Twigathywoo, new kernel day c_c01:39
richardcavellHow do I enable multi-touch gestures, such as two-fingered vertical scrolling, on my trackpad?01:45
yofelrichardcavell: that should be enabled by default afaik, but I guess you're suffering from bug 40421901:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 404219 in gnome-settings-daemon "Touchpad Tap Clicking Broken (scrolling also)" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40421901:45
richardcavellyofel: oh, okay01:46
richardcavellI tried adding a file to /etc/hal/fdi/policy to explicitly enable it but it did no good01:46
yofelrichardcavell: heh, won't help since it gets disabled by gnome after that :/01:47
drs305richardcavell: Can you use your touchpad at all?02:04
nargDoes anyone know if intel drivers are fixed in karmic?02:04
richardcavelldrs305: yes02:04
richardcavelldrs305: it works quite well but I just can't do two-fingered scrolling02:05
richardcavellnarg: yes I think so02:05
richardcavellnarg: I've got an Intel GMA 950 and it seems to work so much better under Karmic than Jaunty02:05
drs305I had to mess with gsynaptics and a startup script to get my touchpad to work at all, which is why I asked.02:05
nargrichardcavell: woot! I've tried a variety of solutions on jaunty and nothing consistantly works.02:05
richardcavellnarg: nah, it doesn't.  I've tried to.  Karmic is alpha software - I get programs crashing every now and then - but it's quite useable.02:07
nargrichardcavell: Well, I might as well try. Thanks for the info02:07
yofelnarg: intel does work much better in karmic than it did in jaunty, but note that it now only supports UXA and there are still some issues related to KMS, you can disable kms though02:07
nargok, thanks all02:08
Sarvattsynclient VertTwoFingerScroll=1 works as well until the whole g-s-d mess is worked out02:45
Sickkiany ideas how to fix karmic koala installation failing with those error messages? http://pastebin.com/m6b389a4302:48
virtualdoch på svenska? :p02:50
virtualdwhat does it say?02:50
virtualdplease translate to english02:51
Sickkiusb-creator-gtk is not ok for installation02:51
Sickkiusing x64 with alternative installation with LVM encrypted discs02:52
Sickkigrub wont install either maybe becouse installation process aborts becouse usb-creator-gtk02:52
virtualdsame as me, trying upgrade here to see if i get it too02:52
virtualdit probably means it's not uploaded yet02:53
Sickkiyeah i guess its better stay with jaunty :p02:53
Sickkigoing install that now02:53
virtualdyeah if you need a working system use that02:53
Sickkiworking server system would be nice :p03:00
glennwhipwhen i boot to the 2.6.31 kernel i don't have wireless connection03:05
glennwhipmy old 2.6.28 kernels work but not the new03:06
yofelglennwhip: what wireless card?03:06
glennwhipi upgraded jaunty to karmic everything works except wireless03:07
yofelglennwhip: did you need the restricted drivers for the card?03:09
billybigriggermight have to check dkms if you do03:09
yofel(I don't have an atheros card, so I'm trying to guess what the reason might be)03:09
yofelbillybigrigger: yeah, but that alone won't get him the driver03:09
glennwhiphow do i do find out03:09
billybigriggerno it won't03:09
yofelglennwhip: you might want to try to install atl2-source03:10
* billybigrigger looks at his disassembled laptop03:10
billybigriggeri must 'er03:10
yofelwhat are you doing? o.O03:10
glennwhipi tried installing madwifi-trunk-r4079-20090712 driver from their site and still didn't work03:11
billybigriggerwhat is who doing?03:11
yofelbillybigrigger: you with you laptop...03:11
billybigriggernothing...just looking at it03:11
glennwhipstrange thing is the 2.6.28 kernel in jaunty has that built into the kernel03:11
yofel04:10:34  * billybigrigger looks at his disassembled laptop03:11
billybigriggeri dropped/stomped it accidentally on my vacation in april03:12
billybigriggercame home a little too drunk03:12
billybigriggerthought i just smashed the lcd so i replaced it to find that wasn't the problem03:13
yofelglennwhip: do you remember which driver that was?03:13
Sarvattyou've got the ath5k modules blacklisted from the previous install no doubt, and you need to remove the blacklist so the kernel atheros modules will work03:13
billybigriggernow it's %100 dissasembled with a cracked system board :P03:13
billybigriggertoo broke to buy a new one03:13
yofelmy condolences03:13
billybigriggermay she RIP03:13
glennwhipi went to /etc/modules and removed the blacklist on ath5k still didn't work03:14
billybigriggerbuddy has a similar model, so i think i'll hold on to the new screen, ram, bluray drive and hdd for him...when his craps out03:14
Sarvattits /etc/modprobe.d/something03:14
Sarvatttry cd /etc/modprobe.d/ && grep -R "ath5k" .03:15
glennwhipsorry it was modprobe.d03:16
Sarvattits probably getting blacklisted in multiple files in there because of all the ways you installed external drivers03:17
Sarvattyou shouldnt need any external wifi drivers anymore, things have come a long way since 2.6.28 even..03:18
Sarvatt*for atheros03:18
glennwhipSarvatt: that's why i can't figure it out, working in .28 but not in .3103:20
Sarvattsounds like you upgraded while still having the madwifi drivers installed which keeps the blacklist for the kernel drivers in place03:21
Sarvattdid that command i said turn up anything?03:21
Sarvattits kind of complicated now by you having installed madwifi so you'll need to blacklist the madwifi modules as well to use the kernel ones03:22
glennwhipi ran that command and it just sits there not doing anything03:22
Sarvattdid you forget the . at the end?03:22
glennwhipyes hold on03:22
glennwhipwhich ath5k cannot recover. To prevent this condition, stop03:24
Sarvattthats the only one?03:24
glennwhipthat's what it said when i ran the command03:24
Sarvattyea that means there isnt anything blacklisting it at least, can you run this and upload it to pastebin? lsmod > ~/Desktop/wifi.txt && dmesg >> ~/Desktop/wifi.txt03:26
glennwhipdo i need sudo?03:27
yofelSarvatt: didn't yet hear of pastebinit?03:30
Sarvatthmm, looks like its working fine there using the kernel driver on the jaunty 2.6.28 kernel even..03:33
Sarvatttry to sudo rmmod acer-wmi when you boot the karmic kernel03:33
Sarvattit could be disabling it via rfkill on your laptop, it does that on mine if acer-wmi is loaded and wifi lites up as soon as I rmmod it03:33
Sarvattof course if you compiled madwifi on the karmic kernel you're going to need to manually go in and blacklist those modules from loading03:34
DanaGsudo rfkill03:35
DanaGnew command03:35
glennwhipi'll try rebooting to the karmic kernel and  "sudo rmmod acer-wmi" will take a few minutes to see if works03:35
Sarvattsorry its acer_wmi03:35
Sarvattoh nice DanaG03:36
Sarvattif it doesnt work, run those commands under the non working setup so we can see why its not working03:36
Sarvattthe wifi.txt one03:36
glennwhipok be back in a few03:36
DanaGrfkill list03:39
DanaGin my case, I have 4: one HP-wifi, one HP-bluetooth, one phy0 wifi, and one hci0 bluetooth.03:39
DanaGYeah, it's a bit redundant, though the former trumps the latter.03:40
Sarvattthats really nice being able to list it03:40
syn-ack19 Second boot time03:50
Sickki-what the hell04:04
Sickki-now even jaunty wont work04:04
Sickki-installations goes fine without errors but when it will boot grub go to somekind minimal state and wont even show bootmenu04:04
richardcavellSickki-: I just joined the channel. Did you recently repartition or install something?04:06
Sickki-yeah i tryed karmic koala first04:06
richardcavellYou installed it?04:06
Sickki-yeah but it failed so i tryed now jaunty04:06
Sickki-that wont work either04:06
richardcavellyou mean just that GRUB won't boot?04:07
Sickki-grub boots but its go to somekind minimal state i can write commands04:07
richardcavellreinstall GRUB04:07
Sickki-i tryed that, no help04:07
richardcavellsometimes it doesn't work for me when I reinstall GRUB04:07
Sickki-all files are on /boot/grub/ and menu.lst seems to be ok04:07
richardcavellso I have to do it again04:07
richardcavellor do it via grub-install04:07
Sickki-well i did now dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdc04:08
Sickki-installing again...04:08
Sickki-i really hope that will solve it04:08
yofelhuh? did I hear menu.lst?04:09
yofelkarmic uses grub2 so there should be no menu.lst04:09
richardcavellyofel: but he then installed jaunty04:10
richardcavellGRUB2 seems to work *so* much better on my MacBook04:10
yofelaaaah ok, forget what I said then :)04:10
richardcavellit even offers to boot OS X, though I didn't ask it to04:10
richardcavellI would almost consider replacing rEFIt04:10
KovertI have an error so I can not update http://pastebin.com/d32a8d50304:14
KovertI have tried forcing04:14
yofelKovert: my guess would be that the package isn't built yet, wait a few hours and try again04:15
Kovertgood idea thank you04:15
Kovertunfortunaly i can install anything with apt-get till it is installed04:16
yofelKovert: you could try aptitude and check if that finds a resolution04:18
Kovertok i iwll give it  try04:18
KovertSorry the program "aptBackend.phy" closed unexpectedly04:20
Kovertguess I iwll wait till tomorrow04:21
Sickki-now grub wont work at all04:37
Sickki-i found problem better04:52
Sickki-somereason grub wont load menu.lst without commanding it to do it04:53
Sickki-menuconfile /grub/menu.lst after that its load menu fine and system starts04:53
Sickki-richardcavell, somereason grub wont load menu.lst without commanding it to do it menuconfile /grub/menu.lst after that its load menu fine and system starts04:56
Sickki-any ideas? should i try grub 2?04:56
richardcavellSickki-: I don't understand04:56
Sickki-well when i start my computer grub goes minimal bash mode04:57
richardcavellSickki-: Okay, are you trying to say that it won't give you a kernel selection menu?04:57
richardcavellSickki-: can you pastebin your menu.lst?04:57
Sickki-i got it to boot writing this command: menuconffile /grub/menu.lst04:57
richardcavellIn Update Manager, I have deselected "Sources", but it downloads the Source code repositories anyway.  Is this a known issue?04:58
richardcavellSickki-: well, you've set it up to not show you the kernel selection menu04:59
richardcavellso it's giving you the expected behaviour, isn't it?04:59
Sickki-richardcavell, its totally made by installer?04:59
richardcavellSickki-: hmmm04:59
richardcavellSickki-: okay well it's "hiddenmenu" that's the issue05:00
richardcavellSickki-: can you see that?  it's the second entry05:00
Sickki-yeah it should not show menu but it should boot automaticly to default 005:00
Sickki-but it wont do that05:00
richardcavellSickki-: All the lines that start with # are ignored05:00
richardcavellSickki-: so you want it to not give you a menu but boot to the first option?05:00
Sickki-like it would normally work but now its go to bash grub system where i need write commands to get it boot05:01
virtualdis there any error message?05:02
Sickki-it will just only show what you would get by writing: grub05:02
Sickki-yeah well lets test grub 2 :P05:02
Sickki-it was on jaunty packages05:03
richardcavellSickki-: have you manually checked everything on that line?05:03
virtualdworks for me :>05:03
richardcavellSickki-: or, yeah, just install GRUB 205:03
richardcavellGRUB 2 seems an order of magnitude more sophisticated05:03
coz_guys  I noticed in juanty that /usr/X11R6/bin/X :0 -br -audit 0 -auth /var/lib/gdm/:0.Xauth -noliste tcp vt7 had been taking up nearly 70% cpu at one point...it was then fixed...and now it is at a constand 7% when system idle...far too much and  I was hoping that karmic is not going to have this issue?05:07
mac_vhi all... I'v installed Karmic aplha 3 and not able to enable tap for click05:23
mac_vi'v installed , gpointing-device-settings , how do i run the GUI?05:24
Sickki-installing grub 2 fixed the problem05:24
rwwmac_v: dunno how to find it in the menu, but running "gpointing-device-settings05:25
rww" in alt-f2 or in a terminal should work.05:25
mac_vrww: ah... but weird ... alt-f2 doesnt work! , access from terminal works , thanx05:26
tanathi can't seem to burn isos06:11
tanathbrasero says there's no disc inserted06:11
tanathk3b gave an unknown error (255)06:12
mac_vanyone know about hotkeys? i installed karmic both / and /home on a single partition , and found everything working perfectly, including hotkeys, so i re-installed Karmic with / on a separate partition and used my jaunty /home as the /home for Karmic also, but now the hotkeys dont work! anyone know where in my /home this error lies?06:15
tanath'wodim: Operation not permitted. Warning: Cannot raise RLIMIT_MEMLOCK limits.'06:16
richardcavellmac_v: is it in xmodmap?06:16
richardcavelllook for ~/.xmodmap directory06:16
* mac_v looks06:16
mac_vrichardcavell: nope... i dont have the folder06:17
tanathwodim: OPC failed.06:17
richardcavellmac_v: well then I can't help you.06:18
Sarvatti'm going to just take a guess.. .gconf :D06:18
* mac_v sifting through the deluge of ~/.gconf06:19
Sarvattso many things it could be06:21
Sickki-whee now i have jaunty with ext4 / and /boot also grub 2 :)06:25
Sickki-should be easy to upgrade to karmic koala when it will be released06:25
QPrimehas anyone noticed immediate ext4 corruption on install of karmic alpha3?  on first reboot fsck repairs the fs issue and all seems well, but strange nevertheless.06:27
QPrimeso far I've seen it on a vm install (twice) and on bare hardware.06:28
tanathah, nvm. seems it was locked by another app >.<06:31
rvnis 9.10 to a point where one can test it an expect it not to break instantly?06:33
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=== coz is now known as coz_
Sickki-let me warn you rvn you will face alot problems with 9.1006:37
Sickki-i wont do again mistake and upgrade jaunty to karmic06:37
rvni ran 8.10 during alpha and it was fantastic and i had no problems06:39
rvnwas just thinkin06:39
Sickki-install jaunty with ext4 / and /boot and grub 2 like me so then its easy to have all features from 8.10 when its final06:40
Sickki-just upgrade packages06:40
cwillurvn, it's almost always in that state, even from the early alphas.  The trick is that it _will_ be broken once in a while, and nobody wants to hand-hold you through fixing things06:59
cwilluso, if an update breaks xorg and you aren't either willing to suffer with vesa for a while, or fix it yourself, than alphas aren't for you :p06:59
cwillu"the google-fu is strong with this one"07:00
cwilluQPrime, on the first mount of an ext4 filesystem there's a bunch of checksums that need to be generated; I'd expect that first fsck to be related to that07:01
cwillu(although I thought that only occurs with ext3->ext4 upgrades, but it's certainly a possibility)\07:01
QPrimecwillu: Thanks for the response.  I've never seen that at all with new ext4 partitions created outside of the Karmic alpha3 install.  I've taken a quick look on LP and didn't see anything related.  If I continue to notice it I'll file a report.07:04
Sarvatti havent seen anything like that in 10+ ext4 karmic installs, maybe its not unmounting cleanly after the install and reboot on the a3 image? do you have something odd like an encrypted home folder maybe?07:06
QPrimeSarvatt: nope. 100% generic install.  VM is a dedicated 4GB HD image for testing, and the bare metal install is a multi-boot with mixed ext2/3/4 and NTFS partitions.  At first I thought it was perhaps related to the VM, but the bare metal install belies that.  I tend to agree that it may be shorting the umount at the end of install and the fs is marked as dirty.07:09
cwilluSarvatt, I noticed that on the last two dailies I installed from07:12
cwilluboth post alpha2, haven't done any fresh installs before that07:13
cwilluSarvatt, (incidently, the acer laptop's been acting a bit different wrt suspend with 2.6.31, but I'm still not calling it 'working' :p)07:13
mac_vSarvatt: hotkeys working great now... just have to reset all the other prefs... thanx07:27
DPicwow, i think it's been almost 24 hours and i haven't seen any updates07:35
DPicthis rarely happens with an alpha07:35
xtknightanyone else getting bug 404767 ??07:40
Sarvattgotta hate weekends DPic :D07:54
Sarvatt(for updates)07:54
Sarvatti go through packaging withdraws since all of x and mesa packages pretty much dont get touched on weekends too lol07:55
DPicSarvatt, lazy sunday07:56
DPicwoke up in the late afternoon07:56
virtualdis the whole sound system extremely unstable or is it just me?08:44
nhasianhey didnt i read somewhere there was a new and easier way to add a ppa key in ubuntu?08:48
ruslanrI tried to add a PPA, and it's key added automatically08:51
nhasianit adds the key automatically now?  I thought you had to specify the ppa'a username somewhere...08:52
ruslanryes, automatically :)08:52
ruslanrvirtuald: I have some problems with Output Volume ;)08:52
virtualdyeah i get that too08:54
virtualdthe new volume control is weird08:54
ruslanrvirtuald: it's sets higher than 100%08:55
ruslanrthat's really weird! :)08:55
nhasianholy cow!  it did automatically import the ppa key.  oh my god that is soooo much easier08:56
virtualdi think it's a feature :p08:56
virtualdactually a buggy new feature08:56
virtualdit changes the app volume and output volume at the same time08:57
DanaGYeah.  PulseAudio flat volumes.... way too damn confusing for me.08:57
virtualdbut only shows the output volume, and it changes the app volume way too much08:57
nhasianno more copy/pasting a key into a text file and then importing it manually or sudo apt-key from the terminal..08:58
ruslanrnhasian: that's good :)08:59
virtualdnhasian: what did automatically import the key?08:59
virtualdthe software sources thingy? or firefox?09:00
ruslanrvirtuald: first one09:00
nhasianvirtuald, i added a ppa from launchpad in software sources09:00
nhasianvirtuald, previously it used to give an error message unless you provided the verification key09:01
virtualdi've always added sources through the terminal09:02
nhasianso is this new ppa key behavior exclusive to karmic?09:02
ruslanrI think so :)09:03
ruslanrbut I haven't tried to do that in Jaunty :-/09:04
nhasianruslanr, i noticed that all the instructions on the wiki and launchpad still mention the old way of adding the ppa key.  i couldnt find anything on the new way in google09:04
ruslanrmaybe they will be updated after Karmic release09:05
nhasianproposed-backports :)09:05
ruslanrI forgot about that :)09:05
nhasianwell i'm a happy camper now.  even empathy is working for me.  grub2, and ext4.09:06
nhasianonly thing is i cant burn any cd/dvd since upgrading to the last kernel09:06
ruslanrI'm still on ext3 :(09:08
nhasianit boots faster... and fsck is super fast, which is really helpful when your on a laptop09:08
ruslanrI heard some scary things about ext409:09
ruslanrbut it was when this fs was just announced :)09:10
cwilluruslanr, the scary things about ext4 actually applied to reiserfs and xfs (and basically any other fs with delayed allocation)09:15
ruslanrcwillu: really? I need to get some information about delayed allocation09:16
cwilluruslanr, a friends laptop that I managed had all sorts of random undeletable files due to the same issue (he ran reiserfs, with those showing up on a hard shutdown)09:16
ruslanrI've never used those filesystems09:16
cwilluruslanr, it's been fixed, renaming a file over an existing file triggers a sync now, which covers pretty much all cases that aren't apps being completely dumb09:16
ruslanrglad to hear that :)09:17
cwillubut ext4 was the first filesystem with enough normal humans using it for anyone to make a big fuss :)09:17
ruslanrcwillu: thanks for explanation :)09:17
* cwillu grumbles :p09:18
* mac_v waiting for cwillu to sing ;P09:29
* mac_v couldnt resist ;p09:29
mac_vcwillu: actually i had to control not to say that on the printer bug ;p09:30
mac_vruslanr: any new ideas about the login time?09:36
mac_vruslanr: like uptime...09:37
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yofelgood morning folks10:09
blksince about a week gnome-volume-control-applet is starting to eat my CPU with errors like "WARNING **: Connection failed, reconnecting... socket(): Address family not supported by protocol" and since two days so is gnome-settings-daemon - where does this come from?10:10
yofelblk: let me guess, you don't use pulseaudio?10:11
blkyofel, just alsa10:11
yofelblk: there's already a bug reported about that, let me go search for it10:11
yofelblk: bug 40434010:12
blkyofel, thanks, i'll check it out10:12
yofelubottu's gone o.O10:12
yofelblk: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-settings-daemon/+bug/40434010:13
blkyofel, already there ;)10:13
blki'm not really happy with installing PA but there doesn't seem to be an alternative now :(10:16
Sarvattohh thanks for making me look at that, looks like i need to rebuild g-s-d against PA 0.9.1610:26
blkSarvatt, will that drop the dependency?10:28
blkif not there should at least be an explicit dependency in the package..10:29
Sarvattno i'm using 0.9.16 and the updated gnome-volume-control in g-s-d has a bunch of checks for different features if you're using 0.9.1610:30
Sarvattand karmics is built against PA 0.9.1510:30
Sarvattmaybe these are runtime checks and not compile time, hmm10:30
ruslanrwow, I have some "ghost-files" on my Desktop :)10:42
Sarvattblk: you have to have libpulse0 installed to have g-s-d installed...10:42
Sarvattopen up your /etc/pulse/client.conf file and disable autorespawn maybe?10:43
Sarvattprobably going to take some adapting to your no-PA situation there, maybe something useful in man pulse-client.conf10:44
blkSarvatt, libpulse is a depency but that doesn't ensure a running pulse daemon which g-s-d wants to connect to (pulseaudio is the daemon package)10:45
richardcavellCan anyone recommend good software for creating a disk image of my Ubuntu installation?  I want to run it from a live CD so I can image my ubuntu and then un-image it back10:45
Sarvattor maybe /apps/gnome_settings_daemon/plugins/sound/active to no in gconf-editor10:45
blkrichardcavell, dd if you intend to keep your partition layout10:46
blkSarvatt, that might work.. although i think i'll have to forget about gnome-volume-manager[-applet] (not that hard)10:47
Sarvattyeah theres lots of alsa tools ya can use. i use pulse even and wouldnt miss gnome-volume-manager at all :D10:49
richardcavellblk it seems a little drastic10:50
yofelrichardcavell: you can use rsync for backups10:50
richardcavellblk: I tried using grsync and I thought it worked okay but it didn't copy many files over.  Then I trashed my installation and it failed me when I needed it.  So goodbye grsync10:50
blkrichardcavell, you want to be able to extract single files too? then i'd probably use tar just on the home and /etc directory and reinstall the system, then untar over10:52
richardcavellblk: I already back up all my important data, what I'm looking to do is to backup my whole installation.  See, last time I managed to do it by installing newer video drivers on Jaunty10:52
richardcavellI couldn't even boot to a root shell10:52
richardcavellNow that I think about it, what I could have done was install a basic Linux, then grsync everything back onto the partition10:53
blkrichardcavell, to boot to root shell just append init=/bin/bash to your grub command.. always works :P10:53
richardcavellblk: no, seriously, I got kernel panic about 4 seconds into boot.  Didn't get anywhere near being able to do anything10:53
richardcavellCan I use grsync / rsync to back up all my system?  I mean everything on /10:54
richardcavellIt skips many files, declaring them to be "non-regular"10:54
blkrichardcavell, that's why i use dd for system backups10:55
Sarvatti really dont trust anything outside of a whole partition or disk clone, always end up with permission or bad metadata problems somewhere when i use other things10:56
blkthere's probably also tools with a GUI/curses frontend to dd10:56
Sarvattthe non regular stuff is problably referring to things like /proc that arent really files10:56
blkrichardcavell, partimage i think10:56
richardcavellSarvatt: well like I said grsync failed me when I need it10:57
Alocadoi have a problem with the 31-kernels from ubuntu karmic... every time i boot i get following error message (unlimited times...):10:57
richardcavellWhat I really want is a bootable CD with the clone software on it... like a live CD10:58
Alocadoata1: illegal qc_active transition (00000000->00400040)10:58
syn-ackThen use Ghost. :D10:58
Alocadoany idea how to solve this?10:58
Sarvattinstall a iso to a usb stick with usb-creator, then loop mount the squashfs and chroot into it and sudo apt-get install whatever :D10:58
richardcavellSarvatt: I can't boot to USB from my computer (Macintosh)10:59
richardcavellbut I can boot to CD/DVD10:59
Sarvattno network when you're on a livecd?10:59
blkdd is on any live cd.. going back a looong time :)10:59
syn-ackSarvatt, I'm thinking of building a fresh ubuntu installer over here. :P10:59
Sarvattahh i know how that goes, i have a ibook g4 dual usb that wont boot off usb too10:59
Alocadoany idea?11:01
SarvattAlocado: can you disable SATA AHCI mode in bios?11:01
richardcavellSarvatt: So I want a simple GUI that I can install when booted into a live CD, and just plonk the whole partition down byte for byte11:01
Sarvattdo you not have network access when you are on a livecd?11:01
AlocadoSarvatt, don't know, i'll try it11:02
Sarvatttons of gui backup apps just an apt-get away :D11:02
richardcavellSarvatt: so recommend one11:02
Sarvattheck, throw the deb on a a usb stick or something11:02
Sarvattaptitude search backup11:03
blkrichardcavell, http://www.partimage.org/Screenshots11:03
Sarvattthere ya go, can grab the partimage deb11:03
richardcavellblk: that's nice11:05
richardcavellblk: and it has a live CD11:05
AlocadoSarvatt, no i can't11:06
Alocadoit's a very.... poor bios (hp, version 1.63)11:06
Alocadoother idea?11:07
Sarvattsbackup looks pretty nice11:10
Sarvattoh hmm i thought it could do disk images but i dont see the option for that11:12
Alocadounison/rsync is nice :D11:12
Sarvattcan you give any more info Alocado? do you have a dmesg off a running system?11:12
Sarvattlike does it work with the jaunty kernel on karmic?11:12
Alocadoyes, the 28 kernel works with karmic11:13
Sarvattcan you pastebin your dmesg?11:13
Alocadofrom the normal boot?11:13
Sarvattneed to know what sata chipset it is to tell you what quirks you can use to disable software NCQ to get rid of the errors :D11:14
Sarvattare you on it right now?11:14
Sarvattjust from a working boot11:14
Alocadomoment please...11:14
Alocado<- netbook, problem is with a hp compaq notebook11:14
Sarvattwhat model? amd I'm guessing?11:15
Sarvattnvidia chipset?11:16
Alocadowith amd turion64 x211:16
Sarvattah those are ati based i think11:16
Alocadographics: ati mobile radeon x1350 (f**** ********)11:17
AlocadoSarvatt: http://pastebin.com/d554940ad11:20
Sarvattits probably related to this -- [    1.466757] ahci 0000:00:12.0: controller can't do 64bit DMA, forcing 32bit11:25
Sarvattthey reenabled 64 bit DMA on SB600 in 2.6.31-rc1 and it might not work right on your machine11:25
Sarvatttrying to find the quirk now11:26
Sarvatti see a ton of ahci quirks in here for compaq 67xxs machines but not a 6715s :(11:40
Sarvatttry adding libata.force=noncq to your grub boot line after splash11:40
blkis upstart ever going to be fully replacing sysv-init? it's been a topic for the past few releases and it's not really making progress.. maybe because of LSB? i've been creating upstart wrappers for the daemons on my system for some time now and it's working quite well - does someone have more inside infos on this?11:40
AlocadoSarvatt, k11:41
yofelblk: afaik upstart is still work in progress, but karmic already upgraded to version 0.6.2-1. jaunty had 0.3.9-811:42
AlocadoSarvatt, doesn't work11:43
blkyofel, i've noticed.. i've been running 0.5.1-ppa during the jaunty-dev days11:43
blkmaybe after next LTS..11:46
Sarvattnice, there was a bugzilla link in the ahci source11:46
Sarvattlooks familiar Alocado?11:47
Sarvattcomment 1111:47
Sarvattso looks like i was guessing right lol11:47
Sarvatti just cant find a way to fix this without recompiling yet..11:51
SarvattHP Compaq 6720s is on the same quirk table as the board in that bug report but not your 6715s11:51
Alocadorecompiling it ONCE is no problem... but not on every update ;)11:52
Sarvatt./ahci.c:MODULE_PARM_DESC(skip_host_reset, "skip global host reset (0=don't skip, 1=skip)");11:54
Sarvatt./ahci.c:MODULE_PARM_DESC(ignore_sss, "Ignore staggered spinup flag (0=don't ignore, 1=ignore)");11:54
Sarvatt./ahci.c:MODULE_PARM_DESC(marvell_enable, "Marvell SATA via AHCI (1 = enabled)");11:54
Sarvattthose are the only parameters you can pass to your ahci :(11:55
Sarvattit'd probably just be easiest to use the 2.6.30-10.12 kernel for a bit longer :D12:00
Alocado_sry, wlan -.-12:01
=== oldude67 is now known as dangit
=== dangit is now known as oldude67
Sarvattsomething like this is what you need12:05
Alocado_ah :) thank you very much! i'll try to rebuild the kernel...12:06
Alocado_mh, i guess this "bug" will also exists in the 9.10 final or will you add this code to the kernel?12:07
Sarvattyeah its going to be there unless they fix it, the right way would be to get your dmi info from you and add a quirk just for your machine but i was just giving you something that'd work :D12:08
Sarvattthat hurts other machines using SB600 that dont have problems using 64 bit dma12:08
SwedeMikedoes karmic have any gui ipv6 configuration (network manager-like) ?12:08
Alocado_:) nice12:08
Alocado_Sarvatt, do you need my dmi info now?12:09
Alocado_for later..12:09
Sarvattthere still might be a way to get it working without recompiling anything, key word to search for is SB600 AHCI :D12:10
Sarvatthere's where yer problems started I bet -- http://git.kernel.org/?p=linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux-2.6.git;a=commit;h=6adc74b7d03c06a8e15d51fe33c3d924ada9271a12:13
Sarvatti dont know, it could be something else, dont get yer hopes up :)12:17
Alocado_atm i'm looking for a bios update ... you think disabling ahci in bios would solve the problem?12:18
=== cortex_sk is now known as cortex|sk
floatingheya. I installed karmic alpha3 in hopes getting intel graphics working and it did. Now I have come across few things that might be bugs or so, but I don't know if I should report them, and how is the appropriate way. I mean like there is a bugzill for xfce (I have xubuntu version) and there is a launchpad and stuff13:07
floatingfor example this one problem13:07
floatingI run a .jnlp or .jar applet that has a login screens. For some reason I cannot type into the password field normally. However I found a workaround by luck. If I press mouse button down upon a submit button, and move the mouse over the password field and release it, I can type the password :>13:09
floatingthis happens both with openjdk and sun java13:09
floatingI asked about this on the chat room where are people using this applet, and they/we came into the conclusion that it might have something to do with me using this development release of ubuntu :)13:10
floatingif anyone is interested to try reproduce http://files.gokgs.com/javaBin/cgoban.jnlp  Have to note, that I changed the configuration settings to "save password" before going to "play on KGS"13:13
cwillufloating, bugs.launchpad.net13:30
kit_hi, i want to copy my installation to another filesystem (ext4 without a journal), i've got a 64mb flash disk, can i install a minimal system on that to boot into and mount the two partitions so i can cp -a the contents from one to the other ?14:38
oxymoronI have an interesting question. Why does not applications which not is using Phonon as Audio-input/ouput work at all? I cannot get any sound at all with VLC, Kaffeine, Flash and so on. But Amarok and Dragon Player works? :D14:39
kit_does vlc, kaffeine, flash or pulse crash when you try to play audio through them /14:40
oxymoronVideo works fine, but no audio14:40
kit_check if you can play audio through vlc with the alsa output module14:41
kit_if you can it's probably the same pulse bug i've got which you could report (y)14:41
oxymoronI just get a static noise as in every other apps as using alsa.14:42
kit_does your audio card/chipset have a digital out ?14:43
oxymoronyes, should have14:43
Le-Chuck_ITAWhat was the name of the ubuntu mozilla irc channel again? I remember someone directed me there from here14:43
kit_recently i've only been able to get the audio to come out of my tv using the digital out from my onboard sound chipset so maybe it's the same thing.14:44
oxymoronkit_: Digital output does not work at all14:44
kit_hmm, i dunno how to tell where the bug would be, kernel, alsa, pulse. maybe someone else could tell you if they know14:46
oxymoronkit_: It has been a bug for several years now. It always get trouble once in a while.14:46
oxymoronkit_: Seems to be a bug wih ALSA vs HDA INtel, Kernel and Phonon.14:47
kit_press [alt][f2] and run "gstreamer-properties"14:47
kit_see if you can get any beeps to come out if you change the audio output settings14:47
kit_yea, i'm using hda_intel i think14:48
kit_well the module is loaded, the chipset is realtek 889a or something14:48
EagleScreenoxymoron: check your engine14:48
oxymoronkit_: I am using xine14:49
kit_ah, i haven't tried to use that properly for a few years. eaglescreen might know. i'm off out tho but good luck.14:51
oxymoronEagleScreen: ?14:52
EagleScreenare you changed to xine right now or before?14:53
EagleScreenoxymoron: ??14:53
blkkit_, you can copy your setup.. make sure to adapt the mount points where needed (either change the UUID or the device) in /etc/fstab  -- you can also convert your current partition to ext4 (assuming you're running ext2/3) .. and then disable the journal if you really want that14:53
oxymoronEagleScreen: I always use Xine, I only tested gstreamer to check recently but switched back to xine again.14:53
oxymoron[15:52] <oxymoron> EagleScreen: But I still got problem using Xine?14:54
oxymoron[15:52] --> kottlett has joined this channel (n=kottlett@dslb-084-056-202-130.pools.arcor-ip.net).14:54
oxymoron[15:53] <oxymoron> EagleScreen: It is so friggin frustrating, just a simple thing as audio which is mostly my life, it just must work automaticly.14:54
EagleScreenyes everybody want it14:54
EagleScreendid you upgraded to karmic by this issue?14:55
kottletthi! is the madwifi driver available in karmic? I just found out, that there is no package for the restricted modules any more :-/14:55
oxymoronEagleScreen: Seriously, sure KDE and GNU/Linux is freeware, the developers has to responsibility and so on, open software. But I cannot understand how they even can allow something like this to happen at all. SOund should NEVER, NEVER at any circumstances lagging, it should always work.14:56
kit_blk, cheers. i'll try it.14:56
oxymoronEagleScreen: I had this problem with Gutsy, Jaunty too. The problem is not KArmic specific. Happens now when the developers is changing the system core configs and files, especially the linux core and KDE.14:57
oxymoron*no responsibility14:57
EagleScreenoxymoron: if your Intel HDA card is not working well, Intel corporation has the reponsability, not KDE or GNU/Linux14:58
EagleScreenoxymoron: pastebin you 'lsmod' output14:59
EagleScreenoxymoron: do you have a laptop?15:01
oxymoronEagleScreen: But my Intel HDA card works perfectly in Windows, so it is not a Intel defined problem or hardware problem. It is software related only, and in this case GNU/Linux that is faulty. I guess there is no correct working drivers in the kernel, but could be wrong.15:01
oxymoronEagleScreen: No I am using a PC. The motherboard is almost new and so is audio card.15:01
EagleScreenIntel has the reponsability of making good drivers for Linux, but Intel usually does it15:02
EagleScreenit seems that your card and mine use the same drivers and mine is working pretty well15:03
oxymoronEagleScreen: How often is those drivers changed?15:03
EagleScreeni dont know15:03
oxymoronEagleScreen: Alright, well some misconfiguration maybe somewhere? Not sure where to look though.15:03
oxymoronEagleScreen: As said, it works if you go through Phonon.15:04
diverse_izzuei have a problem in karmic where event sounds from empathy interrupt music playing from rhythmbox. is that a known problem?15:04
oxymoronEagleScreen: Thank god that Amarok works anyway :)15:05
EagleScreenoxymoron: you may have a configuration problem15:06
oxymoronEagleScreen: Amarok started to get perfect sound in the version 2 release when fully support for Phonon was implemented.15:06
EagleScreenoxymoron: does command 'aplay file.wav' work?15:06
oxymoronEagleScreen: aplay works, but file.wav does not :D15:07
EagleScreenany wav file in your system?15:07
oxymoronEagleScreen: I do not have any wave files on my system. Not that I know of anyway15:08
EagleScreenoxymoron: find /usr/share | grep wav15:08
oxymoronEagleScreen: Tested now with a wavefile and aplay, does not work, no sound.15:12
EagleScreenoxymoron: you may have a problem with alsa15:13
EagleScreenit can be a driver problem or a configuration problem15:13
oxymoronEagleScreen: Yes, alsa it is I guess. Can i check settings, re-install or something?15:14
EagleScreenoxymoron: you should burn Kubuntu karmic Alpha3 live CD and test in it if your sound works15:14
EagleScreenyou also can try to install a newer version of alsa, but karmic may have the lastest15:15
oxymoronEagleScreen: But I recently did that with karmic alpha 2 ... But I only tested Amarok then ...15:15
oxymoronEagleScreen: Maybe apt-get purge alsa ? and then re-install?15:15
EagleScreeni mean to test aplay, kaffeine and flash, I mean test it from live CD15:15
EagleScreen(with the default configuration)15:16
oxymoronEagleScreen: Well, is it possible to do with virtualbox instead? :P15:16
BluesKajI gave up on amarok in karmic, but I suppose it depends on your needs ..VLC fills the bill for me.15:16
EagleScreennot, virtualbox is a fake machine, not your machine15:16
oxymoronEagleScreen: Yeas I know, just checking.15:17
oxymoronEagleScreen: But should it not virtualise my desktop anyway? I mean if it is just configurationproblem it should work with virtualbox?15:18
EagleScreennot, virtualbox does not use your real hardware15:19
oxymoronEagleScreen: Could also be a problem because I am using 64-bit Kubuntu.15:19
EagleScreeni also use 64bits15:19
oxymoronEagleScreen: What hardware does it use?15:19
EagleScreenvirtual hardware15:19
EagleScreensoftware that simulates to be a hardware device15:19
oxymoronEagleScreen: But it is still my hardware is is using, right?15:19
EagleScreenyes, but not directly15:20
EagleScreennever check hardware issues in virtual machines15:20
oxymoronEagleScreen: But it is a software issue, not hardware15:20
EagleScreenwe are not sure about it15:20
oxymoronI am sure.15:21
oxymoron100 % sure it is not hardware15:21
EagleScreenif audio does not work in your host system by config issue, audio won't work in your virtualized system having it well configured15:21
oxymoronEagleScreen: Why not?15:22
EagleScreenbecause the virtualized system is managed by your real system and depends on it15:23
EagleScreenoxymoron: I think the really useful test is to burn and boot a Live CD with all config by default, directly in your real hardware15:24
oxymoronEagleScreen: But if it is a config issue, it should work in virtualbox? If it is hardware issue though, it should not work?15:25
oxymoronI do not understand then15:26
EagleScreenit is simple, if screen fails in your real system, it will fail in your virtualbox system, if audio fails in your real system, it will fail in your virtualbox system and the cause of the failure does not care15:31
EagleScreenoxymoron: look for this site: http://www.alsa-project.org/main/index.php/Main_Page15:34
oxymoronEagleScreen: Yes, I understand that. But if software config is faulty on my host system, it not works. But if software config is correct in virtualbox, it should work if we suppose that hardware works 100%15:37
yofelhey, ubottu's back :)15:37
EagleScreennegative, virtualbox system finally send the audio to your host system, and if your host system does not work for any reason, there won't be sound15:38
EagleScreenoxymoron: what happens if you try to open alsamixer?15:39
EagleScreenwhat kid of chip does it show?15:39
oxymoronAnalog AD1988B15:41
EagleScreenChip: Analog AD1988B15:41
EagleScreenand can you manage the sound with it?15:42
oxymoronEagleScreen: Yes?15:42
EagleScreenaplay does not report any error?15:43
oxymoronnope, no error.15:45
EagleScreentry 'aplay -vv sound.wav'15:48
EagleScreenand pastebin the output15:48
EagleScreenand be sure you have all channels unmuted15:48
oxymoronEagleScreen: Alright15:49
oxymoronEagleScreen: http://pastebin.ca/150797815:51
EagleScreendid it played the sound?15:53
oxymoronEagleScreen: Yes it played the sound, but it did not sound anything.15:53
oxymoronYes, I am saying that ;P15:54
oxymoronSOme bug when it should output the audio to the speakers.15:54
EagleScreenoxymoron: what kind of speakers do you use?15:55
oxymoronEagleScreen: Uhm, I dont know the model and so. But it is a Philips speakers, stereo system.15:55
EagleScreena simple pair of stereo apeakers?15:56
EagleScreen5.1 systems may need special configuration15:56
oxymoronNo, with build in surround system and so on. Not a regular PC-speakers.15:56
oxymoronI mean built in subwoofer xD not surround.15:56
oxymoron2.1 speakers in other words.15:57
EagleScreenit may need special configuration in alsa15:57
oxymoronspecial config as in?15:57
EagleScreenlook for the alsa website15:57
EagleScreeni have no idea about 2.1 systems15:57
oxymoronWhere to look?15:58
EagleScreenhere http://www.alsa-project.org/main/index.php/Main_Page15:58
kayessI was just trying out the netbook remix on an eee pc and couldn't get anywhere. Live wouldn't load and it wouldn't re-install15:59
kayessThis was the netbook kubuntu alpha 315:59
oxymoronEagleScreen: Yes I can found the startpage from google, but thanks anyway. I mean, where on that website?16:00
EagleScreeni dont know16:00
EagleScreenoxymoron: I insist in testing with a Live CD16:02
EagleScreentest other kernels16:02
oxymoronEagleScreen: When I test this: speaker-test -Dplug:surround51 -c6 -twav it says that my unit is busy? :O16:02
EagleScreenor test a Debian Live CD and check the sound16:02
oxymoronI dont want to test that, seems pointless.16:03
oxymoronThe problem seems to be that it cannot play sounds if I am using another app that uses my speakers xD16:08
oxymoronEagleScreen: Uhm, I think I know the problem now :D /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base is empty :D16:16
EagleScreentry to write it propertly16:17
yofeloxymoron: you mean alsa-base.conf?16:17
oxymoronOh I forgor .conf :D16:17
oxymoronWhat does this line to, I am getting tipped on ubuntu-site to add that line: options snd-hda-intel enable_msi=116:18
yofeloxymoron: here's mine: http://pastebin.com/f5c3191a16:18
oxymoronyofel: Alright, same as mine then ;)16:21
oxymoronI dont understand what the heck that is faulty.16:22
yofelcan't help you, I don't use kde here16:22
oxymoronI do not think it is KDE specific16:26
oxymoronThis looks interesting: "[AO OSS] audio_setup: Can't open audio device /dev/dsp: Device or resource busy"16:27
yofelyou have an application that still uses OSS o.O16:28
oxymoronHow to change?16:29
yofeldepends on the application I guess, I'm no audio expert16:30
oxymoronIll be damn, now alsa works when mixing around with alsamixer. I cganed digital output and PCM.16:30
oxymoronNow also Flash sound works and VLC ...16:31
Sarvattwoohooooo http://sarvatt.com/downloads/sheworks!.png16:31
oxymoronEagleScreen, yofel: What exactly is the PCM channel?16:32
EagleScreenit is an important channel16:33
oxymoronYes, but what is it?16:33
EagleScreenit controls the volume of sounds played in your system16:34
yofelSarvatt: it's still missing 'both' to make DanaG happy :P16:34
Sarvattthere is no both upstream, he'll never be happy anyway :D16:34
oxymoronAnd look on that, now also Spotify works xD16:34
oxymoronEagleScreen: But why does it work in Amarok with PCM muted? :S16:35
EagleScreenI think it shouldent16:35
Sarvattyou can get the equivalent of  both by mixing this and gpointing-device-settings or just synclient at least16:35
oxymoronEagleScreen: There is two main channels that has to be on, PCM and one more16:35
Sarvattpcm is the master channel that mixes all sound being played to what gets sent to your analog speakers16:36
oxymoronEagleScreen: Master and PCM. Master only on, then Amarok and Dragon PLayer only works. But if both are turned on, everything else works :S w00t?! :D16:36
Sarvattmaster controls pcm and the digital outputs too so you can fine tune the sound levels more16:37
yofelBluesKaj: ubottu's gone16:37
EagleScreenyes, Amarok is working for me with PCM muted16:37
oxymoronSarvatt: Not sure if I understand that. Is one of them analog and the other one digital?16:37
BluesKajok, I guess even bots deserve a day off somrtimes :)16:37
yofelBluesKaj: 17:06:03 -!- ubottu [n=supybot@ubuntu/bot/ubottu] has quit [Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)   :(16:38
BluesKajpcm is digital aka , pulse code modulation , not to be confused with pulse audio16:38
oxymoronSarvatt: Seems like VLC, Spotify and so on which uses ALSA protocol, is depending on the analog device only.16:39
Sarvattsay you have a digital output and the analog output going at the same time, and the digital is quieter than the analog, you bump the level of the digital one so its the same volume and control things with master so the volume is the same for both outputs16:39
BluesKajyofel  it's 11:39 here16:39
yofelyofel: 17:06 -> 15:06 UTC ;)16:39
yofelBluesKaj: ^^^^^16:40
yofelwhy am I talking to myself...16:40
oxymoronSarvatt: That is to much for my audiobrain :D I guess digital and analog must be in sync or am I wrong?16:40
BluesKajyofel  yeah what are you talking about , anyway ? :)16:40
oxymoronSarvatt: But if that so, it seems that Phonon is syncing that itself. The only apps that works perfect with PCM muted is the ones which uses Phonon layer.16:41
BluesKajyofel, ok I scrolled up , I see it now : [10:17] <-- ubott2 has left this server (Excess Flood)16:42
Sarvattdo your other apps not have phonon sound output plugins?16:43
Sarvatti dont use KDE so i have no idea16:43
oxymoronSarvatt: No VLC, mplayer, Spotify, Flash/Firefox and so on uses ALSA directly I guess.16:45
BluesKajSarvatt, aren't there 2 different streams one analog (post digital to analog conversion) and another which is purely digital domain ?16:45
Sarvattdepends on what yer using and how you have it set up, things can use ac3/dts passthrough on digital to bypass the software mixing but desktop sounds and stuff wont do that16:46
oxymoronSarvatt: I am not a programmer, but I am guessing Phonon gets sound/audio request from an application. Then it fetches the correct stream backend, xine or gstreamer, which itself uses alsa or whatever is available. I guess it is syncing audio on the fly also. Just guessing now.16:46
oxymoronNot a developer of KDE I mean, a programmer am I :D16:46
Sarvattyou should be able to set all that stuff up in the system settings somewhere?16:46
BluesKajyeah, but who cares about desktop "sounds" , they're plain annoying anyway :016:46
oxymoronSarvatt: Yes, in systemsettings, but that is only for Phonon I think. You have to setup specificly for the other apps which is not using Phonon.16:47
oxymoronAnd I wanna thank everyonce for their patience with me, especially EagleScreen ;)16:48
EagleScreenyou're welcome16:49
EagleScreenoxymoron: you could break some config stuff, try a Live CD16:49
Sarvattyeah sounds right, there should be a way to send the sound output through phonon in your apps though..16:50
Sarvattoh i see, phonon support in vlc is really new, guess its not packaged yet16:50
Sarvattso do you have it working now oxymoron?16:53
Sarvattthe sound hardware might be locked by something else so OSS/ALSA cant use it i'm guessing (havent read the chat log scrollback yet)16:54
oxymoronSarvatt: Yes, everything just worked when unmuted PCM channel.16:57
oxymoronSarvatt: Even SPotify ...16:57
Sarvattah with alsa then?16:57
oxymoronEagleScreen: Yes, if I break something I just reformat and do a clean install again ...16:57
BUGabundohey kids16:57
oxymoronSarvatt: Yes, with alsa.16:57
BUGabundohi Sarvatt16:57
Sarvatti think theres a bug in alsa muting the PCM channel on alot of cards16:57
BUGabundoI get that too16:58
yofelhi BUGabundo16:58
Sarvattits muted every reboot here too16:58
BUGabundo1 in 3 boots my audio is mutted16:58
EagleScreenoxymoron: test also other kernels or other distributions and compare the results16:58
oxymoronBUGabundo: Oh, that was my problem too ;)16:58
Sarvatti use pulse for everything so it doesnt matter but if i use alsa i have to up the pcm volume too16:58
oxymoronEagleScreen: I dont care, sorry. I just want it to work on my PC, nothing else.16:58
oxymoronSarvatt: Well PulseAudio does not work at all for me.16:59
Sarvattmaybe it mutes when it goes into power saving mode after 10 seconds16:59
oxymoronSarvatt: Yes, could be the problem ..16:59
Sarvatti'm using pulse 0.9.16 here16:59
oxymoronSarvatt: 0.9.1517:00
andresmhsince I switched to Karmic everytime I wake up my thinkpad from sleep mode the built-in CDMA modem doesn't show up in the network manager anymore, even after enabling/disabling networking . ifconfig shows wlan0 and wmaster0 though.17:00
andresmhsomeone suggested to do modprobe <driver> but I don't know what <driver> i should use17:00
BUGabundojust had to kill PA 28 times :((((((17:02
yofelwtf... gnome-settings-daemon just crashed here on login17:04
yofelnow my desktop looks like a bad merge of gtk1 and 2 -.-17:05
BUGabundowfm so far17:06
BUGabundohey yofel17:06
yofelhm, works fine after re-login17:10
andresmhhow do I restart my built-in CDMA modem?17:11
Sarvatttry changing your settings, then do alsactl store oxymoron?17:11
Sarvattlol i had that problem with gsd didnt work with XI2, things are ugly huh17:12
Sarvattreferring to yofel's problem :D17:12
Sarvattwhat does it say when you run gnome-settings-daemon from a terminal?17:12
Sarvattprobably segfaulting in one of the modules and you can disable it in gconf-editor under /apps/gnome_settings_daemon/plugins/17:13
Sarvattoh ya got it working nevermind17:13
yofelSarvatt: I already logged out and in again, after that it works fine, apport says something about an gdk_x_error17:14
Sarvattyeah one of the plugins is screwing up, if you can strace gnome-settings-daemon and get it to crash again you can find out which plugin it is17:15
oxymoronSarvatt: Change what settings?17:15
Sarvattalsamixer volumes17:15
Sarvattraise it up how you like it then sudo alsactl store17:16
mac_vgnome-power-manager is slow to respond or sometimes doesnt respond :?17:16
oxymoronSarvatt: What does that command do exactly?17:16
Sarvattit doesnt respond to unplugging ac for me 90% of the time17:16
Sarvattit stores your alsa mixer volume levels and restores it on reboot17:17
holzmodemhi, if I plugin my USB Mouse, Karmic disable the TAPPING an my Touchpad, why! I need both, mouse AND tapping on touchpad. How can it be activated permanently?17:18
Sarvattgive it a day to be fixed holzmodem :D17:19
mac_vanyone using conky with the "own_window_type override" setting? the background randomly becomes grey!17:19
Sarvattsounds like g-s-d background plugin screwing up17:19
Sarvattits going grey for me a few times when i log in, something to do with how gdm runs its own g-s-d with a background plugin i think..17:20
=== catweazle_ is now known as catweazle
BUGabundoSarvatt: kernel -4 is so unstable :(17:25
BUGabundoI'm getting random system full freezes17:25
Sarvatteww :(17:25
BUGabundosome times just after login17:25
Sarvattdoesnt happen on older kernels?17:25
BUGabundoothers related to network state changes (lost of wifi, pluging a 3g modem)17:25
BUGabundo-3 is stable17:25
oxymoronSarvatt: Alright, thank you :)17:25
mac_vBUGabundo: Sarvatt is there a command like "uptime" but for login time? [other than: who,finger,last] but which gives an output of number of hours since last login... i'd like to use it in conky17:31
BUGabundomac_v: $ w17:32
mac_vBUGabundo: ah... thank you... i'v been searching for that simce 2 days!17:33
BUGabundoSarvatt: (05:31:17 PM) mac_v: [other than: who,finger,last]17:33
adz21cHi, is there a way to get the video quality in dragon player/kaffine (KDE4) to be better? For example this is a screenshot in DVD in vlc(also get same quality in kaffeine for KDE3 back on jaunty) http://imagebin.ca/view/Zk0MKZ.html and this is the same screenshot for kaffeine (KDE 4 or dragon player) http://imagebin.ca/view/7GTnjIfh.html. Any ideas how I can improve quality?17:36
Sarvattmac_v: http://conky.sourceforge.net/variables.html17:37
mac_vdarn it! i didnt even think of that! i had an almost full list of variables but didnt check from the site!17:39
* arand whines about the hardship of making a darn simple patch17:53
* BUGabundo mumbels something about stupid PA and over 100% gains18:01
* BUGabundo kills PA again18:01
arandUm, trying here: Having problems with debsign & gpg: http://pastebin.com/m56f1ccf3 , keys are recently generated using gpg, I have both $GPGKEY and $DEBSIGN_KEYID set to the specific keyid, what more could it be?18:08
joaopintoarand, gpg --list-secret-keys , is the expected email listed there ?18:13
arandjoaopinto: It is.18:14
arandjoaopinto: ah, apparently specifying it manually (debsign -k####### ) worked... SO why does it not read $GPGKEY or $DEBSIGN_KEYID correctly *mumbles*18:18
joaopintoactually it only cares about DEBEMAIL18:19
joaopintothe last time I have tried18:19
Le-Chuck_ITABUGabundo: welcome back, I did not see you for a while!18:19
BUGabundoLe-Chuck_ITA: I've been here everyday!!!18:23
Le-Chuck_ITABUGabundo: forget about me, my brain is fusing18:23
Le-Chuck_ITAHey guys, "“Freedom, Friends, Features, First”18:24
Le-Chuck_ITAit's really impossible to look for an ubuntu alternative :P18:25
Le-Chuck_ITAthese are the 4 principles on which fedora is based :)18:25
BluesKajLe-Chuck_ITA, well, fedora is just another "hat"  :)18:26
Le-Chuck_ITAbut come on18:26
Le-Chuck_ITAFeatures and first18:26
Le-Chuck_ITAok they want 4 f18:27
Le-Chuck_ITAit looks more funny than inspiring18:27
Le-Chuck_ITABluesKaj: apart from disliking redhat since the first time I tried and we are talking of before the imac18:29
Le-Chuck_ITABluesKaj: what's the difference between fedora and ubuntu? It seems to me that they both are successful and truly free software distributions.18:30
BUGabundodiff public targets18:30
BUGabundowe aim at human beings (or do we ?)18:30
arandjoaopinto: Is there some way to look at the "keysearch" output debsign sends to gpg?18:31
BluesKajLe-Chuck_ITA, the RPM system has some real dependency probs from my experience18:32
Le-Chuck_ITABluesKaj: from the technical point of view, sometimes I re-try fedora or suse18:32
Le-Chuck_ITAand there is no comparison, ubuntu is much bettter in all respects18:33
joaopintoarand, mo idea :\18:34
BluesKajsuse has become more reliable from all reports but not enough to switch IMO18:34
joaopintoBluesKaj, without knowing RPM in details I guess dependencies are not managed much differently from APT, so is more about the packaging quality, and not so much about the tecnhology18:36
Le-Chuck_ITAwell one strange thing I always noticed is that debian (thus ubuntu) is way faster than other distributions18:40
Le-Chuck_ITAI mean in terms of boot time, package installation, program opening. I even noticed much faster writing in xournal with my tablet18:40
Le-Chuck_ITAI always wondered why, but it's visible18:41
BUGabundoa bit OT: best way to test a disk for bad sectors?18:46
BUGabundo!info decaf18:47
drs305It was not an answer to the line above it - sorry.18:48
joaopintoBUGabundo, badblocks18:49
BUGabundoja sei18:51
dajomuanyone know how to get around bug 281402? Yofel said this was a wrong resolution thing. Is it possible to boot up the live-cd with a predefined resolution?18:54
Le-Chuck_ITAdajomu: you mean bug #28140218:55
dajomuthats what I wrote18:55
Le-Chuck_ITAdajomu: I hoped some form of bot would pop up a link :)18:55
Le-Chuck_ITAbut today the bot is lazy18:55
dajomuand how do I do that in konversation?18:56
* BUGabundo slaps the bot18:56
dajomuahh. got it hehe18:56
BUGabundoand kicks it to18:56
Le-Chuck_ITAdajomu: I'd try disabling kms18:56
Le-Chuck_ITAbut don't know how to do that for i84518:56
Le-Chuck_ITAdid alpha 2 work?18:56
Le-Chuck_ITAdajomu: what kernel?18:56
dajomukarmic alpha 318:57
Le-Chuck_ITA:) I need a shower so I can't wait anyways :) But when I ask about kernel I expect something like 2.6.31 :P18:57
Le-Chuck_ITAbye all see you later18:57
dajomuI am able to boot the cd but cannot see anything18:57
dajomuI guess you would know what kernel karmic alpha 3 was shipped with :)18:58
Le-Chuck_ITAdajomu: no because I upgrade from earlier releases18:59
dajomuahh.. ok then. this is a fresh "install" but I haven't reached the install part yet :)19:01
yofeldajomu: what I told you yesterday was that you told me that you have a black screen, but that bug is about a wrong screen resolution and I thing unrelated to your problem19:04
dajomuyofel: ahh.. kinda misunderstood you then19:05
yofeldajomu: can you switch to a tty after booting?19:05
dajomuyofel: nope19:05
dajomuyofel: do you think, as Le-Chuck_ITA suggested, that disabling kms could help? and how to do that when booting from a live-cd19:06
yofelI'm asking that myself right now :/19:07
yofeldisabling kms would help, but I'm not sure which driver you card uses19:07
yofeland how to do that on the live-cd19:07
yofelit *might* help19:08
dajomuyeah but then the problem is that I am using the live-cd19:08
dajomuI am using linuxmint gloria and everything works fine19:08
yofeldajomu: which intel driver version?19:09
dajomuIntel Corporation 82801 PCI Bridge [8086:244e] (rev 81)19:10
dajomuIntel Corporation 82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE Chipset Integrated Graphics Device [8086:2562] (rev 01)19:11
billybigriggernot an intel/kms guy myself but im sure that card will work19:11
dajomumine does not19:13
Sarvattarand: if it helps any, I export this info in ~/.bashrc so all the debscript stuff is automatic, export DEBFULLNAME='Robert Hooker (Sarvatt)'19:13
Sarvattexport DEBEMAIL='sarvatt@gmail.com'19:13
yofelBUGabundo: hungry?19:13
Sarvattto disable KMS on a livecd you want to add i915.modeset=0 right before the - on the boot command line in the menu19:14
Sarvattit'll say like kernel=blah blah preseed casper ro blah blah blah quiet splash -19:15
dajomuSarvatt: ok. I'll try19:15
virtualdwhy is there no wireless-tools-dev package?19:17
dajomuSarvatt: so then it should be like "kernel=blah blah preseed casper ro blah blah blah quiet splash i915.modeset=0 -"19:17
Sarvattdajomu: what problem do you have?19:17
Sarvattyep exactly!19:17
Sarvattgoes right after splash19:17
virtualdconfigure: error: wireless-tools library and development headers >= 28pre9 not installed or not functional19:17
virtualdwhat's it called?19:17
Sarvattactually you can remove splash also, so its quiet i915.modeset=019:18
Sarvattso you can see what the problem might be easier19:18
yofelvirtuald: the wireless-tools source generates: wireless-tools, libiw29, libiw-dev, wireless-tools-udeb, libiw29-udeb   so try one of them19:18
dajomuSarvatt: I cannot boot the alpha 3 live-cd with visuals. I get a black screen only, but I boot into gnome with a blackscreen. I can hear the welcome sound19:18
virtualdthank you :)19:19
virtualdyofel: how did you look that up?19:19
yofelvirtuald: apt-cache showsrc wireless-tools second line are the binary packages that are generated19:19
Sarvattlibiw29 is a depends for wireless-tools, thats odd :D19:20
virtualdok :>19:20
Sarvattdajomu: anything special about your setup? are you using a dvi-vga adapter or anything?19:20
Sarvattis it a laptop?19:20
Sarvattdual channel memory?19:21
dajomuSarvatt: no nothing special. it is a workstation. only one creative web-cam connected19:21
dajomuit is an old ibm netvista workstation19:21
dajomuI belive it is this one http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/site.wss/MIGR-42771.html#spb19:23
dajomumodel 8307-13G19:24
Sarvattdefinitely try booting with splash disabled, i'm curious if you get a drmfb at all19:24
dajomugot 1 GB ram and changed the hard-drive and cd-rom19:24
Sarvatt(usplash doesnt work under KMS anyway, just shows an initial graphic and dies leaving it up on the screen)19:24
oxymoronSarvatt: You seem to be a well knowledged man :P Sorry for my incredible stupid english :D Anyhow, I wondering if you know what is the reason that the file transfer protocol in Kopete and Pidgin is so friggin slow? Is it only because that the file transfer goes through Mircosofts MSN-servers or something else?19:24
dajomuSarvatt: ok. I'' try now and see how it goes. I have to reboot. I'll return in a while. thanks so far19:25
Sarvattyou got it oxymoron, you're transferring through the msn servers that have bandwidth caps per connection because they dont need lots of bandwidth for IMs, the real msn client uses a different transfer method19:27
Sarvattdajomu: the problem is there was a new feature that is the basis for power saving features coming to intel KMS really soon added in the 2.6.31-rc3 kernel that the a3 livecd has, and there are a ton of people having problems with it :(19:28
BUGabundo 2914  22837      2       1795K 406.8M 65076K 406.8M 65076K   2% Xorg19:28
BUGabundogot to love X19:28
Sarvattand it has been fixed for the most part but it didnt even make it into 2.6.31-rc4 yet so it will be a bit longer still, the 2.6.31-2 kernel would probably work fine but no way to use that on the a3 cd as is :(19:29
oxymoronSarvatt: Yes, the "real" msn combines through the client and the Microsoft servers I guess. But why on earth has not anyone find any other solution for this? Is it not possible to transfer directly from peer to peer, like bittorrent or something. I mean 1-2 kbit/s is incredible slow. I do not need 1+ MB/S, but decent speed is at least 50 kbit/s. I want to be able to send images under one minute or music for instanse.19:29
Sarvattwhy do you have an Xorg process BUGabundo? :D19:30
BUGabundoSarvatt: I live _some_ guys19:30
* oxymoron does not understand why he started to use Quassel. Konversation now rules the world. I love all the new settings you can do :) Only missing Knotifcation integration :P19:31
Sarvattthe real client has a more direct connection between the 2 people instead of sending everything through the 2kbps capped IM gateway like pidgin does :D i think they just uuencode the transfer and send it as text through that too lol19:32
Sarvatt(they being libpurple)19:32
Sarvattif ya got pidgin ya got like 20 real options available to ya besides MSN :D19:32
virtualdoxymoron: amsn does p2p transfers19:32
oxymoronSarvatt: Haha seriously, that sucks ... Pidgin is as like badly as Kopete with file transfering.19:33
* BUGabundo still luvs pidgin19:33
oxymoronvirtuald: Yes, but amsn is the worst IM-client I have seen. The one that I know actually really like now is the Kopete, now when they have been fixning the new GUI and more support for WLM. They have also a new plugin now for facebook and soon IRC maybe is coming ...19:34
* oxymoron have been using Pidgin for a long time, it is good. But now Kopete has the features he needs, that only Pidgin had before. Now he only missing good file transfer protocol and support for webcams.19:35
BUGabundooxymoron: skype :)19:36
BUGabundoor imo.im19:36
oxymoronAnd now soon has GNU/Linux and KDE/Kubuntu all features, apps and everything he need to kick ass against Windows. The only app he really miss FULL support for is actually Adobe Creative Suite. Works half-good with wine, but that is not enough for me. But I havent used Photoshop for awhile anyway ... Everything really starts to rock and is very stable and the GUI looks pretty nice, especially the new Air theme :)19:38
oxymoronBUGabundo: I do not Skype, so it is not a missing feature for me. imo.im, not sure what that is ..19:38
BUGabundooxymoron: https://imo.im19:39
oxymoronBUGabundo: Oh nice, love web-based apps :)19:40
oxymoronSarvatt: Aand yes, you got many protocols with pidgin. But for what use, if you only use WLM anyway? :D19:41
BUGabundomany? I think I have at least one of all :)19:42
oxymoronvirtuald: Do you know which protocol amsn uses to do file transfers?19:42
virtualdno, same as the microsoft client i think19:43
oxymoronvirtuald: Alright, wish Pidgin and Kopete do the same soon :)19:45
virtualdyeah me too19:45
Sarvattthere might be a way to use a different gateway for MSN thats faster in pidgin, I dunno19:45
dajomuSarvatt: that didn't work. first error apearing was Unknown boot option i915.modeset=0: ignoring19:46
Sarvattthats normal19:46
Sarvattit says that because its not built into the kernel but it still passes it to the module later19:46
oxymoronSarvatt: Yes, could be :) But a slightly change only, nothing magical :P19:46
Sarvattdo the people you talk to not use gmail or anything? could just do google talk/jabber :D19:47
dajomuSarvatt: I still got a few other error a long the way. I got a bit further though because now I was able to see the mousecursor but nothing else19:47
virtualdoxymoron: apt-cache show msn-pecan19:47
Sarvattdajomu: ohh thats promising19:47
virtualdi think it crashed though last time i tried it19:48
oxymoronvirtuald: Whats that? :)19:48
dajomuSarvatt: yes. I'll post some of the errors I received and maybe you know whats wrong.19:48
Sarvattoh neat, msn-pecan looks nice19:48
virtualddevelopment version of the msn plugin19:48
Sarvattdajomu: ahh was just about to ask if you had any kind of logs or saw any errors on the screen, thanks19:48
oxymoronvirtuald: Nice :O Why on earth isnt that implemented yet? Still developing?19:49
dajomuSarvatt: Number 1) Stdin: error 0. Number 2) end_request: I/O error, dev sr0. Number 3) Buffer I/O error on device sr0, logical block. Number 4)  Ata2:00: exception Emask.......                  Some of these erors was quit long and I was not able to write it all down.19:50
oxymoronvirtuald: And why only Pidgin? :S19:51
virtualdoxymoron: something about the pidgin developers being slow19:51
oxymoronvirtuald: Haha alright, as usual then ...19:52
Sarvattoh jeeze, not that again19:52
Sarvattyou arent the first person today i've talked to that couldnt boot the karmic 2.6.31 kernel with the same errors :(19:52
Sarvattits purple not pidgin!19:53
Sarvatti think theres a way to use purple transports in empathy19:53
SarvattSeems lots of users are complaining about the lack of supported protocols in Empathy. In fact all protocols implemented in libpurple are easy to enable with empathy thanks to telepathy-haze. All you need is a .profile file describing some features, the icons to use, etc.19:54
Sarvattdajomu: so you could see the console messages while it was booting this time hmm? and X loaded enough to show a cursor then everything went black?19:56
Sarvattor it just hung with the mouse cursor on the screen?19:57
dajomuSarvatt: thats right19:57
* BUGabundo hugs the bot19:57
dajomuI was able to move the cursor19:57
dajomubut not go to tty19:57
* yofel wonders where BUGabundo found a bot...19:57
oxymoronSarvatt: Do you know the status for Kopete? :P19:57
BUGabundoyofel: I didn't. but since a kick didn't work, I though some luv would !19:58
oxymoronSarvatt: Google is quite uninformed of what us going on with Kopete.19:59
yofelwell, I hope the guys in ubuntu-bugs find him soon.. I miss him :/20:00
yofelerr... ubuntu-bots20:00
Sarvattdajomu: so it sounds like a GPU hang most likely in that case :(20:00
SarvattI would try doing the same thing, only using the failsafe graphics option (still removing usplash and adding i915.modeset=020:00
dajomuSarvatt: but shouldn't that also make the cursor hang as well?20:00
dajomuSarvatt: how so? isn't the cursor dependent of a running GPU20:01
Sarvattintel gpu hangs = cursor moves and things are still up but you cant do anything besides move the cursor20:01
dajomuSarvatt: ahh... I'll try the safemode you suggested. gonna reboot again.20:02
Sarvattits just how it renders things.. everything but the cursor is wiped out but x and everything is still running in the background20:03
iddoat login can i use keyboard instead of mouse to choose session ? how?20:03
Sarvattpress enter?20:03
QPrimeSarvatt: I ended up opening a LP report on the ext4 karmic alpha3 issue.  we'll see if there are any others out there.20:03
iddoit has S of Sessions underlined, but how to reach it?20:04
Sarvattpress tab to cycle through it then enter20:04
iddotab doesnt work20:04
Sarvattprobably tab to pick the session list, then down arrow to pick it then enter20:04
iddoSarvatt: r u running 9.10 ?20:04
iddotab only cycles thru login/password20:05
yofeliddo: try alt+k20:06
yofelerrr.... i mean alt+s20:06
iddothat went to keyboard selection20:06
Sarvatttab cycles through login/password?20:06
iddoalt+s works20:06
iddohow was i supposed to know it's alt+s hmm...20:07
yofelactually it's alt+underlined_character20:07
Sarvatti'm confused, dont you want to cycle through login options? :D20:07
iddook cool20:07
iddonew login screen is great20:07
BUGabundoiddo: is it?20:07
yofeliddo: you're about the first person with that opinion ^^20:07
BUGabundoyofel: does alt+sysreq+K work ?20:08
Sarvattnono alt+sysreq+b!20:08
Sarvattsysrq even20:08
iddohow come? if u have more than one user and u can move between them with arrow keys, then press enter on selected user and type password... works great20:08
BUGabundoSarvatt: eheh that's as bad as alt+sysreq+o20:08
Sarvatt(dont really do that, I'm messing around with bugabundo) :D20:08
iddowhat's not to like about the new login ?20:09
Sarvattits had _alot_ of problems in the past few weeks20:09
yofelSarvatt: *I* know that, but there might be others that like to try everything we write here :P20:09
Sarvatterror messages popping up every login, not being able to autologin anymore for awhile there20:09
iddoin terms of functionality it's great... maybe some people prefer something fancier visually20:09
Sarvatti never saw it at all before20:10
Sarvattthats why it was so good :)20:10
iddoso anyone can login to your computer?20:10
yofelerr... why doesn't password have a alt char assigned to it o.O . If I try to change the login session I can't get back to the password dialog by keyboard20:12
Sarvattwhy not? pick the account and press enter?20:13
iddoyes hmm now i notice... after i switch session with alt+s i cannot continue ?20:13
iddohmm i can do alt+c for cancel20:14
yofelSarvatt: I picked the account, pressed alt+s to switch session and now can't get back to the Password: field, the only thing I can reach is the bottom bar and cancel20:14
yofelwtf... I can't reactivate the password field even with the mouse o.O20:16
Sarvattkinda odd how GDM runs in its own gnome session now20:16
iddoyes but u can login with mouse20:16
yofeliddo: yes, but without password just get's you an error20:17
iddoyes its a bug :(20:17
* yofel goes filing a bug...20:17
DanaGyofel: does 'tab' not work for it?20:18
KovertI have an issue with apt after last upgrade can some one look http://pastebin.com/d5009d09920:18
yofelDanaG: tab only switches between the items in the bottom bar, but doesn't go back to the dialog20:18
iddomaybe ask in bug report to allow keyboard shortcut back to the user selection too?20:19
yofelif it would do that there would be no reason to use alt+key20:19
DanaGIt's also a big accessiblity bug.20:20
DanaGThink of people who can't use mice, or at least have a hard time with them.20:20
iddonot being able to change password even with mouse click is obviously a bug.... the missing keyboard shortcuts are annoying bugs too20:20
KovertAfter this operation, 225kB of additional disk space will be used.20:20
KovertDo you want to continue [Y/n]? y20:20
KovertE: Invalid archive signature20:20
KovertE: Prior errors apply to /var/cache/apt/archives/libxklavier15_4.0-0ubuntu2_i386.deb20:20
KovertE: Invalid archive signature20:20
KovertE: Prior errors apply to /var/cache/apt/archives/kdebase-workspace-bin_4%3a4.2.98-0ubuntu2_i386.deb20:20
KovertE: Invalid archive signature20:21
BUGabundo!paste | Kovert20:21
Koverthelp :-(20:21
BUGabundooh right bot is down20:21
BUGabundoKovert: DON'T paste several lines on channels, PLEASE20:21
KovertBUGabundo: I did no one read it20:21
Sarvattare you using any input methods yofel?20:21
Kovert!paist use pastebin stupid!20:21
yofelSarvatt: as in?20:22
BUGabundoKovert: $sudo  aptitude update && sudo aptitude safe-upgrade20:22
BUGabundokde depencies are broken again |20:22
Sarvattjapanese, german, anything not the primary system language..20:22
Sarvattsystem - preferences - scim input methods20:22
BUGabundoconsidering yofel is from germany!20:23
yofelSarvatt: german, and I know that the missing key assignments might be a translation bug, but to not be able to input a password after using alt+key is a bug20:24
iddoi didnt touch scim, fresh 9.10 install20:24
iddoi dont think its a translation bug... i have only english here20:25
yofelwell, they're two different bugs anyway20:26
iddoit would be best if they allow tab to cycle thru everything20:26
iddoand alt+s etc. as faster shortcut20:26
yofelniiiice... now ubuntu-bug gives me a message that firefox-3.5 received and X Window System error...20:27
KovertBUGabundo: do I worry http://pastebin.com/d4742c00920:27
Sarvattyeah i was just asking because i saw someting about input methods fighting for xsettings control with g-s-d when you switch sessions20:27
BUGabundoKovert: there are breakage but as long you don't force anything you should be safe20:28
Kovertyes however i cant install anything new20:28
Sarvattanything in /var/log/gdm/ logs yofel?20:28
Sarvattyou might be able to enable the normal shortcuts, gdm runs in its own session and you can control what plugins run in the gdm session with gconf-editor20:29
iddohow can i set X key shortcut like alt+shift to switch input language when i dont use gnome? i used to do it in /etc/X11/xorg.conf20:30
Sarvattdo you use gnome and want to be able to do it outside of gnome, or do you not use gnome at all?20:32
BUGabundoKovert: no idea. I use gnome and some kde apps20:32
BUGabundoit works fro me20:32
iddonot use gnome at all20:33
BUGabundoyou can try to downgrade the pacakges20:33
BUGabundobut aptitude should have fixed it for you20:33
BUGabundounless there's a real bug in the depencies20:33
Sarvattif you use gnome you can just change the settings in system - preferences - keyboard - layouts and it will add the xkb options to console-setup to use everywhere20:33
Sarvattah what options did you set before iddo? were they xkb options?20:34
yofeliddo: you can confirm it if you want: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gdm/+bug/40500620:34
Kovertwell it seems there are two things that are the issue20:34
Sarvatti really am not sure but i think you can add things to /etc/default/console-setup instead now to do it20:34
Sarvattlike XKBOPTIONS="terminate:ctrl_alt_bksp"20:35
Kovertwoopsw ignore that pastew bin20:35
iddoyofel: should i create an account?20:35
Sarvattnot sure how it works with multiple languages i mean20:35
iddoSarvatt: yes i think it was XKBOPTIONS= in xorg.cong20:35
yofeliddo: your decision, but it would be helpful if you could confirm the bug, and you need an account for that20:36
Sarvattahh yeah you want /etc/default/console-setup now20:36
Kovertthis is the error that counts http://pastebin.com/d6e5674d120:36
Sarvatti just now changed "key(s) to change layout" and it added this20:36
Sarvattchanged it to control+alt to change layout and it added the grp:ctrl_alt_toggle, just put whatever you used before in there i guess20:37
iddoahh yeah now i remember, it was like grp:ctrl_alt_toggle20:37
iddoi'll try it20:37
Sarvatti dont know how you set it up for multiple languages though20:38
Sarvatti guess you need to add the right XKBVARIANT="" though20:38
Sarvattlooks simple enough20:38
iddoi think grp: was enough20:39
iddotrying launchpad account now20:40
Sarvattyou can use setxkbmap -option "grp:ctrl_alt_toggle" to test it without rebooting20:41
Sarvattthats odd, i cant reproduce it yofel20:43
Sarvattmy x stack is nothing like karmics though20:44
Kovertcan I get help with an issue I am having as I tried to get to Alpha 3 http://pastebin.com/d6e5674d120:47
dajomuSarvatt: nah... that didn't work either20:49
dajomuSarvatt: what does "Buffer I/O error on device sr0..." mean? what is sr020:50
yofelKovert: does apt-get -f install give you anything useful?20:50
Kovertnot sure let me pastebin it20:50
Sarvattcd drive dajomu20:52
yofelKovert: can you run 'apt-get clean' and then try again?20:52
KovertI can try20:53
dajomuSarvatt: so my problem could be related to the cd-drive?20:53
Kovertyofel: same :-(20:54
Sarvatttry manually installing those packages also Kovert20:54
Sarvattdoes any other package pop up when you try manually doing it?20:56
KovertI tried sudo apt-get -f install kdebase-workspace-data20:56
KovertReading package lists... Done20:56
KovertBuilding dependency tree20:56
KovertReading state information... Done20:56
Kovertkdebase-workspace-data is already the newest version.20:56
yofeliddo: can you go to the yellow line where it says 'new', click on the yellow button that will appear and select 'Confirmed' there? Thanks20:56
* dajomu is leaving for some food20:57
Kovertkdebase-workspace-kgreet-plugins (= 4:4.2.96-0ubuntu4) but 4:4.2.98-0ubuntu2 is to be installed20:57
Sarvattare you on lpia by any chance?20:57
Sarvattah nope 4.2.98 wouldnt even be offered there20:57
Kovertwhat lpia a kind of pita20:57
Sarvatthow are you updating?20:58
Sarvattsudo apt-get dist-upgrade?20:58
Koverttried that20:59
KovertI have one repository graeff thats non standard20:59
Sarvattdebconf: apt-extracttemplates failed: Bad file descriptor21:00
Sarvattcorrupted file21:00
durtIs there a preferred method/setup for ssh in karmic now?21:00
Sarvattdpkg-deb: `/var/cache/apt/archives/libxklavier15_4.0-0ubuntu2_i386.deb' is not a debian format archive21:01
Kovertdurt: apt-get install openssh21:01
Sarvattsorry didnt mean to paste those 2 extra lines21:01
iddoyofel: ok i did confirm on yellow line21:01
durtKovert, I did an 'apt-get install ssh' difference?21:01
SarvattKovert: sudo rm /var/cache/apt/archives//libxklavier15_4.0-0ubuntu2_i386.deb21:01
Sarvattthen sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade21:01
yofeliddo: Thx :)21:01
KovertSarvatt: rm: cannot remove `/var/cache/apt/archives//libxklavier15_4.0-0ubuntu2_i386.deb': No such file or directory21:02
Sarvattsorry i added an extra /21:03
Sarvattsudo rm /var/cache/apt/archives/libxklavier15_4.0-0ubuntu2_i386.deb21:03
Kovertdurt: think so21:03
KovertSarvarm: cannot remove `/var/cache/apt/archives/libxklavier15_4.0-0ubuntu2_i386.deb': No such file or directory21:04
alteregoahow can i raidify /root?21:04
Sarvattoh sheesh, I really need to read more21:04
SarvattE: Invalid archive signature21:04
alteregoai want a raid1 for /21:04
durtKovert,  'couldn't find package openssh', but I'll get in openssh-blacklist etc and see what works if anything21:06
alteregoashould i dd if /dev/sda1 of /dev/sda2?21:06
yofeldurt: I think you mean openssh-client or openssh-server21:07
durtyofel, I think ssh is a task which brings in the server, but I can't use the client without sudo infront of it, wondering why the change from jaunty?21:09
Sarvatttry sudo apt-get update -o Acquire::http::No-Cache=True21:09
Sarvattthen sudo apt-get dist-upgrade21:09
Sarvattare there any errors in the apt-get update?21:09
yofeldurt: huh? I can use ssh just fine here. What error does it give you if you use it without sudo?21:10
SarvattKovert: like bzip2: (stdin): trailing garbage after EOF ignored for instance21:10
Sarvattif the first doesnt work, try sudo apt-get update -o Acquire::BrokenProxy=true21:11
durtyofel, a very long missive about mitm attack and RSA key changed.21:12
yofeldurt: you mean like the key for the known host has changed?21:13
durtyofel, first time sshing in to my desktop, so I'm thinking ssh is not setup properly.21:13
durtyofel, which is different from my experience in jaunty.21:14
yofeldurt: could you move the ~/.ssh/known_hosts file somewhere else or rename it?21:14
yofeland then try again?21:14
durtyofel, I could, but it should be empty.21:15
yofeldurt: on the *client* side21:15
durtyofel, ya, that worked. how come?21:17
=== BUGabundo1 is now known as BUGabundo
yofeldurt: if you reinstall the system or change the network settings on the server pc then his rsa key will change and ssh will believe that you have a mitm attack. It should also tell you the broken key and the line in the known_hosts file that is broken, so just delete that line and you'll be fine.21:19
durtyofel, I see, thanks.21:19
Sarvattoh heck, dont tell me ya werent here when i said all that stuff Kovert :D21:20
durtya Sarvatt, that wasn't very nice.21:21
Sarvattcan anyone tell me what the default Quit string is in xchat text events?21:21
SarvattKovert: did you get it working?21:22
Sarvattit should be a long string of text with $$'s in it21:24
durtSarvatt, "%C23*%O$t%C23$1 has quit (%O%C@#%B%B$2%O%C23)"21:24
Sarvattthanks a ton!!21:25
durtthose are ohs not zeros21:25
Sarvattcut and pasted it21:25
Sarvattyuck have to change it in every channel21:26
durtSarvatt, crap, missed 23 after the second last C21:26
durtSarvatt, and no @# (supposed to be 23)21:27
Sarvattoh no i just had to press enter for it to stick, whoops21:28
BUGabundo2nd compiz crash today :(21:40
Kovertwow crash city21:42
KovertSarvatt: still there?21:43
yofelKovert: how did you end up in bug land? :P21:43
Kovertok Sarvatt last you had me trying to remove a file that did not exist21:44
Sarvattah yeah you missed all the other ones21:44
Kovertcare to paste?21:44
Sarvattsudo apt-get update -o Acquire::http::No-Cache=True21:44
Sarvattare there any errors when you run that?21:44
Kovertseamonkey domonkey?21:45
alteregoai upgraded that21:46
alteregoai have no clue, sounds like a game21:46
KovertSarvatt: thagt worked21:46
Sarvattdo you get the same errors when you sudo apt-get dist-upgrade after that Kovert?21:46
Sarvattah good21:46
Sarvattyou got a corrupted package list21:47
Sarvattoh you do?21:47
Sarvattdo you have anything in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/?21:47
Kovertlet me check21:48
Sarvattasking because it'll affect the next command i give ya21:48
KovertSarvatt: Command me21:48
Sarvattsudo mv /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.bak && sudo apt-get clean && sudo apt-get check && sudo apt-get update && sudo mv /etc/apt/sources.bak /etc/apt/sources.list && sudo apt-get update -o Acquire::BrokenProxy=true && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade21:49
BUGabundoohh that sounds kinky21:49
Sarvattlong one :D21:49
BUGabundonooooooooo no dist upgrade Sarvatt21:49
BUGabundokde dendecies are broken21:49
BUGabundothat will mess his system21:49
BUGabundouse aptitude !!!21:49
Sarvattdang where were you an hour ago!21:49
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
BUGabundoyofel_: you alright?21:49
BUGabundoSarvatt: I said that already 4h ago!!!!21:50
Sarvattso it looks like KDE is messed up Kovert, not a problem on your end :)21:50
yofelyofel: yup, annoying 24h disconnect -.-21:50
Kovertra@karmic:~$ sudo mv /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.bak && sudo apt-get clean && sudo apt-get check && sudo apt-get update && sudo mv /etc/apt/sources.bak /etc/apt/sources.list && sudo apt-get update -o Acquire::BrokenProxy=true21:50
Kovertmv: cannot stat `/etc/apt/sources.list': No such file or directory21:50
BUGabundono such dir?21:50
yofelBUGabundo: yup, annoying 24h disconnect -.-21:51
BUGabundoyofel: LOLOL bad isp!21:51
yofeland I'm talking to myself again - duh21:51
Sarvattoh sorry try this one Kovert21:51
KovertSarvatt: ready21:52
Sarvattsudo mv /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.bak && sudo apt-get clean && sudo apt-get check && touch /etc/apt/sources.list &&sudo apt-get update && sudo mv /etc/apt/sources.bak /etc/apt/sources.list && sudo apt-get update -o Acquire::BrokenProxy=true && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade21:52
Kovertyofel: I dont hear you21:52
Sarvattjust touching an empty sources.list if yer already in the middle of those21:52
yofelKovert: huh?21:52
SarvattBUGabundo says the KDE packages are screwed up right now though so its not a problem with your package lists Kovert21:52
Kovertmv: cannot stat `/etc/apt/sources.list': No such file or directory21:53
Kovertso i am ded till they fix it?21:53
BUGabundoahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I was melding (diff) my backup and my new install and I'm missing everything from alsa :SS21:53
Kovertsorry caps21:54
yofelKovert: I did? when?21:54
SarvattKovert: just sudo mv /etc/apt/sources.bak /etc/apt/sources.list21:54
* BUGabundo bit** slaps Kovert21:54
Sarvattthen sudo apt-get update and wait it out21:54
BUGabundoSarvatt: will sources.list recreate it self ???21:55
Sarvatti had him move it to a backup21:55
Sarvattthought his package lists got corrupted21:55
BUGabundosooooo where did ALSA go ?!21:55
Kovertok Back to same old error21:56
BUGabundo// Automatically reboot *WITHOUT CONFIRMATION* if a21:56
BUGabundo// the file /var/run/reboot-required is found after the upgrade21:56
BUGabundo//Unattended-Upgrade::Automatic-Reboot "false";21:56
BUGabundothis is funny21:56
* BUGabundo look its MSFT all over again ! :x21:57
BUGabundoits CAPS and everything21:57
KovertOk just checking I juts wait a day or so and try again21:57
Sarvattjust watch https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives//karmic-changes/2009-July/date.html for the upload Kovert21:57
BUGabundoDPkg::Post-Invoke {"if [ -d /var/lib/update-notifier ]; then touch /var/lib/update-notifier/dpkg-run-stamp; fi; if [ -e /var/run/updates-available ]; then echo > /var/run/updates-available; fi "};21:57
BUGabundoDPkg::Post-Invoke {"if [ -d /var/lib/update-notifier ]; then touch /var/lib/update-notifier/dpkg-run-stamp; fi; if [ -e /var/lib/update-notifier/updates-available ]; then echo > /var/lib/update-notifier/updates-available; fi "};21:58
BUGabundoso my old system had a small bug in there!!21:58
BUGabundoglad I clean installed !21:58
BUGabundo-e /var/run/updates-available VS  -e /var/lib/update-notifier/updates-available21:58
Kovertok thanks all21:59
Koverttry in a few days21:59
Sarvatta few hours probably would be enough..22:01
Sarvattat least i saw him quit that time :D22:01
BUGabundoSarvatt: but we always question ourselfs, after have written a long reply. what to do?22:04
BUGabundoto hit enter, and echo into the void22:04
BUGabundoor delete it, and suffer in silence22:04
Sarvattat least i had an excuse before :)22:04
* BUGabundo takes a long and deep breath before considering purging Pulse Audio22:05
BUGabundothe bot IS HERE22:05
* BUGabundo hots ubottu22:05
yofelyay, wb ubottu22:05
Sarvattso you switched to KDE BUGabundo?22:05
BUGabundognome still22:05
Sarvattwas going to say thats a _really_ bad idea to do on gnome right now22:05
BUGabundobut I do use several KDE apps22:06
BUGabundoand support their project22:06
BUGabundoI know many of the core devs22:06
* BUGabundo kicks the bot22:06
BUGabundoseems to work when he is actually here22:06
* BUGabundo hates the bot22:06
Sarvattg-s-d gets stuck in a loop trying to respawn the nonexistant pulse plus you lose all your hotkeys22:06
BUGabundoSarvatt: wanna do a quick and nice test?22:07
BUGabundoreboot into recovery console, and try the dpkg option there22:07
ubottuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore22:07
BUGabundomine loops it self 'cause of the damn flash-instaler I never wished to isntall22:08
BUGabundonothing like a good kick you know where :)22:08
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about fail22:08
ubottuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore22:08
BUGabundohey ubottu. how have you been? we missed you! a LOT22:08
yofelhuh? didn't he know !fail before?22:09
ubottuUh, don't you mean !apt ?22:09
ubottuAPT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome) or !Adept (KDE)22:09
billybigriggerafternoon all22:10
Sarvattheyo mr. webcam!22:11
BUGabundowhat's that Sarvatt?22:11
Sarvattyou're Mr. Compiz, DanaG is Mr. Keycodes, billybigrigger is Mr. Webcam :)22:12
billybigriggerSarvatt, was going to ask you about that, i saw that there has been some work done to v4l-dvb, but not merged into rc422:12
billybigriggerwould it be a safe bet to cherry pick those commits? or wait until they're merged into the kernel?22:13
* yofel feels ignored ;;22:13
Sarvattya dont complain about the same thing every day enough yofel :)22:13
yofeltrue :P22:14
billybigriggeri don't have much to complain about except the webcam, if i had my laptop to test on might be a different story22:14
Sarvattbillybigrigger: wouldn't hurt, just git pull git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/mchehab/linux-next.git on top of your linus tree to get it all :D22:14
BUGabundowhy am I Compiz dude ?!!?!!?!22:14
billybigriggerBUGabundo, what compiz problems?22:15
SarvattI dunno, you havent complained about compiz that much recently now that I think about it22:15
* syn-ack debootstraps22:15
billybigriggeralso the fact of me being an nvidia user, can't test kms/radeon/intel problems :P22:15
BUGabundobesides 30 mins ago when did I last complain about it ?!?22:15
syn-ackI'm an intel user. :P22:15
* syn-ack hides22:15
BUGabundoiPoRn: you must leave my nick alone, from your profile :p22:16
billybigriggerSarvatt, git pull and not git cherry-pick?22:16
SarvattBUGabundo: 00:33 UTC 07/24 2009 :)22:17
Sarvattyeah just pull the whole branch onto it, the things ya want might be reliant on other changes in there22:18
Sarvattit'll only merge the changes specific to that repo, no worries22:19
billybigriggerdo i have to specify i want to merge into ~/linux-2.6 then?22:20
Sarvattyou must have it set up funky22:20
Sarvattis that not a clone of linux-2.6?22:20
billybigriggeronly your funky way :P22:20
Sarvatttry adding master at the end?22:20
billybigriggerthere we go22:21
billybigriggerhmm should have asked this first, i probably should have git pulled to update the master branch, then merge those v4l-dvb changes after right?22:21
billybigriggeror will it matter if i git pull to update it afterwards22:22
Sarvattmaybe its because i dont ever work on master or something.. 127  git pull git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/mchehab/linux-next.git  -- http://sarvatt.com/git/cgit.cgi/linux/commit/?h=2.6.31-rc2-sarvatt&id=9ca0a62d16d98f6ee4723a9f68ef72cdb246462122:25
BUGabundowhy doesn't pidgin on IRC ping show on notify-osd?22:31
Shane_Faganyou need to enable a plugin for that to worlk22:32
BUGabundoShane_Fagan: which one ??22:32
Shane_FaganGive me a sec ill find it22:33
Shane_FaganLibnotify popups22:33
BUGabundodon't see it22:33
Shane_FaganPidgin doesnt use libnotify by default and thats what notify-osd uses22:34
BUGabundoguess I forgot to install it22:34
Shane_FaganLook for it in synaptic22:34
BUGabundolibnotify1:  Installed: 0.4.5-122:35
BUGabundosynaptic??? how hardcore are you ?! :D22:35
BUGabundopidgin-libnotify:  Installed: (none)22:35
BUGabundofound the culprid22:35
BUGabundocd: 143: can't cd to /var/cache/flashplugin-installer22:38
BUGabundonew stuff ?? LOL22:38
Shane_FaganI am hardcore :)22:39
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
yofelok.. why did I get disconnected this time? o.O22:39
yofelwell anyway: karmic won't load my external hd -- jaunty: http://pastebin.com/f3f73dcf6 karmic: http://pastebin.com/f42683d8722:40
yofeland it's not kernel related I think, since mainline kernel on jaunty works fine and fails on karmic22:40
billybigrigusb storage works fine here...22:42
BUGabundoyofel: you do know that mainline a karmic kernels are not the same , right?22:42
yofelBUGabundo: I know, but I needed something to compare jaunty and karmic on the same level, it doesn't work with the karmic kernel as well22:43
billybigriggeryofel, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/234100/22:43
yofelodd thing is, only this drive doesn't work, my other 2 work fine -> wtf22:43
Sarvatti get tons of those usb errors on every .31 kernel22:45
Sarvattits every time i close my lid here, think the machine is hardwired to shut off the webcam on a lid close22:47
Sarvattso mainline fails on karmic? odd22:48
billybigrigBUGabundo: i don't know how you can use pidgin for irc, not liking this at all22:49
BUGabundobillybigrigger: wfm22:50
billybigriggereh? not familiar with wfm22:51
Sarvattwonder whats causing all the usb errors on .31, i'm even seeing the errors on arm22:51
billybigriggeroh nevermind22:51
BUGabundobillybigrigger: Works For Me22:54
BluesKajwfm really helps :)22:55
BUGabundono really, pidgin as IRC is a very YMMV22:56
billybigriggerBUGabundo, ya i got it :P22:56
BluesKajdunno why ppl think an IM and IRC are somehow related22:57
=== BUGabundo1 is now known as BUGabundo
billybigriggeri definitely prefer keeping xchat and piding/empathy separate22:57
LeftmostLatest brasero doesn't seem to be probing my CD drive for media. It tests /dev/sda and /dev/sdb, concludes that neither is an optical drive, then goes about its business. Any idea why this might be?22:59
BUGabundo(10:56:13 PM) freenode: with it PLAIN no one likes it23:00
BUGabundo(10:56:17 PM) freenode: enable a few plugins23:00
BUGabundo(10:56:29 PM) freenode: and its GOLD over Chocolate!23:00
BUGabundobillybigrigger: OTOH I like to keep all my comunications on ONE wind!23:01
billybigriggerplugins such as?23:03
BUGabundowant the full list?23:04
billybigriggerhaha no, if your saying it like you must need a few to spruce it up23:04
billybigriggerwhich is why it's pointless :) might as well just use an irc client23:04
yofelSarvatt: just checked again, defenitely not the kernels fault, 2.6.28-14-generic dmesg: http://pastebin.com/f7109ef9f23:06
Sarvattnice, thats a jaunty kernel on karmic?23:08
yofelSarvatt: yup :P23:08
Sarvattso libusb maybe?23:09
BUGabundobillybigrigger: well do you use plain ubuntu look or plain FF?23:09
BUGabundoor  do you make them a bit more personal ?23:10
Sarvattgrabbing every source i can think of to grep it :D23:10
billybigriggerbookmarks for FF is all, no plugins23:10
billybigriggerand change the gtk theme and background is all i do :P23:10
BUGabundoanyone usinf FF 3.6 and greasemonkey?23:11
BUGabundobillybigrigger: well I add collors to pidgin irc and a few other minor things.23:11
BUGabundoI got coinflip23:12
BUGabundoFlips a coin: HEADS23:12
BUGabundoa dice23:12
* BUGabundo rolls 2 6-sided dice: 6 223:12
BUGabundothe /exec23:12
BUGabundothe Google I Feel Lucky23:12
BUGabundothat's: /google billybigrigger23:13
billybigriggerhaha i need a nick change, i hate being associated with truckers, that's not really what my nick means23:13
BUGabundoblame google23:14
BUGabundoI have highlight23:14
Sarvattthe errors are kernel errors so that doesnt help, boo :(23:14
BUGabundoeven irssi Features :)23:15
billybigriggeranyone else loose kb multimedia keys lately? i just noticed this23:15
yofelSarvatt: yes, I'm pretty much out of ideas where to search -.-23:15
BUGabundoThe Purple 8 Ball says:  Not likely23:16
Sarvattdrivers/usb/core/hub.c:dev_err(hub_dev, "unable to enumerate USB device on port %d\n",23:16
Sarvattsame here :(23:16
BUGabundorestarting pidgin23:16
Sarvatthmm actually, i can cause it to spam errors in dmesg just by closing my lid, what can i do to find out whats causing the errors i wonder23:17
billybigriggerSarvatt, where are you finding that hub.c error?23:17
Sarvattkernel source23:18
Sarvattits something userland causing the kernel to give the error so it doesnt help23:18
billybigriggeronly usb problems i have are with the webcam23:20
billybigriggerand i don't have a lid to close23:20
billybigriggerso i'm too much of a help23:20
billybigriggerand i don't know if the webcam is kernel/gspca or usb problem23:20
BUGabundoanyone knows the guy behind greasemonkey??23:21
Sarvattno udev events happening23:21
billybigrigger/var/log/udev isn't timestamped23:26
billybigriggerso i take it, that it doesn't log constantly?23:26
billybigriggerdoes it log when initialized or how does that work?23:26
=== BUGabundo1 is now known as BUGabundo
billybigriggerSarvatt, why do i always have dkms problems installing my kernel?23:34
BUGabundoall this USB probs you guys are talking about23:35
BUGabundocould that be the cause for my kernel frezes?23:35
BUGabundowhen I plug my 3G modem ?23:35
BUGabundoonly happens on -423:35
Shane_FaganIts prob a small bug23:35
billybigriggermaybe that's why i don't see any usb problems23:35
billybigriggerstill running -3 here23:35
yofelguy, my last dmesg with the errors was with 2.6.28-14-generic, so I doubt that23:36
Shane_FaganI have a few usb issues in karmic, I think its prob stuff not implemented yet23:36
BUGabundoother then a backtrace on mine23:36
BUGabundoI see nothing about my previous crash23:36
BUGabundoI guess it didn't even had time to write to disk23:37
billybigriggeryofel, has a point23:37
Shane_FaganBUGabundo: There prob isnt a apport hook for that error maybe23:37
BUGabundoJul 26 23:32:02 blubug kernel: [   97.510931] RIP: 0010:[<ffffffff813f29af>]  [<ffffffff813f29af>] dbs_cpufreq_notifier+0x1f/0x4023:38
BUGabundohumm cpu ?23:38
BUGabundoapw: around??23:38
BUGabundoapw: Jul 26 23:32:02 blubug kernel: [   97.510931] RIP: 0010:[<ffffffff813f29af>]  [<ffffffff813f29af>] dbs_cpufreq_notifier+0x1f/0x40 http://paste.ubuntu.com/234127/23:38
BUGabundo(11:40:04 PM) freenode: tooo many topics on the table23:41
BUGabundo(11:40:10 PM) freenode: lets clear stuff:23:41
BUGabundo(11:40:19 PM) freenode: 1st: FF crash is GM related!23:41
BUGabundo(11:40:27 PM) freenode: at least it looks like it23:41
BUGabundo(11:40:36 PM) freenode: 2nd: -3 has that trace23:41
BUGabundo(11:40:53 PM) freenode: 3rd: -4 freezes on some usbs23:41
BUGabundohere is the one from usb http://paste.ubuntu.com/234131/23:43
BUGabundobug 40506323:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 405063 in linux "Jul 26 23:28:11 blubug kernel: [24412.566286] Pid: 2893, comm: modem-manager Tainted: P D 2.6.31-4-generic #22-Ubuntu S37S" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40506323:48
BluesKajFF is really falling down in linux ... slow and bloated23:50
iddohow to uninstall FF ?23:51
iddoapt-get remove says only 127k will be freed?23:53
BluesKajiddo,  sudo aptitude remove firefox23:53
BluesKajiddo,  it leaves a settings file behind in case you reinstall23:54
iddohow come only 127k will be freed?23:55
BUGabundovery stupid question: does hearphones work for you guys???23:57
BUGabundoI have *two* earphones that only work one side23:57
BUGabundoor none at all23:57
Shane_FaganMine work23:57
BUGabundonot sure, if it is PA, laptop HW, or hearphones23:57
SeveredCrossIt's your headphones.23:57
SeveredCrossMine work23:57
BUGabundoboth ??23:58
BUGabundojust one side?23:58
arandiddo: maybe the main firefox package is just a metapackage, kinda.23:58
SeveredCrossIt is.23:59
yofelarand: yes, it depends on firefox-3.0 and firefox-3.0-branding23:59
iddoi didnt remove ff yet, so not sure if 127k will be freed or more23:59
SeveredCrossaptitude remove firefox should fix it.23:59

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