micahgSiDi: I think I figured it out00:13
SiDiWhat is it ?00:14
micahgI have to play with it00:15
micahgbut could it be in  xfconf-query?00:15
SiDiii checked xfconf and didnt find it00:18
micahg\I can;t seem to either00:18
micahgfound it ;)00:21
SiDi [00:50] <SiDi> the answer probably hides in xfbrowser's source code but i'm a but busy at the moment00:24
SiDia bit * ie. i cant browse it but its somewhere inside the source00:24
micahgdidn't catch that00:24
micahgxfbrowser4 %url% will work for m00:25
AmeropasiaHey guys, I have Xubuntu on a fairly old computer, I plan to buy a RAM stick or two, whats the maximum RAM Xubuntu can have?01:21
SiDi_Ameropasia: 32bits can go to 3.2 GB, 64 bits to much, much, much RAM01:30
AmeropasiaI'm a bit of a noob, how do I know if I have 32 bits pr 64?01:31
AmeropasiaAnd I have one more problem, I'm running mIRC through Wine, when I try to put a script on to mIRC, I hit alt+R and then the pop up box comes up, but it freezes and exits mIRC, anyone have ideas about that?01:36
jadez03you would be better to ask in the wine channel01:51
jadez03i think its either #wine or #winehq01:52
jadez03not sure though01:52
jadez03or just use xchat :)01:52
jadez03no need for wine01:52
SiDi_Ameropasia: if you dont know you're very very likely using 32bits01:57
SiDi_unless you used the 'amd64' cd to install01:57
SiDi_About your mIRC problem, well, install xchat and use it ! :) (irssi is good too :D)01:57
ColbyIsColbyHi all.02:07
AmeropasiaI use Xchat mainly, I just wanted to use some mIRC scripts02:10
Mkopthis is strange. I rebooted my computer (running xubuntu) and now the xfce panels aren't showing up. rebooting again didn't fix it.04:44
ColbyIsColbyhi all05:15
zerothisI have an ibook G3 original without a CD drive. How should go about putting xubuntu on it? I already tried an external CD-ROM, the ibook did not list it as a boot device for option+boot.05:27
forceszerothis, xubuntu doesn't support ppc architecture any more06:17
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psycho_oreosth0r, now continuing on about that interesting topic on wireless lol09:00
newillhello to every body11:46
newillI need some help12:01
newillcan you help me in ubuntu?12:01
jadez03depends what you need12:02
SiDi!ask | newill12:03
ubottunewill: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)12:03
jadez03SiDi, i'll have to remember that one ;)12:04
SiDinewill: what is your problem exactly ? How may we help you ?12:05
newillwhen I start the pc don't load the grafics, but remain black screen and login e password12:06
newillI can write only commands12:07
newillbut I am a few time with ubuntu and don't know a lot of command or solutions12:08
newilldid I was clear?????12:08
jadez03is this off a fresh install or did you recently change something that caused this12:08
jadez03and please focus on your english, not quite understanding you12:08
newillno I did not nothing12:08
jadez03its okay, not all of us are native speakers12:09
jadez03did you just install xubuntu?12:09
newillI installed Ubuntu 6 month ago12:09
jadez03and it worked fine until now?12:09
newillyesterday I was using normaly the pc12:09
jadez03what happens if you type 'startx' and hit enter12:10
newillin the night when I turn on12:10
newillit say: unable to open wrapper config file12:11
newilluser not authorized12:11
jadez03sudo startx12:11
newillI now write: sudo startx12:12
newillit appera a grey screen12:12
jadez03thats it? just a grey screen?12:12
newillmouse work...but there are only a loto of grey points12:12
jadez03i think you messed up your install big time last time you used it12:13
jadez03your x session wasn't logged in12:13
jadez03which is why you can use the mouse now12:13
jadez03but there is a bigger problem at hand here12:13
jadez03unless of course it's just loading really slow12:13
jadez03can't really tell since im not there12:13
newillwhat can I should try now?12:14
jadez03what are ' a loto grey points'12:14
newillgrey color12:14
jadez03try hitting alt+f212:15
jadez03does a run prompt come up?12:15
jadez03i don't know man12:15
jadez03your x session isn't logging in12:15
jadez03it does this every time you reboot?12:16
newillI tried many times12:16
newillcould be the grafic driver?12:17
jadez03could be a lot of things12:17
jadez03i'm not sure12:17
newillI can lunch the recovery mode12:17
jadez03and i'm quite tired at the moment, need to go to bed12:17
jadez03sorry i couldn't help you12:18
jadez03good luck12:18
newillthe pc in the 'eeepc'12:18
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SiDinewill: it's the graphics driver, please try the recovery mode12:19
SiDinewill: do you know if there have been any kernel updates recently ?12:20
SiDiWhat graphic card do you have ?12:20
AlvinwareAny recommendation for cleanup tool for Ubuntu?13:58
Alvinwarefuck, all away?!13:59
Alvinwarefuck pricey!13:59
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ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats18:33
x_hello all. need help with xubuntu running at 100% cpu all the time. Anyone herd of this?18:47
vinnlx_, you can open the System Monitor (Applications->System) and check what is clogging your system18:50
x_vinnl, its xorg18:52
x_vinnl, its a common problem how ever can not find a solution18:52
vinnlGot a link?18:52
x_heres one18:54
zerothisdid forces mean #xubuntu does support PPC or that the xubuntu distro doesn't come in PPC format? Because I downloaded a jaunty PPC iso, there was a PS3 variant there  too18:54
x_i googled cpu 100% Xorg xubuntu and am stuck for ideas18:55
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vinnlx_, has this always happened or did this first start occurring with a software update?18:59
x_vinnl, ever since download/install with wubi18:59
ARMENIANhey, why does xfce use more ram than ubuntu?19:01
vinnlx_, hmm... You could try a reinstall but that's unpleasant :P19:01
x_vinnl, can i reinstall from command prompt?19:02
x_vinnl i have no idea how to fix this aye.19:02
vinnlx_, well, I mean of your whole Xubuntu... Meaning going into Windows, removing Xubuntu and reinstaling it with Wubi (or a real install, of course)19:02
vinnlx_, yeah sorry, I don't have the proper fix as well, someone might come along who does19:03
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution19:03
SiDizerothis: i dont know what forces said but as far as i know yes there is a PPC ISO19:04
x_vinnl, how do i remove xubuntu from windows?19:04
vinnlx_, IIRC like you'd remove most applications in Windows, in the Add/Remove screen19:04
vinnlNot sure where to find that19:04
ubottuPowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ19:05
x_vinnl, k will try. ty19:05
vinnlBye, good luck19:05
vinnlAh,here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCDownloads :)19:06
vinnlPS3 as well indeed19:06
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DJNomadhello all19:33
DJNomadim wondering what media players I can get that wont slow xubuntu too much19:34
vinnlDJNomad, depends on how much effort you're willing to put into it ;-)19:34
DJNomadvinnl,  lol depends on what kind of effort you are talking about lol19:35
vinnlDJNomad, well, mpd is light but you need to set it up through a text file, and you'll want to install mpc and configure some keybindings to control it, andperhaps a graphical front-end too ;-)19:36
vinnlBut once you've done that, it's heaven :)19:36
SiDiDJNomad: if your computer isnt that slow i recommand Exaile 0.3.0, if you really need something EXTREMELY light, use mpd (backend) + mpc or ario (frontend)19:36
DJNomadI have run exaile before19:37
DJNomadmy pc is 733 mhz I forget how much ran ibelieve its over 512 tho19:37
DJNomadguess I will stick to listen19:38
DJNomadit aint too bad lacks a few features i like or I cant figure them out yet19:39
DJNomadonly used it for about ahour so far19:39
vinnlThere are a few more you can take a look at: Decibel, Quod Libet, ...19:40
DJNomadhas anyone had problems connecting a cell phone via usb and getting linux to access the micro sd memory card ?19:43
noobneedshelpHi, I'm completely new at xubuntu and I need some noob help :x19:44
DJNomadk nnob19:44
DJNomadI am lil new too but have solved a few probs19:44
DJNomadkeyboard not working?19:45
noobneedshelpI...can't figure out how to download... :x19:45
DJNomadjk lol19:45
DJNomaddownload ?19:45
DJNomadlike what ?19:45
noobneedshelpright now Im trying to download skype and audacity19:45
DJNomadnoob u on xubuntu?19:46
vinnlnoobneedshelp, which versoin of Xubuntu are you using?19:46
DJNomadgo to start button19:46
DJNomadand add/remove progs19:47
DJNomadmore than likely you are trying to get them from a website ?19:47
noobneedshelpthe newest version of xubuntu, I just got it today19:47
vinnlnoobneedshelp, Applications->Add/Remove...19:47
DJNomadin linux you get all progs from the add remove on start button19:47
vinnlDJNomad, not in every Linux ;-)19:48
DJNomadvinnl I was using it loosly cause i knew he was in xubuntu19:48
vinnlWhy not say Xubuntu then? :)19:49
noobneedshelpso everything is in the add/remove? like you can search for stuff to download there?19:49
vinnlnoobneedshelp, exactly19:49
DJNomadnoobneedshelp,  yes19:49
vinnlAnd if security updates for those applications are released, you'll get notified of those too and you can install them all with a single click :)19:50
noobneedshelpI like this :)19:50
vinnlnoobneedshelp, there is much to like inXubuntu ;-)19:50
vinnlnoobneedshelp, oh, by the way19:50
vinnlnoobneedshelp, you might want to select "All available applications" in the drop-down menu on top19:50
DJNomadnoobneedshelp,  me too I ran into the same prob when i first started but now i know I love it19:51
noobneedshelpnow I have another problem...when I installed xubuntu, I used dual booting, and somehow xubuntu only got like a gig of memory...is there a way to change that?19:51
vinnlnoobneedshelp, oh, and another thing: there is an excellent desktop guide available for stuff like this, just click the Buoy in the top panel'19:51
vinnlYou mean RAM memory?19:51
DJNomadnoobneedshelp,  do you have flash and java installed yet ?19:52
noobneedshelpno I dont have flash and java installed yet19:52
dewvinll, you still there?19:52
noobneedshelpand I mean just memory not ram, but like disk space19:52
vinnldew, yep19:52
noobneedshelpI thought I gave xubuntu half of the memory but somehow it only got like 1 gig...theres a bit of problems with that :x19:53
vinnlWhere do you see that?19:53
vinnl(Because IIRC Xubuntu was 1,8GB large :P)19:53
dewvinnl, its x_. tryed to reinstall and failed.:( can u help plz im?19:54
noobneedshelpit says that it cant even install the updates because Idont have enough memory19:54
DJNomadnoobneedshelp,  in xubuntu you can resize partitions19:54
DJNomadI have never done it so I will leave that to someone that has19:54
vinnldew, OK, ehm, how did it fail?19:55
vinnlnoobneedshelp, you can install "Gnome Partition Editor" to edit your partitions19:56
dewvinll, un RAM issue says i havent got enogh RAM. It worked like 5hrs ago .19:56
vinnlnoobneedshelp, I think it can resize partitions, not sure if it can resize forward19:56
DJNomadnoobneedshelp, you can get the partition editor from add remove19:56
vinnldew, has your computer been turned off meanwhile? Perhaps there's just a lot in RAM atm. (It's vinnl with double-n btw :)19:57
noobneedshelpI dont see it in addremove :o19:57
dewvinnl, Soz.lol yea maybe. i dnt think so though. maybe starting the app uses RAM? not to sure.19:58
DJNomadnoobneedshelp,  I use a trick when installing over windows.I duplicate a few big files before installin linux to set aside the room I need for linux19:58
DJNomaddo you have the all selected ?19:59
vinnlnoobneedshelp, have you selected "All Available Applications" in the drop-down menu on top?19:59
DJNomadin drop down box19:59
vinnldew, yeah well other applications might be lingering as well. You could try a restart and if you still experience the problem come back here :)19:59
DJNomadnoobneedshelp,  I am checking mine to see whats there ,I am on a new install also20:00
vinnlnoobneedshelp, what did you search on?20:01
DJNomadnoobneedshelp,  in the search box i typed gpart and it showed up for me20:01
dewvinnl yea did that and then come back here. :( this is so frustrating20:01
vinnlHmm :S20:02
DJNomadmake sure you are in the all tab20:02
noobneedshelpgpart doesnt show for me20:02
vinnlIt's the exact same installer as before?20:02
noobneedshelpI am in the all tab20:02
vinnlnoobneedshelp, OK, that's odd. Could you perhaps post a screenshot somewhere?20:03
DJNomadits gnome pariton editor20:03
dewvinnl yea havent changed a thing.:(20:04
vinnlOK then... Is there a way to see which applications are using RAM in Windows? If so, try that so see what is consuming it :P20:05
noobneedshelpback...um how do I screenshot?20:06
noobneedshelpthat was easy to screenshot...Ill post it on imageshack20:06
vinnlAh great :)20:06
dewvinnl k brb20:07
DJNomadtheres screenshot of what i get20:07
vinnlHow the hell? 0.o20:08
vinnlHmm, might that have todo with little memory20:08
DJNomadthats odd I installed mine yesterday20:08
DJNomadxubuntu that is and havent added any sources20:09
DJNomadvinnl,  think we can get a deb package?20:09
vinnlAh yes we could do that, good idea20:09
vinnlnoobneedshelp, you're not on 64bit right? (You'd know if you were)20:10
vinnlnoobneedshelp, then you can also download the installer from the web: http://nl.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/g/gparted/gparted_0.4.3-0ubuntu1_i386.deb20:10
DJNomadnoobneedshelp,  if you ever find something on a website you want to add to your comp it need to be a deb package20:11
DJNomadI would try to stick to add or remove if you can tho20:12
noobneedshelpok thanks20:14
noobneedshelphm wierd20:14
noobneedshelpit says20:14
noobneedshelpsame version is available in software channel20:14
noobneedshelpwhen it wasnt :x20:14
DJNomad lol20:14
vinnlnoobneedshelp, but can you install it?20:15
DJNomadnoobneedshelp,  do you have more than one hdd on the computer?20:15
noobneedshelpit installed but now it says failed to mount os20:15
vinnl(It might also be that the list of applications for Add/Remove... wasout of date, and perhaps it couldn't regenerate because of lackof space)20:15
vinnlnoobneedshelp, where does it say that?20:15
noobneedshelpas soon as I open gparted20:16
noobneedshelpthe enclosing drive for the volume is locked20:16
vinnlAh, of course20:16
noobneedshelp... o.020:16
vinnlEhm, do you happen to have a LiveCD lyring around? You obviously can't resize a hard disk while you're using it :P20:16
DJNomadsurely he does he just installed20:17
dewvinnl what os is it using?20:17
vinnldew, is what using?20:17
noobneedshelpYeah I have a livecd right next to me20:17
DJNomadfor noobneedshelp  ?20:17
vinnlnoobneedshelp, try running that. It'll have Gnome Partition Editor already installed, you just need to run it from Applications->System20:18
noobneedshelpso I need to reformat the computer again...?20:18
dewvinnl oh noobneedshelp20:18
DJNomadno noobneedshelp  no reformat20:18
vinnlnoobneedshelp, no IIRC you can resize partitions preserving the content on them20:19
vinnldew, dual boot I believe20:19
DJNomadI resized one once and it failed and friend my pc20:19
DJNomadthink it overheated tho20:19
dewnoobneedshelp what os n RAM u have?20:19
noobneedshelpxubuntu 9.04 I think it is...whatever the new one is...and dual booting with vista, and 3 gigs ram20:20
DJNomadnoobneedshelp,  you should use gnome desktop20:21
noobneedshelpwhat will that do20:21
dewnoobneedshelp yea gnomes good. google wubi mate.20:21
vinnlnoobneedshelp, the newest is 9.04 :)20:21
dewyea juanty20:21
vinnlAnd GNOME is what comes with Ubuntu but if you're content with Xubuntu just stick to that :)20:21
noobneedshelphow would that change the partitions...20:22
DJNomadxubuntu is xfce desktop(lightweight) gnome is a lil more user friendly a9lil heavier)20:22
vinnlnoobneedshelp, it wouldn't20:22
dewnoobneedshelp oh try EASEUS partitioner (google)20:23
vinnlAnyway, either you have to reinstall and do it correctly, or you have to resize the partitions from the LiveCD20:23
dewoh have you got a live cd?20:23
noobneedshelpok I have the live cd20:23
vinnlnoobneedshelp, OK, try and run that20:24
noobneedshelpok...its back to the screen it was when I installed the os20:25
noobneedshelpwhat should I tell it to do20:25
vinnlnoobneedshelp, have you selected "Run without installing anything?"20:25
noobneedshelpok i can do that20:25
dewvinnl, will try this download and install. talk soon.20:27
vinnlK :)20:27
noobneedshelpok now what...20:27
vinnlnoobneedshelp, you're seeing a desktop now?20:27
vinnlOK, open Applications->System->Partition Editor20:28
noobneedshelpsame error20:28
noobneedshelpfailed to mount data, enclosing drive is locked20:29
vinnlHmm? And you're sure you're in the LiveCD?20:29
vinnlOK... Do you see any drives on your desktop?20:29
noobneedshelpumm I saw the install button20:29
vinnlBut nothing else?20:29
noobneedshelpum idk I logged out...20:29
noobneedshelpIm thinking maybe its because vista has passwords on it idk20:30
noobneedshelpIma check20:30
vinnlNo, don't think so. Unless you encrypted those drives or something20:30
noobneedshelpumm what do you mean by encrypted?20:30
vinnlIf you know how to resize partitions from within Windows that's fine too btw20:31
vinnlOh, if you don't know what it is then you haven't done that :)20:31
noobneedshelpI have a hidden desktop thing on windows thats suppose to hide everything...it might encrypt idk20:31
auntieNeouh, I installed the latest xubuntu and set it to auto-login (this is a box for some newbs...)20:32
auntieNeoit booted fine the first time and I updated everything and activated the restricted nvidia drivers as it requested20:32
vinnlOh OK that might be doing it, perhaps. How does it "hide" stuff?20:32
noobneedshelpIm not entirely sure..Ill look it up20:32
auntieNeowhen I rebooted, it auto-logged-in, but now it's just sitting there with a light blue screen and a cursor20:33
auntieNeoI don't think the window manager has started20:33
auntieNeoand I can't ctrl+alt+backspace to get out20:33
vinnlauntieNeo, when you press Alt+F2 do you see anything?20:33
DJNomadaunti mine does that for a bit before boot20:33
DJNomadonly 10 sec or 1520:34
auntieNeovinnl: switching to the other terminals make my monitor say "no video" :(20:34
vinnlHmm, this happens reproducably?20:34
auntieNeoDJNomad: mine's been doing this for about five minutes :P20:34
noobneedshelpumm I dont know if this is exactly it but this is the sort of thing I have on my computer http://www.hiddendesktop.com/20:34
auntieNeovinnl: yeah, I've rebooted a few times20:34
auntieNeothe other thing I did was I deleted the ~/.config/menu directory, because there was a bunch of menu cruds from a previous install20:35
=== dwu02_ is now known as dwu02
auntieNeo(this home directory is an old one from the previous distro...)20:35
vinnlauntieNeo, OK, uhm... You could try removing the driver from the command line if you remember the name20:35
auntieNeoheh, guess I gotta boot single user mode; I can't even kill X :/20:36
vinnlnoobneedshelp, that might be the cause indeed20:37
auntieNeohehe, I used my ninja skills and killed X by typing on a terminal even though it wasn't being displayed ;P20:38
vinnlYou just earned yourself ten manly points :P20:39
auntieNeopfft, do it all the time ;p20:41
auntieNeowhenever I screw up ssh on my server xD20:41
noobneedshelpso if I shrink the volume on vista, itll be bigger on xubuntu?20:42
auntieNeoI changed the nvidia driver from nvidia to nv but to no avail20:42
auntieNeoxfce still doesn't start up20:42
auntieNeothe failsafe terminal works, though20:42
auntieNeoI'll try failsafe gnome I guess...20:43
vinnlnoobneedshelp, no you'll also need to enlarge Xubuntu's partition20:45
vinnl(Assuming they're both on the same harddrive)20:45
auntieNeookay, I don't have gnome, so failsafe gnome failed :P20:45
auntieNeothis is so silly... it worked the first time :/20:45
vinnlauntieNeo, from the failsafe terminal, can you type startxfce4 and see what happen?20:46
auntieNeovinnl: one sec...20:51
auntieNeoI created a second user, and xfce started properly20:52
auntieNeoI'll try the command with the first user20:52
vinnlAh then it's probably the cruft from the previousdistro20:52
auntieNeoI'm guessing cruft, but it worked the first time20:54
auntieNeouh, when I run startxfce4, it starts the window manager and draws decorations around xterm, but it doesn't start the panels20:55
auntieNeothe terminal shows some debug output from nm-applet and the update_notifier...20:55
auntieNeothe last thing the update_notifier says is something about "crashreport_check"20:56
vinnlOK, how about xfce4-panel?20:56
auntieNeobut it doesn't say "error" or anything20:56
vinnlYeah well it probably crashed before it could display an error :P20:56
auntieNeouhh.... well, I killed X and tried to run startxfce4 a second time, but it says there's "already a server on display :0.0" :P20:58
auntieNeoX server already running on display :0.020:58
auntieNeogah, silly20:58
auntieNeoxfce4-panel just sits there, doesn't ouput anything, and doesn't stop20:59
auntieNeoand it segfaults when I try to kill it :/21:00
vinnlIt's probably to the running display I suppose21:00
vinnlAnyway, really sounds like you'll want to get rid of the cruft21:00
auntieNeoif I get rid of the cruft, will I still have a default menu to use?21:01
* auntieNeo deletes all the hidden files that he doesn't recognize ;P21:01
vinnlThe menu is defined globally so as long as you delete stuff in your home directory it shouldn't21:02
vinnlHowever, you might just want to create a new user and copy all your documents to that one21:02
auntieNeookay, I removed the cruft, and xfce started working for the user21:14
auntieNeothen I rebooted...21:14
auntieNeoand now I get a white screen21:15
auntieNeono cursor this time :/21:15
auntieNeoand the hdd light is blinking like crazy21:15
vinnlWith absolutely no cruft left?21:15
auntieNeoI left .wine and a few other things21:15
auntieNeobut mostly nothing21:16
vinnlAnd how about that other user you created? Doesn't that work anymore too?21:16
auntieNeookay wow... I go to the blank console of blackness... then I log in and kill Xorg...21:17
auntieNeoand now, on the 7th terminal, it's showing xfce4 xD21:17
auntieNeobut it's gotta work every time ;/21:18
auntieNeoI'ma reboot..21:18
auntieNeoheh, "unable to preform shutdown" :P21:18
knomeauntieNeo, log out from all the tty's21:18
vinnlWhat have you done to that thing? :P21:19
knomeauntieNeo, or just select shutdown again from gdm21:19
knomevinnl, that's a known bug :P21:19
knomevinnl, can't shut down if you have a tty open21:19
vinnlAh :P21:19
knomei mean, if you're looged in from a tty21:19
auntieNeoknome: good call21:19
knomeauntieNeo, np21:20
auntieNeookay, it worked that time21:21
auntieNeonow, I'll forget that ever happened and NEVER touch that box again21:21
auntieNeohopefully it continues to function ;P21:21
ColbyIsColbyWhat specs are you guys running Xubuntu at?21:24
auntieNeoI'm running it on a 900MHz PIII21:25
auntieNeoit's like 340 or something21:26
vinnl1GB RAM 60GB HD is one, I also ran it on this machine with 1GB RAM21:26
ColbyIsColbyI am debating on whether or not to install Xubuntu on my old iMac DV.21:26
vinnlTwo processors of 1.66 GHz according to system monitor21:26
ColbyIsColbyI want it for all the applications. I was thinking of Debian, but I am new to Linux, and I would have to figure out how to install all applications with apt-get21:27
auntieNeoapt-get is pretty easy to use21:27
vinnlColbyIsColby, you can use Synaptic in Debian as well as in Xubuntu21:28
vinnlAnd I believe Add/Remove... is in Debian too21:28
vinnlBut don't pin me up on that one21:28
auntieNeobasically, you go to this site: http://packages.ubuntu.org21:28
ColbyIsColbyI won't. :)21:28
auntieNeoyou search for the package you want21:28
auntieNeoand then you do "sudo apt-get install <name-of-package>"21:28
auntieNeoin a terminal21:28
ColbyIsColbyThat's waaay simpler than I thought it would be.21:29
vinnlauntieNeo, why not using Add/Remove... or Synaptic?21:29
ColbyIsColbyI think apt-get is more lightweight, is it not?21:29
vinnlYeah because you can run it frmo the command line without graphical interface21:29
auntieNeovinnl: because guis are lame :P21:29
vinnlYou can also use apt-cache search, I believe, instead of having to visit a website21:29
vinnlauntieNeo, then why are you using Xubuntu? ;-)21:30
auntieNeoyeah, there's ways to search on the command line21:30
ColbyIsColbyGUI's is lame. Text based FTW21:30
auntieNeovinnl: I'm not using Xubuntu... I installed it for my family ;P21:30
ColbyIsColbyExcept for desktops.21:30
ColbyIsColbyThen GUI's are good.21:30
auntieNeoI mostly use either gentoo, arch, or debian-based stuff21:30
auntieNeoubuntu's actually pretty good for command line use21:30
ColbyIsColbyGentoo? Isn't that all text based?21:30
vinnlAh, got me there :P21:30
auntieNeoColbyIsColby: heh, yeah, pretty much :P21:31
auntieNeoso is arch21:31
ColbyIsColbyIsn't Gentoo used for Servers?21:31
ColbyIsColbyOr is that Debian.21:31
auntieNeono, Gentoo is mostly used for developers21:31
vinnlUbuntu's used for servers as well ;-)21:31
auntieNeoGentoo is like, bleeding-to-death-edge21:31
ColbyIsColbyBecause I have the Xubuntu alternate install disk right here.21:32
vinnlThat's text-based21:32
ColbyIsColbyThe alternate install? It doesn't install the desktop?21:32
auntieNeoit's a pretty gui-like text based though21:32
vinnlYeah true21:32
ColbyIsColbyOh. Nevermind.21:32
auntieNeoColbyIsColby: it installs the desktop with a text-based installer21:32
vinnlColbyIsColby, yes but only for installation :)21:32
ColbyIsColbyI'm used to textbased installers21:33
auntieNeoColbyIsColby: even though the installer is text-based, it's still pretty easy21:33
auntieNeobut not as easy as the regular installer21:33
vinnlAnd you can't use it to double-check whether everything will work21:33
ColbyIsColbyI've tried to use the regular Xubuntu installer.21:34
ColbyIsColbyIt crashed on "live" boot21:34
auntieNeohow much ram do you have?21:34
ColbyIsColby128. :(21:34
vinnlAh that explains21:34
ColbyIsColbySee my dillema?21:34
auntieNeo128 is plenty of ram, I think... but not these days :(21:34
ColbyIsColbyAnd if this computer crashes. Then I am f****d.21:35
auntieNeomy PDA runs ubuntu with 128MB of ram :P21:35
ColbyIsColbyLmao baahahah21:35
auntieNeoColbyIsColby: set up a lot of swap space21:35
auntieNeolike, 1GB21:35
auntieNeo1 gigabyte21:35
ColbyIsColbyI know what GB means.. :D21:35
vinnlWell if you're prepared to invest some effort into it then installing Debian first or Ubuntu-minimal and Xfce on top of that will be a lot lighter21:35
auntieNeoit'll probably be slow, but won't crash when it runs out of ram21:35
ColbyIsColbyI know that when OS X runs out of RAM, it logs me out.21:36
auntieNeoheh, I'm running an old G3 right now :P21:36
auntieNeowith OS X21:36
ColbyIsColbyWhat version of OS X?21:36
auntieNeoit's got 512MB of ram21:36
ColbyIsColbyI'm running 10.2.821:36
ColbyIsColbyI'm not too sure which one is which. The only code names I know are Ubuntu's.21:37
auntieNeoit says mine is 10.4.1121:37
auntieNeo2 versions ahead of yours :P21:37
ColbyIsColbyMhmm. :(21:37
ColbyIsColbyMine is too out of date to run Firefox.21:37
ColbyIsColbyI'm stuck with Safari 1 and Netscape. Ugh.21:37
ColbyIsColbyI hate them both.21:38
ColbyIsColbyAt least it's not IE.21:38
auntieNeowhat kind of mac is it?21:38
ColbyIsColbyiMac DV21:38
auntieNeothis is a white and blue power mac21:38
ColbyIsColby500MHz G3 Processor.21:38
ColbyIsColbyMine is a white and Graphite one.21:38
auntieNeoheh, mine's a 350MHz G321:38
auntieNeoColbyIsColby: yours is the generation after mine21:38
auntieNeoColbyIsColby: you can probably run firefox if you upgrade your OS21:38
auntieNeoin fact, I'm sure you can21:39
ColbyIsColbyBut I can't go out and buy 10.421:39
auntieNeo*cough* uh, *cough* I uh, didn't uh, purchase, my OS X ;P21:39
ColbyIsColbyYou see, I always pay for my stuff.21:40
ColbyIsColbyOr get open-source.21:40
ColbyIsColbyOpen Source FTW/21:40
auntieNeoheh, I mostly get open source stuff21:40
auntieNeobut this mac was running debian to begin with21:40
auntieNeoso I figured it would be okay for me to dl an OS it was designed to run :P21:40
auntieNeoactually, it was running fedora21:41
ColbyIsColbywhere did you get it (your iMac)21:41
auntieNeoColbyIsColby: you could totally run Linux on it21:41
auntieNeoI got it from a university21:41
auntieNeothey didn't need it anymore21:41
auntieNeoit still has the sticker from the university on it :P21:41
auntieNeoit works just fine... I can't see why they just gave it away ;)21:42
ColbyIsColbyThe person I got mine from wanted iSight.21:42
ColbyIsColbySo he bought a new one and gave me his.21:42
ColbyIsColbyauntieNeo, what country are you in?21:43
ColbyIsColbyUSA i'm guessing?21:43
auntieNeoI'm in the USA21:43
auntieNeoin Idaho, in the midwest21:43
ColbyIsColbyHow come every open source person that uses Linux is in the USA?21:43
ColbyIsColbyI'm in Canada.21:44
auntieNeoheh, why? because there's lotsa people in the US ;P21:44
ColbyIsColbyI just lost the game. :(21:44
knomeColbyIsColby, i'm from finland.21:44
knomeSiDi is from france21:44
ColbyIsColbyWell, we have Ubisoft.21:44
knomevinnl is from the netherlands21:44
ColbyIsColbyBeat that.21:44
vinnlWoohoo, the Netherlands! :)21:45
knomeyay, red light district!21:45
knomei mean, i kind of like red.21:45
knomei'm wearing a red shirt atm.21:45
vinnlWow, what an extreme coincidence :P21:45
ColbyIsColbyI keep forgetting all of these acronyms.21:45
ColbyIsColbyatm = at the moment.21:45
ColbyIsColbybrb = be right back.21:45
vinnlThe Netherlands has a lot of open source contributors... But very few users21:45
ColbyIsColbyCanada has the best game developers.21:46
ColbyIsColbyLike me.21:46
ColbyIsColbyExcept I don't work for a company.21:46
ColbyIsColbyI just work for myself.21:46
ColbyIsColbyAnd don't get paid.21:46
ColbyIsColbyI do it for a side thing to do when i'm bored.21:46
vinnlThe Netherlands doesn't really have big game studios... The only big one from the Netherlands is Killzone21:46
SiDiColbyIsColby: Ubisofts HQ is in the town where i lived most of my life, and their main studios are in the town where i live now ! Beat that ! :D21:46
vinnlColbyIsColby, nice21:46
ColbyIsColbyUbisoft TORONTO made Assassin's Creed!21:47
SiDiI actually passed in front of Ubisoft's HQ many teams without ever noticing21:47
ColbyIsColbyAND Assassin's Creed 2!21:47
SiDiUbisoft Montpellier made that game with stupid rabits :D21:47
ColbyIsColbyRaymans Raving Rabbids.21:47
ColbyIsColbyGood times.21:47
SiDiknome: im working on the spec but it'll take me ages to finish it, so i'll strip it to the minimal stuff21:47
knomeSiDi, whatever. :)21:48
SiDiknome: feel free to show me your blog post, i'll give you the most accuurate info i have so far :)21:48
knomeSiDi, i'll send you an email21:48
SiDiAnd i'm from the duchy of Brittany btw </rant>21:48
ColbyIsColbyJust a question. I tried to message NickServ but it didn't work. Any suggestions?21:48
ColbyIsColbyI am such a n00b. :\21:49
SiDi /msg nickserv identify password21:49
SiDi /msg nickserv register identifier (first :p)21:49
vinnlOr just /ns identify <password> :)21:49
ColbyIsColbyI mean to register.21:49
ColbyIsColbywhere do I message NickServ?21:49
ColbyIsColbyIn this room?21:49
ColbyIsColbyI didn't have any other ones.21:49
vinnlDoesn't matter21:50
ColbyIsColbySo if I message NickServ, you guys shouldn't see it?21:50
SiDiWe won't21:50
ColbyIsColbySorry, I'm kinda' paranoid.21:50
SiDiWell, i will cause i'm Nickserv, i'm just disguising21:50
SiDiBut you're not meant to know that21:50
ColbyIsColby/msg nickserv register21:51
ColbyIsColby:\ hmm.21:51
vinnlColbyIsColby, you can also do it in the channel21:51
ColbyIsColby Channel?21:51
vinnlIn the main thing, whatever, it doesn't matter where you do it :P21:51
vinnlI usually click FreeNode on the left in Xchat in case I forget the slash ;-)21:52
[texas]when i reboot my laptop, my master sound is always muted, is there a way to fix this issue?21:55
SiDi[texas]: do you have PulseAudio installed ?21:56
[texas]i'm not sure, i doubt it though21:57
[texas]im using the alsamixer?21:58
[texas]i found something that tells me to go through alsamixer through terminal and then put in "alsactl store" but i always get a message saying "E: core-util.c: Home directory /home/matt not ours.21:59
noobneedhelpI'm trying to reinstall xubuntu...but I don't know how to manually partition it, would someone be able to point me in the right direction?22:18
ColbyIsColbyWhat Xubuntu disc do you have? Alternate or Live CD22:19
noobneedhelplive cd22:19
ColbyIsColbyHow would you want to partition ut?22:19
noobneedhelpum what do you mean?22:20
ColbyIsColby1 swap, 1 Xubuntu OS, and one for storafe?22:20
noobneedhelp...I have no idea what swap is suppose to be22:20
vinnlYou're also trying to preserve a Windows installation right?22:20
ColbyIsColbyI thought you meant reinstall Xubuntu.22:21
noobneedhelpyeah...reinstall xubuntu but dual boot with windows if at all possible22:21
ColbyIsColbyThere should be a link to how to somewhere.22:21
ColbyIsColbyBe right back.22:21
ColbyIsColbyIt is how to dual boot Ubuntu and Winows.22:23
ColbyIsColbybut it should be the same for Xubuntu and Windows.22:23
ColbyIsColbySince Xubuntu is based off of Ubuntu.22:23
ColbyIsColbyDoes it help?22:26
noobneedhelpummm idk yet...22:30
ColbyIsColbythe only thing you need to do in windows is partition.22:30
ColbyIsColbyor, not partition22:31
ColbyIsColbyI mean defragment.22:31
ColbyIsColbyIn windows, you want to go to My Computer, right click your hard disk, then click the tools tab, then Defrag Now (or something like that)22:32
noobneedhelpI thought I was suppose to shrink it...22:32
vinnlColbyIsColby, maybe you could explain what that does :)22:32
vinnlDoing something like that is much more assuring if you know what you're doing22:32
ColbyIsColbyWell, what disk defragment does, it takes all of your hard disk, and basically shrinks it into one section of your hard disk.22:33
noobneedhelpbut how would that help me partition it...22:33
vinnlnoobneedhelp, when you save files on your hard disk, over time it gets spread out across the whole partition. Defragmentation means putting related parts back together, e.g. all at the beginning of the partition. The reason you want to do is is that because of that, resizing a partition is less dangerous (because there's a bunch of free space at the end of the partition left :)22:35
ColbyIsColbyThanks vinnl22:35
ColbyIsColbyDo you want to take over?22:35
ColbyIsColbyI have to go.22:35
vinnlI'll try but it's late and I'm not so sharp anymore ;-)22:36
vinnlBye :)22:36
ColbyIsColbyGood luck noobneedhelp22:36
vinnlIf there's anybody else in this room who knows about partitioning, please stand up :)22:36
sakethanyone know what the icon theme used in karmic alpha 3 is called?22:37
knome o/22:37
knome |22:37
knome/ \22:37
knomesaketh, that was for vinnl. :) i suppose it is gnome-brave, but i'll verify that.22:38
sakethok thanx22:38
vinnlAh, great knome :)22:38
vinnlsaketh, yes it's gnome-brave22:39
sakethok thanx22:42
sakethi can get that off of xfce-look.org rite?22:43
vinnlsaketh, like it? :)22:43
vinnlI believe so22:43
vinnlsaketh, here: http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/GNOME-colors?content=8256222:43
sakethOOPS SRRY22:43
sakethok thanx22:44
noobneedhelpgeez my defrag is taking ages22:56
noobneedhelpits suppose to run weekly on schedule...but last time it ran was april...this is gonna take a few years to defrag :x22:57
knomenoobneedhelp, windows defragemnting? :P22:58
sakethi installed gnome wise on my linux mint xfce ce! it roks23:10
sakeththanx for all ur help knome and vinnl! :)23:10
vinnlyw :)23:10
sakeththanx again23:10
sakeththanx again23:11
th0rI can't get xfmedia to run, it fails with a segmentation fault. I even tried compiling from source but the same result. Has anyone successfully installed xfmedia?23:50
knometh0r, i can confirm this on jaunty. file a bug report. thanks.23:52
th0rknome: you have the same problem? If so, I will file it as a bug report23:52
knomeyes, i can't run xfmedia without segfault.23:53
vinnlth0r, if you mark it as confirmed mention that it was confirmed by a different person :)23:53
th0rknome: ok, thanks....I'll get this filed.23:53
th0rvinnl: will do, thanks23:53
knometh0r, feel free to refer to my nick.23:56
th0rknome: thanks...trying to file it now23:58

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