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timutmaxb: thanks03:30
timutit's helping me03:30
wgrantHow do I get something bin/harness but with security working? I want, for example, to be able to switch users interactively and see how access to objects changes.09:14
BjornT_wgrant: use getUtility(IFooSet) to get the initial object. when you use getUtility the object will be security wrapped, and each object you access through it will also have a security proxy.09:25
wgrantBjornT_: I know hot to get the objects, but I can't seem to switch to a user that doesn't have any permissions.09:26
wgrantBjornT_: canonical.launchpad.ftests.login doesn't seem to work.09:27
wgrantWell, it runs, but my mortal user still has launchpad.Admin on everything.09:27
BjornT_wgrant: oh. it probably runs with the permissive security policy...09:28
wgrantBjornT_: Right. Any idea how I can change that?09:28
wgrantIt does look like c.l.ftests.login is configuring the participation properly, so that must be it.09:29
* wgrant tries something.09:30
BjornT_wgrant: the following might work: setSecurityPolicy(LaunchpadSecurityPolicy)09:32
wgrantA grep showed me that.09:33
wgrant(needed to import setSecurityPolicy from zope.security.management)09:33
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AdamDV<3 Launchpad16:27
AdamDVAnyone here?16:40
AdamDVI just got an error :/16:40
AdamDVbzr: ERROR: no such option: --2a16:40
AdamDVERROR: Unable to set up local LP repository16:40
andrea-bsAdamDV, you need bzr version 1.9 or higher16:41
AdamDVI just installed 1.17..16:41
AdamDVThis morning, because on my first rocketfuel attempt I got the 'bzr version not high enough' error16:41
AdamDVThe script has been runing successfully for like 30 minutes16:42
AdamDVandrea-bs: should I use the nightly build instead?16:44
andrea-bsAdamDV, no, you shouldn't: 1.17 is the right version (I was wrong about 1.9)16:45
andrea-bsAdamDV, how did you install bzr 1.17?16:45
AdamDVI downloaded it from the ppa16:45
AdamDVcd Downloads16:46
AdamDVsudo dpkg -i bzr*16:46
andrea-bswhat does ``bzr version`` tell you?16:46
AdamDVHOwever, when I opened the deb in GDebi, the Install betton was greyed out...16:46
AdamDVIt says 1.13 :/16:46
AdamDVI'm installing again, andrea-bs16:47
andrea-bsmaybe dpkg has encountered some errors while installing16:47
AdamDVNow it says version 1.1716:47
andrea-bsit should work now16:48
AdamDVIs i possible that rocketfuel-setup would at some point downgrade bzr?16:48
andrea-bsno, I don't think so :)16:49
AdamDVWell now I see16:49
AdamDV'Making local branch of launchpad truck'16:49
andrea-bshowever, I strongly suggest you to add the Bazaar PPA to your sources.list, so you'll get the updates16:49
AdamDVDoes the install just carry on if postfix and everything have already been instaled?16:50
AdamDVSo that I wouldn't have to wait the 30 min again?16:50
AdamDV(I'd assume so)16:50
andrea-bsall the required deb packages are not re-installed if they are already present16:52
AdamDVAh, ok.16:52
AdamDVNow I get this:17:23
AdamDVmake: *** No rule to make target `install'.  Stop.17:23
AdamDVERROR: Unable to install apache config appropriately17:23
AdamDVAnyone here?18:32
AdamDVI keep getting this:18:32
AdamDVbzr: ERROR: Connection error: Couldn't resolve host 'bazaar.launchpad.net' [Errno -2] Name or service not known18:32
AdamDVERROR: Unable to create local copy of Rocketfuel trunk18:32
elmoAdamDV: does 'ping -c 1 bazaar.launchpad.net' work from the command line?18:37
AdamDVIt works for awhile, maybe 20 minutes, then I get that.18:37
AdamDVelmo: does launchpad.tar.gz have the lp-branches folder?18:38
elmoAdamDV: can you install the dnstracer package, and pastebin the output of 'dnstracer -c bazaar.launchpad.net'?18:38
elmoAdamDV: I've no idea offhand, sorry - it's a full copy of the LP tree is all I know18:38
AdamDVI can't install dnstracer.18:39
AdamDVIt requires bzr 1.14 <18:39
AdamDVAnd I have 1.17, which is requireed by LP.18:39
elmoheh, dnstracer doesn't, but something else you've got installed does18:39
AdamDVI haven't installed anything, I think the rocketfuel-setup script asks for bzr 1.17 for somestuff and 1.14 for others.18:40
AdamDVI've run into a problem like that twice with rocketfuel.18:40
AdamDVanyway, going for a coffee, I'll mess with it when I get back.18:40
AdamDVAright, I just downloaded launchpad.tar.gz from herbs repo.18:58
AdamDVIts got a bit of a different name scheme, but I hink It'll work.18:58
* AdamDV hopes that this time it will work19:06
marsmwhudson, around yet?21:32
mwhudsonmars: yep21:32
marshi mwhudson, and good morning!21:33
marsI have a question about a mail that just arrived on the feedback list21:33
* mwhudson looks21:34
mwhudsonmars: the freebie trial one?21:35
marsmwhudson, "my email was published"21:35
mwhudsonoh sigh21:35
mwhudsonwhy can't people just give up on the 'hide my email' approach to spam prevention?21:36
marsmwhudson, would you be able to write a reply?  I'm not sure if there is a real bug there or not.21:39
marsand I don't know our policy in that regard, either21:40
mwhudsonthere's no bug21:46
mwhudsoni'll write a reply21:46
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thumpermars: I was just looking at that too21:59
marsmwhudson, many thanks22:02
thumpermwhudson: call?22:10
mwhudsonthumper: yeah, was just thinking that22:10
mwhudsonthumper: couple sec22:10
* mwhudson stabs synergy22:12
mwhudsonmy two laptops can't ping each other??22:14
mwhudsonoh actually, my router had shuffled ip addresses around22:16
mwhudsonthumper: so, yes, call?22:16
mwhudsonskype thinks you're offline of course22:18
thumperspm: buildbot.devpad.info22:33
thumperspm: is not responding...22:33
wgrantNot resolving.22:34
spmwhich was going to be my 1st problem....22:34
wgrantIs there any reason it can't be public?22:35
spmthumper: I 'spect we're going to have to wait for Gary on that22:35
spmdig +trace suggests the ns servers are fine, but something is nicely borked with the domain itself22:36
spmwhee. no SOA record even. totally borked.22:37
thumperspm: who is responsible for merging db-stable back into devel?22:40
thumperspm: and db-devel's last revision isn't in db-stable :(22:40
mwhudsondevpad.info is joey's domain isn't it?22:41
mwhudsonspm: happy new week!22:41
spmmwhudson: so I've been updated to believe, yes.22:43
spmi wonder what's up with that domain - it doesn't appear to expire for another 6+ weeks...22:44
thumperspm: are we re-rolling production?22:48
mwhudsonspm: do you know why the re-rollout didn't happen ?22:48
mwhudson(it's almost like thumper and i are talking to each other)22:48
spm!!! I've been here 20 minutes. How much email do you two think I've read? :-)22:48
ubot3spm: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)22:48
* spm brb - updates to install22:50
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