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chrissrdoes anybody know his way around wordpress and would help me in offtopic or a private chat?00:06
macoin kaddressbook/kontact, how do i move a contact from one addressbook to another (since this person's in the wrong one)?00:08
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jordsI'm getting a error W: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net jaunty Release: The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG 2836CB0A8AC93F7A Launchpad Kubuntu Updates when doing apt-get update. I've tried removing that key using apt-key, and adding a new one from the site listed on the kubuntu homepage, but still the same error!00:25
jordsin my apt-key list output:  pub   1024R/8AC93F7A 2009-05-07 uid                  Launchpad Kubuntu Updates00:25
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u19809I have replaced my disk and wish to move my kontact data to my new disk.  How do I do this ?00:35
u19809anybody here ?00:48
u19809I migrated to KDE4 from KDe3 and need to migrate my kontact stuff (mails, kontact info etc)00:49
u19809How do I do that ?00:49
wendeli migrated to kde4 to00:50
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JPSmanso i've been using ubuntu until today and decieded to give kubuntu a go, and i'm like a deer in headlights with it01:19
JPSmanis there some sort of synaptic package manager?01:20
bazhangJPSman, kde4 jaunty?01:25
JPSmanI think kde4, but it is jaunty01:26
bazhangkpackagekit  ; though you can install adept, synaptic as you wish01:26
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CognosciPajarracHi all. :D01:29
CognosciPajarracI have to send a file from my pc to another machine, anybody knows how to do it? :P01:29
JPSmanCognosciPajarrac: You could use ssh, but as for a kubuntu answer I know less than you01:31
linuxmceso i have linux mce and i was able to get video from the tv tuner using mplayer but when i open myth tv i just goes black anyone can help me i have an avermedia m150-d as a tuner01:32
JPSmanHow do I change my screen resolution?01:32
CognosciPajarracCan I enter to the graphical environment of another machine from my Kubuntu?01:33
bazhanglinuxmce, #linuxmce for support01:34
JPSmanAlright, how do Install flash drivers?01:43
PingJockyflash drivers?  like adobe flash?01:43
JPSmani went and downloaded the deb01:44
JPSman(is kubuntu debian?)01:44
PingJockyi wouldnt do it that way01:44
PingJocky  sudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted01:44
PingJockythen restart your browser01:45
PingJockyare you on KDE 4.2 or 4.3?01:45
JPSmanE: Couldn't find package kubuntu-restricted01:45
JPSmanI do not not :OD01:45
PingJockyit is kubuntu-restrited-extras01:45
JPSmanE: Couldn't find package kubuntu-restrited-extras01:46
JPSmani've been using ubuntu until today and decieded to try out kubuntu, and have been a deer in the headlights ever since :OD01:46
bazhangkubuntu-restricted-extras is the package name01:47
PingJockydo you know how to enable the mutiverse repos?01:47
PingJockythats your first step...01:48
ActionParsnip!info kubuntu-restricted-extras01:48
ubottukubuntu-restricted-extras (source: ubuntu-restricted-extras): Commonly used restricted packages. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 31 (jaunty), package size 4 kB, installed size 32 kB01:48
JPSmanActionParsnip, you are everywhere :OD  thank you01:48
ActionParsnipmake sure you have multiverse repos enabled01:48
ActionParsnipJPSman: you know it ;)01:48
JPSmanActionParsnip- Oh, and the fixmbr and fixboot didn't work from earlier - wubi's 'grub' was still there01:49
ActionParsnipi'd ask in ##windows how to get rid of that. Ive not used windows since 2000 so i'm no use01:50
JPSmanwill do01:50
PingJockyJPSman: you can use Kpackagekit to enable the muliverse repos01:51
PingJockyunless you a cli ninja01:51
JPSmanno, no ninja skills here01:51
JPSmanfor instance, how do I get Kpackagekit?01:51
PingJockyalt + f2 then start typing01:52
JPSmanholy monkies that was easy01:52
liberviscohi.. my all plasmoids that didn't come with KDE fail to load saying "script failed to load"01:53
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libervisco4.3 RC3 backport01:54
JPSmanso what does Alt-F2 get me that typing in the konsole doesn't?01:55
ActionParsnipJPSman: nothing01:56
ActionParsnipJPSman: konsole also gives the output of the command, alt+f2 is just a nice quick app to run stuff01:56
ActionParsnipJPSman: i personally use yakuake01:57
PingJockyyakuake ftw01:59
brandonis there a disk usage anylizer i can use02:03
PingJockydf -h in terminal02:04
brandonneed to free up  some space and dont know whats taking it all up02:04
darthanubisok kopete and ktorrent are useless , and I really want to like ktorrent02:13
sergiohi, I recently installed kubuntu, does someone knows hot to activate compiz?02:13
darthanubiswhy use compiz?02:14
darthanubiskwin is killing compiz in this   day and age02:14
sergiosure? never heard02:14
darthanubiswhy run kde4 and turn on compiz I don't know02:14
darthanubiswhen kwin has the same and faster functionality02:15
sergiowell, I'll try, then.... how I run kwin?02:15
sergioand configure it?02:15
darthanubisyou want someone to do it for you?02:15
darthanubiswhat have you done already that has not worked why  you feel the need to ask for help?02:15
sergiono, just tell me where I do it02:15
darthanubismaybe someone else will come along and hold your hand02:16
darthanubisI hate lazy people02:16
nico879installed kubuntu 8.10 on a friend's computer so when i brought it back to their house and attached it to their moniter i can not get it to register02:16
nico879does anyone have any ideas?02:16
darthanubiswho knows what you mean by "registrer"?02:17
nico879it will start up and run when attached to a typical moniter but this is an lcd gateway screen and for some reason it will not show up on that scren02:18
darthanubisyou should have set it up on an lcd and not crt before moving it02:19
nico879we had to take the hard drive to our workshop to clean, install, etc. and we don't have lcd screen02:20
saintjimmymight be some refresh rate or resolution thing02:20
ubottuCompiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager and more help #compiz02:20
JPSmani'll be confused/back later, thank you for the help so far guys02:20
nico879we can't see what is going on but like we put in the password and it started running02:20
saintjimmydoes the console mode (pressing ctrl-alt-f1 to f6) work?02:21
nico879ctrl-alt-f1 gives me a screen that looks like a boot up menu.02:23
nico879i can put in user name and password but nothing else happens02:24
nnullwhat is Fake network management?02:24
nnullinside Hardware system settings02:24
nnull"Fake Net"02:25
ActionParsnipnot hgeard of that02:26
nnullanyone else have it inside system settings > hardware ?02:26
nico879how do i get this system to start running?02:26
nnullkubuntu 9.0402:26
ActionParsnipi use lxde so dont have that, sorry02:27
nnullhow do i access admin stuff, kcontrol does nothing02:27
ActionParsnipnnull: kdesudo systemsettings02:28
nnulland to run vbox do i need to be running i386? will the ose x86 work on i686 ?02:28
ActionParsnipnnull: no, if your cpu is 32bit yuo can only run 32bit guests02:28
nnullsweet cheers02:28
ActionParsnipnnull: some 64bit cpus cannot run 64bit guests either02:28
nnullActionParsnip: ah ok02:29
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:33
nnulli did kdesudo systemsettings, and entered password but no extra options?02:33
darthanubisnico879: your not going to get help that way02:33
darthanubisnnull: of no extra options just root access02:33
darthanubisof course02:33
nnulldarthanubis: ahh ok, so in the screenshots on kubuntu website of features, these will appear if i install them?02:34
darthanubiswhat will appear?02:34
darthanubisI have not been following02:34
darthanubisyou are trying to run vbox?02:35
nnullyeah i will just trying to feel my way around kde first02:36
nico879I can not get this moniter to register my computer and need to get it online for these people. I have been working on it for over 6 hours and am getting rather tired. really need help with this problem. when i do the ctl-alt-f1, etc. it gives me a screen like my sudo box. how do i fix this?02:37
nnulltrying to install video driver first02:38
darthanubisnnull: what video card?02:38
nnulldarthanubis: any idea what Fake Net is? in system settings > hardware?02:38
jordsI'm getting a error W: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net jaunty Release: The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG 2836CB0A8AC93F7A Launchpad Kubuntu Updates when doing apt-get update. I've tried removing that key using apt-key, and adding a new one from the site listed on the kubuntu homepage, but still the same error!02:38
jordsin my apt-key list output:  pub   1024R/8AC93F7A 2009-05-07 uid                  Launchpad Kubuntu Updates02:38
nnulldarthanubis: ati HD 435002:39
darthanubisjords: I just fixed that myself. Are you behind a proxy?02:39
darthanubisjords: next time search google of you can02:40
darthanubisjords: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/update-manager/+bug/2406102:40
darthanubisDoes it help if you run:02:40
darthanubis$ sudo apt-get update -o Acquire::http::No-Cache=True02:41
nnulldarthanubis: when i try to update video driver, it finds one, and i click activate and it goes grey and nothing happens?02:41
jordsi'll try it... I did google but that bug didn't come up...02:41
nico879does anyone have an answer?02:42
jordshmm yeah that's fixed it thanks :)02:43
darthanubissure np02:43
nnullwhere did ActionParsnip go ;<02:43
darthanubisnico879: you nee dto learn to provide more details. Like your video card?02:43
darthanubisWhen we can't help we are silent02:43
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com  http://wiki.ubuntu.com http://www.ubuntuforums.org or http://www.kubuntuforums.net while you wait. Also see !patience02:43
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ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com  http://wiki.ubuntu.com http://www.ubuntuforums.org or http://www.kubuntuforums.net while you wait. Also see !patience02:44
jordshuh it tells you to also see the same thing your seeing :)02:44
nico879i can not find any answers and i need to know how to get this lcd to register the system. it was working fine at my shop on a classic screen but only comes up black on their lcd screen02:44
ActionParsnipnico879: have you tried fix graphics in recovery mode in grub02:48
nnullActionParsnip: : when i try to update video driver, it finds one, and i click activate and it goes grey and nothing happens?02:50
nico879when i turn the computer on all i get is a black screen. now i know that it is looking for my passwork so i type it in blindly and it begins to move in the hard drive but you still see nothing. now if i push crl-alt-f1 i can see a screen that looks like a sudo box. other wise i can not see anything02:50
nnulland now im in desktop > desktop effects and have it enabled but nothing happens02:51
ActionParsnipnnull: what video driver does it say?02:51
roby12345i need some help in java. anyone can help me? it's easy02:51
nnullActionParsnip: ATI/ proprietarty FGLRX gfx driver02:51
nico879i took my friend's computer to my workshop to fix and only have classic computer screens to work with. they have an lcd screen02:51
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto02:52
nnullActionParsnip: heh looks familiar :) wonder why it works automatically in ubuntu but not kubuntu02:53
roby12345anyone know a help channel for Java?02:57
bazhangroby12345, /msg alis list *java*02:57
nnull##java ?02:58
nnullthats only to memory..02:58
nnullhow do i make windows transparent in default kubuntu 9.04?02:59
roby12345thank you! last time i connected to irc was 5 years ago.03:00
darthanubis!repeat |nico87903:00
ubottunico879: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com  http://wiki.ubuntu.com http://www.ubuntuforums.org or http://www.kubuntuforums.net while you wait. Also see !patience03:00
nico879ubottu actionparsnip asked for the problem again. maybe if you looked a little further up you would see that03:01
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:01
ActionParsnipnico879: wassup?03:02
murdoc_I have an ATI Radeon 9550 on Hardy and am trying to decide whether it would be better to install the proprietary drivers or not, and am looking for opinions or experiences in this regard.03:02
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ActionParsnipmurdoc_: i'd go for the proprietary personaly03:09
Jared555hello, what is required to save the mixer settings (mute/unmute, and levels) between reboots?  I use the SPDIF out on my card and every time I reboot it is set back to mute03:18
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Jared555well that could be why.... followed the secure defaults on community documentation and apparently alsactl store doesn't like one of the changes03:22
noquinhohi everybody? how are u ?03:23
Jared555well, unfortunately, that didn't fix it03:24
noquinhohow do i install now, my google earth-linux-plus 4.3.7248.3916.bin from my desktop ?03:25
murdoc_ActionParsnip: Thanks03:25
ActionParsnipmurdoc_: np03:25
darthanubisnoquinho: you need to learn to install bins03:26
darthanubisif you even know what a bin is03:26
darthanubiswhy you did not isntall from the repos is anybodies guess03:26
noquinhowhere ?03:27
ubottuThe packages in Kubuntu are divided into various sections. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories03:27
noquinhobecause i dont know03:27
noquinhotoday is my 3 day in linux world03:27
darthanubislearn about the distro you are tryign to use03:27
darthanubisthat is why03:27
darthanubisI don't mean to be harsh03:27
darthanubisbut you cann't expect to know how to use your operating system by asking numerous questions in IRC03:28
darthanubismost will have to be read up on like anything else in life03:28
darthanubisthe best thing you can start to read, is the help file03:28
nnullor jump in head first breaking to learn :)03:29
darthanubistype help into the search bar03:29
darthanubisnnull: only thing you'll break is your neck :-P03:29
nnullyeah my comment wasn't ment to be a invoker to not research :)03:30
noquinhothanks for try to help me03:31
noquinhoi need learn english first03:31
darthanubisthey have a spanish channel03:31
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.03:32
darthanubisnoquinho: espanol, si?03:32
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.03:33
firmo_noquinho: If you are brazillian, there is #ubuntu-br too03:35
Serpardum[]cannot send to channel03:42
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Jared555how do you disable kmix from starting on boot?03:46
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nnullhow can i get vbox to give me beter resolution than 800x600 with kubuntu host, ubuntu guest ?03:48
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Guest79784does ext2 need msdos? or can it be done on other partition table types?04:04
nnulldo i install guest additions for vbox inside the host or the guest? (when i clikc install ga it says the iso is missing do i want to download from sun)04:05
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insulinaE: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.04:12
insulinaE: _cache->open() failed, please report.04:12
insulinai got this i run what it says04:12
insulinabut doenst solve the problem04:12
insulinahello , sorry ...04:16
neptunepinkThe run dialog stretches horizontally to the entire screen, anybody know how to fix this?04:20
nnullis it normal to have blocked updates?04:32
perseidI have the firefox package installed. I just did an Upgrade in Adept but 3.0 is still selected and not 3.5. Is there something else I'm supposed to do?04:42
sergiohi, how can i install new window decorator themes?05:10
sergioI can't install emerald05:10
insulinahow can i install anyting in ubunto , afther a few install it gives me a nasty error , ... cant we just solve and stuff :D05:12
nnullwhen i install guest additions on ubuntu it says "Warning Error Unknown version of windows x system installed, not installing x system drivers." after i install it... then i can boot into it after reboot?05:17
perseidCopying to a CFcard doesn't work. It says it copied it but it's not actually there. I'm using Dolphin.05:21
PLANETARYwhat is a good audio player? Amarok cant find some of my music. audacious doesnt have a media library. other ones dont seem that good05:31
PLANETARYhello........... anyone?05:40
PLANETARYwhy are high quality flash videos choppy? my hardware should handle it05:47
PLANETARYi ahve kubuntu restricted extras installed05:49
Captain_HaddockPLANETARY: re: flash - It's probably a drivers issues and sometimes a plugin issue. Check if your gfx drivers are installed right and also try another browser.06:14
Captain_HaddockPLANETARY: and please lower-case your nick. :P06:14
PLANETARYgfx driver?06:15
Captain_HaddockPLANETARY: amarok can't find some of your music? certain file types?06:15
PLANETARYso use the hardware dirvers to install a differen restricec driver06:16
C00LARR0wdoes anybody own or have any knowledge about how ubuntu works on either one of these laptops compaq CQ60 or acer AS5516?06:16
PlanetaryCaptain_Haddock: it doesnt seem to matter teh filetype. it doesnt find my wav and some mp306:21
nnullsomeone tell me what Fake Net (Fake Network Manager) in System > Hardware is ???06:21
Planetaryi rescaned and updated06:21
nnullgoogle helps me not06:22
Captain_HaddockC00LARR0w: Not I. But google should help. And if you have a list of the hardware, you can google for compatbility issues using them.06:25
C00LARR0wya i have been just curious if anyone in here had personal experience06:26
Captain_HaddockC00LARR0w: graphics, sound and wifi are usually the main bottlenecks. Avoid non-mainstream as much as possible.06:26
Captain_Haddockit's a Sunday.. so you're unfortunately not going to see much activitiy here today.06:27
Captain_HaddockPlanetary: Can you play those mp3s yourself? (Using something like VLC)06:27
Captain_Haddockand are they on the local HDD?06:27
Captain_HaddockPlanetary: re: drivers. Just check if they're installed right in "hardware drivers". Also, Jaunty has known graphics issues with many Intel-based graphics chipsets. The only real solution is to wait for the next release.06:29
C00LARR0wya the only thing im not sure of is the wifi...have found the specs on that yet06:30
PlanetaryCaptain_Haddock: they are on local drive, /home/music. vlc plays fine and they will play fine in amarok. Amarok will not add them in 'my collection'.  I have a geforce 7600 gt superclock, driver 180 is active and in use. 173 and 96 are options06:34
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insulinai having trouble installing and updating ubunto can anyone help? i get this when i try to do what update says http://paste.ubuntu.com/233607/07:37
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christiansoy nuevo en esto de ubuntu07:55
=== christian is now known as Guest83072
Guest83072alguien me puede enseñar07:55
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Shdwdrgnlooking for some help... did an upgrade from hardy to jaunty, reinstalled kde3, now when I plug in a USB storage device, it no longer automounts08:22
Adolahow do I get a new ip?08:42
Level15hi: i am writing small script to automate a task which involves running sudo some_command and redirecting output to a log file /var/log/somellogfile.log. but i am getting permission denied on the file, presumably because the log file does not exist yet and the user that runs the script does not have write permissions on the log directory. Shouldn't sudo take care of that? If not, what other choices would you recommend (not including run as root since my08:50
Level15employer does not want that)?08:50
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ongunwho can help to me10:08
aftertafwhats up?10:08
ongunpc give: initramfs errors10:09
ongunhow can i fix this error10:10
Mamarokongun: please be more specific, version, etc.10:10
aftertafafter what changes????10:10
aftertafhi Mamarok :)10:11
aftertafyou any good with lvm ?10:11
Mamarokno, not at all10:11
aftertafthen i shall become better at it myself:)10:11
Mamarokaftertaf: good diea :)10:12
ongunI have ubuntu 9,0410:12
aftertafongun: how did your problem occur?10:12
Mamarokidea* even10:12
aftertafi killed my kubuntu after a kde 4.3 RC3 update, while messing with update-alternatives10:12
ongunI download the update10:13
aftertafnow no keyboard at boot, and kde all messed up10:13
aftertafongun: ok. Do you remember which one?...... also, try booting to a different kernel.10:13
ongunand there was some error10:13
onguncrash reports have been identified  !!!10:13
ongunand pc want to password10:13
ongun i wrote the password10:13
ongunand the next 2 day : when i open the some page ... it closed itself10:13
ongun why ?10:13
FloodBotK2ongun: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:13
onguni tried but10:14
aftertafongun: at boot time, grub can list different kernels available (press ESC to see is the default), and choose the .13 kernel, see if that works10:14
ongunin every time it said: this error10:14
onguncan i write this error (full) ?10:14
aftertafwww.pastebin.org for pasting errors10:15
ubottupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)10:15
replmanHi! I'm using banshee to play my music. In the settings of banshee i set, that all functions which requires internet should be deaktivated, but when playing music i get recommend interpreds at the bottom10:24
replmanis there a simple firewall which can (windows like) ask if a program connects to the internet with a allow/deny button?10:24
aftertafreplman: it isnt needed really, TBH, a firewall like that. you can try guarddog though10:28
replmanbut how to recognize if a program connects to internet or not?10:28
replmanaftertaf: I installed guarddog but it seems that i only can deny protocols and not applications10:33
replmanthat looks somehow what i'm searching for: http://www.linux-firewall.org/10:35
replmanok, in some forums linux-firewall.org is rated very badly10:54
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Bauldricksomeone point my in the right direction to install kubuntu-netbook on an acer aspire netbook?11:20
Mamarokreplman: you should have a look here:11:20
ubottuUbuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter/Gufw (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).11:20
replmanMamarok: With a quick look on the website (i will read it more carefully...) it seems that there is no way to block a special application from connecting to internet and to find out which application wants to connect, am i right?11:24
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DTwhat does it mean when a fresh install hangs and the caps lock key starts to flash?11:55
DTerr...caps lock light*11:55
carpiiseems to be related to when its trying to connect to a secured wireless network11:57
DTit hasn't even loaded the installer yet11:58
DTthat's not possible11:58
Mamarokreplman: that should be pissible though, but never used it, I'm online all the time11:58
Mamarokreplman: changing the permissions should suffice11:59
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DTwhat does it mean when a fresh install hangs and the caps lock light starts to flash?12:33
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manuel_je suis nouveau sur kubuntu (avant jétais sur gnome)13:40
manuel_Comment on peut enlever le défilement bizarre sur Konkeror13:40
manuel_y'a un espece de défilement doux13:40
padd1i dont speak french13:40
padd1only a bit13:40
manuel_oups i'm on english chanel ?13:41
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aftertafanyone around to help with kde network applet wand wifi ?13:51
paddy_melonu mean settings13:51
paddy_melonor widget?13:52
paddy_melonim around13:53
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aftertaffresh reinstall of 9.04 and impossible to get it to connect14:05
paddy_melonuse connect14:06
aftertafnow connected.....14:06
paddy_melonbye guys im off14:25
samuihello. can anyone help me with? ive got a newbie question but cant find help in google and a ubuntuforum14:30
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EagleScreen!ask | samui14:33
ubottusamui: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)14:33
oxymoronI have an interesting question. Why does not applications which not is using Phonon as Audio-input/ouput work at all? I cannot get any sound at all with VLC, Kaffeine, Flash and so on. But Amarok and Dragon Player works? :D14:33
EagleScreenusing jaunty oxymoron?14:34
oxymoronEagleScreen: No, karmic. But it did not work in Jaunty either so.14:35
oxymoronEagleScreen: This starting to happen with the new updates for KDE 4.3 RC and Beta.14:35
EagleScreenoxymoron: for karmic questions, #ubuntu+1 channel should be used14:36
oxymoronEagleScreen: And sometimes it says, you HDA INtel something analog device does not working, using PulseAudio instead ... This has ALWAYS been a problem since I starting to use GNU/LInux at all.14:36
EagleScreenoxymoron: in karmic kaffeine is a KDE4 application, do you have audio with it?14:37
oxymoronEagleScreen: No, Kaffeine has no sound14:37
EagleScreenHDA intel14:37
EagleScreeni have one14:37
samuii only want be nice :) my problem is the following: ive installed kubuntu 3-4 days ago and start to konfik the look.. wallpaper ect.. i changed the grub-splash, login screen, wallpaper. all the same picture. but i dont know how to change  the part between login and kde-desktop (a grey picture and kde loads.. showing a hdd, a digital planet, ect)14:38
oxymoronEagleScreen: HDA Intel seems like a little bitch, never works 100% perfect14:38
EagleScreenoxymoron: open Systemsettings -> Multimedia and tell us what do you see14:38
oxymoronEagleScreen: I see HDA Intel (AD198x) and PulseAudio14:40
EagleScreensamui: look for Systemsettings, but it is a low importance issue14:40
EagleScreenuse the function to test HDA Intel (AD198x)14:41
EagleScreenI have HDA Intel (ALC268 Analog) and worsk pretty well14:41
samuithank you EagleScreen14:42
oxymoronEagleScreen: Well, in test function it works perfect. Because it is using Phonon....14:43
EagleScreenoxymoron: kaffeine kde4 dont use phonon?14:44
oxymoronEagleScreen: I guess not?14:45
EagleScreenit could be still using xine14:45
EagleScreenwhich engine are you using for phonon, xine or gstreamer?14:45
oxymoronEagleScreen: Why does not every single audioapplication using Phonon? Is it not possible to make a shell which goes through every single app or something?14:46
oxymoronEagleScreen: How do I check that? I think is is gestreamer14:46
EagleScreenoxymoron: in Engine tab of Systemsettings -> Multimedia14:46
oxymoronEagleScreen: I am using Xine, Gstreamer does not work at all.14:49
EagleScreeni can remember that kind of problems using gstreamer, they disspaeared when I dropped to xine14:49
oxymoronEagleScreen: But I still got problem using Xine?14:52
oxymoronEagleScreen: It is so friggin frustrating, just a simple thing as audio which is mostly my life, it just must work automaticly.14:53
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ctx144khello all...15:10
ctx144kanyone know where/how to set a keyboard-definition to jump to "next" desktop on KDE4?15:11
shadeslayerctx144k: go to system settings and see keyboard15:12
shadeslayerctx144k: see global system settings..15:12
ctx144kshadeslayer, ahhh... thx  :-)15:16
shadeslayerno probs :)15:16
plagueusri did just install compiz whit "sudo apt-get install compiz", but i can find the manager anywere. any ideas?15:32
norikoteiko_there a another packages15:32
norikoteiko_try to install over the synaptic tool15:32
norikoteiko_or search with apt-cache search compiz for another packages15:33
EagleScreenplagueusr: what kubuntu version?15:33
norikoteiko_ Ubuntu 9.04 - Jaunty Jackalope 64 bit rules15:34
plagueusri have ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty15:34
norikoteiko_install it over synaptic15:35
norikoteiko_ist the easy way xD15:35
plagueusrnorikoteiko_: okey :P do u know the name of the package?15:36
norikoteiko_oh i have symple installed synaptic15:37
norikoteiko_than reboot and you can find it in sytem -> preferences15:37
plagueusrnorikoteiko_: nvm :P forgot "sudo aptitude install compizconfig-settings-manager"15:37
norikoteiko_synaptic istalled it automatic15:38
norikoteiko_sry for my fucking englisch xD15:38
plagueusr<- confused, hungover like fuck... xD15:38
norikoteiko_did you have installed your driver for your grafic card?15:39
plagueusry, it is installed15:39
nancy_i need help. the wireless tab is not clickable in the network manager!!15:39
norikoteiko_you have to unlock it15:40
norikoteiko_theres a button for you need root acess15:41
norikoteiko_than install compiz and the manager an reboot15:41
nancy_how do i set up a wireless network?15:41
nancy_help please15:42
nancy_how do i set up wireless network????15:43
Mamaroknorikoteiko_: no need for compiz in KDE4, you know that?15:44
norikoteiko_i have gnome & xfce compiz works whith both of that15:44
norikoteiko_if you want to need kde you can also install a windows xD15:45
Mamaroknorikoteiko_: this is the Kubuntu channel, so check if people use KDE4 first, there are desktop effects instead of compiz15:45
norikoteiko_but if found it in the ubuntu forum15:45
Mamaroknorikoteiko_: please keep the topic, of this channel15:45
norikoteiko_ok i see sorry15:46
Mamaroknorikoteiko_: if you want to give/have support for Gnome, you should go to #ubuntu15:46
norikoteiko_ive switched15:47
Mamaroknancy_: sorry, what version of Kubuntu do you use?15:48
nancy_i use kubuntu 9.0415:52
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Mamarokand you have the basic KDE 4.2.2 version?15:52
nancy_i dont know.15:53
Mamarokyou can check in the Help menu of any KDE application _ about KDE15:54
Mamarokbut if you didn't upgrade since the installation it's KDE 4.2.215:54
nancy_i didnt upgrade anything.15:54
Mamarokok could you paste the output of 'iwconfig' in http://paste.ubuntu.com and give the link here?15:56
BluesKaj!info wicd | nancy_15:56
ubottunancy_: wicd (source: wicd): wired and wireless network manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.5.9-2 (jaunty), package size 247 kB, installed size 1860 kB15:56
BluesKajnancy_, install wicd , it works well15:56
MamarokBluesKaj: ok, you take over then :)15:56
* Mamarok has to prepare food anyway15:56
nancy_how do i install it?15:56
BluesKajMamarok, merely a suggestion :)15:56
motany good gui iso editors out there?15:56
motbesides iso-master, which doesn't seem to want to open my 3gb windows iso15:56
MamarokBluesKaj: but checking if radio is on should go first, don't you think?15:57
kayessAnybody know the channel for karmic koala? The one for the next release15:57
bazhangkayess, #ubuntu+115:57
kayessthanks bazhang15:58
nancy_how do i install wicd?15:58
aftertafnancy_: you have a net connection already working?15:59
bazhangsudo apt-get install wicd (from the konsole) nancy_15:59
nancy_yea, i am connected through an ethernet cable.15:59
aftertaftype above command then ;)15:59
nancy_it says E: Couldn't find package wicd15:59
nancy_i had tried installing ndiswrapper and it said the same thing16:00
EagleScreenwicd is in karmic archive16:00
aftertafnancy_: you need to activate universe repository16:00
nancy_how do i do that?16:00
bazhangEagleScreen, in jaunty's too16:00
ubottuThe packages in Kubuntu are divided into various sections. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories16:00
aftertafsee that link ^^16:00
nancy_the first or second?16:01
aftertafboth, what thehell :)16:01
bazhangnancy_, the second16:01
nancy_does it matter if i have kubuntu 9.04?16:02
bazhangnancy_, no difference; are you using kpackagekit , adept, or other package manager16:03
aftertafjust need to enable the line(s) with universe at the end16:03
nancy_i dont know what those are.16:03
bazhangnancy_, package managers for the software repositories16:03
nancy_ok. what do i do?16:04
aftertafnancy_: type this   :   sudo apt-get install synaptic16:05
bazhangKMenu -> Applications -> System -> Software Management to launch KPackageKit  nancy_16:05
aftertafdo waht bazhang says... ill only confuse U .... :)16:05
nancy_Reading package lists... Done16:06
nancy_Building dependency tree16:06
nancy_Reading state information... Done16:06
nancy_Package synaptic is not available, but is referred to by another package.16:06
nancy_This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or16:06
FloodBotK2nancy_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.16:06
nancy_is only available from another source16:06
bazhangsynaptic works too, just made for gnome16:06
aftertafand in universe it seems !!16:06
bazhangnancy_, just follow what I pasted above16:06
nancy_where's kmenu?16:06
aftertafthe blue K16:07
bazhangbig blue K16:07
nancy_oh ok16:08
nancy_ok im there, what do i do now?16:08
EagleScreento edit software repositories: Alt + F2 -> kdesudo software-properties-kde16:08
nancy_ok im in the software sources, now what?16:09
bazhangClick Settings > Edit Software Sources.  nancy_16:10
nancy_i dont see settings16:10
nancy_oh nvm16:11
nancy_ok what do i edit?16:11
bazhangsee above ^^16:11
bazhang Click Settings > Edit Software Sources.  nancy_16:12
nancy_yea im there, now what?16:12
bazhangnancy_, put in your password when prompted16:13
nancy_it hasnt prompted me. im at the window that says software sources, what am i supposed to do there?16:14
bazhangnancy_, click edit software sources16:15
nancy_i did. what do i do after that?16:15
bazhangit did not prompt for a password?16:16
nancy_the window has tabs that say kubuntu software, third-party software, updates, authentication, and statistics16:16
bazhangkubuntu software16:16
bazhangnancy_, are you logged in as a regular user?16:16
nancy_im the only user on the computer16:17
bazhangie enabled the root account?16:17
nancy_the first bullet isnt checked off, the one that says canonical-supported open source software (main), all the others are.16:17
bazhangnancy_, what about universe16:17
nancy_i dont get what u mean?16:17
nancy_what do i do now?16:19
bazhangenable the universe16:20
TheDataenable the warp drive ;-)    kidding ;-)16:20
aftertafopen the pod bay doors, hal !!16:20
nancy_how do i enable the universe?16:21
bazhangnancy_, once that is enabled, click reload16:21
nancy_i dont know where it is!16:21
bazhangnancy_, is there not a checkbox near it?16:21
bazhangkubuntu software tab?16:21
BluesKajnancy_, enable the third party sources too ..you'll need them later anyway for media apps16:21
MamarokTheData: behave, please16:22
nancy_ohhhh ok, the one that says community-maintained open source software (universe)?16:22
aftertafnancy_: yes! that one :)16:22
nancy_it's checked16:22
bazhangnancy_, now click reload16:22
nancy_where's reload?16:22
nancy_is there a button that says it?16:25
nancy_ok nevermind i found it16:25
aftertafyou're getting there :)16:26
nancy_:) yay!16:26
nancy_its installing stuff16:26
bazhangnancy_, its updating your package list16:26
nancy_ok it finished, now what?16:27
bazhangin the search box type wicd16:27
nancy_ok it found it!16:28
nancy_what do i do?16:28
bazhanghit apply after you have highlighted it16:29
nancy_i cant click the apply button16:29
bazhangits greyed out?16:29
bazhangdid you click on the package wicd?16:29
BluesKajnancy_, click on wicd , check the install button , then the apply16:30
nancy_is the install button that little cross on the top right hand corner?16:30
bazhangthe plus symbol?16:31
bazhangdid you click it?16:31
nancy_yea, now i can click apply.16:31
bazhangokay :)16:31
nancy_it says a package dependency could not be found.16:32
bazhangnancy_, now you know how to install software :)16:32
bazhangwhich one16:32
nancy_it says kpack at the top, when i was installing wicd16:32
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nancyand on the details it says: remove the package network-manager before16:33
bazhangnancy, when you are addressing someone, you should use their nick to preface your remarks; type the first three letters or so then hit tab, and it will highlight them16:39
nancyohhh ok16:40
nancybazhang: like this?16:40
bazhangnancy, yep16:40
nancybazhang: thanks! ok now what do i do?16:40
bazhangnancy, remove network-manager ?16:41
nancybazhang: how do i remove that?16:41
bazhangnancy, type in the search box for it16:41
nancybazhang: a whole bunch of them came up16:42
bazhangnancy, find the one that says network-manager and highlight it16:42
nancybazhang: just network-manager? because there's some that say network-manager-dev, network-manager-gnome, network-manager-kde.... etc.16:43
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bazhangnancy, are they all installed?16:44
nancyif they have the plus sign they're installed right? because only two of them have a negative sign16:44
bazhangnancy, plus means can install; minus means can remove16:45
nancyohh ok. so what do i do?16:45
bazhangnancy, which two have a minus16:46
nancybazhang: network-manager - 0.7.1 and plasma-widget-network-manager16:47
bazhangnancy, try the first one16:47
nancyok what do i do to it?16:48
bazhanghighlight then (click the minus) then apply? or is there a remove button?16:48
BluesKajbazhang, I congratulate you for your patience and hand holding :)16:59
aftertafwell done to both of you, we had our breath held :)17:04
BluesKajwell, i think sometimes too much hand holding isn't so good , but this person is obviously a total newb17:05
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bazhangBluesKaj, does kpackagekit not have dependency resolution? sorry was away for a moment17:11
BluesKajdunno , i don't like it much , hence i still use adept , or aptitude in the konsole17:12
bazhangaha thanks :)17:13
BluesKajapt doesn't bring all the dependencies along sometimes ...not sure why , but aptitude has been recommended to me by devs17:14
BluesKajin the karmic chat #ubuntu+117:14
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adz21cHi, is there a way to get the video quality in dragon to be better? For example this is a screenshot in DVD in vlc(also get same quality in kaffeine for KDE3) http://imagebin.ca/view/Zk0MKZ.html and this s the same screenshot for dragon (or kaffine for kde 4 actually but it looks just as bad) http://imagebin.ca/view/7GTnjIfh.html. Any ideas how I can improve quality?17:26
cocuhablen q dice el tubo17:37
dpreacherI have iwconfig detect my wireless adapter as wlan0. it shows some information. I've also installed wicd just as advised before, but I can't get my machine to detect my wireless access point and i've noticed the wifi led only glows momentarily before going to sleep (RAM) or shutdown. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I'm using ubuntu 9.04 amd6417:55
madagascar27Help I am using the live CD and I want 2 access my windows files how can I do this??17:58
DTwhat does it mean when a fresh install hangs and the caps lock light starts to flash?18:07
C4ptain_HaddockDT: Houston, we've a problem?18:17
C4ptain_HaddockWhere exactly does it hang?18:17
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Captain_Haddockdpreacher: please pastebin ifconfig18:18
Captain_Haddockmadagascar27: google live cd windows partition (or similar) . There should be plenty of results. Live CDs are used routinely for rescuing dead windows installs.18:20
robyhello people18:21
DTCaptain_Haddock: sorry, i got called away, but on every kubuntu cd i've tried to run (about 4 now) it goes to the main menu, you go to install or to try it and the lading bar comes up18:26
DTit then moves about an ince and stops there18:26
DTon my xubuntu CD it goes through the install and fails at installing the core system18:27
DTthese are all 8.04 disks.18:27
shadeslayerhey,anyone who got the liquid weather theme to work in karamba?? the one on kde-look.org??18:32
Mamarokkaramba? Are you on KDE3?18:36
shadeslayerMamarok: nope...18:36
MamaroksuperKarambe then?18:37
shadeslayeryeah,i meant super karamba18:37
MamarokI don't use it at all, don't like docked widgets18:37
gila_monsterI thought there was a way to use SK widgets in a plasmoid. Only installed Kubuntu yesterday, though, so not sure.18:38
shadeslayerMamarok: well i just saw this awesome widget,but i cant seem to add it with the add widget thing and superkaramba18:38
shadeslayergila_monster: yeah,you can,but its not working18:38
gila_monsterAt any rate...anyone here familiar with a problem where Kubuntu doesn't detect that the AC power is plugged in? Not finding a lot on Google that's helpful.18:38
gila_monstershade: did not know that. Haven't messed with them much yet.18:39
shadeslayerMamarok: its the most downloaded super karamba theme ;)18:39
Mamarokneither can I, but this is third party software anyway, you should get in touch with the author18:39
shadeslayerMamarok: it says we need pyqt...i have installed that as well.18:39
Mamarokshadeslayer: get in touch with the author, check the kde-llok.org website for it18:40
shadeslayerim going through it18:40
Mamarokshadeslayer: everything that doesn't come in the repos is third party, so you need to talk to that guy, I can't even download it18:40
gila_monsterOops, should have mentioned that I have Kubuntu on a laptop.18:42
shadeslayerMamarok: it seems that it is broken...i found it in the comments18:44
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shadeslayerbye all,college reopens tommorow :)18:48
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sergiohi, someone knows how to add window decoration themes?19:04
Captain_HaddockDT: I would recommend running all available diagnostics (MD5 check sum, memtest etc.) to check your system and the disc.19:04
DTeverythig checks out fine19:04
DTonly my 9.04 disk works19:05
Captain_Haddockyou don't want to install 9.04?19:05
DThad it, had to many problems with it19:05
Captain_Haddocklike what?19:05
DTcrashed aything time  tried to change any settings19:05
Captain_HaddockYou have the live cd?19:06
DTno, i was using the alternate cd19:06
DTplus i like kde 3 better19:06
Captain_Haddockdo you have a live cd?19:07
Captain_Haddockand what are the specs of your system?19:08
DTi have a kde3 live CD, but it hangs19:08
DTamd athalon X2 62, 2gb of ram, geforce gfx card19:09
DTit's acompaq laptop19:09
Captain_HaddockIt kind of points to your CDROM drive, from what I can tell.19:10
Captain_HaddockDid you burn the alternate ISO on this laptop?19:11
Captain_Haddockcan you try doing an md5 compare between the ISO and the CD itself?19:11
DTyep, check out fine19:11
Captain_HaddockDT: hmm, no idea then, sorry.19:14
Captain_Haddock9.04 crashes. Your Live CD hangs. 9.04 alternate CD installs fine. 8.x do not. memtest fine. md5 fine. xubuntu installer hangs.19:15
Captain_Haddocktoo many conflicts :|19:16
Captain_HaddockI'd run more diagnostics.19:16
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twisted_im having a problem compiling a driver can someone please help..19:49
rdalei'm trying to upgrate to kde 4.3 rc3 in jaunty, but i'm getting a package conflict with kdebase-runtime-data, and plasam will no longer start19:52
snarksterif i dd a drive to storage and then dd it back to a different drive it should just work right, I dont need any options or anything. or am i worng19:52
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Levonwhat is going on with this compiling? http://pastebin.com/m54be7ffb19:55
MamarokLevel15: don't use sudo for the make command, only sudo for make install20:15
Mamaroksorry, wrong nick20:16
zobinHey all. I need some help with installing the catalyst driver for Ubuntu20:27
zobinI'm trying to find out how to install the ATI catalyst driver for Ubuntu20:29
Mamarokzobin: you mean the fglrx driver20:29
Mamarokcatalyst is just a frontend for driver settings IIRC20:29
zobinI mean this one: ATI Catalyst™ 9.3 Proprietary Linux x86 Display Driver20:29
apparlezobin is your card supported by the new driver20:30
Mamarokzobin: what graphic card do you have?20:30
zobinATI Radeon X850 Xt20:30
zobinI just want to be able to extend the desktop to my TV20:30
zobinI can't do it with the basic driver in Ubuntu. It doesnt recognize that I have a TV connected20:31
Mamarokzobdid you check this thread: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=26581720:32
Mamarokzobin: sry, nick completion, check the link above20:32
zobinThat topic is really accurate :)20:33
visheshHi! I was trying to compile a custom version of the linux kernel, and it compiled fine, but after doing the 'make install' I really don't know how to create the initrd image. Does anyone have any idea how ?20:33
Mamarokzobin: found with the search items 'ATI Radeon X850 Xt Linux' on Google :)20:34
apparleI have ATI Radeon Xpress 200 and use the open source drivers........................The funny part is sometimes the system boots with all the graphics enabled and sometimes completely disabled........???20:36
Kovertcan some one help me with this error? http://pastebin.com/d6e5674d120:37
luis_ei guys do u know some program than can download youtube videos for linux and transform them in mp3?20:39
luis_like videotodo (for windows)20:39
Kovertvideodownloader? firefox20:39
MamarokKovert: you are upgrading to KDE 4.3 RC3, right?20:40
Kovertcan some one help me with some broken stuff http://pastebin.com/d6e5674d120:40
Mamarokwhat exactly did you do before?20:40
KovertMamarok: yes20:40
KovertMamarok: apt-get the normal20:41
MamarokKovert: well, update and the upgrade I guess?20:41
KovertMamarok: yes20:41
Mamarokto install firefox you need to specify the version, so it's sudo apt-get install firefox-3.5 (which is the latest release) or firefox-3.0 (the previous)20:42
MamarokKovert: about the workspace, that package is outdated, it should not ne there anymore, from what version are you upgrading?20:43
KovertMamarok: I a, running karmic20:43
KovertMamarok: alpha 220:43
MamarokKovert: the you should ask in #ubuntu+1, Karmic support is there20:43
Kovertmarcel: I did thats why I am here :-)20:44
Kovertsorry Mamarok20:44
Mamarokwell, we don't support Karmic here, it's really in #ubuntu+120:44
KovertMamarok: I know got no help there20:44
KovertI will go back20:45
MamarokKovert: else ask in the -devel channel, if they are not too busy20:45
KovertMamarok: ok20:45
gila_monsterHello, all.21:11
gila_monsterA number of us on the System76 forum at ubuntuforums.org have a problem wtih Kubuntu on our laptops. It's not recognizing when the AC adapter is plugged in.21:11
gila_monsterI've done a good deal of googling, and there was something on the Sabayon forums that might have worked for someone, but it didn't look applicable to Kubuntu.21:12
gila_monsterAre we missing something obvious here? Basically, the system doesn't seem to be checking the state of the AC power at all.21:12
Mamarokgila_monster: what Kubuntu version are you talking about?21:12
ward__Hello I'm having problems with flash. I have no sound on youtube and sometimes firefox is crashing21:13
gila_monsterMamarok: 9.04. There are reports that things worked in 8.10. I didn't use KDE with 8.10, so no direct experience on my part.21:13
Mamarokward__: well, that's flash :/21:13
Dragnslcrward__- do you also use Amarok?21:13
Mamarokgila_monster: 9.04 is KDE4, so it depends on wether you talk about a widget or an application21:14
MamarokDragnslcr: that is *not* an Amarok issue!21:14
Dragnslcrward__- exit out of Amarok, then see if Flash starts working21:14
ward__okay i'll try that21:14
MamarokDragnslcr: it's a flash problem, don't blame the wrong application21:14
Mamarokor more precisly a flash with phonon problem21:15
ward__yes now I have sound :)21:15
Mamarokgila_monster: Kubuntu 8.10 had KDE3 and KDE4, so it highly depends on what it was reported21:15
Dragnslcrward__- there's your workaround for now, then21:15
ward__how can I fix it ?21:15
Dragnslcrward__- waiting until phonon/Flash gets fixed is all you can do21:16
ward__okay what's the problem then?21:16
Mamarokward__: check in the systesettings -> multimedi what phonon backend you are using21:16
MamarokDragnslcr: wrong, there *is* a solution, not just a workaround21:16
Dragnslcrward__- here's one bug report about it. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox-3.0/+bug/37440721:16
* Mamarok gives up as nobody listens anyway :(21:17
gila_monsterMamarok: Yes and no, I think. I'm using the battery monitor plasmoid, which tells me that the battery is staying at 100%, but puts the system in powersave because it thinks it's not plugged in. I'm not sure it's the plasmoid's fault, though, because the on_ac_power command through bash says that the AC is not plugged in. If the plasmoid is using that system.... Checking /proc/acpi/ac_adapter reveals that there is no file in that dir21:17
gila_monster so whatever daemon or service is supposed to be checking it is not writing anything to that location.21:17
ward__I don't see anything phonon onlu xine21:17
Dragnslcrward__- the last person to comment on the bug report suggests using pulseaudio instead21:17
Mamarokgila_monster: that widget doesn't show if you are plugged in indeed, as it's just a basic battery widget, not a powermanager one21:18
Mamarokward__: don't, this is even worse...21:18
MamarokDragnslcr: stop telling such things, please, it works21:18
gila_monsterMamarok: what power manager does KDE4 use? I don't see a process with "power" in the name. Is it embedded in KDE4?21:19
Mamarokgila_monster: one needs the guidance-power-manager21:19
ward__okay it works now with the pulse as output !21:19
gila_monsterMamarok: I haven't used KDE since about 3.1, so I'm a little behind on the new stuff.21:19
ward__thanks you guys !21:19
gila_monsterMamarok: Okay, I know that's not installed right now.21:20
* Mamarok knows someone who can't use Amarok or Dragonplayer anymore now...21:20
gila_monsterMamarok: I suppose that it's not installed by default because the installation does not assume it's going on a laptop. Yes?21:22
DrknezzHi guys!, just wanted to point out something Amarok 2's sound works great with a pulse ;)21:22
adambennett08330can someone help me out plz?21:23
MamarokDrknezz: well, lucky you then, it doesn't work for most of the users21:23
Mamarok!ask | adambennett0833021:23
Mamarokhm, sorry, the bot is still down21:23
Mamarokadambennett08330: just ask21:23
adambennett08330i just installed kubuntu and it froze so  i went to command line and i installed fluxbox...problem is i dunno where the package manager is lol21:24
Mamarokadambennett08330: neither do I, never used fluxbox21:24
gila_monsterMamarok: once installed, do I need to put that in autostart manually? Or will a reboot get me to goodness?21:24
msichalhi everyone, is it normal that kubuntu 9.04 has cpu, hdd, network usage plasmoids, but not MEM ?21:25
msichalhow to get it?21:25
Mamarokgila_monster: it allows you to configure the powermanagement in the systemsettings-> advanced tab21:25
apparlewhen is 4.3 realeasing21:27
msichalcan someone answer?21:27
adambennett08330ill be back...going to console maybe i can get amsn through apt-get lol21:28
gila_monsterMamarok: that all appeared to be there anyway. So I executed guidance-power-manager in bash, and it sent repeated "No AC adapter found - assume that we are on batteries." messages to the terminal. So this did not help.21:30
gila_monsterMamarok: for whatever reason, it just doesn't recognize the AC adapter.21:30
pedahzurSo my (small) kids got to my wife's account while she was away from her computer and started pushing buttons.  Something tweaked, and now she cannot bring background windows to the foreground, even though they activate. I've been through all the Window activation/"click to raise" settings I can find, but no joy.  Any other places to check?21:31
Mamarokgila_monster: you might have a look at https://bugs.launchpad.net then21:33
yitehaycan anyone tell me how to use both kde and gnome together?<<<<<21:33
msichalomg, theres 290 ppl and noone can answer?21:33
Mamarokgila_monster: do you have that widget in the panel?21:33
gila_monstermamarok: okay. thanks.21:33
gila_monstermamarok: widget is in the bottom panel, yes.21:33
Mamarokmsichal: well, most just idle here, so be patient, it's Sunday evening in Europe21:34
Mamarokgila_monster: it should show a yellow flash nect to the battery symbol which shows only when you are plugged in21:34
Mamarokapparle: 4th of August IIRC21:35
gila_monstermamarok: Nothing like that. Green bars in the shape of a battery indicating full charge.21:35
Mamarokmsichal: there is a widget for RAM, too21:35
gila_monstermsichal: Tour de France day, too. Might be parties all over. ;)21:35
Mamarokgila_monster: well, then it's only there in KDE 4.2.9621:35
Mamarokit shure shows for me21:35
Planetaryok so  i all my graphics work great except hd flash videos, they are choppy. also fullscreen videos can be choppy. i do have legacy workaround on in compiz. i have kubutnu restricted extras installed. i have a geforce 7600gt with dirver 180 working fine. 173 and 96 are options. waht should i do, should i try a differnt driver?21:36
Planetaryi will be back later i would appreciate input thanks all21:36
gila_monsterMamarok: I'll check launchpad. I'm hesitant to install 4.3 RC just to fix this, though. The workaround is to use the battery monitor to set the system to Performance, which at least keeps it from suspending to RAM every 15 minutes.21:37
MamarokPlanetary: you should stay, one might need your feedback, just putting questions in and leaving is not a good idea21:37
Mamarokgila_monster: 4.3 will be out early August and will be in the regular jaunty-backports, so just be patient21:37
Mamarokit's already much more stable than 4.2.x ever was anyway21:37
plagueusrehm peps, i ahve two problems, can anyone try to help me? :P21:37
gila_monsterPlanetary: I had the nvidia 185 driver installed last week on Ubuntu, and it provided some performance improvements. It's not trivial to install, but if you have some experience and are comfortable with a command line, you might look into it.21:38
Mamarokplagueusr: just ask and be patient21:38
gila_monstermamarok: Thanks!21:38
Mamarokgila_monster: you are welcome :)21:38
Fanfare_Q: could a native english pls read over http://www.cyber-byte.at/wiki/index.php/English:_Setup21:40
plagueusrwell i try to run the compiz manager and when i do that. Checking for Xgl: not present. Checking for Software Rasterizer: Not present.21:40
msichallol i installed and configured lm-senosors and it still has only virtual device21:41
MamarokFanfare_: what, do you exopect us to correct translations? this is a #kubuntu support channel :)21:42
msichalneed to restert x?21:42
Mamarokplagueusr: you shouldn't use Compiz in KDE4, it has it's own compositing21:42
adambennett08330yay i fixed it :D21:42
Mamarokplagueusr: next time you should be sure that the person who gives you advice really uses KDE too, sorry, but that person was a Gnome user and didn't know about the desktop effects21:43
msichaldoes someone know how to use emerald in kde4?21:43
adambennett08330i wanna use the window manager normal ubuntu has but i forget the package name :S21:43
Fanfare_Mamarok: that was just meant to ask if one here has time... i didnt want to forece someone to... (in some ways its also kubuntu related btw)21:43
Mamarokmsichal: you don't use it at all, KDE4 has desktop effects compositing, don't use compiz, please21:43
MamarokFanfare_: well, you need to be patient, don't know who is a native speaker here21:44
msichali just need emerald can i use kde4 composting to use emerald themes?21:44
adambennett08330new to linux but im learning :)21:44
Mamarokmsichal: remove compiz and emerald and check in the system settings-> Desktop -> Desktop effects21:44
plagueusrMamarok: oke oke tnx21:45
Mamarokagain, KDE4 doesn't use compiz *at* *all*21:45
Fanfare_Mamarok: as said i dont expect immediate review :-)21:45
Mamarokadambennett08330: are you on Ubuntu or on Kubuntu?21:46
MamarokKubuntu uses KDE, Ubuntu uses Gnome, support for the latter is in #ubuntu BTW21:47
adambennett08330im on kubuntu21:48
adambennett08330use fluxbox cause loading freezes after login21:48
Mamarokadambennett08330: because it's not meant to be the default desktop I guess21:49
adambennett08330if i wanna switch to gnome i gotta select all gnome packages in synaptic?21:52
msichalMamarok, cant find it... theres no way to use emerald theme with kde or im just blind ;/21:53
Mamarokmsichal: read what I said, you do *not* use emerald in KDE4...21:53
MamarokKDE4 has it's own compisiting21:53
msichali messed smething21:54
Mamarokelse you would have to disable Kwin and install another window manager21:54
peter__hell busy in here21:55
Mamarokpeter__: do you need help?21:56
peter__no not really, just checking out the IRC software :)21:57
peter__more used to xchat21:57
Mamarokpeter__: this is a support only channel BTW21:57
peter__fair enough I'm gone21:58
Mamarokmsichal: what with that?21:58
msichaltheres only two pages of naative kde4 wndows decorations ;/21:58
Mamarokmsichal: well, KDE4 is not as old as KDE3.x is :)21:58
Mamarokand you can only use one decoration at once anyway21:58
BluesKajmsichal, complain in #kde :)21:59
msichalbut theres no choice :P21:59
MamarokBluesKaj: there is nothing to complain about, we all do voluntary work, so...21:59
Mamarokmsichal: write one yourself then :)22:00
Mamarokor pay somebody to do so, that's ow Free Software works22:00
BluesKajMamarok , i din't know that...no wonder the kubuntu cheques aren't arriving :)22:01
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Mamarokmsichal: that widget should be installed by default, just check for the system monitor and activate the RAM part22:04
msichalMamarok, theres only temperature, cpu, hard. info, network and disk pace22:06
* Mamarok checks22:06
Mamarokmsichal: plasma-system-monitor has RAM monitoring22:09
msichali can send U a screenshot if U can;t believe it ;)22:10
msichalhow to download it?22:10
Mamarokit should already be installed, check your widget list, type monitor in the search bar22:10
RurouniJonesis cdemu the only way to mount a bin/cue pair in linux? converting to iso isn't an option here22:11
BluesKajsystem monitor22:11
Mamarokmsichal: then check for the package plasma-widget-simplemonitor22:12
MamarokRurouniJones: no idea what you are talking about, sorry :(22:12
msichalit wasn't installed22:12
Mamarokmsichal: no need to shout :)22:13
msichaleverything ok22:15
msichalbut it isnt same22:15
Mamarokmsichal: nice :)22:15
Mamarokmsichal: then write one yourself :)22:15
msichaljust tell me what means what on simple monitor "and nothing else matters" ;)22:16
msichalgreen is free ram and blue is used?22:17
Mamarokmsichal: go to the tool and check, it's explained in the settings22:17
Mamarokbedtime for me, cu folks22:20
ubottuInstant Messenger Client Kopete (http://kopete.kde.org) supports MSN, Jabber, AIM, YIM, Gadu-Gadu, Novell Groupwise, ICQ and, in KDE 3, IRC. See also !Pidgin22:22
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about i18n22:25
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kyle__audio isnt woring help needed22:41
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Fanfare_kyle__: im not that familiar with audio...22:59
Fanfare_kyle__: whats the prob?22:59
kyle__its not working at all... ingame music not working23:03
Fanfare_kyle__: did it ever work before? since when u have troubleß23:04
PingJockykyle__: did you install pidgin?23:05
PingJockyi found sometimes if i mute the sound in pidgin it mutes my whole system23:05
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gerry_hi every one23:17
Fanfare_hi gerry_23:19
gerry_wats up23:20
Fanfare_waiting for bedtime...23:20
gerry_already wa time is it23:20
Fanfare_so u got a little time?23:21
Fanfare_are u a native english?23:21
keyser_sozewill kubuntu 9.04 get kde4.3 as an upgrade someday?  Or will one always have to sue backports?23:22
gerry_yes i am23:22
PingJockythe backports already have it but i wouldnt hold your breath23:22
keyser_sozePingJocky: because of testing or everyone's focus on 9.10 or ?23:24
keyser_sozePingJocky: makes sense - has to be hard pushing out a new version every 6 months23:25
PingJockykeyser_soze: yeah... 4.3 runs great for me so far in 9.04 but i havnt been using it for long23:26
keyser_sozePingJocky: will this line in /etc/apt/sources.list get me kde 4.3?  deb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ jaunty-backports main restricted universe multiverse23:26
PingJockythis is the one im using23:27
PingJockydeb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/backports/ubuntu jaunty main23:27
keyser_sozePingJocky: thanks!23:31
PingJockykeyser_soze: did it work?23:32
keyser_sozePingJocky: checking it now23:32
keyser_sozeyes, it worked23:32
Fanfare_is that kde 4.3 or kde 4.3 RC3?23:33
Dragnslcr4.3 is currently at RC323:34
keyser_sozeyeah, 4.3 final got pushed back 1 week into August23:34
DragnslcrI think they're aiming to have the final release done in another week or two23:34
PingJockyi like the desktop folder preview and how it keeps drilling down on child folders...23:35
PingJockyyou would almost never have to open dolphin again23:36
carpiiwhat do I need to backup, if I want to upgrade to jaunty/kde 4.x, but have the possibility to undo it later?23:37
PingJockythats a good one...  I would think to start you would need to tar up you ~/23:40
carpiiyeah, im wondering if it wont just involve pretty much a full drive backup :(23:41
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PingJockywell tar'n up you home folder wouldnt be that much unless you have a ton of porn in you Videos dir... but then shame on you for not backing up your porn anyway23:43
carpiii wish i could say i had, but its mostly software dev resources :(23:43
BluesKajfolder view is convenient , but it doesn't show 'places' like dolphin23:45
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