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NehyxHello, I was banned from #ubuntu-es 1 or 2 moths ago by erUSUL, I flooded, and staff k-line me. Right now I want request an unban. I won't flood more, and I will be good guy with people.14:21
nikobefore, did you process with freenode about the k-line ?14:22
NehyxI am unklined14:22
nikojust wait for erUSUL so14:23
Nehyxniko: ok, thanks14:23
erUSULi will wait for Nehyx to tell all the story of his continous (for years with different nicks hosts) floods personal attacks and everything he has done. When he has related all this to the irc council (mailing list) i will consider an unban. Maybe he can tell us how he started flooding in oftc network spanish linux related channels promissing to stop if someone there got my password for him.14:26
nikosound like bad Nehyx :)14:27
erUSULi'm sick an tired of this "person" and i will not unban him unless told directly by someone with the authority to do so.14:27
Nehyxniko: yes :S14:27
erUSULmany other ops and users in this ntework has suffered him for years. if i were a staffer he will be still klined. is all i have to say14:27
NehyxOk. Thanks for info. Bye14:30
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jpdserUSUL: You'd make one evil staffer :>15:46
erUSULjpds: i do not find my reaction evil just proportional to the harm done; but maybe it is just me ;P17:10
shadeslayerhey theres a guy in #kubuntu who cant get into ubuntu-ru,can i point him here?19:40
erUSULshadeslayer: i do not see why not... maybe #ubnutu-ru-ops exist ?19:41
shadeslayererUSUL: er..i wouldnt have the slightest idea19:41
erUSULnope it does not exist-...19:42
shadeslayersmiges: now ask these nice people why you cant join #ubuntu-ru19:42
smigesi don't enter to #ubuntu-ru19:43
shadeslayerill go now19:43
Myrttismiges: so what message do you get when you try to enter?19:44
erUSULbazhang: ping ? ^19:44
MyrttierUSUL: gone zZzZ19:44
erUSULMyrtti: oops; sorry19:44
smiges you have already entered under the nickname, but I can not write19:45
smiges I went to smoke, come back in 5 minutes19:46
smigesi back19:49
smiges that this could be?19:51
Mamaroksmiges: to identify yourself, please type /msg nickserv identify <yourpassword>19:53
smiges I did so but to me it was written that I have there, but the message всеравно write i can't19:55
Mamaroksmiges: sorry, I don't understand what you mean exactly19:55
Picismiges: You need to complete the registration process, there should be an email from freenode in the mailbox that you registered with.19:56
smigesyes i complete registration process19:57
Picismiges: No, you did not. See  /msg nickserv info smiges19:57
PiciThat means you did not apply the verification command that was sent to the email address you registered with.19:58
smigesI can give you the text, but it is great20:00
smigesthis big text20:04
Mamaroksmiges: do not paste text in the channel, and I don't think we need your confirmation mail20:05
smigesvery hard irc20:14
smigesi complete registration20:21
smigesthanks all20:22
Mamaroksmiges: you are welcome :)20:27
m4verUSUL: Nehyx wasn't being honest when he said he would be a nice guy, he was in #kubuntu-es testing the limits, I had to /op so he would stop, that was just 3 days ago.20:29
erUSULm4v: well it does not surprise me at all ;)20:30
m4vyep, unfortunaly20:30

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