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* Pici is writing up some of the spec documents for the bt00:47
ubottusebsebseb called the ops in #ubuntu (test34)03:31
ubottuIn ubottu, van said: your time is over04:59
ubottubastidrazor called the ops in #ubuntu (van)05:02
FlannelAaway > redsoxking|sleep06:45
Flannel!away > redsoxking|sleep06:45
jussio1Morning all06:50
FlannelHowdy jussio106:50
jussio1Hiya fl06:51
jussio1Tab touch fail...06:51
FlannelIt's alright, I can tab complete in my head ;)06:51
jussio1Well i guess i should go get this boat cleaned and handed back06:56
myrttibelated birthday wishes for topyli07:14
topylithanks :)07:14
* elky pounces and huggles07:16
Mamarokhuhu myrtti !07:20
Mamaroknice to see you :)07:20
myrttihehe, I put the irc on my n800 and by the time I finished my shower I forgot it07:43
topylian idling myrtti is still better than no myrtti at all!07:46
myrttinow I have to try and remember passwords for some of my private channels07:46
Flannel1 2 3 4 507:46
Flannelyou're welcome!07:46
topylino, myrtti has insane passwords derived from phrases such as "at the macroloevel of cultural inheritance we still know very little"07:47
myrttiwohey, exaile crashed07:48
elkyso, do any of the common irc clients auto-close windows when you get kicked from channels?09:20
GaryI think so09:21
GaryI've been trying to remember09:24
Garybut I am sure I had one which closed the tab/window09:24
elkyirssi doesn't afaik... nor does xchat.09:24
Tm_Thi kids09:25
elkyi dont think konversation does either09:25
elkypidgin, no idea09:25
myrttiirssi does if it's set to do so09:28
myrttiI think it does by default09:28
Garyin my irssi on a remove I leave the channel, window goes blank and I lose lastlog09:29
myrttiautoclose_windows = ON09:30
elkymyrtti, logging is enable_logging?09:35
elkyin irssi?09:35
myrttinot that I can see09:35
elkywhat's the setting to enable logging then?09:36
myrttidepends on which kind of logging you're after09:36
myrttiautomatic logging?09:36
elkyyes, that.09:36
myrtti/set autolog gives options and their current values09:36
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Myrttialmost everything is attributed to sagan09:46
PriceyMyrtti: it will be whatever server you are on, if it was split and forgot.10:51
PriceySo I might see it as having come from calvino for example at hte same time.10:51
Pricey(i believe)10:51
bazhangdravevk trolling?14:49
bazhangerr dravexk14:49
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bernardlychanhey, whats the command for signing up? how do15:47
bernardlychani sign up?15:47
bazhangbernardlychan, signing up for what15:48
bazhang!register > bernardlychan15:48
ubottubernardlychan, please see my private message15:48
bazhangbernardlychan, in future, please ask such questions in #freenode15:48
bernardlychano sorryok.15:48
PiciMaybe he wanted to sign up as an operator?15:49
Tm_TPici: where do I do that then?16:24
bazhangis packet injection supported in #ubuntu ?16:30
ikoniain what respect#16:38
bazhangsomeone (nerdy_kid) was asking for help to enable packet injection; I recommended he go to #aircrack16:39
bazhangdoes ubuntu allow ## channels? such as ##ubuntu-64-bit ?16:43
PiciThats odd. Theres, #ubuntu-64, #ubuntu-64-bit and ##ubuntu-64-bit registerd.16:44
Picibazhang: Did someone mention it to you, or were you just poking around?16:45
bazhangPici, the poking one16:45
bazhangerr that didnt come out right16:46
bazhangsorry :/16:46
Seeker`we can't do anything much about ##, aiui16:46
Seeker`unless they are breaking freenode policy, in which case we can prod sta ff16:46
Seeker`as i understand it16:46
PiciI'll run with it.16:49
bazhang<fhaus> diaf18:30
bazhangin response to coc and guidelines18:30
bazhang<tuxxy> anyone who uses 64-bit ubuntu then please join ##ubuntu-64-bit so it isnt empty :p18:41
bazhangjust now in #ubuntu18:42
PiciTell him not to advertise  channels then18:42
bazhangdone so18:42
bazhangnight all18:45
Myrtti!away > redsoxking19:25
Dave2~~~~~/win 12719:30
ubot3Factoid win 127 not found19:30
Dave2thanks, ubot3.19:30
Pricey~thanks | Dave219:32
ubot3Dave2: You're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)19:32
Dave2But how could something so cheerful be a bot? It's an AI masterpiece!19:33
Dave2(...sorry, I'm tired.)19:33

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