* BUGabundo $ sle -ep; echo load /dev/urandom /dev/eyes01:04
BookmanI don't seem to be able to install the ubuntuone-client on my computer.  I installed the PPA with no issued and when I go to install the client, nothing happens.  I try again and the install window pops up.  I try install and it says that Synaptic is already running in non-interactive mode.  I never encountered this on my other computer.05:22
werssyncdaemon is eating 1.9gb of my ram. wow07:40
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* jblount may need to go purchase some DayQuill13:25
Chipacasounds like something on a duck13:27
CardinalFangPortuguese porcupine.13:28
jblountChipaca: My spelling goes out the window when my nose is stuffed up.13:28
CardinalFangHe does type funny.13:28
Chipacaoh, great, so now we have to spellcheck your css?13:28
diverse_izzueis it correct that changes (uploads) to the webfrontend are not directly pushed to the client, but only after reconnecting?13:30
jblountdiverse_izzue: Currently, yes.13:31
diverse_izzueok. and is it known that the webfrontend looks completely distorted using webkit browsers?13:32
Chipacadiverse_izzue: the api server the client connects to is not notified of the uploads done via web13:32
Chipacadiverse_izzue: you can work around it by using u1sdtool --refresh13:32
jblountdiverse_izzue: On my webkit browsers, it looks reasonably similar, however we'll be moving to a new front end for the web soonish.13:33
diverse_izzuejblount, i'll test the new one then and get back to you if i still have issues.13:34
jblountdiverse_izzue: That'd be great, thanks!13:35
jblountMEETING BEGINS15:01
jblountIf you are here to party (where party == have the desktop+ meeting), say me15:01
jblountvds, urbanape, CardinalFang ?15:02
jblountDONE: Distracted by statik on css stuff while urbanape fixed my deleting files branch15:03
jblountTODO: remove as much blockage from new ui as possible15:03
jblountteknico: rocknroll15:03
CardinalFangme, dawg.15:03
jblountBLOCKED: Nope15:03
teknicoDONE: planned story-0019 with markgsaye, rebuit the stacked repo15:03
teknicoTODO: getting the testing scripts branch landed through the fire of unrelated test errors, check service/subscription when syncing phone15:03
teknicoBLOCKED: slowed down by branch corruption due to slowbook crashes15:03
tekniconext: rodrigo_15:03
jblountrodrigo_: Your turn :)15:04
rodrigo_DONE: continue packaging stuff in openSUSE BS. Landed become-tomboy-friend branch15:05
rodrigo_TODO: more opensuse packaging. OAuth fixes for tomboy. Evo-couchdb work15:05
rodrigo_BLOCKED: 4 branches still need review :)15:05
rodrigo_lost who's next, sorry, when leaving and rejoining15:05
statikDONE: Worked on CSS with jblount, learned some neat tricks for debugging CSS.15:05
statikTODO: Make an ubuntu package for lp:bindwood. publish desktop-contacts python module.15:05
statikBLCK: None.15:05
rodrigo_statik I think it was15:05
statiknext is dobey15:05
dobeyDONE: Fixed DBus mainloop issue in client, Fixed new nautilus crasher15:05
dobeyTODO: Reviews, IOError in client, Plan client repo upgrades to 1.9-rich-root and 2a, #37870715:05
dobeyBLCK: None.15:06
dobeyvds: you're up15:06
vdsDONE: yesterday face duty, today on-call review, landed the two branches blocked by pqm failures One branch still not passing...15:06
vdsTODO: continue on couchdb db snapshots15:06
vdsBLOCKED: nope15:06
vdsyour turn urbanape15:06
urbanapeDONE: Submitted initial deletion branch, cut a new branch for new shares, submitted a few bug tickets.15:06
urbanapeTODO: Finish new shares branch, return to sharing UI branch, tidy up files list on delete.15:06
urbanapeBLOCK: Nope.15:06
urbanapeNobody expects the CardinalFang!15:06
CardinalFangThank you, sir.15:06
CardinalFangDONE: Minor fixes to desktopcouch.  Harassed folks about package upgrades sticking.  Pondered pairing tool while thrashing at karmic breakage.15:06
CardinalFangTODO: Get spawning tested on edge; merge some code that will let us test it.  Add simple DBUS call to pairing tool that gets port.  Pick up mail transactions again, grr.  Ya rly.15:06
CardinalFangBLOCKED: Karmic breakage of dev environment.15:06
jblountMEETING ENDS15:06
jblountWell done you DONE: Distracted by statik on css stuff while urbanape fixed my deleting files branch engineers!15:07
jblountTODO: remove as much blockage from new ui as possible15:07
* jblount scowls at copy and paste15:07
urbanapeit is a tricky technology15:07
statiki finally got my keys remapped nicely on the laptop last night, have been making plenty of copy n paste errors since then15:08
statikchanged caps lock to control, and command to alt15:08
jblountI can't not blame my beloved command key15:08
statikhopefully that helps with the screaming pain in my thumb15:08
CardinalFangstatik, "ubunet-database-dependencies" lists postgresql 8.3.  Can 8.4 work?  That's what is new in Karmic.15:22
statikCardinalFang: i don't know whether it's been tried yet. migrating would be fine with me, if we can do it in an orderly way and get 8.4 deployed in production15:27
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* CardinalFang boggles.15:44
CardinalFangIs "make start" really working for everyone else?15:45
CardinalFangstatik, Please paste "lsof -i4TCP@localhost | cut -d" " -f7 | cut -d "," -f1) | grep "TCP " | grep LISTEN | awk \'{print $8}\' | cut -d":" -f2 | grep beam"15:45
CardinalFangstatik, or, better,   lsof -i4TCP@localhost | grep beam15:51
CardinalFangjblount, ^15:52
jblountCardinalFang: beam.smp 26496 jblount   11u  IPv4 1110247      0t0  TCP localhost:34615->localhost:4369 (ESTABLISHED)15:54
CardinalFangjblount,   lsof -i4TCP@localhost | grep beam |grep LISTEN15:55
jblountCardinalFang: ""15:55
CardinalFangjblount, have you run  "make start" lately?15:56
jblountIt's running currently, although I get a few failures, the web ui works.15:56
jblountCardinalFang: Here is the last bit of 'make start': https://pastebin.canonical.com/20299/15:57
CardinalFangjblount, ah, so your user couch isn't running.15:59
CardinalFangThat's mildly comforting.15:59
CardinalFangjblount,  $ cat tmp/couchdb-master.std*16:00
CardinalFang"{"init terminating in do_boot",{{badmatch,{error,{{case_clause,{error,eacces}},[{couch_config,load_ini_file,1}  ...."?16:01
jblountCardinalFang: https://pastebin.canonical.com/20302/16:01
jblountOh, yeah, similar msg16:01
statikCardinalFang: beam.smp  12111 emurphy   15u  IPv4  65756      0t0  TCP jitter-shadow:63587 (LISTEN)16:02
statikbeam.smp  12258 emurphy   10u  IPv4  65754      0t0  TCP jitter-shadow:34271 (LISTEN)16:02
CardinalFangjblount, Okay.  couchdb config files in /etc aren't readable by you.  That's step one of your breakage.   $ sudo chmod -R o+r /etc/couchdb16:02
CardinalFangAlready reported, bug#40357516:03
* jblount restarts u116:04
jblountCardinalFang: My connection, she is still refused. Shall I re-run some random commands for you?16:06
CardinalFangNo, I'm working on next step now.16:06
* CardinalFang acquires lunch.16:38
jblountaway to lunch!17:20
* Chipaca points people at http://launchpadlibrarian.net/29487626/syncdaemon-notify.py17:24
Chipacadobey: can I add that to contrib/ ?17:24
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dobeyChipaca: what does it do?18:06
Chipacadobey: uses the dbus api to syncdaemon to pop up notifications when some things happen18:07
Chipacadobey: still needs work, but better than nothing :)18:07
Chipacadobey: try it! :)18:07
dobeyChipaca: there's a bug to add notifications for ul/dl events to the applet18:07
dobeywhich i guess you probably attached that too, which is why it's on lplibrarian.net18:08
Chipacadobey: nope, because I'm not happy with how I'm handling those right now18:08
Chipacadobey: I attached to a bug about the state, which I think is close to 'it' AFAIAC18:09
Chipacadobey: beuno will puke when he sees it, I'm sure (but he's already got an email from me)18:09
dobeywell djseigel/arusha are supposed to poke me today about UI stuff18:10
dobeybut i've not heard from them yet18:10
Chipacadobey: meanwhile, mind if I add that to contrib/?18:11
Chipacadobey: does contrib/ get into the package?18:12
dobeycontrib/ does not get packaged, no18:12
Chipacamaybe not in contrib/ then :-D18:14
dobeycontrib/ is just extra stuff to build/test18:16
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jpds'lo folks, anyone know what could be causing bug #404280 ?20:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 404280 in ubuntuone-client "ubuntuone-syncdaemon crashed with AttributeError in __init__()" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40428020:30
* verterok looks the logs20:35
verterokjpds: hi20:41
verterokjpds: looks like a bug in the code that upgrades the metadata20:42
verterokjpds: I can help you to workaround the problem, until a fix lands20:42
jpdsverterok: Hmm, anything I can do to fix it?20:42
verterokjpds: did you updated the client?20:43
jpdsverterok: I'm running on the latest karmic packages..20:43
verterokjpds: 'echo 2 > /home/<your username>/.cache/ubuntuone/syncdaemon/vm/.version' should do the trick20:44
jpdsverterok: Wow, thanks. Now it's working. :)20:45
verterokjpds: great!20:46
jpdsverterok: All synced, thanks for that tip.20:49
verterokjpds: (disclaimer) we shouldn't mess with the data inside that directory20:50
verterokjpds: as it's the metdata used by syncdaemon20:50
verterokjpds: could you check that all the files are still there? ;)20:55
jpdsverterok: in ~/Ubuntu One/ ? Yep.20:59
verterokjpds: yes ~/Ubuntu One/My files20:59
jpdsThey're there.21:00
verterokjpds: and the shares?( ~/Ubuntu One/Shared With Me)21:01
verterokok, thanks!21:01
* jpds waves at Chipaca :)21:07
Chipacawhat *was* in .version?21:12
jpdsIt didn't exist...21:12
verterokjpds: could you do a pastebin of: ls /home/<your username>/.cache/ubuntuone/syncdaemon/vm/21:17
verterokplease ?21:17
jpds... http://paste.ubuntu.com/231425/21:19
verterokjpds: thanks!21:20
jpdsNo problem.21:20
verterokjpds: ok, thanks! I was a bit afraid about not requested that paste before doing the echo 2 > thingy21:21
verterokjpds: all it's good. your metadata should be safe ;)21:21
jpdsverterok: All is well in the end ;)21:24
verterokheh :)21:24
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