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micahgif a package has been removed from the devel release, do we do SRUs?01:04
blueyed_micahg: in theory, yes. it depends of course. if there's something SRU worthy, why not?01:27
AwsoonnPiklab is a program written for kde that I would love to make 'fit' into the standard ubuntu desktop a bit nicer. Is there a way to make a program dynamicly load a kde version of the UI or a GTK version based on the active enviorment?03:59
AwsoonnI'd love to be pointed to some example program.04:02
vorianwhat could be nicer than QT?04:07
* vorian thinks nothing04:07
StevenKvorian: A toolkit that doesn' use C++04:08
* StevenK hides04:09
freeflyinghi, where can I check my upload status?04:38
freeflyingor how can I can know if I still can upload to universe?04:39
fabrice_spfreeflying, just try to upload: if you're not allowed, you will receive an email (which is what happen to all beginners at least one time :-) )04:43
freeflyingfabrice_sp: the issue is, I tried two times, didn't get any email to indicate me accept or reject04:44
ajmitchfreeflying: LP still lists you as a member of motu & ubuntu-dev04:44
fabrice_spfreeflying, did you try to upload to a ppa?04:45
freeflyingajmitch: yeah, so its really wired04:46
freeflyingfabrice_sp: I did upload to ppa servral days before, worked fine04:46
nhandlerfreeflying: Maybe your dput.cf file is messed up04:46
fabrice_spweird then, yes04:46
freeflyingnhandler: its ok, checked already04:47
ajmitchwhat have you tried uploading?04:48
ajmitchmain reason I can think of for no reject mail would be signed with the wrong key, but I'm most likely wrong about that04:48
freeflyingajmitch: the key is fine, I'm trying upload webkit with some patch for anjal, actually its a sponsor uploading04:50
ajmitchwhich appears to be in main04:51
ajmitchso you'd most likely get reject messages based on that04:51
freeflyingajmitch: I should get reject mail if its in main, but didn't04:53
freeflyingthats why I think its wired04:53
wgrantThe main reasons for silent rejection are use of an unknown or no key, and the changes file being unparsable (eg. due to an email address with bad syntax).04:58
freeflyingwgrant: but I can upload to ppa, works fine04:59
wgrantfreeflying: That same changes file?04:59
freeflyingwgrant: exactly04:59
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stochasticdoes anyone feel like doing a REVU on http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/a2jmidid07:50
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DktrKranzgaspa: do you want some coffee?08:47
gaspaalready done08:47
gaspabut it's not enough08:47
DktrKranzwhat about something which gives you wings?08:47
gaspaDktrKranz: none of it, here08:50
* geser looks for a caffeine drip for gaspa08:51
* gaspa hugh geser08:52
david_mentregaspa: are you here?08:54
gaspadavid_mentre: yup. Hi david.08:55
gaspaocaml is now sync'd, I saw.08:55
david_mentregaspa: Hello Andrea09:07
david_mentreI have open a bug for the second round : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/camlp5/+bug/40392409:07
ubottuUbuntu bug 403924 in camlp5 "[3.11.1 transition][round 2/6] Please synchronize following packages from Debian sid in Karmic" [Undecided,New]09:07
david_mentregaspa: regarding rebuild of package, is this a sync request or other type of request?09:08
david_mentregaspa: I have already done that but forgot :-(09:08
gaspadavid_mentre: you need a sync request for _each_ package to sync09:09
david_mentregaspa: can I add another package to a bug 403924?09:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 403924 in camlp5 "[3.11.1 transition][round 2/6] Please synchronize following packages from Debian sid in Karmic" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40392409:09
gaspadavid_mentre: no09:10
gaspafile another bug09:10
david_mentregaspa: oh (beep)! :-/09:11
david_mentreOK, I'll do that09:11
geserwhy not open several tasks to this one bug?09:11
gaspageser: I always found it much confusing...09:15
gaspa(david_mentre: wait)09:16
gaspageser: is acceptable as it is now? (with tasks for each package?)09:16
geserI don't care if you open 1 bug with 10 tasks or 10 bugs. Use the one which suits your work style more09:18
david_mentregaspa: ok, I'm waiting. Already opened 2 bugs. :-)09:18
geserthe "1 bug, 10 tasks" solution has the advantage that you can easily check the state of this round09:19
gaspaok. good09:19
gaspadavid_mentre: then, let's use tasks, if you prefer...09:20
david_mentregaspa: how "task" are used? Documentation?09:20
geserdavid_mentre: open the bug, go to "Also affects distribution", enter the other package name (for the Ubuntu Distribution)09:21
david_mentregeser: ok thanks!09:22
gaspageser: ... but... should I (or a u-us) ack each package? the bug in his whole?09:25
gesergaspa: I'd add a comment for which packages my ACK is and set those tasks to confirmed09:27
geseryou need a u-m-s too (for havea)09:27
geserand perhaps others (didn't check which are in main)09:28
david_mentregeser: added ubuntu-main-sponsors09:31
david_mentreadded all packages09:31
david_mentreas tasks09:31
gaspageser: of course...09:31
gaspadavid_mentre: cool.09:31
david_mentregaspa: regarding rebuild, how should I proceed?09:32
gaspadavid_mentre: ask here, for packages that need rebuild.09:32
geserdavid_mentre: give gaspa or me at list of packages09:32
david_mentregeser,gaspa: round 2 in https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-discuss/2009-July/009088.html09:33
gesergaspa: will you do it or should I?09:34
gaspageser: I'm quite busy at work, atm. so if you have a moment please do.09:40
gaspadon't they depends on packages waiting for sync?09:41
gaspadavid_mentre: --^09:41
geserthey shouldn't else they would be in the next round (I hope)09:41
geserI'll testbuild anyway before uploading09:42
sebnergeser: the merges must die! *muahahaha*09:47
gaspageser: I'm taking xml-ligth09:48
geserdavid_mentre: for a rebuild of "findlib" you need to find a core-dev10:01
james_wno change rebuild?10:02
geserjames_w: yes10:02
james_wI can do that for you10:02
geserjames_w: facile too please10:02
james_wtoo easy10:02
slytheringeser: Do you see anything wrong with the code where it retrieves initial_classpath from system property. - http://svn.apache.org/viewvc/jakarta/jmeter/trunk/src/core/org/apache/jmeter/NewDriver.java?revision=68470910:03
david_mentregaspa: round n only depends on round n-110:05
david_mentreso no issue for round 2, ocaml is recompiled10:06
geserslytherin: sorry, can't help you. my java knowledge is only as good as I needed it for my study10:06
gaspageser: i'm doing uuidm as well10:06
gesergaspa: I'm currently at lablgl10:06
gaspageser: I took it from the bottom ;)10:06
slytheringeser: :-) I will bug ttx.10:07
gaspageser: i've time for pycaml e perl4cml too, i guess. :p10:14
james_wwhat's the transition I should put in the changelog?10:14
david_mentrejames_w: transition to OCaml 3.11.110:15
james_wthank you10:15
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geserdavid_mentre: I'm done with rebuilds.10:27
james_wfindlib and facile done10:31
james_wanything else needed?10:31
david_mentregeser: thanks a lot! I've seen them on karmic-changes@. I'll do a manual check10:31
gaspajames_w: yep.10:34
gaspacould you ack these: bug #403924 for camlp5 and hevea10:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 403924 in spamoracle "[3.11.1 transition][round 2/6] Please synchronize following packages from Debian sid in Karmic" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40392410:34
geserjames_w: bug 403924: camlp5 and hevea needs an ACK from a core-dev and once gaspa is done with ACKing the syncs themself10:35
gaspageser: already ack'd all universe10:35
geserjust noticed10:35
gaspaall universe packages.10:35
gesergaspa: you're lucky that sebner is doing today merges and not syncs :)10:36
* directhex is waiting for his xsp sync so he can sync mod-mono10:36
james_wgeser/gaspa: would one of you be willing to prepare a sync list?10:36
sebnergeser: are there any left? :P10:37
geserjames_w: bug 403924 contains a task for each package to be synced for this round10:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 403924 in spamoracle "[3.11.1 transition][round 2/6] Please synchronize following packages from Debian sid in Karmic" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40392410:38
david_mentrejames_w: what kind of sync list do you need? Any specific format?10:38
james_wit's basically10:39
james_wsync <bug number>10:39
james_wfor each bug10:39
james_wif there are changes in ubuntu then it needs -f10:39
james_wif it's not from unstable/main then it needs -S or -C10:39
james_wnot sure how the script will fare with multiple tasks actually10:40
james_wperhaps I should just try it10:40
james_wlooks like it will work10:42
james_ware there any syncs that are exceptional in that bug?10:43
james_w(Ubuntu changes, not main/universe?)10:43
david_mentrejames_w: not that I know of10:43
gaspaI saw a -build1 revision10:44
geserjames_w: the whole plan is at https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-discuss/2009-July/009088.html10:44
david_mentreno Ubuntu changes for sur. All in main/universe10:44
james_wI'll ACK the remaining ones and give it a go10:44
james_wbuild1 is fine10:44
gaspaso, no ubuntu changes.10:44
david_mentrejames_w: ack for mass-sync. I'll try to provide a sync.txt for round 310:46
james_wjust need my mirror to get the new ocaml for building camlp510:47
james_wdavid_mentre: if it goes well then there shouldn't be a need10:47
james_wthanks though10:47
james_wthough if there are exceptions it would make it easier10:47
david_mentrejames_w: ok10:51
* directhex offers james_w a muffin11:01
hyperairbah! byobu refuses to work if i ssh from inside screen11:06
hyperairbyobu should be testing for STY rather than TERM=screen11:07
hyperairslomo: would it be possible to make gstreamer use the pulseaudio backend by default?11:08
hyperairslomo: it seems to use the alsa backend (and hence the alsa plugin) by default, resulting in the name "mono" in the new gnome volume control applet11:09
hyperairin the case of Banshee, i mean11:09
slomohyperair: it does that if gstreamer0.10-pulseaudio is installed11:09
slomounless you selected alsa in gstreamer-properties11:09
slomothen gnome application would use alsa11:09
hyperairhmm is it?11:09
hyperairso in a default application it'll use the pulseaudio backend then, eh..11:10
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hyperairslomo: thanks, i'll go invalidate the bug now11:12
hyperairhmm is there some way to do bzr commit --amend?11:29
joaopintoI have a questionr regarding version across releases11:47
joaopintosince the repository is a shared pool, and then the release is just a list of packages from the pool, can we have the exactly same version in different releases ?11:47
joaopintoI mean the package version11:47
joaopintoanyone :P ?11:49
geserthat's exactly what happens11:51
joaopintobut, if we keep the exact same version for different releases, we may get ABI incompatibility problems, right ?11:52
hyperairusually not11:52
hyperairif there are issues, then you bump the version to get it rebuilt11:52
geserjoaopinto: no, why should there be any?11:52
joaopintogeser, because the .deb rebuilt for the newer release was linked with newer lib versions ?11:53
joaopintoI am assuming the .debs are re-built for every release11:53
geserjoaopinto: no, they aren't11:53
geseryou couldn't store them anyway as there is already a file with that name11:54
joaopintohum, so packages which are not changed at all are simply included on newer releases ?11:54
joaopintook, it's clear now, tks :)11:55
hyperairkirkland: if you notice the screen-detection branch i just created for byobu, please look into merging the two commits into one there (i accidentally mistook revert for uncommit)11:56
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slytherinTheMuso: hi, linux-ports-,eta needs ABI bump. :-)12:01
slytherinI mean linux-ports-meta.12:01
slytherinttx: have some time?12:16
ttxslytherin: yes12:16
slytherinttx: Do you see anything wrong with the code where it retrieves initial_classpath from system property. - http://svn.apache.org/viewvc/jakarta/jmeter/trunk/src/core/org/apache/jmeter/NewDriver.java?revision=68470912:16
ttxew. Java code :)12:17
directhexjava's that legacy version of .net, right?12:20
ttxdirecthex: it lays in some legacy parts of my brain, that's all I can say12:20
directhexlike a spider!12:20
directhexslytherin, how is it misbehaving?12:21
ttxit goes into great lengths to handle macos/windows crappy practices when it comes to directory handling12:22
directhexWrite Once, Run Anywhere!12:23
slytherindirecthex: I am passing a classpath with multiple jar files (separated by :), but when it is read from within program only last jar file is picked up. This is on jaunty.12:23
slytherinwith openkjdk.12:23
ttxdirecthex: "write once, run everywhere, as long as you ship a truckload of binary jars with me"12:24
* directhex hands ttx a copy of MySql.Data.dll12:24
directhexslytherin, have you inserted far more system.out.println statements than should be necessary, to aid debugging?12:24
ttxdirecthex: Don't want to touch that, someone told me you can get permanently tainted12:25
directhexslytherin, e.g. what exactly is in initial_classpath right after it's assigned?12:25
slytherindirecthex: yes, I inserted one immediately after the line where initial_classpath is set. And it shows the the value of this variable is not getting set to what is expected.12:25
directhexslytherin, okay, right. so System.getProperty is being useless. let me check javadoc12:26
slytherindirecthex: either that or there is some problem because of ':'.12:26
directhexjavadoc is crap. is a "system property" something provided by the JRE, or an environment variable?12:27
slytherindirecthex: you can set it on command line with -D. But the property being used here (java.class.path) is same as the value of command line argument -classpath12:28
ttxslytherin: what does File.pathSeparator return on your JVM ?12:29
slytherinttx: I am not accessing the machine where this problem occurs. :-(12:29
directhexjms@osc-franzibald:/tmp$ java -classpath foo:bar:baz:. GetClassPath12:31
directhexjava.class.path now = foo:bar:baz:.12:31
ttxhm, and strangely enough, this code queries CLASSPATH_SEPARATOR = System.getProperty("path.separator") then uses File.pathSeparator12:31
slytherinI spent almost 1 hours today morning trying to find why jmeter was not starting even when all dependencies were present on system. That is the only problem remaining before I can put it on revu. :-(12:33
ttxslytherin: this code is all about handling special cases where you would not provide a complete classpath and would want to auto-use things in a lib/ subdirectory12:33
ttxso it's like.. completely useless for you :)12:33
slytherinttx: It's like this. Apart from the system classpath it will add some of it's own components (jar files) to the classpath.12:34
slytherinthe problem is occurring right where it reads system classpath.12:34
directhexjms@osc-franzibald:/tmp$ ikvm -classpath foo:bar:baz:. GetClassPath12:35
directhexjava.class.path now = foo:bar:baz:.12:35
directhexworks on mono too12:35
* slytherin going out for some time12:36
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hyperairhmm for some reason mplayer defaults to oss. can we have it default to pulseaudio instead?12:44
hyperairor at least alsa =\12:45
ttxslytherin: It seems to behave correctly... You should instrument the code and run in under your conditions to see where it fails12:49
directhexhyperair, siretart is the person to tickle12:52
hyperairdirecthex: ah. thanks.12:52
* hyperair lies in wait for siretart12:53
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slytherinttx: What do you mean by instrument the code?13:25
ttxslytherin: add a few debug outputs to see where it fails ? Or run it under a debugger if you can reproduce the bug in such an environment ?13:26
ttxI thought the Tokenizer was returning just one token due to a separator mismatch, but it seems to return correctly13:27
ttx(on my Karmic setup)13:27
slytherinttx: As I said, it fails right were it is retrieving the classpath and setting initial_classpath. There is no problem in the code after that. I don't know the reason though.13:28
ttxslytherin: ah.13:28
ttxslytherin: I can retrieve the classpath alright, using the same code... but my setup is different I guess13:29
slytherinI will check on my machine again when I go home. I will also make sure I have openjdk updates installed.13:30
slytherincoolbhavi: hi13:30
coolbhavii m facing a problem i ve made a package cricinfo using a script http://launchpadlibrarian.net/29481553/buildlog_ubuntu-karmic-i386.crickinfo_1.0-1-0ubuntu4_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz13:30
coolbhavibut its ftbfs13:31
coolbhavii ve made install directory too13:31
coolbhavibut its failing at dh_install13:32
coolbhaviand any ideas pls13:34
nhandlercoolbhavi: Does debian/tmp/crickinfo exist?13:39
coolbhavishall I create one13:39
coolbhavion my system?13:40
coolbhaviusing cdbs13:41
coolbhaviand few package deps13:41
nhandlercoolbhavi: I'm not even seeing a file named crickinfo anywhere in the source. Why is it listed in debian/install?13:43
nhandlerDid you mean crick-info-gui?13:43
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trothigarwhen you issue the command "sudo pbuilder create", approximately how many packages is it going to download (I have bandwidth cap issues)?14:21
coolbhavitrothigar, its going to create a build environment14:22
Laneymy karmic pbuilder tarball is 111M if that helps14:23
gaspajames_w: camlp5 builds correctly, if you needed to know that....14:26
sebnerLaney: mine has 89 mb ^^14:27
geserha, mine only 87 MB :)14:28
geserhardy = 68M, intrepid = 80M, jaunty = 81M, karmic = 87M14:29
geserit gets bigger with every release14:29
hyperairkirkland: awesome signature. :-D14:30
AnAntHello, in building a package, I found that I have to configure with LDFLAGS=-Wl,--as-needed to avoid linking binaries with un-necessary libs14:30
kirklandhyperair: heh, thanks ;-)14:30
kirklandhyperair: i appreciate the patch/branch14:31
AnAntyet this only works for executables, but not for building shared libs, anyone knows what I should do for shared libs ?14:31
hyperairno problem14:31
kirklandhyperair: i think you solved another bug with that patch too14:31
kirklandhyperair: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/byobu/+bug/40380914:31
ubottuUbuntu bug 403809 in byobu "doesn't work via ssh on my G1" [Low,Fix committed]14:31
hyperairhmm was that related?14:31
hyperairoh yeah that's probably it14:32
hyperairlooks like i filed a duplicate bug eh14:32
kirklandhyperair: yeah, funny, both bugs filed within the same day, first i've seen of the issue ;-)14:33
hyperairwell it happened when i upgraded my desktop to karmic and byobu-ized my screen config on that14:33
hyperairi wouldn't have upgraded if the .28 kernel's ext4 driver didn't fail so hard14:34
hyperairoh well, one less bug for byobu =)14:34
kirklandhyperair: yes, indeed. thanks again.14:34
s0nixHi... normally, a package that is built on intrepid with the dependency python (2.5).. Can the binaries be copied to jaunty? python (2.6)14:38
hyperairis it an arch=all or arch=any package?14:39
hyperairfor the former, it can be copied over just fine14:39
s0nixno, it's arch i386/amd6414:40
slytherinttx: which architectures still benefit form -gcj packages? Frankly I never understood what the -gcj packages exactly do.15:12
ttxslytherin: my understanding is that they allow non-jit-powered architectures to avoid being utterly sluggish.15:13
ttxso that's ia64/powerpc/arm15:14
ttxdoko still wants us to recommend the -gcj package on those architectures15:14
ttxunfortunately arch-conditional recommends don't play nice with "all" packages.15:15
slytherinright, that I understood from the bug.15:15
ttxSo this is a trick we should only play on packages were drawing the -gcj counterpart is an issue15:16
ttxbasically those that end up on the CD15:16
slytherinIsn't zero JVM supposed to eliminate this need for -gcj packages?15:16
ttxslytherin: maybe. I know that the trick is currently needed, but shouldn't be needed in the future.15:17
ttxWhat is zero JVM ?15:17
david_mentregaspa: all ocaml packages of round 2 entered karmic. :-) I'll do a run of ocaml_transition_monitor to check that everything is ok this evening and then start round 315:19
slytherinttx: http://openjdk.java.net/projects/zero/15:19
david_mentregaspa: s/everything/evening/15:20
ttxslytherin: yes, that should definitely help.15:20
david_mentregaspa: oops! my English was correct :-)15:20
gaspadavid_mentre: do you mean this: http://bentobako.org/ubuntu-ocaml-status/transition_monitor/ocaml_transition_monitor.html ?15:20
david_mentreit only runs at 3 or 4am. I'll start a manual run this evening15:21
gaspa ;)15:22
gaspadavid_mentre: if you take care of filing a bug for syncing, I'll take a look at the "need-rebuild list."15:26
david_mentregaspa: ok. Following discussions on debian-ocaml-maint@ I have an updated lists of things to do, I'll send it to you15:31
gaspaI saw.15:31
gaspaalmost all changes can be dropped, that's really good. :)15:32
david_mentregaspa: yes. That's one of my goal: avoid duplication of work between debian and ubuntu. And Debian developers are quite responsive15:34
david_mentrecurrently there are only 2 remaining packages with ubuntu specific changes15:35
gaspaone is matita.15:36
gaspathe other?15:36
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slytherinttx: is there any list of java apps/libs that server team would like to have in archive?15:47
ttxslytherin: not really, but I'll have to think about it.15:47
slytherinLet me know. I will be done with jmeter by next week. I could help in packaging small libs.15:48
slytherinttx: one more question. Do you plan to put any of the geronimo packages in Debian?15:51
david_mentregaspa: https://bentobako.org/ubuntu-ocaml-status/raw/raw-patched-karmic-packages.txt (without lablgtk2 and camlimages after the transition)15:53
ttxslytherin: they are spec libs that duplicate functionality present in glassfish-javaee so Debian might prefer to ignore them.15:53
david_mentregaspa: only two packages are needed for the transition : graphviz and ocaml-bjack. The others are independent15:54
david_mentreof ocaml version15:54
gaspawill be merged instead of sync'd15:54
david_mentregaspa: what is the difference?15:54
gaspaa package that has ubuntu changes not reported in debian, have to be merged, i.e: changes must be re-applied to the last debian version.15:55
geserdavid_mentre: camlimages is a sync as the ubuntu change was cherrypicking the cve fix from the debian package to avoid the ocaml transition15:57
gaspageser: in fact, standing merges will be graphviz and ocaml-bjack15:59
david_mentregaspa: ah ok! Understood. Do a merge for the modified packages where we need to keep modifications15:59
david_mentregaspa: thank you!16:00
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arandHello, I'm planning to apply an upstream patch to ligoffice in jaunty, this patch adds things to NEWS and ChangeLog, however when I "patch -p1 < patch.diff" These fail to apply (the real code change is ok though), should I add these entries manaully in NEWS and ChangeLog?16:34
directhexi believe you can not bother, if you like16:35
directhexi know i don't16:35
directhexi.e. just remove those bits from the patch file16:35
arandokay, so I just document the change using the debian/changelog?16:37
Laneyand in the patch itself16:39
arandLaney: Um? How do you mean?16:40
Laneyyou can add comments to patches16:42
Laneyit's a good idea to do this16:42
arandLaney: Um, so I should also mkdir debian/patches and add my patch to there?16:49
siretarthyperair: now I'm around, what's up?17:21
siretarthyperair: oh, pulseaudio by default in mplayer, yes, that's a good idea and I agree that it should be done in ubuntu per default17:22
siretarthyperair: I was considering it myself, but wondered how does mplayer behave in case pulseaudio is not active? does mplayer fallback then to alsa?17:23
arandSo, I patch the source dir with the upstream patch, make a diff of the sourcetree > mypatch.patch put this into debian/patches/ then add some #comments to this .patch file? as well as creating a changelog entry... And then, do I start with an unpatched source tree+the patch in debian/patches, run debuild -S and it will automatically patch it when I run pbuilder?17:28
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tuantubarand: i dont think so, you must change the debian/rules file to tell debuild to patch your source before starting to build :D17:57
* neversfelde searches a MOTU for an SRU18:05
neversfeldeit is bug 22153118:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 221531 in kopete-plugin-thinklight "Thinklight doesn't blink because /proc/acpi/ibm/thinklight has wrong permissions" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22153118:05
arandtuantub: argh, and how do I do that? Also, is pbuilder meant to put the finished debs in /var/cache/pbuilder/result/ ?18:06
tuantubarand: read : https://help.ubuntu.com/6.10/ubuntu/packagingguide/C/ps-scratch.html18:07
arandtuantub: ah, okay, I though I was reading the pkg-guide, apparently not >_*18:10
tuantubarand: ;)18:11
ScottKPackage guide is maintained in wiki.ubuntu.com.  That version you referenced is 3 years old.18:13
tuantubScottK: i think it's old but also helpful ?18:15
ScottKtuantub: It is, but the maintained version is in the wiki.18:15
ubottuThe packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports18:16
tuantubScottK: thanks, i've found the newest link (i think) : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/PatchSystems18:18
tuantubarand: just check this : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/PatchSystems18:21
tuantubarand: :D18:21
arandScottK: tuantub: cheers, seems like the rules entries are somewhat different between the versions...18:22
ScottKYes.  Use the wiki version unless you are working on Dapper.18:23
* tuantub :-ss18:23
slytherindirecthex: ttx: I found out the reason for problem I was facing. Apparently when I do something like java -jar /patch/to/jar, the classpath gets reset to the jar file mentioned.18:24
AnAntnhandler: Hello, you there ?18:34
nhandlerYes AnAnt18:35
AnAntnhandler: can you understand this: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/29488980/buildlog_ubuntu-karmic-i386.dh-make-perl_0.57_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz18:36
AnAntFailed test 'CPANPLUS::Config::System is core' at t/corelist.t line 32.18:36
nhandlerAnAnt: Let me look at that a little more18:37
nhandlerAnAnt: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=536989 I think it would be better to wait until the issue is fixed in Debian and then sync the changes in Ubuntu. I'll keep an eye on this, but could you please file a bug on LP and link the Debian bug ?19:47
ubottuDebian bug 536989 in dh-make-perl "dh-make-perl: FTBFS: tests failed" [Serious,Open]19:47
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hyperairsiretart: it attempts to use oss. which is pretty bad. and if pulseaudio isn't already grabbing the sound card, then it takes over, and won't listen to volume controls either20:04
AnAntnhandler: ok, filed LP 404272. Should I subscribe a certain team to it ?20:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 404272 in dh-make-perl "FTBFS: tests failed" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40427220:08
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nhandlerAnAnt: Nope, that is fine. The Debian Perl Group automatically gets subscribed to all packages they maintain20:36
AnAntnhandler: oh, I just subscribe pkg-perl-maintainers team !20:37
nhandlerAnAnt: Well, not harm done ;)20:39
AnAntok , good20:40
AnAntok, time to sleep20:41
gaspajames_w: I think something went wrong with findlib:21:50
gaspaVersion: 1.2.4-2build121:50
gaspaDepends: ocaml-nox-3.11.0, libc6 (>= 2.4)21:50
gaspa(  ocaml-nox is still 3.11.0 )21:52
DktrKranzgaspa: probably mirror was not up-to-date when it built, on some ports it has the correct dependency21:58
gaspaDktrKranz: yep, but I guess it needs a rebuild, now.22:01
gaspaDktrKranz: and thestrange thing is that the rest of the rebuilt packages are ok.22:01
DktrKranzit happened to me too22:02
DktrKranzit's boring, but I usually wait until every arch has built and published before pushing a rebuild (Soyuz hasn't binNMU support yet)22:03
Laneynmu and dw would be useful22:10
DktrKranzthere's a bug about that22:12
gaspadw ?22:13
Laneyit would allow you to sequence the whole transition pretty much in one go22:14
Laneybesides syncs22:14
DktrKranzdepwait, used with wanna-build in debian22:14
directhexLaney, NMU IS NEVER USEFUL!22:15
* Laney tells FD22:15
hyperairfloppy drive?22:17
DktrKranzfront desk22:17
hyperairoh. heheh22:18
* Laney is on debian acronym fire tonight22:18
DktrKranzLaney: better asking DAM, DSA and k-m before22:18
* hyperair douses Laney22:18
Laneyyou got me with k-m22:20
hyperairwhat's k-m?22:22
gaspaDktrKranz: Kiss Me !?22:22
hyperairkernel-mode. kms minus s. =D22:22
gaspakind-man ?22:22
hyperairkrazy man22:23
hyperair(think kde folk going crazy)22:23
DktrKranzhyperair: keyring-maintainer22:23
hyperairso many acronyms @_@22:23
DktrKranzgaspa: go away, you're married with two children...22:23
directhexLaney, fortunately, this is debian, so you'll have forgotten your outrage many many moons before any outrage could be applied22:24
gaspaDktrKranz: don't talk about italian man married with children, lately they're not seen well around the world :P22:24
DktrKranzgaspa: all fakes22:25
DktrKranzthey paid me to simulate Him22:25
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neversfeldecody-somerville: ping23:16

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