AnAntHello, will be there any theming for the new GDM ?06:27
thorwilkwwii: morning! that Duberman guy who wanted to use tinypic deleted his submissions with a comment of "ok, bye". his attachments are still there. wrote another message, this time via LP, with this text: http://pastebin.com/d7612785c08:26
kwwiiboah, how stupid can you get10:04
lassegulwere they any good?10:05
thorwillassegul: just good enough to write him10:23
thorwilkwwii: how dare you apply terms i avoided!! :)10:23
=== zniavre_ is now known as zniavre
kwwiithorwil: hehe11:54
MDC1hi guys, you don't happen to know a little bit of g_signaling?22:32
knomesuppose this is quite a bad channel to ask about that.22:36
knomemost of us are only artists.22:36
benjamimHy guys, what's up !?23:17
knome 23:19
benjamimnothing here...23:20

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