artillerytxanyone every installed ubuntu on Dell Poweredge 175000:09
axisyswhen i ssh to a ubuntu box, how can I tell if it is installed from a desktop image or server image ?00:59
giovani|homeaxisys: running "uname -a" will print the kernel currently running01:00
giovani|homeif it has "-server" on the end, it's the server install01:01
giovani|homei.e. "Linux lithium 2.6.27-11-server #1 SMP Wed Apr 1 21:53:55 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux"01:01
axisysgiovani|home: hmm.. i guess i screwed it up then.. both server and client says generic for me.. i must have jumpstarted from desktop image01:04
axisysdo i need to reinstall the server or they are same minus some desktop services and window manager ?01:05
unRobI've just installed my first server, screwed it up considerably just to learn, and will likely reinstall tomorrow. Any advices?01:25
qman__axisys, they're not exactly the same, but for most tasks you can still do just fine from a desktop or alternate install02:41
qman__if it's a high security or high performance type task where you need everything tweaked just perfect, I'd start over with the server disc02:42
qman__otherwise, they use the same repositories and you can install all the same software02:43
billybigriggerhey all03:11
billybigriggerwhats the easiest, quickest, and most accurate way of viewing incoming/outbound traffic?03:11
axisysqman__: thanks a lot03:25
twbThe big difference is that ubuntu-server's default package list isn't available as a metapackage :-(03:37
twbSo if you install -server you can just "apt-get install ubuntu-desktop", but not vice versa03:38
twbcanuse: sorry, I only understand UTF-8.03:53
jhujhitiany libvirt experts? i'm getting virDomainMigrateFinish2:3046 : dconn=0xd77c20, dname=lua, cookie=(nil), cookielen=0, uri=tcp:agni:49152, flags=0, retcode=-1 and a receiver vm shutdown when i try to migrate06:34
jmarsdenjhujhiti: It's a bit the wrong time of day (much of USA asleep, Western Europeans not yet awake).  But you might try asking in #ubuntu-virt06:37
jhujhitididn't know about -virt. thanks06:38
jmarsdenNo problem.06:38
EviltechieI have this problem transferring a php script from one host to another. On the original, it works fine, on the new one, it does nothing at all.06:49
jmarsdenEviltechie: diff the php.ini on the two hosts, and check whether they have the exact same version of PHP?06:50
EviltechieMy php is a bit newer, and as far as I can tell, php.ini is the same06:50
jmarsdenCopy the php.ini from one machine to the other and then use diff to compare them... no "as far as I can tell" involved that way :)06:51
EviltechieHe has fast cgi though06:51
jmarsdenpastebin the script if you want, I can take a quick look at it.06:53
Eviltechiepastebin is down06:53
jhujhitii seem to remember that there's a special fcgi version of php..06:53
jmarsdenpastebin is down??? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/ appears fine to me...06:53
EviltechieYou can't put php in there06:54
jhujhitiit's just text!06:54
EviltechiePHP and other Web scripts are not allowed06:54
EviltechieThat's what it says06:54
jhujhitireally? because not only do i not see that, i see an option for PHP syntax highlighting06:54
jmarsdenSays where?  The site even has a PHP syntax highlighting mode...06:55
jhujhitijmarsden: jynx ;p06:55
EviltechieOk, use this pastebin http://pastebin.ca/150541406:55
jhujhitiEviltechie: i suppose you've done all the obvious debugging things like phpinfo() on the host that's acting up?06:58
jmarsdenfopen() on a remote URL?  That's disabled by most sane people ... are you sure the other guy has not disabled it?06:58
EviltechieI am the other guy06:58
EviltechieAnd it is enabled06:59
jhujhitiQED: insane =)06:59
EviltechieI hope06:59
Eviltechieallow_url_fopen = On07:00
EviltechieAny thoughts? Anybody?07:03
jhujhitihow sure are you that php is using that php.ini?07:04
Eviltechiephpinfo said it was loaded07:04
uvirtbot`New bug: #403888 in lsb (main) "lsb_release crashed with ImportError in <module>() (dup-of: 383697)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40388807:06
cefanyone had problems with python lately? I've just seen a few segfaults with landscape-sysinfo07:09
jmarsdenEviltechie: Your script produces no output for me when I run it in a test VM here with default apache2 and php5 installs...07:09
EviltechieIt dosen't work on my home computer either07:10
jmarsdenBut it does work on some other computer somewhere, right?07:10
EviltechieYes http://test.techmastertelecom.com/ivan/radio.php07:11
Eviltechiejmarsden: Any thoughts or are you as confused as I am?07:16
jmarsdenI'm playing with it... give me a few minutes more...07:17
jmarsdenI think some of the time the xsl file has a trailing blank line and your script does not protect against that?07:18
uvirtbot`New bug: #403898 in mysql-dfsg-5.0 (main) "package mysql-server-5.0 5.1.30really5.0.75-0ubuntu10.2 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40389807:21
Eviltechiejmarsden: If you think that's the problem, how should I fix it?07:23
jmarsdenI think you should not be parsing XSL this way at all, but if you insist... hmmm pastebin.ca is super slow to accept by fixed script...07:26
jmarsdenhttp://pastebin.ubuntu.com/229560/   # but with the php start and end tags around it :)07:29
jmarsdenAnd BTW, why did you use fgetcsv() and then use explode() ... seems odd to do things twice?07:29
EviltechieWell I really didn't know how to use either07:31
jmarsdenThen please learn PHP *before* asking why your scripts don't work, and before using them on Internet-facing servers.  Putting novice buggy PHp out there *will* get your server hacked, one day.07:32
EviltechieAnyway, thank you so much for getting that to work for me.07:32
jmarsdenNo problem... but seriously... take the time to learn your tools.07:33
twbIMO PHP automatically is not worthy of trust07:38
twbJust because sufficiently learned hackers can create PHP code that is (nominally) secure, doesn't mean it's OK to deploy.07:38
twbBut that's just one man's opinion.07:38
error404notfoundcan someone help me that why it asks me for a password here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/229564/ ?07:41
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_rubenis git member of the devs group?07:45
error404notfound_ruben, yes...07:45
jmarsdenerror404notfound: I'd try adding spaces either side of the NOPASSWD: tag ... I didn't know you could omit them and have stuff parsed properly...?07:45
error404notfoundyou can omit spaces, thats normal..07:46
error404notfoundi even tried killing all git sessions07:46
error404notfoundstrange, may be there was session of git even hidden from root, or may be someone was cloning while i kept killing sessions, after a reboot eveything works07:53
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artillerytxany of you guys every installed ubuntu on a dell poweredge 1750 it can't find the NIC for some reason08:10
=== FFForever is now known as FFForever-Away
jmarsdenartillerytx: does the NIC show up in lspci -nn output, and if so, what does it show up as being?08:15
artillerytxjmarsden: yes it shows up as host bridge broadcom CI0B-E I/0 Bridge with Gigabit Ethernet rev 1208:16
acalvoI'm trying to set up a PXE Server08:17
acalvoI've already have a DHCP server08:17
acalvoand I've set it up to point to my next server and search for pxelinux.008:18
acalvoI've also installed tftpd-hpa and tftp-hpa08:18
acalvobut when I try to get some test file from the tftp server08:18
acalvoI get a timed out warning message08:18
jmarsdenartillerytx: It doesn't appear as an Ethernet controller?  Hmm.  Sounds like it uses an unsupported chip?08:19
acalvoI've changed the permissions for the directory to be owned by nobody:nogroup with r/w to everyone (777)08:19
acalvodoes anyone know what could I be missing?08:19
artillerytxjmarsden: i mean its just a standard dell server08:19
jmarsdenOld Dell hardware is not what I would call "standard"... do they support Linux on it themselves?08:20
artillerytxwell i know of this model having ubuntu on it but they recommend i think windows server 2003 or something08:20
jmarsdenOK... I'm not sure... Googling suggests people run Linux on Dell 1750 hardware successfully.08:21
artillerytxI don't think i did anything wrong08:21
artillerytxim getting a green light and orange light from the NIC port08:22
jmarsdenPossibly relevant thread: http://www.mombu.com/gnu_linux/gentoo/t-dell-power-edge-1750-network-drivers-tg3-2660945.html08:22
_rubenartillerytx: you could try with several versions .. like 6.06, 8.04, 9.0408:22
_rubenhmm .. tg3 has been a moving target in the past i think08:23
artillerytx_ruben: i have 9.04 right now08:23
acalvook, nevermind08:23
acalvoinetutils-inetd only listens ipv6 sockets08:23
_rubenipv6 ftw08:23
_rubentoo bad tftp doesnt do ipv6 yet i think ;)08:23
jmarsdenMaybe we need a tftp6 :)08:24
artillerytxSo... what should i do08:24
jmarsdenAnd then PXE6 on motherboards :)08:24
acalvobut I don't think that for a local lan you'll need ipv608:24
_rubenacalvo: in a few years you would08:24
acalvowhy so?08:24
acalvofor a local lan with less than 512 computers?08:25
jmarsdenartillerytx: Do you have older Ubuntu CDs around to test with?08:25
artillerytxyeah i do08:25
_rubenbecause without it you wouldnt be able to access ipv6-only resources08:25
acalvooh... well08:25
acalvoI expect to have ipv4 compatibility for a long time08:25
jmarsdenThen try those and see if any of them work with that NIC... maybe you can get 8.04 Server to run.08:25
artillerytxjmarsden: i have 7.1008:26
* _ruben really doesnt understand why people seem to be so darn scared of ipv608:26
jmarsdenartillerytx: OK, try that... beats having to download more ISO images :)08:26
acalvo_ruben: old-school I guess08:26
_rubenipv6 could be called old as well08:27
artillerytxthis server is soo loud too08:27
jmarsdenartillerytx:  If you have a spare PC, maybe start downloading 8.04 server on that, while you test 7.10 ?08:27
_rubenipv6 was introduced 12 years ago or so08:27
artillerytxjmarsden: alright08:27
artillerytxjmarsden: i'll probly do that tomorrow08:27
jmarsdenOK.  Hope you find a way to get it working :)08:28
artillerytxim trying 7.10 right now if that doesn't work i'll try 8.04 tomorrow08:28
acalvodoes anyone has set up a PXE server?08:28
_rubenyes, been a while tho08:28
jmarsdenSame here.08:29
acalvoif the tftp server is not in the same machine as the DHCP server, it is necessary to set up another DHCP server?08:29
_rubenrunning smoothly .. gotta add support for jaunty someday soon though08:29
jmarsdenacalvo: No.  They can be on different servers.  Do you have IPv4 tftp working yet?  That would be a good next step :)08:30
acalvoyes, it is working08:30
acalvoand I've set up the DHCP server to point to the next server08:30
jmarsdenWhere next is the TFTP server, right?08:30
jmarsdenSounds good so far.08:30
jmarsdenHow far does an attempted PXE boot get now?08:31
artillerytxstill not working08:31
artillerytxstill can't find any network devices on 7.1008:31
jmarsdenartillerytx: Hmm.  Is there any way to enable/disable the NIC in the BIOS screens...?08:32
artillerytxjmarsden: not sure i guess i will work on that tomorrow i can barely stay awake right now.. thank you for you help though goodnight08:32
acalvojmarsden: I get an ip, but fails replying "proxydhcp service did not reply to request on port 4011"08:32
acalvotaking a look at syslog I see "Jul 24 09:18:57 infolinux inetd[4031]: tftp/udp: bind: Permission denied"08:32
jmarsdenSo the ttfpd is being run with too few permissions to bind to the port it needs... ?  But you said tftp was working?08:33
acalvoyes, it is08:34
jmarsdenAh.  Try it from a workstation across the LAN, and see if that works too.08:34
acalvook, it works08:34
jmarsdenAnd no new log entries complaining about permissions?08:35
acalvoyes... Jul 24 09:28:57 infolinux inetd[4031]: tftp/udp: bind: Permission denied08:36
acalvobut, funny things, is that I've been able to get the pxelinux.0 file08:36
jmarsdenSomething is still wrong with the TFTP server though... I need to get some sleep too, but I think you should work on getting rid of that error message before going much further.08:37
acalvoin the DHCP server settings, under the definition of the subnet, I've added "filename pxelinux.0; next-server IP-TFTP-SERVER;"08:37
acalvojmarsden: ok! thanks for your help!08:37
jmarsdenNo problem.08:37
_rubenacalvo: oughta be enough .. i do have quotes around the pxelinux.0 part tho08:39
_rubenthough the permission denied error does remain strange08:39
_rubenperhaps a selinux/apparmor issue?08:40
_rubentho that should show clearly in the logs as well08:40
acalvothe inetd conf entry for tftp is: tftp           dgram   udp     wait    root  /usr/sbin/in.tftpd /usr/sbin/in.tftpd -s /var/lib/tftpboot08:40
acalvohowever, looking at some tutorials, I should be able to set up "allow booting; allow bootp;" in the DHCP server08:45
_rubensame here08:45
acalvobut it seems to be obsolete08:45
_rubendont have those in my dhcp config08:45
acalvoso weird08:46
acalvo_ruben: are you using dhcp3-server or dnsmasq?08:57
ashishhi everybody,i want to configure vicidial on ubuntu server.i hav einstalled ubuntu and vici-inst package but donr what should be next steps i have to follow?09:15
ashishany refernce links to configure vicidial on ubuntu?09:16
_rubenacalvo: dhcp3-server09:31
_rubenwonder how hard it'd be to package dhcp409:31
acalvoI wonder why all linux tutorials seems so straightforward before you really start following the steps09:39
acalvo_ruben: could you try a netstat -an | grep 4011 and tell me if there is any output?09:50
_rubenas in: no output :)10:05
acalvoI don't understand10:05
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ashishany here who can tell me something about vici dial call center application for ubntu11:34
Hasbroashish try #vici-dial-call-center-application11:49
HasbroThis channel's related to the actual Ubuntu-server operating system. Not third party software afaik11:49
acalvono luck setting up a pxe boot server12:11
uvirtbot`New bug: #403913 in bind9 (main) "package bind9 1:9.5.1.dfsg.P2-1 [modified: usr/share/bind9/bind9-default.md5sum] failed to install/upgrade: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40391312:16
autoditachi. is it possible to install debian lenny as a kvm guest on ubuntu 9.04 using vmbuilder?12:35
axisyswhere do I find the netboot image for ubuntu server?13:23
axisysi used image from http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/jaunty/main/installer-amd64/current/images/netboot/13:23
axisysand that gave me -generic13:24
BrixSathow can i check port forward?13:26
DavieyBrixSat: from outside the network, try and connect to the port..13:28
DavieyWhat application is listening on the forwarded port?13:28
DavieyBrixSat: http://www.utorrent.com/testport?port=XXX13:30
Davieychange XXX to the port you forwarded13:30
Daviey(looks suitable)13:30
BrixSatdoes it have to be done in the machine where the port is redirected or it can be done on any other machine on the same network?13:32
_rubenaxisys: the image is the right one, you just need to use the proper seeds when initiating the install13:40
axisys_ruben: i did not do autoinstall .. just network install ..13:41
_rubenaxisys: still, the selection of the server stuff is done by a seed, tho im sure if its present on the netboot image, i'd guess it is13:42
axisys_ruben: my netboot extracts to this http://pastebin.com/f32a01c7813:43
axisys_ruben: which file in there would decides for server or desktop image?13:44
_rubenthe seeds are probably hiding in the netboot tarball .. the pxelinux* files might contain some hints as well13:44
axisys_ruben: those files are the extract of netboot.tar.gz ..13:46
axisyshttp://pastebin.com/f27352a8e is the contents of pxelinux.cfg dir's only file default13:48
_rubendunno then .. i've only used the netboot images in conjunction with my own preseed file13:49
_rubenhere's some hints: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=255249 .. it includes the contents of the server.seed which you could put on a web/nfs/etc server and point to it13:51
=== biczd is now known as brembo
axisys_ruben: thanks .. let me take a look13:53
uvirtbot`New bug: #404099 in openvpn (universe) "please merge openvpn 2.1~rc19-1(main) from debian unstable(main)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40409915:11
shivekI don't want my website links to be underlined. What's the html tag for removing the "underline" from hyperlinks.15:29
=== brembo is now known as biczd
pmatulisbiczd: hello16:01
biczdhello pmatulis16:03
pmatulisbiczd: w'sup in germany today?16:04
biczdi'm tryng to find some example of /etc/network/interfaces for wpa or wep or whatever :)16:05
biczdbut i'm not in germany :)16:05
pmatulisbiczd: no?16:06
biczdno :)16:06
pmatuliswhere are you?16:06
biczdwhat about you16:08
pmatulisyour ip is linked to a german provider16:09
biczdits a box of my friend16:09
pmatulissetting up wireless on server right?16:10
biczdits already up16:11
biczdneed to do something for close it16:11
biczdi mean i need something to protect it16:11
biczdand yes is a little homeserver named "accessbox"16:12
pmatulisinvestigate wpasupplicant package16:14
biczddone tnx pmatulis16:23
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mathiazbdmurray: hi - is there a way to get all the bugs that have been 'fix released' for packages relevant to the ubuntu-server team?17:23
mathiazbdmurray: 'fix released' for a certain period of time (like last week)17:23
teddy_is there any problems with using those motherboards with fakeraid? Is it not a hardware version of mdadm?17:23
bdmurraymathiaz: relevant to as in a specific list of packages the server team is interested in?17:24
mathiazbdmurray: yes17:24
mathiazbdmurray: https://bugs.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-server/+packagebugs17:25
RoAkSoAxmathiaz, if you have some time, could you please review: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ipvsadm/+bug/402718 and sponsor it if it's ok? Thanks a lot.17:25
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 402718 in ipvsadm "Please upgrade ipvsadm from 1.24 to 1.25" [Undecided,In progress]17:25
mathiazbdmurray: I'd like to have a list of bugs that were fixed released during the last 7 days for all packages listed on https://bugs.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-server/+packagebugs17:25
mathiazRoAkSoAx: I'll try to have a look at it.17:26
mathiazRoAkSoAx: I'd also suggest to subsribe the relevant sponsor team - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SponsorshipProcess17:27
bdmurraymathiaz: bugs whose status became fix released or bugs that were changed to fix released by a changelog entry?17:27
mathiazbdmurray: the former17:28
mathiazbdmurray: we'd like to have such a list for SRU purposes17:28
RoAkSoAxmathiaz, Yes I already subscribed it. Thanks a lot :)17:28
mathiazbdmurray: and make sure that important bugs are nominated for the SRU process and don't get lost.17:29
bdmurraymathiaz: yes, it should be possible with launchpadlib17:29
bdmurraymathiaz: that particular url or its equivalent isn't available via the api afaik though17:36
mathiazbdmurray: right - I'm doing screen scraping for this17:38
mathiazbdmurray: I've actually though about publishing a list of relevant packages17:38
mathiazbdmurray: as the url above doesn't cover everything17:38
mathiazbdmurray: especially new packages that are introduced in the archive17:38
bdmurraymathiaz: well should those get on that list?17:39
mathiazbdmurray: it could be an option17:39
mathiazbdmurray: but how to discover new packages to add to the list?17:39
mathiazbdmurray: one solution:17:39
mathiazbdmurray: look at all uploads made ubuntu-server team members and add the relevant ones17:39
mathiazbdmurray: I'm doing something similar for the month in the archive post17:40
=== FFForever is now known as FFForever-Away
bdmurraymathiaz: I think I have a fair bit of it written17:55
DDzevanyone installed Ubuntu 64bit on Dell PowerEdge R610?18:02
StefanWrayBy mistake, we installed Ubuntu Server LTS 8.04 32 bit version on a 64 bit Sun Server. Will this create problems for us?18:43
ballStefanWray: only if you want to run 64-bit software or use > 4 Gbytes of RAM  <- this is a guess18:45
ball(does 32-bit Ubuntu support PAE?)18:45
StefanWraywhat is PAE?18:46
mushroomtwoPhysical Address Extension18:47
balla hack to enable > 4 Gbytes of RAM on a 32-bit processor.18:47
mushroomtwoon windows machines18:47
StefanWrayi don't know if Ubuntu 8.04 LTS supports PAE18:47
ballmushroomtwo: I think NetBSD supports it, where present.18:48
mushroomtwoif you have more than 4GB of RAM, install 64-bit. you'll hate life less.18:48
StefanWraymainly curious if there are known issues with running the wrong version of Ubuntu server software18:48
ballmushroomtwo: that sounds like good advice18:48
ballIt's not the "wrong" version, just one of two available choices18:49
ballit's only wrong if its a bad match for your application18:49
ball(or denies you access to important resources)18:49
giovani|workthere's very few reasons to install 32-bit on a server18:49
giovani|workif your machine supports 64-bit18:49
giovani|workdesktops are another matter (although not applicable here, just want to be clear)18:49
StefanWrayour Sun Server X2200 has 2 GB of Ram and is 64 bit18:50
giovani|workball / StefanWray -- ubuntu server's 32 bit kernel does support PAE18:51
giovani|workthe desktop kernel does not, afaik18:51
ballgiovani|work: good to know, thanks.18:52
ballhello ahe18:53
StefanWrayso to conclude, we could remain using the 32-bit version of Ubuntu server on the 64-bit Sun Server, and it's not going to be a problem, but we might get better performance if we reinstall the 64-bit Ubuntu server package?18:53
giovani|workStefanWray: the performance gain is likely to be minimal for most apps, but for specific ones, yes18:53
giovani|workI'd advise installing the 64-bit version regardless18:54
ballStefanWray: Depending on your application, I'd try both and do some benchmarking18:54
ballUse whichever works best for you.18:54
StefanWrayour apps are drupal and civicrm primarily18:54
giovani|workwell, that's PHP as a binary18:54
giovani|workyou won't see performance gains from PHP on 64-bit18:54
giovani|workin the vast majority of cases18:54
giovani|workif it's a lot of trouble to reinstall, 32-bit will be fine18:55
giovani|workif not, put in the little bit of effort now and go 64-bit18:55
ballgiovani|work: there isn't a 64-bit php binary?18:55
giovani|workball: there is, but you're not likely to see many gains from typical large php apps18:56
giovani|workthe 32 vs. 64-bit speed improvements have to be specifically taken advantage of, you don't just fall into performance gains :)18:56
* ball nods I suppose it's all interpreted anyway.18:57
giovani|workit's interesting though -- I haven't seen many people buying x86 small suns18:58
giovani|worknot that it isn't quality hardware ... just doesn't seem to be common18:58
ballI considered it, but eventually went with an HP ML11018:58
giovani|workyeah, I'm a fan of Supermicro's gear18:58
ball...lately I've been reading about their blade servers though.18:58
giovani|workright now work uses Dells almost exclusively18:58
giovani|workbut I'm pushing Supermicro18:59
ballDoes Ubuntu Server work with an HP Smart Array E200 RAID controller (including the ability to check on the health of individual drives)?18:59
giovani|workthat's a question for HP19:00
giovani|work(i.e. does HP provide linux drivers and utilities to check said information)19:00
StefanWrayWith our Sun Server we'll also be pushing through a lot of video, although the streaming server will be on another box, and so will the encoder, so I'm guessing again that upgrading from 32-bit to 64-bit Ubuntu server package will not matter much for that.19:00
ballgiovani|work: We bought the box with some sort of Linux license, but I don't recall the distro.19:01
giovani|workStefanWray: once again, the recommendation is generic -- go 64-bit if you have hardware that supports it, unless you have a specific reason to stick with 32-bit19:01
ballI wiped it and installed NetBSD19:01
giovani|workball: typically this is a question for HP support though19:01
ball...which works with the controller to an extent.19:01
giovani|workas it's going to likely be a commercial driver19:01
ballgiovani|work: Hmm... I suppose I could call them.19:01
ballWe do have some sort of support contract.19:01
giovani|worknope, there's an open source one19:02
StefanWraygiovani | work: final question: is 2G RAM enough to support 64-bit Ubuntu server, or do we need 4GB?19:02
giovani|workStefanWray: the requirements are identical regardless of 32 or 64 bit19:02
StefanWraygot it . . . thanks19:03
ballgiovani|work: Perhaps I should ask them whether there's a monitoring utility though.19:03
giovani|workball: yeah, typically the big vendors only provide RPMs19:03
giovani|workand often they don't work too well with "non-approved distros"19:04
ballAre RPMs binary packages?19:04
giovani|workRPMs are RedHat packages, which typically contain binaries19:04
giovani|workyeah, HP's support pages lists SuSE and RHEL as the supported Linux distros19:04
ballAha!  cciss_vol_status looks promising.19:05
ballExcellent.  I'm now actively considering a migration to Ubuntu Server19:07
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giovani|workif that driver/utility set does what you need, ubuntu offers cciss-vol-status as a package19:07
=== cafetiere is now known as apw
giovani|workthere are other utilities that may be of use to you mentioned on the CCISS website that are offered as ubuntu packages as well -- cpqarrayd, arrayprobe, etc19:10
ballgiovani|work: that's useful to know, thanks.19:11
giovani|workball: are you new to debian/ubuntu?19:12
ballgiovani|work: yes.19:12
giovani|workwhat are you used to?19:12
ball(can you tell? ;-)19:12
ballgiovani|work: NetBSD mostly19:12
ballat least on production gear.19:12
giovani|workwhat kind of industry are you serving?19:13
ballThese days?  A small non profit.  I run NetBSD on the file server and occasional support systems.19:14
ballYesterday I installed a random NetBSD box to do the job of a terminal server)19:14
giovani|workthe only systems I've run NetBSD on are embedded19:15
ballYesterday's box /should/ be an embedded board, but I don't have any laying around.19:15
ball...and the box only burns about 30 Watts total.19:16
ball(40 Watts when it's thinking hard)19:16
ballThere is a gap here in my study where the machine used to be.  Thinking about it, perhaps I should have kept the monitor.19:18
ballOh well.19:18
giovani|workwhy do you need it to have a monitor?19:19
ballgiovani|work: I may also use it for odd router configuration jobs, to look up documentation etc.19:20
ball...the terminal server role doesn't need (or benefit from) a monitor19:20
giovani|workI'd hope not :)19:20
ball...though I suppose they'll also be able to walk up to it and type commands.19:20
giovani|workI like role separation19:20
ball(but they can do that from anywhere on the LAN now, without resorting to modems)19:20
giovani|workbetween servers and desktops19:21
ballgiovani|work: agreed, but the terminal server role is trivial enough that it probably doesn't warrant an embedded board purchase.19:21
ball...and using a computer may eventually help with logging.19:22
giovani|workI'd love to integrate some FreeBSD here19:23
giovani|workbut we're all cranky and like everything to conform19:23
ballgiovani: I'm impressed at how quickly I can bring up a server with Ubuntu Server.  The OS takes a bit longer to install, but I don't have to build all the application software from source.19:24
giovani|workheh, yeah, welcome to the world of binary distros ;)19:24
ball...and updates are easier.19:24
giovani|workthe OS install can be incredibly streamlined obviously19:24
giovani|workI haven't done a cd-based install in years19:24
ballI'm told that blade servers come with software that lets you install from your desktop.  I suppose with a large enough site you could use something like ROCKS to provision them.19:26
* ball shrugss19:26
ballI need some more modern hardware (the ML110 is on-site and in service)19:29
BrixSat2:( i got port's forwarded to the server and still cant access 13000 :S19:40
ball13,000 whats?19:41
ballOh, I like rtorrent.19:41
BrixSat2ball i cant seed because i do not know19:42
BrixSat2online test says that port is not forwarded but in the router it is19:42
ballPerhaps your router's broken.  Many seem to be.19:43
BrixSat2no it is not it works ok all other ports are ok i added some after and it is ok19:43
ballCan you forward 13000 on your router's WAN port to 22 on your server and then ssh in via 13000 ?19:43
ball(just to check the forwarding part)19:43
BrixSat2yes i can19:43
BrixSat2ill do it  in 2 seconds19:44
BrixSat2be right back in 5 minutes19:45
BrixSat2try 12000 in ssh ;)19:45
ballWhy 12000?19:45
ballI thought you wanted to test 1300019:46
uvirtbot`New bug: #403711 in samba4 (universe) "samba4 cannot mount cifs " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40371119:46
giovani|workball: I presume (re: install from your desktop) that you mean something KVMoIP or IPMI based?19:46
giovani|workthat's present in many machines, including Supermicro's regular servers19:46
giovani|workbut there's really no reason to be booting from cd, if you have a TFTP architecture in place19:46
giovani|workthen you can fully automate installs on a per-machine basis with all of the settings customized19:46
ballgiovani: I suppose which approach you take will depend on how many servers you have to support.19:47
ballFor me, currently, that's not many.19:47
giovani|workI suppose ... with a blade system, you're likely already over the limit of doing things manually if you're smart :)19:47
ballI heard IPMI mentioned during the Ubuntu UK podcast as an alternative to the WoL magic packet19:48
ballgiovani: true.  I'm mostly reading about blade servers because the day may come again when I need more than a handful of servers.19:48
giovani|workso, yeah, IPMI rocks19:49
giovani|workSupermicro has an awesome implementation of it (do I sound like a big enough Supermicro fanboi yet? ;)19:50
ballPerhaps I should read up on that.19:50
giovani|workbut Dell DRAC and HP iLo aren't bad19:50
ballistr Supermicro used to make some well-regarded server mainboards.19:50
giovani|workyeah, they still do19:51
ballBrixSat2: nmap claims you don't have 13000 open, at least on campingave.dyndns.tv19:51
giovani|workthey don't make entire ready-to-deploy servers19:51
ballgiovani|work: any nice socket F systems?19:51
ball(I'm drawn to AMD's quad core 40 Watt chip)19:51
giovani|workbut they make cases, and motherboards, and will sell them together, and you can either place your mb/hd/cpu in yourself, or pay an integrator to do it for you19:51
giovani|workhowever, they've gotten big into the blade market19:52
giovani|workthey have plenty of Socket F stuff19:53
giovani|work(their A+ line is the AMD stuff)19:53
giovani|workbut yeah, Supermicro's KVMoIP/IPMI has saved me a few times when machines have broken19:57
ballbrb, phone19:57
giovani|workmuch less expensive than an IP-KVM device, and less hassle19:57
ball...and that's in the blades, or in the chassis?20:03
giovani|workball: both, their IPMI stuff is becoming standard built-in to their higher-end boards20:09
giovani|workfor the lower-end ones, it's usually a $50-100 add-in card that you plug into the motherboard on a special slot20:09
ballDoes HP's ILO let you do comparable things?20:13
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giovani|workkind of20:16
giovani|workit's probably more a matter of preference20:16
giovani|workthe Supermicro stuff actually runs a *nix on the IPMI board20:16
giovani|workwhich you can script up and hack nicely20:16
giovani|workI prefer it20:16
giovani|workbut the iLO and DRAC stuff is more corporate-friendly, definitely20:17
* ball ponders20:18
giovani|workI'm sure there's a demo system up somewhere20:19
ballI have to go, sadly.20:25
ballgiovani: where are you btw?20:25
giovani|workball: NYC20:27
giovani|workChicago area? or outside?20:34
ballIf I lived in Chicago I'd probably be working more.20:34
giovani|workah ok, I was just in Chicago last week on business20:34
ballClosest I've got lately is Brookfield Zoo20:36
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giovani|workdowntown wasn't too nice to stay in20:37
giovani|workevery eatery closed at 9-1020:37
giovani|workdifficult when you're working until 10pm every night :)20:37
* ball nods20:38
ballI like food, me20:38
ballI have to go, but I shall return.20:39
ballgiovani: thanks for your help.20:39
giovani|workno problem -- talk to you later20:39
Davieyball: IPMI really is the good stuff.. Out of band control.. iLo is also good20:53
Daviey(don't bother with the iLo upgrade tho)20:53
giovani|workDaviey: iLO has an IPMI compatability layer I think20:54
ballDo both ILO and IPMI let me install an OS on a server that's across the campus (or across the room)?20:57
* ball misses serial consoles20:58
ballSame question for Sun ILOM.20:59
ballkirkland: ping21:01
Byron_hello everyone.21:03
=== Byron_ is now known as Byron
ByronI'm using vsftpd and I can't seem to get a newly created user to have FTP access21:04
ballHello Byron21:04
Davieyball: both IPMI and iLo provide a serial console functionailty21:04
ByronAlso, I can't see to FTP outside of my given IP through the router.21:04
ByronHello ball21:04
ballDaviey: I meant real, old-fassioned serial consoles ;-)21:04
Davieyball: However!  I have previously installed Ubuntu on totally remote servers, with just ssh :)21:04
ball...but it's good to know that similar functionality is available via IP now.21:04
ballDaviey: don't you need some sort of LOM to ssh into bare metal?21:05
Davieyball: IPMI and iLo rely upon on a soft serial console.. so the OS still needs to be setup as you normally would21:05
Davieyball: nah.. just preseed, set grub, and ssh into debian-installer :)21:05
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ballDaviey: ah, so doesn't work with a bare machine then?21:06
Davieyball: you either need VNC or similar to setup windows to allow you to, or if it's already a linux box - ssh in and set a minimal instatter21:07
Davieyball: iLo and IPMI work with bare metal, yes21:07
* ball nods21:07
ball...but your ssh example requires something in-situ21:07
ballAnyway, it's good to know.21:07
Davieyball: you need to redirect the bios output to the fake serial port.21:07
ballDaviey: was it just me, or was there an implication in the kirkland interview that Xen was just for machines that lack hardware virtualisation?21:08
Davieyball: hmm.. i've installed Ubuntu on remote windows and linux with just VNC or ssh.21:08
Davieyball: Well many will agree that xen is largely dead on modern hardware..21:09
ballThat's interesting.  It's not a view that I've encountered elsewhere.21:09
ballAnyway, kvm seems to have some interesting capabilities21:10
Davieyball: I've only got a couple of xen servers left, and they are slowly being moved over to kvm21:10
ballI want to ask kirkland for clarification on some of them, but that will have to wait until I get some other things done.21:10
Davieyball: TBH Xen doesn't even work that well on Ubuntu in my experience.. it takes some poking21:11
* ball nods21:11
ballNot surprising if people have been concentrating their efforts on KVM21:11
DavieyWhen Citrix bought Xen, they didn't keep the work flow going like it was before21:11
ballugh.  phone.21:12
Davieyball: you need to remember that Xen isn't even linux in the form we know it.. It's a huge patchset, that constantly needs tweaking to work with modern kernels21:12
giovani|workball: so, Supermicro's IPMI extensions (KVMoIP) work on bare-bones machines21:15
giovani|workyou don't need anything installed21:15
ballDaviey: I'd rather run something that appeared to the guest OS as though it were basically bare metal21:20
ballThanks giovani21:20
ballIronically that phone call was about a device with a serial console that just hung for no readily-discernable reason.21:20
ballI'll have to read up on KVM when I get back home.21:21
ballI have about 45 minutes to run out and do a bunch of chores.21:21
Davieyball: I think you missed what i said. :)21:22
ballDaviey: which part?21:23
* ball is confused now. It sounds as though kvm is preferable for Linux servers.21:23
ball(virtualisation thereon)21:23
jpdsball: It is?21:24
balljpds: that's the impression I get from the podcast and from the conversation I've just had here.21:25
DavieyIt is.21:25
ballI liked the idea that the hypervisor can throttle back the clock if a server is lightly loaded too.21:26
DavieyI was dubious of the choice to favour kvm over xen in Ubuntu.. However, it was the correct choice :)21:26
Davieyball: Well the main bottleneck is often disk IO.. and using kvm OR xen these can be prioritised per instance.21:27
DavieyUsing KVM you can also better prioritise other resources.21:29
ballDaviey: This is stuff I need to learn, but I'll have to annex half of Mrs. ball's machine to get started (hers has amd-v)21:29
ballI shouldn't try this on the production server.21:30
Davieyno.. best to learn on a test box21:31
* ball nods21:32
ballDaviey: pity I'm not in a position to buy a development server.21:32
ballOh well21:32
ballI'll be back later, perhaps when you're snoring.21:32
Davieyball: see if you can aquire a spare one at work :)21:33
ballDaviey: we only have the one.  Might be an idea for us to secure a backup server at some point.21:34
BrixSat2ball thanks21:52
jpdsBrixSat2: Too late!21:53
BrixSat2jpds i know :(21:53
BrixSat2why does my stupid thomson  does not make port forward correctly :@21:54
ByronHow do I create a FTP user for vsftpd? I seem to have all the requirements but it won't go online22:01
Byronerr, it won't connect22:01
jj__help openvpn22:01
jpdsjj__: Try looking for more info with: tail -n 20 /var/log/daemon.log22:03
ByronIIRC, I just need to add the user/password and I'm all set22:06
jj__openvpn.log the file is empty22:06
jj__Install openvpn via apt22:09
jj__create certificates22:09
jj__configuration server.conf22:09
jj__when I / etc / init.d / openvpn start me from that mistake22:09
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JordiGHAre backports automatically pinned low?23:08
* JordiGH checks.23:08
JordiGHThey're not!23:09
JordiGHThis is a big difference from Debian.23:09
ScottK-desktopIt is.23:11
ScottK-desktopIt's on the list for things to change.23:11
JordiGHOh well, I can pin manually.23:18
maccam94I need run a command on bootup. do i need to write an rc script for this (if so, how?) or is there an easier way?23:22
maccam94*to run23:22
jj__Jul 24 23:39:14 debian ovpn-server[3280]: Warning: Error redirecting stdout/stderr to --log file: /var/log/openvpn/openvpn.log: No such file or directory (er23:58
jj__Jul 24 23:39:14 debian ovpn-server[3280]: OpenVPN 2.1_rc11 i486-pc-linux-gnu [SSL] [LZO2] [EPOLL] [PKCS11] built on Sep 18 200823:58
jj__Jul 24 23:39:14 debian ovpn-server[3280]: Note: cannot open /var/log/openvpn/openvpn-status.log for WRITE23:58
jj__Jul 24 23:39:14 debian ovpn-server[3280]: Cannot load DH parameters from /etc/openvpn/easy-rsa/keys/01.pem: error:0906D06C:PEM routines:PEM_read_bio:no start23:58
jj__ line23:59

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