KeybukI just totally came up with a use case for a "cool feature" I've been unable to justify for ages13:45
ionPlease elaborate. :-)14:05
Keybukthe ability to specify names of jobs on the command line14:06
Keybukeither to be force-started or disabled14:07
sadmacI don't follow...14:14
sadmacdo jobs have names? job classes have names...14:14
sadmacI should say "will they." They have them now14:14
Keybuka good question ;-)15:33
sadmacKeybuk: AAR, what are you on about?15:33
KeybukI'm not entirely sure myself15:33
Keybukit must be Friday15:33
sadmacwhy...yes...it is...15:33
tomwehello. what is the latest version of upstart that supports dbus-1.2.14?21:58
ionBetter question to ask: what is the latest version of dbus that supports upstart-0.6.2 :-P22:02
tomwei know, but i have a problem with latest dbus22:03
tomweok found it: 0.5.3.. i hope it is not too old22:04

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