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mattgriffinwould anyone with Ubuntu running on ARM be willing to join the Ubuntu One beta program and provide feedback on any issues?14:46
ogramattgriffin, i dont think we have many desktop users yet :)14:51
ograthe HW we target isnt on the market yet, and users running ubuntu on their ARMs atm will rather have systems that are not really powerful, but given that ubuntuone is in the default install i'll include it in image testing14:53
ograplars, ^^^ can we take that into account in the testing process ?14:53
mattgriffinogra: great! thanks so much. just want to make sure we won't have compatibility problems with ARMs.14:54
mattgriffinogra: ping me if you need access to the beta or have any questions/feedback.14:55
ogramattgriffin, will do14:56
plarsmattgriffin, ogra: absolutely! I actually just got my account active on it a few days ago15:25
ograheh, me too15:25
ogramy invitation from barcelona was timed out15:26
plarsmattgriffin: are there already test procedures or testsuites in place for ubuntu one client?15:26
plarsmattgriffin: it would be good if we could just take the same tests you are already running and do that on our hardware15:26
mattgriffinogra: i'll share a file with you and it will send you another invitation15:26
ograi applied for one and have it running15:27
mattgriffinplars: cool. i'll check into those.15:27
Martynogra : Do we have a rootfs for 9.10?15:38
Martynogra : I've been asked to demonstrate it on the PBX-A9 if possible .. but I haven't been keeping up with the current state of devel.15:38
ogra(the script formerly known as ...)15:39
Martynright :)15:39
ograyou need to run it on 9.10 or at least pull the debootstrap from it into your system15:40
MartynIs the prereq having a fully installed QEMU environment still?15:40
Martynokay, I'll update my system to the current 9.10 alpha and give it a shot15:40
ograyou could use https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/BuildEABIChroot but that only bootstraps the system, you need to chroot and configure manually15:40
MartynI'll give your new script a try :)15:41
ograbut its significantly faster15:41
MartynMight as well start eating the dogfood :)15:41
Martyn(as they say)15:41
ograthats good, i'll package it soon15:41
ograand am working on a gui version15:41
Martynogra : meanwhile I can just check it out from the repository, yea?15:41
Martyncurrent trunk should be stable enough to use?15:41
ograif you see issues, let me know15:42
* Martyn starts downloading the 9.10 alpha image15:42
Martynserver install CD should be enough, yea?15:43
rjune_wrkogra: who builds perl for arm currently?15:59
ogranobody specifically, why ?15:59
rjune_wrkI need to cross compile it.16:00
ogra(there is nothing thats specifically built for arm)16:00
ograour arm buildds act like the i386 ones and just pick up the source package once its uploaded16:00
rjune_wrkare you cross compilng? or does the build system run on an arm box?16:00
ogracrosscompiling is a massive effort16:01
rjune_wrkyes i t is16:01
ograwe are building everything natively16:01
ogracrosscompiling means to build the whole dependency chain first16:01
rjune_wrkI know what it takes.16:01
ograthen you know why we build only natively :)16:02
rjune_wrkI've been using crosstool for most of those bits.16:02
* ogra goes on a call 16:03
rjune_wrkthx ogra16:03

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