richardcavellHi all. I'm running Ubuntu 9.04 on a MacBook with Intel GMA950 chipset.  The drivers are pretty buggy.  I hope to fix them by upgrading from the stable release to something more edgy.  I'm thinking kernel 2.6.30 with KMS, and later builds of the intel linux drivers. Can anyone nominate an easy way to do this?08:29
tjaaltonyeah, upgrade to karmic08:30
tjaaltonor use the xorg-updates PPA08:30
crevetterichardcavell, but karmic is still in development so it going to be unstable08:31
richardcavellcrevette: well my present video system is unstable...08:31
richardcavelltjaalton: If I simply upgrade to Karmic will that give me kernel mode setting, and the latest intel drivers?  08:32
tjaaltonother things might get broken though, like crevette pointed out08:32
richardcavellThe latest intel drivers (from intellinuxdrivers.org) are xf86-video-intel-2.8.008:32
richardcavellI tried downloading the source and ./configure but it gives me an error and I don't know enough to fix it08:33
richardcavellchecking for XORG... configure: error: Package requirements (xorg-server >= 1.6 xproto fontsproto ) were not met:08:34
richardcavellNo package 'xorg-server' found08:34
richardcavellNo package 'fontsproto' found08:34
tjaaltoneven if you got it working, it wouldn't be enough08:34
tjaaltonsince you need the new kernel08:34
richardcavelltjaalton: I can download binaries for the new kernel08:35
tjaaltonso build the deb from karmic then?08:35
richardcavelltjaalton: but I can't find binaries for Ubuntu for the latest intel drivers.  2.6.3 is the latest stable version08:35
richardcavelllooking at the changelogs for the intel drivers, it looks like heaps of bugs have been fixed between 2.6.3 and 2.8.008:36
tjaaltonyes, but in order to get 2.8.0 working you really need 2.6.31rc08:36
tjaalton.30 might work08:37
richardcavellI'll upgrade if it will fix my problems, but I'm not sure if it will08:41
tjaaltonyou could also try the xorg-edgers PPA and only pull -intel and it's deps08:41
tjaaltonand the new kernel08:41
richardcavelltjaalton: that's what I'd prefer08:45
tjaaltonand after installing what you need, disable it08:46
tjaaltonso that the other crack won't be installed along with other updates08:46
hyperairhas anyone gotten the rc4 kernel to not panic with intel + modesetting?08:47
tjaaltonhaven't tried it yet08:47
richardcavellOkay, I want to upgrade to a more recent set of drivers for my Intel GMA950 on Jaunty.  Here's what I'm planning to do: Install linux kernel 2.6.30-10 and everything in the xorg-edgers PPA.  Does this sound good?08:57
tjaaltondon't install everything, just the driver and kernel09:12
tjaaltongone ->09:12
RAOFLook out ninjas.  Preliminary suspend/resume support for g80 (exactly) lands in xorg-edgers/nouveau.09:35
Guest6103Hi, guys. I have Jaunty running on a Macbook second-generation, which has an Intel GMA 950.  I was getting poor performance with the standard issue Jaunty drivers.  So I installed everything from the xorg-edgers PPA and now X won't start at all!  Any ideas?12:17
Guest6103Okay, can I ask this: I can't get X11 to work, but I can get to a root command line.  What's the metapackage that I need to force install via apt-get to give me the standard Jaunty stable xorg?12:21
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Sarvattwell heck, I go out of my way to make sure edgers always works and am conservative about updates in it. if people see it that way i might as well just throw xorg 7.5 in there and really break things :)14:33
Sarvatttelling people to just install intel and its dependencies is kinda a bad idea, its not like the packaging scripts get all the deps right since its based on the older releases.. and back when xserver was in there it wouldnt even work with the jaunty xserver because of how the dri2 abi was broken.. thats what x-updates is for14:43
Sarvattguess i need to work on the hooks more, the xserver in there requires mesa 7.5 at least because it compiles in setTexBuffer2 support because its available at build time14:47
Le-Chuck_ITAHi all, can someone take a look at bug #402982? Bryce do you have an intel card? Do you have the same bug?15:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 402982 in linux "Frequent screen flashing with intel video card (not present with the same packages and kernel 2.6.30)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40298215:50
Sarvattrevert back to the 2.6.30-2 kernel16:02
Sarvatterr 2.6.31-216:02
Sarvatthopefully the fix makes it into 2.6.31-5, it didnt make it into 2.6.31-416:02
Sarvattlots of people are having that problem though16:05
Sarvattstarted with 2.6.31-rc3 because of this http://git.kernel.org/?p=linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux-2.6.git;a=commit;h=7662c8bd6545c12ac7b2b39e4554c3ba34789c5016:06
jbarnestseliot: ping17:57
tseliotjbarnes: pong17:57
jbarnestseliot: hi!17:57
tseliothi :-)17:57
jbarnesI just upgraded my dell mini 12 to jaunty yesterday17:57
jbarnesand found (after some digging) the ubuntu mobile repo with the latest poulsbo drivers17:58
jbarnesthey seem to work a bit, but they hang a lot and suspend/resume takes forever17:58
jbarnesare there any updates in the works or something I can subscribe to for status updates?17:58
tseliotyes, that's not what I worked on17:59
tseliotI don't think I can share the OEM repositories though17:59
jbarnesoh so the mobile repo has old stuff?17:59
tseliotI'm not sure, as I don't maintain that17:59
tseliotI can ask my boss to see if I can share the repo18:00
jbarnesor you could point me at someone else... I'd like to get this machine to be a little more stable18:01
jbarnesI can also ping some people internally18:01
tseliotjbarnes: do you know Michael Frey?18:02
jbarnesno I don't think so18:02
tseliotjbarnes: ok, let me ask around in our private oem chat room18:03
jbarnesthanks, I poked some UMG folks too18:04
jbarnesmaybe I can get access to the bits we end up sending you guys :)18:04
tseliotjbarnes: I did some work so that it works with DKMS, add diversions, etc.18:06
jbarnesso if you're ever able to include it in the jaunty/karmic repos it should be easy right? :)18:06
tseliotjbarnes: I don't think I can do that. Maybe I can upload them to a PPA. I'm discussing this with my team manager18:07
jbarnesoh right, I'm not sure how you handle the binary only stuff18:08
tseliotjbarnes: ok, I can set up a PPA18:10
* jbarnes hopes the bits are better than the ones he already has18:11
tseliotjbarnes: ok, I'll upload the packages here: https://launchpad.net/~albertomilone/+archive/poulsbo-graphics18:15
tseliotit will take a while though18:15
jbarnesnp I probably won't get a chance to update until tonight18:15
brycewell I've gotten stuck on my upload tool18:18
jbarnestseliot: thanks a lot18:18
brycelaunchpad doesn't give enough info about attachments unfortunately18:19
jbarnesall the poor suffering poulsbo users will be a bit happier now18:19
tseliotjbarnes: np ;)18:19
jbarnestseliot: fwiw there are a few forum threads etc where you could announce the ppa18:19
jbarnesseems quite a few people are looking for it18:19
tseliotjbarnes: I don't want to make too much noise about it18:20
jbarnesyeah I suppose attracting attention to poulsbo is a bad thing generally :)18:21
ScottKtseliot: Are you going to build poulsbo for Karmic?18:22
tseliotScottK: I'm not even sure as to whether it builds with the kernels in Karmic18:23
tseliotScottK: BTW did my synaptics package work well for you?18:24
ScottKtseliot: I still didn't get my 10v back to normal after Alpha 3 testing, so I didn't try it yet.18:25
ScottK$WORK has been very busy this week.18:25
tseliotok, np18:25
ScottKI saw you got some very good feedback on it though.18:27
tseliotright. Thanks apw :-)18:28
apwtseliot, heh :)  my 10v was a pig to use without that one package with it its not bad18:29
apwi have large finger tips and i could do with the buttons making bigger18:29
apwor whatever its doing to stop it going  bonkers18:29
apwanyhow ... win over the previous option which was poking ones eyes out everytime you lifted the wrong finger first18:30
tseliotapw: have you tried the xinput property?18:30
tseliot"Synaptics Area"18:30
* apw has only added the package18:30
apwthere is more magic?18:30
tseliotapw: that will allow you to create an area outside of which movements, taps, etc. are ignored18:31
apwoh nice so i can deaden like the whole bottom or something18:31
tseliotapw: yes, exactly18:31
apwis that just in the driver, or something the pad does?18:31
apwas it would be nice to be able to say the bottom left triangle18:32
tseliotapw: I implemented that in the X driver (and it's in upstream now)18:32
apwso we could make it any shape in principle18:33
tseliotit works with rectangles right now18:33
apwthe area lets me define a rectagle in the middle which is active basically yes?18:33
apwfor the particular case of the 10v it would be nice to define two square which do not work out of the corners of the pad18:34
apwrather then lose all the bottom or all the sides or whatever18:34
apwanyhow thats all academic, it sounds like in principle we could do that if we wanted18:34
apwas its done in sw we have control over :)18:34
tseliotit's doable but it took me a while to get my patch accepted ;)18:35
apwheh yeah ...18:35
tseliotfor now you can try with xinput set-int-prop $YOUR_DEVICE_ID "Synaptics Area" 32 0 0 0 400018:35
apwthe main bit i am benfiting from then is just the 'you couldn't get there that fast, i can't hear you' fix18:35
apwhow does one find out ones DEVICE_ID18:36
tseliotnote: 0 means that limit = physical edge18:36
* apw strays out of his nice comfortable kernel cave18:36
tseliotxinput list18:36
tseliotand see where it says id18:36
apwwhat the heck is a macintosh button emulation when its at home18:37
apwtseliot, so why 5 numbers?18:37
tseliot32 bit18:37
apwstupid interfaces :)18:38
tseliotthen you have left, right, top, bottom. It's all documented in the man page of synaptics18:38
apwso is that 4000, 4000 units from the bottom up or 4000 from the top down18:38
tselioty is inverted, so top < bottom18:39
apwso to make the bottom band smaller i'd make it > 400018:39
tseliotapw: right18:40
tseliotjbarnes: do things improve if you put this in a file in /etc/modprobe.d/ :18:40
tseliotoptions psb disable_vsync=1 no_fb=118:40
tseliotthat should help18:41
jbarnesok cool I'll try that18:41
tseliotjbarnes: that should prevent it from hanging or make it hang less frequently at least18:42
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Sarvattmight be a little easier to use like synclient AreaBottomEdge 4000 instead of figuring out the id19:54
Sarvattoops, I meant synclient AreaButtomEdge=4000 earlier21:46
* hyperair feels stupid22:12
hyperairturns out the panic was because i forgot to add an initrd22:12
* hyperair watches ccache hits rise and kernel modules go whizzing by22:25

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