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Guest8810hello am interested to make ubuntu grow, is there a developer or marketing person whos is willing to read my suggestions?03:34
Guest8810whats the topic?03:34
BHSPitMonkeyGuest8810: http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/03:38
RDI have an Idea to solve bug #103:42
ubot4RD: Error: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: The read operation timed out03:42
BHSPitMonkeyFree t-shirts?03:43
TakyojiWhich would be?03:43
RDCanonical should start counting its users by installing a package popularity contest during first time installation for more details here is the link I found:03:44
RDI think this will solve bug #103:44
ubot4RD: Error: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: The read operation timed out03:45
RDdid anyone took a look at at the link?03:46
BHSPitMonkeyRD: you have that option during installation03:46
RDI do?03:46
RDare you talking about ubuntu 9.04 or 9.10?03:47
BHSPitMonkeyIt's under the Advanced options, on the screen right before it starts actually installing03:47
BHSPitMonkeyIt's been there for a few versions.03:47
RDI never seen it, how about if they make it part of the installation without having to hide it under the advanced tab?03:47
BHSPitMonkeyIt's not enabled by default because that would be a glaring breach of privacy03:47
RDam sure average users wont even look at the advanced tab03:48
BHSPitMonkeyPut it on http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/03:48
RDsomeone already put it there but the devs dont seem to pay attention to it, however it has lots of votes03:49
RDI was thinking if Canonical would do the same thing as mozilla03:51
RDmozilla advertized firefox all over the web and look now firefox has more than 25% markettshare03:51
RDcan canonical do this?03:52
TakyojiNumbers on marketshare for software is a bit inaccurate typically03:53
Takyojior at least in my perspective03:53
RDI understand its not accurate but at least it gives you an idea of how many users are using ubuntu or firefox03:54
RDso can canonical do the same thing as mozilla?03:55
TakyojiThey just need to make it more apparent is all (in terms of the package popularity survey option)03:58
RDso you are telling me that canonical is considering/ developing the package popularity idea?03:59
TakyojiStupid me, I'll review the whole topic, I'm most likely missing a detail04:01
RDsorry I got diconnected04:01
Takyojialso, that's another factor, people are also behind caching proxies/mirrors sometimes (which helps reduce server load)04:01
RDno am not using proxy, I accidently closed the chat tab under firefox :-D04:02
TakyojiErm, stupid me, it wouldn't have to be forced to go through the specified mirror..04:03
RDso just to make it more clear, canonical already has the popularity contest package hiden under the advanced options during ubuntu installation right?04:03
RDare you still there takyoji? :)04:07
RDare you still there takyoji? 04:10
TakyojiTo my understanding, yes04:11
RDsomeone told me that options is hidden? it shouldint04:13
RDanyway am leaving for now04:14
BryanNLHey all15:11
BryanNLCan somebody help me?15:12

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