into karmic19:15
natewiebe13doesnt have to be a dock, but do should be in karmic by default19:15
PiciIts in the jaunty repos.19:15
natewiebe13though i do like the dock19:15
natewiebe13i know19:15
natewiebe13but installed19:15
SeveredCrossI think he means in the default install.19:15
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!19:15
cwillu_clonebugabundu been around?19:26
natewiebe13last time i saw him on was last night19:27
cwillu_clonemvo, you around?19:27
cwillu_cloneI've got an installer bug and quasi-fix for you!19:27
* BluesKaj wonders what is meant by "quasi-fix" :)19:28
* cwillu_clone feels like homer simpson, chasing down the garbage truck, trying to present them with his oh-so-pungent garbage19:28
cwillu_cloneBluesKaj, the file in question has a big comment header saying that it is unnecessary, but being kept around as a sanity check19:28
cwillu_cloneBluesKaj, the sanity check contradicts the installer though19:28
BluesKajsounds like it's qusai-broken19:29
cwillu_cloneinstaller claims that according to the selections I've made, there will be no need to write to the partition table (and there isn't), but then the sanity check still fails19:29
cwillu_cloneand hence only really needs a quasi fix :p19:29
cwillu_clonebut I could see somebody wanting it to give a confirmation prompt, or even better (?) duplicate (!?) the logic done by ubiquity so that it allows the same cases through19:30
ubottuUbuntu bug 372549 in ubiquity "Ubuntu Jaunty installer lies about touching partition table" [Undecided,New]19:30
cwillu_clone/lib/partman/commit.d/01unmount_busy is the relevant file19:30
th1hi I just installed the latest upgrade-bunch on my Eee 1000HE and now the touchpad can't click or scroll19:31
* BluesKaj is blinded by too much information ...think I'll take a break19:31
th1its only useless19:31
cwillu_cloneth1, there's changes affecting that bouncing in and out iirc19:31
cwillu_clonere: hal19:31
cwillu_cloneth1, you should be able to install gsynaptics and configure the touchpad to turn things back on, or you can find the relevant xorg hotplugging rules to fix it19:33
* cwillu_clone resumes pondering how to attach 12 leads to a bga chip the size of this letter -> o19:34
* cwillu_clone looks over at the toaster oven19:34
Spaghetti-codemy cat is trying to find a bubble gum19:36
mvocwillu_clone: now I'm around19:37
th1cwillu_clone, one nice feature would be "revert last upgrade"19:37
mvocwillu_clone: well, on and off :)19:37
* cwillu_clone tins Spaghetti-code's cat, ducktapes the bga to his head, and sticks the whole mess in the toaster oven19:37
th1and then install one byy one19:37
cwillu_clonemvo, /lib/partman/commit.d/01unmount_busy hurts my feelings by making ubiquity refuse to install to sda1 when I'm booted off a live image on sda219:37
cwillu_clonemvo, make the crying stop :)19:38
cwillu_cloneI just killed it here, the system installed correctly19:38
mvocwillu_clone: uh, I'm not a ubiquity master :) that would be evand or cjwatson19:38
cwillu_cloneoh right, you're update-manager19:38
cwillu_clonesorry :p19:38
* cwillu_clone pokes the two people who aren't in channel with a stick19:39
cwillu_clonemvo, do you know if those are their irc nicks, or are they not on here much?19:39
mvocwillu_clone: might just be a bad time (it evening in europe) - you could also try #ubuntu-devel19:39
cwillu_clonewell, I updated the relevant bug already (from jaunty), I just thought I'd give it a little personal care :p19:40
th1checked for updates only "sed" update yay I just want my touchpad back ;)19:40
cwillu_cloneoh wow, event.d renamed to init19:47
cwillu_clonethat's probably sensible, but it's sure going to be annoying until more things that I /e<tab>in<tab>ap<tab> restart all day become upstart jobs19:48
vega_where can i see what percentage a certain filesystem (ext3) has reserved for root?19:48
cwillu_clonevega_, sudo tune2fs -l /dev/sda1 would tell you I think19:53
th1vega_, dumpe2fs19:53
cwillu_cloneah, that one19:53
cwillu_cloneactually, it's the same output19:53
cwillu_clonevega_, it'd be 5% unless you changed it though iirc19:54
th1cwillu_clone, I guess dumpe2fs is slightly safer since it can't modify stuff19:55
th1so dumpe2fs -h /dev/sdaX19:55
cwillu_cloneth1, it also outputs alot of irrelevant junk though :p19:56
th1not with -h19:56
vega_th1: ok thanks20:01
vega_Reserved blocks uid:      0 (user root)20:02
vega_Reserved blocks gid:      0 (group root)20:03
vega_i guess that means 0% then20:03
cwillu_clonevega_, be careful if you did that deliberately20:05
cwillu_clonevega_, it's alot harder to recover from a disk-full situation if there's nothing reserved for root20:05
cwillu_clone(granted that you don't need 5% on a 500gb drive, but still20:05
oldude67hey how do i get k3b to let me use it as user instead of root?20:16
oldude67would it be easier to switch into gnome and set the permissions for k3b then switch back to kde?20:22
* Spaghetti-code meows for my cat instead20:25
ubottuWow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!20:25
DanaGwhat the heck kind of name is this?  "palimpsest"20:26
DanaGHow about "gnome-disk-utility"?  Is that name not good enough?  =þ20:26
* cwillu_clone is intrigued20:27
Spaghetti-codesounds like a east german dude ringing on a old mama store and doing some love with his mother20:27
* cwillu_clone is deintrigued20:27
DanaG!info gnome-disk-utility20:28
ubottugnome-disk-utility (source: gnome-disk-utility): manage and configure disk drives and media. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4-0ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 446 kB, installed size 3188 kB20:28
DanaGumm... where does that say "palimpsest?"20:28
DanaGI installed it... and then had to dpkg --list-files to find the actual name of the thing,20:28
cwillu_cloneah, I see20:28
Spaghetti-codepalim palim means ringing20:28
cwillu_clone!info gnome-disk-utility20:28
ubottugnome-disk-utility (source: gnome-disk-utility): manage and configure disk drives and media. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4-0ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 446 kB, installed size 3188 kB20:28
cwillu_clonebut, why not just gparted? :p20:29
Spaghetti-codebut palimpsest is a combination btw palim and incest20:29
* cwillu_clone attempts the 'get screenshot' nuttob20:29
cwillu_cloneb utto n20:29
DanaG"nuttob" -- awesome.20:30
Spaghetti-codei go to update from dapper drake to karmic20:30
Spaghetti-codethis takes a few days20:30
cwillu_cloneSpaghetti-code, you upgraded straight to hardy right?20:32
Spaghetti-codeyeah 8.0420:32
Spaghetti-codei thin20:32
cwillu_clone(although at that point, you might just be better off backing up home, etc, and your package list20:32
cwillu_clone(and reinstalling fresh)20:32
DanaGwait, what's the previous LTS?20:33
DanaGDapper -> what?20:33
cwillu_clonedapper was the first20:33
cwillu_clonehardy was the second20:33
cwillu_clone10.04 will be the third20:33
DanaGSo yeah, it'd be a pain to upgrade all the way through.20:33
Spaghetti-codei just block the enter key during the update20:34
DanaGthat can be dangerous.  =þ20:34
Spaghetti-codeyeah life is dangerous, its deadly20:34
cwillu_clonehow is it that "openvz" shows more packages in synaptic than "vz"?20:53
arandcwillu_clone: is that the quicksearch? That's always been funkyweird.20:55
hintoI've been digging karmic for a couple of weeks on my core 2 quad. I'm currently at Alpha 2.. If I update with the update-manager, will it cary me to Alpha 3?20:59
yofelhinto: yes21:00
hintoyofel: I just didn't see a new kernel in there.  Is it actually in alpha 3?21:00
yofelIt won't say alpha3 anywhere though21:01
yofelhinto: the alpha3 kernel is 2.6.31-321:01
hintoyofel: yes... But I didn't see that in the update manager when it listed available updates21:01
Spaghetti-codei try to find four 128GB SSD drives and create a raid 0121:01
ikoniaSpaghetti-code: ?21:01
Spaghetti-codebut nested raid is not supported with mdadam afaik21:02
yofelhinto: alpha2 with all updates is alpha321:02
ikoniaSpaghetti-code: nested raid ?21:02
Spaghetti-codea mirrored raid 021:02
hintoyofel: thanks for the info... I'll update...21:02
yofelhinto: The alpha releases are just snapshots of the current development process21:02
Spaghetti-codefour drives21:02
hintoyofel: I lived with sid for about 5 years....21:03
ikoniaSpaghetti-code: no, that won't be supported currently21:03
Spaghetti-codea mirrored stripeset21:03
hintoyofel: so just making sure of the convention here21:03
Spaghetti-codethats why i currently avoid SSD21:03
yofelhinto: ah well, ubuntu is a bit different, but you only have to do a explicit upgrade between releases, not between alphaX/beta/rc/release21:04
ikoniais this anything to do with karmic ?21:04
Spaghetti-codeno but with linux21:04
yofelhi BUGabundo21:04
ikoniaSpaghetti-code: ok - this channel is for karmic discussion21:04
BUGabundoSpaghetti-code: 4 128SSDs?21:04
Spaghetti-codeyeah karmic runs on windows21:04
BUGabundosend me one21:04
Spaghetti-codeok they are cheap21:04
BUGabundohey yofel ikonia21:04
Spaghetti-code600 bucks each21:04
hintoyofel: thanks again...21:04
yofelhinto: np21:05
PROject-EmeraldI updated to 9.10 last night and now my sound is gone.21:13
yofelPROject-Emerald: did you check your settings that sound isn't muted somewhere?21:15
PROject-EmeraldYep. all good.21:16
yofelwe had quite some changes regarding pulse21:16
PROject-EmeraldAny way to fix it?21:17
yofelPROject-Emerald: anything in pavucontol? (You might have to install it first)21:17
PROject-EmeraldUh, lemme check? o.O21:17
BUGabundohey PROject-Emerald21:17
BUGabundolets see21:17
BUGabundois it muted?21:17
PROject-EmeraldIs what muted.21:17
PROject-EmeraldEverything is unmuted, I just checked.21:17
BUGabundoPROject-Emerald: and is the gain hi enough?21:18
BUGabundocan you see the bars moving?21:19
PROject-EmeraldYep. Everything is max21:19
BUGabundowhile you play anything21:19
PROject-EmeraldAnd the bars are moving.21:19
BUGabundoplease check the output21:19
BUGabundois it internal?21:19
BUGabundofile a bug21:19
PROject-EmeraldNo way to fix this?21:19
BUGabundoand let audio team take a stab at it21:19
BUGabundoPROject-Emerald: $ ubuntu-bug alsa-base21:20
PROject-EmeraldI submitted the bug report; how long until they solve it? -_-21:31
BUGabundodepends on dtchen load21:33
BUGabundoand free time21:33
BUGabundoyou can join #ubuntu-audio-help PROject-Emerald, ask him, and wait he comes back21:33
PROject-EmeraldOk. Is he like, official?21:34
tanathneed help. i can't boot. i chrooted to HD from livedisc and installed updates & saw: Cannot determine root device.  Assuming /dev/hda121:35
tanathand, findfs: unable to resolve 'UUID=b9d125d2-f22f-4334-8eac-4d471f93d39a'21:35
tanathshould be sda121:35
DanaGtry booting with sda1... I've been having initramfs fail to load.21:35
yofeltanath: what does 'sudo blkid' show you?21:35
BUGabundoPROject-Emerald: yes21:36
BUGabundowhat ? more UUID probs?21:36
BUGabundooh come on....21:36
yofeltanath: check that the uuid for sda1 is the same that is set for / in /etc/fstab21:36
yofeltanath: and also check if grub uses the right uuid21:37
tanathyofel: it is, i set it21:37
yofeltanath: grub1 or 2?21:38
tanathyofel: didn't match before, so i set them all the same, according to ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid/21:38
DanaGI'm having the exact same issue... but only when uefi (grub2) booting.21:39
bmungerso is akregator known to be broken?  I can't find any bug reports but its not functioning on two test machines in kubuntu karmic21:39
DanaGGrub-legacy boots fine.21:39
tanathyofel: not sure. whatever karmic is using21:39
yofeltanath: if you upgraded from jaunty then you have grub legacy, if you installed karmic then you have grub221:40
tanathyofel: 0.97-29ubuntu5621:40
yofelthat's grub legacy...21:40
tanathyofel: upgraded21:40
tanathyofel: been upgrading for years :P21:40
yofelhm, if you checked that the uuid's are right then it should work...21:40
tanathSearching for GRUB installation directory ... found: /boot/grub21:41
tanathfindfs: unable to resolve 'UUID=b9d125d2-f22f-4334-8eac-4d471f93d39a'21:41
tanathCannot determine root device.  Assuming /dev/hda121:41
tanathThis error is probably caused by an invalid /etc/fstab21:41
yofelhm... mind to pastebin your fstab?21:42
yofeldidn't have an error like this yet so I'm not sure where to start looking...21:42
DanaGDoes it boot all the way if you edit the command line to say root=/dev/sda# (insert real number)?21:43
yofeltanath: and 'sudo blkid' ?21:43
DanaG... oh, and add         rootfstype=ext4        if that's what root is.21:43
tanathok, blkid outside chroot shows sda1's uuid. from in chroot, it doesn't21:44
tanathDanaG: i'm using ext321:44
yofeltanath: you probably didn't bind-mounted /dev into the chroot that's why it doesn't show21:45
tanathi did21:45
tanathhad to to get aptitude to work21:45
tanathit shows the other partitions, but not roots21:45
yofeltanath: do you use encryption?21:46
tanathpossibly. i've installed many things over the years21:46
tanathbut no... i may have had truecrypt or some such installed at one point21:46
tanathbut not at the moment21:46
tanathi looked for and removed anything similar when i found this prob21:47
yofeltanath: well, then try to replace UUID=... with /dev/sda1 like DanaG said21:47
tanathin fstab?21:47
tanathand grub?21:47
yofeltanath: try update-grub after that21:47
DanaGIf it's anything like my situation, it probably has something to do with failing to load initramfs.21:48
tanathsame error21:48
DanaG"junk in compressed archive"21:48
yofelDanaG: he's using grub legacy21:48
tanathfindfs: unable to resolve 'UUID=/dev/sda1'21:48
tanathCannot determine root device.  Assuming /dev/hda121:48
tanathThis error is probably caused by an invalid /etc/fstab21:48
yofeltanath: get rid of the UUID=21:48
yofeljust '/dev/sda1'21:49
tanathmy bad. looks good now21:49
tanathshould i try it?21:49
tanathgotta reboot21:49
tanathi left the swap partition using uuid though21:50
tanathnot aware of any probs with that21:50
tanathshould i update grub?21:51
yofeltanath: check with 'top' if you have any swap space later for that21:51
yofeltanath: yes21:51
tanathfor grub?21:51
yofelSpaghetti-code: ?21:51
yofelwrong window? :P21:51
tanathok, so i'll reboot now & see if it works21:52
yofeltanath: good luck21:52
yofel22:48:55 < yofel> tanath: get rid of the UUID=21:55
yofel22:48:55 < yofel> tanath: get rid of the UUID=21:55
yofel22:48:55 < yofel> tanath: get rid of the UUID=21:55
* BUGabundo helps yofel get reed of the jammed ENTER21:56
* yofel thanks BUGabundo 21:57
BUGabundoI was slow21:58
BUGabundoim lagged :(21:58
tanath.31 kernels still won't boot, and formerly working .28 kernel hangs after detecting usb game pad22:02
tanath.31 kernels hang at a blinking cursor - nothing on screen22:04
yofeltanath: gpu?22:05
tanathmuh? vid card? how would that be a prob?22:05
tanathusing ati radeon 9800se22:05
yofeltanath: well, you say, hand at a blinking cursor... do you get anything before that? no usplash?22:06
tanathblinks once or twice, then goes to blinking cursor22:06
yofeltanath: tried to remove 'quiet splash' from the kernel line in grub?22:07
tanathlike, screen blanks/blinks22:07
tanather, i think it was 'nosplash'22:07
yofelreally? the default grub options in ubuntu are 'quiet splash' though22:08
tanathi'm not sure right now :-/22:08
tanathmy memory's not so good lately22:08
tanathbut regardless, it hangs before getting to the splash screen anyway22:08
tanaththe .28 kernels are hanging a bit later22:09
yofeltanath: well yeah, but it should at least tell you *something* if you remove quiet from the boot line22:09
billybigriggerBUGabundo, did you receive those burgers i emailed you last night? i hope the didn't go bad22:10
tanathyofel: well, i'll try again22:11
BUGabundobillybigrigger: did not!22:11
BUGabundothat's why I only had soup tonight22:11
BUGabundodamn you !! :o22:11
billybigriggerrelay server somewhere must have snagged em22:11
BUGabundoI bet22:11
billybigriggermaybe it didn't make it past portugese boarder patrol22:11
BUGabundothough it was _spam_ and not real meet22:11
billybigriggeroh my, that's a terrible joke BUGabundo haha22:11
billybigriggerhaha actually pretty good, +1 for you22:12
Hootchhi, I'm right here for ask for bugs with alpha3 9,10?22:15
yofelHootch: well, this is the karmic support channel, so yes22:16
Hootchok i tried to install 9.10. The setup is broken at 82%, task "Searching, Index Mirrorserver" .. my system is frozen during this step. (Virtualbox)22:18
Hootch9.10 alpha 322:19
BUGabundoyofel: support and discution, if you please! :)22:19
BUGabundohmm Hootch I bet it was when it tried to download lang packs22:19
yofelBUGabundo: right, support *and* discussion :)22:19
HootchBUGabundo: i cant move the mouse pointer :)22:20
BUGabundoFF multisearch discuttion http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2009/07/24/%23ubuntu-mozillateam.txt at 19:3022:21
HootchBUGabundo: and the status symbol of virtualbox dont show a activation over the the network22:21
Hootchactivity ...22:22
DanaGthat's odd... the synaptics driver is ignoring my settings.22:23
BUGabundois horizontal touchpad scroll working ??22:24
billybigriggerHootch, it has to do with the network, disable your network driver22:24
DanaGIt was working before... but now it doesn't.22:24
DanaGGranted, I'm using a PPA with newer versions of drivers.22:24
eagles0513875hey BUGabundo22:25
DanaGoh yeah, another thing for the mozilla team: having the new-tab-as-search be a PLUGIN is evil... it should be a "default preference".22:25
DanaGotherwise, it OVERRIDES user preferences.22:25
tanathmanaged to get .28 kernel working..22:25
tanathremoving splash made things worse. didn't even get to cursor22:26
BUGabundohey eagles051387522:26
tanathhad to change kernel boot line of .28 kernel from uuid to /dev/sda122:26
BUGabundoDanaG: saw my link?22:26
BUGabundoor my bugs on that?22:26
tanaththen my hibernation was borked, and had to force reboot22:26
BUGabundoor blog replies to asac?22:27
eagles0513875hoe goes it BUGabundo22:27
DanaGblog, where?22:27
BUGabundoDanaG: http://www.asoftsite.org/s9y/index.php?url=archives/162-What-is-this-Multisearch-thing-in-my-Firefox-about.html22:27
DanaGOverriding anything == bad.22:29
DanaGs/anything/the user/22:32
DanaGOh yeah, and there wasn't even a CHANGELOG showing that addition, I'm pretty sure.22:34
yofelDanaG: there was: * add me001 multisearch feature for karmic alpha322:34
yofel(from the firefox-3.0 changelog)22:35
DanaGodd... I don't see that.22:35
yofelDanaG: aptitude changelog firefox - the second newest change22:35
DanaGthat's firefox-3.5.22:36
DanaGAnd such a (mis)feature belongs in a separate package.  =þ22:36
yofelDanaG: we're talking about 3.0 here, 3.5 takes the additions from 3.022:36
* DanaG purges firefox-3.0 package.22:37
yofelDanaG: if you still can't find it: http://pastebin.com/f666a3cab line 2322:37
DanaGI found it in firefox-3.0.22:37
BUGabundoaptitude change log?!?22:38
BUGabundodoes that work? wo22:38
yofelI would purge firefox-3.0 but that breaks the sun-java6-plugin -.-22:38
DanaGoh, and what does ubufox do>22:38
BUGabundoDanaG: you can't22:39
BUGabundoit will drag ALL FFs22:39
yofelBUGabundo: it works a while after the package has been published, if it's too new then changelogs.ubuntu.com isn't synced and you get a 404 :(22:39
yofelthat's why I now subscribed karmic-changes too...22:39
BUGabundoDanaG: integration with Desktop22:39
BUGabundoI used to get apt-listchanges22:40
BUGabundobut now my postifix is broken22:40
LademordIs there any way to make Shiretoko replace the old Firefox? Running Shiretoko make a lot of webpages report problems because I'm 'not running Firefox'22:40
BUGabundoto lazy to set it up22:40
BUGabundoneed to restaure from backup :)22:40
=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
DanaGgrr, AP randomly dropped me.22:40
yofelLademord: didn't get that yet...22:40
tanathLademord, there's always the useragent switcher extensino22:41
BUGabundoLademord: galternatives22:41
BUGabundoor System->prefe.->Prefered apps22:41
LademordBUGabundo what's galternatives?22:43
BUGabundoif pages don't work, then its there fault22:44
BUGabundothey should check engine not browsers22:44
BUGabundoand btw. wfm22:44
Lademordbecause stuff like Facebook toolbar-chat is broken because it's not recognizing Shiretoko22:44
BUGabundotheir bad22:45
BUGabundobad devs!!! :)22:45
Spaghetti-codeis there something better then vinagre?22:51
Spaghetti-codecause it is very blocky22:51
Spaghetti-codeyeah olivia oil22:51
Spaghetti-codeand popeye22:51
Spaghetti-codenow i try x11vnc23:12
PROject-EmeraldThat guy in Ubuntu Audio Support has been gone a really long time D:23:16
BUGabundohe is very busy23:18
BUGabundobut he does reply23:18
billybigriggermr chen?23:18
PROject-EmeraldHow long, lol... I've been waiting a while.23:20
BUGabundowiat more23:21
BUGabundolong more23:21
billybigriggerHootch, did you get your install finished?23:25
=== BUGabundo1 is now known as BUGabundo
Hootchbillybigrigger: yes, the installation is fine .. all features runs fine23:26
Hootchbillybigrigger: virtualbox with xorg graphics, network and rest of apps23:27
Hootchbillybigrigger: ubuntu is boring :)23:27
=== Zorael^2 is now known as Zorael
billybigriggerhaha how is ubuntu boring?23:44
PROject-EmeraldWhen your sound is messed, it's pretty boring.23:45
BUGabundoanoying not boring23:45
SKB1apt-get purge pulseaudio did the trick :|23:46
BUGabundoSKB1: sudo aptitude install ubuntu-desktop23:47
SKB1i know23:47
SKB1but that will install pulse23:47
SKB1i'll wait23:47
BUGabundowooooo new kernel23:48
BUGabundoSKB1: what's up ?23:48
raindogWhen I try to use the K(u)buntu Alpha 3 LiveCD I get an xserver error and am dumped to a login prompt.  Is this an installer error?23:49

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