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aragood morning!07:06
aramornign thekorn07:12
aramorning, even07:12
thekornhey ara :)07:12
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melissawmhi guys15:47
melissawmi need some advice15:47
melissawmi'm trying a triple boot here: i have vista and jaunty installed, and i would like to install karmic on a spare partition. should i just select the new partition as / and (re)install grub like in a regular ubuntu installation, or should i do something different?15:48
melissawmi'm reading in the forums some people apparently having trouble with grub x grub215:49
fader_melissawm: According to the karmic technical overview, you might have some issues booting Vista if you install in a dual/triple boot15:55
fader_Though there are workarounds detailed in the bug (bug 402795)15:56
ubot4Launchpad bug 402795 in grub2 "windows option not shown" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40279515:56
melissawmthanks... apparently "sudo update-grub2" fixes it then15:59
fader_melissawm: It seems so... though I'll just reiterate to always have backups ;)16:00
melissawmno probs, i'm all backed up ;) and frankly if vista disappears it will not be a great loss as i boot on it once every 6 months max... :P16:00
melissawmthanks guys! i might come back in a while if things go wrong lol16:01
melissawmhave a nice day!16:01
bneffTrying to test out Karmic Alpha 3 and having display issues during install...any suggestions?17:22
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