shtylmankernel team!00:11
shtylmanbug #39805900:11
ubot3Malone bug 398059 in linux "system does not boot due to device-mapper error" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39805900:11
shtylmancan someone bring that into our  kernel line?? (patch with last post)00:11
shtylmanthis is a major showstopper for some people...00:11
shtylmanor at least update us on the status... :)00:11
shtylmanmuch appreciated00:11
dtchenshtylman: i have to run another build anyhow, so i'm happy to merge that into my tree if you'd like to test it00:56
dtchenshtylman: i suspect it hasn't been merged into ubuntu-karmic.git due to it not appearing in linux-2.6.git, either00:57
shtylmandtchen: will gladly test it :)00:57
shtylmanjust point me to the right ppa or whatnot and I will try it00:57
dtchenshtylman: will be ~90 minutes01:18
shtylmansounds good01:18
dtchenshtylman: my target arch is amd64, so i hope you're running amd64 ;-)01:19
shtylmanindeed i am ;)01:19
Brent_Rothexcuse me, is anyone available to aid me with part of /usr/src/linux/arch/x86/kernel/entry_64.S ??02:23
dtchenyou might have better luck in #kernelnewies on irc.oftc.net02:24
Brent_Rothdtchen ok, thank you02:24
dtchenerr, ..newbies02:24
Brent_Rothsorry for coming to wrong channel02:24
dtchenshtylman: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~dtchen/test-kernels/lp398059/03:41
shtylmanpull and install all 3?03:42
dtchenshtylman: yes (source is http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git?p=dtchen/ubuntu-karmic.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/lp398059)03:42
shtylmanalright ... lemme give it a go03:43
shtylmandamn...I love my download speed03:43
shtylmandtchen: installed...will reboot (crosses fingers)03:47
shtylmandtchen: uname: Linux namlyths 2.6.31-4-generic #22~crimsun1lp398059 SMP Fri Jul 24 00:17:51 UTC 2009 x86_64 GNU/Linux03:50
shtylmannice...glad to see the patch worked...03:50
shtylmannow to get it into mainline :)03:50
dtchenshtylman: please comment in the bug report03:50
shtylmanwill do03:50
alberticohi... I am having a problem with the kacpid process consuming 80% of my processor... is there a way to fix this?05:07
alberticoI am running ubuntu 9.04 with 2.6.28-13 kernel05:07
rtg_apw, -meta uploaded13:08
apwthank you sir13:08
apwsmb, how are your sd cards on your AA ?  i am finding on my 10v that they are only detected on first insertion13:11
smbapw, In/out works. Just the slightly strange fact that the right slot needs a card in on boot to work13:12
smbapw, At least it _did_ work like that. I have not been actively using them for a few releases13:13
smbapw, looks still the same13:14
rtg_apw, pushed newrelease13:21
apwrtg thanks13:21
rtg_apw, there are a lot of CONFIG_CAN modules.13:25
amitkrtg_: apw: can I expect the configs to remains stable today?13:26
rtg_amitk, I'm wanting to commit CONFIG_CAN in the worst way :)13:26
rtg_but I'll wait.13:27
amitkgood, I want this patchset committed before another config upheaval13:27
apwi have no plans to chage the config13:27
apwanyone know how one rescans a usb channel after ejecting something on it?13:29
amitkapw: at the bus level?13:30
apwyeah you know if you 'eject' a usb key it sort of goes away and you unplug replug it to return it to life13:31
apwis there a way to trigger that without removing/reinserting?13:32
amitkohh, don't know how to do it w/o reinserting13:33
apwjust figured out why my sd slot stops working on the mini 10v, basically its a usb connected card reader slot13:34
apwso when you 'eject' it in nautilus, that ejects the usb card reader device which i cannot then unplug and replug as its inside13:34
hyperairso just unmount?13:39
amitkhmm.. This patch is causing rebase issues... "UBUNTU: SAUCE: hotkey quirks for various Zeptro Znote and Fujitsu Amilo laptops"13:39
amitkapw: did you see this when you rebased to rc4?13:40
apwno this is normal for this dell13:41
apwi think its problem that would always be seen on any version from the nature of it13:41
amitkapw: did you see a problem when you rebased to rc4?13:44
apwamitk, asking about my eject issue, or the rebase in general13:44
apwthe eject issue i had before on the -3 kernel too13:45
amitkapw: rebase to rc4. I am seeing a problem with an old SAUCE patch (^^^) when I try to rebase13:45
amitknot talking about eject here...13:45
apwamitk, is it one of your patches?13:46
apware you just doing a git rebase origin/master ?13:46
amitknope, an old patch13:46
apwok then i think you are doing the rebase wrong, as we have rebased the tree underneath you13:46
apwyou would want to do a git rebase --onto origin/master <sha1 of the commit before the first patch you want to move>13:46
apwas you are not interested in rebaseing the patches below those13:47
apwas i already did them13:47
apwmake any sense?13:47
amitki think, yes13:47
apwbasically git rebase thinks all of the patches since linus is to be rebased by default which is not what you care about13:48
amitkyup, rebase of a rebase. Works now, thanks.13:49
amitkrtg_: apw: git://kernel.ubuntu.com/amitk/ubuntu-fsl-2.6.31.git has the rebased tree. I'll send email to the list now.14:39
rtg_amitk, do you think its OK to ignore ARM ABI changes with this patch set?15:07
amitkrtg_: yes please. The old flavour was a dud.15:09
rtg_amitk, will do15:10
amitkmanjo: I've pushed the initial rebase to my git tree. I still have to do some more adding of mx51 conditionals. But this kernel boots and stays alive on the device for now. So I'm asking for a merge to enable -mobile to start building images.15:11
amitkmanjo: IOW, be gentle :)15:11
manjoamitk, :) will take a look 15:12
EagleScreendvb-usb-af9015 is not working in karmic15:12
EagleScreenit shows some crash by dmesg15:13
manjoamitk, your email says pls pull... but from where ? 15:17
rtg_manjo, I've got it covered15:18
rtg_git://kernel.ubuntu.com/amitk/ubuntu-fsl-2.6.31.git master15:18
amitkmanjo: it points to the git repo later in the email15:18
manjortg_, I just wanted to take a look... 15:18
amitkmanjo: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git?p=amitk/ubuntu-fsl-2.6.31.git;a=summary15:19
manjoamitk, yeah i see .. it came as an attachment "request-pull"15:19
* amitk disappears for a while15:20
manjoamitk, so you did not fix ./arch/arm/plat-mxc/gpio.c ? 15:23
amitkmanjo: i have a patch in my tree. I'll push it as part of cleanup after the initial kernel is available to the mobile team15:34
maks_hello have asked for initramfs-tools merge, will stick around so if any questions arise..15:39
rtg_maks_, its not really a question for the kernel team. you should be bugging the platform team, e.g., Keybuk15:39
Keybukmaks_: I mailed you a while back about the direction you were taking initramfs-tools15:41
Keybukyou didn't reply15:42
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maks_Keybuk: Message-Id: <1244716927.4532.34.camel@quest>16:20
maks_sure i read it.16:20
maks_it's still lying in my inbox, didn't know what to say..16:21
maks_anyway you added kms module too.16:21
Keybukno, Colin did16:21
Keybukmy plan with initramfs is to strip it right back down to its bare essentials16:21
Keybukit should only mount the root filesystem16:21
maks_rtg_: afaik it is a kernel team question as the last merge was done by the kernel team16:21
Keybukno other fancy stuff16:22
KeybukI'm considering switching to dracut for better alignment with other distros as well16:22
maks_well MODULES=dep provides you in most cases with a small initramfs16:22
rtg_maks_, only by accident :)16:22
Keybukmaks_: that's not what I mean16:22
maks_Keybuk: speaking of you as the ubuntu version16:23
maks_dracut is interesting a agree16:23
maks_and klibc is dommed to failure16:23
maks_as hpa has no time for it.16:23
KeybukMODULES=dep vs. MODULES=most is not the same as "stick everything in the initramfs just because it's there"16:23
* maks_ neither since some time, my phd needs work :)16:24
maks_and klibc needs massive uplifting16:24
maks_the plan was to wait for util-linux to hit sid16:24
maks_and then to use the generic utilities16:24
maks_people already complain about busybox.16:25
maks_Keybuk: please be more specific.16:25
KeybukI have been specific16:26
maks_afais from your kernel config that was quite strange you had old ide build in.16:26
Keybukthe initramfs should only mount the root filesystem16:26
maks_so you wouldn't need initramfs in most cases.16:26
Keybukerr, what?16:27
maks_Keybuk: that would axe what?16:27
Keybukmaks_: there's no need to set up console fonts, keymaps, locales, kms, splash screens, etc.16:27
maks_Keybuk: keymaps are needed for encrypted root16:28
maks_don't think i have them right now in, if you haven't cryptestup installed.16:29
maks_locales shouldn't be either16:29
Keybukencrypted root need not be enabled by default16:29
Keybukif someone wants it, they should turn it on, and then rebuild their initramfs16:29
maks_so you want a turn from "Put everything on initramfs as user might need it"16:31
Keybukindeed, we've never done that16:32
maks_in debian that would put most work on the hook maintainer16:32
maks_aka lvm mdadm cryptsetup maintainer16:32
Keybukthe entire reason Jeff wrote initramfs-tools to be modular was so that it could be extended by installing additional packages16:32
maks_so what?16:35
Keybukso you've gone a different direction with initramfs-tools in Debian and made it do everything out of the box by default in the initramfs-tools package16:36
Keybukrather than making other packages ship their own hooks16:36
Keybukso I haven't merged it16:36
maks_you are insuniating things16:36
Keybukno... I'm reading diffs and changelogs16:36
Keybukand when I asked you about it, you didn't bother to reply to my mail16:37
maks_your mail didn't leave much room to a reply afais16:38
KeybukI thought it was a good start for a dialogue about what we wanted from initramfs-tools16:38
Keybukhow we could make it more modular and configurable16:38
maks_well that thought wasn't how i read the mail.16:40
maks_anyway thanks for pointer and you'll get a reply.16:41
maks_over and out, back to work.16:41
Keybukanyway, technical disagreements aside16:41
Keybukwe're after merge window closure now16:41
Keybukso the next merge would be for karmic+116:41
Keybukand will be competing with "use dracut instead"16:41
maks_no trouble with dracut they have it booting on debian itself afaik16:42
maks_not that it is a slim initramfs afaik16:42
Keybukit's much simpler16:43
Keybukand has "I want these bits" built in from the start16:43
* Ng wonders if -4 fixes rfkill :D16:45
rtg_Ng, nope, but I'm working on it16:45
rtg_Ng, I have the OK to upload wireless-tools from slangasek and Keybuk with the rfkill application from sipsolutions.org (the guy that rewrote rfkill)16:47
rtg_Ng, I wast just waiting on A3 to clear the decks, so I should be able to finish it up today.16:47
nduthoitI'm having a problem setting acpi temperature trip_points: 'echo -n "65:0:55:60:0" > /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/THRM/trip_points' returns "-bash: echo: write error: Input/output error" anyone know a different/new way to set trip_points? Thanks17:20
nduthoitwrong channel?17:22
rtg_apw, karmic pushed18:23
apwanything exciting?18:23
rtg_apw, mostly armel stuff, misc other patches.18:23
rtg_I'm tempted to squash the IMX51 stuff into one giant patch18:24
apwahh ok ... so a biggy18:24
apwi say lets see how we get through a rebase before that18:24
apwits likely to be a world of pain either way i guess18:24
rtg_apw, yeah. I'm thinking about uploading this afternoon (no ABI bump)18:25
apwpresumably the arm is a bumper but as noone is using it as it doens't work it should be ok18:25
rtg_apw, I added ignores after consulting with amitk18:26
apwyeah the previous amx51 wasn't so noone could be running it so ... it seems safe to me 18:26
rtg_one can get away with murder during the dev cycle :)18:27
bjfrtg_, my thoughts on a big squash are it's easier to find a single buggy commit with a bisect if it's multiples18:27
rtg_bjf, that would normally be my approach, but there are several in that pile that are not bi-sectable18:28
rtg_e.g., won't compile if you reset HEAD back to the right spot18:28
bjfrtg_ that's true18:29
rtg_bjf, while I'm developing something I'll have lots of small commits. When I'm at a point where the series works I'll usually squash them into logical, bi-sectable patches.18:31
bjfrtg_ that makes sense for things you are developing18:32
bjfrtg_, but for things like the FSL patches, I was trying to keep my mods separate from the FSL changes18:33
bjfrtg_, also, if i needed to communicate with FSL on something I could give them a sha1 for the individual change18:34
bjfrtg_, if it's one commit, it can be more difficult18:35
bjfrtg_, just my thinking, don't claim it's right :-)18:35
rtg_bjf, A lot of the Karmic patches appear to be fix-ups that amitk did after the FSL patches were applied. Those are the patches that I'd consider squashing.18:35
bjfrtg_, that makes sense18:36
bjfrtg_, it's the next batch that I'm thinking of18:36
rtg_apw, passowrd ?19:02
apwheh no a description of the melange 19:03
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billybigriggeranyone alive?22:53
jjohansenbillybigrigger: its friday afternoon so no23:07

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