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directhexwoo, mono-tools. i still wonder if there's any reason dh_installxsp couldn't be moved out of the xsp source package, to avoid the need for a merge00:10
superm1Riddell, it doesn't look like a new livefs or ISO got made for mythbuntu according to http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/livefs-build-logs/karmic/mythbuntu/.  can you check and queue one up so we can try to still get a3 out?06:37
tseliotcjwatson: is it mandatory for debconf scripts to have "set -e"?09:34
ogratseliot, i think it is09:34
tseliotogra: I suspected that...09:34
cjwatsontseliot: it's not mandatory as such, but it's usually a mistake to write *any* shell script that doesn't use 'set -e'09:46
tseliotcjwatson: ok, thanks09:47
seb128evand, hey, I did the usb-creator conversion to gtkbuilder it's waiting for review on launchpad10:09
evandseb128: thanks, I'll look it over now10:09
seb128evand, I kept the hack for the label thing the dialog looks weird otherwise since text is selected by default10:09
evandah, okay10:09
seb128I first though that it was because the focus was not set on a button by default10:10
ograhrm, the naming scheme of KDE is massively confusing ... so kde4libs builds kdelibs5-dev ??10:10
seb128but that was not it so I put the hack back10:10
seb128evand, did I do something stupid? ;-)10:13
tseliotmvo: what kind of approach would you prefer for nvidia-common? Would an additional argument to the ctor of NvidiaDetection() be enough (so that you can pass it a text file)?10:13
evandseb128: I'm not sure :).  I'm a bit perplexed at why the text is getting selected.  I'll have to take another look at some point.10:14
seb128evand, well it means that the label is the widget getting focus by default10:14
mvotseliot: hm, I lack some context here, is there a open bug aobut this?10:15
evandah, I see that gtk.Label still has the annoying "I'm not going to expand horizontally" bug.10:16
evandseb128: gotcha10:16
tseliotmvo: you asked me to make it possible for nvidia-common to get the list of obsolete packages from a text file instead of hardcoding them into the program10:16
evandseb128: merged, thanks10:17
MacSlowCan I edit a comment on lp? Spelled something wrong10:17
seb128evand, thanks!10:17
seb128MacSlow, no10:17
mvotseliot: aha, right - yeah, I think a textfile should be fine. I guess no additional argument is needed, there is already the datadir, we can put it there (but I leave thta to you)10:18
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geserdoko_: should we remove "python3.0" from karmic?11:01
doko_geser: no11:02
geserdoko_: isn't abandoned upstream and replaced with python 3.1? why should we keep it?11:04
doko_geser: do you see a replacement in the archive?11:05
Riddellsuperm1: your ISOs are at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/mythbuntu/daily-live/20090724/11:08
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CardinalFangHow can I find out the reason a package is "held back" from upgrading?12:03
slytherininfinity: Hi. Any luck in fixing powerpc buildd?12:05
Gh0styI was wondering is there anywhere a place where we can make suggestions for the new ubuntu's?12:22
Gh0styLike a wishlist kinda thing12:22
SteveAhi markgsaye12:23
SteveAyou're having some trouble installing the latest alpha of karmic?12:23
markgsayeHI all, I'm wondering how to track down problems with fresh install of karmic alpha 3 and nvidia graphics (can't open /dev/fb0: no such file -> no X/gdm/etc)12:23
slytherinGh0sty: It depends on type of suggestion.12:24
Gh0styusability related things for example: why do i have to click the name in the logon screen if there is only 1 name there ... (I only want to enter password, just like windows logon screen ...)12:25
ograGh0sty, just hit enter then12:25
ograits one enter more than windows12:26
Gh0stywas even wondering why they don't do a preload of everything from that user and lock the screen rather then waiting ... :p12:26
ograbecuause that would be a really bad idea on multiuser systems12:26
Gh0stybut on a single user system (like 90% of the users have)12:27
ograhow do you determine that number ?12:27
Gh0styhow do you determine how much users are in the logon screen? :p12:28
directhexogra, (face browser)12:28
ogradirecthex, i read what he is typing, i just miss the connection12:29
Gh0stybtw: your suggestion of just pressing enter ... in my karmic version the user is highlighted but enter doesn't do anything12:31
Gh0styi need to click it ...12:31
ograis it up to date ?12:32
SteveAevand: hi12:32
ograshould actually work12:32
Gh0stylets see12:32
evandSteveA: hi12:32
directhexGh0sty, okay, i understand the issue, but i'm not in a position to reproduce it. if you can be 100% sure that it's not how you think it should be (i.e. avoid wasting time with bugs which are actually user error) then look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PaperCut12:33
SteveAmarkgsaye: evand works on the installer and related things12:35
Gh0stycool exactly what i was looking for directhex :)12:35
markgsayeevand, hi - I'm having trouble with a fresh install of alpha 312:35
markgsayeevand, no X/gdm - had to install from alternate cd12:36
evandmarkgsaye: did the live CD not boot to a desktop?12:36
markgsayeevand, no, failed with X startup12:37
Gh0stywhich nvidia graphics?12:38
evandmarkgsaye: that's beyond the realm of the installer then, and unfortunately beyond my level of expertise.  I'd suggest taking it to bryce when he wakes up, if that's okay.12:38
markgsayenvidia quadro (I'll see if I can find out which chip)12:38
Gh0stydesktop or laptop?12:39
markgsayeevand, will do - thx12:39
Gh0styi have a quadro in my thinkpad ...12:39
markgsayeHP elitebook 8530w12:39
evandmarkgsaye: sure thing, sorry I couldn't be of more help12:39
geserCardinalFang: try to install it and apt will tell you12:39
Gh0stybut i should first download the latest alpha again then12:39
Gh0stydid you have it too with the alpha 1 or 2 ?12:39
Gh0stybb in 1 min12:39
robbiewmarksgaye: have you tried installing Jaunty?12:40
* robbiew wanting to know if this is a regression12:40
robbiewmarksgaye: you could try installing Jaunty (assuming it works), then run 'sudo update-manager -d' from the command line to get to Karmic Alpha 312:41
markgsayerobbiew, Jaunty was fine12:41
markgsayerobbiew, I _could_ do that, but I like to keep different releases on separate partitions12:42
markgsayerobbiew, I guess I could install base Jaunty on this (karmic) partition, then upgrade12:42
robbiewor wait for Bryce12:42
robbiewjust giving you options12:43
Gh0stymarkgsaye: x86 or A64?12:43
markgsayeGh0sty, amd6412:43
Gh0styok downloading alpha 312:43
Gh0stylets see if i can reproduce12:43
markgsayenvidia-detector returns "none"12:43
* robbiew runs karmic alpha 3 on my desktop at home amd64...but I upgraded :/12:44
markgsayeI have nvidia quadro fx 770m (G96GL) according to Jaunty's Xorg log12:44
* robbiew leaves to upgrade his laptop12:44
Gh0styupgrading actually worked for the login issue :p12:45
Gh0styhm i have a quadro fx 570M (rev a1)12:48
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* markgsaye grabs some lunch12:52
* jdstrand wonders out loud if the fact that all his schroots are mounted and available in nautilus are due to bug #39644812:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 396448 in gvfs "inconsistent automounting on startup" [Unknown,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39644812:59
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Gh0stymarkgsaye: the moment of truth! :)13:55
markgsayeGh0sty, hey - I installed nvidia-180-kernel-source and got X to start13:55
markgsayeGh0sty, but then nvidia-settings locked the machine up when trying to activate external monitor13:56
Gh0styactivating nvidia driver 18013:58
Gh0styso far i still have a gui ...13:58
Gh0styit finds me 2 nvidia drivers13:59
Gh0stybut if i try to activate one13:59
Gh0styi get an empty window with a "forbidden" sign ... :p13:59
Gh0stybut is that even possible? activating nvidia driver in livecd mode?13:59
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directhexi don't think it is14:03
markgsayeGh0sty, nvidia-settings is crashing my system - any suggestions?14:24
Gh0styyou still with normal repos?14:26
Gh0stycause i run for a long time already beta drivers on my quadro14:26
Gh0styits also still running intrepid14:27
markgsayeGh0sty, everything is stock Karmic repos14:27
Gh0stybut thats more because i ran into trouble upgrading to jaunty14:27
Gh0stybut thats my own fault ;)14:27
rtg_cjwatson, slangasek: I think I understand most of the rfkill issues. Can you review my proposed changes at http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~rtg/wireless-tools.diff ? Once its uploaded I'll change acpi-support to use the rfkill application.14:34
doko_rtg_: does debian/copyright need an update?14:36
rtg_doko_, I added COPYING.rfkill. Should I just cat it on to the end of copyright?14:37
doko_rtg_: yes, if it's not already there (didn't check)14:38
rtg_doko_, ok, I'll figure it out.14:38
doko_and maybe say, for which files/directory it does apply14:38
ogradoko_, is haifa enabled in our gcc by default ? and is there an option i can use to disable it ?15:07
doko_ogra: iirc, since ages15:08
ogrado i have any option to disable it without rebuilding gcc ?15:08
rtg_doko_, updated http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~rtg/wireless-tools.diff. I just appended copyright and README to existing debian/copyright and debian/README.Debian so dh_installdocs does the right thing.15:14
doko_ogra: no, it was enabled by default in 1997 ...15:15
ogradoko_, thanks15:16
ionHaifa? A city in Israel? :-)15:17
ograyeah, you send them your code and they optimize it for you :)15:18
ionA bit like SpinVox speech recognition.15:20
ogranah, better ... they remove all the zeros between the ones ;)15:21
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Riddellevand: have you seen shtylman's kde theme branch?  can I merge it into ubiquity trunk?16:23
evandRiddell: I have not seen it yet.  I'll look it over later today.16:23
Riddellevand: groovy, you can merge it in then if you're happy with it16:24
evandwill do16:24
davmor2Any one else having issues with machines switching them selves on?16:46
superm1Keybuk, how come lp:~scott/udev/master isn't pulling new git checkouts?  is it a manual process?17:36
superm1oh that would explain it :)17:37
ograhe needs to sing special tunes and sacrifice chickens to kay for it ;)17:39
superm1I guess i'll just chekout using git protocol then17:40
Keybukpushed an update for that branch17:41
superm1cool thanks17:41
rickspencer3didrocks: anything interesting to share with the channel?18:26
didrocksrickspencer3: oh sure, quickly 0.1 is released \o/ Check it out (https://launchpad.net/quickly)!18:43
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floryn90i have one suggestion19:12
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* blackxored greets everyone in #ubuntu-devel20:25
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maxbOne of the problems with turning the Firefox search box into an Ubuntu Google Custom Search, is it means Google is rather more aggressive at pushing ads at you on the result page :-(20:51
directhexmaxb, and lacks little things like links to maps, images, etc22:15

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