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Matt_91ciao, volevo segnalare una cosetta molto utile, a vantaggio di chi si trova costretto a installare pacchetti che non sono per la sua distribuzione in generale(es 32bit su 64bit o viceversa oppure .rpm) in modo credo sicuro con risultato ottimo.13:52
Matt_91c'รจ qualcuno che si offre a scrivere la guida nel wiki??13:53
Matt_91Io ho scritto nel forum: http://forum.ubuntu-it.org/index.php/topic,305728.msg2274185.html14:23
ace_suaresvcan i join the docteam ?18:55
Denisanyone at wiki.ubuntu.com here? we're being spammed with links as eg "https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HelpOnInstalling/hu?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=100 indian airlines schedule "19:11
Denissome concern here that trojans may have been uploaded to your wiki server and are being sent out as linkspam19:11
Denismy ubuntu / firefox refuses to download, but I'm not even going to try firing up a windows machine and testing with explorer19:13
Flannelyeah, its a virus19:14
Denisthought it might be19:14
Denisthere's about 30 or 40 of them19:14
DenisI'm guessing someone found a way to park their virii on the ubuntu wiki and is now linkspamming elsewhere19:15
Denisjust looked again, we got links numbered from target=100 to target=14919:16
Denisso 50 virii files at a guess19:16
FlannelThat page has them starting from 119:17
Denisare you a web admin at ubunbtu.com? because really we need one to get those files taken down asap19:19
Denisotherwise I guess email to webmaster@ubuntu.com19:20
FlannelSend an email, I'll delete them, but an email is probably a good idea too.  Maybe they can keep an eye out for random bunches of uploads in the future19:24
Denisthanks, sent19:26
dsasI  think this issue has been flagged before. Not sure what came of it besides deleting them20:50
Denisdsas, my first concern was to try and get hold of someone who could delete them as fast as possible, protecting against future incursions would be good but deleting the files is more important22:45

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