thedudeIs there a way to use Titan TV schedule with Mythbuntu 9.04 instead of the scheduledirect.org?00:42
thedude>Is there a way to use Titan TV schedule with Mythbuntu 9.04 instead of the scheduledirect.org?02:34
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AIdHi, i am running Mythbuntu on an asus m3n78 motherboard with 4gb ram09:21
AIdrecentally it has got very slow ,09:21
AIdboth live and playback, any ideas what i could try?09:22
AIdI had turned on mythwelcome to try and get acpi wakup but could not get working, since then i think everything has got slow09:23
ruskietried disableing it?09:36
AIdNo , i have done nothing,09:46
AIdhave to say it ran fine for a week or more on mythwelcome until this week09:47
AIdjust wondering how do i check to see if everything is ok09:48
AIdits like its doing other jobs in the background09:48
Eltornadohi all09:58
Eltornadogo a problem the mythbuntu is too slow dunno what i make change in the apearence menu , because before it was a normal an fluent .10:02
AIdhi all11:57
MythbuntuGuest91hi does anyone know were the apple trailers grabber script is installed in mythbuntu 9,0411:59
EssobiMeh.. someone gimme a google voice invite. :\13:58
rhpot1991Essobi: you request it from google, have you yet?13:59
EssobiYou go?  I thought it was invite only.. like.. someone else had to invite you.14:00
rhpot1991it is invite only: https://services.google.com/fb/forms/googlevoiceinvite/14:04

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