Severity1Saj0577: you are right05:16
dindafor anyone wanting to take the paid version of the online training course for System Administrators15:50
pleia2cool, thanks for the link dinda :)15:53
pleia2so... we're looking at another 3-4 weeks at least before the moodle site is ready theme-wise? is there other stuff that needs to be done to get that ready?16:01
pleia2and we should all look and comment on bodhi's team structure this weekend16:01
* pleia2 supposes she should mail the list16:01
doctormopleia2: I think we should16:04
dindapleia2: mailing list is good16:04
doctormopleia2: the problem is a lack of enertia is slowing potential participation even further.16:05
dindapleia2: I've tried to direct even more people who want to do screencasts over here16:05
doctormopleia2: I'm worried16:05
pleia2doctormo: agreed, it's actually getting a bit frustrating for me :\16:05
pleia2dinda: oh great, thanks16:05
dindaI think once there is some content up, it will help get folks restarted16:06
pleia2I'll draft an email after work outlining what we need right now, these constant stalls with licensing and now with team structure need to stop happening ;)16:06
doctormoI've got my responsibilities now to make this sys-admin course, so it will be made. question of uploading it the moodle16:06
* pleia2 nods16:06
doctormo2 seconds are done (well draft done and taught once) and at least 8 sectons to go (1 per week)16:06
dindayes, I've been having more than my share of moodle issues on my own servers16:07
pleia2who here is our moodle expert, anyway?16:07
doctormopleia2: do we have one?16:08
pleia2I don't know :)16:08
dindaI thought bodhi was an expert on the sys admin side anyways16:12
pleia2yeah, he's the expert on getting it installed and deployed16:15
pleia2not so much with moodle specifics16:15
dindaI thought moodle was pretty straight forward but then I've used a ton of similar systems, and I've been told it's not so obvious to folks new to the LMS world that it's not16:32
dindaCan I get you folks opinion on the state of screencasts.ubuntu.com?16:39
* dinda goes to see if Popey is available for a quick chat16:40
dindaokay, I'm excited again - there is some light at the end of the tunnel for me finally having some time to play on community things again!17:01
doctormodinda: you didn't have time before? Everything is alright?17:08
dindadoctormo: i've been SWAMPED with daily work and all my free time with home repair after last year's hurricane hit17:09
dindabut now both are easing up17:09
doctormoWeclome back dinda!17:09
dindaso I may have evenings and weekends again - I'm very excited as you can tell17:09
dindaI may even go fishing this weekend - woohoo!17:10
* dinda looks longing out the window at the gulf of mexico17:12
doctormodinda: the gulf giveth, the gulf taketh away17:16
dindadoctormo: yeah - my old water heater is out there somewhere ;)17:16
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