edbiansomebody: PM me00:00
forcesmaybe but that doesn't help me00:00
eggenz7i have an intrepid install that was working fine but now when grub passes through the menu list it says, "Boot from (hd0,0) ext3 *UIDD*                               Starting up ...."00:00
Okaywhen I open my trash, the empty button is white-out. Any suggestions?00:00
eggenz7and locks up...anybody have any ideas?00:01
forcesaptitude show ubuntu-desktop, there are a lot of package part of it00:01
mgmuscariany other victims of completely unreadable text fields in firefox when using dark gnome themes?00:01
Condoulohow would I configure NFS to share files back and forth between two Ubuntu machines.00:01
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mgmuscarieggenz: make sure that your drives and partitions are still showing up correctly to grub00:01
artillerytxanyone know where i can get some NIC drivers for Broadcom00:02
eggenz7mgmuscari, has is that done?00:02
coffeemanmy webcam is rumored to work with the m5602 driver.  how can i find out if it is installed?00:02
eggenz7mgmuscari, blkid displays everything from a live cd prompt00:02
debclairCan anybody help me get my caps lock led on my laptop work again?00:02
Lostinspace_46artillerytx  which ones do you need?00:02
mgmuscaridebclair: non-functional LED is likely not a software issue00:03
mgmuscaricold solder joint or something00:03
djkfdhjdebac1e, does 'xset led on' did something00:03
mgmuscarieggenz7: i wouldn't know what else to check00:03
artillerytxLostinspace_46: broadcom CI0B-E I/0 Bridge with Gigabit Ethernet Rev 1200:04
debclairmgmuscari, but it worked before, it just suddenly stopped functioning00:04
mgmuscaridebclair: bad solder joints can work for a while then fail00:04
Lostinspace_46Can't you just d/l them from you computers manufacturer?00:05
debclairnop, it works on windows00:05
debclairand it works at grub00:05
mgmuscaridebclair: did you make any changes that coincide with the problem?00:05
artillerytxLostinspace_46: Any idea where i can get that00:05
debclairit must be something involving I installed wimput which uses uinput00:05
debclairmaybe that caused the error00:05
murchersonhi folks I have a 1gb memory stick that automatically gets mounted to /media/disk at boot, i have unmounted it then tried to remount but I am told that /media/disk doesnt exist (it doesnt). If i create /media/disk will it cause problems at next boot. Where can i check this. Thanks and sorry for the long post.00:05
Lostinspace_46artillarytxWhat kind of box do you have00:06
bastidrazormurcherson, creating that empty directory will -not- cause problems00:06
artillerytxLostinspace_46: dell poweredge 175000:06
murchersonthanks bastidrazor00:07
murchersonwill it get remounted to the directory i created or create a new one automatically00:07
DJNomadI failed trying to automount my 2nd hdd if anyone has a minute can you step by step me ?00:07
bastidrazormurcherson, if it used that directory in the past it will continue to mount there on automounts. manual mounts are dependent on actual directories00:08
murchersonagain thanks00:08
DJNomadtheres my mount output00:08
eggenz7mgmuscari, just a quick check on /etc/fstab is for /dev/sda1 (which is the boot drive) it has an option of relatime..isnt that supposed to be realtime?00:09
Lostinspace_46artillarytx The dell site will have the drivers.  Just d/l them and run them through the archiver. Then pick the files you need. (.SYS and .inf)00:09
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mgmuscarieggenz7: that does sound like a typo00:10
bastidrazorDJNomad, pastebin two thing your /etc/fstab and sudo blkid00:10
H_M-LaptopI have a question, dmesg outputs with an interesting timestamp [xxxxx.xxxxxx].. And i'm wondering if there is a way to convert that to something like [hour:min:second:msecond]00:10
eggenz7mgmuscari, think it would cause the problems im having?00:10
artillerytx.sys and .inf00:10
steven|Hi, anyone gotten Conky working on 9.04 with XFCE? When I run it, it seems to wait to draw itself until I kill the process, and then it draws once and leaves the graphics artifacts on my screen.00:10
eggenz7H_M-Laptop, im working the same thing00:10
artillerytxLostinspace_46: do i download the ones for linux00:10
mgmuscarieggenz7: possibly, if the system chokes while trying to mount drives00:10
murchersonwhat filesystem do you folks use?00:10
H_M-Laptopeggenz7, you're kidding right?00:11
eggenz7H_M-Laptop, no00:11
Kalmi!poll | murcherson00:11
ubottumurcherson: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.00:11
H_M-LaptopWell....... I mean there has to be some way to do it.00:11
Kalmi!ot > murcherson00:12
ubottumurcherson, please see my private message00:12
steven|H_M-Laptop, I think those'll be seconds since boot. Easiest is probably to bash-script something to add those values to the time you booted at (by comparing uptime to date/time)00:12
crazy2bemy system is doing some major lagging (mouse movement is jerky), because i attempted to open a large file with gedit. Is there some way to correct this lagging? (i already forcibly quit gedit)00:12
xvii69hey does anybody know if or when a Blackberry Desktop manager is going to come out00:12
H_M-Laptopsteven|, indeed, I know that already. I just need to figure out a script to convert it.00:12
murchersonok thanks00:12
DJNomadbastidrazor,  I already manully mounted it00:13
Lostinspace_46artillarytx D/L the drivers they have.  open them (NOT run) and pick out the .sys and .inf files. put them together in whatever folder you want to make for the.  Install ndiswrapper.Then in System>Administration click on use window drivers.00:15
bastidrazorDJNomad, what are you wanting to accomplish then?00:16
DJNomadI want it to automount not manual00:16
Lostinspace_46artillarytx Then run "sudo update-initramfs -k all -u" and reboot.00:17
Lostinspace_46artillarytx Almost forgot, you need to blacklist "ssb" and :b43"00:18
bastidrazorDJNomad, a usb stick?00:19
DJNomadbastidrazor,  its a internal hdd ,i use xfce and thunar dont automount or something like that00:20
H_M-LaptopHow do I get the current time in seconds from terminal?00:20
erisoh n/m00:21
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Lostinspace_46artillarytx Go to ubuntu forums. find networking and wireless.  Right at the start there is a great tutorial.00:21
erisdate +%s00:22
erisyeah :D00:22
steven|Hi, anyone gotten Conky working on 9.04 with XFCE? When I run it, it seems to wait to draw itself until I kill the process, and then it draws once and leaves the graphics artifacts on my screen. (Yes, repost, because of a lot of scrollup =-( )00:22
Lostinspace_46Hi all. I am running Jaunty. I am having a problem with my xfce4-keyboard-shortcuts.xml file.  Some of the properties work fine, and others don't work at all. Shouldn't they ALL either work or not since they are all in the same file (which contains most all of System>Preferences>Keyboard Shortcuts)?00:22
ale_server in caricamento .... risposta positiva dei rumori hardware00:23
bastidrazorDJNomad, sdb1 is the drive you want mounted, correct?00:23
H_M-LaptopNow........ how do I get the time that the system started (In seconds)00:23
H_M-LaptopOh right.00:23
DJNomadbastidrazor,  yes it is00:23
steven|H_M-Laptop, I'd use uptime and subtract from date00:23
H_M-LaptopOr... how do I get uptime in seconds.00:23
bastidrazorDJNomad, where do you want it mounted?00:23
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DJNomadbastidrazor,  /12000:24
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DJNomadI already have that directory made and have it mounted there atm00:24
bastidrazorDJNomad,   http://pastebin.com/m1670c448  make your fstab look like that. manually umount sdb1 then type sudo mount -a .. if it mounts then it will automount on reboot00:26
lstarnesH_M-Laptop: try cat /proc/uptime00:26
steven|thanks, lstarnes ... was about to suggest the same, you got there first =-b00:27
MattPhilieI am in the /etc folder trying to view a folder inside of it and it says You do not have the permissions necessary to view the contents of "ircd-hybrid".00:27
mgmuscaridoes anybody know how i can tell if Ubuntu Firefox Modifications is installed?00:27
steven|MattPhilie, you'll have to run 'sudo su' first to get into superuser mode00:28
trakcyiahow can i change my keyboard layout in such a way that the "i" key outputs the letter c, and the "c" key outputs the letter i?00:28
lstarnessteven|: that is not recommended00:28
MattPhiliestevenj: in a terminal?00:28
trakcyiacan I customize layouts?00:28
lstarnesMattPhilie: sudo -i is preferred over sudo su.  yes, in a terminal00:28
steven|lstarnes, didn't know that... my bad00:29
DJNomadhow do i open mousepad in root??00:29
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th0rDJNomad: sudo mousepad in a terminal00:29
lstarnesDJNomad: alt+f2; enter gksudo mousepad00:29
trakcyiathe same way you do as non-root?00:29
H_M-Laptoplstarnes, that works, but which value is what?00:30
MattPhilielstarnes: I did that and the folder still says I cannot view it00:30
steven|lstarnes, MattPhilie well, my next warning was going to be to make sure to not change any files unless you /know/ what you're doing ;-)00:30
H_M-LaptopI mean, it returns 2 values.... :)00:30
lstarnesth0r: graphical applications should be run with gksudo, not sudo00:30
bastidrazorDJNomad, #xubuntu may also be of help since you're using xfce00:30
lstarnesMattPhilie: what are you using to view it?00:30
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MattPhilielstarnes: I went into the file system folder and opened the etc folder and that folder wont open00:31
coffeemananyone had any success getting the creative live cam im pro (4055) to work?00:31
steven|MattPhilie, are you in the /etc folder now, or still in / ?00:31
lstarnesMattPhilie: did you try moving into the directory in the terminal with cd /etc/ircd-hybdir?00:31
lstarnesMattPhilie: oops.  cd /etc/ircd-hybrid00:32
MattPhiliestevenj: I did the sudo -i and the other thing closed the folder tried to open no luck so i closed it00:32
H_M-Laptoplstarnes, cat /proc/uptime returns 2 values.. May I ask what they return?00:32
MattPhilielstarnes: sorry im a noob, what do i type? sorry new user here00:32
lstarnesMattPhilie: exactly what I said00:32
lstarnesMattPhilie: cd /etc/ircd-hybrid00:32
VCooliomgmuscari: in firefox, check the add-ons, it should be listed there00:32
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mgmuscariVCoolio: thanks, that's what i figured... i don't see it there00:33
MattPhilielstarnes: I get this.. 'bash: cd: /etc/ircd-hybdir: No such file or directory00:33
steven|MattPhilie, If that doesn't work, please run "ls -l /" without the quotes and look at the first column, on the same row as 'etc'. The permissions (letters in the first column) should be drwxr-xr-x, if they're set right.00:33
lstarnesMattPhilie: you used the wrong one.00:33
lstarnesMattPhilie: cd /etc/ircd-hybrid00:34
mgmuscariVCoolio: i'm going crazy; i use a dark theme on gnome, and the text field colors are partially applied to firefox... all my text boxes have a dark background but black text. trying to style them in userContent.css doesn't work and i'm trying to figure out why00:34
steven|MattPhilie, Please do NOT paste the full output of ls, by the way00:34
VCooliomgmuscari: ah, that's not fixed with that add-on / package00:34
steven|mgmuscari, Try googling for a script called "darkfix"00:34
mgmuscariVCoolio, yeah what i see so far indicates that there's a bug in that plugin that interferes with user styles00:35
mgmuscaristeven|: thanks00:35
FraxtilIs there a separate channel for 64-bit Ubuntu?00:35
MattPhiliestevenj: I see it..00:35
MattPhilielstarnes: Still the same error00:35
lstarnesMattPhilie: which error?00:36
Lostinspace_46trakcyia Go to usr/include/linux/input.h Swap the keycodes between "i" and "c"00:36
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MattPhilielstarnes: bash: cd: /etc/ircd-hybri: No such file or directory.... and I copied exactly what you said00:36
trakcyiawow lostinspace_4 good one! thanks00:37
lstarnesMattPhilie: you missed the 'd' at the end00:37
dreamy_how to i make the pc game army ops not get blocked trougth the firewall?00:37
Lostinspace_46trakcyia most welcome00:37
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Lostinspace_46trakcyia I am working on a big modification myself00:38
mgmuscaribah, darkfix didn't do anything for me00:38
MattPhilielstarnes: Oops, now it says permission denied00:38
mgmuscariactually it looks like it tried to do exactly what i tried to do00:38
lstarnesMattPhilie: sudo -i00:38
lstarnesMattPhilie: then do the cd command00:38
theholyduckdoes kubuntu/xubunutu ship with zenity?00:39
theholyduckwell i guess kubuntu wouldnt seeing as how its a gtk app00:39
steven|lstarnes, it's "sudo -i <command>" all on one line, or no?00:39
mgmuscarithis is the same as my problem00:39
MattPhilielstarnes: Ok i got no error in terminal and tried to open the folder with no luck00:39
lstarnessteven|: sudo -i does essentally what sudo su does00:40
VCooliomgmuscari: try what steven said; I stored two links but don't use dark themes anymore so not sure which works if any: http://paste.ubuntu.com/228753/00:40
lstarnesMattPhilie: you'll have to browse it using the terminal00:40
bastidrazor!info zenity00:40
ubottuzenity (source: zenity): Display graphical dialog boxes from shell scripts. In component main, is optional. Version 2.26.0-0ubuntu2 (jaunty), package size 2036 kB, installed size 4844 kB00:40
MattPhilieok lstarnes00:40
lstarnesMattPhilie: you can use 'ls' for listing files and directories00:40
steven|Okay, so -i is the last argument it takes00:40
lstarnesMattPhilie: and 'cd' for changing directories.  To go up a directory, cd ..00:40
psywipeddoes anyone know of a app for a server that works like Flicker?00:40
mgmuscariVCoolio, yeah, i took a look at darkfix and tried it out - it works by modifying the same files i was messing around with in the first place00:40
bastidrazortheholyduck, it appears to be an optional package which means it is not installed by default00:40
steven|Hadn't used that before, I'll have to read up and find out why it's better. Thanks, lstarnes00:40
lstarnessteven|: sudo su opens a shell in su in sudp00:41
theholyduckbastidrazor, it is on ubuntu :P00:41
lstarnessteven|: sudo -i opens a shell in sudo alone00:41
xTheGoat121xMy installer just crashed, just at the 'adduser' section of installation... is there a way for me to recover that installation, so I don't have to go through the entire installation process again?00:41
theholyduckbastidrazor, as i remember anwyay00:41
Sephrcould someone running 64bit ubuntu tell me if this testcase (that sets XML.prettyIndent to a negative value) crashes your computer? WARNING DON'T CLICK UNTIL YOU READ PREVIOUS STATEMENT: http://code.eligrey.com/testcases/firefox/negative_XML_prettyIndent.html00:41
lstarnessteven|: plus it tries to simulate an actual login00:41
trakcyiaMy project is pretty simple, I'm using the usa dvorak layout, but the i and c keys can't be swapped because evil dell made the reciprocal for the i key different than all the others00:41
theholyduckbastidrazor, well no worry, i'll just add a , you need zentiy to use this script warning00:41
steven|lstarnes, It's just inefficient, then? Kinda like SSHing into yourself?00:41
theholyduckmaybe even a function to install it if its not there00:41
lstarnessteven|: sudo -i is likely more secure as well00:41
theholyducktrakcyia, then just stick some new labels on them?00:42
bastidrazortheholyduck, i do have it installed too, i suppose my 'optional' assumptions was wrong.00:42
psywipedim looking for a flicker like app for my server does anyone know of any?00:42
theholyduckbastidrazor, but its a gtk thing, so im not entirely sure kubuntu would have it :P00:42
snodinatoranyone know what the stats is of the char transfers from NS?00:42
trakcyiaput simply, the i is there to stay, i think they did that to prevent international units posing as a different origin by key swapping00:42
theholyduckwell whatever, i'll just tell them to dl ti00:42
bastidrazortheholyduck, true, you may be required to apt-get it in kubuntu. kubuntu and ubuntu are all the same under the hood00:43
trakcyiatheolyduck i yeah.. that would be the first conclusion00:43
plaguehivom jag tar bort allt utom Home partitionen när ajg installerar om ubunto, kommer allt som finns i typ Pictures och videos vara kvar då?00:43
plaguehivbara tar bort filsystemet då00:43
trakcyiabut if you don't want stickers on your lovely backlit keyboard, and aren't that much of a stickler, you can live with a 95% awesome layout00:43
MattPhilielstarnes: I can't even open my file though, it won't work00:43
sebsebsebplaguehiv: du vill ha #ubuntu-se00:44
sebsebsebyou want  #ubuntu-se00:44
plaguehivsorry mt -.-'00:44
lstarnesMattPhilie: how are you opening the file?00:44
bastidrazortheholyduck, it being gtk dependent it may try to pull all the gtk dependencies that i'm guessing you don't want.00:44
sebsebseb!se |  plaguehiv00:45
ubottuplaguehiv: Svensk Ubuntu- och Kubuntusupport hittar du i #ubuntu-se resp. #kubuntu-se00:45
DJNomadbastidrazor,  thanks I rebooted and things worked perfectly00:45
Tyler-J-Bok, how would I, on my main Ubuntu machine, access NFS shares that are set on this machine.00:45
theholyduckbastidrazor, well i guess i'll maintain the dialog version aswell then00:45
theholyduckits just that i really really despise working with the terminal dialog00:45
bastidrazorDJNomad, good deal.00:45
theholyduckbastidrazor, and zenity seems like my savior00:45
bastidrazortheholyduck, shouldn't i be co-savior?00:46
MattPhilieArg!! Why can I not just open this folder? 'You do not have the permissions necessary to view the contents of "ircd-hybrid".',,, Like seriously can't this be simple to just open it.00:46
lstarnesMattPhilie: if you would prefer a graphical method, alt+f2, enter 'gksudo nautilus'00:47
lstarnesMattPhilie: but use extreme caution00:47
lstarnesMattPhilie: I prefer using the terminal, so I couldn't recall that off the top of my head00:48
Tyler-J-Bhow do I setup NFS shares to view on this machine so I can view then on my main Ubuntu machine00:48
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lstarnesMattPhilie: also, alt+f2; 'gksudo gedit'00:48
bastidrazorMattPhilie, what does ls -al /etc/irc-hybrid give?00:48
mgmuscariman, this is hopeless00:48
mgmuscarithanks for the help all... later00:49
psywipedim looking for a flicker like app for my server does anyone know of any?00:49
trakcyialostinspace_46 i need to reboot for changes to take effect?00:51
Lostinspace_46trakcyia Try finding a key code you won't use (katakana), remove the "i" line entirely and rewrtite it using the katakana key code.  Remove katakana, too...lol00:51
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crungeIs there a way I can trick the LiveCD into booting to a console login prompt instead of going into X?00:51
akSeyahey there...00:52
sebsebsebcrunge: no, but you can use the alternate CD instead00:52
crungesebsebseb: Excellent!00:52
BlasenMichwas that for me?00:52
sebsebsebcrunge: well I think you can for this00:52
crungesebsebseb: I can look at it00:52
trakcyiacould just kill gdm after login, to use prompt (stage 3?) on live00:52
akSeyaguys.. I'm using ubuntu 9.04... my eth0 is set to use dhcp... if I set my ip staticly with ifconfig, after some time it looses it's IP address00:52
Lostinspace_46trakcyia Not sure about the reboot, but prolly need to, as that file is read on boot00:53
Sephrcould someone running 64bit ubuntu tell me if this testcase (that sets XML.prettyIndent to a negative value) crashes your computer? http://code.eligrey.com/testcases/firefox/negative_XML_prettyIndent.html00:53
sebsebsebcrunge: ok and remember to md5sum the ISO00:53
BlasenMichneed help with getting right video drivers for 9.000:53
sebsebsebBlasenMich: drivers for what?00:53
crungean even more significant question... the tool in Ubuntu that creates a LiveCD on a USB key from a physical disk... does the source disk have to be Ubuntu?00:53
Tyler-J-BOk, how would I, on my main PC view NFS shares created on this PC00:53
BlasenMichsamsung monitor 900DF00:53
akSeyaI've never seen this before in any other distro...00:54
sebsebseb!xorg  |  BlasenMich00:54
ubottuBlasenMich: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution00:54
eggenz7i have an intrepid install on a dell poweredge 2500....it was working just fine..yesterday i shut it down to move into the closet and now when it boots i get "boot from (hd0,0) ext3 *UIDD#*                Starting ip..." then the computer freezes00:54
Lostinspace_46trakcyia I should say that file is read on boot, then placed in ram so without a reboot the changes won't be read00:55
sebsebsebcrunge: unetbootin will do other distros as well00:55
faryshtaHi, just installed Ubuntu on a different partition from where I had a Fedora installation, now the grub only recognize the Ubuntu partition. What can I do?00:55
eggenz7faryshta, edit menu.lst to enable the partition that fedora is on00:56
akSeyafaryshta, boot into Ubuntu, mount your fedora partition, take a look at the menu.lst from fedora and copy the entry to your ubuntu menu.lst00:56
jfdklsjklfdjdidnt work00:57
sebsebsebfaryshta: should be able to add Fedora    gksudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst00:57
sebsebsebfaryshta: are you dual booting  Fedora and Ubuntu, or do you have Windows on there as well or something?00:57
=== jfdklsjklfdj is now known as trakcyia
ActionParsniphey guys00:57
trakcyiai changed key c's corresponding number to that of key i, and vice versa. nothing changed00:58
sebsebsebActionParsnip: coudn't sleep or something?00:58
akSeyaany idea on my problem? ps.: i dont have an awai card00:58
ActionParsnipif you run vlc http server, does it need an x server00:58
trakcyiaperhaps if i change the label that the number corresponds to instead, though that logically will do the same thing00:58
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sebsebsebfaryshta: well any way with enough RAM you can do other  distros in virtual machine00:59
axisyswhen i ssh to a ubuntu box, how can I tell if it is installed from a desktop image or server image ?00:59
greensimianAnyone have any idea where I can learn more about sound in Linux?00:59
trakcyiaoh well im doing it anyway00:59
Guest4063:/ how dare someone be logged in as dream :o00:59
greensimianPidgin is making this terrible sound when I get a message and i wnt to troubleshoot it00:59
ActionParsnipaxisys: uname -a00:59
ActionParsnipgreensimian: ni prefs, disable the sounds00:59
axisysActionParsnip: they look the same01:00
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Dream-Stalkerbetter :P01:00
ActionParsnipaxisys: the server one should say server01:00
Dream-Stalkerright! anyone here able to help me with the plus plug in for aMSN plus?01:00
Dream-Stalkerhey parsnip :P01:00
faryshtaakSeya, sebsebseb thanks I will try to edit the /boot/grub/menu.lst and I have not any Windows install here ;-)01:00
ActionParsnipaxisys: instead of generic ;)01:00
ActionParsnipDream-Stalker: howdy01:00
greensimianSo if there are no prefs, whats the dif between Pluse and ALSA?01:01
sebsebsebfaryshta: how much RAM do you have?01:01
faryshta2 gb01:01
sebsebsebfaryshta: ok  well dual booting is sucky, how about  picking a distro,  Ubuntu or Fedora,   Fedora :)   and  putting that on as host, and virtual maching the other01:02
ActionParsnipgreensimian: afaik, pulse allows different volume levels for each app.01:02
faryshtasebsebseb, I wanna try to learn as much distros as I can, besides I have a /home partition so the configuration is not an issue.01:02
faryshtasebsebseb, thanks for the suggestion.01:03
sebsebsebfaryshta: as much distros as you can, so virtual machines make sense :)01:03
traemccombsAny WoW + Wine + Ubuntu users around?  I've just upgraded my account to battle.net and can't get connected.  I'm able to log in on my windows box.  The problem seems to be from the Battle.net Account Selector. (I have 2 accounts)01:03
sebsebsebfaryshta: having to psyically install each time you want to try another distro, that really does suck01:03
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ActionParsniptraemccombs: i'd ask in #winehq01:03
crungesebsebseb: nothing works better for learning than experiment. You *can* use ubuntu's USB Startup Device creator thingie to make USB boot tokens for other distros. Debian at least01:03
faryshtasebsebseb, thunar and gnome-monitor manager can't find the partitions were I have fedora. :(01:04
sebsebsebcrunge: no, but you can install unetbootin into Ubuntu and do what you want01:04
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trakcyiadoesnt work01:04
ActionParsnipfaryshta: i'd setup a muliboot system with many partitions with many boots01:04
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Lostinspace_46trakcyia hmmm01:04
faryshtaActionParsnip, how can I do it?01:04
sebsebsebActionParsnip: why?  crazy01:04
crungesebsebseb: I don't understand "no"01:04
sebsebsebfaryshta: virtualizaton is better :)01:04
Lostinspace_46trakcyia  Just a sec01:04
BlasenMichthanks to whomever showed me how to configure my video drivers.... I'd like to know what I did in case I have to do it again01:05
=== Guest84443 is now known as Dream-Stalker
ActionParsnipfaryshta: partition the drive into several partitions of say 5Gb then install each distro you want01:05
sebsebsebI am going to ask a guy to join that  can probably help  you both,  crunge and  faryshta01:05
ActionParsnipsebsebseb: pure fun01:05
alex87hey guys, i had a kernel panic and now my sudo password gets rejected. any ideas why that would be?01:05
crungesebsebseb: I accomplished my task and shared the success01:05
gartralok all, im having two issues today, firstly shiretoko (firefo-3.5) will not open a link passed my another application... any thoughts?01:05
ActionParsnipalex87: try booting to recovery root and setting the password01:05
sebsebsebcrunge: did you do it?01:06
alex87thanks ActionParsnip, i'll give it a shot01:06
faryshtaActionParsnip, I have already the hard drive partitioned. But the grub only takes on account one partition to boot.01:06
webpigeonsebsebseb, oh hai o/01:06
crungesebsebseb: Yes. That's what I said. I was able to use Ubuntu's USB boot creator to throw a debian businesscard ISO onto a USB key01:06
VCooliowhere to look if pcmanfm refuses to open files?01:06
crungesebsebseb: maybe it worked because of family heritage ;)01:06
BlasenMichsomething about my X Window01:07
faryshtasebsebseb, I don't wanna run virtual, I wanna feel thee all distro.01:07
sebsebsebcrunge: right well  if you want to do other distros as well  webpidgeon may be able to help you with unetbootin.01:07
webpigeonsebsebseb, https://launchpad.net/~gezakovacs/+archive/ppa01:07
crungesebsebseb: excellent. Thanks for the pointer01:07
ActionParsnipfaryshta: true, but you use grub to boot any other partition after that01:07
sebsebsebfaryshta: I think your issue is, because  Fedora uses LVM, and Ubuntu don't, and  now  Ubuntu's  Grub  can't find your Fedora install01:08
BlasenMichwell whomever it was, my video looks good... thanks so much for the help01:08
ActionParsnipfaryshta: you would need to repartition, virtual systems will show how the system runs on virtual hardware01:08
crungesebsebseb: I'm building a low-power embedded router firewall. All the storage is on a compact flash card01:08
sebsebsebfaryshta: webpidgeon may be able to help you,  since he uses Ubuntu and Fedora,   and setting up to many partitions for some crazy  multiboot  which  ActionParsnip is suggesting, I really don't think is that great an idea01:09
XerranIs there anyone familiar with Open Sound installation?01:09
sebsebsebbruce89: hi01:09
bruce89having more than one Linux install is asking for trouble really, grub can go mad01:09
blendmaster1024why do you want oss Xerran ?01:10
blendmaster1024use alsa01:10
devilHi I´m devil again, PLS how to install a usb wireless device WLAN0 in ubuntu server 8.1001:10
ActionParsnipsebsebseb: why is it so crazy, virtual systems use virtual hardware only so are not a true representation of the OS. You can multiboot as much as you like provided you have the space01:10
gartralok secondly, my  VLC will re-display the title of whatever is playing everytime the scean changes01:10
faryshtaActionParsnip, sebsebseb will check for it on internet I am now confused @.@01:10
XerranI have a SoundBlaster X-Fi card01:10
ActionParsnipXerran: unlucky01:11
blendmaster1024hi devil01:11
devilPLS how to install a usb wireless device WLAN0 in ubuntu server 8.1001:11
XerranI have audio from using Open Sound but I need to make system sounds work01:11
blendmaster1024devil, plug it in01:11
devilconsole mode01:11
bruce89blendmaster1024: that sounded a bit unlucky01:12
blendmaster1024it should be installed01:12
sebsebsebfaryshta: normalley  ActionParnsip is pretty good at giving people advice, but I am not so sure about this time,  also  you have alreayd expereinced Grub  not working as you would have liked,  because you can't boot up Fedora right now,  and oh yes if you put to many distros on, you can get some right issues with Grub in the future01:12
crungeXerran: My GF has one of those. Have had 0 luck getting it to work with ALSA, but it's also a 32-bit system01:12
XerranI am on 9.06 x6401:12
devilso, how i can select de wireless network01:12
blendmaster1024devil, oh, you want to use it now that it's installed01:12
crungeXerran: for my own info, what did you experience trying to get it to work with ALSA?01:12
blendmaster1024veeery different01:12
XerranI was trying to follow this-->> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenSound01:13
BlasenMichi am crying on the floor01:13
devilwell, pls help me01:13
devilwhat <01:13
blendmaster1024anybody know the tulip ethernet driver? mine is buggy, and i don't quite know what to change01:13
ActionParsnipsebsebseb: you can install every OS that will run on your CPU if you like, grub will be a loong list but its possible01:13
XerranI never tried ALSA01:13
blendmaster1024Xerran, time to change that01:14
sebsebsebActionParsnip: a long list that would suck01:14
crungeXerran: I believe it's supposed to work with ALSA now on 64bit01:14
devilWhat I can do to see the wireless networks availables01:14
ActionParsnipsebsebseb: its still entirely possible01:14
sebsebsebActionParsnip: also if your going to have more than one OS on the same computer,  it's better to be able to run them both at the same time, yep virtual machine01:14
XerranThere was no audio from the get go once the OS was isntalled01:14
devilsomebody can help me? about ubuntu server console mode01:15
crungeXerran: I read a good article explaining why the author felt OSS4 was superior to ALSA, but you'll have endless trouble trying to use an alterative for such a critical feature set01:15
ecruzola alguem brasileiro01:15
blendmaster1024devil, apperantly not01:15
ActionParsnipsebsebseb: its an option but for a proper test on how each one runs on the hardware a true boot is needed as virtualised hardware is not representative of the true hardware01:15
devilvc fala portugues?01:15
ActionParsnipdevil: sudo iwconfig scan01:15
Pici!pt  | ecruz01:15
dfkmasYo, i have a problem, i am trying to mount a crypted disk with truecrypt i'w been used that before in windows, now when i try to do that but in ubuntu 8.04 it shows some problems, someone wants to help  me?01:15
ubottuecruz: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.01:15
SplixHi folks, the sound on my jaunty laptop doesn't work anymore ; I think it stopped just after having updated alsa to 1.0.20. How to confirm it and how can I revert it?01:15
ActionParsnipdevil: sudo iwlist scan01:16
sebsebsebActionParsnip: and  virtual machines work rather well,   except for certain things,   3D  graphics for example,  but your last comment is true,  however  instead of setting up a complex multi boot set up, why not install one or two or three OS's,  and remove what's not wanted anymore01:16
ecruzvomos tc01:16
devilthanks action parship01:16
Xerranhow so?01:16
dfkmasYo, i have a problem, i am trying to mount a crypted disk with truecrypt i'w been used that before in windows, now when i try to do that but in ubuntu 8.04 it shows some problems, someone wants to help  me?01:16
ActionParsnipsebsebseb: both ways work fine01:16
ecruzdevil voce e brasileiro01:16
crungeXerran: many tools and sets of directions will be assuming the default underlying system01:17
sebsebsebfaryshta: well I got someone to join the channel,  that may be able to help you boot up  Fedora  as well as Ubuntu again,  but then you got confused by  actionparsnip 's multiboot talk hmm01:17
Jimmio1Anyone here know how to setup VirtualBox OSE or Qemu to boot Mac OS X?01:17
ActionParsnipJimmio1: thats against the license of OS X01:17
crungeXerran: Until I get my GF's system on 64 bit she's got 2 sets of headphones. One for the X-Fi in windows and one for the on-board AC'97 in Linux01:17
Jimmio1ActionParsnip: Is it really...? v.v01:18
devilnao ecruz eu sou do ecuador01:18
bastidrazorJimmio1, os X runs extremely poor in any type of VM.. plus it is illegal.01:18
ActionParsnipJimmio1: yes, it is01:18
devilmas morei la muito tempo01:18
ecruzboa noite algum brasileiro para tc01:18
devilecruz da onde é vc01:18
j0eIm having trouble getting "centerim" to understand the swedish chars like å,ä,ö.. Ive tried dpkg-reconfigure locales, set centerim lang presets to utf-8, iso-8859-15.. nothing works01:18
ActionParsnipsebsebseb: if you reinstall grub on the system, it will see the fedora boot and add it afaik01:18
faryshtasebsebseb, I am already talking with webpigeon01:18
crungeXerran: possible that when I get the new processor/motherboard installed and install 64 bit linux... it'll still fail miserably01:18
XerranI have audio from yourube etc coming out of my speakers now in x6401:19
ecruzbrasil pará01:19
sebsebsebfaryshta: oh pm ah ok, good01:19
crungeXerran: I'm gonna give it a shot though. That X-Fi has really wonderful sound01:19
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.01:19
ecruzdevil e voce01:19
Xerranit is just that I wanted to get system sounds such as logging on and off01:19
sebsebsebActionParsnip: maybe not, since Fedora uses LVM by default,  and Ubuntu can't just detect those or whatever01:19
devilisso mesmo01:19
sebsebsebActionParsnip: Ubuntu's Grub01:19
thiebaudeActionParsnip, sebsebseb  hi01:19
blendmaster1024what did ubottu just say?01:19
ActionParsnipsebsebseb: then use fedora's boot loader01:19
trakcyiabrb again01:20
blendmaster1024lol debian is sooo much better than anything i've ever used01:20
ecruzdevil qual e sua nacionalidade01:20
blendmaster1024well, that's not true01:20
sebsebsebActionParsnip: he's got  the guy I got to join to hopefuly help  him,  in pm now anyway so :)01:20
devilHi actionparsnip, i cann see the wlan0 but i have a message "Network is dow"01:20
blendmaster1024what is true is that i haave no internet on my main machine so haveing 31 cds of software pre-iso'd for download is amazing01:21
devilecruz eu sou do ecuador01:21
silentContenderHello.  Can someone help me with Amarok 2.1.1.  It's been resetting my iPod almost everytime I transfer songs.01:21
devilmas morei no Santa Catarina01:21
sebsebsebActionParsnip: however   as far as I know  faryshta  installed  Ubuntu  after Fedora, so it may not be as simple as just getting it using the  Fedora boot loader01:21
Picidevil: This channel is english only, please take it to a private message or join another portuguese channel with ecruz.01:21
ecruzdevi que cidade do equador01:22
crungeHooray English! Language of the Internet! =D01:22
ActionParsnipsebsebseb: lilo can boot both systems, have him/her use that01:22
=== Seronis-Idle is now known as Seronis
dfkmasYo, i have a problem, i am trying to mount a crypted disk with truecrypt i'w been used that before in windows, now when i try to do that but in ubuntu 8.04 it shows some problems, someone wants to help  me?01:22
devilactionparsnip when I do wlist I can see the wire device but I cabnt turn it on??01:22
faryshtasebsebseb, ActionParsnip, no actually first I had Ubuntu, then installed Fedora and re-formated the Ubuntu partition (upgrades are boring).01:22
cooper77zhey, I was learning a new language... just kidding01:22
devilpls help me01:22
deviloi ecruz as pessoas aquim fican chateadas de a gente que fala uma lingua mais bonita e legaol ne?01:23
devileu sou de Quito01:23
devilhelp me!!!01:23
ActionParsnipdevil: if it shows the SSIDs then the device is working, if not you will need to install drivers01:24
devili seee01:24
devilthanks a lot01:24
blackest_knightdevil; is in the details :)01:24
ecruzdevil é verdade01:24
boss_mc!es | devil01:24
ubottudevil: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.01:24
crungedevil: do you know how to use iwconfig?01:24
Piciboss_mc: its portuguese01:25
ecruzvocê escreve muito bem!01:25
boss_mcPici: ah, fair01:25
devili will look for iwconfig info01:25
craigbass1976Is there some equivalent to gotomeeting that works with linux?  I know I'm not going to be able to talk a far away person through punching a hole in their dsl modem for me to log in01:25
HandsomeManZeroiplist or moblock?01:25
devilI think U don´t like me here01:25
devili will leave the channel01:25
sebsebsebPici: once one of the ops did a  bann  that  when they re join,  forwards them to their local channal,   maybe something like that should be done with  ecruz01:25
HandsomeManZerosorry, if I'm trying to block entire regions01:25
sebsebsebPici: I mean once when I was here01:26
leooohey guys, whats a pretty good cheap laptop that is compatiable with most linux distros ?01:26
Picidevil: I think that you're mistaken.01:26
boss_mc!pt | devil, we don't not like you, you might find these guys easier to communicate with...01:26
ubottudevil, we don't not like you, you might find these guys easier to communicate with...: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.01:26
crungeleooo: your criteria is too broad. You might want a netbook01:26
Lostinspace_46devil  why do you say that?01:26
cooper77zjust the wrong place, but thanks for showing me how to learn in the future01:26
dameoni've got an interesting question regarding servers and ubuntu server edition01:26
deviltudos sao ums feios01:26
dameonanyone know anything?01:26
silentContenderCan someone give me  some points with Amarok 2.1.1?  I don't know why it resets my iPod Nano frequently.01:27
asddasdasis it possible to install Grub on windows partition01:27
erisleooo: i really like how my old thinkpad x41 runs, dunno if ur looking for used or new lappys01:27
ActionParsnipleooo: acer aspire one works 100% out of the box with 9.04 netbook remix01:27
pelmendameon: we do....next01:27
sebsebsebasddasdas: maybe and that would be a bad idea01:27
crungeleooo: the Dell Mini 9's used to come with ubuntu presintalled. I've also heard good things about Linux on the ASUS eee systems01:27
blackest_knightdevil: i speak a couple of languages yours isn't one of them, and what we have here is a failure to communicate :)01:27
dameoni've got an old compaq proliant 500001:27
sebsebsebasddasdas: it can go in the  MBR of a Windows hard disk though of course01:27
Pici!enter | dameon01:27
ubottudameon: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!01:27
dameonand for some reason the installer is only reading 16 MB of mem01:27
asddasdassebsebseb: why would be a bad idea?01:27
XfuMastersebsebse: If we hear you pissing on this channel We, Soderfors will make you wish youre never born01:27
pelmenupdate bios01:28
ecruztem alguem de belém pa01:28
XfuMastersebsebse: Play along or be nice01:28
Piciecruz: /join #ubuntu-pt01:28
HGFhello all. does any1 have the problem in pidgin where any link (or new mail) links do NOT open in firefox ..or at all. any solutions?01:28
dameongood to know.  Anyway, the compaq proliant actually has nearly 450 MB of ram, but the installer for ubuntu server only recognizes 16 MB.  The kernel panics, and I fail to even start the install.01:29
pelmendameon: update bios01:29
bruce89!tab | XfuMaster01:29
ubottuXfuMaster: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.01:29
sebsebsebPici: can you deal with  ecruz  properly and  maybe  XfuMaster as well,    I as well as other  people are  doing some support here :)01:29
ecruzpici fala portugues brasil01:29
arandHGF: Have you tried holding ctrl whilst clicking (just a guess)01:29
dameoni've updated the bios, and it recognizes all of the ram.  is there a way to force ubuntu to check all the ram?01:29
Jareduhey guys quick question: my sound died what's the terminal command to open up the visual prompt thing to where I can fix it? all my levels are high and it's plugged in properly, this happens often :\01:29
cooper77zI don't even really understand what pidgin is supposed to do01:30
sebsebsebasddasdas: ,because   you don't want any of the Grub stuff inside Windows itself, you just don't01:30
HGFarand, oh it clicks fine but it gives an error msg01:30
blackest_knightdameon:  you could install the hdd on a different system , its not windows the install would adapt01:30
VCoolioHGF: have you set a browser in the prefs?01:30
sebsebsebasddasdas: ,but you can put Grub in  the Master Boot Record of the Windows hard disk of course, the very first section01:30
XfuMastersebsebse: Play along or be nice... You seems to hsve no joust01:30
HGFVCoolio, i just installed so...probably not?01:30
ActionParsnipcooper77z: its an all in one chat client for multiple protocols01:30
sebsebsebXfuMaster: whatever you came out with some kind of stupid comment to me01:30
HGFVCoolio, how do i do so01:31
cooper77zonce I tried to configure it to yahoo messenger, but I failed to do it01:31
dameonI'm not sure I understand you; the system is clean right now, no OS (I'm installing ubuntu because windows keeps failing and no one knows why)01:31
Jareduwtf now i have button sounds but my mp3's fail... the hell?01:31
sebsebsebPici: thanks :)01:31
asddasdassebsebseb: can i do it using only WinXP, without installed any linux os01:31
cooper77zdoes pidgin translate language or something?01:31
ActionParsnipdameon: if its the 219205-001 server it comes with 16mb ram01:31
Picisebsebseb: sure, sorry for the slowness, just doing a few things at once here.01:31
VCoolioHGF: ok, in menu find prefs and in some tab find entry for browser command, make that like "firefox %u"01:31
sebsebsebasddasdas: don't think so, you will need a Live CD of some sort that will install Grub01:31
akSeyaguys, I have ubuntu 9.04 on my notebook.. it's an Acer Aspire 5920 ... It has a Card Reader that is not working on ubuntu... any idea on what should I do to get it working?01:31
asddasdassebsebseb: i have a live cd, using it right now01:32
ActionParsnipcooper77z: no, it simply allows you to chat on irc, jabber, msn, yahoo etc01:32
VCoolioHGF: in the buddy list window, not in the messages window01:32
sebsebsebasddasdas: you have Ubuntu installed already?01:32
sebsebsebPici: np01:32
cooper77zActionParsnip, why is it needed?01:32
ActionParsnipakSeya: plug in a card into it and run:  dmesg | tail; sudo fdisk -l; mount01:32
renicwhat file contains IP address assignments?01:32
Jareduhmm nevermind guys apparently movieplayer isn't a good choice for mp3's01:32
akSeyaActionParsnip, dmesg show's nothing01:33
asddasdassebsebseb: no, i didnt01:33
ActionParsnipcooper77z: for chatting. i use it for irc mainly but i use most of its protocols01:33
blackest_knightdaemon: sounds like you have bad hardware , try reseating the ram and or run memtest from the cd01:33
sebsebsebasddasdas: ok so your  basically confussed as to where Grub is meant to go, hence why your asking these questions?01:33
cooper77zI knew it was popular01:33
dameonThere's a heck of a lot more ram than that in this machine; it's a second-hand server from a company that went under years ago.  They beefed up the system; all the ram slots are filled.  The POST checks and verifies all 448 MB of ram, and i've reconfigured the BIOS several times so i'm sure it's reading all the ram.01:33
ActionParsnipcooper77z: its not needed, as in if you remove it the system will still work fine01:33
cooper77zbut just didn't know why specifically01:33
caseydoes Ubuntu have like a remote desktop thing?01:33
sebsebseb!vnc  |  casey01:34
ubottucasey: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX01:34
ActionParsnipcooper77z: use it, if you like it, use it. if not, get something else01:34
reniccasey: yes.  x-windows was originally designed for network access01:34
HGFVCoolio_, ty01:34
asddasdassebsebseb: well... no. my question is: can i install grub without installing any linux distribution. i'm ok with installing it in its own partition or something like that01:34
blackest_knightcasey: not just vnc ssh or even rdp01:34
renicI like nxserver and nxclient are awesome01:34
=== redsoxking|AFK is now known as redsoxking
cooper77zwhy whould pidgin be a better choice than x-chat-gnome, for what purposes?01:34
renicwhat a horid sentence :)01:34
sebsebsebasddasdas:  why would you want Grub for Windows?  that does not make sense01:34
reniccooper77z: if you want to connect to IM servers.01:34
ActionParsnipcooper77z: there is no better, or best, use what you prefer01:35
sebsebsebasddasdas: in fact there's even a Windows bootloader  that can be enabled01:35
akSeyaActionParsnip, how can I find out if the card reader is properly detected by Ubuntu?01:35
sebsebsebasddasdas: that lets you boot other versions of Windows, and  I think with some kind of hack, other  operating  systems as well01:35
Jareduanyone know how to setup a gtk theme?01:35
asddasdassebsebseb: yes but i cant get to the recovery console from the windows cd01:35
sebsebsebasddasdas: well yes other operating systems can be  booted from  the Windows boot loader as well01:35
kovacsleeveIs there a way to duplicate an existing Ubuntu installation on another machine? (IE same programs installed, but different logins/pwds)?01:35
ActionParsnipakSeya: run:   dmesg | less    and read, there will be a lot to read but you will see stuff about the reader01:35
cooper77zI suppose I was just confused because I couldn't talk to my friend in pidgin who was on yahoo messsenger01:35
ActionParsnip!clone > kovacsleeve01:36
ubottukovacsleeve, please see my private message01:36
=== VCoolio__ is now known as VCoolio
arandJaredu: drag it to the appearance dialogue?01:36
ActionParsnipcooper77z: theres an issue with the default yahoo server in pidgin01:36
ubottuAt the moment there are many pidgin users experiencing problems connecting to Yahoo IM, you can try changing your paging server to cn.scs.msg.yahoo.com (port 5050) and see if that helps.01:36
Lostinspace_46What does it mean when I see something like !vnc  |   casey ?  This is my first time in channel.01:36
sebsebsebasddasdas: which recovery console?01:36
Jareduarand, is that all? O_o I've never done it before :O01:36
sebsebseb!welcome |  Lostinspace_4601:37
ubottuLostinspace_46: Welcome to #ubuntu - the Ubuntu support channel.01:37
ActionParsnipLostinspace_46: it prompts ubottu to output a factoid, the pipe (the '|' character) makes ubottu say it to a user01:37
asddasdassebsebseb: the one that lets you type 'fixmbr' to reinstall the windows bootloader01:37
sebsebsebLostinspace_46: look at what I did there01:37
renicso, back to my earlier question.. i need to remove one of the IP addresses from a remote ubuntu machine.  It won't let me do it from a remote desktop connection, so I need to edit the file that contains the IP addresses.  In freebsd, i would just edit rc.conf.  Ubuntu doesn't use rc.conf, and I can't seem to find it. :(01:37
=== Seronis is now known as Seronis-Idle
bruce89cooper77z: xchat(-gnome) are only for IRC01:37
=== draz|lab is now known as drazak
sebsebsebasddasdas: ok well recovery mode in  the Ubuntu Grub  boot loader, is for   Ubuntu, and Ubuntu only01:37
ActionParsniprenic: you can set it in /etc/network/interfaces01:37
blackest_knightLostinspace_46:  many questions are asked repeatedly hence easier to get the bot to say the answers01:37
=== Seronis-Idle is now known as Seronis
Lostinspace_46ahhh...got it, very nice little tool01:38
sebsebsebasddasdas: so basically as  I  been thinking for a while now,  your  asking for Windows help in  the Ubuntu channal?01:38
Seronis!clone | seronis01:38
ubottuSeronis, please see my private message01:39
* Dekko wonders where in the Linux kernel configuration do I find the Graphics Support settings for enabling Tux logo in framebuffer - compiling 2.6.30-2 here.01:39
asddasdassebsebseb: i'm not sure, it's late and i'll probably go to bed right now... i'm tired :-/01:39
sebsebseb!windows |  asddasdas01:39
ubottuasddasdas: For discussion on Microsoft software, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents01:39
Lostinspace_46asddasdas Install windows first, it's just way easier that way01:39
=== LockeAndKeyes is now known as MidsummerDawn
dameonAnyone have any ideas on how to force the ubuntu server installer to recognize all of my memory?  the bios already does01:39
sebsebsebPici: factoid  suggestion  changing,   help with some it should be above, in the Windows factoid01:39
=== aaron_ is now known as TiMiDo
bruce89Dekko: Device Drivers > Graphics Support > Bootup Logo01:41
cooper77zI don't understand the difference between irc and instant messaging in pidgin01:41
renicActionParsnip: I have static IPs set on the machine now, but they do not appear there.01:41
Lostinspace_46asddasdas windows is very selfish about the MBR, and if installed second it wipes out grub01:41
DekkoBruce89 Thanks!!01:41
b0nnhmm, I want to set up an ssh tunnel, but I don't want the forwarding part to be to a single address, I want it to be to any address01:41
bruce89cooper77z: IRC is this, IM is from one person to another01:41
Paavi2_0cooper77z: is that a problem?01:41
blackest_knightdameon:  check your memory with the memtest on the ubuntu cd , given that even with windows not recognising the ram , it sounds like a hardware issue.01:42
ActionParsniprenic, if you use network manager then i do not know where they are stored01:42
cooper77zoh, so in irc you don't know who you are talking to, but in pidgin you do?01:42
renicActionParsnip: that's my problem too :( --- :)01:42
bruce89cooper77z: well, IRC is to more than one person usually01:43
Paavi2_0cooper77z: pidgin is a program, not a protocol. and with pidgin you can do im (instant messaging) and irc (internet relay chat)01:43
dameonblackest_knight: i've done the memtest, and it's all ok...  it only shows 16 MB though01:43
Dekkobruce89 is <M> = Mandatory?01:43
cooper77zI am really uneducated on this issue so thanks for bearing with me here01:43
bruce89Dekko: modules01:43
Dekkobruce89: Ah okay :)01:43
ActionParsnipcooper77z: irc is like chat rooms or channls on an irc server, yuo can chat one on on on irc too01:43
DekkoThank you again for your help. Its the first time I am trying to compile a kernel here.01:44
ActionParsnipcooper77z: with IM protocols like yahoo and msn you chat one on one01:44
cooper77zI figured, though would it be private or public?01:44
n2diyI have two users on my test box, what is the simplest way to share a's bookmarks with b?01:44
Paavi2_0cooper77z: in irc you can find out who are you talking to with command /whois i.e /whois Paavi2_001:44
=== censushq is now known as davec
renicActionParsnip: "No manual entry for nm-connection-editor" doesn't help either.01:44
blackest_knightdameon: i'd take all the ram out and test 1 stick at a time maybe you only have 1 good stick or ram slot01:44
cooper77zbut people don't use their real identities01:45
bruce89apart from me01:45
arandJaredu: If you have a fairly standard theme.tar.gz package you just open up the appearance->theme dialogue and drag the archive into it, normally that is all there is to it01:45
Lostinspace_46sebsebseb  I saw the message awhile ago about keeping questions down to one line...What if it won't fit on one line :)01:45
ActionParsnipcooper77z: true, you can also spawn your own channels as you wish01:45
trakcyiadamnit this is getting frustrating, it shouldn't be so hard to swap two keys01:45
pelmendameon: I would take those 16 mb out first01:45
cooper77zthanks for the help, I am learning one day at a time01:46
bruce89Lostinspace_46: welcome to the fun of IRC01:46
sebsebsebLostinspace_46: yeah  that's  there  bot message,  personally  I don't like  !ask and perfer just using !details when I can01:46
trakcyiathough ill admit, it would be close to impossible in windows lol01:46
sebsebseb!details >  Lostinspace_4601:46
ubottuLostinspace_46, please see my private message01:46
ActionParsnipcooper77z: every day is a school day01:46
dameonblackest_knight:  I've got 16 ram bays on two different cards....01:46
cooper77zit's good to learn new things01:46
Seronis!details | seronis01:46
ubottuSeronis, please see my private message01:46
sebsebsebLostinspace_46: and you can   do a  paragraph or so  when nessarey of course01:46
cooper77zkeeps the mind active01:46
NefariousTedHi, hello, yes.01:46
NefariousTedI have a challenge.01:46
dameonpelmen:  I have no idea which 16 MB that is...01:46
Jareduarand, sweet thanks.01:46
Lostinspace_46Hi all. I am running Jaunty. I am having a problem with my xfce4-keyboard-shortcuts.xml file.  Some of the properties work fine, and others don't work at all. Shouldn't they ALL either work or not since they are all in the same file (which contains most all of System>Preferences>Keyboard Shortcuts)?01:47
pelmendameon: well pull all out, leave 1 stick try. works - add one more and continue01:47
trakcyiaoh i got it01:47
NefariousTedI was told you folks might be able to help01:47
sebsebsebNefariousTed: what is the challenge?01:47
boss_mcLostinspace_46: unless something else is capturing the keys before xfce gets them...01:47
n2diyI have two users on my test box, what is the simplest way to share a's bookmarks with b?01:47
Lostinspace_46trakcyia  what worked for you?01:47
NefariousTedsee, I'm trying to get ubuntu onto my desk top.01:47
NefariousTedI don't know how, and have been trying to for the past 2 days.01:48
Seronisn2diy:  xmarks01:48
sebsebseb!install |  NefariousTed01:48
ubottuNefariousTed: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate01:48
renicdoes anyone know where the network manager stores it's settings?01:48
n2diy! xmarks01:48
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about xmarks01:48
NefariousTedit's not as cut and dry as one might think though. My computer has no disc drive, and will not connect to the internet.01:48
dameonpelmen:  I might try that... But i'll be here for ever :)01:48
VCoolion2diy: export bookmarks to html, import with user2? or copypaste the file if you can find it (.mozilla/firefox/blah.default/??)01:48
n2diySeronis: what are xmarks?01:48
pelmendameon: common it's only 16 slots :)01:49
VCoolion2diy: xmarks is a plugin, works too01:49
boss_mcNefariousTed: got a USB > 1Gb and can the BIOS boot from USB?01:49
Seronisn2diy: its a browser plugin that manages your bookmarks between any number of installations01:49
sebsebsebNefariousTed: ok well in that case,   to be honest with you,   it's a bit pointless to have Ubuntu on your computer,  unless your going to do word proccessing and that's about it01:49
Seronismultiple logins across any number of computers.  great for syncing01:49
pelmendameon: even though bios shows all 450 does not mean, it correctly transfers (or whatever) them to OS01:49
NefariousTedSebsebseb:I'm trying to get ubuntu on there so I can make it connect to the internet, or at least see if i can like that.01:49
Lostinspace_46boss_mc well xfce Is more like naming keys rather than assigning them key codes01:49
dameonpelmen: yeah, but the cover has a power-kill, as in I need to reassemble the computer every time to test01:50
sebsebseb!usb |  NefariousTed01:50
ubottuNefariousTed: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent01:50
akSeyahi there.. i have an Acer Aspire 5920 notebook with Ubuntu 9.04 .. i have some problems with the Card Reader.. it just does not work01:50
pelmendameon: you can usually lock that one with screwdriver01:50
dameonpelmen:  i have no os...01:50
n2diySeronis:ok, but the users are on the same box, couldn't I just put a copy of the bookmark file somewhere where both users would have access to it?01:50
Seronisbut that only updates once01:50
trakcyialostinspace_46 modded xmodmap.dvorak   then in xterm xmodmap /usr/share/xmodmap/xmodmap.dvorak01:50
pelmendameon: but install is OS01:50
akSeyait get's disabled on boot...01:50
Seronisxmarks maintains them current with each other01:50
dameonpelmen:  it'll take an awl with how long the pin is on the cover... and good point on the os....01:51
pelmendameon: i meant bios may not correctly transfer ram sizes to upper level01:51
NefariousTedI've tried booting from a usb, but it never works out.01:51
n2diyok, I'll check out xmarks, thanks.01:51
sebsebsebNefariousTed: no  CD and no USB,  and  no Internet,   and what no  local area network either?01:51
boss_mcLostinspace_46: yeah, so it's a higher level operation, there could be things underneath stealing the key presses...01:51
dameonpelmen:  is there a way to make it transfer?01:51
NefariousTedI have a flash drive, and I have a usb port01:52
NefariousTedit's just for some reason, it refuses to boot from the usb01:52
pelmendameon: i have no idea, that's why i told you to update bios..01:52
sebsebsebNefariousTed: well  unless you can get the USB working,  your  basically stuck with Windows,  I assume your computer currently runs Windows.   also is it really a netbook? with a small hard disk?01:52
NefariousTedNo, it's a desk top, running windows 7.01:52
boss_mcNefariousTed: can you take out the HD, install ubuntu on it from another pc and then replace it (ubuntu will sort out drivers etc automatically)01:52
pelmendameon: maybe your ram sticks have different speeds, even though it is not supposed to be a problem.. you neve know01:52
cooper77zhey pavvi, I am going to try the command out01:52
Lostinspace_46boss_mc like input.h?01:53
=== fophillipse is now known as fophillips
dameonpelmen: i've tried updating it multiple times... and the different speeds could be a problem... hadn't thought of that01:53
cooper77zIt didn't do anything, I think I did it wrong01:53
NefariousTedBoss_MC: how would I go about doing that?01:53
NefariousTedI gather the "take out hard drive, connect to other computer." bit01:53
NefariousTedoh, wait.01:53
NefariousTednvm, it made sense all of a sudden.01:54
boss_mcNefariousTed: :)01:54
pelmendameon: that's also why i told you to remove the first, original stick, as I guess that one is old01:54
cooper77zI typed"/whois i.e /whois Paavi2_0"01:54
cooper77zit did nothing01:54
NefariousTedI could to that, but it would be less immediate than I'm looking for.01:54
Lostinspace_46boss_mc usr/include/linux/input.h01:54
bruce89cooper77z: just the /whois Paavi2_0 would work01:54
dameonpelmen: yup.... I'll work on that.  I've got to go, but thanks for the help.01:55
censushqi \01:55
Lostinspace_46boss_mc that file has enough keycodes for 2 keyboards..lol01:55
cooper77zI don't think thats an actual 001:55
=== censushq is now known as dc-dave
boss_mcLostinspace_46: no idea, could be anything...01:55
cooper77zstill didn't work01:55
bruce89cooper77z: indeed01:55
dc-davehow do i load xp into virtualbox01:55
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:56
dc-daveit wont recognize the exe01:56
arandNefariousTed: and you've already checked the bios for enabling usb boot?01:56
cooper77zstill didn't work01:56
dc-davedo i use an iso file01:56
bruce89cooper77z: use tab completion01:56
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.01:56
dc-davei do not want to boot to xp, i want to run xp inside ubuntu with virtualbox01:56
cooper77zpress tab, got nothing01:57
bruce89dc-dave: You need the CD or ISO of the thing you want to install, and you just assign it to a virtual drive in VB01:57
cooper77zoh start with the first few letters, duh01:57
aranddc-dave: mount the iso in the vm, or use a physical xp cd and connecti it to the vm, then install xp as you would on a physical comp.01:57
Lostinspace_46boss_mc OK, gonna run and do come checking, that would explain the problem..never thought of stolen keys..thanks01:57
dc-davei have a usb cd rom drive01:57
boss_mcLostinspace_46: good luck!01:57
dc-davevb seems to revo01:57
dc-davevb ose does not support usb01:58
cooper77zstill isn't working01:58
bruce89cooper77z: heh, tab with 1337 possible completions would be tricky01:58
Lostinspace_46boss_mc Thanks!01:58
cooper77zbut I am certain it's operatre error01:58
trakcyiaok so now all i have to do is spend a month or so getting used to this layout01:58
dc-davebut the usb cd rom drive is recognized by ubuntu01:58
bruce89cooper77z: which client is this?01:58
cooper77zI don't know #ubuntu?01:58
cooper77zI am a noob01:59
jefinccooper77z: he means irc client01:59
bruce89pidgin, xchat?01:59
cooper77zreally not pretending01:59
trakcyiaand add the xmodmap line to rc.local01:59
dc-davecan i install xp to the same hard disk or do i n eed a new partition01:59
uber_nooberdc-dave: you can install virtualbox in ubuntu then install win xp01:59
jefinccooper77z: you're using irc to talk to us, what program did you open to do so01:59
dc-davemy ubuntu netbook (refurb) came with an XP Home Edition COA, which i assume is legit and i can activate as a license01:59
TiMplease Help me02:00
dc-davewhatha need tim02:00
uber_nooberdc-dave: what you can do is use gparted to create a partition for ubuntu, then install ubuntu onto that partition02:00
TiMmy sound doesn't work on firefox02:00
bruce89cooper77z: you need to click on the freenode line in the sidebar to get whois messages02:00
jefinc!ask TiM02:00
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ask TiM02:00
jefinc!ask | TiM02:00
ubottuTiM: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:00
TiMit was hard to set it up!02:00
dc-davetim my sound quit working after the upgrade02:00
dc-davedoes it work in other apps02:00
dc-davetim, your sound02:01
dc-davetim, your sound/02:01
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!02:01
TiMdc-dave:  now it is working for move and mp302:01
cooper77zbut sometimes that tells me nothing, no ip addresses, not real locations, no nada02:01
TiMonly ff not02:01
bruce89cooper77z: some people hide that02:01
abolethi am using ubuntu 8.1002:01
abolethsound works for some programs but not others02:01
abolethi don't have pulseaudio in the default way02:01
TiMi'm using ubuntu 9.0402:01
abolethsince i tried to fix things before02:02
jefinccooper77z: what is your requirement for using /whois that has made this such a dire issue?02:02
TiMit is my first time on linux02:02
cooper77zit isn't dire02:02
cooper77zit's not even an issue02:02
TiMi'm liking this OS02:02
dc-davetim checkup this: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox-3.0/+question/455902:02
abolethsounds works in banshee and firefox/flash, but not games. does anyone know what i can do to fix this?02:02
TiMdc-dave:  let me see02:02
dc-davetim, from term type: sudo apt-get install libflashsupport02:03
NLeeepcgoogle is gone02:03
dio_grub error 2502:03
bruce89sebsebseb: no02:04
Edson`Does ubuntu support DirectX02:04
=== MidsummerDawn is now known as LeaderOfMen
sebsebsebbruce89: wrong channel I think02:04
TiMdonne but not happend02:04
sebsebsebEdson`: Wine and  Virtualbox have some Directx support02:04
bruce89Edson`: onyl VB 3.0 however02:04
bruce89which is rather new02:05
ctmjrEdson`, no it uses glx02:05
sebsebsebEdson`: ,but   it depends on the game,  how well Wine or  Virtualbox 3.0 will work with it,  and  the game may not work at all02:05
uber_nooberbruce89: lower versions of VB have DX support as well02:05
boohI heard about iscsi server on ubuntu.  Is it a better solution to share windows files than samba?  What about perfs?02:05
bruce89uber_noober: ah02:05
dio_i lost my hard drive won`t boot error 25 any help02:05
Edson`I tried Guild Wars, but it didn't work.02:05
dc-davetim: checkup this https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-tn/2009-April/003601.html02:05
JareduEdson`, i managed to get guild wars to work, what's the problem?02:05
Jareduit was awhile back though02:06
Edson`It just stays at a black screen02:06
Jaredudo you have compiz on?02:06
sebsebsebuber_noober   Edson`   Virtualbox 3.0 is  the one you need to try   those games in if doing the virtual machine,  older versions aren't wroth bothering with02:06
TiMwait a minute02:06
JareduEdson`, do you have compiz enabled?02:06
sebsebsebEdson`: I think  you can  do Guild Wars in Wine02:06
Jaredusebsebseb, you can, ive done it :D02:06
Edson`it was a while ago, don't have it now, i was just checking02:06
uber_noobersebsebseb: question was if there was dx support in ubuntu02:06
sebsebsebuber_noober: right, but  Edson`  probably meant if there was in any of the programs that can be installed in Ubuntu02:07
JareduEdson`, it's definitely possible, I'd say if it hangs at a black screen just make sure compiz is off, i haven't tried it in awhile though but for me it was just a straight install in wine02:07
bruce89Edson`: TBH, I would and do keep windows around for that purpose02:07
dc-daveis there a keyboard shortcut to get terminal in a window instead of full screen?02:07
gizmobayCan someone tell me how to install kernel 2.26.29?02:07
uber_noobersebsebseb: you are correct, tho I run v2.x vbox and I have dx support02:08
sebsebsebuber_noober: also if  there was  built in Directx10 support in Ubuntu or  Wine  came with  Ubuntu,   bruce89  would be rather  unhappy indeed02:08
dc-davegizmo: I tried it and it broke my wifi and sound02:08
Edson`bruce89: True02:08
gizmobaytried the package from kernel.ubuntu.com02:08
uber_noobersebsebseb: lol02:08
dc-davegizmo: I don;t reccomend, lots of issues02:08
jeanchauvinCan anyone help me mount my Western Digital 350 GB My Passport? It was working until today and I've tried a few things, but can't get it to work.02:08
gizmobayok thanks02:08
sebsebsebuber_noober: I  know that guy resaonbly well now on IRC :)02:08
gizmobayI'm having an issue with my computer freezing02:09
jefincjeanchauvin: have you recently used it with windoze?02:09
gizmobaysaid 2.26.29 would fix02:09
sebsebsebuber_noober: so   what I said is rather true02:09
uber_noobersebsebseb: :P02:09
TiMdc-dave:  doesn't work02:09
abolethHello, I am using Ubuntu 8.10 and I have a problem with sound. Sound works in some programs and not in others. I already tried fixing older problems with sound, so PulseAudio and some other things aren't the same as default for me. I can get sound with desktop sounds, Firefox/Flash, and Banshee, but it does not work with any games. Does anyone know what i can do?02:09
dc-davetim: did it ever work02:09
uber_nooberaboleth: google esd and alsa02:09
TiMthe movie on youtube makes crashes and audio doesn't work02:09
TiMdc-dave:  never!02:09
dc-daveyou can try to use the SYNAPTIC to get "alsa"02:10
jeanchauvinI tried to let my boss plug it in on his computer, but it wouldn't mount on his, so I just pulled the cord out. I tried plugging it in on Ubuntu, but nothing happened, so I restarted it while it was attached, but still nothing.02:10
TiMdc-dave:  yesterday i turn sound on, but not firefox02:10
dc-davesame for aboleth02:10
uber_noobersebsebseb: do you know anything about cups?02:10
dc-daveuse synaptic to get alsa, tim and aboleth02:10
sebsebseb!cups |  uber_noober02:10
ubottuuber_noober: Printing in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows02:10
bruce89uber_noober: don't they hold water/02:10
TiMdc-dave:  what is aboleth?02:11
dc-davethe kernel update i loaded tues broke my sound and wifi02:11
dc-daveto get everything back i had to modify the grub list go to back to the older kernel02:11
Edson`mIRC was weirded out on ubuntu the last time i tried02:11
trakcyiahow do i add a line that runs a program to an already existing startup script?02:11
bruce89uber_noober: but seriously, what's the question?02:11
uber_noobersebsebseb: I know bro, but I have an unsupported printer...any way to extract or build a ppd file?02:11
=== dc-dave is now known as nikolatesla
abolethTiM: aboleth is me02:12
abolethshould i follow this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=3206302:12
Edson`like the windows were blinking02:12
sebsebsebuber_noober: not my area, but it looks like it could be bruce89 's02:12
uber_nooberbruce89: how about it?02:12
ctmjraboleth, i fixed my sound problems on 8.10 by going into preferences / sessions and unchecking anything with pulseaudio and choosing alsa in sound02:12
nikolateslaaboleth give it a try02:12
TiMaboleth:  I tought it was some kind of program.02:12
H_M-LaptopHey, in Ubuntu 9.04, when you change the wallpaper - It has a transition. I was wondering, how do I disable that? (It's a bit too much for my computer, and it lags it really badly)02:12
bruce89uber_noober: or not after seeing the question02:12
abolethctmjr: i'll try that02:12
bruce89uber_noober: what is the printer?02:12
dio_any help about grub no loadin error 2502:13
uber_nooberbruce89: have a panasonic mx789, unsupported by linux printing so no drivers02:13
uber_nooberbruce89: its a multifunction network printer02:13
nikolateslauber; try getting cups drivers02:13
uber_noobernone available02:13
uber_noobera dude at #debian told me i have to build a driver (ppd)02:14
bruce89uber_noober: I see, that would be rather difficult02:14
sebsebsebuber_noober: virtual machine Wndows  if enough RAM, and do printing like that, and the version that supports USB of course  from http://www.virtualbox.org  and  for Linux hosts.  well this is worth a try, if you can't get the thing working natively,  and don't want to buy another  printer which is supported02:14
TiMoh God, the sound is making me angry!02:14
FrozenFire[work]For some reason, the ms-sys package doesn't exist in Universe anymore.02:15
uber_noobersebsebseb: yeah, tried it with wine first, but it works w VB302:15
FrozenFire[work]Is there a similar tool used to restore the Windows boot record?02:15
uber_nooberbruce89: yeah, wont have much liuck I see02:15
abolethctmjr: i already have that done, i just checked02:15
FrozenFire[work]And on that note, is there a history of Wubi corrupting the MBR?02:15
ubottuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning02:15
TiMany can help me?02:15
bruce89uber_noober: not unless you feel like writing a driver02:15
sebsebsebFrozenFire[work]: things like that can happen with Wubi yep02:15
TiMany one02:15
abolethshould i just do this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=3206302:16
nomasteryodauber_noober, do you hook it up with a cat5 cable...? if so, then surely it emulates some form of printer you can choose in Linux02:16
FrozenFire[work]sebsebseb: This is arbitrary corruption. I've been running Wubi fine for months02:16
uber_nooberbruce89: dude, I can write hello world, but that's about it...LOL02:16
FrozenFire[work]Suddenly, Windows gets a hal.dll corruption issue02:16
nikolateslauber, try the kx driver http://www.linuxprinting.org/printer_list.cgi?make=Panasonic02:16
TiMthe sound doesn't work on firefox, not only in flash but in all02:16
sebsebsebFrozenFire[work]: Wubi sucks, do a real proper partitioend install instead :)02:16
FrozenFire[work]sebsebseb: Unfortunately, that's not possible.02:16
bruce89uber_noober: heh02:16
sebsebsebFrozenFire[work]: why not?02:16
ctmjraboleth, you might have to change the sound driver in the program itself if you already have pulse disabled02:17
Dream-Stalkerwhats the command to tidy up all the unrequired things?02:17
abolethctmjr: how would i do that?02:17
FrozenFire[work]sebsebseb: Because my boss' husband now thinks that Ubuntu corrupts Windows.02:17
uber_noobernomasteryoda: funny you mention it; I have it USB connected, Ubuntu recognizes a printer is attached and all but no driver to translate02:17
junior_hi i would like to know how to use wine02:17
FrozenFire[work]And he's fervently pro-Windows. He's unable to accept that Windows could possibly fail on its own.02:17
sebsebsebFrozenFire[work]: hmm at  certain computer ignorance02:17
Brent_Rothanyone available to help me with /usr/src/linux/arch/x86/kernel/entry_64.S02:17
Dream-StalkerFrozenfire: aha, brilliant02:17
junior_can someone tell me how to use wine02:18
nomasteryodauber_noober, but what if you did it with a cat5 cable and hooked to your router or hub?02:18
belorixow do you cancel a intallation02:18
ctmjraboleth, depends on the program more than likely it is under preferences or options02:18
Dream-Stalkerclick cancle?02:18
sebsebsebFrozenFire[work]: well if Windows goes bad enough,   your Wubi install will as well02:18
belorixyou cant click "cancel" from CLI02:18
nomasteryoda!wine |junior_02:18
ubottujunior_: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu02:18
uber_noobernomasteryoda: same, CUPS recognizes a printer is available but no resolution on the printer02:18
abolethctmjr: what about pygame?02:18
FrozenFire[work]sebsebseb: Unfortunately, that won't be an issue. I've been told to wipe Wubi away.02:18
uber_noobernomasteryoda: that's y I am getting frustrated02:18
Brent_Rothbelorix ... ctrl-c02:18
FrozenFire[work]So I'll be stuck using a poorly patched XP system now.02:19
Brent_Rothbelorix, but that will simply kill the process02:19
Dream-Stalkerfrozenfire: erm, have you tried a virtual machine? or doesnt your work have the software?02:19
Brent_Rothbelorix: you'll need to clean up afterwards02:19
nikolateslais wine better or xp on virtualbox02:19
sebsebsebFrozenFire[work]: buy him a Mac,  at least  then he can blame Apple a well known company, if things go wrong,  :D   oh and you can put Ubuntu on it as well02:19
chiquesAnyone else here use Seamonkey?02:19
StrangeCharmi want to change a network connection (current using dhcp) so that i enter all the settings manually. what do i need to edit to do this?02:19
FrozenFire[work]sebsebseb: I'm not the "tech guy," he is.02:19
ctmjraboleth, i do not even know what pygame is02:19
FrozenFire[work]Though, my knowledge on the subject is far superior to his.02:19
abolethits a module for python02:19
Brent_Rothnikolatesla: check wine's website and see the feedback for whatever game(s) you're wanting to play ... if the feedback is good, you're better off using wine ... a virtual machine is a large amount of overhead02:20
aboleththat lets you make games02:20
MBD123I'm looking at this thing that's telling me to install the package "ia32-libs", but I don't see it in the synaptic package manager and I can't get it using the terminal either. Please help me?02:20
sebsebsebFrozenFire[work]: well some people can't be converted, ever, or any time soon, and that's sadly the way  things are02:20
nikolateslai want to run wordperfect02:20
feynerFrozenFire[work]: man ip02:20
nikolateslathe linux distros of wp dont seem to install02:20
Brent_Rothnikolatesla: virtual machines eat up a lot of resources, because you are now running a virtualized second OS ... so your hardware is dealing with those hardware requirements as well02:20
hingepointcan anyone tell me why my buttons at the bottom of my screen disappeared.  they are the buttons that are supposed to be there if you have that represent minimized windows.02:20
FrozenFire[work]I'm not expecting a conversion. I just wish I could use a working system for the development they expect.02:20
FrozenFire[work]I'm now expected to use Notepad for development.02:20
funcky1.join pidgin02:20
sebsebsebFrozenFire[work]: I know Windows as host, is not that great,  but  maybe do an Ubuntu virtual machine?02:20
nikolateslabrent do you have an arrow on the left, if so click it02:21
VCooliohingepoint: I can tell how to get them back, will that do?02:21
FrozenFire[work]sebsebseb: I'll see about it. _Hopefully_ he'll allow it.02:21
bruce89FrozenFire[work]: You can get gedit for Windows BTW02:21
nikolateslawhat videochat si02:21
nikolateslais sup02:21
FrozenFire[work]I'm looking for another job, though.02:21
hingepointthat will be great02:21
nikolateslawhat chat client supports video chat02:21
nikolateslais there a yahoo or google chat for linux with video02:21
nikolateslais there a yahoo or google chat for linux with video02:21
VCooliohingepoint: rightclick panel, add to panel; find the "window list" thing02:21
abolethhow am i supposed to set programs not to use pulseaudio02:21
bruce89FrozenFire[work]: http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/GNOME/binaries/win32/gedit/2.26/02:22
MBD123nikolatesla: Thaeres a Skype that supports video02:22
trakcyiawhat is the extension for plain text files?02:22
funcky1MBD123: where?02:22
nikolateslafrozen what line of work are you in02:22
nikolateslawhere is your locale firework02:22
bruce89trakcyia: on UNIX, there is none02:22
FrozenFire[work]nikolatesla: Complicated. I'm a resort desk clerk, but I have loads of software engineering experience.02:22
hingepointthank you.02:22
MBD123You just need the appropriate packages02:22
* FrozenFire[work] reboots02:22
trakcyiathanks bruce8902:23
funcky1MBD123: that doesn't support video.02:23
nikolateslathere are gonna be over 500,000 jobs nationwide starting in feb 2010 for the 2010 census02:23
nikolateslaincluding many clerk jobs02:23
nikolateslain Phoenix and Baltimore the census has sys admin jobs02:23
* bruce89 ponders 1000% unemployment02:23
macman_ hey all .. i have 1 massive vob that i made 9 gigs .. how can i get this into dvd format so i can play it on a regular dvd player ?02:23
MBD123It's Skype 2.0. It searches for video devices on your computer but it didn't seem to detect any on mine. Is that a bug or something?02:23
nikolateslamacman get a $30 external slim usb dvdrw drive on ebay from hong kong02:24
sebsebsebFrozenFire: above02:24
bruce89sebsebseb is right, I'm a hypocrite02:24
sebsebsebbruce89: wrong channel again02:24
nikolateslaactually macman, i got one for $15 from hongkong on ebay02:25
macman_nikolatesla how is that going to help me burn the vob into a dvd02:25
=== Dream is now known as Guest18771
MBD123I'm looking at this thing that's telling me to install the package "ia32-libs", but I don't see it in the synaptic package manager and I can't get it using the terminal either. What do I do?02:25
lightningseedMBD123: are you trying to install flash on ubuntu64 or something?02:26
andry_help ! install google earth in ubuntu 9.04 ?02:26
akSeyaguys.. i have  a ricoh card reader on my notebook... can't get it to work.. already compiled the sdricoh_cs-0.1.4 driver ... any idea??02:27
nikolateslamacman: first you have to bypass the copy protectio02:27
jaredandry_, what's the problem?02:27
MBD123No, Adobe Air02:27
nikolateslamacman you have to get the dvd crack from the netherlands02:27
lightningseedMBD123: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=474790&highlight=getlibs02:27
jaredandry_, sudo apt-get install google-earth?02:27
abolethdoes anyone know how to improve my situation?02:27
rww!medibuntu | andry_: add the medibuntu repository using these instructions, then look in there02:27
ubottuandry_: add the medibuntu repository using these instructions, then look in there: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org02:27
akSeyawhen I insert my Memory Stick Pro Duo card, nothing happens02:28
abolethHello, I am using Ubuntu 8.10 and I have a problem with sound. Sound works in some programs and not in others. I already tried fixing older problems with sound, so PulseAudio and some other things aren't the same as default for me. I can get sound with desktop sounds, Firefox/Flash, and Banshee, but it does not work with any games. Does anyone know what i can do?02:28
nikolateslamacman http://dvdstyler.sourceforge.net/index.html02:28
akSeyano signal at dmesg nor on /var/log/messages02:28
andry_thanks ! i will tyr !02:28
akSeyawhen I insert my Memory Stick Pro Duo card, nothing happens02:28
akSeyano signal at dmesg nor on /var/log/messages02:28
akSeyaany idea?02:28
nikolateslamacman add marillat repos in your sources.list02:28
nikolateslamacman the use "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install dvdstyler"02:29
renicandry: you could also go here: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=google+earth+on+ubuntu02:29
bruce89!info googleearth-package02:30
ubottugoogleearth-package (source: googleearth-package): utility to automatically build a Debian package of Google Earth. In component multiverse, is optional. Version (jaunty), package size 9 kB, installed size 68 kB02:30
labeau how r u ? does any one know what this means ?02:30
labeauCould not load the settings file '/home/labeau/.VirtualBox/VirtualBox.xml'.02:30
labeauCannot convert settings from version '1.7-linux'.02:30
labeauThe source version is not supported.02:30
labeauResult Code:02:30
labeauVBOX_E_XML_ERROR (0x80BB000A)02:30
FloodBot1labeau: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:30
bruce89sebsebseb: See02:30
sebsebsebrenic: those links  make you not look very friendly to  andry or whoever your giving them out to02:30
eggenz7is there any way to take the contents of two partitions and show them in the same folder?02:30
sebsebseb!google |   renic02:30
ubotturenic: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.02:30
abolethHello, I am using Ubuntu 8.10 and I have a problem with sound. Sound works in some programs and not in others. I already tried fixing older problems with sound, so PulseAudio and some other things aren't the same as default for me. I can get sound with desktop sounds, Firefox/Flash, and Banshee, but it does not work with any games. Does anyone know what i can do?02:31
labeausorry im new to this02:31
renicsebsebseb: granted.  I will try to be nice.02:31
=== me is now known as Guest74804
chiquesAnyone here use Seamonkey?02:31
Guest74804evening all ...02:31
tahnokhow are you?02:32
bruce89Guest74804: your old name was better...02:32
abolethhey 1337 people were in the room just a second ago02:32
sebsebsebaboleth: two bots in here as well02:32
=== Guest18771 is now known as Dream
Guest74804just showing a noob where to get help if im not around .. thanks all02:32
abolethdoes anyone know what could be going on with my sound?02:33
sebsebsebaboleth: no at least 402:33
bruce89sebsebseb: it's some term meaning something02:33
=== Dream is now known as Guest68162
abolethi already have alsa for everything and i disabled pulseaudio02:33
sebsebsebbruce89: replying in wrong channel, or you purpously are doing it here02:33
eggenz7is there any way to take the contents of two partitions and show them in the same folder?02:33
=== DrMrHorse is now known as Guest33081
nevyneggenz7: unionfs can do this.02:34
=== drmrhorse_ is now known as DrMrHorse
nevyneggenz7: but it's kinda a bear to get going02:35
sean /j #xbins02:35
abolethshould i just make a thread in the forums?02:35
eggenz7nevyn, theres nothing simpler? maybe create symlinks for something?02:35
labeauim losted i need help02:35
ColbyIsColbywhats wrong, labeau?02:35
labeau i get this meesage when i try to start virtualbox02:36
funcky1is there a way to make ubuntu run as a full screen application within windows?02:36
labeauCould not load the settings file '/home/labeau/.VirtualBox/VirtualBox.xml'.02:36
labeauCannot convert settings from version '1.7-linux'.02:36
labeauThe source version is not supported.02:36
labeauResult Code:02:36
labeauVBOX_E_XML_ERROR (0x80BB000A)02:36
FloodBot1labeau: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:36
ColbyIsColbyoh, i know!02:36
ColbyIsColbyto funucky1, right ctrl+f in your virtual machine02:36
ColbyIsColbyand labeau, what version of Ubuntu are you trying to use?02:37
gnat_xhi folks. i set up a jaunty install today, and i can't get it to connect to the wpa network. the interface works, as i can scan for available networks. i believe this very card has connected to this very network in a past install on a different machine. i'm connected right now via a debian machine to this wireless, so i know its working. i can't for the life of me figure out where to look next. the /network/interfaces settings are 02:37
nevyneggenz7: describe the problem02:38
ColbyIsColbyFirst, have you tried reinstalling VirtualBox?02:38
labeauyes 32 times02:38
ColbyIsColbyReally? Holy crap.02:38
labeauu see why i need help02:38
nevyneggenz7: why can't you just mount one filesystem under the other simlink the folder ?02:38
eggenz7nevyn, probably because i dont know how lol....02:38
ibuclawlabeau, did you recently upgrade from vbox-free to the vbox version on their website?02:39
labeaui said that too02:39
ColbyIsColbywhat ibuclaw said.02:39
labeaunope i tryed synapitc02:40
labeauand tryed the one from web site02:40
ColbyIsColbyHmm. I just did a search on your error, and02:40
caseywhat is the password for root or is it my accounf password02:41
cabrey!root | casey02:41
ubottucasey: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo02:41
brummbaercasey: if you need long-term root access, you can 'sudo -i'02:41
labeauis it bad?02:42
ibuclawlabeau, how many VM images do you have?02:42
ColbyIsColbylabeau, are you sure you have FULL admin privelledges. This sounds like a stupid question, but it means alot.02:42
labeauyes  i do02:42
labeaui tryed used the trem too02:43
DarwinSurvivorI am having troubles connection to an ubuntu 9.04 netbook remix machine (Foo). I can only connect to it from another machine (Bar) if I first ping from Foo to Bar.02:43
labeauopps termal02:43
ibuclawlabeau, try the following (once I get Vbox installed/setup)02:43
caseyi'm trying to fix this problem Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES) in /opt/lampp/htdocs/xampp/cds.php on line 6402:43
abolethsomeone told me that its probably sdl that has problems with sound02:44
ColbyIsColbylook in your .xml file02:44
abolethso does anyone know how i could get sound to work with sdl?02:44
abolethit seems to work with everything else02:44
labeauok i kind of new to this help me here where is it ?02:44
jonexwhats the command to join a rrom02:45
ColbyIsColby/join #(ROOMNAME)02:45
=== Roppongi is now known as agent_smith666
bruce89'/join ##pigeons02:45
ibuclawlabeau, open up your Home Folder02:45
ibuclawin Nautilus02:45
caseyAccess denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES) in /opt/lampp/htdocs/xampp/cds.php on line 6402:45
ColbyIsColbyThen go to your username folder02:45
caseyhow do i fix it02:45
ColbyIsColbycasey, reposting your problem won't help.. :)02:45
ColbyIsColbyHold on a sec.02:45
trollboyI'm trying to install a driver package originally designed for Redhat based distros, luckily they supply source.  The ./configure file is looking for /usr/src/linux/include/linux/autoconf.h and not finding it, and neither am I.  Is there someplace else I should be looking?02:45
mechtechok...why will links to myh .exe files not work?  I can launch the exe that the link points to, but the links themselves...no worky...any ideas?02:46
mechtechI'm using wine02:46
brummbaercasey: #apachefriends02:46
ibuclawlabeau, select  'View -> Show Hidden Files' in the toolbar then scroll down and find the folder:  .VirtualBox02:46
ColbyIsColbyor that.02:47
bmorrisHey guys, I'm trying to install TweetDeck on AdobeAir with 9.04 but I'm hitting a problem. Air installed fine and I downloaded the tweetdeck.air file but when I double click on it nothing happens.  I've tried chmoding the tweetdeck file to 777 with no luck and restarting didn't help either.  Do you guys have any other ideas?02:47
test34mechtech: links created from linux or windows?02:47
mechtechtest34: linux links02:47
DarwinSurvivoris anybody here familiar with ubuntu's firewall? I can't seem to ping my machine properly :(02:48
Kazrikotrollboy, Just a guess, but you might need to install the headers package or the source package for your kernel, then maybe link it into the /usr/src folder.02:48
labeauok foud it02:48
RuneMaximustrying tin install irssi and after i run ./configure i get the following error02:48
renicDarwin: i'm new to ubuntu, but I've played with ufw02:48
test34mechtech: could you paste the one line showing your link detail (eg: ls -la linkname)02:48
RuneMaximuschecking for GLIB - version >= 2.6.0... no02:48
RuneMaximus*** Could not run GLIB test program, checking why...02:48
RuneMaximus*** The test program failed to compile or link. See the file config.log for the02:48
RuneMaximus*** exact error that occured. This usually means GLIB is incorrectly installed.02:48
RuneMaximus*** If you don't have GLIB, you can get it from ftp://ftp.gtk.org/pub/glib/02:48
FloodBot1RuneMaximus: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:48
RuneMaximus*** We recommend you get the latest stable GLIB 2 version.02:48
bastidrazorbmorris, the file needs to be executable?02:48
ibuclawlabeau, ensure that all instances of VirtualBox are closed. Then rename that folder from .VirtualBox to .VirtualBox.old02:49
mechtechtest34: used gui to make link...right click>make link02:49
bastidrazorRuneMaximus, apt-get install irssi .. no need to compile it02:49
renicDarwinSurvivor: i'm new to ubuntu, but I've played with ufw (sorry to repeat myself, mistyped your name)02:49
ColbyIsColbythat is exactly what i was going to say.02:49
bmorrisbastidrazor, isn't tha 777?02:49
RuneMaximusawesome thanks02:49
DarwinSurvivorrenic: I'm using iptables and have used the same rules on 2 machines, however the problem only persists on the one running netbook remix, not the one running server edition (they are both 9.04)02:49
SkiingPenguinsWhere may i get help with installing ubuntu 8.10 with wubi.exe?02:49
labeauit said v 1.7 is that right02:49
brummbaerbmorris, chmod a+x file02:49
bastidrazorbmorris, yes, you are correct. is the file an actual installer?02:50
RuneMaximusam i correct in reading that irssi is better than konversation for irc?02:50
akSeyacan anyone help me with a Ricoh Card Reader on Ubuntu 9.04?02:50
bmorrisbastidrazor, it's an .air installer02:50
test34mechtech: do you get an error? I just tried it on my computer and it works02:50
ibuclawlabeau, it says:  .VirtualBox-1.7 ?02:50
lightningseedRuneMaximus: I'm using irssi right now....its a good console client02:50
caseydoes root have a password or not?02:50
bastidrazorbmorris, run the command in terminal to see what errors it gives02:50
mechtechtest34: no error...just nothing happens02:50
bastidrazorcasey, no02:50
ColbyIsColbyCasey, no it doesn't.02:50
ibuclawlabeau, yeah, that should be fine02:50
mechtechtest34: I'll try a native linux app link...see if that works02:51
bmorrisbastidrazor, cannot execute binary file.  I think it's supposed to be opened with air02:51
labeauok renamed02:51
bmorrisI'm not sure how to do that though...02:51
lightningseedRuneMaximus: couple it with screen and you'll never leave the terminal again02:51
test34mechtech: try to run the link from the command line maybe? you could type: "linkname <enter>" or "wine linkname <enter>"  it might give you a meaningful error message02:52
bastidrazorbmorris, what is the binary for air? use that binary to air file.air .. supposing 'air' is the binary for adobe air02:52
DarwinSurvivoris there a firewall that could be rejecting connections before iptables gets to filter it? (netbook edition, not server)02:52
test34mechtech: I did it with a windows .exe and it worked fine here02:52
ibuclawlabeau, now go into  'Applications -> Accessories -> VirtualBox OSE#02:52
ibuclawin the Ubuntu applications menu.02:52
mechtechtest34:  btw...how do I locate where my apps are located?02:52
labeauok right on it work s02:53
labeau thank you02:53
ColbyIsColbythere you go!02:53
ColbyIsColbyeven though ibuclaw did all the work.02:53
ibuclawlabeau, look at the nautilus home folder02:53
bruce89mechtech: which programnam02:53
labeauhey thanks alot02:53
ibuclawlabeau, a new directory should be created02:53
qwebirc8915I am getting a command not found when I try to run "sudo do-release-upgrade" does anyone know why that may be?02:53
bruce89mechtech: as in the command02:53
test34mechtech: if you switch to the folder where your link is, you can type: "ls -la" and it will show you where the link points ot02:53
labeauyep theres a new one02:54
bmorrisbastidrazor, air isn't known.  Any ideas on how I could find out what the binary actually is02:54
test34e.g.: lrwxrwx--- 1 root plugdev    106 2009-07-23 21:52 Link to uninstall.exe -> /media/windows/utils/internet/xchat/uninstall.exe02:54
bmorrisohhhh wait there is something in accessories02:54
labeauthank agian i going to play now :)02:54
ColbyIsColbyHave a good day, labeau! Come back if you have any other questions.02:54
ibuclawlabeau, just go into .VirtualBox-1.7.old , then highlight the 'HardDisks' folder02:54
ibuclawthen Cut it02:55
bmorrisIt looks like that worked!  Thank you very much for your help bastidrazor02:55
ColbyIsColbyoh, yeah, restore your hard disks.02:55
bastidrazorbmorris, good lcuk02:55
ibuclawlabeau, move to the new .VirtualBox directory and paste02:55
evanescenthow can I find the xord.conf file X is using in ubuntu? /etc/X11/xorg.conf is empty02:55
labeauoh ok  yes need that02:55
akSeyait just do not recognizes my Memory stick :(02:55
ibuclawthen you can import the hard disk into VirtualBox via  'File -> Virtual Machine Manager'02:55
bruce89evanescent: it usually is nowadays, X doesn't need a xorg.conf usually02:56
labeaucan i delete the old one ?02:56
evanescentI want to change the acceleration method being used for my graphics card02:56
evanescenti have an intel integrated graphics card02:56
ibuclawlabeau, once you've moved over the Hard Disk image, it should all be good to go :)02:56
evanescenti'm trying to follow: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/intel-graphics-performance-guide-for-ubuntu-904-jaunty-users.html02:56
ColbyIsColbyhey ibuclaw, would you happen to know anything about Xubuntu, or would I need to go to the Xubuntu irc channel.02:57
labeauthanks have good day nite mor .... labeau off02:57
ibuclawColbyIsColby, it's minimal, but I know my way around the system =)02:57
ibuclawbye labeau02:57
ColbyIsColbywell, i just need your opinion.02:57
bastidrazorRuneMaximus, ask in channel please.. either you are not using sudo apt-get or yo uhave more than one instance of a package manager open02:57
evanescentI really just want to enable 'Option “AccelMethod” “UXA”'02:57
bluntman225hey guys, how can i set up my wireless network to accept dhcp02:57
bruce89evanescent: AFAIK you need to create the appropriate section in the empty file02:58
bluntman225or how do I edit my wireless settings...I cant get my wireless to work02:58
bastidrazorRuneMaximus, do sudo apt-get install irssi02:58
ColbyIsColbyi have an old iMac DV with a 500MHz (G3) PPC Processor, and 128MB RAM.02:58
renicDarwinSurvivor: is network manager running on the the netbook?02:58
DarwinSurvivorrenic: yes02:58
ColbyIsColbywould I be fine installing Xubuntu, or should I try Debian.02:58
evanescentI tried that and ubuntu starts into a low graphics mode02:58
RuneMaximusthank bastidrazor that seems to be working02:59
evanescentthe tutorial is supposedly confirmed to work for my exact graphics card so I think there's something about just adding the information to the xorg.conf file thats causing problems02:59
ibuclawColbyIsColby, you should be fine ... Ubuntu has a PPC version in ports02:59
renicDarwinSurvivor: If i had to guess (which I'm doing), i would disable it and setup networking manually... network manager already screwed me today, so i'm prejudice... ;D02:59
ibuclawColbyIsColby, http://ports.ubuntu.com03:00
StrangeCharmafter changing /etc/network/interfaces , how to i make the interface load the changes?03:00
qwebirc8915I am trying to follow: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades but when I get to the end and run "sudo do-release-upgrade" it says command not found can anyone help with this03:00
ColbyIsColbyI have the alternate install CD for 9.04 PPC and I have been debating to install it.03:00
=== jared is now known as Guest91381
ColbyIsColbybecause reinstalling OS X because Xubuntu is too slow is too much of a pain.03:00
DarwinSurvivorrenic: I would, but until the machine is ready for production, it needs to be used on many wireless networks (making command line setup quite annoying)03:00
Guest91381Hey, can anyone help me set up a terminal button involving xwinwrap? I have a neat setup for it but I can't seem to make a launcher button- it works fine in a normal terminal.03:00
=== Guest91381 is now known as Jaredu
JareduHey, can anyone help me set up a terminal button involving xwinwrap? I have a neat setup for it but I can't seem to make a launcher button- it works fine in a normal terminal.03:01
Jaredusorry about the guest name thing03:01
ColbyIsColby/msg nickserv03:01
renicDarwinSurvivor: my idea was to use that method for testing if network manager is the problem.. If it is, there's probably a way to write a solution in a shell script.03:01
ibuclawColbyIsColby, the mini.iso is here: http://ports.ubuntu.com/dists/jaunty/main/installer-powerpc/current/images/powerpc/netboot/mini.iso03:01
Jareduanyone have any ideas?03:01
renicDarwinSurvivor: or patch network manager if you have a coder handy.03:01
sebsebseb!langauge |  Lo_Pan03:01
ubottuLo_Pan: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.03:01
ibuclawColbyIsColby, the minimal boot installer should give you /every/ option to choose from on installation (including the choice to load aptitude and manually select packages).03:02
bruce89surely not03:02
ColbyIsColbyAptitude? Sorry, I am kind of new to this..03:02
ibuclawso you can tailor what packages / tasks you want installed before you boot the machine.03:02
JareduHey, can anyone help me set up a terminal button involving xwinwrap? I have a neat setup for it but I can't seem to make a launcher button- it works fine in a normal terminal.03:02
ColbyIsColbyoh okay.03:02
ibuclawColbyIsColby, aptitude is a frontend to apt-get03:02
DarwinSurvivorrenic: what did you use instead of network manager (cli, wicd, etc)?03:02
ibuclawColbyIsColby, are you booted into Ubuntu at the moment ?03:03
ColbyIsColbyUhhm, no. I am on the machine I want to install Xubuntu on.03:03
MamonceteHi all03:03
DarwinSurvivorJaredu: did you check the "run in terminal" box in the launcher preferences?03:03
nivekc1can anyone please help me.. i am wanting to watch a movie on my PC but for some reason i put in the disc and it doesnt work.. it is a dvd psych season 3 i just bought it and it works in my dvd player03:03
JareduDarwinSurvivor, where would that be? I haven't worked with this in awhile and the last time i tried was in 8.10, one sec03:03
ColbyIsColbyWhat do you recomend me making sure I install?03:04
MamonceteI want to buy a server machine, but I saw that raid HD and controllers are expensive. Do I need any special hardware/HDs in order to use RAID (software) in Ubuntu Server?03:04
mechtechsorry for yelling03:04
JareduDarwinSurvivor, for some reason that's not working... hmm03:04
mechtechcaps lock03:04
DarwinSurvivorJaredu: right-click the launcher, then select "Properties".  Change "Type" to "Application In Terminal"03:04
MamonceteOr can I just go with 4 SATA HD drives and Ubuntu server (Linux) through software cna emulate a RAID controller?03:04
bruce89ColbyIsColby: it depends what you want I suppose03:04
JareduDarwinSurvivor, the command i'm running is this: xwinwrap -ni -o 0.6 -fs -s -st -sp -b -nf -- mplayer -wid WID -quiet ~/Desktop/testlegs.avi -loop 0 -nosound -fs03:05
evanescentis there some way I can make X write its config to xorg.conf so i can modify it03:05
mechtechbut now I have an error message: wine: could not load L"C:\\windows\\system32\\link.exe": Module not found03:05
ColbyIsColbyWell, all I really need is a word processor (I guess I would use AbIWord), a desktop (duh), and anything else that's basic.03:05
ColbyIsColbyThis machine is kind of for school use.03:05
DarwinSurvivorJaredu: what happens when you click the launcher after changing the type?03:05
ColbyIsColbyand basic internet.03:05
ibuclawMamoncete, with RAID, all you need to ensure is that all disks spin at the same speed.03:05
bruce89ColbyIsColby: I was thinking more along the lines of stability03:06
ibuclawMamoncete, the rest can be done using software RAID03:06
JareduDarwinSurvivor, it does nothing.. when i open a terminal and paste in the exact same command it works fine03:06
JareduDarwinSurvivor, ive also tried putting it in startup and it does nothing =\03:06
isaac_Is there a program that will handle four or five CD burners at once to make multiple copies?03:06
isaac_Objective is to make copies of an audio cd.03:06
test34mechtech: did you mount your windows partition at the same mount point as when your created the link ?03:07
JareduDarwinSurvivor, i did just install gnome-do if that would change anything03:07
Mamonceteibuclaw, so if the 4 SATA HD drives that I purchase are the same, I assume that all of them will spin at the same speed, won't them?03:07
DarwinSurvivorat the end of the command, add " && sleep 10", that should cause the window to stay open for 10 seconds after the command fails, allowing you to debug it03:07
DarwinSurvivorJaredu: I use gnome-do myself and haven't had it mess anything up03:07
JareduDarwinSurvivor, kk one second03:07
DarwinSurvivorrenic: what connection manager do you use?03:07
renicDarwinSurvivor: I read this http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-set-a-static-ip-address-in-ubuntu-810-intrepid-ibex.html03:08
mechtechtest34: I made the link inside the windows partition...if that's what you mean03:08
ibuclawMamoncete, one would assume so. OEM manufacturers are usually more trustworthy though, but that is just my opinion. ;)03:08
JareduDarwinSurvivor, adding && sleep 10 does nothing, it opens a terminal breifly then crashes it03:08
DarwinSurvivorthat is VERY strange...03:08
DarwinSurvivorJaredu: that is VERY strange...03:08
JareduDarwinSurvivor, it worked fine in 8.10 or 8.04 im not sure what's changed :\03:09
renicDarwinSurvivor: haven't tested it yet though... so beware if you don't have physical access03:09
Mamonceteibuclaw, I can get 4 SATA 1Tera Maxtor HDs for the half of price of 1 RAID HAD 1 Tera, that is why I am asking, and also I have to pay for the RAID controller03:09
DarwinSurvivorrenic: unfortunately all my connections so far are wireless :( I guess I'll have to try out wicd. I used to use it, but didn't like the interface. But if it *works* then that's what I'll use03:10
isaac_Is there a program that will handle four or five CD burners at once to make multiple copies?03:10
isaac_Objective is to make copies of an audio cd.03:10
DarwinSurvivorisaac_: you could always just run 4 or 5 burning processes in parallel (start the program multiple times)03:11
SkiingPenguinsWhenever i try to install ubuntu 8.10 onto my windows me computer, using wubi, the installer asks to restart. the computer restarts and nothing has changed. wubi does not start up. can anyone help me with this?03:11
adam7DarwinSurvivor: there is a new interface in wicd 1.6, you can grab the deb from http://downloads.wicd.net/pkgs/latest03:11
evanescentis there a graphical frontend for changing xorg.conf in ubuntu 9.0403:11
renicDarwinSurvivor: should probably confirm that the problem is actually with network manager before abandoning it.03:11
evanescenti seem to recall one in 7.x03:11
isaac_DarwinSurvivor how many times can you do that before the computer locks up?03:11
ibuclawMamoncete, yes. You can buy 4 SATA drives, (ie: 4x 250GB, SATA, 3.5-inch, 7.2K RPM Hard Drive)03:12
DarwinSurvivoradam7: I'm assuming the "xUbuntu_9.04" will work for all ubuntu derivatives? (ubuntu/kubuntu/ubuntu netbook remix/etc)?03:12
adam7DarwinSurvivor: yup03:13
ibuclawMamoncete, and a RAID controller is essential03:13
ibuclawit's usually a RAID controller card, ie: PCIe03:13
Mamonceteibuclaw, ahhhhh, so I thought I could avoid the RAID controller and use the Linux software one03:13
DarwinSurvivorisaac_: as long as you don't start a second session for drive Foo before the previous ends, you should be fine03:13
Mamonceteibuclaw, that was my question03:13
gaston9Hola alguien me puede ayudar?03:14
DarwinSurvivoradam7: what changes did they make to the interface? (google image search shows only old screenshots)03:14
Jareduargh... why does it kill term.. >.03:14
gaston9alguien habla en español?03:14
syntaxis there a way to get the pidgin to blink in the windows tab at the bottom when someone sends you a message..im useing ubuntu os btw03:14
Picigaston9: #ubuntu-es03:14
sebsebseb!es |  gaston903:14
ubottugaston9: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.03:14
gaston9gracias!! tanks03:15
DarwinSurvivoradam7: do you know if they ever got VPN's working properly in wicd yet?03:16
BlackBerryWhen well Ubuntu 10.04 beta be released??03:16
JareduDarwinSurvivor, do you know of a way to just launch a terminal and then run a command?03:16
sebsebsebBlackBerry: next year some time03:16
sebsebsebBlackBerry: as for 9.10 not that long now03:17
sebsebseb!karmic |  BlackBerry03:17
ubottuBlackBerry: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 2009 - Karmic WILL break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+103:17
BlackBerrythanks,SebSebSeb you ROCK03:17
DarwinSurvivorJaredu: try "bash <command>" in the launcher03:17
sebsebsebBlackBerry: np03:17
bruce89BlackBerry: April03:17
BlackBerryHow con i get koala now?03:18
sebsebsebBlackBerry: you shoudn't really since the bugs03:18
SkiingPenguinsWhenever i try to install ubuntu 8.10 onto my windows me computer, using wubi, the installer asks to restart. the computer restarts and nothing has changed. wubi does not do anything after the restart. can anyone help me with this?03:18
BlackBerryI am a compuratic just tell me.03:18
sebsebsebSkiingPenguins: Wubi is bad,  and even worse  when it's inside ME I guess03:18
sebsebsebBlackBerry: ask in that channal03:19
sebsebsebSkiingPenguins: better to do a proper partitioned install, also Windows ME is no longer supported by Microsoft, and that's been a few years already03:19
BlackBerryTELL ME where to get ubuntu 10.04 beta!!!!!!03:19
stovicekBlackBerry: there is none03:19
sebsebsebBlackBerry: you can't it does not exist03:19
evanescentis it possible for me to override just one setting using the xorg.conf file since X is generating the config automatically?03:19
BlackBerryOh i'm stupid03:20
JareduDarwinSurvivor, no luck :(03:20
DarwinSurvivortry it from command line (with the bash part in there) and see if the bash sessions reports a crash of any kind03:20
BlackBerryWhere can I get the Koala 9.10 beta download?03:20
sebsebsebSkiingPenguins: in fact most of your Windows ME apps you can probably get working in Wine03:20
sebsebseb!karmic |  BlackBerry03:20
DarwinSurvivorBlackBerry: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/karmic/alpha203:20
SkiingPenguinsi want to get rid of the windows me, sebsebseb.03:20
sebsebsebBlackBerry: karmic is offtopic here go to #ubuntu+1  also alpha3 is out soon I heard03:21
BlackBerryDarwinSurviver you ROCK!03:21
sebsebsebSkiingPenguins: well in that case don't use Wubi, because that puts  Ubuntu inside Windows03:21
nivekc1how can i update mplayer to the newest version?03:21
test34SkiingPenguins: windows ME ?? its about time you get rid of it03:21
sebsebsebtest34: he just said he wanted to03:21
adam7DarwinSurvivor: VPNs don't work in wicd yet03:21
test34sebsebseb: stop repeating yourself03:22
adam7DarwinSurvivor: and the changes were mostly just to unclutter the interface so it was easier to use03:22
sebsebsebtest34: what are you refering to?03:22
test34sebsebseb: nickname03:22
DarwinSurvivorBlackBerry: I just google for "ubuntu karmic" and clicked the second link...03:22
sebsebsebtest34: this has been my  knickname since 2006 or so :)03:22
ctmjrevanescent, you can try to comment out a line in xorg.conf do not really understand what you are asking03:22
DarwinSurvivoradam7: ok, thanks.03:23
evanescentxorg.conf is empty, ctmjr03:23
sebsebsebtest34: and it even has a little story behind it, which is of course off topic in here03:23
SkiingPenguinssebsebseb: is there a way to install ubuntu without using a disc? my disc drive does not like to boot from my cdrom drives. i do not think my bios can boot off of a flash drive.03:23
sebsebseb!install |  SkiingPenguins03:23
ubottuSkiingPenguins: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate03:23
evanescentI need to edit part of the device section03:23
test34sebsebseb: at least Im pretty sure it is available everywhere03:23
evanescentto switch the acceleration my card is using from EXA to UXA03:24
evanescentbut i can't, because there is no xorg.conf file03:24
evanescentits all dynamically made03:24
sebsebsebtest34: what is?03:24
test34sebsebseb: nevermind..03:24
sebsebsebtest34: answer :)03:24
evanescentOption "AccelMethod" "UXA"03:24
ctmjrevanescent, what distro are you using?03:24
evanescentthat's all I want to add.03:24
evanescentUbuntu 9.0403:24
sebsebsebtest34:   what is available everywhere?03:25
evanescentI'm trying to follow this: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/intel-graphics-performance-guide-for-ubuntu-904-jaunty-users.html03:25
nivekc1isnt there some sort of update command i can use to update software?03:25
test34sebsebseb: nickname03:25
nivekc1i just want to get the latest version of mplayer03:25
gnat_xoh man. this wireless issue i'm having is driving me nuts. well the issue i'm having with my brother's machine. can't get wpa supplicant to work with the network.03:25
sebsebsebtest34: oh you think people can call themselves  nickname on here?03:26
sebsebseb!intel |  evanescent03:26
ubottuevanescent: Ubuntu 9.04 has a known regression for some Intel graphics support. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/IntelPerformance and http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1130582 for more information.03:26
evanescentactually I may have figured it out03:26
test34sebsebseb: because it sucks so much ;) you can get it on gmail, twitter, facebook, etc...03:26
sebsebsebevanescent: np03:26
gnat_xi'm connected to it via my debian lappy, but the machine right next to it can't connect.03:26
sebsebsebtest34: it's already in use on here apparantly03:27
evanescentis itn ormal for the xorg-server package to be missing?03:27
masterkoppagnat_x: what os does that machine use?03:27
test34sebsebseb: troll03:27
evanescentanother version of the tutorial i found says to do sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xorg-xserver03:27
gnat_xmasterkoppa: the one that's not working is using a fresh jaunty install03:27
evanescentwhich returns an error Package `xorg-xserver' is not installed and no info is available.03:27
gnat_xmasterkoppa: the one that is working runs debian lenny.03:27
sebsebsebtest34: no I think that's what your  trying to do here,   or  just  talk   silly offtopic with someone for a bit,  since your bored or something03:27
masterkoppagnat_x: can the machine connect to any other AP?03:27
DarwinSurvivoradam7: dude! they added a curses interface to wicd?!!03:28
masterkoppagnat_x: Just to confirm that its a WPA Problem03:28
gnat_xmasterkoppa: there's none other around to test with sadly.03:28
masterkoppaCan you change the security on the router?03:28
ctmjrevanescent, there should be a default xorg.conf but if not you can generate one sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg03:28
test34sebsebseb: where do you get your salvia from ?03:28
SkiingPenguinswhich ubuntu distribution do you recommend for a computer that has 128 Mb RAM and 10 Gb free hard drive space?03:29
gnat_xi'll see if i can find the pass. this is my folks house so who knows....03:29
evanescentI'm trying that ctmjr it says xserver-org isnt there, even though it is when I try to install wtih apt03:29
sebsebseb!ot |  test3403:29
ubottutest34: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!03:29
DarwinSurvivorSkiingPenguins: do you want a gui?03:29
masterkoppagnat_x: If your unable to get it try making a AD-HOC network with your bedian machine03:29
test34thanks sebsebseb, i've been looking for that channel for a loong time03:30
DarwinSurvivorSkiingPenguins: then xubuntu (with xfce) is probably the only one that will work at all on that hardware (mainly because of the ram, the HD space is fine for most of them)03:30
sebsebsebtest34: what so you can troll in it?03:30
SkiingPenguinsthanks, DarwinSurvivor03:30
DarwinSurvivorSkiingPenguins: no problem03:31
test34sebsebseb: yes03:31
sebsebseb!ops  |  test3403:31
ubottutest34: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, , elky,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!03:31
bruce89sebsebseb: "Look for the best in people."03:31
sebsebseb!troll |   test3403:32
ubottutest34: trolling / trollish behaviour is behaviour that is considered annoying by other channel users, this includes going offtopic, asking the same question time and again getting answered and not acknowledging the answer, and these are not the only ways behaviour can be considered trolling, please see /msg ubottu guidelines - if this applies to you, you may find yourself outside the channel03:32
GSF1200Sanyone here with dual monitors and gnome?03:32
evanescentfixed it03:32
test34sebsebseb: keep trolling... but stop using the bot03:32
ctmjrevanescent, how did you fix it?03:32
evanescentthe tutorial was wrong.03:33
evanescentxorg-server vs xserver-org03:33
evanescentdidnt notice, i was pasting of course.03:33
llohanhello, my 9.04 got frozen during boot, in recovery mode it stops at this "input: AT Translated Set 2 keyboard as ..." http://imagebin.org/5695503:33
llohananyone has an idea?03:33
renicevanescent vs xfree8603:33
evanescenthttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1130582 is where it is03:33
evanescentjust a typo03:33
biagidpI just did an apt-get upgrade in kubuntu 9.04 and sound stopped working, anyone know what's going on?03:33
GSF1200Sllohan- can you switch to a different v/c and login03:33
sebsebsebtest34: that was you, and for some reason I took some of your troll bait03:34
crankharderif I downloaded and installed the nvidia drivers from their website -- how do I remove them?03:34
masterkoppallohan: what happened before it froze03:34
llohanGSF1200S: no, keyboard leads keep flashing.03:34
moymoycrankharder: have you tried running the binary again? it might give an option of uninstalling03:34
GSF1200Skernel panic03:34
llohanmasterkoppa: nothing, a few second after boot.03:34
llohan2.4.27 can boot fine though.03:34
ctmjrcrankharder, there is an uninstall script that comes with it03:34
llohan2.6.27 sorry.03:35
masterkoppallohan: did you upgrade the kernel or make any changes before this happened?03:35
GSF1200Soooohhh crap llohan- another guy had the same problem yesterday03:35
llohanbut with 2.6.27 i always have this "unexpected IRQ trap at vector 9b" in dmesg..03:35
DarwinSurvivoradam7, renic: thank you very much for recommending wicd. That curses interface is amazing and exactly what I have been looking for regarding something else. I am definitely dropping networkmanager again!03:35
DarwinSurvivorrenic: I still have to check if the pinging problem persists03:36
masterkoppallohan: whats the other kernel version, the one that frezes03:36
test34sebsebseb: ok I'll take the blame this time.. but don't do it again.03:36
llohanmasterkoppa: 2.6.28-1303:36
lobfHey guys can you tell me how to set up a wireless connection on ubuntu? It doesn't seem to auto recognize anything03:37
masterkoppallohan: can you boot in the same kernel via recovery mode?03:37
llohanmasterkoppa: in recovery mode it will crash like this http://imagebin.org/5695503:37
renicDarwinSurvivor: hope it clears up the problem03:37
rodolfoDoes anyone know why went i boot up my laptop I have to keep pressing the keyboard to make it boot ubuntu. If i dont press it it will not do anything03:39
masterkoppallohan: whats your hardware like (video and processor)03:39
rodolfoIts nvidia03:39
rodolfolet me check the model03:39
masterkopparodolfo: this is due to grub configuration search on the forums for info on how to change these settings03:40
SkiingPenguinsI made my grub say it is owned by me :)03:40
mechtechcannot launch windows app using the link I made03:40
abolethsound does not work in sdl: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=122147503:41
rodolfoThank you very much03:41
rodolfoIll read it all03:41
test34mechtech: why dont you open it directly ?03:41
llohanmasterkoppa, my machine is Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.20GHz, nvidia 7600 GS03:42
mechtechtest34:  i have, but I wanted to put a link to it on the desktop for ermy six yr old daught03:42
bruce89!register | ColbyIsColby03:42
masterkoppallohan: k..03:42
ubottuColbyIsColby: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname . Registration help available in #freenode03:42
bruce89sebsebseb: thanks03:42
masterkoppallohan: i would expect problems from an ATI but no from a nvidia03:42
DarwinSurvivorrenic: bwahaha, IT WORKS! thank you very very much. I spent a half-hour on the #iptables channel debugging my firewall yesterday, guess it was just NetworkManager being stupid!03:43
DimitreeHow to install Autopoint ?03:43
masterkoppallohan: you told me that you could boot to the machine on another kernel version right?03:43
llohanmasterkoppa: yes, with 2.6.27 but it has another problem.03:44
bruce89fine, be that way03:44
masterkoppallohan: what type of problem?03:44
HayateYagamiIs 60 MB enough for /tmp?03:44
llohanmasterkoppa: in boot screen and dmesg got flood with this unexpected IRQ trap at vector 9b03:44
masterkoppallohan: but you can atleast boot to a vc right?03:45
test34mechtech: try this on the command line:  ln -s /media/windows/utils/myfile.exe ~/Desktop/myfile03:45
llohanmasterkoppa: what is vc?03:45
alex87 /join #mysql03:45
mechtechtest34: ok03:45
masterkoppallohan: virtual console03:45
llohanmasterkoppa: yes.03:46
masterkoppallohan: k03:46
* doc_brown messed up...03:46
qoshey guys ... can i use a karmic kernel still in jaunty?03:46
masterkoppai would recomend you try to reinstall the kernel, because I suspect there is a problem with one of the modules when the update occured.03:46
dtchenqos: yes, with caveats03:46
doc_brownhow do you restore a "panel" that you may have deleted?  When I minimize things, they disappear03:47
llohanby using --reinstall ?03:47
bastidrazor!panels | doc_brown03:47
ubottudoc_brown: To reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »03:47
doc_brown!moron doc_brown =(03:47
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:47
qosdtchen, what in special? currently i am using a mainline kernel ... wlan is much more stable here :)03:48
bastidrazordoc_brown, or you could add the panel back and manually add the window selector03:48
mechtechtest34: I executed the command you gave me...no success03:48
qosdtchen, but i my nvidia restricted drivers module doesn't work that way03:48
masterkoppallohan: yes03:48
mechtechtest34: still cannot launch link03:48
dfthow can I check if which ttys my serial port was assigned to?03:48
llohanmasterkoppa: thanks, I'm trying that.03:48
test34mechtech: did you adapt it to your system ?03:48
HayateYagami!luser ubottu03:49
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about luser ubottu03:49
qosdtchen, so the idea was it to use a karmic kernel in the hope of working nvidia drivers and stable wlan03:49
mechtechtest34: LOL...no...duh03:49
dtchenqos: you just need the hacks for i2c for the Nvidia source03:49
test34mechtech: where is your .exe located ?03:49
doc_browni removed that panel because it actually covers most of my wbar at the lower part of the screen.  can i adjust this?03:49
qosdtchen, i2c? a bit more explaining please ;)03:49
masterkoppallohan: If that then doesn't work I would do a downgrade to the last working version for your system. Then make a post in the kernel part of the forums since youll probably get better support there.03:49
johnnyfavoriteaIm a newbe to ubuntu studio03:50
dtchenqos: are you saying your Nvidia drivers don't compile with mainline
llohanmasterkoppa: ok, thank you very much.03:50
masterkoppallohan: np, glad to be of some help03:50
bastidrazordoc_brown, you can .. right click it >properties>general tab then uncheck expand03:50
llohani'm going to reboot once and will be back if that work, or i'll jet to my office if it doesn't, good bye.03:50
mechtechtest34: still no luck03:51
qosdtchen, i didn't try to compile them on my own. i installed the new mainline kernel and at startup ubuntu was complaining about "unable to load nvidia restricted module"03:51
test34mechtech: where is your .exe located ?03:51
dtchenqos: right, that's due to api changes03:51
doc_brownbastidrazor, i have something called wbar.  its similar to osx "dock"  at the lower portion of the screen.  my "panel" overlaps it and sits on top of it03:51
dtchenqos: you need a newer nvidia source (e.g., from karmic)03:52
doc_brownwbar looks and works great without the panel, but minimized programs disappear03:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about wbar03:52
mechtechtest34:  /home/leiza/.wine/dosdevices/c:/PuttPutt03:52
bastidrazordoc_brown, you'll either have to move the panel to the left or right vertical of the screen or get rid of the bottom panel. or .. move it up to the top under the top bar03:52
test34mechtech: that doesnt sound right03:52
qosdtchen, so. can i simply install the nvidia-glx packages and the kernel from karmic?03:53
BulochnichestvoIs there exist a plugin that encapsulates flash player plugin and displays button "GO" that enables or disables working of entire flash process?03:53
mechtechtest34:  with a link to the executable <Autozoo,exe> on the desktop03:53
test34mechtech: it should be located somewhere in /media/03:53
bastidrazordoc_brown, that dock .. doesn't it have active/minimized applications showing? something like cairo-dock does.03:53
bastidrazordoc_brown, cairo-dock actually replaces my bottom panel.03:53
nanzhi guys03:53
dtchenqos: no, you also need the kernel, kernel-headers, and other Nvidia-related packages from karmic03:54
qosdtchen, you don't have a list, don't u? ;)03:54
nanzi have some questions about some first steps in ubuntu (security firewall etc, driver installation, ...). some1 wanna help me?03:54
mikehello I can't kill a linux-swap with gparted what do I do ???03:54
=== mike is now known as Guest41219
nanzqry pls03:55
Guest41219I wanna remove it and reinstall a bloated os of a damned name03:55
mechtechtest34:  i put all the files for puttputt in that directory so i could launch it from wine...the executable works, but the link doesn't03:55
=== Guest41219 is now known as Spikemcc
Spikemcchow to swap off and delete a linux-swap partition that gparted cannot remove ???03:56
test34mechtech: ok sorry I don't know I would need to be in front of your computer03:56
mechtechtest34:  should i put puttputt folder in /media?03:57
bastidrazorSpikemcc, sudo swapoff -a will turn swap off03:57
CoJaBo-AztecSome typical devices that you can open on DOS or Windows are:03:57
CoJaBo-Aztec"CON" - the console (screen)03:57
CoJaBo-Aztec"AUX" - the serial auxiliary port03:57
CoJaBo-Aztec"COM1" - serial port 103:57
CoJaBo-Aztec"COM2" - serial port 203:57
FloodBot1CoJaBo-Aztec: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:57
CoJaBo-Aztec"PRN" - the printer on the parallel port03:57
qosSpikemcc, isn't there an option to swap off an swap partition in gparted?03:57
Spikemccthanks for slitaz does it is the same ?03:57
Spikemccqos yes but it don't work at all03:57
test34mechtech: I say that because usually if you mount the windows partition, it is in /media03:57
nanzdo u know some guides for ubuntu first time users? not like the documentation, some raw information, not more than necessary03:58
test34I might be missing something03:58
mechtechtest34: so my installation of wine is janky?03:58
masterkoppananz: Do a search for the ubuntu pocket guide03:58
qosso, i recommed you to try bastidrazor's command ... and refresh gparted03:58
masterkoppananz: It a nice small book containing the most usefull things about ubuntu03:58
test34mechtech: Im not saying that.. maybe ask #wine03:58
nikkoshey i have a quick question, I can't find my wireless network, it doesn't automatically show up in the network manager but it says I have roaming enabled03:58
Bulochnichestvocan someone advice me a website where i can browse C++ classes or functions with description of their abililies etc.. and many peoples cheching all posted C++ fragments for bugs permanently...03:59
nikkostry google code search03:59
mechtechtest34...ok...will do...will i have to register m nick on that server too?03:59
Spikemccthanks for the command line ... su helped instead of sudo ...03:59
masterkoppanikkos: if it doesnt show check that your card is phisically enableled03:59
test34mechtech: no just type: /join #wine04:00
bastidrazormechtech, #winehq not wine04:00
masterkoppanikkos: roamimg mode just means that it will connect to the first wireless network it finds04:00
SkiingPenguinsnikkos: i sometimes hit this switch on the side and wonder why my internet cut off...04:00
test34oh, winehq, sorry04:00
nikkoshaha yea i know, but this laptop doesnt have a switch04:02
nikkosits just no wireless networks are showing up04:02
nikkosis there a package i could reinstall?04:02
masterkoppanikkos: does the keyboard have a shourcut for enabeling it?04:02
CoJaBo-AztecAh, right-click pastes in PuTTY. Got it.04:02
masterkoppanikkos: sometimes it will disable itself04:03
masterkoppanikkos: used to happen to me on a dell laptop04:03
nikkosi cant find a key that affects it04:03
nikkosok yea i'm using an acer laptop04:03
masterkoppanikkos: its ussually Fn F204:03
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu04:03
masterkoppanikkos: do you know the brand of your Wireless Card?04:04
jillsmitti need any console ICQ client...04:04
nikkosi dont04:04
nikkosfn f2 didnt do anything04:04
nikkosit shows a picture of a pie chart or something on the key04:04
SkiingPenguinsa moon?04:04
dio_i have problem to load the hard drive i had grub error 25, i took the hard drive off and plug diferent hard drive and boot it up,power of put back the original drive and no problems.04:05
masterkoppanikkos: what acer model do you have?04:05
nikkoskind of, like a pac-man with its mouth open upwards with a piece of pie in its mouth lol if that makes sense04:05
nikkosAspire 553504:05
dio_i`m tell you this becouse i ask for help her and no one help me04:05
nikkostheres a label on the keyboard: Signal Up wireless04:05
dio_good night04:06
Lynx-Oanyone here know how to get FFXI to work?04:06
masterkoppanikkos: is it assosiated with any key?04:06
qiyonghow can I tell how many times my battery has been used?04:07
AnnonyMouse1hey guys. is there some way to get a bit more usability features out of nautilus? thinking about such non-gnome features, like the spacebar quick-view available under mac, of the grouping of files by type available in win explorer04:07
nikkosjust like next to the labels, like the windows vista label haha04:07
SammAnnonyMouse1: Nautilus>View>Arrange Items>By Type. and, no there is not quick look in nautilus ;P04:08
masterkoppanikkos: post the result of this command: lspci04:08
masterkoppanikkos: do it on paste.ubunut.com04:08
AnnonyMouse1Samm: nah, got that (same happens when clicking on type or any other heading on list view); it's some of the refinements of some of the other platforms that i miss a bit, now that I'm no longer using those platforms at all04:09
nikkoslike run the that in the terminal?04:09
nikkosnvm one sec04:10
masterkoppanikkos: yeah04:10
masterkoppanikkos: sorry for no specifying04:10
nelsonhello from santiago, chile, sa04:11
nikkosok so i got all this info from running the command but i'm not getting a website paste.ubuntu.com04:11
nikkoshaha nvm typed it wrong sry04:11
nikkosone sec04:11
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit04:12
legend2440what is the name of the command line irc client app? is it iirc?04:12
SkiingPenguinswait what?! wtf?04:12
=== pizdets is now known as pizzledizzle
neptunepinklegend2440: irssi04:12
AnnonyMouse1Samm: u know of any file managers w a git more flavor to it?04:12
legend2440neptunepink: thanks04:12
nikkosok posted it04:12
SkiingPenguinswhere did all those poeople go?!04:12
thiebaudeneptunepink: darn your fast04:12
neptunepinkHow do you change the default text editor used by CLI programs?04:12
mazda01_what vnc server do people use that is fast? I am using x11vnc and it's slow.04:13
masterkoppanikkos: whats the url to access what you posted?04:13
the_dark_warrioHow do I install a new dictionary for Gnome Dictionary?04:13
legend2440neptunepink: sudo update-alternatives --config editor04:13
nelsonhello from Chile, sa04:14
masterkoppanikkos: from what i see your wireless card isn't being recognized correctly04:14
jillsmitthelp guys... i need to use icq... what console icq-client do u know?04:14
=== tyouya is now known as yaya
nelsonanyone can rad, this is a test04:14
nikkoshmm know how i can fix it?04:14
AnnonyMouse1nelson: hlo04:14
neptunepinklegend2440: thanks04:14
masterkoppanikkos: for future reference your wireless card is an atheros card04:14
nikkosah thank you04:14
nelsonhello annonymouse104:14
masterkoppanikkos: What kernel version are you using?04:15
nelsonthis is my first time with ubuntu chat04:15
nikkosany way i can run a command to find that out04:15
nikkosi'm using ubuntu 8.0404:15
AnnonyMouse1nelson: what-up?04:15
masterkoppanikkos: you can find out by runing uname -a04:15
PseudocratWould anyone be interesting or able to help me get a mic working?04:15
mazda01_what vnc server is fast for ubuntu?04:15
nelsonfine, i m on the city of santiago, chile, and you?04:15
masterkoppanikkos: its a 2.6.somthing04:15
StrangeCharmjillsmitt-  pidgin04:16
nikkos 2.6.24-24-generic04:16
jillsmittStrangeCharm: is this console based?04:16
masterkoppanikkos: Did wireless work before or is it the first time you try it?04:16
nikkosi have not been able to get it to work ever, i just installed ubuntu a couple of hours ago04:17
StrangeCharmjillsmitt-  no04:17
=== saulus_ is now known as SauLus
nikkoswhen i was updating the computer died and when i plugged it back in i got a lot of problems04:17
masterkoppanikkos: k04:17
nikkosi have fixed most, the only thing now that i can see is the wireless internet04:17
masterkoppanikkos: What version of ubuntu did you install?04:18
nikkos8.04 LTS04:18
masterkoppanikkos: and BTW welcome to the great world of ubuntu04:18
nikkosthanks! glad to be here04:18
nikkosi'm actually a CS student and i had to use red hat in my last class and i loved it04:18
mazda01_what vnc server is fast? I am x11vnc and chicken of the sea vnc client on mac os x04:19
nikkosnow installing it on my laptop for my first time for personal use04:19
masterkoppanikkos: Well I also have an atheros wirelless card but I've never had any problems working with it.04:19
nikkoshmm ok04:19
masterkoppanikkos: Im currently using Jaunty, and I would recomend you try to either fresh install of upgrade to Jaunty(9.04)04:20
nikkosi saw in a forum the possibility of reinstalling a wpssupplement package or something like that04:20
nikkosok how long would that take do you think?04:20
nikkosits kind of important i get this to work for tomorrow04:20
masterkoppanikkos: Well an upgrade would probably take longer04:20
masterkoppanikkos: a fresh install will make sure you can work perfectly out of the box.04:21
nikkoslike just a couple hours?04:21
nikkosthat i could do04:21
nikkosok cool, how can i do that getting it from the internet04:21
MustangMattCan someone that knows about hard drive performance take a look at these numbers and give me some feedback? http://pastebin.ca/150526504:21
masterkoppanikkos: that would depend on your internet connection04:21
MustangMattSeems abyssmally slow04:21
nikkosat 12Megabits pre sec i believe here04:22
masterkoppanikkos: a quick download from the ubuntu website will get you started04:22
nikkosok, just the latest version?04:22
masterkoppanikkos: wel i would say 15-30 minutes tops04:22
nikkosoh thats fine then04:22
nikkoswell thanks for all your help04:22
alex__MustangMatt: The first one looks slow, second looks average04:22
nikkosi'll start doing that04:22
masterkoppanikos: that way you can be sure you will have the latest and greatest of ubuntu04:23
nikkosok cool04:23
MustangMattalex__: These are on an adaptec hardware raid card.04:23
masterkoppanikkos: no prob ill rpob stay aroud for a while so good luck04:23
alex__MustangMatt: What level of raid?04:23
MustangMattalex__: both pairs of drives are mirrored.04:23
alex__MustangMatt: So RAID 1?04:24
MustangMattalex__: yes04:24
PseudocratLogitech Clearchat Pro USB mic not working. Anyone apt in this area?04:24
alex__MustangMatt: Then I stand by the first looks slow and the second looks average =P04:24
MustangMattalex__: alright I'll quit obsessing over it then. The 2nd set of drives are actually "green" drives which run slower.04:25
alex__MustangMatt: But they are WD so they are higher quality ;)04:25
MustangMattalex__: debateable! ;)04:26
alex__MustangMatt: Anyone who debates against WD is on drugs =)04:26
MustangMattalex__: For some reason I've had more WD drives fail on me than any others but these had really good reviews.04:26
XerranHow does one uninstall CompizFusion?04:26
dravekxI installed ubuntu desktop via remote ubuntu server... how can I start it remotely?04:27
alex__MustangMatt: Out of 12 builds... 10 were WD and had no problems ever. The other 2 were seagate and I had to RMA both of them... One of them was twice. I'm a WD fanboy now ;)04:27
Starcraftmazteranyone know why sound wouldnt work *sometimes* after start up?04:28
badmani want to install vlc media player in ubuntu. how should i do it/04:28
alex__badman: Through add/remove programs =P04:28
sebsebsebbadman: sudo apt-get install vlc  in the terminal04:28
alex__badman: Or that =P I wasn't sure what the package was called04:28
sebsebsebalex__: could do, but better to use the terminal :)  or  synaptic04:28
alex__sebsebseb: I just wasn't sure the package name =P04:28
Xerranhow do you uninstall CompizFusion?04:29
sebsebsebXerran: the default stuff?04:29
the_dark_warrioalex__: you can always use apt-cache search foo04:29
urthmoverI'm loving replacing gnome-panel with screenlets/main menu and conky04:29
badmanthanxs d comand is working04:29
sebsebsebXerran: not  that sure, and probably not the best idea, and you can disable it04:29
urthmoverand using gnome-do04:29
Xerranwhat is the disable command?04:30
=== deniz is now known as Guest92049
alex__the_dark_warrio: o.O Woah! o.O How have I not found out about that before!!04:30
abolethsound does not work in sdl: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=122147504:30
Guest92049when i try to make a .deb file with checkinstall to install, the deb file is created well and all that but why is it that i can only run the program with the terminal only when I am in the directory of the source of the program?04:30
sebsebsebXerran: don't know if there is one.   system > preferences > apperance  go to visaul effects and put none04:30
dravekxany way to start it? if I reboot the server it wont autostart, so how can I access desktop from the command line?04:30
the_dark_warrioalex__: living and learning ;)04:30
mazda01_what vnc server is fast for ubuntu?04:30
sebsebsebXerran: np04:30
sebsebseb!vnc |  mazda01_04:31
ubottumazda01_: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX04:31
mazda01_ubottu: thank you ubuntu robot.04:31
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:31
masterkoppadravekx: via ssh, if its installed on the desktop04:31
jillsmittsomebody tell me. what the fckng icq console based client?04:31
sebsebsebmazda01_: I triggered it04:31
sebsebseb!thanks |  mazda01_04:31
ubottumazda01_: You're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)04:31
abolethdoes anyone know about pulseaudio?04:31
abolethsound does not work in sdl: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=122147504:31
XerranSebsebseb, thanks..that did the trick04:32
sebsebsebXerran: ok good04:32
MustangMattalex__: Is it possible that bonnie++ is getting a better transfer rate than some of the system commands like 'mv'04:32
mazda01_ubottu: i know, i love the ubuntu robot04:32
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:32
=== redsoxking is now known as redsoxking|sleep
MustangMattalex__: I've got a copy in progress and I'm curious if there's any way for me to see how much disk bandwidth it's utilizing.04:33
sebsebsebXerran: just out of curosity  why did you want to disable, also by the way for more effects there's an advanced settings manager that can be installed04:33
abolethdoes anyone here know anything about sdl?04:33
dravekxmasterkoppa, can I access the gui remotely?04:34
alex__MustangMatt: Try mv -v and see if that gets it for you04:34
masterkoppadravekx: yes via vnc04:34
masterkoppadravekx: also called remote desktop access04:34
abolethsound does not work in sdl: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=122147504:34
sebsebseb!vnc |   dravekx04:34
ubottudravekx: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX04:34
MustangMattalex__: I installed iotop and it looks like I'm getting about 4-8 m/s for read and write.04:39
MustangMattalex__: Which probably means the read is the bottleneck04:40
alex__MustangMatt: What speeds are you expecting to achieve? lol04:41
MustangMattalex__: I was hoping for at least a sustained 20 M/s04:41
MustangMattalex__: Maybe that's unrealistic.04:41
Mkopthis is strange. I rebooted my computer (running xubuntu) and now the xfce panels aren't showing up. rebooting again didn't fix it.04:42
FloodBot2van: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:43
ctmjr!caps | van04:43
ubottuvan: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.04:43
abolethvan: you're having sound problems too?04:43
abolethvan: what version are you using?04:43
aboleththen its probably not related to pulseaudio04:44
abolethunlike mine04:44
alex__MustangMatt: Uh... maybe I'm misreading something.... But it looks like your pastebin is saying 20 mb/s...04:44
vanmy noatun can't play mp304:44
abolethdo other formats work?04:44
ctmjr!mp3 | van04:44
ubottuvan: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats04:44
MustangMattvan: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=WHY+I+CAN%27T+PLAY+MP3+IN+NOATUN04:44
abolethlike ogg and stuff?04:44
vani don't now what u mean !!!!04:45
van i don't now what u mean !!!!04:45
van i don't now what u mean !!!!04:45
abolethdo other sound files work04:45
abolethlike not mp304:45
MustangMattalex__: right the pastebin was with bonne++, now I'm actually moving files between the two arrays and monitoring via iotop04:45
alex__MustangMatt: Ooooh04:46
alex__MustangMatt: So what speeds are you getting there?04:46
=== sleepy_cat is now known as c_nick
vanheeeeeeeeeelp me man !!!!04:46
MustangMattalex__: It looks like I'm averaging about 5 M/s but it's bouncing between 3-904:46
abolethvan: do other types of sound files work?04:46
abolethhave you tried?04:46
abolethand you mean ones that aren't mp3s, right?04:47
vanbut my soun card is ready an enabled04:47
alex__MustangMatt: That is slower than it should be...04:47
ljqi am tired04:47
vanspeakkk howwww ?????????????????????/04:47
abolethdoes noatun play other types of sound files than mp3s?04:47
ljqare you ?04:47
MustangMattalex__: Maybe it's the raid card that can't handle load from reading and writing at the same time? I wouldn't think so, but not sure how to tell.04:48
SandGorgonanybody here using zsh in ubuntu - I'm having a problem with getting tcsh like behavior (esc-backspace deleting a single word). I did all the WORDCHARS magic - could someone take a look ? (http://paste.ubuntu.com/229253/)04:48
vanstupid mustang04:48
alex__MustangMatt: Is there another computer you could send the files to over an internal network to see what speeds it's giving you?04:48
vancan u look 4 mee !!!!!04:48
MustangMattalex__: Yah I could try that.04:48
abolethvan: can you answer my question?04:48
alex__MustangMatt: I mean to get files off another computer on your network04:48
jake_hello i am using a macbook2-1 and jaunty ubuntu build and my fan will not turn on even after trying all suggestins in the wiki04:49
jake_i can almost fry an egg next to my trackpad and do not know what to do04:49
vansome body help me, dont make me scare !!!!!!!!!04:49
abolethvan: did you try any sound files that aren't mp3s?04:49
abolethvan: i'm trying to help you04:49
alex__jake_: Are you sure the problem isn't hardware side?04:49
MustangMattaboleth: You're wasting your time. lol04:50
vanyeees but same trouble04:50
abolethMustangMatt: probably :P04:50
jake_alex__: what do you mean?04:50
abolethvan: what types did you try?04:50
jake_oh i see04:50
alex__aboleth: What was your problem?04:50
jake_no because when i boot ubuntu up the fan was running and then it turned off04:50
vanim waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiting04:50
abolethalex: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=122147504:50
MustangMattvan: Did you turn the computer on and are the speakers unmuted?04:50
jake_i am worried that i am going to break something with all of this running so hot04:50
vanalex bull sit04:51
alex__jake_: Have you checked to see if there is a way to make the fan run constantly in BIOS to try that?04:51
abolethvan: i asked you what other types of files you opened in it04:51
alex__van: ?04:51
jake_alex__: this is my first linux experiment and its only been about an hour04:51
vanmp3, mid, mov, dat, mpg, 3gp ect04:51
jake_EFI = Bios?04:51
abolethvan: and none worked?04:52
rambo298van have you tried Google?04:52
vanof course, how must i tell u, sit man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!04:52
alex__jake_: BIOS is when you first turn your computer on, when it says something like "Press Delete to enter BIOS setup" or something... I've never used a mac so I can't be more specific, sorry.04:52
abolethvan: do other players work?04:52
jake_its okay its just that macs dont use bios04:52
jake_also i did a full install not bootdisc04:52
jake_ill reboot and try04:53
Bob_DoleEFI= Extended Firmware Interface.. similar to BIOS as it deals with booting OSs and hardware stuff.. but it's what comes next, basically.04:53
alex__Bob_Dole: k, thanks.04:53
abolethvan: open up synaptic04:53
jake_anyone here have a macbook that has been converted to run ubuntu?04:53
vannow what04:53
abolethvan: hold on04:53
Bob_Dolealex__, when I say next, I mean, it's an evolution of the idea of a BIOS. It's a lot better, but not well supported by microsoft so it hasn't been used widely in PCs04:54
Bob_Dolejake_, I have an iMac that runs ubuntu, but the broadcom wireless chip isn't supported.04:54
vancame on man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!04:54
jake_Bob_Dole: :(04:54
stovicekvan: be patient04:54
jake_Bob_Dole: have you had fan issues?04:54
gogetaBob_Dole: bios evlution?04:54
bastidrazor!patience > van04:54
ubottuvan, please see my private message04:54
abolethvan: im still looking for something04:55
jake_im worried i will damage my computer while searching for a fix of this problem04:55
jake_due to overheating04:55
gogetajake_: overheating disbale acpi04:55
Bob_Dolegogeta, sort of. There was issues with BIOS, so they made EFI to solve them. it's a lot more feature complete. jake_ I have issues with the fans being too slow. I had to boot into OS X and set the fans on high with a third party app. the settings carried over into ubuntu.04:55
abolethvan: ok i think i found it04:56
abolethclick search04:56
abolethput "gstreamer0.10-plugins" in the box04:56
gogetajake_: add the option acpi=off to grub04:56
abolethchange look-in to name04:56
abolethand press search04:56
jake_thank you04:56
gogetathat should force fan to stay at 100%04:56
alex__Bob_Dole: Yeah, after you mentioned the first thing I wiki'd it04:56
abolethvan: then check everything that doesn't end with doc or dbg04:56
jake_100% might be excessive  but good for temporary04:56
abolethvan: then apply04:57
abolethvan: got that?04:57
alex__Bob_Dole: And just so ya know, according to wiki it's "Extensible Firmware Interface"04:57
vanwhat apply04:57
vanwhat got04:57
vansend me now04:57
gogetajake_: you knoe how to add a grub option rite04:57
abolethvan: i just said it04:58
abolethvan: i'll copy it then04:58
gogetajake_: that should leave power mangment to thee bios04:58
=== mike is now known as Guest35028
Bob_Dolealex_ pretty close. I used the same root word >.>04:58
vanthen whaaaaaaaaaaaat ????????????????/04:59
gogetajake_: i had a pc do that under linux fans would shutdown and not spin back up04:59
alex__Bob_Dole: Yeah, just telling ya =P And from what I read, other than the fact that it supports bigger drives and more partitons... it's not really any better.04:59
gogetathen shutdown being it triggerd the overheat shutdowwn04:59
abolethvan: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/130472/04:59
aboleththere are your instructions04:59
aboleththen just click ok and stuff until its done04:59
Bob_Dolealex_ it supports pre-boot applications for various things if memory serves.05:00
abolethvan is being unrealisticly annoying05:00
abolethi mean05:00
abolethit goes beyond just angry that stuff isnt working05:01
abolethim thinking he might be a troll05:01
vanim not anoying05:01
abolethnevermind it then05:01
abolethdid it work?05:01
legend2440van:  then open up a window on the top floor of the building your in... and jump05:01
vantake it 4 me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!05:01
badmanplz suggest me gud music player05:01
abolethbadman: banshee05:01
vanfuck u legend05:01
abolethvan: did you follow the instructions?05:02
bastidrazor!player | badman05:02
ubottubadman: Audio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs05:02
bastidrazor!ops | van05:02
ubottuvan: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, , elky,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!05:02
ctmjr!ohmy | van05:02
ubottuvan: Please remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.05:02
SkiingPenguinsyou people are funny.05:02
elkyvan, please behave. midnog, gogeta, just ignore it.05:02
alberticois there a problem with the kacpid process on ubuntu 9.04?05:03
gogetawtf i didnt talk to him05:03
elkygogeta, no, but you're giving him a reaction, which is what he's seeking.05:03
gogetalol the ops will fix it05:03
abolethvan: did you try it yet?05:03
vanhey bad penguins goto hell05:03
tester-ubuntuhey all im having issues .. i tried to install flv2dvd and it said i don't have lame-extras05:03
=== semi_ is now known as PROject-Emerald
tester-ubuntuwhen i try to install lame-extras i get an error05:03
abolethvan: no they goto and don't return05:04
PROject-EmeraldUh, hi05:04
vanno i want u take 4 me now05:04
vanits a command05:04
abolethvan: what do you mean?05:04
PROject-EmeraldI'm trying to install a linux OS via an external DVD reader (don't have one inside my machine)05:04
PROject-EmeraldIs there a way to do this?05:04
gogetaPROject-Emerald: yes it should see it as a normal cdrom05:04
tester-ubuntuhttp://pastie.org/557330 < -- any ideas ?05:04
abolethvan: what do you mean take 4 me?05:04
PROject-EmeraldI have to boot from it; and it won't work.05:04
elkyaboleth, he's muted.05:04
PROject-EmeraldLike, there's no Boot from USB option05:05
WIGGMPkAnyone else running Jaunty and has their sound muted (and at 0 volume) when your first log in (after restarting)???05:05
iDonkeyvan:  I miss you. :o05:05
abolethhe is?05:05
gogetaPROject-Emerald: bot from cdrom option05:05
abolethwhat does take 4 me mean?05:05
gogetaPROject-Emerald: or externel disk05:05
PROject-EmeraldThat doesn't work... it won't read it. It gives me an error.05:05
gogetaPROject-Emerald: ok05:05
ibuclawaboleth, take for me ?05:05
tester-ubuntulet me install lame right quick05:05
bastidrazortester-ubuntu, pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list05:05
PROject-EmeraldShould I put the DVD in the CD-R drive?05:05
abolethibuclaw: he says its a command05:05
gogetaPROject-Emerald: got a floppy handy05:05
megloI was playing around and being silly, would anyone know an easy to set all the panels and widgets back to their defaults? Or can I get a screenshot of a fresh ubuntu install. I'm on Hardy.05:05
tester-ubuntuok bastidrazor05:05
PROject-EmeraldLol I dont have a floppy drive...05:05
abolethdoes he mean some sort of remote desktop thing?05:05
abolethof course he could just be a troll05:06
bastidrazor!panels | meglo05:06
ubottumeglo: To reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »05:06
=== pizdets is now known as pizzledizzle
ibuclawaboleth, maybe a mangled way of saying "remote onto my desktop and fix now"05:06
meglobastidrazor, thanks05:06
tester-ubuntubastidrazor: http://pastie.org/55733605:06
tester-ubuntunew install i don't have anything in ther ereally05:06
abolethibuclaw: i was thinking that, but how am i supposed to do that without knowing other things first?05:06
MustangMattWhere would I see which adaptec card I have? dmesg doesn't show it.05:06
SkiingPenguinsWIGGMPk: that happens to me sometimes i have no idea why.05:06
tester-ubuntuugh it says hardy05:06
tester-ubuntubastidrazor: if i change that hardy to intrepid will it work ?05:07
jake_does anyone know of a way to turn fan on05:07
PROject-Emeraldgogeta: :$ Anything I can do?05:07
WIGGMPkSkiingPenguins: not a big deal.. just an 'annoyance' ya know05:07
gogetaPROject-Emerald: yea05:07
PROject-Emeraldgogeta: I don't have a floppy drive.05:07
bastidrazortester-ubuntu, adding several different repo's from other versions breaks your system. i don't know how to recover from this situation. my suggestion is a fresh install and do not add repo's that don't belond to the specific distro in the future :|05:08
Out_Coldns identify I_LoVe_PuPPieS05:08
tester-ubuntulet me take it out and do an apt-get update05:08
abolethis van just going to stay muted?05:08
ibuclawaboleth, at the end of the day, perhaps pointing him at the forums would have been a better option (if he generally was asking for help)05:08
Mkopcan anyone help me get my xfce panels back? I rebooted and they are completely gone - the task switcher at the bottom, the applications etc. menus at the top, all gone. :-(05:08
abolethim trying to im him05:08
gogetaPROject-Emerald: err05:08
ctmjrjake_, try this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro1-1_1-2/Intrepid#Temperatures%20&%20Fan%20Speed05:09
jake_ok cheers05:09
jake_i wasnt sure if it would work on jautny05:09
gogetaPROject-Emerald: you have no drives on a pc that does not support usb boot05:09
abolethcan anyone help me? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=7668110#post766811005:09
PROject-EmeraldWell like05:09
bastidrazorMkop, xfce not sure.. do /msg ubottu panels  .. if that fix doesn't work check in #xubuntu .. they'll surely know05:09
ibuclawtester-ubuntu, http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=names&keywords=lame-extras05:09
PROject-EmeraldThere's an option to boot from USB in my bios menu but it says it's not installed :(05:09
ctmjrjake_, been looking since your first post the only thing i could find05:10
gogetaPROject-Emerald: ?05:10
ibuclawtester-ubuntu, lame-extras appears to be in Hardy only05:10
tester-ubuntu dang05:10
tester-ubuntuso i can't install flv2dvd ?05:10
gogetaPROject-Emerald: got a pendrive05:10
Mkopbastidrazor: no one's responding in #xubuntu, they're all asleep or something05:10
Mkopbut I'll take a look at ubottu's advice05:10
abolethfor someone so impatient van sure types slow05:10
ibuclawtester-ubuntu, where did you get the deb from ?05:10
ibuclawor the repository05:10
tester-ubuntui didn't05:10
jackarutuI've got a boot problem for a newly installed OS. the Install writes the files and the grub but the systems fials to boot wiht the error "no operating system found" and the BIOS has the correct drive set at the deafult boot devise. Leaving me to beleive this is related to the fact I have hardware RAID devise for the system drive?05:10
tester-ubuntuapt-get install flv2dvd .. it was the wrong repo05:10
bastidrazorMkop, i'm not sure ubottu's factoid will help since you're on xfce. but it may work.05:11
tester-ubuntuibuclaw: im trying to convert flv files into dvd format .. i have 20 flv files05:11
gogetaPROject-Emerald: got a pendrive with 1gb05:11
ibuclawflv2dvd isn't in the standard Ubuntu repository05:11
tester-ubuntuor how can i convert 20 flv files into 1 dvd iso etc ..05:11
badmanhow 2 install media codecs05:12
bastidrazor!codecs > badman05:12
ubottubadman, please see my private message05:12
tester-ubuntuanyone ?05:12
ibuclawtester-ubuntu, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=93381305:12
badmanya plz reply ubottu05:13
elkyvan, you can speak now. please behave.05:13
gogetaPROject-Emeraldlol you dead05:14
bastidrazorbadman, read your PM's05:14
legend2440jake_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBook2-1/Jaunty#Minimum%20Fan%20Speed05:14
gogetaPROject-Emerald: err05:14
tester-ubuntuibuclaw: can't install lame-extras05:14
tester-ubuntueverything is already installed05:14
ibuclawtester-ubuntu, ignore it05:14
bastidrazoribuclaw, possibly backports?05:14
ibuclawtester-ubuntu, if it isn't in the repos, that is probably because it is a deprecated package05:15
bastidrazortester-ubuntu, ^^05:15
ibuclawie: the files/contents of the package is in another05:15
ibuclawso you needn't worry about it05:15
tester-ubuntuyea there has to be something out there05:15
ibuclawtester-ubuntu, try out the script in the forum link I posted.05:16
Mkopbastidrazor: xfce4-panel brings up the panels05:16
Mkopnow the question is, will they stay up if I do a reboot?05:16
ibuclawvan, we can hear you. How can we help today?05:17
elkyvan, please dont talk in all capitals.05:17
bastidrazorMkop, how did you kill them in the first place?05:17
abolethvan can talk again?05:17
elkyaboleth, he's promised he'll behave.05:17
abolethvan: ill just talk here now05:17
abolethvan: why don't you just follow the instructions?05:17
Mkopbastidrazor: by mistake. things were being strange (I could switch from window to window, but couldn't type in them, for some reason) so I did a reboot, and they just didn't show up05:17
abolethvan: why are you angry at me, i'm the only one helping you here?05:18
abolethi don't know anyone here05:18
maxagazis there a ppa version of gok ?05:18
abolethi rarely go on here05:19
maxagazppa reps05:19
abolethdo you guys think van is a troll?05:19
elkyvan, please stop with the caps05:19
bastidrazorMkop, i'm unfamiliar with xfce. if the panels don't come back on a reboot then add xfce4-panel to sessions or startup applications.. something similiar to that.05:19
vanI SEE THAT05:19
FloodBot2van: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:19
abolethvan: that made no sesne05:19
elkyvan, you promised you would behave. you're breaking that promise right now.05:19
H_M-LaptopHey, when I change my wallpaper, it does a transition animation... I was wondering how to turn this off, as it's too laggy for my computer.05:20
ibuclawwb, error404notfound, did you resolve your issue?05:20
Mkopthey must be there, because normally they show up. I guess now that I know how to bring them up, I'll pursue further issues with #xubuntu or #xfce05:20
Mkopbastidrazor: thanks for your help05:20
bastidrazorMkop,  good luck05:20
error404notfoundibuclaw, in sense, it resolve the issue, but not what i was looking for.05:20
aboletham i the only one who thinks van is a troll?05:20
adisbladisHi, i am putting togheter a redistribuable ubuntu system where i need a default firefox profile, i have tried putting everything in .mozilla/firefox/weird.name1123 in /usr/share/firefox/defaults/profile/ but that doesn't seem to be where firefox is getting its profile. So, where does it get it from?05:20
elkyaboleth, just ignore him please05:21
abolethelky: i probably should05:21
abolethdoes anyone know how to fix sound problems?05:21
vanWHAT ???05:21
ibuclawerror404notfound, oh? What were you looking for?05:21
vanWHAT ELKY ???05:22
MustangMattalex__: Maybe you are right. While the big copy was going on I fired up another session and started copying large files from the second array to the second array and read and write went through the roof. It's something with those seagate drives.05:22
error404notfoundibuclaw, i am using gitosis as git server management tool, and i needed to deploy web application, mainly php automatically on every commit on a server where only pub-key ssh is allowed.05:22
mazda01_MustangMatt: i have always had great luck with seagate drives. the great 5 year warrenty also05:24
DVA5912How can i change the way my desktop icons are displayed? Like the margin between them and the side and the disance between them etc05:24
mazda01_MustangMatt: just recently had to use a warranty on a 4 year old seagate 500gb hard drive05:24
HasbroI had a wd 500gb external05:24
Hasbrofell like 2 feet05:25
Hilikusi uninstalled firefox-3.0 and i lost all my search engines in 3.5. any idea how to fix it?05:25
mazda01_DVA5912: not sure but you can change the apperance in system, prefs, appearance05:25
MustangMattmazda01_: I have as well, but for some reason they are grossly underperforming for me right now.05:25
ibuclawerror404notfound, and www-data was the owner of the directory containing the files/applications. hence sudo -u.05:25
mazda01_Hilikus: do you still have a folder in your home directory named firefox-3.5?05:25
mazda01_Hil, i mean firefox? sorry05:25
mordocaiHello, i am currently playing Warcraft 3 under wine. I can play it perfectly once per an x session, however, if i try to start it again it gives me an error about there not being CD. If i log out and log back in, it works... any idea how to fix this? The only thing mentioned on appdb.wine.org is that the cd error can be a video driver problem.05:25
error404notfoundibuclaw, yes, but then i would need to add git to do passwless sudo for www-data, and allow www-data to clone the dir05:25
iDonkeymazda01, You mean mozilla/firefox-3.5. ;)05:26
mazda01_Hilikus: it would be ~/.mozilla/firefox/05:26
Hilikusmazda01: actually no05:26
rebelis there a way to check SATA link speeds in ubuntu?05:26
Hilikusbut the rest of my settings seem alrgiht05:26
mazda01_iDonkey: no, i mean firefox. he uninstalled firefox 3.0 and and he wants all his preferences, so he would need to transfer all those files in firefox to firefox-3.505:26
Hilikuseven my tabs session was the same05:26
mazda01_rebel: hdparm should be able to check the speeds.05:27
c0m3awnhey mazda05:27
an0nmat1rhi! Would Ubuntu run ok on AMD Sempro 2800+05:27
zerothisI have an ibook G3 original without a CD drive. How should go about putting xubuntu on it? I already tried an external CD-ROM, the ibook did not list it as a boot device for option+boot.05:27
c0m3awnan: sure would05:27
c0m3awnan, sure would05:27
c0m3awnwhat happened to my nic completion?????05:28
an0nmat1rthanx i got that05:28
Hilikusmazda01:  it looks like 3.5 wasn't saving my settings there cause everything else looks the same05:28
iDonkeyc0m3aw, what?05:28
rebelmazda01: do you know which flag to run it with?05:28
ibuclawerror404notfound, well, what I posted should have supplemented that. at least, from my knowledge of sudoers configuring, it should do. Privilege escalation is the only thing that you may get trouble from it.05:28
abolethvan is obviously a troll05:28
rebelmazda01_: do you know which flag to run it with?05:28
mazda01_Hilikus:  ok, i am gettinvg confused. did you have prefs saved in firefox 3.0?05:28
abolethim talking to him on im05:29
aboletha pathetic troll at that05:29
error404notfoundibuclaw, priveleges is okay...05:29
zerothis an0nmat1r:: sempron is x86, should would with plain vanilla ubuntu or xubuntu05:29
elkyaboleth, enough. he's gone. just leave it alone please.05:29
an0nmat1rif i download ubuntu form http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/downloading?release=desktop-lts&mirror=http%3A%2F%2Freleases.ubuntu.schoolnet.lk%2F&arch=i386 would that be a desktop or alternate version ?05:30
Hilikusmazda01:  but 3.5 must have copied them to its own folder cause they survived uninstalling 3.005:30
DPiccan i have the gnash plugin for firefox installed with flash if i leave flash disabled?05:30
an0nmat1ro k zerothis sorry saw ur post laterz05:30
mazda01_rebel: it would sudo hdparm -T /dev/sda  and sudo hdparm -t /dev/sda. I don't think you have to specify the partition05:30
zerothisan0nmat1r: that like is an acceptable version05:31
mazda01_Hilikus: oh, so what is the problem then?05:31
Hilikusmazda01: i lost all my search engines05:31
an0nmat1rI understand! vanila ubuntu.. link plz ?05:31
an0nmat1rany body help me with the site for vanila ubuntu plz05:33
zerothisan0nmat1r: this link <http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/downloading?release=desktop-lts&mirror=http%3A%2F%2Freleases.ubuntu.schoolnet.lk%2F&arch=i386> is 'plain vanilla' or 'normal' desktop ubuntu and is sutable for any x86 CPU including sempron05:33
mazda01_Hilikus:  not sure where those would be defined?05:33
iDonkeyHilikus, Install it again?05:33
lobfany of you guys familiar with virtualbox?05:33
zerothislobf: I tinker with it05:33
lobffamiliar enough to help me set up a shared folder?05:34
lobfI designated one on my desktop in the settings but I have no idea how to connect to it05:34
lobfdocumentation was confusing05:34
zerothislobf:I have problems with that my self but you might try #vbox05:34
lobfeveryone's asleep05:35
PROject-EmeraldUh, I just installed Virtualbox and it's not showing up in any of my program categories.05:35
lobfi'm there05:35
an0nmat1rzerothis: https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/installation-guide/i386/index.html will help me with the normal flavour of ubuntu 9.04 .. am i right ?05:35
lobfyou have to type "VirtualBox" into the terminal05:35
lobfso anyone familiar with setting these up?05:36
redvamp128Okay trying to figure out if this is a Ubuntu, Yahoo or Firefox Issue- I am reading the yahoo news on my main page and there is a link that appears to link to yahoo news but source is the AP - It is a 00 over a 91 in a box (anyone seen this before) (hardy is the distro and 3.0.12 is the FF)05:36
redvamp128The main heading in the article it links to there is no issue with it- link works just strange looking  (in the article it appears to be -- but close together)05:37
zerothisPROject-Emerald: it should be in Applications>System Tools> and called "Sun xVM VirtualBox" or in xubuntu Applications>System>05:38
PROject-EmeraldAh. ok.05:38
PROject-Emeraldthere is definitely no system tools.05:38
PROject-Emeraldall I have is Applications.05:39
ScuniziPROject-Emerald: you might need to look in Applications > System Tools... if that doesn't appear then right mouse click Applications and choose edit .. from there you'll be able to activate the menu item for visibility.05:39
trollboyHowdy anyone have any luck getting the Multitech Systems Mutli-Modem GPRS (MTCBA-G-U-F4) working?05:40
zerothisPROject-Emerald: you can always create a launcher or menu item with the command: VirtualBox05:40
trollboyits running the ti_usb_3410 chipset05:40
PROject-EmeraldII have VirtualBox OSE which is what I assume is the same thing o.O05:41
PROject-EmeraldJust pooped up05:41
=== me is now known as Guest83008
trollboyI've hit the forums and found some other modems with the same chipset on there, and made a /etc/udev/rules.d/ rule05:41
zerothisoh, oops, no, I am not familiar with VirtualBox OSE, sorry. It most likely has a different command and a different area of the menu and certially not "Sun"  in the title05:42
=== Guest83008 is now known as randomwalker
odlanerI'm a newbie here. New to linux and everything :/05:44
odlanerso was hoping I could get some help05:44
trollboyodlaner, people help quicker when you ask a question ;-)05:45
trollboyso what's the issue odlaner05:45
odlanerso was hoping I could get some help05:45
trollboyyes, you mentioned that05:45
trollboywhat sort of help do you need?05:45
AmarstWhich of the full-text indexed search programs for ubuntu have a webbased front end?05:46
Amarsti know peagle for beagle05:46
gogeta!ask | odlaner05:46
ubottuodlaner: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:46
=== Guest35028 is now known as Spikemcc
odlanerwell, I wouldn't even know where to start. like everything?05:46
trollboylol, alas its not the matrix so I can just beam linux into your brain05:46
trollboydid you just install ubuntu odlaner?05:46
rww"I know linux-fu!"05:46
* trollboy sets rww on fire05:46
trollboysorry, I had to for that one05:46
odlanerI don't have anything specific right now, just thought I would drop by and let you guys know i'll be asking for help sometimes05:47
gogetawoa i knoe linux05:47
trollboywell welcome to the fold I guess05:47
odlanerwell, I do have ubuntu, but i'm on backtrack right now05:47
redvamp128odlander just hit up ubottu and he can answer everything05:47
diazepamhey all -- i know this question has most likely been asked a million times but what is the easiest way to install a basic gnome desktop (e.g. without OO, Evolution, Games and fluff)?05:47
an0nmat1rubuntu  9.04 system requirments ?05:47
trollboydiazepam, install the normal ubuntu disk?05:47
gogetadiazepam: sudo apt-get install gnome i assume05:48
trollboydiazepam, you the same one from dal.net?05:48
diazepami still want the admin panel05:48
zerothisodlaner: just poke at it, if it doesn't ask for your password then you are not doing any harm. if it does ask, read what its telling you05:48
Amarstdiazepam:  sudo apt-get install gnome-desktop05:48
redvamp128odlaner:  he loves it when you pm him -- remember ubottu  and also likes question like !webcam05:48
diazepamgogeta - sudo aptitude gnome-desktop puts the full blown thing on05:48
diazepamaptitude install i mean05:48
gogetahe whanted basic05:48
redvamp128ubottu:  !webcam05:48
ubottuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras05:48
Amarstubottu:  !full-text search05:49
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:49
an0nmat1rubuntu  9.04 system requirments ? link plz05:49
redvamp128odlaner:  just make sure to pm him and ask like that05:49
gogetaan0nmat1r: 192mb of ram for live cd and a pc05:49
trollboyanyone see my modem question above?05:49
zerothisodlaner: also <https://help.ubuntu.com/6.06/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/getting-started.html>05:49
gogetaan0nmat1r: lower ram use alt cd05:49
rww!requirements | an0nmat1r05:50
ubottuan0nmat1r: Hardware requirements to install, boot and comfortably use Ubuntu are listed at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements - For a !flavor with lower requirements, see !Xubuntu05:50
an0nmat1rsorry i thought that was just for installation.. and would need more laterz.. wow guys! thanx i think i just got a os for my new pc with amd sempro 2800 and 256mb ddr105:50
odlaneralright, thanks guys05:50
rwwzerothis: I imagine you might want to recommend the desktop guide from 9.04, not 6.06 :)05:50
zerothisrww: oops, sorry05:51
gogetaan0nmat1r: well 192mb is for install and compiz but it can be used of lesser machines05:51
JPetersonDid I do something wrong with the package manager, the latest FontForge package I see is hardy from 2007 http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=fontforge05:51
JPetersonBut on the website there are sevearl newer05:51
JPetersonI have Reloaded the package list05:51
gogetaan0nmat1r: i would use xbuntu on a low end machine05:51
zerothisodlaner:  <https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/newtoubuntu/C/index.html> better place to start with a new ubuntu05:51
an0nmat1rya i just red that! great job at it :)05:51
AmarstHas anyone made a web front end for tracker in ubuntu?05:52
gogetaan0nmat1r: lol linux can run on any pc even a 396sx05:52
an0nmat1ri am planning for xubuntu.. cant decide.. xen works on xubuntu too right ?05:52
gogetaan0nmat1r: text linuc on a 28605:52
rwwJPeterson: nope, that's correct, it's from November, 2007. Considering that Hardy came out in April, 2008, that's not a huge time ago.05:52
odlanerzerothis: the page link didn't work05:52
zerothisgogeta: and it can count to infinity, atleast 2 and a half times05:53
gogetaan0nmat1r: yes its just a lighter window manager05:53
an0nmat1rgogeta: ya i know that.. i just got a copy of fedora 11 that requires 1gb of ram05:53
rwwJPeterson: (once a version of Ubuntu is released, the package maintainers don't upgrade packages in it to new major versions, to avoid introducing new bugs)05:53
JPetersonSo Hardy is my Ubuntu version?05:53
zerothistry this one http://library.gnome.org/users/user-guide/stable/index.html.en05:53
gogetaan0nmat1r: i put puppy on my 486 machines05:53
rwwJPeterson: you can find that out by typing the following in a terminal:      lsb_release -a05:54
gogetaan0nmat1r: then donate them05:54
dewhello. just installed ubuntu on my lap top. Am having issues with it. I can not open any applications and the pointer laggs. any sugestion?05:54
JPetersonOkay, so I need to either install a second Ubunty with karmic or install the program myself?05:54
an0nmat1r:) sure gogeta05:54
redvamp128rww:  he may want to also try  cat /etc/lsb-release05:55
odlanerthat one seems to be working05:55
rwwJPeterson: correct05:55
rwwredvamp128: lsb_release -a reads from /etc/lsb-release.05:55
gogetaan0nmat1r: hey poor people like pcs to05:55
JPetersonrww: Okay, thanks, I have hardy, I understand05:55
odlanerthanks, I'm bookmarking it05:55
JPetersonIt's alomst easier for me to add a new VMWare installation and just use the package manager than compile programs05:56
=== nabeel is now known as Guest36710
odlanerwhy is my text not changing color? I just changed the setting05:56
lobfwhen was the last time you went to church?05:57
lobfthat might have somethign to do with it05:57
zerothismost of my linux installations are on pentium iii or earlier05:57
JPetersonWas there an online installation for Ununtu now or do I download the whole thing before installing?05:57
JPetersonWhy am I directed to ubuntu-releases/jaunty/ubuntu-9.04-desktop-i386.iso?05:58
JPetersonI thought I should get karmic05:58
rwwJPeterson: Karmic hasn't been released yet. Sorry, I didn't catch that earlier. You'd want jaunty.05:59
rwwJPeterson: (Karmic's coming out in October)05:59
gogetakarmix is testin05:59
JPetersonOkay, but then FontForge is a year old...05:59
jillsmittwho use finch?05:59
gartralserious problem today.. my dvd rom has decided all dvd-/+r disks are 0kb... help?06:00
an0nmat1rhey gogeta : i liked puuppy .. i think i will try getting it06:00
zerothisPeterson: Karmic will be released in October but you may even want to wait a week or so after for the final quirks to be ironed out06:00
odlanerwell, I'm out!!06:00
roccity_had firefox tried to download bin files for anyone?06:00
gartralmake that _ALL_ disks06:00
JPetersonrww, zerothis: Okay, thanks06:01
gogetaan0nmat1r: well ubuntu is more up2date on stuff06:01
roccity_I was just on firefox and click this link then the download manager had a dialog to download a bin file06:01
gartralit still needs a locally compile mplayer too run >.>06:01
rwwJPeterson: looks like, yeah. If there are significant new features in karmic's package, you could try filing a backports request at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports#How%20to%20request%20new%20packages06:01
jillsmitthow can i start mocp in not-blue mode?06:02
CrOnOsroccity do you are you instaling plugins for firefox like java suport?06:03
an0nmat1rgog..: i know that ..06:03
roccity_CrOnOs: no I have everything06:03
JPetersonrww: Okay, I doubt the new subscript and small caps dialogs in FontForge are important enough :)06:03
roccity_CrOnOs: I did do a update earlier before I rebooted of stumbleupon06:04
diazepamfor those that care: minimal gnome desktop is gnome-core and gdm06:04
diazepamthanks for the feedback guys06:04
diazepamtill next time06:04
gartralserious problem today.. my dvd rom has decided all disks are 0kb... help?06:05
kerm|tshould ubuntu autodetect and connect via a linksys USB wireless?  it didnt06:05
gartralkerm|t: detect the wireless chip, yes. activate and connect it.. no06:06
ctmjrkerm|t, you have to use ndiswrapper for linksys usb06:06
dewhey my ubuntu 9.04 install doesnt function. not allowing me to any thing past login. help06:06
gartralkerm|t: open a terminal and run an lsusb with the wireless USB adapter plugged in06:06
gartraldew: what kind of computer/06:07
dewgartral laptop06:07
gartral!ndiswrapper | kerm|t06:07
ubottukerm|t: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs06:07
gartraldew: what model, brand?06:07
gartralserious problem today.. my dvd rom has decided all disks are 0kb... help?06:08
dewgartral not sure. it says sirocco on it06:08
gartraldew what was it running, xp?06:08
dewgartral yea mate did dual install06:09
gartraldew: theres no random numbers or letters anywhere, the bottom maybe?06:10
oarion7man lot of people lurking eh?06:11
gartralot | oarion706:11
gartral!ot | oarion706:11
ubottuoarion7: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!06:11
ubottufirefox is the default web-browser on Ubuntu. To install the latest version, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxNewVersion Installing plugins: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FirefoxPlugins - See also !firefox-3.506:11
gartral!askthebot | Lynx-O06:12
albechanyone know if it is possible to get skype running on 64bit or has skype permanently chosen to abandon linux? :(06:12
ubottuLynx-O: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".06:12
gartralalbech: try gizmo, it can link with skype networks06:12
=== MagicFab is now known as Guest51546
dewgartral yea mate cr10 -15 = model06:13
albechgartral: ill try that. I hate skype, but it is hard to convince everyone to change to SIP or similar06:13
gartraldew: its looking too my like theres no cdrom driver for that laptop in linux, same as sound card or battery... i recommending taking it back and getting a better machine.. aim for a dell or an acer06:14
gartraldew: wait a sec, let me look according to model nomber06:14
dewgartel yea im checking  it mate06:15
gartraldew: your sol06:15
Hilikusanyone know if its possible to show a summary of the calendar in mail view in evolution, like thunderbird does06:15
gartralHilikus: yes06:16
darkevikcan i ask tou06:16
Hilikusgartral:  how do i do that?06:16
gartralserious problem today.. my dvd rom has decided all disks are 0kb... help?06:16
darkevikany one can help me06:16
gartralHilikus: cant rememer, hold on06:16
dewgartral what sol?06:16
darkeviki am very newbie and firstime using this linux06:16
=== redsoxking is now known as redsoxking|sleep
darkevikany one how to instaall flashplayer in knoppix06:17
gartralHilikus darkevik you should have 5 buttons at the bottom left of your evolution mail.. you want the calenders one06:18
forcesdarkevik, #knoppix06:18
forcesthis is ubuntu06:18
bazhangdarkevik, knoppix should ask in #knoppix06:18
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!06:18
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots06:18
jercI have a problem with a lightbox I got resize the images of my lightbox in the css but the lightbox have other size.06:18
=== ballzee is now known as Sinister
Hilikusgartral: and how do i make the summary that's on the right, on the mail view?06:18
m0r0nCan anyone help me install Songbird06:19
Hilikusgartral: and how do i make the summary that's on the right appear on the mail view?06:19
jercI have a problem with a lightbox I got resize the images of my lightbox in the css but the lightbox have other size.06:19
codyxxA major one.06:19
codyxxOkay, so I login to find no panel and no desktop icons.06:19
albechgartral: it doesnt support 64bit :(06:19
codyxxThe only thing that is showing is my background06:19
codyxxSuch has happened twice now.06:20
codyxxAnd I know not why06:20
m0r0ncodyxx:  press (Atlt + F2) then type nautilus06:20
codyxxI will try that06:20
m0r0ncodyxx: I think.. I'm pretty sure that's what I did to get mine working06:20
codyxxThe odd thing is too is that I can't even right click06:21
jahchelp..... we deleted photos off our hd.. and our trashcan is showing 27 items.. yet when we go into trash, its empty.. how to recover these files?06:21
Amarstis there a linux version of google desktop enterprise edition?06:21
jahcI just tried scalpel06:21
jahcI dont know my super user password..... sudo works though with my password06:21
codyxxOKay, desktop is loading,06:21
codyxxNothing comes up when I press alt+f206:22
codyxxBasically, here is the backstory.06:22
jahcanyone? I'm desperate06:22
codyxxI was transferring icons from my home folder to /usr/share/icons06:22
codyxxI accidentally closed the nautilus window06:22
bazhangcodyxx, dont use the enter key as punctuation06:23
codyxxI then restarted.06:23
codyxxNow, nothing shows on my desktop, no icons are sharing, no panels, I can't right-click. The only thing showing is my background and this Adobe Air widget.06:24
bazhangcodyxx, what version of ubuntu and what preceded this situation06:24
codyxx9.04 and codyxx>I was transferring icons from my home folder to /usr/share/icons06:25
codyxx<codyxx>I accidentally closed the nautilus window06:25
kerm|tgartral: what am i looking for with lsusb?  or, with -v ... i dont see where the chip model it's using is06:25
codyxx(Just copy and pasting what I said above.)06:25
MikeChelenjahc, there is no root password, using sudo is the proper method06:25
nanzi have installed the latest ubuntu and a radeon x1950 xt. do i have to install some drivers?06:27
Hilikusif i use thunderbird and lightning will my events appear in my system clock?06:27
legend2440jahc: open nautilus press ctrl+h to show hidden files then   browse to /home/yourusername/.local/share/Trash/files   anything in there?06:27
m0r0nI need to install Songbird, anyone?06:28
bazhangm0r0n, a .deb file or other06:28
codyxxI did file system checks, dpkg, xfix, and nothing has worked.06:28
m0r0nOther, it was a tar.gz I extracted it and now I'm lost.06:28
bazhangm0r0n, I installed that myself , seems it was a deb06:29
PROject-Emeraldhow do I uninstall stuff? D:06:29
PROject-Emeraldlike, VirtualBox06:29
bazhangPROject-Emerald, was it installed with the package manager?06:29
PROject-Emeraldit was installed via a .dev06:30
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Songbird m0r0n seen this yet06:30
bazhangPROject-Emerald, the -ose version? or the other06:30
alex87PROject-Emerald: dpkg -r packagename?06:30
codyxxAny help?06:31
bazhangPROject-Emerald, just sudo apt-get remove packagename or via synaptic package manager06:31
m0r0nbazhang: I have not, thanks. I think I should be done with your help, thanks again.06:32
bazhangm0r0n, you're welcome06:32
bazhang!resetpanels > codyxx06:33
ubottucodyxx, please see my private message06:33
yoheancan someone tell me how to change my username in ubuntu?06:34
sebsebsebyohean: you can't, but you can make a new account,  sudo adduser   and then if you right click where it says the name on the top right,  you can to users and groups, and change stuff there as well06:36
emilyhey i have a cell phone and i can send pics to my desktop via bluetooth.  Thing is it just puts them on the desktop. How do change the save path for the bluetooth app?06:36
bazhangcodyxx, as far as the icons, why not create some new ones06:37
legend2440yohean: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/howto-change-rename-user-name-id/06:37
b__My desktop is running Ubuntu, my laptop is running DSL.... both connected to the same router. How do I introduce the two so they can be friends?06:37
Flannelb__: friends?06:37
emilydepends on what type of friends you want them to be!06:38
b__file sharing and such06:38
codyxxbazhang, I can't even right click on my desktop. Ic an do nothing on it. I can't type commands, I can't open any programs, nothing. Just my background appears.06:38
emilyyou can do that with ssh pretty simple really06:38
sebsebsebyohean  oh  turns out I was wrong  and you can do it06:38
jahclegend2440: yes.. but they seem corrupted.. its possible they were corrupted on the camera already06:38
yoheansebsebseb, thank you06:38
yoheanlegend2440, thank you06:39
b__Alright where do I start with SSH?06:39
bazhangcodyxx, have you either tried creating a new user, or starting up in recovery mode and fixing things06:39
Flannel!nfs | b__06:39
ubottub__: nfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.06:39
emilybut if you want fast you need to set up nfs and export out the dirs.  if you want to go stupid, you could set up a ciffs server or samba..make it look like a windows box..but then it will basically suck06:39
sebsebsebyohean: np06:40
emilyb__ install ssh package06:40
codyxxWell not a new user06:40
bazhangcodyxx, yep to the new user?06:40
emilyif its not already on the machine06:40
emilyinstall the server for ssh on both of the boxes.06:40
b__What's the difference in ssh and nfs?06:40
emilyssh is encrypted tunnell...you can do anthing through ssh.06:40
Flannelb__: ssh allows you to use a remote shell, nfs is a filesystem thing.06:40
emilyit will even allow you to run the apps on the other box...from your machine06:41
b__So ssh is more useful06:41
emilyverymuch so06:41
b__nfs is easier?06:41
emilyall remote admin is done via ssh..06:41
Flannelb__: They accomplish different things.06:41
=== unforgiven512_ is now known as unforgiven512
sebsebsebb__: and if you want to see and control the desktop you can use vnc or freenx06:41
emilyssh is easyest..but its all encrypted..so it is slower..06:41
emilyfor a file server or movie center...you would want to use nfs.06:42
sebsebsebb__: and you don't need to do  VNC over SSH  over a LAN06:42
dewhey guys ubuntu wont run pass log in06:42
sebsebseb!vnc |  b__06:42
ubottub__: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX06:42
Lynx-Oanyone else having issues with the new firefox?06:42
emilyya you can do anything over ssh.06:42
emilyLynx-O:  none06:43
Lynx-Oit freezes alot06:43
Lynx-Oi dunno06:43
emilynot on my machines06:43
Lynx-Oand its called shieretoko06:43
Lynx-Oor something like that06:43
Lynx-Oafter i installed it06:44
b__So is vnc faster than nfs?06:44
losherb__: confused yet? I would be...06:44
b__getting there06:44
sebsebsebb__: vnc isn' for sharing files,  it's for showing desktops06:44
jahchow do I find out what /dev/sda* my /home dir is on?06:44
jahcI want to run scalpel on it06:44
emilyvnc is not nfs06:44
emilyvnc is like rdp for linux06:45
emilynfs is for file shareing.06:45
b__can you drag and drop with vncviewer?06:45
b__cuz that would be amazing06:45
sebsebsebb__: it's not for file sharing06:45
emilyif you are going to put all your movies in the house on one server you would use an nfs server06:45
emilyno but you can with nfs06:45
emilyand more importantly you can with ssh06:46
losherjahc: sudo df -h /home06:46
sebsebseband you can with samba as well,  Linu to Linux even06:46
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.06:46
emilydo you have ssh server installed on your bozes yet?06:46
emilysamba sucks06:46
emilydo you have the ssh servers installed yet06:46
sebsebsebemily: well  kind of since the link to Microsoft, but  have you got any other reason?06:46
emilyyep servera06:47
sebsebsebemily: such as?06:48
b__yes ssh is installed on both06:48
emilyfirst of smb protocol chokes on 2gig+files...so you have to use the cifs protocol...second the 30000 dollar file servers i use at work...charge an amazing amount of lisc for nfs lisc..you know why...because nfs over copper is faster than even fiber.06:48
emilyand the nfs you use on linux systems is the same thing as the nfs used by netapp fillers.06:49
emilyand trust me..those people know what they are doing06:49
mr_steveThe good part about SSH is that you can connect to another machine from the Places menu in Gnome, and it Just Works(TM)06:49
b__so how do I connect them with ssh?06:50
emilydont argue with me on this...its ssh for simple things...its nfs if things are large or need to be moved fast.  end of story.  you only use smb or cifs if you have to share windows file systems.06:50
emilyok now this is the difficult part06:50
emilyopen a file browser window...like your home dir06:50
yoheanhow do i change my username in ubuntu?06:50
sebsebsebemily: argue with you about  this I think not,  you  really seem to know your stuff :)06:50
b__file browser...06:51
emilythen click on the paper and pencil icon in the upper left hand cornner so you can enter in a path manually06:51
losheryohean: did the link from legend not work?06:51
emilythen put in ssh://yourusername@yourothermachinesipaddress06:52
emilyand press enter...replace those values with ..well what they say...06:52
emilydo you follow?06:52
Lynx-Oanyone here know how I would play movies from my laptop on my PS3 and Xbox 360 via my network?06:53
b__access was denied06:53
deagle_hello every106:53
deagle_how do I stop xorg from running?06:53
emilythen your username or password on the other machine is wrong06:53
deagle_i need to install nvidia drivers06:53
emilyyou need to use a username and password for an account on the other machine.06:53
emilyso do you have a user on the other machine?06:53
b__only one06:54
b__plus root06:54
emilydeagle_: crt; alt and backspace06:54
u-manHello Room06:54
ankushim having problems running java program on ubuntu. im able to compile the program but it cannot find the class file on execution06:54
emilydont use root..it has no pasword06:55
deagle_emily: stop, not restart :P06:55
emilyb__: try again with that username and make sure ou have the ipaddress correct as well06:55
u-manI have a black three inch border along my screen, and a one inch border along the bottom, this happened when installed Jaunty06:55
mr_stevedeagle_: Switch to a virtual console with Ctrl-Alt-F2 or so, login and do sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop06:56
Lynx-Othat a no?06:56
u-manhas anyone run into this?06:56
b__yeah ip address was it, hold on06:56
emilymr_steve: is correct06:56
u-manDriving me nuts, like standing in a closet all the time.06:56
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)06:56
deagle_mr_steve: ty!06:56
emilyok b__: your done you can drag and drop things into that window and it will copy to there.06:56
deagle_mr_steve: i kept trying to do just: sudo gdm stop06:57
deagle_but it would restart06:57
deagle_:D 10x06:57
emilyb__: man ssh when you get a chance...its how most of the world works now.06:57
u-manResolutions are not the problem06:57
b__good, I'll figure it out. thanks ma'am06:58
=== mr_steve is now known as mr_steve-afk
u-manalthough its fading here, seems real busy.06:58
emilyyou can tunnel protocols through it as well...anything can be tunneled thorugh it its the swissarmy knife of encrypted tunnels..its like an on demand vpn whenever you need it...SSH IS GOD AND NOBODY SHOULD ARGUE THIS!!!!!!!!!06:58
sebsebsebemily: heh :)06:58
emilyi lost my head for a sec06:58
sebsebsebb__: yes as in make something  encrypted that isn't encrypted, for example VNC06:59
* kg4cna hands emily her head back.06:59
b__that's fancy06:59
u-mananyone run into laptop monitor issues w/Jaunty?06:59
u-manMy screen is off center.06:59
b__what about network boot? how does that work?07:00
u-manlost real estate07:00
Nikkos_hey i just installed 9.04, and i'm having trouble with wireless stuff, the icon in the toolbar is either usually in the act of connecting or it shows i'm connected but then i cant ipen any web pages or anything and the connection keeps dropping07:00
Nikkos_anyone have any ideas?07:00
=== Nikkos_ is now known as Nikkos
u-manNikkos, checked your driver?07:00
Nikkoshow can i do that?07:00
robin_probably a driver problem07:00
u-mandevice manager07:01
u-manmonitor issues anyone?07:01
u-manlike an off center screen?07:01
emilyb__: try this (it will give you a woody)  fire up a terminal type this.  ssh -X user@ipaddressgoeshere07:01
bullgard4How can I establish if Avahi works in my Ubuntu LAN?07:02
emilythen put in your password when prompted,  then type firefox and press enter07:02
emilyyou will be running firefox on the other machine but seeing it on this machine...07:02
Lynx-Oanyone here know how I would play movies from my laptop on my PS3 and Xbox 360 via my network?07:03
emilyremote execution of X applications07:03
u-manI know Avahi does not work with public.domains, at least not on my laptop07:03
KirannLynx-O: PS3MediaServer will do the trick. http://code.google.com/p/ps3mediaserver/07:03
u-manI can turn my screen sideways and upside down, but it is off center and reduced07:04
b__okay now I get connection refused instead of access denied07:04
emilyyou need to install something on the other machine but do not want to get up and walk into the livingroom...or to iceland...its all the same..fire thatup and run aptitude ...or synaptic.  you can maintain the machine from anywhere in the world that way.07:04
b__do I have to do it on both07:04
akSeyai did my NIC configurations on /etc/network/interfaces but the just don't work when I do a /etc/init.d/networking restart ... using ubuntu 9.04 ... what's going on  here?07:04
u-manwhen i connect a separate monitor, it is ok and fills screen.07:04
emilyyou have to have an ssh server running..thats it07:04
sebsebsebb__: ssh is one thing,  but that's only the termianl07:04
sebsebsebb__: if you want to see the desktop and use graphical apps and such,  vnc and freenx07:05
b__I like terminal better07:05
b__I grew up on dos07:05
u-mano me07:05
Lynx-OKirann: got a converter by chance?07:05
u-manmonitor ist kaput07:05
emilylinux is your friend then07:05
sebsebsebb__: ok you like the shell more07:05
emilyan nix really07:05
b__I can do the vncviewer thing quite easily07:05
KirannLynx-O: converter for ?07:05
u-manmonitor ist pokenfinger07:05
sebsebsebb__: and tunnel it over SSH? when using it on  The Intenret?07:05
emilyactually b..if you have a vncserver running on the second machine..07:05
sebsebsebb__: so it's secure07:06
Lynx-Oso its in format for ps3 and xbox...07:06
u-manmaybe that is why they call it "Jaunty"07:06
=== hannes3|N8 is now known as Hannes3
Lynx-OKirann: i used to use tversity in windows...07:06
emilyyou can do this vncviewer ipaddressgoeshere from a term and whammo..there it is..07:06
Nikkoshey so i ran Hardware Drivers under System>Administration and nothing happened07:06
Nikkosany other ideas?07:06
Lynx-Oit transcoded as it played07:06
KirannLynx-O: PS3MS will transcode your mkv's etc07:06
robin_nikkos, try restarting07:06
emilyand over internet ...vncvierwer -via gateway ipaddressgoeshere:007:06
sebsebsebemily: which is ok for LAN's, but over the Internet should be tunnelded over SSH07:06
ownerHey everybody. NEW Ubuntu user here07:06
b__so can I tell if I have an ssh server running?07:07
sebsebseb!new |  owner07:07
ubottuowner: documentation is to be found at http://help.ubuntu.com and http://wiki.ubuntu.com - General linux documentation: http://www.tldp.org - http://rute.2038bug.com07:07
emilysebsebseb: see above07:07
sebsebseb!welcome |  owner07:07
ownerPretty cool...and its FREE07:07
ubottuowner: Welcome to #ubuntu - the Ubuntu support channel.07:07
sebsebsebowner: yes as in price, but also freedom, do you know what  that means?07:07
emilyyou are familiar with -via switch for vncviewer correct?07:07
sebsebseb!freedom |  owner07:07
ubottuowner: freedom is important. Ubuntu is as free as we can make it, which means mostly free software. See http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.html and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/licensing07:07
Beldingfree as in beer.07:08
u-manubottu is your friend07:08
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about is your friend07:08
u-manHeck, he's everyones friend07:08
keppchen... which means you ow him 3 bucks if anything fails ;)07:08
sebsebseb!she |  u-man07:08
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about she07:08
soreauBelding: What is that supposed to mean?07:08
u-manNikkos what were you needing driver vor?07:08
sebsebseb!female | u-man07:08
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about female07:08
u-manSEB: My apologies!!07:08
sebsebsebu-man: apparantly it's meant to be a female bot07:09
Lynx-Oso... what um does everyone think about the google chrome os?07:09
sebsebseb!ot | Lynx-O07:09
ubottuLynx-O: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!07:09
u-manshould've known by the font.07:09
Nikkoswireless card07:09
u-man: )07:09
u-manok Nikkos07:09
u-mannot working?07:09
sebsebsebLynx-O: it's  a Linux distribution so :)07:09
error404notfoundhow can i allow a user say joe to do a passwless sudo -u to jean and run /usr/bin/dummy-cmd in /etc/sudoers ?07:09
Nikkosyea, i just restarted07:09
u-manSEB: my monitor is off center07:09
Nikkosand when it started up it connected but then it dropped07:09
Lynx-Ono its a front end07:09
Lynx-Oif you read the documerntation07:10
u-mancheck network settings07:10
Lynx-Olike gnome or kde07:10
u-manyou on home network? public?07:10
u-mangot your antennae on?07:10
sebsebsebLynx-O: and it has Linux as far as I know :)  anyway offtopic for here07:10
bullgard4How can I verify if Avahi works in my Ubuntu LAN?07:10
ownerDoes anyone here run Vidalia?07:10
Nikkoshold on one sec07:10
ownerI use it on windows07:10
u-manBullgard: it should07:10
u-mani was told it's native07:11
robin_nikkos, open Hardware Drivers07:11
ownerBut...I can't get it to work in ubuntu...yet07:11
richardcavellanyone here use Intel GMA 950 chipset?  Driver support is awful under Jaunty.. anyone got any fixes?07:11
losheru-man: Although I don't know how to do it, I would be surprised if there aren't settings in your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file you can tweak to adjust x and y offsets of the screen.07:11
bullgard4u-man: Your answer is not precise enough for me.07:11
u-mansince no one knows about my subject ubottu can i have your phone #?07:11
u-manBull, bout as close as I can get it man, sorry07:12
u-manLosher, I saw some posts on that07:12
u-manlooked pretty complex stuff07:12
emilyrichardcavell: dont use jaunty07:12
emilyuse the lts07:12
akSeyahow to check which services are run on startup?07:12
richardcavellemily: I'm prepared to regress if I know that it will fix my issues07:13
bullgard4u-man: Thank you for your response.07:13
losheru-man: yes, xorg.conf is a bitch, but if you need it, you need it. Start reading docs...07:13
u-manakseya: the startup folder07:13
richardcavellemily: Are you using it and can you confirm that it fixes things?07:13
emilypersonally ive found the lts has the most reliable support.07:13
u-manLosher: I like your style07:13
u-manfirst. how do I access it?07:13
soreauowner: How did you install it?07:13
Nikkos_ok i dont think its in network settings07:13
emilyits rock solid..you cant shut the server down with a shotgun.07:13
Nikkos_and it keeps asking me for the password over and over07:14
ownerWell, I went to the Vidalia homepage07:14
ownerRead that I had to install it using a terminal07:14
u-manakseya: the startup manager in System/Administration07:14
Nikkos_like every 3 minutes, but it has the old password already typed in, but ecnrypted07:14
akSeyau-man, any command? i just prefer command line07:14
ownerSo...I copied and pasted the code from the Vidalia homepage into the terminal window07:14
ownerResponse; invalid command07:14
richardcavellemily: I can easily crash Jaunty in wine07:15
ownerSoooooooooooo, I read more carefully07:15
u-manno command go to System/Administration/startup folder07:15
soreauowner: Just use apt to install it07:15
ownerAnd now think I need to install some of the code in the preface of the page...which I didn't think applied at first07:15
ownerI tried that, it didn't work07:15
u-mansorry startup Manager07:15
ownerIt installs, but it doesn't run07:15
ownerAnd the Vidalia homepage says don't use the APT as its not maintained07:16
ownerIt installs, and the Vidalia control panel comes up...but it doesn't work07:16
BellinXFeloni am having trouble with rhythmbox music player, it won't recognize a cd when i put it in07:16
ownerMy guess is that I need to install the code in the preface of the Vidalia homepage for Debian...07:17
ownerSoon as I figure out how...lol07:17
soreauowner: Do you get any output when running it from your terminal?07:17
BellinXFelonanyone have a suggestion for a good media player/manager?07:17
soreauBellinXFelon: totem is installed by default but I'd recommend mplayer or even vlc07:18
ownerHmm...well don't think I have tried running it from terminal...after installing Vidalia from APT...I just went to internet>vidalia> control panel pops us07:18
BellinXFelonsoreau : i am looking for something to build a cd collection, something that can rip cd's and organize them07:18
soreauBellinXFelon: acidrip?07:19
BellinXFelonsoreau : something in one program?07:19
=== oobe is now known as o]
ownerI guess the settings are off...but running from terminal...nope...not yet07:19
captaincrookis there anyway to make wine run faster with starcraft?07:20
=== o] is now known as Oo
akSeyacome on... there should be a way to do runlevel configuration on text mode!!!07:20
soreauBellinXFelon: There are plenty out there but i can't think of the one I used last. google ftw07:20
=== Oo is now known as `0OoOoO0OoOoO0`
soreaucaptaincrook: Get a better graphics card?07:21
captaincrooksoreau i have radeon 9000 not sure it is properly supported...07:21
soreaucaptaincrook: That's kinda old.. try again with the karmic release. The drivers should be better07:22
emilywine is a pain07:23
emilyuse virtualbox.07:23
b__ssh achieved!07:23
emilyvmware is straight up the shiznit07:23
=== `0OoOoO0OoOoO0` is now known as oobe
captaincrookemily you mean to run starcraft?07:23
ownerAre there known issues with AMD 64 and getting video to run?07:23
emilycould probably run it.07:23
ownerI checked my video card, its supported07:24
=== keppchen is now known as babyrobbe
emilythere is opensource ver of starcraft..runs on linux native07:24
ownerI can't get real player to install07:24
losherakSeya: ubuntu kind of made a mess of the runlevel stuff. What are you trying to do exactly?07:24
ownerYoutube works fine07:24
emilyyoutube is flash07:24
ownerBut...not CNN video...which I just use as a test07:24
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto07:24
ownerI suspect its an amd 64 issue...not sure though07:25
emilyreal has packages for deb varriants07:25
akSeyalosher, I have my NIC cards configured in /etc/network/interfaces , but nothing loads it on boot ... also did a iptables.rules on /etc but cant get it loaded07:25
emilyowner: ....yep..if memory servs correct you are right07:25
ownerYeah, I also tried to install the deb 64 package and get error messayhes07:25
akSeyalosher, and want to echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward07:26
emilythere is a workaround ..i dont remember what it is though...google07:26
=== babyrobbe is now known as rotkeppchen
captaincrookemily: opensource Starcraft? really?07:26
linuxanyone know if ubuntu 9.04 will install on a psp if so how? i don't know how to get to psp root file07:26
ownerWell emily, I read there are ways around it, so I'll just have to keep looking07:26
emilysure captaincrook07:26
bullgard4How can I verify if Avahi works in my Ubuntu LAN?07:26
nomad77owner: this is unofficial but good info  http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Jaunty07:27
ownerAfter reading the doc, I can't think of anything other than AMD 64 incompatibility being the issue with my vid07:27
losherakSeya: which version OS and what runlevel are you at?07:27
nomad77owner: codecs aren't all default07:27
emilyalso for official release...click this button hundreds of times07:27
akSeyalosher, ubuntu 9.04 Runlevel 207:27
losherakSeya: the echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward is probably easiest done by putting it into /etc/rc.local07:28
b__When I run "$ ssh localhost" on desktop it works, but on my other box it gives "port 22: Connection refused" ...help?07:28
dahliawhat is pulse-session?07:28
ownerDoes that mean the codec I installed from symaptic are not sufficient?07:28
emilyif you send me 1000 dollars ill teach you how to write php pages that use curl to press it all day and night thousands of times an hour07:28
ownerGuess it does...07:28
nomad77dahlia: pulse-audio07:28
akSeyalosher, ok.. already there now07:28
linuxdo i need netbook version to get ubuntu on my psp?07:28
dahliado I need it if I use alsa?07:28
emilyb__: sounds like there is no server on it07:29
ownerNevertheless, I love the open office07:29
losherakSeya: re: the nic stuff, are you sure nothing loads it. A syntax error in your interfaces file will make it look like it's not loading. What happens when you run sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart by hand?07:29
akSeyalosher, iptables-restore < /etc/iptables.rules        there too or is there a "beautifull" way?07:29
emilyalso b__ are you putting the user name on that as well...07:29
akSeyalosher, nothing happens.. leme check again07:30
losherakSeya: running it from rc.local is beautiful enough for me...07:30
b__yes it works in one direction07:30
emilythe server has to be installed on both boxes07:30
nomad77dahlia: normally but depends on your setup.alsa uses pulse-audio iirc altho it works standalone too. or rather pulse-audio can use alsa07:30
emilyif you want it to go the other way the server has to be installed on the other box as well07:30
dahliaty nomad7707:31
emilyits a werid thing and ill never understand why but all distros that are debian based no longer install the ssh server by default.  (ever since version etch of debian)07:31
akSeyalosher, my eth0 just do not goes up07:32
nomad77dahlia: gnome-2.2.6 default uses pulse-audio so ubuntu does07:32
b__right I'll get on that later, that's it... I'm all shhed out.... Guiness? Why yes I think I would like one. Bye.07:32
Flannelemily: Because most people don't need ssh sitting on their machine, and, especially when they aren't aware of it, it's a potential security risk.07:32
emilyso you have to install the server manually.  (this means via apt-get, aptitude, synaptic(for you freaks that have to have nice fonts and werid windows around things)07:32
dahliaIm using 64 bit and I'm trying to get sound out of the secondlife viewer, which needs alsa I thing07:32
losherakSeya: well, if it doesn't work by hand, it certainly won't work at boot time. Any relevant-looking error messages in /var/log ?07:32
pingvinihey, I have a sound problem in skype. my microphone needs boost, I don't know how to do it.07:33
dahliaso I have both pulse and alsa installed07:33
emilyflannel...are you smoking crack?07:33
pingvinicould you halp me/07:33
Flannelemily: excuse me?07:33
pheonixhi i want do debug a code using gvim, can it be done07:33
emilysorry...that was a canned response07:33
akSeyalosher, got it.. it was my mistake all the time...07:33
akSeyalosher, I was missing auto eth0 on interfaces file07:34
losherakSeya: cool...07:34
emilyjust out of curiostie have you tried to bf a debian based distro before?07:34
pheonixhello is any one ther07:34
akSeyalosher, thanks for your help ;)07:34
losherakSeya: a pleasure07:34
jercbye every body fuck07:35
Flanneljerc: Please mind your language.07:35
akSeyalosher, anyway.. if I want to check what services are starting at boot, so I can disable unused ones..07:35
Flannelemily: Not sure where you're going with this, but I'd love to have this discussion in #ubuntu-offtopic, as this channel isn't the place for it.07:35
emilyim hitting the sac...flannel as far as a secutity risk...the alternatives are scarry.07:35
Gneapheonix: gvim can be used for debugging purposes07:35
akSeyalosher, isn't it possible from command line?07:35
Flannelemily: you're right.  not running ssh is *so* harmful.07:36
losherakSeya: basically I think everything in runlevel 2 is started from /etc/rc2.d...07:36
emilyyou got a machine without it?07:36
* Gnea wonders what "bf a debian distro" means07:36
Flannelemily: I do actually.  I don't see how this is relevant, and again, we're really offtopic.07:37
emilycongratulations your the first07:37
emilygoing to bed guys..peace out...07:37
losherGnea: emily: I wondered that too. What does 'to bf' mean?07:38
akSeyalosher, how about that update-rc.d ? does it plays with this symlinks?07:38
* Gnea double checks.. yup, 6 goes with 607:38
Gnealosher: random looney07:38
Beldingbuttfuck would be my guess.07:38
FlannelGnea, losher: brute force, I imagine. But isn't exactly relevant07:38
Gnea!language | Belding07:38
ubottuBelding: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.07:38
GneaFlannel: aah07:39
nomad77i suspect bf=befriend or try07:39
ubottuEnlightenment (or "E") is a window manager for X, providing a useful, and good looking graphical shell in which to work. E17 is the current development version.07:40
* losher shrugs...07:40
pxcCan someone tell me how to add to the IA32 path on 64-bit Ubuntu?07:40
pxcMy i386 binaries only recognize libraries in /usr/lib32. I'd like them to also search /usr/local/lib32.07:41
BellinXFeloncan someone help with my rhythmbox problem, everything works fine but when i try to put a cd in, it wont read it07:41
=== pxc is now known as therealpxc
jitu3485hi, I have a ubuntu 8.04 system. I installed splashy and removed it . now , boot splash screen is missing , i have reinstalled usplash still boot splash screen is missing ?07:41
jitu3485how to restore it?07:41
bullgard4How can I verify if Avahi works in my Ubuntu LAN?07:41
Gneatherealpxc: just add a file in /etc/ld.so.conf.d/ that contains the directory and run sudo ldconfig07:42
pheonixGnea: How ?07:42
therealpxcjitu3485: try this: "sudo dpkg-reconfigure usplash-theme-ubuntu"07:42
therealpxcGnea: thanks!07:42
Gneapheonix: well first of all, you need to know how to read source code. do you know how to do that? or write it?07:42
ilya_How can i connect through `pppconfig' to /dev/rfcomm0?07:43
Gneatherealpxc: cheers07:43
akSeyaE17 is the current development version for about 3 years or more I think07:43
Gnea!ppp | ilya_07:43
ubottuilya_: You want to connect via dial-up? Read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DialupModemHowto - Also try disabling/removing KNetworkManager if KDE applications cannot connect using dial-up07:43
ilya_it connects but i think i should add some other options for connection to be valid07:43
GneaakSeya: it sure is07:43
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about update-rc.d07:43
ilya_Gnea: yeah! I can do it via wvdial07:44
pheonixGnea: ya i know that07:45
therealpxcGnea: Thanks again. It worked like a charm. I'm setting up for a LAN party tomorrow and I'm dealing with some proprietary dedicated server bins. You saved me a nice chunk of time. :-D07:45
artillerytxHey guys how do i install a driver for a Broadcom NIC?07:45
Gneapheonix: k, you'll need to re-state your question then, because, as you asked it, it makes no real sense07:45
artillerytxsomeone said something about using the .sys file from dells website07:45
Gneatherealpxc: awesome07:45
losherakSeya: sorry, my attention wandered. Yes, update-rc.d changes the symlinks. You used to have to set them by hand. Check the man page07:46
therealpxcartillerytx: if you want to use the Windows drivers, there's a tool called ndiswrapper that uses the Windows .sys file07:46
sinanhi everybody07:46
J-_How can I tell which block to use when setting up grub for another distro?07:46
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto07:46
sinanI have a question about Ubuntu and its policies07:46
akSeyalosher, well.. thanks again ;)07:46
artillerytxtherealpxc: the only problem is i can't really install anything on this computer since it has no network connection07:46
losher!ask | sinan07:47
ubottusinan: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:47
sinanDoes Ubuntu have some restrictions against "dangerous" countries like Kuba, Iran... ?07:47
Boohbahartillerytx: USB thumb drive transport?07:47
artillerytxBoohbah: how would i do that exactly ?07:47
therealpxcartillerytx: How are you connected right now? Or is this a different machine? I remember almost a year ago using NDISwrapper for Broadcom wifi drivers, but AFAIK Ubuntu will handle the drivers automatically for you now. It does need an inet connection though.07:47
artillerytxtherealpxc: different machine os x07:48
Boohbahartillerytx: download the files you need using your working computer, copy to thumb drive, mount thumb drive on no-net computer, profit!07:48
therealpxcartillerytx: Try getting a wired connection on that laptop, and running Jockey (Hardware drivers in the system menu), or manually run "gksu jockey-gtk"07:48
artillerytxBoohbah: but where can i get the drivers07:48
sinanA linux distro developer said me that07:48
artillerytxtherealpxc: it is wired its actually a server07:49
mataksi need help07:49
Boohbahartillerytx: search for your exact chipset as output by 'lspci' or 'lsusb'07:49
artillerytxBoohbah: i have and i can't find anything07:49
loshersinan: the US government has export restrictions on certain software to certain countries. I haven't kept up with the details. And the US isn't the only country that matters (but don't tell them that)07:49
Gneasinan: as a general rule of thumb, no, although acts and methods of terrorism and the mis-treatment of others are thoroughly discouraged here.07:50
mataksi have a fresh install ubuntu 9.4 somehow my resolution is too low.. can someone help me.. newbie here07:50
artillerytxBoohbah: i found the drivers on dells website but i don't know how to apply them to ubuntu07:50
therealpxcartillerytx: The wired broadcom ethernet doesn't work? Weird weird. You can definitely get it to work, but if I were you I'd just buy another freaking Ethernet card for your server. Depends on if you have more time or money. :-P07:50
captaincrooksoreau i've just edited my xorg.conf file... it was blank... gonna try it now...07:50
artillerytxtherealpxc: well the card is getting a connection its got a green and orange light so i have no idea what is going on07:51
=== ToXBoT_ is now known as ToXBoT
ilya_when I try to install from the Mini-CD, how can i connect to the network? Will the `sudo apt-get update' be present? Will the command `sudo apt-get install openoffice-math' install whole necessarial openoffice suit?07:51
therealpxcartillerytx: If you're determined to use ndiswrapper, here's the ubuntu guide on it - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/Ndiswrapper07:51
linuxanyone know if ubuntu 9.04 will install on a psp if so how? i don't know how to get to psp root file07:52
artillerytxtherealpxc: its not a wireless card same difference ?07:52
Gneailya_: do you have an internet connection for that machine?07:52
therealpxcartillerytx: Is your problem urgent? I've got a lot of my own crap to do tonight, but if you want I can give you my AIM/YIM/MSN/GTalk username and I can walk you through it tomorrow or Sunday07:52
=== igno_ is now known as igno
artillerytxtherealpxc: no its not urgent and yeah i can work on it tomorrow or whenever07:52
sinanlosher: But deciding a country is right and the others are wong is not a linux philosopy I think07:53
artillerytxtherealpxc: i just got this server today and wanted to try and get it running but i will take whatever help i can get since its not working correctly07:53
therealpxcartillerytx: I think ndiswrapper is only designed for Wifi07:54
therealpxcartillerytx: Are you at all familiar with Linux networking utilities/commands?07:55
linuxim thinking im suppose to create a root file on the memory stick duo so when psp loads it recognize the new file07:55
loshersinan: you are correct, such decisions are usually not made by the distro, except note that some distros do deliberately exclude software that has copyright or licensing issues.07:55
Boohbahartillerytx: can you provide a link to the drivers you are using?07:55
ilya_Can I dial up from the Mini CD?07:56
therealpxcBoohbah: AFAIK, he's using the F/OSS drivers for a WIRED broadcom ethernet device07:56
sinanlosher: do you know such kind of softwares that comes with this issue in ubuntu07:56
Gnealinux: there seems to be discussion on the matter here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=40189007:56
therealpxcartillerytx: Do you know that the port to which you've connected your server is live? Have you tested it recently?07:56
artillerytxtherealpxc: no i haven't been able to check any of that07:57
loshersinan: I don't myself, but check the ubuntu web site. I'm sure they talk about it somewhere...07:57
Boohbahartillerytx: therealpxc: let's make sure the drivers work first.07:58
linuxthx ill look it up07:58
artillerytxtherealpxc: here is the driver http://support.dell.com/support/downloads/format.aspx?c=us&cs=2684&l=en&s=pub&deviceid=2957&libid=5&releaseid=R213684&vercnt=17&formatcnt=0&SystemID=PWE_PNT_XEO_1750&servicetag=9V42241&os=WNET&osl=en&catid=-1&impid=-107:58
artillerytxBoohbah: okay well i can enter any commands you need to check it07:58
sinanlosher: Recently I argued with a linux developer07:58
sinanlosher: he said that to me07:58
therealpxcartillerytx: I would do that if I were you. Try from a computer you know can connect to the internet to plug into the same cable you're using for your server to test the connection.07:58
sinanlosher: And he said the mono issue07:58
artillerytxtherealpxc: well when i go to network connections there is nothing there07:59
Gneaartillerytx: pssst!  ---> http://tinyurl.com   ;)07:59
Boohbahartillerytx: sudo lspci -v |grep -i net07:59
artillerytx_alright just a second i'm a different computer now07:59
loshersinan: sorry.  I haven't kept track of the issue for over 10 years. I'm sure the rules have all changed since 9/11...07:59
Boohbahhappy july 24th!08:00
therealpxcartillerytx: Boohbah's command might be a bit noisy. If way too much shit scrolls through the terminal, try just "lspci | grep Eth"08:00
therealpxcartillerytx: Also, try running ifconfig -a and see if there are any ethernet devices (eth0, eth1, etc)08:00
Boohbahtherealpxc: he doesn't have a working driver yet08:01
artillerytx_okay i get host bridge Broadcom CI0B-E I/0 Bridge with gigabit ethernet rev 1208:02
Polterge|sthey guys I have a problem I am trying to fix on my system. I have an nvidia 8400 GS  512 mb card in this computer I am using and I recently tried to install emerald and when I used emerald -- replace to use emerald it broke compiz. I installed compiz-check but it says there are two graphics chipsets on this computer so it will not run08:02
therealpxcartillerytx: then don't worry about my command; your machine probably doesn't recognize it as an ethernet device anyway08:02
therealpxcsorry Boohba lol08:02
Polterge|sthow can I disable the other one and just use the nvidia ?08:02
artillerytx_therealpxc im on this account now08:02
therealpxcsinan: I'm pretty sure that the software which is legal but not in the United States, is software restricted by the DMCA 200008:02
therealpxcsinan: The Free software used to play DVDs, for example, would fall under this category08:03
Boohbahtherealpxc: the zero is an O :)08:03
artillerytx_therealpxc did you get that it says - host bridge Broadcom CI0B-E I/0 Bridge with gigabit ethernet rev 1208:03
motorboyjoin #ubuntu08:03
jfdklsjklfdjHow do I save songs i listen to on icecast?08:04
Boohbahartillerytx: which dell server do you have?08:04
trollboyhow do I get the c compiler for puppy?08:05
=== artillerytx_ is now known as artillerytx
th0rjfdklsjklfdj: streamripper08:05
artillerytxboohbah i have a poweredge 175008:05
jfdklsjklfdjthanks th0r08:05
artillerytxboohbah any ideas on how to get it working08:08
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto08:08
Polterge|sthmmm I might know how to fix my prob08:09
Polterge|stI will be back in a bit08:09
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
padawan32is it noral with a creative sound card xfi titanium pro pcie i got like 2 speaker working any one know ?08:09
milligan_is there any way I could convert a blu-ray image to mkv?08:10
sillybgis working?  first time ever in IRC08:11
milligan_sillybg, yes08:11
sillybgwhat i do now?08:11
padawan32talk i think08:11
quibblersillybg,  welcome08:12
c0alMy wireless stops working after a random amount of time, restarting networkmanager, networking does nothing, even unloading a reloading the driver for the wireless card does nothing. Anyone have any ideas on this?08:12
Gneasillybg: you really are silly :)08:12
sillybghaving mega troubles getting E17 to install08:12
artillerytxtherealpxc is there anything else i should check ?08:12
sillybgstoofed my ubuntu like 3 times08:12
sillybgborked it08:12
Gneasillybg: are you following this guide? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=91669008:12
sillybglemme see if it is the one I tried08:13
bullgard4How can I verify if Avahi works in my Ubuntu LAN?08:13
sillybgtried that one, but it said that it couldnt DL from cafelinux, didnt exist08:14
Gneaworks fine here...08:14
captaincrookis there a non-graphical file editor?08:14
Gneasillybg: are you using jaunty?08:14
sillybgI will try again once i back up this time08:14
Gneacaptaincrook: mc08:14
captaincrookok thanks08:14
Gneasillybg: is this the one you're trying? deb http://cafelinux.org/Downloads/oz-os tinwoodman main08:15
artillerytxdid everyone leave that i was talking to08:15
Gneacaptaincrook: sorry - vim08:15
AnnonyMouse1hi guys. could anyone pls help me re FOSS licencing? looking for a siple guide explaining WHAT the various licences are & the differences among them: GPL 2&3, BSD, Mozilla, Apache, etc08:15
sillybghow do you PM gnea?08:15
Gneacaptaincrook: read it as "file manager" the first time08:15
AnnonyMouse1"FOSS licencing for dummies"08:15
Gneasillybg: it wouldn't serve any purpose here08:15
sillybgor whatever you are doing to talk to me I mean08:16
Gneasillybg: i type 'sil' and then the tab key08:16
sillybggnac__, test08:16
sillybgwrong person08:16
Gneatry tab multiple times :)08:16
Drazenwhich web amin package would you recommend for ubuntu: CPANEL, WEBMIN or something else?08:16
sillybgGnea, test08:16
FloodBot2sillybg: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:16
maxagazis there a way to use tomboy in firefox (read and edit notes) ?08:16
captaincrookGnea: vim & mc command not found... as file manager?08:16
GneaDrazen: not webmin.08:16
Drazenwhy not08:17
Gneacaptaincrook: mc is a file manager, vim (or just vi) is an editor - so is nano08:17
sillybgI will try those on monday thanks GNEA.08:17
th0rcaptaincrook: you have to install mc...it isn't there by default08:17
GneaDrazen: webmin... is not a secure option08:17
yuka_after installing xorg-driver-fglrx i can't open X - "failed to load module nvidia"08:17
sillybgGnea, am I doing this right?08:17
yuka_any clues?08:17
Gneayuka_: fglrx is for certain ATI cards, not Nvidia08:18
Gneasillybg: yes08:18
yuka_Gnea: oops08:18
sillybgok thanks08:18
Drazengnea: however i cannot find and resources on net regarding cpanel on ubuntu, looks like this configuration is not supported08:18
Drazenwhich web admin package should i use then08:18
captaincrookvi do works...08:18
sillybgGnea, I am heading home soon, so I will try and monday, see if it works, hopefully it does, because it looks good.  I only have a Netbook that I am running it on, but I want to play08:18
yuka_Gnea: i read somewhere to run dpkg-reconfigure but it didn't help.08:19
Gneasillybg: e17 is a blast, you'll have fun with it - also check the #e channel for specific support when you do get it running08:19
Gneayuka_: so what video card do you have?08:19
sillybgGnea, yeah, but that was crap, because it kept on sticking on checking for updates, said that it couldnt find the website08:19
sillybgthen I had to re-install ubuntu, because the apt-get was locked and I couldnt do much08:20
yuka_Gnea: nvidia 620008:20
yuka_i think08:20
Gneayuka_: what is the result of this command:  lspci | grep VGA08:20
sillybgGnea, but that was with the netbook remix, I am running standard desktop now08:20
sillybgGnea, its hard to remember to type your name first08:20
Gneasillybg: aah ok. i don't have a netbook yet so there's only so much I can help with08:21
Gneasillybg: you'll get used to it :)08:21
Gnea!nvidia | yuka_08:21
ubottuyuka_: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto08:21
sillybgGnea, shouldnt make too much difference.  the netbook remix was useless anyway08:21
Gneayuka_: check that site, make sure you followed the directions for nvidia properly08:21
yuka_Gnea: nVidaia NV44A GeForce 620008:21
sillybgGnea, It wasnt actually any faster, only reason it would be better is if you had a touchscreen08:21
NeroonHi everyone. Can someone help with a 'make' error: *** No rule to make target  ***. Thought I'd installed the kernel headers and all ...08:22
michocould anybody help me...i cant seem to get my dns running...08:22
Gneasillybg: that's odd08:22
Drazendoes any of you have experience with cpanel on ubuntu, not many resources on Internet about this combination?08:22
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Gnea!compile | Neroon08:22
ubottuNeroon: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)08:22
michoam a newbie in ubuntu wen i type my ip address i could see my website...but if i type my domain name ..nothing comes out..08:22
d2dchatHi, I'm trying to install Ubuntu 9.04 on my new i7 box08:22
yuka_Gnea: thanks08:23
d2dchatand it's having trouble writing the partitions08:23
onatshi, anyone encountered an issue with jaunty/9.04 where VNC-ing into the machine, it freezes on the first screen loaded?08:23
d2dchatanyone have any ideas?08:23
d2dchatthe HD's are raided08:23
michocould anybody help me...i cant seem to get my dns running...08:23
d2dchatWestern Digital 750 GB drives08:23
GneaDrazen: there's a bit.. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=29416908:23
Gnea!raid | d2dchat08:24
d2dchatany luv?08:24
ubottud2dchat: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto08:24
michocould anybody help me...i cant seem to get my dns running...08:24
michoam a newbie in ubuntu wen i type my ip address i could see my website...but if i type my domain name ..nothing comes out..08:24
Gneamicho: is there anything in the /etc/resolv.conf file?08:24
yuka_Gnea: it's about ATI, i thought i have nvidia08:25
erossis there a music player that can play music from my samba share?08:25
michognea: yes...search mydomain.com nameserver ip08:25
Gneayuka_: there's an nvidia section there too08:25
sillybgonats, are you using the remote desktop built into ubuntu?08:25
Gneamicho: ok, what exactly is there?08:25
SnakDocanyone have evolution 2.26.1 to access microsoft exchange 2007 ?08:25
bullgard4How can I verify if Avahi works in my Ubuntu LAN?08:26
yuka_Gnea: i do a search for nvidia on the page and don't see anything08:26
michognea: search lcc.edu.ph nameserver
NeroonGnea: Thanks, but that didn't help, since all the packages seem to be installed, and the sources don't have a configure file08:26
bluepencilWhens Kuala comming out?08:26
onatssillybg, i think so...08:26
Gneabluepencil: 9.10 (october, 2009)08:27
sillybgonats, what are you using to VLC into it, ultra VLC or something else?08:27
michognea: search lcc.edu.ph nameserver
IledenHi! I'm trying to get my Radeon 9200 to work with 3d support by following the guide https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver, but while display is otherwise ok, there's no 3d support. 'lshw -C display' reports the display as "UNCLAIMED". My Xorg.0.log has only one error, which reads "(EE) Failed to initialize GLX extension (Compatible NVIDIA X driver not found)". I'm wondering why it refers to NVidia driver, since I have a Radeon card - my previous card tha08:27
SnakDocvlc is media vnc is remote access08:27
Gneamicho: gotcha, checking to see if it's even reachable08:27
sillybgyeah, oops08:28
sillybgi am connected to mine right now using ultravnc08:28
synapsei'm running a server and cant find out how to prevent my monitor from going blank. i have tools i like to keep an eyi  on08:28
sillybgi didnt have to set anything fancy, its all default, except setting a password in ubuntu remote desktop08:28
NeroonCan someone help with a 'make' error: *** No rule to make target  ***. Thought I'd installed the kernel headers and all ...08:29
captaincrookhummm pretty convivial that vi...08:29
Iledensynapse: Sound like you should look into power management settings?08:29
Gneamicho: try this one:
onatssillybg, tightvnc08:30
Iledensynapse: but unfortunately I'm not familiar with server side display issues08:31
michognea: any progress?08:31
yuka_Gnea: i am running envyng. it might help.08:31
Gneamicho: and try
Gneamicho: i just gave you nameserver ip's to try08:31
onatssillybg, vncviewer...08:31
Wil_Okay, I have a tiny little problem. I used ubuntuzilla to upgrade firefox to 3.5.1 and now Firefox can't seem to connect to the internet.08:32
michognea: wat will i do wid these name servrs?08:32
Gneamicho: edit your /etc/resolv.conf file, replace with, save it, try to browse again08:32
Wil_Normally I'd just.. you know.. google this problem but... Firefox isn't working. :P08:33
bluepencilGnea: should be awesome :)08:33
michogneas: but thats my static ip that my provider gave me...08:33
bluepencilGnea: since 8.04 this thing started rocking really hard.08:33
michognea: i'll just try it...08:33
Gneabluepencil: it's got a ways to go, but yes, I've enjoyed the steady progress that Ubuntu has been able to achieve :)08:34
Wil_Anyone know how to solve this?08:34
GneaWil_: try changing profile08:34
SnakDocWil_ by chance is ff in offline mode ?08:34
Wil_I CHECK "Offline Mode" and it goes online.08:35
SnakDocWil_ atleast it works :P08:35
Gneamicho: uhm, it can't be, those are dns servers for your ISP08:35
Polterge|stwell this isn't good ... I cannot re-enable compiz08:36
SnakDocthe namespace servers don't have to be from your isp08:36
Polterge|stand I have an nvidia 8400 GS in my machine and an onboard intel i810 chipset but I cannot disable the onboard chip08:36
Polterge|stthe bios will not let me08:36
Wil_Still, an interesting problem. Flash doesn't seem to like the fact that I'm "working offline".08:36
stackHello all, is there a NETBOOK REMIX channel08:36
Polterge|stI cannot use compiz-check either because it says there are two graphics chipsets08:37
Gneastack: nafaik, but we can help you with it here08:37
Gnea(or try to)08:37
SnakDocWil_ no idea you are using copy i don't have lol08:37
GneaWil_: that's actually normal behavior, since flash tends to rely on an internet connection to pull data from08:38
onatssillybg, did you encounter the same issue?08:38
michognea: oh ok...so wat shall i do?08:38
Wil_Okay, yeah, that didn't really solve it.08:38
michognea: do i still have to add it in my /etc/resolv.conf?08:38
stackI'm using UBUNTU 9.04 how do I dim my screen ... after not touching my comoputer for 60 seconds it dims to a good level but as soon as i press a button its superbright again08:38
stackans its killing my battery08:38
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J-_Can anyone help me get grub working? I've installed Ubuntu first. Then, installed zenwalk on another partition. Now, zenwalk isn't in grub. Can I get some suggestions?08:38
Wil_Yeah, still not working. Any more ideas? D:08:38
J-_What does grub error 18 mean?08:38
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Gneamicho: yes, just make sure it's the first nameserver named08:39
SnakDocWil_ remove and reinstall08:39
stackTHanks you Gnea , can you per chance tell me where to locate the MONITOR BRIGHTNESS in gnome08:39
stacki am using default 9.0408:39
jljhow do I compile staging drivers? I can't find them in menuconfig?08:39
Wil_Gnea: Well, when I check "Work Offline", it loads my homepage momentarily. But, when I try and do anything else, it says I need to work online. So, I uncheck work offline, and it can't find the server.08:40
Gneastack: it doesn't exist, should be a dial or option on your monitor08:40
GneaWil_: try restarting firefox08:40
GneaWil_: and make sure your proxy settings are correct08:40
csaba_can someone please help me a bit?08:41
waleed020-n backtrack08:41
furyurii am sure they can08:41
Polterge|stcan anyone help me with this nvidia / compiz problem ?08:41
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?08:41
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto08:42
csaba_OK, here is it:08:42
csaba_I am using the latest ubuntu 9, and should build a server08:42
csaba_problem is samba for xp machines is crashing after a few minutes08:43
csaba_I am trsying to use it as PDC for xp boxes08:43
frogzooanyone know how to turn off the desktop switching graphic in gnome? it's pretty ugle08:43
csaba_anyone with the same problem?08:43
Gneacsaba_: so you're having a problem with samba?08:43
captaincrookanyone for radeon 9000 ? Xorg.conf corruntly runing in low-graphics any supports out for this card?08:43
NeroonNoone here that could help with a *** No rule to make target *** error from 'make'?08:43
csaba_oh, and winbind is seems to be the problem08:44
Gnea!samba | csaba_08:44
ubottucsaba_: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.08:44
Gneacsaba_: check that second URL08:44
michognea: i already added it...still got no reply...08:44
Gneacsaba_: please keep responses here08:44
csaba_oh, sorry08:44
csaba_I am new to this08:44
DextorionNeroon, sounds as you dont have the rule your trying to make in your Makefile08:45
mr_steveNeroon: what exactly are you trying to compile?08:45
choteswhen im listening to music through my headphones it still plays through my computer speakers how do i fix it08:45
csaba_gnea: so any ideas?08:45
Gneacsaba_: scroll up a bit, I already answered.08:45
csaba_gnea: what was that? to check 2nd url?08:46
michognea: i already added the ip..but i still got no reply from my domain...08:46
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Gneai'll make it clear once more08:46
Gnea!samba | csaba_ (check the second URL for good information that will help you)08:46
ubottucsaba_ (check the second URL for good information that will help you): Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.08:46
csaba_I know all this stuff08:47
csaba_that is not my question08:47
alienhi i got a problem with tor and vidalia in ubuntu 8.10, can you tell me how to forbid tor to start automaticly08:47
csaba_my problem is that it may be that the latest ubuntu has a bug???08:47
Gneacsaba_: then you need to specify that and back it up with some sort of proof08:47
Gneacsaba_: or basically some sort of log error report - it may not be a bug08:48
csaba_gnea: have you used samba as a pdc with the latest ubuntu?08:48
Gneacsaba_: samba is a beast to get setup and working properly08:48
Gneacsaba_: I've used it before to setup a PDC, yes. but, that is irrelevent. what is the problem, exactly, and how do you know it's a problem?08:49
Neroonmr_steve: the ov511 driver for my webcam, so it would work in skype08:49
shambatI need to zip files with name local1 that have not been modified in the last day...will this command do this for me? find /logdir/ -name local1 -type f -print -mtime +1 | xargs bzip2 local108:49
BellinXFelonhow can i make it so that rhythmbox meda player recognizes a cd when i put it in?08:49
NeroonDextorion: Well, afair I compiled the exact source about a year ago on my old pc and it worked08:49
csaba_gnea: I have created a pdc with samba, I can join a domain from xp, then after a day or so samba started crashing08:50
Gneacsaba_: and you have logs that show this?08:50
csaba_pc3 winbindd[2922]: [2009/07/24 08:02:38,  0] libsmb/namequery.c:saf_store(75)08:50
csaba_Jul 24 08:02:38 pc3 winbindd[2922]:   saf_store: refusing to store 0 length domain or servername!08:50
FloodBot2csaba_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:50
Gneacsaba_: what loglevel do you have it set to?08:51
bazhangcsaba_, paste.ubuntu.com please08:51
csaba_well, I do  not know08:51
alienhow can i cancel tor to start with the system ?08:51
csaba_I am not that expert08:51
Gneacsaba_: could you please pastebin your smb.conf?08:51
alieni want to start tor manualy08:51
csaba_gnea: yes08:52
csaba_just a sec08:52
csaba_please have a look08:53
NeroonDextorion: Any more suggestions?08:53
csaba_gnea: can you see it?08:53
Gneacsaba_: log level = 108:54
Gneacsaba_: change that to 308:54
Gneacsaba_: restart samba, make it crash, then pastebin the log08:54
csaba_gnea: how and why would I do that?08:54
Gneacsaba_: well you already know how to crash it, it needs to be done to see exactly why08:55
alieni have to use "sudo /etc/init.d/tor stop" to use vidalia, how to make it automatic08:55
michognea: anything elese that could help me?08:55
csaba_I mean how to change loglevel and why?08:56
Gneacsaba_: edit the configuration08:56
Gneamicho: what more could there be?08:56
michognea: what u mean?08:56
Gneacsaba_: increasing the loglevel increases the amount of debugging info the logs collect that tell you what's wrong08:56
SnakDocmy cdrom won't eject and i really don't want to reboot any ideas ?08:57
csaba_gnea: I do not know where can I set it08:57
Gneacsaba_: how do you usually setup your samba?08:57
ikoniaSnakDoc: make sure nothing is using the cd drive (eg a terminal with cd /cdrom in it)08:57
ikoniaalien: what ?08:57
Gneaalien: use the update-rc.d command08:57
michognea: what u mean?08:57
ZiggyzxxylIs anyone here familiar with kdenlive video editing program? I am getting a "grey video window" problem.. it is freakin' frustrating.... I need to edit this video and it is driving me up the wall.... :( When trying to view clips or view the timeline, the video starts to play normally then randomly goes mute and all grey. Can anyone help?08:57
ikoniaalien: please what ?08:57
csaba_gnea: install with apt-get, then edit smb.conf08:57
adantewhen i aptitude show <package> how do i tell what repository that package comes from?08:58
csaba_add users, groups etc08:58
Gneacsaba_: you should install swat and use that08:58
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Gneacsaba_: or just use the way you editted it before08:58
pLrI have extremely poor performance for large WMV files.. Any other format works fine.. Any ideas???08:58
Gneacsaba_: because swat OWNS08:58
corpsicleso, im running spotify in wine in ubuntu, and while im doing that i cant get sound from anything else, and im fine with that. But when trying to watch videos in firefox i find that most ( not all ) stop after a few seconds. im guessing this is related to not beeing able to lock the audio device. Anyone know if i can fix this ?08:58
csaba_gnea: how can I change loglevel?08:58
Gneacsaba_: I've already told you how.08:59
csaba_then tell me once more08:59
alieni have to use "sudo /etc/init.d/tor stop" to use vidalia, how to make it automatic08:59
SnakDocikonia no i double checked that08:59
michognea: does it something to do with my dns?08:59
csaba_I am not so expert08:59
michognea: how do i set it right?08:59
d2dchatWoohoo! It's copying the files.. turns out 9.04 doesn't like my machine, but 9.10 works :)08:59
Gneacsaba_: please check your scrollback.08:59
ikoniaSnakDoc: use lsof or fuser on the cdrom mount poit08:59
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alieni dont want "tor" to start with the sustem08:59
ZiggyzxxylI am sick of this kdenlive program being unusable... is there ANY other video editor software for linux that will allow non-linear A-B video track editing - this is essential...09:00
csaba_gnea: you say edit my configuration09:00
csaba_but I do not know how09:00
veyasualien: 'update-rc.d tor remove' should do it I think09:00
alienhow to make the system to not start "tor" i want to start "tor" manually09:00
stackwhere is the place i specify monitor brightness here in gnome!  it must be here somewhere...  i would have thought power management09:01
csaba_gnea: ?09:01
Gneamicho: make it look like this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/229714/09:01
pLrI have extremely poor performance for large WMV files.. Any other format works fine.. Any ideas???09:01
SnakDocikonia that was easy enough thanks09:01
alienlet me restart to see if that work...09:02
Gneacsaba_: you mentioned that you've done this before.  therefore, you already know how to do it.09:02
ikoniaSnakDoc: cool09:02
csaba_but not the loglevel thing09:02
ikoniacsaba_: log level for samba is set with startup parameters, and in the config file09:03
SnakDocikonia used fuser not sure if that makes difference but it worked09:03
Gneacsaba_: let's make this easy: step 1: install SWAT, step 2: let me know when you have SWAT installed.09:03
ikoniaSnakDoc: good09:03
michognea: already did that...09:04
ubottufirefox is the default web-browser on Ubuntu. To install the latest version, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxNewVersion Installing plugins: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FirefoxPlugins - See also !firefox-3.509:04
Gneaikonia: I've explained this to him. I even pointed out the line to edit and what to edit in his smb.conf: http://paste.ubuntu.com/229700/09:04
csaba_I have webmin09:04
michognea: still got no reply from my domain09:04
csaba_it is newer then swat09:04
Gneacsaba_: I don't use/support webmin.09:04
csaba_gnea: ok, I am installing09:05
ikoniacsaba_: the fact that you think webmin is "newer" than swat suggests you should follow the advice given to you09:05
csaba_hope it would not screw my samba09:05
ikoniacsaba_: webmin will mess up samba more likley09:06
csaba_I accept any advice, just hard to exchange ideas via this chat09:06
csaba_gnea: swat is installed09:06
icewatermanhow can i disable cd autostart in ubuntu?09:06
icewatermanwhenever i insert a video cd/dvd the mediaplayer launches automatically09:07
Gneacsaba_: okay, let's make sure it's setup right:  sudo netstat -nap | grep 90109:08
NeroonAnyone here that could help with a *** No rule to make target *** error from 'make'?09:08
Gneacsaba_: and I apologize, but this is usually how I walk people through complex problems. Historically, it works 9 out of 10 times. :)09:08
ikoniaNeroon: have you read the INSTALL or README file ?09:08
Neroonikonia: Yes I did09:09
csaba_ok, and thanks for hleping09:09
AdvoWorkif i do route add -net .......... where does that entry get added to?09:09
Gneano problem. any results?09:09
ikoniaNeroon: what was the first step you did09:09
csaba_gnea: what is next?09:09
gartralNeroon: have you considered asking in the appropriate channel?09:09
ashishhi to all09:09
Gneacsaba_: sudo netstat -nap | grep 901      should get something like this, if it's set right: tcp        0      0   *               LISTEN      11369/xinetd09:09
Neroonikonia: No matter if i try to do a 'make' or a 'make clean' i get the same error. And there is no configure file09:10
Neroongartral: And that would be which one?09:10
ikoniaNeroon: what is the application you are trying to build09:10
Neroonikonia: The ov511 driver for my webcam, since the builtin from ubuntu doesnt work with skype09:10
Spikemccwhat is the best windows manager or desktop manager for a mid-user on linux ? more lightweight than full of options please ... openbox and lxde seem well but you may be have better in store for me ...09:11
ikoniaNeroon: please provide me with the link where you downloaded it09:11
csaba_gnea: I do not see it09:11
ikonia!poll | Spikemcc09:11
ubottuSpikemcc: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.09:11
RuppI guess I won't ask my question then lol.09:11
csaba_http://localhost:901/ does not work09:11
Neroonikonia: http://ovcam.org/ov511/download/2.xx/distros/ov511-2.32.tar.bz2 and the patch for it: http://gingedas.net/files/ov511_2.32_skype_patch.txt09:11
ashishi hav downloded ubuntu server to configure vicidial ,can any body tell me hw to configure vici dial in ubuntu ,which are those packages required to install from repo09:12
Gneacsaba_: okay, you probably need to install xinetd then09:12
pseudODoes anyone here know how to create IPv6 IP's and is willing to help me out.. I'm new at it09:12
Neroonikonia: But I got the feeling, the prob is somewhere in a missing kernel package09:12
ikoniaNeroon: I've just downloaded it and built it in abot 15 seconds09:12
ikoniaNeroon: it's nothing to do with a missing kernel package09:13
ikoniaNeroon: it sounds like you don't have a make file or are in the wrong directory09:13
Neroonikonia: I know, that it works, since I compiled it a year ago on my old pc09:13
alienhi back.. well actually the "update-rc.d tor remove" you give me do not work i still have to do "sudo /etc/init.d/tor stop" to let vidalia control tor...09:13
Neroonikonia: the makefile is there09:13
csaba_gnea: yes09:13
ikoniaNeroon: I didn't say it didn't work, I said it sound like your missing the Makefile or you are in the wrong directory09:13
csaba_it is now asking login and pass09:13
ikoniaNeroon: it's just built for me fine09:13
Neroonikonia: Pretty sure, I'm in the right dir09:13
Gneacsaba_: okay, need an administrator login09:14
ikoniaNeroon: not rule for make means it can't see the make file09:14
th0ralien: did you use sudo update-rc.d tor remove'09:14
ikoniaNeroon: most likley09:14
telmichon my x200 with ubuntu 9.04 sound playing does not work - what's the right way to debug it?09:14
gartralNeroon: locate make | grep -i <project name here>09:14
csaba_gnea: I am in09:14
Gneacsaba_: okay, take a look around (and check the advanced tabs while you're at it)09:15
gartralNeroon: there may be several make files...09:15
ikoniagartral: that's not going to work unless it's in a locate cached directory09:15
Neroongartral: Nothing at all09:15
ikoniaNeroon: ls -la | grep Makefile09:15
ikoniaNeroon: in your current directory09:15
Neroonikonia: Lists the one makefile09:15
* gartral is used too one hard drive... under IDE... 09:15
ikoniaNeroon: please show me the output of that command09:16
csaba_gnea: advanced tabs? which ones are those?09:16
Neroon-rw-r--r-- 1 name name   3677 2008-07-07 20:01 Makefile09:16
Gneacsaba_: you usally get 2 choices: simple and advanced views09:16
Leoneofanybody can help me about how to install WLAN in Ubuntu 9.4? it has Atheros Chipset AR552309:16
Neroonsorry, ikonia: -rw-r--r-- 1 name name   3677 2008-07-07 20:01 Makefile09:16
csaba_gnea: what I see is a screen with buttons on the top09:17
csaba_like: home, globals, shares.....09:17
ikoniaNeroon: make -f Makefile09:17
Gneacsaba_: so click on them, take a look around...09:18
Neroonikonia: No rule to make target09:18
csaba_ok, but no simple and advanced09:18
ikoniaNeroon: re-unpack it and try to make it before adding the patch09:18
Gneacsaba_: give it time...09:18
Neroonikonia: just a sec09:18
joey_can someone assist me in creating a channels.conf so i can watch tv through vlc.  I live in Australia QLD Hervey Bay09:19
DimitreeIs it possible to remove something that was installed without Synaptic and Add/Remove ? I made an installation with autogen.sh but the software doesn't wrok, how can i remove it ?09:19
Neroonikonia: Well, no change09:19
csaba_gnea: :-)09:19
dewhi all. ubuntu 9.04 runs realy slow. whats the min req for it?09:19
csaba_found it09:19
Dimitreejoey_, use Kaffeine09:20
Leoneofanybody can help me about how to install WLAN in Ubuntu 9.4? it has Atheros Chipset AR552309:20
Neroonikonia: Maybe ark messed it up while unpacking?09:20
th0rLeoneof: I have the same chipset...got it to work using ndiswrapper09:20
magnetronLeoneof: try running the "hardware drivers" tool. it may be already detected09:20
dewikonia what the minimum reqirements for 9.04?09:20
ikoniaNeroon: what happens when you do "amek clean"09:20
Kartagisa week ago I attempted to change the WM login sound, but it defaults even though I see the new sound's name. do I need to mv the sound file /usr/ maybe?09:20
ikoniadew: they are listed on ubuntu.com09:21
Leoneofth0r, which the driver you installed?09:21
dewikonia k09:21
Gneacsaba_: excellent09:21
Leoneofmagnetron , it is not detected09:21
Neroonikonia: Already said, make clean or make produces the same error09:21
Kartagis!ndisrwapper | Leoneof09:21
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ndisrwapper09:21
Kartagis!ndiswapper | Leoneof09:21
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ndiswapper09:21
AdvoWorkif i do route add -net .......... where does that entry get added to?09:21
th0rLeoneof: I think I used the winxp driver with ndiswrapper09:21
LeoneofKartagis , i used ndiswrapper , but which driver i must use?09:21
csaba_gnea: what's next?09:21
KartagisLeoneof, google for it09:22
magnetronLeoneof: you need to follow the whole instructions i give you. did you run "hardware drivers" or not?09:22
Leoneofth0r , u used the driver that came with ur Card?09:22
ikoniaNeroon: open the Makefile and do a search for "clean:" without the speech marks09:22
Gneacsaba_: did you find the log level?09:22
th0rLeoneof: right, the windows xp driver off the cd. Use ndiswrapper to install it09:22
Kartagis"atheros ar5523 linux"09:22
csaba_not yet09:22
Leoneofmagnetron , yes i used hardware drivers, but it is empty09:22
dewikonia whats the min cpu?09:23
Leoneofth0r , my driver is setup.exe  , i cannot open with WinRar , it is need to install , how?09:23
ikoniadew: the details are listed on the website09:23
csaba_gnea: yes09:23
csaba_so set it to 3?09:23
Neroonikonia: Finds 2 lines09:23
KartagisLeoneof, you don't have a .inf file?09:23
magnetronLeoneof: that's strange, it should use the madwifi driver09:23
LeoneofKartagis, no09:24
th0rLeoneof: I cheated....have winxp in a vm, installed it there and then copied it to a usb drive09:24
csaba_gnea: done09:24
Leoneofth0r, good trick, lol09:24
Gneacsaba_: okay, there's a way to "restart all" to make sure it takes effect09:24
dewikonia i can only find min ram and min disk space09:24
Leoneofth0r, i don't have vm :(09:24
Neroonikonia: Beneath Target: rm -f *.o *.ko *.mod.* .[a-z]* core *.i  and near the end of the file: $(MAKE) -C $(KDIR) M=$(PWD) clean09:24
ikoniaNeroon: the I can only assume your tarball is corrupted in some way, as if there is a clean entry in the makefile and make -f Makefile clean doesn't work there is a problem09:24
fagelIm trying to start monkey 5 via wine, it works if I open it via nautilus right click open with wine. But I cant get it working if i try to make a shortcut to wine "/home/bla/", it says im opening it from from directory, anyone know a solution?09:24
csaba_gnea: ok I should restart samba?09:25
Neroonikonia: The strange thing is, i cant unpack it using tar ... even downloaded it again just now09:25
Gneacsaba_: basically09:25
dewwhats the min cpu requirements?09:25
ikoniadew: Id assume any modern cpu then anything above a pentium 409:25
joey_I have but my area is not listed in the sources09:26
ikoniaNeroon: what command are you using ?09:26
alien i find the solution  " i have to stop tor then install vidalia ...09:26
csaba_gnea: I did: /etc/init.d/samba restart09:26
Spikemccdoes lxde or openbox alloy 3d games and compiz ???09:26
ikoniaSpikemcc: the desktop doesn't effect that09:26
Gneacsaba_: okay, now check your log - i usually do this:   tail -f /var/log/samba/log.smbd09:27
alienif tor is working and if you install vidalia .. vidalia can not make the correct config09:27
dewhey all. my cpu runs between 80 and 100%. causing it to lagg any sugestions?09:27
ikoniadew: what speed cpu09:27
alienit work well now09:27
linux_manjudew: top and P09:27
ikoniadew: what model cpu09:27
dewikonia 1.709:27
dewikonia intel09:28
ikoniadew: intel what ?09:28
dewikonia 1 sec09:28
KartagisLeoneof, http://www.wireless-driver.com/download/atheros/Atheros-Wirelss-Module-Model-and-Chipset.htm09:28
linux_manjudew: Check which process is eating it up09:28
Neroonikonia: tar xvjf ov511-2.32.tar.bz2 , downloaded it with wget now and i could extract it with tar, but still the same make error09:28
dewikonia intel celeron(R)09:28
csaba_what now:?09:29
Gneacsaba_: crash it! :)09:29
csaba_should I paste it here:09:29
ikoniadew: well, the celerons are a pretty poor cpu, is the cpu %100 all the time, or just spiking09:29
Gneause the pastebin, always09:29
ikoniaNeroon: that sounds better09:29
dewikonia pretty much all the time. to small u think?09:29
magnetronLeoneof: is this on a laptop? make sure the card is enabled09:30
ikoniadew: possible, but I wouldn't have said so09:30
magnetronLeoneof: many laptops have buttons for disabling wireless09:30
Neroonikonia: I'd prefer it, if it WERE actually better. But still the 'no target' error09:30
ikoniaNeroon: ooh wait09:31
ikoniahang on09:31
Neroonikonia: *hanging*09:31
ikoniathat's not the error believe it or not09:32
ikoniaNeroon: I've just read the acctual make file properly09:32
ikoniait's terrible09:32
Neroonikonia: omg ... i found it09:32
ikoniaNeroon: do tell09:32
Neroonikonia: Don't ever use a space in the directory name09:32
ikoniaNeroon: I don't09:32
csaba_look here09:33
Neroonikonia: Well, good for you. I didn't know, since it never happened to me, regarding compiling ...09:33
ikoniaNeroon: well spotted09:33
Neroonikonia: Sorry for wasting your time. But thanks a lot09:33
Spikemccikonia is there a way to have all anwsers of the bestbot in a text file or something like ?09:33
csaba_it is from syslog09:33
ikoniaSpikemcc: no09:34
Gneacsaba_: what is your "lanman auth" set to?09:34
Gneait's in the samba config...09:35
Gnealook at the GUI09:35
dewikonia have read a bit and 1.7 should run ubuntu. should i change my cpu frequency?09:36
ikoniadew: no09:36
csaba_gnea: it is no09:36
AdvoWorkhow do you delete a route? if added by say: route add -net .... and its listed: 10.8/24  UGS  0 0 bge009:36
=== jelmer_ is now known as Guest41570
Gneacsaba_: okay, what about "client lanman auth"?09:36
csaba_also no09:37
Sj4lutHm... I have gnome, and I've set dsl connection with sudo pppoeconf,... but it won't connect automatically the next boot, also when my dynamically IP has been changed it won't connect automatically... where can I set that my dsl connection will be triggered automatically?09:37
csaba_now something interesting, I can not add my xp to the domain anymore09:37
richardcavell_What's the easiest way for me to add kernel 2.6.30 binaries to Jaunty?09:38
Guest92268is it possible to put 1.5 gig file on dvdr09:38
Gneacsaba_: did something change in the smb.conf?09:38
IledenHi! I'm trying to get my Radeon 9200 to work with 3d support by following the guide https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver, but while display is otherwise ok, there's no 3d support. 'lshw -C display' reports the display as "UNCLAIMED". My Xorg.0.log has only one error, which reads "(EE) Failed to initialize GLX extension (Compatible NVIDIA X driver not found)". I'm wondering why it refers to NVidia driver, since I have a Radeon card - my previous card tha09:38
GneaGuest92268: yes09:38
richardcavell_Guest92268: yes09:38
Guest92268richardcavell  then why are  .vob files divided into 1gb files09:39
richardcavell_Guest92268: probably to make them more manageable - for one thing, a 32 bit machine can't handle a file that's much bigger than that09:39
Guest92268gnea  then why are  .vob files divided into 1gb files09:39
GneaGuest92268: I don't know, that's a bit offtopic09:39
Spikemccrichardcavell sudo apt-get install linux-image (the latest stable kernel maybe not the one you want)09:39
Guest92268richardcavell_   if 32bit can't hanndle file that big then why did you say "yes"09:40
richardcavell_Spikemcc: latest for Jaunty is 2.6.28-14.  I want
SpikemccIleden try on ubuntu 8.04 ...09:40
Guest92268gnea  if you don't know why did you say "yes" to my question09:40
richardcavell_Guest92268: 32 bit machines cannot handle any file in RAM bigger than 4 Gig.  It used to be 2 Gig and still is with some applications.09:40
GneaGuest92268: excuse me?09:40
MinosDishey is anyone here familiar with the sound crackling problem?  Ever since installing the kubuntu 9.04 package from ubuntu, my sound either crackles, fails or is silent09:41
ikoniaGuest92268: what is the question ?09:41
Guest92268is it possible to put 1.5 gig file on dvdr09:41
richardcavell_Guest92268: yes it is09:41
Spikemccthe latest isn't always the better, you will have to compile your kernel seek a tutorial for this maybe in the doc09:41
ikoniaGuest92268: yes09:41
IledenSpikemcc: are you suggesting downgrading my complete Ubuntu installation?09:41
Guest92268ikonia  then why are  .vob files divided into 1gb files09:41
GneaGuest92268: i answered the question about the 1.5 gig file on the dvdr, then you asked a totally different question.09:41
ikoniaGuest92268: that's nothing to do with ubuntu09:41
Guest92268ikonia i never said it was09:41
richardcavell_Spikemcc: I need it because I'm going to run bleeding edge drivers to fix my video.  2.6.30 is in Karmic so I can fudge it.09:41
ikoniaGuest92268: it's to do with DVD player's onboard ram and the speed.09:42
ikoniaGuest92268: this channel is for ubuntu support only09:42
Guest92268ikonia okay sorry09:42
csaba_I am lost09:42
simplexiothat remind me ewhy im should not be in this channel09:42
csaba_what should I do now?09:42
SpikemccIleden for old Atis only ubuntu hardy heron 8.04.3 LTS is decent for 3d09:42
simplexioand max file sizes are relevant on ubuntu channel09:42
csaba_smb.conf updated after I used swat09:42
Gneacsaba_: take a look at your config file itself, then take a look at the config file you pastebin'd09:42
Gneacsaba_: go through, make sure everything is set correctly via swat09:43
Sj4lut_Hm... I have gnome, and I've set dsl connection with sudo pppoeconf,... but it won't connect automatically the next boot, also when my dynamically IP has been changed it won't connect automatically... where can I set that my dsl connection will be triggered automatically?09:43
csaba_gnea: I am not sure what should I look for09:44
csaba_should I look swat or the smb.conf file09:44
Gneacsaba_: just start from the top and work your way down, all of the options are in the swat - if it's not logging in, then perhaps another setting was reset09:44
dewhey guys cpu runs at 100%. What can i do to resolve this?09:45
Gneacsaba_: i'd just compare the 2 files and see what's different09:45
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monckydew: use top to see what is using up cpu time09:45
Sj4lut_dew: first find out what process is causing eating of your cpu: type top in shell09:45
dewty brb09:45
bloupotloodhaving such a bad day with Thunderbird :(09:46
bloupotloodCant create tasks with Lightning... all the buttons are transperant09:46
bloupotloodanyone ever experience this?09:46
bloupotloodon janty?09:46
Sj4lut_anyone? why after reboot or change of IP my dsl connection falls down? I've set it with pppoeconf and also set to automatically  connect...09:46
csaba_gnea: sorry but, now that I used swat the file is rearranged09:46
Leoneof oops, sorry, wa afk09:46
IledenSpikemcc: really? that's weird. This should probably be mentioned in the RadeonDriver guide.09:47
csaba_I do not understand what the point is here09:47
Neroonikonia: Did the ov511 compile without any errors for you?09:47
Gneacsaba_: the point is to check the general options to see what changed, so the xp client can login again.09:47
ikoniaNeroon: 1 error which i fixed09:48
IledenSpikemcc: is this documented somewhere that can be linked to, so the guide could relfect it?09:48
SpikemccIleden no on all ubuntu sites ...09:48
csaba_the difference is that I changed loglevel, and the lines are in different order now09:48
Neroonikonia: Da.., lot's of errors, and doesnt compile all through09:48
Gneacsaba_: that's the *ONLY* thing that changed?09:48
LeoneofKartagis, i don't know how to compile madwifi, i'm newbie, any other idea?09:48
Spikemccnot really it's a matter of choice mostly ...09:48
IledenSpikemcc: I'd also be interested to know what in the upgrade causes it not to work.09:49
csaba_workgroup and netbios names are uppercase now09:49
IledenSpikemcc: in case there is a workaround.09:49
Leoneofmagnetron: i use external WLAN , not built-in laptop09:49
Spikemcc8.04 and 8.10 work with ati catalyst 9.4 but 9.04 need a patch that don't work well09:49
tyler_hey whats a good gui ftp server for ubuntu?09:50
Spikemccbut as 8.04 and 8.10 most difference is the support, I choose 8.0409:50
KartagisLeoneof, use ndiswrapper, not madwifi09:50
moncky!best | tyler_09:51
ubottutyler_: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.09:51
csaba_hosts allow = 192.168.0. localhost now has a comma between them09:51
LeoneofKatagis, i used ndiswrapper :`(09:51
csaba_but really I do not see anything09:51
csaba_I will pastebot it09:51
tyler_moncky: how bout u just give me one that you like...no need to do that !best09:51
prospirethis is strange....search recursion in google and see did u mean?09:51
Sj4lut_So once again... pppoeconf won't really automatically connect dsl while boot. Why is that? Also when dynamic ip has b33n changed, it won't trigger again?09:51
ubottuSetting up an ADSL/PPPoE connection? Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ADSLPPPoE09:51
IledenSpikemcc: yeah, but I'm running 9.04, not 8.10, so it would be a significant downgrade09:51
IledenSpikemcc: anyway, thanks for the infromation.09:52
Spikemcctyler_ filezilla is well known09:52
tyler_i have filezilla but isnt that a ftp client and not a server?09:52
IledenSpikemcc: the guide does speak about an open source driver, though, not Catalyst (which I assume is ATI prorietary driver)09:52
Kartagistyler_, filezilla also has a server09:53
csaba_gnea: http://paste.ubuntu.com/229833/09:53
csaba_look here09:53
Iledentyler_: there are both filezilla client, and filezilla server09:53
SpikemccATI driver yes09:53
monckyIleden: isnt filezilla server windows only?09:53
tyler_Ileden: are they separeate apps or are they the same09:53
Iledentyler_: separate.09:53
Spikemccopen source driver is installed at start on 8.10 and 9.04 but it's not good ...09:54
Iledenmoncky: hem, could be right. I am a windows migrater, afert all, and haven't used filezilla server on linux09:54
Kartagistyler_, filezille server is windows only09:54
Gneacsaba_: hrm, it took out 'socket options'09:54
dahliais there a way I can use a 32 bit gstreamer with my 8.10 64 bit system?09:54
monckyIleden: yeah just had a look, tis windows only09:55
tyler_damn...any other ftp servers...im transferring terabytes of data over a network and windows keeps disconnecting...so im gonna try ftp09:55
csaba_gnea: like what?09:55
monckytyler_: try vsftp its not gui but is pretty simple to setup09:55
causasuiI have a USB hard drive and I'd like to make partitions with various linux/windows installer disc ISOs on it so I could boot whichever one easily. Is that possible? how?09:55
IledenSpikemcc: the guide lists "Full 3D support" for "9200 / rv280 based cards", and I understand it's talking about the open source "ati" driver09:55
monckytyler_: if you are transferring large ammounds of data you would be better with scp09:55
Ileden(or "radeon", to be exact - it seems "ati" is only a wrapper)09:56
monckytyler_: secure transfer protocol09:56
monckytyler_: scp tyler@localhost:/path/to/file tyler@remotehost:/destination/of/file09:56
Iledenmoncky, tyler_: ah, filezilla server is only for windows. sorry for the false info.09:57
csaba_gnea: now what?09:57
SpikemccIleden try ati catalyst 9.4 on ubuntu hardy heron 8.04.3 LTS09:58
monckytyler_: you will need to add some options ot that which I cant remeber right now check man scp for more info09:58
Gneacsaba_: okay, it also elminated the security type, so you'll need to go through to the GUI and change it back to user09:58
Gneacsaba_: that's probably what's preventing the login09:58
csaba_oh, that is why I can not add it to the domain09:58
icewatermanhas this dialog been removed in jaunty? http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/turn-off-auto-play-of-audio-and-video-cds-and-dvds-in-ubuntu/09:58
tyler_do i need a server running to do secure transfer protocol?09:59
Gnearight, it doesn't know how to handle logins correctly09:59
Spikemccin case if you really miss your shot try envyng ... I used it from the terminal "envyng -t" when envyng is installed before09:59
csaba_it is secutiry = user in swat09:59
csaba_I do not understand09:59
IledenSpikemcc: I don't feel like it's a good idea to downgrade my system. I guess I'll have to fish for another diplay adapter. :-/ But if 9.04 does have the opne source driver, and i's listed as sproviding full 3d support, shouldn't it work?10:00
Gneabut it's not explicitly set in the smb.conf file10:00
csaba_ok, how would I do that?10:00
Gneachange it to something else and save it, then change it back to user and save it again10:00
csaba_should I press set default in swat?10:01
Iledentyler_: If I remeber correctly, you only need to start the "remote shell server (ssh)" from services to get scp to work.10:01
Gneai would avoid it10:01
csaba_ok then how to explicitly set it?10:02
SpikemccIleden just don't expect 3d gaming ...10:02
Iledentyler_: what os are you transferring from?10:02
IledenSpikemcc: not expecting - I'd get a better card for that. I'd like to get google earth and such, only.10:02
Gneacsaba_: 04:00 < Gnea> change it to something else and save it, then change it back to user and save it again10:03
Spikemccthe open source driver should do well10:03
IledenSpikemcc: yeah, as long as I got it to work...10:03
tyler_Ileden: im transfering files off ubuntu drives to a windows pc10:03
csaba_well, I do not see why is this better then hand editing it10:04
monckytyler_: from two seperate machines in the same location?10:04
tyler_yes 2 different computers located directly next to each other on a gigabyte network10:04
Gneacsaba_: it keeps the configuration options neat and in-line10:04
csaba_gnea: still can not add to domain10:05
Gneacsaba_: did it actually save correctly with security = user now?10:05
Iledentyler_: ok, then you also need an scp client for windows. There's at least WinSCP, that I know of.10:05
monckytyler_: ah ok, so what you need to do is look at setting up samba10:05
moncky!samba | tyler_10:05
ubottutyler_: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.10:05
monckytyler_: have a look at that link10:05
jubeiwhat is japanese unbuntu channel?10:05
tyler_moncky: i have samba shares already setup....10:06
Myrtti!jp | jubei10:06
ubottu日本語の場合は #ubuntu-jp または #kubuntu-jp を参照して下さい10:06
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ubottujubei: please see above10:06
Iledenmoncky: really? it it's an one time transfer, isn't messing with samba a bit too much?10:06
Iledentyler_: is it a one time transfer, or do you need to transfer often?10:06
tyler_samba is already setup guys...10:06
csaba_gnea: I restarted samba and the xp10:06
monckyIleden: samba is the tool for the job10:06
tyler_i go to samba shares on windows and copy and paste the files and my windows network crashes....so i was gonnat try ftp cause u can resume and stuff10:07
monckytyler_: so you should be able to simply drag and drop10:07
Gneacsaba_: okay, i'm assuming you checked the config file and it now has security = user10:07
tyler_yeah i can drag and drop10:07
* richardcavell is installing xorg-edgers and linux 2.6.30 and he'll let you all know how it goes10:07
Guest44350Myrtti, no one is in there10:07
tyler_windows keeps shitting itself when i try to copy over smb10:07
Iledentyler_: yeah, I've had some trouble with Samba as well....10:07
tyler_i want something with file integerty and one i can resume where i left off if there is a problem10:08
monckytyler_: why is that? you should get the reason somoewhere in the event logs10:08
DimitreeCan i save the drivers for my DVB-S2 card and copy paste them in a new Ubuntu install ?10:08
csaba_it doesn't after I restarted samba10:08
csaba_what is going on here?10:09
Gneathen add it by hand10:09
* Gnea has no idea10:09
tyler_Ileden: can u help me set up the ssh thing or whatever u were talking about10:09
Iledentyler_: ok, scp is an option, although fixing samba sounds good too. For scp transfer, activate "remote shell sever (ssh)" from ubntu, and get WinSCP (or such) for windows, and try that for file transfers.10:09
tyler_i cant use something like flashfxp or something...a normal ftp client?10:10
csaba_gnea: if I click security = share then it is in the smb.conf10:10
csaba_but then when I click security = user it is not in smb.conf10:10
Iledentyler_: ftp clients don't usually know how to use scp.10:10
csaba_gnea: what is this?10:10
tyler_Ileden: how do i start ssh and how do i manage what files are shared10:10
monckytyler_: are you trying to copy everything in one go?10:11
Gneacsaba_: okay, make it share, then edit it by hand to be user, save it, restart10:11
Iledentyler_: with scp, you're basically using your own Ubuntu user account to do transfers, so there's no separate setting for what's shared.10:11
Gneacsaba_: i've never seen it do that before10:11
tyler_moncky: yes about 3 tb worth from like 5 diff drive10:11
Gneacsaba_: it could be assuming that =user is the default setting10:11
Iledentyler_: System->Administration->Services10:12
csaba_I am about to install ubuntu 8.0410:12
csaba_I am totally fed up with this10:12
csaba_it is not working still10:13
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ubottuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore10:13
csaba_xp say it can not connect to any domain controllers10:13
Gneacsaba_: well, I don't know what else to suggest, other than check your logfiles in /var/log/samba/ or just set it back up with webmin. I'm sorry, but I've never seen this problem before, and without any input from you as far as syslog information goes, it's difficult to pinpoint the problem, still.10:14
Gneacsaba_: at this point, you may also want to ask in #samba10:15
linux_manjucsaba_: Can you repeat the question please10:15
rob__i need help!!!10:15
Iledentyler_: what you want to activate, is "Remote shell server (ssh)". This allows you to log onto your Ubuntu form other computers in the network with SSH, using your username and password.10:15
Gnea!ask | rob__10:15
ubotturob__: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:15
Gneacsaba_: it might also be a good idea to walk away and come back to it later, like get some sleep in the meantime, unless other people are depending on you for this10:16
csaba_gnea: thanks a billion for trying to help10:16
csaba_I have been doing this all week almost10:16
tyler_Ileden: I dont see that in services...cant i just type a command in terminal to start ssh server or somethng10:16
Iledentyler_: (also, if you don't need it after the transfer, remember to deactivate it.)10:16
csaba_reinstalled ubuntu twice10:17
Gneacsaba_: sorry it hasn't worked out yet, but hopefully this will give you a better avenue to get it to work10:17
Boohbahtyler_: sudo /etc/init.d/ssh start10:17
Gneacsaba_: reinstalling certainly won't fix it properly, but that's your call10:17
csaba_gnea: the bad part is that it worked fine for sometime10:17
csaba_then it crashed10:17
rob__ok well when i boot LINUX KARMIC latest kernel, it looks like it will boot fine, and then firstly it says "NVIDIA (96.43.10) FAIL"      Then when it rund through that it says ASSUMING DRIVE CACH: WRITE THROUGH,    it says this twice and then o the second just freezes and wont boot10:17
Boohbahrob__: /join #ubuntu+110:18
Gneacsaba_: that's why i keep an eye on my syslog, so that when things do crash, i can go back and see why10:18
tyler_Boohbah: command not found...do i need to install something?10:18
Iledentyler_: hmm... could be you don't have the ssh packages.10:18
rob__it did this after i went back to the old nvidia driver and turned compiz off10:18
Boohbahtyler_: sudo apt-get install openssh-server10:18
csaba_Jul 24 11:18:29 pc3 winbindd[2910]:   Receiving SMB: Server stopped responding10:18
csaba_Jul 24 11:18:29 pc3 winbindd[2922]: [2009/07/24 11:18:29,  0] libsmb/namequery.c:saf_store(75)10:18
csaba_Jul 24 11:18:29 pc3 winbindd[2922]:   saf_store: refusing to store 0 length domain or servername!10:18
linux_manjuBoohbah: Whats ubuntu+1 ?10:18
csaba_this is what I am getting all the time10:18
monckytyler_: try sudo /etc/init.d/sshd start10:18
DJonesrob__: Support for Karmic is currently in #ubuntu+1, you need to join that channel as most people here won't be using it10:18
Iledentyler_: yeah, what Boohbah said. :)10:18
tyler_yeah it wasnt installed10:19
csaba_linux_manju: look here:10:19
csaba_my previous post10:19
linux_manjucsaba_: Ah... got it .. thanks10:19
csaba_gnea: any ideas?10:20
BellinXFelonhow can i get rhythmbox music player to rip a cd in mp3 format?10:20
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Gneacsaba_: not at this time, I'm exhausted for the night10:21
tyler_lleden: ok ssh server is started....now what...? install that windows program?10:21
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lazlowhois lazlo10:21
csaba_and thanks a lot10:21
Gneagood luck10:21
Iledentyler_: yup. WinSCP is the one I know of. Sure there are others too.10:22
csaba_just one more?10:22
Boohbah!medibuntu | BellinXFelon10:22
ubottuBellinXFelon: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org10:22
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BoohbahBellinXFelon: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/rhythmbox/+question/3201410:22
csaba_do I need winbind to make samba a PDC?10:22
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csaba_gnea:  do I need winbind to make samba a PDC?10:23
jeevesI hooped my boot loader, how can I fix it without killing my current installed OSes?10:24
csaba_linux_manju: what do you think?10:24
jeeveslinux_manju, any ideas on how to restore the GRUB loader?10:25
tyler_Ileden: ok what is the hostname and username and password and port for it? I know the hostname to the computer10:26
monckyjeeves: can you boot into your install atall?10:26
DimitreeHow can i save my custom isntalled DVB drivers ? I want to reinstall ubuntu.10:26
linux_manjujeeves: Yes10:26
linux_manjujeeves: Boot from the live CD and chroot then grub-install /dev/sda10:26
linux_manjumake sure to specify correct drive10:26
Gneacsaba_: i don't remember... better to ask the people in #samba bout that one10:27
jeevesmoncky, nope.  I'm getting "boot0: error" now.  I tried installing another OS on a small partition @ the end.  I was able to boot with the live CD, and I can see all the partitions there, and all of the data10:27
Iledentyler_: the host is the Ubuntu computer's IP address, user and password your Ubuntu username&password10:27
zenweeanybody bought a laptop at around $ 500 recently and wouldn't mind sharing their thoughts about its compatibility with linux in general? or in regards to linux drivers working for graphics and network card10:27
linux_manjucsaba_: TBK.. Winbind will map Windows user SID to GID ..10:27
tyler_Ileden: whats the default port for the ssh server?10:27
ikoniatyler_: 2210:27
sash_zenwee:  depends on the hardware. i have a netbook for about 300 euro and it runs out of the box with linux10:28
Iledentyler_: 2210:28
jeevesIleden, I've got Ubuntu, Window XP, and soon to be OSX running on an Acer Netbook10:28
monckyjeeves: you can try what linux_manju said above, alternativley you can also try super grub disk, which is a boot disk that will attempt to repair your grub install10:28
linux_manjutyler_: 2210:28
ikoniajeeves: then your OSX install is illegal10:28
* linux_manju lagging :P10:28
andrew_46zenwee: Dell Latitude D520 last year for $500 ---> runs ubuntu + slackware no worries10:28
csaba_linux_manju: do I need it if I want samba PDC for xp boxes?10:28
zenweei was looking more to a laptop not a netbook,10:28
tyler_hackintosh ftw10:28
Iledenikonia: eek, hackintosh! :)10:28
ikoniatyler_: that's illegal - please don't discuss it here10:28
linux_manjucsaba_:  Yes10:28
ZiggyzxxylHelp! I can't export a video to a DV  file in Kino - I just get "failed to write to file. Is filename ok?"10:28
jeevesikonia, I know. it's for testing only10:29
csaba_that is my problem10:29
csaba_it is crashing10:29
ikoniajeeves: doesn't matter10:29
jeevesmoncky, is there a URL for the super grub disk?10:29
Iledenbesides, hackintosh is not an ubuntu issue, illegality aside.10:29
linux_manjucsaba_: check winbind log10:29
jeevesikonia, buzz killer.10:29
fuffalois ubuntu 7.10 still supported10:29
ikonia7.10 is End OF Life10:30
csaba_<linux_manju>: my syslog says: 01 pc3 winbindd[2910]: [2009/07/24 11:30:01,  0] libsmb/namequery.c:saf_store(75)10:30
csaba_Jul 24 11:30:01 pc3 winbindd[2910]:   saf_store: refusing to store 0 length domain or servername!10:30
fuffalois that why my apt-get update is failing?10:30
monckyjeeves: hang on a sec Ill have a look10:30
DimitreeHow can i backup my custom isntalled DVB drivers ? I want to reinstall ubuntu.10:30
monckyjeeves: http://www.supergrubdisk.org/10:30
jeevesmoncky, do you have to specify a partition for it to look on?10:30
csaba_<linux_manju> where is it?10:31
linux_manjucsaba_: I guess.. there is a dedicated winbind log in /var/log/smb .. Dont remember the name10:31
zenweeor what about the dell 15n that ships with ubuntu, anybody had issues with it?10:31
monckyjeeves: no, it scans your disks and makes and educated guess at the most likely place things are10:31
andrew_46fuffalo: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Ubuntu_releases#Ubuntu_7.10_.28Gutsy_Gibbon.2910:31
linux_manjucsaba_: Is your system time is in sync with XP time ( Max delay allowed is 3 Mins as per Default KRB policy )10:31
jeevesmoncky, cool!  why didn't I know about this?  LOL10:31
monckyjeeves: I have never had a problem with it but YMMV10:31
jeevesmoncky, I guess the bottle of wine would help as well.  I just want to see if I can tri-boot this box10:32
ZiggyzxxylHelp! I can't export a video to a DV  file in Kino - I just get "failed to write to file. Is filename ok?"10:32
csaba_<linux_manju> this is in winbind log "Jul 24 11:32:46 pc3 winbindd[2910]:   saf_store: refusing to store 0 length domain or servername!10:33
csaba_Jul 24 11:32:56 pc3 winbindd[2910]: [2009/07/24 11:32:56,  0] libsmb/clientgen.c:cli_receive_smb(165)10:33
csaba_Jul 24 11:32:56 pc3 winbindd[2910]:   Receiving SMB: Server stopped responding "10:33
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tyler_Ileden: does scp transer have some kind of limit to the speed...i have a gigabit network and its only transferring at 12.5 MB/s and over SMB it was transferring at like 6010:33
ikoniatyler_: you won't get through put at a gig10:34
Boohbahcsaba_: "refusing to store 0 length domain or servername!" ... means you need a domain or servername10:34
tyler_ikonia: what10:34
fuffaloso how do i upgrade from 7.10 to 8.04 if my sources.list is out of date?10:35
csaba_<Boohbah>: where do I need to set it?10:35
linux_manjucsaba_: http://help.lockergnome.com/linux/Samba-Samba-PDC--ftopict492781.html10:35
linux_manjuCheck this..10:35
ikoniafuffalo: 7.10 repos are on old-release.ubuntu.com10:36
ikonia!upgrade > fuffalo10:36
ubottufuffalo, please see my private message10:36
andrew_46fuffalo: Karmic is out in october10:37
csaba_so guys, please tell my what should I set and where10:37
csaba_I am totally exhausetd10:37
linux_manjucsaba_: Check the URL and the solution at the bottom10:38
jeevesmoncky, thanks again.  I'm going to give this a try10:38
Iledentyler_: it shouldn't have any limit.10:38
tyler_Ileden: weird...10:38
monckyjeeves: np let me know how it goes10:38
Iledentyler_: it might be a bit slower than fpt, since there's encryption and all, but i've never noticed any significant speed issues10:39
Iledentyler_: maybe winscp has some weird settings somewhere?10:39
csaba_<linux_manju>: I am very sorry but I do not see it10:40
tyler_ah...well the both hard drives have speeds capable of 60MB/s that i have gotten over smb...yeah i wiil look at settings10:40
csaba_what do I miss in my config?10:40
tyler_ah speed is unlimited10:40
linux_manjucsaba_: Search for  lanman auth = Yes in the same page10:40
monckytyler_: im beginning to wonder if your linux side is working fine and that the issue is with the reciving windows machine? Have you asked anyone at ##windows?10:40
raimohave anyone ever tried to compile kernel with these instructions? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/GitKernelBuild10:41
csaba_lanman auth = Yes10:41
csaba_ntlm auth = No10:41
csaba_lm announce = Yes10:41
csaba_client lanman auth = Yes10:41
FloodBot2csaba_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:41
csaba_do you mean I should use these in my smb.conf?10:41
raimoI took config from my current kernel 2.6.28 something and compiled the 2.6.3110:41
raimomy kernel's size is 270m wtf?10:41
ikoniaraimo: 2.6.29 is a karmic kernel10:41
raimoinitrd image is also 50m10:41
ikoniaraimo: please control your language10:42
raimook, sorry10:42
linux_manjucsaba_: yes10:43
Iledentyler_: well, unfortunately my knowledge ends here. Hopefully someone else can help you debug the scp speed.10:43
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windozeIleden: thanks a lot i will test it...how do i turn the ssh server off after im done?10:43
Ziggyzxxylwhat is this nonsense???? how come I have to run Kino as root to be able to export a DV file? That can't be right???10:44
Boohbahwindoze: sudo /etc/init.d/ssh stop10:44
windozeok thats what i thought thanks guys10:44
ikoniaZiggyzxxyl: depends who owns the device your accessing from, and the file system your writing too10:45
Iledenwindoze: or by gui, System->Administration->Services10:45
windozeok awesome10:45
csaba_I need to restart my machine10:45
csaba_be back10:46
frogzoois there a toolbar applet that will graph my cpu?10:46
fuffaloin the hardyupgrades it says the 2.6.22-15 kerne will freeze, and i should use 2.6.22-14, however im using, how do i know if that will freeze10:46
Ziggyzxxylikonia: well it is completely nuts cos I can read and write mpeg files and project files etc from kino as a normal user, but try to write a DV file and it shats itself and says it can't write the file... unless I am running Kino as root.. I don't understand what is causing it.10:46
maxagazusing tcpdump, can i check the content of this this chat for example ?10:46
jeevesmoncky, this Grub disk won't do what I need10:47
farciarz84I have ubuntu installed10:47
farciarz84can I add another10:47
farciarz84Desktop Enviroment10:48
linux_manjumaxagaz: Yes10:48
maxagazlinux_manju, how ?10:48
linux_manjumaxagaz: But.. it will take an year to interpret it10:48
linux_manjumaxagaz: tcpdump -nei eth0 -vv -X10:48
maxagazlinux_manju, using grep...10:48
monckyjeeves: doh, ok might be time for you to learn all about grub configs :D they are quite simple really, ill grab you a link10:48
linux_manjumaxagaz: or may be couple of more Xs10:48
jeevesmoncky, so far, /dev/sda3 is the Linux boot partition, and I can't get it to see it10:48
linux_manjumaxagaz: tcpdump -nei eth0 -vv -XxXx10:48
spiderwomanwhat i have to type in to search for files? i used to use this thing but i have forgotten everything10:49
jeevesmoncky, if I could get the MBR to boot to /dev/sda3, then I'd be set10:49
linux_manjumaxagaz: Still.. you may see some of the texts.. but .. along with tcp Headers10:49
nathan7jeeves: what's in your mbr? grub?10:49
maxagazlinux_manju, that's what i want :)10:49
nathan7jeeves: I'd use syslinux mbr, set it as active, voila10:49
faifashello, fellow Ubuntu users,  was wondering if any of you could pass me a hint of how do I change my custom application launcher icon? I made it to launch a tool, just want to have a custom icon now. Thanks in advance.10:49
farciarz84how can I add a KDE to choose at startup between kde and gnome?10:50
monckyjeeves: you need to have somthing that is bootable on sda310:50
jeevesnathan7, yes, this was orignally a dual boot system (Windows XP, and Ubuntu), then I tried installing OSX (yes, I know, it's ilegal), and now I get the "error0: boot" error10:50
monckyjeeves: i assume you due10:50
linux_manjumaxagaz: that should do it then. may be you would like ti specify some ports..10:50
nathan7jeeves: OSx86!10:50
nathan7jeeves: I never got it to work D=10:50
* nathan7 wants a processor with SSE[1-2]10:50
linux_manjumaxagaz: for eg.. tcpdump -nei eth0 port XXXX -XxXx -vv10:50
maxagazlinux_manju, how ?10:50
nathan7jeeves: Mhm, you can use GRUB10:51
jeevesnathan7, lol, I opened my mouth last night to the boss and a few others, so I need to get this to work before the sun comes up, or I have to pick up that bar tab.10:51
linux_manjureplace port XXXX with actual port10:51
nathan7jeeves: Boot into ubuntu livecd10:51
monckyjeeves: here is a good place to start http://www.gnu.org/software/grub/manual/html_node/Configuration.html#Configuration10:51
jeevesnathan7, I've got the live CD booted (this is a netbook, so I've got a frankenstine of a USB to CD-ROM sitting on the kitchen table ight now10:52
nathan7jeeves: mhm, okay, open a terminal10:53
jeevesnathan7, commands?10:53
maxagazlinux_manju, what does -XxXx stands for ?10:53
linux_manjumaxagaz: Extended headers10:53
nathan7jeeves: Okay10:53
nathan7jeeves: sudo apt-get install syslinux10:53
jeevesnathan7, is this going to hoop my current install?10:53
nathan7jeeves: No10:53
nathan7jeeves: It shouldn't10:54
maxagazlinux_manju, is it possible to see only the content without header ?10:54
jeevesnathan7, ok, newest one is installed10:54
nathan7jeeves: =)10:54
nathan7jeeves: sudo -i10:54
nathan7jeeves: cat /usr/lib/syslinux/mbr.bin > /dev/sda10:54
nathan7jeeves: fdisk /dev/sda10:54
kripzWhy is my JFS raid5 always entering read only mode? Im getting errors in dmesg but i dont know what is causing it. Ive run samsung diagnostic tools on all the harddrives and smarmontools, they all pass. Tested ram with memtest, passed. Heres log: http://pastebin.com/m2f62fbf010:54
nathan7jeeves: a10:54
nathan7jeeves: 310:55
nathan7jeeves: w10:55
nathan7jeeves: reboot10:55
linux_manjumaxagaz: Well.. a python/perl script to parse that.. but not sure10:55
linux_manjumaxagaz: What are you trying to achive?10:55
nathan7kripz: mount -o remount,rw /path/to/mountpoint10:56
maxagazlinux_manju, i'd like to see the content of uncrypted discussions10:56
jeevesnathan7, I hope this won't hoop my install10:56
kripznathan7, that doesnt explain why its always going into read only mode10:56
linux_manjumaxagaz: But why?10:56
maxagazlinux_manju, just to check10:56
nathan7jeeves: Me too10:56
nathan7kripz: True10:56
Iledenmaxagaz: you goal seems a bit fishy to me.10:57
jeevesnathan7, ok, rebooting10:57
nathan7jeeves: =)10:57
jeevesnathan7, lol, boot error.  "boot0:error"10:58
nathan7jeeves: Aw10:58
nathan7jeeves: Is 3 your linux partition?10:58
nathan7jeeves: What is 1?10:58
jeevesnathan7, it's /dev/sda5 I think.  one sec10:59
nathan7jeeves: Oh10:59
nathan7jeeves: That's a bit harder10:59
nathan7jeeves: You could just try the fdisk stuff with 5 instead of 310:59
jeevesnathan7, I did that actully11:00
nathan7jeeves: Ah11:00
Iledenmaxagaz: but if you're aiming for all uncrypted conversations, best bet might be to analyze the packet data in some script, that recognizers typical characteristics of language, and displays only stuff it recognizes as language.11:00
zkhey guys, i' m using Ubuntu 9.04 and Google maps in firefox doesn't work....do i have to install any Java stuff?11:00
jeevesnathan7, isn't there a grub-install command?11:00
nathan7jeeves: Yes11:00
spiderwoman@find dope11:00
nathan7jeeves: mount sda5 somewhere11:00
bloupotloodIs there a cisco sim for ubuntu?11:01
nathan7jeeves: grub-install --root-directory=/mountpoint/boot /dev/sda511:01
nathan7jeeves: iirc11:01
jeevesnathan7, I can see all of the partitions right now, and it looks like the data is there.  if I can get back the the proper grub parition, then I can go from there.  I hate the live CD11:01
FloodBot2simey00irc: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:01
nathan7jeeves: I see11:01
maxagazIleden, actually, many people in my company are using qq (a chinese messaging protocol like MSN), and i'd like to archive the conversations11:02
jeevesnathan7, it's just that it's a netbook, so EVERYTHING is slow11:02
nathan7jeeves: =p11:02
nathan7jeeves: I'm on a 701 right now11:02
nathan7jeeves: (600mhz, anyone?)11:02
erUSULbloupotlood: apt-cache search cisco11:02
nathan7Whish I