mac_vckontros: hi... do we want to fix Bug #301035 ?13:30
ckontrosHmm... Where the bot?13:31
mac_vBug #30103513:32
mac_voh no bot!13:32
ckontrosnope. I pinged someone about it.13:32
ckontrosmac_v: I've been watching this also. *We* can't do anything until the technical stuff is in place.13:33
mac_vckontros: then i guess we leave it for now, if we set the bug as "wont fix" , people will miss interpret it13:33
mac_vyeah , my thoughts too13:34
ckontrosmac_v: I updated the status.13:37
mac_vckontros: what does the "Affects me too" actually do?13:38
ckontrosI dont see that phrase anywhere.13:44
mac_vckontros: "This bug affects me" just below the projects, or it will be > "This bug doesn't affect me"13:46
SiDimac_v: it says you are affected by the bug13:46
ruslanrmac_v: maybe it's just adds you to "Also notified" list :)13:46
SiDiyou can then sort bugs by number of affected people13:46
mac_vSiDi: the subscriber knows that , but ideally it should list the number of people affected13:46
SiDiit's meant to avoid having dozens of "i have this bug too" comments, but it doesnt work13:47
ckontrosmac_v: Just lets you add other packages/projects.13:47
SiDiFor your bug 301035, you should set it to incomplete and state that you first need the technical part to be implemented imo13:47
mac_vSiDi: actually breathe doesnt need technical stuff... we are just waiting for the tech stuff13:48
ckontrosSiDi: It's set appropriately in this case. At least for Breathe.13:48
SiDimac_v: i see13:50
mac_vckontros: just a reminder... our lp> https://launchpad.net/breathe-icon-set , banner needs an update too13:52
ckontrosIt will soon. Waiting on some things to fall in place.13:53

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