wgrantah, no, it's asynchronous.00:00
wgrant7 minutes with still no logtail? Has it died again?00:02
wgrantEven on non-virt builders...00:02
wgrantelmo: ^^00:05
tgm4883wgrant, not sure if it helps, but my packages usually takes about 2 minutes to build and it's over 20 now00:15
wgranttgm4883: Yep, it seems to have died again.00:15
wgrantProbably for the same reason.00:16
wgrantBut the code seems to be written such that it *won't* block if the resume command hangs.00:16
wgrantelmo: Same issue?01:20
elmoyeah, I've hard-killed the problematic buildd01:21
* wgrant notices shipova gone.01:21
wgrantThings are still looking decidedly stuck.01:24
wgrant(and it shouldn't have even got to trying to resume things yet)01:25
elmoyeah, the buildd-manager process was FUBAR; I've restarted it01:27
elmoand it's now doing something01:27
wgrantI think I might have had some replication lag, too.01:28
wgrantOK, buildds full... now let's see if it hangs again.01:29
wgrantAre you repeatedly bouncing it?01:32
wgrantI saw a build restart three times.01:33
wgrantIt lives!01:34
elmoare you sure it wasn't the same build for different suites?01:34
wgrantI am.01:34
wgrantAnyway, all working now.01:34
elmothere's a lot of manualdepwait, maybe it throws them back a couple of times *shrug*01:35
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cprovelmo: thanks02:13
cprovelmo: the resume trigger can block, thanks for reporting the bug.02:13
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nhandlerWhen a mailing list is deactivated, is the mail archive still viewable?04:06
kb9vqfWhen trying to build a package dependent on inn2, I get a "innconfval: hostname does not resolve or domain not set in inn.conf" failure from the PPA builder and the installation process halts.  Is there any way to get this fixed?06:26
kb9vqfInterestingly, the LPIA build succeeded06:26
kb9vqfFailure log is here: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/29532700/buildlog_ubuntu-jaunty-i386.smartcardauth_1.0-0ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz06:26
mwhudsonwell, certainly builds in ppas cannot contact the internet06:31
kb9vqfIs there a way to bypass the error and force installation of the package so that building can continue?  I only need access to one of the binary files from that package, not the services or anything else.06:40
wgrantYou have to fix the package.06:41
wgrantOr not depend on it.06:41
wgrantAt the point at which that build failed, the package being built is not yet in power.06:41
wgrantOdd that it succeeded on lpia, though. Do you have a log for that?06:41
kb9vqfI had it backwards earlier...AMD64 worked, while i386 and LPIA failed.  Here's the log for AMD64: https://launchpad.net/~kde3-maintainers/+archive/ppa/+build/1133350/+files/buildlog_ubuntu-jaunty-amd64.smartcardauth_1.0-0ubuntu1_FULLYBUILT.txt.gz06:42
kb9vqfStill odd, and I don't know if it points to an inn2 package problem or a builder configuration problem06:43
wgrantkb9vqf: Retry the builds.06:44
wgrantActually, maybe not so useful if it failed on both.06:44
kb9vqfI'll retry anyway, just in case.  It gets messy if I have to redo the inn2 package under a different name just to build my package properly...06:45
kb9vqfThat is, with a "fix" not to start the inn2 server under the PPA environment06:46
wgrantDoes it work in the primary archive?06:46
kb9vqfWhat do you mean by primary archive?06:47
wgrantThe official Ubuntu archive.06:47
kb9vqfI'm sorry, but I don't understand what you are asking.06:48
kb9vqfI never uploaded to the official archive06:48
wgrantDoes the package build-depend on inn2 in the official Ubuntu archive, and if so does it build?06:49
kb9vqfThis is a package I wrote, so it is not in the official archives06:49
kb9vqfwgrant: Retrying the LPIA build caused it to work?!?!06:52
kb9vqfMaybe there was a temporary network failure or something06:52
wgrantOr you hit a bad builder.06:52
kb9vqfi386 still failed though06:52
kb9vqfthere may be a few bad builders if that was the case06:52
kb9vqfretrying i386 again...06:53
kb9vqfThanks for the help!06:53
* kb9vqf is glad he doesn't have to pull his hair out redoing the inn2 package06:53
wgrantIt's building on aluminium again - it was a few minutes ago, so it might fail again.06:54
kb9vqfYeah, I noticed that.  Can you lock it to another machine?06:55
kb9vqfOtherwise, I'll just keep trying...maybe tomorrow morning I'll get a different machine06:55
wgrantThe way I might do it is wait until aluminium is taken by something else, then retry.06:56
kb9vqfand......BOOM.....innconfval: hostname does not resolve or domain not set in inn.conf06:56
kb9vqfThat's a good idea06:56
kb9vqfMight have to wait for a while though..." 0 builds waiting in queue "06:56
kb9vqfon i38606:56
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kb9vqfwgrant: Yup, that was it...for i386, sandpaperfig and aluminum are broken, while iridium is OK.07:35
kb9vqfIn case someone wanted to fix them ;-)07:35
timuthi all08:35
geserkb9vqf: just curious: why do need inn2 (a news server) during building of a package which has something to do with smartcards?09:15
HalabundA couple of years ago I created a launchpad account, and a bit later I wanted to delete it.  Then I was told that it is not possible to delete it.  The only option was "deactivating" it "in case I want to re-activate it later".  OK, so now I would like to re-activate it.  How can I do that?  Unfortunately I do not remember what email address I used to sign up, but I do remember the user name I used.10:03
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Halabundhmm seems like I managed to figure it out10:06
cprovwgrant: morning13:35
cprovwgrant: re. 'PPA download stats' we sort of have a plan13:35
cprovwgrant: we intend to parse the logs of the apache serving ppa.l.n and increment the LFA-based hits.13:36
cprovwgrant: I haven't done any prototype yet, but this is the path we want to go.13:37
wgrantcprov: But the LFA will only get you the BPR, not the archive, won't it?13:43
cprovwgrant: BPR or SPR files, then we can group then as needed.13:44
cprovwgrant: I'm not sure if we want to count hits on the repo indexes.13:44
wgrantcprov: You don't care about index hits, no.13:45
cprovwgrant: is 'you' == 'us' ?13:45
wgrantcprov: I think so.13:46
wgrantIndex hits aren't really useful.13:46
cprovwgrant: righto13:46
maxbIndex hits can serve a purpose - they can suggest at numbers of people keeping the PPA in theirs sources.list long-term13:51
maxbAlso, what would be really neat would be to categorize all the hits by user-agent13:52
maxbthe apt version number lets you infer a distroseries13:53
* Daviey would really like some PPA stats.. It's useful to guage demand for a particular package, and generally ppa series14:10
Davieyi can't see a reason for NOT wanting to display that information to ppa owners?14:10
maxbI think it's not displayed simply because it doesn't exist14:12
cprovmaxb: agreed, the only problem is that from the code PoV storing hits from pool/ files is very different (and much easier) than doing the same thing for repo indexes.15:39
cprovmaxb: that's why we will probably start with pool/ files then later workout how we can sanely store indexes hits.15:40
cprovmaxb: you have a nice point about inferring the clients series using the apt version on the http-agent15:41
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SpamapShey if I click 'request another review' on a merge proposal, will it incorporate everything changed since the first review?16:59
AdamDVSpamapS: I would assume so.17:00
SpamapSme too but I don't want to annoy the rest of the dev team with a duplicate merge proposal. ;)17:01
SpamapSah help.launchpad.net .. maybe that knows for sure..17:02
kb9vqfgeser: I need the ckpasswd utility, of all the stupid things.  Sometime in the future I will probably rewrite it to build standalone, but I don't have the time right now.17:05
SpamapShm it doesn't mention that functionality17:05
SpamapSah the answer is, no, it does not17:09
SpamapSit simply allows you to ask somebody else to review the merge proposal17:10
andrea-bsSpamapS, you can do safe tests on https://staging.launchpad.net17:15
geserkb9vqf: I'm surprised that you can use chpasswd from inn2 which is made to be used by inn2/nnrpd for your case17:18
kb9vqfWorks well enough...I just need something to authenticate usernames and passwords17:19
geserkb9vqf: and btw: your package doesn't respect the FHS (creates a new dir below /) and also install files into /usr/local17:19
kb9vqfYeah, I know.  It's a prototype17:19
SpamapSahh what I was looking for was 'resubmit'17:22
geserkb9vqf: I hope you also improve the security of those scripts. As passing passwords through parameters is a really bad idea. Using "ps aux" in the right moment and the password is leaked.17:30
kb9vqfI may end up rewriting the two main scripts in C...I just don't have the time ATM17:31
kb9vqfIs there a way to, for example, do this in BASH more securely: /opt/kde3/bin/kdmctl -g login :0 now $smartcard_username $smartcard_password17:39
kb9vqfgeser: Or am I just forced to rewrite this with the backend API in C?17:39
geserkb9vqf: I'm not very knowlegdable in that area (better talk to someone who knows more about security than me). Perhaps even something like $(cat $smartcard_passwd_file) instead of $smartcard_passwd is good enough (assuming that file is securely created)17:44
geserI don't know if command subsitution is visible in ps aux or not17:45
geserbut it would be IMHO a bad design if kdmctl expects the password in cleartext as parameter (instead of e.g. reading it from a file handle)17:46
kb9vqfgeser: I never really thought about that...I guess I should see if it will accept a file handle17:47
kb9vqfI use root-secured files elsewhere in the script, so adapting it shouldn't be a problem17:47
kb9vqfbtw I'm fixing the FHS problems now...17:47
geserand better use mktemp to create temp files with an unpredictible name (symlink attack)17:49
kb9vqfgood idea...I really needed some kind of security review on this package; thanks for taking a look at it! :-)17:50
geserI don't know at which state of the boot the scripts are run. but if a user had a chance to create e.g. a symlink from /tmp/query to /etc/shadow and setupcard.sh is run as root say goodbye to your passwords17:55
kb9vqfThat script is a setup script, so it is run in init 5 after graphical login; I'm not sure how to deal with that kind of attack17:58
Oleg_Andreychhello guys!18:11
Oleg_Andreychthere is a problem with logging in launchpad18:12
Oleg_AndreychI've forgotten password, and when I've tried to recover it, i saw  a message, that there is no account with my email, but when i tried to regiser a new one whith my email it tolds me that account with my email already exists18:14
Oleg_Andreychso I just wanna know... what a hell is going on?!18:15
Oleg_Andreychhelooooooo, is anybody there?18:17
geserkb9vqf: that makes it less likely to be exploited but this a good example to use mktemp instead of a known tempfile18:21
kb9vqfgeser: sorry, went to lunch.  I will integrate mktemp into my program; hopefully that (and removing parameter passing) will secure it enough to be useful.  I'll let you know when I have the new package up....this is a feature I really want to see in Karmic19:21
* kb9vqf really likes not having to type his 20+ character password over and over19:22
LarstiQkb9vqf: you might want mkstemp instead of mktemp? Anyway, try to get it reviewed by someone with actual secure programming experience19:28
kb9vqfLarstiQ: Will do19:29
geserLarstiQ: mkstemp is only available in C but not shell19:29
* LarstiQ hadn't cought on that this was shell19:30
kb9vqfI'm toying with the idea of creating my own, root-secured temporary directory for the temp files, but I don't know if this is a good idea19:30
kb9vqfI think it is probably still susceptible to the ln attack19:31
* kb9vqf goes to try it in a shell19:31
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synicis there a way to mark tickets as "Fix Comitted" in a bzr comment?20:26
intellectronicasynic: yes!20:31
intellectronicasynic: bzr commit -m 'bla bla bla' --fixes=lp:1234520:32
intellectronicasynic: actually, i'm talking nonsense. that will link the branch to the bug, not mark fix commited20:32
intellectronicasorry, i should have read your question more carefully :-/20:32
dtcheni was just about to add that in my use of --fixes, it only links the branch20:32
intellectronicadtchen, synic: but it should be easy to do something like that using the launchpad api (and a bzr plugin). a nice little project20:33
savvas0hi, about the new automatic translation merging  to bzr: why does the branch have to be owned by me only? can't I use a branch that points is owned by a group?21:23
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mwhudsonsavvas0: i don't know, perhaps ask a question on launchpad?21:50
savvas0will do, dinner time :)21:51
mwhudsoni wouldn't have thought any rosetta devs would be around now21:51
thumpersynic: we don't yet, but it is planned21:59
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dm1triHi, as I create the archive .change will be PPA?22:51
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