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mac_vDanRabbit: hi... you just removed the evolution icon ;)09:15
DanRabbithaha, yea. I never did make an evolution icon. So, now it's upstream :D09:15
DanRabbitI don't use evolution. I hate it. :(09:16
mac_vmaking another one? if so a firefox in your style would be nice as well09:16
mac_vi dont use it either ... only thunderbird09:16
DanRabbitHmm... Possibly on the firefox. I don't use Firefox either though...09:16
DanRabbitMidori is about a BILLION times faster09:17
DanRabbitSo, I can deal with the feature regression while they catch up.09:17
mac_vnever tried it... does it have extensions?09:17
DanRabbitYea, but not a whole ton.09:17
DanRabbitIt needs some developer lovin'09:17
mac_voh.. maybe i'll try it sometime... getting tired of firefox and memory leak!09:18
mac_vDanRabbit: the 16px folders? i didnt confirm the bug ,since i hadnt discussed with you09:18
DanRabbitYea, I curse at Firefox and it's obesity09:18
DanRabbitfat slow cow09:18
DanRabbitmac_v: Do you know anybody will a knowledge of OpenGL that would want to hack on WebKit09:54
mac_vDanRabbit:  nope...  but i think the slideshow team must know about it09:56
mac_vubuiquity slideshow09:56
DanRabbitBecause WebKit now has support for 3d transforms, but It needs a hookup to work in WebKit GTK10:00
DanRabbitanyways, off to bed. 2AM is late/early enough for me :D10:02
mac_vSiDi: hi... the karmic notify-osd messes up the human icons , its all pixelated , is it know already?20:11
SiDimac_v: im not the maintainer :D20:15
SiDiand i dont have human :P20:15
SiDiyou should catch macslow or check on lp for notifyosd questions20:15
mac_vSiDi: oh... you are not ?...;p20:16
mac_vbut you mess around a lot20:16
mac_vso i thought you might have some info...20:16
SiDii do mess around but i'm out dated20:18
SiDiworking on another app for now, i'll work on notify-osd in august20:18

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